The Year 2000: Part One


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Both base 7 numerology (my system of prediction) and Nostradamus interpretation were used in the presentations on this page. In some instances both methods were employed together to help determine a specific prediction.


Final Results of Base 7 Predictions for 2000

Fire Tragedy Apprehension was high in 2000 that a famous actress would die in a fire between April and August. A frightening series of incidents, many fire-related, unravelled between January 2000 and February 2001.

In what many hope has been the finale to this numerology-based prediction, actress Drew Barrymore narrowly escaped a fire that completely destroyed her home in minutes. What would have been one of the most gruesome celebrity deaths of the last hundred years was narrowly averted. And only a few months before, actress Cybill Shepherd nearly suffered a similar fate, losing both her father and her television show on the same exact day.

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Prediction: TROUBLE FOR NEW YORK CITY AND/OR EAST COAST - FULFILLED. Date projected to occur: February/March 2000.

Terror attacks hit U.S. - September 11, 2001. Comments included dated October 7, 2001.

Results of Base 7 Predictions for 2000


UPDATE (11/9/01): All of the predictions for 2000 were rated on January 12. The tardy fulfillments of one failed prediction and one close prediction projected for the September-December 2000 period required re-rating on January 13 and 26 due to the massive earthquakes in El Salvadore and India. On February 16, a joint US-British air attack on sites in the suburbs of Baghdad fulfilled a "failed" prediction projected for January or April 2000. On March 23, the Russian Mir crashed to earth one year later than I predicted (the prediction was made in early 1998). In April 2001, a "thousand- year flood" predicted to occur in the American Midwest was fulfilled eight months late. The following month, May 2001, supermodel Niki Taylor suffered internal injuries in a car crash, fulfilling -- and apparently surviving -- the Jean Harlow scenario. On September 11, 2001, the catastrophic prediction for NYC and other East Coast targets was fulfilled tragically and monumentally. The promised war with Afghanistan finally became a reality on October 7 -- ten months later than projected. As a result this has boosted my accuracy rate for 2000 from 81.8% to 92.67% -- a new record.

Again, I must emphasise that it is my base 7 system of prediction that is being rated -- not my interpretations of Nostradamus, the Bible, Edgar Cayce, or any other prophet.


Base 7 Predictions Fulfilled
A space station, possibly the Mir or ISS, will crash to earth in January/February 2000 or June/July 2000.
On June 4, the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory -- the largest space orbiter after Mir and ISS -- was de-orbited and safely crashed into the Pacific. On March 23, 2001 it was Russia's turn -- that is when the gigantic Mir space station crashed to earth. This was a second, adjacent fulfillment of my prediction (March 23, 2001 instead of January/ February 2000). For more on the rule of adjacent fulfillment see the Base 7 Numerology: Introduction and FAQs page.
Quatrain 1.8, about a possible accident in space that might cost the astronaut's lives, was a cautionary interpretation appended to the prophesy and not a base 7 prediction. It does not count in the rating.
Low grade war in the Iraqi no-fly zones or an act of terrorism will lead to retaliatory bombing by the US and Britain in January or April 2000.
FEBRUARY 16, 2001 -- ALLIES HIT IRAQ WITH 'SELF-DEFENSE' STRIKE -- WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The U.S. military said a U.S.-led airstrike on Iraq Friday was "essentially a self-defense operation." The attack, in conjunction with British fighter aircraft, hit four targets south and one north of Baghdad, the first strike of its kind in nearly two years. U.S. President George W. Bush, in Mexico for a day of meetings with President Vicente Fox, called the bombings "a routine mission to enforce the no-fly zone." The missions to enforce the no-fly zones are "part of a strategy," Bush said, "and until that strategy is changed, if it is changed, we will continue to enforce them." The operation, Marine Lt. Gen. Gregory Newbold said at a Pentagon news conference, was prompted by an "increased threat to our aircraft and our crew. It reached the point that it was obvious to our forces that they had to conduct the operation to safeguard those pilots and the aircraft ...
Danger of death for a male poet or black female poet in 2000.
Both instances occurred. In November, Al Grierson, a poet and folksinger who wrote material for Peter, Paul, and Mary, died in a flash flood in central Texas -- a death reminiscent of black poet John Berryman's 1972 plunge into the Mississippi River. In December, black female poet Gwendolyn Brooks, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, died at the age of 83.
A major catastrophe will strike New York City and much of the eastern seaboard, especially New Jersey and Pennsylvania, in February/March 2000. This may take the form of a natural disaster, terrorist or miltary (nuclear) attack, or meltdown at a nuclear power plant.
I continued to have a very eerie feeling about this prediction long after the February/March 2000 vector was over. Many people felt this was a monumental failure when it failed to occur last year. The same people were emailing me in a state of hysteria on September 11, 2001, following the terrorist attacks in NYC, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. I am glad all of you took your trips to NYC beforehand while it was still safe to do so. I now fear my other prediction for NYC, a nuclear attack in April 2002, will be a reality by no later than October 2003. Please beware.
News-worthy acts of terrorism will strike US, Israeli, and Western European targets in February, April, and September. Some will be linked to Osama bin Laden, others will not.
In February, a five-day hijacking ordeal of an Afghan Ariana airliner played out and ended peacefully at Stansted Airport in England. On Easter Sunday, April 23, Western European, Australian, South African, and Malaysian tourists and journalists were captured by the Philippines Abu Sayyaf terrorist group. Later Christian missionaries and an American were captured. The five-month ordeal ended when all hostages, save the US hostage, were released or rescued. It was reported that the Abu Sayyaf had links to Bin Laden's vast terrorist network. On October 12, 2000, close to the September vector, the USS Cole was bombed by terrorists in the Gulf of Aden. 17 US crewmen died in the attack. 38 others were injured. It is widely believed that the party responsible was Osama bin Laden. Since that time there have also been two waves of terrorist bombings in Israel.
There will be a mass murder, mass suicide, or both committed by a cult in April 2000.
On March 18, 2000, thirteen days before the April vector began, 940 members of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God were either murdered or committed suicide in Uganda. Over 500 of the cult members burned to death after setting fire to their church. Prior to the church conflagration, those who refused to enter and take part in the suicide-by-fire were strangled, stabbed, or their throats slit by cult leaders. Most of the murdered were women and children. The Ten Commandments of God was the worst cult-related mass murder/suicide in history with a higher death toll than the Jim Jones massacre of 1978.
In April 2000, an actress will be in danger of dying in a house fire.
Note that the prediction said there would be a clear and present danger of an actress dying in a house fire, not that a death would necessarily occur. Deaths or close calls from fires involving celebrities are very rare. Prior to 2000, only two such cases come to mind: Linda Darnell in 1965 and Jack Cassidy in 1976 -- both fatalities.
In February 2000, author Kurt Vonnegut Jr. suffered from smoke inhalation during a fire at his home. However, he is a male and not an actor.
In July 2000, a fire destroyed the back portion of actress Kim Novak's home, as well as an autobiography she had been working on for 10 years. She and her husband were at home and awake at the time of the fire and extinguished the blaze. Neither were in any danger.
1) On November 25, 2000, a fire broke out in the upstairs bedroom at the home of actress Cybill Shepherd. She managed to flee the smoking house and call firefighters. On that same day, according to updated reports, her father died and her television show's ratings plummeted. Had the blaze started a few hours later, Shepherd likely would have died in her sleep.
2) On February 18, 2001, actress Drew Barrymore and her fiancé Tom Green were awakened by her pet dog, Flossie, who barked and scratched at their bedroom door. The couple were evacuated from the raging inferno which completely destroyed the Barrymore home. If not for the actions of her pet, Ms. Barrymore and Mr. Green would likely be dead. Unlike the Shepherd and Novak cases, Barrymore and Green were not aware of the fire.
War or crisis will come to Lebanon in May 2000 and to Iraq in July. The danger of conflict or conflicts involving Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq will become more distinct. It is difficult to determine what the trouble in 2000 will be. An invasion and occupation by Israel against Lebanon will occur. There will also be internal conflict. The Beirut government will be challenged by Lebanese rebels supported by Syria. These may include members of Hezbollah. Meanwhile, a crisis involving Iraqi troops movements or Iraqi aggression will lead to air strikes against Saddam in July. US troops will be deployed to Lebanon and the Persian Gulf.
Israel bombed Lebanese power plants outside of Beirut on May 5, 2000 following Syrian-backed rebel rocket attacks on northern Israeli cities. After two weeks of the worst fighting since April 1996, Israel withdrew all its troops from the southern security zone. A refugee crisis followed. Lebanese government forces and the SLA entered into internal conflict with Hezbollah. Angry Lebanese protestors called for an end to occupation by Syrian troops. Such demonstrations continue periodically.

Since fighting broke out in September between Israelis and Palestinians, it has been reported time and again that a danger now exists that Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq may go to war in the near future. Fresh fighting has occurred between Hezbollah and Israel at the new border between Israel and Lebanon and at Shebaa Farms. This stage of crisis may grow much worse.

Anticipated problems with Iraq materialised after September when Saddam moved troops to the Syrian border and declared he would destroy Israel if given passage to Lebanon and Palestinian occupied territories. Iraq also launched a brief incursion into the north to battle the PUK Kurds. After withdrawing, he once again deployed troops and tanks to the Syrian border where they remain at this writing (1/4/01).

The only thing that did not happen was air strikes against Iraq and US occupation of Lebanon (although such occupation was under consideration). This could yet occur. So could air strikes. I have already been penalised with a zero rating in a separate prediction where I said the US would bomb Iraq in July and kill Saddam. So having mentioned the same idea as part of this prediction will not subject me to another zero or take away from the value of the majority of this prediction (which focused more on Lebanon than Iraq).
A monster earthquake will strike Australia in June 2000.
A 7.5 temblor rattled Australia's Cocos Islands on June 19. Not good enough? A wide swath of Melbourne's eastern suburbs was jolted by the Australian city's strongest quake in 68 years on July 25. Although the tremor only registered magnitude 3.2, it was the most powerful to hit the city since 1932. Still not good enough? A monster earthquake of magnitude 8.0 shook the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Papua New Guinea on November 16. The tremors could be felt in neighbouring Australia and as far away as Jakarta. Aftershocks continued for two hours and a tidal wave caused minor damage. In addition, Australia was bombarded by explosive, ground shaking, window shattering meteors in the summer and most recently in December. All that must be worthy of a point, eh?
A female celebrity will suffer the same fate in June-November 2000 as Jean Harlow, Jean Seberg, Gia Carangi, or Dorothy Jean Dandridge.
+ 3.5
This part of a two-part prediction was fulfilled more than once. In February, Israeli pop singer Ofra Haza died of AIDS -- the same disease that killed supermodel Gia in 1986. In September, television star Paula Yates committed suicide in a fashion very similar to that of Jean Seberg in 1979 and Dorothy Jean Dandridge in 1965. Both women also died in September. Most recently actress Halle Berry has admitted she attempted suicide by asphyxiation in 2000, but stopped at the last moment, thus coming as close to fulfilling the Dorothy Jean Dandridge suicide scenario that year as is possible. There was also a close call in May 2001 involving supermodel Niki Taylor. Internal injuries she suffered in a car crash missed by one month the Jean Harlow scenario.
Using names and sounds derived from celebrities who died during the base 7 relevant years of 1993, 1979, 1972, and 1965, I predicted the following celebrities would die or suffer a mishap in 2000 by name: Ann-Margret, Anne Heche, Jim Varney, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and Katherine Hepburn.
+ 4.5
Jim Varney died of lung cancer at age 50 in February. In May, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. died of old age. On exactly the same day, August 21, the two Anns experienced mishaps. Ann-Margret was injured in a motorcycle accident, breaking an arm and several ribs, and Anne Heche was found wandering in a daze, speaking strangely, and hospitalised. It was later reported that she was suffering from a drug overdose. Katherine Hepburn's brother, playwright Richard Hepburn, died of old age in October.
Madonna will revert to her blonde look before 2002.
In happened in the summer of 2000, during the recording of Music. Until then, she had not been a blonde since 1996 when she coloured her hair red for her role in Evita.
Between June and August 2000, the central United States will experience its worst flooding to date.
This prediction was fulfilled in an adjacent vector, April 2001, eight months late. The Mississippi River reached its second highest level since the historic 1993 thousand-year flood. This time, however, Midwestern states were prepared.
A massive earthquake will strike Iran in September 2000.
On December 7, an earthquake measuring magnitude 7.4 rocked the central Asian nation of Turkmenistan. The epicentre of the earthquake, which also shook parts of neighbouring Iran, was about 250 miles northwest of the Turkmeni capital Ashgabat. The monster quake also jolted the Iranian cities of Gonbad, Minoudasht, Sari, Tehran, Karaj and Mashhad. Despite the magnitude of the temblor, no serious damages or casualties occurred.
The base 7 system indicates a massive earthquake will strike in India or Sri Lanka in September 2000.
January 26, 2001 -- AHMEDABAD, India (CNN) -- Fear gripped the Gujarat state of western India on Friday, triggered by aftershocks from a 7.9 magnitude earthquake that killed at least 1,792, injured thousands, derailed trains and caused widespread power blackouts. As rescue workers dug through the rubble with cranes, sticks, even bare hands in search of trapped survivors, others prepared to sleep in the streets fearing their damaged homes would collapse. Warnings were issued via television, radio, and hand-held loudspeakers urging residents who had not already done so to flee their homes. Officials at the local command center said the death toll had risen to more than 1,790 with more than 4,000 injured and another 2,000 missing. Another four people were killed in Pakistan.
(2/1/01): It is now estimated that the death toll from India's 7.9 earthquake may reach 100,000.
Danger exists for an accidental nuclear war or nuclear close call between Russia and the United States in September 2000.
Russian missile silo hatches were opened and missiles prepared for pre-launch readiness in late October according to US surveillence satellites. No one knows why (or is saying).
Following initial peacekeeping success in East Timor, a Somalia-like horror will repeat in Indonesia, leading to grisly killings of peacekeepers around October 2000.
Following a successful 1999 peace mission in East Timor, Aceh and the Spice Islands became killing fields for warlords and militant Moslems. On September 7, 2000, a rampaging mob of East Timorese slaughtered and burned the bodies of 3 U.N. workers and injured another seriously with an axe. The workers were dragged by mobs from their offices and beaten, stabbed, hacked, and set afire in the street. This occurred at the border of East and West Timor. The U.N. declared the atrocity "one of the worst attacks on U.N. personnel anywhere in the world."
The last spectacular, naked-eye comet of the 20th Century will arrive in October 2000.
Comet Linear S4 barely reached naked-eye brightness in July 2000 -- for those far away from city lights. Although not visible to city dwellers and those living within the glare of light pollution, it became an an impressive cyber-show and television event via the Hubble Space Telescope when it unexpectedly exploded. This event has been captured for posterity and is archived on this page. Further explosions occurred late in the month, leading to Comet Linear's complete disintegration.
A devastating earthquake will strike El Salvadore in October 2000. It will be a 7.5 or greater, but if lower, no less destructive.
13 Jan 2001 21:39 GMT

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (Reuters) - An earthquake measuring 7.6 magnitude on the Richter scale left more than 32 dead in El Salvador and Guatemala as it shook Central America and southern Mexico on Saturday, collapsing buildings and cutting power across the region, authorities said. "At the moment we have more than 30 dead reported," Carlos Lopez Mendoza, Red Cross spokesman in El Salvador told Reuters. He said the deaths occurred along the Pacific Coast in the southwest, near the quake's epicenter, and in the northern department of Santa Ana near the Guatemalan border. Guatemala National Disaster Commission spokeswoman Luis Lara said two children died in Halpatagua, near the border with El Salvador, when a house collapsed. The United States Geological Survey said it recorded the quake's epicenter about 65 miles southeast of El Salvador's capital, San Salvador, off the Pacific coast. "Based on its location and size, we believe this earthquake may have caused substantial damage," USGS geophysicist Bruce Presgrave said. "This, very definitely, is a dangerous quake." The quake occurred at 11:34 a.m. and was felt across El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras, as well as the southern Mexican state of Chiapas ...
(1/23/01): The earthquake in El Salvadore resulted in over 700 deaths and thousands of wounded.
George W. Bush will be the Republican nominee who will run against Vice President Al Gore in November 2000.
George W. Bush will be elected President of the United States.
From the 2002 page: "It is fairly certain that the person most likely to succeed Bill Clinton as U.S. president will either be Vice President Al Gore or Texas Governor George W. Bush. I suspect the latter of the two will win the election." -- (Written June 1998.)
Huh? Why is he counting twice?
Most "election predictions" are made during the course of the election year (often only weeks or a few months before) and involve choosing which of two nominees will win the election.
What is remarkable about my quoted prediction at left from the 2002 page is that it was made in June 1998, at a time when the Texas governor was not a well-known figure. At that time people like Elizabeth Dole and John McCain were considered likelier prospects as Republican candidates for the 2000 election (when anyone gave a thought that far ahead that is).
I transferred the statement at left (and the B&W newspaper photos which I also scanned in 1998) from PowerPoint to HTML in April 1999. They have appeared unchanged on this web site since it aired in May 1999.
It is note-worthy that I predicted Bush would run in the 2000 election two-and-half years in advance. That is most unusual and is the reason why I claim a hit for correctly naming the nominee and the winner of the election.
Hillary Rodham Clinton will run for and be elected Senator of New York State in 2000.
From the 2003-2012 page: "The person with strong family ties to the current president who may become Senator of New York State in 2000, is his wife: Hillary Rodham Clinton." -- (Written May 1999.)
I almost forgot to give myself credit for the fulfillment of this prediction-within-a-prediction. Let's hope the rest of the prediction -- her assassination in 2003 or 2004 -- fails.
In November/December 2000, northern and western Europe will experience its worst flooding in hundreds of years.
All in November: Italy and Switzerland experienced some of their worst flooding in 160 years. Britain, by far, was the worst hit with floods not seen since 1625. Sweden rounded out the end of the month with its worst flooding in over 100 years.
A major earthquake, 6.8 to 7.8 magnitude, will rock Pacific Central America in December 2000.
July 8, 2000 -- Nicaraguans sleep outdoors as quakes continue -- MASAYA, Nicaragua (AP) -- Residents of this central Nicaraguan province camped on the streets outside their homes Saturday, terrorized by a string of earthquakes that have demolished homes and left at least five dead. Smaller quakes continued Saturday and more are expected in the coming days, said Nicaragua's Institute of Territorial Studies. They follow Thursday's magnitude 5.9 quake, which killed four people, and a magnitude 5.2 temblor that killed a 4-year-old boy Friday. Dozens of earthquakes shook the country on Friday alone, and the largest of them, centered about 30 miles west of the capital, Managua, shattered scores of homes ...
In addition to this, a massive earthquake struck the coast of El Salvadore on January 13, 2001. It was magnitude 7.6 and caused casualties and damage in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras, as well as the southern Mexican state of Chiapas.
Russia or the United States will invade or launch an attack on Afghanistan in December 2000.
Wow! Did this ever happen! The war begun on Afghanistan by the US on October 7, 2001, may be 10 months late, but what a spectacular fulfillment of a prediction that had absolutely no reason to succeed at the time it was made.


Base 7 Predictions Thwarted


Iranian President Mohammad Khatami will be assassinated or overthrown in February 2000. This will be carried out during a coup by hardliners, by a foreign-based opposition group, or as a result of a war with Afghanistan.
A thwarted prediction is one that would have been fulfilled, but was prevented. Publicised proof must exist that backs a claim of a prediction being thwarted. It is then counted the same as a successful prediction (this is discussed on the Base 7 Numerology: Introduction and FAQs page).
On May 29, it was reported that an attempt on the life of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami had been thwarted several weeks earlier. Details were never provided, but a presidential bodyguard who had connections to hardliners in Iran was arrested for the attempted assassination. In addition an Iraqi-based Iranian group seeking the overthrow of the fundamentalist government in Tehran bombed offices belonging to both spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Khatami early in the year.
Terrorists, likely connected to Osama bin Laden, will attack spectators and athletes during the Summer Olympics at Sydney, Australia in September 2000.
In August it was reported that there was a plan to bomb a nuclear reactor in Sydney during the Olympic Games by Afghan agents of Osama bin Laden.  New Zealand authorities arrested the suspects in March, confiscating bomb materials, maps, and other evidence.
As for Nostradamus' Quatrain 10.74, which I and many other people believed applied to the Sydney games -- it awaits fufillment in a more future setting.
A United Airlines or TWA passenger jet departing from Washington D.C., Chicago, or a southern city such as Miami will crash sometime in December 2000, all passengers aboard killed.
On January 8, 2001, a United Airlines flight originating in Chicago and en route to Hong Kong was diverted to Alaska. A male passenger, similar to one who terrorised a British Airways flight in December, was described by witnesses as "screaming and shouting like a caged animal." The pilot, fearing the disturbance might result in his losing control of the jet, decided to land at Anchorage, where the passenger was arrested.


Base 7 Predictions That Were Close


A massive earthquake, possibly an 8.7 or higher, will strike Alaska on or near February 2000.
Alaska Airlines Flight 261 crashed into the ocean on January 31 about 20 miles northwest of Los Angeles International Airport. All eighty-four passengers and five crew members aboard the aircraft perished. A 5.4 earthquake shook Fairbanks, Alaska on February 3. On February 4, Gov. Tony Knowles declared a disaster emergency for south-central Alaska after the state's worst avalanches in decades stranded thousands of residents, cut power and killed a highway worker. In addition, a 6.5 earthquake struck Alaska on July 10.
Unfortunately, I had to be stupid and try to calculate a magnitude for the quake(s). I fell short by 2.2.
So, here we go:
1) Time: February 2000 - Correct
2) Place: Alaska - Correct
3) Events: Catastrophic in terms of loss of life and property damage. Landslides made history. Two quakes.
4) Magnitude specified: Wrong.
Bearing this in mind, we evaluate accordingly:
Time: 25.0%
Place: 25.0%
Event: 25.0%
Magnitude: 00.0%
Add 25 + 25 + 25 = 75.0% or + .75
This procedure is discussed on the Base 7 Numerology: Introduction and FAQs page.
Eastern Russia, Japan, and Tibet will be devastated by massive earthquakes -- magnitude 8.7, one perhaps as high as 9.0 or greater. This may happen all in a matter of a few days or over the course of a few months. The vector of disaster is November 2000.
On August 5, a 7.0 earthquake struck the Russian island Sakholin off the eastern coast of Siberia.There were no reports of injuries. On October 7, 2000, seventy-four people were injured in the strongest earthquake to rattle Japan since the 1995 tremor in Kobe killed 6,000 people. The quake, measuring 7.3, destroyed 22 buildings, heavily damaged 125 others and caused minor damages to 1,084 buildings. More than 2,500 people were evacuated from their homes.
1) Time: August and October 2000 - Close enough (remember, a correct month vector is an added bonus but does not change the rating -- getting the year right is all that matters)
2) Place: Eastern Russia and Japan - Correct
3) Events: Potentially catastrophic, and a powerful quake indeed. Fortunately, it did not result in a mass tragedy.
4) Magnitude specified: Wrong.
Bearing this in mind, we evaluate accordingly:
Time: 25.0%
Place: 25.0%
Event: 25.0%
Magnitude: 00.0%
Add 25 + 25 + 25 = 75.0% or + .75
A November 2000 vector exists for a massive blackout in New York City and much of the East Coast.
On December 27, 2000, a winter ice storm caused massive blackouts in New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana.
1) Time: December 2000 - Close enough, right year anyway.
2) Place: Southern US - Wrong (for this prediction to count as "close" it has to occur somewhere in the United States, which it does).
3) Events: Power outages were widespread enough to count.
Bearing this in mind, we evaluate accordingly:
Time: 33.3%
Place: 00.0%
Event: 33.3%
Add 33.3 + 00.0 + 33.3 = 66.6% or + .67
In November 2000, Iran will test its first nuclear device above ground. The West, already plunged into war, will be angered and terrified at the development because Iran will also have missiles capable of striking Western Europe.
This was a tough one to call. The nuclear test aspect of this prediction, the focus of the prediction, was dead wrong -- not even remotely close. Also, the West is not at war, although Israel is engaged in urban warfare. However, I also predicted Iranian missiles capable of reaching Western Europe. This has become a reality over the last few months with new tests of the Shahab series. Iran now has missiles capable of reaching Paris and Rome. And the West is very concerned.


Base 7 Predictions Failed
Kurd-sponsored violence, terrorism, and war will spread throughout Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria, and terrorism throughout Europe in 2000.
This prediction was heavily contingent on PKK Kurd leader Abdullah Ocalan being put to death in 2000, but appeals have held up the process until 2001 or 2002. I still believe a war of retribution will follow his execution and that the Kurds may be instrumental in creating a regional war in the countries mentioned. If either situation does develop in 2001, this prediction will be considered a success and the presentation returned to this page.
China will invade Taiwan by March/May 2000 and trigger a conflict with the US and its Pacific allies at that time.
It would be irresponsible for any of us to believe at this point that China no longer poses a danger to the region, especially in light of its stand on cross-straits relations and other adjacent issues such as the Spratley Islands. However, the predicted vector has long since passed us by and another one for December 2000-July 2001 exists. Keep abreast of any breaking developments by visiting the China Emergency Information Window. There is another link on the menu at the bottom of this page.
A great "Lord of the Moslems" will come to power in February/March 2000. This will be the one Nostradamus called "the Perse" and "the Blue Turbaned king." He will be proclaimed throughout the entire Moslem world as the supreme leader of Islam.
Unless the great Moslem lord appears in December, this one is a failure. However, there is a second vector for his appearence in August/ September 2001, so we'll see about that one.
A major earthquake will hit Washington state near the Seattle region in April 2000. It may have a magnitude of 6.5 or greater. Alternatively, Seattle may be a Chinese nuclear target.
Not even remotely close. However, if it should be fulfilled before the end of 2000, the original presentation will be restored to this page.
----- Original Message -----
From: Pontus
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 8:24 AM
Subject: Prophecys

Passers-by survey Seattle quake damage
Even though I don't want to find your prophecys correct I will almost have to correct you on a "failed" prophecy. The one regarding "A major earthquake will hit Washington state near the Seattle region in April 2000. It may have a magnitude of 6.5 or greater."

One year off the mark.

Too far away or a small timing problem?
Indeed, Pontus has made a significant point. If the February 28, 2001 Seattle earthquake was a fulfillment of this prediction (ten months late and, at 6.8, very close to the projected magnitude of "6.5 or greater"), then the monster temblor I have predicted for the US West Coast to occur in 2001 has yet to happen. That is the reason why I am cautioning against complacency in the Seattle quake aftermath.
Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif or Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto will be executed or assassinated in April 2000.
It was close for Sharif, and interestingly enough, he was tried and imprisoned in April. Had he been found guilty on all charges, he would have been executed by hanging. Benazir remained far from the scene.
A new Balkans war will erupt in Albania-Kosovo, Montenegro and Vojvodina, or between Croatia and Bosnia in May 2000.
The situation in Yugoslavia teetered all year along a fine line between war and peace. Montenegro and Kosovo were the two potential flashpoints. What seemed a certain conflict between Serbia and Montenegro was headed off by the landslide electoral defeat of Slobodan Milosevic and a bloodless revolution. Time and again violence erupted between Serbs and Albanians, sometimes involving Nato troops, especially in the Presevo Valley. However, full-scale war was always averted. Nevertheless, this region remains a potential flashpoint.
The final numerological vector for Saddam Hussein's death in the 20th Century is June/July 2000.
Rumours of cancer proved to be false. Although Saddam thumbed his nose at the United Nations, the US, and Britain, made threatening overtures against his neighbours and military movements that in the past would have earned him a sound thrashing with cruise missiles, Saddam emerged triumphant and stronger than ever. He may or may not be Mabus -- only time will tell.
Pope John Paul II will be assassinated or die of natural causes in June/July 2000.
A planned trip to Iraq in 2000 was cancelled due to security concerns. I cannot prove that the pope would have been murdered had he travelled there as planned.
A female celebrity having the first name Gina, Geena, Jean, Jenna, etc. will suffer the same fate in June-November 2000 as Jean Harlow, Jean Seberg, Gia Carangi, or Dorothy Jean Dandridge.
This part of the prediction failed, thankfully. Unfortunately, due to the potential for an adjacent fulfillment, this prophesy must be watched throughout 2001.
King Abdullah II of Jordan will be assassinated or an assassination attempt against him foiled in July 2000.
Watch this one closely over 2001 and 2002. I've a bad feeling it may still happen.
Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, or a member of the House of Windsor is in danger of being killed by IRA terrorists or, possibly, international terrorists from the Middle East. The vector of greatest peril is August/September 2000.
Lots of ironies, but not close enough for partial credit. On June 8, British diplomat Stephen Saunders was assassinated in Greece. On July 19, a bomb was discovered near celebrations in central London of the Queen Mother's 100th birthday. It was intended by the IRA to disrupt the festivities, not close enough to cause harm. On September 20, two explosions damaged the headquarters of the international intelligence centre, MI6, in central London. Three days later the personal assistant to the Duchess of York was arrested for murdering her boyfriend.
I fear a major war between India and Pakistan will begin in September 2000. This conflict, which may start in Kashmir, will spread to regions beyond Kashmir. I could further interpret this as meaning that it will turn nuclear. There is even the danger that neighbouring nations such as China and Iran will take sides in the fighting.
This prediction is a failure and the world is better off that it is.
Russia will undergo a violent political upheaval -- a revolution -- in September/October 2000. Putin will be overthrown and Zyuganov, Zhirinosvsky, or Lebed put in his place.
Vladimir Putin survived his trial by fire: Black August. A terrorist bombing in Moscow, the badly-handled Kursk disaster, the fire that destroyed the Ostankino news tower, live coverage of a widow of a Kursk victim being forcibly sedated by Russian secret service agents on Moscow TV -- all of these incidents failed to create so much as a scratch on the veneer of Russia's "Teflon President." Looks like Putin will be around for the long haul -- until 2006.
Georgia will fall or be attacked by a militant Russian dictatorship or Islamic insurgents in September/October 2000.
Threats. Interruption of power service. Nothing more.
A former US president will die of natural causes in December 2000, probably from heart attack or stroke.
Glad to say this did not happen.


Base 7 Predictions In Suspension or Nullified
A great Arab leader will emerge in February/March 2000 who will be another Gamel Abdel Nasser. He will either come to power around this time or is already in power. If he is in power today, on or near this date we may witness a sudden change in his behaviour, one wherein he becomes a great peacemaker, creates a new Islamic or Arab empire, or incites the Arab world against Western policies.
+ ?
As for a new Nasser, this one may still be evolving. Syria's Bashar al-Assad came to power in June following the death of his father Hafez al-Assad -- yet he has not asserted himself as another Gamel Abdel Nasser (no one in the Arab world currently commands that sort of respect or wields such influence). Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has been playing peacemaker, attempting to unify Africa under his leadership, and has become diplomat celeb in Europe. If either of these men reach Nasser stature in 2001, this prediction will be a success since Assad did come to power in June and Gadhafi began his new role in February.
It seems unlikely but Syria and Israel may sign a peace accord in September 2000. The problem is that the talks should have been initiated in 1998 to be truly successful. Therefore, I suspect that this prediction will probably not be fulfilled.
Syria and Israel did not sign a peace accord in September. But even if they had, I was not committed enough to the idea for it to count because I went on to say that the prediction would probably not be fulfilled. Cancels either scenario out.


2000 Retrospective: Presentations from Last Year
(Part One)


2000 was my second year on the web. I made a larger number of predictions in 2000 than I did in 1999. For that reason, there are two pages (of which this is the first). The second page is on The Year 2000: Part Two.

What follows are seven critical or controversial presentations of predictions and interpretations as they appeared on this page throughout year (another set of presentations appears on the Year 2000: Part Two page). Two of these and part of another were fulfilled in 2001 rather than 2000. One is a spectacular failure, but a failure I believe we can all learn a lesson from. Some editing, for purposes of economising space, has been neccessary.

International Space Station or Mir Crashes to Earth


JUNE 4, 2000 -- COMPTON ORBITER CRASHES INTO PACIFIC -- GREENBELT, Maryland (AP) -- A piece of space bisory came crashing back to Earth early Sunday as NASA engineers brought a 17-ton satellite down for a splash landing well away from any populated land mass at around 2:30 a.m. NASA had picked a remote patch of the Pacific Ocean for the deliberate crashing of the satellite that has provided a wealth of data for astronomers over the past nine years. After a gyroscope failed, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration decided to deliberately crash the spacecraft while engineers still could control it. An analysis showed that if NASA did nothing, the craft would eventually fall on its own from space, with a one-in-1,000 chance of killing someone on Earth. The craft's orbit carried it over some of the most populated areas of the world, including Mexico City, Miami and Bangkok, Thailand. The controlled re-entry was projected to occur in a remote area of the Pacific Ocean, about 2,500 miles southeast of Hawaii. Shipping and air traffic in the area were instructed to avoid the area.


The International Space Station


MARCH 23, 2001 -- MIR DESTROYED IN FIERY DESCENT -- (CNN) - The Russian space station Mir broke up in the atmosphere and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on Friday, ending its reign as the heaviest artificial object to orbit Earth. The successful retirement of the aging outpost brought relief to Pacific Rim and island nations, which had warned residents to seek shelter should the 135-ton orbiter stray from its intended course, an uninhabited expanse between New Zealand and Chile. Russian Mission Control had ordered Mir to begin its suicidal dive just after midnight EST, using rocket thrusters from an attached cargo ship to direct the plunge. The Russian space agency, Rosaviakosmos, has retired dozens of spacecraft in the area over the years. A CNN correspondent on the island of Fiji spotted streaking debris and heard resulting sonic booms soon after Mir began its descent. The fallout was "making a huge golden trail through the sky. We're just in awe. It's a collection of bright golden lights tearing across the sky," said Hugh Williams. "Perhaps five large fragments fell apart into several more fragments in front of my eyes," he added. "The speed and the size of the object was amazing, like something out of a science fiction movie. Most of the unmanned modular complex disintegrated in the atmosphere. But as many as 1,500 pieces of debris collectively weighing up to 50 tons could have survived, including pieces as heavy as a small automobile.


Two base 7 vectors exist for this catastrophe: January/February 2000 and June/July 2000. Because space stations depend on computerised systems and parts, either or both of these man-made mountains may come crashing to earth -- perhaps one in winter and one in summer.


To view a personal vision by me that may relate to this event, open a Dream Window.


Compton Gamma Ray ObservatoryUPDATE (6/4/00): The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory is no more. Thus far, it appears that its fiery descent into the Pacific was safely accomplished. When I made the prediction for a space station crashing to earth in 2000 it was June 1998, more than a year-and-a-half before anyone knew that a gyroscope aboard the Compton would malfunction, requiring that it be brought down. The second vector turned out to be correct: June/July 2000. However, although this meets the essential numerological requirements of my base 7 prediction which is now FULFILLED, it does not fulfill my dream vision which involves something much larger -- like the Mir or the ISS (or something not yet in existence).

Whether or not the Mir crashes to earth this year, the Compton Observatory has. The right event occurred at the specified time; however, you might argue that the Compton is not the Mir or the ISS.

So give me a break: how often does anything like this happen? The last time was in 1979 -- twenty-one years ago when Skylab crashed to earth and broke up over Australia.


Mir breaks up over PacificUPDATE (3/23/01): The Mir is no more, bringing to a close -- a little more than a year late -- the anticipated demise of the Russian space station in March 2001 rather than January/February 2000. This prediction has also FULFILLED my contention that two large space orbiters or space stations would plunge to earth in a period of a year or less: first, the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (rather than ISS) on June 4, 2000, and now Mir on March 23, 2001.

As I have said in the above June 4 update, the prediction was made quite some time ago, in June 1998. I had no idea why Mir and what turned out to be the third largest space orbiter, the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, would come crashing to earth. I did not know if the demise of either would be controlled or out-of-control.

Fearing the possibility that one of these crashes might be accidental, I included the Nostradamus quatrain, 1.8, concerning the deaths of nine astronauts. This concern was heightened when Y2K worries predominated the close of 1999. It was intended as a warning in the event a space station crash was caused by accident or human error. Fortunately, the quatrain was never applicable. There are dangers, however, of a space disaster occurring on launch in January 2002. It may well become relevant at that time.

As for the dream window, continue to peruse it. It may well apply to the ISS in 2008 or a far future time when man has conquered the law of gravity.

Low Grade War in the Iraqi No-Fly Zones or Act of Terrorism Leads to Retaliatory Bombing


FEBRUARY 16, 2001 -- ALLIES HIT IRAQ WITH 'SELF-DEFENSE' STRIKE -- WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The U.S. military said a U.S.-led airstrike on Iraq Friday was "essentially a self-defense operation." The attack, in conjunction with British fighter aircraft, hit four targets south and one north of Baghdad, the first strike of its kind in nearly two years. U.S. President George W. Bush, in Mexico for a day of meetings with President Vicente Fox, called the bombings "a routine mission to enforce the no-fly zone." The missions to enforce the no-fly zones are "part of a strategy," Bush said, "and until that strategy is changed, if it is changed, we will continue to enforce them." The operation, Marine Lt. Gen. Gregory Newbold said at a Pentagon news conference, was prompted by an "increased threat to our aircraft and our crew. It reached the point that it was obvious to our forces that they had to conduct the operation to safeguard those pilots and the aircraft. In fact (it was) essentially a self-defense measure," he said. Newbold said the strike involved 24 aircraft that targeted five Iraqi targets that control radar that had increased their frequency and sophistication and threatened U.S. jets patrolling Iraqi air space. All U.S. and British planes involved in the attack returned safely, Newbold said. U.S. officials in Washington said the attack was launched at Iraqi air defense facilities because of an increasingly more sophisticated threat against allied planes patrolling the no-fly zone in southern Iraq, set up at the end of the Gulf War in 1991. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein condemned the attack and said it was evidence that the U.S. -- aligned with the "Zionist entity" Israel -- planned a larger attack "against the Arab nations and the Palestinians." The more sophisticated Iraqi radar stations were increasing Iraqi chances of shooting down U.S. or British aircraft which routinely patrol airspace in the region, the Pentagon said. Bush ordered the attack on Thursday, CNN Senior White House Correspondent John King reported. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been monitoring the situation from his weekend retreat, CNN Correspondent Christiane Amanpour reported fromLondon. At least six British aircraft took part in the attack, some based from bases in Kuwait, Amanpour said. Pentagon officials said U.S. and British planes took part in the mission, which targeted several facilities of Iraq's integrated air defenses, including a pair of communications and command centers just outside Baghdad and radar facilities further south. The aircraft, from land bases in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia and the aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman in the Persian Gulf, used so-called "stand-off" weapons that allowed the attack to originate from inside the no-fly zone.


NEW PREDICTION: 10/5/99 -- It is possible that the on-going conflict in northern and southern Iraq involving US and British warplanes and Iraqi missile sites may develop into something even more unacceptable to the West. Perhaps Iraq's offensive capabilities will mature to the point that US or British fighter jets are shot down. Perhaps Iraq will launch a military adventure in northern Iraq to spite the Allies as it did at Irbil in 1996. An act of terrorism committed by Iraq or another country cannot be ruled out either.


Saddam Hussein confers with his deputiesThe result will be some sort of Western punitive action against Baghdad in January or April 2000. It will probably not be long in duration -- a one to four day bombing operation at most. Perhaps only a few days of cruise missile attacks such as was launched in 1996. A much stronger vector for a June/July 2000 attack on Baghdad exists which may be part of a second Persian Gulf War.



UPDATE (2/16/01): This prediction was classified a "failure" last summer and filed away. Today the projected event was FULFILLED a year late (an example of an adjacent fulfillment). About 5% of all successful predictions are fulfilled adjacently. This phenomenon is discussed on the Base 7 Numerology: Introduction and FAQs page. I would keep an eye out for the April vector discussed above as well for another attack on Saddam OR one against the terrorist Bin Laden.

A New Reign of Terrorism


DECEMBER 8, 2000 -- SUSPECT IN COLE ATTACK TIED TO BIN LADEN -- WASHINGTON (Fox News) - The State Department expressed full support Thursday for Yemen's intention to bring charges against a number of suspects in the attack on the USS Cole two months ago. "We are very pleased with the progress that we've had," spokesman Philip Reeker said. "We are working together with the Yemenis on all aspects of the case, and we think it is proceeding very well." He was unable to say whether the United States has an extradition treaty with Yemen. Yemen's prime minister Abdul-Karim al-Iryani said Wednesday that at least three Yemenis suspected of belonging to an international terrorist network will go on trial next month in connection with the attack. Quoting unidentified sources, ABC's "World News Tonight" reported Thursday that one of the three suspects, Fhad al-Quoso, told investigators an associate of alleged terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden gave him more than $5,000 to finance the attack on the ship. The network also said another suspect, Jamal al-Badawi, admitted to investigators he trained in bin Laden's guerrilla camps in Afghanistan and was sent with bin Laden's forces to fight in Bosnia's civil war. ABC News said the suspects' stories provide the first direct links between Saudi-born fugitive bin Laden and the Cole bombing. Al-Iryani said as many as six people - all Yemenis - could be tried on charges of laying groundwork for the attack, which killed 17 sailors on the warship as it refueled in Yemen's huge seaport of Aden. Thirty-nine other American sailors were wounded in the Oct. 12 attack.


Gaping hole in USS Cole blown out by boat bomb
On October 12, 2000, the USS Cole was bombed by terrorists in the Gulf of Aden. 17 US crewmen died in the attack. 38 others were injured. Speculation regarding the parties responsible include Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad.


East Africa LocationIn May 1997, while updating Chapter One of Nostradamus and the Final Age, I presented a thorough profile of a shadowy personality who, since August 7, 1998, has become a familiar name. Osama bin Laden, a wealthy Saudi terrorist leader operating out of Afghanistan, was virtually unknown at the time of the writing, but has now become a legend throughout the Moslem world. Responsible for two U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, his list of bloody deeds stretches back to 1992. Discussed in my book, many of these have since been reported by the media. However, I also offer evidence which I believe links him to the explosion of TWA 800 and the Olympic Park Bombing in July 1996 (for more on this go to Predictions Fulfilled in 1998 (Part Two) and check out the 1996-97 feature guide.)


Bin Laden the Third Antichrist?

Osama bin LadenOsama bin Laden first came on the world scene during an especially inauspicious planetary alignment: when the sun, Mars, and Mercury entered the constellation of Aquarius. According to Nostradamus commentator Lee McCann, this occurred on February 18, 1981: the very same point in time that bin Laden left Saudi Arabia to command some 20,000 Arab mercenaries aiding the Afghans in their long bloody war with the Soviet Union. In numerous quatrains, the French seer describes a dark-complexioned man with a black, frizzled beard who will wear a blue turban and war with many Western nations. He may also be the one the prophet calls "the great King of terror" (bin Laden has already been nicknamed "the Prince of Terrorism"). Osama bin Laden, as has been seen in numerous news video clips, wears a white turban during interviews and a blue turban when commanding his soldiers "in the field."


However, bin Laden is not the only candidate for a so-called "third antichrist" from the Middle East. According to the prophet Daniel, a man whom he calls the "the fourth king of Persia" will go to war with the Western powers during the "latter days," a warlord who will be wealthier than all previous Persian (Iranian) kings. In many quatrains Nostradamus seems to concur that an antichrist will come from out of Iran with allies from Iraq, Libya, and the former Soviet Union. Therefore, unless bin Laden is destined one day to take control of Iran by military force, perhaps with the aid of the Taliban militia, for the time being we must consider him a king of terrorism and deal with his threats accordingly.

The U.S. air raids on Sudan and Afghanistan represents a shift in strategy towards dealing with terrorism that hearkens back to the policy former President Ronald Reagan initially proposed and so adequately carried out against Libya's Moammar Gadhafi in 1986. We must be prepared for more attacks from bin Laden and retaliate violently each time. A new period of unprecedented terrorism has begun and acording to my base 7 system of numerology, 1999 and 2000 will be especially troubling years. Bin Laden, as well as other terrorists, are likely to strike U.S., Israeli, and Western European targets in February, April, and September of 2000. If not apprehended or killed in 2000, bin Laden will become an important confederate of or actually lead a future Moslem axis which will attempt to wage a third World War in the 21st Century.

UPDATE (2/10/00): The five-day hijacking ordeal of an Afghan Ariana airliner has finally ended peacefully at Stansted Airport in England. Fortunately, there were no casualties. Hijackings are the most classic form of terrorism and were quite prevalent in the 1970s and 1980s. My warning that a terrorist attack would come in February has been FULFILLED in England (not, it appears, by bin Laden, but "other terrorists" as I also specified). However, this does not neccessarily mean that the remainder of February is safe. Continued caution and vigilance are urged.

UPDATE (5/3/00): I would point out that the now-bloody hostage drama being played out in the Philippines began on April 23 -- during the April vector indicated. The Moslem rebels also have loose ties to Osama bin Laden via Ramzi Yousef, mastermind of the World Trade Centre Bombing in NYC in 1993. The April 2000 terrorism prediction, now FULFILLED, continues into May.

UPDATE (10/12/00): The terrorist attack on the US battleship Cole occurred 12 days after the September vector mentioned above. The September 2000 terrorism prediction is now FULFILLED. However, with violence spinning out of control in the Middle East, one cannot say that today's deplorable act will be the last of the month or the year.

As to whether or not this is a premature fulfillment of the prediction I made on the The Early 21st Century: 2001 page regarding a US naval ship being attacked in the Persian Gulf in May 2001, I do not know. If a great war comes to the Middle East, incidents such as the one that occurred today may happen more frequently.

Trouble for New York City and/or East Coast


SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 -- TERROR ATTACKS HIT U.S. -- OSAMA BIN LADEN SUSPECTED -- NEW YORK (CNN) -- In an apparently coordinated terrorist attack against the United States, four commercial passenger jets crashed on Tuesday, three of them into significant landmarks. U.S. intelligence officials tell CNN "there are good indications that persons linked to Osama bin Laden may be responsible for these attacks." The sources say they based the statement on specific information that had been gathered Tuesday. Bin Laden is the Saudi millionaire who has been blamed for terror attacks against U.S. interests and is believed to be in Afghanistan. American Airlines Flight 11, carrying 81 passengers and 11 crew members, slammed into the north tower of the World Trade Center in Manhattan shortly before 9 a.m. About 15 minutes later, United Airlines Flight 175 from Boston to Los Angeles, with 56 passengers and nine crew members on board, crashed into the south tower. Both towers eventually collapsed in a shower of debris and plume of thick dust. A half-hour after the second crash, American Flight 77 took off from Washington, D.C.'s Dulles Airport en route to Los Angeles, California, carrying 58 passengers and six crew members -- but crashed into the Pentagon instead. Less than an hour after the third crash, United Flight 93 en route from Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, with 38 passengers and seven crew aboard. Huge chunks of debris falling from remains of World Trade Center towers more than six hours after the crashes. Firefighters could get no closer than 2 blocks from the burning hulk. The FBI said it believes all four planes, carrying a total of 266 people, were hijacked. The Pentagon, the White House, the State Department, the Justice Department, the Capitol, the CIA and all other government buildings in Washington are evacuated. Federal Emergency Response Plan is implemented immediately after first attack, according to White House. All U.S. embassies and U.S. forces around the world are put on high alert. The highest alert is THREATCON DELTA. All federal agencies implement continuity plans to make sure U.S. government continues to function effectively. President Bush calls the crashes "a national tragedy." Later in the day, Bush issues a statement from Barksdale AFB near Shreveport, Louisiana. "Make no mistake: The United States will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts." Secret Service secures President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and key members of Bush's Cabinet and national security team. Air Force One lands in Omaha, Nebraska, and spokeswoman Karen Hughes says Bush is in a secure location. In the first-ever national ground stop of aircraft, all flights nationwide are stopped at their departure airports. International flights are initially diverted to Canada; FAA says later, however, that 22 U.S.-bound international flights will be allowed to land. In New York, more than 10,000 rescue personnel rush to the scene. Evacuation of lower Manhattan begins. Israel evacuates all of its missions around the world. Two aircraft carriers and five other ships are deployed along the East Coast of the United States, and two aircraft carriers go to New York area, all from Norfolk, Virginia. U.S. stock markets close after the New York attacks and will remain closed Wednesday.


A February/March 2000 vector exists for New York City and much of the eastern seaboard, especially New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The peril facing this region may take one of several forms:



If the months and year are correct, the most dangerous days are February 7, 16, and 25 and March 6, 15, and 24.

If NYC is hit by a natural disaster, it may take the following form as described by Nostradamus:


Special Effects: Deluge engulfs New York CityQuatrain 10.49

Garden of the world near the new city,

In the road of the hollow mountains (skyscrapers):

Will be seized and plunged into the Tank (Ocean),

Forced to drink waters poisoned by sulfur.

Deluge Effects Art © 1998-2001 by Michael McClellan


New Jersey is known as the Garden State. It appears that much of the Atlantic Coastal Plain will be submerged by water. Line 4 indicates pollution of the Atlantic Ocean by volcanic debris and lava spewed out in the torrid regions of South and Central America. Then again, the poison could be the result of a nuclear meltdown. The deluge itself could even be man-made should Russian and US submarines or Chinese and US submarines engage in a nuclear battle 10-20 miles off the coast of New York City. Also, with China now thrown into the equation, it is possible that the city in question could lie on the US west coast.


UPDATE (12/20/00): At this writing this is a less-than-24 hour advance alert. I hope it will prove to be completely unneccessary. About sixteen hours ago, I received a minor planet alert via email from Sky & Telescope. Here is the essential part of the message:


Minor Planet AstroAlert: 2000 YA

The minor planet 2000 YA will fly by Earth at only 0.0049 astronomical unit -- twice the Earth-Moon distance -- early on December 22nd (Universal Time). That's Thursday evening (December 21) in North America. In the hours leading up to this close encounter, 2000 YA is expected to become as bright as magnitude 15 as it races through Andromeda at several degrees per hour. The hitherto unknown asteroid was picked up this past weekend by the Lowell Observatory - LONEOS survey, with Brian A. Skiff at the controls of the 0.59-meter Schmidt telescope and Bruce Koehn making the measurements ... IAU Circular 7544, issued December 18th by the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory), reports that Richard P. Binzel and A. S. Rivkin (MIT) and Alan W. Harris (JPL) obtained spectra of this object with the Palomar 200-inch reflector on Sunday night. These show 2000 YA to be an S-type asteroid (relatively high albedo) and suggest that it may be only about 50 meters in diameters -- half the length of a football field ...


As it turns out there have only been twelve other instances since NASA first began tracking asteroids where one came as close as this one will. Each case has allowed for a small margin of error in calculation. Put another way, there is a small chance that 2000 YA may deviate slightly and hit the earth. Even though 2000 YA is only 50 meters in diameter, that is large enough to destroy a city. It is believed that the asteroid that blew up over Siberia in 1908, the "Tanguska Event," was not much larger than 2000 YA. It destroyed an area the size of London.

Asteroid air burstNote well Quatrain 10.49 above (and my well-crafted image of a giant tsunami towering above a large city). There is another that warns of a similar happening ... at the time of the winter solstice!

The great city of the maritime Ocean,
Surrounded by a swamp of crystal:
In the
winter solstice and the spring,
Will be tested by a terrible wind.

The "winter solstice" occurs December 21. YA 2000 will make its pass (or strike) in the evening hours of December 21 (EST) - Thursday night. In Nostradamus' day, the "maritime Ocean" would have been considered the Atlantic Ocean. Thus, the great city in question may well be New York City. If Quatrain 9.48 is related in any way to 2000 YA, take cover any way you can!


UPDATE (12/23/00): It appears that my concerns regarding YA 2000 striking an Atlantic Ocean country were well-founded. Had it moved a hair closer, London, rather than New York City, would have been vaporised:


Asteroid misses Earth 'by whisker'

Saturday, 23 December, 2000, 13:49 GMT

Artist's drawing of 2000 YA over London
LONDON (BBC News) -- An asteroid capable of wiping out a city has missed the Earth by an astronomical whisker. The 50-yard space rock travelled over London at more than 20 miles per second before missing the planet by just 480,000 miles - twice the distance to the moon but a near miss in astronomical terms. If it had collided with Earth it would have left a hole three quarters of a mile across.

The asteroid, still visible through a reasonably powerful telescope in the constellation of Ophiuchus, appeared without warning above the capital at 2400GMT on Friday. Robin Scagell, vice-president of the Society for Popular Astronomy, said astronomers can track kilometre-wide asteroids - but spotting smaller objects is much harder. "Not long ago something like this would have been totally overlooked," he said. "Now with the advanced image detectors available today we are beginning to realise that we're in a bit of a shooting gallery." The asteroid, which has been given the name 2000 YA, is big enough to have devastated London, Mr Scagell added. "An object this size would leave a crater three quarters of a mile across," he said. "Imagine that in Piccadilly Circus."

"We've probably been quite lucky up to now. There are probably thousands of objects of this size out there." Professor Duncan Steel, the author of Target Earth - a book about asteroids, told the BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "The last time the Earth was hit by something like this was in 1908 above Siberia. "It released energy equivalent to about 20 megatonnes of TNT. "If it was to enter the atmosphere above London, it would take out the whole of the city out to the M25 ..."


This is a reminder of Nostradamus' Euro-centred world view. Had Quatrain 9.48 been fulfilled, the great port city in question would have been London. To be certain he does mention the New Cities and one can and should seriously consider applying these to America, but many of the French prophet's predictions deal with the cities "of Europe, Africa, and the most part of Asia."

My concern about 2000 YA went beyond Quatrain 9.48. Y and A are two prominent letters that appear in the true name of God. Also, December 22 (the date it was when 2000 YA passed over London) was the festival of Hanukah -- the celebration of light. The world -- and London especially -- narrowly escaped a catastrophe yesterday. God stayed His hand while at the same time warning the world what awaits if the current course of human events remains unchanged.


Destruction in NYCUPDATE (10/7/01): This is a tardy post regarding a recognition that this prediction was itself fulfilled tardily. As listed above, terrorists struck New York City, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania (thus the East Coast was also involved). It happened in September 2001 rather than February/March 2000, making this a highly unusual adjacent fulfillment. Sadly, I do not believe that this will be the last attack on NYC and I still believe that city will destroyed entirely by nuclear weapons. As I write retaliation against the Taliban and Osama bin Laden is in progress. What will follow in America may be far more terrible than what occurred on September 11. Even so, we must strike back with all of our fire power at those who would use Islam to excuse their own purely evil and twisted ambitions against the United States and Western civilisation.

I leave the warnings concerning danger from space active as a reminder that we must all keep our eyes always heavenward for the unexpected deadly visitor from beyond.

Female Star in Danger of Dying in Fire

Unknown Female Celeb



NEW PREDICTION: 11/7/99 -- This event may occur in April 2000. If, as has been the case in a number of celebrity predictions made in 1998, the danger predicted is off by two-and-a-half months or three-and-a-half months, the vector could be as early as January 2000 or as late as mid-August. For more details, click here.




Cybill Shepherd sings


November 27, 2000. Actress Cybill Shepherd Escapes House Fire. "A fire forced actress Cybill Shepherd to vacate her Memphis, Tenn., home Saturday night, The Associated Press reports. Shepherd called the fire department after seeing smoke in her attic. The brassy blonde, who hosts the new daytime talk show Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, said she believed a bedroom fireplace may have been to blame, but officials are still investigating." More ...




Actress Drew Barrymore


February 18, 2001. Drew Barrymore, Tom Green Escape Injury in House Fire. "Firefighters from the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills fire departments put out a blaze early Sunday at the reported home of actress Drew Barrymore. Camera crews at the scene report seeing Barrymore and her fiancé, comedian Tom Green, leaving the home, on the border of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles..."

This fire-related incident appears to be the most serious one that has occurred thus far (or at least on par with Cybill Shepherd's close call in November) ... Note that we are gradually closing in on one year from the April 2000 vector. Thus far, four predictions that I made for 2000 have been fulfilled this year (2001) instead. Also, Drew Barrymore's last name begins with the letter "B" as predicted. More ...

For more details, click here.

War in the Middle East: Crises in Lebanon and Iraq


MAY 22, 2000 -- SOUTH LEBANON IN CHAOS -- JERUSALEM (MSNBC, AP, and Reuters) -- Israel's position in southern Lebanon deteriorated significantly Monday as panic and desertions swept through its allies in the South Lebanon Army and Hezbollah guerrillas began taking control of territory held by Israel since 1978. Ugly scenes of retribution and sporadic resistance to the Hezbollah advance were reported as Israel's cabinet went into an emergency session to discuss the worsening situation. The chaos began when the Israeli army confirmed plans to move its unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon up to June 1. Early Monday, a high-ranking Israeli army officer confirmed a news report that said Prime Minister Ehud Barak had ordered the army to be ready to leave by June 1. "I can confirm the chief of staff ordered the army to be ready and prepared for the redeployment as from June 1," the officer said on condition he not be identified. "The redeployment will take place between this date and July 7 as the prime minister has instructed," he said. The reaction in southern Lebanon was quick and destabilizing. The SLA, a mostly Lebanese-Christian militia that has fought alongside Israel since 1978, has been told that Hezbollah would seek to punish militia members once Israel pulled out. Those threats became reality Monday as swarms of the Iranian-backed guerrillas took over 14 villages in the western part of the Israeli occupied "security zone" after SLA units pulled out. By nightfall, Hezbollah had moved to within three miles of Israel's northern border near the Golan Heights. As Hezbollah guerrillas moved in the west, residents of the mostly Christian eastern zone panicked after seeing SLA soldiers and ammunition coming toward them. Some packed their bags and belongings and fled toward the Israeli-Lebanese border. At least two people died when troops fired on panicked civilians. Accounts differed on whether it was SLA or Israeli troops that opened fire. The quick collapse of SLA authority -- and by association, Israel's as well -- brought Lebanon's dangerous sectarian rivalries to the fore. At St. George’s Church in Qleia’ah, a Reuters correspondent spoke with Christians determined to fight the Muslim Hezbollah to the death.


Lebanese power stations bombed
Israel bombs Lebanese power plants outside of Beirut on May 5, 2000 following Syrian-backed rebel rocket attacks on northern Israeli cities. Israel last began a spate of bombing attacks on civilian targets in Lebanon on February 7, 2000.
Both the February and May attacks are the worst since Israel launched Operation Grapes of Wrath in April 1996.


There have been wars in the Middle East virtually every year since 1975. They can generally be broken down into three categories:


  1. Clashes between Israel and Lebanon or civil conflicts within either country.

  2. Conflicts or military operations provoked by Saddam Hussein.

  3. Conflicts involving Afghanistan (with the Soviet Union, Tajikistan, Iran, civil wars).


Great conflicts of epic proportions are another matter. The last two such conflicts were instigated by Saddam Hussein (Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988 and Persian Gulf War, 1991). The most dangerous and potentially destablising confrontations, however, have been Arab-Israeli in nature. The last such war was fought in October 1973.

The danger of conflict or conflicts involving Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq become more distinct in 2000. However, according to base 7, "the mother of all Middle East wars" should still not begin until October/November 2001.

It is difficult to determine what the trouble in 2000 will be. I suspect several conflicts that will gravely concern the West will be going on simultaneously.

Kurd-provoked conflicts involving Iraq and Turkey are likely to begin or, if in progress since 1999, accelerate throughout the year.

In May 2000 one of two things will happen regarding Lebanon:



In July 2000, while waging war with Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the U.S. will send a large contingent of marines, navy, and humanitarian personnel to stabilise the country and protect the Lebanese government. At this time the Iraqi president may be killed during an air attack on Baghdad.


UPDATE (5/22/00): This is it. I knew the trouble in Lebanon that I correctly forecast to begin in May 2000 would have to be something more than just another series of border clashes. It is the chaos of fleeing civilians under attack and internal fighting between Lebanese Christians and the Syrian-backed Hezbollah brought on by Israel pulling out of Lebanon. Prior announcement of Ehud Barak's intention to pull out of the security zone has also inspired Hezbollah into provoking some of the worst attacks by Israel -- in February and again this month -- on Lebanese civilian targets since 1996. It remains to be seen whether this gets worse and involves the Beirut government in full scale civil war or triggers another war such as Israel fought in 1982 or 1996.

It has also been announced on CNN that Kofi Annan is considering a major buildup of U.N. peacekeepers to the region. Whether this will include US troops remains too be seen. In any event, enough has happened as of today for me declare my prediction for May 2000 as FULFILLED. From this point on it can only ease or become worse.


UPDATE (1/3/01): We can effectively break up the Lebanon crisis into two stages: 1) two weeks of bombing raids by Israel on Lebanon beginning May 5, 2000 and ending May 22-23 with an Israeli withdrawal from the security zone accompanied by the chaos of fleeing refugees and internal conflict; 2) fresh rocket attacks by Hezbollah from the border into northern Israel and Israeli jets bombarding targets in southern Lebanon in retaliation -- all the result of urban warfare between Israelis and Palestinians begun September 28. Part two remains in progress at this writing. All this has occurred against a backdrop of angry Lebanese demonstrations calling for an end to occupation by Syrian troops.

Also see my presentation of the great Middle East war I believe will begin in October/November 2001 on the Year 2001 (Part Two).

Another Major Comet to be Sighted in 2000



OCTOBER 24, 1999 -- RECENTLY DISCOVERED COMET TO BECOME VISIBLE IN SUMMER 2000 (Sky & Telescope - October 1999). NEW COMET LINEAR (C/1999 S4). A faint comet discovered on September 27th by MIT Lincoln Laboratory's LINEAR robotic telescope in Socorro, New Mexico, may become a naked-eye object next summer...the comet's location next summer is still uncertain by a couple of degrees. Although extremely faint right now, this comet is expected to reach perihelion next July 24th after dipping inside the Earth's orbit to about 0.75 astronomical unit from the Sun (that is, at roughly the same distance as Venus from the Sun). Around the time of the total lunar eclipse on July 16th, C/1999 S4 could be as bright as magnitude 3 or 4, low in the northwest evening sky. Sky & Telescope magazine will have much more about the viewing prospects for this comet during the spring of next year.


Comet West, 1976, appears here for imaging purposes only.



Nostradamus mentions the arrival of many comets in his quatrains, one of which may have been 1997's Comet Hale-Bopp. Another comet which has yet to come is the death star that may portend the death of Saddam Hussein. The base 7 system suggests at least one last major comet will be seen before the true start of the millennium. The potential vector is October 2000. This 2000 visitor should be perfectly aligned with the 1965 appearance of Comet Ikeya-Seki -- one of the most spectacular comets of this century before Comet Hale-Bopp.


Comet Linear S4's Initial July 7 Eruption -- Comet Breaks Up into Fragments, Not Gas and Dust Particles As Earlier Claimed

UPDATE (8/12/00): It would appear that Comet Linear S4 became a major media event after all, even being reported on CNN. While a naked eye disappointment, Linear still managed to catch the attention of everyone by erupting in space like a volcano on July 7.

Now it captures our attention yet again. Spectacular photos by Hubble show the breaking up process of Comet Linear into individual fragments. I did not find the most recent CNN article released on August 10 about the comet break-up particularly illuminating. Therefore, below the July 28 CNN article about the July 7 eruption are two articles, both dated August 8, which provide a better perspective of the still-unfolding event.


Comet erupts violently as Hubble watches

July 28, 2000 (CNN) -- Comet LINEAR dazzled astronomers when it violently blew off a piece of its crust "like a cork popping off a champagne bottle," Hubble researchers announced Friday. The explosion jettisoned a large amount of fine debris into space, reflecting sunlight and markedly brightening the comet for several hours. The Hubble Space Telescope took exceptionally clear pictures of the entire eruption sequence, including the ejected material as it drifted away along the tail of LINEAR. "We lucked out completely," said Hubble comet hunter Harold Weaver of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. "In one surge of brilliance, this under-performing comet showed us what it could have been. Comet LINEAR generally has not been as bright as we had hoped, but occasionally does something exciting," he said in a statement. Telescopes on the ground did not appear to detect the latest eruption, according to Hubble scientists. But Hubble's sensitive instruments were able to reveal precise details of the event. The pictures offer clues about the interior composition of comets, thought to be clumps of dust and ice that formed in the early history of the solar system.

Comets create their trademark tails when, heated by sunlight, they eject gas and dust. The Hubble telescope first located the streaking comet 74 million miles (120 million km) from Earth. It recorded the violent drama during observations in early July. Weaver observed similar fragments when he trained the Hubble telescope on comet Hyakutake in 1996. His scientific team offered some possible explanations for the cause of the eruption. In one scenario, part of the core may have vaporized after it was exposed to sunlight for the first time. Core ice sublimated quickly into gas, causing intense pressure that "blew the lid off" the surface crust. Another possibility is that fragment came from one of numerous house-sized pieces that comprise the comet nucleus. Some astronomers think comet cores are essentially loosely bound piles of such "cometesimals."

8 August 2000 -- The VLT Observes Comet LINEAR's "Shower" (European Southern Observatory)

Linear fragments - August 5, 2000In a textbook example of useful collaboration between ground- and space-based astronomical telescopes, the ESO Very Large Telescope has imaged the "shower" of "mini-comets" in Comet LINEAR, first seen by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) a few days ago. The disintegration and subsequent disappearance of the "dirty snowball" nucleus of Comet LINEAR (C/1999 S4), first observed at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory (La Palma, Canary Islands) by Mark Kidger and his colleagues, was originally thought to be complete. However, observations by the HST on August 5 showed that this was not really the case - a swarm of extremely faint mini-comets was detected near the place where the nucleus would have been. Although this is reminiscent of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9's break-up near Jupiter in 1992, the remaining pieces of Comet LINEAR's nucleus are much smaller and, presumably, much more short-lived. In fact, an event like this has never been observed in this detail before...

Hubble Captures Stunning Views of LINEAR

Posted on 8/8/00 | By Mark Kidger

The HST Press Release states rather boldly that the comet has not completely disintegrated. Actually though, there is little in the images to contradict what I've been saying for some days and, I even predicted the existence of the fragments and where they would be seen on IAUC 7474 published on August 5th, and sent well before the HST observations were made. And yes, they are where I said that they would be.

Linear fragments - August 5, 2000
The HST images are tremendously spectacular, but they are not much of a surprise. I calculated the limiting magnitude of our frames from the 2.5-m Isaac Newton Telescope as carefully as I could and found it to be R=22.0, B=22.5. Other images - a shorter exposure with the 2.2-m at Hawaii presented with the HST images and a long exposure with the 3.5-m Galileo National Telescope in Hawaii (but in bright twilight) also show nothing. The reason is that there is nothing to be seen by earthbound telescopes. The very brightest of the fragments is about R=25 (ten million times fainter than the comet was before breakup). With the comet low in twilight it is most unlikely that any telescope could ever have seen them. You can draw your own conclusions just how large they must be...


According to another article I ran across the analogy is something like this: Shoemaker-Levy 9 broke up into fragments, each the size of a mountain, which collided with Jupiter. Linear S4, a mountain-sized comet, has broken up into fragments, each the size of a house. For an idea what house-sized (or even bus-sized) pieces of fiery debris can do if they fall crashing into a major city, view the opening scene of the film Armageddon.

I suppose I score a prediction FULFILLED with this one. Linear certainly has stirred up a lot of controversy as well as some unusual fireworks thanks to Hubble. The video of the July 7 eruption and accompanying CNN article will remain in place on this page as a memorial. I will keep the break-up articles and photos as memorials as well.



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