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Perspectives and Analyses of the Prophetic Word



By Michael McClellan



Archangel Gabriel in his role as Angel of Death and Destruction


Daniel 8:16 ESV ~

And I heard a man's voice between the banks of the Ulai, and it called,
“Gabriel, make this man understand the vision."


July 12, 2008 (3:30 AM EDT), UPDATED (5:04 PM EDT): According to the occultist and prophet Johannes Trithemius, the Age of Gabriel ended in November 1879, ushering in the age of the archangel Michael. Since then, modern astrologers have made a ten year correction to Trithemius's calculations with the last grand lunar cycle having actually ended in November 1889. Fifty years after Trithemius' 1508 work De Septem Secundeis was published, Nostradamus completed his final version of The Centuries (ie, Les Propheties de Notradame). In his many astronomically-dated quatrains and prose prophecies, he too alludes to the siecle de lune and siecle de sol, the grand cycles under the angels Gabriel and Michael.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.56 ~

Sooner and later you will see great changes made, dreadful horrors and vengeances. For as the moon is thus led by its angel, the heavens draw near to the Balance.

Nostradamus, Epistle to Henry II ~

The second Antichrist will persecute the Church and its true Vicar, by means of the power of three temporal kings who in their ignorance will be seduced by tongues which, in the hands of a madman, will cut more than any sword. The said reign of Antichrist will last only until his death, he who was born at the beginning of the age of the Sun ...

Nostradamus, Quatrain 3.97 ~

A new law will occupy a new land around Syria, Judea and Palestine. The great barbarian empire will crumble before the cycle of the sun is finished.

According to Nostradamus a second Antichrist was to be born at the end of the age of the Moon and the beginning of the age of the Sun. Adolf Hitler was born in March 1889, thus Nostradamus' astronomical datings of the angel ages also differs ten years from that of Trithemius. As we can also see above, the French oracle correctly foresaw an era of "dreadful horrors and vengeances" when the age of Gabriel gave way to the Age of Michael. Never greater horror has come to the new Romans as has been witnessed in the 20th Century and now the 21st Century as Babylon once again becomes the centre of global attention.

Be that as it may, whilst this may indeed be the Age of Michael, it appears that Gabriel has been given the spotlight for a short span of time. Gabriel's revelations to the Old Testament prophet Daniel and now a new revelation written on a stone tablet are drawing worldwide attention. This is very appropriate when one considers that Gabriel's favourite instrument, the shofar trumpet, shall be blasted by tens of thousands of horn-blowers in every time zone on this planet as a call to wake up and repent during the first new moon Festival of Trumpets on September 29, 2008.

Gabriel overlooks the the smoldering ruins of Sodom and GommorahThus, It is incumbent upon us to listen and pay attention to what he has to say. For, Gabriel is the Angel of the Moon, which also makes him the Angel of Duality (good and evil). Thus, on one hand he is Angel of Death and Destruction (as the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah discovered to their great collective dread and horror), but on the other hand is the Angel of Mercy, Resurrection, and Revelation. He is the king of angelic prophecy, and as such, it is only fitting that he was the angel of revelation for Daniel, the king of Old Testament prophets.

Only five appearances of Gabriel are recorded in the Bible, at least as far as can be discerned:

In Daniel, Chapter 8, he explains the vision of a great war between a ram with two horns and an he-goat with a single horn between his eyes. Many eschatologists believe this portended the destruction of the Medo-Persian Empire by Alexander the Great and the division of the kingdom into four parts among his generals. From one of these generals, they see in the prophecy of the "little horn," issued forth a dynasty that produced the profaning and cruel tyrant, Antiochus Epiphanes.

However, they fail to give credence to the fact that Gabriel tells Daniel that this is a vision that shall not occur until "the time of the end" and "the latter days."

In Daniel, Chapter 10, it is not clear whether the angel is Gabriel or not, but at any rate we may apply to him the unique characteristics found in verses 5 and 6. Here, Gabriel reappears to introduce the vision of Daniel, Chapter 11 ... a vision which is quite obviously a much shorter version of the same war he prophesied in Chapter 8 concerning the ram (Persia and Media) and the goat (Grecia, ie. the king of the west). Once again he tells Daniel that the vision of Chapter 11 will not occur until "the time of the end."

Even so, the echatologists' view does establish the war of the ram and the goat as an archetype of the confrontation between "the king of Persia (Iran)" and the European Union, aka World War III. Alexander likewise becomes an archetype for the "Great Monarch" who appears in a multitude of prophecies from the fourth century AD until modern times. This figure, in all likelihood the same personage named "Chyren" and "Chiren" by Nostradamus, appears at the end of World War III to liberate Europe, crush the enemies from the East, end the war, and establish a new Holy Roman Empire. Antiochus Epiphanes, who appears near the end of Chapter 11, then becomes the archetype for the beast of Revelation.

Last year Gabriel's revelation to Daniel took on a new significance when the prophet's tomb was destroyed by terrorists. Could the destruction of Daniel's Tomb usher in Gabriel's prophecy of World War III?

EXTRA: Tomb of Daniel destroyed, 5 dead, over 13 abducted in Iraq - Sun, 29 Jul 2007 14:59:29 GMT

Baghdad - The tomb of the prophet Daniel was destroyed Sunday in Baquba, the provincial capital of Diyala, a police source told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa. "Unidentified individuals planted a load of high explosives around the tomb of the prophet Daniel in al-Wajihiya area, thus destroying it completely and razing it to the ground," the source said.

The attack was carried out by gunmen, who later attacked residents of a nearby village, killing five and kidnapping at least 13 others, the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI) reported.

"A group of gunmen using 4x4 vehicles planted a load of explosives around the tomb and detonated it bringing down the edifice and its green dome," the source told VOI. The gunmen proceeded to Bahbasa village near al-Wajihiya and killed five villagers and kidnapped at least 13 others, fleeing the scene unscathed," he added.

Al-Wajihiya lies in al-Maqdadiya district, one of the adminstrative districts of Diyala, which lies 57 Kilometres north- east Baghdad. Daniel was one of the most important prophets in the Old Testament.

Tomb of the Prophet Daniel

Although on the surface the destruction of the Old Testament prophet Daniel's tomb may appear to be old news, one must keep in mind that the passing of a year between one event and others linked to it is hardly of consequence after over 2300 years.

Daniel was considered to be the greatest prophet of the ancient world, celebrated in a number of world religions in both east and west, and perhaps the only one to employ numerology along with ecstatic visions in his writings. His work clearly inspired many of the so-called "great monarch" prophesies which were further enhanced by mystics such as Methodius, Merlin, and Hillarion.


Daniel 11:2-4 ~

And now will I shew thee the truth. Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia; and the fourth shall be far richer than they all: and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia. And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will. And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven; and not to his posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled: for his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others beside those.


In one day more people shall die in battle than in all previous wars combinedNuclear destruction of the major citiesDaniel alone can be credited with prophesying the triggering event of World War III.

Only Nostradamus, it would appear, was likewise able to divine the dawning of this final era, unfortunately cached in quatrain form rather than in narrative. Daniel adhered to the narrative form with almost modern story-telling precision, a feat not matched in other ancient prophetic works and only accomplished in later years in Nostradamus' Epistle to King Henry II.

According to the eighth chapter of Daniel, where the king of Persia and the various kings of the Medes are allied and symbolised by a two-horned ram, the first stage of World War III begins at the Karun River near Iran’s western border with Iraq which flows into the Shatt al Arab.

Thus, the provocation appears to be Iran meddling in Iraq's civil war:


Daniel 8:1-8, 8:15-21 ~

The war of the ram and the goatIn the third year of the reign of king Belshazzar a vision appeared unto me, even unto Daniel, after that which appeared unto me at the first. And I saw in a vision; and it came to pass, when I saw it, that I was at Shushan [W. Iran, above Persian Gulf] in the palace, which is in the province of Elam [W. Iran]; and I saw in a vision, and I was by the river of Ulai. Then I lifted up mine eyes and saw, and, behold, there stood before the river a ram, which had two horns, and the two horns were high; but one was higher than the other, and the higher came last.

I saw the ram pushing westward, and northward, and southward; so that no beasts might stand before him, neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand; but he did according to his will, and became great.

And as I was considering, behold, an he goat came from the west, on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground [air and sea power]: and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes. And he came to the ram that had two horns, which I had seen standing before the river, and ran unto him in the fury of his power.

And I saw him come close unto the ram, and he was moved with choler against him, and smote the ram, and brake his two horns; and there was no power in the ram to stand before him, but he cast him down to the ground, and stamped upon him: and there was none that could deliver the ram out of his hand. Therefore the he goat waxed very great: and when he was strong the great horn was broken; and for it came four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven.


In Daniel, Chapter 12, Gabriel is likely the archangel speaking of the end of the world and the Antichrist: “At that time shall Michael rise up, the great prince, who standeth for the children of thy people.” This is apparently about the ultimate end of the world conflict, Armageddon, since the figure associated with Antiochus Ephiphanes and the beast of Revelation is dead or soon to die at the end of Chapter 11.

In Chapter 6, after Daniel had prayed for Israel, we read that "the man Gabriel . . . . flying swiftly touched me" and he communicated to him the mysterious prophecy of the "seventy weeks" of years which should elapse before the end of time.


Daniel 9:24-26 ~

Seventy weeks (70 x 7) are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy. Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times. And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.


69 of these weeks (or 69 weeks of years, 69 x 7 = 483 years) are held to have been completed with the seven year war and Roman seige of Jerusalem, the ending of the daily sacrifices, the destruction of the Temple, the occupation of Jerusalem by Rome under the Emperor Hadrian, and the cutting off of one called "messiah" at the end of the 69th week. Many have always thought this messiah was Jesus Christ (who died well before the destruction of the temple). History, however, tells us that this messiah was actually named Simon:


Roman Emperor Hadrian during the time of Simon Bar KochbaAgrippa was the one who made an agreement or covenant with the mighty, the Romans. They then laid seige against Jerusalem and a war started that was to last for seven years. During the midst of that seven the sacrifices ceased and the temple was burned to the ground. After the seven years war ended, for sixty-two years the Romans occupied Jerusalem. They made it into an army camp complete with “ditches” or latrines.

Near the end of the sixty-two weeks, a “messiah” came on the scene and began a rebellion of the Jews against the Romans. Rabbi Akiba called the man, Simon Bar Kochba, the “Son of the Star” and declared him to be the promised messiah. For three and one-half years they fought against the Romans making the Roman occupation miserable. But the Romans prevailed and defeated the rebels and the Jews suffered huge losses. Bar Kochba was cut off in the “middle of a week” of years and found hiding in a cave in En-Gedi with no one to help him. At the end of 69 of the 70 weeks, it was over. The people of the Jews were dispersed and forbidden to enter Jerusalem and were “encouraged” to flee the country. The sixth age ended as Enoch and Daniel saw in their visions and recorded for our day.

PROPHECY: Part 1, Sealed Prophecies Reveal Shocking End-time Events

We can now confirm that Simon Bar Kochba was the messiah that Gabriel revealed to Daniel in prophecy. This time the words of Gabriel regarding Simon and the end of the 69th week are to be found upon a stone tablet found amongst the Dead Sea scrolls. The text is named "Gabriel's Revelation" and has already stirred much debate among many of the world's religions, large and small.


Lines 19 through 21 of the tablet contain words, which translated read: "In three days you will know that evil will be defeated by justice." Line 80 of the tablet begins with the words "L'shloshet yamin," meaning "in three days," but then fades. Some scholars see the next word as illegible, but Israel Knohl, a professor of Bible studies at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, says the word is Hebrew for "live," followed by even more difficult-to-read words that he claims complete a command meaning, "In three days you shall live, I, Gabriel, command you."


Before continuing, I must point out that this is the first instance ever of an archangel commanding a human being to do anything. Until now, such words have only been read as coming from God or Jesus. Of course, Gabriel is called the Angel of Resurrection. Even so, for an archangel to have the power to boldly assert commands in scripture to mortals is in contradiction to the usual image we see of a being that often instructs men and women not to bow down before him or worship or heed him as a god.

To whom is the archangel issuing his command? The next line says "Sar hasarin," or prince of princes. Since the Book of Daniel, one of the primary sources for the Gabriel text, speaks of Gabriel and of "a prince of princes," Knohl contends that the stone's writings are about the death of a leader of the Jews who will be resurrected in three days.


Knohl told the Herald Tribune that he interprets the tablet to tell of a messianic figure named Simon, whose death was recorded by the Jewish historian Josephus. The tablet, Knohl contends, was likely written by Simon's followers and demonstrates that messianic followers even before Jesus looked to their leaders rising again, thus nullifying the frequent claim that Jesus' resurrection was a uniquely developed story."

... Knohl is one of several scholars who suggest Jesus may not have been unique in his claim to face suffering, death and resurrection, but that sources, like this tablet, suggest a common messianic story that New Testament writers may have merely been copying.

The stone tablet and its owner, David Jeselsohn

"This should shake our basic view of Christianity," Knohl told the Tribune. "Resurrection after three days becomes a motif developed before Jesus, which runs contrary to nearly all scholarship. What happens in the New Testament was adopted by Jesus and his followers based on an earlier messiah story."

... Moshe Bar-Asher, president of the Israeli Academy of Hebrew Language and emeritus professor of Hebrew and Aramaic at the Hebrew University, however, remains skeptical of Knohl's interpretation of the tablet. "There is one problem," he told the Tribune. "In crucial places of the text there is a lack of text. I understand Knohl's tendency to find there keys to the pre-Christian period, but in two to three crucial lines of the text there are a lot of missing words."


What Knohl fails to reveal to the public is that the identity of this Simon messiah has been well known for centuries. He is the already discussed Simon Bar Kochba, the “Son of the Star” who began a rebellion of the Jews against the Romans during the 62nd week of Daniel and was captured half-way through the 69th week. According to historians he and his followers were brutally butchered at the Battle of Betar on the ninth of Av in 135 AD. However, as the dating indicates, Simon was not a messiah whose death and resurrection preceded that of Christ as claimed by Knohl; he was actually a second messianic figure who died one hundred years after Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead. What is controversial here is that Gabriel predicted Simon would also be resurrected like Jesus and that he, Gabriel, would conduct the resurrection, not God.

For those who are curious, the ninth of Av falls on August 9 this year and on July 29 next year.

In any event, "Gabriel's Revelation" appears to contradict the historical view of Simon Bar Kochba's death. The stone prophecy claims that Gabriel resurrected Simon after he lie dead for three days. Historians admit that the actual details of Simon Bar Kochba's demise are not known with any certainty. In some accounts, he was captured by Hadrian, rather than falling in battle, and then crucified after being subjected to torture.

Ergo, "Gabriel's Revelation" introduces two new revolutionary ideas: 1) the concept of a resurrected second messiah named Simon had been established in prophecy long before the birth of the first messiah, Jesus and 2) Gabriel, like God and Christ, has the power to command and shape the destiny of human beings.

Thus ended the 69th week prophesied unto Daniel. Still one week of years remains to be fulfilled. Many scholars believe this will commence with the building of the third Jerusalem temple where now stands the mosque called the Dome of the Rock.

Interestingly enough, seven years from now (a week of years) may well come an end to time on September 28, 2015 during the Feast of Trumpets:


A minister who promotes the Old Testament roots of Christianity suggests a rare string of lunar and solar eclipses said to fall on God's annual holy days seven years from now could herald what's come to be known as the "Second Coming" of Jesus ...

Pastor Mark Biltz said he's been studying prophecies that focus on the sun and moon, even going back to the book of Genesis where it states the lights in the sky would be "be for signs, and for seasons." Biltz adds the word "seasons" implies appointed times for God's feasts and festivals ...

In the New Testament, Jesus is quoted as saying, "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light ... And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." (Matthew 24:29-30)

Thus, Biltz began focusing on the precise times of both solar and lunar eclipses, sometimes called "blood moons" since the moon often takes on a bloody color. He logged onto NASA's eclipse website which provides precision tracking of the celestial events.

Total lunar eclipses often make the moon appear blood redHe noted a rare phenomenon of four consecutive total lunar eclipses, known as a tetrad.

He says during this century, tetrads occur at least six times, but what's interesting is that the only string of four consecutive blood moons that coincide with God's holy days of Passover in the spring and the autumn's Feast of Tabernacles (also called Succoth) occurs between 2014 and 2015 on today's Gregorian calendar.

"The fact that it doesn't happen again in this century I think is very significant," Biltz explains. "So then I looked at last century, and, believe it or not, the last time that four blood red moons occurred together was in 1967 and 1968 tied to Jerusalem recaptured by Israel."

He then started to notice a pattern of the tetrads.

"What's significant to me is that even before 1967, the next time that you had four blood red moons again was right after Israel became a nation in '48, it happened again in 1949 and 1950 ... on Passover and Succoth. You didn't have any astronomical tetrads in the 1800s, the 1700s, the 1600s. In the 1500s, there were six, but none of those fell on Passover and Succoth."

When checking the schedule for solar eclipses, Biltz found two – one on the first day of the Hebrew year and the next on the high holy day of Rosh Hashanah, the first day of the seventh Hebrew month. Both of these take place in the 2014-2015 year.

Biltz says, "You have the religious year beginning with the total solar eclipse, two weeks later a total lunar eclipse on Passover, and then the civil year beginning with the solar eclipse followed two weeks later by another total blood red moon on the Feast of Succoth all in 2015."

Biltz was also asked about the famous statement in Matthew 24:36 when Jesus was discussing the signs of His "coming, and of the end of the world": "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only." (Matthew 24:36)

He responded by referring to the annual Feast of Trumpets holiday, saying Israelites never knew the precise moment it began, "because it was based on the sighting of the new moon."

"When He (Jesus) says you won't know the day or the hour, He's telling you it's the Feast of Trumpets because that was known as the feast where no one knew the day or the hour that it would begin," said Biltz.


A man blows a shofar trumpet at sunsetIf true, a final seven-year period may begin this year on the Festival of Trumpets that shall be celebrated by the sounding of shofar trumpets (Gabriel's instrument) worldwide on September 29, 2008. Halfway through this period the beast of Revelation will come to power along with his false prophet. This would occur sometime in March 2012. Sometime around September 28, 2015 would then come the Battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ, bringing an end to the 70th week of Daniel.

Aside from the Old Testament Book of Daniel, Gabriel also appears in the New Testament where he foretells to Zachary the birth of the Precursor (John the Baptist). Later, unto Mary, Gabriel foretells that she shall give birth to the Saviour (Jesus Christ).

In occult literature, Gabriel is associated with the Moon. It is not at all inconsistent that Johannes Trithemius would associate Gabriel the Angel of the Moon with the Deluge of Noah since the moon does indeed exert influence over the tides of the seas and oceans.

The feminine aspects of Gabriel (or Gabrielle) become personified as Artemis and Diana, the Greek and Roman goddesses of the moon. In Celtic lore she is the White Goddess, the terrible and beautiful moon goddess who is the Muse who inspires all Poets.

Gabriel, in Hebrew, means 'God is my strength.' Gabriel is the Angel of annunciation, resurrection, mercy, vengeance, death and revelation. In Jewish legend it was Gabriel who dealt death and destruction to Sodom and Gommorah and the other cities of the plain. In the Talmud Gabriel is said to be the destroyer of the hosts of Sennacherib. The destruction as described can only be compared in modern times with that which can be caused by hydrogen bombs. Gabriel is also credited with delivering the three children from the fiery furnace where they were to be sacrificed.

In closing, here is another thought: it was likely Gabriel and not some demonic spirit in Quatrain 1.2 who was the "divine" one seated nearby the "king of anno domini prophets," Nostradamus, as he received his nightly visions of the future.


Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.2 ~

The wand in hand is placed in the middle of the Branches, then inking a wave he anoints the hem and foot:
Fear. A voice trembles through his long sleeves: Divine splendour. The divine one sits nearby."


Yes. Even Daniel fell afraid at the feet of the great archangel Gabriel (as the Bible indeed tells us). We can expect no less from Nostradamus, inking the hem and foot of each letter he writes with his goose's quill (wand) held tightly in his fingers (branches). He too dreaded the angelic countenence upon first observing it at the beginning of his own long journey into future time...




By Michael McClellan


Hillary-Obama debate


February 22, 2008 (3:20 AM EST): There is certainly plenty happening in the world to-day worth discussing in the light of prophecy and base 7 prediction. There has been a considerable amount of seismic activity in the area of California and coastal Mexico of late. A recent swarm of quakes is the largest in the region since 2006. The missile targeting of a US spy satellite still has not rained down its debris on earth and will not for another 24 hours, nor is the status of its toxic fuel known absolutely. Russia's reaction to this has been to cynically call it a test of the US antiballistic missile system and the first effort by America to use its missile defence system offensively against Moscow. Meantime, the largest and brightest fireball since the great meteor of August 1972 blazed through the skies of the American northwest three nights ago and crashed.

The violence in Serbia in the aftermath of Kosovo declaring independence is yet another concern. I dreamt of this turmoil in Belgrade by the way and the charred body discovered last night, but never posted the dream because it was so crazy in manner and therefore shall not discuss it at this time. Putin's warning to the West and the United States that support for Kosovar independence might result in a major Balkans war is troubling since, in retaliation, Russian military intervention in Georgian enclaves Abkhazia and Ossetia, is being planned. Russians anticipate this will in turn provoke a US-Russian war in the region. Russian accusations that Bush is planning an attack in Iran and Syria whilst he and many high-ranking government officials are out of the country have also been voiced, to be followed by attacks on China and Russia. Meantime, of course, there is always the faltering world economy to cause many of us deep concern.

Nevertheless, it is the US Presidential Elections and the ongoing campaigns that must now demand our attention.

Will Hillary or Obama become the democratic party's candidate ... and does it really matter? I thought I would begin here because, if either of two important prophecies are correct, the outcome of either's administation may be exactly the same. Also, there is the question raised by the base 7 system of whether either will be allowed to run for office.

But first the prophecy of the candidates.


William Branham (1933) --

There arose up in America a most beautiful, but cruel woman. She held the people in her complete power. I believed that this was the rise of the Roman Catholic Church, though I knew it could possibly be a vision of some woman rising in great power in America due to a popular vote by women.

I heard a most terrible explosion. As I turned to look I saw nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over the land of America.

Kenyan Prophet Johanwa Owalo (1912) --

So far have they [the United States] strayed into wickedness in those future times that their destruction has been sealed by my father. Their great cities will burn, their crops and cattle will suffer disease and death, their children will perish from diseases never seen upon this Earth, and I reveal to you the greatest mystery of all as I have been allowed to see that their [the United States] destruction will come about through the vengeful hands of one of our very own sons.

Senator Barack Obama, a man with ‘messianic’ appeal to masses of American people, was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii to Barack Obama, Sr. (born in Nyanza Province, Kenya, of Luo ethnicity).

This begs the question, I suppose, as to whether the two rival senators will become running mates. If so, then both prophecies will be fulfilled. Either way, it would appear Amerika is doomed.

Then again, will either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama become the next president of the United States?

From a base 7 perspective, the current election campaign in the United States should be aligned exactly with 1980 (4 x 7 or 28 years ago). However, unlike 1980, the US is bogged down in a military quagmire the likes of which it has not seen since the Vietnam War. Thus, the only election in the last 70 years that even comes close to matching this one is the 1968 election. The time the US has been in Iraq is even exactly the same now under George W. Bush in 2008 as it was under Lyndon Banes Johnson in 1968.

However, from a base 7 perspective, 1968 will not repeat again until 2010: two years from now.

Even so, there are eerie parallels.

Bush is a lame duck who can not run again. Johnson was not a lame duck, but stated he would not seek re-election (after the huge defeat of US troops during the Tet Offensive). Bush is former Governor of Texas. Johnson was former Texas Senator and Congressman (the last important Texan politician to become president, in fact, until Bush).

Barack Obama is a charismatic black leader running for US president. No; he is not a black, charismatic, civil rights leader (who was not running for president) like Martin Luther King, but that's a minor difference here. The fact is, in the 1968-like atmosphere of this election, Obama will do as a psychological Martin Luther King.

King was assassinated in April 1968. Base 7 vector for that does not come up until April 2010. Still, this election year is so much like 1968, will it matter? Is April 2008 a time of danger for Obama?

And then there is Hillary Clinton. And this is something I have been warning about on this site since May 1999 when I projected that she would run for the New York State Senate in 2000 and win. I also projected that she would run for president in either 2004 or 2008. I also have said that she risks being assassinated. Why?

The last person to be Senator of New York State and run for president was Robert F. Kennedy ... in 1968. Hillary has, in the past, been compared with Bobby Kennedy. She has had the continual support and friendship of Bobby Kennedy's son, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Like RFK, she is related to the previous president (in her case related through marriage to Bill Clinton, in RFK's case, related to John F Kennedy by blood).

Hillary's time of danger should be June 2010, according to base 7 (although other base 7 influences from other people place her in danger twice in 2009 if there is an economic collapse and a world war). Again, though, this campaign year best matches 1968... so, the fact that she is like Bobby Kennedy places her in potential danger in June 2008.

That's right: both Obama and Hillary could end up in danger of being topped up by some nutter this year.

The parallels do not end there. An actual name from the 1968 election has also remerged: we now have a Romney running for president again... havent heard that name since 1968.

Off in the sidelines, out of view and out of notice at this time, but not without honours and much worldwide acclaim, is the man who lost the 2000 election to Bush by such a narrow margin: Al Gore. In 1968, off in the sidelines and out of view, was the man who lost the 1960 election by a narrow margin: Richard Nixon. No one seriously thought Nixon would run for, let alone win, the White House in 1968. But the assassination of RFK changed all that.

Likewise, no one at this time seriously believes Al Gore will ever run for office this year, let alone win. But what happens if Hillary and Obama are no longer?

Will there be a new "Tet Offensive" in Iraq in February or March? If there is, expect a loss of life such as we have never seen yet in that country and a setback so major for US troops that 4 or 5 more years in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East can virtually be guaranteed. The trouble is this is a different world than in 1968: a war spreading from Iraq to Iran, Syria, and other nations between 2008 and 2011 will have a much different and deadlier outcome for the world than when war in Vietnam spread to Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand between 1968 and 1971.


Clinton explains RFK assassination reference - May 23, 2008.
Hillary Raises Assassination Issue -- Defends Long-Running Campaign - May 23, 2008.



Female Celebrity in Prediction and Prophecy
By Michael McClellan

March 9, 2007 (12:48 AM EST): Of late I have been attacked by some viewers for paying too much attention to female celebrity predictions. This has particularly been the case with the death of Anna Nicole Smith and how it fits in with a prediction I made concerning the tragic death of a model/actress happening by September 2007, as well as the remote possibility that she may have been the "blonde supreme" of Quatrain 1.39 (we won't know if this is true until the medical examiner finally provides a cause of death, reportedly a week from yesterday).

All prophecy is inter-related and the outcome of some predictions can have unimaginable consequences for everyone. Does anyone now doubt that Madonna could one day become the personification of the Whore of Babylon in light of recent remarks she made about wanting to be worshipped as another Jesus or Gandhi? On the other hand, the pathetic breakdown and attempted suicide of Britney Jean Spears (who I have been warning is in danger of self-destruction since November 2002) reveals just how common are our human fears and disillusionments. One can only feel pity for her and hope she escapes the diabolical influences that are pursuing her.

Yes, diabolical. For it is evil itself that stalks these women. Call this evil the devil if you like.

Anton LaVey and Jayne Mansfield:  Jayne Mansfield drinks from the chalice of SatanThe age of the first modern false prophet, Aleister Crowley (who called himself the beast), has been with us for nearly a century. Crowley began as a good man, a great thinker, and a seeker of truth but ended utterly obsessed with the occult. His law, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" ("Do your own thing"), facilitated the climate of innocently disguised occultism that has produced nearly every significant scandal from Hollywood to Paris and other celebrity havens where some famous or aspiring actress, singer or dancer has ended up dead or driven insane (like the 1920s Fatty Arbuckle rape scandal and the persecution and resulting mental breakdown of 1930s actress Frances Farmer). It is believed aspiring actress Elizabeth Short (the "Black Dahlia"), the inspiration for the recent Brian De Palma film of the same name, fell victim to Satanists in 1947. In the 1960s there were no pop religions like Kabbalah or Scientology, but there was Eastern mysticism and there was always Anton LaVey and his "pop" version of the Church of Satan.

Not surprisingly, two of his most famous followers ended up injured or dead in horrific car crashes. Singer and "Rat Pack" member Sammy Davis Jr. was first, losing his eye in a frightening automobile mishap. Next came blonde actress Jayne Mansfield, LaVey's favourite. Depending on what source you believe Mansfield was either brained (scalped, only much worse) or decapitated in a car crash.

Is it any surprise that poor, Kabbalah-crazed Britney Spears, unable to face her own personal demons following the breakup of her marriage, has shaved her head, written occult symbols on her hands and 666 upon her bald head, proclaimed herself the Antichrist, and then attempted to end it all with a ritual hanging? I knew the moment she shaved her head that she was preparing herself as a sacrifice. I pray that the worst is finally over for her and I hope all of you wish her well too.

It is too late for Anna Nicole Smith. Depending on what the medical examiner says, we will know if she too, perhaps along with her son Daniel, was also a sacrifice.

Why do female celebrities make the best targets for all that is evil in the world? Because, unlike their male counterparts, they have the global spotlight on them all the time. In this day and age they have become the role models for females everywhere, and, when sex is taken out of the equation, they become potential role models for everyone, male and female (as was the case with Princess Diana, a blonde, Mother Theresa, and former political and glamorous heads-of-state like Benazir Bhutto, Sonia Gandhi, and Tansu Ciller, another blonde). In two months time it is possible the very attractive, sexy, and charismatic woman, Segolene Royal, will be the new president of France and in less than two years a similar situation may happen in the United States.

Whilst most serious prophecy seems to be about men, especially male leaders, and the fates of nations, we ignore the females of prophecy at our own peril. There are many views on what the Whore of Babylon is, the most prevelant view being that it is somehow tied to the Catholic Church and a future pope. However, the mention of the mystery religions (Kabbalah is a mystery religion) and gross carnal and immoral excesses that typifies this "woman" makes it clear that this is a pagan religion and a culture of hedonism that will one day prevail throughout the entire world. How can anyone doubt the possibility that this immoral system will become personified by an actual person? And, considering her lofty ambition to be worshipped as Jesus or Gandhi, her self-crucifixion antics, and search to buy real estate in Greek islands where Hera and Artemis were revered as goddesses alongside Sappho, the Black Madonna and Mary, why couldn't this person be pop icon Madonna?

Aside from the Book of Revelation, the prophets St. Hildegard and Maria Calvat had much to say about the condition of female celebrity. In their view, it will be a future female celebrity, demanding to be worshipped as a saint or goddess, who shall give birth to none other than the Anti-Christ!



OmenOmen 2

In many ways their work surpasses the horrific imaginations of this most successful of diabolic films concerning the Anti-Christ as a child and then as an adolescent. Their complete Anti-Christ prophecies are much too long to post here, but what does appear should make one think of certain recent events in desert countries like Namibia and Malawi and how they could play out again in the future. It is amazing and frightening that both women foresaw almost identical events concerning the birth of Anti-Christ and his infamous mother, upbringing, including his time in military school, the realisation of his powers at age 12, and that he would have brothers similar to him, and powerful also. Calvat wrote in an almost gothic style, sparing nothing of the romantic language that frames the horrible and the terrifying.

Angelina Jolie has established the trend of
female celebrities having babies in desert
countries. Who shall be next? And after?

An unchaste woman will conceive an unchaste son. The wicked serpent who deceived Adam will influence this child in such as way that nothing good or virtuous will enter him; nor under the circumstances will it even be possible for any good to be in him.

The mark (of Antichrist) will be a hellish symbol of Baptism, because thereby a person will be stamped as an adherent of Antichrist and also of the Devil in that he thereby gives himself over to the influence of Satan. Whoever will not have this mark of Antichrist can neither buy nor sell anything and will be beheaded.

The Son of Corruption and Ruin will appear and reign for only a short time, towards the end of the days of the world's duration; the period which corresponds to the moment when the sun has disappeared beyond the horizon; that is to say he shall come at the last days of the world. He will not be Satan himself, but a human being equalling and resembling him in atrocious hideousness.

His mother, a depraved woman possessed by the devil, will live as a prostitute in the desert. She will declare that she is ignorant as to the identity of his father, and will maintain that her son was presented to her by God in a supernatural manner, as was the Child of the Blessed Virgin. She will then be venerated as a saint by deceived people.

Antichrist will come from a land that lies between two seas, and will practise his tyranny in the East. After his birth false teachers and doctrines will appear, followed by wars, famines, and pestilence. His mother will seldom let any one see him, and yet by magic art, she will manage to gain the love of the people for him.

He will be raised at different secret places and will be kept in seclusion until full grown. When he has grown to full manhood he will publicly announce a hostile doctrine on religion. He will lure and attract the people to himself by granting them complete exemption from the observance of all divine and ecclesiastical commandments, by forgiving them their sins and requiring of them only their belief in his divinity.

He will spurn and reject baptism and the gospel. He will open his mouth to preach contradiction. He will say, `Jesus of Nazareth is not the son of God, only a deceiver who gave himself out as God; and the Church instituted by him is only superstition'. The true Christ has come in his person. He will say, `I am the Saviour of the world'. Especially will he try to convince the Jews that he is the Messiah sent by God, and the Jews will accept him as such.

She will be worshipped as a saintAfter having passed a licentious youth among very perverted men and in a desert, she being conducted by a demon disguised as an angel of light, the mother of the son of perdition will conceive and give birth without knowing the father. In another land, she will make men believe that her birth was some miraculous thing, seeing that she had not appointed a spouse, and she will ignore that, she will say, how the infant she had brought into the world had been formed in her womb, and the people will regard it as a saint and qualified to the title.

The son of perdition is this very wicked beast who will put to death those who refuse to believe in him; who will associate with kings, priests, the great and the rich; who will mistake the humility and will esteem pride; who will finally subjugate the entire universe by his diabolic means.

The Man of Sin will be born of an ungodly woman who, from her infancy, will have been initiated into occult sciences and the wiles of the demon. She will live in the desert with perverse men, and abandon herself to crime with so much the greater ardor, as she will think she is authorized thereby to by the revelations of an angel. And thus, in the fire of burning concupiscence she will conceive the Son of Perdition, without knowing by what father. Then she will teach that fornication is permitted, declaring herself holy and honoured as a saint.

But Lucifer, the old and cunning serpent, will find the fruit of her womb with his infernal spirit and entirely possess the fruit of sin. Nothing good will enter into him nor be able to be in him. For he will be nourished in diverse and secret places, lest he should be known by men, and he will be imbued with all diabolical arts, and he will be hidden until he is of full age, nor will he show the perversities which will be in him, until he knows himself to be full and superabundant in all iniquities.

As soon as he is born, he will have teeth and pronounce blasphemies; in short, he will be a born devil. He will emit fearful cries, work miracles, and wallow in luxury and vice. He will have brothers who are also demons incarnate, and at the age of twelve, they will distinguish themselves in brilliant achievements. They will command an armed force, which will be supported by the infernal legions.

Time of eerie red lightThus the time will be reached in which the Antichrist will be born of a Jewish nun, a false virgin who will have intimate relations with the ancient serpent, the master of luxury. His father will be a bishop. As soon as he is born he will have teeth and pronounce blasphemies; in a word he will be a born devil. He will emit fearful cries, work miracles and wallow in luxury and impurity. He will have brothers who are demons incarnate as he will be, but sons of evil, and at the age of twelve years they will distinguish themselves in brilliant victories. Almost all of them will be the head of an armed force, supported by the infernal legions.

The seasons will change their characteristics, the Earth will be lit with a fiendish red light; the water and the fire will cause terrible seismic movements which will engulf mountains and cities.

Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist. The demons allied to Antichrist will operate on Earth and in the sky and Humanity will become worse. But God will not give up his truly faithful servants who are men of good will. The Gospel will be preached everywhere to all the people and the nations will know the truth.

Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth. There will be sanquinary war, hunger, pestilence and epidemics, terrible rains of insects, thunder which will shake entire cities, earthquakes which will make entire regions uninhabitable. Voices will be heard in the air, and men will strike their heads against the wall, wishing for death, but this will bring them, for their part, terrible torture. Blood will flow everywhere. Who could ever report victory unless God shortened the time of trial?




By Michael McClellan



August 29, 2006 (3:06 AM EDT) - In a recent letter to Naira, I tried to explain that Arabs have just as much to fear from Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad as do Israelis. I said that he considers the Persian race to be a sort of Iranian Aryan master race, just as Hitler exalted all things Germanic. In such a world, in such an empire, the majority Sunni Arabs would be treated like slaves. Here is an excerpt of what I said:


With Ahmadinejad in power there will never be peace because he incites everyone to go to war with Israel and the US and worse, to destroy Israel. Even when the US leaves Iraq, there will always be Israel that he will incite everyone against. Hezbollah is just the middle man: Ahmadinejad is the real architect of this war we are now witnessing. It doesn't excuse Israel's actions: they have over-reacted and killed many innocents in the process. They have innocent blood dripping from their hands. But don't doubt for a moment that Ahmadinejad did not calculate this would happen. He expected it to happen. And he doesn't care about Lebanese lives anymore than he does Israeli lives. As far as he is concerned his Persian Aryan race is superior to the Arab Nation. He would use Arabs as his slaves as Hitler did the Poles, Czechs, and Hungarians.

No kidding, Naira. The man in Iran is your worst nightmare. Don't applaud him. He wants all of the Middle East in the end, including Egypt. I really feel sorry for the Iranian people, especially the youth who have so much promise, because he is brainwashing them. You mentioned past discussions, and you know I pinpointed Iran as the dangerous nation five years ago, but there was no person there yet to worry about. I said he had not yet come, but he is there NOW.


I have since come across a brilliant article which I think everyone should read. If you ever doubted that the bearded man in Teheran is the monster known as the Third Antichrist, the despotic Persian warlord Daniel warned would declare war on all the nations west of Iran, not only in the Middle East but even to the furthest western reaches of Europe, a true Hitler alive again in the Middle East, please read this. THIS MAN MUST BE STOPPED BY SOMEONE.

Arabs and Palestinians, he will enslave you, exile you right along with Israelis. Turkey, do not trust your seeming alliance with Iran just because they also shell your enemies the PKK. I have long warned that you shall be forced to fight a bloody and losing war against Iran. I saw it twelve years ago before my eyes in dreams. In that place, it has already happened! Checkmate this dictator now with Nato's help and with the help of the Arab community. Russia, stop being his ally, he will turn against you in the end, double cross you and put your nation into chaos, revolution, and civil war, allowing suicidal renegades to plunge you into a nuclear war with America. What is left of you, China and Central Asia will take. Stop World War III now before it is too late!


Stop Iran's Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq

by Scott Sullivan
Associated Press

August 28, 2006 11:41 AM EST

Indications are that Ahmadi-Nejad is planning three massive campaigns of border adjustments and ethnic cleansing on a scale that will make Slobodan Milosevic look like a petty thief. Ahmadi-Nejad’s threats against Israel represent only the tip of the iceberg of his plan to create a new “National Socialist” Middle East. In most danger following Israel are Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf states, Lebanon, and Azerbaijan. First, Iran will drive all the Sunnis from Iraq, and use Iraq to consolidate Iranian control of Lebanon, Syria, and the Persian Gulf. To do this, Iran will alter Iraq’s borders and will probably annex outright eastern Iraq including the Basra region that contains 60% of Iraq’s proven oil reserves.

In order to partition Iraq, Iran will also encourage Iraqi Kurds, with whom Tehran already has a political agreement aimed at disenfranchising the Sunnis, to drive all the Sunnis from Mosul and Kirkuk. The Kurds would then proclaim an independent Kurdistan, with Kirkuk as its capital. Kirkuk contains Iraq’s largest oil reserves, following Basra. Thus, the Sunnis would be deprived of all substantial income from oil revenue.

Iran’s ethnic cleansing in Iraq would have catastrophic consequences for the region. For one thing, Iran then would be in a strong position after challenging Iraq’s borders to challenge Saudi Arabia’s borders. Specifically, Iran/Iraq would then stir up irredentist sentiment among Saudi Arabia’s large Shia community abutting Iraq, which contains the bulk of Saudi oil reserves. Iran could make a power grab for this territory, which would touch off another round of ethnic cleansing as the Iraqi-Saudi border is adjusted.

For another ethnic cleansing opportunity, Iran could spur Shia militancy in the Persian Gulf states like Bahrain. As these states fall into Iran’s orbit, massive refugee flows of Arabs could ensue.

Israel, Palestine and Lebanon.

Second, Iran will drive all the Jews from Israel, along with the secular and Christian Palestinians, from "Palestine." Ahmadi-Nejad already openly boasts of “wiping Israel from the map.” His pro-Shia ethnic cleansing for Iraq, Israel and Palestine would put severe pressure on the Shia in Lebanon, now under Iran/Hezbollah control, to follow suit with their own copycat ethnic cleansing campaign.

Iran, Azerbaijan and Central Asia.

Third, Iran will then turn on its domestic Azeri community -- some 30 million strong and increasingly pro-Turkey. Iran's Azeris want no part of an Iranian empire in the region, which at some point entails Iranian confrontation with Turkey and Azerbaijan. Iran is already an ally of Armenia, much to the discomfort of Turkey and Azerbaijan who are locked in a bitter dispute with Armenia over the future of Nagarno-Karabakh. Iran’s Azeris identify more with Turkey and Azerbaijan than with Tehran.

In this final round of ethnic cleansing, Iran will send large numbers of Azeris to Turkey and Azerbaijan to remove a potential threat to the stability of Iran's theocratic regime. In a recent provocation, a leading official Iranian newspaper printed a cartoon depicting Iran's Azeris to Turkic-speaking cockroaches, a provocation that led to days of rioting and several deaths in Iran. Remember, whatever Ahmadinejad does to the Sunnis, Jews, and non-Islamist Palestinians, he will do to the Azeris. To put it another way, if Ahmadinejad chooses to pursue ethnic racist national socialist policies abroad, beginning in Iraq, he will do so at home as well. Of course Ahmadi-Nejad’s entire ethnic cleansing plan is insane. So was Hitler's plan, but he went ahead anyway.



By Michael McClellan


"He mumbles a prayer and it ends with a smile
The order is given
They move down the line
But he'll stay behind and he'll meditate
But it won't stop the bleeding or ease the hate.

As the young men move out into the battle zone
He feels good, with God you're never alone
He feels tired and he lays on his bed
Hopes the men will find courage in the words that he said.

Sky pilot ..... sky Pilot
How high can you fly?
You'll never, never, never reach the sky!

You're soldiers of God you must understand
The fate of your country is in your young hands
May God give you strength
Do your job real well
If it all was worth it
Only time it will tell ..."

--- excerpt from Sky Pilot by Eric Burdon & The Animals, 1968


July 28, 2006 (2:00 AM EDT)

I thought it appropriate to begin with this excerpt from Eric Burdon's classic anti-war hit from 1968, because it really hits home to where we are today: in Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan ...

If you believe that God has a side in this global war that is developing, you will soon find you are truly disillusioned. For thousands of years, mankind has fought hundreds of wars, each side believing that his had "God on their side." This is especially true about the confrontation today that is being represented as a war between Judeo-Christians and Muslims, with psychopaths on both sides calling each other "infidel" and "satan," declaring God will grant his side victory against the "godless" adversaries.

I don't care if you are a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu, a Bhuddist, a pagan, an athiest, or any other type of believer or non-believer. God is NOT on your side! This global war, if it is allowed to materialise, is going to be very special because God will despise the winners and the losers equally, and He will demonstrate His Wrath to everyone on this planet.

Every war has a technical "winner": however, there shall be none who can claim a moral victory in this war. All shall be condemned.

As everyone whips themselves into an apocalyptic frenzy, preparing for "the Rapture" or the Second Coming or some other messianic intervention to save them, I am here to WARN YOU ALL: THERE SHALL BE NO SALVATION FOR THEE! God has had enough!

I do not mean to suggest that none in this world are saved or beyond His grace. But none among us are beyond punishment, for we err grievously when we think to wage a war and call it righteous in His name.

Also, I do not presume to speak for God, but I am inspired by Scripture to say what must be said.

He has had enough of those who destroy this planet, who hurt the earth and destroy the wildlife for its resources, and those also who destroy the earth and murder millions of children through warfare. By declaring war against Nature and war against Man, Mankind has declared war against God Himself!

So do not be surprised that you and I shall surely die and not see any mercy or last minute intervention. Hide in the holes and caves like the foxes and rabbits when a storm approaches, that is my advise.

For as Nation rises against Nation and plunders the planet, God shall chastise all. And this chastisement has been warned of by St John in his book of Revelation:


Revelation 6:12-17 ---

I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood.

And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind. Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up and every mountain and island was moved out of its place.

And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, and said to the mountains and rocks,

'Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?'



from The Kolbrin, Chapter 4: The Affliction of God ---

Then came the day when all things became still and apprehensive, for God caused a sign to appear in the Heavens, so that men should know the Earth would be afflicted, and the sign was a strange star.

The star grew and waxed to a great brightness and was awesome to behold. It put forth horns and sang, being unlike any other ever seen. So men, seeing it, said among themselves, 'Surely, this is God appearing in the Heavens above us'. The star was not God, though it was directed by His design, but the people had not the wisdom to understand.

Then God manifested Himself in the Heavens. His voice was as the roll of thunders and He was clothed with smoke and fire. He carried lightings in His hand and His breath, falling upon the Earth, brought forth brimstone and embers. His eye was a black void and His mouth an abyss containing the winds of Destruction. He encircled the whole of the Heavens, bearing upon His back a black robe adorned with stars.

Such was the likeness and manifestation of God in those days. Awesome was His countenance, terrible His voice of wrath, the sun and moon hid themselves in fear and there was a heavy darkness over the face of the Earth.


Yes, it is nothing less than the great day of God's wrath and His face that the sinners of this world shall see (and all of us, even the saved, have sinned most grievously).

It took the confused dream of a young woman to help me realise, not only my growing belief that Revelation 6 and "Planet X" are intimately related, but that for one day, the day appointed by God for all to see, His day of wrath, it will be His face we shall see instead of the swirling, coiling flames. The great day of His wrath shall come in a worldwide chastisement of earthquake, storm, deluge, and fire. Even the captains on the battlefield shall swoon with fear at the coming of this day when God shall rebuke the true enemy: War itself and those who hurt the planet.

Is such a thing a possible?

Comets in the ancient past have been known to take on forms such as serpents or wolves. The scientific explanation for this phenomenon (if there is one) is that it is the outer gases being distorted by the earth's gravitational pull. So, perhaps in this case, it will be likewise ... a molding and shaping of the fiery Planet X into a visage we shall all recognise!

Understand this is not Armageddon, the Final Judgment, or in any manner the ultimate ending of Revelation. It is a special day set aside for mankind to be punished for what he has done to the earth through war and peace and for sinning so very greatly! It is a day of wrath ... and a day of correction. Many things still must follow in its wake, events that may take many years. But the day of His wrath, the opening of the sixth seal (or Planet X appearing to the world as the face of God during the height of global war and global cataclysm, if you will), is as much a sign that the end times have begun as it is a day of punishment and redemption.



What do Nostradamus and St. Malachy's Prophecies say about Him?

By John Hogue


Pope Benedict XVI


31 May 2005


Now that we have a new pope it is time to refresh interpretations of Nostradamus' prophecy listed in my previous article "The Next Pope" (

The prophecy in question is Century 5 Quatrain 49 from the 16th century seer's work "Les Propheties." It reads:


Cardinals gather at the Vatican to elect a new popeNul de l'Espaigne mais de l'antique France,
Ne sera esleu pour le tremblant nacelle,
A l'ennemy sera faicte fiance,
Qui dans son regne sera peste cruelle.

Not from Spain but from ancient France,
Will be elected for the trembling ship [the bark of Peter],
He will make a promise to the enemy,
Who will cause great plague during his reign.


The Papal Conclave elected the late--and some would say "great"--John Paul II's grand inquisitor of orthodox Catholic dogma, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, on 19 April 2005 in a fourth ballot landslide. Either the Holy Spirit or shrewd political maneuvering worked to isolate progressive cardinals from picking their aged candidate for a caretaker pope--Cardinal Martini. Instead the pope who would oversee the pause before the next course taken for the Church will be the staunch conservative Prelate of the Congregation of the Doctrine and the Faith. He is the man who for the past 23 years was unaffectionately known by dissenting priests as "Cardinal Panzer" or John Paul's "rottweiler" enforcer of strict doctrine. The message of the Conclave vote is clear. A shaky Holy See, has a new fisherman who with unwavering hand they expect will keep the Catholic fold on a straight and narrow dogmatic course as per the late pontiff's prayers. Metaphorically speaking, this 265th successor to St. Peter, may be a fisher of converts that throws back a majority of the errant catch if they protest too much about his tightening grip on the net. More on that later.

How does a German cardinal come "from Ancient France"?

Cardinal Joseph RatzingerWith more prescient persuasion than one might think. It all depends on whether Nostradamus intended us to take the cryptic statement in line 1 of the prophecy above as minimally specific or broad. For decades I advanced one interpretation that line 1 targeted John Paul II, who was born in Southwest Poland, which happened to be part of the frontiers of French King Charlemagne's sprawling and ancient Frankish empire.

In my previous article I introduced a new and minimalist variant, posing that the quatrain could be about John Paul's successor. He might be a cardinal coming from the most smallest political boundary generally accepted as the first and most ancient "French" kingdom: the region surrounding Paris. Thus Nostradamus' habit of juxtaposing ancient places for the advent of modern people has the cardinal's priestly "habit" be that of an Archbishop of Paris, like Cardinal Lustiger--long shot though I believed he would be.

As it turned out, Lustiger was not more than a ballot pusher in the Conclave. And, as I said over seven years earlier in my book "The Last Pope," Cardinal Martini did turn out to be the best chance for the progressives to take St. Peter's chair from another conservative candidate.

Martini was the only liberal to make a real run against Cardinal Ratzinger at grabbing one of the holiest of brass rings in Christendom--St. Peter's ring. Nevertheless it went to a Teutonic cardinal born 78 years before in Marktl Am Inn, near Traunstein, Germany.

Looking at this development in hindsight, you cannot get more "Ancient France" than that. Here's why. As many of you have reminded me, the new pope's birthplace is in the heart of what once was Charlemagne's ancient Frankish Empire. The Franks are a Germanic tribe. Their homeland ran along the west bank of the Rhine River, which is just a short distance west from Ratzinger's birthplace in eastern Bavaria. Even before Charlemagne's stretched his empire to the frontiers of southwestern Poland, Bavaria was a Frankish kingdom ruled by Frankish kings in Paris from as early as the mid 6th century, starting with Clotaire I. Later, Ratzinger's homeland became again a part of a unified "ancient" French Empire under the heir of Clotaire II, Dagobert I, in the year 629. For two more centuries Bavaria slipped in and out of French domination until Charlemagne in 787 incorporated Ratzinger's homeland into his Carlolingian Empire for a longer time.

Not from Spain but from ancient France....

...comes a pope, cassocked and capped in one of Nostradamus' ways to miter his point across time to us, with a classical reference to geography.

Line 2 says this pope...

...Will be elected for the trembling ship [the bark of Peter]...

Cardinal Ratzinger appears with a "trembling" Pope John Paul II during a MassHere we have the double entendre describing the previous pope's enfeeblement from Parkinson's disease, plus an allusion to the enfeebled Church Ratzinger inherits. The new pope must shore up a shaking Church suffering pederast sexual scandals, a decimation by old age of the priesthood and a wholesale abandonment of European and American Catholics. Some might add that the exodus is a direct result of a rigid dogma defended and policed by John Paul's theological "rottweiler" and successor for over two decades. Ratzinger as the new Benedict XVI also inherits a priestly hierarchy that lost collegial freedom under the autocratic Polish "Papa." Many Cardinals believe--whether they lean to the left or right of late pope's interpretation of theology--that John Paul's dictatorial reign was a detriment to the church and had planted seeds for a future crisis.

What then might Nostradamus hint Pope Benedict will do? Line 3 says:

...He will make a promise to the enemy...

If we regard recent developments against the record of the man who is now the new pope, the "enemy" is not outside of the Church but within. The enemy is what Raztinger, the once and perhaps future inquisitor of the faith, decried as the "dictatorship of relativism." In layman's--or the laity's--terms, that means those Catholic priests or lay followers who pick and choose those parts of Catholic teaching and dogma that satisfy their temperament. The enemy of this new pope, is a progressive or liberal interpretation of Vatican II reforms. Thus the "promise" made to such an enemy could be the one Ratzinger delivered while fresh in his new white cassock and cap of Benedict XVI. He promised to be a more collegial and tolerant pope than his predecessor. If this interpretation is correct, I would expect Pope Benedict will be as much a uniter of his flock, as the American President, G. W. Bush was a uniter for his. Look for Benedict to divide his church between "blue" and "red" (progressive and conservative) Catholics, especially in North America and Europe during his relatively short reign.

The last line of the prophecy says that this pope makes a promise to an enemy...

...Who will cause great plague during his reign.

If we take this line into the light of the present new pontificacy, the great plague could be a schism in the Church. Moreover, it could stand for some promise made for ecumenism by Benedict XVI towards the Islamic world that falters when the war on terror widens. The pestilence might even include a man-made "plague" coming from weapons of mass destruction, either unleashed by the US or by her enemies in the war on terror. Indeed Nostradamus often returns to the theme of Rome's destruction by such weapons, as do other famous Catholic seers of the past millennium.

Then again, the "plague" may be a coming pandemic in Ratiznger's rule as pope. He is one of the oldest pontiffs to ever ascend St. Peter's throne. Even if his pontificacy was short, there are disturbing indications that the next pandemic may be with us within a year. The CDC (The Center for Disease and Control) caution that a spread of Chinese bird flu is imminent. Could this be the "great plague during his reign"?

The syntax leans more to a plague of commission by the hands of an enemy against the Church rather than a mishandling of sick chickens. Still, the view of our world from so many centuries back might be vague enough for a seer from the 1550s to mix and misread the signs.

(From the Glory of the Olive)

Joseph Ratzinger bears the 111th and final Latin prophetic motto attributed to St. Malachy's famous medieval prophecy purportedly written in 1140.

Today I will provide a brief summary of how the new Benedict XVI fits Malachy's motto for second-to-last pope before the onset of Judgment Day. A more detailed examination will be forthcoming when the updated edition of my book THE LAST POPE ( finds a new publisher. My hope is that it will appear later in 2005. If you wish to know when it comes out, just send me an email at Put "LAST POPE" in the subject line. I will broadcast the message to you when the book comes out again.

Now let us return to the meaning of "Gloria Olivae" for the new pope.

The "olive" branch in Medieval prophecy stands for peace. For a long time, Malachy prophecy watchers assumed that the next pope bearing this name would be a great peacemaker. Certainly Cardinal Ratzinger took on the mantle of as much, when in his first public declaration as "Benedict XVI" he explained his new name with the motto "Peace and Consolation."

First World War pontiff, Pope Benedict XVThe last pope by that name, Benedict XV, ruled during World War I. He tried but failed as a peacemaker, setting forth his Seven Points to forestall any future world wars. Neither the victorious allied leaders nor the vanquished invited Benedict XVI to attend the negotiation and ratification of the Treaty of Versailles. His public neutrality during the war had soured warring Christian European leaders on both sides. Only US President Woodrow Wilson took the pope's peace plans seriously. He adopted some of the pope's ideas as the basis for his Fourteen Point Plan submitted at the Versailles peace negotiations.

Ratzinger as the next Benedict hints a message here. He intends to succeed where the previous Benedict failed. This new Benedict was elected during a new world war of international terrorism. He may try to be the peacemaker that prevents its escalation into a clash of Christian and Islamic cultures. If he is unsuccessful then Nostradamus' prediction elsewhere in his prophecies of a 27-year war may come to fruition and his Third Antichrist, code named "MABUS," will trigger that third world war.

Deeper still in the layers of meaning in the name "Benedict" is the signal identifying the new pope with the first and earliest founder of a Christian monastic order, St. Benedict (c.480-550). This great reformer's codes of law had a significant impact on the Western World. St. Benedict was known as the great peacemaker and reconciler, saving Western culture and Western Christianity from falling into the chaos of the Dark Ages. Perhaps Pope Benedict XVI sees himself, like his predecessor, on the brink of a new darkness, requiring a reaffirmation of dogma and codes of Catholic behavior.

Pope Benedict's name has evokes interesting possibilities out of St. Malachy's motto: De Gloria "Olivae." The Olivetans are a reform branch of the white monks of the Benedictine Order, established in the 14th century. The olive branch is their symbol--the Sermon on the Mount of Olives from the New Testament, their creed. The Olivetans believe they are set to prepare the world for the apocalypse foretold in Christ's Mount of Olives sermon.

Is that what Benedict XVI also intends to prepare us for?

The new pope waves as thousands chant 'Viva il papa'St. Benedict was made the patron saint of Europe by Paul VI--Cardinal Ratzinger's mentor. This implies that Ratzinger/Benedict XVI will either attempt to bring European Catholics back in the fold, or he will make good on a reverie recorded in his voluminous writings that a smaller church population adhering to ALL the dogma is better for the Church's survival in dark times than including a larger Catholic fold that only picks and chooses bits of the dogma to satisfy its modernist attitudes. It must be remembered that the previous Pope Benedict was a staunch anti-liberal and anti-modernist. Is the new Benedict the same?

In my last bulletin, logged a week before the Conclave convened to pick a new pope, I predicted that if the cardinals intended to choose a caretaker pope it would be Cardinal Ratzinger.

Destiny has set forth upon that prophetic time line today urged forward by echoes of the past. The Vatican, like the USA, seems to be stuck in a 40 year loop of repeating history--a phenomenon I have defined previously as a Karmic Echo. It consists of history lessons unlearned by nations or religions, returning every 20 to 40 years for a new encounter. America today is facing lessons unlearned as a nation with the return of a second military quagmire launched by a Texan president. Last time it was the liberal Texan, Johnson, 40 years ago in Vietnam. This time around it is a conservative Texan, Bush, today in Iraq.

The Vatican is a small but influential nation of priests and nuns guiding the faith of one sixth of the earth's population. It may also see the return of a short lived, caretaker pope launching a revolution to rival what took place roughly 40 years earlier. The brief pontificacy of liberal John XXIII launched Vatican II-- a progressive revolution that tried to bring the Catholic Church into the 20th century. If we are indeed seeing a Karmic Echo, I believe the conservative Benedict XVI will also be short lived. He will launch his own reform of the Church in a conservative revolution that could keep the Catholic religion from entering the 21st century.

Research for the new edition of "The Last Pope" will reveal that Pope Benedict XVI really prepared and wanted to be Vicar of Christ, despite his public protestations of humility and unworthiness. Becoming Pope has energized him and he is looking more youthful than before the Conclave. Still, I do not think he will be a long lived pope. I give him as little as three years and as much as seven, maximum. Back in 1997 when I wrote the first edition of "Last Pope," I stated that John Paul II would die in 2000 and his successor would die in 2008 ushering in Petrus Romanus, the code name for St. Malachy's final pope before the end of days, as he foresaw them.. Clearly I was wrong about John Paul II. Even he was surprised. John Paul also believed he would die at the end of 2000 rather than linger five more years. You can see him admit as much in the text of his Last Will and Testament.

Perhaps my prophecy from 1997 will be partially fulfilled if Benedict passes away in 2008.

The last time we had a caretaker pope (John XXIII) he initiated a progressive and liberal revolution in the Church in his short reign--Vatican II. With Benedict XVI the pendulum swings all the way to the right. He will be responsible for a conservative revolution. Will he soon gather the bishops of the church for a Vatican "III"?

We await events and further signs of how the new pope will assert his destiny.

John Hogue
Rogue Scholar/Author





Prince Charles and Parker Bowles arrive for a party at Windsor Castle

'Before she died in 1997, Diana wrote a letter in which she claimed Prince Charles was planning to have her killed in a car crash "to make the path clear for him to marry (Camilla Parker-Bowles)".

Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens is investigating the circumstances of the Paris crash in which she died.

Last month he declared that he had not ruled out crime or an Establishment plot to kill the princess, and would not be giving his report to the coroner until the summer...'

'Insult to Diana's memory'

More on the conspiracy at this section of my website: REVELATION.


7 years 7 months 7 days

From: C. M.
Date: Friday, February 11, 2005 1:48 AM

2/11 Dear Mr. McClellan: in the event that this has not already been brought to your attention, it appears that the date of the forthcoming marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles (scheduled for April 8, 2005) is terribly close to being 7 years, 7 months and 7 days after the death of Princess Diana?! I thought you might want to know. I personally do not believe in coincidences -- Sincerely, C. M.

Yes indeed - and only off by a matter of hours. Now there is a perfectly frightening application of the base 7 system at its most exact.

What might we expect in the weeks ahead as this wedding draws near? A sinister attempt to eclipse Diana's memory and legacy before the inquest into her death has been concluded is soon to take place. The result may change History forever as nations go to war, the earth groans and trembles, the moon turns the colour of blood, a flaming spectre appears, a new religion is formed, and a king receives a fatal head wound from an assassin's bullet ...

By the way, I have read one who is critical of Nostradamus interpreters write that translations should rhyme in the spirit of the original quatrains, so I am doing my best here to oblige.


777 = 666 + 111

1 is the number of Apollo the sun god



Quatrain 10.55

Les malheureuses nopces celebreront,
En grand joye mais la fin malheureuse:
Mary & mere nore desdaigneront.
Le Phybe mort & nore plus piteuse.

The unfortunate nuptials will be celebratory,
In great joy, but the ending maliferous:
The daughter-in-law scorned by mother and Mary,
The Apollo dead and the daughter more piteous.


According to Nostradamus, a time will come when the Virgin Mary ("Mary") will be forced to compete with the murdered Princess Diana ("the daughter-in-law") for the worship of humanity.

Diana was also scorned by Queen Elizabeth, the "mother" of the first Apollo, Prince Charles.

The second Apollo, intended to be a modern Akhnaten, Dodi al-Fayed, was killed instantly in the Paris car crash, whilst Diana, intended to fulfill the role of a new Nefertiti, lingered, "more piteous," for several hours with a punctured lung before dying.

Yet there are three 1s: 111

Prince Charles was the sun (Apollo) to Diana (moon). And within her womb Diana carried the third Apollo who was foreseen by Jeane Dixon.

Three Apollos: Dodi, Charles, and the dead manchild. Two are mort. Could this imply that Charles will be assassinated?

No attempt on the life of Charles will succeed. It will only transform him.



Windsor building burns 2-12-05 Fire engulfs the Windsor building in downtown Madrid. Madrid authorities warned there was a "high risk" the 31-storey office building would collapse after the biggest fire in the city's history engulfed one of the Spanish capital's landmarks sending flaming chunks of debris plummeting to the street.

The fire was put out shortly after 8 pm (1900 GMT), more than 20 hours after it began, firefighting services director Medardo Tudela told reporters, warning that the building's shell could be unstable and might collapse.

The fire broke out around 11 pm (2200 GMT) Saturday, February 12, 2005, when the building was empty.

Madrid mayor Alberto Ruiz Gallardon told reporters that "we are looking at the biggest fire in Madrid's history. Insurers valued the Windsor building at 84.2 million euros at 2003 prices (108.3 million dollars).



After Diana's death the public was allowed a huge mourn-fest for the rest of 1997 and into 1998, but then "the powers that be" and the media did all they could to sweep her memory under the rug.

The murder of Princess Diana is the greatest cover-up in all of history and -- if the living do not bring those responsible to justice and reveal the Satanic plot behind her murder -- then it will be the sainted dead and Diana herself who will rise up to expose the evil ones for who they are, in every office in every station, wherever they hide. All of the offending principalities of church and state who collaborated on this great abomination of murder will be stripped of secrecy.

Diana's apparition at her island grave at Althorp (collage and graphics effects by Michael McClellan, C 2003)

Quatrain 4.24

Oui soubs terre saincte dame voix fainte,
Humaine flamme pour divine voix luire:
Fera les seuls de leur sang terre tainte,
Et les saincts temples pour les impurs destruire.

Beneath the sacred ground the lady's voice heard faint,
Human flame for the divine voice illuminated:
It will cause the sole ones their blood the earth to taint,
And the holy temples of the impure ones decimated.

Of course, there will be those who will call this event the work of the Devil and of Antichrist, and there will be those who are wise enough to understand the ways of the Lord are mysterious and who understand the prophecy of Revelation 12 demands that a woman yet to come must be revered and her child with her, and that Diana was intended to be that woman but was struck down by the power of Satan and his helpers on earth. Those who claim the Apparition is diabolic will soon be locked in battle with those who believe Diana to be sainted by God.

I normally resist the doctrine that allows for the worship of saints and of idols, but the worship of Diana will be a reminder that the great Islamic Jihad against the West, now in progress and building, need never to have happened. Had Diana lived and her child been suffered to live and grow to manhood, we would not be facing a Third World War today.

Diana's apparition will be seen and heard by millions of people worldwide. Ironically, this wondrous event shall also mark the Eve of World War III -- the nightmare from which all of us could have been saved if Diana had lived. The holocaust to come will be so far reaching that billions of bodies will be committed to the nuclear altar of Vulcan, the god of fire and destruction by fire.



Quatrain 9.74

Dans la cit de Fersod homicide,
Fait & fait multe beuf arant ne macter,
Retour encores aux honneurs d'Artemide,
Et Vulcan corps mort sepultures.

Homicide in the city of al-Sadr,
Again and again plowing cows not to slaughter,
A return once again to Diana and her honours,
And to Vulcan dead bodies for funeral pyres.

Technically this prophecy was already fulfilled last year when terrorists joined the escalating insurgency in Iraq as an inquest into Diana's death was begun, shocking revelations that she feared a murder plot were revealed in her letters, and the controversy of televising photos taken after the fatal car crash in Paris led to a general international reflection on the life and death of the late Princess of Wales. Now, a terrorist bombing in Iraq killed 17 on the very day Charles announced his engagement to Camilla Parker-Bowles. 21 more Iraqis have died since that day. All following a relative lull in January as Iraqi elections were prepared for and then held. However, the latest news of Charles and Camilla's upcoming marriage, the increasing outrage being felt towards the wedding plans by growing numbers of Diana admirers, and what appears to be almost certain preparations by the US for a massive air and naval war against Iran and the anticipated Iranian retaliation against US forces in Iraq, demonstrates the enduring power contained within Quatrain 9.74 to continue to be fulfilled at even greater magnitudes than it has thus far.

Commentator Erika Cheetham (1973, 1989) believes that Fersod may be a cryptic anagram for Sodom. If not for the more contemporary link in line 3, this could be a far-future prediction about a city reminiscent of the biblical Sodom. However, in a modern context, Fersod may stand for Sadr City: the stronghold of Iraqi Shiite cleric, Moqtada al-Sadr. Many Iraqi civilians will be killed ("homicide,") when Iran goes to war with the US military stationed in Iraq. Iraqi insurgents under the command of al-Sadr will team up with the Iranians.

The language in line 2 is awkward to translate. It could mean that cows are no longer being slaughtered for food: a cryptic warning about Mad Cow disease. If my interpretation of lines 3 and 4 is correct, a catastrophic air war may be launched against Iran by the US and /or Israel at a time that the late Princess Diana is once again venerated. This "return to Diana and her honours" may be starting yet again in objection to Charles and Camilla as they race ahead suspiciously towards their announced wedding date of April 8, 2005 before the inquest into Diana's death has been concluded.

In line 4 a horrific contrast is presented: hundreds of thousands of innocent lives are lost during US and Israeli air strikes against Iran and during the Iranian retaliations. Vulcan was the Roman god of fire and it will be to fire that both sides of the coming conflict will commend the bodies of countless innocent victims. As the latest quagmire pulls in Russia and expands to European soil, in not many years time hundreds of millions, perhaps billions will die.



Quatrain 9.31

Le tremblement de terre Montara,
Cassich saint George demi perfondrez,
Paix assoupie, la guerre esveillera,
Dans temple Pasques abismes enfondrez.

The trembling of the earth at Martara,
The tin isles of St. George are half-sunken,
Peace sleeping, the war will awaken,
In the temple at Easter fissures crack open.

Quatrain 1.84

Lune obscurcie aux profondes tenebres
Son frere passe de couleur ferrugine:
Le grand cach long temps soubs les tenebres,
Tiedera fer dans la plaie sanguine.

The Moon obscured in deep shadows,
Her brother becomes the colour of blood:
The great one long hidden in shadows,
Will wield his sword in the bloody rain.

It's possible the first line of Quatrain 9.31 was fulfilled in December when the magnitude 9 earthquake and killer tsunami raced violently outwards from Sumatra to places like Martara in Sri Lanka. The usual translation for "Montara" is Mortara in northern Italy, which is probably correct. But who knows? For that matter, "Montara" could even be the US state of Montana! Time will tell.

But if Martara was intended by Nostradamus at one level or layer (assuming there may be two additional layers to the prophecy, making it potentially repetitive), then there will soon be a major earthquake in the British Isles (of "St George") and one especially at Easter in London. Easter falls on March 27 this year, so it is close to the planned April 8 wedding date. Just as the Great Fire of London is seen by some commentators as a divine judgment on England for the beheading of Charles II, will there be justice demanded for the murder of Diana? It is interesting to note that the cracks that form will be at the only "temple" there is in London: Westminster Abbey, the site of the ancient Temple of Apollo. It was here Diana's funeral was held. Charles had better think twice of marrying Camilla at Westminster! But whether he does or not, it looks like Diana justifiable outrage at the pair will be manifest at the place of her funeral. Huge fissures will crack open upon the cathedral's floor as London shakes and sways like a drunkard.

Note also that this is the time a major war begins as a drowsy "false peace" engineered by Sharon and Abbas settles in the Holy Land: likely the US war against Iran and possibly Syria. Israel may also be involved.

Quatrain 1.84 I have always regarded with some suspicion. On the surface it sounds very much like the opening of the sixth seal of Revelation, with the moon "the colour of blood" and the sun dark "as sackcloth of hair." Yet Nostradamus does something very strange: he reverses his luminaries, making the sun the colour of blood and the moon in dark shadow. I think there is a reason for this. Yes, it is probably a prophecy of the great planet-quake of the sixth seal of Revelation, or an event almost as bad as that, but it is more. Note that a personal pronoun is associated with the moon. It is not the sun, but the moon's brother who is bloodied. This "moon" is Diana yet again whose memory has been obscured in shadow in recent years until last year's revelation concerning Charles, bloodied by a murder concpiracy. The appearance of her flaming apparition will precede great destruction to planet earth and to a horrible war.

The long-hidden figure in the last two lines who "will wield his sword in the bloody rain" is no one less than the third antichrist. Who has been obscured until recently about as long as Diana? Several people come to mind: former Iranian president Hashemi Rafsanjani, who is making a bid for re-election this year; the Russian Duma's top speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who just might decide to launch a coup against President Vladimir Putin; Osama bin Laden, who may decide the time is ripe to finish creating an Al Qaeda army (and navy) and join ranks with Iran against the US and Israel; the reclusive Kim Jong Il whose father planned to join forces with Iran, Iraq, and Syria in 1992 and start a global war, but died beforehand; and then there is the self-proclaimed messiah, Sun Myung Moon, who may be planning nuclear terrorism with Kim and the Iranians in hopes of triggering a phony Armageddon from which he will arise as world leader and as the god he believes himself to be.

It may even be someone we have never heard of, but who has been working in the background for many years.

One last detail, and I agree it is a bit of a stretch:

Above I implied something about Prince Charles with the 777 - 111 = 666. What if the Tecumseh Curse that has claimed the lives of every US president elected every 20 years since 1840, except for Ronald Reagan, is truly dead? The type of Venus-Jupiter conjunction that attended the election of George W. Bush in 2000 was the last that will be in the air element. Reagan's conjunction was in the water element for the first time since before 1840 and that is why I believe he was wounded and not killed. But what if the bizarre election where Al Gore won but did not serve somehow hamstrung what would have been the final time around for the curse?

Then the base 7 influence that I believe makes Bush at risk this year, John F. Kennedy's assassination 42 (6 x7) years ago in November 1963, could happen to a different world leader rather than the US president. It could happen to Vladimir Putin instead. Or Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Mabus?). It could also happen to someone like Tony Blair ... or Prince Charles.

I have an awful funny feeling that whoever it happens to just might recover ... and it may be a fatal head wound he recovers from!

Now a quatrain regarding an antichrist named Chausses: I am straying from who and when I believe this person to be my book. My philosophy though is this: even though I believe there is much evidence that the beast of Revelation and his false prophet will not arise until 42 months before an unknown day in 2242 or 2243 (the period Nostradamus seems most to believe will bring Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ), and much Biblical evidence that take us up to at least 2052, if not as far as 2242-43, I also believe that there have always been people in this world that, if God wished to shorten the years, could have become the beast.

Hitler could have been the beast if God had decided that the early 1950s was as far as He was willing to go with mankind. The Second World War would have ended much differently then, with Hitler getting the A-Bomb, and the Korean War (which also involved millions of Chinese) would have marked the beginning of Armageddon.

Hitler, instead, became the archetype for the final Antichrist, the beast. So did Antiochus Epiphanes, Nero, and Napoleon. They too are archetypes.

Likewise, if the late president John F. Kennedy, who many of us loved and admired, had risen from the dead after being shot in Dallas, the 1960s would have marked the end of the world as we know it. But of course this did not happen. Yet, in terms of his charm and charisma, he too is an archetype of a benevelont antichrist.

The same is true today. There are a number of potential people out there who could become the beast, if this is the time God decides to end the stewardship of mankind. For who can appoint the time and the hour but Him?

So, irregardless of what prophecy says about a longer future, we must still watch today very carefully!


Quatrain 10.9

De Castillion figuires jour de brune,
De fame infame naistra souverain prince.
Surnon de chausses perhume lui posthume,
Onc Roi ne faut si pire en sa province.

In the Castle, figures on a day of mist,
Of fame and infame is born a sovereign prince.
Surname of Chausses the ground will make posthumous,
Never once a King so evil in his province.


Remember that Nostradamus slips us another clue in a "great monarch" quatrain regarding Plus oultre Carol Quint in Quatrain 6.70. This was the device of Holy Roman emperor Charles V. Thus, "The great Chiren will be chief of the world, after 'Plus oultre' (after Charles V)." Two meanings surface (Chiren is like Charles V or Chiren will rule after someone else like Charles V - it could even mean both).

So, once again, subtract 111 (a Master number) from 777 (the seven years, seven months, and seven days since Diana was murdered, and we have: 666

Statue is called "Charles, Saviour of the World"One who is great like the Holy Roman emperor CHARLES V = CHAVRLES = CHAVSSES (old Fr. spelling) = CHAUSSES


Revelation 13:3

And I saw one of his heads, as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

Revelation 13:11-12

And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed ...

It is a possibility that we may see Charles shot by an assassin, wounded in the head, and miraculously recover. Then he will be in the position of being either an ARCHETYPE for the beast of Revelation or the beast himself.

If he is merely an ARCHETYPE, then his career, and those of his brothers Edward and Andrew, will follow the paths I have detailed in my book as Nostradamus envisioned them. Chiren (Jacques Chirac) will become the first "king of Europe" since Charlemagne and Prince Edward will be appointed by Chirac as his heir to the imperial throne after his death. Charles will become the "old lion" of Great Britain and eventually turn against Edward when a civil war in the new European empire begins (an empire which will not be the EU, at least not as we know it today).

But, if Charles is the beast, then all of the Nostradamus prophecies regarding Chiren and a future leading us up to 2242 will fail. Only those remaining prophecies germane to our current time will be fulfilled.

Personally, I really doubt Charles will become the beast, but I thought I would prepare you just in case.




"... a short while before a royal is slaughtered, a bearded star." "... And to Vulcan dead bodies to bury."

April 8, 1994: Nirvana founder and rock star Kurt Cobaine commits suicide by shooting himself April 8, 1997: Famous photo of Comet Hale-Bopp over NYC by J. Sivo appears in LIFE April 8, 2003: Bombs target Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, but kill scores of innocent civilians instead.


By Michael McClellan
Completed February 15, 2005 2:40 AM EST



An Astrological Assessment of President Bush's Afflicted Natal Chart and the
Karmic Challenges Facing America beyond 2004 through 2008


Saturn Who's next??


by John Hogue

Tuesday, December 21, 2004 3:18 PM

I originally planned to publish the following astrological essay on President Bush's birth chart as a second part to of the 2 November 2004 bulletin: 2004--2008: America's Travail of Karmic Atonement (See I wrote it on 31 October but on election's eve I decided it would work better standing alone. Here it is today with an introductory paragraph and quote from 2 November's bulletin.


Back on the eve of the presidential election, almost seven weeks ago, I used astrological divination to predict why President Bush's natal position of Saturn, in relation to America's natal Saturn, guaranteed him victory in the presidential elections over John F. Kerry:

"G.W. Bush's destiny will be karmically magnified--for better or for worse--on election day, 2 November when Saturn transits 27 degrees Cancer in virtual conjunction over his natal Saturn position at 26 degrees Cancer. The good news for Bush is that the US birth chart has Saturn sitting in Libra at 14 degrees. That means Saturn's current transit over Bush's natal Saturn position magnifies an ultimately positive though difficult uphill battle to final victory in the 2004 election. Bush will win but other negative aspects to Bush's natal Saturn in his chart on that day will also magnify all of his limitations and weaknesses as a leader in his second term."

Bush did win a hard fought presidential campaign, regaining enough popular support after a dismal showing in October's presidential debates to beat his opponent by 3.5 million votes on 2 November 2004. Though some Democrats seek resolution of ballot disputes in Ohio and Florida, I predict no re-count will countermand what has been a clear Bush victory. On 2 November, the second term of G.W. Bush was born, astrologically speaking. Saturn's karmic candidate will be president. What signs does a divination of the stars and their positions give us?

America will face four more years of a man struggling to transcend one of the most afflicted astrological birth charts in the history of American presidents. Bush's Jupiter (ruler of higher mind, religion and expansive thinking) is squared (aspected negatively) with his Sun (the ruler of his ego). That square can make him spiritually self-righteous and narrow minded. He will be a man who cannot admit he has made a mistake.

Bush's Jupiter is also squared his Saturn (Karmic ruler). This aspect in a president can make his mistakes in policy potentially catastrophic for his nation.

His Sun (ego) is squared his Moon (ruler of emotions). That means his emotions are often at odds with his personality.

It gets worse.

Bush is the unfortunate recipient at birth of Neptune squared his Sun.

Noted astrologer, Frances Sakoian, once described this as "the aspect of self-delusion, par excellence."

She said the following on pp. 354-55 of her classic "The Astrologer's Handbook" (co-written by Louis B. Acher in 1973):

"If the natives [born under this aspect] are mystically inclined, they often consider themselves the chosen vessels of some Master or Divine Being. This belief is often the result of an unconscious desire for importance.

"These persons can be vessels in a pure sense, but only if the rest of the horoscope shows a good mentality, humility, and realistic practicality. A well-developed Mercury and Saturn will do much to offset the negative effects of this square."

Astrologically speaking, there is no denying that President Bush's Neptune squared the Sun makes him a medium.

But for what, and whom?

The former Prime Minister and perhaps future Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, recalled in an Israeli newspaper article from early 2003, Bush saying: "God told me to strike at al-Qaeda and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me I will act..."

Earlier this year, Bush famously told the world on CBS "60 Minutes" news show that he did not take advice from his father, the former president, but listens to "a higher Father." Inferring that he talks--and receives--messages on policy decisions from God.

Bush's Mercury (ruler of the intellect) is sextiled (positively aspected) with Neptune. However Bush's Saturn is so ill aspected that Mercury offsets little of its negativity. It is possible that Mercury's positive inclination might see the right people at the right time persuade him that perhaps God is not always telling him when to go to war.

Bush's Saturnian self-delusion as a medium, unfortunately, will only gain strength because of his clear victory this November. His illusions once had a "mandate" only from the Almighty. Now it includes a slim majority of voters, of which include the deciding edge in his favor of bloc voting Christian fundamentalists. Now, when the president talks to his god before making monumental policy decisions, little Mercury in Bush's chart must feel like he is banished to the porch outside the Oval Office and Saturn has locked the window doors after him. Bush's natal Saturn has a far more powerful influence on his psyche because it is squared Jupiter (ruler of his higher mind and religious potentials) and squared his Moon (the ruler of emotions). Little mental Mercury will find it hard to convert Bush from making snap gut judgments and rigidly keeping them. Saturn squared Neptune nourishes Bush's blind faith in his "divine" calling to be president. A negatively aspected Neptune (ruler of illusions) whispers in his heart of hearts. It is not God. It will be almost impossible for Bush to understand that the voice he hears is his subconscious ego, prompted by "others."


The power of Saturn magnifies Bush's ability to win a close election on 2 November 2004. Controversies will leave the final victory "afflicted." He will fulfill his destiny--and that destiny is karmic. He will be sworn in for a second term as president of a deeply divided nation. His reelection will be a cosmic sign that Americans have semi-consciously chosen to endure a Saturnian gauntlet of national atonement.

For now, I will describe this negative karma in the broadest astrological colors.

Countries go through chapters of life just like people. Now America has entered the difficult teenage years of its destiny. It is perhaps the most powerful adolescent country in history. Power linked to adolescent immaturity can lead to bullying others with an arrogant disregard of facts or the realities of the surrounding community of countries. A strong, impatient and self-opinionated minor prone to bullying invariably finds comeuppance. All countries in their life cycles lose a fight they should not have instigated. Saturn's transit through Cancer, then Leo, and Virgo, in the coming four years will see a few American thumpings by reality.

It will be a collective experience in the school of historic hard knocks for all those Americans who elected Bush back in office. The same goes for all those who did not vote at all, and those in opposition who chose a mediocrity to run against the president. The transit of Saturn could help them all learn, and become a better nation from their collective mistakes.

The lessons of Saturn began in June 2003, when it entered the Sun sign of America--Cancer. The end of June saw America establish an interim government in Iraq. Bush and his cabinet dreamed that a milestone had passed and peace would settle on Iraq. Saturn soon upended dreams with reality. The violence of the Iraqi insurgency escalated instead. Bush pledged in his first term to be a uniter. After Iraq, his dream has become the Saturnian reality that Americans at home live in a national house divided into cultural and partisan camps of "blue-liberal" and "red-conservatives." Saturn here is teaching the president and other Americans that they now belong to a dis-United States.

Life under Saturn in Cancer, on the one hand, can be a time of delays and postponement and on the other, a time when confronting uncomfortable truths cannot be postponed. For instance, the Bush administration first tried to delay and finally failed to suppress the formation of the 9-11 Commission that investigated what part the administration played in the security failure that led to America's attack by terrorists on September 2001. It so happens that the 9-11 Commission began its investigation shortly after Saturn entered the ruling sign of America. Half way through Saturn's transit, the commission released its report at the worst of times for Bush, just before the presidential elections rather than after, as he desired.

At the beginning of Saturn's transit through Cancer, it began exposing other illusions in other investigations the Bush administration could no longer suppress. Chief among these was the reality that weapons of mass destruction never existed in Iraq. Thus, the grounds for going to war was an illusion. The war and the dying, and the loss of US prestige in the world is based on either sheer incompetence, or fraud. For the sake of nonexistent WMD, so far 100,000 Iraqis have paid the ultimate price. [Add to this 1,345 US, 260 Coalition forces killed, and nearly 10,000 confirmed wounded to date on 21 December]. Saturn in Cancer had exposed America's historic conceit--its rush to shoot first and check for reasons to go to war later. Soon, it may very well lose them a war they never needed to fight.

A citizenry in collective denial is another aspect of Saturn transiting through the birth sign of a nation. The people of America just did not want to deal with Iraq, with deficit spending, with a bungling presidency that let terrorists fly right in to New York skyscrapers and the Pentagon. Even those in opposition to Bush's policies did not rally behind reformers of their party. They did what people do under Saturn in Cancer, follow their leaders, follow the status quo--postpone the debate, the reform, postpone facing facts.

Because Bush will be reelected this will be a sign to the world that Americans have not learned their lesson, that unilateralism does not play well in the new global world. Saturn will push harder. The remaining seven months of its transit through Cancer will see America further isolated from the family of nations. Alliances will weaken. American troops will be virtually on their own in Iraq as it descends into civil war. The hemorrhage of outsourced American jobs will continue to bleed. Rather than lead the world in cleaning the environment, America will lead the world in destroying it, setting the stage for international sanctions against American products and polluting industries. The epicenter of global economy will continue shifting to Europe and Asia. Americans could retreat into denial under a second Bush administration, hiding in their Cancerian shells, projecting an illusion of how the world should be, and how it should give respect. They will resist facing the world as it is, or face the reality that at present they do not deserve the world's respect or its compliance.

The challenges of Saturn in Cancer on a national scale require Americans face and transcend a desire to isolate themselves as a country. Karma compels them to face their mistakes in global unilateralism and in Iraq, and take stock of delusions of conceited grandeur. Americans must also stop living in denial that their economy and democracy are in peril and in need of true reform.

The country under the transit of Saturn in Cancer suppresses a fearful, insecure and angry nation, ready to explode. If we do not find a way to creatively release this pent up frustration the explosion will come in Saturn's transit through Leo beginning in July 2005. The two-year passage could see American policy become even more bellicose, reactive and self-righteously arrogant towards other nations. A gathering economic crisis over oil will come as early as next summer (2005). The Bush administration will react rather than respond during such an emergency, becoming dictatorial. The president will widen the war on terror rather than contain it. Hubris in the White House, talking to God, will not have eyes to "see" or ears to "hear" that nuclear proliferation, like Iraq, could go out of control in the next four years. Once this window of opportunity to stave the plague of atomic weapons is closed, destiny will play itself out in nuclear bush wars with third world nuclear powers any time from late 2005 through the 2030s.

What is the president's response to this challenge? Apparently "God" has told him to scrap the ABM treaty, seriously consider ignoring nuclear test ban treaties, and embark on his own nuclear proliferation campaign. Pentagon research and development of low yield, bunker busting nukes are on the fast track in the next four years. Perhaps we will see them "tested" on the subterranean nuclear facilities of North Korea and Iran sometime after summer of 2005.

Saturn transiting Leo is often the sign for war, or a sudden escalation of current wars. There is a high chance of an Israeli-American air strike on Iran's nuclear power centers and missile defenses any time after mid-July to October of 2005. It could also come later after the mid-term US elections in November 2006 through July of 2007.

North Korea's nuclear facilities may also come under attack in the first six months of 2006. A preemptive strike on North Korea is less likely than Iran, unless Bush's higher "Father" tells him to destroy North Korea's missile bases before they can arm their warheads with atomic bombs.

American sons and daughters will be drafted to bolster occupying forces in a widening war in the Middle East no sooner than late 2005. They will go submissively the day the nation understands that the chaos in the Arab oil fields threatens to undermine oil production and the American economy. American children will go to war, not because of weapons of mass destruction, not because they are on a crusade to bring democracy to the Middle East. At last Saturn in Leo will expose the real reason why this war was forced on the American people by the Bush Administration: they believe America must control the oil regions or lose its affluent--oil effluent--way of life.

Saturn in volatile Leo wants to teach Americans a necessary lesson: Get real. Return to the path of the just. Make practical changes in domestic and global policies. American opposition leaders need to appeal to the humble angels of the American nature by the mid-term elections in 2006; otherwise, Saturn in Leo will spike national egoism breeding a rush to confrontation and disaster. Politicians running for office in 2006 should call upon the voters to return to basic American principles for justice, fair play, equal rights and representation for all. Strong third party movements, or reform movements inside the existing two-party system, may help incline America's destiny towards following an accurate American reality; namely, that we are a divided nation in need of healing. We are oil addicts that need to get clean. For instance, if Americans get real about their fossil fuel addiction, they need not send their children to stain the sands of distant oil fields with their blood. They can send them not far from home to galvanize a depressed domestic economy with a ten year plan to modernize the US infrastructure, and maximize fuel efficiency.

Revive the "can do!" American spirit.

The people who could go to the Moon in ten years can solve problems, creating alternative energy sources for fossil fuels and break free from an addiction for Middle Eastern oil. Americans have ever redefined themselves. They can redefine their economies and redefine their American way of life once again for the better--for freedom's sake.

The right use of karmic Saturn in assertive Leo could give birth to this core change in America's destiny any time from 2005 through 2007. The wrong use of Saturn in Leo will deepen the danger of fascism at home, addiction to fossil fuels, and intensify acts of imperialism abroad. Americans could truly become for the first time, the "bad guys" in the world.

Let that not happen, America!

Saturn passes from Leo into Virgo in September of 2007. A majority of Americans will either throw blame or be ready to creatively "discern" what has gone wrong since the pivotal election of 2000 led them astray.

American can put aside bullying when Saturn passes through Virgo and can again become a citizen in the house of nations. To do this, enough American leaders and citizens will surely need to come to their senses in time.When the next presidential election approaches, this country could be faced with perhaps its most dire crisis to date in this young century.

At the onset of Saturn's transit through Virgo, in 2008, hotheads running the government of Taiwan will attempt to declare permanent secession from the Chinese mainland. China's leaders, they believe, must make the Summer Olympics China's international coming out party. What better time to declare independence when China would not dare invade Taiwan and risk a global boycott of the games?

I tell you, little bureaucrats of Taiwan, China will invade you nonetheless if you secede. They will do it "after" the Olympics are over in early September 2008. They will invade despite the proximity of US carriers in the Western Pacific.

They will take Taiwan back, America. Are you--should you--be ready to go to war with China over it? Shall your new Secretary of State Rice stay the hot passions of Taiwanese secessionists with tempered and skilled diplomacy before the plunge?

Let me put it this way, in a variation of the Dillon song:

The future times, they "can" be a'changin', if Condi Rice, or more likely her replacement as Secretary of State in the latter half of Bush's second term, is a real diplomat and not just playing the "mouth" of Bush Corp.

During these first difficult and Saturnian years of national adolescence Americans will have fallen, stumbled and hurt themselves as a nation. These tough and necessary lessons could bring wisdom to an adolescent country. Perhaps an older-yet-wiser America may yet fulfill what Nostradamus intimated in one of his prophecies. There is an alternative future to a calamitous war "under Cancer"--the Sun sign of America. In Century 24 of Quatrain 6, Nostradamus may predict that Americans after Bush's second term could "anoint" a new leader who will "bring peace to the earth for a long time." (See the following related bulletins at:

The future is full of unexpected promise for this great nation. America's adolescent era may lead in 50 years to its loss of outer power and the prestige inherent in being the world's last true and global superpower. When the fires of empire vanish, America will turn within. Its grandchildren and great-grandchildren will become introspective and launch a spiritual revolution across the world.

This is not the end of America's glory, it is the beginning.

America's greatest destiny begins in the latter half of the 21st century when it will become the cradle of a new religiousness in a New Age.

Saturn kindly and richly rewards those who learn their lessons.

John Hogue
Rogue Scholar/Author





By Michael McClellan

Quatrain 2.27

The divine words will strike from the sky,
No one will be able to proceed any further:
The revelation -- the secret shut away,
So that they must walk over [their graves] as before.

The Pope was visibly angry at recent progress made in the field of genetics

"Everyone must die!"

THE GOSPEL OF DEATH: "The results achieved in various fields of science and technology are considered and defended by many as a priori acceptable. In this way, one ends up expecting that what is technically possible is in itself also ethically good. There is no one who does not see the dramatic and distressing consequences of such pragmatism, which perceives truth and justice as something modeled around the work of man himself. It is sufficient, as one example among others, to consider man's attempt to appropriate the sources of life through experiments in human cloning. Such science is as an example of the violence with which man tries to appropriate the truth and the just, reducing them to values that he can dispose of freely, that is, without recognizing limits of any kind if not those fixed and continually overcome by technological possibility."

August 24-25, 2004 - What is decided now will affect generations to come. It goes well beyond finding cures for Alzheimer's, MS, Parkinson's, obesity, cancer, and the regeneration of injured spinal cord tissue. The "death gene" and the "aging gene" were finally isolated a few years ago. Mammals in "old age" have been biologically regressed to the equivilent of age 25 in humans. Other animals have stopped aging after reaching their biological "peak." Our generation could be the generation that never sees biological death, save from severe physical trauma such as that caused by large explosions, airliner accidents, and catastrophic acts of Nature. Imagine, living another thousand years and more; but not just you, your entire family and all of your friends as well! TPTB, especially the Church, desire that the majority of the human race die and only an elite few benefit from genetic research (conducted in secret).

The dogma of original sin says all of us have been born in sin and must return to dust, so church leaders fear a challenge from science that could change all of that. The religion of fear -- fear of death -- keeps these people in positions of power, as it has for the last two thousand years!

Thus, as church leaders prolong the great debate, a terrible global war will break out, causing many of "the flock" and followers of other religions to die worldwide:

Quatrain 4.43

Weapons will be heard fighting in the skies:
In the same year the divine ones are enemies
They will desire unjustly to debate the holy laws
By lightning and war many believers are put to death.


What Does the Bible Say About Extended Life Spans During the Latter Days?


Luke 17:26 --

And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man.


According to geneologies of Noah's time (from Adam to Noah), people lived between 365 to 969 years. Some hold that Enoch (365) did not die, but disappeared for a time into God's kingdom, and still lives secretly in the world today until such time as he is revealed as one of the two witnesses in Revelation.

This lengthy age of nearly 1,000 years came to end when God proclaimed in Genesis 6:3:


And God said, "My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is indeed mortal and their days of life will be 120 years."


Afterwards, gradually, the life span of men began to shrink to 500, 400, 300 years, and so on, until the time of Moses, when the life expectancy was finally set at 120 years and less. Why men today seldom even live to 90 or 100, let alone to 120, is indeed strange.

In any event, as it was in the day of Noah, so it shall be again in the latter days. And this may well mean extremely long life spans ... something that is only possible through genetic research.

But is there such evidence in the biblical prophecies concerning an extended lifespan or near immortality in the Apocalypse era? One such prophecy bears some scrutiny:


Revelation 9:6 --

And in those days [the latter days] shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.


It is not all that difficult to die. If one wants to die that badly, all he needs to do is put a gun to his brain and pull the trigger ... or jump in front of a large truck.

Yet in this verse, we are told that men will not be able to die! This hardly sounds like the current period we are living in, but the technology to make this happen is probably not too far in the future. At least biological immortality is right around the corner -- the end of aging and the end of death due to advanced aging and disease. Yet, the full import of this message is that man will be indestructable as well, which can only be true if human bodies and robotic/computer technology is capable of making cyborgs of people who have injured themselves severely. Thus, some people will be biologically ageless and others will be bionic.

So, we are now on the threshhold of longer lifespans than we can imagine. But if the Pope and leaders of the religious right have their way, this freedom from the ravages of aging, disease, and death will be postponed for many more years, centuries if possible.


Quatrain 2.45

Too much will Heaven weep about the Androgyne procreation,
Near the heavens human blood sprinkled:
Because of Death too late a great people re-created,
Late or soon comes the awaited breakthrough.


Quatrain 1.22

That which will live without any senses,
Will come to deliver mankind from death through artifice ...


Unless the attacks on genetic research, and indeed scientific progress as a whole, by organised religion does not stop, the great day when humans will be able to cure all diseases and disabilities -- and cheat death itself -- will not come until sometime during the 2180s, long after we have all turned to dust.


Quatrain 9.59Emperor Louis and Nicol the red

At La Ferte-Vidame [NW France] he will seize,

Nicolas held, the red one who will produce the life:

The great Louis, acting secretly, one will be born,

Giving Burgundy to the Bretons through envy.


Biologically immortal humans, but not deathlessThis complex quatrain tells of many events. A new character named Louis appears on the scene after the assassination of a pagan emperor, and seizes control of the government.

According to the prediction, a "red" named Nicolas -- probably a member of the Communist Party which will still hold many seats in the Council of Europe -- makes an important breakthrough in the field of biogenetics: the procreation of the first human clone not carrying a death gene. Many human beings alive at this time will benefit from the discovery. Their genetic systems will be restructured by clone DNA. Aging will stop, even reversed. Biological immortality will be achieved. However, they will not be completely deathless. People will still be capable of being killed by accidents, catastrophes, wars, murder, or execution. Later, there will be consequences which cause some to curse their immortality.

The last two lines describe one of the new emperor's heirs who will hand over the province of Burgundy to a Northern power bloc which will have control of Brittany early in the 23rd Century. Thus, Gaul will once again become partitioned into French and Belgian states, although the boundaries will not conform to the current ones.



Russia's Capabilities To Wage War On The West


Spetsnazby Chapeav Zaetsev

Friday, August 13, 2004

Today Russia enjoys a top spot in the world's military elite. It's Spetsnaz special forces are the creme of the elite, their T-98 tanks are going to roll out of factories by 2006. Their MI-28N Night Havoc helicopter has just entered mass production, and their small arms market has grown substatially since Putin's reign in power.

But can the Russian military hope to face off against the Powers of the West? Germany, France, The UK, Japan, and the United States of America? What real hope does Russia have against the massive tank forces of the USA and Germany? Or the air superiority Norway and The UK share over the Northern Sea?

Let's look at what Russia has NOW and what it can use to wage war at this very moment. How Russia would attack, and defend herself against NATO and even the entire UN itself.

Russian military protocol involves the use of the Spetsnaz and Navy Spetsnaz before any declaration of war is ever issued against the West. The Spetsnaz range from elite soldiers in the midst of the battlefield to assassins and special operations units that destroy communications and navigation equipment before the outbreak of a conventional or thermonuclear war.

But what would the Spetsnaz attack? The Spetsnaz are a very organized group. A group in Britain could achieve an objective at the same time a group in America achieves their own, so that when one group succeeds, another does not have problems from heightened security in another.

The Spetsnaz would do this ten fold. I believe the creme of the Spetsnaz would be sent covertly (Months ahead of any war) to set up small bases in the USA. When they are notified, teams would assassinate the President, Vice President, and Head Of The House. Other teams would sabotage military bases, especially the Cheyenne Mountain complex.

Spetsnaz teams in Europe would do the same thing, killing military leaders, planting explosives in arms factories, powerplants, and killing political leaders. They would leave the West confused, most likely blaming either China or the Middle East Muslims at first.

Spetsnaz would create havoc and confusion in populations

Then the Russian Interior Spetsnaz would pore through Poland and the Baltic States ensuing havoc in the militaries and populaces. They would take part in Hit-And-Run tactics, creating confusion in the Baltic, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, and Romanian governments ( If Romania isn't a secret puppet state of Russia, which I believe it is. Remember, treaties can be as much farces as truth. ) allowing time for the Regular Army to draw the smaller Armies in to combat. With overwhelming air support, I do not think the Russian military would face any problem. ( Hell, I believe the Spetsnaz could capture Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia themselves without air or regular army support! )

By this time, the West has mobilized it's forces. German, French, and English military units would engage combat along the German-Polish borders. The fight would be a stalemate until Russia could field larger divisions from it's Siberian forces.

Russian Surface and subsurface warships would fight a naval conflict in the Northern Sea, Seas West of Britain, and the English Channel, trying to cut off the English mainland from it's allies. ( I also hypothesize an attack on the Chunnel to stop even infantry and light artillery units from getting to France and Belgium. )

The Russian military would slowly ( And by no means Blitzkrieg. Western Europe still believes in the idea of the Static Defense doctrine, which by itself is fairly effective tactically, but not strategically. ) gnaw at the European forces, slowly breaking their lines here and there. Hamburg, and Rostock would be the first German towns and bases to be taken.

By this time the smaller European militaries have assembled their forces. Czech, Danish, Belgian, Luxembourg, and Spanish troops would arrive at the conflict, creating a larger wall for the Russian troops to break through. American troops would now be slowly pouring in.

Russia would be pushed back by this massive force. Hundreds of thousands would die on each side, Russia most likely being pushed all the way back to Warsawa, Poland. Here, a stalemate would arise.

I believe at this time an armistice would be drawn up giving Russia and The Ukraine all the territory that they had captured, considering the Allies would be too tired to continue fighting. Western Poland may even be given to Germany again, considering it IS an old provincial territory of Germany/The Holy Roman Empire and many ethnic Germans live there.

Russia In The Future

In the future, Russia will be substantially more powerful then it is now. They will most likely have more Akula-class submarines, more Sovremenny Destroyers, maybe even a new type of Carrier, like the English Invincible Class. It's Navy would be able to rival the American Naval Armed Forces once again.

Of course, it's Army would also grow. It's MI-28N Night Havoc's would be the largest helicopter force in the world. It's T-98 tanks would be able to outnumber, and squash any Western threat. The German Leopard II, French Le Clerc, British Centaurion II, and American M1A3 Abrams would pale in comparison to it. Even Russian guns would become more advanced, the AK-103 most likely drawing the days of the AK-74's days to an end in Russia.

It's Air Force would reign supreme. Russian SU-37 and S37 fighter aircraft would rule the skies. The American F22 Raptor's and other aging aircraft could not cope with the threat of higher-end Russian units taking to the skies.

But, how would Russia engage the west? Much differently than if it engaged the Western nations now. First off, the Russian Government would still employ the use of the Spetsnaz in the same tactics as I have already mentioned. But, they would most likely now have the funding to penetrate areas such as NORAD, Greece, Turkey, the Middle East, and other areas around the world.

Russia would also like to use her larger and more powerful fighting force against other countries. Japan would be one nation to feel the brunt of Russian forces. Japan, being a nation of industry, is weak as it is, and it's Self-Defense force poses no threat to the larger Russian Army's stationed in Vladivostok and Keflavik. Russian armored and mechanized divisions would reach Tokyo in a matter of weaks. I believe the Japanese Self-Defense force would capitulate in the very invasion, if not before then, from the massive air strikes Russia would launch against the smaller nation.

Russia now has a more massive Army then it had back in the early 21st century. It can now use this Army to manipulate, and to slaughter, smaller European Army's. Russia, indeed, would roll right on through the unallied Eastern bloc nations, and engage German, French, English, and a whole slew of other country's militaries. ( Including US Armored Divisions stationed in Germany. )

But, Russia would not engage them in a single line. They would most likely try to trick the European force in a different manner..

Russia would field a smaller ammount of divisions in the center of the line. They would try to assault the larger European divisions, without aid of other Russian divisions. They would purposely fail, and withdraw deeper and deeper in to Polish territory. Now, the other Russian divisions would spring in to action. Hidden in an assortment of ways, two larger Russian Army's would cut across the rear of the European Army, and cut it off, effectively surrounding it. They could either assault their position, starve them out, or force them to surrender. It would be an effective way to stop any European counter-attack in to Eastern Europe, and pave the way for the Russian advance into Germany, and even France. ( This, of course, if Russia has destroyed US Satellites, and other nation's satellites. Wouldn't want the eye in the sky finding an Army of Russian troops ready to cut off the European Army. )

Russia would invade, and capture Germany, Denmark, parts of France, and parts of Italy. They would probably stop there, and give the West a chance to broker peace. I doubt the Russian Government would want the hassle of governing the rest of Europe. That, and, by now, the US might have brought up a large enough draft to bolster it's forces..

Let's Not Forget About China......

China can now, basically, can do anything in the Pacific, unchecked. Just as long as they did not engage Russian or US Warships or islands, they would be safe to expand unchecked. The Russians or the US Military's would not be capable of fighting each other, and the Chinese expansion.

China would conquer most of Southern Asia, and come close to threatening Australia. Taiwan would most likely also fall under it's iron fist.

But what of India and Pakistan?

These two nations might have joined up with their most profitable partners. India, yes, would most likely ally with Russia, her long-time buddy-in-arms. Pakistan would ally with America, and both would go at each other. ( Look at the trails of money. Pakistan wants American tanks and planes, as does India with Russian tanks and Aircraft Carriers. )

If anything, these two might fight to a stalemate, or India might just pour in to Pakistan, and conquer the smaller Arab nation. Even a small nuclear exchange between the two could happen. They're both too sporadic to know.

Then What..?

The Earth would be silent for decades. Everyone would be too tired to go on any further. China would come to be the antagonist, if another World War sparks. Russia and the US both would forget their differences and attack this new enemy.

No Nukes?

Yes, I believe not a single nuke would be fired by the US, France, Britain, or Russia. Neither of the four would advance deep enough in to another's territory to spark the chance of a nuclear exchange. The fact is, America or the other nations just don't care enough for the Germans to threaten Nuclear Holocaust to save them.

I can never foresee the invasion, and capitulation of one nuclear nation with another in the future. Unless one erupts into Rebellion, and cannot control it's nuclear weapons adequetely.



A Return After 40 Years To Historic Lessons Unlearned

by John Hogue


US troops fight North Vietnamese in 1965


1 July 2004

The following essay will be the main topic for my appearance on Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM radio show, Saturday night, 3 July. If you live in North America or the Caribbean, check your local syndicated Premier Radio station. You can also listen to the show anywhere in the world through internet -- see I'll be on the air from 11 pm through 2 am, Pacific Standard Time.


I think you'll find it quite surprising how history from forty years ago is repeating itself today. Some elements may reverse roles and come forth in altered sequences but the "material," if you will, of karmic lessons unlearned from the Sixties have reappeared again in our time.

Countries, like individuals, face karmic lessons (i.e., lessons about actions that bring reactions for good or ill). When a lesson isn't learned, it returns in a magnified form. You might say the message echoes again, only much louder. For instance, Germany as a nation had a karmic lesson to learn concerning the self-destructive nature of their warrior culture. Germany had a bad habit to take on the world in a high-stakes gamble that either brought total victory or "Gtterdmmerung" (a Teutonic version of the end of the world). Germany's defeat in World War One didn't teach them the lesson so 20 years later a far more strident echo of the self-destructive Teutonic battle fever appeared in the guise of Hitler and the Nazis. Their "Gtterdmmerung" almost annihilated Germany.

You can tell a national group has learned their collective karmic lesson when they don't re-echo or recycle the lesson in 20 or 40 years. So far it would seem that Germany has learned its historical lesson. Germany has never repeated its Imperial or Hitlerian mistakes of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945.

America is also stuck in a karmic loop of unlearned historical lessons--this time coming from the 1960s. These lessons are now recycling back after 40 years. They generally concern America's descent into military adventurism after the assassination of Kennedy. What triggers the karmic "echo" is an assassination or death of a president and/or an ill-conceived, unsubstantiated reason for launching a unilateral American military adventure. These events lead to a social polarization of the country, social disorder, the disgrace and destruction of a president, followed by a his party's loss of the presidential elections. The new president is a reformer with a potential for greatness. This new president eventually brings the troops home and ends the quagmire war of the predecessor. This president also may fall from power after a landslide election for a second term because of scandals and disgrace stemming from settling scores with political enemies.

The Karmic Lessons in question:

Appeared from 1960 (echoing in 2000)
to 1964 (2004) through 1968 (2008)
to 1972 (2012)

Here's an outline of events and historic mistakes of those days:

--JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) was elected in the disputed presidential election of 1960 against the former two-term Republican Vice President of the Eisenhower administration, Richard Nixon. Advisers pressed Nixon to challenge the results in one disputed state (Illinois), but declined to do so because he feared it would hurt the nation.

--JFK campaigns for the presidency during the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Astrologers claim the conjunction influences the death or assassination of a president while in office once every 20 years since Harrison campaigned for president in 1840. Thus Harrison (1840), Lincoln (1860), Garfield (1880), Mickinley (1900), Harding (1920), Roosevelt (1940), and Kennedy (1960) have all died either in their first or second terms (in the case of Roosevelt, in his fourth term). Only Reagan (1980) has survived the curse of this conjunction, although his potential assassin wounded him seriously and Reagan nearly died.

--If Kennedy had not been assassinated and had he survived his first term he would still die in his second term. Newly disclosed medical evidence support rumors that Kennedy most likely would have died from a fatal adrenal gland malady sometime in his second term.

--President Johnson (from Texas) ascends to the White House to finish Kennedy's term. He launches his Great Society policies.

--Johnson commits America to a full scale war in Vietnam, thanks to a hasty Defense Secretary William MacNamara, who does not adequately confirm reports that North Vietnamese gunboats actually did fire on US Destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin. A week after Johnson began bombing North Vietnam and landing troops in South Vietnam, MacNamara discovered that US ships in the Gulf of Tonkin were firing on each other. There was no attack from North Vietnam. This information was kept secret and the war continued in the name of larger strategic reasons--to contain the spread of communism in South East Asia.

--The Democrat controlled Congress unaware of the Gulf of Tonkin mistake until it is too late rushed to surrender their constitutional war powers to President Johnson. They scarcely debate this serious surrender of constitutional power to the executive branch from within their ranks; nor do the minority senators from the Republican party offer much opposition. The president and congressmen from both sides of the bench blindly trusted MacNamara's intelligence findings. The US Senate therefore gave Johnson carte blanche war powers in South East Asia. A young Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia was one of them.

--Johnson's war in Vietnam doesn't undermine his presidency until after he's
reelected in 1964. After which, the Vietnam war spreads into Laos and Cambodia, riots and social polarization ensue. Johnson's Great Society policies are derailed, and he ops out of running for president for a second term. Johnson hopes that by stepping down he can save his party's hold of the White House and start the process of healing a nation torn apart by a botched war now identified with him.

--Power shifts in the 1968 election. Richard Nixon returns and wins one of the closest elections in history against Johnson's Vice President, Hubert Humphrey, with scarcely a popular vote difference of a half million.

--The Republican President, who had already spent 8 years learning the presidential trade in the Eisenhower White House, struggles with a Democrat-run House and Senate over policy. He is burdened with getting out of the Vietnam quagmire of his predecessor. Nixon is eventually successful on that front. The troops come home.

--Nixon has great success in global affairs and some success in domestic affairs. He will win a landslide election in 1972 for a second term, but his potential for greatness is undermined by his darker side. Nixon wants to take revenge on leaders of the radical Left in the Democrat Party. He approves a burglary of the Democrat Party offices at Watergate. His presidency falls because of the Watergate conspiracy and he leaves office in disgrace.


Forty years pass.
Lessons unlearned return:

We enter the 40-year karmic echo of the 60s
from 2000 (1960) to 2004 (1964)
through 2008 (1968) to 2012 (1972).


--Republican President G.W. Bush (from Texas) is elected in a disputed election in 2000 against the former two-term "Democrat," Vice President Al Gore. Unlike Nixon, Gore heeded those encouraging him to challenge the election results in one disputed state (Florida). Many believe he hurt the nation.

--President Bush's election is confirmed and he launches the Neo-Conservative and Compassionate Conservative movement (his version of Johnson's "Great Society").

--Bush, 20 years after Reagan, is the next person campaigning for president during the transit of a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. If he survives his first term he might die in office from violence or natural causes in his second term.

--The Democrats pit a new JFK (John Forbes Kerry) against Bush who seeks
re-election in 2004.

--Bush goes to war in Iraq based on imaginary reports issued by a hasty Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (who by the way also slicks his hair back like MacNamara) stating that Iraq had WMD--Weapons of mass destruction--poised to strike at America.

--A "Republican" controlled Congress unaware of this mistake until it is too late rushes to surrender their constitutional war powers to President Bush with scarcely any questions or debate from the minority "Democrat" party. A majority of Senators and congressmen from both sides of the bench blindly trust the intelligence findings of their Republican President and his Secretary of Defense. They give Bush carte blanche to wage war in the Middle East region.

--An older and wiser Senator Byrd was one of the few dissenting voices, pleading with his Republican and Democrat colleagues in the Senate not to repeat the mistake of a hasty rush to war, like Vietnam, in Iraq.

--Bush's war in Iraq shows ominous signs of being a new Vietnam; however, like Johnson, the effects of the mounting quagmire in Iraq may not undermine his presidency until after he is re-elected in 2004 (in Johnson’s case 1964). After which, riots and a deepening social polarization could ensue. By his second term, a badly botched war in Iraq could undermine Bush's Neo-Conservative movement and Compassionate Conservative policies. A full-scale quagmire in Iraq might spread the war across the Middle East (as the Vietnam War spread into Cambodia and Laos 40 years before).

--Unlike Johnson, Bush cannot (will not) op out of running for a second term as president. So, if the echoing tragedy of the Johnson presidency derailed over an illegitimate war resounds today, Bush will have to leave office in his second term over Iraq--or worse.

--The Jupiter-Saturn curse could see another acting president die in the White House, such as JFK before. If Bush doesn't die in office, impeachment is also possible. Bush, unlike Johnson, cannot avoid such a disgrace. He might be pressured to step down from office as a gesture to heal a nation torn apart over "his" version of Vietnam in Iraq.

--In 2008, a "Nixonian" Democrat wins one of the closest elections in history against Bush's (or President Cheney's) Vice President with scarcely a difference of 500,000 popular votes.

--This Democrat president, (who spent 8 years learning "her" presidential trade in the Clinton White House) struggles with a Republican-run House and Senate over policy.

--"She" is burdened with getting out of the Iraq quagmire of "her" predecessor. This "Nixon"/Hillary Clinton is eventually successful. The troops come home. She wins a landslide election for a second term in 2012.

--"She" also has great success in global affairs and some in domestic affairs, but "her" potential for greatness is undermined by her darker side. She wants to get even with her "Right Wing" enemies who conspired to undermine her husband's presidency.

--If she doesn't learn the lessons of Nixon, her presidency could fall by way of another Watergate conspiracy, or a conundrum caused by the "First Gentleman"--her husband Bill Clinton--and she leaves office in disgrace.


Will History repeat itself? Only if we don't learn our lessons. Thus, America will go through something like this again in the 2040s and each time the echo of karma is much worse than the last.


John Hogue
Rogue Scholar/Author

PS--My next bulletin will explain why G. W. Bush will win reelection in 2004 and perhaps I'll include an update of Nostradamus' prophecies for the Iraq war as seen after the much ballyhooed US transfer of political power to the Iraqi provisional government by 30 June 2004.



Vedic Prophecies
by Lilesvara dasa

May 07, 2004 5:29 PM

Vedic Prophecies are prophecies that are written in the Vedas. Vedas are exhaustive scriptures of people who follow Hinduism. Each Vedic literature contains several sections and thousands of hymns. These hymns especially in Rig Veda are considered to be at least 6000-8000 years old. Vedas are originally written in Sanskrit, mother of all languages. They are believed to be revealed scriptures because they are considered to be divine origin. Since there are innumerable Vedic prophecies, I have only included major ones here.

The Prophecies listed are from the beginning of Kali Yuga (Age of quarrel, or Age of darkness). Just like there are seasons in the year, Vedic literature states that there are also seasons in the Universe. According to Vedic Scriptures, the current season (Kali Yuga – Age of quarrel or Age of Iron) began on February 20, 3102 B.C. It will last for 432,000 years. Of this only 5,000 years have elapsed leaving us with 427,000 years till end of this age. Then, another season (Satya Yuga – Age of truthfulness, Golden Age) will began which will last for 1,728,000 years. But it is also written that in this age of quarrel, there will be 10,000 years of Golden age where there will be one religion and one thought. Peace and harmony will flourish on the planet.

It is a general belief in Vedic Scriptures that birth of different religions at different time and place are part of a master divine plan to deliver the living entities from the ocean of birth and death. Furthermore, it is believed that God sends his pure devotee or comes Himself to teach people of that time and place only what they’re able to understand. So, it might seem that all of the major religions of the world differ practically on everything, but it is not so. Jesus Christ and Mohammed were sent to establish non-Vedic dharma and to put a degraded civilization back on the track of God Consciousness.

With our feeble mind we have a tendency to think of God and his wonderful activities in terms of only hundreds or thousands of years. We sometimes forget that it is Time that destroys everything and that Time is present during creation as well as during destruction of the Universe. Divine plans are written in Ages and not in hundreds or thousands of years. Most of these Vedic Prophecies are taken from the book, Vedic Prophecies by Stephen Knapp.


Vedic Timeline
(The timeline describes major events as foretold in the Vedic Literature, which have or which will take place)

February 20, 3102 B.C. - Kali-yuga (Age of quarrel) begins - Length of age: 432,000 years - Characteristics: Decline in religious principles
??? BC - Age of Pisces begins (Nobody knows the exact date)
623 BC - Birth of Lord Buddha (Buddhism - Voidism)
6 or 7 BC - Birth of Jesus Christ (Christianity – Love of God)
571 AD - Birth of Mohammed (Islam – Impersonal philosophy, i.e. God has no form)
788 AD - Birth of Sankaracharya (Incarnation of Lord Shiva – Impersonal philosophy)
1469 AD - Birth Guru Nanak (Sikhism)
1485 AD - Birth of Caitanya Mahaprabhu (Taught Personal philosophy – Love of God)
1896 AD - Birth of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
(Start beginning of the new religion for the Age of Aquarius)
1898 AD - 5,000 years after beginning of Kali-yuga – Transition period for new Golden Age (10,000 years) begins – Characteristic: one religion,one thought, peace & harmony.
20th Century - End of Monarchy, Communism, Dictatorship, Imperialism, and slavery in most of the parts of the world. Beginning of New Technological age (Age of Aquarius is characterized as usage of Hi-Tech items). End of mainstream religion and medicine started. People are getting more Earth Conscious.
21st century (??? AD) - Wherever destructive, and dual ideas are still flourishing, it will end in 21st century. Mauritania and Sudan are two African countries still known to practice slavery. Monarchies in Middle East will end with WWIII. British Monarchy will also end. Communism will end in Cuba when Fidel Castro dies. Communism in China will end with WWIII. End of all major religions - Beginning of new age, one religion, one thought, peace and harmony for 10,000 years
2160 AD?? - Age of Aquarius begins (Nobody knows the exact date)
~11000 AD - End of Golden Age. Full force of Kali Yuga will take over for reminder of Kali Yuga (~ 417,000 years). No holy sites, no religion, No God left on the surface of the Earth.
429,000 AD - End of Kali Yuga. Lord Kalki will take birth and the dawn of Satya Yuga (Age of Truth – Golden Age) will began. It will last for 1,728,000 years.

Characteristics of Age of Kali

In the Beginning of Kali-yuga age,Kali

Bhavishya Purana (1.4.16):
People would be reduced in their duration of life and would be inpatient, angry, and always disturbed. They will become overly attracted to the temporary glitter of materialism, reducing their ability to attain spiritual understanding.

Padma Purana (7.26.15-17):
In Kali-Yuga, which is the abode of sins, everyone is involved in sinful activities. They censure the Vedas, or spiritual truths, and engage in gambling and stealing. Brahmanas (Priests) will act fraudulently for a livelihood. Everyone will be addicted to women, sex, and intoxicating liquors. They will be stealing others’ wealth. Heretics and atheists will become prominent.

Padma Purana (3.7.13-14):
Men born in Kali-yuga will posess little luster and will be wrathful, greedy, untruthful, and be filled with jealousy, pride, anger, deceit, and malice.

Coming changes during Kali-yuga (3102 BC and onwards)

Srimad Bhagavatam (12.3.39-40)
In the age of Kali, people’s minds will always be agitated. They will become emaciated by famine and taxation, and will always be disturbed by fear and drought. They will lack adequate clothing, food, and drink, will be unable to rest properly, have sex or bathe themselves, and will have no ornaments to decorate their bodies. In fact, the people of Kali-yuga will gradually come to appear like ghostly, haunted creatures.

Disappearance of religiosity:

Srimad Bhagavatam (12.3.24-25):
By the time the age of Kali begins, there will remain only 25 percent of all religious principles. As Kali-yuga unfolds, religious principles will decrease continuously until they all are finally destroyed. Atheism will become prominent in society.

Srimad Bhagavatam (12.3.38):
… uncultured men will pose as being affiliated with God and will accept charity and earn livelihood by making a show of being a spiritual authority. Such imposters will sit on a high seat and speak on religious topics, although they know nothing about true spirituality and cannot offer any real guidance.

Srimad Bhagavatam (58.44-45, 50):
… Saintly men will withdraw and keep aloof from the rest of society …. In the age of Kali, there will be wicked persons in the guise of sages …

Linga Purana (40.5):
Those who are expected to be qualified, such as teachers, priests, and brahmanas, will be defective.

Srimad Bhagavatam (12.2.4-5):
People will view the spiritual position by someone merely by the external dress and symbols he wears, and by that standard people will change from one spiritual discipline or rank to the next.

Narada Purana (1.41.44):
Brahmanas or chuchmen will be greedy for money, and will take away the wealth of good men and pious widows, but will perform no holy observances.

Golden age of kali will start 5,000 years after the age of Kali begins. This will last for 10,000 years, after which the full force of Kali-yuga will be felt. Then, roughly 15,000 years after the age of Kali begins, the Ganges, Yamuna and other sacred rivers should hide under the earth and wait to appear at the beginning of the next Satya-yuga (427,000 years from now).

Srimad Bhagavatam (12.2.6):
All of the sacred holy places will disappear. Later in Kali-yuga a sacred place will be considered as no more than a lake or river located some distance away.

Padma Purana (6.71.56-60):
As Kali-yuga unfolds, brahmanas [spiritual teachers and ministers] become heretics and engrossed in impious acts. They will not say their prayers or chant mantras, and will give up their vows ….

Relations between people:

Srimad Bhagavatam (12.3.37):
Men will become so demanding in their attempt to satisfy their genitals that they will be controlled by women….

Sirmad Bhagavatam (12.3.34):
Women will become much shorter. They will lose all shyness, speak harshly, and engage in thievery, deceit, and bold audacity. They will eat too much and have more children than they can properly care for.

Narada Purana (1.41.79-80):
In Kali-yuga women will be self-supporting. Even women of noble families will be unfaithful to their husbands.

Vishnu Purana (Book Four, chapter 38):
Women will increasingly become ever fond of pleasure and follow whatever inclinations they have. They will become fickle-minded, short, and gluttonous. They will be selfish and untidy in appearance and habits. Arrangements of one’s hair will be all that women [or men] have to prompt their pride of beauty because, as Kali-yuga advances, there will be no more gold, jewels, diamonds, or fancy clothes with which to decorate themselves.

Padma Purana (7.26.25-27):
…. In Kali-yuga people will be wicked, even selling their daughters …

Note: In 3rd world countries, people do sell their daughters and sons to stay alive.


Major Incarnations
{Everything in Italics is written in Sanskrit}.


Srimad Bhagavatam 1.3.24
Tatah kalau sampravrtteSammohaya sura-dvisam
Buddho namnanjana-sutahKikatesu bhavisyati

Then, in the beginning of Kali-yuga, the Lord will appear as Lord Buddha, the son of Anjana, in the province of Gaya, just for the purpose of deluding those who are envious of the faithful theist." -


Christ Following is taken from the book, Jesus Lived in India (Holger Kersten 1986 &1994.)

Jesus was mentioned in the Vedic literatures more than 3000+ years before he appeared.

ekadaa tu shakadhisho himatungari samaayayau
hunadeshasya madhye vai giristhan purusam shubhano
dadarsha balaram raajaa

Once upon a time the subduer of the Sakas went towards Himatunga and in the middle of the Huna country (Hunadesh - the area near Manasa Sarovara or Kailash mountain in Western Tibet), the powerful king saw an auspicious man who was living on a mountain. The man's complexion was golden and his clothes were white. (Bhavishya Purana 19:22.)

ko bharam iti tam praaha su hovacha mudanvitah
iishaa purtagm maam viddhi kumaarigarbha sambhavam

"The king asked, 'Who are you sir?' 'You should know that I am Isha Putra (the Son of God)'. he replied blissfully, and 'am born of a virgin.' "(Bhavishya Purana 19:23.)

mleccha dharmasya vaktaram satyavata paraayanam
iti srutva nrpa praaha dharmah ko bhavato matah

" 'I am the expounder of the religion of the Mlecchas (meat eaters, people who do not follow Vedic Principles) and I strictly adhere to the Absolute Truth.' Hearing this the king enquired, 'What are religious principles according to you opinion?' "(Bhavishya Purana 19:24.)

shruto vaaca maharaja prapte satyasya amkshaye
nirmaaryaade mlechadesh mahiso 'ham samaagatah

"Hearing this questions of Salivahara, Isha putra said, 'O king, when the destruction of the truth occurred, I, Masiha the prophet, came to this country of degraded people where there are no rules and regulations. Finding that fearful irreligious condition of the barbarians spreading from Mleccha-Desha, I have taken to prophethood'." (Bhavishya Purana 19:25-26.)

mlecchasa sthaapito dharmo mayaa tacchrnu bhuupate
maanasam nirmalam krtva malam dehe subhaasbham
naiganam apamasthaya japeta nirmalam param
nyayena satyavacasaa manasyai kena manavah
dhyayena pujayedisham suurya-mandala-samsthitam
acaloyam prabhuh sakshat- athaa suuryacalah sada

"Please hear Oh king which religious principles I have established among the mlecchas. The living entity is subject to good and bad contaminations. The mind should be purified by taking recourse of proper conduct and performance of japa. By chanting the holy names one attains the highest purity. Just as the immovable sun attracts, from all directions, the elements of all living beings, the Lord of the solar region, who is fixed and all-attractive, attracts the hearts of all living creatures. Thus by following rules, speaking truthful words, by mental harmony and by meditation, Oh descendant of Manu, one should worship that immovable Lord'." (Bhavishya Purana 19:27-30.)

isha muurtirt-dradi praptaa nityashuddha sivamkari
ishamasihah iti ca mama nama pratishthitam

"Having placed the eternally pure and auspicious form of the Supreme Lord in my heart, O protector of the earth planet, I preached these principles through the Mlecchas' own faith and thus my name became 'isha-masiha' (Jesus the Messiah)." (Bhavishya Purana 19:31.)

iti shrutra sa bhuupale natraa tam mlecchapujaam
sthaapayaamaasa tam tutra mlecchasthaane hi daarune

"After hearing these words and paying obeisances to that person who is worshipped by the wicked, the king humbly requested him to stay there in the dreadful land of Mlecchas." (Bhavishya Purana 19:32.)

svaraajyam praaptavaan raajaa hayamedhan cikirat
rajyam krtva sa sasthyabdam svarga lokamu paayayau

"King Salivahara, after leaving his kingdom performed an asvamedha yajna and after ruling for sixty years, went to heaven. Now please hear what happened when the king went to svargaloka." (Bhavishya Purana 19:33.)

Thus ends the second chapter entitled, "the age of Salivahara" of the story of Kali Yuga of the Caturyuga Khanda also called pratisarga-parva of the wonderful Bhavishya Maha Purana.

The following Sanskrit verses are taken directly from the Srimad Bhagavatam of Srila Vyasadeva, the original spiritual master, to support that what we are saying is coming from authorised the word of God that Bhavishya Purana is an authorised book written by Srila Vyasadeva.



Bhavishya Purana, Prati Sarg Parv III: 3, 3, Verse 5. The translation of Verses 5-27.
Translated by Dr. Vidyarthi

“A malechha (belonging to a foreign country and speaking foreign language) spiritual teacher will appear with his companions. His name will be Mahamad. Raja (King Bhoj) after giving this Mahadev Arab (of angelic disposition) a bath in the 'Panchgavya' and the Ganges water, (i.e. purging him of all sins) offered him the presents of his sincere devotion and showing him all reverence said, 'I make obeisance to thee.' 'O Ye! the pride of mankind, the dweller in Arabia, Ye have collected a great force to kill the Devil and you yourself have been protected from the malechha opponents (idol worshipers, pagans).' ‘O Ye! the image of the Most Pious God the biggest Lord, I am a slave to thee, take me as one lying on thy feet.' “The Malechhas have spoiled the well-known land of the Arabs. Arya Dharma is not to be found in that country. Before also there appeared a misguided fiend whom I had killed [note: e.g., Abraha Al-Ashram, the Abyssinian viceroy of Yemen, who attacked Mecca]; he has now again appeared being sent by a powerful enemy. To show these enemies the right path and to give them guidance the well-known Mahamad (Mohammad), who has been given by me the epithet of Brahma is busy in bringing the Pishachas to the right path. O Raja! You need not go to the land of the foolish Pishachas, you will be purified through my kindness even where you are. At night, he of the angelic disposition, the shrewd man, in the guise of a Pishacha said to Raja Bhoj, "O Raja! Your Arya Dharma has been made to prevail over all religions, but according to the commandments of ‘Ashwar Parmatma (God, Supreme Spirit), I shall enforce the strong creed of the meat-eaters. My follower will be a man circumcised, without a tail (on his head), keeping beard, creating a revolution, announcing call for prayer and will be eating all lawful things. He will eat all sorts of animals except swine. They will not seek purification from the holy shrubs, but will be purified through warfare. Because of their fighting the irreligious nations, they will be known as Musalmans (Muslims). I shall be the originator of this religion of the meat-eating nation."


Lord Siva

Impersonalist Philosophy: Teaches that the material world is false. The impersonal Brahman, or great white light, is truth. One merges back into the Brahman, where there are no activities or spiritual characteristics, after giving up the ego or bodily consciousness. Lord Shiva completely rejected most of the Vedic literature and created impersonalist philosophy by word jugglery and convinced others by grammatical arguments. Like Buddha, he refused to answer question about the origin of the cosmos.

Padma Purana (6.236.5-12)
Shiva explains to his wife Parvati, that he will appear in the age of Kali (Known as Age of quarrel, begins at February 3020B.C.) to proclaim that the Buddhist doctrine is a false religion and illusory. He would propound the mayavada or impersonalist philosophy.

He explained, “The philosophy of Maya (impersonalist) is a wicked doctrine and is pseudo-Buddhist. In the form of a brahmana (priestly caste) I will proclaim this doctrine in Kali-yuga….”

Note: Shankaracharya (A.D. 788-820), also known as Shankara (Lord Shiva), was born of a South Indian brahmana (priestly class) family in the town of Kaladi on the banks of the Periyar river. When Shankara appeared, Buddhism had spread throughout India. It had been patronized by Emperor Ashoka in the 3rd Century B.C. and the followers of Buddhism had given up Vedas (Hindu holy books).

This shows that he was part of the divine plan to ultimately bring humanity on the level of worship personal form of God (theism).


Guru Nanak (Founder of Sikhism)

In the Hindu epic the RIG VEDA
(i) In Mandala 7, Ush 5, Mantra 5 and Chapter 6
"when in the world the sinful ways will be on the rise and noble behavior will vanish, as the disappearance of the moon when on its wane on the darkest night, there will appear Vishnu as a prominent Prophet from the Keshatra Clan and will manifest in consecutive form through 10 Prophets to bring back the ways of virtue to the ailing world."

(ii) In the same Vedas, in another part even in the name NANAK and the clan he belongs to is recorded thus –
"For the preaching of religious ways and the earning of good karma, there will manifest Guru NANAK from the clan of the Veithees"

Note: Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh Faith, was born in Nankana Sahib near Lahore now in Pakistan in 1469 and breathed his last in 1539 at the age of 70. There were 9 other gurus (Prophets) that consecutively followed his lineage, all receiving Divine revelations but only under his name NANAK without attributing any such revelatory passages to their own names. Guru NANAK was one of the few, if not the only prophet who traveled widely outside the country of his birth, throughout the then known world. Before he died he is credited to have made millions of followers within the ranks of the Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists and those with no previous religious leanings.


Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu: (To propound the personal philosophy of God.
Rejected impersonalist philosophy).

In the Atharva Veda, the Supreme Person says:
I will descend on the earth after the passage of four thousand years in the Kali-Age, [kalau chatuh sahasrabdhopari] and before the passage of five thousand years [pancha sahasra abhyantare]. I will come on the earth on the bank of the Ganges, [tira-sthah alakanandayah]. I will be a tall and saintly Brahmana devotee. I will have all the auspicious symptoms of an exalted person [dirghangah sarva-laksana-yuktah].

I will exhibit renunciation. I will have all auspicious signs. I will be a devotee, practicing bhakti yoga. I will taste the rasa (love) of My own devotional service.

In the Sama Veda, the Supreme Lord says:
I shall come to the earth, accompanied by My associates, in a place by the bank of the Ganges. I will advent to save the people who are afflicted and devoured by the sins of the age of Kali. I will manifest as an Avadhut Brahman Sannyasi.

Bhavishya Purana:
“The Supreme Lord said: In Kali-yuga, I will appear as the son of Saci, and inaugurate the sankirtana (chanting of the holy name) movement. There is no doubt about this.”

Note: Caitanya Mahaprabhu appeared on this planet on 1485 AD as it was predicted as son of Saci.


Birth of Lord Kalki: (Future)

Lord Kalki appears at end of Kali-yuga to usher in the Satya Yuga, the final Age of Truth which lasts 1,728,000 yearsSrimad-Bhagavatam 1:3:25
athasau yuga-sandhyayam dasyu-prayesu rajasu
janita visnu-yasasonamna kalkir jagat-patih

"Thereafter, at the conjunction of two yugas, the Lord of the creation will take His birth as the Kalki incarnation and become the son of Visnu Yasa. At this time the rulers of the earth will have degenerated into plunderers”.

He is to appear at the conjunction of the two yugas, namely at the end of Kali-yuga (Age of quarrel) and the beginning of Satya-yuga (Age of Religiosity). The cycle of the four yugas, namely Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali, rotates like the calendar months…. Therefore at the end of this period, the incarnation of Kalki will take place, as foretold in the Srimad-Bhagavatam. The name of His father, Visnu Yasa, a learned brahmana, and the village Sambhala are also mentioned.

Srimad Bhagavatam 2.7.38:
yarhyaalayeshv api sataam na hareh kathaah syuh
paashandino dvija-jana vrshalaa nrdevaah
svaaha svadha vashabhiti sma giro na yatra

shaastaa bhavishyati kaler bhagavan yugante

"Thereafter, at the end of Kali-Yuga, when there exists no topics on the subject of God, even at the residents of so-called saints & respectable gentlemen of the three higher castes and when the power of government is transferred to the hands of ministers elected from the low-born sudra class, and when nothing is known of the techniques of sacrifice, even by word, at that time the Lord will appear as the Supreme chastiser."

Srimad Bhagavatam 12.2.18:
sambhala-grama-mukhasya brahmanasya mahttmanah bhavane vishnuyashasah kalki
pradur bhavishyati

"Lord Kalki will appear in the home of the most eminent Brahmin of Shambhala village, the great soul Vishnuyasha."

Srimad Bhagavatam 12.2.19-20:
ashvam ashugam aruhya devadattam jagatpatih asinasadhu-damanam ashtair
aishwarya-gunanvitah vicharan nashuna kshaunyam hayenapratima-dyutih
nrpa-linga-chchado dasyun kotisho nihanishyatih

"Lord Kalki, the Lord of the universe, will mount His swift horse Devadatta
and sword in hand, travel over the earth exhibiting His eight mystic
opulence & eight special qualities of Godhead. Displaying His unequalled
effulgence and riding with great speed, He will kill by the millions those
thieves who have dared as kings."

[Notice the same description is given in the Bible as written below]

Revelations (19.11-16 & 19.21):
“And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, but no man knew but he himself. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. And the armies, which were in heaven, followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army. And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast live into a lake of fire burning with brimstone. And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat on the horse.”

At the end of Kali-yuga no one will know His name since only within 10,000 years from now religion will be wiped out from the face of this earth so what to speak of 427,000 thousand years from now. No on will have the slightest expectation of Him or His appearance. No one will know His name. And His army of brahmanas will be as pure as if they had descended from heaven. He will kill all of the miscreants and will deliver few saintly people from the present conditions of the earth, changing it back to the Golden Age of Satya-yuga.

In this regard, Revelations (14.1-3) says:

“And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb [a typical symbol for the Divine or an incarnation of the Divine] stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads. And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps; And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.”

One significant description in the above verses is that those who are redeemed from the earth will have God’s name written on their foreheads. This is a widespread custom of the Vaisnava brahmans in India to write the name of God, such as Vishnu or Krishna, on their foreheads. This is usually put on with clay made from the banks of a holy river (ex: Ganges and Sarasvati). It is applied in the middle of the forehead in the shape of a “V” which represent the name of God (Vishnu), and that the body is a temple of God. The mark is made while reciting a mantra, “Om Keshavaya namah,” which means “Salutations to Lord Keshava,” another name of Krishna or Vishnu. So when last of the society will be delivered from the earth during the end times, they will be those who wear the name of God on their foreheads.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 9:16:33 Purport:
… But at the end of Kali-yuga the entire population will consist of mlecchas because no one will follow the Vedic principles. At that time the incarnation Kalki will appear. He will kill all the mlecchas indiscriminately with his sword."

Note: Today village of Shambhala doesn’t exist anywhere in India or any other part of the world. But according to Hollow Earth Theorist, the city of Shambhala is currently located in the inner world. Hollow earth theory summary: The crux of the hollow earth theory is that the earth is a shell with walls about 800 miles thick. In the North and South Pole, there are holes 1400 miles across, with edges that curve smoothly from the outside of the shell around to the inside. A sear or surface traveler could proceed over an edge of the hole, like an ant crawling over the lip of a coffee mug from the outside to the inside, and not be aware that he was actually entering the interior of the earth. Bernard explains that the holes have never been seen from the air because pilots are fooled by their compasses into believing that they are crossing the pole, when they are actually following the hole's "magnetic rim". There are numerable examples in Buddhist and Hindu Holy Scriptures regarding the Hollow Earth and the area known as Shambhala. It is only logical; since everybody on the surface of our planet will be atheist and sinful activities to the grossest limits will be awaken in peoples’ hearts. Then, the only logical place for God to take birth will be in the inner world where religion will exist continuously. It is said that one can go to inner world from Mammoth caves of Kentucky, Himalayas, and from many other places in the world.

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Century 1, Quatrain 96
A man will be charged with destroying the temple and religions altered by fantasy. He will harm the rocks rather than the living [believers]. Ears filled with ornate speeches. The man will be an eloquent religious revolutionary. The man mentioned will strike out against traditional rock-like dogmas, earning the unified wrath of the world's organized religions.

Bhaktivinode Thakura predicted in 1875:
“A personality will soon appear to preach the teaching of Lord Caitanya and move unrestrictedly over the whole world with His message”.

Chanting of the Holy Name

Divyaprabhanda 1:10
Forty-six years before the beginning of Kali-yuga, Vishnuchittha, one of the twelve great Vaishnava saints of the Sri Sampradaya predicted:

"There will come a race which will tread the Earth with raised hands and vertical tilaka on their foreheads, who will chant the names of Hari (God); this will destroy the influence of Kali."
Note: The Hare Krishna devotees today chant with raised hands and vertical tilaka on their foreheads.

Prophecy of the Golden Age (1ast for 10,000 years)
from the Brahma Vaivarta Purana
By Jahnava Nitai Das

The following verses from the Brahma-vaivarta Purana that were spoken by Lord Krishna to Mother Ganga (Ganges) just before the beginning of Kali yuga (the age of quarrel and strife). Kali yuga began on February 20, 3102 BC, and it has a duration of 432,000 years, leaving us with 427,000 till the end of the present age. Within this 432,000 year period, there is a period of 10,000 years that will be a golden age. That golden age is being described below by Lord Sri Krishna. This text is taken from the Brahma-vaivarta Purana.

Text 49
Ganges said: O protector, Supreme enjoyer, on your departure for the perfect abode, Goloka, thereafter what will be my situation in the age of Kali?

Text 50
The blessed Lord said: On the earth 5,000 years of kali will be sinful and sinners will deposit their sins in you by bathing.

Comments: Kali Yuga began on 3102 BC. Therefore, 5,000 years finished on 1898 AD. Beginning of 20th century marked the cleansing process by way WWI and WWII. When too much bad Karma (Killing of innocent animals, intoxication, illicit sex, and gambling) is accumulated, major international disaster is a way of cleansing the Earth of sinful activity. Now we are on the eve of WWIII where bad Karma accumulated for last 60 years will be cleansed.

Text 51
Thereafter by the sight and touch of those who worship me by my mantra, all those sins will be burnt.

Text 52
There will be chanting of the name of Hari (God) and reading of the [Bhagavata] Purana. Reaching such a place, attentively hear.

Text 55
O Ganges, the whole planet will become a pilgrimage sight by the presence of My devotees, even though it had been sinful.

Text 59
For 10,000 years of kali such devotees of mine will fill the whole planet. After the departure of My devotees there will only be one varna [outcaste].

Text 60
Devoid of My devotees, the earth will be shackled by kali. Saying this Krishna departed.

Comments: Here it is talking about Earth after 10,000 years. It is saying, there will be no more devotees left on the planet. In other words, no more religion.

12 Great Ages

Each of the 12 Great Ages (Ages refer to the signs of the Zodiac) last the same amount of time, about 2,160 years. This figure is based on 1/12th of the time for the precession of the equinox to make a complete cycle of about 25,920 years. In another words, it takes 25,920 years for our Sun to make a complete cycle, or 72 years for the precession to move 1 degree. Currently we’re in the Age of Pisces.

72 years x 360 degrees = 25,920 years for complete cycle
25,920 years 12 Ages = 2,160 years/age

Age of Pisces:
Excerpt from an Interview with Bob Zanotti from Swiss Radio International
, Bern (1999) on Change.

Age of Pisces started right around the time of birth of Lord Buddha. Age of Pisces energies was for separation, duality, selfishness, individuality and authority. We went through industrialism, wars, political and religious fanatism, etc.

This is the time we see appearance of so many different types of thoughts and ideas. Births of so many different religions and political ideas took place in different parts of the world. We see birth of impersonal philosophy (Islam); personal philosophy, voidism (Buddhism), communism, democracy, dictatorship, monarchy, colonization, slavery, and so forth appeared. At the end of age of Pisces, we will see one by one all ideas will come to close and only one thought will remain. It will bring universal peace.

Age of Aquarius:
Excerpt from an Interview with Bob Zanotti from Swiss Radio International
, Bern (1999) on Change.

Change is a universal law of nature. Everything is in a constant state of change and flux. Nothing remains as is. Stagnation means death.

We are currently living through major cosmic changes and these cosmic energies influence our world in every way. We are going through a change of the ages, from Pisces to Aquarius, and what we are literally experiencing is the destruction of the old world and the birth of a new world. We can say our planet is going through labor pains.

We are living through this chaos of change, some of us knowingly and others unknowingly depending on our state of consciousness.

The new energies of the aquarius age will see us going towards a world of harmony and unity on every level, of sharing, goodwill, group consciousness and globalization.

Age of Pisces energies was for separation, duality, selfishness, individuality and authority. The transition of the ages goes over a few hundred years, and during this time both the energies, which are contradictory, are influencing our planet and mankind. This explains the catastrophes, general chaos and personal upheavals.

20th century is considered to be a transition period between two ages. Many things have come to close in 20th century. For example, we saw fall of Monarchies, fall of communism, fall of dictatorship, fall of colonization, and fall of empires worldwide. These ideas are contradictory in the Age of Aquarius. We also saw slavery ended worldwide. Wherever it is flourishing in Africa it will end in 21st century.

In 21st century we will see end of communism in China, Cuba, and other parts of the world. Many dictators have been killed, assassinated, or removed. The most recent as we all know is Saddam Hussain. We will also see end of Monarchies in Saudi Arabia, and Syria. It has been predicted that English Monarchy will also end.

In the last 30 years, we saw people get into Occult, mysticism, Karma, Transcendental Meditation, and other Eastern thoughts. We saw movies like Harry Potter and shows like Charmed, X-Files, and so forth become popular. This is the beginning of integration of human thoughts and ideas in formation of one religion.

We will also see end of major world religions, and only one religion/idea will remain.

End of all major religions foretold (21st century)

From the book 1000 for 2000
, by John Hogue


Islam will fall after a man walks on the lamp of the night [the Moon]

Arghati Prophecy (centuries ago)
Men will increasingly neglect their souls …. The greatest corruption will reign on earth. Men will become like bloodthirsty animals, thirsting for the blood of their brothers. The Crescent [Islam] will become obscured and its followers will descent into lies and perpetual warfare.


Thirteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet, (1932) Final Declaration
The holders of the faith, the glorious rebirths, will be broken down and left without a name. As regards the monasteries and priesthood, their lands and other properties will be destroyed.

Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet (c. 1980)
Most probably I am the last [Dalai Lama]. Nothing wrong. When there is no longer any benefit, then naturally the Dalai Lama ceases to be.

Note: It has been predicted by Buddhist Prophets that after Dalai Lama has been dethroned and after 2500 years of Buddhism, it will end. Buddhism is already 2500 years old, and Dalai Lama has been dethroned for last 50 some years. He has been exiled in India ever since China occupied Tibet. Currently, China is building railroad to Tibet to integrate it into China.


Prophecy of St. Malachy (c. 1140)
During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there shall sit Petrus Romanus [Peter of Rome], who shall feed the sheep amid great tribulations, and when these have passed, the City of the Seven Hills shall be utterly destroyed, and the awful Judge will judge the people.

St. Malachy predicted that there would be 112 Popes until Doomsday. Pope John Paul II is named as Pope 110 and is in failing health.

Nostradamus (1555) Century 5 Quatrain 49
Not from Spain, but from ancient France, will be elected for the trembling ship [the papacy]. He will make a promise to the enemy who will cause great plague during his reign.


Cheiro’s world predictions

The cycle of Pisces, nearly two thousand years ago, ushered in the dawn of Christianity. Its period in the Precession of the Equinox is 2,150 years – it has nearly run its course.

Nostradamus (1557)
Epistle to Henry II

The Protestants will be entirely undone in all of Europe and part of Africa by the Islamics.

Conditions at the End of Kali-yuga
(Kali-yuga lasts for 432
,000 years of which only 5,000 years have elapsed)

Narada Purana (1.41.64-65):
At the end of Kali-yuga, five-year-old girls will give birth, but the maximum age of life will be only sixteen years. They will call boys up to seven or eight years youth, and old age will be anything beyond that.

Padma Purana (7.26.32-34):
Because of the wicked deeds of people, they will completely perish within ten to twelve years.

Linga Purana (40.26-73):
… Beasts of prey will become violent, and germs, mice, and serpents will torment men …. rain will be sparse and earth will have a short supply of useful of water and few fruits …. Earth will have no kings, riches, or food grains …. spiritual or Vedic texts will no longer exist …. people will be afflicted with fear as anarchy spreads …. People will be suspicious of each other …. Due to lack of rain, nothing will grow and they will give up agriculture. They will be force to live near rivers and oceans. They will live on whatever meat, roots, and fruits they can find …. People will be stunted in growth and will be forced to war tree barks, leaves, and skins.

Vayu purana (58.42, 52, 54, 55, 61-62):
Government administrators will be merely thieves and robbers …. Society will be full of foul conduct …. Men will be a minority and there will be many women …. People will be sickly and will have little strength …. Earth will be desolate with only scattered groups of people in the cities [obviously living among the ruins] …. Abundance and good health will be rare …. Spiritual knowledge and holy rites will have disappeared …. Worms, mice, and serpents will gain strength and size [Since everybody will live shorter lives, and nothing will grow, it seems that at the end of Kali-yuga we will have return of the stone age people]

Linga Purana (40.19-25):
…. Number of cows will decline and good men will disappear from all areas of society [This may mean that such men will live outside society, underground, or in mountain caves or will be living in a higher consciousness and on a higher vibratory level by which they simply disappear from the view of ordinary men].

Srimad Bhagvataam(12.2.12-16):
All true religious principle will have been destroyed or will have disappeared near the end of Kali-yuga. Religion will be atheistic …. physical size of all creatures will be much smaller. Even plants and herbs will be tiny. Trees will be dwarfed, thus providing no fruit or shade …. What few cows are left will be like goats….There will be continuous darkness, bad weather, earthquakes, and disasters .... All human beings will be no better than Asses.



by Michael McClellan


Iraq's Mehdi Army (MA) was created in the summer of 2003, prompted by radical Iraqi cleric Moqtada Sadr, who preached in his sermons the need for a new force. Taking its name from Mehdi - the "promised one" in Islam - the militia is fiercely loyal to its religious founder. Muqtada al-Sadr Osama bin Laden U.S. military intelligence experts are studying a video clip of Osama bin Laden in which he stands before a dry-erase board with an Arabic phrase written upon it – "awaited enlightened one." The video raises the question of whether bin Laden sees himself as the Mahdi.




FOREWARD: from September 8, 2003 -

The Hadith, a collection of Islamic holy writings that supplement the Quran, predicts a messianic figure will arise in the last days of history. This "Mahdi," along with the "Prophet Jesus," will lead the believers to victory over the infidels ...

Muslim believers – both Sunni and Shiite – expect the Mahdi to return one day to restore justice to the world. This messenger is not as great as Muhammad, but is a messianic figure found in all branches of Islam ... The Hadith says the Mahdi will be recognizable, among other things, by the fact that he carries the name of the Prophet.

"Al Mahdi" is supposed to appear at a time when Muslim believers are severely oppressed in every corner of the world. He will fight the oppressors, unite the Muslims, bring peace and justice to the world, rule over the Arabs, and lead a prayer in Mecca at which Jesus will be present ...

The Mahdi is one of two positive prophetic figures who, according to Islamic teachings, will appear at the end of time – Prophet Jesus being the other. Together, these two will combat unbelievers and the forces of evil: the antichrist-like Dajjal, or "Deceiver"; the Dabbah, or "Beast"; and the murderous, rapacious hordes of Yajuj wa-Majuj, who appear earlier in the Bible as "Gog and Magog."

The description of the Mahdi that emerges from these Islamic sources can be summarized as follows: he will be descended from the Prophet via his daughter Fatima; he will have the same name as the Prophet, and his father's name will have been the same as the Prophet's father; he will have a distinct forehead and prominent nose; he will be extremely generous and altruistic; he will arise in Arabia and be compelled by popular acclamation in Mecca to lead the Muslims; he will withstand attack by an army from Syria, which will be swallowed up by the desert; he will fill the earth with justice and equity; he will reign for five, seven or nine years, perhaps as co-ruler with Jesus (after which, an unspecified amount of time later, the last trumpet will sound and the final judgment will ensue) ...


April 8, 2004 (UPDATED April 24, 2004, 6:26 PM EDT) - There are two men in the Middle East seeking to fulfill this Islamic prophecy. One is so pretentious he has named his private army of followers "the Mehdi army," thus, in so doing, laying claim that he is the long-awaited al-Mahdi. The other is clever and calculating, still hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan. His claim to infame was the destruction of the World Trade Centre in New York. His claim to "messiah-hood" has been the addition of the name "Muhammad" to his signature.

So, who is the real Mahdi? I suspect neither is.

According to KL's website, The Future Is For Islam, which I will shortly add below to my links to favourite sites, "throughout the history of Islam, a few individuals -- driven either by the desperate state of Muslims in their community or a selfish pursuit of power and prestige -- laid claim to being Mahdi and found a following among the uninformed masses, looking for salvation from heavens."

It appears that, once again, "a few individuals" are attempting to realise the vision by forcing the hand of destiny.

The fact that "he will be tall with a fair complexion, having a broad forehead and an aquiline nose, with a mole on his right cheek" would tend to eliminate the stout, short, Iraqi Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr right off the bat. But it does seem almost applicable to Osama bin Laden, save for one detail: his complexion is swarthy, not fair.

Funny, too, isn't it, that "the Great Monarch" of France who appears in so many Catholic and European prophecies as a latter-day Charlemagne and victor over Islamic aggressors in Europe, is also described as being "tall with a fair complexion, having a broad forehead and an aquiline nose."

Will this be a real person or have we, through various prophecies from East and West, merely tapped into a universal archetype of "the hero?"

One more thing that is in Bin Laden's favour from an Islamic standpoint, according to Mahdi 'Alayhis Salaam: Allah's Khalifah by Sheikh Moulana Sayyid Muhammed Bidre-Aalimra and translated, edited, and published by Mufti Abdullah ibn Abdurahmaan:

"If you see the Black Banners coming from Khurasan (current day Afghanistan) go to them immediately, even if you must crawl over ice, because indeed amongst them is the Caliph, Al Mahdi."

Bin Laden's base of operations has long been in Afghanistan and the "Black Banners" were associated with the Taliban (and possibly the "new Taliban"). Bin Laden is also around the age of 40, the age the Mahdi will supposedly be when he is revealed to the world. Al-Sadr, who has never been in Afghanistan, is 30.

Still, it seems to me unlikely that Bin Laden is the al Mahdi. Would any authentic Mahdi stoop to such trickery as this?:


from Is bin Laden the 'Mahdi'? Some Muslim followers believe he is prophesied 'awaited enlightened one' - September 8, 2003 -

Interestingly, since the end of 2001, bin Laden has been signing his name "Osama bin Muhammad bin Laden," rather than just Osama bin Laden. This is significant, reports G2 Bulletin, because it gives the al-Qaida leader an apocalyptic dimension. The Hadith says the Mahdi will be recognizable, among other things, by the fact that he carries the name of the Prophet.


So, if neither al-Sadr or bin Laden are the al Mahdi, is it possible that either fulfills prophecy, Islamic or otherwise, in some other manner?

From KL's website again:

Among the signs preceding Imam Mahdi, is the appearance of the Sufyaani. The Sufyaani will emerge before the Mahdi from the depths of Damascus ...The Ahadith regarding the Sufyaani specify that he is a tyrant who will spread corruption and mischief on the earth before the Mahdi. He will be such a tyrant that he will kill the children and rip out the bellies of women. The Sufyaani will murder those from the household of the Prophet and will rule over Syria. When he hears about the Mahdi, he will send an army to seize and kill him.

However, according to KL, the physical characteristics of this evil predecessor do not even come close to matching the physical appearances of al-Sadr or bin Laden (he will have a large head, a pockmarked face, and white spots in his eyes). Also, al-Sadr comes from Iran, not Syria, and bin Laden from Saudi Arabia.

It is possible that this Sufyaani character may be another Saddam Hussein: an Arab leader who will come to power in Syria after the US-Israeli destruction of Assad, one that will be supported by Western Europe and perhaps the United States. Saddam was used as a weapon against Iran in the 1980s. Perhaps this Sufyaani will be used against al-Sadr's 10,000-strong, someday to be 100,000-strong, Mehdi army in Iraq and against Iran and the "Black Banners" of a new Taliban in Afghanistan (a 100,000-strong Iraq army is prophesied in the Hadith to be destroyed by the Western-supported Sufyaani). This would serve Israeli, EU, and US interests assuredly. But he will turn out to be an uncontrollable monster and slaughter innocents in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, and other places as also prophesied in the Hadith.

NEWS FLASH: Sadr aided by largest Shi'ite militia

SPECIAL TO WORLD TRIBUNE.COM - Wednesday, April 14, 2004 - BAGHDAD – The Mahdi Army has received support from the largest Shi'ite militia in Iraq. U.S. officials said the Mahdi Army loyal to Iranian-aligned cleric Moqtada Sadr has obtained the assistance of the much larger Badr militia. Badr has been described as a 30,000-member force formed by the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq ... for rest of article, go to Sadr aided by largest Shi'ite militia.

Then again, according to KL, Saddam Hussein was the Sufyaani, or rather, a Sufyaani archetype. His 8-year war with Iran, slaughter of thousands of Iraqi Kurds and Shiites, and invasion of Kuwait are part of what is prophesied this figure will do. Then again, is it possible that Saddam will no longer remain a US captive and go on to fulfill the rest of the Sufyaani's destiny?

Here is what is being predicted: "a victory parade in Jerusalem with liberated Saddam Hussein at the lead. This will follow after a war in Syria and the assassination of King Abdullah of Jordan. There will also be an assassination attempt against a high-ranking Egyptian official."

This could explain my dream visions that Saddam would not only survive last year's war, but also lead new attacks against pro-Western Arab states and Western military forces. Seems impossible now, but who can say?

I confess that I am a bit unclear as to exactly where this Sufyaani first appears. KL says Syria in some places and Iraq in others. The latter would not only favour Saddam as being this figure, but al-Sadr as well. I bring this up because it has been reported that "Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has warned neighbouring Kuwait to end the U.S. military presence at bases within the emirate" or face a possible invasion.

In any event, if Muqtada al-Sadr and Osama bin Laden appear anywhere, it is in Western prophecy.

Al-Sadr may be none other than "the bloody Alus" and "the black and angry one" (black-bearded and black-turbaned) who appears in Nostradamus' Quatrain 6.33. Or Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may still be "the bloody Alus," but al-Sadr, as "the black and angry one," will pick up the pieces in Iraq after the defeat of Syria by driving out the United States with his ever-growing Mahdi army. He may even become the one called the "leader of Persia" by the prophet Daniel due to the massive support he is receiving from Iran.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is now in a precarious situation

Quatrain 6.33

His last hand through the bloody Alus,
His protection by sea will not be guaranteed:
Between two rivers, dreading the military hand,
The black and angry one will make him repent.

Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has threatened neighbouring Kuwait

And who might this "He" be? I have long felt that this applies to a US leader whose forces are trapped in a war in Iraq when "he" launches an air war against Syria, perhaps in concert with an Israeli attack. "He" may also be one of the good "great Arab" figures that appears in Nostradamus' quatrains. This "he" may be General John Abizaid, the top US commander in Iraq and an Arab American. Perhaps Nostradamus, practising a bit of arcane medieval wit, decided to name General Abizaid "Alus": al-US. This at once Arabicises the USA (or US in this case) by adding the Arab "al": indicating the US being led by an Arab military commander: thus, Gen John Abizaid = al-US.

In a strange way, this makes the war an inter-Arab conflict.

And actually, it is, anyway. Once the US is driven out of Iraq or forced into a Lebanon-like withdrawal, you will see the region quickly become an inter-Arab, inter-Muslim war.

Crowds gather around burned-out cars in the Sadr City neighborhood of BaghdadThere may be yet another quatrain that is intended for this radical cleric, al-Sadr, one that I had long thought applied to Saddam Hussein:


Quatrain 9.74

Within the city of Fertsod, homicide,
Again and again many oxen plow, not to slaughter,
A return again to the honours of Diana,
And to Vulcan dead bodies to bury.


Much of Baghdad is now being called Sadr City -- the additional "r" bringing the name much closer to "Fertsod" than "Saddam" ever did. There is no question that this city is "homicidal" and becoming more so everyday. Technically, one could also call Fallujah "Sadr City" as well, I suppose. As for "Diana," attention has returned to her in a number of ways since the new violence in Iraq began: from the inquest into her death, revelations revealed in one of her letters, look-alike Sophie of Wessex gaining in popularity, the recent televising of photos taken after Diana's fatal car crash in Paris seven years ago and the subsequent controversy for having done so, to a general international reflection on the life and death of the princess.

As for the bodies commended to Vulcan, the god of fire, this may refer to the coming "War of Alus" discussed in Quatrain 6.33 above: a calamitous Middle East war that could result in hundreds of thousands dead, a few million if battlefield nuclear weapons are used against Syria, Iran, and even the Iraqi Shiites themselves.

As for Bin Laden: he may be the "master of Mohammad's law" who is born in Saudi Arabia ("the fortunate country of Arabia"); the great terrorist who plagues the Romans, coming "from the Orient with an African heart" (Yemen, bin Laden's ancestral home, is quite close to Somalia and East Africa, whilst the terror mastermind himself lives in Afghanistan); and is also called "Adulancatif" (Calif Bin Ladun) -- a figure who appears in Quatrain 10.96. But again, due to his "great riches" and rumoured new close association with Iranian mullahs and Iran's terrorist network, could also be destined to become Daniel's "king of Persia."

In closing, without a definite match for either in the Hadith's prophecies of the Mahdi or the Sufyaani, we must conclude that we are not living in the very end of times for Muslim or Christian -- that time which corresponds to the final, biblical, seven-year era of Tribulation.



by Mike McClellan


August 12, 2003 (2:37 AM EDT) - UPDATED January 31, 2004 (10:10 PM EST) -- The time for launching terrorist rocket attacks against the Israeli nation in the north is nearing its end. Neither the United States nor Israel will tolerate this sort of thing much longer. Last year's war in Iraq has not yet triggered the major regional confrontation warned of by the prophets, a fourth Arab-Israeli conflict that escalates until nearly all the world is undone; but the machinations of Syria, Lebanon, and their eastern partner Iran may still succeed in plunging the entire Middle East into a war the likes of which has never been seen.


Assad defiant



Isaiah 17:1-2, 14 --

The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be
a ruinous heap. The cities of Aroer are forsaken: they shall be for flocks, which shall
lie down ... And behold at eveningtide trouble; and before the morning he is not.
This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us.


Nuclear destruction of Damascus


Aroer is the western area of Jordan, almost due south of Damascus in Syria. Not only will Damascus be utterly destroyed by nuclear fire, but this Palestinian region of Jordan will be depopulated by radioactive fallout. Hamath and Arpad were both located in northern Syria, illustrating the fullness of the wrath to come throughout the whole of the Syrian nation.

According to Jane's Defence the USA is preparing for the next phase of its war on terror: attacks against Hezbollah sites in southwestern Lebanon that will function as a pretext for bombing targets deep inside Syria.

The biblical prophet Jeremiah describes a major Middle East war where Damascus is destroyed, apparently by nuclear weapons:


Jeremiah 49:22-28 --

Behold, he shall come up and fly as an eagle, and spread his wings over Bozrah [Busra, SW Syria
OR Bosra, SE Iraq]: and at that day shall the heart of the mighty men of Edom [S. Jordan,
NW Saudi Arabia] be as the heart of a woman in her pangs. Concerning Damascus,
Hamath [N. Syria] is confounded, and Arpad [N. Syria]: for they have heard
evil tidings: they are fainthearted ...

Damascus is waxed feeble, and turns herself to flee, and fear has seized on her: anguish and sorrows
have taken her, as a woman in travail. How is the city of praise not left, the city of my joy!

Her young men shall fall in her streets, and all her men of war shall be cut off
in that day, says the Lord of hosts.

And I [the God of Israel] will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, and it shall consume the palaces
of Benhadad. Concerning Kedar [Jordan] and concerning the kingdoms of Hazor [N. Israel], which
the king of Babylon [Iraq] shall smite ... go up to Kedar, and spoil the men of the east [Iran].


At first I thought Jeremiah's "king of Babylon" (leader of Iraq) was Saddam Hussein. Thus, I saw this as a devastating Israeli attack on Syria followed by an Iraqi attack on Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and northern Israel, leading to Iranian involvement. A major Arab-Israeli "war of wars" in other words.

However, now, for the time being anyway, the king of Babylon (Iraq) is no longer Saddam Hussein but the United States and its leader President George W. Bush. Note that this king is even described as "flying as an eagle": the eagle being an animal symbol of the USA. Thus, the war described by Jeremiah may well be a US air war conducted against Syria, Palestinian militants in western and southern Jordan and the West Bank, possible Al Qaeda camps in NW Saudi Arabia, and Hezbollah sites along the northern Israeli-southern Lebanon border. Such action would almost certainly drag in the Iranians ("the men of the east") on the side of Lebanon and Syria.

As for Nostradamus, did he forsee a US or US-Israeli war against Syria?


Quatrain 6.33

His last hand through the bloody Alus (AL-ASsad? AL-USA?),
His protection by sea will not be guaranteed:
Between two rivers, dreading the military hand,
The black and angry one will make him repent.


It is no secret that the US is as eager to neutralise Syria in its goal to wipe out every terrorist nation from the face of the earth as Israel is to free itself from Syria's military and WMD threat. Israel's war would quickly become America's war, especially with US troops in neighbouring Iraq. Which of the two nations would use nuclear weapons against Damascus and other Syrian targets first is difficult to say, but clearly the goal of the Bush administration is being realised in line 1. It will be the US military's final triumph in the Middle East since "the last hand" will be played.

Iraqi mullah Muqtada al-SadrRegarding line 2, after the war in Iraq was declared officially ended by George W Bush on May 1, 2003, he then began to withdraw many US naval and air forces that were used during the Iraqi campaign. The ground forces the US now has in Iraq, "between two rivers" (the Tigris and Euphrates), will not have the "protection by sea" that will be required during such a major conflict if it is prematurely ignited by Israel, Lebanon, and Syria.

As for the last two lines, a Shiite mullah strong in Iraq, possibly the young, charismatic cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, or else a powerful ayatollah from neighbouring Iran will overwhelm the US forces now occupying the land "between two rivers" and make the US President "repent" having placed American troops into Iraq!

The defeat of the West and the United States in the Middle East is also prophesied by two modern European prophets. According to the Seer of Waldviertel and Erna Stieglitz, the US will be defeated in Saudi Arabia and the oil fields of the Persian Gulf will be taken over by Russia. When fighting spreads to Egypt, Nato or the European Union will become involved, and terrible nuclear battles will be fought in the Balkans, the Adriatic Sea, and the Eastern Mediterranean. On this point two other prophets, Nostradamus and Alois Irlmaier, also agree.

How long will this great Middle East war last? It already has been in progress since Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003). Both conflicts continue as low level guerrilla wars that occasionally become very hot, especially in Iraq. Like a snowball being rolled down a snowy hill, the existing war will only grow larger and larger. The latest I would expect it growing to include both Syria and Iran is October 2005. The US or Israel may attack Syria anytime now and Iran could be at war with the US by August.

Personally, I believe it is the Bush administration's plan to go after Syria first, in 2004 or 2005, and then Iran a year or two later (2006 or 2007). However, this will be a miscalculation. Iran and Syria are close military allies. War with Syria would quickly, perhaps not immediately, but within a few months draw Iran into the conflict. Thus, a war with Syria in 2004 will likely mean war with Iran later in 2004. If Bush waits until 2005, we can expect the same situation in that year instead. Iran is the ultimate beneficiary of the coming war. Most of the Middle East could be lost to Iran and her allies (which may include Russia) by July 2006.

My initial prognosis was that a war with Syria would begin in 2003. It appears that, like my projection for war in Iraq, I will be off by one year. For my prediction of an Israeli-Syrian war with possible US involvement in Lebanon and Syria starting in June 2003 go to 2003 (Part Two). For my projection of a US-led war against Syria and Iran, with a heavier emphasis on Iran and Turkey, beginning in August 2003 go to 2003 (Part Three).



by Michael McClellan

Peace out!December 31, 2003 - One of the most important properties about prophecies is often overlooked. We tend to look at a prediction as though it is written in stone and cannot be altered or mitigated. Sometimes this is true; but often it is not.

One of the most written-about events in the history of prophecy is World War III. To be certain there have been other prophets who have seen far beyond it to other future wars, but they, like their shorter-sighted fellows, still envision the same scenario. Over and over, from the Book of Daniel to the Catholic prophets of the first millennium to the Central and Western European prophets (and master prophets such as Nostradamus) of the second millennium, we see the same theme repeated for what can only be called a Third world war.

In every account there is a sense of fatalism, of an encounter with the inevitable. Still, even if this war cannot be erased from the horizon, it can be pushed farther back and once again out of view. If the future cannot be changed, it can at least be postponed.

Every prophesied event is dependent upon the matrix of concurrent events in the world for the shape it shall take. Change the matrix for the better and the event must await another matrix that is more favourable for it to accomplish its fulfillment.

That is the lesson I have always hoped my base 7 system of prediction would teach.

We now know from careful study of prophecy who the two most powerful antagonists of World War III, when it finally comes, will be. We know them in prophecy by many ancient and historical names, but today we know them simply as Russia and Iran.

They will have allies of course. But all of these, save China and North Korea, can do nothing very much independently of Iran and Russia save, at worst, to prosecute limited regional conflicts.

So let us stop all the silly talk about the United States being the next Nazi Germany. Prophecy does not support the idea of America being some sort of ultimate antagonist in ANY world war.

Knowing that Russia and Iran are destined to one day start a horrible war against the nations of the West is important. It is important because it can only happen if the proper global matrix is in place for it to happen.

Is it? I believe the current conditions are now beginning to form an acceptable matrix, but it is not too late to change things.

All the US has to do is to ernestly accept the olive branch President Khatami of Iran has been reaching out since 1997. The people of Iran do not want war, only the mullahs want this. It is time to forgive the events of 1979-81 -- many of the young people in Iran were not even born when this happened or were only very small children.

The other thing the US must do shouldn't hurt at all: get off the throne and get the US-Russian relationship back on track. America has not been a very good friend to Russia in recent years. It was good under Reagan and it was good under Clinton; but both Bush presidencies have chosen to ignore and to criticise Moscow.

Is this appeasement? No! Neither Iran nor Russia has done anything hostile nor threatening to other nations so that befriending them would be an act of appeasement. Both nations are still operating within a matrix where they can benefit economically from international relations and there are no territories under serious dispute.

Sadly, the same cannot be said about China or North Korea. There is territory under dispute -- territory that China, at least, is willing to sacrifice its own future over. Russia sees this too and recognises the danger of a Pacific war ... not only to its neighbours, but to itself. Like the US, she is doing what she can to keep China focused on economic growth and not territorial expansionism.

Nevertheless, we may need the help of Russia, I fear. Although World War III can be postponed to a future generation and a future matrix, the maw of the abyss is widening for a terrible Pacific war the like which we have never seen.

Terrorism, too, is not something that is going to go away any time soon ... probably not for another 50 years. Still, even this can be reduced by taking a more pragmatic approach towards Middle East policy.

It's not too late to change the matrix.

Happy New Year, one and all!



by John Hogue


Harmonic Concordance Saddam the captive


31 December 2003


Worldwide interest in Nostradamus' 500-year birthday this month has swamped me with TV, Radio and print interviews. Thus my report today will have to focus briefly on answering the two current themes generating the most queries and comments from you all: 1.) Saddam Hussein's capture (and how this relates to the Mabus/Third Antichrist prophecies); and, 2.) The significance, if any, in the Harmonic Concordance in November.

Does Saddam Hussein's capture take him out of the running for Nostradamus' "Mabus"?

In my opinion, it has put him back in the running. The American occupying forces might rue the day Saddam Hussein did not fight and die like his two sons, when cornered. If Saddam Hussein faces a very public trial the Americans will need to find some way to save themselves from being viewed and accomplices in many of his crimes against humanity in the 1980s. Saddam on the witness stand could talk about the years the US provided him with the satellite targeting intelligence and the materials to make his weapons of mass destruction. The same weapons that gassed five thousand civilian Kurds "and" hundreds of thousands of Iranian soldiers during the Iraq-Iran War. He could implicate Donald Rumsfeld and many others in the current Bush administration who had a hands-on relationship with supporting the Iraqi dictator in the past as their surrogate foe against the Ayatollahs of Iran. Saddam could weave lies with truth and successfully propagate the illusion that he is a martyred hero of the downtrodden Arabs and stir radical elements across the Islamic world. Finally, Saddam might face a public execution that could make his name a rallying cry of Islamic fundamentalists for the coming 27 years of terrorism. Thus as quatrain 62 of Century 10 in Nostradamus' prophecies states: "Mabus [Saddam] soon dies" and he becomes the rallying cry for "a terrible destruction of people and animals." Or, as Quatrain 77 of Century 8 adds, "The third Antichrist is very soon annihilated." The Arab/Islamic world could remember Saddam's trial as a farce of western Crusaders and their puppet Iraqi government. His public execution becomes martyrdom. Moreover, his martyrdom triggers the war of the Third Antichrist: "Twenty-seven years his bloody war will last..."

There are other scenarios, of course--other candidates who may fall early in their war, such as President Bush or Usama bin Laden and trigger a generation of new fighters and conflict. We shall have to see. If American leaders wish to avoid a scandal of historic proportions, they should block public access to the courtroom and keep Saddam Hussein sedated and mentally compromised throughout the coming trial.

The Harmonic Concordance came and went. Many in the New Age movement defined it as a new paradigm shift in consciousness. They eagerly awaited this spiritual shift to come heralded by a total lunar eclipse on 8/9 November coinciding with an astrologically auspicious alignment of stars. It seems the moon and stars had little or no effect on our consciousness. Why is that, in your opinion?

To me the reason it is not working is simple. It is the same reason why the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987 did not change anything, even though it was a wonderful day for many to gather in silence, love and meditation.

Harmony does not "converge" or "concorde" from without. It is not something influenced by stars. It is not something you can hope for or expect from others, or phenomena outside of yourself.

Harmony only arises from within.

Even the act of gathering people for one seemingly auspicious day sabotages the effort to perceive and be harmonious every regular day, every precious moment.

Harmony comes ever from within. And it comes to us in this sacred moment. Every moment is the Harmonic Convergence. All we have to do is become aware of it.

If you can be watchful and meditative the morning after a harmonic concordance, and every moment after for the rest of your life, then there is a possibility that harmony will flower in this world.

Meditation is the only way I know to obtain a glimpse of this harmony. My New Year's wish to each one of you is that you become that meditative, blissful, witnessing consciousness--beyond mind, emotion or forms.

Beyond life...or death.

Happy New Era!

John Hogue
Rogue Scholar/Author:
--Nostradamus: A Life and Myth (coming in aautumn 2003)
--Essential Nostradamus: Prophecies for thee 21st Century and Beyond
--Nostradamus: The New Millennium
--Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies
--Messiahs, The Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming
--The Last Pope: The Decline and Fall of thhe Church of Rome
--The Millennium Book of Prophecy
--1000 for 2000 Startling Predictions for tthe New Millennium



BASE 7 ALERT: Arrest of Manuel Noriega is
Repeated by Capture of Saddam Hussein
by Michael McClellan

U.S. soldiers who participated in Operation Red Dawn

ALERT POSTED (December 14, 2003): Well, it has happened again. There are times an event I am considering posting as a prediction occurs before I am able to. As with the case last year of the death of actress Teresa Graves in a house fire, a repetition of the fire death of actress Butterfly McQueen seven years earlier, we have yet another instance where history repeated itself before I could make a decision to post notice of it.

Far too much debating has been going on the last month or so over the identity of "Chiren" and the "great monarch" or whether or not he is coming soon or in 2038. Too much arguing with a "cut and paste expert" who set me up for endless debates against whatever arguments he could discover by simply using a search engine. Too much arguing about the future of Madonna or the credibility of John Titor and many other diverse topics. A complete waste of my time tracking down the moron who threatened me in an email yesterday and writing a letter of complaint to his Internet Service Provider.

There is a price to pay when I focus my attention on those who wish to occupy so much of my time that work on the website suffers. Therefore, when I say I foresaw the big event of today possibly taking place in December 2003, you can only take my word for it. I cannot prove otherwise.

Manuel Noriega capturedSadly, it is too late for me to present this as a prediction. Yet, even though I had a strong suspicion that Saddam's capture might take place, I was not eager to take a chance on scoring another big fat zero like I did last year when I predicted Ariel Sharon or Yasser Arafat would be assassinated. "End of year" predictions have not been too successful in recent years. Committing myself to what would have been a most laughable prediction if it had failed -- Saddam's capture -- was not something I was sure I wanted to gamble on. The base 7 evidence was there -- but it was also *there* for Sharon or Arafat being assassinated last year.

I can only say I wish I had followed through and posted the capture of Saddam based on the past evidence. So unexpected to most people was this development (but not to me) that the prediction of its happening in December would have silenced most the sceptics once and for all.

On December 20, 1989, fourteen (2 x 7) years ago, Panama was invaded by U.S. troops in Operation Just Cause. The Panamanian dictator, Manuel Noriega, found asylum in the Vatican embassy on December 24 and was finally captured on January 4.

Although I was long aware of this, having watched the capture of Noriega on television, my initial consideration this year was that the US would move into Venezuela (South America again) and seek to topple Hugo Chavez. However, a few months ago, considering the search for Saddam ongoing in Tikrit, I asked myself if it was possible that it would be Saddam instead that would be captured in December or January rather than Chavez.

And so, now the capture of Saddam Hussein is history and, seemingly, a defining moment of the 21st Century. Saddam is certainly a much bigger fish than Noriega was, but Bush Sr was as obsessed with grabbing Noriega as Bush Jr has been with meting out justice to Saddam. Besides, 1989 was peacetime, whilst 2003 is wartime. In the end, it is the base 7 system we must judge, not me. The system definitely works. The degree of success one will have using it will vary from person to person.


U.S. forces capture Saddam near hometown -- 'In the history of Iraq, a dark and painful era is over,' Bush declares

NBC, MSNBC and news services

4:06 p.m. ET Dec. 14, 2003

Photograph of Saddam Hussein after his captureBAGHDAD, Iraq - Eight months after the fall of his government, former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was captured by U.S. forces near his hometown, Tikrit, where he was hiding in a farmhouse cellar, U.S. officials said Sunday. The arrest, which was carried out without a single shot being fired, was a major victory for the coalition, which has been battling an insurgency for months, and for President Bush, who has fended off criticism for failing to find him for almost as long.

Saddam had evaded capture and assassination attempts since the U.S.-led coalition invaded Iraq on March 20. Despite a $25 million bounty on his head, Saddam remained a political thorn in Bush's side and an inspiration to anti-U.S. insurgents even as the coalition sent out thousands of soldiers to search for him from its new headquarters in the sprawling, gold-edged Republican Palace compound in Baghdad.

Sunday, Bush was able to make the proclamation that the White House had awaited for months: "Yesterday, December the 13th, at around 8:30 p.m. Baghdad time, United States military forces captured Saddam Hussein alive." Addressing the nation from the Cabinet Room, Bush promised that "the former dictator of Iraq will face the justice he denied to millions. In the history of Iraq, a dark and painful era is over. A hopeful day has arrived." But Bush warned that "the capture of Saddam Hussein does not mean the end of violence in Iraq. We still face terrorists who would rather go on killing the innocent than accept the rise of liberty in the heart of the Middle East."

Video of a tired Saddam

The U.S. administrator in Iraq, L. Paul Bremer, said Saddam was captured in the town of Adwar, 10 miles south of Tikrit, ending one of the most intense manhunts in history. Adwar holds special significance for Saddam; it is the place where his official biography says he swam to freedom, while wounded, after a failed assassination attempt on the life of Iraqi President Abdul Karim Qassem in 1959.

U.S. military officials told NBC News that while Saddam appeared disoriented at first, "he wouldn't stop talking" once he got his bearings. "He was so tired of running," one of the officials said. "He almost appeared relieved it was over." Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq, who saw Saddam overnight, confirmed that the deposed leader "has been cooperative and is talkative." He described Saddam as "a tired man, a man resigned to his fate."

At the news conference announcing his capture, U.S. forces aired a video showing a bearded Saddam being examined by a doctor who held his mouth open with a tongue depressor, apparently to get a DNA sample. Then they showed a photograph of Saddam after he was shaved. U.S. military officials told NBC News that he suffered a slight head injury. Sanchez would not disclose where Saddam was being held, but U.S. military officials told NBC News that he was still in Iraq and was most likely being held at Baghdad International Airport, where other high-level detainees are in custody.

"This success brings closure to the Iraqi people," Sanchez said. "Saddam Hussein will never return to a position of power from which he can punish, terrorize, intimidate and exploit the Iraqi people as he did for more than 35 years."


Again, in closing, if we learn anything at all from this, it is that base 7 system repetitions can, on occasion, be nearly exact and that precedents should never be ignored, however unlikely a repetition may appear to be.

Fortunately, in this particular case, the event was not something that could have resulted in the loss of many innocent lives. So, better for me to fail to project the capture of Saddam than not to warn of things of greater importance -- like the location and time of the next major natural disaster or the likely outbreak of the next major war.


NOTE (December 17, 2003): I will NOT be taking "credit" for predicting this event when calculating my accuracy rate for 2003. I have had no intention of doing so. The "Capture of Saddam" is classified as a "Base 7 Alert" and presented here for the sole purpose of drawing attention to the unerring phenomenon I call the Base 7 repetition theory. However, since I never got the chance to post the event as a prediction beforehand, I do not feel it would be fair to consider it a personal "hit" by me.




December 7, 2003 - My thanks to Bev for sending this along. Most of these messages are not available to the general public. However, I understand that in this particular message, within it there is a request to share it with a larger audience.

I won't pretend that I understand the philosophy behind "the Lightworkers - those who actively work with the Light in meditations and visualizations." However, as this is a largely prophecy-oriented website, there are some important points in the communication by the "ascended master" known as "Sananda" regarding future events that perhaps should be presented. For this reason, and also due to the great length of the message itself, much of the channeling intended solely for the understanding of the "Lightworkers" has been edited out by me, and only the prophetic points presented.

The message was received via channeling techniques by Lois Hartwick.


Sananda's 8th Message (prophetic excerpts from)
As Channelled via Lois Hartwick

"Now, I'm taking you into this in a much different manner than I might normally for some of your work coming forth because there are several things I wish you to see. First of all, turmoil in your world erupts elsewhere and is very often considered as something 'out there' -- not part of your reality much further than TV. This has been a predominant feature up until now. And yet, in the time ahead, there will be some changes here in the United States as well. These disruptions will create, on some levels, fear. And whether or not you are a group engaged in actively rewebbing an area, you certainly can send specific light to disseminate and lessen the amount of fear which may be generated as a result ...Chinese attack on Taiwan

"I am here tonight primarily to tell you there is going to be forthcoming another short war. One you have not yet anticipated or seen. It will be coming to Light shortly and within this spectrum will come a shift in power and certainly, another opportunity for the United States to take a greater look at the world view and begin to harmonize far more definitively as a people -- not as a government -- as to what you wish to do.

Opportunities are aligned with the configuration of the Harmonic Concordance and the position of the stars in this structure in the Star of David -- each one being notable and holding a specific place within the sky that is allowing for transmission of energy to be replicated on the Earth plane now. This replication will increase tensions until they are freed ...

A shifting of power is occurring. As people are awakening, their consciousness will take hold of what seems right. That energy is directed toward their hearts to vibrate and trigger an awakening of great magnitude. For those who do not come to this position, there will be much change and alteration of the plans they have long held. It is a time of reckoning, and although you have been told of the time of transition, I will say that the world peace so longed for, will be called forth in this new time ahead. That may be as a result of additional turmoil, and awareness that where you are headed produces little satisfaction.

Government officials have, for a long period of time, held specific positions publicly and others privately. You have not necessarily seen those networks that have been woven and the webs of intrigue which exist. Forthcoming are several coming to Light, which will greatly alter American's perception of what has occurred.

"I encourage each of you to include in your prayers a transition for your country as seamless and as easy as possible in the days ahead, and then I would suggest you add and also include in your prayers, the Far East, which will equally be replicated in turmoil until some decisions are consciously made ...

The economics of your planet have been greatly altered, and within the structure that is present, there are a dominant few that control the market. These people are not necessarily known to you, although there have been discussions in the past of this group or that, but ultimately, there is a problem with this perspective and this holding of power. More will come into view in the days ahead. And as that occurs, each one of you pay attention to what is said in response to what is revealed. Within it you will know the Truth because your heart will vibrate to that which is most highly aligned ...

"Certain structures will fall and you've already been seeing them fall as a result. People who are seeking to reap millions of dollars at the expense of someone else's money or holding a structure that serves them and not others is not going to be easily maintained. That is not a flow of energy that is coming to this planet much longer in any positive way can support these types of structures or these types of activities.

This will be a worldwide situation. When you are looking at your economic base that is being held by a certain group or groups of people, those structures will start to weaken. They will be brought into question; those activities related to how money is disseminated on your planet. This will be transformed into something new, but there may be some times in which it will appear very shaky.

The same may be true with military proposals or government takeovers, or perhaps, economic deals that benefit a few and not the other. In all sorts of ways the changes are occurring. Now as I speak about this, it's also important for you to understand that the energy of harmony is very present within this star alignment and configuration, and merely one needs only to tap into it to be part of that flow. So it is a consciousness that accepts this by recognizing it is there. Many consciousnesses will not recognize this, so the two dynamics will be very opposite for a period of time.

Hu Jintao and George W BushYour President will misunderstand this flow. He is going to undertake actions which are precarious and dangerous, not understanding higher reality, but rather, choice of his own making or those of his Administration to control once more, outcomes. The American people are going to understand that much has occurred that is not to their liking, and any further changes and implementations or directions that are taken without consideration for the overall well-being of this country, will put him in jeopardy for the next presidential election.

Part of what is happening with the energy of harmony, so specified at this time, is an enormous imprint upon your planet, like a giant kiss from heaven, which says 'you are loved', 'we are here' and 'we are supporting the higher manifestations of Light on your planet'. In that recognition, some things will have to go.

And President Bush will be one of them.

I am asking Lois to disseminate this message to a large audience and it will be given that there will be those who will refute such information and find it to be distasteful and perhaps, not of the Light. But I can assure you this is not an accurate assessment, for many have felt abandoned, confused and concerned about the planet and the plans of moving ahead with so little vision in sight as to how to rebuild and construct that which you carry in your hearts. As you witness certain things fall, please recognize there is provision for what will be a higher rebuilding to take place ...

"This time will trigger many memories and remembrances of who and what you are. And whether consciously or not, with the general population, many will start to have fear in their hearts that something is wrong. That something is not being played out right. That too many lies have been told. And too many difficulties have arisen.

A consciousness will begin to develop for mankind in which embracement of other cultures, other areas that have been delineated as vastly different from your own begin to meld. For not only do the dimensional frequencies start to become more enfolded into your plane and reality -- in other words, the veil being lifted or thinned on the third dimension -- the same will be true of cultures, of countries, of barriers that have been placed there for many specific reasons that have little to do with the human heart.

It is time to turn your attention to the more Utopian prospects of what can be. You may witness more months of extreme hardship and difficulty, but we are walking through, perhaps, that Dark Night of the Soul to come to the aspect of Light, and within it, a dream has manifested. A time forthcoming where Light prevails on planet Earth.

Be blessed, my friends, in every moment you live. I am a part of all you experience, and offer you my heart within this level of reality, within this dimension, and those aspects of self that you may not yet see."




by Michael McClellan

Launching of Chinese CSS-6 towards target city in the US

November 21, 2003

Regarding the year 2004, the base 7 prospects are not at all promising.

If the US did not already have troops committed to Iraq and the Middle East, the first eight months of the year would be quite peaceful, relatively speaking. Limited Balkans or Caucasus conflicts similar to Macedonia's several months of war in 2001 or the brief Chechnya flareup in January 1996 might happen along with a few Palestinian terrorist attacks in Israel and that is about it. Maybe not even that. Maybe eight months or nine months of nothing but peace.

Of course there would still be a high probability of a tragic death of a blonde female celebrity in August that would affect millions of people followed by a short global crisis in August, September, or October that would be rather quickly resolved (think along the lines of the Soviet downing of a Korean Airliner in 1983 or the United Nations crisis with Iraq over weapons inspections in 1997-98).

Unfortunately, America is at war in Iraq and also poised for conflict against Iran, Syria, North Korea, and even China (if China attacks Taiwan).

This means, at the very least, that we are going to see another year like 2003, only worse. The quagmire that is Iraq (and Afghanistan still) will get nastier, there will be more soldiers returning home in body bags, there will be much larger terrorist attacks. In other words, something as bad as Lebanon, maybe even as bad as Vietnam. Something truly awful will force a withdrawal in February 2005. But if America is not out of Iraq and Afghanistan by February 2005, it may be there until March 2010.

2004 is a bad year to be caught in a quagmire in the Middle East and with a diplomatic crisis ongoing with North Korea and China.

1) By August or September 2004, Iran and possibly Syria may enter the war, attacking not only US troops in Iraq and US ships in the Persian Gulf, but also Israel (if Syria is involved), Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and all the little oil kingdoms like Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman. Fighting in Iraq might also spill over into neighbouring Jordan. Russia will quickly join in on the side of Iran and Syria, with its air and sea power, but probably not with ground troops.

An economic meltdown in the US would follow due to various factors, some due to a debtor's cartel formed in Latin America and a resulting banking crisis, leading to the US attempting to take control of the Saudi oil fields. A conventional engagement with Russia in the oil fields and Iran in the Persian Gulf would go badly, and the US would be forced to withdraw from the entire region in February 2005.

2) It is also possible we will see a major CRISIS develop in October 2004 that may threaten the United States mainland. It may start over something like a plane or sub being accidentally destroyed by one side or the other. A second Cuban Missile Crisis might then play out, but this time the nukes will come from North Korea and/or China. Also, Cuba may not be the only country that will have them positioned against the US. We may also have to add Venezeula to the list. North Korean and Chinese nuclear subs off the US coast may also be spotted.

Like 1962, this crisis may be able to be worked out without a bloodbath. Or we could see the destruction of all major cities on the West Coast, the East Coast, and in Florida. In return, North Korea and large parts of China will cease to exist. The worst-case scenario is that Russia throws in with China and North Korea and attacks the US with its nuclear arsenal. If that happens, no more USA. The end. It will be up to Europe to contend with Russia and the Middle East.

One other point regarding China and North Korea: although I predicted a war would begin in 2003 between the two communist allies and the United States, and thus far we have had instead a festering diplomatic crisis, perhaps October 2004 will be the actual trigger of the war. Obviously, such a war will likely turn nuclear, so again it would be both a war and a nuclear crisis.

I would say the odds of both 1 and 2 happening are slim. It would probably be one or the other.

In the case of 1, the quagmire in Iraq and Afghanistan would drag out until August or September when Iran and Syria would enter the war, with possible Russian support, as I have described.

In the case of 2, the quagmire in Iraq and Afghanistan would drag out and become the backdrop to the more dangerous events that materialise in October with China and North Korea.

Of course, if we are really unlucky, both 1 and 2 could play out or aspects of both 1 and 2 could play out.

Also, neither 1 or 2 might happen. Just a never-ending quagmire in Iraq with minor crises and little wars elsewhere to contend with. Yet even here, an especially crippling terrorist attack in October 2004 could force the US to withdraw in February 2005.

Sadly, US withdrawal would only be the beginning of something worse. Autumn 2005 through summer 2006 have much darker aspects that will threaten a catastrophic Third World War, with or without US participation.

Ironically, it might be better if the US remained in a never-ending Vietnam-type quagmire in Iraq. If that happened, the dangers of 2005 and 2006 might be mitigated or never even surface at all. Dragged out until 2010, the US could enter into a phased withdrawal as early as May 2007. Iraq would become something the US would prefer not to see, but relative stability in the Middle East would be achieved in time. In other words, a Vietnam in Iraq instead of World War III is possible.



By Michael McClellan


August 12, 2003 (2:37 AM EDT) - Iraq has become a magnet. Soldiers from all over the Arab and Moslem worlds are flocking to fight America. The Al Qaeda organisation and neighbouring states like Syria and Iran are seeking to expell the invaders and fill a perceived political and religious vacuum. Soon, United Nations members and even some Nato members will send peacekeepers to aid the US.

Therefore, is it any surprise if Russia eventually joins in the upheaval?


Erna Stieglitz warns:

The Russians must strengthen their flanks, before they against Western Europe attack ... The southern
flank is comprised by Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Greece, and Yugoslavia.


So, how does Russia go about strengthening her southern flank? By negotiated alliances and defence pacts such as Moscow currently enjoys with Iran; supporting a "winning" side in a proxy war in some of these countries, and, if necessary, by direct military intervention.

Iran already belongs to Russia through an alliance. Moscow is nurturing a close relationship with Greece and working closely with Greek Cypriots, arming them for a possible future struggle with the Turkish Cypriots over the future of the island. A new Taliban run by Mullah Omar is being supported by Russia in an effort to reclaim control of that country. This makes Mullah Omar, the one-eyed cleric, one of Moscow's top generals in the southern flank. Turkey and Yugoslavia it is prophesied by several sources Russia will invade, conquer, and occupy.

Iraq is another matter and how the Red Bear will manage to take control of that country is not clear.

However it is being reported by DEBKAfile that the Chechens, through the support of Syria, are joining the ranks of Islamic fighters battling US forces in Iraq. Thus, a link is being formed between the Middle East and the southern Caucasus mountains. A major war in Iraq and Syria involving the US and Israel could mean a major war in Chechnya and surrounding areas.

The Ukrainian prophet, Josup Terelya, who was imprisoned in a Russian gulag when he was a young man, was revealed a series of prophecies by the Virgin Mary concerning the future of Russia when he was locked up in an unheated room with an open vent to the outside, left by the guards to die by freezing. Miraculously, he survived and was released back into the prison's general population until he was freed some twenty years later. Please realise that what follows is from memory as I recall it on the documentary Ancient Prophecies III, an episode I don't have a copy of (I have only I and II). This is the gist of what was prophesied:


The Soviet Union will cease to be. Russia will be free of communism. But the day will come when it will
fall under a dictatorship. The people will rally around one man. 'Vladimir' will be his name. There
will be a great flame, a great fire, in southern Russia, and Vladimir will stir up the people of
Russia to go to war against Israel. Afterwards fires will break out everywhere,
and the whole of Russia will burn ...

Vladimir Putin Vladimir Zhirinovsky

There are two Vladimirs in Russia today. One, Vladimir Putin, has been president since December 31, 1999 and remains relatively popular among Russians despite perceived mishandlings of the Kursk submarine rescue in 2000 and a botched rescue of civilians from a packed Moscow theatre held by Chechen and Arab terrorists in 2002. Along with the hostage takers, 20% of the captives died from poison nerve gas. He has appealed to the nation's sense of patriotism by waging a brutal war against a small people, nearly obliterating the million-strong Chechen nation from the map in 1999 and 2000.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the firebrand politician who made the world shudder in 1993 and 1994 by threatening that he would go to war with Finland and take it by force, irradiate Germany and Poland, and wage a nuclear war against Nato and the US if he ever became president, is perceived by many to be a harmless buffoon, a has-been clown who can only criticise and verbally threaten his enemies, and one who has no realistic chance of ever becoming leader of Russia. Of course, that is what they said about Adolf Hitler in the 1920s and the 1930s before he orchestrated the Reichstag Fire in Berlin and forced President Paul von Hindenburg to appoint him as chancellor in March 1933.

So, a terrible event in southern Russia, possibly a nuclear explosion, may trigger massive Russian military intervention into Transcaucasia, Asia Minor, and a great Middle East war.

Russia, with the aid of Iran, will conquer and occupy the buffer state of Asia Minor, the nation of Turkey:


Quatrain 5.54

From the Black Sea and great Tartary,
A king there will be who will come to see France.
He will pass through Alania and Armenia,
And in Turkey leave his bloody Rod.


Ezekiel 38:1

Son of Man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meschech
and Tubal [now in modern-day Turkey], and prophesy against him ....


YES ... "Vladimir" will be none other than GOG, leader from the land of Magog, and chief prince-to-be of the land of ancient Byzantium, modern day TURKEY. The conquest of Turkey by itself could trigger a war between Israel and the Russian Federation: Ankara and Jerusalem have had a mutual defence pact since 1997. However, when Damascus and many other Syrian cities are destroyed by Israeli retaliatory nuclear strikes, Russia will be forced to side with the Arabs against the state of Israel.

Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Which shall it be? Does it even matter?

"Vladimir will stir up the people of Russia to go to war against Israel."

God Himself sends a fire to consume Gog and 5/6 of his army, and the land of Magog, and the allies of Gog, and the many nations on the waters, and those who dwell carelessly in the isles.

Thus, what we are witnessing here in Ezekiel's vision and Terelya's vision is possibly another aspect of World War III. We are now quite familiar with Alois Irlmaier, Erna Stieglitz, and the Seer of Waldviertel and their collective view of a Russian invasion of Europe and the horrific repercussions that will follow, not only for much of Europe, but also for Russia and the United States.

But what will be happening in the Middle East at the same time Russia receives thousands of casualties from a "yellow dust" and wages a total thermonuclear war against the US? We know there will a terrible war there as well, even before Russia launches its westward blitzkrieg. Could it be that the "war of Gog, land of Magog" is what will be transpiring?

Perhaps, and perhaps not. But if so, there is very little hope for the majority of the world's population. For all we know, the fire sent by God upon Gog and the world may be a spaceborn catastrophe -- perhaps the very one we have been awaitiing in the form of PLANET X or whatever name you choose to call it.


Ezekiel 38:18-22, 39:1-2,6 --

Asteroid airburst by Don Davis - Sky & TelescopeAt the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel ... there shall be a great shaking in the land ... and all the men who are upon the face of the earth shall shake at my presence, and the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground. And I will plead against him with pestilence and with blood; and I will rain upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone. Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal: and I will turn thee back, and leave but the sixth part of thee, and will cause thee to come up from the north parts, and will bring thee upon the mountains of Israel ... And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the isles.


For more on this topic check out related predictions on 2003 (Part Two), 2003 (Part Three), The War Room, and Russia in News and Prophecy (Part Two).





by Michael McClellan


Iranian protesters flash victory sign, wear hoods to hide their identities from mullahs


Daniel 11:2 --

And now will I show thee the truth. Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia [Iran]: and the fourth shall be far richer than they all: and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia [Europe].


Mohammad Khatami delivers fiery speech


Long awaited, he will not return again
Into Europe, in Asia will appear
One of the league issued from great Hermes,
And above all other kings in the orient will he surpass.


June 24, 2003 (2:10 AM) - The current "king of Persia" who has already greatly boosted Iran's stature as the most powerful and influential nation in the Moslem world, and the most dangerous Islamic nation to the West, may be President Mohammad Khatami. Khatami is a great communicator ("issued from the league of great Hermes"). He is also the richest president of Iran to date; his immense wealth spread throughout the world, much of it being lavished upon the Iranian military and development of all forms of WMD. He, along with the entire theocratic system governed by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the mullahs, is greatly hated by the democratic movement in Iran.



1) Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (1979-1989)
2) Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (1989- ?)
3) ?
4) ?



1) Mohammad Ali Rajai (1981), Iran's first elected president, elected August 2 during impeachment of puppet president Abolhassan Bani-Sadr. Bani-Sadr, Iran's first president, was appointed in 1980 by Ayatollah Khomeini. Ali Rajai served only 28 days and was assassinated by socialists on August 30, 1981.
2) President Ali Khamenei (1981-1989), now spiritual leader Ayatollah Khamenei since June 1989
3) President Hashemi Rafsanjani (1989-1997)
4) President Mohammad Khatami (1997- ?)


It is possible we count ayatollahs rather presidents, but if we do, the "fourth" one may not come for another 25 years. If so, the revolution begun this month will fail.

As for presidents, either we count Rajai and Khatami is the fourth elected Iranian president or we discount Rajai because of his brief 28-day term of office under conditions of political turmoil. If we do the latter, then Khatami is only president number three, with one more to go.

In the current climate, either Khatami or a mysterious successor may be the one who is "long awaited." This depends largely on the success or the failure of the anti-government demonstrations in Iran, especially when they heat up as planned in July.

Read what this "reformer" Mohammad Khatami is really all about. Remember, he may be the Third Antichrist!


From the "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI)

To the Free People of the World (excerpts):

On behalf of SMCCDI, Aryo B. Pirouznia

Sunday, June 22, 2003

(To read full text of letter, go to WorldTribune: Open letter to the free people of the world from Iranian students.)

... Those who continuously perpetuate the sham of a divided government within Iran and, while repeating the call for dialogue and engagement with their so-called "reformer," coddle the discredited Mr. Khatami and his cronies —the very ones who are yesteryear's communists, turned Marxist, turned Islamists, labeled today's "reformists." Those who have amassed enormous wealth with private bank accounts in Europe, the United States and property spanned across the world!

For their information, and to their dismay, we repeat again, the dynamics of what is happening in Iran is not, as they like to portray and fit into their own agenda, the clash between their so-called "hardliners" and "reformers," it is between a fed-up, frustrated and oppressed nation and the entire gang of the theocratic regime ...

Once again, the theocracy and the Mullahs in Iran are making killing fields of our universities. Once again, the courageous and besieged students and people of Iran are face to face with the brutality of a regime that has had its terrorist grip on Iran for the last twenty-four years. What the Regime has been doing in secret and dark is now brazenly repeating in open sight and light.

Within the last few days, once more, thousands of our young have disappeared, imprisoned, maimed and killed. Their houses are being raided and everyone in sight raped. The Regime is again using one of its most preferred means of torture for women: Their breasts slashed and bodies thrown from the balcony of their dormitory in plain view of the horrified eyes of thousands of their fellow-students!

Torture and terror are Regime's proven methods of control; that is how they have sustained their power for the last two decades. To carry on their inhumane acts, as usual, they have at their beck and call their pillars of support: The alien terrorists of Hizbollah and other foreign mercenaries; for no decent Iranian could be as barbaric as they are ...

In a nation rich with petroleum and natural gas, 57 percent of the population lives under the line of poverty. This is the shameful legacy of this corrupt theocracy and, the West's favorite "reformer," Mr. Khatami!

... During the Khatami years, the Islamic Republic has invested enormous amounts in Iran's conventional and non-conventional weapons programs. Indeed, while the masses are hungry, workers strike for unpaid wages and the average Iranian family cannot afford food, Iran is packed with every sophisticated weapon. Many of which find their way to every terrorist group in the region.

While Khatami is portrayed as a champion of the people, by the Western powers and the media, he has done immense harm to Iran's economy and subsequently the living conditions of millions of Iranian families have depreciated steadily. For the last twenty-four years while the Iranian lives have deteriorated the riches of Iran are being emptied into the pockets of the Mullahs and the coffers of Hezbollah and other terrorists. While Iranian children are going hungry the petroleum money buys arms and sustains those alien murderers in Lebanon and Palestine. The blood of Iranian youth is sucked by these Mullahs and fed to those leeches!

... Secretary-General (Kofi Annan), even when the world finally was forced to admit the regime for the terrorist that it is, stood shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Khatami and praised his accomplishments, most notably, the freedoms he had bestowed upon the Iranian population! This is the man that while visiting Iran didn't have the gumption to demand a visit to the prisons or question the fate of the detained students. This is the man that while he was so pitifully busy lavishing compliments on his host was deaf to the screams of the demonstrators down the street while elements of the regime, brandishing clubs and chains, were smashing the bones of Iranian workers, mothers and students ...


Read firsthand how Khatami and the mullahs have invested their vast wealth to make Iran's military machine the most formidable in the Moslem world and one of the most dangerous on the planet. Indeed, it is clear that Khatami is planning one day "by his strength and his riches" to "stir up all" against the nations of the West:


Ayatollah Khamenei and his clique of clerics dominate Iran Future nuclear holocaust


Mr. Khatami's administration has been extremely active in Iran's production of banned biological weapons. European countries are falling over each other to engage and trade with Iran in order to further the Islamic Republic's program. German, Italian, Swiss and Spanish companies stock Iran's biological laboratories with the most advanced equipment and supplies.

The testing of missiles capable of striking India, Israel, Turkey and beyond shows the Regime is pursuing long-range delivery and strengthening its defense capability. While the Islamic Republic is deep in debt, and could not afford basic necessities of life and civil services for its people, the Iranian government purchases C-801 and C-802 anti-ship cruise missiles from China.

As for Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons, there is no need to fabricate stories like the Niger-Iraq connection. It is very advanced, extremely well equipped and it is in the open, with Russia being the main beneficiary of the billions that is being wasted on the nuke-envy program of the Mullahs.


Russia too has a role to play in this unfolding catastrophe: as part of the Third World Antichrist alliance!


Daniel 8:3-8, 8:15-21 --

I lifted up mine eyes and saw, and, behold, there stood before the river a ram, which had two horns, and the two horns were high; but one was higher than the other, and the higher came last. I saw the ram pushing westward, and northward, and southward; so that no beasts might stand before him, neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand; but he did according to his will, and became great.

And as I was considering, behold, an he goat came from the west, on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground: and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes. And he came to the ram that had two horns, which I had seen standing before the river, and ran unto him in the fury of his power.

And I saw him come close unto the ram, and he was moved with choler against him, and smote the ram, and brake his two horns; and there was no power in the ram to stand before him, but he cast him down to the ground, and stamped upon him.

And I heard a man’s voice between the banks of Ulai, which called, and said, Gabriel, make this man to understand the vision. So he came near where I stood: and when he came, I was afraid, and fell upon my face: but he said unto me, Understand, 0 son of man: for at the time of the end shall be the vision.

And he said, behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation: for at the time appointed the end shall be. The ram which thou sawest having two horns are the kings of Media and Persia. And the rough goat is the king of Grecia: and the great horn that is between his eyes is the first king.


Vladimir Putin and Mohammad Khatami

The two horns of the ram: Media and Persia


Russia's southern provinces, including Chechnya, and the former Soviet republics of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan, once made up part of the Medo-Persian Empire. Also included were northwestern Iran, northern (Kurdish) Iraq, eastern (Kurdish) Syria, and southeastern (Kurdish) Turkey. Yes, Russia and the former Soviet Union were once a large portion of the land of the Medes.

Despite strong ties with Syria and Libya, Russian leader Vladimir Putin has forged a mutual defence pact with Iran. Although Russian scientists have helped the Iranians develop their own nuclear weapons program, Moscow will also consider providing part of its own arsenal, as well as launching and targeting technologies, to Teheran. After demonstrating their power to the world, Iran will become quite vocal about the "Christian crusaders" of the West who have brought "oppression" to Arabs and Moslems in the Middle East, the Balkans, and elsewhere. The Iranian leader will appeal to nations throughout the Middle East and the former Soviet Union to create a united coalition to attack pro-Western Arab countries and Israel; rid Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkans of Nato "occupation"; and ultimately invade, conquer, and destroy the very nations of the Western infidels.


And if the revolution is successful; what then?


Hopefully, we can then begin to count the leaders of Persia over again and the threat now posed to Iraq and US troops stationed there, Israel, and the likelihood of global war, will vanish for at least another generation. However, in all fairness, there is nothing that guarantees the "fourth king of Persia" will be Islamic or that his war will necessarily be a holy jihad! The young revolutionaries in Iran have identified themselves with the legacy of the Persian kings Darius and Cyrus:


A gang of illiterate Mullah and their insatiable brood have latched onto the treasury of the country and hang to power through the brutality of the two million mercenaries they have bought. These traitors have hijacked an entire nation. Every sensitive organ of the country is in the control of these foreign terrorists. In the land of Cyrus and Darius the head of the judiciary is an alien, and the country is run through layers and layers of terrorists.

Almost three thousand years ago, while most of the world was barbaric, Cyrus the Great decreed the first Declaration of Human Rights. Today, the children of Iran have to go begging to a pathetic organization like the United Nations and its ineffective, sycophant Secretary-General for their most basic rights as a human being. And you, you, you have reduced us to this!

We demand our freedoms: freedom of thought, expression, religion, and freedom to be and feel human. We demand total separation of religion and state.

Understand this: The Iran of tomorrow is ours! We will reclaim our land, our national identity, pride, heritage, proud history, and our civilization!


There are some Biblical scholars who believe they see evidence of a new "Cyrus" coming to power in modern Iran. Of course, if this were the case, he would be Cyrus II -- not Cyrus IV (since Daniel asserts a fourth king).

However, there were three kings named Darius in ancient Persia: Darius I, Darius II, and Darius III. It was Darius III, cousin of Artaxerxes III, who lost the Persian Empire to Alexander the Great in 331 BC.


Alexander the Great Darius III


"Darius used the wrong tactics in battle and was forced to flee to Ecbatana and then eastward to Bactria. It was there that the satrap of Bactria, Bessus, had Darius murdered on Alexander's approach and took command himself in the unsuccessful opposition to the Macedonian conqueror. These events brought the Persian Empire to an end and marked the beginning of the Hellenistic period in the E Mediterranean."

Many Bible scholars believe Daniel's war of the ram and he-goat (Grecia vs the kings of Media and Persia) was the fall of the Persian Empire to Alexander the Great of Greece. However, the angel Gabriel clearly explains to Daniel that the war between Persia-Media and Grecia is a latter days event when he says, "Understand, 0 son of man: for at the time of the end shall be the vision" and "behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation: for at the time appointed the end shall be."

Gabriel repeats this all-important caveat in Daniel Chapter 10, adding that the vision will not come to pass "until the latter days," linking the prophecy in Chapter 8 with the prophecy of the fourth king of Persia in Chapter 11, verses 1-4, which is actually a brief summation of what happens in Chapter 8.

Most importantly, Gabriel tells Daniel a "fourth" king will arise in Persia who will do battle with Grecia and then win and grow mighty, for a short time anyway. Darius III, obviously, was the "third" and last Darius (and last Persian emperor), and he never expanded his empire to nations south, west, and north in his conflict with Alexander. Quite the opposite happened in fact: Alexander defeated the Persian empire, with no gains whatsoever for Persia at any time during the conflict, and went on to conquer most of Asia.

Therefore, it may be a "fourth" Darius we await, one who reigns in the spirit of the times and traditions of Cyrus, Darius, and Xerxes. Should he be the fourth in a new line of "kings" in modern Iran, he may be quite some distance away in the future. Either that, or President Mohammad Khatami is only the third recognised elected president of Iran and this latter days "fourth" king of Persia will be Khatami's successor and the first beneficiary of the second Iranian Revolution (as Napoleon was the first beneficiary of the French Revolution).

More regarding my personal prediction for June demonstrations in Iran and the subject of Daniel's fourth king of Persia on 2003 (Part One). More on Daniel's prophecy also appears on Russia in News and Prophecy (Part One), Russia in News and Prophecy (Part Two), and the sample chapter (Chapter One) from my e-book, Nostradamus and the Final Age, on The First Key.


Media in the Media

You might add: How about the media, the academia, the experts or the intellectuals? To be sure, one expects the truth and professionalism from them!

Unfortunately, not so! Michael Ledeen, Michael Rubin or others like them are not heard often and are relegated to the periphery. Yet, "The New York Times" reporters and articles claim to know the truth about Iran. And, ignorant, self-promoting and self-serving Judith Kipper, Robin Wright, Shirin Hunter and Christiane Amanpour are the ones who are paraded for the viewers. And, of course, Charlie Rose revels in having the agents of the regime as his friends and invites them on his program as often as possible.

Today, Nikki Keddie, University of California professor, who lamented and criticized the large arm sales of the 70s to Iran, is utterly deaf and mute about the very expensive and billions of dollars military build-up that is pursued by Khatami at the expense of bankrupting the country and denying the masses their basic needs.

Hypocrisy? Arrogance? Ignorance?

... We ask: Ms. Amanpour, you don a veil in direct insult to the brave Iranian women and kowtow to Khatami gushing over the democracy he has brought to Iran, in every chance, perpetuating the biggest deception of free elections and the democratic system. Why?

Ms. Amanpour, Did you know that historically Iran is a matriarchal civilization? Did you know that equal rights and equal pay were part of the tenets of the Iranian society going back to thousands of years in history? Persepolis and its records are a living testament to that.

Ms. Amanpour, did you ever learn that it was the Regime's Islamist leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who in the early days of their killing spree had given permission for the execution of girls as young as nine years old. But, to keep with the laws of his warped version of Islam they were to be raped before killing, for it was illegal in Islam otherwise. This is the twisted and sick mind of the founder of this regime. Madam, as a woman, as a human being doesn't it make you sick in the stomach? This is the precise regime you have been praising!

Did you know that "Sheer-zan," meaning "Lioness," is a direct adjective for women and part of the every day vernacular of Persian? Did you know that more than 2,000 years ago Iran had number of rulers who were female? Except for the inadequate Mullahs and their inferiority complex the men of Iran take pride in the fact that strong women have raised and nurtured them. You need not even go far, just look at their heroism and the courage of the Iranian women in the last twenty-four years. But then, you wouldn't even recognize courage if it bit you; you are too busy getting access and personal gain!

Ms. Amanpour, cover yourself in seven veils and pay homage to Khatami, those "Sheer-Zanon" of Iran, today, as an act of defiance, are burning their veils--this symbol of their oppression — and tomorrow they will hang your coddled Mullahs with them!

Christiane Amanpour does "the dance of the seven veils" for Mohammad Khatami

Christiane Amanpour does "the dance of the seven veils" for Mohammad Khatami

Ms. Amanpour, one word of advice: Don't mess with Iranian women! Now, you have done your duty for your Mr. Khatami, and in turn have been rewarded handsomely. We hope, betraying not only your heritage but also journalistic integrity was worth it.

Ms. Amanpour, the truth is out!

As we said: It is greed, self-serving ambitions and hypocrisy that rule.

Ms. Amanpour; back off! Back off!

To Mr. Charlie Rose we say: For the sake of intellectual integrity, we recommend the next time you have your favorite trio: Khatami, Kharazi, and Zarif, the three terrorists who represent the Islamic Republic, on your numerous shows, you may want to present a disclaimer for the benefit of the viewers. You owe it to them! May we suggest the following: Known and documented terrorists! In case you plead ignorance of the facts, permit us to enlighten your "intellectualship" briefly. As a member of the Islamic Republic's ruling council in 1988, Khatami was complicit in the execution of several thousand political prisoners, ordered by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

Before becoming the so-called elected President, one of the minor sins of Mr. Khatami was an active member of the Commission that purged 5,000 young students--their status still unknown. Kharazi and Zarif 's claim to fame and rise to power are due to the fact that they were among the original hostage-takers at the American Embassy in Tehran. Innocent Americans were kept in their filthy grip for 444 days.



Two Views of the War in Iraq
by Michael McClellan

April 11, 2003 (4:15 AM EST): This is, in part, a belated observation, tardily posted due to the recent bandwidth troubles several days ago. However, it remains relevent, even though the war in Iraq seems to be winding down.

Young Halley Mills as Pollyanna, the Eternal OptimistTHE OPTIMISTIC VIEW: "An optimistic scenario for the Iraq War has always existed due to two seemingly unrelated events in recent history.

Those of you who know the base 7 system method will understand this better than those who have not familiarised themselves with the theory. In the recent past we have had two years figuring quite prominently on the timeline associated with this year, 2003, and last year, 2002. It was fourteen (2 x 7) years ago, in November, when the Berlin Wall fell and triggered the Velvet Revolution that would sweep the former Warsaw Pact nations of Eastern and Central Europe. The implications this influence would have on the region of the Middle East, rather than Europe this time around, pointed to a US-UK victory over Saddam Hussein and the liberation of Iraq.

Of course, if the 1989 model holds true for the entire region of the Middle East, Iraq may not be the end of the story. The Assad legacy in Syria may also come to an end through military might and the totalitarian, mullah-run fundamentalist state in Iran may fall in a new revolution rivaling the one in Romania in December 1989. In addition, Libya's Moammar Gadhafi and even the pro-Western monarchy in Saudi Arabia may soon fall if the fever of liberation spreads to grassroots populations in these two countries.

If we look back only eight years to August 1995, we can also see that this is when Nato forces led by the United States brought an end to the three-and-a-half year war in Bosnia-Herzogovina, Croatia, and eastern Slavonia through the overwhelming force of air power. The peace that followed still holds to this day. Therefore, we can see that a favourable outcome to a US-led war against the Iraqi regime was possible as of August 2002 (7 years later). However, political pressure from key allies in Europe and the United Nations postponed what should have happened in late August 2002 until mid-March 2003.

The question then was: would the favourable influence of August 1995 still work in March 2003, seven months later than the August 2002 vector?

By all appearances it has and, if so, following the 1995-96 model, we may be in for a three-year (or nearly three-year) period of relative peace before major hostilities break out again in the Middle East and in the Balkans requiring intervention of the major powers.

How we handle that last and final hurdle, which will begin in either autumn 2005 or winter/spring 2006, will determine if we can further postpone all World War 3 influences and enjoy a much longer period of world peace for another 20 years."


Saruman 'the wise'THE PESSIMISTIC VIEW AND NIGHTMARE SCENARIO: "My young friend has spoken most presumptuously. She fails to mention that the revolution of 1989 eventually led to the troubles in the former Yugoslavia and Albania. The "Velvet Revolution" was still fresh in the minds of many, some daring to call the times "the end of history" and a new, bold beginning for the human race, when in August 1990, only eight months later, a new danger arose in the Middle East when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. By 1991, the Soviet Union invaded Lithuania, there was war in Iraq, and the first of the Balkan conflicts ignited between Serbia and Croatia. The collapse of the Soviet Union, in turn, created further unrest in the Caucasus region and in the Trans-Caucasus: along the tenuous border between Moldavia and Romania, in Abkhazian Georgia, Azeri Nagorno-Karabach, Tajikistan, and ultimately Chechnya.

Her lack of vision is appalling. Although Nostradamus never indicated in definitive terms an apocalyptic war happening in Iraq, aside from the seige and conquest of Baghdad and the killing of the tyrant between two rivers, he has much to say about the two nations bordering northern Iraq: Turkey and Iran. THIS is the "climate opposite to Babylon" -- the NORTH, a cold land of mountainous and hilly terrain, quite the opposite of the hot desert sands and swampy marshes. There will be sects, the breaking down of nations into kingdoms, and the heavens will seem unjust ... unjust ...

My dear friends, the next horrible war is in preparation in northern Iraq. The West has unleashed the spirits of mischief that have been bottled up in that region for so long. It may start immediately or after a lull in the current fighting, but the Balkanisation of Iraq has already begun. Nostradamus tells us again and again that Turkey and Iran will battle one another in a terrible war that will spread to Europe and beyond. Turkey, on the one hand, a formidable Nato nation backed by the Western powers of Europe and America and a defence pact with Israel; Iran, on the other hand, a mighty military machine allied by a defence pact with Russia and the former Soviet Union, a fundamentalist regime with huge stockpiles of nuclear and biological weapons and long-range missiles capable of reaching the heart of Europe ... supplied by Russia, China, and North Korea.

And when this great clash is finished, what the Islamic people call the coming great war of the Byzantine Empire, Persia will trod underfoot the corpses of slain Turks and move against Macedonia and Greece, while the tanks of Sarmatia plow through Poland, Czech and Slovak, Hungary, Romania, and the former Yugoslavia, day and night, laying flame to Italy and Austria, as they speed unrelentlessly and unopposed towards Germany.

Evoke the images of 1989 and 1996 if it brings you comfort and enjoy what little peace you can, if there is to be any at all. The shadow is growing in the East, in PERSIA, in Media, in greater Armenia, Alania, Parthia, in the land of SARMATIA, beyond the Black Sea and great Tartary ..."



By Michael McClellan


February 16, 2003


I have now decided upon a new format for communicating with you my many concerns -- concerns based on personal predictions I have made for each year and the wide array of prophecies that also appear on this website.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: these extrapolations will NOT be entirely understood by new visitors to my website. It is to those of you who are well-acquainted with the material on my site, the regular visitors, that I address these type of messages.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Everything calls peace. Schalom! Is it not so today .. and yesterday? It is the cry of millions, but to no avail. Now, or by late summer, the new Middle East war shall begin.

London anti-war rally

And the more closely we get to proof of the Norman faith, the greater the peril of a baked apple. Manhattan teeters on a decision by 'le grand Chiren' -- guerre, ne guerre. The Arethusa king with the bum ticker shall be far away when the faith finally arrives -- in an underground bunker. The serfs shall eat cake in their sealed rooms, suffocating in horror for lack of air and instructions.

Great King Mabus shall fall before the conflict even begins, for this is what an 160-year-old curse uttered by an Amerindian says MUST happen every 20 to 25 years. After the great funeral, the grief-striken nation will begin the great war with eyes wide open.

Bush addresses the United Nations

The frizzled bearded one has spoken again on yet another tape. And a comet is passing in the rosy dusk. He has spoken to his hundred hands ... each holding a Soviet-era nuclear suitcase, the key to a truck bomb, the key to a crop duster, an aerosal spray can, a grenade, a sniper's gun. One hundred cities to become balls of fire or scenes of bloodletting and chaos with one command when a great uncertain nation begins the war. Thirst and hunger .. no power, no heat, no law, no water, no food.

Chirac makes point to EU Bin Laden makes point to USA

The great Chiren, who shuns war today, will war merrily with this curly-bearded one when the earth trembles and sinks into darkness and the moon becomes the colour of blood ...

The Pope, it appears, is considering a visit to Baghdad and has allegedly asked permission for such a visit via his envoy now in Iraq.

Pope visits Iraq during US war against Saddam

People, prepare! If the Pope does indeed travel to the "land between two rivers", he will do so over the dead bodies that will be commended to the god Vulcan! America will bring Vulcan to all Mesopotamia AND to the city of Saddam.

When this happens, the worship of Artemis shall begin. You may sneer in disbelief, but the world will witness a great change, for DIANA shall come forth from her grave as a spirit and speak to the nations!

Did not Conor witness the spirit of Diana weeping over the slain body of the Pope?

Diana returns from the dead Nibiru appears as red cross

Her tears will be for others besides he -- for the thousands and millions of innocent lives that will be lost in the name of war. And a GREAT CROSS shall appear in the heavens that will be as a sign of confirmation that the time of her worship has arrived.

But some of the people will disagree and fight and kill the worshippers, saying the monster from hell has come down to deceive the nations. And the worshippers will kill their persecuters also, calling them lovers of war and haters of life.

And the great lady who has been substituted for Diana in the hearts and minds of her followers, and who has mocked the number 666, and who has taken the prophecy of Revelation and made a song to be danced from the words, this MAD WOMAN shall fall from her high place, and when she has fallen, London will be burnt by a hail of twenty missiles.

All of England shall howl in fear and grief and worship the true daughter in civil war ... and the world shall howl and rock with pain FOR THE GREAT STAR SHALL COME! The cross shall turn cloudy and drip with blood and then they will comprehend the judgment.

For seven days it will be seen near the sun. Its cloud will be so bright that next to the sun, the sun itself will appear to be double. And none will escape the face of that which has been placed before the world to judge and to punish with fire and with blood.


And men will not know what it is that is killing them: the great war they have caused or the face of fire in the heavens.

And the bear and wolf shall become enemies and the tanks will roll into Rome. With great fury, the bear will maul and devour all nations westward before him. The sun will halt in the sky, for the world will cease to spin. Then shall come the dreadful winds, hot and furious. And the King of the Romans, who lives not with the Romans, will cast death and disease and despair upon the bear in one day.

Then comes the terrible night that will last for THREE DAYS and most of humanity shall perish. They shall perish from drowsiness, from cramps, from visions of devils, and from storms of fire.

We shall conclude, for now, with this long Night of Antichrist ...



Nostradamus (Century 2 Quatrain 62)


by John Hogue

A disintegrating Columbia streaks across the morning sky

3 February 2003

It has been my experience as a prophecy scholar that when events foreseen by the 16th century seer Nostradamus are about to be fulfilled, details as bright as the sun begin cutting through the apparent cloudiness of his prophecies in rapid succession.

It is my belief that last Saturday's space shuttle disaster (1 February.) is the first illumination of a succession of events coming in the next few months concerning Century 2 Quatrain 62.

Nostradamus' famous "Mabus" prophecy is about to be fulfilled. A translation in English reads:

Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One-hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

Nostradamus wrote two prophecies concerning the advent, destruction and 27-year war of the third of three antichrists. He hid the name of the first antichrist under the anagram “Napaulon Roy” (Napoleon King); the second he called "Hister" (Hitler); the third is either code named "Mabus" (C2 Q62), or he is addressed as the "Third Antichrist" of Century 8 Quatrain 77. For now I will give you brief interpretive conclusions about the Mabus/Third Antichrist prophecies. If you wish to examine how I came to these conclusions I invite you to read HogueProphecy bulletins posted at my web site (

Two finalists compete for the title of "Mabus" By following the laws of anagram you turn the "M" and "a" in "Mabus" upside down and they become "g. W." The "h" then is left silent in Latinized French, thus "bus" becomes "bus(h)." "Mabus" therefore becomes G.W. Bus(h).

As I have been saying for over 15 years now, you can also get Saddam (Hussein) out of "Mabus" by using the anagram game of reverse lettering. Put Mabus into lower case letters — "mabus." Reverse them and you get "subam." Reverse any letter that makes another letter and you get "sudam." The laws of anagram allow for doubling one letter, so you can get "suddam." You are allowed one vowel’s replacement with another, so you can replace "u" with "a" to spell "saddam."

I have shared my belief on the record for nine years-and-counting that Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist is none other than Saddam Hussein. However; as events catch up with augury, an interpreter must be open minded to the ever clearer understanding that often comes when the light of future events foreseen draw near to the present.

No matter how repugnant this revelation may be to myself and to other Americans, I cannot rule out the growing prescient evidence that the Third Antichrist may be the the American president. G.W. Bush, rather than Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. It is also necessary to confront the ugly possibility that Nostradamus has once again mistaken his symbols and made a composite out of two adversarial leaders. In other words, Mabus is a composite of Bush and Saddam Hussein. They are the two-faced catalyst for the Third World War.

The events of the next few months will judge my interpretation of the Mabus prophecy true or false. If my understanding of Nostradamus is correct then sometime around the new moon of 3 March 2003, the United States will invade Iraq. Saddam Hussein will be killed in one of his bunkers by a missile, or by a coup. If he is "Mabus" then he "soon dies." He therefore is one of the first casualties of this new war. His death is not the beginning of the end of troubles, but the end of the beginning of a 27-war of terror. A number of Nostradamus' prophecies imply that this war's final stages could see nuclear exchanges between old adversaries of the Cold War era: Russia and America, as well as a nuclear exchange between America and China — all taking place sometime no later than the end of the 2020s. In other words, a rush to war will hasten the death of Mabus, and his death brings this terrible apocalypse upon humanity.

Nostradamus in Century 8 Quatrain 77 says:

The Third Antichrist very soon annihilated.
Twenty-seven years his bloody war will last.
The heretics are dead, captives exiled,
Blood-soaked human bodies, and a reddened, icy hail covering the earth.

The Third Antichrist — this man named Mabus — is the first to go down. Whether this first casualty of war turns out to be the president of America or of Iraq — or both — the war of Mabus is just beginning It is a war motivated by “heretic” religious views. Its catalyst harbors extreme fundamentalist and apocalyptic religious views, be they Christian (in the case of Bush) or Islamic (in the case of Saddam Hussein). Islamist terrorists are already the "captives, exiled" filling U.S. POW camp at Guatanamo Bay, Cuba. The final line could be a horrific description of the human wreckage one might behold if the death of the American president or the Iraqi president should inspire a catastrophic retaliatory revenge attack ("a great undoing [or destruction] of people and animals"). Nostradamus in other quatrains hints of "new plagues" unleashed across the earth from this war. Perhaps the red stain upon corpses and the icy hail are a 16th century man's attempt to describe those killed by a rain of chemical and biological weapons.

Perhaps "Mabus soon dies" in the next few weeks, after "the comet" passes.

Nestled in the grass in a field in eastern Texas, lies a mission patch from the fallen space shuttle Columbia. It somehow had miraculously survived its fiery fall out of the morning sky. The names of the seven heroic astronauts who died make an outline of their space shuttle. A glowing trail like a comet's tale streaks through the shuttle's outline ending in a many pointed star. It is a star very similar to that filmed by a hundred amateur video cameras across Texas as it fell to earth like a flaming comet.

Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals... when the comet will pass.

Has the comet just passed?

Is this the chilling portent of things to come for America if they should hurry off to war?

Destiny holds it breath as America primes its war machine.

John Hogue
Rogue Scholar/Author:
—Essential Nostradamus: Prophecies for the 21st Century and Beyond
—Nostradamus: The New Millennium
—Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies
—Messiahs, The Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming
—The Last Pope: The Decline and Fall of the Church of Rome
—The Millennium Book of Prophecy
—1000 for 2000 Startling Predictions for the New Millennium

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PREFACE to YUSUF's Nibiru article: In early 2001, YUSUF theorised that Planet X, Nibiru, would pass close to earth on October 12, 2002. More recent reports by Mark Hazlewood and the Zetas now place the timing as May 2003.

As I discuss in the article following this one, it appears, based on certain prophecies by Nostradamus, Mother Shipton, and the Seer of Walviertel, that Nibiru will pass our planet twice, causing the greatest damage on the second pass. I also theorise that the time between passages will be approximately 40 years.

The following article by YUSUF explains why his original calculation was off and brings to light a new projection. He also disputes my theory of two passages four decades apart, concluding that the time in between will instead be only a matter of several months. - Michael McClellan


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Planet X Will Pass Earth Twice in 2003 -- Nibiru's 6th Passage
is Really the 3rd of a Series


December 22, 2002

Nibiru should have passed earth in October 2002 based on my calculations (and just as Nostradamus predicted). However, I believe that everything that was predicted to occur in 2002 was postponed to occur in 2003.

Thus instead of October 2002, Nibiru will make its pass near Venus on August 28, 2003. This means that Nostradamus' prediction of the earth losing its natural motion and descending into perpetual darkness (the Epistle to Henry II) will most likely occur sometime in September 2003 instead.

Regarding Mother Shipton's prophecy, it is possible that the first pass of Nibiru will be May 2003 just as the Zetatalk website is predicting. However, Nibiru will fail to bring about the predicted devastation at this time. Because of this, many will believe that the danger posed by Nibiru will be over, especially since Nibiru will be seen moving farther way from the Earth and the Sun at a very fast pace (by July 2003 Nibiru will appear to have left the solar system).

However, just as Mother Shipton predicted, Nibiru will be (unexpectedly) brought back sometime late August 2003.

Regarding Nibiru's motion, let me add to you the following theory:

I believe that Nibiru is a highly magnetized object, and for this reason, we will be able to understand more its motion / orbit, by relating it to what we know about magnetism.

We know from experience that iron is attracted to magnets. However, this attraction becomes visible only when the magnet is placed close enough to the iron object. Once the magnet becomes close enough, we observe the iron object literally jumping towards the magnet and attaching itself to it.

I believe that when Nibiru is still very far away from the Sun, the attraction between Nibiru and the Sun is caused mainly by gravity. However, once Nibiru reaches a certain critical distance, the Magnetic force between the Sun and Nibiru becomes apparent.

Once Nibiru reaches this critical distance from the Sun, Nibiru's speed towards the Sun will increase dramatically, and it is during this time that Nibiru will start to flare and thus become much brighter. The astronomers of Niniveh and Babylon seem to believe that this critical distance is somewhere near the orbit (or station) of Jupiter:

Nibiru approach

When from the Station of Jupiter
the Planet passes toward the west,
there will be a time of dwelling in security...
When from the station of Jupiter
the Planet increases in brilliance
and in the Zodiac of Cancer will become Nibiru,
Akkad will overflow with plenty.


I believe that the pyramids of Egypt contain devices inside them that are capable of detecting external source of Magnetism coming from the direction of the Duat (i.e., the part in the sky between Cancer and Orion).

Thus, when the Magnetic force between Nibiru and the Sun becomes activated (once Nibiru reaches the station of Jupiter), the pyramids of Egypt will be able to sense this external source of Magnetism, and certain "activities" will be seen occuring automatically in the pyramids.

Thus, the ancient Egyptians have "early warning devices" in their pyramids, that serve to alert them whenever Nibiru comes near the station of Jupiter.

When Nibiru reaches perihelion (the point where Nibiru is nearest the Sun), it will make one loop around the solar system (crossing the orbits of several planets in the process) before it eventually exits or leaves the solar system. (By "solar system" I mean the distance up to the orbit of Pluto only).

What this means for observers from the Earth is that Nibiru will appear to cross our skies twice. This surprising behavior of Nibiru is actually reported in the Bible:



1. Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem,

2. Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.

3. When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.


In this passage, there were wise men coming from the East who saw a "star" while they were in the East. This star was leading them to Jerusalem. However, during their journey to Jerusalem, the star which they were following apparently disappeared, forcing the wise men to inquire the people from Jerusalem the whereabouts of the child they were seeking.



7. Then Herod, when he had privily called the wise men, enquired of them diligently what time the star appeared.

8. And he sent them to Bethlehem, and said, Go and search diligently for the young child; and when ye have found him, bring me word again, that I may come and worship him also.

9. When they had heard the king, they departed; and, lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was.

10. When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.


These above passages imply that the star which they were following from the East and which disappeared from view during the journey of the wise men, reappeared unexpectedly in the sky. Thus, Nibiru has a record of appearing, disappearing and reappearing in the skies.

As I mentioned before in my previous e-mails, Nibiru was once a planet whose orbit was between the Sun and the Earth. However, in approximately 3,600 B.C., Nibiru was ejected from its planetary orbit. This moment was also the time the last recorded descendants of Cain disappeared from Earth, as Cain and all his descendants were collectively taken to Nibiru.

The first time Nibiru returned to cross our skies was at the time of the Exodus (sometime around 1,600 B.C.). And in this pasage, Nibiru crossed the skies twice.

The second time Nibiru returned to cross our skies was at the time of Christ's birth, and as I discussed above, it was seen crossing the skies twice.

The third time Nibiru is expected to cross our skies will be next year, 2003. And just like the previous two passages, Nibiru is expected to cross our skies twice, just like Mother Shipton has prophesied.




New Developments Regarding Planet X: A Kinder, Gentler Nibiru?

by Michael McClellan, webmaster of Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs

December 18, 2002

The recent news from SENTINEL at CyberSpace Orbit, if credible, is cause for some degree of hope: the newly calculated path of Nibiru (Planet X) places it 42 million miles away at closest point to earth, rather than the original 17 million miles projected. That is twice the distance anticipated, plus another 8 million miles.

What this may well mean is that the dreaded pole shift may not occur after all.

In addition, who knows what the final distance will actually be? 63 million miles? 80 million miles?

It is possible.

Even so, the new consensus is that earth will still have a bad time -- just not quite as bad.

Seismic and volcanic activity will likely still increase, with some major flooding, but not on the monolithic scale predicted.

According to SENTINEL, the thing that we will need to watch out for this time around is the damage and destruction that will be meted out to earth by Nibiru's tail. A considerable amount of meteoric debris has accumulated in the tail which will pass close to earth. Many large meteors will strike the earth -- possibly millions of them. However, by the time most of them hit ground they will be no larger than a grain of sand to the size of a baseball.

Even so, some of them will be capable of starting large fires locally. The few extremely large ones that reach earth, from the size of a boulder to an oceanliner, will vapourise cities or create widespread firestorms not unlike what 5 meg-15 meg thermonuclear explosions are able to produce. The earth may experience a number of Tanguska-type events.

Gottfried von Werdenberg describes a vision of such an event by the Seer of Waldviertel in his book, VISION 2004:



There will be a cosmic event most definitely before WW3 (note that the Waldviertler and the commentator Werdenberg consider "WW3" to be the Russian invasion of Europe -- major wars in the Middle East and the Balkans will be going on beforehand, they admit, wars WE might consider to be a part of WW3, but that most European prophets do not -- MM).

It will be a beautiful summer's day in Austria; no cloud to be seen in the sky. People in the village are excited; they look towards the sun which begins to darken. It is approximately 10 o'clock normal time, not summer time. Whilst the sun is getting darker, dusk is covering the earth. It is not the usual solar eclipse but a kind of fog in the universe far outside of our atmosphere.

The sky is getting darker. At first there are only a few stars, then more and more appear. One is able to see them at first in the west, then in the north. There are no stars in the east and in the south where the sun was last seen. There is no moon. It is a normal clear sky illuminated by the light of the stars. One is still able to identify the ground, but one cannot read any writing.

Suddenly the stars disappear. Complete darkness is covering the earth. A few minutes pass; now it is getting brighter. One is able to see the surrounding area. There is no sun. Billions of white dots can be observed in the East. It is like a rain of glowing fire moving from East North East to West South West very quickly. It is hitting the ground like a heavy fall of hail. The glow turns from white to yellow then to glowing red before hitting the ground. They fall in distances of 50m (165 ft) to 100m (330 ft) apart; they make no noise.

When they hit the ground they look like dust particles or grains of sand. Some are as big as a child's fist. The villagers do not seek cover; they do not appear to be afraid. The time between the sighting of the particles in the North East and their hitting the ground is a matter of seconds, maximum a minute or so.

Once the particles hit the ground, it becomes bright again. A fierce storm begins to blow now from the East and creates fire; it drives before it the fierce fire. The grass is burning; forests are burning; fields are burning; barns, sheds, and farm buildings are on fire; houses and factories are burning, too. The sun will not shine again on this day.

The cause of the rain of glowing fire might be a comet, directly or indirectly responsible for it. The seer is unable to tell. The time of year is the summer, probably the first half of August. The year is not given but it could be any year from 1995 onwards.


I am somewhat confident that this may be the "real deal" for 2003 (or whatever year the first pass of Nibiru actually occurs).

First pass? Did I say "first pass"?

Yes. After examining the prophecies of Mother Shipton (whose real name was Ursula Southiel), I have concluded that Nibiru will cross earth's path not once, but twice, a number of years apart.

Here is how her prophecy of a sixth "fiery dragon" begins. It immediately follows a stanza about the completion of the 20th Century. Now the 21st Century commences:

Fiery dragon

For storms will rage and oceans roar
When Gabriel stands on sea and shore
And as he blows his wondrous horn
Old worlds die and new be born.

A fiery dragon will cross the sky
Six times before this earth shall die
Mankind will tremble and frightened be
for the sixth heralds in this prophecy.


Re-read the opening of this portion of her prophecy carefully. It says a "fiery dragon" will cross the sky six times; but Mother Shipton only intends to chronicle the events regarding the "sixth" dragon. This may mean six times during the entire history of the world a comet or planet will cross the sky as a "dragon." The first five dragons may include the Exodus-era or Noah-era encounter of Nibiru as theorised by Zecharia Sitchin and four other close encounters, including Venus/Pallas Athene/Typhon and Mars/Fenris-Wolf, which Dr Immanuel Velikovsky wrote about. Either this, or a major comet will rip the sky six times counting from the time of Mother Shipton's death (which might include Lexell's Comet, Comet Halley in 1910, and Hale-Bopp as examples); but only the "sixth" dragon will bring destruction to earth.

What follows is what this "sixth dragon" will do to earth. Note that it passes earth on TWO separate occasions:


(Passage One)

For seven days and seven nights
Man will watch this awesome sight.
The tides will rise beyond their ken
To bite away the shores and then
The mountains will begin to roar
And earthquakes split the plain to shore.

And flooding waters, rushing in
Will flood the lands with such a din
That mankind cowers in muddy fen
And snarls about his fellow men.

He bares his teeth and fights and kills
And secrets food in secret hills
And ugly in his fear
, he lies
To kill marauders
, thieves and spies.

Man flees in terror from the floods
And kills
, and rapes and lies in blood
And spilling blood by mankinds hands
Will stain and bitter many lands

And when the dragon's tail is gone,
Man forgets
, and smiles, and carries on
To apply himself - too late
, too late
For mankind has earned deserved fate.

(Passage Two)

His masked smile - his false grandeur,
Will serve the Gods their anger stir.
And they will send the Dragon back
To light the sky - his tail will crack
Upon the earth and rend the earth
And man shall flee
, King, Lord, and serf.

But slowly they are routed out
To seek diminishing water spout
And men will die of thirst before
The oceans rise to mount the shore.

And lands will crack and rend anew
You think it strange. It will come true.

And in some far off distant land
Some men - oh such a tiny band
Will have to leave their solid mount
And span the earth
, those few to count,
Who survives this (unreadable) and then
Begin the human race again.

But not on land already there
But on ocean beds
, stark, dry and bare
Not every soul on Earth will die
As the Dragons tail goes sweeping by.

Not every land on earth will sink
But these will wallow in stench and stink
Of rotting bodies of beast and man
Of vegetation crisped on land.

But the land that rises from the sea
Will be dry and clean and soft and free
Of mankinds dirt and therefore be
The source of man's new dynasty.

And those that live will ever fear
The dragons tail for many year
But time erases memory
You think it strange. But it will be.


So, "the Gods" will send the "Dragon" back a second time! Note that as awful as the first passing of Nibiru is, the second time around is so terrible that only "a tiny band" of men will survive and "begin the human race again." This is in keeping with what Mark Hazlewood and The Zetas believe will happen now: only 600 million will survive out of 6 billion.

But they are wrong! That type of mass depopulation of earth will not occur until Nibiru's second passing according to Mother Shipton.

Therefore the dreaded pole shift cannot occur the first time around, but must instead on the second passing. At least it cannot if one believes the prophecies of the Seer of Waldviertel and Mother Shipton. Their findings are consistent with SENTINEL'S projection of Nibiru being 42 million miles away from earth at closest point rather than 17 million miles.

But, if Nibiru revolves about the Sun every 3600 years, does this mean there will be 3600 years between passage one and passage two? Why would "the Gods" wait so long to punish man for not repenting of his ways after the first passing?

The answer is the time between passings will probably only be matter of decades apart, rather than thousands of years.

How is this possible?

Nibiru must be "captured" by the Sun this time around, its orbit deviated and made shorter, thus bringing it back near earth again several decades later on its outbound passage.

When might this second passage occur? In my book, Nostradamus and the Final Age, I present evidence that suggests this will occur in the 2038-2044 period, most probably in 2042 or 2043.

And will the first passage occur in May 2003? Perhaps. We will see if Hazlewood, the Zetas, and others like SENTINEL are correct. If not, we may be waiting anywhere from three to twenty-two years before the first passing of Nibiru (or something like it).



The Shawnee Curse (Tecumseh Curse), Bush, Gore, and the Coming War

by Michael McClellan

December 18, 2002

Something occurred to me several days ago that should have occurred to me during the drawn-out Election of 2000.

Although George W Bush "officially" won the election of 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote and many still feel he was the legitimate victor. It never occurred to me what impact this strange election might have on the curse uttered by Chief Tecumseh over 160 years ago.

But now it is clear: both Bush and Gore are potential victims.

Current Focus: George W Bush

Bush, at the moment, is the occupant of the White House and is acting president (or is it anti-president?). No one knows exactly when he will be in greatest danger of dying in office, although I projected three vectors using base 7 numerology: March/April 2002, August 2002, and November 2005.

The first two vectors have passed by uneventfully, although Bush had a potentially dangerous medical crisis after choking on a pretzel at the beginning of the year and was also a target of the 9-11 attack last year, but the plane was forced to crash into the Pentagon instead of the White House.

The third vector, November 2005, pre-supposes that Bush will win a second term of office in 2004 and be cut down a year later -- in November of his first year. This "second term" scenario has occurred only twice: Abraham Lincoln (e.1860, e.1864, d.1865) and William McKinley (e.1896, e.1900, d.1901). As can be seen, in both cases the president was assassinated during the first year of the second term of office.

Why Bush is Compelled to Act in 2003 or Wait Until 2005

If the above assessment is correct, and Bush is meant to win again in 2004 (only to die in office in 2005), it explains some things and suggests others.

It explains why Bush has been in such a hurry to launch his war against Iraq in 2002 and why he has been so angry for having been blocked by world opinion and the United Nations. It also explains why he is still so eager to launch the war in early 2003 if possible.

It also suggests that if Bush is unable to get the war underway and finished by early 2004, he will back off and wait until 2005 to launch the war. Therefore, I suspect that the latest Bush will consider waging war against Saddam Hussein is August/September 2003. If he is unable to find "just cause" to start the war by that time or well before, he will withdraw the option and not try again until sometime in 2005.


Anyone who studies election years knows the reason for this: an unpopular war in progress during an election year would spell disaster for re-election prospects. Even a war that has the support of a majority of Americans could still potentially blight the election's outcome. Bush wants to be finished with his war on Iraq, and possibly another against neighbouring Iran, by the end of 2003 or at the very least by early 2004. If he feels he does not have the time to meet this deadline, he will not launch the war and will wait until 2005.

There is no question Bush desires another four years in the White House and will do what he must to assure this will happen.

How Election Years of the Past Influenced Policy-Making

We see how election years of the past have influenced presidential decision-making. Ronald Reagan had US troops deeply committed to peacekeeping operations in Lebanon in 1982 and 1983. After a US Marines barracks was blown up in Beirut in October 1983 resulting in hundreds of American deaths, public opinion towards US involvement in the region shifted into the negative. Reagan could see that extending the mission well into 1984 would have had dire consequences for his bid for re-election. So, in February 1984, the troops were withdrawn.

Bill Clinton teamed up US air power with Nato forces in August and September 1995 to bring a successful conclusion to the three-and-a-half year war in Bosnia. As economic properity soared at home, the last thing Clinton needed was an international crisis or war of any kind as he prepared for re-election in 1996.

Nevertheless, in June and July 1996, Americans were targeted three times by terrorists: in Saudi Arabia, on Flight TWA 800 over Long Island, and in Olympic Park during the Atlanta Summer Olympic Games. Too weak a reaction by Bill Clinton might have led to a festering crisis similar to the one faced by Jimmy Carter in 1979-80 (Carter lost the election of 1980 to Ronald Reagan for this reason). Too strong a reaction and the worst case scenario might have been a lengthy air campaign and ground war against Iran -- the nation initially suspected of the Saudi bombing.

Clinton's solution to the crisis was to deny that a terrorist crisis existed and to make sure no linkage would be made between the three events.

It was impossible to play down or deny what had happened in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. But it was possible to create enough doubt over who was responsible and thus extend the investigation into years.

As for TWA 800, we know what happened: despite piles of evidence and eye witness accounts that the passenger jet was downed by an explosive onboard likely delivered by a mobile missile launcher, the official report was that TWA 800 blew up due to a freak accident -- the ignition of an electrical spark in the fuel tank.

Likewise, when the Atlanta Bombing occurred a week later, reporters on the scene cried "international terrorism." Instead, to the amazement of many, the FBI descended on security guard Richard Jewell, accusing him of creating and detonating the cylinder packed with nails and explosives. It was not until a few days before the election that Jewell was freed and the FBI admitted it had "made a mistake." The terrorist act was still called a domestic attack and the trail went cold.

Thus, the second and third terrorist attacks against America in the space of a month were intentionally covered-up for the sole purpose of assuring Clinton's re-election. A prosperous American public for the most part swallowed the deception, although questions would be raised periodically in the years to follow.


I would expect that in 2004, should Bush NOT SUCCEED in launching his war in 2003, the administration's goal will shift towards *peace* and a strong national defence. Tops on the agenda will be finding a solution to the crisis between Israel and the Palestinians and determining an equitable arrangement for the final status of Jerusalem. Today we see another aspect of what Bush will be using to play for votes: a missile defence shield in place by early 2004.

In the meantime, you can be certain that the Bush team will be secretly and quietly finding all the evidence they will need to launch a war against Iraq in 2005, after winning the 2004 election -- but only if the plan to attack in 2003 must be abandoned.

What About Al Gore?

This is the big question. It is completely possible that Bush will not die in office, either in this term or the second term.

This may very well be the case if Gore was the real winner of the 2000 election. However, for the malediction of Tecumseh to take effect, Gore must serve as president.

This opens up an incredible possibility, yet one that is theoretically sound. Although Al Gore has now said he will not run for president in 2004, or ever again, most experts agree that it is quite likely he will run in 2008.

Assuming there is still a United States of America left by 2008, a Gore win that year would put him in the White House in January 2009. This would be similar to Nixon's revenge in the election of 1968, eight years after losing to Kennedy in 1960. Only then would the Shawnee Curse of 2000 take effect with Gore being assassinated or somehow dying in office sometime between January 2009 and January 2013 (first term) or between January 2013 and January 2017 (if he wins a second term).

Theoretically, Gore could even put off running for president until 2012 (like Ronald Reagan, who lost his first bid for nomination in 1968, then again in 1976, and did not finally win the nomination and the election until 1980, twelve years later). And yes, a 68-year-old Al Gore could even win the election of 2016 -- extending the curse all the way to 2020, which would be yet another zero election year.

Therefore, due to the strangest election in US history, the Shawnee Curse -- a curse that normally has been fulfilled no later than five years after the zero election year (Lincoln, 1860-65 and Roosevelt, 1940-45) -- may have up to twenty years to play out.




John Hogue's review of the Discovery Channel's documentary "Nostradamus: a Skeptical Inquiry"

(1 November 2002)

Author John HogueFriends,
Back in February of 2002, I was invited to do an interview for Termite Production's documentary commissioned for the Discovery Channel, entitled “Nostradamus: A Skeptical Inquiry.” The documentary appeared on Discovery Channel in late September 2002 and is now in frequent reruns.

I am ever optimistic that each TV documentary production asking for my participation will actually live up to their declaration of being “Skeptical Inquirers” into the study and controversy of Nostradamus and his prophecies. My insatiable optimism (and gullibility) aside, reality dictates that with each new invitation to a skeptical inquiry, I should remember the sage advice of Indian mystic, Osho, who said, “Hope for the best and expect the worst” when people make claims. I have yet to talk with a TV producer or director who, calling themselves skeptics, actually knows what the word means. The words “skeptic, and “skeptical” are derived from the ancient Greek word that simply means “to investigate.” That means there is no “opinion” for or against what is investigated. How can there be an opinion when the investigation has yet to begin? So far, I have asked that question to dozens of pre-opinionated “Hollywood” investigative documentarians without receiving an intelligent reply.

It takes no Nostradamus to predict that each new self-proclaimed “skeptic,” from Hollywood won't know the word's meaning and will produce the usual missed opportunity, full of sound, fxs and fury, signifying little insight into Nostradamus and his predictions.

In my experience, the Discovery Channel's recent opus, “Nostradamus, A Skeptical Inquiry,” as directed and edited by John Tindall of Termite Productions, is just another missed opportunity to educate the public.

What follows is the open letter/review of the show, that I'm sending to you all and to John Tindall.


Dear John Tindall,

I saw the documentary “Nostradamus: A Skeptical Inquiry.”

I don't think your documentary served either side's argument too well.

It was a work of cynicism, not skepticism.

The Greek root for the word "skeptic" means "to investigate." Giving both sides equal time to declare their views and respond in rebuttal is skeptical inquiry. When your segment producer, Peter Hankoff, initially contacted me for the interview I suggested that your planned documentary would be a true skeptical inquiry if it follows the four-square process of a fair investigation. That means the pro-Nostradamian makes his statement first; then the anti-Nostradamian responds; then the pro-Nostradamian replies, and the anti-Nostradamian can answer that reply if he deems it necessary. Conversely any declarations made by the anti-Nostradamian passes through the same four-square process. Thus, he declares, I reply, he rebuts to reply, and I respond to his rebuttal if I deem it necessary.

I believe this is a fair and equitable format. Both sides have to back up what they say and have a chance to scrutinize the other's comments. This, is skeptical inquiry. Since 1994, when I began doing a steady stream of TV interviews about Nostradamus, I have yet to see a production where this basic interview structure made it beyond the cutting room floor to the television viewer.

The same is the case with your documentary. An opportunity to educate the public about Nostradamus was lost.

I welcome anyone's attempt to put my theories into question. Even if the criticism comes from someone I've suggested as a good scholar worthy to be a participant in your skeptical inquiry, like Peter Lemesurier. But in the final cut of your documentary, you cheated the audience by not giving me the chance to reply to Lemesurier's statements.

For instance, you have Lemesurier putting my statements about the right translation of Quatrain 25 of Century 1 into question. However, you did not provide me the space to reply to his criticism. Something I could have easily done. The way you edited the show makes it look as if I could not address Lemesurier's statement.

Slanting the debate is not good journalism. It serves the lie, not truth.

Beyond that, your documentary tried to cover too much ground. It has become a fragmentary and confusing 52 minute romp-around Nostradamus. The few good arguments made by the skeptics and the believers alike where marginalized by the need to "fast-food" the facts and "special, special, special!" the effects.

Any final cut of a documentary is a statement on film, for better or worse, of what the documentarians absorbed from their interviews. One hopes that the final cut will at least contain the essence of the many hours of film it is necessary to discard on the editor's cutting room floor. When I think of the essence of what we shot, and then I see what remains, I can only conclude that you didn't have a grasp of the subject. Because of this, you could do no better than turn your documentary into a TV dumb-down and a celebration of simpleton-ism when representing both sides of the debate.

I've seen and read James Randi make far better arguments against Nostradamus than the two skeptics and the pontificating psychiatrist spotlighted in your show. It is a real pity Randi was not heard and only seen for a second. A greater pity that his litany of statements — unchanged and unchallenged for 15 years — weren't rebutted point for point by me as we had originally planned.

If we had followed the original premise, I believe we would have caught on film a groundbreaking and authentically educational debate on the Nostradamus controversy from Randi and myself. Instead, I believe the documentary project derailed the moment you, Peter Hankoff, and the Termite Production staff, became fixated on this idea of a debate at Yale. I understand the seduction. Taking the debate into the hallowed halls of an Ivy League college is intoxicating. However, I felt it was poorly timed and, I believe, too sensational a prospect. So I said no. Obviously James Randi also rejected the idea, sending one of his less expert sycophants in his place to appear in your filmed debate.

In the end, the footage of the Yale debate just isn't that interesting. The way it was shot and edited distracts the viewer away from content towards emotional attacks. A live debate reduced into brief excerpts never adequately represents the arguments of both sides. At best it reduces a debate into bits of mind candy without any nutrient intellectual value.

And the college kids looked painfully bored with it all.

After seeing the final cut of the documentary, I will say openly that I'm glad I didn't attend. I can see that your editorial approach for the debate would have marginalized Randi and myself if we had attended the debate.

The final segment took on a markedly hysterical and strident tone of righteousness. Your ranks of debunkers make their case with a general rush to make slogan-like, simplistic and sweeping statements. Their summations rely on the skimpiest of examples in your final cut of the documentary — measured, as it was, with little or no time given to an opposing view.

The documentary closed with a predictable TV formula finale: namely, a bunch of debunkers ganging up to pooh-pooh the whole matter.

I've seen it all before: cynics dressing themselves in the cloth of skeptical inquiry, grasping for the last word. They must have the final say. Don't dare give the sympathetic side its say; otherwise, your gallery of so-called skeptics would be exposed for their laziness of inquiry and their light and cavalier grasp of the subject they condemn.

Finally, your documentary staggers to its climax after this chorus for the skeptical inquisition passes judgment. We see a mob of bored Yale college kids voting with their backsides in judgment of this centuries-old debate.

A vision of Mobocracy at its irrelevant best!

I had hoped for better work, but I didn't expect it.

Therefore I have not been disappointed by this redundant example of skeptical inquiry — Hollywood style.

Better luck and a real skeptical inquiry next time.



John Hogue
Rogue Scholar/Author:
—Essential Nostradamus: Prophecies for the 21st Century and Beyond
—Nostradamus: The New Millennium
—Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies
—Messiahs, The Visions and Prophecies for the Second Coming
—The Last Pope: The Decline and Fall of the Church of Rome
—The Millennium Book of Prophecy
—1000 for 2000 Startling Predictions for the New Millennium

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666-The Mark of the Beast?

by Ian Gurney.

Author of "The Cassandra Prophecy"

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, something straight off the pages of a Ray Bradbury novel or a scene from the film Matrix. Applied Digital Solutions*, a technology company based in Palm Beach, Florida, was last month granted permission by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market it's latest invention, a syringe-injectable personal identification and tracking device called the "VeriChip".

However, in the United States the technology involved in the "VeriChip" has caused a major controversy amongst many of America's Christians. The "VeriChip" is a syringe-injectable radio-frequency device about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. It's designed to carry a unique identification number and other critical personal data. Once injected, preferably in the palm of the right hand, the chip can be activated by an external scanner, and radio frequency signals then transmit the identification number and other stored information to a telephone, the Internet or a data-storage site such as a computer. Such radio-activated chips are already used to track cattle, house pets and salmon. Future versions could emit a tracking beacon. The chip itself could be implanted in a doctor's office with a local anaesthetic and the site of the injection could be closed without stitches.

The initial announcement of the "VeriChip's" forthcoming availability created a media stir in the United States, not because of its potential medical and security uses, but because of its Biblical connotations. Many in the US, a religiously aware country of some two hundred million Christian believers, have equated the announcement of the "VeriChip" with verses 16, 17 and 18 of Revelation's 13th. chapter and the "Mark of the Beast."


"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred three score and six."

Revelation 13. verses 16, 17 and 18.


They say the ability of the injectable chip to contain information such as bank account details or credit card numbers could eventually lead to a situation where only those implanted with the "VeryChip" could actually buy and sell goods or use financial, medical or computerised systems and services. This, they say, is exactly what Revelation is talking about, the ability for humans to be financially controlled and their habits monitored by various government agencies.

Further criticism emerged when Applied Digital Solutions revealed that their "VeriChip" technology was based on the identification technology used in the Universal Product Code, or Bar-code. We see the bar-code on nearly every product we buy, but most are not aware that the bar-code operates on a "666" system. One good way to verify that this is true is to go to the kitchen cupboard and pull out several items and look at the bar-codes. The code is divided into 2 halves, with brackets on either side and a dividing bracket in the middle of the bar-code. The three brackets incorporated within the bar-code all represent the number six.

Author Bob Fraley, in his book The Last Days in America, published in 1984 says on pages 225 and 228:

"The interpretation of the Universal Product Code marks is most revealing in that the three numbers 666 are the key working numbers for every designed Universal Product Code. Every group of Universal Product Code marks has in it three unidentified numbers. All three of these numbers are 6, making the use of the numbers 666 the key to using this identifying marking system . . .

There is no deviation. Every Universal Product Code has three unidentified marks whose number equivalent is 6, encoding it with the code number 666."

The inventor of the UPC bar-code is George J. Laurer. In 1971, while Mr. Laurer was an employee with IBM, he was assigned the task "to design the best code and symbol suitable for the grocery industry". In 1973, Mr. Laurer's UPC barcode entered the world of the consumer society.

On Mr. Laurer's web site** he has a "Questions" page, where he answers various questions about the UPC barcode. Mr. Laurer answers the "666" question, as follows:

"Rumour has it that the lines (left, middle, and right) that protrude below the U.P.C. code are the numbers 6,6,6... and that this is the international money code. I typed a code with all sixes and this seems to be true. Yes, they do resemble the code for a six. An even parity 6 is: 1 module wide black bar 1 module wide white space 1 module wide black bar 4 module wide white space. There is nothing sinister about this nor does it have anything to do with the Bible's "mark of the beast". It is simply a coincidence like the fact that my first, middle, and last name all have 6 letters."

However, Christians in the United States are not convinced and fear the introduction of the "VeriChip" has distinct Biblical connotations with "The Mark of the Beast" of Revelation. They site the fact that the Greek rendering for the word "Mark" in the King James Bible translates to the English word for "etching". The production of computer chips involves this process for the circuitry.

They also site the final verse of Revelation's 13th. chapter which says: "Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast" claiming Revelation tells us what the number is, but also challenges us to "count" it. If you take the English alphabet and assign each letter an increasing value of 6, with A = 6, B = 12, C = 18, and add up all the values of each letter found in the word "COMPUTER", it adds up to 666.

However, Doctor Keith Bolton, the vice president and chief technology officer at Applied Digital Solutions is dismissive of this, saying:

"The "VeriChip" is not the "Mark of the Beast" but an advanced, digital identification technology. The first component is a very small microchip. The other component is a proprietary, patented, handheld scanner, that reads the information from the chip. The initial use of the "VeriChip" will be to store personal identification or medical information, such as details about any implanted medical devices like pacemakers or artificial limbs, or any allergies to medication. In an emergency, it could save a life."

And Bolton stresses that the "VeriChip" is voluntary:

"We live in a free society," he said. "You can either elect to smoke or not. You can elect to have the "VeriChip". So it's a freedom of choice technology."

Doctor Richard Seelig, medical advisor at Applied Digital Solutions, who implanted a chip in his arm and his hip area last year advocates the security implications of the "VeriChip" saying:

"We would like to know for sure as best we can that the people in that cockpit of that aeroplane belong there and they are the right people, that people who work at nuclear power plants are the right people and they should be there."

On October 24 this year, an Applied Digital Solutions press release stated:-

"The first 100,000 registrants and all qualified ADS shareholders will be eligible for a special introductory savings of $50 on the normal $199 price of the "VeriChip" at the time of "chipping." Details on the "Get Chipped" promotion will be posted soon."

The Phrases "Get Chipped" and "The Chipsons" have already been registered as trademarks for the company, as has the name "The Chipmobile" which is the name of their mobile distribution unit. It is scheduled to make appearances around the nation for public relations efforts, and is in reality a mobile distribution centre and completely equipped as a "Chipping Facility".

According to their press release, "VeriChip" is being promoted to be used for "Homeland Security" and act as a "tamper-proof personal verification system". In simple laymen's terms, this means it will be used as an irrefutable proof of identification. It is also being promoted as a valid means of electronic banking and commerce, once again provoking mistrust and suspicion amongst America's 200 million Christian population.

It will be interesting to see what, if any, reaction British Christians will have to a device that many in the United States think is indeed associated with 666 and "The Mark of the Beast".

The tiny "VeriChip" would seem to contain more than just electronics: hope, fear, opportunity, some politics and perhaps a dash of theology. But it is another piece of technology that seems destined to become a part of everyday life.

Copyright Ian Gurney. October 2002.


Research links as follows:

Applied Digital Solutions website:-


George J. Laurer's website:-




A Letter To America.

By Ian Gurney.

Author of The Cassandra Prophecy


"It is easier to fool people with a big lie, than it is to fool people with a small lie."

Adolf Hitler.


Dear America,

Once again the land of the free and the home of the brave has been fooled by a big lie visited on you by your own leaders and administrators. Just as surely as America was fooled by the lie that was perpetrated on November 22 1963, so you have been hoodwinked yet again into believing that September 11 2001 was the sole work of a few Islamic terrorists, a monstrous deed masterminded by a solitary fundamentalist working his evil from a cave in the wastelands of Afghanistan, with nothing more than a mobile phone and a laptop.

Yet you, America, so horrified and shocked by those terrible events, immediately and without any further consideration believed what you were told and cried for vengeance instead of evidence, retribution instead of reason, retaliation instead of truth. This was how you were meant to react, this was what those responsible were counting on.

The list of unanswered questions posed by September 11 is long and has been detailed on many occassions on this and other websites, although it seems the mainstream media in the US is reluctant to even contemplate the idiosyncrasies and contradictions that abound. There is a reason for this that goes under the heading "vested interests". Even so, those who control the media will tell you such talk is unpatriotic. This is a nonsense. What is unpatriotic is to allow the murder of nearly four thousand of your fellow citizens merely to prop up a faltering economy and line the pockets of the already wealthy establishment figures who, under a cloak of respectability, lurk in the shadows of a corrupt and morally bankrupt system that controls what America hears, sees, reads and does.

These people are not patriotic, neither are they interested in freedom or democracy. Their only motivation is greed and self interest, their only aspiration is power. As the Greek philosopher Thucydides commented in 431 BC:


"There is no power representing the good and the just. Power, whomsoever exercises it, is the Devil, the corruptor of man."


And now, under the guise of homeland security, your human rights, basic freedoms and civil liberties are being taken away, your taxes used to feed the insatiable appetite of defence companies (whose prime objective is attack, not defence) and your fears of further atrocities heightened and manipulated to cower you into submissive acceptance of the lies and disinformation propogated by the very people who will benefit financially from the situation they have created. After all, who needs terrorists when you have John Ashcroft and Paul Wolfowitz to scare the hell out of you. Ha! How these people must be laughing as they rub there hands in gleeful anticipation of the riches to come, toasting their success with fine wines and five star brandies inside the meeting places of the Illuminati, The Bilderberg Group and the other shadowy institutions of the New World Order.

And all the while those who would question or criticise your administration's actions are branded traitors and called unpatriotic, their questioning and criticism dismissed in a plethora of spin which dictates that dissenting voices shall not be heard. Your citizens are imprisoned arbitarily without any evidence of wrongdoing being forthcoming and your privacy invaded by government agencies answerable to no-one. Now, without consulting Congress, the administration has authorised the CIA to look at possible covert operations to kill Saddam Hussein, on the grounds of self-defence. This is in breach of the US constitution, which forbids the assassination of foreign leaders. But what the hell. These guys don't give a fig for the US constitution. Listen up America, democracy and your basic human rights have been usurped. You have been fooled by a big lie, just as ordinary investors were fooled by the voodoo economics of Authur Anderson, Enron, Global Crossing, World Com et al. You are being told every week that an attack is imminent, and when it happens, which it surely will, be sure that the administration will place the blame on Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Watch your government follow this with a full scale attack on Iraq. Then be very afraid of what happens next.

Copyright Ian Gurney 2002.



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