Diana statue to be unveiled in Karjat in Maharashtra

London, June 13, 2006 : 0300 Hrs. (PTI): A life-size statue of Britain's Princess Diana will be unveiled in a college campus in India to mark her birth anniversary on July 1.

It would be installed at the Cambridge International Academy of India in Karjat in Maharashtra, Chairman of the Academy Arjun Gaur said on Monday. "The academy, spread over 100 acres, has recently finished working on one of its most ambitious projects - a ten acre man-made 'Island Lake', within the campus, which will now be dedicated to the memory of the late princess. The Island Lake will be named after her to be called ' Princess Diana Island," Gaur said.

The academy has invited Prince William and Prince Harry, Princess Diana's two sons, to unveil the statue, Gaur said. Invitations have also been sent to a number of foreign dignitaries, as well as top politicians of India, including the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Vilasrao Deshmukh.

Gaur said Princess Diana was a hugely popular person and a source of inspiration around the world and "This is arguably the biggest tribute to Princess Di in India, who died on August 31, 1997 in a car crash in Paris."

He said Princess Diana has become immortal for her devotion to all causes she supported and in particular her advocacy of those suffering from HIV/AIDS, leprosy and those whose lives had been devastated by landmines.

The International Academy of India founded its first school at Karjat, about 60 km from Mumbai, in 2003 with a unique residential character, situated in the Sahyadri valley. The Academy runs its courses in association with the UK's Cambridge International Examinations, a part of the University of Cambridge.



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06/02/2006 13:46

Laser flash blinded Henri Paul during speed chase

The crash that killed DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES and her lover DODI FAYED was caused by a laser beam being flashed into the eyes of their driver, it has been claimed.

New witnesses have told British detectives, leading a fresh enquiry into the fatal August 1997 accident, they saw a motorcyclist point a laser into the eyes of chauffeur HENRI PAUL, causing the Mercedes to crash inside the Pont De L'Alma tunnel in Paris, France.

One witness said he saw "an enormous radar-like flash of light", reports UK newspaper the Daily Express.

The new evidence supports theories Diana, Al Fayed and Paul were assassinated by the British Secret Service on behalf of the UK's royal family.

The laser plot came to light as French medics from the hospital where the princess died claim she was pregnant at the time of the crash.

Conspiracy theorists insist Diana and her lover were killed to avoid the royal family's embarrassment at her having a child by a Muslim. Al Fayed's father, tycoon MOHAMED AL FAYED, has always maintained the crash was not an accident.

The investigation is being led by former Metropolitan police commissioner LORD STEVENS, who was Britain's top cop, and is expected to last into 2007.


New clues on Diana death

The Sun Online

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

THE MAN leading the investigation into Princess Diana’s death said yesterday that fresh witnesses and forensic evidence has been found.

But Sir John Stevens, former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, refused to give any more details.

He revealed: “We’ve got new witnesses and new forensic evidence.”

But asked whether the new witnesses were eye-witnesses, Sir John refused to be drawn, saying: “I can’t tell you at this stage.”

He was speaking at the Hay Festival in Hay-on-Wye on police mergers and how to combat the increased terror threat after 9/11.

When asked about his inquiry into the events leading to the deaths of Diana and Dodi Fayed in August 1997, Sir John said his team had taken possession of the black BMW car involved in the Paris crash from the French authorities, and had dismantled it.

He said they would be dealing with all the conspiracy theories that had been put forward individually.


Coppola brings out bling in Antoinette -- Parallels between Marie Antoinette and Diana uncanny

The Sunday Times

May 21, 2006

A scene from 'Marie Antoinette'

Anachronistic: A scene from Cannes Film Festival attraction Marie Antoinette, featuring, from left, Mary Nighy, Kirsten Dunst (as Marie Antoinette) and Judy Davis

IT IS Marie Antoinette as the world, let alone the French, have never seen her. A movie to be premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this week will liken the last pre-revolutionary Queen of France to Diana, Princess of Wales, and the ancien régime to the excesses of the modern super-rich.

The film, directed by Sofia Coppola, portrays the union of the teenage princess with the dauphin as the sacrifice of a young virgin to dynastic ambition. Coppola’s film also transposes “in-your-face” 21st-century English colloquialisms, broad American accents and a bold use of rock and pop music into the lush world of 18th- century Versailles.

The film is determinedly anachronistic. The royals are seen smoking little reed pipes and do so as if they are using modern-day spliffs. They are also seen downing huge quantities of champagne, although historians maintain that the drink was not in vogue at the French court in the 1770s.

Coppola admitted this weekend that she had played fast and loose with history: “I wanted the film to be credible but I was inspired more by the visual than historical facts. I want people to be transported into another era with an echo of today.”

Coppola, who won an Oscar for her film Lost in Translation, was inspired by a meeting with Evelyne Lever, a French authority on Marie Antoinette. Over lunch Lever mentioned the parallels between the queen’s life and Diana’s, and pointed out that in certain portraits there was a physical resemblance.

Although the film makes use of Antonia Fraser’s revisionist biography of the French queen, it takes its own path. “Sofia had her vision and I had mine,” said Fraser, whose book sought to rescue the queen’s absolutist reputation. “Yet it’s a beautifully done film and I like her vision.”

Coppola has set the historical events to a soundtrack of music from her childhood in the 1970s and the 1980s. Bands include the British punk group Siouxsie and the Banshees and Bow Wow Wow, although she also uses more contemporary techno from Richard D James and Aphex Twin.

The film stars Kirsten Dunst as the Austrian princess who comes from Vienna to marry the dauphin, played by Jason Schwartzman. Marie Antoinette became queen when she was 18 after four years of marriage. However, she remained a virgin until she was 21.

“The problem was more to do with her husband,” said Fraser. “He was undersexed and also probably couldn’t face being dominated by her sexually.”

The marriage produced three children but Marie Antoinette allegedly had an affair with Axel von Fersen, a Swedish diplomat played by Jamie Dornan in the film.

Despite the parallels between Marie Antoinette and the excesses of bling, she comes over as a rather sympathetic character. “For most French people I think it is a new vision of her,” said Olivier René Veillon, director of the Ile de France film commission.

The film, which also stars Marianne Faithfull and Steve Coogan, ends in 1789, the first year of the revolution, leaving implicit the tragic outcome.


COMMENTS (5/22/06): As I mention elsewhere on this website, I did a calculation to see how much difference there was between the execution of Marie Antoinette in Paris on October 16, 1793 and the car crash death of Princess Diana in Paris on August 31, 1997 and found that 204 years, 1 month, and 16 days passed between the two. 204 divided by 7 = 29.142 years. 203 years is a multiple of 7 (7 x 29). So, there is a miss of ten-and-a-half months. This means Diana should have died around October 1996, not late August 1997. The question is, after all that time is there a one year drift? Or was this an adjacent fulfillment?

What is amazing is that, even after 204 years, Diana's death occurred within ten-and-a-half months of what should have been the target vector for Marie Antoinette's October 1793 Paris execution.

Therefore, the two woman are definitely linked together by the base 7 system and, therefore, were likely inhabited by the same spirit.

The only other woman on this line of death to die in Paris was the dancer, Isadora Duncan.


Fayed claims Prince Philip is 'racist who orchestrated Diana's murder' News

Prince Philip: architect of Diana's death?Wed 17 May 2006

MOHAMED al-Fayed yesterday used a BBC radio interview to launch an extraordinary attack on the Duke of Edinburgh, branding him a racist who "grew up with Nazis" and who organised the murder of his son and Princess Diana because he could not tolerate the thought of their marriage.

The Harrods owner also claimed a forthcoming official report into the 1997 Paris accident would confirm that Diana, 36 at the time of her death, was carrying Dodi Fayed's child.

The outburst is the latest chapter in a nine-year battle waged by Mr Fayed against what he claims is a conspiracy organised by Britain's security services at the behest of the Royal Family.

While Mr Fayed has consistently claimed his 42-year-old son Dodi and Diana were murdered, the Egyptian businessman used Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show as a vehicle for a vitriolic attack on Prince Philip. Referring to his German lineage, Mr Fayed said: "He [Philip] himself is a racist, it is well-known. He grew up with a Nazi, it is well-known." Prince Philip's four elder sisters all married German aristocracy in the 1930s. One was married to a lieutenant-colonel in the German reserves, while another was married to Prince Christoph of Hesse, a major in the Luftwaffe.

The Harrods owner went on: "A guy who grew up with the Nazis, you think he will accept my son to marry Princess Diana, the mother of the future king, and she was carrying his child? All this will be black and white from the investigation in Paris." He dismissed Prince Philip as "nothing to do with the country, imported from Germany, half-Russian, grew up with the Hitler people, his aunt was married to Hitler's general".

Mr Fayed's hatred of the Royal Family is well-documented, and claims of a plot to murder Diana and Dodi Fayed have formed part of the canon of conspiracy theories that have circulated since the crash in the Pont d'Alma tunnel in Paris on 31 August, 1997.

Mr Fayed used the BBC interview to claim that Diana had spoken with foreboding of her future while on holiday at the millionaire's home in the south of France. He said: "Exactly she told me: 'If anything happens to me, Mohamed, be sure what is going to happen to me is going to be a devastating accident'."

An official investigation into the crash was ordered nearly two years ago by the royal coroner, Michael Burgess, as conspiracy theories over the crash refused to abate. At the start of this year, the former Metropolitan Police commissioner, Lord Stevens, who is heading the investigation, said he believed Mr Fayed had been right to raise some of his concerns about the crash, but did not specify which. He also said the inquiry was "far more complex than any of us thought".

Mr Fayed and his security adviser, John McNamara, a former Scotland Yard police officer, made a number of specific allegations about what they claimed the forthcoming investigation will conclude.

Little information has been made public about the events leading up to Diana's death. Shortly after midnight, the car entered the underpass, travelling at high speed and pursued by nine French photographers in various vehicles and a motorcycle courier. Mr Fayed's own investigation contradicts the results of an official French investigation, which concluded that the chauffeur, Henri Paul, was speeding while high on drink and prescription drugs.

Mr McNamara claimed in the radio interview that Mr Paul's blood samples must have been swapped and that the chauffeur had been paid £1,000 following a meeting with security service officers on the night of the crash. It was Mr Paul who persuaded Dodi Fayed that he should drive, according to the Harrods owner.

Mr Fayed also claimed that the driver was blinded by a torch carried by a passenger on a motorbike, and the car was then nudged into a pillar in the underpass by a following Fiat. Mr Fayed began naming MI6 officers he believed had been involved in the alleged plot until a sharp intervention from Jeremy Vine.

An investigation in France concluded that the Mercedes had come into contact with a white Fiat Uno in the tunnel. However, the driver of that vehicle has never come forward, and the vehicle itself has not been found.

Last July, the car in which the princess died was shipped to London for forensic examination by Lord Stevens's investigators. The inquiry by the former head of the Met has found new witnesses and has also re-examined other witnesses.

In December, it emerged that the Prince of Wales had met Lord Stevens as part of the investigation. Lord Stevens saw the prince at Clarence House to question him for several hours about the events that led up to the death of his former wife.


Charlize Theron to play Marilyn Monroe?

Charlize Theron as Marilyn Monroe?2006-04-30 09:57:05

BEIJING, April 30 -- Tom Hanks wants Charlize Theron to play Marilyn Monroe in his new movie.

The actress is in talks to play her screen idol in a new film, produced by Hanks' production company Playtone Films. The 30-year-old Oscar-winner is the producers' favorite to portray the late "Some Like it Hot" actress in the movie adaptation of Monroe's biography "Goddess."

Theron has on many occasions spoken about her admiration for 50s sex symbol - and once considered buying the star's old house.

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton has claimed she is as good an actress as Theron.

The sexy socialite insists she is easily as talented as the screen beauty, who won the Best Actress prize for her performance in "Monster," and says the pair will soon be competing for the same roles.

She said: "My acting coach told me I have a similar style of acting to her so we may end up vying for the same parts."


Diana Death Investigation Confirms Evidence Of Cover-up

There can be no other conclusion than murder

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | Updated February 27 2006

The investigation into the death of Princess Diana, led by former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens, continues to confirm previously known facts and unearth new evidence proving that the August 31st 1997 crash was no accident.

As previously exhaustively documented by this website, the evidence pointing to murder is conclusive.

From the mid 1990's, Diana released a series of audio, videotapes and letters voicing her fears that she would be killed in a car crash made to look like an accident. In one letter, Diana stated, "My husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry”.

A brief summary of the known evidence is as follows.

- The Pont de L'Alma tunnel was crawling with secret service personnel from French and British intelligence. The driver of the Mercedes, Henri Paul is now confirmed as having worked for the French secret service.

- The unscheduled journey through the symbolic Pont de L'Alma tunnel (an ancient Pagan sacrificial site) took Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed AWAY FROM their intended destination, Dodi's flat.

- Just before the car entered the tunnel every police radio in Paris mysteriously died, preventing a quick response which could have saved Diana's life.

- Just before the car entered the tunnel every security camera in the tunnel mysteriously died, preventing us from ever seeing footage of what caused the crash.

- Eyewitnesses reported snipers and gunfire within the tunnel.

- The crime scene was completely cleaned within hours of the crash, a policy totally anathema to standard preservation of any crime scene.

- Diana was still alive after the crash. Unexplained delays in getting her to the hospital, caused by the slow speed of the ambulance and the fact that it passed several nearer hospitals before reaching its destination, ensured Diana was dead upon arrival. A faster response could have saved her life.

- The Mercedes used to transport Dodi and Diana from the Ritz was mysteriously swapped for a car that had been stolen only weeks earlier.

- The foremost reason put forward to explain the 'accident' - that driver Henri Paul was dangerously drunk, has been thoroughly debunked by the camera footage of his behavior before the crash and the fact that the tests on Paul's blood were either faked or swapped with the blood of another dead man. Paul's liver showed no sign of alcohol abuse and his close friends and family said he rarely drank alcohol.

- Multiple eyewitnesses reported a mysterious flash of light immediately before the crash. Many insist that this was a laser directed at the driver to cause temporary blindness leading to the crash.

- The initial French investigation into the crash went to every length to ignore key evidence, intimidate eyewitnesses into silence and outright fabricate evidence.

It is important to stress that a detailed compendium of the evidence pointing to murder would fill a book on its own.

Diana was killed because she was pregnant with Dodi's child and the British Royal Family didn't want an Arab in their sacred bloodline. Diana was also becoming politically involved in the Middle East and the elite saw her as a loose cannon that could rally popular support around anything. Diana herself remarked to reporters that there would be 'a big surprise' from her a few days before her death.

Lord Steven's previous enquiry into Irish Republican Army terrorism unearthed links to British intelligence but seemed to disappear down the memory hole. Our hope is that the inquiry will have some genuine consequences for the criminals who assassinated 'England's Rose' and that it will prevent them from engaging in similar political hits in the future.


Diana driver was secret informer

February 26, 2006

The Sunday Times

THE chauffeur of the car in which Diana, Princess of Wales died was working for the French secret service, the British team reinvestigating her death has been told.

The inquiry — headed by Lord Stevens, the former Metropolitan police commissioner — into the Paris car crash that killed Diana is now trying to obtain the chauffeur’s files from French intelligence but is being delayed by the reluctance of the authorities to hand them over.

Stevens’s team has asked the country’s domestic intelligence service, the DST, to surrender all its “agent handling” files on Henri Paul, the chauffeur, to establish whether he was doing any work for his French intelligence bosses on the night of the crash.

Paul crashed the car, killing himself, Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed in a tunnel in central Paris in 1997. It has previously been claimed — and strenuously denied — that he worked for SIS, the secret intelligence service, also known as MI6.

Well-placed sources say requests by the Stevens team for information about Paul’s activities on the day of the crash, and demands for complete records of tests taken on his blood after he died, have become bogged down by the “incredible bureaucracy” of the French justice system.

The delays mean the £4m inquiry, ordered by the royal coroner in 2004, is certain to stretch into the latter part of this year and may not be completed before 2007.

French police concluded the crash was an accident, caused by Paul driving the Mercedes in which Diana was travelling at high speed away from paparazzi while under the influence of drink and drugs.

The role of Paul, who was deputy head of security at the Paris Ritz hotel, and what he was doing in the hours up to the crash are central to the inquiry. Mohamed al-Fayed, the Harrods tycoon and Dodi’s father who also owns the Paris Ritz, has claimed Diana and his son were murdered by British intelligence.

Scotland Yard sources disclosed last week that the French government had finally confirmed Paul’s employment by the DST during discussions last year.

A Yard source said: “We now know he was working for the French secret service and the French have got to give us access to the records of what he was doing. It’s an issue. We want to know where he was and what he was doing that evening.”

After Paul’s death French police discovered he controlled secret accounts containing more than £100,000 in 14 banks across France.

The Stevens inquiry has been complicated by the apparent refusal of the French authorities to allow Yard detectives to see several key witnesses to the accident.

Stevens has said he is determined to “leave no stone unturned” in his investigation. He needs to establish beyond all doubt whether or not Paul was drunk and under the influence of powerful antidepressant drugs when he crashed the Mercedes.

Concerned that there may have been a forensic mix-up, Stevens is trying to persuade the French public prosecutor’s office to disclose all records of how Paul’s blood was analysed. The Yard team has also had to wait for a new report by Dr Gilbert Pepin, the French toxicologist who analysed Paul’s blood after the crash.

After a wrangle over the size of his fee for acting as an expert witness, Pepin has only recently supplied Stevens with a full account of his analysis of the blood taken from Paul’s body as it lay in the central Paris mortuary.

Stevens is also waiting to interview the female laboratory technician who took the blood from Paul’s body.

Fayed has claimed that MI6 agents visited the morgue on the night of the crash to plant evidence suggesting Paul was drunk, by substituting his blood for the alcohol-contaminated blood of a suicide victim.

Sources say there were 25 bodies in the morgue that night.

After two years of investigation, Stevens still takes the view that Diana’s death was an accident. However, he is conscious of the fact that many people still believe she was murdered.


Ghada Adel portrays Princess Diana

28-09-2005 , 10:36 GMT

Ghada Adel, the Egyptian DianaEgyptian actress Ghada Adel announced that she and her husband, producer Majdi Al Huwari have agreed to make a new film about the life of Princess Diana. Ghada will play the role of Diana, and that the film will be translated in both English and Arabic to allow it to be screened around the world.

According to the UAE based daily, Al Bayan, Ghada refused to reveal the identity of the remaining cast nominated to take part in the film.

The actress did reveal that the film depicts the late princess’s life from the time of her marriage to prince Charles until her death in the tragic car accident with friend Dodi Al Fayed in Paris.

Ghada has begun filming the first scenes of her upcoming television drama “Mabrook Galak Ala’a” (Congratulations Worry Came), marking her first leading role on the small screen.

The series revolves around a simple teacher named “Mabrook,” who desperately wants to tie the knot with his fiancé, but is faced with endless obstacles.

The drama, directed by Amro Abdeen, costars Egyptian actor Hani Ramzi and is being filmed at Studio Egypt.

Ghada has consecutively completed three different films to be screened this summer.

The first film is “Malaki Iskindiria,” and costars young Egyptian actor Ahmad Izz. Her second is the comedy, “Hamada Yal’ab,” in which she costars alongside Egyptian comedian Ahmad Riziq.

Thirdly, is the action, adventure story “Iyal Habeeba,” in which she plays the role of a journalist on a quest to fight corruption. Ghada broke her arm while taking Karate lessons to learn self defense as part of her preparations for the role.

© 2005 Al Bawaba (


COMMENTS (4/13/06): Although this is an Egyptian actress who is playing the role of Princess Diana, it gives us an idea what an Egyptian Diana might look like. That is really to say, what the restless spirit of Nefertiti, who has been reincarnated many times over the millennia, shall perhaps appear as the woman of Revelation 12.

Here is Ghada Adel again (at right) with Lebanese actress friend, Madeleine Tabr:


Lebanese actress Madeleine Tabr & Egyptian actress Ghada Adel


Statue of Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed is unveiled in London

8/24/2005 7:05 PM

A bronze statue of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed will be on display in the London department store Harrod's. By Chris Young, APDiana and Dodi statue, a larger viewLONDON (AP) — A statue of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, who died together in a Paris car crash in 1997, will soon be displayed at Harrod's department store in central London, its owner, Mohamed al Fayed, said Wednesday.

The work commissioned by al Fayed shows the couple, who were on vacation together when they died, holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes beneath a soaring albatross — a symbol of eternity and good fortune.

Diana is wearing a dress with a plunging neckline, while Dodi's shirt is unbuttoned to reveal a bare chest.

The couple and their driver, Henri Paul, died Aug. 31, 1997, their Mercedes crashed into a pillar in a Paris underpass.

The only survivor, Diana's bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, was badly hurt.

The new work's title, "Innocent Victims," reflects al Fayed's belief that his son and the princess were murdered, despite a French inquiry that blamed Paul.

"It is a tribute to what might have been if the couple's car had not crashed on Aug. 31, 1997," said Bill Mitchell, a Fayed family friend who crafted the work at a foundry in east London.

Press photographers were allowed to see it for the first time Wednesday.

Al Fayed said the bronze statue would allow people to honor the couple's memory with "warmth and love."

A British inquest into the accident was opened in January, but it adjourned to allow a police investigation led by former Metropolitan Police Commissioner John Stevens.



APRIL 8, 2005

Prince Charles and Parker Bowles arrive for a party at Windsor Castle

'Insult to Diana's memory'


07:41am 11th February 2005

Friends of Princess Diana are 'incandescent' with anger over Prince Charles's decision to marry before the inquest into her death has been concluded. One of her closest confidantes accused Charles of "insulting the memory of Diana" while others described the timing of the wedding as "extraordinary".

Before she died in 1997, Diana wrote a letter in which she claimed Prince Charles was planning to have her killed in a car crash "to make the path clear for him to marry".

Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens is investigating the circumstances of the Paris crash in which she died. Last month he declared that he had not ruled out crime or an Establishment plot to kill the princess, and would not be giving his report to the coroner until the summer.

Last month he declared that he had not ruled out crime or an Establishment plot to kill the princess, and would not be giving his report to the coroner until the summer.

'Extraordinary decision'

Debbie Frank, Diana's personal astrologer in the last eight years of her life, said: "Diana's inquest is not even completed yet. It took all this time for the inquest to be held and the least they could do is wait for it to be completed. I think it is like a whole cycle that needs to be completed before they move on. This is just another of a series of extraordinary decisions Prince Charles has made."

She also suggested that the announcement was a "cynical" attempt to divert attention from the past week's damaging parliamentary inquiry into Prince Charles's massive personal fortune and questions over who paid for Camilla's lifestyle.

"This is a very sudden announcement - it seems as if they have been pushed into it. His finances have been put on display and there was a fuss about how much she benefits from her relationship with him. It doesn't smack of a hearts and flowers decision. The timing of it is completely cynical coming just after the reports of his finances and just before Valentine's Day so we are all softened up ready for it.

"I also think it is really ironic that Diana was stripped of her HRH title, but Camilla will be awarded one."

'Immoral and wrong'

One of Diana's closest friends, who asked not to be named, told the Mail that those who knew her best were "incandescent" over the announcement. The friend added: "In my view this is immoral, it's wrong and it insults the memory of Diana."

Hotelier Ian Jackman, another of Diana's friends, said: "It's a mistake for Charles to marry Camilla before the inquest has reported its findings. He would have been wiser to wait until the coroner had cleared the air by killing off the conspiracy theories - assuming that's what he does."

Mr Jackman added, however: "I do think it was sensible to announce that Camilla will not be known as Princess of Wales because for most people Diana will always be Princess of Wales."

Harrods boss Mohamed Fayed, whose son Dodi died with Diana in Paris, had no plans to comment, his spokesman said.

'His friends are delighted'

Some friends of the late princess were, however, prepared to voice their support for the forthcoming marriage. Her former healer and psychic Simone Simmons said: "For the last couple of years of her life Diana was constantly nagging Charles to do the right thing and make an honest woman of Camilla. I think she would have approved."

Esther Rantzen, who became friendly with Diana through their work with the children's charity ChildLine, said: "Those of us who knew Diana remember her with love and admiration and we will continue to do so. That doesn't mean that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles should not
enjoy many happy years together."

City broker William van Straubenzee, a friend of Diana from her childhood to her death, said: "I'm thrilled for them both and I hope they are very happy." Sir David Frost, a friend of both Diana and Charles, said: "All his friends are absolutely delighted.

"I think there will be quite a bit of controversy for 24 hours but then I think everyone will be happy and feel that Prince Charles deserves his happiness."


7 years 7 months 7 days

From: C. M.
Date: Friday, February 11, 2005 1:48 AM

2/11 Dear Mr. McClellan: in the event that this has not already been brought to your attention, it appears that the date of the forthcoming marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles (scheduled for April 8, 2005) is terribly close to being 7 years, 7 months and 7 days after the death of Princess Diana?! I thought you might want to know. I personally do not believe in coincidences -- Sincerely, C. M.

Yes indeed - and only off by a matter of hours. Now there is a perfectly frightening application of the base 7 system at its most exact.

What might we expect in the weeks ahead as this wedding draws near? A sinister attempt to eclipse Diana's memory and legacy before the inquest into her death has been concluded is soon to take place. The result may change History forever as nations go to war, the earth groans and trembles, the moon turns the colour of blood, a flaming spectre appears, a new religion is formed, and a king receives a fatal head wound from an assassin's bullet ...


'I thought he was a madman': Another 'odd' car in Diana crash -- witness refutes boyfriend's account given several days ago that crash was just an accident

'I am sick that Mohamed lied'

Independent Online

January 18 2004 at 03:33PM

London - A witness to the 1997 Paris car crash which killed Princess Diana has described seeing a white Fiat being driven in a strange manner at the scene, a British newspaper reported on Sunday.

Souad Mouffakir told The People that she was being driven by her then husband Mohamed Medjahdi in front of Diana's Mercedes when it was involved in an accident in an underpass beside the Pont de l'Alma in the French capital.

Her account appeared to contradict remarks from Medjahdi, who was quoted in the Daily Mail newspaper last week as saying that there were no other vehicles in sight when the smash happened.

Mouffakir, 33, told The People at her home in northern Paris: "I saw through the back window a Fiat Uno driving very fast up to us in the outside lane. But rather than hurtle past, it slowed down so we were side by side."

She said the driver "had a very strange expression like his mind was thinking about something else. His whole manner was odd. It troubled me."

Mouffakir described the driver as "Mediterranean, short because his head was only just above the steering wheel."

She added: "His skin was tanned and his hair was very dark brown and wiry."

"He was in his mid-30s. In the back seat was a huge Alsatian. I became very scared, I thought he was a madman and I told Mohamed to speed away. We did that and a moment later we heard the screech of tyres.

"I looked round and saw a black Mercedes sliding out of control at 45 degrees, coming straight at us. I saw the car impact into the pillar. I did not realise that I had just seen the crash that killed Diana," she was quoted as saying.

The paper said that Mouffakir had remained silent for six years about what she saw because she feared for her life.

But Mouffakir, who according to the paper split with her husband three years ago, said she was "sick that Mohamed lied".

Medjahdi told the Daily Mail last week that there were no other vehicles or photographers in sight when the crash happened.

"I am absolutely convinced, clear and certain, that this was a tragedy - but it was an accident," he was quoted as saying.

Following a two-year investigation, the French authorities concluded that the crash was chiefly the result of Diana's driver Henri Paul driving too fast under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs.

The first British inquests into the deaths of Diana and her companion Dodi Fayed were opened and adjourned earlier this month.

London's Metropolitan Police have been asked to probe speculation that the deaths were not the result of a "straightforward, road traffic accident".

The horrific crash came a year after Diana's divorce from Prince Charles, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and heir to the British throne, was decreed final following their increasingly stormy 15-year marriage.


WAS THIS "MADMAN" driving the white Fiat Uno "the unknown one from Marne" that Nostradamus warns will "murder" Diana in Quatrain 10.35?


Lady Gabriella Windsor

Quatrain 10.35

The younger born royal,
flagrant with ardent lust,
For enjoyment of his first
(or German) cousin:
Women's attire in the
temple of Diana:
Going to be murdered
by the unknown one
from Marne.

Princess Diana


The first two lines are about a reported past romance between Prince William and his lovely cousin, Lady Gabriella of Windsor, daughter of Prince Michael of Kent. The last two lines, however, revolve around the death of William's mother, Princess Diana, her shrine at Althorp (or possibly a future temple where Diana will be worshipped), identifying her killer as "the unknown one from Marne."

See also: The Diana Prophecy.



Tuesday 6 January 2004 07:25pm

By JANE KERR, Royal Reporter

Diana feared that ex-husband Prince Charles was plotting to kill herPRINCESS Diana believed Prince Charles wanted her killed in an accident when she was plagued by anxiety and feared for her safety.

She told of her worries in her now infamous note which she handed to butler Paul Burrell as "insurance" on the day she wrote it in October 1996, 10 months before she died in a Paris car crash.

Burrell censored the note when he disclosed its existence in his book last year by blanking the words "my husband" from the text.

The full text, revealed for the first time, now reads: "This particular phase of my life is the most dangerous - my husband is planning 'an accident' in my car, brake failure & serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry."

The Daily Mirror - not Burrell - has decided to publish the blanked out name because it will inevitably appear in the public domain.

Burrell is prepared to hand the note to the coroner probing the deaths of Diana and boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed whose inquests open today. By bringing the text to light he is honouring a long-standing promise to co-operate fully with the inquiries.

Speaking at his home in Farndon, Cheshire, Burrell - known by Diana as her "rock" - said yesterday: "This matter has to be handled with great sensitivity and I have genuine concerns about that.

"I reproduced only a portion of that letter in my book to provide further force to the argument that an inquest must be held.

"To that end, the document has fulfilled its main purpose.

"I'll do what I've always said I'll do, and provide the coroner with every possible assistance where the information I know is relevant to his investigations."

Royal coroner Michael Burgess has already written to Burrell asking for the document to be handed over for examination. The former butler is happy for Mr Burgess to see the entire contents.

He is due to meet his lawyers this week and will then be questioned about the correspondence. No decision over whether the letter will be regarded as evidence will be made until the coroner has viewed its contents.

A source said: "Mr Burgess will take nothing on face value, and he'll question Mr Burrell very closely over its contents and how it came to be in his possession. It will be a matter handled with great sensitivity and care."

Mr Burgess has yet to decide what witnesses and evidence will be deemed admissable at the full inquests. But Burrell is widely expected to be a key witness.

The sensational development once again puts Charles's relationship with his companion Camilla Parker Bowles in the spotlight. It again focuses attention on Diana's anxieties over her ex-husband in the year before her death.

Princess Diana, boyfriend Dodi al-Fayed, and their unborn son died in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997It also renews attention on the conspiracy theories swirling round Diana's death in the Pont d'Alma tunnel in Paris. These theories were fuelled by the haunting similarities between her own prediction and the 1997 crash.

Speculation raged over the the blanked-out name in the letter published in Burrell's book, A Royal Duty, which was exclusively serialised in the Mirror. At the time, the passage appeared as: "********* is planning 'an accident' in my car... in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry."

Burrell had instructed his publishers Penguin to replace the word "him" with "Charles" to protect the prince's interests. He said in his book: "I will never say what those blacked-out words say... deciding what to do with it (the letter) has been a source of much soul-searching.

"I agree that it may be futile in what it achieves because it can do no more than provide yet another question mark. But if that question mark leads to an inquest... it will have achieved something."

Burrell has revealed that at the time the letter was written Diana was plagued by insecurities and even believed her Kensington Palace apartments were bugged. Her marriage had ended only two months before.

Though she had negotiated an estimated £17million settlement, the princess was devastated at losing her HRH title. Charles had admitted conducting an affair with Camilla, saying he committed adultery only after his marriage became "irretrievably broken down, us both having tried".

Today, Camilla is the prince's accepted companion. She lives with him at his London home, Clarence House, and his Gloucestershire home, Highgrove. She has also accompanied him on semi-official engagements.

Diana's friends have always said that in the months leading up to her death she had resolved her differences with Charles and was looking forward to them becoming friends. Burrell said in the Mirror the letter provided "evidence of the state of the princess's mind in the final months of her life".

He admitted it increased huge public interest which was "crying out for a full examination of the facts".

Mr Burgess announced that an inquest would be opened into Diana's death two months after Burrell's sensational book was published. The hearing will open at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre, in Westminster, Central London.

An inquest on Dodi, who lived at Oxted, Surrey, will open in the afternoon at Reigate. Mr Burgess is expected to announce the scope of his hearings and the course his investigation will take before full inquests are held later in the year.

The coroner will first have to digest a 6,000-page police report and secret evidence from the French inquiry into the princess's death held by judge Herve Stephan. First evidence is not likely to be heard before the autumn.

Diana, 36, and Dodi died in the early hours of August 31, 1997, when a Mercedes driven by chauffeur Henri Paul careered out of control and smashed into a concrete pillar. The 1999 French inquiry said the crash was an accident caused by chauffeur Paul being high on drink and drugs.

Dodi's father, Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed, believes his son and the princess were murdered, and has spent thousands of pounds pursuing his own investigations.

Diana's family do not believe the theories. Her mother, Frances Shand Kydd, accepted the French inquiry findings "without reservation".



Tuesday 6 January 2004 07:27pm

By Jane Kerr, Royal Reporter

PRINCE Charles is the person Princess Diana claimed in a letter wanted to kill her, the Mirror sensationally reveals today.

Before she died in a car crash, Diana wrote: "My husband is planning 'an accident' in my car, brake failure and serious head make the path clear for him to marry."

She gave the note to butler Paul Burrell who revealed its existence in the Mirror last year.

Charles's name was blanked out. Burrell has been asked to hand the document to the coroner who today opens the inquest into Diana's death.

Burrell said: "It has fulfilled its purpose. I wanted to give force to the argument that an inquest must be held."


Coroner to probe death of Diana

From The Sunday Times's correspondents in London

January 5, 2004

THE Queen's coroner will open his inquest into the death of Princess Diana this week by promising to look at as many issues as possible surrounding the fatal car crash in Paris six years ago.

Michael Burgess will make it clear in his opening statement tomorrow that he intends to consider everything from whether the brakes worked on the Mercedes that Diana was travelling in to why she suspected someone wanted to kill her.

He may also ask why Diana had no royal security guards with her and whether driver Henri Paul really was drunk when he crashed the Mercedes in the Alma tunnel. Autopsy specialists have said toxicology reports on Paul's body "do not make sense".

Mr Burgess is expected to state that he will not be in a position to call witnesses until the end of the year, largely because of the amount of material he has to read and digest. He has already contacted solicitors for Paul Burrell, Diana's former butler, to ask to see a letter from the princess in which she expressed her fears about being killed.

It is also understood that he is prepared to look at suggestions that the Mercedes was tampered with before the crash or somehow forced off the road.

The inquest could prove embarrassing for Buckingham Palace and for Mohamed al-Fayed, whose son Dodi, Diana's boyfriend, also died in the crash. It may even tarnish Diana's memory if it touches on claims that she was pregnant and that French traffic police found drugs in her handbag at the crash scene.

By coincidence, Mr Burgess will also preside this week over the inquest on Dodi. As Queen's coroner, he will open Diana's inquest at the QE2 conference centre in Westminster, one of the few venues that can cope with the massive media interest. Then he will travel to a court in Reigate, Surrey, and in his capacity as the county's chief coroner open the inquest into the death of Dodi, who was buried on his father's Surrey estate.

The hearings have been delayed because of court proceedings in France and a lack of co-operation between lawyers representing Diana's family, the Spencers, and the Fayed family.


Diana was pregnant at time of her death, says top policeman

The Independent

21 December 2003

DianaA senior police source in France has told The Independent on Sunday that Diana, Princess of Wales, was pregnant at the time of her death following a road accident in Paris six years ago.

The source - who saw all the documents relating to the case surrounding the Princess's death - dismisses suggestions that there was any murder conspiracy before the death of Diana, her friend Dodi al-Fayed and their driver in a car crash on 31 August 1997. He was speaking after a British coroner announced that he would hold inquests into the cause of the deaths of Diana and Dodi, beginning on 6 January.

However, the source revealed to The Independent on Sunday that there was "a cover-up of sorts" in the days following the crash. Medical reports, which have never been made public, showed that Diana was pregnant at the time of her death. "I can tell you that she was pregnant," the source said. Friends of Diana and her butler, Paul Burrell, have strenuously denied in the past suggestions that the Princess was expecting a third child at the time of her death.

The source implied that Diana's pregnancy was hushed up to spare the embarrassment of her family. Since it was not regarded as relevant to the causes of the accident, or her death, it was not mentioned at the end of the two-year judicial investigation into the crash by a French judge, Hervé Stephan.

Medical reports from the hospital where Diana died may, however, be included among the 6,000 pages of documents from the French investigation which will be delivered to the British coroner, Michael Burgess, next month.

Reports that Diana was pregnant - first alleged by Mohammed al-Fayed soon after her death - have been seized on by the wilder conspiracy theorists as a possible motive for an assassination plot by the Royal Family and British government.

The same police source in France rejected all these theories and said the investigation file points clearly to an accident, caused in part by the fact that chauffeur Henri Paul had been drinking heavily.

There has also been speculation about the time it has taken to call a British inquest, now routine when a British citizen dies abroad. The coroner has said that he could not open the hearings until he received the French file once legal proceedings were completed in France.

These proceedings have been prolonged mostly by Mr Fayed, who appealed against the original decision by French authorities to bring no action against the photographers who pursued Diana and Dodi's car. When that appeal was lost, Mr Fayed brought another action against three photographers for invading his son's privacy. The case was thrown out by a French court last month.

The royal coroner, Mr Burgess, announced on Thursday that he would begin separate inquests into Diana and Dodi's deaths next month, but indicated that the full hearings will be delayed until the whole French file has been translated and studied.

Mr Burgess said last week: "At neither hearing will I be receiving evidence from witnesses in person. I will, however, make a statement which will cover the purpose of the inquests, how they may be expected to be conducted and the nature and scope of the evidence I expect to receive."


UK to hold Diana death inquest

Thursday, December 18, 2003 1746 GMT ( 1:46 AM HKT)

LONDON, England (CNN) -- The first official public hearing into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed is to be held next month, according to the royal family's coroner. Michael Burgess, coroner Of The Queen's Household, said separate inquests for the couple would be opened on January 6.

British officials had said an inquest would be held after legal processes in France, where the Princess of Wales and Dodi died in a car crash in 1997, were completed. On November 28, three photographers who took pictures of the couple at the scene of their crash in Paris were cleared of invading their privacy, completing the French process. A two-year French investigation had previously concluded that the driver Henri Paul, who was also killed, was drunk and driving too fast.

Dodi and Diana died in a car crash in a Paris underpassDodi Fayed's father, the Egyptian-born Harrods owner Mohamed al Fayed, has repeatedly claimed the crash was no accident, suggesting it was a murder conspiracy plotted by those who disapproved of Diana's relationship with his son. He has repeatedly called for a public inquiry into the deaths -- but that was rejected by the British government.

This week, he began appealing against a previous decision by a senior Scottish judge, who ruled it would be inappropriate to open a public inquiry Scotland into an accident that took place in France. Fayed owns a castle in Scotland.

On news of the announcement on Thursday, a spokesman for the office of Diana's former husband Prince Charles said: "It's entirely a matter for the coroner. "We always understood the law required an inquest at some point," he told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, declining to comment further. The Home Office said such an inquest was required when "an unnatural or violent death occurs abroad," and the body is brought into England or Wales.


'French authorities want the body of Princess Diana to be exhumed, for post mortem tests'
from 'Papers focus on royal intrigues', BBC News, November 2, 2003:

The main item in the Sunday Express is a claim that the French authorities want the body of Princess Diana to be exhumed, for post mortem tests.

The paper says French officials have, in effect, accused the Royal Family and the British Government of ordering a cover up.

The Express says that unpleasant though the prospect is, new tests could help end what it calls a "conspiracy industry" that has damaged the monarchy.


Diana forecast her death, aide says -- British royal allegedly wrote letter predicting car accident

MSNBC - Reuters

Diana's handwritten letter to Paul BurrellLONDON, Oct. 20, 2003 — Princess Diana made a chilling prediction of her own death in a car crash just 10 months before she died in Paris road tunnel, according to a secret letter revealed by her former butler on Monday.

The former wife of heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles wrote the letter in October 1996 claiming there was a plot to kill her in a car crash and gave it to her butler Paul Burrell, asking him to keep it for insurance for the future.

THE MIRROR NEWSPAPER, which is serializing Burrell’s book ”A Royal Duty,” said the letter includes an allegation by Diana that someone was planning her death, but that the plotter’s name could not be published for legal reasons.

“This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous,” it quoted the letter as saying. “(DELETED WORD/S) is planning ’an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry.”

The name was blacked out by the newspaper for legal reasons, BBC reported.

Burrell claims in his book that before sealing the letter in an envelope marked “Paul,” Diana told him: “I am going to date this and I want you to keep it... just in case.”

A spokesman for the royal household declined to answer any questions. “We are not making any comment,” he told Reuters.

Princess Diana is shown in this August 1997 photo with her butler Paul BurrellFrench police services prepare to take away the Mercedes in which Diana, Princess of Wales, Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul died in Aug. 31, 1997.

Burrell was Diana’s servant, friend and confidante for more than a decade during some of the most turbulent times in her marriage to Charles.

The couple’s divorce became official in October 1996 after both Charles and Diana had admitted to having adulterous affairs during their rocky 15-year marriage.

Burrell stood trial last year accused of stealing hundreds of the Princess’ belongings including jewelry and clothes, but the case collapsed dramatically after Queen Elizabeth told prosecutors she remembered Burrell telling her after Diana’s death that he would look after some of her possessions.

Diana died at the age of 36, alongside her lover Dodi al Fayed and chauffeur Henri Paul when their car crashed in Paris on August 31, 1997.

Burrell told the Mirror: “With the benefit of hindsight, the content of that letter has bothered me since her death.”



Robert Lacey, a royal biographer, said the letter was an ”extraordinary revelation and prophecy” which was bound to add to the raft of conspiracy theories on how and why Diana died.

“There is something magic about this,” Lacey told Reuters. ”People will say forever now that Diana foretold her death. And that will add to the magical aura — the supernatural and the prophetic — that surrounds Diana.”

He also said it would add to growing pressure for a British inquest into Diana’s death. The coroner charged with investigating the death has promised there will be an inquest, but has so far declined to set a date.

An inquiry by French authorities in 1999 ruled the crash was a accident caused by Paul being drunk and driving too fast.

But Dodi’s father, the multi-millionaire owner of the exclusive Harrods London store, Mohamed Al Fayed, has repeatedly called for a British inquiry, insisting that Diana and his son were murdered by the British secret services.

Piers Morgan, editor of the Mirror, which has exclusive coverage of Burrell’s book, said he had no reason to doubt the authenticity of the letter. “Paul Burrell is about as reputable as it comes...when it comes to the testimony and legacy of Princess Diana,” he told BBC radio.

Lacey too said the writing looked exactly like Diana’s hand.


COMMENT (10/20/03): This could be the start of a new season of Diana -- a time of re-examining the circumstances of the late princess's death and the very real possibility that we shall soon know the identity of her killer or killers. It further amplifies her uncanny mystical abilities in life -- added to her interest in the supernatural and her ability to heal the sick, it now appears that she was able to see into her own future. Now is the time for us once again to reflect on Diana's life and the wonderful future the world was robbed of on the night of her all-too tragic and premature death.

It is no coincidence that as this revelation of Diana's letter surfaces, Saddam City is again living up to Nostradamus' description of it being a city of "homicide." It is now the scene of daily acts of terrorism and attacks on US soldiers, and the gathering place, a capital if you will, for an increasing number of Iraqi Shiites who follow one man: the young, firebrand Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr who seeks to turn Iraq into an Islamic state patterned after Iran. Soon it may be necessary to commit Baghdad once more into the hands of the fire god Vulcan.



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