Nostradamus and the Final Age: The Book


Nostradamus and the Final Age is both an examination of the current issues which will affect us in the years immediately ahead and a detailed exploration into previously unknown chapters of our remote future. It is the first book ever to sequentially present Nostradamus' quatrains and prose predictions as a comprehensive chronology covering a period of over 237 years. In addition are events that will take us through the next two thousand years.

You will never see so many prophecies concerning our future in one book as you will see in Nostradamus and the Final Age. Nor is Nostradamus the only prophet featured. There are many other prophets -- ancient and modern -- whose visions concur with the famed French seer.

You will be amazed at the clarity and detail of the events that will take place in what Nostradamus referred to as "the finish of the seventh millennary" -- the final 237-year period the Bible prophets called "the latter days" and "the time of the end." What is more amazing is that the outline for our future -- as revealed by God to Nostradamus -- is in harmony with another ancient document. With this second document, along with additional prophetic evidence, I will prove conclusively that the oft-misunderstood Epistle to Henry II written by Nostradamus in 1558 is this very outline!

My book also submits that the final Antichrist, the beast of Revelation, will not arise on the world scene for another 230 years and that the year of Armageddon, as calculated by the French oracle of Salon, will not take place until AD 2242 or 2243.





I have chosen to publish my entire book free on this website. You will always have the option to buy a CD version of the book (E-inbook) now or the paperback/hardback version when it comes out if you wish to own one.

Stay tuned for nine more chapters (they must be converted from MS Word to HTML)! I am also considering restoring material that was deleted from the 1998 manuscript to shorten the 2000 book. There may even be a deleted chapter restored.

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Nostradamus and the Final Age
y Michael McClellan


About the Author

Note Bene Now Online!

Introduction Now Online!

The First Key Now Online!

- Daniel’s Prophecy is the First Key to Understanding Nostradamus

- World War III as Envisioned by Nostradamus and the Prophet Daniel

- The Iraqi Connection

- The Persian-Median Alliance Invades the Balkans

- What about Russia, China, North Korea, and the rest?

- An He-Goat Comes Out of the West and Destroys the Ram

- And When He Was Strong the Great Horn Was Broken …


The Second Key Now Online!

- The Four Notable Ones

- The Kings of the North and South, The Ignoble King, and the Great Destroyer

- An Analysis of the Epistle to Henry II


The Antichrists of Nostradamus Now Online!

NOTE: I may soon restore some material that was deleted from this chapter. Check back periodically.

- The Third Antichrist: Raypoz, Lord of Asia

- The Turko-Russian War

- World War IV

- The Great Dog and Dohan: L’Oriental

- The Lords of Aquilon

- Mendosus: The King of the South

- The Third King of the North: A Tragic Renovator

- The False Prophet

- The Antichrist

- Hercules Cinq

- A Political Overview of Annemarc

- Iron and Clay


The Third Key
Strategem For The Dating And Ordering Of The Prophecies
Now Online!

- A Background of Nostradamus' Beliefs and Practices

- On the Reliability of Planetary Alignments

- Celestial Signposts

- Literal Dates

- 1792: A Climactic Year

- Conquest of Europe in the ‘40s

- Other Literal Evidence in Brief

- 666: The Great Fire of London?

- 1609: The Election that Wasn’t

- The Council Datings

- 1995 - 2007: Islamic Extremism Spreads from Algeria, Leading to the Overthrow of the King of Morocco

- Two Quatrains: 2025 and 2028 - Russia Conquered by the Turko-Tartar Nations

- All Roads Lead to 2242 - 2243

- Confirming the Evidence


Remaining chapters:

Recent Historical Evidence

World War III and Other Events

The Nightmare Scenario

The First Peace: Armistice

World War IV

The Pax Europa and the Aquarian Revolution

The Twilight of History

The Infernal Years

The Great Millennium and Beyond



Nostradamus and the Final Age 1998-2006 Michael McClellan



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Nostradamus and the Final Age 1998-2006 Michael McClellan