Predictions 1998


I feel the time has come to publish much of the material relating to 1998 and 1999 appearing in manuscript 1998 of my book Nostradamus and the Final Age. Although most of the events addressed are now dated, some of them may still be useful for review purposes in the 2000 manuscript. However, I can see no reason not to share this material with the viewer since it is protected by copyright.

I feel that you, the viewer, would be much better served by reading the predictions I made for 1998 and 1999 as they were presented to the publishers and their staffs than as they were presented on this page over the course of last year. Most of the chapters and chapter segments you will be reading were written or placed into final draft between October 5, 1997 and March 23, 1998. Virtually all predictions concerning 1998 and 1999 were determined between September 6, 1997 and January 1, 1998 -- and some long before that.

Because this page became over-maxed, the "1996-98 in Retrospect" and the "Published, Unpublished, and Appended Predictions of 1998" sections have now been re-located to the Predictions Fulfilled in 1998 (Part Two) page.

Chapter 7



It becomes clear even when merely browsing through The Centuries that ethnic and religious turmoil in three neighbouring geographical regions -- the Middle East, the Balkans, and the former Soviet Union -- may eventually precipitate a global war. For reasons that are more or less obvious, Turkey is likely to become the nexus of what will initially be perceived as three separate and unrelated conflicts. It is when that nation is invaded and conquered by a rogue Moslem power bloc led by Iran that the war of the ram and the goat prophesied by Daniel will truly begin. However, at the end of the day, it is Russia which will determine whether we are actually embarking on a global conflict or simply a world crisis.

(Part of paragraph is deleted because it deals with material that I only intend to reveal in the revised book) .... a great deal of speculation, research, and pain-staking analysis of the quatrains has been necessary to present these opening chapters of The Chronology.

Because some of the quatrains have astrological conjunctions which recur, thus rendering more than one possible dating, these may be subject to repeat examination. I have also applied my own unique method of numerology -- which I will occasionally refer to as base 7 numerology -- to certain predictions where I believe it may be of help (in this and the next chapter only). Although it is my intention to reveal the details of this method in another book, a brief, simplified explanation of the system along with some charts are provided in the appendix.

It is a critical crossroads we find ourselves at over the next three calendar years (1998, 1999, and 2000). What we do now is very important: this period poses certain ironies which could either ignite war or nurture peace. There are also pressing domestic troubles, natural disasters, and great tragedies which will need to be prepared for -- and prevented if possible. If global war comes, it will occur in two stages. Stage one pertains to the preliminary conflicts which may precede it. Stage two involves a wholesale invasion of Europe by a Russian-armed Moslem axis. Iraq could be the first of these preliminary conflicts. A NATO war with Russia is yet another, much more horrendous, possibility. North Korea and/or China may also compete with these concerns. There are additional indications in Les Propheties that a huge Balkan conflict could precede stage two of World War III in much the same fashion that the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913 preceded World War I (technically the 1912-1913 wars were stage one of World War I). The incredible dangers posed by nuclear, chemical, and biological proliferation as well as international and domestic acts of terrorism utilising such agents of mass destruction will also remain a major concern.

These are the brush fires that could ignite the whole world. However, if we put them out quickly or prevent them from starting, most if not all of them anyway, the war of the ram could be made much smaller in scope. This first invasion by the "great Empire of Antichrist" need not spread any further west than the Balkans and could be defeated within a period of two years. The worst case scenario, however, will bring the Iranian-led axis as far as France, begin sooner, and last for nearly six years (the same length as World War II)...(Part of paragraph is deleted because it deals with material that I only intend to reveal in the revised book.)

Yet it is that which lies beyond the coming conflict ... that will raise or furrow the brow. Nothing discussed in the first two parts of this book, or these first two chapters of The Chronology, can truly prepare the reader for the strange centuries which lie ahead. At times it will seem as though one is reading a work of fiction -- the detail, the "character development," and the diversity of subject matter concerning the future age exists at such a level of sophistication that it will be tempting to doubt it all. But doubt it not. As a mysterious voice said to Carl Jung in 1913 after he experienced a terrifying vision of the northern half of Europe disappearing beneath colossal oceanic waves, " It has already happened."





L'horrible guerre qu'en l'occident s'apreste

L'an ensuivant viendra la pestilence,

Si fort horribles que jeune, vieux, ne beste,

Sang, feu, Mercure, Mars, Jupiter en France.


The horrible war that in the occident is prepared,

The year ensuing will come the pestilence,

So very horrible that young, old, nor beast [will survive],

Blood, fire, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.


February 23, 1998 (Hogue/Oldenburg) -- It certainly appears as though the West (the United States and Britain) is "prepared" to launch Operation Desert Thunder sometime this year. Saddam Hussein's track record for compliance with weapons inspectors over the last seven years has been rather dismal -- there have been over a hundred violations to date. The period of time between violations ranges between a few days to three months. The agreement reached between U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan and President Hussein -- signed, ironically, on February 23, 1998 -- will ensure that Iraq will be punished severely with military power next time Saddam cheats or interferes (if the U.S. and Britain have their way). The other three members of the Security Council -- Russia, China, and France -- remain opposed to the use of punitive military force, promising more friction between Washington and Moscow when and if another crisis begins.

The United States intends to maintain the massive deployment of forces it has invested in the Persian Gulf since last November until at least the end of the summer if not the end of the year. Therefore, it appears that 1998 may be a year of war preparation. If this is true then in 1999 "the pestilence" will come, probably in the form of a biological or chemical attack. Nuclear weapons may also be indicated in line 4 ("blood, fire"). Anthrax or VX kills both humans and animals. So does radiation. The area affected may be regional (the Middle East), inter-regional, or global.

On a more positive note, there are competing numerological influences which indicate that February 1998 will mark the end of the U.S.-British military threat of force against Iraq, at least for this year anyway. Commentator John Hogue's astrological advisor, Dan Oldenburg (1994), gives us an additional ray of hope: the conjunction in line 4 dated February 23, 1998 recurs again in July 2002 and September 2004. Doubtlessly, it recurs again beyond these dates as well. As we shall see, far different dangers await us during these two later years.


COMMENT (5/17/00): February 1998 did indeed bring a peaceful resolution to the crisis -- a peace which lasted throughout the year until mid-December 1998. Still, because there were competing numerological influences for a possible war with Iraq (mentioned in other predictions for 1998), I suggested that an air strike on Iraq might still happen sometime in 1998. Operation Desert Fox was launched on December 16, 1998.

Technically, therefore, I was right on both counts. The Annan accord did leave the region in peace for quite nearly the remainder of the year; yet Operation Desert Fox was launched on December 16 -- still within the confines of 1998.





Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra,

De gens & bestes une horrible defaite:

Puis tout a coup la vengeance on verra,

Cent, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comete.


Mabus will soon die, then will come

Of people and beasts a horrible destruction:

Then all too suddenly the vengeance is revealed,

A hundred, hand, thirst, hunger, when the comet shall run.


Although there are many opponents to the peace agreement reached between Kofi Annan and Saddam Hussein, the U.S. and Britain have given it a lukewarm blessing. Irrespective of how long the West maintains its existing forces in the Gulf, the military operation that was to commence on February 26 will be launched if Saddam reneges on the deal, doubtlessly against a flurry of objections from Russia, China, and France.

In the meantime, while the U.S. waits to see if Iraq violates the U.N. Security Council's final draft of the Annan accord, Washington is planning a parallel course of action: the toppling of Saddam Hussein's regime. Although I proposed in Chapter 1 that, on the basis of my numerological system, Saddam might be killed in February or March 1998, it seems unlikely that what is being planned can be carried out that quickly. Also, I would point out that no comet as of yet has been discovered that could appear in the spring sky of 1998. However, a maverick that arrives with brief or no advance warning, as was the case with Comet Hyakutake in 1996, could suddenly astonish us. Otherwise, unless the passing of Comet Hale-Bopp last year is what is being indicated, the conditions for Quatrain 2.62 are not yet here.

Still, the very fact that the U.S. government announced its support for this course of action publicly and began discussing concrete ideas to accomplish this mission during the last week of February suggests to me that my projection for February/March was a credible one. As I also mentioned in Chapter 1, the next two numerological vectors for the killing of Saddam Hussein is November 1998 and July 2000. If he survives beyond either of these periods, he will not die until the end of the world crisis which, if we are truly unfortunate, could be as late as 2006.

In light of the warning in Quatrain 9.55 concerning a "horrible pestilence" which will kill "young, old, and beast" following a year of war preparation by the West, assuming the year of preparation is 1998, Saddam's possible death in November or December 1998 may well trigger the "Mabus scenario" in 1999: catastrophic biological retaliation. Note that the curse of Mabus, as in Quatrain 9.55, is also a "horrible destruction of people and beasts." This quatrain will be discussed again later.


COMMENT (5/17/00): The presentation of Quatrain 2.62 was merely to serve as a showpiece for my base 7 numerological projections. Technically, every time we engage in a military attack on Saddam Hussein, we risk unleashing the "Mabus scenario." It could have occurred during Operation Desert Storm in 1991 or during the air strikes in 1993 and 1996. The February/March 1998 vector indicates it could have happened if Operation Desert Thunder, a catastrophic campaign which would have killed 800,000 civilians, had been launched in late February 1998. It is also true that certain high-ranking U.S. officials such as Senator John McCain were considering a plan for the assassination or overthrow of Saddam Hussein at this time.

The November 1998 vector anticipated the potential death of Saddam in yet another air operation in either November or December. As it turns out, it could have happened during the aborted November 14 attack or during Operation Desert Fox in December 1998. In terms of predicting an air strike against Iraq in November or December 1998, the base 7 system was disturbingly accurate. Also, the overthrow or killing of Saddam Hussein is no longer a pipe dream of leading U.S. senators -- in the aftermath of Desert Fox it has become an official objective of the Clinton administration.

June/July 2000 remains the last important vector during the 20th Century for a military operation or war with Iraq during which Saddam Hussein may be killed (a 69% to 87% chance based on my current rate of accuracy).




El Niņo is only the beginning.

According to Edgar Cayce a number of cataclysmic earth changes will occur between 1998 and 2001. He also indicated more changes and disasters would continue over the course of the first half of the 21st Century. Aside from El Niņo, I suspect that a smattering of powerful earthquakes in Asia and the Balkans, with perhaps some Pinatubo-type volcanic activity thrown in may be all that is in store for 1998 or 1999. However, the worst lies still ahead of us. Cayce's predictions and corresponding prophecies from the biblical Book of Revelation and the Wambach-Snow studies conducted in the early 1980s will appear and be examined later in The Chronology.


COMMENT (5/17/00): Asia certainly did see some powerful earthquakes in 1998 in China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and New Guinea. The quake and resulting tsunami in New Guinea was perhaps the most devastating of the year. However, for the exception of a 6.2 temblor which struck Turkey in June, killing 104 and injuring 1,000, the Balkans essentially escaped seismic-related catastrophes.

Tornado approaches downtown NashvilleAs I indicated, El Niņo did manage to spawn some unusual and devastating phenomena: "the ice storm of the century" hit Quebec and the northeastern United States; hot winds ignited fires in Brazil which raged out of control, burning tropical forests throughout a large part of South America and many woodland regions of Florida and southern California; and the southeastern and central U.S. witnessed tornadic activity of an unprecedented scale, including downtown Nashville. For a time it even appeared that Edgar Cayce's warnings concerning the U.S. west coast sliding into the ocean were about to come true as it was thrashed by monstrous tidal waves and buried by floods and mud slides.

Ironically, rather than a Pinatubo-type volcano, it was a disaster no one was paying much attention to until well after it was over which will be most remembered for decades, perhaps centuries, to come. While the news networks were busy focusing on the pending November elections in the U.S. and covering their results a hurricane named Mitch blasted, flattened, and buried much of Nicaragua, Honduras, and part of El Salvador. The number of dead reported exceeded 10,000, but the total casualty figure will probably never be known. Mitch was the worst hurricane to strike the northern hemisphere in over two hundred years.

So, 1998 was indeed out of the ordinary, but still not quite what Edgar Cayce had in mind. Nonetheless, as I indicated, it appears to have been the beginning of something (as the increase in earthquake and volcanic activity in 1999 and 2000 will attest). Now it remains to be seen whether the next year or two will be as catastrophic as I fear they may be.





Mars & Mercure & l'argent joint ensemble,

Vers le midi extreme siccite:

Au fond d'Asie on dira terre tremble,

Corinthe, Ephese lors en perplexite.


Mars, Mercury, and silver [the moon] in conjunction,

Towards the south extreme drought:

At the bottom of Asia an earthquake is reported,

Corinth [Greece], Ephesus [Turkey] then in perplexity.


March 29, 1998 (Oldenburg) -- A catastrophic earthquake devastates India which could affect adjacent regions such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Myanmar. It may become apparent that this is no ordinary earthquake as seismologists warn of more "superquakes" in the days ahead. Line 4 may portend a new ethnic conflict breaking out in southern Yugoslavia or Macedonia in late March or April 1998 which will force neighbouring Greece (Corinth) and Turkey (Ephesus) to take or consider taking military action.

The danger of new conflicts beginning in Yugoslavia in March/April 1998 and in April 1999 is very high from a base 7 numerological standpoint. Then again, the "perplexity" afflicting both countries may be the result of more earthquake activity. This and another quatrain, 2.52, are quite ambiguous about what action Greece and Turkey are actually taking. A future Greco-Turkish conflict is certainly not a foregone conclusion despite recent friction since 1996. Other quatrains indicate that both Greece and Turkey will be invaded by Iran and its allies, so it may well be that the two will be allies rather than adversaries.

Again, as with Quatrain 9.55, the astrological conjunction in line 1 is a recurring one. The next time it occurs will be on July 2 and August 1, 2000 and doubtlessly further in the future. As I discussed in the previous chapter, this conjunction also occurred, according to John Hogue's astrological advisor, Dan Oldenburg (1994), in December 1995 and March 1996. Around that time (January 30 and 31, 1996) Greece and Turkey nearly went to war over uninhabited islets in the Aegean Sea. This was accompanied by a massive terrorist bombing in Sri Lanka "the bottom of Asia" and a powerful 7.0 earthquake in southern China "the depths of Asia"). Therefore, it is quite possible that this quatrain has already been fulfilled.


UPDATE: March 14, 1998


Mass demonstrations in MacedoniaOnly six hours after writing about the likelihood of a new civil war breaking out in southern Yugoslavia in March/April 1998, I tuned in to CNN International. It was 4:00 A.M. The first reports of ethnic Albanians clashing with Serb police in Kosovo were filtering in. As the days followed, what at first seemed like yet another incident in this long-tense region developed into bloody clashes between protesters and police, a massacre of over fifty ethnic Albanians, mass demonstrations in neighbouring Albania and Macedonia, and threats of sanctions or military intervention by Western nations. The situation is now called the Crisis in Kosovo.

Homeless ethnic Albanian woman and her childrenThe world anxiously waits to see if this "crisis" becomes a civil war or worse, a major Balkan conflict. Will it? It need not. The Crisis in Kosovo by itself fulfills the numerological expectations I arrived at over five months ago for March/April 1998. And since the astrological dating by John Hogue and Dan Oldenburg for Quatrain 2.52 is a repetitive one, neither Greece nor Turkey necessarily have to become entangled in this particular situation. Whether or not the crisis in Kosovo is pacified, remains a crisis for a time, or develops into a civil or regional war is entirely up Slobodan Milosevic, the Serbs, the Albanians, and the international community. Hopefully we need not see tearful, defenceless young women pleading for the "U.S. and 'Naughto' (NATO)," to intervene in Kosovo much longer. In the end it is not up to the planets or the numbers: the ball is in humanity's court.

I believe that it is likely at least one air offencive against Iraq will occur this year, possibly more than one. Despite the Annan accord, the U.S. is still poised with a hair trigger to "punish" Saddam. It will be an immoral action if hundreds of thousands of civilians are killed. On the other hand, saving hundreds of thousands of Albanians from ethnic cleansing by bombing Belgrade is something I could support. Such are the seeming contradictions of American foreign policy now that the U.S. is the world's only superpower: behaving like a big bully one month and then posturing to become a people's saviour the next.


COMMENT (7/2/00): In a somewhat convoluted fashion, Quatrain 3.3 may have been fulfilled. There was extreme drought in parts of the southern hemisphere and lower northern hemisphere due to El Niņo activity around March 29, 1998 and for some months after. The "report" of an "earthquake" in the Indian subcontinent throws us a curve since one did not occur. However, the exact translation of line 3 is "at the bottom [or depth] of Asia a trembling of the earth is reported." "Trembling of the earth" or "earth tremble" is often interpreted and translated by Nostradamians as "earthquake." But there are other phenomena, some man-made, which can cause the earth to tremble. The earth did indeed "tremble" at the "bottom of Asia" in May when India set off a series of underground nuclear tests, and it was"reported" extensively on CNN and other news channels for days. Pakistan quickly followed suit. The "trembling of the earth" evolved from a news story into a nuclear crisis.

However, the "perplexity" Nostradamus envisioned Greece and Turkey being afflicted by was a bit overrated. The focus at the time was Kosovo, a province in southern Yugoslavia, not Turkey or Greece. One possible Greek angle may have been the uprisings in Macedonia in March followed by an exodus of ethnic Albanian refugees into that country, and the fact that Athens was concerned about where the Crisis in Kosovo might eventually lead (but then again the war in Bosnia gave the Greeks headaches too, from time to time). For its part, also in March, Turkey pledged troops if NATO decided to use military force against Serbia.

It remains possible that the events in Quatrain 3.3 will be fulfilled more exactly (a massive earthquake in India; Turkey and Greece engaged in a military conflict, afflicted by political upheavals, or plagued by more earthquakes) when this conjunction recurs again in July/August 2000. It is interesting to note that my base 7 dating for such an event is September 2000 -- only off by one month from Oldenberg's astrological vector.

As an aside, I also asserted my belief that there would be at least one air strike on Iraq in 1998. This turned out to be correct, although quite late in the year. Operation Desert Fox was launched on December 16, 1998 and concluded on December 19, 1998.

My base 7 system prediction was absolutely correct. During the previous year (1997) I had calculated that war would break out in either Kosovo or Montenegro in March or April 1998. At 4:00 A.M. on March 1, 1998 (EST) I tuned into CNN International and discovered that four Serb policemen had been killed by ethnic Albanians and that bloody clashes between the two groups were under way. Not yet aware of what was happening I had word processed the above prediction at 10:00 P.M. on February 28 (EST) -- six hours before learning the news. As the days passed, and I realised this was not merely another series of incidents but the beginning of civil war, I inserted the above update on March 14, 1998. After I reflected on the situation, I cast some doubt as to whether Greece or Turkey would become involved in the conflict and indicated that the Crisis in Kosovo might end sometime during the year. That projection turned out to be technically correct: a cease-fire was agreed to between the Serbs and the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) on October 12; however, numerous cease-fire violations followed shortly thereafter.

As to April 1999: I correctly calculated this juncture as marking the resumption of a full-scale conflict in Kosovo. Operation Allied Force was launched on March 24, 1999 -- only one week before the onset of April.





L'an que Saturn & Mars esgaux combuste,

L'air fort seiche longue trajection:

Par feux secrets, d'ardeur grand lieu adust

Peu pluie, vent chault, guerres, incursions.


In the year that Saturn and Mars are equally combust,

The air is very dry, a long trajection [comet]:

From secret fires a great place burns with heat.

Little rain, a hot wind, wars, incursions.


April 1998 (McCann) -- At first glance, this quatrain appears quite frightening in its imagery. The "great place" that "burns with heat" may be an entire country or region. One could quite easily visualise these lines describing an horrendous air campaign against Iraq, a nuclear attack of some kind, or a Fuel Air Explosive bombardment. The "wars" and "incursions" may reflect the fact that while this is going on there will be major conflicts elsewhere: in Yugoslavia, Israel, Lebanon, Iraq, or even in the former Soviet Union.

Much worse, the "great place" may be a terrorist-targeted United States. The "secret fires" which ignites the burning "heat" and "hot wind" may be the one hundred suitcase-sized nuclear devices Alexander Lebed warned were missing from the Russian arsenal on October 1, 1997. Thus, this could be a horrible Arab terrorist or clandestine Russian operation against America, courtesy of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. It could a lso be a nuclear strike against Iraq by Israel if Saddam lobs a SCUD or two containing deadly VX or anthrax against Tel Aviv.

However, I suspect the "secret fires" may have an alternative interpretation: one which is natural rather than man-made. 1998 is the first of a series of years the American prophet Edgar Cayce designated for cataclysmic seismic and volcanic activity. Perhaps in April 1998 a massive, Krakatoa-type volcanic eruption will occur somewhere in the Pacific Rim ("the Ring of Fire"), South America, or the Mediterranean triggering off a series of other eruptions. It is even possible that this blazing inferno will be a major forest fire: perhaps the one currently out of control in the rain forests of Brazil which is reported to be spreading over an area the size of Lebanon. How large will this fire be in April?

Unfortunately, I have no way of determining whether or not this is a recurring astrological dating in the first line. However, given Lee McCann's tendency in several other quatrains to approximate events rather than to pinpoint them, there is a good chance that this dating may be anywhere from two to seven years off. Also, unless a maverick like Hyakutake appears out of nowhere with short notice, there is no comet scheduled to appear in April of 1998. Hopefully, if my interpretation of this quatrain in Chapter 6 was correct, "the great place burning with heat" from "secret fires" was the fire at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine back in April 1986.


UPDATE: March 17, 1998


There is an excellent chance that the "great place" which "burns with heat" by "secret fires" in Quatrain 4.67 may be the forests of the Amazon. It has been reported that fire has been raging in the Amazon for two months, fueled by El Niņo, and that all efforts to extinguish it have failed. Indeed, it is projected that the fires will continue to spread and are encroaching on neighbouring Venezuela. It has also been reported that this is the largest fire to occur in remembrance, blocking out sunlight and obscuring the land for thousands of square miles. While it is lamentable, it is a preferable alternative to the scenario of a large nation, such as the U.S., being incinerated in a nuclear holocaust.

The "long comet" ("trajection") remains a mystery unless it refers to an unusually large number of close meteor sightings. A 200-mile swath of meteors was observed by thousands of worried residents of northern California on March 8. More are expected to be seen over the spring: leftover debris from the tails of comets Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp. Lee McCann's April 1998 dating is only a few weeks away. Perhaps many of us can breath a bit easier.


COMMENT (7/2/00): The October 1997-February 1998 Iraqi Weapons Crisis was not an ideal period for working out a prognosis for 1998. No crisis is; especially one so protracted in length (four months) in a region where Nostradamus envisioned so much horror and destruction to come. Still, I couldn't allow my own uncertainties to further delay the completion of the manuscript and its submission to publishers.

In March 1998, the U.S. and Britain remained poised to launch Operation Desert Thunder in the event that Saddam reneged on his February 23 agreement with U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan. I realised that if the most nightmarish version of the "Mabus scenario" (global holocaust) did play out, this manuscript would never reach a publishing house let alone the bookstore shelves.

What would happen? Base 7 numerology indicated that the crisis had ended for the time being; but Quatrain 4.67, dated April 1998 by Nostradamus commentator Lee McCann, suggested the exact opposite. Still, I hoped against all hope that what was being described might be a natural disaster of some type, one which would have less dire repercussions for the Middle East, the West, or even the entire world than what a man-made nuclear holocaust certainly would have. There was little place to find such hope: perhaps a major volcanic eruption would become the "great place" that would "burn with heat."

Then I saw the report about the fire which was spreading in the Brazilian rain forest. Its origin was mysterious; but most scientists believed the hot El Niņo-propelled winds had kindled what was to become the worst forest fire in recorded history. Still, at the time of the above interpretation, the fire was contained to a part of Brazil only and did not seem horrendous enough to fulfill Nostradamus' prediction. Nevertheless, I followed my instincts, and presented it as a possible alternative to a nuclear war in April. By the time of the March 17 update I felt even more inclined to believe that the fire in the Amazon would spread and become one of the major news events of the year.

This projection turned out to be a correct one as a massive portion of South America began battling the flames in April and May, an inferno that created a thick fog of smoke which enveloped the southern United States. Eventually fires ignited and spread throughout large woodland regions of Florida and some portions of southern California. On May 26, 1998, news organisations had dubbed the international disaster "the Year the World Caught Fire."

There is no question that Quatrain 4.67 was fulfilled in nearly all respects, save one, during and around the time predicted by Nostradamian Lee McCann: April 1998. The planetary dating, the fire, the heat, the drought which was especially fierce in Texas ("little rain"), the conflicts in Kosovo, Kashmir, and the clashes between Iran and Afghanistan ("wars"), terrorist attacks in Kenya and Tanzania, U.S. air strikes in Sudan and Afghanistan, Syrian military aid to Turkish Kurds (PKK) fighting in south-eastern Turkey, and a Turkish incursion of 10,000 troops into northern Iraq to attack the PKK ("incursions"): all of these elements occurred over the course of 1998, most during or within four months of the April dating.

What remains a mystery to this day is the "long trajection," usually translated as a long "comet" or "meteor." If meteors are what we are talking about, it may refer to the California incident on March 8 discussed in the above update or the Leonid shower which occurred on November 17-18, 1998 -- the most spectacular since 1966 in the western U.S. If a comet, line 2 can only be referring to Comet Hale-Bopp, although it appeared a full year before the events predicted for April 1998. Another, less likely, possibility is that the "long trajection" was the North Korean test launch of a Taepo Dong medium-range ballistic missile over Japan and the Pacific Ocean on August 31, 1998.

Unless we can accept this spin, then this quatrain -- and all of the dire events outlined in it -- looms still in our future because McCann's dating would then be wrong.





Le regne a deux laisse bien peu tiendront,

Trois ans sept mois passes feront la guerre.

Les deux vestales contre eux rebelleront,

Victor puis nay en Armorique terre.


The reign left to two, very shortly they will hold,

Three years and seven months passed they will go to war.

The two vassals against them will rebel,

The victor then born in Breton [NW France] territory.


Russia and the United States will be forced to take military action against or go to war with each other over two smaller countries ("the two vassals"). In one respect, this may have already happened.

In September 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev and George Bush agreed to work together to find a peaceful solution to the hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians. Their efforts finally bore fruit in September 1993 in Oslo, Norway. In December 1992, the U.S. and Ukraine sent peacekeeping troops to Somalia. In February 1994, following the first Marketplace Massacre, the U.S. led an ineffective NATO operation against Bosnian Serbs while Russia sent UN peacekeepers to Sarajevo for the first time. By May 1994 poor cooperation between NATO and the United Nations rendered NATO impotent in dealing with Serb aggression in Gorazde. The "Summer of Sarajevo" cease-fire followed until November. In December 1994, three years and three months after the beginning of the Middle East Peace Process, Russia went to war with the first vassal: Chechnya. In May 1995, three years and seven months after the September 1991 agreement, U.S.-led NATO forces began pounding Bosnian Serb positions in the second vassal, Bosnia. Now both the United States and Russia were at war. However, it took the prodding of French President Jacques Chirac ("the victor born in French territory") to get NATO to finally bomb the Serbs into submission in August and September 1995.

Still, it is possible that Quatrain 4.95 is heralding the end of the U.S.-Russian relationship over two countries. February 1994 -- September 1997 was the next logical time window. The Iraqi Weapons Crisis which began October 29, 1997 eventually led to verbal threats of a third World War by President Boris Yeltsin in February 1998. A very dangerous close call -- one which has definitely dealt a serious blow to the U.S.-Russian "partnership."

If the beginning of the "three years and seven months" was September 1994, when Boris Yeltsin pledged to conjoin Russia with the C.I.S., the U.S., and the U.N. in joint peacekeeping and policing operations, this brings us to April 1998. The next time window begins when both nations are flexing their military and diplomatic muscles in Kuwait, Bosnia, North Korea, and Chechnya in October-December 1994, taking us to May-July 1998. An era termed a Cold Peace, marked by a pragmatic partnership in world affairs, began in April 1995. Three years and seven months from this period takes us to November 1998, which also happens to be a very dangerous time from a numerological perspective. The final window brings us from the beginning of Operation Joint Endeavor in December 1995 to "the great King of terror" in July 1999.

The two great nations will either find themselves as adversaries backing combatants in a second Cold War, adversaries personally embroiled in a very hot global conflict, or as wartime allies. Recent developments suggest that the latter scenario is extremely unlikely. Once the war begins, in 1998 or 1999, it will not end until the French victor portended in line 4 brings it to a finish.





Au grand marche qu'on dict des mensongiers,

Du tout Torrent & champ Athenien:

Seront suprins par les chevaux legiers,

Albanois Mars, Leo, Sat. un versien.


At the great market called that of the liars,

Of all Torrente [E. Spain] and the Athenian [Greek] field:

They will be surprised by the light horses,

By the Albanians, Mars, Leo, Saturn in Aquarius.


Shortly after the Bosnian Civil War began in April 1992, foreign policy experts pointed in alarm at what could have been the next logical stage of the conflict: Serbian aggression against ethnic Albanians and Turks living in Kosovo. In this "nightmare scenario" the subsequent fighting would then spill over into Macedonia, which has its own Turkish and Albanian minorities, involving Greece, Serbia, Albania, Turkey, and Bulgaria in a never-widening Balkan inferno. Although Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic chose not to extend the Bosnian war southwards into these regions and, in the end, sought a peaceful mediation between the Bosnian Serbs and Moslems, occasional clashes did occur between Albanian minorities and Macedonian government forces in 1994 and 1995. These incidents are sober reminders that the ethnic mixture in Macedonia is unstable enough to spark off a conflict in that region irrespective of what developments take place in Croatia or Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Spain, Italy, and Greece are closely allied. Greece, in turn, has a close alliance with Serbia. The Secretary General of NATO, Javier Solana, is also Spanish. So whether Spain or Spanish NATO forces are under attack is unknown. Nostradamus tells us that some type of Spanish force stationed in Kosovo or Macedonia, along with the nation of Greece itself ("the Athenian field"), will be attacked by an Albanian light armored division. He doesn't mention U.S. forces which have also been in Macedonia since 1994. Because the troops are "surprised" by the attack, it may be pointless to surmise what Albania's motive for the offencive will be aside from the fact that this is a probable spill-over resulting from a new war in Yugoslavia.

If another Yugoslav war does break out this year, numerological calculations indicate Albania internationalising the conflict in June 1998 or April 1999. Then again, perhaps a civil war in Albania will occur in June 1998 between the southern Tosks and northern Ghegs: an event which almost happened in March 1997. The conjunction in line 4 last occurred in the spring of 1993 and will not repeat again anytime in the near future. Nevertheless, 1993 may still be a close approximation.




July 1998 is the first potential vector for conflict on the Korean peninsula. June 1999, more likely, is the second. See Quatrain 1.50 further on.





Dans la cite Fersod homicide,

Fait & fait multe beuf arant ne macter,

Retour encores aux honneurs d'Artemide,

Et a Vulcan corps morts sepultures.


Within the city of Fersod, homicide,

Again and again many oxen plow, not to slaughter,

A return again to the honours of Diana,

And to Vulcan dead bodies to bury.


Commentator Erika Cheetham (1973, 1989) believes that Fersod (also Fertsod, 1989) may be a cryptic anagram for Sodom. If not for the more contemporary link in line 3, this could be a far-future prediction about a city reminiscent of the biblical Sodom. However, in a modern context, Sodom may stand for Saddam. Thus, "the city of Saddam" is either the Iraqi capital of Baghdad or, more likely, Saddam City which stands in the southern suburbs of Baghdad. In November 1997, thousands of Iraqi civilians from Saddam City flowed into Baghdad and "volunteered" to be human shields in Saddam Hussein's presidential palaces and other likely military targets.

The imagery in line 2 is so burdensome that it may, in fact, be a poetic way of describing the seven years of U.N. economic sanctions which have burdened the innocent people of Iraq, subjecting them to hardship, starvation, disease, and death. If my interpretation of line 3 and 4 is correct, Operation Desert Thunder may be launched against Baghdad or the southern suburbs of the Iraqi capital sometime between July 1 and August 30, 1998.

At that time, many thousands of people will be traveling to the Althorp estate in England to pay their respects to the late Princess Diana, buried on a small island in the center of a miniature lake on the grounds of the Spencer family home. For many of these people, and many more for years to come, it will be a true pilgrimage, an opportunity to be close to the memory of this great and wonderful woman. Indeed, the museum built by the Earl Spencer wherein the life and deeds of Diana will be honoured by those who visit has been called a "temple." It is the same "temple of Diana" which appeared in the fateful quatrain, 10.35. This first pilgrimage to Althorp will doubtlessly be a media event as well and will bring home once again the great sense of loss all who loved her have felt. For these reasons, to Nostradamus the summer of 1998 may represent a "return to the honours of Artemis [Diana]." Of course, one must keep in mind the fact that these pilgrimages will be annual. Therefore, it is possible that this air assault will occur during the second Althorp summer in July/August 1999 (a formidable date we are already acquainted with).

In line 4 a horrific contrast is presented: hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians will be killed ("homicide") in Baghdad or Saddam City during U.S. and British air strikes. I can't erase from my mind the memory of them streaming into the presidential palaces as human shields in November, and I am sure they will do the same thing this summer or next if another provocation occurs. Vulcan was the Roman god of fire and it will be to fire that the West will commend the bodies of these countless innocent victims. Bombing of Sudan
August 17, 1998 -- Instead of Baghdad or Saddam City, a Sudanese man watches a US cruise missile attack on a chemical weapons factory in Khartoum. Knowst, Afghanistan was also targeted.

If only Diana was alive today. I suspect her stand on the universal banning of land mines was only a beginning. Prime Minister Tony Blair's intention to appoint her as an official goodwill or humanitarian ambassador would have been extremely significant during the dark days of the Iraqi Weapons Crisis which began on October 29. I believe she would have brought the plight of the Iraqi people and the sanctions they have long suffered under to the attention of the world like no one else has. I also believe she would have been a vocal opponent to the mass killing of innocent people by the U.S. and her own fellow countrymen, especially for the sake of merely setting back the machinations of a tyrant for a few months or a year: an atrocity which is certain to occur if Saddam violates his accord with Kofi Annan. It is sad, but it appears that few in this world have learned anything from this compassionate woman's example.





Soubs l'opposite climat Babylonique,

Grand sera de sang effusion:

Que terre & mer, air, ciel sera inique,

Sectes, faim, regnes, pestes, confusion.


In the land [Turkey] with a climate opposite to Babylon [Iraq],

Great will be the effusion of blood:

By land and sea, air, heaven will be unjust,

Sects, hunger, kingdoms, plagues, confusion.


A resumption in fighting between the two rival Kurdish factions in northern Iraq, the Iraqi KDP and the Iranian PUK, may follow Operation Desert Thunder. An alternative crisis which may develop could result from Turkish participation in the air campaign or an over-extension of Operation Northern Watch. Turkish forces, which have lent support to the KDP, may penetrate much deeper into northern Iraq than in the past to attack Turkish Kurd (PKK) bases. It is also possible that Turkey, believin g Iraq weak and in a state of confusion, will seek to the move in and take over. This time, however, the result will be an Iraqi-Turkish conflict in Kurdistan or an Iraqi attack on Turkey. The clashes, which could drag out for weeks or months, may leave the United States hamstrung despite the fact that northern Iraq is a U.N. protected zone. Then again, these clashes, rather than weapons inspections violations, may be the pretext the U.S. and Britain will use to launch Operation Desert Thunder. There is even a remote possibility that Iran will enter the conflict, but on whose side is far from certain.

The mountainous and barren reaches of either northern Iraqi Kurdistan or Turkey could be considered a "land with a climate opposite to Babylon." So too are the cold mountains of neighbouring north-western Iran. According to this quatrain, a Kurd contest o r an Iraqi war with Turkey will be an especially bloody one. I suspect it will be a short-term conflict, with a cease-fire agreement worked out after sever al weeks or months. However, I suspect the cease-fire will be broken and a series of clashes and more cease-fires will follow over the year and well into the next, eventually bringing Iran into the melee unless it is already involved at the onset.

According to my base 7 system, clashes in Kurdistan could break out as early as April 1998; however, I suspect this will be a summer crisis. Again, if the Iraqi-Turkish incursions are related to a summer air campaign coinciding with the pilgrimages to Althorp, they could happen in 1999 or 2000 rather than 1998. An increase in religious cults, drought and famine brought on by El Niņo in the South, the continued breakdown of nations into smaller units ("kingdoms") as has already occurred in the former Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia, AIDS, ebola, new strains of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, and biologically-induced plagues such as anthrax may all be contemporaneous events.





Par les deux testes, & trois bras seperes,

La cite grande par eaux sera vexee:

Des grands dlentre eux par exile esgares,

Par teste perse Bisance fort pressee.


By the two leaders and three arms separated,

The great city [Baghdad] by water will be vexed:

The great ones among those wandering through exile,

By the Persian [Iranian] head is Byzantium [Turkey] strongly pressed.


The situation between Turkey and Iraq may grow worse over the summer if Iran attempts to pressure Turkey into abandoning the conflict over Kurdistan. Line 2 suggests that Ankara will attempt to strangle Iraq's water supply, unless the flooding of Istanbul by El Niņo is what is actually being described. This quatrain may also mark an escalation of the clashes, with Iran siding with Iraq and launching military attacks across its border with Turkey. Again, I would anticipate that this second series of border conflicts and incursions will be temporarily resolved with yet another cease-fire.

The two leaders in line 1 are probably Turkish President Suleyman Demirel and Iranian President Mohammad Khatami (or Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei). "Perse" means dark blue and may be identifying Iran as the country of Blue King Turban. The three arms could be the three rivers which originate in Turkey and water Iraq: the Euphrates, the Khabour (which merges with the Euphrates), and the Tigris. It is also possible that the three arms are the three neighbouring countries affected by the clashes over Kurdistan: Iraq, Turkey, and Iran.


COMMENT (3/10/00): I had my doubts about this one happening in 1998 right from the start, yet it seemed a logical development which could evolve out of military clashes between Iraq and Turkey. The problem is the Turko-Iraqi clashes never happened. Then again, Ankara did threaten to strangle Damascus' water supply (not Baghdad's). However, "by water vexed" can also imply a flood. A large number of exiled leaders wandering among refugees is also a development which has yet to occur. Then again, Iran did intervene diplomatically in the Kurdish dispute between Syria and Turkey (so, in a sense, "Byzantium" was "hard-pressed by the leader of Persia". Iran also was involved in border clashes in September, October, and November: but with Afghanistan, not Turkey.

While I leave it to the reader to decide whether this quatrain was misinterpreted by me but fulfilled in a different way, I strongly suspect that the events I originally described still lie ahead in the very near future. It is highly doubtful that Nostradamus would have bothered penning a prediction about events which received such minimal news coverage that they passed most people by virtually unnoticed.





En terre neufue bien avant Roi entre

Pendant subges lui viendront faire acueil,

Se perfidie aura tel recontre

Qu'aux citadins lieu de feste & receuil.


In the new land [America] very far the King will enter

While the subjects they will come to bid fair welcome,

His perfidy will have such a result

That to the citizens in place of a festival it will be a reception.


There will be a "final" U.S.-Russian summit one day. The question is when and with who. As relations between the U.S. and Russia grow more unstable, Boris Yeltsin or a leader who will replace him will be invited to the United States for a summit with President Bill Clinton. One gets the impression from the tone of this verse that this visit will not be what it appears to be. To the American citizens it will not be a celebrated event as many of the past Gorbachev and Yeltsin summits have been, but instead will be perceived as a cold, pragmatic exercise in diplomacy. Nevertheless, this will be the Russian president's attempt to deceive everyone into believing that the U.S.-Russian partnership is still strong, all the while secretly planning some sort of treachery. Depending on what happens this year, the "final summit" could take place anytime between August 1998 and June 1999.





De nuict par Nantes L'Iris apparoistra,

Des artz marins susciteront la pluie:

Arabique goulphre grand classe parfoundra,

Un monstre en Saxe naistra d'ours & truie.


At night near Nantes [W. France] the Rainbow appears,

The marine arts will raise up rain:

In the Arabian Gulf a great fleet will flounder,

A monster in Saxony [E. Germany] born of a bear and a sow.


In this quatrain, either a U.S. or British fleet runs into serious difficulties, possibly with Russian submarines, in the Persian Gulf. This is one of a number of quatrains demonstrating the massive buildup of international naval forces in the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Black Sea, and the Eastern Mediterranean over the summer of 1998. From the tone of line 3, a number of Western gunboats or battleships will be sunk, either by terrorist weapons or Russian torpedoes. Meanwhile, France will experiment with a new naval weapon near Nantes in the Bay of Biscay.

In October 1997, prior to the Iraqi Weapons Crisis, when the USS Nimitz was sent into the Gulf while Iran held naval military exercises, it was reported that many American commanders chuckled at the thought of this waterway continuing to be called the Persian Gulf. In the new lexicon of U.S. strategic thinkers the Persian Gulf has since been referred to as "the Arabian Gulf." If our French seer picked up on these reports, line 3 may be his playful way of identifying the luckless naval fleet as American.

Monsters often symbolise revolutions or dictators. Line 4 suggests the emergence of a radical new leader of Germany (the "sow" ) who will come from Saxony accompanied by a bloody revolution in Russia (the "bear"). The charismatic leader will run against Chancellor Helmut Kohl during elections scheduled to be held
September 1998. He will have an instrumental role to play regarding the defence of Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, and Ukraine by the end of 1998 or early 1999. My base 7 numerological system concurs that a coup, civil war, or revolution may occur in Russia in August/September 1998.
Poster of Gerhard Schroeder is held by supporters
Members of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) wave flags and a poster of Gerhard Schroeder as they celebrate his election as the new Chancellor of Germany on September 28, 1998. Schroeder, as predicted, was a native of lower Saxony. His election also coincided with the beginning of the continuing economic crisis in Russia. However, new troubles in the Persian Gulf (Operation Desert Fox) failed to materialise until December and did not involve attacks on US or British warships, although Russia did support Iraq and denounced the air campaign.





Deux revolts faicte du maling falcigere,

De regne & siecles faict permutation:

Le mobil signe a son endroit si ingere,

Aux deux egeaux & d'inclination.


Two revolutions made by the evil scythe bearer,

Of reign and centuries making change:

The mobile sign [Libra] into his house thus enters,

Both will be of equal inclination.


It has been said that anyone who attempts to predict the future of Russia is a fool. I would tend to second that sentiment, especially in light of the fact that our miraculous prophet is somewhat taciturn himself on Russian matters, having devoted only a very small number of his quatrains to that part of the world. Although many modern psychics and interpreters of prophecy anticipated an end to the Cold War and an alliance between the Soviet Union and the United States well before the advent of Mikhail Gorbachev, no one could foresee the rise of Boris Yeltsin, the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union and Gorbachev's resignation, the failed but bloody October 1993 revolution, the new dangers posed by nationalists and nostalgic communists, or the destabilising conflict between Russia and the renegade Moslems of Chechnya. Nevertheless, this quatrain begs to be considered in a near-future context.

The evil scythe bearer generally represents the malignant influence of Saturn, but the sickle may also relate to the hammer-and-sickle symbol of Russian communism. The first Russian Revolution occurred in 1917; Nostradamus envisions a second before century's end. Since it will be malevolent in nature, it cannot be confused with the democratic revolution of 1991-1992 nurtured by President Boris Yeltsin.

Since December 1993, Russia has already begun the slow but precipitous slide toward fascism and communist renewal. Before the end of 1998, Yeltsin will either die or face harsh criticism for his economic reforms, the disasters in the Middle East and the Balkans which Russians will blame on the West, and his continuing partnership with the U.S. American and British air strikes on Iraq and the failure of Russia to side with Serbia in the Balkans conflict will become a banner of protest around which Yeltsin's hard-line opponents will rally.

Other issues may be raised as well. Perhaps President Boris Yeltsin will disband or threaten to disband parliament once again as he did in October 1993. Perhaps a new war like the one involving Russia and Chechnya in 1994-96 will emerge. The government's ineffective handling of Moslem incursions on Russian and C.I.S. territory in the south may be questioned. Fears that NATO's scheduled inclusion of Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic in summer 1999 may be a prelude to Western expansion in Eastern Europe will be raised. So too will be the issue of Lithuania applying for membership that year. It is also possible that the Russian president will have died in office and the Vice President will be held responsible for some of these animadversions himself while new elections are pending.

In the end a bloody confrontation will be sparked off between democratic and opposition forces. Infighting may also occur between the three major opposition factions themselves: the socialist nationalist Alexander I. Lebed, Communist Party boss Gennady Zyuganov, and ultranationalist (fascist) leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Democracy will perish in Russia and a dictatorship put in its place. There are two numerological windows for this to occur in this century: August/September 1998 and September/October 2000.

Because "a change of centuries" is indicated in line 2, another vector for instability may occur in December 2001.

Line 3 refers to the power and prestige enjoyed by the United States between 1917 and 1998. Line 4 indicates that both Russian revolutions will be equally as bloody and will arrive at similar resolutions.


COMMENT (1/15/00): August 1998 marked the beginning of the ongoing economic crisis in Russia. An on-and-off political crisis also ensued from August 1998 throughout 1999. In many respects, most of the elements discussed above have occurred or are occurring. "Before the end of 1998" and throughout 1999, Yeltsin did face harsh criticism for his economic reforms, air strikes on Iraq did become a banner of protest around which Yeltsin's hard-line opponents and the Russian people rallied, Russians did and do blame the West for the disaster in the Balkans, Yeltsin did threaten to disband parliament in August 1998 and twice again in 1999, "a new war like the one involving Russia and Chechnya in 1994-96" did emerge in August 1999 and is still in progress, "fears that NATO's inclusion of Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic in summer 1999 might be a prelude to Western expansion in Eastern Europe" was raised and continues to be an issue among hardliners. An October 1999 vector for Yeltsin's resignation and replacement by a militant prime minister was calculated after the release of this manuscript and featured on this web site. This was realised two months later: in December 1999. It now remains to be seen whether the man who has replaced Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin, "will be held responsible for some of these animadversions himself" or whether a bloody revolution will follow later this year.




Jeremiah 49:22-28 --

Behold, he shall come up and fly as an eagle, and spread his wings over Bozrah [Busra, SW Syria]: and at that day shall the heart of the mighty men of Edom [S. Jordan, NW Saudi Arabia] be as the heart of a woman in her pangs. Concerning Damascus, Hamath [N. Syria] is confounded, and Arpad [N. Syria]: for they have heard evil tidings: they are fainthearted... Damascus is waxed feeble, and turneth herself to flee, and fear hath seized on her...her young men shall fall in her streets, and all her men of war shall be cut off in that day, saith the Lord of hosts.

And I [the God of Israel] will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, and it shall consume the palaces of Benhadad. Concerning Kedar [Jordan] and concerning the kingdoms of Hazor [N. Israel], which the king of Babylon [Iraq] shall smite...go up to Kedar, and spoil the men of the east.



Sa main derniere par Alus sanguinaire

Ne se pourre par la mer guarantir:

Entre deux flueves craindre main militaire,

Le noir l'ireux le fera repentir.


His last [or rear] hand through the bloody Alus [AL-ASad],

His protection by sea will not be guaranteed:

Between two rivers, dreading the military hand,

The black and angry one will repent [or make him repent].


Before discussing this quatrain, I should point out that, based on numerological calculations, this "war of Alus" need not occur this year. The benevolent influence of 1977 may override the slide toward an Arab-Israeli war and, instead, produce the beginning of concrete peace talks between Israel and Syria. It goes without saying that if this should happen, a resumption of the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians will also take place. If the Israeli-Syrian talks are successful, it is possible that a peace accord will be signed between the two countries in September 2000. However, if the malevolent influence from two other years wins out, the dire scenario presented below, or something like it, will occur before year's end.

Since February 1996, Israel has been plunged into a new era of escalating tensions with the Palestinians, the death of the Arab-Israeli peace process, terrorist attacks by Hamas, and Katyusha rocket attacks by the Lebanese militia group, Hezbollah (Party of God). The Hezbollah attacks have twice led to all-out war between Israel and Lebanon: the worst one occurring in April 1996 followed by a more brief encounter in July/August 1997. In both clashes, Beirut was bombed.

Israel has since blamed President Hafez al-Assad of Syria for supporting Hamas and Hezbollah, and have accused both groups of being Syrian surrogates. It is Israel's intention to withdraw from the security zone in southern Lebanon soon; but only if Hezbollah is disbanded by Assad. They plan to present their case to the United Nations some time this year in hopes that the Security Council will denounce Syria for Hezbollah activity and threaten it with military action if the attacks do not cease.

Tensions between Damascus and Jerusalem have intensified since 1996, with Syrian missiles reportedly now armed with nerve gas. The seeds of potential conflict between Israel and Syria are being planted. According to base 7 calculations, an Israeli-Syrian War could result in October 1998, especially if Hamas and Hezbollah attacks resume and are both frequent and ferocious. Another armed struggle with the Palestinians, such as the one which occurred in Jerusalem at the end of September 1996, especially one which is protracted in length, could also spark off a war between Israel and Syria. United Nations involvement in the conflict is also quite likely.

If this is the same war predicted by the prophet Jeremiah, Damascus and several other regions of Syria may be destroyed by Israeli nuclear missiles. Jordan and Saudi Arabia will initially ally with Assad, but will back down in fear. Iraq will then retaliate for the devastation wrought against neighbouring Syria, punishing Jordan for retreating to a neutral position and attacki ng Israel. This retribution may take the form of biological or chemical attacks against Amman and Tel Aviv.

If Quatrain 6.33 identifies the "bloody Alus" as Hafez al-Assad (Al-ASsad), then the leader who defeats him through a rear (southern Israeli) missile attack is Benjamin Netanyahu. Because a large portion of the U.S. fleet in the "Arabian Gulf" will be under attack or sunk, as mentioned earlier, Netanyahu will not get the measure of "protection from sea" that was "guaranteed" by the United Nations. This will leave him open to Iraqi attack by Saddam Hussein or, if dead, Saddam's successor, Uday Saddam Hussein.

Lines 3 and 4 are a bit murky. Netanyahu will "fear" a biological or chemical attack ("the military hand") from Iraq ("between two rivers"). Saddam or Uday ("the black-hearted and angry one") will make Netanyahu "repent" having gone to war with Assad. On the other hand, the Iraqi leader, who is "between two rivers," will fear massive air strikes from an international coalition headed by the Un ited Nations. The "black and angry one," in that instance, could be U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan. It is possible that both of these scenarios are implied in lines 3 and 4.

How long this Arab-Israeli conflict will last is unknown. From the time it i s triggered by the Palestinians or Hezbollah until the Iraqi strikes on Jordan and Israel could be weeks or months. A period of conventional, armed conflict between Israel and Syria might precede the missile war. In addition to October 1998, several other numerological vectors exist for an Israeli-Syrian war: October 2001, June 2002, and April-June 2003.*

Even if a war between Israel and Syria does not occur in October 1998, some other sort of crisis may. At the very least, assuming peace talks are not pursued as discussed in the first paragraph, I would anticipate a major military confrontation between Israel and the Palestinians. In other words, a crisis rather than an all-out Arab-Israeli War. Or October 1998 might mark yet another U.S.-led air operation against Iraq, one where Israel faces SCUD missile attacks as they did in 1991.


*COMMENT (1/31/00): Two of these vectors have since been re-calculated to November 2001 and April 2002. The Israeli-Palestinian alternative scenario did occur in September and October 1998 as did another Iraqi crisis (begun October 31) that led to Operation Desert Fox on December 16, 1998. An Israeli-Syrian peace accord signing in September 2000 is beginning to appear most promising, although I do not believe it will be honoured for long.





Par gent estrange, & Romains lointaine,

Congress Party leader Sonia GandhiLeur grand cite apres eaue fort troublee:

Fille sans trop different domaine,

Prins chef, ferreure n'avoir este riblee.


By a foreign people, and far away from the Romans,

Their great city [Bombay] after flooding much troubled:

Daughter [in-law] without much different domain,

Captured leader, the lock will not be removed.


According to my base 7 numerology system India's new leader of the Congress Party and potential candidate for prime minister, Sonia Gandhi, the Italian-born widow of Rajiv Gandhi, is herself in grave danger of being imprisoned and possibly executed or assassinated in May 1998 or October/November 1998. Then again, it is possible that numerological influences may instead herald her rise to power in 1998.

If the above quatrain applies to Ms. Gandhi her imprisonment will follow a time of great flooding in Bombay and possible terrorism. One might well ask why Nostradamus would bother predicting disaster for this young woman while completely ignoring the assassinations of Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, or even, for that matter, Mohandas Gandhi. Indeed, there is seemingly little interest demonstrated by the French prophet concerning the destiny of India (several quatrains at most).

The reason why he is heaping such unusual attention on her in this quatrain, if indeed he is, has much to do with the first line. Sonia Gandhi is an Italian-born woman who married an Indian politician. Nostradamus, a Provencal native, had strong ties to what is now Italy. Even the dialect he actually spoke was more Italian than French. The future of Italy -- like that of France, Spain, and England -- was of tremendous interest to him.

He describes her as being with "a foreign people, far from the Romans." The idea of a woman from a Latin land leading the people of India must have intrigued him to distraction. Therefore her fate would be of great concern to him. "Fille" can be translated as "girl," "young woman," or "daughter." Sonia Gandhi is the daughter-in-law of the late prime minister Indira Gandhi who was assassinated in 1984. She is also a young woman. Her "domain" will not be greatly different, suggesting she will play a major role in Indian politics.

If the last line is correct, she will be arrested by political opponents and imprisoned ("captured leader" or "captured leader, in irons"). The phrase "the lock will not be removed" could suggest either lengthy incarceration or neglect by captors who never unlock her cell -- a neglect which would eventually result in death from starvation. It is unfortunate, but numerology indicates that she may, in the end, share the fate of her husband and mother-in-law during one of the time periods shown above. Her one hope is that 1998 portends victory during elections rather than an untimely and tragic death.





Avant conflict le grand tombera,

Le grand a mort, mort, trop subite & plainte,

Nay imparfaict: la plus part nagera,

Aupres du fleuve de sang la terre tainte.


Before the conflict the great one falls,

The great to death, death, too sudden and lamented,

Born imperfect: the greater part he will go,

Near the river with blood the land is stained.


US cruise missile attackThere area small number of prophetic verses written by Nostradamus warning of the assassination or untimely death of several U.S. presidents. At least two of these portend the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Both Erika Cheetham and John Hogue have applied this quatrain to Kennedy as well. However, no U.S. president, including JFK, has ever been murdered just prior to an important battle or war. Cheetham, in a somewhat convoluted manner, has attempted to identify the "conflict" in line 1 as the Cuban Missile Crisis. But Kennedy died after the crisis, thirteen months after to be exact, not before. The immediacy of the pending conflict described in line 1 also rules out the massive air campaign and deployment of American forces to Vietnam in May 1965 -- eighteen months after Kennedy's death. It is clear from the wording in the first line that this "great one" will die weeks, days, possibly only hours before the conflict in question.

This quatrain is among the 95% which do not contain astrological clues. All U.S. presidents who have died in office since 1840, for whatever reason, were elected in a year ending in zero (more on this later when I discuss the U.S. president to be elected in the year 2000). While this quatrain may apply to a president who will be elected in the year 2000, there is a more immediate risk which presents itself. There is great danger of a "President Kennedy scenario" occurring in 1998. From a base 7 numerological standpoint, there are two upcoming times of jeopardy to the person of the President of the United States: November 1998 and March 2002.

President Bill Clinton faces possible assassination this autumn. However, if this were to happen, it would be the first time in U.S. history that a sitting American president died in office who wasn't elected in a year ending in zero (Clinton was elected in 1992 and 1996). Perhaps, instead, he faces possible impeachment proceedings over the Monica Lewinsky affair -- the so-called Washington Sex Scandal. In other words, Mr. Clinton may be in danger of character assassination rather than physical assassination.

Still, the chances of the U.S. becoming embroiled in a major conflict is very high throughout 1998: the condition reported in line 1.

President Clinton has gone "the greater part of the way" in his career, and the imperfection also alluded to in line 3 could have one of two meanings. One, currently under media and legal scrutiny, could be a matter of moral imperfection. Ironically, Cheetham (1989) argues this same point when trying to apply this quatrain to JFK whom she calls "a womaniser." The second meaning may be the result of Doctor Nostradamus tuning into CNN and watching, with our eyes, the events of 1997. We know he witnessed Comet Hale-Bopp, the chaos in Albania, and the Helsinki Summit in Quatrain 2.15. He must have also witnessed President Clinton being slowly elevated unto Air Force One after injuring his leg during a golf game. At the summit, Clinton was seen seated in a wheel chair. He walked with crutches and later a cane for many months after. Perhaps Nostradamus believed, incorrectly, that the president was born crippled.

If this quatrain does apply to Bill Clinton, and I hope it doesn't, the conflict of line 1 is either connected to the Israeli-Syrian War complicated by later Iraqi involvement discussed above or one involving a U.S.-Russian war in Hungary to be discussed shortly. Both of these conflicts will be occurring simultaneously during the November 1998 assassination vector.

One other quatrain may apply to President Clinton:



Soldat barbare le grand Roi frappera,

Injustement non esloigne de mort,

L'avare mere du fait cause fera

Conjurateur & regne en grand remort.


The great King is struck by a barbarian soldier,

Unjustly, not far from death,

The avaricious mother will be the cause of the deed,

Conspirator and realm in great remorse.


If these quatrains apply to President Clinton, what can we establish? 2.57 warns that he will be assassinated just before an air strike, air campaign, limited military operation, or an all-out war involving air, sea, and ground forces. His blood will stain the land near an important river. If the attack on the president's life occurs in the U.S., the river may be the Potomac River -- a symbol for Washington DC. Then again, the site of the river could be anywhere in the United States, making it irrelevant as a clue.

However, if the assassin is a "barbarian soldier," as suggested in Quatrain 8.73, the tragedy may occur in another country, probably near the site of the pending battle. President Clinton might be killed while visiting U.S. troops in the Middle East, Bosnia, or Macedonia. The "barbarian soldier" would then be an Arab terrorist, an Arab soldier, a Bosnian Moslem soldier, or a Moslem soldier involved in a possible war in southern Yugoslavia. The commander in chief would likely visit U.S. troops in Bosnia just before a war with Russia in neighbouring Hungary. The river in question would then be the Sava River.

The "avaricious mother" is a mystery, unless it is a whimsical device used by Nostradamus to mock Saddam Hussein's penchant for overusing the word "mother" to exaggerate Iraqi defiance against the U.S. or to bolster his own self image (i.e., "the mother of all battles," "the mother of all victories,", etc.). If so, then the assassination attempt is likely to occur just prior to any U.S. military involvement in the Arab-Israeli War or punishing air attacks on Iraq. In that event, the river is probably the Tigris watering the land bloodied by dead Iraqi Republican Guards or, sadly, Iraqi civilians.

Then again, an Arab terrorist on a mission to kill the U.S. president might attempt to carry out the deed on American soil. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

Clearly, to reduce the chance of a Kennedy-like tragedy occurring, President Clinton will have to emphasise diplomacy and avoid military action at all costs in 1998.

To help illustrate the potential danger, consider this. Just before the White House pondered over plans to launch a massive air campaign against Iraq in January or February, three troubling events occurred. The Clintons, along with daughter Chelsea, visited troops in Tuzla (NE Bosnia) near Christmas 1997. The day before they departed for Bosnia, a bomb was discovered on a bridge they would be driving over. Terrorists in league with the Bosnian Moslems were rounded up in connection with the incident. Several weeks later, the damaging Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. Only a week before the now-postponed Operation Desert Thunder was to be launched, while the chief executive was in the heartland to shore up support, the plane he was traveling in experienced mechanical failure. Fortunately it was on the ground when this occurred. More recently the President underwent a troubling ordeal in Ghana when he was nearly trampled by a huge crowd of well-wishers.

The assumption, of course, is that Quatrain 2.57 and/or 8.73 apply to President Bill Clinton. They may instead apply to the 2000 elect, whoever that is. Even so, the "Kennedy scenario" has an 75% chance of happening in 1998 in some fashion. Apart from Nostradamus, that is what numerology reveals. I mentioned earlier that 1977 will exert influence on this year. So will 1963, especially in light of two of last year's events. 1962 was one of the years governing 1997. Princess Diana, the British Marilyn Monroe, died tragically in August. Her death haunts and saddens us still, and will for a long time to come. On October 29, instead of a Cuban Missile Crisis, the Iraqi Weapons Crisis began. Instead of nuclear missiles, biological and chemical weapons were at iss ue. Russia sided with the Iraqis as they did the Cubans. The Cuban Missile Crisis, also called the October Crisis, lasted for one week (October 22 - 29, 1962). The Iraqi Weapons Crisis came and went then returned again over a space of four months, and it may not be over yet.

If there is any consistency to this pattern, then another scenario presents itself. Diana was a British Marilyn Monroe (and really so much more than that). It is possible that the world may be stunned by the death of a British Kennedy. If that should be the case then Prime Minister Tony Blair is in terrible danger in November. Like John F. Kennedy, Mr. Blair was 43 when he was elected. Just as John Kennedy was the youngest U.S. president ever elected, Tony Blair is now the youngest prime minister of Britain ever to be elected. As to whether or not either of the two quatrains discussed could apply to him, one must remember that Britain is a steadfast supporter and partner of the U.S. policy against Iraq and equally committed to the peace-enforcing mission in Bosnia.

However, domestically, the greatest threat to Tony Blair is the Irish Republican Army or a splinter faction opposed to peace in Northern Ireland. Once before the IRA attempted to murder a British prime minister when the y bombed the official residence of Blair's predecessor: John Major. There was also purportedly an IRA plot to murder Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1983 (see Appendix). If -- and I must emphasise the word if -- there was a conspiracy to kill Diana last year, thus dealing a crippling emotional blow to the British people, I wouldn't at all be surprised if the IRA or a splinter group had a hand in it. Mr. Blair must, by all means, exercise extreme caution throughout 1998, especially in November. Let us hope and pray that the river of Quatrain 2.57 is not the Thames.



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