Past Celebrity Predictions of Nostradamus


Poster of Houdini's famous water torture cell "Celebrity" as defined in the American Heritage Dictionary, 1983: 1) A famous person. 2) Renown, fame.

Ask anyone today what it means and you will probably hear more examples of what a celebrity is than what the word means.

The "cult of celebrity" as we know it today is a fairly recent phenomenon. It had its beginnings in the opera and theatre production companies of the late 18th and 19th Centuries. Throughout most of the 20th Century it was a term usually applied to Hollywood actors and popular music performers.

Yet, there are celebrities to be found in numerous fields: sports, television and radio broadcasting, disc jockeying, literature, politics, religion, military service, journalism, photography, dancing, fine arts, science, and, yes, even website creation among many other categories.

Sharon Tate, crime scene

A celebrity can range from a locally famous person earning a very limited income to a world-famous figure earning seven or eight figures every time he or she bats an eyelash.

Then there are some celebrities who are people who would be otherwise unknown if not for the mainstream news media. These are often perpetrators or victims of highly-publicised and heavily-reported crimes and scandals.

However, in Nostradamus' time, celebrity worship, fans honouring a person for possessing a special gift or talent, was an completely alien concept. All the more ironic, perhaps, since Nostradamus was, himself, a celebrity of sorts in his native country of France.

To Nostradamus and his contemporaries, the closest thing to celebrity was royalty, which is why so many of his verses deal with the future of royal persons. No one, for example, doubts that he foresaw the life and death of President John F. Kennedy or Princess Diana. Yet, Kennedy was a famous world leader and Diana was a royal celebrity. Where, one may ask, are the other people who made an enormous impact on our lives and our history, for better or for worse, and who were not royalty or in positions of leadership?

Where are people like: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Harry Houdini, Amelia Erhardt, Marilyn Monroe, Charles Manson and Sharon Tate, Elvis Presley, John F. Kennedy Jr., and so many others?

This page endeavours to prove that Nostradamus did indeed foresee the phenomenon of modern celebrity. All of the people listed above and many more appear in this presentation. It is indeed amazing how many famous people who were neither royalty nor in a position of leadership he made prophecies about. People one would instantly recognise if one only reads the quatrains, the presages, and the sixains more deeply.

So we begin. And bear in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive. It is clear from his many prophecies that Nostradamus anticipated more celebrities in our near and distant future.


Mozart and Beethoven


Quatrain 10.28

Second and third which make first class music

They will be by the King in honour sublimated,Portrait of Mozart

Through fat and thin, almost half-emaciated

The report of Venus, false, rendering (one) debased.


Portrait of BeethovenThis quatrain has certain repetitive elements (this goes along with my theory that history repeats itself and that Nostradamus, aware of this, created some quatrains that have been fulfilled more than once).

This quatrain neatly applies to the classical composers Mozart and Beethoven.

In the circle of serious music ("first class music"), there are only three composers acknowledged as being the most critical: the first was Johann Sebastian Bach.

The "second and third" were Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Van Beethoven. Some scholars proclaim Johannes Brahms and others as heirs to these three, but most serious critics believe that no one has yet superceded Beethoven and the Romantic period.

Mozart was "sublimely honoured" by the Emperor of Austria, Joseph II, after performing an opera which he was commissioned by him to write. He was also honoured by the Pope. Beethoven, likewise, was honoured by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte after the performance of the "Eroica" symphony which he dedicated to him.

The meaning of "through fat and thin" is both metaphorical and literal. Both composers lived through prosperous times ("fat") early in their careers and ended their existences under leaner circumstances. Beethoven was a portly man (fat) through a portion of his life, and well off financially until he began losing his hearing and gave up concert performaces. As the years progressed until his death in 1827, he composed while struggling against poverty, ill health, and increasing deafness. Mozart died in 1791 from typhus or rheumatic fever, exhausted and in virtual poverty, literally "thin and half-emaciated" at the age of 35. It is also thought that excessive bleeding, a common practise at that time for treatment of "fever" and other maladies, may have hastened the composer's death.

The "false report" of VENUS, the goddess of love, ties in with Mozart's wife, Costanze, whose early extravagant nature, followed by a lengthy illness requiring much therapy at a sanitarium in Baden, "debased" Mozart's financial situation. However, this final line most likely has to do with an actual "report" (one not entirely true) Constanze made to Emperor Leopold following the death of Mozart regarding many "false" allegations made against her deceased husband. The following is an excerpt from Mozart: His Character and Work by Alfred Einstein (1962):


Mozart's enemies and vilifiers, particularly just before and after his death, became so wicked, and so loud in their slanders, that many an evil story about Mozart rose actually to the ears of the Monarch himself. These rumors and lies were so painful and shocking that the Monarch, who never heard the other side of the story, was enraged. Not only were all sorts of shameful and exaggerated dissipations attributed to Mozart, but it was claimed that he had left debts of not less than 30,000 gulden -- a sum that startled the Monarch.

The widow had the idea of asking the Monarch for a pension. A noble friend and excellent pupil of Mozart [Frau von Trattner?] informed her of the slanders of her husband that had circulated at court, and advised her to enlighten the kindly Monarch as to the truth.

Constanze MozartThe widow soon had the opportunity of following this advice.

'Your Majesty,' she said proudly, when she was received in audience, 'every man has enemies; but no one has ever been persecuted and slandered by his enemies more violently and more persistently than my husband, simply because he was such a great talent. They have dared to tell Your Majesty much untruth about him; they have exaggerated ten-fold the debts he left. I will stake my life that I could pay all his debts with a sum of about 3000 gulden. And he did not contract these debts wantonly. We had no secure income; my frequent confinements, and a grave and costly illness of a year and a half which I underwent, will serve as an excuse to the friendly and understanding heart of my King.'

'If that is the way things are.' said the Monarch, 'then there is surely a way out. Give a concert of the works he left, and I will support it...'

Everything Constanze told the Emperor was true, although it was not the whole truth. We know with certainty only that at the death of the Royal and Imperial Court-Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in the first hour of 5 December 1791, all he left was cash in the amount of about 200 gulden, miserable house furnishings, musical instruments, and a small library appraised at 23 gulden 41 kreuzer. This was the material, worldly result of Mozart's life. But his own manuscripts were still there, more or less complete, as the pledge of his immortality.


Mozart's "Venus," Constanze, also produced another "false" report. She appealed to her husband's pupil, Franz Xaver Sussmayr, to complete the unfinished Requiem in D Minor, after which she passed the colloboration off as a genuine, complete Mozart composition. Finally, in 1800, Sussmayr clarified the situation in a letter to publishers Breitkopf & Hartel. Subsequentally, Sussmayr's additions to the work were scorned for a number of years and Requiem was considered incomplete and not performed again until more enlightened times emerged.

Mozart on his death bedWe have also a false report from VENICE as well as from VENUS. The Italian composer Antonio Salieri ("Venice" = "Italy"), a contemporary of Mozart's, held high posts in the Viennese imperial musical establishment from 1774 until 1824. In his last years he suffered from senility and allegedly said that he had poisoned Mozart. The tale reached Beethoven and many others.

Constanze, fanned the rumour's flame by endorsing it; she also believed that Salieri had plotted against her husband, she claimed. This rumour was denied by many of Mozart's closest associates including his personal physician who reported that Wolfgang had died of a fever that was epidemic at that time in Vienna. Thus was born a fable that eventually became the inspiration of the 1984 film Amadeus starring Tom Hulce and F. Murray Abraham.

If Quatrain 10.28 has its roots in Mozart and Beethoven, it is indeed fitting that the internal coding, as well as certain elements of the external (ie., second and third rate music, the King, false report, etc) takes us into the life and death of one of the 20th Century's greatest musical icons, Elvis Presley (as analysed by NostraBOBus Egan):


Joseph Carey Merrick: The Elephant Man


Quatrain 5.97

Joseph Carey Merrick, the Elephant ManThe one born deformed through horror suffocated,

In the city of the great King made habitable:

The severe edict of the captives revoked,

Hail and thunder, (Condon) London inestimable.


Joseph Carey Merrick, also called John Merrick, was born at Leicester, England on April 5, 1862. Due to a serious deformity affecting his head, face, and the skin of his body, he was shunned by society for much of his life and appeared at many exhibitions as a sideshow freak. He became nicknamed the Elephant Man after he gave an account of the shock experienced by his mother shortly before his birth, when she was knocked down by an elephant at a circus. He attributed his condition to this amazing and possibly erroneous mishap.

Line 1 details his horrible deformity as well as the eventual cause of his death. His head grew so heavy that at length he had great difficulty in holding it up. He slept in a sitting or crouching position, with his hands clasped over his legs, and his head on his knees. If he lay down flat, his heavy head tended to fall back and cause him to suffocate.

For a long time he was an inmate of the London Hospital, where special quarters were provided for him ("made habitable").

One stormy night ("hail and thunder") on April 11, 1890, Merrick died in his sleep, his huge head having fallen backwards, dislocating his neck.

There are aspects to this quatrain that do not completely enforce the view, however. Queen Victoria reigned during the time Merrick lived, there was no "great King." For this reason, perhaps, some commentators apply the verse to the Man in the Iron Mask and the French king, Louis XIV. Unfortunately, they are at a loss to find anything remarkable about "Condon" which they translate as Condom (the small "n" changed to an "m"), a small town in southern France, many miles from Paris where the events in the quatrain are said to take place.

Merrick, on the other hand, was given special quarters in London ("Condon" with the first letter changed to an "L") at the London Hospital. Thus, we have the identity of the city in line 2 (London) and the very critical significance of the word "habitable" (also not explained in the Man in the Iron Mask interpretation).

The only problem is the King and the edict and captives of line 3 (line 3 does not work for the Man in the Iron Mask, either).

The explanation may rest with the possibility that this quatrain is an example of repetitive prophecy. I believe Nostradamus understood that history often repeats itself and noted that certain visions of the future he experienced were remarkably similar, yet also had notable differences. For these events he constructed quatrains that would cover all the similar visions, betraying their differences here and there with an odd line or partial line out. Yet, ultimately, ALL of the elements will come into play when the last repetition occurs.

The most recent fulfillment of Quatrain 5.97 was the life and death of John Merrick, the Elephant Man. However, its complete fulfillment still lies somewhere in the future.


The Career and Execution of Mata Hari


Quatrain 5.5

Beneath the faint shadow of ousting servitude,

Mata HariPeople and city he will usurp even for himself:

Worse he will do because of the trickery of a young whore,

Delivered to the field, reading the false poem.


Quatrain 5.12

Near to Lake Geneva it will be transmitted,

By a young foreign woman desiring to betray the city:

Before her murder (execution) a great retinue to Augsburg,

And those of the Rhine will come to invade.


There is only one notable woman in the history of modern espionage who could, with considerable justification, be called a professional "whore" or "prostitute" as Nostradamus does in Quatrain 5.5 -- and that is Mata Hari. Stripteaser, streetwalker, belly dancer, ballet star, courtesan, spy -- she was all of these. One can see why attempts to apply this quatrain to Marie Antoinette or Hitler's niece and lover, Geli Raubel, are less applicable. As a Frenchman, Nostradamus could not have ignored this famous female celebrity who spied for both France and Germany and her execution by a French firing squad.

Mata Hari, exotic dancerMargaretha Gertrud Zelle, alias Mata Hari, was born in Leeuwarden, Friesland in the Netherlands on August 7, 1876. Mata Hari, in Javanese, means "eye of the morning." During the First World War, the Dutch dancer was apparently a double agent, but the full extent of her espionage activities remains uncertain.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, following an unhappy marriage to a Dutch colonial officer, she moved to France where she started a career as a nude dancer. She became famous and moved in the highest circles of Europe. Her celebrity status made it easy to travel to various European countries, even during the war. In 1907, while visiting Germany, she became romantically involved with Berlin Police Chief Traugott von Jagow who would later become the adjutant of Colonel Maugham Walther Nicolai, head of German intelligence (Nachrichtendienst) during World War I
. It was Jagow who inspired Zelle into becoming a spy for Germany. Because she became a spy before the outbreak of the war, she was given the code letter "H" and the code name "H21." Later, not suspecting she was already an enemy agent, the French Secret Service asked Mata Hari to spy on the Germans.

Now Mata Hari was a double agent, working for both France and Germany.

On January 4, 1917, Mata Hari returned to Paris to visit one of her many lovers. On February 13 she was arrested by the French Secret Service and interrogated, then imprisoned to await trial for espionage. The French were convinced that she was "one of the greatest spies of the century, responsible for the death of tens of thousands of [French] soldiers." She was found guilty and condemned to death. On October 18, 1917 -- one month exactly before the end of World War I -- she was executed by firing squad.

The Whore

Nostradamus clearly sees more than history records in Quatrain 5.5. Who the "he" is who usurps a city and does worse due to the deceptive charms of Mata Hari is not completely clear, although this could well be the head of German intelligence, Colonel Nicolai. Since most of Mata Hari's intrigues are not a matter of historical record, it is difficult to know what Nostradamus is telling us she is responsible for having done. It is possible, however, that line 3 is an intimation of a German victory at one of the bloody battles of the Somme (discussed in Quatrain 5.12). However, there is no question that lines 3 and 4 of Quatrain 5.5 are about her: Zelle was one of Europe's highest paid exotic dancers and courtesans ("young whore"). Her "trickery" results in the deaths of 195,000 French soldiers. Later, weary of the spy's demands, the Germans "allow" the French to intercept a message that Mata Hari, alias H21, will be receiving a large sum of money at Paris in payment for services rendered. Thus, she is "delivered" to the French and to the firing range at Vincennes near Paris to be executed.

The Battle of the Somme

In Quatrain 5.12 the Dutch spy learns of a joint British and French plan to invade the Germans in what became known as the Battle of the Somme. It appears she acquires this information from an unknown French officer on leave near Geneva in neutral Switzerland, probably by employing her usual method. Her "usual method" of acquiring information was to attend important diplomatic parties and receptions, then meet and seduce high-ranking diplomats and military officers who mixed their bedroom babble with information about troop movements, munitions dumps, espionage operations, naval maneuvers, warships, and new artillery weapons. The city she is desirous of betraying in line 2 is Paris, the capital of France. Nostradamus calls her "a young foreign woman." Mata Hari was from the Netherlands, often claiming to be part Javanese. She was therefore a "foreigner" to both the French and the Germans.

Before her execution ("murder"), foretold in line 3, German reinforcements gathered at Augsburg to be sent to the Western front. A German warship named the Augsburg was also victorious in a fateful battle on the Eastern front with Russian naval forces. Line 4 tells us that as a result of her spy activities, a huge German army lay in wait for the French attack at the Somme and smashed the French armies, slaughtering more than 195,000 men. It was largely because of this battle that the French labeled Mata Hari "one of the greatest spies of the century, responsible for the death of tens of thousands of soldiers."

The False Poem

Mata Hari awaiting the volley of deathThere are numerous accounts of Mata Hari's death. She wrote letters to two of her lovers just before being escorted to the firing range, one of which bore a poem. Since she was so deceitful, perhaps Nostradamus was indicating this by calling the poem "false." Then again, perhaps the poem was her final words before being led away:

"Death is nothing, nor life either, for that matter. To die, to sleep, to pass into nothingness, what does it matter? Everything is an illusion."

All concur that she refused a blindfold or to be bound at the post, preferring to stand staring back, smiling at her executioners. According to an eyewitness upon the dropping of the underofficer's sword, the loud report of the rifles was heard. Mata Hari collapsed, settling to her knees, without a change in expression.

She tottered for a few moments, then fell backward, bending at the waist, with her legs doubled up beneath her. She lay prone and motionless, with her face turned towards the sky. A non-commissioned officer drew his revolver and placed the muzzle near her left temple. He pulled the trigger and the bullet tore into her brain.


Lord Carnarvon and The Curse of Tutankhamun


Quatrain 9.7 Tut's mask

He who opens the discovered monument

And does not come to close it promptly,

Evil will come to him that no one will be able to prove.

Far better would it be for him to be a British or French king.


On February 17, 1923, Egyptologists Howard Carter and George Herbert, 5th Earl of Cararvon, breached the wall of the burial chamber that held the mummified remains of the boy pharoah, King Tutankamun. Seven weeks later, Lord Carnarvon would die an agonising death at age 57, thus beginning a fantastic and horrid sequence of strange events and tragic deaths that collectively came to be known as "the Curse of Tutankamun."

As with the case of the Elephant Man quatrain, we have yet another that is repetitive. This one has often been applied to the desecration of Nostradamus' tomb and the shooting death of one of the soldiers of the French Revolution who drank wine from his skull. However, the final line has never made much sense in this context. In the Curse of King Tutunkhamun scenario, however, line 4 takes on a very special meaning.

The infamous curse of King Tut has been widely debated over the years. Many sceptics have provided evidence enough to cast some doubt that the events attributed to the mummy's curse were anything more than 1920s media fabrication and hype, misinformation, and a few coincidences. They may be correct, too; but I doubt that Nostradamus, peering into the dark glass and observing events occurring early in what he describes elsewhere as "a most strange century," could have separated fact from myth. In my own honest opinion, I believe there was something to this curse as do some scientists who have discovered a peculiar spore in the burial chamber -- a potentially deadly spore that could have been behind the deaths of Carnarvon and at least two other men.

Fact or fancy, it hardly matters. Nostradamus says that the "evil" that befalls the first victim of the unspecified curse will be such that "no one will be able to prove" it one way or the other.

George Herbert, the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, (called the Egyptologist "Lord Carnarvon") was born June 26, 1866. He was a descendant of King Edward III and King Henry VII. It is clear from the final line of the quatrain that this prophecy was intended for him. The French seer appears to be saying that if Lord Carnarvon had been a British or French king, rather than an Earl, the mummy's curse would have had no hold over him.

However, no reason is given as to why the title should matter. There is a reason, of course, but it is linked to yet another fulfillment of this quatrain in the far future.

Lord Carnavon with his daughter Evelyn, and Howard CarterWas there an actual mummy's curse found on the wall of the tomb? A newspaper reported that written above the heads of Carter and Carnarvon where they entered were hieroglyphics which warned "They who enter this sacred tomb shall swift be visited by wings of death." However, it has been argued by sceptics that no such inscription has ever been found.

It is also claimed that in England prior to the commencement of the expedition, Lord Carnavon consulted a mystic named Count Hamon who warned him "Lord Carnarvon not to enter tomb. Disobey at peril. If ignored will suffer sickness. Not recover. Death will claim him in Egypt." This may or may not be true. What is true, however, is the fact that Carnarvon's death came just a couple of weeks after a public warning by novelist Mari Corelli that there would be dire consequences for anyone who entered the sealed tomb.

On April 5, 1923, just 47 days after breaching the chamber into Tutankhamun's resting place, Carnarvon, aged 57, died in agony - the victim, apparently, of an infected mosquito bite. At the moment of his death in the Continental Hotel, Cairo, the lights in the city went out in unison, and stayed off for some minutes.

And if further proof were needed that it was indeed a strange force that was at work, thousands of miles away in England, at Lord Carnarvon's country house, his dog began baying and howling - a blood-curdling, unnatural lament which shocked the domestic staff deep in the middle of the night. It continued until one last whine, when the tormented creature turned over and died. Two days after Carnarvon's death, the mummified body of the pharaoh was examined and a blemish was found on his left cheek exactly in the position of the mosquito bite on Carnarvon's face.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes and a believer in the occult, then announced that Carnarvon's death had been the result of a "Pharaoh's curse".

Six years after the discovery, 12 of those present when the tomb was opened were dead. Within a further seven years only two of the original team of excavators were still alive. Lord Carnarvon's half-brother apparently took his own life while temporarily insane, and a further 21 people connected in some way with the dig, were also dead.

Oddly enough, the first man to enter the tomb and the head of the expedition and overseer of the excavation, Howard Carter, lived to a ripe old age, dying in 1939 from natural causes.


The Great Houdini


Quatrain 8.100

Houdini performs his Water Torture Cell illusionFor the abundance of tears shed,

From top to bottom and from the bottom to the very top.

Too great a faith through a game a life is lost,

From thirst to die through abundant deficiency.


There is hardly anyone who has not heard or read something about this greatest magician, illusionist, and escape artist of the 20th Century. Indeed, Hollywood ensured that the name and legend of Harry Houdini would live forever by immortalising him in a popular 1953 film starring Tony Curtis as the great Houdini. This is certainly a personality I would doubt Nostradamus could have ignored.

Harry Houdini, born Eric Weiss in Budapest, Hungary on March 24, 1874, performed his final illusion one week before his death on Halloween, October 31, 1926. This is the subject of the above quatrain -- his death and his final days on earth.

Line 1 begins with Houdini's funeral in New York City for which tens of thousands of his fans turned out.

Line 2 describes the most famous illusion performed by Houdini: the Water Torture Cell, often mistakeningly thought to be the cause of his death. In fact, Houdini performed his Water Torture Cell escape successfully for over 14 years, contrary to the popularised myth that he died performing it on his first attempt. However, there is a grain of truth in the story.

Before discussing this "grain" however, it is critical to note the accurate portrayal of the illusion by Nostradamus. What better way to describe a glass enclosure into which the magician was submerged upside-down? As he is submerged "from top to bottom," the water rises "from the bottom to the very top." Or, another way of viewing it is the enclosure is rightside-up whilst the magician is upside-down. Action too may be inferred: Houdini is upside-down but, after escaping from his restraints, swims from the bottom back up to the top. Also, by using the key words "tears" and "thirst" one comes away with a feeling that the subject of the quatrain has been plunged into water.

Now, regarding line 3.

The Great HoudiniHoudini and his wife, Bess, were both suffering from some sort of intestinal ailment whilst they were on a US tour. After one of his performances, several male college students went backstage to visit Houdini. The illusionist often played a game both onstage and off where he would challenge a man to punch him in the stomach as hard as he could. Houdini, only 5' 5" and slight of frame, would tense his abdominal muscles to absorb the blow without injury. This time he was caught off guard. The young man punched Houdini in the abdomen before he had a chance to prepare. The already ill magician probably never realised the blow had burst his appendix.

This is the "game" Nostradamus is describing that, due to a great confidence or "faith," cost Houdini his life.

Several days later, Houdini collapsed on the stage. Although he was not performing his Water Torture Cell escape that night, it was still the last major escape illusion he performed. The previous night he had broken his ankle in the water cell, which may have fueled the myth that he collapsed during the trick.

After nearly a week in hospital, Houdini died from peritonitis on October 31, 1926 -- the terminal result of his ruptured appendix.

The symptoms of peritonitis are: "chills, fever, rapid pulse, severe pain and tenderness in the abdomen, difficult and painful breathing, vomiting, and INTENSE THIRST."

"From thirst to die through abundant deficiency."

Dr. Nostradamus successfully diagnosed the cause of Houdini's death, as well as describing what prompted his illness, nearly four hundred years before it happened.


The Strange Disappearance of Amelia Earhart


Quatrain 10.84

The natural girl so high, high, not low,

The late return will bring grief to the contented,Amelia Earhart

The long journey will not be without debates

In employing and losing all of her life.


Quatrain 2.45

Too much the heavens weep at the birth of Androgyn,

Near the heavens human blood is spilled:

Through death too late a great people renewed,

Late and soon comes the awaited assistance.


Amelia Earhart was an American aviatrix. Her fame went hand-in-hand with that of Charles Lindberg's in the late 1920s when she became the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean by air. She broke yet another record in 1932 when she became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. Had she lived a normal life span, she would always be remembered for these great achievements. However, it was Earhart's final flight that made her the stuff of legend.

In 1937, Amelia Earhart and a navigator, Fred Noonan, tried to fly around the world. Their plane vanished at sea near Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean. No trace of the plane or its occupants were ever found. Earhart was 40 at the time of her death. All sorts of wild theories concerning their deaths have emerged in recent years, such as the plane being caught up in the Devil's Triangle or forced to crash land on an uncharted island and the two pilots later being captured and eaten by cannibals.

Is it possible that in the solitude of his medieval study, nearly 450 years ago, the prophet Nostradamus saw the cause of one of the greatest vanishings of all time?

In Quatrain 10.84 he describes Earhart as a "natural girl." In the times during which she lived, female cosmetics were not as sophisticated nor as universally used as they are today. Many women, like Amelia, applied cosmetics sparingly if at all. Thus, it was often Earhart's natural face that was seen. Being an adventurer, she was more interested in flying than in trying to portray herself as a sex symbol. Indeed, throughout her life she defied conventional feminine behaviour.

Line 2 is an obvious reference to the sense of grief shared by everyone when she failed to return from her final flight. Nostradamus' artificial word, Recloing, in line 3, has often been translated as "reconciled one," but the reasons given for this guess have always been very unconvincing to me. It is obvious, however, that the root word, "loin" or "loing," which means "long," "distant," or "far," should be the one focused upon. As for "Rec," this appears to be gibberish or arcane in meaning. In context, however, one who journeys far appears to be what is intended.

Earhart's feminist convictions more than once made her the subject of ridicule. She would have her "debates" or "disputes" in the form of challenging prejudicial and financial obstacles. Also, too, there was always the fear that she was pushing the envelope, as it were, taking greater and greater risks. Much debate also followed the vanishing of Amelia Earhart regarding safety standards and communications procedures for long air flights. The integrity of the plane she flew, a Lockheed Electra 10E, was even in question.

Amelia Earhart was a dedicated pilot. She did not feel truly alive unless she was flying. In line 4, the French prophet probably felt this dedication robbed her of some natural happiness, and most certainly in the end, cost her her life.

In the second quatrain to be discussed, 2.45, we have images of an androgynous human flying too high to heaven and far too often, like the mythical character Icarus. The tragic end of the Androgyn is so great a shock to the world that the heavens weep of it long beforehand at its birth.

Amelia Earhart as an androgyne? This may seem a peculiar way to describe a woman, one who married in 1931 to publisher George Putnam who helped finance her flying career, but not when one considers her plain and seemingly sexless persona. For more on this I will quote from several sources.

The first is from author Donald Goldstein from an interview at Pitt's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs concerning Earhart's biography he co-authored with Katherine V. Dillon: Amelia: The Centennial Biography of an Aviation Pioneer:


I think she and George [Putnam] truly liked and respected each other. I don't think they had sex, for what that's worth. She may have been gay, and if she wasn't, she was [sexually] neutral. But I think their marriage worked. Amelia was a feminist without being a man-hater. Not even a chauvinist pig could dislike her.


Amelia Earhart just before fatal flight in 1937Camille Paglia, 1996 --

By vanishing into thin air, Amelia Earhart seemed to merge with the elements of nature, which she had so often challenged and conquered. She became the archetype of the androgynous winged seraph who escapes the bondage of reproduction and biology.

Susan Butler from her book, East to the Dawn: The Life of Amelia Earhart --

The image we have of Amelia Earhart today -- a tousle-haired, androgynous flier clad in shirt, silk scarf, leather jacket, and goggles -- is only one of her many personas, most of which have been lost to us ...


To Nostradamus, Amelia Earhart was the stuff of future myth, a heroine reminiscent of doomed Icarus, sexless, free, striking in appearance, and greatly mourned.

Still, line 3 remains a mystery. Its meaning does not seem applicable to Earhart's final adventure, raising the possibility that this quatrain may be a repetitive one. Thus, we see both the Amelia Earhart of the past and a futuristic entity, yet to be conceived or created perhaps, who will truly be biologically sexless.

Then again, Nostradamus may be providing us with evidence that allegations that Earhart and Noonan were on an espionage mission to spy on the Japanese may be true. Their deaths kept certain top secrets from reaching the White House, ensuring that war in the Pacific would be inevitable. The "great people" -- America -- would not be "renewed" until war's end in 1945.

Line 4 certainly describes the rescue efforts, the failed attempts by sea, soon and late, to find Amelia, Noonan, and their Lockheed Electra 10E.


Quatrain 3.44 Amelia Earhart over the San Francisco Bay Bridge

When the animal tamed by man,

After great pains and difficulty begins to speak (radio),

The lightning to the virgin will be so harmful,

From the earth taken and suspended in the air.


Quatrain 3.44 is two prophecies together. Lines 1 and 2 are about the invention of radio and the ensuing "age of radio" (1922 to 1948) during which Amelia Earhart flourished and died. In lines 3 and 4, Nostradamus tells us what killed Earhart and Noonan -- although the focus is on Amelia.

Many commentators translate line 3 as "the lightning so harmful to the rod." This is absolute rubbish. The word "vierge" means "virgin" -- there is no secondary meaning of "rod." It is interesting to note that in Quatrain 8.50, all commentators translate "vierge" as "virgin." It is a quatrain about the future defiling of Jesus' birthplace during time of war and the "virgin" they are writing about is his mother, Mary. So why is it that in Quatrain 3.44 above, "vierge" suddenly becomes a "rod?"

In any event, although Amelia Earhart was married to George Putnam, Goldstein raises the possibility theirs was a sexless marriage and that Earhart may have never had sex in her lifetime. This would certainly make her a "virgin." Still, this word choice could have signaled an early oversight on the part of the fallible Dr Notredame, unless he was alluding once again to her androgynous qualities. Also, her fierce independence and dedication may have made Earhart seem alone -- like a virgin.

So what ultimately happened somewhere near Howland Island in the Pacific? No one really knows anything more than a radio transmission from Amelia that their plane's fuel was low and that it might last for another two hours. She also said she was lost although she did not explain why. Had the two encountered a large storm cloud? A final transmission was unintelligible with a considerable amount of static, but Earhart's voice sounded like she was in a panic.

Nostradamus suggests a storm may been the ultimate cause of death. The plane piloted by Earhart may have been caught in the turbulence of a violent thunder storm. She and Noonan likely were flying blind and growing increasingly nervous. Lightning struck the light craft at some point and caused a power outage or some sort of damage. Startled, Earhart may have lost control or fell victim to an accompanying "windshear." The plane, suspended by storm winds, quickly plummeted, crashing into the ocean, killing all on board.

Amelia Earhart has never been found. Her life was forever suspended when she vanished from the face of the earth.


Helter Skelter: The Sharon Tate Murders


Charles Manson

Presage 63

Surrendered, retaken, terror-stricken by the evil,

The blood drips down, and the faces hideous:

To the most knowledgeable ones the Ignorant one is frightful,

Pestilence, hatred, horror, the Piteous female to fall dead.

Sharon Tate

It will be observed that Nostradamus devoted two highly descriptive quatrains to Hollywood's most spectacular murder and one of the most gruesome crimes in the annals of history. It is quite possible that he wrote even more, but that they are a bit too obscure to stand out. Indeed, it appears almost everyone involved in this true tale of modern horror is in some way referenced.

Sharon Tate, a winner of many beauty contests and a model, had landed parts in several TV series and the movies The Americanization of Emily and The Sandpiper. In 1965, whilst filming the Eye of the Devil with David Niven, she met Roman Polanski, who had just gained fame as director of the movie Repulsion with Catherine Deneuve.

Polanski placed Sharon as the lead in his comic horror film The Fearless Vampire Killers. At this time she became Polanski's lover -- a relationship that would last through Sharon's role of Jennifer in Valley of the Dolls and Roman's filming of Rosemary’s Baby, after which they married. In February 1969, the newlyweds moved into their new home at 10050 Cielo Drive in Bel Air's Benedict Canyon. Its seclusion and beautiful view of the canyon offered no clue of the nightmare that would unfold later that year.

Meanwhile, out in the desert at Spahn's movie ranch, a sinister ex-con in his mid-thirties named Charles Manson was trading in his dream of becoming a famous rock songwiter and singer and replacing it with the role of commune leader and hippie messiah. His criminal years served him well as he used his combined street smart intuitions with a warped gospel of drugs, sex, the Beatles White album, and the Book of Revelation. It was here he created a "family" of brainwashed followers who would do anything he asked of them -- including murder.

Some say it was more than mere chance that these two different worlds would collide in an orgy of blood and grisly death. Whether that is true or not is not our concern in this case.

Abigail Folger Voyteck Frykowski Jay Sebring

On the night of August 9, 1969, husband Roman was away directing in London. Sharon, 26 and now eight months pregnant, had been passing much of her time in the swimming pool. Staying with her was coffee heiress Abigail Folger, 25, and her boyfriend Voyteck Frykowski, 32, mutual friends of Polanski and Tate who had agreed earlier to help Sharon house sit until her husband returned on August 18. Also at the house that night was Sharon's former boyfriend and good friend, top men’s hairstylist Jay Sebring, 35. One other individual, Steven Parent, 18, was in his car readying to leave the premises. He had been visiting the estate's caretaker, William Garretson, who shared a mutual interest in stereo and hi-fi equipment.

Manson, who had by now assembled a warped vision of the apocalypse called "Helter Skelter" which would be triggered by a universal race war between whites and blacks, was ready to send his team of killers to Bel Air. Specifically, he sent them to the 10050 Cielo Drive address believing Apple Records producer Terry Melcher, who had refused Manson a contract after hearing him play at Spahn Ranch, was still living there. Included as a potential victim in the planned grudge slaying was Beachboy Dennis Wilson, a friend of Melcher's, who had helped string Charlie along. Manson told his followers, oblivious as to who the residents of the address might or might not be, to kill everyone in the house, believing Melcher, Wilson, and a party of groupies and assorted stars would be there.

In the end, it never really mattered to Manson. The cops would read the bloody graffiti he ordered to be written in the victims' blood, think black militants had committed the act, the media would report it all, and this would trigger "Helter Skelter."

Patricia Krenwinkel .Charles WatsonnSusan Atkins

The hit team, Charles "Tex" Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Linda Kasabian, drove to the Tate residence, taking along with them extra clothes to change into after the bloody deed was done. Kasabian, terrified by what ensued, never took part in the killings, her lack of participation going unnoticed by the others.

We have Kasabian's and Atkins' accounts given in court testimony of what happened. Steven Parent was shot dead by Tex Watson so that there would be no witnesses. Parent, sadly, was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Much like line one of Presage 63, Folger and Frykowski ran screaming about the house in "terror," "surrendering" to their killers' stabs and blows, then trying to escape, only to be "retaken" and slaughtered by the "evil" Manson followers. Susan Atkins would later giggle in court about how Folger, shrieking and running as she was stabbed repeatedly by Krenwinkel, almost got away. Her body was found on the front lawn, almost to the driveway. She had been stabbed 28 times. Frykowski, who fought bravely for his life, was found on the lawn near the porch. He was shot twice by Watson, hit over the head 13 times with the butt of a revolver and stabbed 51 times.

Sharon Tate Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring were sitting on a bed talking in Sharon's bedroom when Atkins and Watson entered. After being forced into the living room at gunpoint, little time was spent on Sebring who was stabbed seven times by Atkins and shot in the head by Watson.

Sharon Tate clearly became the "Piteous female" at this point. A rope was thrown over a rafter and one end tied around her neck. As she was hoisted up, pleading for her life and the life of her unborn child, Atkins stabbed her repeatedly. No doubt the "blood dripped down," lots of it. Atkins admitted smearing herself in much of Sharon Tate's blood. From Sharon's perspective, the "faces" below must have indeed appeared "hideous." When the actress finally died, her body was allowed to "fall dead," and the other end of the rope was tied around the neck of Jay Sebring. A curse ("pestilence") had indeed entered 10050 Cielo Drive, and with it "hatred" and "horror," although Atkins testified that she told the pleading starlet that she was killing her because she "loved" her.

Susan Atkins "proved her love" by stabbing Sharon 16 times in her chest, back, and legs, and carving out her unborn fetus.

The "knowledgeable ones" were the lawyers, judges, and jurors who heard the testimonies of horror and were indeed intimidated by the sinister and at times violent court behaviour of the "frightful" architect of the slaughter: Charles Manson, the "Ignorant one." "Ignorant" in two ways: originally illiterate, having had a poor education, and claiming "ignorance," that is, lack of knowledge of the planned slayings and lack of any personal responsibility.


Forensic photo of Tate's body at murder sceneQuatrain 2.98

He whose face is sprinkled with blood,

Of the victim nearly sacrificed.

Jupiter in Leo augurs through presage,

She shall be put to death then with the fiancée.


Nostradamus describes Manson again in Quatrain 2.98 as having "blood on his hands": metaphorically, his face "sprinkled with the blood" of Sharon Tate, whose murder was "nearly sacrificial." a sacrifice to Charlie.

"Jupiter in Leo" correctly places this "augury" (omen) in the month of August.

Sharon Tate was "put to death" along with Abigail Folger, the "fiancée" of Voyteck Frykowski. A secondary meaning for "fiancée" is "promise of romance." Thus, Nostradamus could be hinting at a possible rekindling of the old romance between Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring (both were sitting on Sharon's bed). If so, this is something we'll never know for certain.





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