The Madonna-Pamela Prophecy (Part Two)


Pamela Anderson [L] and Madonna [R]
The following presentation, despite its gruesome and sensational content, is presented in the hope that it will avert a ghastly tragedy. It is strongly recommended that you study the material on the Madonna-Pamela Anderson Prophecy page before reading the material presented here. This page is a continuation -- one which is by neccessity highly explicit in places.

The end result of the evidence on both pages reveals
that pop icon Madonna, famed model and actress Pamela Anderson, or Blondie star Deborah Harry may fall victim to what I call "the Jayne Mansfield scenario" in June/July 2002 or possibly earlier. Also, because 2002 is likely to be a "dual track" tragedy year for famous female celebrities, should Anderson or Harry fall victim to "the Jayne Mansfield scenario," Madonna may be in jeopardy of falling prey to a variation of "the Natalie Wood scenario" by August 2002 or in October/November 2002 -- dying in a mysterious accident that may be a murder cover-up.



"The exhausted star collapsed into a heap and had to be tended to by her aides. She finally had cut short the last part of her concert, and barely made it off the stage. Fans watched in horror as Madonna's legs gave way and she tumbled to the ground ..." (ANI)


Major lawsuits and betrayals by business associates ... dangerous stage props ... death threats from London-based terrorists ... the deadly demands of a dangerous Kabbalah cult ... public condemnation from an irate rabbi ... and now, the wearing away of her health and total collapse backstage whilst fans watch in horror ...

The closer to the dreaded months of August and September 2004, the worse things seem to get ...

Madonna faints after concert, horrifying fans

Madonna faints after concert, horrifying fans

The base 7 signature for August/September 2004 and Nostradamus Quatrain 1.39 brings us, once again,
to an especially brutal murder of a blonde female celebrity. There may be other famous female blondes
involved in this ghastly and tragic crime, or as victims of other tragic events this year.

Those in greatest danger appear to be Madonna, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton.

Read my base 7 prediction of a new Sharon Tate Tragedy and Nostradamus'
Modena and Strangled Blonde Supreme prophecies
2004 (Part Two).

July 12, 2004




The Dual Track Continues in 1981: Man and Woman


Mama Cass/Anne Sexton (1974) Harry Chapin/Natalie Wood (1981)
67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95


Yes, it is true. This 1967-2002 time line is not exclusively female. However, one can draw certain conclusions about what 2002 will likely hold.

Note, for example, that Jayne Mansfield (1967) followed Marilyn Monroe (1962) by five years and that Cass Elliot (1974) followed Sharon Tate (1969) by five years. However, no female celebrity died tragically in 1976. Instead, the famous victims of a tragedy in 1976 were both male: actor Jack Cassidy, who was burned to death in a fire at his home, and actor Sal Mineo, who was stabbed to death by a vagrant outside of his apartment. Both deaths occurred within a few weeks of each other. Subsequentally, five years later, in 1981, the heir to the Jayne Mansfield scenario was also a male.


Track One: Car Crash Death of Harry Chapin


Singer/songwriter Harry ChapinSinger/songwriter Harry Chapin did not have a large collection of hit singles to his credit, but what he did offer the world of music was beautifully-crafted stories in song -- catchy, sentimental, and emotionally-charged. His most popular tracks were "Taxi" in 1972, "W.O.L.D." in 1973, "Cats in the Cradle" in 1974, and "Sequel" in 1980. The sequel to the immortal classic "Taxi" picks up with the lives of the melancholy and cynical taxi driver who dreamt once of being a pilot and his former girlfriend, now a successful actress but nevertheless leading an empty, loveless existence. It is too late for either of them to get back together again.

This was Harry's final contribution.

"Sequel" was released as a single a few weeks after John Lennon's "Just Like Starting Over" in November 1980. On December 8, Lennon was murdered outside his luxury flat in New York by a deranged fan. The shock was only beginning to wear off when Harry Chapin, en route to a benefit, died in an auto accident on July 16, 1981.

Note that this happened 17 days after the 14th anniversary of the June 29, 1967 car crash that claimed the life of singer, actress, and model Jayne Mansfield. It is partly the reason why the 2002 vector is June/July. Harry Chapin's unfortunate death 21 years ago is evidence that the Mansfield tragedy did repeat itself. Also, because the Lennon tragedy played out again with the death of George Harrison in November 2001, we can be fairly certain that a Mansfield/Chapin car crash will likely occur in the spring or summer of this year.


Deborah in modeling session from 1990Both 1981 and 1967 are pivotal years in 2002. For this reason, the "blonde" connexion, the name Harry Chapin, and Chapin's fatal accident, could lead to an unexpected possibility: that Blondie star, Deborah Harry, may be in danger of dying in a car crash this spring or summer. There is some evidence that things could be moving in this direction since the car crash deaths of Linda Lovelace and Lisa Lopes. Deborah could also be a "track two" victim due to her age (56) as we will note when reviewing Roy Orbison and Jerry Garcia, the name "Harry" placing her into the 2002 matrix. In that event, she will likely be at risk of dying from a sudden stroke or heart attack like Orbison, or, like Garcia, a drugs overdose.

One can also say that, like Madonna, Deborah Harry has had a career synonymous with sex, whether as front singer for Blondie, as a model, or acting in such off-beat erotic thrillers as Videodrome. However, as far as I can tell, there are none of the intimate similarities to Madonna or Jayne Mansfield already discussed on this and the previous page. There has been, however, an impulsive fascination towards the darker side of eroticism in post-Blondie musical material and certainly in some film (including the above-mentioned Videodrome). This makes her, at least, a psychological alternative to Madonna -- although older and not currently quite as famous as the pop diva.


Track Two: The Natalie Wood Connexion

Aside from naturally dark hair and a film career, Madonna has really very little in common with the late (and great) Natalie Wood, one of Hollywood's most charismatic of leading ladies. However, the bizarre circumstances of Natalie Wood's death do seem to tie in with that of Anne Sexton's -- both of whom share the same time line of tragedy.

Actress Natalie WoodIt is now the night of November 28, 1981 -- seven years and seven weeks following the suicide of poet Anne Sexton. A private celebration involving alcohol consumption has turned into a furious argument, now raging for more than an hour aboard a yacht off the Californian island of Santa Catalina. Aboard the yacht are actor Robert Wagner and his famous actress wife, Natalie Wood. Also aboard is actor Christopher Walken. Walken and Wood are nearing completion of the film Brainstorm, scheduled to be released in 1982. There are still several key scenes to be shot, however.

No one will ever know what the argument is about except for these three people: and one of them will be dead very soon.

Wood, 43, whose fear of water is well-known, is found drowned on November 29 wearing a nightgown, socks, and a jacket after apparently trying to leave the yacht in the middle of the night to board an inflatable dinghy. Her death is ruled an accident, but the circumstances will become a source of speculation in Hollywood for many years to come. Suggestions of foul play will emerge time and again.

According to the Coroner's report, Wood is believed to have slipped while trying to board the dinghy. She falls into the cold, black water, is swept away by ocean currents, and clings to the dinghy while paddling toward Blue Cavern Point. Tragically, she succumbs to hypothermia less than two-hundred yards from shore. The combination of the weight of her water-soaked jacket, the icy water and intense struggle to remain alive, finally exacts its deadly toll.

When interviewed by the police, Christopher Walken confirms that he, Wood, and Wagner had been drinking on the yacht on the night in question. Walken also asserts that Wagner had complained "that [Natalie] was away from home too much. She was away from the kids; it was hurting their home life." Walken says he supported Wood but then realised he was getting involved in a marital argument. He claims that after stepping outside for some air, he returned to find everybody apologising, particularly Robert Wagner. According to the police report Walken then went to bed.

The police investigation is closed two weeks after Wood's body is found, and the coroner rules it a case of accidental death, saying Wood had fallen into the water after trying to board the dinghy.

Brainstorm is finally released in 1983 after cleverly re-working a number of the scenes that Natalie Wood had not been able to complete.

Five years after Natalie's death, Robert Wagner, in an attempt to quell rumours about an argument, issues a statement saying there had been a political discussion on the yacht that night. "There was no fight, no anger," Wagner says. He says Wood left the room after about 30 minutes and the discussion continued for about another hour. "Then I went to kiss her good night and found her missing."

Questions persist: Why did Natalie try to leave the yacht alone that night, dressed in only a nightgown, socks and jacket? Why does she do this while under the disabling effects of a substantially large amount of alcohol consumption? Was she in control of herself -- especially in the wake of a domestic quarrel? Was something hurtful enough said to drive her to leave and seek shore? Was she trying to escape from something -- or someone? Darker questions surface -- of suicide or foul play.

The truth will probably never be known.

A former child actress, Natalie Wood made a smooth transition to young adult on-screen, with roles in films like Splendour in the Grass and Rebel Without a Cause. During the 1950's she was the queen of fan magazines and one of the most popular actresses, along with Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. She was known as a "Hollywood Badgirl" along with Janet Leigh and Debbie Reynolds in the 1950's (in this sense Madonna has something in common with Natalie Wood since she too played a "bad girl" in most of her pre-Evita films and in the kinky snuff video "Bad Girl").

The name of the yacht that became associated with Natalie's death was Splendour.

Natalie's early death, coupled with the tragic and untimely deaths of her Rebel co-stars, James Dean and Sal Mineo, prompted talk of a "triple curse" surrounding that film. Dean, 24, died in a head-on car crash on the night of September 30, 1955 -- only days before the release of Rebel in theatres. Mineo, 37, was stabbed to death outside of his apartment on the night of February 12, 1976, by a white male name Lionel Ray Williams, who was likely a stalker (serious efforts to understand the phenomenon of "celebrity stalking" would not begin until 1980 and 1981 following the murder of Beatles leader John Lennon and John Hinkley's obsession with actress Jodie Foster -- an obsession that would drive him to try to assassinate President Ronald Reagan and grievously wound his Press Secretary, James Brady).

This is not unlike the triple curse associated with The Misfits (1961). Clark Gable, 59, died of a massive heart attack days after shooting the film. Marilyn Monroe, 36, died the following year -- allegedly a victim of suicide. Montgomery Clift, 45, the third principal, died in 1966 -- like Clark Gable -- of a heart attack.

Marilyn Monroe, like Natalie Wood, was a victim of the infamous "triple curse." The tragic death of Marilyn Monroe was replicated 35 years later with the tragic death of Princess Diana. Madonna, who I have demonstrated is a modern second fiddle to the late Princess Diana much as Jayne Mansfield was to Marilyn Monroe, has a dead, lamented actress on her time line who was also a victim of a tragic triple curse.

There is something else I feel must be pointed out: the 1981 death of Natalie Wood and the dark events yet to be related that occurred in 1995 may give us the most insight into the true nature of the danger that is facing Madonna in 2002, assuming the Jayne Mansfield scenario and my dream vision are wrong.

The true circumstances of Natalie Wood's death remain a mystery to this day. We can speculate from this that whatever befalls Madonna (if it is not prevented) may carry with it a shadow of enigma and doubt. This includes the car accident in my dream vision or the strangulation indicated by Nostradamus in Quatrain 1.39 (if applicable).

In Natalie's case there is also the theme of two other people being somehow involved as is suggested in Nostradamus Quatrain 6.73.

It is also noteworthy to mention that Natalie Wood died at the age of 43. Madonna is also 43 and will remain that age until her next birthday on August 16, 2002.

Natalie Wood's late November death, combined with Anne Sexton's October influence, provides us with an October/November vector. However, for Madonna to replicate the Natalie Wood tragedy exactly, which includes her being 43 years old at death, she must succumb to a similar situation before August 16, 2002. However, nothing says she still could not be in danger in October/November 2002 at age 44.

Note also that Natalie died on November 29. Jayne Mansfield died on June 29 and Cass Elliot died on July 29. Also, as earlier mentioned, Madonna was nearly killed by stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins on May 29, 1995. That is four 29s. This is highly significant as we will later see.

Could a clue to Madonna's potential fate be found in the title of one of her past films? For Natalie Wood, Splendour in the Grass revealed that she would die because of something that happened aboard her yacht Splendour.


The Dual Track Morphs Again: the Natural and the Unnatural


Harry Chapin/Natalie Wood (1981) Divine/Roy Orbison (1988)
67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95


All the memorable victims of 1988 were male. Why, I do not know. Singer Andy Gibb was one of the year's tragedies -- dying at age 29 of a heart attack due to chronic drug abuse on March 9. However, only two days before, another individual whose job description was "actress" died -- and his name appears to be very portentious.


Track One: The Sudden Death of Divine

"Actress" DivineActress and sometimes actor Divine was one of cinema's most memorable transvestites. Born as Harris Glenn Milstead, he was made famous in a number of John Waters' movies. Divine also was a stage entertainer prior to his career in films.

In 1988 Divine was offered a role in the whacky television sitcom Married With Children. He was to play a stepmother or a gay uncle -- no one really remembers anymore. On the morning of March 7th, 1988, he flew to Los Angeles. The next day he was to begin filming his first episode. That evening, after having dinner with friends, he returned to the Regency Hotel where he was staying and went to bed. He never showed up for work the following morning. He died that night.

His manager went to the hotel at noon to check on Divine, and used his passkey to get in. The 370-pound "actress" was found dead, nude, and covered with a blanket. The cause of death was ruled as a heart attack brought on by a condition known as sleep apnea. He was 42 years old -- a year younger than Natalie Wood.

Sleep apnea is the clinical term for suffocating in one's sleep. Thus, Divine asphyxiated -- just as Cass Elliot was alleged to havee by "choking on food" according to gossip, as Anne Sexton actually had by intentionally inhaling carbon monoxide, and as Natalie Wood had by "accidentally" drowning. Divine was obese as was singer Mama Cass -- both sharing a "track one" spot on the 1967-2002 time line, dying 14 years apart.

But what is perhaps most important to our analysis is that Divine introduces the "single named" celebrity into the "track one" position. He also introduces someone in their early 40s to the "track one" spot for the first, and thus far, only time.


Track Two: A Brief Word on the Death of Roy Orbison

Rock legend Roy OribisonRock legend Roy Orbison, a major musical force in the early and middle 1960s, was once again enjoying the sort of success he had known in rock's golden years. His re-recording of the 1963 hit "In Dreams," which appeared in David Lynch's 1986 movie, Blue Velvet, opened the way for a nostalgia-based interest in his past music, creating a new generation of fans. Orbison set about re-recording his songs and released a double-set entitled "In Dreams." In 1987, Roy was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and within twelve months had become a member of the Travelling Wilburys alongside Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and George Harrison. With two Wilburys singles moving up on the charts and a new Orbison hit called "You Got It" pushing into the top 5 spot, it appeared that music listeners could look forward to a new wave of hits by a legend who inspired the Beatles and was held in highest regard by Elvis Presley.

On December 6, 1988, Roy Orbison died, suddenly, from a heart attack at the age of 52. It was a shock in many ways -- one that brought back memories of John Lennon's death eight years earlier. Like Orbison, Lennon too was in the process of making a comeback with both a mega-hit, "Just Like Starting Over," and a mega-selling album, "Double Fantasy." However, in this instance, there was no murderer to point a finger of blame at.

The one important influence for "track two" I can detect in this exceptional tragedy is the introduction of musical performer and rock legend into the matrix that, up to this point, had been the domain of a poet and an actress. Note, too, that "track two" victims are usually a decade older than those who die in the "track one" spot. Cass Elliot was 34, but Anne Sexton was 46; Harry Chapin was in his 30s, but Natalie Wood was 43; Divine was 42, but Roy Orbison was 52. The age difference remains consistent even when we reach 1995. Which brings us to 1995: a most bizarre, brutal, and tragic year.


1995: A Most Strange and Deadly Year


Divine/Roy Orbison (1988) Selena/Madonna (1995)
67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95


If 1988 was an all-male year for tragedy, 1995 was nearly the exact opposite and much worse. More notable women died or, in one case, was threatened by death, than all previous years on this time line of 1967, 1974, 1981, 1988, and 1995. Two women died violently. And one famous male, the only one of the year, also died of natural causes. A total of five women and one man are to be discussed. Also, this is the first time that a prominent "track one" victim actually escaped death -- only to be substituted by someone else. One gets a feeling after leaving 1995 behind that he or she has witnessed a massacre.


Track One: Selena, a Rising "Mexican Madonna"


Latin rock star SelenaSelena Quintanilla-Perez was not a poet nor an actress in her thirties or forties. With over eight albums and numerous singles to her credit since 1984, she was a household name in Mexico and much of Latin America and was on the verge of an unprecedented breakthrough to the English-speaking pop audience. The world was to have learned of Selena during a planned nation-wide US tour that would have catapulted the 23-year-old Tejano rock star into an international celebrity. Touted as the "Latina version of Madonna," Selena, who, like Madonna, chose to be known and promoted under a single name, was on the verge of realising a long-cherished dream.

Unfortunately, as things turned out, the first time most of us heard of this young Latino star was when we read her obituary. On March 31, 1995, Selena was shot in the back outside the Days Inn Hotel in Corpus Christi. She was taken to Memorial Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead at 1:05 P.M. Medical Examiner Dr. Lloyd White said Selena died of severe blood loss after a bullet struck the back of her right shoulder and hit an artery.

Police arrested 34-year-old Yolanda Saldivar of San Antonio, the former president of Selena's fan club, after a 9 1/2-hour standoff. She had been fired from her position after Selena's family accused her of embezzling more than $30,000 from them. After the murder, Saldivar sat in a red pickup truck in the hotel parking lot, holding police at bay for hours before surrendering. At times, she pointed a gun to her head and threatened to commit suicide. Saldivar finally surrendered after police wrestled her to the ground and handcuffed her. Saldivar was convicted October 23, 1995, of first degree murder by a Harris County jury and sentenced to life in prison. She will not be eligible for parole until 2030.

Selena with her murderer, Yolanda SaldivarHow came it to pass that Selena was murdered by Yolanda Saldivar?

Selena knew and trusted her killer.

Yolanda Saldivar was the manager of Selena's fan club and ran her boutique. Selena's father had accused Yolanda of stealing $30,000 from Selena's fan club over a period of less than a year. In the past, Saldivar worked for a dermatologist and was well-suited for manipulating account books. On the morning of March 31, 1995, Selena had a meeting with Yolanda in her motel room. It is believed that the former fan club president begged Selena to intercede on her behalf to be restored to her position in the family business. Selena refused to help. In court transcripts, Saldivar claimed she was planning to commit suicide, not murder. During the meeting, Selena was shot in the back and literally bled to death. The weapon was a 38 caliber handgun bought by Saldivar legally just two weeks before Selena's murder.

That essentially covers all we need to know of Selena's career and her murder.

Unlike other women on the time line begun in 1967, Selena was not yet an established international celebrity. She was on the verge of such a breakthrough, but was cut off by death just before realising her goal.

Selena was called "the Mexican Madonna." Like Madonna, and Divine before her, she went by a single stage name. Like Divine, she died in March. Like Madonna her musical career actually began in 1984 -- unfortunately, she was only well-known to the Latin American community and in some southern US states like Texas, New Mexico, and California. She began dressing like Madonna early in her career and maintained the style until the end. Like Madonna, she was sexy, but that element was subdued in her performances somewhat by her family. Unlike Madonna, she was not colouring her naturally dark hair an artificial blonde. Selena, only 23 at her death, did not live to be old enough for us to know what other parallels, if any, might have over time developed between herself and Madonna.

Nevertheless, the link had been made by March 1995 in the minds of her fans. Selena was to be the next Madonna.

And what of Madonna?


Track One: Elizabeth Montgomery: 'Bewitched' Star Succumbed to Undiagnosed Cancer

'Bewitched' star Elizabeth MontgomeryOn May 18, 1995, eleven days before Robert Dewey Hoskins made up his mind that he would scale a fence, break the glass of a window, climb into a house, and slash the throat of a pop diva, actress Elizabeth Montgomery died unexpectedly of cancer at the age of 62 -- a "natural" but premature death. As far as the star of Bewitched knew, she was only suffering from feelings of fatigue and exhaustion that she blamed on the flu and overwork. The sexy former model and actress who also portrayed axe murderess Lizzie Bordon was acting in a new made-for-TV film as a Miami crime reporter in Deadline for Murder. She collapsed on the set and was rushed to hospital where she died a few days later.


Track One: Madonna Escapes, Three Others Die

At the time of Selena's and Elizabeth Montgomery's deaths, Madonna was living in fear, being stalked by a man who was growing increasingly more obsessive about the blonde beauty with each passing day. After receiving the last of a series of messages from the stalker, Robert Dewey Hoskins, Madonna had her security increased.

The message: Madonna would either reciprocate Hoskin's affections and marry him, or he would slice her throat "from ear to ear."

Here is an actual web report from CNN:


News Briefs

January 3, 1996
Web posted at: 11:50 p.m. EST

Madonna confronts alleged stalker in court

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Pop star Madonna took the stand Wednesday in the trial of her alleged stalker, saying that it made her sick to be in the same room with him.

Madonna 1995 Reuters file photo She said that Robert Dewey Hoskins, 39, had threatened to "slice her throat from ear to ear" if she would not marry him.

"I felt incredibly violated and even more frightened," the singer said. Madonna said she had had nightmares because of Hoskin's threats. She said she decided to put her Hollywood mansion up for sale because it had become "an attraction for negative energy."

The pop star's attorney had asked the judge to let Madonna testify outside Hoskin's presence because she is afraid of him. The judge refused, ruling that removing Hoskins from the courtroom would violate his right to face his accuser.

Hoskins is charged with one count of stalking, three counts of making terrorist threats and one count of assault. A security guard at Madonna's Hollywood home shot and wounded Hoskins on May 29 after he fought with the accused stalker.

According to prosecutors, it was the third time Hoskins had been to the singer's home in two months. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison.


As I mentioned in the first page, the attempt was made on May 29, 1995, and Hoskins was shot in the leg by one of Madonna's security guards. He was tried, convicted, and sentenced to ten years in prison. In early 2000, Hoskin's remarked to a prison pychiatrist that he remains obsessed with the entertainer and still harbours thoughts of murdering her.


Selena was killed.

Madonna survived.


Madonna 1995 (photo by Gianni Versace)

The death of Divine and Selena, the Latina Madonna, is a warning that the next "track one" (or possibly "track two") victim in the chain may go by a single name. The murder of Selena, the Latina Madonna, may also have been a warning to Madonna that she was in danger of being murdered in 1995 or in 2002. The attempted murder of Madonna in May 1995 spells trouble for her this year which may take the form of a homicide.

Why did Madonna escape?

Perhaps because it was not yet her time. Her closest historical analogue is Jayne Mansfield. To be like Jayne Mansfield, a new "Marilyn Monroe" had to die first. That was Diana, whose time was not until 1997. Madonna was spared for another seven years so she could fulfill the tragedy of Jayne Mansfield in proper sequence.

At least, that is the theory. However, it is clear by observing how closely Pamela Anderson resembles Jayne Mansfield in both her appearance and in her life that an intelligence, doubtlessly supernatural, is at work guiding the patterns of time. Either woman or both women may be in danger and only the "intelligence" knows which. It remains possible that instead of Madonna or Pamela, Deborah Harry of Blondie will end up like Harry Chapin (who also was killed in a car crash). Indeed, this "intelligence" may have yet to make a final decision. However, I do not accept the possibility that "it" selected Lisa Lopes of the pop music group TLC or porn star Linda Lovelace, both who died in car crashes in April, as its lesser alternative.

There is also another revelation: the role of the 29s and 9s.

Madonna's life was threatened on May 29, 1995. May 29, 1995 is a very significant date: it was one month removed from the 35th anniversary of the June 29, 1967 decapitiation of Jayne Mansfield. It was also two months removed from the 28th anniversary of the July 29 death of Cass Elliot. Seven years later, on November 29, Natalie Wood perished in the waters off Santa Catalina. Seven years later, Andy Gibb died at the age of 29 on March 9, 1988. Yet another death of great importance we will be discussing occurred on August 9, 1995. That is a total of five 29s and two 9s. And, although George Harrison was on a different time line (1959-2001), he also died on November 29, 2001.

This leads one to ponder if the 29th or 9th of a key month this year will spell death for Madonna, Pamela Anderson, or Deborah Harry. Note too, how 29 floats from a "track one " position in 1967 and 1974 to a "track two" position in 1981 and 9 from "track one" position in 1988 to a "track two" position in 1995.

This leads one to a compound question: was what happened on May 29, 1995 a failed attempt at creating a megastar "track one" victim in the person of Madonna, a foreshadowing of who the next "track one" victim will be in 2002 (Madonna again?), or was it a failed attempt at creating an early megastar "track two" victim?

It is possible that all three questions can be answered in the affirmative, although I suspect it was a foreshadowing and a "linking" of Madonna to both tracks one and two. Thus, it is for this reason and because of her links to not only Jayne Mansfield, but to others on the time line, that Madonna can be either a "track one" or a "track two" victim this year.

So, for that matter, can Deborah Harry, who is linked to the name Harry Chapin in "track one" and by her age, 56, to "track two." If a "track two" victim, Deborah may be in danger of sudden stroke or heart attack.

On the other hand, because her sole link on the time line is to Jayne Mansfield, Pamela Anderson can only be a "track one" victim -- if she is in any danger at all.

It is also possible that both "tracks" are converging to a single terrible event like the Jayne Mansfield tragedy of 1967.



The Robert Dewey Hoskins stalking incident that intruded so powerfully on Madonna's life may be an example of foreshadowing. There is another example of this.

Princess Diana, like Madonna, had also been in grave danger before her actual death. The near murder of Diana (and Prince Charles) took place in July 1983 -- almost exactly 14 years (2 x 7) before the Paris crash that killed her. Ironically, the news of it was not revealed until December 1996 on CNN.

The would-be assassin, a former IRA member, confessed all several days before New Year's Eve 1996. The man was identified as Sean O'Callaghan, 42, who was sentenced to multiple life terms for two homicides and 40 other admitted acts of terrorism.

Charles and Diana at rock concertFormer IRA terrorist Sean O'CallaghanO'Callaghan infiltrated the IRA's England Department and foiled an attack on Charles and Diana at a Duran Duran rock concert in the Dominion Theatre in London's West End on July 20, 1983. He claimed that he was given 2,000 pounds by the IRA to finance the operation, that he travelled to London, went into the Dominion Theatre and "found it would be easy to put a bomb into a lavatory behind the Royal Box." He reportedly claimed the bomb was to have a 32-day timer. In order to thwart the plan O'Callaghan claimed he asked his handler to place a story in the British press that Scotland Yard was hunting him. He then made his way to Paris and flew back to Dublin. He had been in England for little over a week. "It would have worked; it had a high chance of success," he said in an interview.

Therefore, without realising her life was in any danger, Diana survived a murder plot. And Madonna has survived hers.

But Diana was still killed 14 years later in what many believe was a murder plot. In a matter of speaking it was a murder, even if an accident. Henri Paul was drunk and had he lived would have faced negligent homicide or manslaughter charges.

Then again, for all we know, Diana was murdered by the IRA or a splinter group in the 1997 Paris crash. If they tried once, maybe they tried again.

If Diana's example tells us anything it is that the 1983 event was a signal of what was to come later. Likewise, Madonna's experience in 1995 may be an omen of what is to come for her in 2002.


Track One: The Strange Case of Krissy Taylor, Model Interrupted

You may have heard the story on the news: 17-year-old girl dies after using asthma medication. It seems like it was only a few years ago, but it was over five. I paid half-attention to the story only because I had had a life-long history of asthma. However, during the early years of treatment I was never told that it was a condition that could be fatal. I am thankful that I was blissfully ignorant of the fact during my childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood.

The girl, as turns out, had some notoriety -- something I did not know until later when I stumbled upon the case again.

In any event, I will try to keep this brief and to the point.

Krissy Taylor modeling swimwearDuring the early morning hours of July 2, 1995, supermodel Niki Taylor discovered the dead body of her sister, Krissy, on the floor at her parents' home. Krissy Taylor, 17, was also an aspiring young model who had appeared in runway shows in New York and Milan, was on thirteen magazine covers, and had made several television appearances, including appearances on MTV and Entertainment Tonight.

According to the medical examiner the cause of death was bronchial asthma. What was strange was the fact that Krissy had been using an over-the-counter asthma inhaler for occasional shortness of breath, yet had never been officially diagnosed as asthmatic. Rumours of drug abuse followed, but were proven false.

Sadly, like Selena, Krissy Taylor became even more well-known after (and perhaps because) of her death. I can still remember co-workers talking about Selena's death and her music during the summer of 1995 when the Taylor case was reported on radio stations. She became yet another in a series of tragedies affecting young female celebrities on their way to the top that year. Hers was a tragically brief and promising career cut short by sudden death at a terribly young age.

There are several things that are relevent to the case. One has already been discussed: Krissy, like Selena, was struck down just as she was moving into notoriety. Secondly, she died three days after the 35th anniversary of Jayne Mansfield's death and one month and three days after the thwarted assault on Madonna's life. Thirdly, she died of asphyxiation caused by asthma or a reaction to the inhaler according to the coroner.

The last bit of information will only prove to be valuable when assembling a forensic profile of the various time line tragedies to Madonna (as well as the intended attack on her life).


Track Two: Jerry Garcia: the End of a Long, Strange Trip

Grateful Dead leader, Jerry Garcia in 1995Apparently 62 wasn't young enough and 17 and 23 were too young for the purposes of the "intelligence" (perhaps we could call "it" the "Grim Reaper?"). On August 9, 1995, tragedy finally struck a chord -- a guitar chord ...

The famous rock band, the Grateful Dead, that had invented the "San Francisco sound," had already lost one band member to premature death in 1990. No one was expecting its leader, Jerry Garcia, to die suddenly. I certainly didn't. I can still recall watching one of their recent concerts on PBS and a solo concert by Garcia only a week or two before the news broke.

Jerry Garcia died on August 9 at the age of 53. He was discovered in a coma brought on by a heart attack and died a few hours later. No one is sure to this day whether it was Garcia's 300 pounds or a relapse in his addiction to heroin that did him in. But he was staying at a drug treatment centre at the time of his death.

Jerry's death was as unexpected as that of Roy Orbison seven years earlier. Orbison had died of a heart attack as well. Age was also similar: Orbison was 52, Garcia was 53. The "intelligence" had failed to kill off a major female celebrity victim in her 30s -- Madonna Ciccone -- so it slid back to the 1988 trend and killed off another rock legend in his 50s.

A rock legend who was also obese.

Jerry Garcia, like Divine and Cass Elliot, was obese. I have read on a Madonna web site (I cannot substantiate whether this "factoid" is true, mind you) that Madonna's last name -- Ciccone -- means "fat man" in Italian!

The death of Jerry Garcia continues the trend of rock megastar as victim of a tragedy and establishes a potential August vector for 2002. That is interesting since Madonna cannot move any further ahead than August 16 and still remain 43 -- the age Natalie Wood was at death and the reverse of the age of Jayne Mansfield. Yet, because Garcia was 53 -- a year older than Roy Orbison -- this allows the flexibilty for Madonna to end up like Natalie Wood in November 2002, at age 44.

Of course, this parade of premature death, the violent murder of Selena, the thwarted murderous attack on Madonna, the sad and sudden deaths of Elizabeth Montgomery, Krissy Taylor, and Jerry Garcia -- this was not enough. The "intelligence" had one more shocking statement to make -- a statement intended to be portentious.


Track Two: The Shocking Case of Model Linda Sobek

Before the close of 1995 yet another story of a young female aspiring for celebrity whose life was cut short would make its way onto television news. In this instance, as with Selena, the cause of death would be murder.

Linda Sobek cheerleading at a Raiders gameLinda Sobek, 27, was a former Los Angeles Raiders cheerleader who had turned to a career in modeling. She had had some modest success posing in magazines such as Grapevine and nude photo sets. On November 16, 1995, it appeared that Linda's luck was about to change for the better. An aspiring photographer, Charles Edgar Rathbun, 38, who was on assignment for Autoweek, contacted Sobek from a pay phone and asked her if she would pose for an upcoming issue. A month earlier, Sobek had given him her business card and phone number at an automotive show in Las Vegas and told him to keep her in mind for modeling jobs. According to a November 2, 1996 article in The Detroit News the pair worked together a few times over the next month. Sobek left her Hermosa Beach home and drove to a remote mountain region outside of Los Angeles. The session was to have boosted the careers of both Rathburn and Sobek. But something went terribly wrong this time...

Linda Sobek's body is found buried in a mountain regionWhen Linda failed to return home from the session, worried friends and relatives contacted local authorities. On November 24, Rathbun voluntarily turned himself in and informed police that he had accidentally killed Sobek with a sport-utility truck while demonstrating for her how to drive the vehicle during the session in the mountains. He then claimed that he hid Sobek's body in a state of panic. Later that day Rathbun led investigators to a location in Angeles National Forest where he had buried the blonde model's body. Following the autopsy, the chief coroner's spokesman told reporters that Sobek's injuries were "inconsistent" with Rathbun's claim. Rathbun was charged with murder and placed on suicide watch after slitting his wrists.

Linda Sobek - photo shootIn December 1995 it was determined that Linda Sobek had been legally drunk and was engaging in sexual intercourse at the time of her death. The toxicological examination revealed that Sobek had a .13 percent blood alcohol reading at the time of autopsy. California's legal blood alcohol level for driving was .08 percent at that time. The coroner's office released a statement saying Sobek had died of asphyxiation as a result of neck and shoulder compression. A less clinical explanation was that she had been strangled to death.

Convicted murderer Charles Edward RathbunDuring the courtroom trial in autumn 1996, the prosecution presented evidence that Sobek had been raped at the time of her death and that her strangulation was intentional. The defence claimed Sobek was accidentally asphyxiated after she enticed Rathbun into having sex while drunk on tequila. They displayed purported sexually oriented photographs of Sobek taken inside the SUV as evidence that sex between Sobek and Rathbun was consentual, but jurors didn't find them credible and wondered if the photos were faked. Prosecution countered with forensic evidence that Sobek had been anally raped with a handgun at some point prior to the sex strangling. In the end, Rathbun was found guilty of first degree murder and rape and sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.

The case was later sensationalised in a book, Fatal Photographs, and a film, The Story of Ken and Barbie. Both examined fatal flaws in both personalities and presented various views of the events leading up to and including the November 1995 rendezvous between victim and killer.

There are several things that are relevent to the case. Like Krissy Taylor and Selena, Linda Sobek's life was snuffed out as she was attempting to make serious headway in her career. Secondly, she died twelve days before the 14th anniversary of Natalie Wood's mysterious death and during the same year as the thwarted assault on Madonna's life. Also, Sobek's body was found on the 24th and Wood's body was discovered on the 29th. Thirdly, the doomed model knew her killer and had worked with him previously. Lastly, like Taylor, she died of asphyxiation -- but in this instance it was caused by being strangled to death by an assailant.


Summarising Tracks

Track One: Jayne Mansfield (June 1967), Mama Cass Elliot (July 1974), Harry Chapin (July 1981), Andy Gibb, Divine (March 1988), Selena, Elizabeth Montgomery, Madonna foreshadowing, Krissy Taylor (March, May, July 1995).

Track Two: Jayne Mansfield (June 1967), Anne Sexton (October 1974), Natalie Wood (November 1981), Roy Orbison (December 1988), Jerry Garcia, Linda Sobek (August, November 1995).

Note that I have placed Jayne Mansfield in both tracks. This is because her tragedy is the original source from which the two tracks branch off from. 1967 is the source year: there were no tragedies of any kind that claimed the lives of celebrities in 1960 or 1953 -- none that I am aware of anyway.

As I mentioned earlier, it is also possible that both "tracks" will converge into a single terrible event, returning us to a replay of the Jayne Mansfield source tragedy of 1967. However, we must proceed with the idea that there will be two tracks in 2002 as with past years discussed.


Track One:

How? Harry Chapin reprises the Jayne car crash theme. Because events from 21 (3 x 7) years ago have proven to be uncannily influential in recent years, especially last year, this makes at least one major car crash quite likely in 2002. Thus far, there have already been two minor ones: Linda Lovelace and Lisa Lopes.

When? As early as March or May. However, the overriding vector still appears to be June/July.

Who? Jayne Mansfield indicates it will be a superstar. Divine, Selena, and Madonna herself (through foreshadowing) suggest it will be a single-named female celebrity. The most famous single-named celebrity is Madonna. One cannot discount others such as Cher, but Madonna towers above them all.

If it is Madonna, and because 1995 foreshadowed murder for her, this would be a Diana-type car crash (assuming Diana was actually murdered). If Madonna has a serious close-call, is injured, or killed in such a car crash, there may or may not be a "track two" incident involving someone else, likely an actress.

However, because Pamela Anderson is so close to Jayne Mansfield in appearance and in lifestyle, it may be her instead. This would be an accidental, but gruesome car crash. Or there could be a Harry Chapin type car crash tragedy, with Deborah Harry as the potential victim. A Pamela or Deborah car crash would knock Madonna into a "track two" scenario.


Track Two:

How? Themes are mixed. A deliberate suicide in 1974. A mysterious death that could have been an accident, a suicide, or a homicide in 1981. Natural causes in 1988. One death from drug abuse and a homicide (once again) round off 1995.

Following the idea that what happened 21 years ago has the most influence, this would be the "Natalie Wood scenario." This means what happens will be mysterious enough that we will never be sure if it was an accident, a suicide, or a murder. However, if Nostradamus Quatrains 6.73 and 1.39 apply, it will be a murder made to look like an accident, a suicide, or an accidental suicide.

We will, however, know the exact medical cause of death: either fatal injuries sustained in a Diana-style car crash (the second major car crash of the year) or, based on the abundance of evidence presented, death via asphyxiation of some sort. Due to the cross-over of the number 29 and 9 between tracks, asphyxiation is overwhelmingly portended by the deaths of Cass Elliot, Anne Sexton, Natalie Wood, Divine, Krissy Taylor, and Linda Sobek.

What kind of asphyxiation? Unknown. The Natalie Wood tragedy indicates drowning as a possibility. However, if the Linda Sobek scenario (Madonna is also a model) and/or Nostradamus Quatrain 1.39 applies, it will be some form of strangulation, either manually or by a device.

When? As early as August, otherwise most likely it will be in October/November.

Who? This all depends on what happens between March and July. However, one cannot dismiss Madonna's close call with a murderous stalker. This foreshadowing of murder has much more in common with "track two" than "track one" unless, as I mentioned above, it is to be a Diana-type car crash.

If Pamela Anderson or Deborah Harry is killed or injured in a car crash, this will knock Madonna into the "Natalie Wood" scenario.

If Madonna is killed or injured in a car crash, then it remains possible that Deborah Harry could end up like Roy Orbison and Jerry Garcia, succumbing to a stroke, heart attack, or drugs overdose. It is also possible that a famous actress in her 40s may end up like Natalie Wood.

We can apply this line of reasoning to yet another plane of analysis.


Diana and Madonna "Templates of Doom"

In 1997, I believed that Diana's life was in danger based on the unhappy endings of Marilyn Monroe and Sharon Tate, as well as Quatrain 10.35. It was enough to conclude that she would be killed in France in August. However, in the time that has passed since then, other clues have surfaced that might have provided the actual cause of her death. Here is how it works:



Pop music celebrity Gloria EstefanOn the morning of March 20, 1990, while pop celebrity Gloria Estefan slept in her tour bus, which had stopped along a Pennsylvania Interstate highway, a speeding truck smashed into it. Among other injuries, Gloria's back was broken. She nearly died. Surgery was performed that required two, eight-inch titanium rods to be placed on both sides of her spine. The operation was successful. Gloria needed 400 stitches to close the 14-inch incision. But, within one year of the accident, she was performing on stage again.

Gloria Estafan was dark-haired at the time of her accident, while all the others were natural or artificial blondes. Gloria's accident was also offset timewise, happening in March instead of the July 20 - September 14 period. Gloria survived her ordeal and continues to be a major celebrity in the music world.

The experience of Gloria Estefan reinforced the car crash scenario for the next unlucky lady, but suggests that Diana could have survived or her death could have been prevented. There are differences of course. Gloria was in a parked tour bus; Diana was in a speeding Mercedes. Gloria suffered a broken back; Diana died from a punctured lung.

Nevertheless, Diana died seven years later in an automobile crash in Paris.


We can create a similar template for Madonna and Pamela Anderson from the 1967-2002 time line.


Madonna Template and Forensic Profiles


Actress and sex-symbol Jayne MansfieldJune 29, 1967: Jayne Mansfield's tragic death warned that not just any female celebrity, but the second most popular woman after Diana and possibly someone who is exactly like Jayne Mansfield will be in danger. Likewise, just as Diana did not die in the same manner as Marilyn Monroe, it is not necessarily so that Madonna is in danger of dying in a car crash like Jayne Mansfield, although Pamela Anderson might. The Mansfield tragedy also warned of a controversial involvement with a cult shortly before or at the time of death. Madonna has already fulfilled that aspect of the warning.

Does Madonna or Pamela face the same exact doom as Mansfield: death by decapitation? Normally, I would say that is unlikely; however, the intentions of stalker Hoskins in May 1995 indicate that the possibility is not completely out of the question for Madonna. Meanwhile, Anderson is so much like Mansfield it seems there could be no other fate for her.

As for Deborah Harry, she could be thought of as a slightly "off" Jayne Mansfield; but actually she is a Harry Chapin-like "monkey wrench" that could be thrown into the works, causing 1981 to be revisited rather than 1967.

It has been argued that Jayne Mansfield was not decapitated, even though the majority of web sites and non-web sources concur (including serious, non-sensational sources such as The Underride Network - Victims First and The National Highway Traffic Administration).

For those who continue to regard this as an urban myth, here is the original Associated Press article from June 29, 1967:


NEW ORLEANS, LA (Associated Press) -- Jayne Mansfield, the platinum blonde who never won true Hollywood stardom but gained worldwide fame and fortune because of her shapely figure, died early Thursday in a car-truck smashup on the curve of a narrow Louisiana road. She and her lawyer and a chauffeur were killed and three of her children were injured.

'Dumb Blonde' Role

Miss Mansfield, a curvaceous 40-22-35, won the title of "Miss Photoflash of 1952," and built from there on publicity and pulchritude into a series of movie roles cast as a "dumb blonde." The others killed in the crash were Sam Brody, 40, of Los Angeles, her lawyer, and Ronnie Harrison, 20, of Mississippi City, Miss., the chauffeur who had been loaned to Miss Mansfield on Wednesday night to take her party from a Mississippi night club back to New Orleans for the night.

Children Injured

Her children, Miklos, 8, Zoltan, 6, and Maria, 3 suffered cuts bruises and shock. Miklos had a broken arm and Zoltan had severe shock. The car came around a curve on U.S. 90 at about 1:00 AM at a point some 23 miles from downtown New Orleans and smashed into the rear of a truck that had slowed behind a machine "fogging" the area with insecticide spray.

Car's Top Sheared

The death car: a 1966 Buick ElectraThe impact sheared off the top of the luxury car and shoved it back so that it appeared for a time that it was a convertible. The three victims were caught in the jumbled wreckage of the front seat--Miss Mansfield in blue stockings, blue dress and blue boots, and the two men also in the front seat beside her, badly mangled. Miss Mansfield's dress was torn in shreds. The children, in the back seat, were not caught so badly in the crush of the two vehicles. The truck driver, Richard Rambeau of Pensacola, Fla., was not injured.

Miss Mansfield was decapitated.


Jayne was buried in a closed casket service by ex-husband Mickey Hargitay, forever closing the truth and fueling all sorts of wild speculation that "it just couldn't be true" by devoted fans. This has led to myths that Jayne's blonde wig was mistaken for head ot that she had actually been scalped, rather than beheaded.

Nothing, however, is more convincing to me than an eyewitness report from someone who was alive at that time and actually watching the news story unfold. Here it is:


Mansfield Was Decapitated

Dan Smith, Roanoke, Va.

from People | Scams and lies

Read "Jayne Mansfield: The Brand Called Two" by Andrew Nelson.

I was working in the sports department of the Asheville Citizen in Asheville, N.C., the night Jayne Mansfield was killed and remember distinctly the dozen or so gruesome AP photos of the accident.

Following transmission of the photos, there was an alert (as there often was with Vietnam War photos: "Caution: The word 'f--k' appears on the side of the tank in Photo No. 1234") that several of the photos were of a more sensitive nature. One, especially, was striking. It was of a blond head sitting at the juncture of the convertible's body and the right windshield support post. It was, warned AP, Jayne Mansfield's head. Another photo was of her body, covered with a tarp or a sheet, with an obvious indention where the head would have been.

If Miss Mansfield was just "scalped," as Nelson contends, it was one hell of a scalping.

Also, I never considered Mansfield to be quite as "full-figured" as reported, having seen photos of her nude. She had an enormous rib cage, the result of weight lifting, but I doubt that her breasts were more than a medium "C" cup (huge by supermodel standards, but hardly bigger than the average woman's breasts).


Anyway, go ahead and try to find an honest-to-God, official report from a medical examiner or coroner. Try to find an official cause of death or a death certificate that refutes that actress Jayne Mansfield was decapitated.

Anyhow, in the final analysis, scalping or beheading, does it really matter? Both forms of death are equally brutal, grotesque, and controversial. It's a "close shave" either way -- whether at neck-level or eyebrow-level.


If Monroe/Diana = Mansfield/Madonna, one can only conclude that Madonna is in danger of death in 2002. It might be the result of a car crash or it might not.

If Jayne Mansfield = Pamela Anderson, Anderson is definitely in danger of a horrible death in a car crash.

If Harry Chapin = Deborah Harry, Harry is also in danger of dying in a car crash. However, her age, 56, could instead place her in danger of stroke or heart attack like Roy Orbison or Jerry Garcia.


The formulas that follow apply to Madonna only -- on the condition that she is not a "track one" car accident victim. However, if Madonna is involved in a car crash, it remains possible some or all of them may apply to a major actress or model, blonde or brunette, whose identity has yet to be determined.


Anne Sexton - special effect imageOctober 4, 1974: Anne Sexton's miserable and lonely demise resulted from carbon monoxide poisoning. Sexton's death was also a suicide. However, just as Sharon Tate's brutal end at the hands of homicidal maniacs was in no way similar to the manner of Diana's death, there is no reason to suspect that Madonna will commit suicide because Anne Sexton did. Still, Tate was stabbed and Diana was punctured.

Female victim of CO poisoningON ANNE SEXTON'S last day of life, she said goodbye to various friends and left hurriedly to return home. Reportedly, she had been asked on a date by a new male acquaintance, but decided not keep the engagement. After cancelling her date on the phone, she slipped into her favourite fur coat, poured herself a tall glass of vodka, went to the garage, shut the doors, climbed into the front seat of her 1967 Cougar, started the engine, and turned on the radio.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning takes minutes to hours to cause death depending on the concentration. Those who survive suffer moderate to severe brain damage. The actual cause of death is asphyxiation, since the carbon monoxide binds tighter to haemoglobine than oxygen does (the oxygen is gradually crowded out by the deadly counterfeit gas that seems like breathable air).


If Tate/Diana = Sexton/Madonna, one might conclude that Madonna's death, should it occur, will in some way be attributed to suicide by asphyxiation.


Actress Natalie WoodSanta Catalina beach at nightNovember 29, 1981: Film superstar Natalie Wood's death repeated the isolation theme at the time of her death. Two other people were on the yacht she abandoned who may or may not have contributed to the events of that night. Hypothermia and drunkenness, it is speculated, led to loss of control clutching the raft in the cold waters. Wood then drifted away and drowned (another form of asphyxiation).

The offical record: After carefully evaluating all the facts in the death of Natalie Wood, Los Angeles County Coroner, Thomas Noguchi, came to the plausible conclusion that she had accidentally drowned on the night of November 28, 1981.

Medical Examiner's Case No. 81-15167.

Unfortunately, Wood's death, like that of Marilyn Monroe's, was not an open and shut case. Conflicting evidence, especially from witnesses on a neighbouring yacht who heard her scream for help, enshrouds her death in mystery and doubt to this day.


If Sal Mineo/Diana = Natalie Wood/Madonna, one might conclude that Madonna's death, should it occur, will in some way be attributed to "accidental" asphyxiation.


If anything does happen to Madonna, it is possible (although far from certain) that an element of mystery may be involved. Moreover, it is possible that two other people may be suspected of having something to do with her death. This is suggested by both Nostradamus and the strange circumstances surrounding the death of Natalie Wood.

1995 becomes the all-pivotal year. It has the same significance for Madonna as both 1983 and 1990 did for Diana.


Selena fading away into pink


March 31, 1995: Pop singer Selena is murdered, shot in the back by her fan club manager, a woman named Yolanda Saldivar -- someone she knew.

Selena has the same significance to Madonna as Gloria Estefan did to Diana. She is also Latin-American. She is also dark-haired. Her murder occurs in March. Gloria's accident also occurred in March. March is offset in time with the months of the other incidents. However, unlike Estefan, Selena dies, suggesting there is little hope of preventing what is to happen.

And what is to happen? The near-death of Gloria Estefan foreshadowed the car crash that killed Princess Diana.



The death of Selena indicates that Madonna will be murdered.



Days Inn Motel


It was noted that there were differences between Gloria and Diana. A tour bus vs a Mercedes. A broken back vs a punctured lung.

Madonna will not be shot by her killer as Selena was. Location will likely be different. Selena was killed in a motel room. Madonna may be in a hotel room or in a house -- a rather large house, in fact. Thus far, it is inconclusive whether Madonna will know the person who will murder her in 2002.




Madonna - 1995

Scene of the crime: Madonna's Hollywood mansion - May 1995

May 29, 1995: Functions the same way as July 20, 1983 did for Diana. Madonna's life was threatened by a stalker who intended to slash her throat. However, just as Diana was not murdered in an IRA bombing plot, it is unlikely that in 2002 Madonna will have her throat slit by the one who murders her. The MO will be different.

Robert Dewey Hoskins - January 1996 trialThe bombing plot against Diana in 1983 did not match Gloria Estefan's 1990 bus crash.

Unfortunately, the attempted murder of Madonna in 1995 is a near-match to the murder of Selena earlier in March.



The Selena-Madonna match of 1995 reinforces the theory that Madonna will be murdered and indicates that she will know her killer.


Narrowing the Focus Further


Madonna - 1995


One clue may lie in the 28-year cycle (4 x 7 years). It takes 28 years for the calendar to complete a cycle of annual variations and return to the beginning.

In August 1969, 28 years before Diana died, Sharon Tate was murdered by the Manson family.

Tate was punctured in the chest and abdomen during what was definitely a homicide; Diana was punctured in the chest during what was called an accident but many believe was a homicide.

In October 1974, 28 years before Madonna's 2002 rendezvous with destiny, Anne Sexton asphyxiated from carbon monoxide during a suicide.



That would suggest that Madonna is in danger of being asphyxiated as a result of a homicide that will be made to look like an accident, a suicide, or an accidental suicide.


Seven years before Diana's accident, the Latin-American pop star Gloria Estefan was nearly killed in a vehicular crash. Diana was killed in a vehicular crash.

Seven years before Madonna's 2002 rendezvous with destiny, the Latin-American pop star Selena was murdered.


That means that Madonna is definitely in danger of being murdered.


The stalker incident of May 1995 only serves to reinforce this position.


1995 Bookends: Selena and Linda

How will Madonna be murdered?

Singer Selena admires her funeral flowersModel Linda Sobek poses against marble wall of mausoleumThink of 1995 as the top shelf of a bookcase and Selena (March) and Linda Sobek (November) as bookends.

If between March and July, the Selena bookend dominates, allowing the Jayne Mansfield influence to take over, Madonna will likely be involved in a Diana-type car crash as mentioned earlier. The key is violent death through lacerations, wounds, and loss of blood -- like Selena. A less likely scenario, not discussed, is that she may instead be the victim of a shooting. While this is possible, it is most unlikely. Despite the MO for Selena's murder, shooting is not an overwhelming influence on the 1967-2002 time line. Indeed, it is the exception to the rule.

However, if what is to happen does so in August or later in the year around October/November, due to the cross-over of the number 29 and 9 between tracks (as mentioned above), asphyxiation is overwhelmingly portended by the deaths of Cass Elliot, Anne Sexton, Natalie Wood, Divine, Krissy Taylor, and Linda Sobek. As a result, the Linda Sobek bookend will dominate and Madonna will be especially vulnerable to the sort of fate that befell the aspiring model.

Linda Sobek was strangled to death by her murderer as is the victim in Nostradamus Quatrain 1.39. Sobek's killer, Charles Edgar Rathbun, tried to make it appear that the strangulation was accidental. The Natalie Wood influence will ensure that a similar cover-up will be successful. Madonna will appear to have been strangled by accident or in the process of taking her own life. According to most experts, in Quatrain 1.39 the conspirators try to cover up the murder of the "elevated blonde" by hanging her in her bedroom afterwards, making it appear as a suicide.


Madonna is in danger of being murdered by manual strangulation or with a strangling device.


Madonna's body is discovered in bed


It's Already Been Done!

Some people think I'm creepy, well ... they'd better look again ...

That's right. The above scenario has already been played out by Madonna -- on videotape no less. In Madonna's best-acted and one of her favourite, pre-"Ray of Light," 1990s music videos, she allows herself to be strangled to death while engaging in sex with her murderer. This idea is real old -- so old that perhaps Madonna will decidee to give the idea "new life." She is the "mother of sensation" after all, as her book Sex proved.

As bizarre as it may sound, Madonna may have rehearsed the details of her future murder back in 1993 in the video entitled "Bad Girl," diected by David Fincher.

Until 1998 to the present, 1993 was one of the biggest and most controversial years in Madonna's career. With the release of her book Sex in December 1992, the diva slumped into what some consider to be the sleaziest and most hedonistic period of her career. She entered a real-life world of "Looking for Mr Goodbar" where pleasure and satisfaction were to be attained at any price -- even self-immolation. Thus, the video &"Bad Girl" debuted at this time, allowing Madonna to dramatise with unbridled enthusiasm her own self-destructive nature.

In "Bad Girl" Madonna stars as Louise Oriole, a pleasure-seeking but unhappy businesswoman whose strangled body is discovered in bed at the beginning of the video. This is the only time that Madonna has insisted on naming a character she plays with a part of own real name (Madonna's middle name is Louise). Unlike many of Madonna's other videos, this one involved some serious acting, at least in the opinions of critics of her work.

Madonna lies dead, strangled by her own pantyhose, in her 1993 snuff video "Bad Girl"

A detective pulls back a sheet to reveal the frozen eyes and stark blonde hair of Madonna/Louise, a pair of pantyhose twisted around her neck. Outside, a brooding guardian angel is perched in the air, surrounded by swirling steam, observing the present and remembering the dead woman's past.

Interestingly enough, her death angel is played by actor Christopher Walken, who, along with actor Robert Wagner, was aboard the yacht "Splendour" the night Natalie Wood drowned mysteriously off the coast of Santa Catalina.

Walken and Wagner are quite possibly the historical precedent for the "two" who "secretly conspire" to kill "Modena" in Nostradamus' Quatrain 6.73. Although it is unlikely they were actually involved in Wood's death, the light of media suspicion was upon them for several months. However, next time this script plays out, the "two" -- whoever they are -- will be guilty of Madonna's death.

Madonna prepared the instrument of her death as her angel, played by Christopher Walken, looks onThe video is a study in moral deterioration, where Madonna/Louise falls "deeper and deeper" (to quote another song on the Erotica CD) into an addictive cycle of booze, cigarettes, and risky sex. First, she succumbs to temptation; irresponsibility follows, and then promiscuity. All attempts by her angel to stop or reverse her slide to self-destruction are resisted.

At the conclusion of the video, Madonna/Louise discovers a stranger in a bar, smoking vigorously, engulfing his entire head in twisting ropes of smoke. Like a junky about to get her next fix, she follows the stranger out the door. Inside her apartment, she removes her pantyhose and twists it in her hand, supplying the very tool of execution to her murderer. Her death is inevitable, and Madonna accepts this, even with a smile, as she lies down on the bed, submitting to the stranger's homicidal advances and the ultimate oblivion that follows.

To date, "Bad Girl" remains one of Madonna's most ambitious and famous dramatic videos.

So, is it possible something like this could be engineered again in real life? People will be shocked, but not surprised. Here are some remarks by concerned fans who suggest it could:


Madonna Digest: "Bad Girl" video (I)Madonna Mailing List Digest
"Bad Girl" Video Discussion (II)
(A rarely-seen Madonna video that tells a tragic story. Directed by David
Fincher in 1993.)
Feb. 1996


Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 11:54:16 -0500
From: "Mark E. Hricko"
Subject: Re: BAD GIRL VID

I think she's smiling because she thinks he's going to tie her up before he has sex with her. (he probably does). I get the sense that this character is also hoping to die...there is a desperateness and a bleakness that seems like she would rather die than going on living, but she's too weak to take her own life...



Date: Tue, 27 Feb 96 0:00:42 EST
From: * G O r D o n *
Subject: Re: BAD GIRL: the video

The song is not about regret over a failed relationship: it is about confusion. She (Louise) doesn't know what she feels, and doesn't know how to help herself; all she knows is she's unhappy in her present state (and perhaps the path to recovery lies in simply this admittance, this forceful telling of unhappiness). "Bad Girl" is extremely complex, and I think is VERY personal to Madonna (I doubt it was a record company favorite for a 3rd single release). It is not straightforward ... there are many levels, and many of them I think are results of Madonna's very own personal experiences.

I think it's more than coincidence that Madonna's middle name is Louise, and that Ciccone is similar to Oriole. This Lousie Oriole is a side of Madonna ...

She uses the men, and SHE discards emotion just as much as they do. She knows what she is doing, she knows she is sleeping around a lot and looking for sex - no this does not make her happy, but she is not being used.

In "Bad Girl" we don't see "relationships" we see casual sex. There is no correlation.


Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 13:41:46 -0500 (EST)
From: Alex Snell
Subject: Re: BAD GIRL: the video

I think the video for BG represents the final chapter, so to speak, in an exploration of the darker reaches of sexuality that began with Express Yourself, was tackled head-on in Justify My Love, and preoccupied Madonna through the Sex book and the videos for Erotica, Deeper and Deeper, and Bad Girl.

I have stated before here my belief that Erotica, Deeper and Deeper and Bad Girl work best when considered together, and somehow fall short of Madonna's best videos (EY, OF, OYH, LAP...) when taken individually. I have also stated before that these three videos, with their descent into the deepest netherworlds of sexual desire, represent Madonna's most uncompromising, difficult work.

Madonna as Louise lies dead and strangled

Many of you have heard a lot about my interest in Madonna's exploration of Sado-masochistic desires. Well, Bad Girl addresses one of the most disturbing aspects and the ultimate and inevitable peak of masochistic desire: a desire to extinguish one's life that is related to the temporary "loss of self" that occurs during the sexual act. I tried to explore this idea in my thesis using Freudian psychoanalysis -- his writings on the "problem" of masochism illuminate the connection between masochism and the "death drive" (I'm using those words exclusively in the Freudian sense -- no other).

I would recommend two articles that touch on this desire utterly to lose one's self in sex -- a desire that is most clearly represented in masochistic scenarios. One is called "Is The Rectum a Grave," by Leo Bersani, which appears in the collection "Reclaiming Sodom" edited by Jonathan Goldberg. The other is by Susan Sontag, called "The Pornographic Imagination," which can be found in the collection "Styles of Radical Will," among others. Both are highly provocative, and I seriously bet that Madonna had read the Sontag before making Erotica/Sex.

Also, I would highlight a text that I think served as the inspiration for the song Erotica (at least lyrically): the collection "The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories" by Angela Carter. This is a re-writing of traditional fairy tales from a feminist perspective that highlights the sexual undercurrents of the tales. The title story contains a line which appears virtually word for word in "Erotica" as "Only the one that hurts you can make you feel better/Only the one that inflicts the pain can take it away." A brilliant story of masochism with a snappy surprise ending.

Finally, on the subject of sex/death connections, perhaps the seminal text(s) about the ways sexuality and death/murder can become intertwined is the book and now film "Frisk," which concerns a homocidal homosexual who murders his tricks and engages in all sorts of lurid and bloody necrophiliac acts. Very, very disturbing.

Well, I've digressed somewhat from the video itself, but I'll stop here and reserve my thoughts about what Madonna was trying to do in Bad Girl for later, if this discussion continues. I've never really sat down and tried to flesh out some of my initial perceptions before. Let me state one thing, though: I think basically it's about a very powerful woman whose (sexual) fate is beyond her control, and that this lack of control is exactly what certain powerful women and men seek in masochism -- a situation where, for once, they are NOT the powerful one in control.



Date: Tue, 1 Jul 1997 10:11:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: (Alan Woo)
Subject: Re: Maybe some of you longtime members..

Yes, Louise was murdered in the BG video. How do i know? Well, first off, I must say that I didn't see the Christopher Walken character as an angel of Death, but more like a guardian angel. I interpreted the video as him going back in time to see what he could have done to prevent her death. For most of the video, she is being watched carefully by him. He stops her from smoking, watches as she goes through her string of one nighters. However, at the very end in the bar scene, he is seen being distracted (he's reading a newspaper) and that's when she escapes his watch and goes home w/ the murderer. Another clue is the front page of the newspaper he is reading, which says "Bloody Rampage..." which to me implies that there have been a series of murders in the city, and the guy that Louise goes home with is the murderer. Also, i don't think she ODs or anything, cause if you look at the shot where they show Louise's body dead and the cops are just about to pull the sheet over her face, take a look at her neck and you'll see that she had been strangled by the very stocking she was playing with the night before with the guy in the room...


Date: Tue, 1 Jul 1997 19:20:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Jeanne M. Fiander"
Subject: Re: Maybe some of you longtime members..

Regarding statement, "the video for Bad Girl; in my opinion it's Madonna's creepiest by far."

Oh, it's creepy all right. I never fail to be stunned and thoroughly creeped out by this video every time I see it.

And, it's impossible to imagine any other female performer of similar commercial status appearing in a video of this kind. I mean, really, can you picture Mariah playing Louise Oriole? Or Whitney? Just ain't gonna happen, folks ...

I think her "Bad Girl" look is her most beautiful. She's got a pristine, almost austere surface (a "Hitchcock blonde") that doesn't quite conceal her very earthy, lustful, desperate core. I think this was the kind of look she was going for in "Body of Evidence". It didn't work there ...


Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 09:10:44 -0400 ()
From: Alex Snell
Subject: Bad Girl

Madonna receives a promised kiss of death
For me, "Bad Girl" has to be considered in context with the "Erotica" and "Deeper and Deeper" videos, which in my opinion form a sort of trilogy that "inevitably" leads to Madonna/Louise's death in "Bad Girl." Basically, I think BG is about the irresistable seductive pull of dangerous sex with dangerous men -- and the irresistable drive towards death. Even though Madonna may even have intended it this way, I do not think that the video is a morality tale whose message is that if a woman f--ks around too dangerously she has to die as her punishment. This is a virulently antifeminist statement, and is the reason Madonna gave for disowning "Dangerous Game" (and is a reason why many academically oriented Madonna critics found "Body of Evidence" so perplexing; did she ever disown her character's death in that one?). Moreover, the fact that Madonna/Louise reappears with the death angel (Walken) at the very end is the classic Madonnian twist which throws that whole interpretation into question.

I think E, DaD, and BG are all about exploring more and more marginal, subcultural, dangerous forms of sexual pleasure, a progression which seeks the ultimate, nostalgic pleasure of complete peace, lack of tension, and freedom from care or worry or having to take care of yourself. That found in only two places: the womb (which is why it is a nostalgic pleasure) or in death. Ironically, the closest one gets to attaining this state is through orgasm and, more intensely, through masochism. These ideas are not mine (of course): Susan Sontag (who, it has been documented, Madonna has read), Leo Bersani, and most famously Freud (of whom Madonna and her work are a living breathing case study if there ever has been one) have discussed these ideas.



Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 05:12:56, -0500
Subject: I'm not happy this

... BAD GIRL is not simply Madonna's greatest music video; it is, undisputedly the single-greatest music video ever produced. I dare you -- dare you -- to find a more perfect, immaculately well-acted example of what a video clip can truly be. All drama and fandom aside, I believe wholeheartedly that Madonna's work with BAD GIRL, both musically and visually, is among the most critic-proof, amazing work of her entire career. It doesn't get any better than this...


Conclusion: Without Nostradamus

Without factoring in Nostradamus at all, we have concluded that Pamela Anderson, Deborah Harry, or Madonna are at high risk of being killed in a car crash in the vicinity of June/July and, if Anderson or Harry are involved in a car wreck, then Madonna or a famous actress whose identity we have yet to determine are in danger of being strangled to death in August or October/November 2002.

That Madonna may be murdered is further reinforced by the May 29, 1995 stalker incident.

Whatever cautionary measures can be taken should be implemented throughout the year 2002, beginning in the month of March.

In the June/July instance we may conclude that Madonna will likely be en route to or leaving a public event at the time of a Diana-type car crash. If Pamela Anderson or Deborah Harry is the car crash victim, the drive can be for any reason and the route to any destination or no particular destination at all ("a joy ride").

In the August or October/November instance, Madonna or an actress yet to be identified will be slain at an unknown location by strangulation.

There is an 80% chance the killer will be male; 20% chance the killer will be female.

There is a 60% chance the murder will be a crime of passion arising out of a sense of betrayal. There is a 20% chance the murder will be a sex-slaying. There is another 20% chance that the motive will be enshrouded in mystery, with the killer possibly never being identified.

It probable that the murder will be made to look like an accident, a suicide, or an accidental suicide.


Conclusion: With Nostradamus

Factoring in Nostradamus presents us with a number of potentially helpful clues. But it must be kept in mind that the two quatrains I believe apply to Madonna simply may not. Those who criticise my selection of the two quatrains in question are right to do so. I can only reply by way of saying that I rely on my instincts when I choose this course.

It was my intuitive belief that Quatrain 10.35 was warning of Princess Diana's death. My instincts turned out to be correct. However, if I had been able to present my beliefs on the Internet in 1993 when I first came to such a conclusion, and had I persisted with them each passing year, I would have been scoffed at and regarded as deranged -- just as I am now in the case of Madonna.

Now, let us review once again the critical verses in question, with our body of evidence now in plain view.

Madonna utters an obscenity presenting the Turner Prize at the Tate Britain

Quatrain 6.73

In a great city a monk and an artist,

Near of the harbour lodges and the walls:

Secretly plotting against Modena (Madonna), in the theatre speaking,

Betrayed for acting under the colour of false marriages.


If this quatrain is applicable, it names Madonna as the victim of a conspiracy.

If this quatrain is applicable, the murder will be committed in a "great city." What is more it will be a port city, like London or New York City.


Scenario 1: Lone assailant.

The "monk" is a recluse and possibly a religious fanatic, but not a cult member or spiritual leader. The "artist" would in this case be Madonna. It would appear that the killer will be lodged near a harbour and, perhaps, will have been confined in the "walls" of an institution, such as a prison or a mental hospital. The reclusive one is secretly plotting murder while he watches Madonna perform in a theatre (possibly the current play, Up For Grabs, running from May 13 to July 13). The reason will be a personal "mission" because, in his twisted mind, he will feel she must be "saved" or punished for her "sins": being involved in temporary relationships with men, having their babies, then moving on. This would qualify as "acting under the colour of false marriages," as far as he is concerned.

The above scenario is a variation on the Hoskins case. It is not supported by any of the other influences mentioned.


Scenario Two: Lone monk assailant

There is also a chance the "monk" may be a real monk, a member of a religious order, who kills for reasons similar to those mentioned above or, like a stalker or serial killer, for sexual gratification. It is also possible this monk may reside in a monastary where valuable works of art are kept.


Scenario Three: Conspiracy.

The "monk" is a member or leader of a cult or religious group or resides with an order that has valuable works of art in their possession. If a cult, it could be a group that Madonna has already been involved with (Kabbalah Learning Centre) or one she has yet to become involved with (future cult). If an art organisation patronised or in some affiliated by a religious order, this is yet unknown. She will likely know this person (or believe she can trust him).

The "artist" is an entertainer, actor, musician, or an actual artist (as in visual art). Madonna will know this person too. The "artist" may be a recent acquaintance at this time -- someone she will have known for only a few months perhaps. If so, she may be working with this person on a film or some other project. Then again, the "artist" may be someone Madonna has known for a long time. This could even be someone whose work (painting, stage play, song) involves Madonna. The "monk" may consider his/her work to be "blasphemous" and take his murderous revenge out on the famous pop icon.

Both the "monk" and the "artist" may live in different residences near the great city's port. They may or may not have a common interest in seeing Madonna dead. They may each have a different motive. Or the "artist," as suggested above, may innocently and unintentionally provide a "motive" to the "monk."

The "monk" may feel betrayed because Madonna has left the group (or is threatening to). Worse, she may even be speaking out in public against the group's practices. The "artist," if a fellow member, may also share this sense of betrayal.

On the other hand, the "artist" may be a jilted future or former boyfiend, girlfriend, spouse, or a rival who will know how to contact the "monk."

Thus, the link to being "betrayed for acting under the colour of false marriages." Another way of saying that this practice will get Madonna into trouble, setting her up so to speak. For the "artist," this line can be applied literally. For the "monk," the suggestion is deeper: unfaithful in faith as well as unfaithful in love.

One of these two may be the murderer. Then again, they may conspire to hire a professional killer or persuade another cult member to carry out the deed.

The above scenario(s) is supported by the case of Natalie Wood, where two other people were in some way involved: actors Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken. The cult connexion is supported by the case of Jayne Mansfield who was being kept away from LaVey's cult by her lawyer friend Samuel Brody. The sense of the "artist" being betrayed is supported by the Selena case and the Hoskins case.

It is also possible the "conspiracy" will be one to get Madonna quickly away from trouble or paparazzi. This could lead to a Diana-type accident.

It is argued that "Modene" is the Italian city of Modena. While this is true in other quatrains, it does not seem applicable in this one. First off, Modena is not a "great city" nor a "harbour city." Secondly, major Nostradamus interpreters find treating "Modene" in this quatrain as the city Modena does not work well.

To quote John Hogue: "Modene: Usually means Modena, Italy, but in this case I prefer 'modern.' "

To quote Erika Cheetham: "I cannot decipher this quatrain."

Indeed, Cheetham speaks for virtually every commentator save for John Hogue who, clueless, characterises Quatrain 6.73 as a Monty Python farce. Only Hogue has the instincts to suspect that "Modene" is not the city Modena. The problem is he dares not take it to its logical conclusion: that "Modene" functions better as a person, rather than a city.

Madonna stretches for the camera

Quatrain 1.39

By night in bed the supreme one (star, celebrity) strangled,

The elevated blonde, for too great an involvement:

By three the empire is subrogated and enslaved,

To death, neither letter nor packet read.


As I mentioned before, this one could have been applicable to Marilyn Monroe, but in certain respects does ring true. Monroe was never strangled in her bed. The empire in line 3 seems unlikely to be a reference to the United States in 1962 (but it is possible).

However, in light of President Bush's "axis of evil" speech and the likelihood that the US will be at war with Iraq, Iran, and North Korea before the end of the year, the empire could be America circa 2002.

It also could either be the Holy Roman Empire (Germany and Austria), making this historical, or it could be a future empire Nostradamus prophesies for Europe. Such an empire may well be in place by 2004 if not before.

If historical, the blonde victim is Louis Bourbon Condé who was found hanging by the neck in his bedroom in 1830. Unfortunately, it is conspiracy buffs who insist that he was strangled before being strung up. Officially, the cause was listed as a suicide. Those who believe he was murdered say he was because he supported the Duc de Bordeaux's claim to the French royal throne. Never mind that France was no longer an empire at this time and would not be again until 1848. Also, we might as well overlook the fact that Condé was not blonde, but brown-haired.

Madonna, 'the elevated blonde,' is strangledI would prefer to take the modern or future road to solving this quatrain. At this time the empire in question may well be the United States or the European Union (or "Euroland"). I believe that by the time of the second murder vectors, August or October/November 2002, the US will have begun its war with Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. If a future empire is implied, this is discussing a United Europe that will be attacked by Islamic armies, possibly with the aid of Russia.

The "too great an involvement" echoes my thoughts concerning the final in a series of relationships that is suggested in Quatrain 6.73: the one which may cost Madonna her life. However, it is not certain that this quatrain is about Madonna -- it could be another.

The identity of the "blonde" -- if not Madonna but still taking place in 2002 -- is enshrouded in mystery at the present time. I suspect whoever she is will be in her 40s.

However, if this is to take place in 2004 rather than 2002, the person in question may be Britney Spears. Britney was suggested to me as a candidate for the Jayne Mansfield scenario by a regular visitor to this web site named "John." He says that she was born in the same town in Louisiana where Jayne Mansfield died. Despite this, and the fact that "her star is burning so brightly," I feel that at 20 she is way too young to be a subject of influence that has largely been applied to women in their 30s and 40s. Then again, there is Selena, who was 23. Even so, I suspect Britney, or a new female film star who will not become known until this year or next, will more likely be in danger in 2004 -- from the "Sharon Tate scenario."

The "too great an involvement" would then be a highly-publicised romance with Prince William. This will be the basis of another presentation.

The last line is reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe again, when Peter Lawford allegedly burned a diary and papers at the scene of the actress's death. Madonna (or someone else) may have incriminating evidence against an organisation or a lover that will be confiscated or destroyed by the murderer.

This quatrain places the murder in a bedroom -- in a hotel, her own home, or the home of the murderer. Specifically it states she will be strangled in bed. This is in agreement with the base 7 evidence pointing toward asphyxiation as the cause of death. This also raises the possibility that the murder may be made to look like a sex-slaying or a suicide to throw off investigators. However, it is also consistent with crimes of passion committed by former lovers or estranged spouses.



What steps can be taken to prevent such a fate from occurring?

All one can say at this point in time, late as it is, is that Madonna should avoid anyone who harbours a grudge. Two incidents in 2000 come to mind. Reports that stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins is still obsessed with killing the entertainer should send off alarm bells. Under no circumstances should he be allowed parole until after the year 2009. Former boyfriend Carlos Leone also made news, trying to force Madonna to travel at a time when her doctors thought it unwise. A violent temper was demonstrated, indicating that he must also be avoided in the near future.

Madonna must also resist any impulsive or risk-taking behaviour in 2002, obviously. Both she and her husband, Guy, must be careful driving or selecting drivers. She should also be careful who she selects as acquaintences. Obviously, no taking home of strangers -- this will be begging for trouble.

I cannot stress this enough: if she returns to the recklessness of her early-to-middle 1990s period, she will set herself up for destruction in 2002. Somehow, some way, she will. And here is pause for thought:

Had Diana died in 1990 instead of 1997, Hoskins would have succeeded in killing Madonna in 1995. Hoskins was a deviate who was inspired by Madonna's extroverted sexual behaviour.


We have now reached the conclusion of this analysis. At this time I can think of nothing more to add. Should anything else come to light that may be useful in this case, I will update this page or the previous page.