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The major prophecy pages of my site, otherwise known as the Almanacs, feature predictions I have arrived at using my own personal systems of divination. In a number of instances, these predictions are supported by prophecies from other sources: Nostradamus, the Bible, Edgar Cayce, and others.

This page features prophecies by Nostradamus that may be on the road to being fulfilled or perhaps have already been fulfilled.


Nostradamus Predicts Terrorism in Northern Italy Will Precede Assassination of President George W Bush
by Michael McClellan


President George W Bush may be the "monarch" who is "slaughtered" just as the United States enters World War IIIQuatrain 2.15

A short time before a monarch is slaughtered

Castor and Pollux in the ship, a bearded star,

Public treasure emptied on land and sea,

Pisa, Asti, Ferrara, Turin (northern and eastern Italy), in forbidden land.


March 28, 2002 I have been dwelling on this quatrain for a few weeks now, ever since Comet Ikeya-Zhang became visible to the naked-eye. However, it has taken several developments in the last 24 hours to cause me the immediate concern with which I write.

A bearded star. One of these was the discovery that Comet Ikeya-Zhang will definitely become very bright in the weeks ahead. According to Sky & Telescope, because it has continued to brighten since it reached perhelion on March 18, this is likely to happen. Had it not brightened further after March 18, it would not achieve more than a magnitude 3.0 or 3.5 for the remainder of its visit in April and May. However, it has continued to brighten and is now, since March 25, reached 2.8.

Comet Ikeya-Zhang on March 10

This means it is likely to be a "great comet" like Hyakutake in 1996 and Hale-Bopp in 1997. This makes Comet Ikeya-Zhang a contender for at least one of Nostradamus' comet-related quatrains.

Comets were often called "hairy stars" and "bearded stars" in medieval times.

Castor and Pollux. Both Castor and Pollux are now easily visible in the night sky and will be for the next two months. It is their period to govern the heavens along with certain other stars in the constellations. This is not a "new" development, but something I am accutely aware of, nonetheless.

Pisa, Asti, Ferrara, Turin, in forbidden land. This is the startling development that has aroused my concern. US citizens are being warned against traveling to northern Italy during the Easter holidays. Easter Sunday, in particular, is a day of great concern. This is part of the article published yesterday:


March 27, 2002 ROME, Italy (CNN) -- U.S. citizens could be the targets of terrorist attacks in four Italian cities this weekend, the U.S. Embassy in Rome warned Wednesday. In an announcement, the embassy said credible information indicated extremist groups may be aiming for Americans in Venice, Florence, Milan and Verona on Sunday, the Christian Easter holiday...


Whilst it is true that these four cities do not match those in Quatrain 2.97, they are still in the general location. And who is to say terrorism will not spread to Pisa, Asti, Ferrara, and Turin as well? Also, perhaps these cities will be targeted instead of those listed in the news advisory.

Everyone should avoid travel to this part of Italy for I very much fear that if terrorist attacks occur there now, they will be bio-chemical in nature. This will be serious enough to cause a ban on all travel to northern Italy for the foreseeable future.

A short time before a monarch is slaughtered. My reasons for believing that George W Bush is in grave danger of assassination appears on the 2002 (Part One) page. The vector of danger given, using my base 7 system of prediction, is March/April 2002 and August 2002. The presentation has been on that page since this web site first went live in May 1999.

The President has been in increasing danger since the 9/11 attacks (it is now believed that the attack on the Pentagon building was originally intended for the White House and that the Pennsylvania airliner was also headed for Washington DC). In January, Bush lost consciousness after a pretzel became lodged in his esphogeous. It was later reported that he was in grave danger at the time and had fortunately fallen in such a way when he passed out that the pretzel was safely ejected. Last week a bomb went off at the US Embassy in Peru two days before President Bush was to visit. When he arrived, riot police had to use tear gas to disperse an angry populace. Ten homemade bombs also went off in the city, several tossed from cars, and Peruvian police arrested 18 suspects.

The time of doom may be nearing. Castor and Pollux will remain visible in April and May. Comet Ikeya-Zhang, the bearded star, should reach its brightest point at perigee on April 28. If terrorists strike in northern Italy over Easter or in early April, the point in line 4 may also be fulfilled. Line 3, "public treasure emptied on land and sea" would refer to an escalation of the current "war on terror" and the possible drawing up of plans to attack Iraq. "Castor and Pollux" may also have a second meaning: the two great powers, Russia and the United States, may mobilise their navies to the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf following the terrorist attacks. This could be a sign that World War III is drawing near and the President's assassination ("slaughter") may be the trigger.

Therefore, it would be prudent to extend the March/April 2002 vector May and bear in mind the August 2002 vector as well.


Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi May Also Be in Danger ...


Regarding the four cities listed by CNN — Venice, Florence, Milan and Verona three of them appear together in the following quatrain by Nostradamus:Car bombing may claim life of Italian Prime Minister


Quatrain 10.64

Weep Milan, weep Lucca, Florence,

When your great Duke mounts the chariot,

To change the seat (of government) it advances near Venice,

When at Rome the Piazza Colona is destroyed.


The "duke" who mounts the "chariot" (doubtlessly an automobile) could be Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Since the assassination of the "Duke" appears to occur at the time of terrorist attacks in Milan, Lucca, Florence, and Venice, I do not believe him to be the "monarch" in question in Quatrain 2.15. Rather, Berlusconi's death, should it occur over this Easter holiday's terrorist watch, would appear to be part of the events that will precede "a short while" the "slaughter" of President George W Bush.

And who will be responsible? He will come "from Asia with an African heart." This could be either Osama bin Laden or Moammar Gadhafi. But at this point in time, Bin Laden seems most likely. But that is another series of quatrains and another prediction to be discussed ...



Are Nuclear Suitcases Next? US Cities in Danger
of Total Destruction

by Michael McClellan


October 30, 2001 -- A new terrorist alert has been issued by the US government -- one that, in my view, appears to have our public officials behaving in an extremely uneasy manner. Despite the anthrax scare and the great destruction and mass deaths caused by the destruction of the World Trade Centre, Pentagon, and four US airliners, there is something terribly ominous about this latest warning issued on October 29 and again today.

The threat coincides with the World Series in NYC and with President Bush's attendance at Yankee Stadium tonight when Game 3 begins at 8:30 EST. This brings to mind a terrifying quatrain by Nostradamus:

Nuclear destruction of NYC?

Quatrain 9.83

The Sun twenty [degrees] in Taurus, so strongly the earth trembles.

The great theatre filled up is ruined,

The air, sky, and land obscured (darkened) and troubled

When the infidel calls upon God and the saints.


Yes, I realise that line one is astrologically dated May 10. Then again, for reasons given in the article below, how certain can we be that Nostradamus' astronomical clues are that terribly accurate (he seems to be off by a factor of two years on Quatrain 10.72)? If, however, he is correct about the May dating, this is quite close to the troubles I foresee for winter and spring 2002.

Note the word "infidel" which means "unbeliever." To Osama bin Laden anyone who is not a Moslem is an "infidel" and all perceived enemies of Islam, such as the United States and Great Britain, are considered "infidels" as well.

The quatrain above could describe an earthquake; but it could also describe the horror experienced by those in a sports stadium at the time an atomic device explodes, feeling the earth tremble and watching the air and sky darken their city as it is destroyed before the heat and blast reach them. The bomb would probably not be at the "theatre" or "stadium" but elsewhere in the city. A crude device might not even be strong enough to demolish an entire city the size of NYC, but a large portion of it. I am still on record of predicting the nuclear destruction of NYC in either April 2002 or June 2003. But this could happen sooner rather than later.

I don't know whether anyone in NYC is in such danger tonight or not, but I feel I must pass this along, if not for the current period, then as consideration for the immediate future. The big question I have is how would authorities find a mole or unknown bin Laden agent hiding out in a city with a portable nuclear device?

In closing, I have been raising concerns about these suitcase bombs ever since October 1997. I have always had a real fear that they might in some way be connected to the "vengeance" that follows the destructive war that begins after the death of Mabus. If Afghan Northern Alliance leader Shah Ahmed Massoud was MABUS, killed by Osama Bin Laden the day before the attack on the WTC, then the hundred hands of nuclear doom may soon follow. If he was not, we must still hold grave concern for what these loose nukes can do and consider if they might not be used in the event someone else we might be tempted to call "Mabus" is killed during a US attack: Usama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein.


IS CHICAGO OR BOSTON IN DANGER OF BEING DESTROYED BY NUCLEAR TERRORISTS? A disturbing series of dreams by Mary Ann, myself, and a premonition from Jennie M. has created some cause for concern on my part -- if not downright alarm. In addition, part of Mary Ann's dream appears to have come true according to an October 30 article by Knight Ridder. The following cities, for one reason or another, may be in danger of nuclear terrorism now, soon, or in 2002: Chicago, Los Angeles (and/or Hollywood), Washington DC, Seattle, New York City, Boston, Buffalo, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Miami.

Access a Dream Window for more detailed information on the visions and commentary.

UPDATE (11/15/01: In order to conserve on bandwidth and due to the large number of reports coming in about the nuclear terrorist threat facing America, I have created a news page you can link to from this page below:


Backup U.S. government in place in event of "catastrophic attack" - March 1, 2002.
Nuke Plants Warned After Attack Tip
- January 31, 2002.
Muslim Moderate Kabbani Firm on Terrorist Nuclear Threat -- Brainwashed Muslim Students Have At Least 20 Nuclear Warheads in Suitcases at Various U.S. Universities - November 19, 2001.
Cheney: U.S. Fears Massive Nuclear Attack - November 15, 2001.
Mullah Omar: 'The current situation ... is related to a bigger cause - that is the destruction of America.' November 15, 2001.
Bin Laden-Saddam nuclear pact? Sources say terrorist, Iraq working together on weapons - November 11, 2001.
Bin Laden makes nuclear threat - November 10, 2001.
Bush: fear of bin Laden nukes - October 30, 2001.


It is becoming increasingly evident that Al Qaeda may be planning to vapourise a large number of major US cities with portable nuclear weapons, many of which were declared "missing" by Russia's former General Alexander Lebed in October 1997. My feeling is that this has been planned for a long time and that the "moles" or "operatives" are already in place in various US cities. And it is also possible that some of these "terrorist" operatives may actually be, in fact, Russian agents (more on that later).

According to Lebed the original number of missing nukes was 100. Since that time, US intelligence has downsized the number to 43. Little matter, if 43 Hiroshima-type devices went off in 43 American cities the immediate death toll from heat and blast would be at least 25 million (not counting those who would die from radiation exposure later).

I fear the time for this coordinated attack may be imminent. I believe Nostradamus may have actually pinpointed when the attacks will take place in one of his quatrains:

Bush gives press conference

Quatrain 1.50

From the aquatic triplicity will be born

One who will make Thursday his feast-day:

His fame, praise, rule, and his power will grow,

By land and sea, a tempest to the Orient.


The "aquatic triplicity" -- in geographical terms -- would be the three great bodies of water surrounding the United States: the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean. Thus, the leader is the President of the United States.

"The Orient" is a rather large region which takes in the Middle East, South Asia (including Afghanistan), Central Asia, and Transcaucasia. The "popular" read on "Orient," of course, is the Far East, especially China. There is no question that "the tempest to the Orient" is already under way in Afghanistan.

The US president will make "Thursday his feast-day": Thanksgiving, a national holiday celebrated the third Thursday of each November. This year Thanksgiving falls on November 22.

Could line 2 be a Nostradamus clue about when the war will escalate? A war escalated to horrific proportions due to a nuclear terrorist attack on the United States? Could the date that will change history and result in a massive "destruction of people and beasts" (Q2.62) be November 22, 2001 rather than September 11, 2001?

This, I believe, is tied in with the Mabus scenario which bears repeating:


Saddam dies during nuclear attack on BaghdadOsama bin Laden - does he have a "dead hand"?Quatrain 2.62

Mabus will soon die, then will come

Of people and beasts a horrible destruction:

Then all too suddenly vengeance will be seen,

A hundred, hand, thirst, hunger, when the comet shall run.


Although I identified Ahmed Shah Massoud as the possible Mabus, I actually believe that this name is filled with awesome enough menace to be repeated in the persons of Osama bin Laden ("Usama bin" to those who support him as a candidate for Mabus) or Saddam Hussein.

In all fairness, the Osama-as-Mabus theory is a bit forced since it requires taking a "b" from "Bin Laden" and attaching it to the secondary spelling of his first name "Usama." If I were to try to figure out what Nostradamus really had in mind, I would be partial to the self-contained Mabus name "Sadam" rather than "Usama b..."

Still, it not impossible that both men have a nuclear "dead hand" that will be played out upon the event of their demise by the US military.

Yes, we are running out of Mabus candidates. Bin Laden's days appear to be numbered. He could be killed quite soon. US policy-makers are planning to turn to Iraq next and kill or oust President Saddam Hussein. I suppose the one hope we have that nuclear terrorists will not strike America at this time is the possibility that Mabus may be Saddam. However, a nuclear attack on US cities would almost certainly result in an immediate nuclear attack on Iraq since it is believed Al Qaeda have received some of their weapons of mass destruction from Saddam. Even if the threatened Osama Bin Laden-Mullah Omar attack does not happen now, the time until we attack Saddam is not far away -- perhaps by January or February 2002.

Also a comet is nearing earth. It can already be seen with binoculars. Currently, LINEAR WM1 is not expected to reach naked-eye brightness or, if it does, only a feeble magnitude 4. But, LINEAR A2 this summer was not expected to brighten beyond an invisible magnitude 10, then it burst into a 3 mag object in the southern hemisphere. Likewise, LINEAR WM1 may surprise everyone between December and February.

I find it interesting and more than a bit disturbing that at the same time Mullah Omar pledged that America would soon be destroyed by nuclear devices, Russian President Vladimir Putin was visiting with George W. Bush, discussing a 2/3 cutback on Russian and US nuclear arsenals. Sort of reminds me of the Japanese diplomacy that was being undertaken in Washington at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Could Al Qaeda and the missing suitcase nukes be a part of a long-range Russian plot to destroy America from within and by surprise? A plot Moscow has had on paper since at least 1978?

Or is the "evil genius" behind the evil genius Osama to be found elsewhere?



California Beware: It May Be Smallpox, Not Bombs,
That Pass Through Your Bridges

(An Introduction to Two Prophecy Interpretations by Robert Egan)

Introduction by Michael McClellan


In early October I received via e-mail the following prophecy interpretations from Robert Egan (aka Nostrabobus). They deal with a possible biological attack on California via the port of Los Angeles and other key locations. Because his interpretation regarding the Kursk salvage effort turned out to be incorrect I was somewhat hesitant to publish them. Although I do not generally subscribe to the idea that Nostradamus used code in his quatrains, Mr Egan does at times have a positive talent for anticipating future events by fusing the Green Language code with his normal interpretative skills.

Most of what I find to be compelling is the surface interpretation, which is often 75% of his analysis, the coding taking up about 25% (this does vary from quatrain to quatrain, but he is most successful when the percentages are as stated). When he does click with something coded, however, I tend to conclude that it is his intuition that has been triggered by a so-called "key" or "clue" word. This explains why he is right part of the time and wrong at others. In addition, his own vast knowledge of various languages and the many ways normal language can work is also at play here, I feel.

No matter. A threat now exists as of November 1, 2001, against Califonia's suspension bridges, especially the Golden Gate Bridge.


California's bridges 'under threat'

Friday, 2 November, 2001, 22:57 GMT -- (BBC News)

For the next six days, Californians will be bracing themselves for the worst and hoping for the best following the revelations by Governor Gray Davis that major bridges in the state could be the target of possible terrorist attacks between 2 and 7 November. At a press conference in Los Angeles, the governor took the unusual step of going public about what he called a "credible threat" to the safety of the public at large. He said the information he was given was that during rush hour between 2 and 7 November "there will be an attempt to blow up one of these bridges." The bridges include San Diego's Coronado Bridge, Los Angeles's Vincent Thomas Bridge, San Francisco's Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Although hundreds of bomb threats have been called in to authorities about sites in California this is only the second time a "credible" terrorist threat has visited the west coast since the devastation of 11 September, 3,000 miles away in New York and Washington. The first was aimed at Los Angeles movie studios, which beefed up security. But the scale of this particular warning has alarmed many Californians who have been coping with the tragedy at a distance. Max Higgins, who uses the Bay Bridge to get to work in San Francisco's financial district, admits to being worried. "I don't think the next attack will be by airplane. It might be a bomb in a truck, like in Oklahoma City," he says, referring to the 1995 bombing that killed 168 people. Hi-tech worker Victoria Davies who commutes across the Golden Gate regularly says she's taking the day off. "It's better to be safe than sorry," she says.


Eerily, this makes Mr Egan's presentiments from October all the more critical at this time. What if terrorists are actually planning a biological attack at these ports and not, as is being feared, a bombing attack?



Nostradamus Predicts a Biological Attack on the Port
of Los Angeles, California, The San Pedro Bridge
Area Affecting Millions

by Robert Egan


It is highly advised to have read the coding and prophecy presented for Century 8:20 regarding the Terrorist, "Attack on America," involving the World Trade Center, before proceeding with this second, following verse.

The following verse [only] is quoted from "Nostradamus and His Prophecies," by Edgar Leoni.

The reader is advised to remember the first reading of a typical Nostradamus verse often is seen as vague, if not pure gibberish, and with little or no meaning.

It is only when the "Green Language" codes in use in the 16th Century are applied that the verse begins to have meaning and substance.

Century 8: 21Golden Gate Bridge

"Au port de Agde trois fustes entreront,
Pourtant l'infect, non foi & pestilence,
Passant le pont mil milles embleront,
Et le pont rompre tierce resistance.

"Three foists will enter the port of Adge,
Carrying the infection, not faith and pestilence:
Passing the bridge they will carry off millions,
And to break the bridge resistance by a third."





Line One:
"Au port de Agde trois fustes entreront,"
"Three foists will enter the port of Adge,"

Nostradamus seems to be giving the reader rather vague information about three boats entering a small port on the coast of France. It is only when Multilanguage coding is applied do we see the true, hidden meaning.

The small, two letter French word, "Au," begins the coding process, it tells us. A  "u," or when inverted, and using the actual orthographic formation of the letter itself, it becomes a hidden, "n."

The true port being looked for becomes:

A d g e + "n"

The "d," when inverted, becomes the Greek sounding word, "q," meaning "que. or cue," telling us of a clue or hint. Once again, simply a orthographic letter formation reversal that hides the true meaning in the very words themselves.

The word becomes, "A n g e."  The port of "Ange." The name, "Ange," is an accepted alternative spelling, as given in name meaning books, for the Greek name, "Angela." The name means, "heavenly messenger."

Another spelling alternative listed is the word:

"A n g e l."

Now, we have the true, hidden meaning:

"Port of the Angel," The plural form would be:


The "Port of Los Angeles," is the area called, San Pedro, next to Long Beach, California.  It is listed as the number one port facility in the United States. The population in the general area of the Port facility is, indeed, in the millions, a numerical number actually stated very clearly in this 16th Century written prophecy.

Nostradamus foretells of three "foists," entering this San Pedro port facility of the city of Los Angeles. Now, one of the meanings of the word, "foist," is a long, low, light ship propelled by sail or oar, according to the comments offered by Leoni.

[It should be noted that Edgar Leoni also comments about the rather large estimate using the term "millions," in possible reference to a total number of victims of a plague. IF THIS REALLY WAS ABOUT THE SMALL FRENCH PORT OF AGDE?]

The authoritative Oxford English Dictionary gives another more meaningful explanation of the word. It describes a "foist," as a false die that is "palmed off as authentic."

The word, "die,' means a print. Thus, "a false die," is further defined as passed fraudulent identification and authority paper[s] supposedly given by civil or legal authorities. Three of these "false papers," are mentioned to be used.

The other meaning for "foist," is somewhat more questionable, but cannot be entirely ruled out. There are, indeed, few recent day boats and ships of that nature seen at, or near the port authority of Los Angeles, located in the San Pedro area.

However, the question and use of fraudulent documents is another matter of urgent interest to the public and government. This surely seems to be the true hidden meaning Nostradamus is foretelling in these four lines of the quatrain.

Line Two:
"Pourtant l'infect, non foi et pestilence,"
"Carrying the infection, not faith and pestilence:"

I recently read an article by a biological warfare expert in terrorism that simply stated a way for "dedicated to death" type fanatics to spread an infection. CARRY IT THEMSELVES FIRST. INFECT THEMSELVES. A handful of such persons could infect a whole city with the virus.

The term, "carrying," can also be applied to one of the definitions for the word, "to truck in."

Also, in 1605, the term, "carry," meant: "a wheeled vehicle."

Nostradamus angrily seems to state that is not the faith of the fanatics being carried, BUT AN INFECTIOUS DISEASE. A PESTILENCE.

Line Three:
"Passant le pont mil milles embleront,"
"Passing the bridge they will carry off millions,"

The term, "PASSING THE BRIDGE," literally means:


The Vincent Thomas.San Pedro.Terminal Island connection Bridge was put up in the 1970's.

The "Green Language," method of turning a letter upside down. giving an ORTHOGRAPHIC HIDDEN CLUE. seems to be is use here:


Now, the verse becomes very, very grim.

The term, "TO CARRY OFF," in Old French meant:



End of Part one:

Part Two will be posted shortly and actually names the "M," Pedro Bridge in Latin!

There is also a potential reference to "A BIRD," breaking. destroying the Bridge.

Line Four:  [end]
"Et le pont rompre tierce resistance."
"And to break the bridge resistance by a third."

end.     hint:  Latin for resistance...impede

I M  P E D I O

Now, can you solve this grim Nostradamus riddle?

A HINT:  What, visually, is the chief characteristic of the Vincent Thomas San Pedro Bridge?  mmmmmm?


Robert Egan continued: Biological Attack Will Use Smallpox as Agent


The following verse, only, is quoted from, "Nostradamus and His Prophecies," by Edgar Leoini. Wing Books 1982 edition.

Century 4: 98Millions may die in a smallpox attack

"Les Albanois passeront dedans Rome,
Moyennan Langres demipler affublez.
Marquis & Duc ne pardonnes homme,
Feu, sang, morbiles point d'eau faillir les bleds."

"Those of Alba will pass into Rome,
By means of Langres the multitude muffled up,
Marquis and Duke will pardon no man,
Fire, blood, smallpox no water the crops to fail."

Line One:
"Les Albanois passeront dedans Rome,"
"Those of Alba will pass into Rome

The verse starts out with a rather mysterious word, "Albanois," Most Nostradamus authors only claim to give a "best guess" as to what Nostradamus truly meant by using the word. However, an intensive research check shows the word did exist in the 16th Century.

In the Rand McNally, "Atlas of Columbus and the Great Discoveries," by Kenneth Nebenzahl, the name appears as, "Portus Nove Albionis." Nostradamus has only slightly veiled the name by the insertion of the single letter, "a." This has always been regarded as a typical, "Green Language," coding method of veiling the true hidden name.

Mapped in the 16th Century archaic maps as along a vast coastal and inland area then identified as, "Nova Albion." [Now shown on maps as consisting of most of the West Coast, and into other Western States comprising the United States of America.

At that juncture in history, "California" consisted of what is now called Baja California.

The location of the City now called, "LOS ANGELES," is shown on the map as, "Regina Angele."

In our present times, the Port Authority for the CITY OF LOS ANGELES is the San Pedro area located to the South of the city of "The Angeles."

The next few words, ".will pass," can simply mean to make, or use a way of passage, "to go Inland, or the Interior." [The next French word, "dedans," besides meaning, "into," can mean, "interior, or inland."]

The one word remaining in line one is:  ".rome." In Italian, the word would be, "roma." The rearranged spelling, and the phonetic clue becomes the word: "roam."

The meaning begins to clarify: "to wander about, to travel, going from place to place, often aimlessly, without any purpose or direction. Also means, walking about, becoming a vagrant[s]. The meaning is clear: "displaced persons on the move."

Line Two:
"Moyennan Langres demipler affublez."
"By means of Langres the multitude muffled up,"

The first two words become our next clue:

"By means."

A reminder, in the "Green Language coding," the letter "Y," and "I," are potentially interchangeable. Also, they have the same sound-like phonetics. Potentially, we have the letters:  "bi."

The next word in the typical Nostradamus puzzle is: "means."

When this word is seperated into:  "mean + s," It is possible to arrive at the spelling of the word: "base."

This becomes a vital clue when we consider the Arabic meaning of, "Al Queda," the name of the main terrorist organization run and controlled by Ossama bin Laden, means "the base."

The added, "s," simply gives the information that more than one group in the organization is most likely involved. The extra "s," can also denote possession or ownership

The word, "means," has the meaning of, "agent," and "sanity." One of the forms of this word, and a meaning for it,is the term, "sane." A acceptable, and often used single word meaning is, "logical."

Nostradamus has potentially given the following information:

"The Al Queda's bi [o] logical," hidden in the very words of the verse line. It is not considered unusual for Nostradamus to leave out or skip a single letter. The phonetic, sounds like, clue is what should be considered.

Once again, "By the means, or the method of the Al Queda's Biological." is the coded, hidden information.

Then, to continue, the verse tells:  "of Langres."

The reader is reminded of the interchangeability of the two letters, "r," and "l.'  In the ORTHOGRAPHIC formations of the two letters, in the 16th Century the only difference was a tripple thick dot of ink at the very top of the stem.the backbone of the letter.

Thus, we arrive at:  "L angles"

The "L," in French, often is used to stand for the word, "the." Then, the remaining letters easily hide the word, "Angel." The remaining extra letter, "s," makes the term plural: "Angels." The clues lead to an obvious conclusion, Nostradamus is veiling the, "City of the Angels," or as spelled in another language:


The very next term in the verse line, ".the multitude.," is in reference to the general population, but also can be interpreted as the term, "the mob."

The last two words in the verse line, ".muffled up." Can mean "silenced or stilled." The implication of "silenced" is usually taken to mean, "put to death." However, "stilled," has another possible hidden meaning: "restrained," or even,"boxed."

This, of course, is one of the needed methods for confining and handling a large outbreak of SMALLPOX, a word plainly used by Nostradamus in the fourth and last line of this quatrain of present day revealed prophecy.

I take both meanings to be inferred.  When the "b," is ORTHOGRAPHICALLY turned over, a typical "green language" coding technique to hide and obscure further information another clue surfaces: "Poxed."  The last line of the prophecy actually uses the more complete form of the word, "SMALLPOX." The term, "The Pox,' is often been in use in earlier times.

This ends the commentary and analysis of the first two lines of the verse. The second two lines, the final lines, will be soon posted in a completed edition. They will reveal the reality of the developing "fear," and intentional "marring," of the UNITED STATES, especially Washington, D.C., as recently evidenced into prophetic reality by the partial destruction of the Pentagon.

The fundamental terrorists intend to spare no one in the planned virulent, and continued attacks.


The very last line of the prophecy starkly gives the word: "SMALLPOX," and needs no further interpretation. However, there is coded, veiled information regarding the TERMINAL BRIDGE in the last line. The final posting will occur within a few days to a week.

Released November 3, 2001, Completed Edition.

Line Three:
Hart Senate building being fumigated"Marquis & Duc ne pardonnes homme,"
"Marquis and Duke will pardon no man,"

Here, Nostradamus uses the name of a French city, "Marquis," to veil and obscure the word, "Mar." The word, "mar," has several meanings, such as, to obstruct, block, frustrate, and scar. Please notice, next, the presence of the "q," which gives the PHONETIC. sounds like. meaning of the "que," or the sound of, "cue."
The hidden coding follows the "q" letter:

The "i," becomes the phonetic, sounds like hidden clue for the word: "eye," which means to look at, or to see something. Then, the letters, "u s," become the accepted abbreviation for the, "United States."

Nostradamus, then adds another name to the riddle:

". & Duc." [see the actual French spelling]

In the Green Language method of coding and obscuring hidden  meanings, the "u," can be a reversed ORTHOGRAPHIC formation of the letter, "n." The simple letter "n," in older English, has the value of "an, or "and."

The code then becomes:  "D & C," or, simply put: "D.C."  Coding, yes, but an acceptable reference to Washington, D.C.

Nostradamus is here foretelling the ongoing marring, the defacement and defiling, of the United States of America, and our Nation's symbolic center and Capitol, Washington, D.C.  And exactly as present times are recording it.

He then ends the verse line by giving a stark reality about this prolonged, but newly declared War, a chilling observation:

".[They]. will pardon no man."


Another hidden meaning can be found in one of the names just decoded in this amazingly accurate prophecy:


The letters, when rearranged spell:  "q," [for cue or que].then:

U. S.  Ma i "r"  

A reminder:  In the coding found in the Green Language veiling techniques used by Nostradamus, the "r,' and the "l," are somewhat interchangeable due to the Orthographic formations of the two letters. They both have a very similar backbone style, and at one time, the only difference in their basic formation was a triple thick dot of ink that was placed at the very top of the stem [the backbone] of the letter.

The further true hidden meaning becomes:

The U.S. & Washington, D.C.  "Mail" [They] will pardon no one.

Now, for the benefit of the reader in attempting to follow the hidden coding, the Third line is repeated here:

Line Three:
"Marquis & Duc ne pardonnes homme,"
"Marquis and Duke will pardon no man,"

Further Green Language coding exists in the very words of the verse line. The small French word, "ne,' can have the meaning of the English word, "due." This can mean, "due to, or because of, or "as a consequence of."

The very next words in the line of the verse are:

".will pardon."

US Congress mailroomThe term, "pardon," has the meaning of, "to submit,' according to the Oxford English Dictionary [short edition]. Now, by using an acceptable synonym, a hidden meaning is:

"to send, or, meaning, "TO MAIL"

The hidden information now becomes:

"due to mail"

Now, the next two French words of this line are:

". homme,"

The simple letter, "a," in the French Language, can mean "to,' in the English Language. The last word in the line of the verse is:  "homme," meaning, "man."

The Nostradamus type word puzzle is now solved, and the meaning begins to clarify:

"Due to, or because of the "Mail to Man," or, "MAILMAN,"

Please notice the comma after the last word of line three. The meaning continues on into the fourth and final line of The Quatrain.

Line Four:
"Feu, sang, morbiles point d'eau faillir les bleds.".
"Fire, blood, smallpox no water the crops to fail."

As the Third Line continues into the Fourth Line, we confront the word, "fire," or in French, "Feu." An English phonetic pronunciation of these three letters, gives us our first hidden clue. The sounds like equivalent would be the English word:  "Few." An acceptable synonym would be the word, "some."

The very next word, in the French, is "sang," usually meaning "blood," in English.

However, upon checking the official New York Times Crossword Puzzle Dictionary, I discovered the word, "sang," listed as the one and only term given, as a four letter crossword puzzle word, for "ANTHRAX." No other substitute word or synonym is listed.

This information, when combined with Line Three relays the following "hidden" information:

"Due to, or because of the Mailman some Anthrax."

Unfortunately, Nostradamus foresaw the mail delivery system as the primary spreader of "some," Anthrax
throughout the United States, and especially Washington, D.C. in particular. The incidents and the few related deaths are certainly causing a "marring" of the United States, and Washington, D. C.

However, the next word in the Fourth line should cause very grave concern to all Americans:  "SMALLPOX."

The very next partial set of words appears to give us a rather exact location as to where the "Smallpox," will occur. If the reader has followed the complete set of verses given in this series, it will begin to clarify as to what Nostradamus has hid in the following words:

".point d'eau faillir."

The word for "bridge," in Latin, is "pont." The "i," becomes Green Language type coding for, phonetically, "eye," meaning to look at, or to find.

Next, the term:  "d'eau"

This can mean, "of water," or, "over water." A bridge over a body of water is inferred.

The very blunt question becomes:   What particular bridge is Nostradamus referring to?

The answer is hidden in the next word in the prophecy:

".point d'eau faillir."

The word, "faillir," in French, means "to fail." The hidden meaning is found in a further meaning for the word:

"to be terminal"

Now, a particular location and bridge begins to emerge:

A bridge over a body of water has been inferred, The Bridge is to be Terminal. The Terminal Island Bridge. The San Pedro Bridge at the Los Angeles Port Authority. The Vincent Saint Thomas Bridge.

The ending two words of the prophecy reveal even more potential hidden meanings:

".les bleds."

Assuming nautical meanings are inferred in this typical Nostradamus "Green Language," type puzzle, the following information emerges:

"Les" = possibly meaning, "see the," equals the sounds like, phonetic equal of the term.

The next term, "bleds," is likely coding for:

"the beds"

This could be referring to a meaning for, "channels." The openings in a Sea Port area is a good possibility.

Also, the term, "the bed," can mean, "the base." This happens to be the ARABIC meaning for the actual name of Ossama bin Laden's terroist group, called "al Qaeda."


Editor's note:

For more on the Green Language codes and the book, "The Secrets of Nostradamus, A Radical New Interpretation of the Master's Prophecies," by David Ovason, visit The NostraTimes Newsletter. - MM



Osama bin Laden, the Great King of Terror
by Michael McClellan


World Trade Center struck by hijacked airliner Osama bin Laden in video released shortly after attack

He planned it for a very long time -- as long ago as 1993. It was a satanic act nearly 10 years in the making. And according to newly-released intelligence reports, he had hoped to carry out his mad dream of a devastating terror attack on New York City -- an attack that would be remembered for many generations -- in the summer of 1999. Instead, thanks to efficient counter-terrorism measures by the United States, the planned attack came out of the serene blue sky to shock the world and alarm and sadden a great nation one peaceful September morning in 2001.

1999. Summer.

If Osama bin Laden, the "king of terrorism," had succeeded, the most infamous of Nostradamus quatrains would have been fulfilled on the correct date. The following is from the 1998 version of my book, Nostradamus and the Final Age, which was later updated in 2000:




Quatrain 10.72

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un grand Roi deffraieur.
Resusciter le grand Roi d’Angolmois.
Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

In the year 1999 and seven months,
From the sky will come a great King of terror.
The great King of Angoumois is resuscitated.
Before and after Mars [War] reigns by good fortune.


July 1999 (Nostradamus) -- We can only guess at the true identity of the "great King of terror." Osama bin Laden -- the "Prince of Terrorism?" Saddam Hussein? Jiang Zemin? Kim Jong Il? Bill Clinton or Al Gore? Boris Yeltsin or a successor? Perhaps he is a metaphor for "War" itself. This time of trouble will lead to the resurrection of the French monarchy in 2002 -- "the great King of Angoumois." This figure may already be in power in the person of French President Jacques Chirac.

Most commentators believe that "Angolmois" of line 3 should be read as an anagram of Mongolois. Perhaps, then, it is a pun, indicating both the rise of a great French leader and a cataclysmic action which may be committed by the largest Mongol member of the "nuclear club": China.

It is entirely possible that July 1999 will usher in a new and deadly era of terrorism against the United States, Great Britain, France, and the pro-Western nations of the Middle East. Should this be the case, then Osama bin Laden may be the "great King of terror." The terrorist action, "from the sky," may indicate that bin Laden will have obtained just enough missile technology by this time to wreak havoc on the "enemies of Islam."


So there it is (or should I say, there it was). At the head of the list of candidates, Osama bin Laden, who did indeed strike from the sky. And the new and deadly era of terrorism has finally arrived.

Was Nostradamus off by two years? I must conclude that he was -- and I believe I know the reason why he was. This is an excerpt from my book in its current form. Pay close attention to the final paragraph:


On the Reliability of Planetary Alignments

Clearly when the famed prophet converted his predictions from prose to poetry, he removed the dates from the vast majority of them. About five percent of the quatrains still retain astronomical clues indicating the timing of their fulfillment. However, it is difficult to determine whether he intended all of these planetary conjunctions and alignments to represent the exact dating of certain future events or, in other instances, to function only as approximations. After all, a miss of several years would not seem too great to someone plotting the time four, five, or six centuries in advance.

Moreover, one can not be certain whether, in some cases, the motions of the planets and stars were observed within the visions themselves or, in other instances, merely plotted afterward to conform to the time-frame revealed. Also, Nostradamus was restricted by form: a four-line stanza written in tetrameter alternating between iambic and dactylic does not allow much space for the sort of detailed information one would expect to find in, for example, a nativity chart, and still retain room enough to describe the events connected to the projected date. Some of these planetary datings only provide one with the month and day, but not the year (for example, "the Sun twenty degrees in Taurus").

Another problem with the astronomical clues is something the French seer could not have possibly considered: the earth's north celestial pole. Since the pole's relationship to the north star is shifting subtly, these celestial projections will become increasingly unreliable. Between 1965 and 2065 this relationship decreases by half of one degree, then begins to increase again. In two thousand years, the pole star will no longer be Polaris, but a star named Alpha Cephei.


This shifting of the earth's north celestial pole, I now believe, has thrown Nostradamus' datings off by a factor of as little as two years and, in the case of some alignments, perhaps as much as ten. Thus, whatever Nostradamus saw in the heavens and then projected for July or September 1999 did not happen until September 11, 2001.

And what of the Angolmois king? I still believe that this is a loaded word which is indicating several things happening at once: (Mongolois) the rise of Central Asia, South Asia, China, and North Korea as a major threat to the world; (Angoumois) the rise of a great French president (Chirac) who will later be made an emperor of Europe (or something like it); and (Anglomois) the death of Queen Elizabeth and a new king (Charles) sitting on the thorn of Britain.

What we will address shortly is the Asian Angolmois (Mongolois) and his war.


The King of Terror Unleashes Biological Attacks


Isolated deaths or prelude to a pandemic?


There is no question in my mind that the anthrax scare is part two of the September 11 attack. I believe that the intention is to heighten anxiety and to keep Americans afraid in between each successive major attack -- one which may very well be nuclear in nature. Thus, two levels of attack are occurring: high terror (attack on WTC) and low terror (anthrax scare).

Bin Laden showed his hand when he warned that Americans will "never again feel safe or secure from north to south and from east to west." This is how he is doing it -- low, anxiety-producing terror in between high terror events. No peace of mind -- ever.

Sadly, Nostradamus provides us with no warning about this disease, anthrax, anywhere in his quatrains. All references to plagues are general and often affect BOTH humans and animals as with the Mabus and Millennium Comet quatrains. There are only several quatrains where Nostradamus specifies the diseases that will be used: one involves "smallpox" spreading to Europe via Italy, which he names, but the Albanians are linked to the attack:


Quatrain 4.98

Les Albanois, passeront dedans Rome,
Moyennant Langres demipler affubles,
Marquis & Duc ne pardonnes a l'homme,
Feu, sang, morbilles point d'eau, faillir les bleds.

The Albanians will cross into Rome,
By means of Langres the multitude are weakened,
The Marquis and the Duke pardon not a man,
Fire, blood, smallpox, loss of water, failure of crops.


By this time war in the Balkans will be spreading from Macedonia and Albania into Italy. With the aid of French forces (Langres), Italy is able to weaken the invading army and drastically reduce the number of its enemies. Although this will not bring an end to the attacks, it will allow time to build a stronger defence and keep additional invasions in check. In line 4 we see the results of an Italy under siege from continued assaults: destruction, bloodshed, drought, and an old enemy thought to be long ago eradicated from the planet: smallpox.

Curiously enough, there are still laboratories in Russia and the US which continue to keep smallpox specimens around that are not adequately guarded. It is feasible that terrorists could one day acquire this ancient killer and sell it to the highest bidder for future use as a biological agent of war.

Another quatrain involves bubonic plague ("the black death"), but the scenario appears to be in the far future since there is nothing in the prediction that one could compare to the times we are currently living in (this quatrain is discussed in my book):


Quatrain 10.57

The uplifted one will not know his scepter,
The young children of the great ones he will dishonour:
Never was there so filthy and cruel a being,
For their wives to the black death he will banish.


Nostradamus also speaks of a "plague through false dust," but the Balkans are again the scene of the attack:


Quatrain 5.90

In the Cyclades [SE Greece], in Perinthus and Larisa [E. Greece],
Within Sparta and all of the Peloponnesus [S. Greece]:
So great a famine, pestilence through false dust,
Nine months it will last throughout the whole peninsula.


Then there is this:

Missile launchers may one day deliver plague and famine

Quatrain 3.75

Pau [SW France], Verona, Vicenza [N. Italy], Saragossa [Spain],
Swords from distant lands drip with blood.
A pestilence so great will come with the great shell,
Though help is near, the remedy is very far away.


Alternatively, "the great shell" can also be translated from the French as "the great scab." What diseases cause scabs? There are many, but syphilis and smallpox head the list.

Still, as he so often does, Nostradamus links the pestilence with military hands -- not terrorists operating clandestinely within a country. In short, there are no prophecies by Nostradamus or anyone else definitively describing the current anthrax scare in the United States. "Pestilence," unfortunately, is a very general word.


The War of the Angolmois King


Mullah Omar Jiang Zemin
Taliban leader Mohammad Mullah Omar (photo taken in 1996 before losing his eye) Chinese President Jiang Zemin in heated debate with lawmakers in 1999


The Angolmois king will be the most powerful leader in Asia. The war has already begun -- in Afghanistan -- whose peoples are a mix of Persian, Turkic, and MONGOL. Osama bin Laden is bringing back to life the people of Genghis Khan. Currently, the so-called king of the Mongols is the one-eyed Mullah Mohammad Omar whose only existing photograph was taken in 1996 before the battle where his eye was lost.

Yet, he could hardly be the Khan who will bring great devastation to the world. Afghanistan may be the home of Osama bin Laden, but the Taliban itself rules a nation blighted by wars, poverty, lack of natural resources, and no access to a port. Their military can bearly fend off the advances of the heretofore poorly armed Northern Alliance, now supported by the US.

It is known, however, that China has close ties with the Taliban. DEBKAfile has even reported that Chinese troops are fighting alongside with the Taliban and, a few days ago, some were killed by US airstrikes. Despite Beijing's claim to support the US in its war against terrorism, it is obviously supporting terrorists and the nation that harbours them.

A nation the US and Britain are currently at war with.

It is only a matter of time before China says "enough" to US air attacks and ground combat in Afghanistan and makes threats of its own. North Korea already has.

It may only be a matter of time before Pakistan's government is overthrown in a civil war and China's infamous alliance with Pakistan comes into play against US forces in the region. A terrible nuclear war between Pakistan and India would have unforeseen consequences.

Also, the deeper America becomes in Afghanistan and is distracted by other problems such as Saddam Hussein, events in the Caspian Sea, and the ongoing anthrax scare (among other terrorist incidents), the greater the risk that China will take advantage of the situation and invade Taiwan and the Spratley's.

I have seen this war in my dreams many times and it is not pleasant. I have seen US warships shooting down Chinese fighter jets in the Pacific. I have seen mobile missile launchers secretly located outside suburbs in forests within the United States trying to shoot down enemy planes attacking American cities. I have seen entire US aircraft carriers destroyed by what I can only deduce to be small nuclear weapons. I see the same thing happen to US warships in the Persian Gulf. I have seen the white flash of fire and the deep, black smoke and the very ocean ablaze. I see this happening more than once whilst news drones on of war in Afghanistan, war in Iran, war in Iraq, war in the former Soviet Union, war with China and North Korea, war between Syria and Israel, and eventually air combat over Saudi Arabia between the US and Russia. I have seen dozens of US cities destroyed by crude atomic devices by terrorists...I have been in cellars 20 miles away from the impact hearing windows shattering, the walls and foundations shaking violently, and the ground trembling as though an earthquake was just below my feet...

I have been having these dreams since 1995 and they are increasing in frequency and variation.

Remember what Russia's former General Alexander Lebed warned in October 1997: 100 nuclear suitcases were missing from Moscow's "secret" arsenal and may have fallen into the hands of terrorists.

"All too suddenly vengeance will be seen,
A hundred hands, thirst, hunger, when the comet shall pass."

Mabus (Ahmed Shah Massoud) is dead. The rest of the Mabus scenario is unfolding now, and has been since September 11, 2001. The "phoenix emperor" is rising from the lands of the Mongol warlords. Angolmois king is near.



War Against Bin Laden and the Taliban to Begin October 3?
by Michael McClellan



Night tank battleQuatrain 9.62

To the great one of Cheramon Agora

Will the crusaders by rank all be attached,

The long lasting Opium and Mandrake,

The Raugon on October the third will be released.


"Cheramon Agora" is present day Usak in central Turkey. Turkey, a Nato member nation, will be an integral part of the anti-terror coalition. Plans for a Turkish attack on Iraq are already known to certain intelligence services such as DEBKAfile. Of course, the name "Cheramon Agora" was probably exotic enough to Nostradamus' ear to represent any "Oriental" nation, including Afghanistan.

President George W. Bush has already characterised the coming war on terrorism as a "crusade" -- although he retracted that remark later since it was held to have anti-Islamic connotations. Some "experts" are still keen to use the word. There are already 41 Western warships reportedly in place in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman and special forces from the US and Britain on the ground. Air strike forces are also being prepared for imminent assault within days or hours.

Line 3 reminds us of the drug traffiking that flows between Afghanistan and the outside world.

However, it is line 4 which gives us both a dating and a clue: "the Raugon" will be "released" on "October 3."

If "Raugon" stands for "Reagan" (former US President Ronald Reagan) then the following news item may be very important:

Former US President Ronald Reagan

Bush to Authorize Reopening Reagan National Airport

October 01, 2001 06:11 PM ET -- WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush will authorize the reopening of Washington's Reagan National Airport, the last airport that remains closed in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, Bush administration officials said on Monday. The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said an announcement could come as early as Tuesday to reopen the airport, with additional security measures, in a matter of days. The security measures include more sky marshals on flights that use the airport, the officials said. White House officials met on Monday with members of the Virginia congressional delegation and Gov. Jim Gilmore to discuss the airport. National Airport has been closed since the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington, costing the local economy millions of dollars, as Bush and his advisers wrestled with a way to balance security needs.


Is the reopening of the Reagan National Airport, the last airport to be reopened that was closed down by the events of September 11, a clue that OCTOBER 3, 2001 is the day the war will begin? If not, it is certainly an intruiging coincidence.



Mabus Alert: Ahmed Shah Massoud is Dead
by Michael McClellan


Ahmed Shah Massoud

Quatrain 2.62

Mabus will soon die, then will come

Of people and beasts a horrible destruction:

Then all too suddenly vengeance will be seen,

A hundred, hand, thirst, hunger, when the comet shall run.


Ahmed Shah Massoud, leader of the Afghan Northern resistance against the Taliban has been reported dead by CNN and the BBC. Massoud, admittedly, is low on the list of leaders whose names may be identified by Nostradamus' appellation Mabus. Still, Massoud has all the letters needed: M, A, a reversed D for a B, U, and S. There is also a cast-away O and an extra S. However, in another spelling, Massoud is Masood.

In June and July 2001, a naked-eye comet (Linear C/2001 A2) reached perihelion, and was a spectacular sight in the southern hemisphere (but not so much in the north). Since it has now passed, we must be watchful. Also, a potentially spectacular celestial visitor named Linear C/2000 WM1, dubbed the Christmas Comet, will soon be viewable in the northern hemisphere from November 2001 through January 2002.

If Massoud is Mabus, and depending on whether the comet in question was Linear A2 or is the coming Linear WM1, events described in the above quatrain may soon trigger a holocaust of unimaginable proportions. It is an event that may have broad and dire consequences not only for the Middle East, but for Russia, the US, and the Nato member countries.

It is possible the horrid prognostication of war and mass death has nothing to do with Massoud's death. His death may simply be a clue as to the timing of a terrible war in the Middle East, an opening salvo of World War III, a harbinger, a dead canary signaling the time is now at hand.

Then again, the region surrounding Afghanistan is now terribly volatile. Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan remain at tense loggerheads over Caspian Sea oil. Iran and Azerbaijan have nearly gone to war. The US and Turkey have pledged military support for Azerbaijan and Russia is catoring to both Azerbaijan and Iran, straddling the fence. Meanwhile, Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and several other nations are backing the Northern Alliance against the Taliban.

The charge that Osama bin Laden, the world's most-dreaded terrorist, was behind the assassination is most troubling. Line 4 of Quatrain 2.62 indicates that "a hundred hands" will trigger a catastrophic "vengeance" which is suddenly "revealed" in line 3.

The hundred hands could belong to 100 operatives working for Bin Laden's worldwide terrorist network. In their possession: 100 suitcases containing 100 nuclear devices spread throughout 100 US, European, Russian, and pro-Western Arab cities. We cannot afford to forget former Russian General Alexander Lebed's warning in October 1997 concerning one hundred missing Russian suitcase-sized nuclear weapons. He also warned that they might have fallen into the hands of terrorists. If Bin Laden has them, no one on earth is safe.

All this only if Massoud is Mabus. There are other candidates to be sure; but Massoud is the first on the list to die. Now we can only wait and see if he was the one.


Anti-Taliban leader Ahmed Shah Massoud killed

September 10, 2001 5:36 PM EDT (2136 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. officials said Monday they have reliable information that Ahmed Shah Massoud, leader of the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance in northern Afghanistan, was assassinated in an attack Sunday. The officials, who said they wished to remain anonymous, placed high on the list of suspects in the attack the organization headed by fugitive and accused terrorist Osama bin Laden.

Aides to Massoud said he survived the attack.

U.S. officials said Massoud's death may create a period of infighting among commanders of the Northern Alliance, which could strengthen the ultra-Islamic fundamentalist Taliban's hold on Afghanistan.

A spokesman for the Northern Alliance said a television camera being used by two Arab journalists for an interview with the rebel commander exploded Sunday, killing both of them and an aide to Massoud. U.S. officials said the two journalists were Algerians. Other Algerians have been connected in testimony in U.S. courts with bin Laden, who is now based in Afghanistan. Earlier, the Northern Alliance said Massoud had survived the explosion. But on Monday afternoon, a representative of the group would not comment on the U.S. report of the leader's death.


Massoud, a former defense minister under the deposed government of President Burhanuddin Rabbani's, fled to the hills of northern Afghanistan after the hardline Taliban Islamic militia captured Kabul in 1996. The Taliban now control some 95 percent of Afghanistan's territory and engage in frequent clashes with the coalition of ethnic Uzbek and Tajik commanders that make up Massoud's forces.

Until last year, Rabbani's "government-in-exile" -- which continues to hold Afghanistan's seat at the United Nations -- was headquartered in the city of Taloqan, the capital of Takhar province. However, when the Taliban seized control of the city, Massoud was forced to pull back his forces into one of its last remaining strongholds in northern Badakhshan province. Since then he has tried to retake Taloqan several times but has been held back by a powerful Taliban presence. In recent weeks, fighting in the region has intensified, although neither side has reportedly made any major gains.



Lebanon Becomes Iran's Western Centre of Operations
by Michael McClellan



Russian-made Iranian warships patrol the Persian GulfQuatrain 3.90

The great Satyr and Tiger of Hyrcania [NE Iran],

Present a gift to those of the Ocean:

A chief of the fleet issued from Carmania [S. Iran],

Will land at the Phocea [Marseilles] of Tyre [Lebanon].


Carmania and Hyrcania were Persian provinces in what is now modern Iran. Phocea is the Latin name for the French port city of Marseilles. The ancient city of Tyre was located at what is now the Lebanese town of Sur. The "Marseilles of Lebanon" is the city of Beirut -- once a major tourist attraction.

One day Beirut and other coastal cities of Lebanon will become strategic ports for the Iranian military to conduct its war against Israel, Turkey, Egypt, and their Western allies.

We can already see evidence of an Iranian military presence in Lebanon and in the Gaza strip:


Iran takes over S. Lebanon - Syria abdicates control of region bordering Israel

August 30, 2001


Under the late President Hafez Assad, Lebanon was a Syrian asset that outsiders weren't allowed to exploit. But Assad's son and successor Bashar has been dealt a weaker hand and Lebanon is now up for sale, according to a report in Geostrategy-Direct Intelligence Brief. The leading client is Iran. Arab diplomatic sources said the junior Assad has allowed Iran to essentially take over southern Lebanon. Iran has unlimited access to the Shi'ite areas of southern Lebanon and supplies missiles and military communications to Hezbollah.

The new Syrian policy began in April when Israeli warplanes destroyed a Syrian radar station east of Beirut. Assad and his aides were embarrassed and alarmed by the Israeli air attack, concerned that this would hurt their hold over Lebanon and weaken the regime in Damascus. At that point, the sources said, the Iranians were invited to expand their presence from the Bekaa Valley to southern Lebanon. By June, Tehran supplied a range of Katyusha rockets and anti-aircraft missiles to Hezbollah. The missiles were placed under supervision of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and they fired the Fajr-5 missiles toward Israeli positions after another Israeli attack in June.

At the same time, Iran established training bases in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley and invited Islamic allies from such countries as Egypt, Kuwait and Sudan. The bases in the towns of Janta and Yanta also provided training to Syrian personnel. The bases are off-limits to the Lebanese military and government. Syria, the sources said, has authority around the bases, but no control over the Fajr-5 missiles, with a range of 70 kilometers and regarded as a strategic weapon against Israel.

"We are seeing Lebanon turn into an Iranian Shi'ite state," an Arab diplomat said. "And it is taking place by permission from Syria, the leading Arab nationalist country. This will have long-term significance for the entire region."


Israel says Iran changing balance of Mideast power with south Lebanon presence

July 17 10:41 PM SGT -- JERUSALEM (AFP) - Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says Israel is a "cancerous tumour" that should be wiped off the map of the earth -- now he is reportedly closer than ever to realising his goal. According to top Israeli officials, Iran's Islamic regime has sent Hezbollah guerrillas in south Lebanon as many as 8,000 Katyusha rockets that could easily strike most of the northern third of Israel. Intelligence sources cited in the Haaretz newspaper Tuesday said Iran is stepping up its weapons shipments to the Lebanese guerrillas, airlifting hundreds of tons of arms and materiel via Syria in the past few days. Israeli Defence Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer told the Jerusalem Post that Iran has become "the mother of international terrorism."

The fundamentalist Shiite militia Hezbollah has been perched along Israel's northern border since Israel pulled out of southern Lebanon in May 2000, ending 22 years of occupation in what then prime minister Ehud Barak hoped would lead to a comprehensive regional peace. But with the collapse of the peace process, Hezbollah's violent struggle to oust Israel from south Lebanon after Iran and Syria helped found the group in the 1980s was taken up as a model of how to stand up to the Jewish state. Now, Israeli officials say, Hezbollah is establishing a growing presence in the Palestinian territories of the West Bank as well as throughout Lebanon, where Iran's closest Middle East ally Syria is the main powerbroker. The Iranian embassy in Beirut has fervently denied claims that troops from Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards are on the ground in Lebanon, operating command-and-control centres for high-powered Iranian missiles pointed at Israel.

"There has been a major deterioration in the security situation across the region, mostly due to a resurgence of Iranian power," says Dore Gold, a top advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. "This poses a threat to not just Israeli interests but the interests of most Western countries and the Middle East," he told AFP, underlining that the Islamic republic is believed to be only five years away from having a nuclear weapon.

Moderate President Mohammad Khatami has rehabilitated Iran's image on the international stage with his calls to open up the country to foreign investment and his moves to instil a degree of political and social freedom at home. But it is Khamenei who has final say on all matters of state, and he used an international conference organised by the Iranian parliament earlier this year in Tehran to claim that Zionists had conspired to exaggerate the Holocaust. Some foreign press reports said Khatami was embarrassed by the speech, but with representatives of the groups and nations most hostile to Israel all gathered under Iran's umbrella, the conference underlined Tehran's implacable hostility to the Jewish state. Iran has also been a fierce defender of the Palestinian cause, using its growing power to try to corral the Muslim world into adopting a unified stance against Israel despite the fact non-Arab Iranians feel little sympathy with the struggle.

The latest reports of massive Iranian firepower hardly more than a stone's throw from Israel will likely to little to calm nerves outside the region amid fears that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could spill over to regional war. But that presence is unlikely to deter the rush of foreign nations willing to throw money at the Islamic republic for a piece of its lucrative, and still well undeveloped, oil and gas sector. Gold cautions Europe -- which can count France, Italy and Norway among nations already investing in Iran's petrochemical sector -- to remember that Iran's developing weapons industry could also put missiles in reach of the continent. "The military capabilities being developed in this region," he says, "affect European security before they affect American or Israeli security."


Iranian airlift sends more arms to Hezbollah - via Damascus

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

By Ze'ev Schiff
Ha'aretz Military Editor

Iran has transfered hundreds of tons of weapons, ammunition and other materials to the Hezbollah through Syria in recent days, according to reliable sources. The deliveries were airlifted in by giant Antonov 124 transport planes that landed at Damascus International Airport.

The equipment was then transported to the storage facilities of the Revolutionary Guards in Lebanon, and to the Hezbollah. Security experts estimate that some of the equipment will be smuggled to Palestinian organizations in the territories.

Iranian assistance via Hezbollah to Palestinian organizations that attack Israel, is increasing. In addition to extensive efforts to smuggle equipment, weapons and ammunition, the Hezbollah has also started training Palestinian guerrillas in Hezbollah bases in the Beka'a Valley in Lebanon.

Intelligence also shows that the Hezbollah had direct links with Palestinian cells operating in the territories - in addition to the ties it cultivates with Fatah. One center for such links is the city of Nablus in the West Bank.

It is thought that the guerrilla infrastructure the Hezbollah is setting up in the territories is intended to be deployed to disrupt any future cease-fire agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The large airlift is believed to be a response to the urgent need of the Revolutionary Guards and the Hezbollah for additional equipment in Lebanon.

The previous route used by the Iranians to airlift equipment to the Hezbollah in Lebanon crossed over Turkey. However, following a request by Ankara that Iranian flights over Turkey en route to Damascus declare the nature of their cargo, the flights were stopped. The current airlift is believed to have crossed over Saudi Arabian and Jordanian airspace on its way to Syria.

The pace of weapons transfers to the Hezbollah in Lebanon was shown in the past to be dictated by security developments in Lebanon. Following the withdrawal of the Israel Defense Forces from south Lebanon in May last year, Iran sought to replenish the military stores of the Hezbollah and the Revolutionary Guards stationed in Lebanon.

According to Israeli estimates, the Hezbollah has some 7,000 Katyusha rockets.



Turkey to be Considered a Traitorous Nation by the Arabs
by Michael McClellan


Turkish troops


Quatrain 5.47

The great Arab marches well ahead,

One who will be betrayed by the Turks:

Ancient Rhodes [Greece] will come before him,

And greater evil by the southern Pannonians.


In this far-reaching prophecy, the Arabs will become entangled in a Balkans war involving Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, and Yugoslavia. These events have yet to show any signs that they may occur anytime soon. There are a number of quatrains dealing with war between Iran and Turkey and one suggesting war between Turkey and Iraq. This quatrain may also deal with the Turko-Iraqi war theme if the "great Arab" is Saddam Hussein or one of his sons, Uday or Qusay. However, it is to line 2 we must focus our attention.

This may explain why Iraq and Iran will be at war with Turkey: the Turks will be regarded as traitors by Iran and the Arabs. How can this be?

Regarding Iraq, this is already true. Because Turkey allows its air bases to be used in US-British air operations in the no-fly zones, Saddam has frequently lashed out at Ankara with verbal threats. But it appears from line 2 that other Arabs will consider Turkey a traitor. This other reason relates to the close ties enjoyed between Turkey and Israel. Yesterday Palestinians accused Ankara of turning its back on their plight. The balancing act Turkey and Egypt perform between Israel and the West on the one hand and the Arab and non-Arab Moslem world on the other will eventually be all but impossible to maintain. According to Nostradamus they will side with Israel and the West when it finally comes to down to a major war.


Israeli-Turkish Ties Flourishing

August 8, 2001 4:40 AM ET -- ANKARA, Turkey (AP) - As Israel faces increasing isolation and anger throughout the Middle East, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (news - web sites) arrived Wednesday in Turkey - the only country in the region where he is warmly welcomed. Radical Islamic groups are organizing protests against the one-day visit, but they will have little impact in a country that is expanding its already flourishing political, economic and military ties with Israel. For Israel, ties with overwhelmingly Muslim Turkey are crucial for a country that is increasingly feeling isolated as violent confrontations with the Palestinians continue. For Turkey, the relationship with Israel is economically and militarily important and is a way to increase Turkey's profile in Washington, which has close ties with both countries. To Turkey's staunchly secular establishment, protests by radical Islamic groups may only make the relationship more attractive.

Sharon was expected to discuss a series of new defense projects including the sale of Popeye air-to-ground missiles and the Arrow anti-ballistic-missile missiles, and the refurbishing of Turkey's U.S.-made M-60 tanks. Sharon would also discuss the possible sale of Turkish water to Israel, a natural gas pipeline and irrigation projects in Turkey's arid southeast. Sharon's trip to Ankara follows recent visits by Israel's military chief, defense minister and foreign minister. ``In the eyes of Israel, Turkey is a trustworthy country,'' said Ilnur Cevik, editor-in-chief of the Turkish Daily News.

Turkey, which has close ties with the Palestinians, also has occasionally served as a messenger between Israel and the Palestinians. Although there is public sympathy toward the Palestinians there is little approval for violent attacks by Palestinian militants against civilians. Islamic groups were expected to protest the visit and have been highlighting Israeli attacks against Palestinians. On Tuesday, Turkish police broke up an anti-Israeli protest in Istanbul and rounded up 135 demonstrators, including women wearing Iranian-style black chadors. Police beefed up security and deployed armored personnel carriers in downtown Ankara. Armored personnel carriers are often deployed in Turkish cities at the hint of possible protests.

Islamic papers blasted Sharon as a ``murderer'' and ``butcher.'' Sharon was defense minister when hundreds of Palestinians were massacred by an Israeli-allied Lebanese militia in Sabra and Chatilla, two refugee camps in Lebanon, in 1982. On Tuesday, the pro-Islamic daily Akit printed a large photograph of the Israeli prime minister on its front page, superimposed with fangs dripping blood. Although the opposition appears to be limited to Islamic groups, Turkey has at times tried to keep its relations with Israel at a low-profile, in part to avoid tensions with its Arab neighbors and Iran. Turkey has often limited media access to visiting Israeli military and government officials, and earlier this year, denied the press access to joint Israeli-U.S.-Turkish air maneuvers.



Star-Crossed Lovers Put to Death by Their Fathers
By Michael McClellan


Star-crossed lovers embrace in brook


Quatrain 8.25

Heart of the lover opened by a love furtive

Within the stream he will ravish the Lady,

She will pretend bashfully to be half-injured,

The father of each will deprive the body of its soul.



Somehow, I suspect we will see variations of this quatrain fulfilled a number of times in the future, although I know of no memorable instances in the past. The most recent manifestation occurred today in India. I am not certain if the daughter faked being raped or not to get out of the crazy form of justice dispensed by the people of that country, or even if they were caught "doing the nasty" in the river Ghanges, but both lovers were most certainly deprived of their souls by their fathers. It is difficult to imagine this sort of thing happening in the West, but such are the dangers of living under a system where the observance of strict social mores are nearly as cruel as the religious fundamentalism practised by the Taliban.


Teen lovers hanged in India

August 8, 2001

Justice is dispensedBy CNN's Andrew Demaria in Hong Kong

(CNN) -- Two teenage lovers in North India have been hanged to death by their parents, who opposed their inter-caste relationship, The Times of India has reported. The relationship was exposed Monday night when their parents, acting on a tip-off from locals, caught the lovers during a rendezvous on the outskirts of the village in Uttar Pradesh.

Family members angered at the affair, took the pair -- Vishal and Sonu -- to the roof of a house and hanged them. The girl's parents and the boy's elder brother and sister-in-law were witnesses to the hanging, the Indian Express quoted District police chief B S Moriya as saying. Moriya was reported as saying that the couple had been warned by their families that they would punished if they did not put a halt to their relationship. Sonu was a Jat while Vishal was a Brahmin.

The entire village was opposed to the affair, the Indian Express stated, adding that no village members came forth to report the deaths. A total of six people have been arrested, including four members of Sonu's family -- her father, mother and two brothers. Vishal's family have evaded arrest.

There are several versions of the incident being reported. One version said a manhunt was launched after Sonu and Vishal eloped on Monday night and that they were found and then hanged by the crowd. A separate report claimed that the couple decided to end their lives because their relationship was not and never would be tolerated by the village.



Egypt to Be One of Two Major Mideast Allies of Israel to the Bitter End
by Michael McClellan


Pyramid celebration 2000Despite claims by Middle East experts that Egypt will fight Israel in the south during the next great Israeli-Arab war, and is preparing for such a conflict, I have long believed and continue to believe that Egypt will remain pro-Israel and pro-West during the coming conflict.

Israel will have two major allies in the region: Turkey and Egypt. Turkey, of course, we know has had a strategic defence alliance with Israel since 1997. The two countries have held several large-scale joint exercises in the eastern Mediterranean since that time. The US and Britain continue to use Turkey's air bases at Incirlik to punish Saddam Hussein's violations in the northern and southern no-fly zones. Turkey is also a member of Nato.

Egypt, quick to condemn Israeli actions against the Palestinians, has nevertheless enjoyed a peaceful relationship with Israel since 1979. She also has strong ties with Turkey as well as with the Nato alliiance and the Eurpean Union. Cairo risks losing much by taking an anti-Western, anti-Israel role by siding with rogue states such as Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

The alliance between Israel, Turkey, and Egypt was nearly tested in 1998 when war almost broke out between Turkey and Syria over border skirmishes carried out by PKK Kurds being protected by Damascus. Israel was prepared to side with Turkey in the conflict. Egypt mediated and brought an end to the crisis.

Also, the following quatrains present a strong argument that Egypt will be allied with Israel and the West during the next great conflict, one which will spread to the Balkans:


Saddam HusseinUday Saddam HusseinQuatrain 5.25

The Arab prince, Mars, Sun, Venus, Leo,

The reign of the Church by sea will succumb:

Towards the Persian very nearly of a million,

Byzantium, Egypt, the true serpent invades.


This quatrain demonstrates that Turkey (Byzantium) and Egypt will both be allied against "the true serpent": the Arab Prince, Saddam Hussein (or one of his sons) and Iraq's ally Iran (Persia).


Quatrain 5.27

Arab blood covers the Adriatic SeaWith fire and armaments, not far from the Black Sea,

He will come from Iran to occupy Trabzon [NE Turkey]:

Pharos [Egypt] and Mytilene [Greece] tremble, the Sun is happy,

Arab blood covers the Adriatic Sea.


This quatrain shows an alliance between Egypt and Greece will be in place when Turkey is attacked by Iranian forces from the region of Georgia, Chechnya, and Dagestan. Turkey will eventually be overcome by the Moslem axis and from indigenous Islamic and Kurd minorities. The one shoe will drop, but the other, Egypt, will remain a holdout for a somewhat longer time.

Simultaneously to the events of this quatrain, rogue Arab forces will be defeated by Nato during a decisive battle in the Adriatic Sea or along the Adriatic coast of the Balkans. Greece and Italy are both strong European allies of Israel and Egypt, suggesting they may each have a role to play in the Middle East as well as in the Balkans.

There is strong evidence in recent news reports that Egypt will side with Israel in the next war:


Turkey Offers Use of Air Force Base to Egypt

August 1, 2001 -- (The Middle East Newsline) - Turkey has offered the use of its military facilities to Egypt for air exercises similar to that held by Israel and the United States. The offer was made during the current visit to Cairo by Turkish Foreign Minister Ismail Cem. Cem told his Egyptian counterpart, Ahmed Maher, that Ankara would allow Egypt's air force to use Turkey's military facilities for training and refueling. Cem acknowledged that Israeli air force fighter-jets are training in central Turkey. He said the Israeli pilots employ Turkey's air force base in Konya, where the air forces from the Jewish state, Turkey and the United States held an exercise in June.

But the foreign minister said Israel does not have exclusive use of Konya and offered the facility to Egypt and other Arab countries. Turkey has extensive defense and military ties with Jordan and the two countries have held joint exercises.

Egypt, however, has been critical of Turkey's strategic relations with Israel. But Cairo has agreed to an effort to increase trade with Ankara. The two countries are discussing Egyptian natural gas exports to Ankara.


Egypt-Italy talks on peace observers on Palestinian areas

7/28/2001 -- (Arabic - Italy has started pan-European and International contracts in light of talks between president Hosni Mubarak and Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi to deploy international observers to the Palestinian territories. In his talks with his Italian counter part Renato Rugioro, foreign minister Ahmed Maher discussed the efforts to dispatch international observers to the areas of clashes. Ruggioro said Italy has wide experience in peace keeping and observer operations as it participates in peace efforts in areas of clashes in the world under UN or NATO banners. Analysts say Mubarak-Berlusconi talks were significant with the new Italian leadership. Middle East peace efforts topped Egypt-Italy summit.


Egypt Denies Plans to Cut Ties With Israel


CAIRO (July 28) - Egypt's Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher has denied media reports saying Egypt planned to cut all political ties with Israel, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Saturday. ''Maher has denied what was broadcast with regard to Egyptian measures against Israel,'' the spokesman said. The reports carried by Qatar's al-Jazeera satellite television on Wednesday and the United Arab Emirates' newspaper al-Bayan on Tuesday said Egypt either planned or was debating a complete halt to political contacts with Israel in protest against its handling of a 10-month-old Palestinian uprising. The Foreign Ministry spokesman said there was ''no truth'' to the reports.

Egypt, which in 1979 became the first Arab state to make peace with Israel, recalled its ambassador from Tel Aviv last November in protest against what it saw as Israel's excessive use of force to crush the uprising, or Intifada. The Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv remains open and is temporarily headed by the charge d'affaires. More than 600 people, mainly Palestinians, have been killed since the rebellion began.

05:10 07-28-01



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