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The major prophecy pages of my site, otherwise known as the Almanacs, feature predictions I have arrived at using my own personal systems of divination. In a number of instances, these predictions are supported by prophecies from other sources: Nostradamus, the Bible, Edgar Cayce, and others.

This page features prophecies by Nostradamus that may be on the road to being fulfilled or perhaps have already been fulfilled.


U.S. Operation Against Iraq May Run Into Serious Trouble -- Nostradamus
Foresees Chemical Weapons Apocalypse and Failure of America's GPS
Preliminary Analysis of Quatrain 9.81 By Robert Egan (NostraBOBus)


Cruise missile attack Soldier in chemical weapons garb


Mike M. THIS JUST MIGHT BE TIED INTO A POSSIBLE GREEN LANGUAGE MEANING IN THE LAST LINE OF CENTURY 9:81. the three sided crafty king prophecy ... the emphasis at this point is on ... MIGHT BE ... still under study, ect. translator/transducer device for sending and/or changing signals, ect. mmmm????
Friday, January 10, 2003


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Mike .... another possibility on Century 9:81


From CBS NEWS 1 16 03:

In addition to the troop carrying ships that have left this week, the Pentagon said Friday it might dispatch three more aircraft carriers to the region.

By stationing carriers in the Gulf, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, Navy fighter-bombers would be in position to attack from three directions, complicating Iraq's effort to defend its airspace.

The U.S. already has two carriers in the region — the USS Constellation in the Persian Gulf and the USS Harry S. Truman in the Mediterranean. These might soon be joined by the USS Abraham Lincoln, the USS Kitty Hawk and the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

The USS George Washington, currently in port, has been alerted for possible action, the New York Times reports.

About 60,000 U.S. troops currently are in the Gulf region. About 12,000, mainly Army soldiers, are stationed in Kuwait. Saudi Arabia hosts 6,000 troops, many of them Air Force pilots. The Navy's 5th fleet has 4,000 sailors and Marines in Bahrain. There are also contingents in Qatar, Oman and Turkey.

By the middle of February, the U.S. will have more than 40,000 ground troops in Kuwait or on ships just off shore, reports CBS News Correspondent David Martin. If Turkey and Jordan agree to host American soldiers, there could be a force of 200,000 in place.


Notes on CENTURY 9:81

Mike...I have a great deal of research on this particular verse ... such as:

Did you know the the word...drop[s] [=TEARS] is from the Greek for the word:

chemical !

... AND THE WORD: STRANGE is " N U M B R E "... in Latin, green language coding for: uu = WMD RE [in Latin means regarding]

Hoods = head covers = [WAR] HEAD COVERS CHEMICAL

The last will reveal a remarkable hidden military truth ... causing extreme complications and involments ... with very high causualities possible.

It seems to relate the "failure" OF THE GPS system in the guidance of arms:

"brilliancy" to fail .... can mean FIRE ... or even "smart FIRE" ... SUCH AS OUR PROPOSED USE OF THE "SMART BOMBS."

S P L E N D E R = re, in Latin...means regarding or pertaining to, ect.

THEN .... the "d" BECOMES the inverted "q" for the greek word: que ... clue ... hint, ect.

THEN ... the "EN" carries the meaning of into ... within in LATIN

The remaining "L," is the FRENCH abbreviation for: "the"

With the green language reversal of the remaining "P," to a "p = G"

The GPS is revealed for GLOBAL POSITIONING SATELLITE ammunitions, arms strategy of attack. [see the word "larmes" in Line 3 = "See the ARMS"

The final prophectic peices are begining to fall into the realms of reality.

Let's just hope I am very wrong in all this ... but ?

NostraBOBus Egan


Another short commentary on Century 9:81

I tend to believe this verse is foretelling a "brilliancy" failure regarding "fire" [a synonym of brilliant]. Another clue possibly lies in the word, "smart."

This gives the very definite possibility Nostradamus is referring to the modern day term, "smart bomb." Nostradamus seems to be giving the very dire news of the failure of one of the most vital aspects of the "Desert Fox II" military assault with the heavy reliance on the system of GPS [global positioning satellite] to guide in the delivery of the ammunitions.

It has been reported in the news of the Iraq government purchasing in the hundreds of units, GPS jamming devices to cause signal malfunctions to take place.

This certainly complicates and causes more possibilities of much higher causalities and serious military logistical and tactical problems during the invasion of Iraq.

One more bit of very typical Nostradamus "green language."

The opening line of Century 9:81

Simply take the word, "understanding," and use "stand under" ambushes

1st, it tells you who the sly king is: he who stands [or confronts} the Arabic meaning of Hussein is: "he who confronts .... takes a stand," ect.

Then, review the origination and meanings for "ambushes" IN A GOOD DICTIONARY.

such as ... concealments, ect. Funny, how it also comes out to: see a W. Bush ... phonetic clue perhaps.

This a most revealing article, and of urgent importance. [see below]

Tomahawk cruise missile carrying microwave weapon

This weapon is potentially revealed in the last line of Century 9:81, where Nostradamus foretells the "the failure of the transmitter [translator] caused by the "splendor."

The noted Nostradamian scholar, Edgar Leoni gives the word, "brillancy," as an acceptable alternative.

This leads to another possibility of a revealed truth ... the word can mean, "OOMPH."

Now, that can be revealing: HPM...then, two circles "O" could be standing for the term: "ROUNDS," as in munitions or firing of same.

This could certainly be the Iraq War information needed to determine the outcome of the initial battle ... and VERY GOOD NEWS FOR THE UNITED STATES.

This seems to be a more precise and plausible interpretation of the last line of the prophecy.

NostraBOBus Egan E-MAIL:


By Mark Thompson
Time Magazine
Sunday, January 19, 2003

Nostradamus Update The Battle for Baghdad
Date: Tuesday, April 01, 2003 3:54 PM

A Nostradamus update on the Iraq war

My studies of the Nostradamus Prophecies would indicate the attack [seige] will be from THREE SIDES [CENTURY 9:81] ... expect to see the 'chemicals' to come into play. [The direction of 'South' is potentially of prime importance.]

Nostradamus also mentions the use of the 'rays' -'beams' in causing the 'transmitters' to fail as a defining 'signature' during this War. [also in Century 9:81]

======= from 04-01-03

US Forces Cross Euphrates Near Baghdad

"The US dawn assault against Ash-Shatra north of Nasiryah Monday, to seek out senior Iraqi regime and Baath officials directing the terrorist and guerrilla warfare against coalition forces, diverted attention from a far more critical American initiative. While Ash-Shatra is mostly under air assault, the American 101st Airborne Division’s “screaming eagles”, fighting since Thursday to drive a wedge between two Special Republican Guards divisions - Al Medina south of Karbala and Hamourabi south west of the Bahr a Milh Lake - has succeeded in breaking through Iraqi defense lines. While engaged in street fighting in Hindiya, the first units are crossing the Euphrates from west to east, 60 miles south of Baghdad.

DEBKAfile’s military sources reveal that the Iraqis have forced a gap in the river embankment at that point to flood terrain in the path of the American forces advancing on the capital. They also report that the Iraqis have driven another gap in the Tigris embankment north of Al Amara, to flood the route to be covered by American ground forces on their way from points south of Najef to the river crossing at al Kut.

If the 101st secures Hindiya today and is able to widen its bridgehead on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, it will have opened the road to the Iraqi capital to American columns.

This achievement will owe much to the tactical methods practiced by the 101st Division. Before the main force moves forward, it sends behind enemy lines a large number of small reconnaissance squads of no more than 5 to 10 men each. They spy out enemy tank, artillery, control and command positions, call up the division’s helicopters and, using laser and infra red instruments, guide them into attack. Only after enemy artillery and armor are wiped out does the main body move forward and storm the virtually defenseless enemy lines.

The battle for Hindiya is the war’s potential turning point. Saddam Hussein must decide whether or not he can set up a second line of defense on the western outskirts of the city to prevent the 101st from breaking through in two heads – one aiming for Saddam International Airport, the second for Al Falujjah northwest of Baghdad, to cut off the main expressway leading west out of Baghdad to the Jordanian capital of Amman.

This dual movement would amount to a siege of the northern and western outskirts of the capital. The Iraqi ruler will also have to decide whether to try and halt American troops by opening the floodgates between the great rivers or to resort without further ado to his weapons of mass destruction.

Nostradamus: Century 9:81 L.2 "Enemies to assail from 'THREE' sides." a confirmation
Date: Saturday, April 05, 2003 7:45 PM

Century 9:81 Line 2, a confirmation [Line 3 and 4 to follow as War Progresses.]

L2: "Enemies to assail from 'THREE' sides."

A short quote from the Los Angeles Times Front Page Story 04-05-03

"U.S. forces were coming at Baghdad from three directions, all generally to the south of the capital. U.S. officials said they were not sure what Iraqi troops were doing, but some analysts said they believe at least some were retreating into Baghdad to make a last stand there."

Century 9:81 L.4: "The beams[=rays] will bring the 'transmitter' [=translator] to fail"
Date: Sunday, April 06, 2003 2:40 PM

Nostradamus foretells the failure of the 'TRANSMITTER' in the Iraq War caused by the 'radiancy,' meaning beams or even rays.

Please take note of a News Media Article related to this Line of Prophecy:


"Few Iraqis have seen the TV broadcast, because power was cut in much of the city and the TV signal is very weak as the transmitters have been hit repeatedly. Most rely on radio to hear military communiques and a series of messages from the president, read by the information minister, urging them to turn Baghdad into "a citadel of resistance".

A Special note:

Line Three of the prophecy is still under intensive language analysis, BUT DOES CONTAIN THE VEILED WORD: 'CHEMICALS' associated with the term, 'hoods,' which can have the definition of 'street fighters.'

Line Three: [undecoded]: Century 9:81

"A strange number of tears [=Greek origination for the word: 'chemical'] from hoods."

A NOSTRADAMUS Prophecy update: Article: Illicit Arms Kept Till Eve of War, an Iraqi Scientist Is Said to Assert
Monday, April 21, 2003 3:10 PM

In Century 9:81 L.3, Nostradamus foretold:
[a 'Green Language' analysis is used]

U.N. unnacounted for amount of chemicals from 'veils' [covers, concealments].

The word, 'strange,' as used in the prophecy line can also possibly be foretelling the 'foreign, out of country,' potential in the concealment of WMD weapons.

Then, the last line [4] of the Prophecy relates:

The 'beams' [rays, radiancy, waves] will bring [or cause] the 'transmitter' to fail.

This gives an astoundingly accurate detail of one of the very main ponts of this particular War. The use of highly accurate munitions that could cause damage to Iraq's electrically related equipment ... such as radio/television transmitters.

Illicit Arms Kept Till Eve of War, an Iraqi Scientist Is Said to Assert

April 21, 2003

A Nostradamus Update: The Century 9:81 L.3, the 'Green Language' coded information reveals the following ONLY:

"U.N. Unconventional [also unaccounted ... or ... uncounted] amounts of Chemicals from 'veils,' covers ... concealments. Also, the word 'strange,' as used in the line of the prophecy portends the possibility of 'foreign' or 'out of country' situations. It now appears that Chemicals of a precusor nature have indeed been located in buried ... covered ... veiled locations. Just as Nostradamus seems to foretell in the verse.

To view the entire article, visit

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

U.S. confirms find of chemical-arms ingredients



Did Nostradamus Predict The Greatest Act of "American" Terrorism?

[updated and corrected edition for December 1, 2002]

THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING Occurred on: April 19th, 1995 in U.S.A.

The bombed-out ruins of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City


Verse Quoted from:
"Nostradamus and His Prophecies,"
By Edgar Leoni, Wing Books, 1982 edition.
Pages 228 & 229.

Quatrain 28

"Lors que Venus du Sol sera couvert,
Sous la splendeur sera forme occulte:
Mercure au feu les aura déscouvert,
Par bruit bellique sera mis à l'insulte."

"When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Under the splendor will be a hidden form:
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
Through warlike noise it will be insulted."

Commentary and decoding analysis
by "NostraBOBus" Egan [Robert Bruce Egan]
Nostradamus Consultant for
Now with over 14,400,000+ hits


Line One:
Lors que Venus du Sol sera couvert,"
"When Venus will be covered by the Sun

The first line of the verse gives scant information if taken at face value, and a "first sight" reading reveals no significant information. However, when the simple coding technique of the addition of a single letter to a word is used, the true hidden meaning begins to clarify and verifies a recognized "green language" technique for coding and veiling the true meaning of the prophecy.

The old English word for "floors" is in use here. The spelling at the time only contained the use of a single "o." The word "floors" is defined as the basic structure of a building and the various “levels" involved.

The very next word is a cleverly hidden phonetic "sounds alike" clue for Greek word for "clue" or "hint." [a cue] The given clue is simply the word, "Venus."

Once again, with the application of the 16th Century "green language” technique of adding one additional letter, a hidden meaning becomes apparent. The real word in use, is in the Latin term, "ventus," which means, "wind."

One of the definitions for the word: "to spiral upwards into the air." The hidden coding begins to clarify with the potential information of:

"Floors spiraling upwards into the air."

To continue, the very next word in French, is the two letter word “du." These two letters become a further phonetic type clue, after the simple orthographic inversion of the formation of the letter: "d" then becomes the letter: "q." The "u," is now added back in, and forms the phonetically induced word, a sounds like: "que."

Que" or "cue," meaning to observe a "hint" or a "clue."

The "clue" is to be the very next word in the prophetic line, "Sol," normally meaning the word: "sun." However, when the concept of an "occult blind" is put into play, another "hidden" definition becomes apparent. The phonetic clue formed by simple English pronunciation becomes the word: "sole."

One of the earlier definitions given in the Oxford English Dictionary for the word "sole" relates the following information: "…the first floor, and/or basement of a building."

The term, when said aloud contains another piece of vital information: it becomes the word "soul." This can have the definition of the "center," or the "heart." Now, a fact of historical significance, the State name of "Oklahoma," in Indian language, means:

The "heartland," [the center] = "Oklahoma"

The horrific tragedy of the Oklahoma City Bombing involved a tremendous explosion that collapsed [observe the word "covered," as given in the line of the prophecy] the first floor of the Murrah Federal Center building into the basement foundation area, thus wiping out a child nursery area, and causing extreme difficulties in any rescue attempts.

A well remembered picture of this tragedy showed the opened floors of the building spiraling into the air with the first floor "covered” by the tremendous explosion taking place.

Line Two:
"Sous la splendeur sera forme occulte:"
"Under the splendor will be a hidden form:"

The second line of the verse begins by telling us of "something" positioned below, and/or at the bottom of what Nostradamus seems, at least at first reading, to be identified simply by the word: "splendor." The short edition of the Oxford English Dictionary identifies the word "splendor:" "…as a magnificent building or structure."

The accuracy of the following information becomes a very precise piece of proven historical reality.

Indeed, the explosion was caused by a vehicle parked at the bottom of this "magnificent building," with hidden volatile explosives carried within. Nostradamus uses the term: "…a hidden form."

How so?

The actual type of vehicle was a Ryder moving vehicle. Now, by simply saying aloud the word, "Ryder" the "occult blind," becomes chillingly apparent.

Remember, the "green language" technique of using a word with a correct "phonetic…sounds like," meaning? The word referred to then becomes the word: "rider." The term, "rider," according to the Oxford English Dictionary can have the meaning of, "…a form…," such as used when referring to an add-on to a legal contract or document. The true veiled meaning hides in the use of an acceptable synonym.

Line Three:
"Mercure au feu les aura déscouvert,"
"Mercury will have exposed them to the fire

The term "Mercury" at least at first glance, seems to tell us of the well-known planet in our Solar system. However, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, another meaning is given: "…a volatile explosive substance." Yes, such a mercurial explosion did occur, leaving the inhabitants directly in the path of the "fire," easily meaning a tremendous explosion.

Indeed, the identified "Ryder" rental vehicle hid the volatile "manure bomb" until detonation at the base of the building.

Absolutely amazing detailed accuracy is revealed in these prophetic lines written hundreds of years ago.

There is a high probability of Nostradamus attempting to actually code the very name of the "splendor" federal building into the verse line of the prophecy.

The letters "M U R R A," or, with phonetic [sounds like] veiled coding = "Murra[h]" seem to be hidden in the following two words [in the French]:

"Mercure au…"

How so?

The likely coding appears to be:

"E" can potential be the "connecting word" for "and, an, "n," in the Indo-European languages in use by Nostradamus
"R" then…
"C" = "see," observe, find…
"U" [once again…this is phonetic…sounds like…coding]. Then, the last two letters of the word, the
"RE," are reversed, and become:

Once again, the "E," becomes the connecting "and."

The letters: "M U R R" now becomes apparent

Now… consider the next two letter word: "AU"

This can have the "sounds like" phonetic equivalent PRONUNCIATION of: "AH." [such as in the word: "August"

[It should not be difficult to understand the concept of the use of hidden, or unpronounced letters in the use of languages, it is part and parcel of our basic usages and understanding of language itself.]

The potential coding appears to be the word:

MURRAH [The very name of the Federal Building destroyed In Oklahoma City]

Line Four:
"Par bruit bellique sera mis à l'insulte."
"Through warlike noise it will be insulted."

The fourth lines opens with what is now a recognized fact. This was an act of War, a militant act by an "American."

Does Nostradamus reveal the actual name of the perpetrator of this American warlike disaster?

Timothy McVeighYes, he does so by cleverly hiding his last name in the closing words of the verse: "…it will be…?

The veiled, hidden "green language" type clue, is contained in the word: "…insulted." The English Dictionary lists the synonym [and meaning]: "…to inveigh."

Now, add the easily seen word "mis," which carries the hidden phonetic sound clue of: [see the end of line four]

M + is = M + si = a phonetic [sounds like] equal to:


The name of [Timothy] "McVeigh" appears.

[Remember, "in," can mean "into," or even carries the meaning of "attached to." Once again, the name of McVeigh becomes a psychic reality.]


Special Notice to the Internet viewer: The following URL linkage will supply the reader with a full copy of the Centuries, in both French and English. It would be advisable to bookmark this particular URL.

IV 28 [as found on the website above] CENTURY 4: 28 [In both French and English]

"Lors que Venus du Sol ƒera couuert,
Sous l'eƒplendeur ƒera forme occulte
Mercure au feu les aura deƒcouuert
Par bruit bellique ƒera mis à l'inƒulte."

"Lors que Venus du Sol sera couuert :
Soubs l'esplendeur sera forme occulte :
Mercure au feu les aura descouuert
Par bruit bellique sera mis à l'insulte."

"Lors que Venus du Sol ƒera couuert,
Soubs la ƒplendeur ƒera forme occulte.
Mercure au feu les aura decouuert :
Par bruit bellique ƒera mis à l'inƒulte."

"When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Under the splendor will be a hidden form:
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire
Through warlike noise it will be insulted."




Comet NEAT V1: The Mabus Death Star?
by Michael McClellan

As if the Millennium Comet Quatrain 2.46 isn't unnerving enough with its seasonings of blood, war, famine, and plague, there is also this quatrain, possibly the most quoted, most dreaded, comet-related verse in The Centuries:

Quatrain 2.62

The death of Mabus avenged - [graphics effects by Michael McClellan, C 2001]Mabus will soon die, then will come
Of people and beasts a horrible destruction:
Then all too suddenly the vengeance is revealed,
A hundred, hand, thirst, hunger, when the comet shall run.

This dire prediction warns that the death of Mabus, when it occurs, will ignite a major holocaust somewhere in the world, quite possibly in the Middle East and, perhaps, far beyond the region. As the quatrain illustrates, a horrific retaliation will follow in the wake of his death, starting an escalating cycle of reprisals, possibly nuclear. Indeed, "hundred" and "hand" may refer to 100 nuclear-armed missiles, possibly ICBMs. They may also be linked to the 100 nuclear suitcases reported missing by the late Russian General Alexander Lebed in October 1997. The scope of the casualties is great, but how widespread is unknown.

The timing of Comet NEAT V1's passing, of course, couldn't have been more portentious. As members of President Bush's war cabinet and Pentagon planners prepare for stage two of the war on terror, which will begin soon in the form of a massive "shock and awe" air attack on Iraq and the possible death of Saddam Hussein, the Mabus scenario is now becoming a frighteningly real possibility. Add to the mix up to 43 Al Qaeda moles rerortedly living in the United States, up to 20 of them brain-washed university students, each one carrying an atomic, Hiroshima-type warhead in a suitcase.

Mabus must die first before the great slaughter can take place and he may die soon.

Who is Mabus?

Mabus is a versatile name that could point to more than one person -- male or female. For instance, Mabus is the name of a Dutch painter. Mabus was a minor figure in Arthurian legend. It is also the last name of the former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Raymond Mabus, who was interviewed in May 2002 about Osama bin Laden's influence in that region and in neighbouring Iraq. Trying to figure out who Mabus is or will be, I am beginning to believe, is a lot like figuring out who "the beast" of Revelation is or will be. There are so many opinions -- and the arguments are all seemingly rock solid.

However, it is a name that is to resonate particularly during a year when a major or naked eye comet appears in the sky. Let us examine the year of Comet Hale-Bopp, 1997, for an example:

The root of Mabus, truly, should be Mab, with the us as a Latinisation of Mab: Mab, thus, becomes Mabus.

There was a Celtic/Britonnic myth from Roman times about Mab and Maeve. Queen Mab was the legendary Queen of the Fairies in Britain. Nostradamus would have been aware of this bit of Celtic-inspired lore.

Comet Hale-Bopp Diana - a fairy tale princess who met with an unhappy end

Mab, the Fairy QueenPrincess Diana died on August 31, 1997 -- almost five months after Hale-Bopp reached its brightest magnitude (April 2). The repercussions of her death may not be finished. Perhaps Diana was Nostradamus' Mabus? He may have associated Princess Diana with the mythical Queen Mab of Britain. This would make the comet of Q2.62 Hale-Bopp and Diana's death a marker for what would precede World War III by five or six years. Perhaps Nostradamus was simply saying that Diana (symbolised by the beloved Queen Mab[us]) would die "too soon" (at age 36) at the time of a spectacular comet (Hale-Bopp) -- and that after her death World War III would begin. From the perspective of Nostradamus in 1555 (and from the perspective of history), five or six years is not much time, although a great deal of time to us.

Then again, look at what nearly happened only a few months after Diana's death: a major air campaign against Iraq was being contemplated then to destroy Saddam's WMD. Use of tactical nuclear weapons were being considered by Pentagon planners. Russian President Boris Yeltsin was threatening World War III if the US attacked Iraq. It was estimated that at least 800,000 Iraqi civilians would have died in the planned "Operation Desert Thunder" scheduled to begin February 28, 1998 had UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan not intervened. Sound eerily similar to what is being planned now?

Note the time period for Quatrain 2.62 had the final stage played out, leading to millions of deaths in the Middle East and perhaps globally: from April 2, 1997 to February 28, 1998 -- a period of nearly eleven months. Seems like events are moving a lot faster than that when reading the quatrain doesn't it?

But then again, perhaps Mabus is not from the Middle East, but from another region: the Balkans. For that take, that Mabus may be Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Miroljub Labus proceed to special presentation.



The Revised and Completed Edition of the "D.C. Sniper"
Nostradamus Prophecy in Century 3:40
[November 12th, 2002]


Sniper gun


Revealing the Names of John Allen Mohhamad [as J.A. Williams] and Lee Malvo
in a "Chevy" and finally "Turned Over by Narcs" [=Narks]

By Robert Egan (aka NostraBOBus)


The following verse [only] is quoted from “The Prophecies of Nostradamus” by Edgar Leoni. This classical work has recently been republished and is available in most bookstores and through the internet.

For further information on the use of “Green Language” decoding and analyzing techniques in use in the following presentation, I would refer the reader to the newly printed edition of “The Secrets of Nostradamus, A Radical New Interpretation of the Masters Prophecies” by the noted Nostradamus Scholar David Ovason.


Century 3: 40 [In English & French]

The great theater will come to be set up again:
The dice cast and the snares already laid.
Too much the first one will come to tire in the death knell,
Prostrated by arches already a long time split.

Le grand théâtre se viendra redresser,
Les dés jetés et les rets ja tendus.
Trop le premier en glas viendra lasser,
Par arcs prostrais de long temps ja fendus.


The following commentary and “green language” decoding analysis by Nostrabobus Egan.

Line One
“The great theater will come to be set up again:”
“Le grand théâtre se viendra redresser

Nostradamus, once again, seems to be vague and perplexing in the opening line of the verse. However, when the word, “grand,” is presented as an English word, we begin to arrive at the needed clarity of meaning. “Grand, is a synonym for the English word: “Capital.”

The next word in the line of the verse is: “theater.”

The Oxford English Dictionary gives the meaning as a large area under military direction or control. In the The Federal Government’s approved use of military airplanes in the D. C. SNIPER scenario, as witnessed by the almost unprecedented use of military reconnaissance aircraft and their accompanying military crews in the D.C. Sniper scenario, Nostradamus has chosen a very correct and appropriate wording. [Line two of the prophecy will give the “D.C.” inference needed to actually identify which Capital he is actually mentioning.]

The first line continues with the words “…will come” foretelling of an arrival or travel to a destination, in this case the D.C. area. It also can denote a circuitous round or journey being involved. The two words also carry the meaning of “befall,” a very possible and clever way of giving a “time sequence” to the events transpiring in the month of October.

The line goes on to tell, “…to be set up again.” The word “again” can refer to a repetition of action or events. The term “set up,” can easily mean an ambush, and in this case, with repeated incidences denoted.

Nostradamus is capable of more than one set of meanings arising from his choice of words. The term “set up” also can mean “carriage,” which usually would refer to style [model]. However, the word, “carriage” can easily infer a conveyance, usually meaning a four wheeled device for the transportation of people.

Also, the term “set up” has another definition of interest: “…shoot.” In checking into the possibility that Nostradamus might have chosen words to convey the “style” [model] of the “carriage, the following British definition of “shoot” contains a potential revelation of the particular type vehicle in use in the shootings.

The word “shoot, often refers to a hunt with a gun[s]. Further, an older British language term for a hunt was the word “chevy.” [The car in use turned out to be an older blue Chevy caprice model.]

I originally came to a preliminary conclusion in my intensive word meaning research that Nostradamus was most likely referring to the use of a white van based partly on what can often times be seen on some Tarot Card #13, the Death card, which is a man riding a white horse. This has since proven to be incorrect; but a reasonable assumption based on preliminary information at the beginning of the case, when a number 13 Tarot card was being analyzed for clues and possible meanings.

To continue, the wording, “…to be set up again” contains at least one other possible revelation of relating a hidden meaning, whereas a name seems to be a definite possibility.

The term, “set up” can mean “fix” or “lay.”

If Nostradamus is veiling the possibility of a specific name by writing “to be fix or fixed,” it is potentially possible to track down an actual name. To be “fixed” denotes the word “determined” [also “resolute”] as a synonym or meaning. In the meaning of names [Celtic], the names, “Williams, also William carries the meaning of: “determined guardian,” also given as “resolute protector.”

John Allen Muhammad aka John Allen WilliamsThe real given birth name of John Allen Mohammad was Williams, he had only recently changed his last name to Mohammad within the last year or so. John A. Williams had served in the United States Army from 1985 to 1995. His service record also shows periods of time served in the Washington and Louisiana National Guard, hence the term “determined guardian” certainly fits the profile of the man and his given name.

The reader can also find the word “laid,” actually a past tense of the word “lay” in the following Line Two of the Prophecy. This can give even further clarification of the above mentioned clue for the name “Williams,” the “determined guardian.”

This time, notice the two letter French spelling of “already,” in place before the term, “laid,” is spelled, “ja.”

Nostradamus could very well be foretelling the exact name of John Allen Williams, as “J. A.” Williams.

Line Two
“The dice cast and the snares already laid.”
“Les dés jetés et les rets ja tendus.”

Here, by the use of phonetics, meaning a “sounds like” clue, Nostradamus reveals the Capital in question. The Washington, “D.C.” being the National Capital of the United States of America. The “sounds like” occulted in “di” + “ce.” The next word in the line of the verse is given as “…cast.” An acceptable meaning and synonym for the word, as given in the OED [Oxford English Dictionary] is the word, “shoot, or to shoot.”

Please notice a definite potential of the phonetic possibility of the two letter word “to,” sounding like “two.” It could be taken as a clue for the number of individuals involved in doing the shootings. Once again, please review the British meaning of a “shoot,” [= “Chevy”] in the commentary on Line One of the verse.

The word “shoot” can also mean to take a “shot,” usually from a concealed area, or position and at a long distance. [As defined in the “OED.” = Oxford English Dictionary.]

The line of the verse then foretells: “…and the snares already laid.” This infers advanced preparation for the “traps,” [= snares, ambushes]. The term “laid” can also being referring to laying flat, in a prone position, thus to be in a prostrate position.

There is another English word possible in delving the true hidden meanings of the word “lay” or “laid.” The word is “abase.” A very significant possibility of Nostradamus foretelling the influence and advanced preparation involving the “a base.” How so? The term in Arabic, “al Qaeda” means “the base.”

I continue to hold the high possibility of the influence of “al Qaeda” either directly or indirectly, being involved in the situation. There is certainly profound evidence of a “fanatic Moslem” belief system in evidence in the two persons involved, especially John Mohammad. The possibility of a type of “5th column” situation remains a very high possibility. John Mohammad definitely believed in the fanatic concept of the “Holy War,” the Jihad. [also spelled Jahad, see last line of the prophecy].

I believe there is much more to come in this regard, not yet totally revealed to the public for reasons of National Security, and a rather extensive ongoing investigation into the reasoning, and planning behind the attacks.

Terrorism was certainly the end result of what happened, and certainly caused and aided by the fanatical belief system of those involved, either directly or indirectly. We would be foolish not to believe the al Qaeda, and other terrorists groups have not been following this entire matter with keen interest as to the effects it has had on the American public and media.

The public has only recently been told to expect a great deal more of the smaller type groupings behind terrorist acts, such as one, two or three people involved with no necessity of direct linkage to those at the top of these organizations for permission to act, and/or finance such situations. This marks a new level of difficulty and concern over the evolving methods being used by these groups.

Line Three
“Too much the first one will come to tire in the death knell,
“Trop le premier en glas viendra lasser

Nostradamus, under what I have come to believe as the influence and aid of “divine intelligence[s]” who knew of the future and were capable of aiding him in embedding more than one level of meaning in the lines of his prophecies is evidenced in this third line.

My first and preliminary analysis of this third line only seemed to reveal the First Army would cover, extend over and protect the area in questions, by the use of planes with a “lasser,” [actually sounded correctly, but spelled “lasser,” not all that unusual in the “green language” type coding found in Nostradamus.]

The OED relates one of the very old meanings and a synonym for the word as “reflector.” This could easily infer the type of state of the art camera device put in use by the almost unprecedented use of two RC’s 7 spy planes with their military crews in use, and put under direction of civil and federal government authority during the crises.

Briefly, this interpretation was arrived at by using older Provencal French in the meaning of the French spelled word “trop” as a group or body of soldiers. Then, the term “le premier” was interpreted as “the first.”

The conclusion reached was the prophetic mentioning of the United States First Army [certainly defined as a body of soldiers] which was responsible for the very special spy planes with the state of the art reflector type two way cameras.

The old English term, “glasen,” was then arrived at by combining the next two words in the verse, “…glas en.” Once again, the meaning arrived at was to extend over, to cover and protect.

The very next word in the prophetic line, …viendra” becomes an occulted meaning:

The “vien” becomes “vieu,” with the use of the orthographic [meaning the actual formation of the letter in itself] clue of the inversion of the “n” to a “u.”

The next letter “d” when inverted becomes a “q.” This is a phonetic type “green language” clue for the word “que” meaning clue or hint.

Further, the next letter is an “r” which often appeared in French writings of the time very much like the letter “l,” often standing for the word “the,” in the French language. At the time, the only basic difference between the orthographic formation of the two letters was a triple thick dot of ink at the very top of the stem of the letter, then forming the “r.” Hence, the use of an occulted method for veiling the true meanings presented in the lines of the prophecies.

The final single letter remaining is the veiled wording is the “a,” which has the French meaning of “to.” The trick here is the sounding of “to,” which becomes the same sound as “two.” The next, and final word in the 3rd line of the prophecy is “…lasser.” This term, only slightly veiled by the inserting of an additional “s” and a common practice of concealment in Nostradamus verses was by the insertion or removal of a letter in a given word. The word becomes “laser.”

An older definition of the word as found in the OED [Oxford English Dictionary] is the term, “a reflector.” This could easily be inferred to be a two way camera device as found on the two RC-7 Spy planes ordered in use by the Federal Government authorities.

One other final clue needs to be pointed out, Where is the term “planes,” found in the 3rd line?

The answer can be found in the combining of the French words in the 3rd line: “…glas en,” or as used in veiled meaning above, the older English word, “glasen.” [The verse line can be found repeated for ease in following the hidden “Green language” interpretation directly below the next paragraph.]

Remember, that in the 16TH Century the letter “g,” was made with a straight down tail. By inverting the orthographic formation of the letter itself, it is easy to Reveal a “p.” Thus, “plas en,” now appears, and becomes the word, “planes.” In this case “two” planes.
[see below]

For the ease of the reader in following the “double meaning” interpretation of Line 3, the line is repeated here:

Line Three [repeated]
“Too much the first one will come to tire in the death in the death knell,
“Trop le premier en glas viendra lasser

Now, a “second level” of hidden prophetic details appears in this third line. Follow this closely, as the information revealed is amazingly detailed and accurate. The interpretation is much easier to follow than the “first level,” and there is actually no need to “rearrange” the basic wording to arrive at the message Nostradamus relates.

Malvo, left, with Muhammad in an undated photoA name is to be revealed here; the name only slightly veiled is: “LEE MALVO.”

First, Nostradamus seems to be telling of someone doing “too much” vaguely identified as “the first one” or as he writes in French “…le premier.” The only slightly veiled meaning is given in one of the other meanings for “le premier.” It can mean “the chief.” In running the term through a name meaning dictionary, I find the term “chief” is the Celtic language meaning for the name: “MALVIN.”

Please notice the small two letter word in French, “le” directly in front of this name. The phonetic sound alike for the easily pronounced name of: “Lee.”

Remember the two letter word “in” can mean “within” or “into.” The information, only needing slight “decoding” becomes: Lee Malv + “in=within=into.” [It is often the case in the works of Nostradamus to find a single letter missing, or inserted in the veiling of a name of a person or even a city.]

What further, and immediately presented evidence exists in this particular interpretation for the name of LEE MALV[O]?

The confirmation of the name Lee Malvo being revealed resides in the stark detailed truth as given in the full third line of this prophetic quatrain. The reader should consider the fantastic mathematical probability of the name just happening to coincidentally appear with the stark information that actually lead to the solving of the case.

According to the authorities involved, it was the frequent calling [to ring, to toll=tolling] of none other than the 17 year old Lee Malvo that lead to the unraveling of the case. This just happens to be a very key factor in the entire scenario, parts of which are still under close and continuing investigation.

Lee Malvo had reportedly made several attempts to call the authorities with his various demands, and had reached the point of almost extreme frustration in attempting to do so. It certainly could be said, “Too much Lee Malvo tires in his “tolling, which means, “to ring, call and phone!” Now, if you look back at the line of the verse it relates, how supposedly he would come to tire, “…in the death knell [= toll].” Upon checking into the various possible meanings for the French words, “en glas,” I simply discovered a valid alternative meaning for the term: “tolling.” Once again, the meaning is to “bell, ring, call and phone.”

It has only recently been released to the public the information regarding the finding of only Lee Malvo’s fingerprints on the rifle used in the D.C. area shootings. The terms used, “…to tire in the death knell, or put another way, “to tire in the death toll, can also give further meaning and clarity to the prophecy presented.

There is another possible reason why Nostradamus used the word “tire.” It also carries to meaning of the word: “tense.” This could potentially convey the phonetically induced, sounds like clue of: “se[e] ten.” The recorded death of TEN sniper victims happened in the “D.C. theater” area. [See line one of the prophecy analysis] Thus, “ten” in the death knell [=toll, giving us the meaning of a total number in this case.]

To continue…

My original posted analysis and decoding was somewhat off the mark for Line Four. I had incorrectly arrived, in advance of the event, the possibility of Nostradamus foretelling the “a RC’S” would be responsible for the overturning, and/or destruction of those involved. I believed this to be referring to the two spy planes brought into the case with their special state of the art detection cameras.

However, upon further analysis, I find that Nostradmus had used what is called by the noted Nostradamus Scholar, David Ovason, an “occult blind.” This means the event remains in a hidden method of real meaning not easily seen or understood till the facts present themselves.

Line Four
“Prostrated by arches already a long time split.”
“Par arcs prostrais de long temps ja fendus.”

Just what type of “occult blind” used becomes readily apparent when the insertion of just one letter in front of the word, “par…arcs…” is put into use. It was not uncommon for Nostradamus to use this “green language” type veiling method to hide the true intent of what was being portrayed. The 4th line now becomes, “Par N+arcs [=Narcs]. Then, a Latin word appears next in the fourth line, “prostrais.” This has the meaning of, ruined, destroyed and overturned. Now notice what becomes revealed when “overturned” easily becomes “turned over.”

Thus, starting with the information in Line Three, and continuing into Line Four, which now starts with the vital information: “By narks turned over.” Of course, the term “narc[s] is defined as one who informs on another and “turns over” information, and/or a person or persons involved with the information. This became the very exact way the case began to be solved; by the piecing together of information by “narcs,” with the phone rantings of none other than Lee Malvo!

Also the final finding of the two suspects asleep in their car, a “Chevy” [see the beginning two lines of this prophecy analysis regarding the use of this word by Nostradamus] was accomplished mainly because of, and “by narcs.”

To continue, Nostradamus then ends the final fourth line of the Quatrain, in Century 3: 40, by stating: “…for/of a long time [a lengthy time…a long period] “split.”

I have come to the conclusion of a least two possible meanings can be found in the use of this particular word, “split.” Once again, a “two level” understanding of veiled prophetic truth and revelation, not fully understood until the actual events are occurring, or have occurred.

The word “split” can have the meaning of “to halve," also an alternative spelling would be, “half.” If this could be taken simply as a phonetic type clue, and not all that unusual for Nostradamus to use, we also have the phonetic sound alike for the English word, “have.” The past tense form of “have” is the three letter word, “had.”

Now, by simply adding the small two letter word, in French, “…ja,found just before the very last word of the Fourth and final line, a word appears of great and potential interest.

The word appearing, “ja” + “had,” spells: “JAHAD.”

This is the term presently being used by the fanatic Moslem types, meaning “Holy War” such as the “al Qaeda” meaning “the base” in the Arabic language. [Do not become confused over the alternative spelling, of the word often seen in Western Newspapers as “Jihad.”]

Please review my lengthy comments and analysis of a very possible involvement of “JAHAD,” type thinking and related behavior, whether directly of indirectly influencing these two individuals and their “terrorist” type activities. Many questions in this regard remain only partially answered by the authorities involved.

However, THE END RESULT WAS INDEED RELATED TO TERRORISM. Also, to the concept and practice of the fanatic Moslem belief relating to JAHAD. [“Holy War”]

For the reader’s ease in following the “second level” of analysis and “green language” interpretation the final fourth line of Century 3: 40 is repeated:

Line Four
“Prostrated by arches already a long time split.”
“Par arcs prostrais de long temps ja fendus.”

The “second level” of meaning is found in other definitions for the word “split.” The OED [Oxford English Dictionary] gives the definition and synonym “cut” which can mean “snip.” In checking the previous variations thru the Centuries for this word I noticed a 16th Century spelling of the word as: “snippe.” This particular spelling was also in use for the word “snipe.”

One of the main definitions for the word is, “to shoot a single round of ammunition from a concealed area usually from a distance.” The revealed truth becomes the apparent lengthy period of time the entire shooting spree[s] took place and one of the main methods of operation, apparently revealed as over several months.


I would appreciate hearing from those interested in Nostradamus and his methods of veiling his predictions. A great deal of time goes into the preparation of these intensely researched prophecies.



NOTE (10/13/02): The second and last round of current elections were held in Yugoslavia today. Due to a low voter turnout, the elections have been ruled invalid. A new election process will be re-launched by January 5, 2003. Until then, we will have to keep the following article regarding candidate Miroljub Labus on mothballs. Since he will remain a major candidate during the 2003 elections, it would be a good idea to be familiar with this all-important article I wrote back in August. Originally written in anticipation of the September 29 elections, which ended in a tie, it was re-titled and very slightly revised for the October 13 run-off race.


Will Mabus Be Elected on October 13, 2002?
by Michael McClellan


Yugoslav Deputy Prime Minister Miroljub Labus casts preliminary ballot


Quatrain 2.62

Mabus will soon die, then will come
Of people and beasts a horrible destruction:
Then all too soon the vengeance is revealed,
A hundred, hand, thirst, hunger, when the comet shall run.


Back in August I posted much of what follows on my Prophetic Messenger Service forum. However, I now believe this is far too important not to share on this website as well.

While we worry about what will happen when and if Saddam Hussein is killed during the coming invasion of Iraq, we do so with the belief that he is the "Mabus" whose death is prophesied by Nostradamus. After Mabus dies, the scenario that follows in Quatrain 2.62 looks very much like a nightmarish description of World War III.

I now believe that we may have been paying too much attention to the Middle East as the likely place where Mabus will arise and die. Meanwhile, in the Balkans, without so much as a media fanfare or a notice by any of us, an important presidential election has been playing out in Yugoslavia.

On October 13, 2002, current President Vojislav Kostunica will run for president in a second round of elections against his main rival: Deputy Prime Minister Miroljub Labus.

Miroljub Labus? How close does one need to get to call this fellow Mabus?

Nostradamus was so Euro-centered that it makes sense that Mabus would be an anagram of an European name. We have been so impatient over the years waiting for this character to show up that we have perhaps mistakenly bought into and sold the "Saddam is Mabus backwards" idea with too much enthusiasm.

Need I remind anyone that the European prophets have said that the assassination of a Yugoslav or Hungarian leader in the Balkans would trigger a Russian invasion of Europe and all the horrors of a third global war. Here are a few:


A Sister of Queen Brigite Order, Rome (published in 1970) --

The Third World War will begin a few days after the murder of a leader in the sector of Yugoslavia-Hungary.


Alois Irlamier --

... the actual firing spark is set on fire in the Balkans: I see a 'large one' falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him -- then impact is on impact.

Two men kill a third high-ranked. They were paid by other people ...

After the murder of the third it starts overnight ... The war begins at sunrise. He comes along very rapidly ...


The implications of a Labus win in October brings with it both hope and dread.

On the one hand it could mean that the planned US war to topple Saddam Hussein may be a successful enterprise. If Saddam is not Mabus, perhaps there will not be mass destruction in the Middle East, Israel, or the United States from Saddam's alleged chemical and biological weapons and no need for the US or Israel to introduce nuclear weapons into the conflict. Indeed, a successful regime change may take place as hoped, with the installation of a member of the former royal family.

However, I doubt this will be accomplished quickly without bloodshed in the north due to infighting among rival Kurd groups as well as the Turkish and Iranian armies (Iran will have interests too in the Shiite south).

The prophesied withdrawal of American troops ("defeat") during a war in Saudi Arabia and resulting Russian conquest of the oil fields may come at a much later time, perhaps not for another three or four years, and may have little or nothing to do with the planned invasion of Iraq.

On the other hand, if Labus is Mabus he will be in power in the most dangerous part of the world. His assassination, as predicted, would lead to catastrophe unimaginable since it would lead to revolution on a grand scale and thus trigger a Russian advance on the whole of Europe. This is the war few of us will survive. This is the conflict that would lead to total thermonuclear war between Russia and the United States and turn a number of major West European cities into lakes of fire.

Indeed, the danger posed to the Balkans, and then later the entire world, may come sooner than expected. What if what happened to Pim Fortuyn of the Netherlands happens to Miroljub Labus in Yugoslavia next month? What if it happens and the US is at war in Iraq at the time? A major Balkan conflict would ensue, both theatres (Middle East and Balkans) would be at war as prophesied, and the Russian invasion of Europe would not be far off. Also, even now, China prepares for war with Taiwan, ready to take advantage of a US quagmire in the Middle East ...

Then, of course, there still remains my theory that more than one man was intended by Nostradamus to be represented by Mabus. A code in other words. When Shah Ahmed Massoud was killed last September 10, his death inaugurated great destruction the following day on 9/11 ... as I warned ...

Perhaps Saddam is to be the second Mabus, in which case we must all prepare for the coming war against Iraq with great trepidation. At the very least great regional destruction will result and a revenge nuclear attack on New York City.

If this Mabus as code theory is correct, the death of the third and final Mabus, Miroljub Labus, will result in global destruction.

He is coming, Mabus is coming, and he may be head-of-state in the Balkans after October 13 -- if he wins the election, that is.

Or would he even have to win? What does Alois Irmaier say about the murder of a "third high-ranked"? Labus, as Deputy Prime Minister, is third in power from the top two positions of the offices of President and Prime Minister.

Is it possible that now, finally, the identity of Mabus has been uncovered? If I am correct, in October the whole world will know who he is. If he wins the elections in Yugoslavia, as long as Labus lives will be as long as the world has to live ... likely no longer than until the year 2006 if not sooner .... perhaps, much sooner ...

Pray he does not die ...


Yugoslav presidential candidate, Deputy Prime Minister Miroljub Labus


The following articles are from BBC News, CNN, Free Serbia, and the Serb-run Internet news service B92:


Serbia's elections ruled invalid -- election process to be re-launched by January 5, 2003

Sunday, October 13, 2002 Posted: 4:19 PM EDT (2019 GMT)

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) -- Serbia's first presidential elections since Slobodan Milosevic was ousted from power were ruled invalid Sunday because of low turnout, independent vote monitors said. Widespread voter apathy -- triggered by the slow pace of reforms, quarreling between pro-democracy leaders who ousted Milosevic and low living standards -- produced a turnout of 45.5 percent, according to the independent Center for Free Elections and Democracy. The legal minimum for valid elections was 50 percent.

"Definitely, there is no possibility that these elections succeeded," said Zoran Lucic, a spokesman for the group. "We have not reached our goal with these elections and we did not elect a president."

Lucic said that exit polls showed that Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica won 66.7 percent of the votes, and that deputy Prime Minister Miroljub Labus had 31.3 percent. But with Sunday's vote invalid, Serbs will have to re-launch the election process by January 5, 2003. Official turnout figures and results were not expected before Monday.

In 1997, a vote for the Serbian presidency failed because of low turnout. A new round of voting the same year led to the election of Milan Milutinovic, the current Serbian president and a former Milosevic ally. Milutinovic -- who kept a low profile after Milosevic's ouster -- is also wanted by the U.N. tribunal for alleged war crimes in Kosovo.

Kostunica on Sunday criticized the Milosevic-era election law that requires large turnouts and two rounds of voting, calling it "irrational."

Kostunica has repeatedly said that a failure to elect the Serbian president would inflict "instability, tensions and chaos" on the republic and jeopardize unfinished reforms.

Kostunica, a moderate nationalist, finished first in the first round of the elections on Sept. 29, but failed to get a majority needed for outright victory. Kostunica succeeded Milosevic as Yugoslavia's president, who was ousted in October 2000.

Turnout was 55 percent in the first round, but Milosevic's allies -- including ultranationalist leader Vojislav Seselj -- who failed to make it to the runoff urged their supporters to boycott the vote. "It's a pity that these elections did not succeed," said Slobodan Samardzic, an adviser to Kostunica, blaming the outcome on the "outdated" election law that requires a high turnout.

Ultranationalist leader Vojislav Seselj, who failed to advance beyond the Sept. 29 first round of the elections, had urged his supporters to boycott the elections. But many Serbs had other reasons to stay home.

Many in Serbia had hoped for a faster improvement in living standards after Milosevic. Average salaries have gone up, but have barely kept pace with soaring prices despite the relative stability of the national currency, the dinar. Unemployment stands at a staggering 40 percent. Galvanizing voters into action was a challenge for Kostunica and Labus. Both advocate economic reforms, membership in the European Union and cooperation with the West, but disagree over the best way to achieve those goals.

The most contentious issue between the candidates centered on a power struggle between Kostunica and Labus' powerful backer, Serbia's Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic. Kostunica and Djindjic have argued almost daily over the pace and style of reforms after they jointly led the rebellion against Milosevic. Kostunica has promised to bring down Djindjic's government if he wins the presidency.

Kostunica will lose his current job when the post of Yugoslav president disappears later this year. Under an EU-supported plan, a new country is to be formed that turns the republics, Serbia and Montenegro, into a loose union.

Only hours before the polls closed, the Serbian Orthodox Church's influential patriarch, Pavle, had issued a dramatic televised appeal for Serbs to vote. The Patriarch said in a statement that the church was "seriously worried" that a failure of the vote "could cause a significant deterioration of the political situation and upset the functioning of the state and its international relations."


Kostunica wins first round, Seselj eliminated -- Labus and Kostunica face off October 13 for run-off elections

Monday, 30 September, 2002, 08:19 GMT 09:19 UK

BBC News

The current Yugoslav President, Vojislav Kostunica, has won the initial stage of Serbia's presidential elections, the first poll since the fall of Slobodan Milosevic almost exactly two years ago.

Provisional results
Vojislav Kostunica - 31%
Miroljub Labus - 28%
Vojislav Seselj - 22%

He will face Yugoslav Deputy Prime Minister Miroljub Labus in a run-off vote in two weeks' time.

Ultra-nationalist Vojislav Seselj, who was backed by former President Slobodan Milosevic, finished third and is eliminated from the poll. Mr Seselj had been endorsed by Mr Milosevic from The Hague, where the former leader is on trial on war crimes charges.

Low turn-out

After a low turn-out, estimated at 55%, Mr Labus said he was only 100,000 votes behind Mr Kostunica.

But as turnout is traditionally lower in the second round, there are now real fears that it will not reach the 50% threshold.

If that happens, the whole election will be invalid, plunging Serbia into a constitutional crisis, the BBC's Nick Thorpe reports from Belgrade.

Both leading candidates appealed to Serbians to come out in force in a fortnight's time. "I expect those who did not vote now to come out and vote for me," said Mr Kostunica ...


Serbia votes for new president -- Miroljub Labus is one of the frontrunners

Saturday, 28 September, 2002, 23:37 GMT 00:37 UK

By Matthew Price
BBC correspondent in Belgrade

Polling starts on Sunday morning in the first presidential elections to be held in Serbia since the fall of Slobodan Milosevic almost exactly two years ago.

Mr Milosevic, who is currently being tried for war crimes, has told his supporters to vote for the ultra-nationalist Vojislav Seselj.

But the polls suggest that the contest will be straight race between just two out of the eleven candidates standing: Yugoslav Deputy Prime Minister Miroljub Labus and Vojislav Kostunica, the current president of Yugoslavia.

Polls indicate that Mr Seselj will only manage a distant third.

However it is unlikely that either man will win the required 50% to take the presidency outright. If that is the case, a second round will be held in two weeks time.

Economic issues

Many observers expect the economy and standards of livings to play a huge part in helping people make up their minds on who to vote for.

Mr Labus is an economist and believes rapid economic reform is what Serbia needs to help improve peoples lives.

Mr Kostunica, who has appealed to the moderate nationalist vote during the campaign, feels the country is in danger of selling out to the West. He would like to try to reign in the Serbian Government, slowing its reform programme ...


Serbs to pick new president -- Polls show Kostunica running neck and neck with rival Labus

Saturday, September 28, 2002

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (CNN) -- Voters in Serbia are preparing to go to the polls to elect a new president.

Labus: "Serbia will be a safe place for investments"The poll on Sunday marks a showdown between two camps from the reformist movement that ousted former President Slobodan Milosevic in 2000. Opinion polls indicate the race is being led by rivals Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica and reformist Deputy Prime Minister Miroljub Labus.

If no candidate secures an absolute majority on Sunday, the top two from a field of 11 candidates will take part in a second round two weeks later.

Kostunica is standing as the federal Yugoslav administration is set to become less important when the two constituent provinces -- Serbia and Montenegro -- move towards a looser union.

Labus, a pro-Western economist, and Kostunica, a moderate nationalist, are both veterans of the disparate movement which temporarily united to oust Milosevic.

But while Labus has won Western praise for championing fast pro-market reforms, Kostunica has criticised the changes for throwing people out of work and into poverty. "The president could really make a great job of this EU accession process and push the Serbian parliament to adopt and change legislation," Labus told Reuters on the eve of polling.

"My election would be a very clear message to the international business community that Serbia will keep the same track of economic reforms and Serbia will be a safe place for investments. "If I am not elected, there will be some doubts."

Labus has the backing of Serbian Prime Minister, Zoran Djindjic, who is a fierce opponent of Kostunica.

The election marks the end of the political career of current President Milan Milutinovic, who, like Milosevic, has been indicted by the international war crimes tribunal in The Hague.

As well as Labus and Kostunica, also standing is ultranationalist Vojislav Seselj, who counts Milosevic among his allies.

Although not expected to win, the strength of support for Seselj will be an indication of how far Serbia has moved beyond the rule of Milosevic. "We have to be a little bit worried about his rise," said Milan Milosevic, a political commentator from the weekly magazine Vreme said. "He is the third force."

Seselj told the Associated Press he did not want to be interviewed. He said: "I want to remain immaculate. That way I can attack others who will definitely violate the silence."

However, during the campaign, Seselj has said his main goal as president would be to topple the pro-Western government that replaced Milosevic. "I'm ready to arrest all of them," he said ...


DOS Presidential Candidate Labus: I Will Bring Serbia Back To Where It Once Was

08/21/2002 19:57 CET

Belgrade - I will bring Serbia back to where it once was, declared today presidential candidate Miroljub Labus, during first day of his campaign around Serbia. He visited Mala Krsna, Smederevo, Velika Plana and Smederevska Palanka.

‘A president must have a vision to tell his people where the country should go. Last two years I have traveled around the world and now I search for the effects of that work. We deserve to live better’, said Labus in Velika Plana, where he spoke with the citizens and handed out his program.

He stressed the biggest issue in Serbia is unemployment and promised that once he became president he would see to it the jobs issue is solved.

Labus visited ‘Sartid’ iron forge where he said chances for progress were great and no one would stay jobless in spite of bankruptcy of ‘Sartid’.



THE FALL OF THE EASTERN WALL: Did Nostradamus Provide a Clue for When a US Invasion of Iraq Will Begin?
by Michael McClellan

The western and southern walls of the old Temple Mount:  The Wall in the East?

I am working under the assumption that, under the current international climate, a US invasion of Iraq will not be able to be contained to just Iraq. It is my belief that a number of side wars will occur -- and one of them will involve Israel and her Arab neighbours in Lebanon and Syria. Indeed, it still remains a distinct possiblity that an Arab-Israeli war will precede an attack against Iraq ... and it could very well be Iraq's involvement in such a war that will provoke an attack against it rather than any current plan under consideration to oust Saddam and destroy his WMD.

In any event, did Nostradamus mention the current period of "warnings" against Iraq we are now witnessing? There is one quatrain that may apply:


Quatrain 5.81

The royal bird over the city of the sun,
Seven months in advance it will deliver a nocturnal (nightly) warning:
The wall in the East will fall, thunder, lightning,
In seven days the enemies directly to the gates.

Dick Cheney issued his most hawkish speech so far

The royal bird, of course, is the Eagle, which can either symbolise the Holy Roman Empire or the United States of America. The connection to Paris, the city of the sun, is unclear. France is currently opposed to a war against Iraq. In a larger sense, France can represent Nato or the EU. According to a number of Nostradamus quatrains, Western Europe will be allied to America in the Middle East and the Balkans.

Many people believe the wall in the East that fell was the Berlin Wall in November 1989. Unfortunately, the rest of the quatrain doesn't work very well if that is true.

It is also possible that this could be the Great Wall of China sometime in the far-off future. But there is another, more compelling possibility:


Israel Warns Bulge In Holy Wall Could Collapse Any Moment

August 28, 2002

JERUSALEM (AFP) - Israeli experts warned that a bulge in the wall supporting a disputed Jerusalem site holy to both Jews and Muslims could collapse at any moment and ignite tensions across the region, a charge Palestinians dismissed as a bid to extend Israeli control of the site.

The hotly contested shrine was setting passions ablaze again, two days after members of the Israeli Committee to Prevent the Destruction of Antiquities on the Temple Mount sent an urgent warning to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon over a 35-foot (11 metre) wide swelling in the wall.

"In the current context of the intifada, this appears to have a very political implication," said Doctor Khaled Nashef, the director of the Palestinian Institute of Archaeology at Bir Zeit University near Ramallah.

The bulge is located on the southern side of the wall which buttresses the Al-Asa mosque compound, the third holiest site in Islam and a traditional political flash point where the Palestinian intifada erupted two years ago following a controversial visit by then opposition leader Sharon.

The mosque compound is built atop the remains of the Jewish temple, destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD and which remains the holiest site in Judaism.

Eilat Mazar, who heads the committee, said she warned the government nine months ago that the Palestinians were carrying out illegal excavations, creating a vacuum in important supporting soil and causing the bulge in the exterior wall of an area known as Solomon's Stables.

Members of the committee accuse the Palestinians of attempting to wipe out any Jewish traces on the site and call for joint supervision of the works, an option the Palestinians have categorically rejected.

"On the archaeological level, it is a huge disaster. Not only Jewish, but Islamic and Christian artefacts are being destroyed. It is everybody's heritage and what is going on is criminal," said Mazar, whose father Binyamin was one of the first archaeologists to search the site after Israel seized it in the 1967 war.

"But the most urgent concern is that tens of thousands of people are going to visit the mosque for Ramadan later this year and their lives will be at risk," she told AFP.

Adnan Husseini, who heads the Waqf -- or Islamic trust running the site -- dismissed the charges as a political move and turned the accusation against the Israelis, blaming their own excavations of a tunnel which runs along the nearby Western, or Wailing Wall.

"The issue of the bulge is not new. We have been monitoring it for a long time. We had a timetable to finish the restoration before Ramadan but the Israelis prevented us from continuing," he told AFP.

But according to the Israeli Antiquities Authority, the bulge has now sagged to a depth of 1.5 metres from 70 centimeters a year ago, and Mazar refuses to make it a political issue.

"Everything is political in Jerusalem. But does this mean nothing should be done?" she exclaimed. "Closing down the mosque is now a necessity. Who is going to take resoponsibility for the hundreds of people who will get killed if the wall collapses?"

A mysterious 12-inch stain on the nearby Wailing Wall -- Judaism's holy of holys -- stirred great excitement in July before experts found out it was caused by resin squeezed from the broken root of a shrub growing between the stones.

Some Jewish groups say it as a sign that the Messiah was about to return.

The bulge, hidden by scaffoldings which have not been used in months, has become the new tourist attraction in Jerusalem. But this time, Israeli newspapers were splashed with alarming scenarios of regional chaos.

"It looks like a scenario that could ignite the entire region: part of the Temple Mount collapses, hundreds of worshippers are killed, thousands more stream to the holy place in fury," the Maariv newspaper said Wednesday.

The new dispute comes amid renewed tensions between Israel's Jewish and Muslim communities and four days after the Israeli Islamic Movement, which cooperated with the Waqf for the excavations, drew 40,000 people to the compound for its annual convention.

When the intifada erupted, access the site was banned to non-Muslims.

In an editorial entitled "How We Lost the Mount", the top-selling daily explained: "The government's hands are tied. It will not allow, in these days of record tensions, the entry of Jews to the Temple Mount... but closing the gate to Jews signals the loss of any chance to exercise Israeli sovereignty over the Mount."


Nostradamus considered the Middle East to be a part of the "East" or "Orient." It appears that the Southern Wall could collapse at any time ... and when it does, there will be a war in the region. The attack on Israel will bring her enemies from the occupied Palestinian territories, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq directly to the gates of the Temple Mount!

And where will the United States be? Fighting Iraq, Al Qaeda units in Afghanistan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, and aiding Israel in her war with Syria and Lebanon.

When? There are two possible seven-month periods:

1) Beginning with the "axis of evil" speech by George W. Bush on the night of January 29, 2002. It is now seven months since that historic speech, and the warnings of war have been appearing in the news nightly ever since. This means the attack on Iraq or the start of a Middle East war is due to occur at anytime in the few days remaining to August or in the month of September.

2) The recent escalation of warnings about war with Iraq began in early July. If this is the start of the seven months, then war will not start until early February 2003. We can expect by then that Nato nations, especially France, will be a part of the coalition despite objections from the nations of Western Europe at this time.



Le Pen Shall Die ... A Shot Through the Eye!
Chirac Is the Destined Leader of France.
by Michael McClellan


Jean-Marie Le Pen


April 22, 2002 — This is a warning to Jean-Marie Le Pen and a reassurance to Jacques Chirac.

President Jacques Chirac will now almost certainly win the French presidential election in May 2002 — Jean-Marie Le Pen's victory has virtually assured that du grand Chiren will see another seven years or more as leader of France.

But what if Chirac does lose?

If Le Pen wins, I still believe Chirac will regain the presidency of France — and more — a few years from now.


People will realise he is the only hope for a France at war and the only hope for the future of the EU! And the challenger, the neo-Nazi Le Pen, shall die — from a bullet through the eye!


Quatrain 3.100

Among the French the least honoured one,

Against his enemy will be victorious:

Force and lands through action will be explored,

When suddenly from a shot the envious one dies.

Quatrain 3.41

A crooked one (or hunchback) will be elected by the council,

A more hideous monster on earth never seen,

The flying shot will pierce his eye,

The traitor whom the King received as loyal.

Quatrain 3.100 suggests that if Nostradamus' hero Chiren is President Jacques Chirac, he will not be a popular domestic leader among the French during the pre-war years. This has turned out to be true. However, as a liberator and commander-in-chief of Europe's armed forces, he will eventually be hailed as a monarch and later an emperor. And, like Alexander the Great, he will bring all the Western world's might to bear against the axis forces led by Russia and Iran during the Third World War.

The "envious one" — which may be Chirac's current and most challenging rival, ultranationalist leader Jean-Marie Le Pen — will be shot dead by an assassin's bullet. When is uncertain. It could be soon, even during the current election period, or later, because the military action described in line 3 of Quatrain 3.100 could take place this year or happen after certain years near the end of the coming global war. If later, Le Pen may attain a position in government that will continue to plague Chirac during his second term — until Le Pen is assassinated.

Le Pen may even win the election, only to be shot dead after a short term and Chirac re-installed.

He is called a "crooked one" and a "monster" because of his fascist, Nazi-like views. Such a man, Nostradamus warns, will be very bad for France and will become hated almost as quickly as he attains power, should he attain power.

The shot through the eye also sets an historical precedent for the beast of Revelation, for this event will be a recurring one. It will recur until the time of the beast, the AntiChrist, who will also be mortally wounded through the eye, but his wound will be miraculously healed. The AntiChrist, when he arrives over 230 years from now, will be a one-eyed king raised from the dead through the power of Satan.


UPDATE (5/8/02): Jacques Chirac was re-elected President of France on May 5, 2002, in a landslide victory as I predicted here and on the 2002 (Part One) page. He had to win, for he is the "great Chiren" of Nostradamus prophecy.

And, as I sensed, an ultranationalist contender was assassinated near election day by a fatal head shot. No, it was not Le Pen this time, nor was the election in France -- but Le Pen and other European radical and far right politicians should beware that they not share a fate similar to the man who was murdered in the Netherlands. This, I sense, may still be the fate of Le Pen if he remains a strong political force in France during the second term of Jacques Chirac. The bullet did not have the name of Le Pen on it, but instead had the name of Pim Fortuyn, who was running for Prime Minister of the Netherlands, holding its elections at the same time as France. This is perhaps too strange to be a coincidence.

Bruno Megret, head of France's right-wing National Republican Movement (MNR), has even made a link between the French hatred of Le Pen and Fortuyn's assassination.

Note this occurred the day following the French election:


Dutch far-right leader shot dead

Monday, 6 May, 2002, 21:43 GMT 22:43 UK

BBC News

Dutch ultranationilist Pim Fortuyn finished interview just before shootingThe Dutch right-wing politician Pim Fortuyn has been shot dead. Fortuyn, 54, was attacked as he left a radio studio in the central Dutch city of Hilversum. He was shot six times and suffered multiple wounds in the head, chest and neck, and died shortly afterwards. Police said they had arrested a white Dutch man in relation to the killing, but no motive has yet been established. The maverick politician, who had been campaigning on an anti-immigration ticket, was expected to do well in general elections in nine days' time, picking up at least 15% of the vote. After an emergency session, the Dutch Government called a halt to political campaigning - a decision on whether the poll will go ahead is to be taken on Tuesday.


BBC correspondent William Horsley said that the killing will raise the political tensions not only in the Netherlands, but potentially in many parts of Europe, where issues of immigration, race relations and nationalism have come to the centre of the political debate.

About 300 people gathered outside the parliament building in The Hague to express their anger at the killing. Mr Kok broke off campaigning to return to the official capital, the Hague. "This is deeply tragic first of all for him and for all his loved ones. It is also deeply tragic for our democracy," he said. Ad Melkert, leader of the governing socialists, said the shooting was "appalling". "It's hard to grasp this can happen in The Netherlands. Dutch democracy has lost its innocence," he told NOS television.

International reaction

Medics try to treat Pim Fortuyn after the shootingPoliticians across Europe joined in condemning the assassination. Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt said he believed something like this was "impossible in this day in age, in the European Union, in the 21st Century". His British counterpart Tony Blair warned against violently targeting politicians, regardless of their political beliefs. Far-right parties have also expressed strong sentiments. Expressing his shock, Bruno Megret, head of France's right-wing National Republican Movement (MNR), said: "If it was politically motivated, this criminal act shows to what extent certain hysterical positions like those shown by the French left over the past 15 days can incite hatred."

Gunman 'chased'

Eyewitnesses say a single gunman shot Fortuyn as he got into a chauffeur-driven limousine in the media park where the radio station is located. Television reporter Dave Abspoel said four people chased the gunman, who apparently fired in their direction. But the BBC's Geraldine Coughlan in the Hague says it would have been difficult to gain access to the media park, where several TV and radio studios are located, without going through tight identity and security checks. She said that the Dutch media and politicians have reacted with shock to an attack which is unprecedented in Dutch politics.


In an interview last week, Fortuyn expressed fears that he could be the victim of an attack and said that he had received threats by phone, e-mail and letter. A few weeks ago, protesters threw two cream pies laced with urine in his face. Although most Dutch politicians travel without any personal security, and often use public transport, Fortuyn did use private bodyguards, though he could not afford constant security. Fortuyn has provoked public indignation by calling for the Netherlands' borders to be closed to immigrants and by describing Islam as a 'backward' religion. Fortuyn said that, if he was successful in the 15 May elections, he would only be satisfied with the post of prime minister and would not accept a place in the cabinet.



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