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The major prophecy pages of my site, otherwise known as the Almanacs, feature predictions I have arrived at using my own personal systems of divination. In a number of instances, these predictions are supported by prophecies from other sources: Nostradamus, the Bible, Edgar Cayce, and others.

This page features prophecies by Nostradamus that may be on the road to being fulfilled or perhaps have already been fulfilled.


Nostradamus Prophecy on the Final Mission of the Space
Shuttle Columbia in Century 2:92

by Robert Egan (aka NostraBOBus)

Space shuttle Columbia lifts off

A startling Nostradamus prophecy foretelling the fiery break-up of Columbia over the Lone Star State of Texas with detailed information regarding the lift off and landing phase of the horrific tragedy with the actual foreseen cause of the incident clearly seen by Nostradamus. Caution: The term ‘human manslaughter’ is found in this stunning revelation written well over 400+ years ago.

[Also, newly discovered and detailed prophetic information on the Challenger Disaster of 1986 will soon be posted as taken from the Nostradamus work “The Centuries.”]

The Nostradamus Columbia Space Shuttle Prophecy

[Please be advised of the necessity of considering all four lines of the quatrain before an accurate decoding and analysis can successfully be completed and understood.]

The following Nostradamus quatrain [only] in French and English is quoted from “Nostradamus and His Prophecies,” by Edgar Leoni.


Century 2:92

“Fire color of gold from the sky seen on earth:
Heir struck from on high, marvelous deed done:
Great human murder: the nephew of the great one taken,
Deaths spectacular the proud one escaped.”

“Feu couleur d'or du ciel en terre vu:
Frappé du haut né, fait cas merveilleux.
Grand meurtre humain: prise du grand le neveu,
Morts de spectacles échappé l'orgueilleux.”


The commentary and cryptic ‘Green Language’ language analysis and decoding is written by Robert [‘NostraBOBus’] Egan of San Diego, California. Nostradamus Consultant with ... now nearing 17 million 'hits' on the Internet


Line One:
“Fire color of gold from the sky seen on earth:”
“Feu couleur d'or du ciel en terre vu:”

Nostradamus begins the prophecy with the foretelling of ‘fire,’ in the sky, and seemingly further described as the color of ‘gold.’ This certainly tells very vague information with a multitude of varying possibilities when first, and only casually read. He then concludes with what almost appears to be a partial repeat of the same information, “…seen on earth.”

So much for a ‘first site’ reading of a rather typical opening line of a Nostradamus verse. It is only when we come to understand and look for the ‘veiled’ meanings hidden within the very words of the verse, in a varying array of what is called, ‘Green Language’ techniques and methods will many of the prophecies become reality.

David Ovason in his book, ‘The Secrets of Nostradamus,’ reminds us almost all of Nostradamus’ predictions have only been fully understood and decoded after the ‘event’ takes place. He further reminds us of Nostradamus’ use of the ‘occult blind,’ in foretelling the events of the future. This simply means the 16th Century seer would purposely use words and phrases with ‘hidden’ meanings not easily understood upon a casual reading or interpretation of his verses. It is highly suggested to the reader of Nostradamus prophecy to become familiar with the ‘green language’ methods used by Nostradamus.

Mr. Ovason’s book provides an excellent source for such a study. Frankly, there is little understanding or use of this subject in the majority of books regarding Nostradamus and his works.

For the convenience of the reader in following the first line of the verse it is now repeated:

Line One:
“Fire color of gold from the sky seen on earth:”
“Feu couleur d'or du ciel en terre vu:”

Columbia: "Fire color of gold from the sky seen on earth"

One of the very first images shown to the public relating to the space shuttle Columbia break-up [February 1st, 2003] while maneuvering for a landing appeared on the front cover of Time Magazine. Truly a picture portraying in vivid color, “Fire, color of gold from the sky seen on earth.” First, it should be noted the last two words could just as easily be translated, “…on land.” Also, when saying [phonetically] the accompanying word, “…seen…,” a veiled, occulted meaning arises: the word ‘scene.’

Now by putting the three word phrase back together, a ‘veiled’ meaning is given: “…scene on land.” Truly the view of the ‘golden color fire’ in the sky was indeed ‘the scene [view-image] portrayed in stark film footage during the ‘on land,’ a final and tragic phase of the space shuttle mission.

The verses of Nostradamus often contain multiple meanings when analyzed and decoded. The first line of this verse is a prime example. Once again, for the aid of the reader in following the verse:

Line One:
“Fire colour of gold from the sky seen on earth:”
“Feu couleur d'or du ciel en terre vu:”

First, I would highly suggest a viewing of a colored image of the Space Shuttle Columbia’s ‘colors.’ The reader needs to familiarize himself with all the colored details on this specific insignia patch made especially for this particular STS-107 Columbia Space Shuttle Mission. It should be noted especially the main ‘gold color’ representation of what ‘roughly’ appears to be the letters ‘ug.’

This particular use of two Greek letters is the recognized internationally recognized symbol for the scientific term ‘microgravity.’ This was the main and stated research project of this particular Space Shuttle Columbia mission. The color red is used to represent the ‘fire’ of the Sun on the earth’s horizon. The last names of the seven astronauts also appears, along with a symbolic Star of Columbia. [Latin for ‘dove’] The earth is represented by the color green.

'UG' can be distinguished on Columbia patchNow go back slightly and reread the first line of the quatrain.

The English word ‘color’ [of gold] is a veiled type Nostradamus coding for the word ‘colors’ meaning a flag, insignia or patch of identification. Yes, Nostradamus would often veil the true meaning by the adding or omitting of a syllable or letter in the actual word intended. So now we view a gold color[s] patch.

Then, please notice the spelling for the English word ‘from’ in the French language, ‘du.’ When the Nostradamus veiling ‘Green Language’ arcane method of reversing two letters is put into use, we arrive at the letters: ‘ud.’ The ‘d’ when thought of as an ‘orthographic’ formation, can also veil a ‘g,’ both made with a straight down or a curve in the tail end.

When applied and found right next to ‘color[s] of gold’ it clearly identifies the colored insignia patch of Columbia. Also, notice the French spelling of the very next word, ‘ciel.’ The word in French means ‘sky.’ However, the English pronunciation ‘sounds like’ the word ‘seal.’ Thus, in a veiled Nostradamus type coding the ‘ug’ ‘seal’ of the space shuttle Columbia astronauts on the 'microgravity’ mission.

The last few words of Line one give even more confirmation to the correctness of the analyzed coding: “…en terre vu.”

This has the further potential ‘hidden’ meaning of ‘in, within earth view. [Please see the view of the green earth on the patch insignia.]

To continue on to Line Two of the prophecy.

A reminder to the reader:

A ‘first site’ reading of Nostrdamus verse often seems very cryptic and confusing with often supposedly vague information at best. The true meaning is often not found in a direct word for word interpretation into another singular language. David Ovason in his scholarly work, “The Secrets of Nostradamus” reminds of this frequent and mistaken error. This happens when we try to comprehend a particular Nostradamus verse without using a ‘cryptic’ decoding and analysis in a multi-linguistic setting.

Line Two:
“Heir struck from on high, marvelous deed done:”
“Frappé du haut né, fait cas merveilleux.”

Once again do not become overly confused by a ‘first sight’ casual reading of a typical line from Nostradamus prophecy. The term ‘heir’ has a well known synonym being ‘ascendent’ [also spelled with ‘ant’]. The definition of this alternative word carries the meaning of ‘that which rises into the air.’ During this ‘ascendancy’ it is ‘struck’ from on high. The English word ‘from’ can hide a further additional and significant meaning.

How so? Nostradamus uses a ‘sounds like’ hidden meaning in the phonetic pronunciation of the three letters, ‘fom.’ The proper spelling for the phonetically induced clue would be ‘foam.’ This is considered a means of veiled obscuration accomplished by the removal of a single letter of the word ‘from.'

It is a now recorded fact of the incident regarding the ‘foam’ falling from a higher cone [“…from on high,”]. Some Nostradamus translators give an alternative translation by using the phrase “…the high one.” By the ‘permissible’ use of the insertion of a single letter the phrase can give us even further meaning: “…the high c-one [cone].

The second line ends with “…, marvelous deed done.”

This becomes another cleverly veiled phrase with meaningful information only gleaned by the use of typical ‘Green Language’ techniques. First, the word ‘marvelous’ contains a message in a well-known meaning and synonym for the word: ‘staggering.’ The next word in the final phrase of the line is ‘deed’ which can have the meaning of ‘mission’ [such as in ‘space mission’] and finally the word ‘done’ is to be considered.

The letter ‘n’ in ‘done’ easily hides the graphic formation of a ‘u.’ In older lettering styles it was presented in the formation of a ‘v.’ Thus a veiled new word and meaning is arrived at: ‘dove.’ The ending words of the second line now becomes “…staggering mission dove.” The word ‘deed’ can also denote the meaning and synonym ‘act,’ thus: “…staggering act [or ‘action’] dove…” portrays even further meaning.

The meaning clarifies by the understanding of the meaning of the English word ‘dove’ in Latin, ‘columbia.’ Indeed, during the ‘land phase,’ of the space shuttle ‘mission’ we are told the Columbia STS-107 went into a ‘staggering’ motion due to a problem it was experiencing with the left wing because of a ‘breach’ caused by the hitting foam.

A further potential enhancement of meaning can be observed in another method of veiling contained in the word ‘deed.” When a single consonant is placed in front of the word it becomes: ‘sdeed.’ The ‘clue’ is revealed simply be the ‘orthographic’ structure of the letter. When it is inverted, a ‘p’ becomes visible and gives the ‘occulted’ new word:


Thus, ‘…staggering speed [mission] dove, Latin for Columbia. Yes, Nostradamus often can be found to revealing multiple meanings in the use of just a few words, but usually not understood correctly, or at least completely till the ‘event’ actually takes place.

To continue…

The analysis of the following third line of the verse contains a very frank and controversial statement by Nostradamus.

It will not be to the liking of much of the American public, nor to those involved in our vast NASA space programs.

In the following next line Nostradamus uses the phrase, “Great human murder…” which can also be reinterpreted to contain a slightly veiled truth, ‘Lofty human murder…”

In our times, we have the charge of ‘involuntary manslaughter[murder] when the accusation of ‘taking another person[s] life by something that was done without the intention of a ‘first degree’ killing existing. A good example would be a ‘drunk driving’ charge involving a death[s] of a pedestrian or another driver or car passengers.

After reviewing well over 200 media articles on this human tragedy I can at least begin to see why Nostradamus chose to use the word ‘murder.’ Basically put, if someone or a group of individuals become responsible for the life of another and their safety is put at stake because of their errors or behavior, then we have to at least consider the legal term of ‘slaughter’ or ‘murder.’

The facts have shown a history of ‘errors’ and ‘shoddy workmanship’ especially in regards to the ‘foam’ covering which came loose. Proper testing and safety regulations were somewhat ignored. Many administrative ‘errors’ in judgement were found to exist and are expected to be extensively covered in the ‘final’ recommendations and report on the shuttle incident. Truly, a sad situation for NASA and the United States. It is hoped that we can learn from our behavior in regards to further flights.

The revelations of Nostradamus have, and will always be a matter of controversy especially in regards to ‘proper’ interpretations. It remains true that much of what he wrote and what it actually means remains a mystery.

To continue…

The Third Line is repeated here to aid the reader in better understanding and following the quatrain:

Line Three:
“Great human murder: the nephew of the great one taken,”
“Grand meurtre humain: prise du grand le neveu,”

Once again, a ‘first sight’ casual reading of the last five words of this third line contains only vague and somewhat confusing information. A term used by David Ovason in his book “The Secret Codes of Nostradamus,” explains what Nostradamus intends here: ‘an occult blind.’

Basically stated, it is a ‘veiled’ Green Language method of hiding the true meaning of the words in use. First, see the French term, at the very end of the line, “…le neveu.” The ‘direct’ English translation of this would be as given in the English, “…the nephew.”

Now, a few very important facts regarding the tragedy needs to be understood. The STS-107 Space Shuttle
Columbia with a flight crew of seven was ‘taken’ over the Lone Star State, Texas. The term ‘taken’ is an older English term for when someone or something ‘passed away.’

Another meaning for the word ‘taken’ reveals the possibility of being deceived and or not fully informed as regarding the true situation involved in what was happening. Some analysts have pointed to ‘similarities’ of behavior and actions very reminiscent of the Challenger Space Shuttle scenario.]

Now, once again look at the French spelling of the word nephew, ‘neveu.’ When the Green Language method of removing and/or inserting a consonant is put to use a different word begins to emerge, ‘seveu.” Then, the method of the ‘graphic formation’ of a single letter is put into play.

Group photo of 'the seven' - the crew of the ill-fated Columbia mission

The ‘u’ becomes a ‘n’ when inverted and becomes the number ‘seven.’ The words now become, “…the seven.” Adding the older English term ‘taken,’ the veiled information becomes “The Seven taken…”

The last two French words left are, “…du grand.” The English equivalent given is, “…of the great one…” The term, ‘grand’ in the French can have the meaning of ‘star.' Also, when adding the word, ‘one’ back into the phrase another potential hidden meaning is revealed. When the single consonant ‘L’ is added to ‘one’ it is possible to arrive at the word ‘lone.’ Just one more use of the veiled use of Green Language analysis.

The facts of History recorded the ‘break-up’ of the Shuttle over the State of Texas, known as the ‘Lone Star State.

Yes, the Seven of the Columbia Shuttle was indeed ‘taken’ over the ‘Lone Star’ State of Texas.

It should be further noted, as I have done in the analysis of the first line of this verse, the French terms, ‘du grand’ could also potentially be confirming the easily seen ‘star’ of Columbia on the specially made ‘microgravity’ insignia patch for this particular mission. Please review the given explanation of the patch and the use of a Greek letter symbol. Nostradamus can have a multilevel of meanings veiled in the use of his words.

Now, to continue with the Fourth and final line of the prophecy.

Line Four [end]
“Deaths spectacular the proud one escaped.”
“Morts de spectacles échappé l'orgueilleux.”

It would be an ‘easy’ truth at this point of analysis to simply comment that the ‘deaths’ were indeed of a ‘spectacular’ nature because they were so highly viewed around the entire world at the time of the incident.

The term ‘proud’ could then be explained in the meaning and a synonym for the word ‘overbearing.” When an ‘acceptable’ Green Language decoding analysis is used it is possible to arrive at two separate words: ‘over’ and ‘bearing.’ The next step in locating the hidden meaning is achieved by adding a ‘c’ as a single consonant to the word, ‘over.’ The new word becomes ‘cover.’

An additional ‘Green Language’ technique is applied to the word ‘bearing.’ The orthographic formation of the ‘b’ is inversed to make the letter ‘g.’ This makes the new word ‘gearing.’ The new phrase, when the two words are reversed, becomes “…[the] gearing cover…” having the potential meaning of “…the equipment cover…” by definition of the words involved.

The next and last term in the fourth line is the word ‘escaped’ which can have the dictionary defined meaning of ‘to be broken away.”

The fourth line of the verse now reveals:

“Deaths spectacular. The gearing [synonym=equipment] cover broken away.”

Please Note:

The possibility of other hidden meanings in this quatrain still exists, especially in the ‘fourth line’ of the verse. Nostradamus would often give a ‘multilevel’ potential for veiled meanings in his choice of words.

Further analysis and decoding is still in progress with the distinct possibility of additional prophetic information to be revealed.

by NostraBOBus Egan San Diego, California
July 7, 2003



The Mabus Quatrain 2.62: A Re-evaluation After the War in Iraq
by Michael McClellan

Mabus will soon die, then will come
Of people and beasts a horrible destruction:
Then all too soon the vengeance is revealed,
A hundred, hand, thirst, hunger, when the comet shall run.

April 24, 2003 (4:45 AM EST): I have come to the conclusion that Nostradamus is not as abtruse or esoteric in his meaning as many people believe. There has been too much of a rush to judgment to force his quatrains to take shape because we were nearing the millennium and now are in it. Pre-conceived bias concerning WW3 as the "last" great world war and Christian anticipation of the Second Coming -- all happening by 2000 or shortly thereafter -- have led to branding any popular leader as an antichrist, any foreign or domestic policy as evil, and forcing Nostradamus' anagrams to conform to contemporary leaders when they clearly DO NOT.

I believe we have been branding the name "Mabus" on far too many people over the last 15 years because we were approaching the new millennium. We were rushing it, looking for a Mabus when there was none. We believed too much that because of the new millennium, the events of 9/11, and a misreading of the "1999 and seventh month quatrain" (10.72), that surely WW3 was near and if WW3 was near, Mabus must be in power.

I believe it is obvious now that Saddam Hussein was not "Mabus." I don't even think Saddam is dead based on the evidence thus far. The air strike on the restaurant US intelligence thought he was at was 50 feet away from where he and his sons actually were -- an adjacent building where coalition forces have discovered all his televised videos were shot during the war. Everyone near the building in question saw him and his son Qusay leave and it was not damaged by the blasts. As for the crater and rubble where the restaurant once stood: no bodies have been found anywhere. Hussein is in hiding somewhere, just like Osama bin Laden.

Indeed, DEBKAfile Headlines reported the following on April 20:


Intelligence sources authenticate Saddam’s voice – though not his image – on latest Abu Dhabi TV videotape of deposed ruler and son on Baghdad streets.

His separately recorded message lays stress on religious motifs, tells Iraqis to expect long period of his “Ghafla” (disappearance), presaging Bin Laden-style pattern of sudden appearances in between long absences.


Evidence that Saddam is alive and planning to retake control of Iraq at a later date:

Saddam alive and on tape? - May 7.


If anyone should know if Saddam is alive, it is former Prime Minister Tariq Aziz:

Aziz says Saddam survived airstrikes - April 28.


And he has been spotted heading towards the neighbouring nation of Iran:

INC says it's closing in on Saddam - Iraqi dictator heading for Iran - April 22.


Saddam was not Mabus; evil, yes; Mabus, no. We still await this person who has yet to emerge from the shadows. I suspect his identity will be as unmistakable as was the case when Adolf Hitler became recognisable as "Hister."


Adolf Hitler

This is how clear Nostradamus was: that when Adolf Hitler finally came to power, everyone who had read the prophecies knew him to be "Hister." Before that they thought it was a reference to the river "Ister." Critics point this out as a way of debunking Nostradamus, but cannot explain why the French prophet placed a capital "H" before "Ister." He could have chosen any letter (or no letter), but chose "H." The Second World War may not have played out in perfect conformity with Nostradamus' quatrains, but he got the essence of Hitler and the events associated with him pretty close (as seen "through a glass darkly").


Miroljub Labus

So, I suggest we look to someone with a name like Mabus, but for one letter. Right now that is Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Miroljub Labus (Mabus with one letter changed). He may one day become leader of Serbia. Of course, "Mabus" does not necessarily have to be an evil man, merely someone who dies suddenly or is killed. Whether he will be Miroljub Labus or not, I do not know; but I suggest it will be someone like him, someone with a name very close to the spelling, not some sort of reversed-letters-in-a-mirror trickery idea as conjured up by Hollywood script writers like those who produced The Shining ("Red Rum! Red Rum!").

It could not have been "Saddam" reversed: he is clearly alive, and should he ever die in the near future, it shall not be "soon" enough in any sense of the word nor in keeping with the letter of Nostradamus' prophecy.

When Mabus comes, the whole world will see it as clearly as they saw Hitler as Hister. If Mr Labus becomes leader of Serbia, then we will know, or at least have someone who is really a true "contender" for the "title."

It is hard to know for certain if the "great destruction" will be something naturally or unnaturally occurring in the environment, like a great pestilence, or if it will be caused by WMD. I think we may have the time to debate this because, as I said, Mabus has not yet died; indeed, he has yet to be revealed.

Also, "when the comet shall run" I take literally. These events will all come true when a great comet is visible. There will be no mistaking this apparition. We won't need the Internet to see it on CCD filters from LASCO or SOHO because it is so close to the sun, we won't need binoculars or small telescopes, and it will be in the northern hemisphere (where else but the hemisphere where Nostradamus lived?).

Comet NEAT V1

Next year Comet NEAT Q4 comes in May and June. Astronomers have been preparing us for this for the last two years (just as they prepared us in June 1995 and thereafter for Comet Hale-Bopp, which came two years later in March/April 1997).

Yes, by then SARS and bird flu and God knows what else could have killed millions of us. I did predict a pandemic would kill millions of people in August 2003 -- imagine where SARS may be by August? This has me quite nervous; indeed, everyone should be very concerned. There is no place to hide from Pestilence once he gains a foothold. However, there is a sense of quickness in Quatrain 2.62 with words like "soon" and "suddenly" -- so I still believe the destruction to be war-related.

It may still, in fact, be one of the Nostradamus quatrains that future generations of survivors will apply to World War III.

In the near future I will discuss the Alus quatrain (6.33) and how it may easily apply to the next war in the Middle East. It may arise from the post-war situation in Iraq as I discuss on VIEWPOINT or it may yet be a consequence of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's support of the Iraqi regime (for now see 2003 (Part One) regarding my prediction of a major war involving Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and the US occurring in April 2003, although I have since re-evaluated the meaning of Quatrain 6.33). It may come soon or not until summer; perhaps, even as late as October/November 2005, but it will come ...



News Headlines Echo Lines From Quatrain 9.81
by Michael McClellan

Iraqis topple large Saddam statue in Baghdad

March 25, 2003 (12:27 AM EST) - UPDATED 4/12/03 (9:30 PM EST): The "Battle for Baghdad" appears to be over. Everywhere statues of Saddam are being toppled and Iraqis on the street, even the Iraqi Ambassador to the the United States, proclaim the end of the Baathist regime. is well under way. Troops are stationed throughout the capital and at Baghdad International Airport. The problem remaining is bringing order to the celebratory chaos and looting in Baghdad and Basra and fighting what pockets of resistance and Republican Guards remain in the country. It is an historic day -- the end of one era and the start of a new one.

Now again, for probably the tenth time in the last 15 years, I have witnessed a Nostradamus quatrain come true -- except for one line! There is no question in my mind that the US invasion of Iraq, the seige and the battle of Baghdad is what Quatrain 9.81 was referring to. Three of the four lines were fulfilled in uncanny detail. In line 1, Saddam Hussein, "the crafty king," demonstrated on Iraqi TV how well he understood his ambushes.

Quatrain 9.81
The crafty King will understand his ambushes,
From three sides the enemies assail,
A number of strange tears from the hooded ones (soldiers),
A great Spectacle comes when the translator fails.

Saddam Hussein gives 'historic speech' 3-24-03

"The crafty King will understand his ambushes ..."

Victory at Hand, Saddam Says in Statement - April 2.

CIA convinced Hussein survived strike - TV appearance
leaves no doubt he is still alive - March 25.

Saddam says victory is near - March 24.

The realisation that the time for a possible chemical attack might be on the horizon came on the early evening of March 25 when reflecting on the speech Saddam Hussein gave that morning. Although the Pentagon was sceptical that Saddam was still alive, his mention of certain key battles in his speech proved, to me at least, that this "crafty king" did indeed "understand his ambushes." He not only mentioned Basra, but also the battle in Nasiriya just a few sentences before commending his troops for defending Umm Qasr. Afterward, he appeared on television again, mentioning the downing of an Apache helicopter that happened last week. That made it very unlikely that Saddam Hussein was dead (although it is now possible he is since the bombing of a residential hideout on April 7).

I had never believed that Nostradamus intended us to actually witness line 1 about "the crafty king" understanding his ambushes, but I believe we did. It was not merely an event that was to be understood, but also seen and heard ... which it was on televisions throughout the world!

As for line 2, we now know that a northern front was created on March 26. Kurdish and coalition forces have since taken over the cities of Kirkuk and Mosul, with Tikrit still remaining. We know that US and UK forces seized western Iraq and that three main units entered into Baghdad from the southwest, south, and southeast.

One headline, in fact, actually echoed, almost word for word, the second line of Quatrain 9.81:

PUK fighters in northern Iraq

"From three sides the enemies assail ..."

Battle for Baghdad looms: U.S. approaching from three sides - March 26.

However, it is with line 3 that perplexity sets in. The danger of a chemical attack was always a possiblity whilst coalition troops approached the dangerous "red zone" and fought to take the city of Baghdad. In fact, scores of troops were exposed to sarin nerve agents and then decontaminated the other day whilst inspecting a facility not far from Baghdad International Airport. Neverthless, the image of "strange tears" flowing from the eyes of "hooded soldiers" in protective chemical suits and gas masks -- Iraqi or coalition -- never materialised.

We should all be grateful, of course, that this much dreaded event -- chemical warfare -- never took place. But why did Nostradamus describe such a catastrophy? Is this evidence of fallibility on the part of the prophet or the ability of people to alter the future?

Then again, perhaps we have not yet been told everything that happened on the battleground. Or the event could yet occur out-of-sequence. Or, perhaps, it was related to those soldiers exposed to sarin nerve gas during an inspection of a suspected facility. Were they wearing their protective "hoods" at the time? Or has a "dead hand" plan to be executed upon confirmation of Saddam's death have yet to be played out?

Chemical warfare

"A number of strange tears from the hooded ones ..."

Chemical warhead found near Kirkuk? - Traces of nerve agent found on weapon
during preliminary tests at Iraqi air base - April 12.

U.S. moves on major chemical facility in western Iraq - April 10.

Mobile bio-weapons lab found by U.S. Marines? - Forces near Baghdad
stop fleeing truck with hidden area inside - April 10.

Report: U.S. troops exposed to nerve gas - Dozens of soldiers
undergo testing as Army lab detects sarin biotoxin - April 7.

Bush approves use of tear gas in battlefield - April 2.

British find evidence of chemical warfare - Protective suits show Baghdad
prepared to use 'horrific weapons' - March 27.

TV: Iraq May Use Chemical Weapons on US in Baghdad - March 24.

The last line regarding the "translator" failing may mean that Iraqi TV was knocked out by air strikes and that the "Spectacle" was the strikes themselves. The "Spectacle" might also be the unbelievable sight of Iraqis toppling statues of Saddam Hussein and dragging his head through the streets.

On the other hand, I've got a feeling that the "failure" of the "translator" maybe meant an end to the comedic daily press briefings by Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, nicknamed by FOX TV and other media organisations as "Baghdad Bob." Al-Sahaf, who studied to be an English teacher before joining the Baath Party, was able to translate Arabic into English and vice versa for the media ... when he felt in the mood.

"Baghdad Bob":  Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

"A great Spectacle comes when the translator fails ..."

Baghdad Loses Power as Coalition Presses Close - April 3.

The word "Lemprin" is also translated as "Splendour." This is the translation Robert Egan (NOstraBOBus) uses in his analysis of Quatrain 9.81 further below. Again, the "splendour" of the "translator" failed indeed ... finally, as Iraqi civilians realised that Saddam's regime was no more.

To see how the war in Iraq may fit into a larger prophetic picture, visit The War Room.





The March 2003 Nostradamus Iraq War Prophecy

The Famed ‘Mabus’ Quatrain in Century 2:62
Foretelling the Event with the Running of the
Comet Neat at the Time of U. N. Resolution 1441
and the Destruction of the Samoud II Missile with
the Actual Details of the Planned Battle Revealed
with the Capital of Baghdad Under Siege

By NostraBOBus Egan


Comet NEAT V1, naked eye view, by Guillermo Oyhenart - Feb 27, 2003.

Monday, March 17, 2003 3:50 AM

The Quatrain [only] is quoted from Edgar Leoni’s "Nostradamus and His Prophecies"


Century 2:62
"Mabus" then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.

"Mabus puis tôt alors mourra, viendra
De gens et betes une horrible défaite:
Puis tout à coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comète."


The following ‘green language’ cryptic analysis and decoding commentary is presented by NostraBOBus Egan of San Diego, California.



Line One
"Mabus then will soon die, there will come"
"Mabus puis tôt alors mourra, viendra"


Nostradamus begins this verse with a very puzzling word, "Mabus," which has no known language significance and/or meaning. Some have noticed the possibility of a ‘green language’ type anagram for G.W. Bush and/or Saddam Hussein [See John Hogue]. Some have even related the hidden meaning to infer Osama Bin Laden.

However, when considering all four lines of the verse another distinct possibility arises, and one with a high degree of meaning and accuracy.

How so?

In the analysis of the word, ‘Mabus,’ I observed the very same letters in use as the Iraq term for the famed missile, ‘Samoud.’ [It is necessary to understand the coding method of the reversal of the ‘d’ to a ‘b’ and the dropping of the one vowel ‘o." This is a typical ‘green language’ technique used by Nostradamus in veiling the propehcies.]

Is Mabus the Al Samoud missile?It is of further interest to note an ‘o’ could possibly be a graphic type [meaning the actual formation of the letter as a symbol] for a sphere and/or a cylinder. Nostradamus very cleverly could be inferring a ‘missile.’

Next, Nostradamus foretells of a particular period by using the word, ‘then’ and goes even further by the use of the word, ‘soon’ meaning in a given short period. The next piece of only slightly veiled information is the "…will [soon] die."

The first impression leads to the assumption of someone or something dying. Now, the term ‘die’ can also mean ‘destroyed’ or even the word ‘terminated.’ To put the given information together: Samoud [at a given time, at a time stated will soon,’ meaning in a short period of stated time, will be terminated-destroyed.

This all appears as a very clever and precise way to bring in the identification of the country of Iraq and the present war crises over banned WMD weapons as stated in the United Nations Resolution ‘1441’ into presently unfolding prophetic reality.

It should be noticed the prophecy foretells the event[s] to be accompanied by the running [or passing] of a comet [see the last line-4]. The question becomes what unique and unusual ‘comet’ has been appearing during the period of the United Nations situation involving Resolution 1441?

On 11/08/02: The U.N. adopted the famed resolution on Iraq. The well known Resolution "1441."

On 11/06/02: The just discovered and named Neat Comet is observed in space, and just now [mid March 2003] begins to fade from final earth viewing as it leaves our Solar system for outer space in a 37,000 year cycle. This Comet was recorded by the SOHO Space Observation system as the brightest of 500 comets viewed by this system.

Also, the numbers "2-6-2" [I.D. of Neat Comet: "C 2OO2 V1"] are being used in the identification of this ‘Halley’s’ type Comet of 2003. The prophecy under present analysis is indeed, the famed ‘Mabus’ prophecy in C.2:62 [Century 2:62].

I have observed Nostradamus on occasion using the number location of the quatrain verse to denote vital information regarding the veiled ‘secret[s]’ given in the prophecy. It is even possible the two ‘O’s could be implying the word, ‘circles,’ or, are simply to be considered as place holders.

In the next part of the prophecy Nostradamus proceeds to then tell us what will happen during this time of missile destruction [the Samoud II].

Nostradamus ends Line One with the words, "…, there will come … and proceeds to give us the following prophetic, and now just becoming reality, information about the expected confrontation over Iraq:


Line Two
"Of people and beasts a horrible rout:"
"De gens et betes une horrible défaite:"

This War is expected to start with a very sudden and complete ‘rout.’ A horrible, and unprecedented, in even modern day warfare, ‘rout’ of fantastic intensity and speed.

The term ‘beasts’ does not necessarily refer to animals. In older English it also had the meaning of terribly acting and behaving persons. Hence, this line identifies the strategy planned for the ‘opening hours’ of this battle for Iraq and the eventually seizure of the Capital city of Baghdad.

On to the rest of already possibly anticipated truth of what is to happen following the sudden opening salvos of this Iraq war.


Line Three
"Then suddenly one will see vengeance,"
"Puis tout à coup la vengeance on verra,"

The Iraq forces will have their ‘vengeance’ on the invading forces. I cannot rule out the possibility of "…see vengeance," veiling phonetically the imposition of: ‘sea vengeance.’ The prophecy remains somewhat veiled at this point. However, one of the truths of this War will be the monitoring and viewing of the War on T.V. monitors, more so than any War in modern day history.

Iraq has the potential of striking back with their hidden and well-prepared means of devastation and destruction. The notorious person named "Al Chemical" has just been put in command of the Southern forces in Iraq. This is the commanding officer that in former battles was known to use chemical weapons on Iraq’s enemies.

Now, here is the final line of the prophecy.


Line Four [end]
"Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run."
"Cent, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comète."

This appears at first glance to be somewhat unconnected vague information with the strange multiple use of the ‘,’. It is only when the verse is analyzed using the ‘green language’ the true veiled meanings are revealed.

The term, ‘hundred,’ when a single beginning letter is dropped reveals ‘undred.’ It was not all unusual to veil his true meanings by using a word where a single letter is added or deleted to find the ‘hidden’ truth. Thus, ‘undred’ becomes: U. N. dred

The older English spelling ‘dred’ is now spelled ‘dread.

The question is: What is the fear, apprehension of the U.N?

The rest of the verse answers the question.

The next word in the line of the verse is usually interpreted to mean ‘hand.’ However, John Hogue interprets the word in a provincial French meaning, ‘power.’ Upon checking on the potential meaning of the term, I found the term could be referring to a mighty army, a host.

One very likely possibility for the term ‘main’ in English is the meaning and synonym: ‘Capital.

Also, another consideration for finding the ‘hidden’ meaning of the word, ‘hundred,’ is a hidden phonetic [sounds like] clue: ‘Cent’ also hides [phonetically] ‘ce=See, view … then, ‘nt’ when reversed with an inversion of the ‘n,’ becomes T.V. [Television!].

These can be typical ‘green language’ type codings used by Nostradamus. The information revealed could be foretelling:

The U.N. dread, view on the T.V., the 'main'=Capital. [Baghdad].

The verse then ends with what is apparently viewed on and by Television; the ‘thirst’ and ‘hunger’ caused by the Capital of Baghdad being under siege.


NostraBOBus Egan of San Diego, California

Nostradamus Consultant with WWW. EARTHCHANGES T.V.


NOSTRADAMUS PROPHECY on Iraq War Turns into Grim Reality [Century 2:62] by NostraBOBus Egan
Date: Tuesday, April 01, 2003 2:45 PM

A Nostradamus Iraq War Prophecy Update:

The 'U.N Dread' revealed in the lines [see line four] of the now posted Nostradamus Prophecy in Century 2:62, regarding 'thirst and hunger' in the present Iraq War moves into present day reality.

see article below:


"Getting food, water and medical supplies to the Iraqi people is the United Nations' key aim, according to the Secretary-General.

Kofi Annan said the heat of summer was creating a "dangerous hazard" for civilians who are lacking water and electricity.

The humanitarian crisis remained the UN's focus, he said, adding "down the line" it might be forced to take on additional responsibilities.

These would have to be discussed by council members.

Mr Annan defended himself against criticism that he had not been vocal enough about the war.

He said he had spoken out unequivocally before it started but his main concern now was getting relief to those who needed it.

His other priority was rebuilding Iraq after the fighting was over."

Another Short update from NostraBOBus Egan:

As Nostradamus predicted in Century 2:62, the catastrophic problems of thirst and hunger would become very prominent in the Iraq War ... especially in regards to the seige of Baghdad.

Once again, please read the prophecy, especially line four, as posted on and on Nostradamus Now webpage.

Expect the use of chemicals during the siege of Baghdad ... per the Nostradamus prophecies on this War. [in Century 9:81].

Dirty water may become Iraq's biggest killer




Nostradamus (Century 2 Quatrain 62)


by John Hogue

A disintegrating Columbia streaks across the morning sky

3 February 2003

It has been my experience as a prophecy scholar that when events foreseen by the 16th century seer Nostradamus are about to be fulfilled, details as bright as the sun begin cutting through the apparent cloudiness of his prophecies in rapid succession.

It is my belief that last Saturday's space shuttle disaster (1 February.) is the first illumination of a succession of events coming in the next few months concerning Century 2 Quatrain 62.

Nostradamus' famous "Mabus" prophecy is about to be fulfilled. A translation in English reads:

Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One-hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

Nostradamus wrote two prophecies concerning the advent, destruction and 27-year war of the third of three antichrists. He hid the name of the first antichrist under the anagram “Napaulon Roy” (Napoleon King); the second he called "Hister" (Hitler); the third is either code named "Mabus" (C2 Q62), or he is addressed as the "Third Antichrist" of Century 8 Quatrain 77. For now I will give you brief interpretive conclusions about the Mabus/Third Antichrist prophecies. If you wish to examine how I came to these conclusions I invite you to read HogueProphecy bulletins posted at my web site (

Two finalists compete for the title of "Mabus" By following the laws of anagram you turn the "M" and "a" in "Mabus" upside down and they become "g. W." The "h" then is left silent in Latinized French, thus "bus" becomes "bus(h)." "Mabus" therefore becomes G.W. Bus(h).

As I have been saying for over 15 years now, you can also get Saddam (Hussein) out of "Mabus" by using the anagram game of reverse lettering. Put Mabus into lower case letters — "mabus." Reverse them and you get "subam." Reverse any letter that makes another letter and you get "sudam." The laws of anagram allow for doubling one letter, so you can get "suddam." You are allowed one vowel’s replacement with another, so you can replace "u" with "a" to spell "saddam."

I have shared my belief on the record for nine years-and-counting that Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist is none other than Saddam Hussein. However; as events catch up with augury, an interpreter must be open minded to the ever clearer understanding that often comes when the light of future events foreseen draw near to the present.

No matter how repugnant this revelation may be to myself and to other Americans, I cannot rule out the growing prescient evidence that the Third Antichrist may be the the American president. G.W. Bush, rather than Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. It is also necessary to confront the ugly possibility that Nostradamus has once again mistaken his symbols and made a composite out of two adversarial leaders. In other words, Mabus is a composite of Bush and Saddam Hussein. They are the two-faced catalyst for the Third World War.

The events of the next few months will judge my interpretation of the Mabus prophecy true or false. If my understanding of Nostradamus is correct then sometime around the new moon of 3 March 2003, the United States will invade Iraq. Saddam Hussein will be killed in one of his bunkers by a missile, or by a coup. If he is "Mabus" then he "soon dies." He therefore is one of the first casualties of this new war. His death is not the beginning of the end of troubles, but the end of the beginning of a 27-war of terror. A number of Nostradamus' prophecies imply that this war's final stages could see nuclear exchanges between old adversaries of the Cold War era: Russia and America, as well as a nuclear exchange between America and China — all taking place sometime no later than the end of the 2020s. In other words, a rush to war will hasten the death of Mabus, and his death brings this terrible apocalypse upon humanity.

Nostradamus in Century 8 Quatrain 77 says:

The Third Antichrist very soon annihilated.
Twenty-seven years his bloody war will last.
The heretics are dead, captives exiled,
Blood-soaked human bodies, and a reddened, icy hail covering the earth.

The Third Antichrist — this man named Mabus — is the first to go down. Whether this first casualty of war turns out to be the president of America or of Iraq — or both — the war of Mabus is just beginning It is a war motivated by “heretic” religious views. Its catalyst harbors extreme fundamentalist and apocalyptic religious views, be they Christian (in the case of Bush) or Islamic (in the case of Saddam Hussein). Islamist terrorists are already the "captives, exiled" filling U.S. POW camp at Guatanamo Bay, Cuba. The final line could be a horrific description of the human wreckage one might behold if the death of the American president or the Iraqi president should inspire a catastrophic retaliatory revenge attack ("a great undoing [or destruction] of people and animals"). Nostradamus in other quatrains hints of "new plagues" unleashed across the earth from this war. Perhaps the red stain upon corpses and the icy hail are a 16th century man's attempt to describe those killed by a rain of chemical and biological weapons.

Perhaps "Mabus soon dies" in the next few weeks, after "the comet" passes.

Nestled in the grass in a field in eastern Texas, lies a mission patch from the fallen space shuttle Columbia. It somehow had miraculously survived its fiery fall out of the morning sky. The names of the seven heroic astronauts who died make an outline of their space shuttle. A glowing trail like a comet's tale streaks through the shuttle's outline ending in a many pointed star. It is a star very similar to that filmed by a hundred amateur video cameras across Texas as it fell to earth like a flaming comet.

Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals... when the comet will pass.

Has the comet just passed?

Is this the chilling portent of things to come for America if they should hurry off to war?

Destiny holds it breath as America primes its war machine.

John Hogue
Rogue Scholar/Author:

Visit my web site at:


NOTE (4/2/03): This is the most ambitious presentation of what may happen during the coming conflict in Iraq I have done thus far. Most of the observations in the following article remain as relevant today as they did when they were written. WITH NEW REPORTS CONFIRMING THE ANALYSIS .. COLLATION OF NEWS ONGOING ...



Dire Warnings from Nostradamus and the Prophets of Europe

by Michael McClellan


George W Bush declares war against Iraq


Since the end of 2001, most of us have suspected that a massive military attack against Iraq will be the next major stage of President Bush's war on terror. It has taken some time, but we are at last being given an idea about what the US war with Iraq will look like and when it will happen. It will involve a quarter of a million American servicemen and will be launched from three adjacent countries: Turkey from the north, Jordan from the west, and Kuwait and other Oil Emirates from the south. According to the most reliable sources it should begin around Thanksgiving of this year -- possibly a week or two before.

Make no mistake about it -- World War III has already begun. The attack on the World Trade Centre and the US invasion of Afghanistan were the opening salvos. But the Bush administration has warned us since the beginning that this will not be like any previous war in that at times it will not seem that we are at war at all. But there will be times of major battles too, he emphasised -- times when great sacrifices will be called upon to be made. It was for this reason that Bush delivered his "axis of evil" speech concerning Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, and later released his hit list of seven nations -- nations that included China and Russia -- that might be targeted with US nuclear weapons in future conflicts.

All of these anticipated "conflicts" are part of the evolving war against terror -- a war that the Bush administration believed at the onset will likely spread to countries Americans would rather not be engaged in warfare with of any kind.

It is a global war the President has envisioned, without labeling it as such.


Two Wars with Iraq Remain: One by George W Bush and Another by the "King of Europe"

US President George W Bush condemns "axis of evil" French President Jacques Chirac is likely to be the first "king of Europe"

Nostradamus, the Seer of Waldviertel, Erna Stieglitz, and Alois Irlmaier are unique among the long line of European and Catholic prophets because they have foreseen the conflict to come in the Middle East and know it to be a part of a much greater war. And all but Irlmaier have actually seen the nations involved and the outcome.

It is clear from reading all their prophecies that there will be two more conflicts with Iraq to come. The next-to-last is the one that is in preparation. The final one will be waged by the "King of Europe" with the aid of Russia -- and this will result in the total destruction of Iraq for all time.

We now know that there will not be a "king of Europe" (first long-term president of the European Union) until 2004. The proposal to hold elections in 2004 will not be voted on until sometime in 2003.

Yet, we know with a near certainty that the US will go to war with Iraq by November 2002 and no later than January/February 2003 (FOOTNOTE: war began on March 19, 2003). The media hype is building as the Bush administration drops more and more hints and states intentions to oust Saddam and bring about a change in the regime, and military planners spill the strategic beans to the major newspapers and organisations. Not since the months leading up to Operation Desert Storm has the public been primed for such an event, knowing within a window of three months when it will happen (unless it happens sooner than scheduled for some reason).

If the US goes to war with Iraq before there is a "king of Europe" -- which now seems all too likely -- then this will not be the final such war. And according to the prophets it is a war the United States will ultimately lose -- but not without having first succeeded in bringing about the death of Saddam Hussein, which will result in the unleashing of many of Iraq's biological and chemical weapons. This will happen -- but the "change in regime" will install someone far worse than he.


US War Plans Call For a Three-Pronged Attack

We can expect the following quatrain to be fulfilled -- the headlines are practically screaming the information found in line 2:


Quatrain 9.81

The crafty King will understand his ambushes,
From three sides the enemies assail,
A number of strange tears from the hooded ones (soldiers),
A great Spectacle comes when the translator fails.


Battle for Baghdad looms: U.S. approaching from three sides


Wednesday, March 26, 2003

The United States is preparing for the battle for Baghdad with bombing runs and attacks on Republican Guard units.

U.S. Air Force bombers have increased bombing sorties against the Iraqi capital as American ground forces, backed by F-16 multi-role fighters, attacked Republican Guard units deployed around city. Officials said the targets included Iraqi television, a telecommunications facility and unspecified satellite communications installations.

Allied troops have been approaching Baghdad from three directions and have crossed all the bridges that span the Euphrates River, officials said.

The Republican Guard sustained heavy casualties in fierce fighting around the Shi'ite cities of Najaf and Karbala on Wednesday, Middle East Newsline reported. "We've been at it now for less than a week," Gen. Richard Myers, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Tuesday. "We're just about to Baghdad."

In the west, U.S. and British special forces captured Al Rutba, a strategic Iraqi town near the Jordanian border and cut off Highway 10, which links the region with Baghdad. Officials said allied forces are in control of western Iraq, particularly the areas of H-2 and H-3, used to launch missiles against Israel in the 1991 Gulf war.

"The Iraqis are not putting up a cohesive, coherent defense across all of Iraq," Secretary of State Colin Powell said. "It's spotty defense: a unit here, Fedayeen here, the regulars here, Republican Guard there."

Officials said the allied focus is to weaken the Republican Guard forces that are protecting the capital. They said the United States has targeted three Republican Guard divisions, totalling about 30,000 troops, with the focus on the Medina unit, deployed around 50 kilometers south of Baghdad.

The Medina division is regarded as the linchpin of the Republican Guard and has been under constant bombardment since Monday. On Monday, the division beat back an Apache helicopter attack in a battle that has sparked a review of tactics by U.S. commanders.

Officials said allied forces are bracing for the prospect that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein will order chemical weapons attacks against U.S. and British forces that reach the outskirts of Baghdad. They said some of the six Republican Guard divisions have been provided with such weapons.

"There has been intelligence scraps, who knows how accurate they are, chatter in the system that suggest that the closer that coalition forces get to Baghdad and Tikrit, the greater the likelihood and that some command and control arrangements [to use chemical weapons] have been put in place," Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said. "But whether it will happen or not remains to be seen."

Pentagon sources said they did not believe the United States would seek an imminent entry into Baghdad. They said Central Command first wants to beef up supply lines from Kuwait to the Iraqi front.

Scores of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft have been transporting supplies and command and communications equipment from the Persian Gulf to a command post near Nasiriya. The effort includes the transfer of the headquarters of the Marine Aircraft Group 16, currently onboard the USS Boxer off the Iraqi coast, to inside the country.


And there is also much concern about the event described in line 3 -- a chemical or biological attack by Iraqi forces. The hoods are probably headgear equipped with visors worn by Iraqi or US soldiers dressed in protective bio-chemical warfare suits:


Iraq Ordered to Use Chemical Weapons on US in Baghdad

Mon Mar 24, 7:47 PM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. officials say the Iraqi leadership has drawn "a red line" around the map of Baghdad and once American troops cross it Iraqi Republican Guards have been authorized to use chemical weapons, U.S. television networks reported on Monday.

The reports, by CNN, NBC and CBS's National Security correspondent David Martin, did not name the U.S. officials or give any further details.

NBC said its information was coming from intelligence officials who based it on intercepts of Iraqi communications. "It's believed once U.S. ground troops cross the line drawn roughly between Karbala and Al Kut, the Republican Guards are under orders to attack with chemical weapons," NBC said.

CNN said the fact that the use of the weapons had apparently been authorized did not mean they would ultimately be used ...


British find evidence of chemical warfare -- Protective suits show Baghdad prepared to use 'horrific weapons'

March 27, 2003
2:15 p.m. Eastern

© 2003

British troops have discovered protective chemical suits in southern Iraq that had been issued to infantry, indicating that Baghdad was ready to use weapons of mass destruction, UK officials said today.

"British forces have made significant discoveries in recent days that show categorically that the Iraqi troops are prepared for the use of such horrific weapons," Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon told reporters.

Yesterday, U.S. Marines seized more than 3,000 chemical suits with masks at an Iraqi hospital that was being used as a "military staging area," according to U.S. officials. Also, American troops south of Baghdad believe they have captured Russian chemical warheads along with a launcher and a chemical warfare specialist, according to a reporter embedded with the 3rd Infantry Division.

The British forces found relevant documents and numerous chemical weapons suits and respirators left behind by Iraqi forces, said Admiral Sir Michael Boyce, Britain's chief of defense staff, who noted that the equipment was in "good working order." ...


This will not be an easy war to win -- the crafty king (Saddam) will "understand" his ambushes. He will resist with a collective destruction the like of which the world has never before witnessed.


Saddam Hussein and son UdayThe Death of Saddam Hussein


Quatrain 9.76

With the Rapacious and bloody one,
Issued from the brothel of the inhuman Nero,
Between two rivers, the military on the left hand,
He will be murdered by a young, bald man.


When there is a war with Iraq when the "military is on the left hand" (ie., from the west), which is to say, when US forces are attacking from Jordan, Saddam Hussein will be assassinated. At first I believed this predicted that he will be assassinated by a "bald" young soldier who will approach from the west.

I now believe, even though it is alternatively possible that the soldier may belong to the Iraqi army, that this bald man is someone we already know: he is none other than Saddam's murderous lunatic son, Uday Hussein. When it becomes clear to Uday that papa Saddam is no longer capable of leading Iraq in war against the forces coming from Jordan, he will assassinate him and assume power. This may also happen so as to keep the reins of power from passing to Qusay, his other brother, now being groomed for the number one spot.

Uday Hussein is BALD, that is, he wears his hair quite close to the scalp like American marines must do during basic training. Only stubble covers his pate. He is "bald" and he is young.

We know the murderer is someone close to Saddam because Nostradamus says so in the first line: "WITH the rapacious and bloody one..." Saddam's killer is "with" him and indeed is his "issue."


UPDATE (4/9/03): However, if reports yesterday (April 7, 2003) are correct, the "young, bald man" was an American pilot (very bald -- I saw him on television) who dropped four bunker-buster bombs on a restaurant run by Uday, possibly killing Saddam Hussein and his sons Usay and Qusay. If I can get a photo of this "young, bald man" I will show it here.

Looks like my original interpretation was right after all -- a young "bald" soldier and not Uday. We'll have to wait and see ...

Uday Hussein -- a real monster, and much worse than his father -- then would be the one "with the rapacious and bloody one" (Saddam) from whom he was "issued." If so, both he and papa Saddam were killed, but number two son Qusay may still be at large.


The War's Progress After Saddam's Death

However bad things have been up to this point, upon Saddam's death all hell breaks loose:


Quatrain 2.62

Mabus will soon die, then will come
Of people and beasts a horrible destruction:
Then all too soon the vengeance is revealed,
A hundred, hand, thirst, hunger, when the comet shall run.


It is possible that MABUS, if he is Saddam, has finally been killed:


Saddam seen entering site before bombing, but not leaving - April 9.

Saddam killed in aerial attack? - 'Extremely reliable' intelligence
prompts massive bombing of leadership meeting - April 7.


Osama bin Laden orders revenge against the US and Britain for 'crimes' against IraqUPDATE (4/8/03): Now with Saddam Hussein killed in a bombing raid yesterday (this has yet to be confirmed), we may have to face the consequences of the death of Mabus, if Saddam is in fact Mabus, that is. This could be a "great destruction of people and beasts" which may be connected to the "sudden vengeance revealed." Also, the Seer of Waldviertel warns that American actions in a Middle East war causing great civilian bloodshed would be avenged by the destruction of New York City. Today, Osama bin Laden released a tape commanding terrorist attacks worldwide against the United States and Britain for the war committed against Iraq. What form will this revenge take? I would not want to be in NYC now, if that is the form it takes.

It is here, during this stage, that America may lose the war in the Middle East as prophesied by the Waldviertler and Erna Stieglitz. Great destruction will rain down on Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and US forces wherever they happen to be: in the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Eastern Mediterranean.

The US may respond with low-yield, tactical nuclear weapons and with Fuel Air Explosives, even against civilian areas in Iraq. Israel might complicate the situation, if attacked, by launching a strategic nuclear missile against Iraq. Perhaps it will also be at this time that the US will be forced to go to war with neighbouring Iran with everything it has because the Iranians may join in the fray. But all will be in vain.


Nuclear destruction of New York Quatrain 1.55

Under climate the opposite to Babylon [Iraq],
Great will be the effusion of blood:
By land and sea, air, heaven will be unjust,
Sects, hunger, kingdoms, plagues, confusion.


The posthumous regional destruction triggered by the weapons of Mabus may be the time that the "psychopaths" prophesied by the Seer of Waldviertel -- the terrorists who follow and are inspired by Osama bin Laden, or at least his ghost -- incinerate New York City with nuclear devices. While tens of thousands die in Iraq and Iran from US bombing and hundreds of thousands more in surrounding nations from Saddam's WMD, five million Americans will die in one, single cataclysmic explosion.

Nostradamus foresees the destruction of the US fleet in the Persian Gulf:


Quatrain 6.44

At night near Nantes [W. France] the Rainbow appears,
The marine arts will raise up rain:
In the Arabian Gulf a great fleet will flounder,
A monster in Saxony [E. Germany] born of a bear and a sow.


Could this be the point in the war that revolution breaks out in Germany, as prophesied by the Seer of Waldviertel? The bear indicates that Russia will have a hand in inciting the revolt.

In the following quatrain which I have applied to a war between Israel and Syria's Bashar al-Assad (AL-ASsad), one might, on the other hand, see yet another angle of the predicted US defeat in the Middle East:


Quatrain 6.33

His last hand through the bloody Alus [USA in this case?],
Protection by sea will not be guaranteed:
Between two rivers, dreading the military hand,
The black and angry one will repent [or make him repent].


This quatrain is admittedly quite difficult to deciphre, even at the current time. There is no one in the Middle East whose name comes anywhere near to the anagram of "Alus." Al-Assad is about as close as we can get at this time.

The reference to "last hand" does make me think of Saddam Hussein's "dead hand" playing out with Scud batteries outfitted with bio-chemical warheads retaliating "autonomously and launching simultaneously."

Protection to Israel and members of the US coalition (Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, etc) will not be able to be guaranteed -- not if the great US fleet is destroyed in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Also at this time, according to Nostradamus, Alois Irlmaier, and the Seer of Waldviertel, there will be massive naval battles in the Eastern Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea due to a major Balkan conflict that will break out some time during the war in the Middle East. Any US and European naval forces caught up in the Balkans mess will be too over-extended to defend allies or fellow troops in the Middle East.

Lines 3 and 4 takes us back to Iraq, "the land between two rivers," and Saddam's successor, possibly Uday, dreading military retaliation from Israel or further attacks from America's European allies that may be involved by then (Nostradamus names France in several quatrains) or whatever US firepower still remains.

It is unclear if the "black and angry one" is Uday, Secretary of State Colin Powell, or the person that Nostradamus says will ultimately take over Iraq.

Yes, the US will lose the war in the Middle East. According to the Seer of Waldviertel and Erna Stieglitz, the US will lose in SAUDI ARABIA and the OIL FIELDS. I don't know if this means the bulk of US troops will be stationed once again in Saudi Arabia during the invasion of Iraq as it was during Operation Desert Storm and receive catastrophic casualties there from Saddam's WMD, or if part of the conflict involves seizing or protecting the Saudi oil fields from Iraqi or Iranian forces. Or if Saudi Arabia will become an ally of Iraq and an enemy of the United States.

According to Stieglitz, the oil fields will end up in the hands of the Russians. Could this mean that Russia and the US will go to war over the oil fields DURING or AFTER the war on Iraq? Or will the Russians simply walk in after the US withdraws what is left of its armed forces?


UPDATE (7/23/02): It is still possible that my original read of lines 1 and 2 of the above quatrain being applicable to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as "Alus" during an Israeli-Syrian war may still be correct.

According to the biblical prophet Jeremiah, Iraq will arise out of the city of Bosrah and launch air attacks (possibly with Scud missiles and warplanes) against Israel and Jordan. Before this, the cities and palaces of Syria will be destroyed by fire during a war with Israel.

It is now known that a joint US-Israeli strategy exists wherein Israel will use military force to neutralise Syria before the US launches its invasion of Iraq. See article, US-Israeli War Strategy: Israel May Launch Military Operation to Neutralize Syria before US Invasion of Iraq.

I would point out that, according to my base 7 system, a war between Israel and Syria does indeed precede a war with Iraq. According to my projections that war should have begun October/November 2001, but it did not and, so far, has not. However, according to the above report and others there have been three close calls since April 2002 where Israel almost attacked Syria, but was dissuaded from doing so by the United States. It appears that the US has chosen to no longer restrain Israel in this matter.


Will Any of America's Goals Be Met?

America will set out at the beginning of the war in the Middle East to overthrow Saddam Hussein, destroy his weapons of mass destruction, and bring about a regime change in Iraq.

She will succeed in bringing about Saddam's death, directly or indirectly. Some of his weapons of mass destruction will indeed be destroyed, but what is not destroyed will be used against every imaginable target within Iraq's reach.

And there will be a regime change, but not one for the better:


The shadowy Mullah Omar prior to eye injury. circa 1996Osama bin Laden's last known photo - December 27, 2001


Quatrain 8.70

He will enter villainous, unpleasant, infamous
Tyrannising over Mesopotamia,
All friends made by the adulterous woman,
The land horrible, black of feature.


I had previously thought that this was about Saddam Hussein taking power in Iraq and the consequences of Operation Desert Storm -- especially the Kuwaiti oil fields that burned for nearly two years after the end of the war.

But this idea does not do justice to what is indicated in line 4. Only the hell-on-earth that the next US war against Iraq will unleash would be capable of creating such conditions. Besides that, Saddam never "entered" into Iraq -- he may be "villainous, unpleasant, and infamous" but he did not come from outside. This quatrain is clearly describing someone who will enter Iraq after it has been subjected to a tremendous amount of destruction and take control of the leadership.

I have to ask, if this not Saddam, who else in the region is "infamous" enough in our time to accomplish this. It cannot mean Uday either, since he, like Saddam, is already inside of Iraq. Clearly, Uday may wrest control of power from Saddam, but not for long.

I can only think of two individuals who are currently as "infamous" and evil as Saddam Hussein -- Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar, if they are indeed still among the living.

It is either Bin Laden/Omar who will reign over the ruins of Iraq or someone yet to come to power who will prove to be "infamous" in the years immediately ahead. That person, I believe, will be Daniel's "fourth king of Persia," the next president or ayatollah of Iran -- whoever that will be.

Therefore, however "horrible and black of feature" Iraq may appear as a result of the coming US war late this year or early next, the destruction will not be sufficient enough to keep an "infamous" villain from "tyrannising" over it. And for this to happen Iraq must still be populated with PEOPLE, unless Nostradamus means the tyrant will rule over a population of snakes and insects.

Perhaps, though, this will largely be in the Kurdish north and Shiite south if central Iraq is entirely decimated.


When Will Iraq Be Destroyed?

The above quatrain proves my initial assessment: that there will be two more wars with Iraq, one that kills Saddam and brings much destruction to the region and yet another led by the "king of Europe" that will bring total destruction to Iraq for all time.

The biblical prophet Jeremiah tells us that Babylon (Iraq) will one day be assailed on ALL SIDES (not three) by MANY NATIONS. This is in keeping with Nostradamus' "king of Europe" prophecy:

Nuclear destruction of Babylon [Iraq]


Quatrain 10.86

Like a griffin will come the king of Europe
Accompanied by those of Russia,
Of reds and whites he will lead a great troop
And go against the king of Babylon [Iraq].


By this time Russia is fighting on the same side of Europe and no longer an enemy. This can only be a much later battle -- at the end of World War III, World War IV, or even more remotely in the future than that. Surely MANY NATIONS will be involved in this "great troop" forged together to destroy the "king of Babylon" and his realm.

The prophet Jeremiah tells us that Babylon (Iraq) will be UTTERLY DESTROYED during this last war. So thorough and hideous will be Iraq's destruction that no one will ever live there again -- not ever!


Jeremiah 50:39-43; 51:28-43 --

It shall be no more inhabited for ever; neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation. As God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah and the neighbor cities thereof, saith the LORD: so shall no man abide there. Behold, a people shall come from the north, and a great nation, and many kings shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth. They shall hold the bow and the lance: they are cruel and will not show mercy ... the king of Babylon [Iraq] hath heard the report of them, and his hands waxed feeble: anguish took hold of him, and pangs as of a woman in travail ...

Prepare the nations against her, and the kings of the Medes, the captain thereof, and all the rulers thereof, and all the land of his dominion. And the land shall tremble and sorrow: for every purpose of the Lord shall be performed against Babylon, to make the land of Babylon a desolation without an inhabitant ...

Babylon shall become a heaps, a dwellingplace for dragons, an astonishment, and an hissing, without an inhabitant ... Her cities are a desolation, a dry land, and a wilderness; a land wherein no man dwelleth, neither doth any son of man pass thereby.



Quatrain 8.70: Iraq Becomes a Landscape from Hell -- After the Downfall of Saddam, An Infamous and Evil Dictator Takes Control of the Country

By Michael McClellan
January 31, 2003


The following quatrain bodes ill, not only for the nation of Iraq, but quite possibly for the future of the US war with Iraq and its war on terror.


Quatrain 8.70Kuwait's Bergan oilfield ablaze during 1991 Gulf War

He will enter villainous, unpleasant, infamous
Tyrannizing over Mesopotamia,

All friends made by the adulterous woman,
The land horrible, black of feature.

Mesopotamia: ancient land which was located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, now modern day Iraq.


One can make several asumptions regarding this quatrain:

1) That line 4 is describing the ultimate destruction of "Babylon" as prophesied by the Biblical prophet Jeremiah.

2) That the quatrain is describing the rise to power of Saddam Hussein in 1979 and line 4 is in some way tied to the burning of the oil wells in Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War or a warning to Saddam of what awaits his nation.

3) That Iraq will be somehow turned into a land "horrible and black in feature" and that a man far more infamous and evil than Saddam will assume control of the country after the war has ended.

We can dispense with option 1 since, according to Jeremiah, once Babylon is utterly destroyed, no man will live there again let alone rule there.

Or can we? It remains possible that line 4 is a warning to Saddam Hussein what will eventually befall his nation.

Option 2 is a possibility; however would Nostradamus confuse the oil fires in Kuwait for Iraq? Possibly. However, it would be awkward to say that Saddam "entered" into Iraq since he was born there. Unless, of course, it is central Iraq only that is being referenced. Saddam originated in northern Iraq and so one could say that he entered into central Iraq from the "outside."

Then there is option 3.

Quatrain 8.70 is versatile enough to be applied to any period during the coming global war—even as a separate conflict that could occur prior to a third world war. In this case, the preliminary conflict may be the coming US-led attack and invasion of Iraq.

Line 3 seems to be a poetic echo of the Whore of Babylon from the Book of Revelation. Perhaps to Nostradamus, the destruction looked so much like a landscape from Armageddon that he made a poetic linkage between Iraq and the Whore.

There is a way that Iraq could become this horrid, black landscape prophesied by Nostradamus and still not be totally destroyed or unable to support life as in the Book of Jeremiah. It was an idea that never occurred to me, but is now a very real possibility: that Saddam may turn his own nation into an environmental nightmare in order to impede a US invasion. In other words, among a number of options, Saddam may decide to set fire to his own oil wells and dump burning petroleum into every Iraqi port in the Persian Gulf.

This scorched-earth policy is exactly what many military planners believe will happen:


Iraq war feared to be 'enviro-Armageddon' -- Pentagon preps for possibility Saddam will use oil wells as doomsday weapon

January 30, 2003
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Joe Kovacs

Saddam sets fire to southeastern Iraqi marshesIn the ancient land known as the "cradles of civilization," there are new concerns that an environmental Armageddon is about to take place. Will Saddam Hussein exchange his oil wealth for a fiery inferno as evinced in Kuwait in 1991? Will the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers flow with fuel instead of water?

Both possibilities are being taken seriously by U.S. military planners looking to prevent what could become one of the worst ecological disasters in history – if and when the conflict with Iraq begins. "You'd see mass unemployment, starvation and illness," oil-well engineer Les Skinner told London's Daily Telegraph. "It reminds me very much of the Book of Revelation."

As WorldNetDaily reported in December, sources indicate Saddam had already begun mining his wells with explosives in ways that would make it most difficult to extinguish fires and cap the wells. A senior U.S. military official now echoes that with the British paper. "There are indications through reliable intelligence sources that those activities have been planned and that, in some cases, they may have begun," he said ...


To view rest of article, see

Two other articles also discuss this possibility at and,2933,73507,00.html


Limited use of small, tactical nuclear weapons would make the situation even worse, but still not bad enough to make Iraq uninhabitable forever. Such reports of possible consideration of nuclear weapons in response to a bio-chemical attack from Iraq has been published and televisied periodically since the previous Iraqi crisis began in late 1997.

If line 4 is about an environmental hell caused by Saddam and possibly battlefield nukes or Fuel Air Explosives (FAE for short -- these were used against the caves in Tora Bora, Afghanistan and called "Daisy Cutters"), then that means the person described in lines 1 and 2 will be someone who will "enter" into Iraq after the war is over and Saddam is dead or deposed. He will "tyrannise" the people, probably in the south and the north as well.

Who could this "villainous, unpleasant, and infamous" tyrant be?

It is possible that it is someone who has yet to come to power or make himself known. For example, if Iranian President Mohammad Khatami or Ayatollah Ali Khamenei are overthrown during a coming period of great civil unrest, it could be a mullah unknown to us at this time.

It could be one of Saddam's sons, Uday or Qusay, who might leave the country only to return to take power. This is favoured by the "Arab Prince" quatrain to be discussed at a later time.

It is also possible that this will be a person the USA will support and put in place of the Baathist regime of Saddam Hussein. This could be someone who will prove to be an evil tyrant. However, such a person would have to already be "infamous" I would think, unless the war lasts long enough for certain now-obscure personalities to become well-known by the media.

Osama bin Laden on horseIn any event, it is my feeling that this person is already very well-known and infamous to the entire world. Only one person is more villainous than Saddam Hussein at this time or equally so: Osama bin Laden. Another, somewhat remote possibility may be the Taliban leader who also escaped with Bin Laden: Mullah Omar, who considers himself as the spiritual leader of all Islam.

Nostradamus seems to believe that the much of southern Europe will have to fear a leader from the "southern" (or "fortunate") Arabian nation. Osama bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia and his family ancestry is traced to Yemen.

So, it may be that in the post-war hell that will be Iraq, and in the confusion that may be an America and a US and British military devastated by Al Qaeda nuclear terrorism and by other wars elsewhere (like North Korea/China), Osama bin Laden will overthrow the Saudi royal family and take control of Iraq as well.

OR, with the blessing of Osama bin Laden, Mullah Omar may be forced upon the people of Iraq. Once firmly positioned in Iraq, Omar may yet realise what he considers to be his true destiny: to be the spiritual leader of the entire Islamic world, with the help of Osama and Al Qaeda.

Clearly, Quatrain 8.70, as a post-war quatrain dealing with Iraq, bodes ill for the coming US-led war in that region. For personalities like Osama, Omar, or a future mullah from Iran to take control it would mean that the US has no control of the situation in that part of the world and has likely suffered a major defeat by current and future allies of Iraq like Iran, North Korea, China, and Al Qaeda.



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