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The major prophecy pages of my site, otherwise known as the Almanacs, feature predictions I have arrived at using my own personal systems of divination. In a number of instances, these predictions are supported by prophecies from other sources: Nostradamus, the Bible, Edgar Cayce, and others.

This page features prophecies by Nostradamus that may be on the road to being fulfilled or perhaps have already been fulfilled.


"When the Dead Will Come Out
of Their Tombs ..."

by Michael McClellan


Quatrain 10.74

During the revolution of the great seventh number
It will appear at the time of the Games of Slaughter,
Not far from the age of the great millennium
When the dead will come out of their tombs.

October 30, 2003: To many of us, the quatrain from which the above title phrase is excerpted is about the resurrection that will occur at the Day of Judgment. Yet, Nostradamus presents us with a smattering of very strange prophecies dealing with a time when the dead shall walk, when men thought to be dead shall be buried alive and come out of their graves, and -- much more disturbing -- when men shall devour human flesh. There may be scientific explanations for some of this phenomena -- like survivors of a nuclear war being forced to commit acts of cannibalism -- still, these are also characteristics of creatures known throughout the ages in folklore tales as zombies and the undead.


Quatrain 2.75

The voice of the insolent bird,
Above the respirator pipe from the floor:
So high will the wheat come to rise,
That man towards men shall become a Man-eater.

Could such creatures really exist? Not only is it possible, but there exists documented cases of zombies attacking the living in large numbers, such as the attack in Key West, Florida in 1935 or the 1967 vampire epidemic in Lazo, Russia that could only be erradicated by a nuclear device detonated under orders from Moscow.

According to the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency (FVZA) the tales of vampires and zombies we have come to believe to be the products of superstitious cultures, delusions of madmen, or the wild imaginings of fiction writers are based upon actual events, past and present.

Zombie Far worse, the causes of both vampirism and zombie-fication have nothing to do with the supernatural. They are caused by viruses transmitted by bats, wild animals, and, in the case of zombies, even ticks (not unlike the transmission of Lyme Disease via a deer tick). Whilst vampires may live 500 years or more, due to the virus's unusual action on the victim's biology, the zombie lives only a pathetic year or less, dying from the decomposition (rotting away) of its own body. It is the sight of these frightening creatures that have been immortalised in many zombie and living dead horror films.

And yes, it is true, zombies -- existing in a semi-catatonic state -- must roam in bands and devour the flesh of the living.

And what have they to do with the future -- or with prophecy? Research into mutating the viruses for government and miltary applications, especially as biological weapons, is going on even as you read this.

Indeed, according to my base 7 system of prediction, the US population may be exposed to this terrible virus in September 2005. FEMA will be called upon to destroy and incinerate the bodies of thousands of ravenous, flesh-eating zombies, somewhere in the southeastern United States. The true scope of this coming horror is not completely known at this time, but Nostradamus has given us a horrific glimpse of what may lie ahead, not only in the United States but in other countries such as the former French colony of Senegal and in Italy ...


Quatrains 4.20 & 4.66

Throughout the deserted colony of the French,
Dead bodies shall rise out of the water and walk upon land,
One shall await in vain the hour of their burial ...
Rivers and fountains by toxins are sprinkled,
At the fort of Genoa human flesh is devoured.

Eaten dead

You can find out more about this emerging global threat at the FVZA official website at:

Also visit The FVZA Museum


The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency (FVZA)

"From 1868 to 1975, the Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency (FVZA) was responsible for controlling the nation's vampire and zombie populations while overseeing scientific research into the undead. This site is a tribute to the men and women who served in the FVZA, especially the over 4000 Agents who lost their lives fighting to keep our country safe. In addition to paying tribute to the FVZA, this site hopes to call attention to dangerous research being done at the Santa Rosa Institute in New Mexico: research that runs the risk of bringing back a scourge of vampires worse than any before."

-Dr. Hugo Pecos


Is the FVZA an Elaborate Scam or the Real Deal? You Be the Judge!

See this site for more info:



NostraBOBus Egan Predicts the California Recall Election from Using the Nostradamus Work ‘The Centuries’.

As Interpreted by Bob NostroBOBus Egan September 8, 2003


The 2003 California Recall Election in Nostradamus Prophecy, Century One: 82.


Will it be victory for Arnold Schwarzenegger on October 7? NostraBOBus believes so!


The 2003 California Recall Election in Nostradamus Prophecy, Century One: 82.

This Prophecy foretells the Winner and Loser in the October 7th, 2003 Vote in the State of California

The following Nostradamus quatrain [only] is quoted from the classical book "The Prophecies of Nostradamus" by the noted scholar Edgar Leoni.

Do not find it at all surprising if a ‘first reading’ of these prophetic lines reveals very little ‘on the surface’ revelations regarding the still to take place California recall election slated for October 7th, 2003.

The veiled truths can only be fully understood after a full -all four line- cryptic analysis, using a technique often referred to as the ‘Green Language’ method, is put into play.

Unfortunately, for the general reader the use of this method is little known and at times hard to follow or appreciate. For those desiring a comprehensive presentation of hundreds of pages of scholarly text on the method used, I would advise the reading of

"The Secrets of Nostradamus, A Radical New Interpretation of the Master’s Prophecies" by David Ovason, c. 2001.

Century 1 Quatrain 82

"Quand les colonnes de bois grand tremblée,
D'auster conduite, couverte de rubriche:
Tant videra dehors grande assemblée,
Trembler Vienne et le pays d'Austriche."

"When the columns of wood trembling greatly,
Led in the South Wind, covered with red ochre:
A very great assembly will empty outside,
Vienna and the land of Austria will tremble."

The following cryptic ‘Green Language’ analysis and commentary is written by Robert B. Egan, ‘NostraBOBus’ Egan of San Diego, California.

E-mail: or

Line One:
"When the columns of wood tremble greatly,"
"Quand les colonnes de bois grand tremblée,"

This is another prime example of what appears to be on the surface just another very perplexing and vaguely worded Nostradamus quatrain.

The opening line does portend a specified timing mechanism for the ‘event[s]’ to transpire by simply saying the word, ‘when’. The question becomes:

What ‘event’ is to come into reality?

By performing a word by word ‘green language’ cryptic analysis on all four lines a great deal of specific and very current information becomes available as regards

an event of major importance to the United States, and especially to the seventh largest governmental body in the World, California.

Once again it is of vital importance to consider the veiled meanings in all four lines of the verse before a final comprehensive set of circumstances arise from the lines of the quatrain.

The first lines appears to be giving information about ‘columns of wood’, however upon checking other translations of this verse and various French-English dictionaries, I find the term ‘de bois’ in the French language to be referring to, ‘wooden’ columns.

Also, other translations give:

Line One:
"When the great wooden columns tremble,"

The term ‘wooden’ can be defined as ‘stiff’ and can mean ‘excessive’. It becomes a matter of some probability Nostradamus is portraying something to do with ‘excessive columns’, which can easily be interpreted as ‘excessive lists’.

The word ‘tremble’ has the probable meaning of ‘shakeup’, especially when used in a political setting. However, it can also be portraying an extensive and often drastic rearrangement concerning the ‘excessive’ listings.

The next set of meanings arises over the word, ‘grand’. The dictionary gives various shades of potential meaning to this one word. One would be found in the synonym ‘magisterial’ which has the further meaning of ‘governing’. The word has other potential meanings, such as the word ‘stately’.

Another possible ‘hidden’ coding could be the meaning and synonym of ‘August’. This could be considered a specific way of identifying the very month of the deadline for registration of candidates for the 2003 California recall election.

There is an unprecedented listing of 135 valid entries to be presented to the voters. The plan of handling the actual voting on the ballot in the 80 various assembly districts in California includes a rotation of the names of the 135 candidates registered.

To summarize,

"When the magisterial [=governing] excessive lists shakeup," [see potential meanings above]

It will now be necessary to proceed to the continuing second line for further meaning.

Line Two:
"Led by the South Wind, covered with red ochre:"
"D'Auster conduite, couverte de rubriche:"

The line seems to begin with the terms, "Led by the South Wind/or of [=D’] the South Wind…"

However, when the three first words are reconsidered by rearranging the order, the informaton revealed becomes: "Led [same as the word ‘lead’] or possibly ‘led by’ "…the South Wind,…" In a political situation the term can be confirming the position of a ‘front-runner’. When subjecting the term ‘auster’ to a potential phonetic [sounds like] analysis for ‘hidden’ clues as to meaning, another term is found, ‘Austre’ [Yes, the last two letters are permissibly reversed in a potentially significant ‘green language’ veiling of the true meaning intended.]

The significance of this is astounding, as the pronunciation of the word ‘Austria’ is very similar except for the final ‘a’. It is especially significant with the ‘of’ included with the word. Considering this potential meaning, it is possible Nostradamus is writing ‘of’ Austri [‘Austre’ phonectically] with the singular missing letter ‘a’. [Another typical Nostradamus method of leaving off, or even inserting, and additional letter to then reveal the true meaning intended.]

When it is said, as a clue, ‘of Austria’ a highly probable meaning would be ‘of’ or ‘from’ Austria’, meaning an Austrian.

One of the potential [‘lead=led’] candidates for Governor of California is the Austrian [‘of Austria’] born candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famed movie actor.

The very next word in the verse line is ‘covered’. In English, the term can mean ‘screened’.

Thus, the ‘screened’ [defined as: one who takes part in movies] Austrian, Arnold Schwarzenegger in a ‘led=lead’ position [‘a front-runner’] on an excessive [‘very long’] magisterial [=governing] lists. At the present time, an unprecedented 135 candidates on the ‘governing’ lists in the California recall election slated for October 7, 2003.

In some translations of this verse, the line ends "…with blood." It is a well known fact of a typical Arnold Schwarzenegger movies ‘screened’ with/in blood.

However, the Edgar Leoni Nostradamus French translations used above has the word ‘de’ in front of the word ‘rubriche’. The translation can be ‘of’ red. How so? The politically used word ‘red’ becomes apparent when various considerations are taken into account.

First, the dictionary relates the word ‘red’ as a political radical. Next, when the accepted ‘Green Language’ technique of simply inverting the letter ‘d’ into a ‘p’ is put into use, the ‘hidden’ word becomes:


These three letters are a standard acceptable abbreviation for the term:

Rep. = Republican

[Note: I would appreciate the reader checking for himself/herself on the above meaning of ‘red’. A good American Dictionary should be used for this term.

A further accepted abbreviation for the term Republican

is simply the capitalized letter:

R. [‘r’]

In using this shorter one letter abbreviation for ‘Republican,’ the last two single letters of ‘ed’ become a very interesting potential for significant and precise information.

Please follow the information revealed closely:

‘Republican’ [=R.] …then… ‘ed’ color

[alternative spelling ‘colour’]

When the word ‘color’ is attached to the two letters ‘ed’, another word is formed:


It becomes highly probable Nostradamus is foretelling of a ‘Republican [‘a political radical’ ?] identified further by the term ‘color’ or as revealed here:


This portends startlingly accurate information. How so?

The name ‘Schwarzenegger’ has a Germanic name meaning of:

Schawarze: means a person of dark hair and/or dark complexion

The term ‘negger’ refers to a person of dark complexion, especially a ‘black’. [The term originates in the word for ‘black’ in Latin: ‘niger’. The word now is in disuse and considered somewhat derogatory.

In sum:

The ‘colored’ Republican of Austria: [His place of birth.]

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The ‘led’ [=’lead’] ‘front-runner’ Republican in the California election recall.

Line Three:
"A very great assembly will empty outside,"
"Tant videra dehors grande ssemblée"

To begin with, the French term ‘tant’ can have the meaning of ‘so much’ or ‘so many’. This in turn could be referring to the well-known fact of the State of California being divided in to a large number of what is called an individual ‘assembly’. There are no less than 80 assemblies comprising the State of California. Each one is considered a separate voting district.

Indeed, this certainly could be referred to as a large [see the term ‘grand’ in the line of the prophecy] assembly. Also, review the various possible meanings for the term ‘grand’ [= ‘grande’] in the first line commentary.

Such as, ‘stately’ and ‘magisterial’ [= ‘governing’].

A term often used in California politics is ‘the State Assembly’.

The question becomes, why does Nostradamus end this line of the quatrain with the last three words:

"…will empty outside." ?

So, what is this large assembly of voters in California foretold to do?

First, a decision [a separate vote of yes or no] has to be taken on whether to recall the present Governor of the State of California, Gray Davis.

Now, the question becomes:

How does Nostradamus foretell this part of the recall election?

Please go back and notice the two words:

"…will empty…"

The answer to the question begins with an understanding of the word ‘empty’. The definition and synonyms include:

‘vacate’ ‘annul’ ‘revoke’ ‘void’ = ‘recall’

Then, Nostradamus simply ends the line with the rather strange word:


This particular and strangely placed word portends to give a ‘Green Language’ type clue for the name of the person recalled.

Please follow the explanation carefully.

The term ‘outside’ actually contains two separate words:

‘out’ and ‘side’

or, when reversed:

‘side’ and ‘out’

When the word ‘side’ is pronounced ‘meaning the phonetic sound’ only three letters are in use:

[the ‘e’ becomes a silent letter]

‘s i d’

When the word ‘out’ is observed for a ‘hidden’ potential clue, the following additional needed information is revealed:

‘out’ = to ‘u’

In the lettering styles throughout the centuries in Europe, at one time the ‘u’ was made in the orthographic formation of a ‘v’.


The revealed letters become:

‘s i d v’

or…as to a potential name:

‘d – v i s’

It is potentially possible when using the ‘Green Language’ methods, for a single letter to be left out of a name. However, observe the following ‘possible’ additional coding:

D + ‘to’ [in French is expressed as the letter ‘a’]

Now becomes:


Nostradamus is actually recording the ‘recall’ of none other than [Gray] Davis.

The question becomes:

Does Nostradamus foretell the actual winner?

[Meaning the one who will ‘land’ [=’win’] the election?]

The answer and how it will come about will be found in this last line of the prophecy.

Line Four [end]
"Vienna and the land of Austria will tremble."
"Trembler Vienne et le pays d'Austriche."

To begin with, the term ‘trembler’ can be said to be referring to a ‘shakeup’. This can be related as a ‘political’ shakeup.

Then, please observe the second word in the French, ‘Vienne’. When the method of the inversion of the orthographic formation of the ‘n’, a ‘u’ now appears.

This can be a phonetic [sounds like] clue for the pronunciation of the word ‘view.’ [Also, the Oxford English Dictionary gives an alternative spelling as ‘vieu’.]

The additional two letters ‘ne’, when considered in Latin, can simply mean ‘behold’. When the last two letters are reversed to ‘en’, other meanings can given in such words as ‘in’ or ‘on’ [=upon].

Another interesting possibility is found in the word ‘about’, which in turn can mean ‘on’, ‘in’, and even ‘with’.

How so? The Latin word for ‘about’ is:


This particular word is often used as a modern day abbreviation expressed as:


The interesting part is due to the letters ‘ca.’ being the highly used abbreviation for:

California [‘Ca.’]

To continue…

When the word ‘view’ [phonetic pronunciation ‘vieu’] is considered from the Latin origination spelling, the word becomes ‘video’. In our times, this opens to the meaning of visually presented materials and the further word:


Also, the word ‘video’ can be referring to a magnetically taped production for purposes of rebroadcast.

The main political ‘shakeup’ technique for the Arnold Schwarzenegger [the person identified as ‘of Austria’, meaning ‘an Austrian’] election campaign has been the incessant rebroadcast on television of his made up ‘videos’.

Another potential set of meanings for the word ‘view’ can be related to the words, ‘survey’ and ‘opinion’. [Nostradamus often puts multiple meanings into the selection of his terms in use.] It is potentially possible of a reference to the ‘twitter’ [= ‘to tremble’] of opinions and surveys regarding the final outcome of the recall election.

Nostradamus ends the last line of the prophecy with the following words:

"…and the land of Austria."

"…et le pays d'Austriche." In these last few words,

Nostradamus foretells the winner of the election.

The term ‘land’ according to the Oxford English Dictionary can have the meaning of ‘to get’ or ‘to win’.

Then, cleverly Nostradamus simply writes:

"…of Austria."

If a person such as Arnold Schwarzenegger is ‘of Austria’, then he is indeed ‘an Austrian’.

Or, the final puzzle can additionally be solved by the simple inclusion of one letter at the end of the word

Austria [= Austria+n]. This is a very acceptable and used method of the ‘Green Language’.

NostraBOBus Egan in San Diego, California

Nostradamus Consultant for:

[Now with over 17,500,000 hits on the Internet]

See Prophecy Section…Nostradamus Sector

A large selection of current day Nostradamus prophecies can be found listed, which includes an archive section [this part is totally free to the public].





The ‘Holy Wind’ Hurricane Isabel 2003 Nostradamus Prophecy in Century 8:52
by NostraBOBus Egan


Hurricane Isabel Map


The following Nostradamus quatrain [only] is quoted from the classical book “The Prophecies of Nostradamus” by the noted scholar Edgar Leoni.

Do not find it at all surprising if a ‘first reading’ of these prophetic lines reveals very little ‘on the surface’ revelations.

This Prophecy names the Hurricane Isabel and records the actual path of the destructive force with revelations in the commentary on the place of origination of this truly historical storm with a ‘record to come’ of massive destruction along the Atlantic Coast and for a considerable distance inland.

The areas of North Carolina and Virginia seem to be especially mentioned in the prophecy and possibly the coastal area of New York and/or the State of New York. Several areas are to experience a severe ‘clawing’ by this particular Hurricane as it moves along the Atlantic Coastline and inland.

The veiled truths regarding Hurricane Isabel can only be fully understood after a full -all four line- cryptic analysis, using a technique often referred to as the ‘Green Language’ method, is put into play.

Unfortunately, for the general reader the use of this method is little known and at times hard to follow or appreciate. For those desiring a comprehensive presentation of hundreds of pages of scholarly text on the method used, I would advise the reading of

“The Secrets of Nostradamus, A Radical New Interpretation of the Master’s Prophecies”
by David Ovason, c. 2001.


In Century 8:52


“The King of Blois to reign in Avignon,
From Amboise and “Seme” he will come the length of the Indre:
Claws at Poitiers holy wings to ruin,
Before Boni. . . .”
---- Unfinished/Censored ---- [?]

“Le Roi de Bloys dans Avignon regner,
D'amboise et seme viendra le long de Lyndre:
Ongle à Poitiers saintes ailes ruiner,
Devant Boni.”

The following cryptic commentary and analysis using the ‘Green Language’ methods of finding the ‘veiled’ meanings contained within a Nostradamus verse is supplied by Robert [aka NostraBOBus] Egan.



Line One:
“The King of Blois to reign in Avignon,
“Le Roi de Bloys dans Avignon regner,”

The word ‘King’ has a high probability of ‘hiding’ another word: ‘kind’ [also ‘kind of’]

The opening line now reveals: “The ‘kind’ of Blois…”, or by the use of one of the major meanings:

“The state [=region-area] of Blois…”

The ‘hidden meaning’ could be referring to ‘Blois’ being located in the area of France called the ‘Orleanais’ [also d’Orleans or Orlean]. As it happens, along the Eastern Atlantic Coast of the United States is the shoreline of the State of Virginia, and indeed has a small town going by the name ‘Orlean’.

This small town is in North East Virginia and not all that far from the Potomac River, and somewhat East of Washington D.C.

Is it foretold of one of the major areas to suffer hurricane damage is located in the State of Virginia? [It could also be a veiled reference to the Washinton D.C area being subject to the damages to be caused by Isabel.]

The next phrase in the line is:

“to reign in Avignon.”

The term ‘reign’ has the potential definition of: ‘hold sway’

As it so happens, city of ‘Avignon’ can be found in an area referred to on French maps as:

‘Provence’ [in the English equivalent= ‘Province’]

Putting the revealed information together:

“In ‘Province’ to ‘hold sway’.

Now, once again look at a Atlantic coastal map of the United States. [We have just mentioned above the small city of Orlean in the coastal state of Virginia.]

Then observe the geographical fact of North Carolina being right next to, and just below Virginia.

It is not an ‘accidental probability’ when you observe the map of North Carolina and notice very near the border of these two connected States a small town going by the name of:


The word ‘providence’ can have the meaning of ‘care’ ‘concern’, or even ‘charge’. Another synonym would be:


Then consider, not only do the two words have a very similar phonetic [sounds like] connection, but the word ‘provence’ [=province] can have the meaning of ‘function[s] or ‘attribution[s]’. The two words become very closely connected as far as the meanings are concerned.

Nostradamus is known to have used words that phonetically [sound like] one another. Also, he would use a word where a single consonant or vowel would have to be inserted or removed…occasionally a syllable would be removed or inserted.

Isabel batters North Carolina.Nostradamus apparently is foretelling of North Carolina and Virginia [and possibly Washington D.C] suffering a ‘hold sway’ situation.

Please notice it is also permissible to say ‘sway hold’.

The word ‘sway’ can mean to ‘surge’.

It can have the further definition of ‘an oscillating [power], fluctuating, or sweeping motion. It is also a term used in weather conditions when water rises, such as the sea.

The term ‘hold’ can mean ‘to retain by force’. The two words give a picture of the Hurricane Isabel probably causing a great deal of flooding [by surge] in these two states.

Finally, notice the French word ‘dans’ interpreted as the word ‘in’ in the line, can also have the meaning of ‘near to’ or ‘close to’.

Line Two:
“From Amboise and “Seme” he will come the length of the Indre:”
“D'amboise et seme viendra le long de Lyndre:”

This line starts with the words ‘D’amboise’. In considering a possible ‘Green Language’ type veiling of information, it is possible to observe a different meaning altogether. First, the use of the D’ could also be interpreted simply as the English word ‘of’.

Then, the next letter ‘a’ could potentially add the meaning:

“Of [or possibly ‘from’] a…

Then, the next letter in the ‘puzzle’ is ‘m’.

This very next letter in what I consider to be just another ‘word puzzle’ of a typical ‘Green Language’ approach of using a word that is a combination of other words, becomes the simple ‘w’. [Yes, the letter ‘m’ has been reversed representing another ‘coding’ method.]

The simple ‘w’ is often used as an abbreviation for the direction of ‘West.]

The ‘veiled’ information now becomes:

“From [or, ‘of’] a W. [=West]…then, the remaining word, ‘boise’.

The remaining letters form the French word ‘boise’ which means ‘woody’. However, Nostradamus is known for including an additional letter, or removing one, in the coding of ‘hidden’ meaning. In this case the word is ‘bois’, which in French means: ‘wood’.

The ‘hidden’ meaning is almost clarified:

“Of a West ‘wood’…”

Now, the ‘trick’ of ‘hidden understanding’ is often revealed in the meaning for the word, and/or in a synonym for the word.

In this particular case:

‘Lumber’ [synonym= ‘wood]

The information revealed now becomes:

“Of [‘from’] a West lumber…”

Here, Nostradamus is foretelling of a ‘something’ of coming from a West direction. The word ‘lumber’ can and does have the meaning of pacing, or slowing in movement. The ‘hidden’ truth is very factual if we consider the path of Isabel has come ‘from the West’, at a ‘lumbering’ pace across the Atlantic.

However, Nostradamus actually gives the exact directions of the ‘lumbering’ in the rest of the words in the verse line.

For the ease of the reader in following the cryptic analysis of this verse line, it will be repeated here:

Line Two: [repeated]
“From Amboise and “Seme” he will come the length of the Indre:”
“D'amboise et seme viendra le long de Lyndre:”

In completing the ‘hidden’ true meanings found in this second line, the next word is ‘seme’. The noted Nostradamian scholar Edgar Leoni writes in his footnotes to this verse of the word ‘seme’ being Old French with the meaning of ‘weak.’ [on Page 362]

It certainly could be said of Hurricane Isabel, coming from general direction of ‘West’, of a significant arrival of what at first, became a mighty wind of category 5 and was then downgraded to a category 2 in hurricane force.

It arrives nearer the Atlantic Coast as a ‘weak’ system compared to the earlier wind speeds recorded. [The recorded drop is from sustained winds of 160, with gusts much higher to a now recorded sustained speed closer to 100-105 an hour on September 16-17th as it arrives nearer to the Coast line.]

However, Nostradamus does not any way foretell of it staying in this ‘weakened’ condition after an ‘angle’ is made up and into the ‘Atlantic’ Coast line. The power of a hurricane is far more than just wind speed. The potential of vast amounts of rain and the problem of ocean surges must be taken into account.

The question of where it comes from is now answered, in detail, by Nostradamus.

How so?

The last part of the verse line 2 is repeated here:

“…he will come the length of the Indre:”
“…viendra le long de Lyndre:”

First, it should be noted the personal pronoun ‘he’ has only been inserted by some scholars and interpreters to try and clarify the possible language of the verse. One interpreter actually presents the word in the line as ‘[he]’. This lends to the belief it actually could just as well be ‘she’ or even ‘it’. [Certainly ‘Isabel’ would be considered as a ‘she’.]

Now, the information becomes:

“She [or even, ‘It’] will come the length of Indre.”

Nostradamus often uses a word that requires the removal and/or insertion of a single letter to reveal the true meaning. Occasionally both ‘Green Language’ veiling methods occur in the same word.

[First, notice Nostradamus even veiled the first letter of this word in the French, by using the French word: ‘Lyndre’ ? It is my belief this could easily equal, L’yndre in French. The English translation could easily be, ‘The Indre’.]

The word ‘Indre’ can be veiling the following word:

The … ‘Indre’ becomes:

The … ‘Indes’ [or possibly ‘Inde’]

[It is permissible to drop one letter, in this case the r’.]

Also, the single letter ‘s’ was added, but not necessarily needed as the term: ‘Inde’ would be clue enough from the meaning intended.

Now for a startlingly fact revealed here:

Indeed, the [now weak and lumbering] Hurricane Isabel has come in a West direction following the very long length of the Caribbean basically along the ‘Indes’.

This is truly definite and astounding information, written hundreds of years ago in the 16th Century in veiled coding by Nostradamus under the direction and intervention of what he referred to as ‘divine’ intelligences who knew of the future.

Line Three:
“Claws at Poitiers holy wings to ruin,”
“Ongle à Poitiers saintes ailes ruiner,”

This reference to Poitiers [the major city] being clawed could veil the main geographical information of the area [region] of Pouton actually mentioned. A typical Nostradamus type 'veiling' method. This regions ‘claim to fame’ is of it having a very long coast line into the Atlantic.

In older times the region was a very extensive part of France. The major city is Poitiers. Nostradamus could be referring to the ‘clawing’ of a coastline by the name ‘Atlantic”. [Note: This would be a very apt term regarding the expected effects of Hurricane Isabel on the Atlantic East Coast.]

Also of special interest is the use of the word ‘claw’ or in French, ‘ongle’. This further possible clue could denote the phrase, ‘to angle’, meaning to change direction. This potentially veiled truth was simply obtained by the permissible changing of a single letter, in this case, the ‘o’ for an ‘a’. [Nostradamus can give a ‘multilevel’ of meaning in the use of his words.]

The question becomes where or how does Nostradamus identify the word ‘Isabel’ or about the ‘winds’?

Please follow the information closely:

The term ‘holy wings’ could be a major clue by simply inverting only one letter in the word ‘wings’. The veiled word now becomes ‘winds’. Thus, ‘holy winds’.

The meaning of the name ‘Isabel’ means ‘consecrated to God’. Another way of saying, ‘to be made ‘holy’ [synonym ‘sacred’]. Nostradamus could be veiling the very name of the hurricane Isabel. Then, he ends the line by writing “…to ruin.”

Line Four:
“Before Boni. . . .” ---- Unfinished/Censored ---- [?]
“Devant Boni.”

First, most translators and interpreters tend to believe this line to have undergone some sort of censorship, possibly because it only contains two words. However, there is a good possibility the two words could mean something significant of themselves.

There is at least a potential assumption Nostradamus uses this term ‘boni’, or as some translations have it, ‘bony’ for a veiled meaning for another major area along the Atlantic coast.

At this time the revelation does not completely clarify itself. However, by a permissible substitution of one letter a further clue might be obtained.

Such as:

‘bony’ [or ‘boni’] becoming the term:


This could be potentially be referring to the well known ‘Coney’ Island on the Atlantic Coast and/or the state of New York. Remember a phonetic [sounds like] clue is on occasion used by Nostradamus.

Also, a second possibility exists when the word ‘boni’ [or ‘bony] is used to make the word:


[Yes, the letter ‘n’ could potentially be veiling a reversed letter, the ‘u’.

This would give the possibility of Nostradamus foretelling:

“Before [or…’in front’] bouy.”

How so?

The word ‘bouy’ can mean to float, meaning to meander [=synonym ‘wander’].

This certainly is an apt description of the activities of Isabel up to the time of the approaching of Atlantic Coastal area. Several days of ‘floating’ have preceded any type of main destructive forces from Isabel.

[It should be noted the word, ‘front’ has a weather related definition especially used when referring to certain conditions of a metrological forecast, but is NOT used when referring to a Hurricane.]


A Needed Warning and Advisement to the Reader:

This prophecy is still unveiling itself and there is room for mistakes in giving a completed revelation of what Nostradamus meant by the choice of his words.

It is not always possible to understand the true detailed meanings veiled in his prophecies fully until the event[s] have actually taken place. However, at times, it is highly possible to ‘see’ a prophecy in development, or at least partially.

By NostraBOBus Egan

Nostradamus Consultant with

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The Question: Did Nostradamus only foretell of 'doom and gloom' in his prophecies?

Perhaps the following prophecy will help you decide the answer to the question.


The King of Comedy Bob Hope Nostradamus Prophecy in Century 10:36
by NostraBOBus Egan

Bob Hope in a 1970s television interview

This revealing prophecy foretold his original English name and his rise to fame on stage, on the air, and in the theater. The Prophecy calls him ‘The King’ of the stump [meaning tours] talking [at] Wars with his famed short –one liner- monologue style, and with his famed ‘golf iron’ in hand, ‘laying the audience in the Aisles’. [This is a well-known Hollywood term for a ‘hilarious’, with a great deal of laughter, stage performance.]

The prophecy ends with the foretelling of many good years and ‘mixed’ [various] honors being received. Indeed, Bob Hope was the most ‘honored’ comedian in the history of the art.

The following Nostradamus quatrain [only] is quoted from the classical book “The Prophecies of Nostradamus” by the noted scholar Edgar Leoni.

Do not find it at all surprising if a ‘first reading’ of these prophetic lines reveals very little ‘on the surface’ revelations regarding the famed comedian Bob Hope and his 100 years of life [1903-2003].

The veiled truths can only be fully understood after a full -all four line- cryptic analysis, using a technique often referred to as the ‘Green Language’ method, is put into play.

Unfortunately, for the general reader the use of this method is little known and at times hard to follow or appreciate. For those desiring a comprehensive presentation of hundreds of pages of scholarly text on the method used, I would advise the reading of “The Secrets of Nostradamus, A Radical New Interpretation of the Master’s Prophecies” by David Ovason, c. 2001.


Century X: 36 [10:36]
“Upon the King of the stump speaking of wars,
The United Isle will hold him in contempt:
For several good years one gnawing and pillaging,
Through tyranny in the isle esteem changing.”

“Après le Roi du souche guerres parlant,
L’Ile Harmotique le tiendra à mépris:
Quelques ans bons rongeant un et pillant,
Par tyrannie à l’île changeant pris.”


The following cryptic commentary and analysis using the ‘Green Language’ methods of finding the ‘veiled’ meanings contained within a Nostradamus verse is supplied by Robert [aka NostraBOBus] Egan.


Line One
“Upon the King of the stump speaking of wars,”
“Après le Roi du souche guerres parlant,”

As is usually the case in many Nostradamus verses, the ‘first reading’ approach only leaves us somewhat baffled as to any concrete meaning. First, what ‘King’ is mentioned here? Apparently one who ‘tours’ giving political or personal speeches, and ‘of’ [or even ‘at’, as a closer inspection of the first line in French only ‘assumes’ the word ‘of’]

To begin, the word ‘upon’ comes from Anglo-Saxon word ‘uppon’. This appears to reveal a very important hidden clue as to who ‘the King’ might be. Please notice when the two ‘p’s are inverted the name ‘bob’ comes into view. This is considered a orthographic clue, meaning the use of the actual formation of the letter itself revealing a potential hidden truth.

The two letters remaining are ‘un’ which has the language meaning of ‘one’. When considering the possible meanings of ‘1’, it is not at all unreasonable to mean ‘first’, which can mean ‘number one’. In modern times this often refers to a person in ‘first place’ and/or in ‘top position.’ There is a possibility of even a further major hint if the Latin word for ‘one’ is used:

u n u s

This gives a possible multi-linguistic definition of:

Number One/ First Place in U. S.

Another possibility for meaning arises when consideration is given for words related to ‘number one position’ or at ‘top position’ [first place]. One of the synonyms and meanings for such a position is the word ‘acme’, which has an alternative English spelling of ‘acmic’. This could be a ‘veiled’ Green Language way of saying ‘a comic’ when one additional vowel is inserted into the word. [Once again, it was not at all unusual to use a word where a letter would have to be inserted or removed to reveal the true meaning intended. This is also an example of the potential of two words run together [a + c o mic].

Nostradamus is capable of meaning additional meanings in his choice of words. It is also true in the history of the English Language, the term ‘upon’ and ‘on’ literally meant the exact same definition. In our present times when giving a ‘theatrical’ meaning to the term ‘on’ it is possible to mean: ‘on the air’, ‘on broadcast’ ‘on performance’, and such, by simply using the two letter word ‘on’.

Bob Hope entertains US troops stationed in GermanyIt is true the famed person Bob Hope achieved much of his ‘remembered’ reputation because of his ‘speaking’ mostly ‘one linersin areas of wars. His ‘personal’ short solo monologs led to much of his reputation as he went on ‘tours’, or as Nostradamus relates his being “…The King of the stump speaking [at or of, both are only implied] wars,” It should be further noted the word ‘stump’ can refer to a ‘short log’. The Greek word, ‘logo’ can mean ‘word’, ‘speech’ and/or ‘talk’. Indeed, Bob Hope was renown for his ‘one liners’.

The definitions and synonyms when a multi-linguistic approach is used adds up to the following ‘veiled’ meaning:

First place [U.S.?], a comic [=comedian] Bob, on the air, broadcasting, performing, the King of the Stump [tours] talking short personal- solo monologs [at/of] War zones."

A final note on the use of “…the King…” in this first line. Bob Hope was not considered or talked of as ‘a King’ of Comedy. He will be continued to be known and recognized as ‘The King of Comedy’, truly a position of first place among comedians.

Line Two
“The United Isle will hold him in contempt:”
“L’Ile Harmotique le tiendra à mépris:”

This is difficult to explain, however, concentrate on just the first three words of this line, and in the French only. It actually says in the ‘United Isle’ … then, ‘le.” This contains a phonetic type clue-a sounds like clue for the name ‘Lee' [‘le’] when an English pronunciation is put to use. [Of course, it recognized the pronunciation is very different in the French]. Almost all Nostradamus interpreters agree of his telling of the British Isles- the United Kingdom- Britain.

Now, follow the information closely.

The birth place of the man we call Bob Hope was the British Isles. His name was later changed to Bob Hope after a move was made to the United States.

His given name at birth: Leslie Townsend Hope [birth date in 1903]

An alternative name for the name ‘Leslie’ is listed in a typical name meaning dictionary as ‘Les’, or ‘Lee’. Once again, when a ‘sounds like’ method is invoked, as in the ‘Green Language’ approach, it is possible to phonetically say the name ‘Lee’ even though a veiled … non pronounced ‘e’ is missing.

The next words to consider are “…will hold…”, a future tense of the verb in use for ‘hold’. Once again, little or no sense can be made of the surface – ‘first site’ - reading of the words in use. However, when the meanings and synonyms for ‘hold’ are analyzed a different set of definitions comes into view. The word can mean ‘regard’ or ‘deem’. A check on synonyms for the word ‘deem’ provides the word:


Now, consider the last two words in the verse line, “…in contempt:…” First be reminded ‘in’ can have the definition of something within … in this case the word ‘contempt’. The word ‘contempt’ carries the meaning of ‘mockery’, ‘derision’ [deride], scorn, and scoff.

Who would ever guess another term carries the same meanings, and both in English and French.

The word is: ‘bob

The information obtained in line two becomes:

The Britain [United Isle=United Kingdom] Lee [=Leslie], Bob Hope:

Line Three
“For several good years one gnawing and pillaging,”
“Quelques ans bons rongeant un et pillant,”

It is certainly true of Bob Hope regarding his several good years [seven decades of entertaining and performing] much in singular monolog [‘one’]. However, why does Nostradamus end the third line by using the words “…one gnawing and pillaging.” ?

The reader is advised at this point to review my commentary supplied in the analysis of Line One on the possibilities of meaning for the term ‘1’ [one]. Please understand the meaning of the definition of ‘acme’ relating to a ‘position of number one’. Also, be reminded of an alternative spelling of the word:


It is highly possible Nostradamus is ‘veiling’ the true meaning as:

‘a comic’ [a comedian]

This definition was arrived at by the permitted addition of a single vowel, the ‘o’. [This simply considered as just another example of a well-known Nostradamus usage of a typical ‘Green Language’ method of finding a ‘hidden’ truth.] Once again, please notice the separation of the letter ‘a’, a further method of finding two words in one.

To continue…

The next word under analysis is ‘gnawing’. The term can mean something as simple as ‘finding fault,’ such as ‘to pick a bone.’

Nostradamus ends the verse line with the word ‘pillaging’. The French word for ‘pillage’ is ‘piller’, however another usage is included in some dictionaries, ‘peille’, the French word for ‘rag.’

The term ‘rag’ has various meanings including the action of criticizing or finding fault. However, another chiefly British use of the word ‘rag’ meant ‘an outbreak of boisterous merrymaking’.

In sum, the 3rd line of the verse now reveals the possible ‘hidden’ information:

For several good yearsa comic’ [a comedian] finds fault andrag’ [possible ragging…or rags] meaningan outbreak of boisterous merrymaking’. This cryptic interpretation certainly would fit what Bob Hope did and what it caused.

To continue…

Line Four [end]
“Through tyranny in the isle esteem changing.”
“Par tyrannie à l’île changeant pris.”

Nostradamus often saves the last line for some very exacting and highly revealing information regarding his prophecy.

To begin with, the French word ‘par’ can have the meaning of ‘by way of’, or ‘because of’, or ‘in consequence of’.

Bob Hope golfingThe very next word in this fourth and final line is ‘tyranny’. One of the listed meanings of ‘tyranny’ in the dictionary is:

iron in hand

This becomes a startling accurate ‘viewing’ of Bob Hope in a typical monolog on stage tour performance. He routinely would have a golf club in his hand while performing. [A golf club is often referred to as an ‘iron’ or ‘golf iron’.]

The next three words used in the prophecy are just as amazing in their meaning:

“…‘in the isle…” However, a word of explanation is needed. First, the word ‘isle’ has a heavy phonetic similarity to the word ‘aisle’. It also should be noted the Oxford English Dictionary states an ‘obsolete’, out of use spelling for ‘isle’. The older spelling was: ‘aisle’.

The phrase ‘in the aisle’ is a well known theatrical [‘Hollywood’] term for when a performer causes a great deal of laughter during a performance on stage. This is certainly was the basis for Bob Hope’s fame and reputation.

To continue…

The last two words of the final fourth line will now be considered and delved for ‘veiled’ information. Once again, the ‘Green Language’ methods are in use.

The two words: “…esteem changing.”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word ‘esteem’ as ‘worth’ also as having the meaning of ‘honor’. The term ‘changing’ has a definition and synonym of ‘mixed’ or ‘varied.’

A fact of present day history:

Bob Hope received more awards and honors than any other comedian in history. Indeed, the honor[s] were ‘mixed’ and ‘varied’.

By NostraBOBus Egan

Nostradamus Consultant with

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Also featured on: McClellan Nostradamus Now [simply insert these words into your favorite browser to locate the site ... remember to scroll down to the correct prophecy by Nostrabobus Egan. This is a free to the public web-site.



by John Hogue


1 August 2003

The war in Iraq has snapped the rope of fate in new directions, and enough time has passed to understand the nature of its new entanglements. For today, I will comment on the most burning set of questions I received from thousands of emails concerning how the war and the fall of Saddam might influence our search for the right candidate for Nostradamus’ third and final forewarned antichrist.

What About Saddam Hussein?
Saddam Hussein’s rapid fall might indicate he is out of the running. However, at the date of this writing, he is still alive, and now overseeing a part, if not the leader of, a gathering guerrilla insurrection in Iraq. Death in the near future may yet see him fulfill the criterion for Mabus in Century 2, Quatrain 62: he soon dies at the onset of the war and his death is a catalyst for the great destruction of people and animals around the world in a 27-year war of international terrorism.

Saddam Hussein

So far he has missed two assassination attempts by US bunker buster missiles at the beginning and towards the end of the invasion phase of this war. Saddam could still face death from a bunker or bungalow busting missile hitting a secret bunker as I described in my 1997 interpretation for Century 9, Quatrain 74 in “Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies.” The content of that prophecy will be the foundation of the HogueProphecy Bulletin I will write when Saddam Hussein is destroyed.

I wish to quote my 1997 interpretation of Century 6 Quatrain 33 for today’s theme about the aftermath of the Saddam regime.


Sa main derniere par Alus sanguinaire
Ne se pourra par la mer guarentir:
Entre deux fleuues craindre main militaire,
Le noir l’ireux le fera repentir.

His power finally through bloody Alus,
He will be unable to protect himself by sea.
Between two rivers he will fear the military hand,
The black one will make the angry one repent of it.


The quatrain implies that Saddam Hussein (“the angry one”) is the man who is “unable to protect himself by sea” (his defenses proved useless against sea-launched cruise missiles both during and after the Gulf War of 1991). Saddam, the Mesopotamian leader “between two rivers” (the Tigris and Euphrates) who fears the “military hand” of the West, may also need to fear the hand or power of bloody “Alus,” the “black one,” who is someone other than Abu Nidal. He could be a future black-robed Ayatollah from Iran.


I would add that the Ayatollah I spoke of six years earlier might turn out to be the Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei or the leader of Iraqi Shiite Ayatollahs fomenting a fundamentalist Islamic state in Post-Saddam Iraq.

The BBC news reported the return to Iraq of Ayatollah Mohammed Baqr al-Hakim from a 23-year exile in Iran. He is considered the most important Shiite cleric of Iraq This Ayatollah recently made a speech before hundreds of thousands of Shiite followers in Basra, declaring “We want an independent government... We refuse imposed government...We now have to know our own way to rebuild Iraq, and forget the past...We Muslims have to live together... We have to help each other stand together against imperialism... We want an independent government. We refuse imposed government!”

Saddam’s sons have been killed. He will follow them shortly. What transpires in the months or a year ahead is a new insurrection fomented by a black robed and angry Iraqi Shiite Ayatollah. Whether his anger or US imperialist interests in Iraq are justified only history will tell. Prophecy tells us that a new guerrilla war is coming. It may not be soley a war waged by those between the two rivers of the Tigris and Euphrates in the “Sunni” Muslim “Triangle.” The vast majority of Iraqi’s of the Shiite faith will, for better or worse, choose to establish their own political destiny without edicts from Viceroys of an American occupation. The Shiites may push aside the Americans if they do not step aside.

Is Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) Mabus?
No question has generated more emails to me than this. I have received and continue to receive thousands of your letters about the name of the new Secretary General of the Palestinian National Authority Executive Committee’s close approximation to the anagram “Mabus.” Both his birth name, Mahmoud Abbas, and PLO code name (Abu Mazen) can fit the rules of letter crunching anagrams to make “Mabus”:

M. Abbas = Mabbas = Mabas = (replace one vowel to get) = Mabus

Abu Mazen = (take the “M” from Mazen, drop the redundant “a”) = Mabu = (the letter “z” phonetically changes to “s”) = Mabusen (then drop the two redundant letters “en”) = Mabus”

Mahmoud Abbas in 1990s

Mahmoud Abbas was born in Safed, Israel in 1932. He became a Palestinian refugee growing up in Syria after the 1948 Israeli War of Independence. He joined the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in the 1950s and received his doctorate in Israeli affairs from Moscow University in 1970. In 1965, Abbas along with Yasser Arafat was one of the prime founders of Fatah, the radical guerilla faction of the PLO. He rose to a position in PLO Executive Committee in 1980, and became head of the Department of National (Arab) Affairs in 1984. Ten years later he refused a post in the Ministry of Palestinian National Authority. In the 1990s, Abbas had shown himself to be a moderate figure working for a peaceful solution to the Palestinian, Israeli problem. In 1993 he signed the Declaration of Principles alongside President Clinton, Shimon Peres, Yitzchak Rabin, and Yasser Arafat. He is the architect of the Oslo Peace Accords, of which he explained to the New York Times in 1993:

“We have come to this point [Oslo Accords] because we believe that peaceful coexistence and cooperation are the only means for reaching understanding and for realizing the hopes of the Palestinians and the Israelis…”

By 1996, Abbas became Yasser Arafat’s chief deputy, and second most powerful leader of the Palestinian Authority and his heir apparent. Abbas’ consistently liberal and pragmatic approach has often united moderate Israeli and Paletinian leaders to the cause of peace while alienating the extremists of either camp. His plan for establishing Jerusalem as a joint Israeli/Palestinian capital has earned him the ire of Fatah and Israeli fundamentalists alike. Many Israelis believe Mahmoud Abbas walks and talks like a moderate, but this is actually the peace-promoting façade of a cunning politician advancing his anti-Zionist goals.

Thousands of you are convinced that he is Mabus, however, I would like to suggest you consider the following.

Sometimes a name seems so close that it must fit. During the 1990s many people were just as convinced that the US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Raymond Mabus, was “Mabus.” It makes logical sense. He is named outright, he is influential and he was right in the middle of the tense arena for the expected (or projected) Armageddon. Perhaps if he had died violently in a terrorist act it might have triggered a devasating US response and killed a great many “people and animals” as Quatrain 62 of Century 2 implies. Nevertheless, Ambassador Mabus retired in the mid-1990s from the post without fanfare or prophetic significance.

My initial sense is that Mahmoud Abbas is not enough of an uncommon and threatening figure to be one of Nostradamus’ Antichrists like Hitler or Napoleon. I believe he will be remembered as a politically ineffectual and weak puppet -- sometimes pulled by strings held by Yasser Arafat, at other times tugged by strings attached to President Bush. Abbas will be remembered as a weak voice of moderation pitted in a conflict of intemperate Arab and Israeli people. I believe the majority of Arabs and Israelis are not yet ready or even able to drop the religious, racial and socially programmed attitudes required to bring a lasting peace in the so-called “Holy” Land.

I do believe Mahmoud Abbas could be a possible candidate for “Mabus” if he is not intended by Nostradamus as his Third Antichrist but as some victim or catalyst for the actions of the Third Antichrist. Thus, if Mahmoud Abbas is assassinated, his death may trigger a “great destruction of people and animals” as the Mabus prophecy implies -- in which case a bloody Middle Eastern war will spread acts of terrorism and counter-terrorism across the world over the next 27 years.

Follow the Anagram Road
Another flood of emails comes from those of you who believe that whoever “Mabus” is he must follow the easy-to-decipher pattern of word crunching that makes Hitler “Hister” the second Antichrist, and Napoleon “Napaulon Roy” the first Antichrist.

Although “Hister” only requires one letter change, the perception that “Napaulon Roy” is an easy anagramatical solution to Century 8 Quatrain 1’s PAU, NAY, LORON is a myth.

In “Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies” I explained the mechanics of decoding this anagram for “Napoleon King” in the following way:

“The anagram PAU NAY LORON swiveled once becomes NAY PAU LORON, and twice, NAPAULON ROY = Napoleon, King. The spelling for Napoleon in Corsican style, Napauleone, is even closer to the anagram. In a more sinister decoding one drops an N, reverts the U phonetically to Y. The anagram then spells out the Greek horror of the Apocalypse, Apallyon, the angel of the abyss from Revelations 9.11 or, in this case, the Corsican horror APAULYON ROY or ‘King Destroyer.’ This is the man with the ‘ferocious name’ of ‘destroyer’ from [Century 1, Quatrain 76].”

It would be more accurate to say that the Mabus anagram has a fifty-fifty chance of being either a close approximation of the decoded name, such as Hister=Hitler, or it will take some creative decoding.

Is G. W. Bush now Antichrist Candidate Number One?
The second largest wave of emails since the war in Iraq asks me to consider the American president the prime candidate for Nostradamus fearsome Mabus after he trounced Saddam Hussein. The reasons provided to me by fans are many and detailed. I will account the gist of them here for you all in a brief summary.

Bush condemns "axis of evil"

In your many letters the argument for Bush being Mabus relies heavily on the American president’s predilection for unilateralist action. You think an Antichrist should have disrespect for international law; that he will ignore diplomacy and rush into preemptive invasion of sovereign nations to overthrow their regimes. To many of you, President Bush is nearly as disparaging and dismissive of the United Nations as the Second Antichrist (Hitler) was for the UN’s predecessor, the League of Nations. Many of you compare Bush to Hitler because in your view he shares the same penchant for speaking in simplistic absolutes. He sees himself in messianic terms as a savior, force-feeding his political world view on others by repetitive use of “the big lie.” In other words, he propagates a lie so many times that people begin to believe it, such as Saddam being an imminent because he is aiming a vast array of weapons of mass destruction at the US. Like Hitler, many of you think Bush followed his big lie with acts of military aggression unsubstantiated by objective evidence for a just cause.

The more conspiratorial minded among you believe Bush and the neoconservatives in Washington who prop him up as their spokesman are using the Islamist terrorist attacks of 11 September as an excuse to consolidate dictatorial power. They exploit a terrorist emergency to dismantle democratic freedoms just as Hitler did in 1933. When a communist purportedly torched the Reichstag (the German Capitol building), Hitler used this act as a pretext to rescind democratic freedoms “temporarily-cum-forever” until the terrorist danger to Germany was over. Indeed, many of you out there say you fear the US president is the front man for a neoconcervative revolution that will lead to an American brand of Christian Fundamentalist Fascism at home and imperialist adventures abroad. You compare German capitalists bending the rules to appoint (not elect) Hitler as German Chancellor in 1933 to the questionable way bungled ballots in Florida and a Supreme Court edict elected Bush to the presidency in 2000.

The near-miraculous lightning war in Iraq followed by a developing quagmire of guerrilla war has many of you making historic (if at the moment a bit grandiose) comparisons of Bush to Hitler. Both leaders at the onset of their wars enjoyed miraculous and easy victories only to see the same conquered lands later on become sink holes of partisan warfare. Some of you predict easy victories in Iraq will encourage Bush to pursue invasions of Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Perhaps if more victories come bloodless and initially easy, you think Bush will even attempt a showdown with North Korea later in his second term. (I believe this showdown may come as early as Autumn 2003.) All of which will lead to America’s economic and social collapse in decades to come by way of the stress of a global Vietnam Syndrome.

Some of you remind us that the first two Antichrists came from the Western and Judeo-Christian programmed corner of the world, therefore, why not the Third Antichrist? The Islamic candidate, Saddam Hussein, turned out to be a little pygmy commanding a shoeless, rust bucket of a Soviet style army, whereas Bush began his war using the most powerful and technologically advanced armed force of his day, just like Hitler and Napoleon before him.

Then there are letters coming from those of you who subscribe to seeing your antichrists in beastly Book-of-Revelation meter. To you, the Antichrist will appear initially as an all powerful world leader and peacemaker. He rules a superpower or “hyper-power,” and wields complete military and economic authority to wage war or force his idea of peace and economy on anyone, anywhere in the world.

New Agers and Holy Rollers alike share a prophetic caveat that a future antichrist begins his rule as an apparent bold and benevolent leader. He has the guts to start cleaning up the world’s rogue and terrorist harboring nations if no one else will. He will bring freedom and enlightenment to Iraq, Iran, North Korea, etc. He will initially be successful and not run into much resistance at first, from home or abroad. His enemies and critics will be divided and weak, his friends exultant and arrogant, while the majority are cautiously supportive, but generally in denial of his darker statements and documented plans.


I must say, many of your views are very imaginative, though the Hitler/Bush connection still has a long way to go before it sounds viable. Hitler might use Reichstag fires to set up a dictatorship, the US Supreme court might appoint an American president, but Bush’s war for petrol “lebensraum” is already overextending his militant reach.

Hitler kept the fuzzy math of his economic policies alive by exploiting the resources and wealth of conquered nations. Bush Corp has scarcely turned on the spigot to Iraqi oil. The Vice President’s Halburton contractors are too afraid to venture out from their hotels into those oil fields as long as a handful of guerrillas are on the loose dynamiting pipe lines and rigs. Compared to this timidity Hitler’s contractors were bolder. In 1941, after Hitler conquered much of the European half of the Soviet Union, his contractors fanned across the territories tearing up and relaying thousands of miles of Russian railroad tracks so they fit the smaller German rail gauge. They did this contending with over a million guerrillas.

Hitler’s Reich for most of its war of conquest enjoyed a solid alliance with Italy and the Empire of Japan. German soldiers fought side by side with millions of Italians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Croats, Romanians and the Finns. Bush’s “Coalition of the Willing” at present consists of 13,000 English and 1,000 Australian troops. More troops are promised to aid America in its occupation of Iraq in a few months. Among these are soliders from the former Axis allies, Hungary and Romania. It is safe to say their contribution will be a few thousand for the American cause rather than the million they pledged to Nostradamus’ second Antichrist, Hitler.

A Nostradamian antichrist worth his weight in dire quatrains should have silenced domestic opposition. His occupation should have placated the home front with the wealth of exploited conquests. Does Bush even come close to such Anti-Christian success? The sagging economy and a still potent if hybernating American voting populace could vote any neoconservative delusion of grandeur out of office in 2004. Did the Germans vote Hitler out of office after he got them stuck in the quagmire of the Soviet Union?

With that said, it is undeniable that Bush as a candidate for Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist has grown in power and stature since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. We must also consider the likelihood that Nostradamus intended his three Antichrists to be the personification of three dark steps towards the threatened derailment of civilization. It could be argued that the root evil of “Anti-Christian” behavior is human stupidity. When we act like puppets and robots rather than responding to life with enlightenment, compassion, and awareness, we are all a personification of the state of unconsciousness called “Antichrist.” Thus one must consider the third and final Antichrist intended by Nostradamus may be on the one hand the most powerful of the three and the most unconscious and mediocre of the three. We must consider the possibility that to qualify as Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist he must be a profoundly idiotic and powerful leader who blundered into -- and was soon destroyed by -- a 27-year war he but could not finish.

Still, the litmus test remains altogether simple. Bush or any other candidate for Mabus must pass through the following prophetic milestones provided in the text of Century 2 Quatrain 62 and Century 8 Quatrain 77:

1.) He must soon die in the early stages of a war he either started (if Mabus is the Third Antichrist) or is proscecuting against the Third Antichrist.

2.) The death of this figure early in the war triggers a 27-year reverberation of terror and counter terror around the world.

3.) Indeed it does not matter if Mabus and the Third Antichrist are one person or two, both fall early in the war, and their fall becomes the catalyst for the closest brush with Armageddon any of us will ever face, and hopefully avoid.

4.) His death as victim of -- or perpetrator of -- the 27 year war of the Third Antichrist causes a great destruction of people and animals on a global scale.

I would add that this destruction could come not soley through a war he might start. If the Third Antichrist is President Bush then his terrible destruction of people and animals could come in later decades as a result of his political alienation of the US with the world. It comes though his ill conceived and shortsighted economic and global policies. Bush will be remembered as the US president who accelerated runaway consumerism, runaway use of fossil fuels, increased global ecological degradation, ignored the population explosion, and hastened the spread of global warming -- all key factors foreseen by many seers, ancient and modern, for triggering the derailment of civilization as early as the 2020s.

John Hogue
Rogue Scholar/Author



Were the Deaths of Uday and Qusay
Foreseen by Nostradamus?

The Deaths of Saddam Hussein's Sons
FULFILLED in Quatrain 9.76
by Michael McClellan


Quatrain 9.76

Qusay and Uday togetherAvec le noir Rapax & sanguinaire,
Issu du peaultre de l'inhumain Neron
Emmi deux fleuves main gauche militaire
Sera murti par Joine cheulveron.

With the black Rapacious one and the bloody one,
Issued from the brothel of the inhuman Nero,
Between two rivers, the military on the left hand,
They will be murdered with a Young, bald man.


July 25, 2003 (11:50 PM EDT) -- An exact translation of line 1 reveals that an unknown number of people will be "with" two other individuals: one who is "black" (as in "black-hearted" or dark in nature) and "rapacious," the other simply "bloody" and cruel. This is an accurate portrayal of Saddam Hussein's two sons: Uday and Qusay. Those who died "with" them were Saddam Hussein's grandson and a bodyguard.

Uday was indeed "rapacious," a greedy collector of expensive cars and a collector of women as well. One may also see lurking in the Latin word RAPAX, the word RAPE (from "to seize"). Many women were grabbed off the streets of Baghdad so he could rape them, in some instances murdering them afterwards.

Qusay, "the bloody one," presided over numerous executions and torturing of prisoners. Groomed as Saddam's heir, he learned to kill early. After the first Gulf War, Qusay oversaw mass executions of the Shiites. Over the years he had political prisoners and others he considered enemies, real or imagined, shot to death or, in other cases, dropped screaming alive into shredding machines.

In line 2, both Uday and Qusay are said to have been "issued" from the "brothel" of "inhuman Nero": none other than Saddam Hussein. Nero had much of Rome destroyed by fire and the arsons blamed on Christians -- a sect that endangered the claim of the emperor to be a living god. Saddam burned the oil fields of Kuwait for over a year, the thick black smoke turning day into night and night into an orange hell in the tiny Arab emirate and even inside of Iraq. He also attempted to scorch Iraq and leave Baghdad open to destruction during the current campaign in 2003, but his machinations largely failed.

Line 3 indicates the geographical location of the action: Iraq, the land "between" and watered by "two rivers" (the Tigris and Euphrates). It is also apparent that the land is occupied by foreign forces.

The big problem for me was line 4. The word "par" usually means "by." Thus, it long seemed to me that Saddam would be murdered by the "Young, bald man." Clearly, this could only be Uday Hussein, who shaved his head and only allowed a stubble length of hair to grow.

To me this presented a scenario where Uday would kill his father Saddam during a war where the Iraqi leader would appear to weaken. He would do this so he could then assume power quickly, depriving his brother Qusay, who he was intensely jealous of, from taking control.

However, another secondary meaning of "par" is "by" in the sense of "with." Thus, those who die, Qusay, Saddam's grandson, and a bodyguard, die with the "Young, bald one," Uday Hussein. Nostradamus seemed to find the striking physical appearance of this particular son of Saddam to be outstanding enough to comment upon.

Unless these deaths are fabrications, I consider this quatrain to be completely fulfilled. Even so, the fate of Saddam Hussein remains a mystery and an open question.



by John Hogue


U.S. forces roll into downtown Baghdad


11 July 2003

There are new columns of smoke arising in Baghdad. They are no longer the inky apocalyptic clouds of flaming oil pits set alight in a desperate attempt of a moribund dictatorship to mask the city from US smart bombs. The new columns of smoke ascend from the flaming wreckage of US trucks and personnel carriers that almost daily fall prey to guerrilla attacks. The preemptive US war against Iraq has come and gone and it would seem that many of my interpretations of prophecies from Nostradamus and others are playing out. Saddam’s government fell quickly. US priority “was” placed on getting the oil flowing from Iraq before restoring water and power and social order to its people. The invasion was quick and turned out to be the easier venture than the murky postwar occupation. And, as I feared, Iraq now descends into the guerrilla war I predicted would follow the invasion. Iraq has become the new Mecca of pilgrimage for militant Islam. Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations will continue sending their irregulars across the Iraqi border seeking a baptism of fire and a taste for American blood.

Terrorism in the world has escalated, not diminished, after the US occupation of Iraq. Moreover, it would seem that even so-called civilized countries have adopted the terrorist military taste for preemptive attack without an objective cause. Each day, week, month, passes with no proof to back up President Bush’s motivation for this war. The Iraqi weapons of mass destruction have apparently become weapons of mass occultation, soon to become weapons of amassed fictions.

At least the oil is real. It hasn’t vanished into thin air.

A half year or so before the war, I did an interview on LauraLee Online where one of my predictions earned a lot of angry emails. On the show I predicted that people of the future would label America’s planned invasion of Iraq as the first stage of its “Oil Wars.” I said these imperial adventures intended to prop US-friendly puppet democracies first in Iraq, then Iran and Saudi Arabia with the US strategic goal of dramatically lowering fossil fuel prices while increasing the flow of oil to US industries. (Oh, before I forget, I might also add Liberia to the mix. A few thousand US troops will be arriving there shortly, as it is yet another failed country needing our “help” that according to the BBC sits on a recently discovered and potentially rich oil reserve.)

Here we are a little over two months after President Bush declared the war in Iraq officially over on 1 May and those angry emails about my “Oil War” prediction have vanished faster than an Iraqi weapon of mass destruction. The oil of Iraq flows under US control. Vice President Dick Cheney’s former oil company, Halburton, has received contracts to rebuild and modernize Iraq’s oil industry without any other bids being considered by the White House. Back in the latter half of April, US Marines and army units of the 1st Armored and 3rd Divisions entered Baghdad with specific orders to secure the buildings and records of only one Iraqi government agency. They did not receive orders from the Bush administration to secure the hospitals, nor the administrative offices overseeing the water systems or food distribution. The Marines did not protect the national archives or the museums. Law and order were not their first priority, nor was sustaining food, power, water or protecting cultural heritage of the Iraqi people. They left the ministries that supply these needs and the museums wide open to plundering mobs. They left the “liberated” citizens of Baghdad at the mercy of darkened streets filled with hooligans and the looters for weeks on end. Hundreds of Iraqi civilians died in the coming chaos. The only assets of the Iraqi people carefully guarded by the invaders were the buildings of the Ministry of Oil.

The English newspaper The Guardian reported on 3 June 2004 that US Deputy Defense Secretary, Paul Wolfowitz, publicly admitted that oil was the fundamental reason for the invasion. According to their sources, Wolfowitz--one of the founding fathers of the US Neo-Concervative “new world order” agenda--made the following comment in an address to delegates at an Asian security summit in Singapore. He was asked to explain why America was ready to attack Iraq but not North Korea. Unlike the dictator of Iraq, the dictator of North Korea had a well-known and documented nuclear, biological and chemical weapons stockpile and the capability to launch them at America and its Far Eastern allies.

Wolfowitz replied, “Let’s look at it simply. The most important difference between North Korea and Iraq is that economically, we just had no choice in Iraq. The country swims on a sea of oil.”

Even two months into the occupation it is not unfair to say that US soldiers guard the pipelines, not the people of Iraq.

Using the C Word
Two days after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack on America, Wolfowitz’s chief disciple, the US president, indelicately defined his war against Islamist terrorism as “a great crusade.”

How can I explain to those of you who are not Islamic or Arab how ominous the “C” word sounds when used by the world’s most powerful Christian leader? It doesn’t matter that Bush applies the term for a war against a few extremists in the Islamic world. The Middle East looks back 1,000 years upon the bloody Christian crusades -- the “preemptive” Christian colonial holy wars in the Middle East -- as if they took place yesterday. Imagine if Bush had declared a “holocaust” on a few Jewish terrorists, not intending to implicate the whole Jewish people? How would a majority of Jews view his use of the “H” word? Arabs watch and wait for signs of a crusade happening again, just as Jews are ever vigilant for the signs of a new Holocaust.

Perhaps Nostradamus foresaw BushsCrusade
Over four-and-a-half centuries ago, Nostradamus said the following in Century 3, Quatrain 61 of his prescient masterpiece Les Propheties:

La grande bande & ƒecte crucigere,
Se dreƒƒera en Meƒopotamie:
Du proche fleuue compagnie legere,
Que telle loy tiendra pour ennemie.

The great host and sect of the crusaders,
Will be massed in Mesopotamia:
Of the nearby river the fast company,
That such law will hold for the enemy.

It would seem that Nostradamus has written a compound prophecy embracing two modern invasions of Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) into one: the Gulf War of 1991 and the land invasion and occupation of Iraq via its southern (Mesopotamian) approaches in 2003.

Back in 1997, I wrote the following interpretation of C3 Q61 for “Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies.” My views then covered what now appear to be the first part of this compound prophecy:

“It could be said that Operation Desert Storm was the most recent Crusade of Christian armies in the Middle East; moreover, it starred the largest cast of Christian soldiers ever to fight in ‘Mesopotamia’ in the 20th or any other century. Rick Atkinson in his book Crusade: The Untold Story of the Gulf War estimates that the West sent 4,000 tanks, 150 ships, and 600,000 soldiers (the vast majority from the Christian nations). The ‘nearby river’ is the Euphrates during the rapid attack by the 101st Airborne Division cutting across Highway 8 next to the river. This action effectively cut Saddam Hussein’s supply line to Kuwait during the 100-hour ground war. The final line may take us into the near future if we can define just which ‘law’ holds in Iraq: Is it the brutal ‘law’ of Saddam Hussein, or the sanctions of the United Nations? One could argue that the swiftness of the Allied encircling maneuver spearheaded by the 101st Airborne helped bring the conflict to an end before Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard divisions were destroyed. After the peace, he could use these relatively intact elite units to tighten his hold on Iraq.”

A revision of my interpretation would include a second invasion and occupation. Line 1 and 2’s phrase “great host and sect of the crusaders will be massed in Mesopotamia” is more applicable to the US forces occupying the region today. I believe President Bush’s use of the word “crusade” is a classic catch phrase Nostradamus wouldn’t have overlooked. Moreover, it is an objective fact mostly overlooked by the American media that a major invasion of Christian missionaries and aid organizations is at this moment taking place in Iraq. Andrew Gumbel’s 22 April article for the UK newspaper The Independent estimates that the Southern Baptist Convention had already sent 800 missionary volunteers to Iraq even as the American invasion was still ongoing. Gumbel was told by SBC sources that the missionaries were “on their way to Iraq to deliver food packages labeled with a verse from St. John's Gospel, in Arabic, saying that ‘grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.’”

The Christian charity called Samaritan’s Purse will also soon pass food and the Christian faith to the Iraqis. Franklin Graham, evangelist Billy Graham’s son runs it. Franklin Graham is more than a long-standing friend of Bush. He is a significant theological mentor. Bush has written in Christian magazines that Reverend Franklin and his father were pivotal in renewing his faith and religious committment as a Christian after his bout with alcoholism. The American public choose to be blithley unaware of Graham’s hatred of Islam. After the 9-11 attacks, and around the same time Bush declared his war on Islamist terrorists a “crusade,” Franklin Graham made a highly publicized blanket condemnation of Islam on the Christian TV show 700 Club calling it “a very evil and wicked religion.” He has often written that Islam and Christianity will fight each other before the second coming of Christ. Franklin Graham, like his father, who has been the confessor of several American presidents, believes Christ’s coming is imminent.

Given the indelicate words of this prominent Islamaphobe, one might expect the president to distance himself, but no. Gumbel reports that the president invited Franklin Graham to preach at the Good Friday 2003 prayer service held in the Pentagon. I would add that he participated in the Holy Service just as the American invasion of an Islamic country was at its peak.

Gumbel reports that Graham’s invitation insulted many moderate Christians and members of other faiths working at the Pentagon. Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the president’s invitation sent “entirely the wrong message to the Muslim and Arab world...”

“This kind of incident,” Hooper added, “can undo any kind of bridges built by a hundred public affairs officers at the Pentagon.”

Thus, it seems we “have” a new crusade in Mesopotamia, as Nostradamus defined it in Century 3, Quatrain 61.

Lines 1 through 3 point to the Gulf War of 1991 repeating itself in early 2003:

The great host and sect of the crusaders,
Will be massed in Mesopotamia:
Of the nearby river the fast company...

Fast armored armadas of the Mesopotamian encirclement of Republican Guard divisions in 1991 become leaner and meaner armored brigades of the U.S. blitzkrieg of 2003. They plunge across the Mesopotamian delta heading north, northwest for Baghdad alongside the western bank of the Euphrates (“nearby river”).

At the date of this writing a “great host” is indeed “amassed in Mesopotamia.” At the end of the war there were close to 200,000 soldiers, the vast majority being of the Christian faith (“crusaders”) on the ground in Mesopotamia. Since 1 May the Bush administration scaled down the number of troops to 145,000. An escalation of guerilla warfare sets the stage for history to repeat itself. Another US president from Texas is issuing secret orders for a buildup of more troops for what could be America’s second Vietnam quagmire.

Perhaps the repetition of history is closer than I’ve stated it. When US troops crossed the Euphrates River on their final push for Baghdad, they passed into the fertile and marshy planes of the Tigris and Euphrates watershed.

“Gosh!” remarked one reporter on camera from CNN riding on top of an armored personel carrier through yellowish green rice fields and palm groves, “It looks just like we’re driving right back into Vietnam!”

Is he right?

Let us review the prophecy again:

The great host and sect of the crusaders,
Will be massed in Mesopotamia [modern day Iraq]:
Of the nearby river the fast company,
That such law will hold for the enemy.

The final line seen in the light of the 2003 invasion, becomes more ominous for America. Indeed, a clearer picture arises of just what Nostradamus might intend for the “law” that will “hold for the enemy.” Saddam’s dictatorial “law” survived the Gulf War of 1991 only to be replaced by a new tyranny--the “Sharia” law of Shiite fundamentalism.

The law of the Sharia will hold Iraq because the American president’s preemptive war and occupation is the cataylst. A force-fed Iraqi puppet democracy will radicalize the country. The guerrilla insurrection will grow in strength long after the US captures or kills Saddam. This insurrection may be the match setting the fires of a 27-year war foreseen by Nostradamus in his famous “Mabus” and “Third Antichrist” prophecies.

(See related articles in the HogueProphecy Bulletin Archives: ... /archiv23.htm ... /archiv24.htm, and ... /archiv30.htm.)

John Hogue
Rogue Scholar/Author



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