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For 11/21/11

Israel’s Response to Iran’s Nuclear Program:

Israeli Rumors of a December Hanukkah Attack

It appears that Netanyahu and his government now believes that the White Houseand State Dep’t talk of the U.S. striking Iran is simply a deception effort to hold Israel back until it is too late for any attack on Iran.

Defense Minister Barak’s latest round of talks with Washington brought him around to the conclusion that President Obama is leading Israel down a rabbit hole despite all the grand talk of joint operations with a ‘western coalition’ force. While EU nations are conducting some preparatory drills for a Mideast War, these drills are turning out to be defensive drills designed to ward off Iranian counter-attacks after an Israeli strike.


From Special Source in Israel:

“When Barak comes back home he will report to the Govt. that there is little hope of stopping Iran militarily with anyone's help. Instead, Bibi and Bark will decide the date for an Israel attack. Very disheartening.”

“When will the attack occur? Discussion is on going but Israel has come to terms that they will take on the task so when? No magic globe to tell you, but it looks more likely before January than after that point. The clock is ticking.”


There is some speculation that the Israeli government has been preparing for an attack around the time of Hanukkah. This year Hanukkah is celebrated from December 20 through December 28.

Speculation also has been raised that Bibi and Barak have consulted with some rabbinical prophecy experts related to Ezekiel’s prophecies and those found in ancient rabbinical writings.

These experts have wide ranging views on Ezekiel’s prophecies. One group of theorists claim that Ezekiel’s Magog prophecies started with Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait in 1991 and that Ezekiel’s prophecies were interrupted or put on a temporary hold which resumed on/after 9/11 when the U.S. declared war on Afghanistan. From hence forth, the Magog prophecies were to continue until Iran and her proxies would become engaged in war with Israel.

Still other views are that Ezekiel’s Magog prophecies commenced with the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and that the war is to be a 10 year event or thereabouts, with the final phase being conflict with Iran and herconfederation.

Interestingly, none of the rabbinical views consider Russia to be Gog or Magog. Such views are based upon a strict interpretation of the term “land of Magog” in which Ezekiel is told to face the “land of Magog” and issue the prophecy towards the land.

Rabbinical traditions dating to around 300 B.C. indicate that the “land” was located in what is present day eastern Iran, western Pakistan and Afghanistan. Of course, the prophecy also includes allied nations such as Libya and central/east Africa, such as Sudan and Somalia as well as portions of northern Iraq, Syria and Turkey. The nation of Russia is not considered to be a part of such a coalition involved directly in any invasion efforts.

There is one rabbinical view that suggests the Magog attack will coincide with Hannakah in December of this year. For that reason, Israeli leaders havereportedly made private inquiries with certain rabbinical eschatologists for further clarification on such prophecies as part of an effort in planning a strike against Iran.

Rumors are swirling throughout Israel, speculating on when the IDF may launch military operations and against whom first. There is much speculation that the IDF will engage either Hamas in the Gaza Strip or Hezbollah in Lebanon prior to an attack on Iran. Still other speculations suggest that ‘surprise’ is required against Iran’s nuclear facilities so that an attack on Iran will precede operations against Israel’s neighbors.

The main point though is that Israeli strategists are convinced that an Iran strike will result in an all-out war with Israel’s neighbors within hours of an initial strike on Iran. Israel can only hope that Iran will lash out at the U.S. and Europe in such a way that will provoke and force U.S. and European military action against Iran while Israel deals with her own neighbors.

Israel views the window of opportunity for striking Iran will close by the Spring of 2012 and thus, Israel “MUST” attack Iran before April of 2012 or else be forced to take on Iran after it becomes a nuclear power, in which case, Israel knows it will be decimated by a first-strike nuclear attack from Iran at a time of Iran’s own choosing. So Israeli strategists believe it is better for Israel to take its lumps now rather than later.


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