Presentation One:

Jean + Jean + Gia = ?


IMPORTANT MESSAGE (5/7/01): Presentation One, an apparent failure, theorised that someone having the first name Gina, Geena, Jean, Jenna, etc. might suffer the same fate in the year 2000 as Jean Harlow, Jean Seberg, Gia Carangi, or Dorothy Jean Dandridge. Thankfully, this did not occur. Note, however, that I say this was an apparent failure because there is an adjacent potential, admittedly small, for this prediction to still be fulfilled during 2001. For this reason this section will be maintained throughout 2001. It is currently a failed and unchanged archive.

Presentation Two, the second half of this page, predicting female celebrities of any name succumbing to one of the four scenarios mentioned was unfortunately successful (and continues to be). Israeli pop singer Ofra Haza died of AIDS like supermodel Gia and television star Paula Yates died in a fashion similar to Jean Seberg and Dorothy Jean Dandridge. In addition, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge star, Halle Berry, suffered an injury during an auto accident and pop diva Whitney Houston came very close to ending up identically like Dorothy Dandridge. It appears she has kicked the cocaine habit, fortunately for her. Nevertheless, an adjacent potential in the second section remains active in 2001, serving as a warning. Currently, against all odds, it appears supermodel Niki Taylor has fallen victim to the Jean Harlow scenario.

Go to Presentation Two (which is currently active) or continue with Presentation One (thus far, a failed archive).


Jean Harlow (colour)

Jean Seberg (circa 1960s)

Gia Carangi

Jean Harlow - d.37 Jun 7 - uremic poisoning, cerebral edema

Jean Seberg - d. 79 Sep 22 - suicide, overdose of bariturates

Gia Carangi - d. 86 Nov 18 - AIDS, contracted from infected syring


What clues lie beneath the "official" causes of deaths of the three women discussed above? Some believe that Jean Harlow's medical crisis was brought on by a severe beating by a jealous boyfriend. There is an outstanding allegation that in 1970 J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI created a viscious rumour that was printed by the press alleging that Jean Seberg was pregnant with the baby of a prominent member of the Black Panthers. The baby, which was white, was born dead. Each year on the anniversary of the stillbirth, Seberg attempted suicide until she finally succeeded in 1979. The "Jean" pattern evolved into "Gia." Actress gave way to supermodel. A needle shared with an AIDS-infected heroin addict took the life of Gia Carangi.

What then is the common thread besides the "Gee" names? It would appear that the cause of death for all three women was a fatal delayed-reaction to a physically or psychologically abusive event. But a common link I have just uncovered will help establish more detail to this thread.

The period of peril for the "Jean" or "Gee" in question is June-November 2000.


Jean Harlow (B & W)Before continuing, I am somewhat concerned about the long delay between the deaths of Jean Harlow and a forgotten "Jean" to be discussed (28 years). The year 1937 has exactly the same value in conventional numerology (which I also use along with base 7) as 2000. This may indicate a beating or a ferocious physical assault by someone known or unknown. What is not clear is whether this will be a contributing factor in the celebrity's death should such an event occur. However, in this age of celebrity accidents -- whether in cars, planes, or on skis -- some sort of tragic and violent mishap may be what is actually being indicated. In any event, this is something that can be prevented. It is also possible that we may be able to dismiss a Harlow influence altogether.

However, if one extrapolates from Seberg's or Carangi's deaths, prevention appears utterly hopeless. Drug abuse (fatal overdose or contracting a deadly illness from drug paraphenalia) and suicide are two causes of death that "warnings" or "omens" are powerless to stop. As I have previously indicated on my Limitations of Numerology page, prophecy alone cannot stop a suicide from taking his or her own life.


Dorothy DandridgeDorothy Jean Dandridge: The Forgotten Jean

UPDATE (11/5/99): If you have read the End of the 20th Century Email Forum and other portions of my site you know that I believe that we are heavily into a 1960s/1970s cycle (although events from other decades are also wielding their influences). It has now come to my attention that another female film celebrity (one whom I had overlooked) fell victim to tragic circumstances that claimed her life on September 8, 1965 -- 28 years (4 x 7) after Jean Harlow's death and 14 years (2 x 7) before Jean Seberg's suicide. In a technical sense she is also a "Jean," and I find the timing and the manner of her death disconcerting enough to believe that it is very possible her experience has a high probability of influencing events for one of the women in question in 2000.

Dorothy Jean Dandridge, known professionally as both Dorothy Dandridge and Dorothy Jean Dandridge, today is remembered for her singing voice, her sexy looks, and as one of the first black women to pave the way for many other entertainers of colour to be accepted into Hollywood. It was a long, hard struggle and, in the end, Dandridge never completely realised her dream of being taken seriously as a major film star. Only posthumously has she received the recognition she deserved in life. After two failed marriages to abusive men who sought only to profit from her financially, Dorothy suffered a long bout with drug addiction and alcoholism. In the early 1960s she began a process of recovery and attempted to revitilise her career. Sadly, due to Hollywood's continued exploitation and miscasting of blacks, she succumbed to depression and once again to her previous addictions. On September 8, 1965, her manager, Earl Mills, on his way to pick her up for a show in New York, discovered her naked body in the bathroom. It was determined that Dorothy Dandridge, age 42, had committed suicide by taking an overdose of drugs.

Dorothy Jean Dandridge may be the significant link I have been searching for who helps tie this Jean + Jean + Gia chain together by perpetuating the "Jean" and "Gee" chain from 1937 to 1986. Finding a 1965 link makes this entire idea all the more worrisome. Like Jean Harlow, she was abused and exploited by men. Like model Gia Carangi, she was a drug addict. Like Jean Seberg she was persecuted to the point that she committed suicide. Also, like Seberg, she died from a drug overdose in the month of September fourteen years (2 X 7) before the French-Belgian actress committed suicide in a like manner in the back seat of her car.

Thus, we have now established a Jean + Jean + Jean + Gia chain. And the linking Jean is also a double initial: D.D. The significance of the double initial will be explored shortly.

Remember, in the case of Princess Diana or Pope John Paul II clues are abundant in both Nostradamus and numerology. Using both, it is possible to narrow the field to one or two. The "Jean"/"Gee" prediction was arrived at through numerology only. There is no help from Nostradamus. Narrowing the field is much more difficult.

Now, let us discuss the "Jeans" and "Gees" in question.


Jean + Jean + Jean + Gia = Jean, Geena, Gina, Gia, or Jenna


Actress Jean Louisa Kelly Actress Jeanne Tripplehorn
Jean Louisa Kelly Jeanne Tripplehorn


As the most dangerous September-November 2000 vector draws near I must emphasise that if there is anything to this idea that the "Jean" sound will result in a "Jean"-related tragedy, the danger signs will become clearer. Before exploring those celebs whose names are a fusion of Jean and Gia (such as Geena Davis), I have come to realise that "Jean" is not a dead name in the world of cinema. Over the last year I had forgotten about two very prominent actresses named Jean. I would therefore have to consider them to be at very great risk, although the evolution of Jean to Gia in the 1986 tragedy does throw appreciable danger in the direction of the "Gee"-named actresses and models.

It also may not be possible for the chain to re-initialise from Gia-based names back to Jean. Still, both are now at the right age and have had careers spanning long enough to be at a type of risk they would not have been at in 1993 (seven years ago).

Actress Jean Kelly from "Mr. Holland's Opus"Jean Louisa Kelly is as "Jean" as one can get. She is an identical first name match with Jean Harlow and Jean Seberg. She is 28 years old -- near to the age of 26 Harlow was when she died. Jean's career began in 1989 and she has appeared in such films as Uncle Buck, The Fantastiks, Mr. Holland's Opus, and Origin of the Species. She will be appearing in two television shows this autumn: as female lead in the CBS sitcom series, Yes, Dear, and as guest star on the season premier episode of Ally McBeal, airing Monday, October 23, 2000.

Aside from her Harlow-age, I cannot, at this point, speculate as to what danger may present itself. There is simply no useful available data on her recent public and private life to make a proper evaluation.

Jeanne Tripplehorn and Michael Douglas from "Basic Instinct"Jeanne Tripplehorn got her first major break in the controversial 1992 erotic thriller Basic Instinct. Other films include The Firm, The Night We Met, and the disastrous Waterworld (disastrous for Kevin Costner as well). Aside from a few memorable roles in Snitch and Mickey Blue Eyes, it appears her career has taken a downturn thanks to Waterworld (despite four released films in 2000 -- all of them poorly reviewed). Aside from a filmography, there is little available, let alone useful, information about her. She was born in Oklahoma and is 37 years old -- close to the age of Jean Seberg in 1979. She is also dark-haired like Seberg. However, she is certainly working -- something Seberg had ceased to do by the late 1970s. Her film career currently has run about the same length as Jean Harlow's career had at the time of her death: eight years -- and at about the same number of films.


Geena Davis Gina Gershon Gena Lee Nolin
Geena Davis Gina Gershon Gena Lee Nolin


All of the "Gees" above, like Gia Carangi, have worked as models at some point. Thus, they link the two careers of film actress (Jean Harlow, Dorothy Jean Dandridge, Jean Seberg) with fashion model (Gia Carangi). For this reason, all are in danger.

Geena Davis modeled early in her career, but is and has long been fully committed to film. As Jean Harlow once was, she is the most famous "Gee" alive today which places her at special risk. Her career also has been longer than the others: at age 43, she has been working in the movie industry as an actress and a producer for 18 years. She will be appearing in a television sitcom called The Geena Davis Show this autumn (television is often the last stop before oblivion for most famous screen stars).

Geena Davis - recent photoGeena Davis made headlines in 1999 when it was announced that she would be competing at the National Archery Association's Olympic Trials Semifinals on August 21. This obviously put her at risk due to the fact that there is a strong numerological vector for an act of terrorism at the Sydney Olympic Games this September. Also, archery itself can be a potentially dangerous sport. Although she failed to make the team, her archery hobby continues, as does the possibility that she may still attend the Olympic Games as a spectator.

I cannot stress this enough: the type of terrorist act that may be committed at the Sydney Summer Games could result in a large loss of life. Merely being there could be an automatic death sentence if my prediction regarding the Olympics is correct.

Gina GershonLike Jean Seberg, Gina Gershon has made her share of "noir" films in addition to mainstream hits. She has also developed quite a "cult" following and was one of the stars of the television series Snoops (the show was bumped in December to make way for the more popular Millionaire). She currently has two films in production: Champs and Driven. I am uncertain, but I believe she still models as well. Gina turned 38 in June 2000. Jean Seberg died at age 40, Dandridge at age 42. Gershon, like Serberg, is part French and part Belgian. Gershon, like Dorothy Dandridge, is also a double initial: G.G.

There is nothing new about Gena Lee Nolin since she left Baywatch in 1998. I believe she continues to work as a model. The last year or so have not been kind to television stars. Most recently, Diff'rent Strokes TV star Dana Plato died tragically on May 8, 1999. Gena is 28 -- a year older than Jean Harlow was when she died. Also, like Harlow, she is blonde.

All of the "Gees" above -- like Harlow, Dandridge, Seberg, and Carangi -- are young.

Now for the next row of "Gees."


Gia Carides Jenna Elfman
Gia Carides Jenna Elfman


Gia Carides (small)

Gia Carides, a famous Australian film star, not only shares Gia Carangi's first name, but her initials as well: G.C. Obviously if Jean equaled Jean, Gia could equal Gia -- especially a Gia with the same initials. Also the British Commonwealth has recently experienced some extremely tragic personal losses: most notably Princess Diana and Jill Dando. Gia Carides, star of Primary Colors, Brilliant Lies, and the television program ER, is 37.

Again, being an Australian celebrity who will likely attend the Sydney Summer Olympics places Gia in a potentially dangerous position from an act of terrorism.

As for Jenna Elfman, star of Dharma and Greg, she appears to have nothing in common with the three Jeans and a Gia other than the sound of her name, Jenna. This puts her at a very low risk, but because of her name, she must be included in the list.

I realise that, aside from the similarity of the names and careers, much of what I have presented here is highly circumstantial and of very little use at this point. Hopefully, as time passes, more helpful clues or information will be discovered that will make good, concrete advice possible. Again, I should point out that the highest percentage of risk for the "Gee" will not arrive until September-November 2000.


UPDATE (9/18/00): Now that the apparent suicide of British television star Paula Yates (in the manner of Jean Seberg and Dorothy Dandridge) and the AIDs-related death of Israeli singer Ofra Haza (in the manner of Gia Carangi) are a matter of record, one may be tempted to ask whether Presentation One is still worth pursuing.

It is beginning to appear that perhaps the "Jean"s and "Jenna"s and "Geena"s and "Gina"s and "Gia"s can all breath a sigh of relief. Apparently, for some reason, the chain of doom shared by Jean Harlow, Dorothy Jean Dandridge, Jean Seberg, and Gia Carangi have been fulfilled by women with different first names (thus far, at least). Still, anything can happen and caution (where it is applicable, and suicide is certainly not applicable) should remain the watchword for the celebrities profiled in Presentation One (Geena Davis, Gia Carides, Jeanne Tripplehorn, etc.).

The Jean Harlow and (probably) the Dorothy Jean Dandridge scenarios remain, however.

I also remain concerned with the unusual media attention Geena Davis has been attracting, albeit for rather benign reasons. It is no secret that she is the most endangered of the fusion candidates (Jean + Jean + Jean + Gia = Geena) since she is also the most famous and the right age. Last year, during the adjacent period for this vector, she made news because of her archery interest and bid to make the Olympics team. These were my first remarks regarding this revelation:


First Geena Davis Update (8/6/99):

It has come to my attention via a recent local news report and an article posted on MSNBC that Geena Davis has been practising archery since observing Justin Huish win the double gold medal in the archery competition category during the 1996 Summer Olympics. She is scheduled to compete at the National Archery Association's Olympic Trials Semifinals on August 22-24, 1999, in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Ultimately she hopes to win gold at the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney, Australia.Geena Davis - recent photo

Personally I do not know if archery is dangerous or not. I suppose if you become an unintentional target it can be. Is "the accidental tourist" in danger of becoming an "accidental target?" Can such things happen in professional competition? How much tension is in the bow? Does anyone remember the 1972 film Deliverance? John Voight injures his thigh when the arrow snaps as he releases the bowstring. Half of the arrow hits its target -- a psychotic killer who is stalking him. The other half snaps back and pierces his leg. I understand such things really can happen.

Jean Harlow suffered from uremic poisoning and, according to some sources, cerebral edema. The kidneys (lower or middle back) and the brain. Possible sites of injury?

I hope I am wrong.


On Geena's Interview with Mr Showbiz

Geena Davis: beautiful, reckless, and goofyThis is a reconstruction of a late 1999 update (with original photo). The now-defunct web site Mr Showbiz interviewed Geena Davis near the end of 1999, after she failed to qualify for the 2000 Olympics, coming in 22nd place in the trial competition. During the interview, much of which discussed her fondness for archery, her recent film successes and flops, the pending release of Stuart Little, and other topics, Ms Davis made a number of remarks that I thought were alarming. I felt they were alarming in the context of my concern that a "Gina" might die in September 2000 based on base 7 numerological evidence.

Although I no longer appear to have the original update, my memory serves me well. She said that she might try again for another series of trials in a last ditch attempt to make the Olympic archery team. I quoted her as being flippant and reckless about her dangerous hobby, that she kidded about "being deadly with the bow" and that she laughed about using the soundstage of Stuart Little to practise target shooting. Then she said with the soundstage she had "I could get 50 meters diagonally. But the longest distance that women shoot at is 70 meters, so I wished it was longer. I wanted to go out on the street, but they weren't into it. You had to be in there with the targets and had to have the doors shut. Signs were all over the doors that said, "'Danger! Archery in progress.'"

My reaction was that she was more than a little reckless and somewhat goofy. I then speculated about whether she would yet make the Olympics or would attend anyway, not as a part of the team, but as a fellow archer. Then I repeated my concern about her being a potential target for terrorists, and that she might very well fall victim to the violent physical trauma of Jean Harlow, if not a fatal accident.


In September 2000, Geena made news for a completely different reason:


Geena Reveals "All" About Her Emmy Dress

Actress Geena Davis at Emmys 2000September 15, 2000 -- If you were cringing on behalf of overexposed star Geena Davis, whose too-sheer Emmy dress (and lack of undergarments) left nothing to the imagination at Sunday night's ceremony, you're certainly not alone. One person not cringing, however, is Geena herself, who tells syndicated columnist Liz Smith that the dress's transparency was no accident. "I loved my dress! I was very happy with it," says the tall redhead. Geena called Smith to dissuade speculation that she'd had no idea how the dress would appear to vanish under those hot stage lights. "Oh, no. I tried the dress on every which way," she tells the columnist, "I knew the effect. Pamela Dennis did it and I wore it just the way she had planned it. And I had the best time! I'd never been to the Emmys, and it was so glamorous." Of course, this extensive Geena coverage (the post-Emmys publicity, silly, not her might-as-well-not-be-there dress) gives her a chance to plug her upcoming ABC sitcom, named, appropriately enough, The Geena Davis Show. "It has been so much fun. I had no idea I would enjoy doing television like this. We have five shows in the can and I am ready to go," says the Oscar-winner-turned-archer-turned- sitcom-star.


No, I am not about to say that exhibitionism is equivilent to suicide or drug addiction. However, I am reminded of the great amount of attention Princess Diana received during the final year of her life -- not only for her charity and humanitarian work -- but also for the over-the-top, sexy fashion statements she made, especially in the modeling magazine photos a few months before her death.

Diana died in a car crash.

No one knows for certain what caused the condition that Jean Harlow was in when she died in 1937. However, it was consistent with organic problems that are caused by physical trauma (bodily injury). In Harlow's case it was possibly the work of an abusive boyfriend. But an accident (auto, plane, elevator, etc.) is just as likely a cause, especially now, some 63 years later.


UPDATE (11/14/00): Bad Kharma for Jenna Elfmann of Dharma.


California Dreamin': Elfman Buys Madonna's Home

Jenna Elfmann in merry moodNovember 13, 2000 -- (Reuters) -- ABC's Dharma & Greg star Jenna Elfman displayed her house-hunting karma this week, as she and hubby Bodhi Elfman snapped up Madonna's Mediterranean-style home in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills. The price? A mere $4 million, according to the Los Angeles Times' Sunday real estate column, "Hot Property." Elfman, 29, must surely be thrilled that her rising career has afforded her the opportunity to dwell within walls that once housed one of the world's biggest performers. Madonna put the three-bedroom, 5,000-square-foot home on the market back in June, when she reportedly purchased two new residences — a $6.5 million Beverly Hills, Calif., mansion, and a swank, $16 million pad in London. The Material Girl's rep later denied that Madonna had purchased the home in England, perhaps attempting to deflect rumors that the then-pregnant star would raise her new baby in London, where beau Guy Ritchie resides. Last week, Britain's Sun tabloid reported that the 42-year-old pop singer-actress paid $9.9 million for a house in Notting Hill, one of London's trendiest suburbs. Madonna, who has a 3-month-old son, Rocco, with film director Ritchie, has said she wants to spend more time in England — and she's got the fake British accent to prove it. The couple is allegedly planning a holiday season wedding.


Madonna's Hollywood Mansion - May 1995Potentially bad move, Jenna. There is a lot of bad karma in that house. Madonna had a nasty close call there from a stalker by the name of Robert Dewey Hoskins. His intentions toward the Material Girl? In his own words he wanted 'to slice her throat from ear to ear.' He made his murderous move on May 29, 1995. Thanks to a quick-thinking security guard who happened to be on the right part of the property as Hoskins scaled a fence and attempted to sneak into the house to commit his dastardly deed, he was shot in the leg and handed over to police. Shortly after, Madonna moved to Nyak, New York and then to London where she has now made herself an honourary Briton.

Jenna got the house at a bargain (for rich celebs). That's because no one wants to be 'caught dead' there.

Presentation Two:

Individual Scenarios


The various scenarios (Jean Harlow, Dorothy Jean Dandridge, Jean Seberg, and Gia Carangi) may be repeated by celebrities whose names do not begin with the hard "Gee" sound.


Dorothy Jean Dandridge Scenario

Halle Berry: NOTICE (1/29/03): New report says Halle Berry attempted suicide in 2002 during filming of Die Another Day.

Whitney Houston: NOTICE (12/5/02): Whitney Houston confirms deadly drug abuse reports on ABC interview. The tabloids did not lie and the addiction was far worse than anyone ever suspected.

Jean Harlow Scenario

Sharon Stone: In the waning months of 2001 this scenario played out yet again in what I call an "adjacent fulfillment." Platinum blonde actress Sharon Stone, like Jean Harlow, was admitted to hospital experiencing one of the two controversial diagnoses said to have caused the death of Jean Harlow: cerebral haemorrhage.

Niki Taylor: This scenario was repeated a year late, in May 2001 rather than June 2000 (what I call an "adjacent fulfillment"). Supermodel Niki Taylor survived, but her internal injuries were so critical that her progress was described as "touch and go." There are also a number of amazing factors Niki Taylor has in common with Jean Harlow.

Jean Seberg Scenario - British television star Paula Yates suffered the same fate as Jean Seberg.

Gia Carangi Scenario - This fatal scenario was repeated by Israeli pop singer Ofra Haza.

The Jean Harlow Scenario


It has been demonstrated in the Dorothy Jean Dandridge presentation that more than one individual could succumb to the same influence or scenario, yet survive. Actress Halle Berry, who played Dandridge in a made-for-HBO film, suffered a head injury during a car crash -- an accident that could have been much worse. Singer Whitney Houston spent much of the year 2000 battling cocaine addiction and nearly died from an overdose -- just like Dorothy Dandridge.

Thus far, the Jean Harlow presentation has witnessed a close call in the form of an automobile accident that caused model Niki Taylor to suffer from internal abdominal injuries that were not immediately evident. Taylor, who was hospitalised for nearly two months with serious, nearly-fatal liver damage, survived. The documentation and comments regarding comparisons with Jean Harlow are noted below.

Unfortunately, the controversy that surrounded Harlow's death in 1937 was never fully put to rest. Uremic poisoning and liver damage, on the one hand, was listed as the cause. Additionally, a beating (bodily trauma) at the hands of jealous boyfriend was blamed for the condition. However, another diagnosis, one that may have been more intimately linked to a beating, was that of cerebral edema (swelling and bleeding of the brain). Which brings us now in the waning months of 2001, the last possible period that can be linked numerologically to the events of 1937, to the unfolding medical drama involving actress Sharon Stone.


Sharon Stone hospitalized for possible brain aneurysm


Sharon StoneOctober 1, 2001 Posted: 2:26 PM EDT (1826 GMT) -- SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- Sharon Stone was under observation at a hospital on Monday after suffering what appears to have been a brain aneurysm. The 43-year-old actress was hospitalized Saturday for bleeding on the brain, according to her publicist, Cindi Berger. Stone's husband, San Francisco Chronicle executive editor Phil Bronstein, took her to a hospital emergency room because she was suffering severe head pain. An angiogram showed the likely cause was a tiny aneurysm that required no treatment. Berger said Stone, who was resting comfortably, probably will remain hospitalized the rest of the week. "I spoke to her and she sounded great," Berger said.


Stone in brain haemorrhage scare

Sharon Stone
2 October, 2001, 09:54 GMT 10:54 UK -- (BBC News) - Actress Sharon Stone has been admitted to a San Francisco hospital for treatment for a small brain aneurysm, her publicist said. The Basic Instinct star is expected to spend a week in hospital as she recovers from the scare. "She was admitted to the hospital for some bleeding on the brain," spokeswoman Cindi Berger said in a statement. Stone was taken to the hospital on Saturday by her husband, San Francisco Chronicle executive editor Phil Bronstein, after complaining of "severe head pain".

A brain scan, which was performed on Sunday, revealed that the pain was likely to have been caused by a very small aneurysm Doctors decided that no treatment was necessary. Stone, 43, is now said to be resting comfortably and will spend a week under the care of doctors. "I spoke to her and she sounded great," Ms Berger said. The couple were also in hospital recently after Mr Bronstein was attacked by a reptile during a visit to the zoo in June. The five-foot Komodo dragon bit him on the foot as he and his wife were given a private tour of Los Angeles zoo.

The lizard got hold of Mr Bronstein's foot after a zookeeper asked him to remove his white tennis shoes when he entered the cage to keep the reptile from mistaking them for the white rats it is fed. Stone's movie career has been on the decline in recent years as much of her latest work has failed to live up to films such as Casino and Basic Instinct. She is now suing the producers of Basic Instinct for failing to pay her for agreeing to appear in the sequel - which will now not be made. She said she had already signed up for the second instalment but no suitable leading man was ever found. She is now claiming damaged of more than $100m (£67.6m) for loss of earnings, although the producers allege she never signed a contract.


Sharon Stone remains hospitalized

October 2, 2001 Posted: 5:14 PM EDT (2114 GMT) -- SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- Doctors know more about the condition of Sharon Stone, who has been hospitalized for the past several days after suffering from a severe headache. Tests show that the 43-year-old actress suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, or bleeding into the space between the brain and the middle membrane covering the brain, publicist Cindi Berger said Tuesday. "I will be getting another angiogram on Friday," Stone said in a statement. "That should be the final determination at which point every part of my anatomy will have been photographed in detail. At last the mysteries will be resolved." The angiogram will determine whether Stone had an aneurysm, which is a weak spot on a blood vessel that bursts. "If they didn't find an aneurysm, this bleeding could have come from some other source," said Dr. Ashok Anant, chief of neurosurgery at Maimonedes Medical Center in New York. "If they had found an aneurysm, she probably already would've had surgery." People who suffer from aneurysms probably were born with the condition, Anant said. The weakened blood vessel is more likely to burst when the person participates in intense exercise or suffers from high blood pressure. If an angiogram is negative and surgery is not required, it's extremely rare to have a second aneurysm, he said. Stone's husband, San Francisco Chronicle executive editor Phil Bronstein, took her to the emergency room on Saturday after she complained of head pain. "I've been treated with medication," Stone told the Chronicle. "I've been very, very lucky."


Sharon Stone to undergo further testing

October 3, 2001 Posted: 2:21 PM EDT (1821 GMT) -- LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Actress Sharon Stone will undergo further testing, her publicist said Wednesday, after the 43-year-old star of "Basic Instinct" was diagnosed with a more serious brain hemorrhage than originally thought.

Stone was diagnosed with "subarachnoid hemorrhage," after initial tests showed minor bleeding on the brain apparently caused by a tiny aneurysm, a statement by spokeswoman Cindi Berger said. The condition, which involves bleeding into the space between the brain and the arachnoid membrane, the middle of three membranes covering the brain, causes 5 to 10 percent of all strokes. Doctors said the condition can stem from a brain aneurysm, but they still have not pinpointed a cause and Stone will remain hospitalized through the week for further testing, the statement said. An aneurysm is a bulging area in a weakened wall of a blood vessel that can rupture and cause bleeding.

The actress, nominated for an Oscar for her 1995 role in mob film "Casino," was suffering severe headaches when she was admitted to a San Francisco hospital Saturday. Stone was resting comfortably on Wednesday and was expected to undergo another angiogram Friday. "That should be the final determination, at which point every part of my anatomy will have been photographed in detail," Stone said in the statement. "At last, the mysteries will be resolved."

The episode comes nearly four months after Stone's husband. San Francisco Chronicle Executive Editor Phil Bronstein, was attacked at the Los Angeles Zoo by a 7-foot (2.1-metre) Komodo dragon, and nearly had his big toe bitten off, during a V.I.P.


UPDATE (10/4/01): As can be seen, cerebral haemorrhage and cerebral edema are quite close medically speaking. What was initially reported as a mild attack has now taken on more alarming dimensions. Sharon Stone, like Jean Harlow, is a blond actress -- not as young as Harlow or Taylor who are better matched age-wise, but still a young 43. The concern here is that fate may inflict on another (Stone) what was not suffered by the original victim of destiny's plan (Taylor). Still, Houston beat the odds when Berry failed to become the modern Dorothy Jean Dandridge tragedy. Perhaps, Sharon Stone will hopefully succeed in beating the odds as well.

I should, however, point out that I find names often portend certain things about people. Princess Diana's nickname, Di, portended that Diana might "die" young. The name"Stone" has very ominous connotations. Stone as in "headstone," "stoned," "dead as a stone," and "stone cold dead" come immediately to mind. Also, there are facial features that suggest early death that I respond to in some people. Sharon Stone, like Natalie Wood, is one of these.


Stone's health 'hangs in balance'

4 October, 2001, 18:44 GMT 19:44 UK -- (BBC News) - Actress Sharon Stone's health "hangs in the balance" for the next two weeks after she was diagnosed with bleeding on the brain, a doctor has said. The Basic Instinct star said she was "very lucky" not to have suffered worse effects after being rushed to hospital with severe head pains at the weekend. The risk will be significantly reduced if she gets through the next two weeks without any major complications, according to neurosurgery expert Dr George Teitelbaum.

Strokes, seizures and the loss of mobility, speech, vision and memory are among the complications that could occur within that time, Dr Teitelbaum - who is not treating the actress - told People magazine. Stone will have a second scan on Friday to find out whether she has an aneurysm, a weak spot on a blood vessel. "You can't take something like this lightly," Dr Teitelbaum said. The star was rushed to hospital on Saturday by her husband, San Francisco Chronicle executive editor Phil Bronstein. A brain scan revealed the 43-year-old actress had a subarachnoid haemorrhage, or bleeding into the space between the brain and the middle membrane covering the brain.She is now on medication.

Research suggests about 20% of stroke cases are caused by ruptured blood vessels leaking blood into the brain - called haemorrhagic strokes. "If they didn't find an aneurysm, this bleeding could have come from some other source," Dr Ashok Anant, chief of neurosurgery at Maimonedes Medical Center in New York, said earlier. "If they had found an aneurysm, she probably already would have had surgery."


Sharon Stone released from hospital
Sharon Stone: lookin' good

October 9, 2001 Posted: 3:01 PM EDT (1901 GMT) -- NEW YORK (CNN) -- Actress Sharon Stone was released from the hospital over the weekend and is expected to make a full recovery, said her publicist, Cindi Berger. Doctors at University of California, San Francisco discharged the actress Sunday after treating her for a subarachnoid hemorrhage. "Sharon Stone is completely intact neurologically and she will have no medical restrictions on her personal or professional activities," said Dr. Michael Lawton, chief of cerebrovascular surgery at UCSF, according to Berger's written statement to CNN Showbiz. Doctors said they performed an endovascular coil embolization procedure to eliminate blood flow through a vertebral artery dissection, which caused the hemorrhage Stone suffered Sept. 29. The doctors believe the coil embolization was successful because they performed two angiograms over the past two weeks and found no aneurysm, the statement said. Stone said in the statement, "I would like to thank my fans for their love and support and the miraculous power of prayer. I am forever grateful."


UPDATE (10/10/01): It appears that this disturbing "close call" is now over.

NOTE: It has taken me all of a week to realise that the critical internal injuries sustained by supermodel Niki Taylor in a car crash on May 1, 2001, along with several other factors, indicate that she has come close to becoming the contemporary version of Jean Harlow. See comments in update below third article.


Supermodel Niki Taylor critically hurt in crash


Supermodel Niki TaylorMay 1, 2001 -- ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- Supermodel Niki Taylor was in critical condition with internal injuries Tuesday after a one-car crash, her publicist said. The 26-year-old Taylor was a passenger in a vehicle that crashed into a utility pole early Sunday after its driver lost control on a curvy road, said publicist Lou Taylor, who is not related to the model. The driver and another passenger, both men, were treated and released, she said. She would not identify them except to say they were old friends of Taylor. Taylor, who was wearing a seat belt, was not thrown from the car and initially appeared to be unhurt, her publicist said. "Everyone felt she was OK, and then she had severe stomach pains," Lou Taylor said. The publicist said drugs and alcohol were not suspected in the crash. Niki Taylor was in Atlanta to visit friends for the weekend and planned to return home to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Monday to begin acting lessons, her publicist said. The model's parents, Barbara and Ken Taylor, and an older sister were with her at Grady Memorial Hospital. Taylor is the mother of twin 6-year-old boys, Jake and Hunter. She landed on the cover of Seventeen magazine when she was barely 14. She has appeared in ads for Cover Girl cosmetics and Liz Claiborne fashions and has been in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue. Another sister, Krissy, also a promising model, died in 1995 at age 17 of asthma. Niki Taylor found her sister unconscious at the family's home in Pembroke Pines, Florida. "I've been through a lot, but everything has been a learning experience," Niki Taylor said in an interview published in Cosmopolitan in 1998. "It's made me a much wiser, stronger person."


Supermodel Niki Taylor's injuries 'life-threatening'

Supermodel Niki TaylorMay 2, 2001 -- ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- Model Niki Taylor's doctor said Wednesday it will be weeks before he knows whether she will fully recover from extensive liver damage suffered in a car accident. Dr. Jeffrey Nichols, appearing on ABC's "Good Morning America," said Taylor, 26, "lost extensive amounts of blood" and was still in intensive care. He said her injuries "were life-threatening and remain that way." Taylor, one of the top supermodels since the early 1990s, remained in critical condition Wednesday at Grady Memorial Hospital. She was riding in a friend's car early Sunday when the driver ran off the road and hit a utility pole, apparently because he looked down to answer his cell phone, police said.

Taylor's older sister, Joelle Bolline, said Taylor has opened her eyes, nod and squeeze relatives' hands but is not yet able to speak. "She knows we're all here for her," Bolline told ABC. The model's parents, Barbara and Ken Taylor, also were with her at the hospital. Taylor, who was wearing a seat belt, was not thrown from the car and initially appeared to be unhurt, but then experienced severe abdominal pain, publicist Lou Taylor said. She had no head or facial injuries. Driver James Renegar, 27, told police he lost control of the 1993 Nissan Maxima near downtown Atlanta. Police ticketed him but said they did not suspect drugs or alcohol contributed to the accident. Renegar and another passenger were treated and released.


Model Niki Taylor out of surgery

Supermodel Niki Taylor
May 3, 2001 -- ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Model Niki Taylor, critically injured in a car accident, underwent five hours of surgery Thursday. Sharon Getties, a spokeswoman for Grady Hospital, said she could not describe Taylor's condition any further. She had been in critical condition since the crash early Sunday. Earlier, the driver of the car talked about the accident and his friend. "She's pretty much the same as yesterday, but she's still with us, and that's what's most important," said Chad Renegar, 27, in an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America." Renegar, who gave the interview while at the hospital, talked about the dangers of using a cell phone while driving. He was at the wheel of his black 1993 Nissan Maxima with Taylor, 26, in the passenger seat and a third person in the back when his cell phone rang from between the two front seats. "For just a moment, I was distracted by something that was not part of what I should have been doing ... and the result of that has changed the lives of three people and their families," he said. Renegar, of Cartersville, Georgia, lost control of his car and it crashed into a telephone pole shortly before 4 a.m. According to a police report, the car was driving in downtown Atlanta, on a street where the speed limit is 35 mph. He and Taylor were wearing seat belts, he said. The car's sole air bag -- on the driver's side -- deployed. Neither he nor the third occupant, John Lack, 30, of Atlanta was seriously injured. Renegar urged others to take heed. "There's nothing on that phone that could be nearly as important as what's going on in front of you," he said. Taylor's business manager, Lou Taylor (no relation), said the model suffered severe injuries to her liver and abdomen. "She did not suffer any facial lacerations, any head trauma, or any body lacerations whatsoever," her manager said ...

In 1995 at her Florida home, she found her 19-year-old sister, fellow model Krissi, unconscious from an asthma attack aggravated by a heart condition. Krissi died at the hospital. Since then, Niki Taylor has raised money for asthma research. At age 19, she married arena football player Matt Martinez. They had twin sons, born in 1995. The couple divorced after three years of marriage. She recently signed new modeling contracts with Nokia and others and reportedly is planning to take acting lessons.


UPDATE (5/7/01): Some elements regarding the Jean Harlow tragedy and my read on it bears repeating here. The cause of death was listed variously as cerebral edema, liver failure, and uremic poisoning. However, many of Jean Harlow's close friends believed that her medical crisis was brought on by a severe beating by a jealous boyfriend. The beating, they insisted, caused undetected internal injuries that led to organic failure.

I will now quote some of my conclusions regarding the Harlow scenario from Presentation One:

"This may indicate a beating or a ferocious physical assault by someone known or unknown. What is not clear is whether this will be a contributing factor in the celebrity's death should such an event occur. However, in this age of celebrity accidents -- whether in cars, planes, or on skis -- some sort of tragic and violent mishap may be what is actually being indicated."


"No one knows for certain what caused the condition that Jean Harlow was in when she died in 1937. However, it was consistent with organic problems that are caused by physical trauma (bodily injury). In Harlow's case it was possibly the work of an abusive boyfriend. But an accident (auto, plane, elevator, etc.) is just as likely a cause, especially now, some 63 years later."

Reading my own words from last year, I am stunned at how relevant they have become in the tragic or near-tragic case of Niki Taylor. Like Jean Harlow, she is suffering from internal injuries in her liver and abdomen. Here are some other disturbing comparisons:

Jean Harlow was born on March 3, 1911. Niki Taylor was born on March 5, 1975.

Jean Harlow died at age 26 on June 7, 1937. Niki Taylor was 26 when she fell victim to the car accident a week ago on May 1, 2001, from which she still remains in life-threatening critical condition.

Both Jean Harlow and Niki Taylor have had careers of the same length.

Jean Harlow was not immediately aware of her internal injuries (in fact, not for some days). Niki Taylor was not immediately aware of her injuries either.

The vector for a Jean Harlow repetition was technically June 2000 (9 x 7 or 63 years after Harlow's death in June 1937). However, an adjacent rule allows for repetitions to occur on the calendar year following the one projected for (in this case, May 2001 instead of June 2000). This phenomenon occurs less than 5% of the time.

Since 1937 no other well-known female celebrity, aged 26, has died or nearly died from internal injuries sustained by physical trauma brought about by a beating or an accident in any given year, let alone one on the 1937-2000 time line. Princess Diana and Gloria Estefan, two exceptions, were older (Diana was 36) and on a separate time line that ran from 1934 to 1997.

Now all one can do is hope that Niki Taylor does not follow the Jean Harlow influence to its utter conclusion, but instead survives.


Model's attorney investigating crash

Niki Taylor
May 7, 2001 -- ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- An attorney for model Niki Taylor said Monday he was investigating the car crash that critically injured here, seeking to determine what factors may have contributed to her injuries. Attorney Stephen Screnci said the siting of a metal pole in front of a wooden telephone pole, which the car struck, and the seat belt itself are two items he would look at. Speaking with CNN by telephone from his office in Boca Raton, Florida, Screnci said he was in Atlanta last week, meeting with police and examining the crash site and car. "It's really just an investigation of behalf of Ms. Taylor," he said. "The goal is to see what happened and make a determination on whether or not there were any outside factors that caused her injuries or added to her injuries. But we haven't made any conclusions at this point."

Taylor remains in critical condition at Grady Hospital. She was a passenger in a car driven by her friend, Chad Renegar, when the crash occurred April 29 in Atlanta. Renegar, 27, blamed a cell phone for distracting him, causing him to drive his 1993 Nissan Maxima with Taylor in the passenger seat and a third person in the back into a telephone pole. He and Taylor were wearing seat belts, he said. The car's sole air bag -- on the driver's side -- deployed. Neither he nor the third occupant, John Lack, 30, of Atlanta was seriously injured. Taylor's business manager, Lou Taylor (no relation), said the model suffered severe injuries to her liver and abdomen, but no damage to her face or head.

In his investigation, Screnci, who is working with attorney Frank Corso, said he would look at the siting of the metal pole the car struck. "To put a metal pole in front of the wooden pole seems strange," he said. Screnci said he would also look at the car's seat belt. "I haven't had an opportunity to look into that make and model to see if there is a history with that seat belt," he said. Screnci said he talked briefly with Renegar, who had a lawyer present.


One of Niki Taylor's many swimsuit shootsModel Niki Taylor taken off respirator, asks for soft drink

May 17, 2001 -- ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Model Niki Taylor has made "significant improvements" and has been taken off a respirator, her doctor told reporters Thursday. Word of her improvement comes nearly three weeks after a car accident in Atlanta left her in critical condition. The first word spoken by the model since the April 29 crash was "Coke," said her manager, Lou Taylor (no relation). Her doctor rejected the request for the soft drink, saying she was not ready yet. Despite her progress, the 26-year-old cover girl remained in critical condition in Grady Hospital's intensive care unit, said Dr. Jeffrey Nicholas. Taylor was injured when a car driven by her friend crashed April 29 into a utility pole in Atlanta. "She's a remarkably strong individual to have made it this far," Nicholas said. Though he said Taylor is about halfway through her anticipated course of hospital treatment, she "remains at risk of significant complications and setbacks." Those complications could include infections, he said.

Taylor suffered liver and abdominal injuries in the accident, though her face was not marred. Asked about the condition of the model's liver, Nicholas said, "Suffice it to say that it's not normal. However, she seems to be making progress." He said she was in good spirits and had talked with her family. "Overall, we are very pleased with her progress," he said. Citing patient confidentiality, Nicholas would not say how many operations Taylor has undergone since the accident, but added, "Our hope is that she's had her last planned reoperation." A reoperation is the term for a subsequent operation for the same condition.

While on the breathing machine, Taylor used a variety of ways to communicate, including mouth movements, pointing, and writing, he said. "Everyone who cares for these patients becomes fairly skilled at determining what people want who can't communicate for themselves," he added. Asked why he had not allowed his patient to be given a soft drink, Nicholas said he was concerned she could aspirate the liquid into her lungs so soon after being taken off the ventilator. Aspiration is a common complication after patients are taken off mechanical ventilation and can result in pneumonia, doctors say. Though she remains in critical condition, Taylor has made great strides, her manager said. "There were several times through the early days that we were very fearful that we weren't going to have her with us any more."


Niki Taylor experiencing 'miraculous' recovery

Niki Taylor - miraculous recovery
June 22, 2001 -- ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Model Niki Taylor has "had a miraculous upswing in recovery" over the past two weeks from injuries suffered in a nearly fatal car accident two months ago, allowing doctors to move her out of an intensive care unit, her agent said Friday. Taylor, 26, was upgraded to good condition Thursday at Grady Hospital, where she had been in critical condition in the intensive care unit since the April 29 accident. Taylor suffered liver and abdominal injuries in the accident, apparently caused by her seat belt and the force of the crash. The car she was traveling in slammed into a utility pole near downtown. "People and the doctors called her the miracle," said agent Lou Taylor, who is not related to the model. "She really started to show steady progress over the last two weeks and (doctors) felt that it was time to move her from the floor." The cover girl still has a vigorous physical therapy regimen ahead. Doctors will be helping her to regain her strength and to eat solid foods again. The agent said Taylor, a mother of two, is determined to fully recover and is "wanting to walk on her own, insisting to do things herself." "Niki is an amazing woman with drive and determination, so that doesn't surprise me at all," the agent said. "(She) really just had a miraculous upswing in recovery."


UPDATE (6/22/01): So, it appears we have another happy ending to what was a very close and deadly call. Like Whitney Houston, who survived her Dorothy Dandridge-like downward spiral of drug addiction, Niki Taylor has beaten the odds presented by serious liver damage caused by physical trauma. Still, it is clear that the ghost of Jean Harlow was beckoning on that fateful day in late April.

The Jean Seberg Scenario


British Television Star Paula Yates Found Dead


Paula Yates post-mortem 'inconclusive' - heroin and alcohol found beside body

Television star Paula Yates
September 18, 2000 -- LONDON, England (CNN) - A post-mortem on the British TV personality Paula Yates has failed to reveal how she died. A spokeswoman for Scotland Yard police said an examination carried out on Monday was inconclusive. "We await the result of further tests," she said. Yates was found dead at her west London home over the weekend. An inquest will open at Westminster coroner's court on Wednesday. The untimely death dominated British newspapers on Monday. It was reported that an empty vodka bottle and a partly-empty bottle of painkillers lay by her naked body and traces of heroin were found on a bedside table. Yates, 41, was best known for her work on ground-breaking youth television shows The Big Breakfast and The Tube and for her relationships with rock stars Bob Geldof and the late INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence. But there were reports of increasingly erratic behaviour, and even a suicide attempt, following the discovery of Hutchence's body in an Australian hotel room in November 1997. Hutchence was found hanged in a hotel room in Sydney, at the age of 37, in what was later ruled a suicide, although Yates always insisted his demise was an accident. A British court assigned temporary custody of the couple's 4-year-old daughter, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence, to Geldof on Monday.


UPDATE (9/18/00): On September 8, 1979, French-Belgian actress Jean Seberg was discovered dead in a parked car on a seldom traveled back street. Barbiturates and alcohol were found near her partially-clad body. Death was eventually ruled a suicide. Ironically, Seberg was found on the same exact day and month as was the body of Dorothy Jean Dandridge 14 years earlier - September 8. Dandridge also died from an intentional drug overdose. Her body was found lying naked on the bathroom floor of her apartment by her manager.

Although I have treated the Seberg and Dandridge scenarios as separate, they are remarkably similar and not at all similar to the unhappy endings of Jean Harlow or Gia Carangi.

The MO in the untimely death of television celeb Paula Yates is quite nearly the same as Seberg's and Dandridge's. She was discovered on September 17 (1 + 7 = 8 in conventional numerology). Seberg was 40 and Dandridge was 42. Yates was 41. Heroin, pain-killers, and alcohol were found next to her body. Drugs were found in Seberg's system and in Dandridge's apartment. Dandridge was a heroin addict. Yates's body was found naked, like Dandridge's. Like Seberg, Paula Yates had a history of suicide attempts over the last three years (Seberg's suicidal behaviour began seven years prior to her successful attempt in 1979).

The death of Paula Yates will likely be officially ruled a suicide when all the facts of the investigation are released, unless in an attempt to cover up the truth the cause is attributed to an accidental overdose. Given Yates's past "erratic behaviour" and suicide attempts, along with the state of the body when it was found, I would be quite skeptical about an "accidental" cause. Yates most likely fulfilled the Jean Seberg scenario for the September 2000 vector. It remains to be seen whether she also fulfilled the Dandridge scenario, given the highly-publicised, continuing cocaine addiction of singer Whitney Houston and "close call" auto accident of actress Halle Berry, both of whom are black like Dandridge (and Berry played the role of Dandridge).

It is beginning to appear that perhaps the "Jean"s and "Jenna"s and "Geena"s and "Gina"s and "Gia"s can all breath a sigh of relief. Apparently, for some reason, the chain of doom shared by Jean Harlow, Dorothy Jean Dandridge, Jean Seberg, and Gia Carangi have been fulfilled by women with different first names (thus far, at least). Still, anything can happen and caution (where it is applicable, and suicide is certainly not applicable) should remain the watchword for the celebrities profiled in presentation one (Geena Davis, Gia Carides, Jeanne Tripplehorn, etc.)

The Dorothy Jean Dandridge Scenario


Introducing Dorothy Dandridge Star Halle Berry Injured in Car Collision, Faces Criminal Charges


Halle Berry as Dorothy DandridgeMarch 1, 2000 (Reuters) -- More details are emerging from what was initially a very sketchy report about Halle Berry's Feb. 23 car accident. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said Tuesday that the actress fled the scene of the accident in which she and another driver were injured. Prosecutors are still deciding whether to bring criminal charges against Berry. The Sheriff's office filed a criminal complaint on Tuesday, alleging that Berry, 33, was behind the wheel of a rented car that ran a red light in a hit-and-run crash on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Department spokesman Sgt. Ronald Fernstorm said it would be up to prosecutors to decide whether to bring formal charges against the actress. Fernstorm said there was no evidence that alcohol or drugs were involved. The driver of the other car, a woman, was treated for a broken wrist at a local hospital, while Berry "sought her own medical treatment" for cuts to her forehead, the department said. Berry's cut required 15-20 stitches, according to a spokesman for the actress.

The Golden Globe-winning actress issued a statement saying that she is "taking this situation very seriously." A spokesman for Berry declined to comment on the allegations, referring only to a statement saying that the actress and her representatives "have not been shown any of the investigative reports." "She is particularly concerned by reports that she might not have been the only person injured in the accident. … If anyone else was hurt in the accident, she is deeply sorry and hopes they make a speedy and full recovery," the statement says. Berry evidently did not stay at the scene of the accident to determine the status of the other driver. The accident comes after a string of good luck for the Cleveland-born actress. In December, she announced her engagement to R&B singer Eric Benét, and in January she won a Golden Globe Award for her title role in last year's HBO movie Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.


As I suspected back on November 5, the Dorothy Dandridge influence is coming alive in 2000, with 1965, the year of Dorothy's suicide, already packing a powerful punch.

This, of course, is a mishap, not a death, most fortunately. But it certainly could have been much worse for either party, including Ms. Berry. What is unsettling about the experience of Halle Berry, aside from the obvious sound match with "Bare" (see Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps: Name, Sound, and Letter Systems) is that she played the role of the famous but doomed actress Dorothy Jean Dandridge who committed suicide in September 1965 (five cycles of 7 years ago). Like Dandridge, Berry has had a series of past relationships with men who have abused or manipulated her. Ergo, the danger may not be over for this very traumatised woman (who appeared quite visibly shaken in a news clip following her release from hospital).

September, of course, is still some time away. So one of the following has occurred:

1) a "close call" -- period.

2) the trigger for a series of events that may lead to the ultimate tragedy for Halle Berry by autumn (unless she recognises the danger signals now).

3) or Halle Berry is but one of several potential victims of a Dandridge influence this year. For her, it may be a "close call," but another unfortunate victim may actually play out the "Dorothy Dandridge scenario" (suicide). This may or may not be a "Gee."


Halle Berry Off the Hook!

Actress Halle BerryMay 10, 2000 -- BEVERLY HILLS, California (CNN) -- Halle Berry has been placed on three years probation, fined $13,500 and will perform 200 hours of community service for leaving an automobile accident that left another motorist injured.

"Your honor, I would like the court to know that I have taken this matter very seriously from the very beginning," the 33-year-old actress said Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court after pleading no contest to charges of leaving the February 23 accident. "I am pleased that this can be resolved."

The "Bulworth" co-star was driving a rented Chevrolet Blazer that ran a West Hollywood red light and collided with a car driven by Hetal Raythatha -- who broke her wrist in the collision -- and then sped away. Berry, who suffered a gash on her head, reported the mishap to police at the hospital.


UPDATE (5/11/00) -- The accident was still a close call. Only a month off from the January 1972 suicide of black poet John Berryman (4 x 7 years ago -- Berryman - Berry). But fortunately for Halle, she is neither a poet nor is she a man.

It appears that Halle Berry's only link to Dorothy Jean Dandridge is that she played her character in a film!

Best of luck, Halle!


Halle Berry came close to suicide

Thursday 21st March 2002


Halle Berry - "almost did the Dorothy"
Halle Berry says she almost killed herself a few years ago. The actress says she was so depressed after her divorce from baseball player David Justice she came very close to killing herself.

The pair were divorced in 1997.

"I was going to sit in the car and asphyxiate myself," Berry said in an interview to be shown on American television on Sunday night.

"As I sat there sort of waiting for it to happen, it's almost like I had a flash of that good angel and the bad angel on the shoulder. "Something was telling me on the right side of my brain, 'Girl, don't do it.' I thought, 'What is my mother going to think if she finds me dead in this car?' I couldn't do that to her. So I got out."


UPDATE (3/21/02): Well, it appears I was right about Halle Berry all along! Two years ago was 2000 -- the year I believed a black actress would commit suicide like Dorothy Dandridge. It is now a confirmed fact that Halle was going to go out like the late poet Anne Sexton -- by aspyxiating in her car! This is the way it goes sometimes with predictions -- sometimes it is several years later that you find out how close you were to being right. As far as I am concerned, regarding the timing and the nature of the predicted event, as well as the sort of person who would carry it out, this was "as close as it gets."


Halle Berry attempts suicide

Halle Berry says 'one of these days I'll get it right'Yahoo! Movies: Entertainment News & Gossip -- Friday January 24, 2003 - DESPONDENT Halle Berry tried to kill herself with booze and pills after she learned husband Eric Benet had cheated on her while she was shooting the Bond flick Die Another Day!

That's just one of the scandalous secrets about the sexy superstar told to Star by a Hollywood insider during an exhaustive investigation. A Hollywood insider also claims that Halle's no angel. She got awfully close with her flirtatious, married co-star Warren Beatty in the 1998 movie Bulworth. And Beatty was the one she called for help in 2000 when she crashed her car in Beverly Hills, adds the insider.

For the sensational inside story on Halle's triumph over tragedy, be sure to buy the latest issue of Star, on sale now.

Halle Berry in death scene from Introducing Dorothy DandridgeUPDATE (1/29/03): Well, if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. This apparently was the third reported suicide attempt in Berry's career since 1996. I predict that, like a moth attracted to flame, in September 2007, Halle Berry will finally succeed in snuffing herself Dorothy Dandridge-style by an overdose of drugs and alcohol. The photo at right is a frame from the 1999 film, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. It is Halle Berry playing Dandridge dead and naked on her bathroom floor in 1965. It may very well be a death scene from the dim, dark future, but that's up to Halle to decide.

Pop Diva Whitney Houston Risks Serious Danger of Replicating the Dorothy Jean Dandridge Tragedy


Singer Whitney Houston Performs Disoriented, High on Drugs

Pop diva Whitney HoustonAPRIL 11, 2000 — (MSNBC) Whitney Houston sweated profusely Monday night, tripped while walking onstage and stopped mid-song to ask her husband for a glass of water. Not exactly the rumor-stopper some had hoped for. In her first gig since missing her Oscar-night performance (and promptly launching rumors about drug use), Houston put on a disjointed show Monday night for Arista Records' 25th anniversary tribute to her mentor, Clive Davis. Attendees say Houston tried hard, but still struggled through a six-song, 20-minute medley of hits, before the crowd offered up a sympathetic standing ovation. The 36-year-old singer sweated profusely and talked through lyrics instead of singing them, while back-up singers and her brother, Gary, kept the tunes moving. She then stopped right before the powerful end to her hit, "I Will Always Love You," and asked offstage hubby Bobby Brown for a glass of water. Brown walked out with water and a towel, and dabbed it on her forehead. Houston took a sip, kissed her husband and laughed before launching back into the tune. Brown also reportedly popped onstage again, jumping around wildly before grabbing his wife's mic and adding his own chorus. Houston then finished up her performance with the cryptic message, "The record's not over yet, remember." The performance follows a string of reportedly odd behavior and allegations that Houston was caught with a half-ounce of marijuana in a Hawaiian airport in January.


UPDATE (4/11/00): Now we find ourselves on the mirror-side (left side) of the Dorothy Dandridge 7-9 letter spread. Whitney Houston (or U-ston) is W.H. (or W.U.). Note that like Dorothy Dandridge, who died in September 1965 (5 x 7 years ago), Whitney Houston is black, sexy, and gorgeous. She has now been linked to Dorothy's catalyst for suicide: drugs.


Whitney Houston's Family Horrified She'll Kill Herself With Drugs

Whitney HoustonApril 16, 2000 -- Whitney Houston's frightened family has staged a desperate intervention -- confronting the troubled diva and begging her to enter rehab before drugs kill her. They are so concerned for the singer's welfare that they're even trying to have her husband Bobby Brown thrown in jail because he's a bad influence, say sources. "Right now this is a life-or-death struggle for Whitney," declared a close friend. "We're terrified that unless she goes into rehab, she'll be found dead from a drug overdose." Whitney's parents and closest friend sprang into action after the singer was unceremoniously booted off the Oscars telecast by musical director Burt Bacharach, just two days before the awards, because of her erratic behavior. As she practiced singing "Over the Rainbow," Whitney, 36, slurred her words and forgot the lyrics. It was so troubling to Whitney's cousin Dionne Warwick -- who was rehearsing with her -- that Dionne left the stage with tears in her eyes.

The problem is that "Whitney is surrounded by people that do drugs," disclosed a source familiar with the diva's inner circle. And an insider added: "Whitney and Bobby have had problems with drugs for quite some time but she's always been able to function in the past. Nowadays, she's completely out of it and can't even do everyday things." In a desperate move to get Whitney away from her hard-partying husband Bobby Brown, the group is even threatening to get him thrown in jail (for alleged violation of probation). They feel he's a terrible influence on Whitney. The insider said Whitney and Bobby recently went to South Florida to lay low and concluded: "If something isn't done very soon, Whitney may become another horrible statistic!"


UPDATE (4/17/00): It would appear that Whitney Houston's life is closely paralleling that of Dorothy Dandridge -- right down to the abusive, drug-addicted men who were a part of her life. This is her year -- a year of destiny. Rehab may be her only chance for survival.


Whitney Houston in Drug Overdose -- She's Found Near Death

Whitney Houston in dazeOctober 30, 2000 -- The difference between life and death for Whitney Houston was a matter of minutes. The pop superstar suffered a devastating drug overdose -- and was snatched from the brink of death only by the quick action of a doctor who rushed to her side. The shocking near-death episode occurred recently when the drug-abusing diva and her husband Bobby Brown were staying in a luxurious Los Angeles hotel suite.

Bobby had left the hotel and was waiting for his wife to meet him. But when she was three hours late, he finally sent a member of the entourage to find her. "The staffer had a key and, after pounding on the door and getting no answer, he let himself into the suite," revealed a close family friend. "He found Whitney unconscious on the bed. he could see drug residue still in the room. "There was a rolled-up bill and a water pipe. He was terrified to take Whitney to the hospital because he thought word might get out. So the staffer called a doctor they know who raced right to the hotel. He found Whitney still unconscious and quickly went to work on her."

The first thing a doctor does is check the victim's breathing and pulse to rule out heart attack, arrhythmias or a seizure. The patient must be stabilized and appropriate treatment given for any of these critical problems that may be present. If the doctor rules out heart involvement, the next step is to try to rouse the patient and get the person ip and walking and talking . If the patient is hyper or anxious, he administers Valium, which has a calming effect. "The doctor ended up saving Whitney's life," said the friend. "Whitney later admitted she'd been doing cocaine ..."


UPDATE (10/31/00): The grim scenario grows closer. The report states that Houston has broken off all ties with her family and that staffers and friends must now check in on the diva to see if she is still breathing and to measure her pulse after she falls asleep following a drug binge -- binges which are increasing in frequency. If Whitney Houston somehow manages to pull out of her drug addiction, this most recent event -- a near-death experience -- can certainly be considered a CLOSE CALL.


UPDATE (1/1/01): It is now being reported that Whitney Houston has kicked her cocaine habit and is drug-free. A happy ending here at least, but it was a very, very close call.


Doped-up Whitney HoustonWHITNEY DYING: Crack rehab fails & her weight plunges again

November 9, 2001 -- (National Enquirer) - Whitney Houston is dying from years of chronic cocaine and crack abuse -- and her family and friends are terrified that it's too late to save her. The troubled songbird has suffered two drug overdoses. Her weight has further plummeted into the low 90s and she's heading toward a fatal heart attack as her drug habit steadily destroys her system. What's more, two recent tries at drying out in clinics have failed miserably. Whitney even brought drugs with her during one of the attempts! The issue that is on sale now details Whitney's health crisis, her "drying out" fiasco, her worried family's last-ditch effort to save her ... and more.


UPDATE (11/17/01): Unfortunately I missed out on the issue and this online synopsis is all that exists of whatever the article was about.

Whitney Houston in temporary stupor during a photo shooting session a few years agoI have been able to fill in some of the details, however, from other online sources. It appears that Houston sang rather badly, stumbled on stage, and slurred her words on a recent HBO special, pronouncing "sastuh" for "sister" and "moosic" for "music", etc, etc. In September a false rumour was actually published that Whitney had died -- OD'd on drugs. While false, certain details, like her falling body weight and performance problems, were correct (the weight problem was not as severe at the time as it is now being reported). In another printed article a brief statement by some concerned fans and friends expressed fear and concern that Ms Houston was destroying herself. Even an ABC News article asked the question what is wrong with Whitney and implied that drugs were perhaps the cause.

The issue is why now?? The Dorothy Dandridge influence from 1965 was strongest last year, in 2000 (5 x 7 years later), especially in the month of September. The problem is, as I have found to be true in the case of the US war in Afghanistan, an influence can be delayed by as much as 10 months. In that instance I predicted the war would occur in December 2000, but it happened instead in October 2001. In even rarer cases, up to 18 months can transpire before the predicted event is fulfilled (that is as tardy as I have ever been using my system of divination).

Thus, since November 2001 is 14 months after September 2000, one can see that this is a very dangerous development. Unless a new record is going to be set, Whitney Houston may succumb to her crack and cocaine addiction no later than March 2002. However, based on everything I know at this time, if she survives beyond March 2002, she should have her problem licked once and for all (or, at least, until September 2007, anyway).



Tearful Whitney is sinking fast in a world of drugs
December 7, 2001 -- (National Enquirer) - WHITNEY HOUSTON collapsed to the floor at her home after her drug dealer choked her. She was beaten up and nearly killed by an irate drug dealer -- who's vowing to kill her if she doesn't pay her whopping bill. The deadbeat diva has run up a shocking $100,000-plus tab feeding her cocaine habit, and other dealers she's stiffed are after her as well! The issue that is on sale now reveals all the details of the dealer's savage attack, his dire warning to Whitney, the threats from other dealers, Whitney's drug-buying routine … and more.



Whitney Houston confirms deadly drug abuse reports on ABC interview

Wednesday, December 4, 2002 - NEW YORK (AP) -- Whitney Houston admits she's abused drugs in the past, but says she's gotten beyond that time through prayer. The Grammy-winning singer also discusses the pressures of stardom and her decade-long marriage to Bobby Brown in an interview with Diane Sawyer on "Primetime," scheduled to air at 9 p.m. EST Wednesday on ABC.

Whitney: 'where's the coke'?When Sawyer asks her, "Is it alcohol? Is it marijuana? Is it cocaine? Is it pills?" Houston responds, "It has been at times."

"All?" Sawyer asks.

"At times," Houston says. "Uh-hm."

The 39-year-old concedes she's "addicted to a few things."

"Making love," Houston says. "I don't like to think of myself addicted. I like to think ... I had a bad habit ... which can be broken."

Houston's shockingly thin frame at last year's Michael Jackson tribute sparked reports that she was ill, which she vehemently denies. She also says she's not anorexic or bulimic. "Let's get that straight. I am not sick. OK?" she says. "I've always been a thin girl. I am not going to be fat, ever. Let's get that straight. Whitney is not going to be fat, ever."

Brown also appears in the interview, and says he's frequently used marijuana because he's been diagnosed as bipolar. The 33-year-old was arrested last month in Atlanta on drug and traffic charges. "Me and drugs. We're not friends. We're not friends at all," Brown says. "I'm a very high-strung person. ... (Marijuana) seems to help me ... from going up and down."

Houston says she's done partying now, and has found strength through daily prayer. Her new album, "Just Whitney," comes out December 10. "I'm not the strongest every day, but I'm not the weakest, either," she says. "And I won't break."

UPDATE (12/5/02): So, it appears that if Halle Berry was not fated to end up like Dorothy Dandridge in 2000, Whitney Houston was on reserve for 2000 or 2001. Fortunately for Berry she reconsidered committing suicide and Houston survived her deadly addiction ordeal.

The Gia Carangi Scenario


Was AIDS-Stricken Superstar Ofra Haza an Israeli Gia?


Singer Ofra HazaFebruary 24, 2000 -- TEL AVIV, Israel (CNN) -- Israelis are mourning the death of one of their first international pop stars, Ofra Haza. She was 41. Haza, known for blending Yemenite melodies with techno music, was buried on Thursday in Tel Aviv. She had died the previous evening at Sheba Hospital at Tel Hashomer of massive organ failure, Dr. Zeev Rortenstein said. He refused to discuss what led to the failure, saying that was her wish. Her flag-draped coffin was on public display in Hatikvah, the poor Tel Aviv suburb where she was born. Thousands of people flooded the town on Thursday to pay their respects, including Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

A talent scout discovered Haza at age 12. But it wasn't until 1983 that her career took off. That year, she won second place in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Ani od Hai" ("I'm still alive"). Two years later, she released "Yemenite Songs," which became an instant hit in Israel. Its signature track, "Im Ninalu," ("If the gates of Heaven were locked") expanded a devotional poem by 17th century rabbi Shalom Shabazi into a modern love song. U.S. rap artists Eric B. and Rakim sampled "Im Ninalu" on their dance hit "Paid in Full" in 1988, bringing Haza onto the international scene. Haza's 1993 album "Kirya" was nominated for a Grammy, and she had the honor of performing in Oslo, Norway, when Israel's Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, then-Foreign Minister Peres and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994. She most recently sang the role of Moses' mother in the 1998 film "The Prince of Egypt."


February 29, 2000 -- JERUSALEM (AP) -- The death of a popular singer from AIDS, and her efforts to conceal her illness from the public, have sparked a furious public debate here about the right to privacy -- and the stigma that some here still attach to the illness. The refrain "Ofra died of shame" reverberated through Israel's newspapers and airwaves today. Haza's reported concealment and the widespread reaction to Monday's story about it in the Haaretz daily have highlighted Israeli attitudes toward the disease. The 41-year-old diva died Wednesday of organ failure. Citing the singer's wish to maintain her privacy, doctors who treated her at Tel Aviv's Tel Hashomer Hospital refused to say what brought on her condition. However, Haaretz reported that she died of complications from AIDS. In an editorial, the paper said there was "no reason to demonize" the disease by keeping it a secret. The editorial called AIDS "a human disease like any other."

Doctors and family members maintained their silence, and there was no way to know how long Haza had been seeking treatment or how she might have contracted the disease. But Haza fans, politicians and others across Israel speculated today that if she had not feared negative publicity and had sought treatment sooner, she might not have died. "I think the shame, stigma, and lack of information are what killed her," said Tirza Ariel, widow of another popular Israeli singer. AIDS activists lamented Haza's reported decision to keep her disease a secret, suggesting it reinforced the message that the disease is shameful. Others raised the prospect that in a more tolerant environment, Haza could have followed the example of someone like American basketball star Magic Johnson, who retired after his 1991 disclosure that he is HIV-positive but has stayed in the public spotlight and become a campaigner for AIDS education.


UPDATE (3/9/00): There is no way of knowing how Ofra Haza contracted AIDS, but it is striking that she has died of the same cause as supermodel Gia Carangi did in 1986 (two cycles of 7 years ago). It is now beginning to appear that the Jean and Gia influences may not claim victims with a "Gee" first name, although it is far too early to tell. An outstanding vector of danger still exists for June-November 2000.

According to the C-E curve (a term I recently named and will explain in a future web page dealing with my base 7 system of divination), the two most dominate influences this year should be 1965 and 1979. The first year would not neccessarily anticipate the death of someone named Jean or a name rhyming with Jean (like Gia). However, the 1979 influence, along with the more recent 1986 Gia event, would tend to bode ill for any female celebrity with a first name containing some variation of the "Gee" sound.

Since it is only March it is too early to tell whether Haza's unhappy fate was an anomaly or a direct result of the Gia Carangi influence. Obviously, the two women would not have to both been supermodels, but both were beautiful superstars. I fear it is possible that AIDS may strike yet another celebrity this year.

Thus far the situation is a rather unsettling one. The Dorothy Dandridge influence has caused injury to a young black actress and the Gia Carangi influence may have led to the death of a young Israeli singer. Even Geena Davis suddenly being in the news as much as she has between her bid to be the Sydney Summer Olympics, her archery habit, and the success of Stewart Little is a bit unnerving at this time (autumn 1999 to February 2000) when you consider the fact that she has not been a news item for a number of years.

Will all the Jean and Gia influences play out, in some way, this year?

Strange, isn't it, that Ofra Haza (Gia influence) died of AIDS on February 23, the same day that Hale Berry (Dorothy Dandridge influence) was involved in a serious car accident?

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