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Some relevant background:


The first endangered person with whom I had enough clues (from both Nostradamus and the Base 7 phenomenon) to make a positive identification in advance was Princess Diana. This is because Nostradamus actually named her. I have the name of only one other individual who will be in danger in the near future, but no definite date: singer/actress Madonna. Again as with Diana, Nostradamus provides her name -- base 7 numerology may provide the time.

Through use of the base 7 system, I was able to post a warning in advance on the 2007 Part One page that former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto would be executed or assassinated if she returned to Pakistan later that year. This warning was originally posted on February 5, 1999 for April 2000, and viewed when my site first went live in May 1999. The 2007 warning was for April 2007; however, I stated it could extend to much later in the year. Bhutto was almost killed in a bombing in October 2007, and then died from a bullet wound through the neck in December 2007.

In November 2000 I completed The Elton John Prophecy page. I was convinced a major male rock star as popular as any of the Beatles would die or be murdered by November 2001. There was confusion however utilizing the base 7 system as to whether the key name would be "John" (as in John Lennon) or "George" (as in actor George Reeves). The thrust of the article went in the direction of "John" (and thus Elton John) because Lennon's death had been more recent than that of George Reeves. But I left the window wide open that it might be former Beatle George Harrison (despite the title of the page). The warning was for September-December 2001. Harrison died of cancer on November 29, 2001.

On September 13, 2006, I stated the following on the former Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps 2014 Archives page:

"Because of the death of her only son, Daniel, now I am concerned about another potential tragedy on the horizon: Anna Nicole Smith, now more like Jayne Mansfield than any other female celebrity, becoming involved in a deadly car crash in June 2009. I hope it will not happen."

Anna Nicole died two years premature in February 2007 from a drugs overdose.

Also, on February 19, 2007, twice on the 2006 Part One page, I warned that pop singer Britney Spears might attempt suicide by hanging in March 2007. On March 4, 2007, the attempt was made.

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