The Madonna Death Curse:
Madonna May Die By or Before December 2012
or As Late As November 2013

Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.39 ~

At night in bed the Supreme one strangled, for having stayed too long, blonde elevated: By three
the empire is subrogated and enslaved, is put to death nor packet read.



Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.73 ~

In a great city a monk and artisan, lodged near the door and walls and lodges: Against Madonna,
in a secret cellar speaking, betrayed for acting under colour of marriages.

COMPLETED October 28, 2011 (4:15 AM EDT), UPDATED October 29, 2011 (2:30 AM): On December 20, 2005, I predicted on this website that "the Paul McCartney Death Curse" would begin to play out again, causing the death of a famous rocker around November 2008 or January 2009. Like McCartney's alleged death in November 1966 or January 1967, a mystique would surround this curse that would not be fully understood for at least another year.

In this case, the "mystique" surrounding the premature death of pop icon Michael Jackson was already in full swing nearly a year before his death on June 25, 2009. A foreshadowing of his death began on an almost nightly basis in August 2008, and it came in the form of a cryptic warning uttered by pop diva Madonna during the August-December 2008 leg of her worldwide Sticky & Sweet Tour. No one understood the meaning of the warning she made during her song "Hung Up" at each performance ... and this was debated for some time. Against the backdrop of a chess board and chess game in progress, with pieces periodically becoming pulverised, Madonna would stop the song and proclaim, "In exactly 29 moves, the queen will topple the king," after which the number was resumed with greater zest and fury.

"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott Dead "Dimebag" Darrell


In some shows Madonna played rock guitar using a riff from Pantera's song "A New Level" which had been created by their lead guitarist, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. Abbott had been shot and killed in Columbus, Ohio, while performing on stage with his other rock band, Damageplan, on December 8, 2004. Four other people were killed, and three wounded by the gunman who was himself shot dead by a patrol officer.

By channeling the music of the slain guitarist and incorporating it into "Hung Up," an aura of death surrounded the dark and mysterious pronouncement by Madonna. A majickal foundation was established for a very real "death curse" by living up to the words "turn me on, dead man" heard when "Revolution 9" from the Beatles' White Album is played backwards. In this way, Madonna and her fans were "turned on" by the music of the "dead man," Dimebag Darrell, and also by the the idea of the dead "king" yet to become dead ... the one whom Madonna promised she would topple (implying, in the minds of many, that he would be killed).

However, this incantation was actually intended to cause God ("the king") to abdicate his throne and enjoin his divine power, indeed his power over life and death, to Madonna.

It must be understood that Madonna's actions are always cold and calculating, and the abdication theme she was acting out had an ulterior motive, one which she hoped would lead to her assuming the throne of God as the queen of the world. Her actions portray her desire to be a goddess, escaping the certainty and slavery of death and attaining eternal life. Because she did not believe God was listening to her, she expressed her anger, hatred, and frustration by casting forth a wholesale death curse ... a death curse far more powerful than anything she had intended or even believed possible.

The very first time she uttered the infamous phrase, "In exactly 29 moves, the queen will topple the king," was at the opening night of the first leg of her Sticky & Sweet tour at Cardiff, Wales, on August 23, 2008. On this date, the Madonna Death Curse was born. As an omen that this curse was now in effect, a massive statue of Paul McCartney was toppled by raging winds from Hurricane Ike in Houston, TX on September 18, 2008. This led me to the erroneous conclusion that perhaps it was Sir Paul (or, if you believe, FAUL McCartney) who was in danger. This curse prediction of mine, after all, was based on his alleged death in 1966 or 1967 and the mystique that surrounded it for over three years, and the cult following surrounding Paul's purported death would attract for decades to follow.

Ultimately, as we all now know, Macca, and a number of other possible candidates for Madonna's "death curse," had protected themselves partially or completely in various ways. However, it is quite clear that this formidable "promise" by the Queen of Pop, although not aimed particularly at any one person, was intended to take down anyone who might be considered, or consider himself, as the King of Pop.

There were very few personalities in 2008 and 2009 who would actually fit this title ... and one, above all, was so obviously vulnerable.

When pop icon Michael Jackson held his hands aloft at a news conference and proclaimed his final tour, "This Is It!," would begin in July 2009, he made himself the "toppled king" of Madonna's deadly onstage promise.

He may as well have shouted out to her, "Take me!"

On June 25, 2009, 42 (6 x 7) years and five months after the actual January 7, 1967 car crash that fueled the persisting rumours of Beatle Paul McCartney's hushed-up death and secret replacement by a double having happened in November 1966, Michael Jackson died at home, purportedly from an overdose of the surgical sedative Propofol ... a tragic death that is now being played out in the trial and courtroom drama of Jackson's personal doctor, cardiologist Conrad Murray.

Shortly after Jackson's death, Madonna began the second leg of her Sticky & Sweet Tour on July 4, 2009, which included a tribute to Michael Jackson. During the tribute a creepy-looking double of Jackson appears on stage, dancing to the Thriller song "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'."
Madonna Trances Out, Briefly Visiting the Darkside Whilst On Stage

As the dancer makes a threatening move, pointing what appears to be a finger of accusation at Madonna, the pop diva appears to swoon and falls backwards for several seconds as a bizarre, whooshing sound effect overlays the music.

Pay close attention to her "collapse" in the Sofia concert at the end of the clip at right. Madonna whips over to the darkside and is "unconscious" for a much longer time and has to be revived by a dancer. When she regains "consciousness" she seems confused and disoriented.

This action was a protection technique, apparently to absolve Madonna of responsibility for Jackson's death and to keep her safe from her own curse. Madonna is one who is scantily adept at leaving this realm and passing over into the darkside in astral form ... and it was this that was playing out on stage. By doing this, she was able to lay her guilt in the darkside, thus absolving herself.

As the song breaks out into the lengthy dance chant that ends the number, Madonna and her dancers sing along and clap their hands in time, at one point the diva shouting out to her audience in near hilarity, to "Give it Up for Michael Jackson!" Indeed, the entire presentation of "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" appears to be a mockery and victory celebration of Jackson's death, for the Queen of Pop had indeed succeeded in toppling the King of Pop.

However, Madonna's death curse turned out to be far more powerful than even she could imagine.

On July 16, 2009, two stagehands were killed when rigging collapsed as workers were building the stage for Madonna's concert in Marseille, France. Manslaughter charges against Madonna were even being considered at one point during the investigation.

On April 2, 2010, Madonna's former personal manager and close friend, Caresse Henry, age 44, committed suicide by self-inflicted gunshot.

A year later, Henry's sister Yvette Dobbie said the following:

Caresse Henry and Madonna "in mourning"Madonna and Kabbalah have blood on their hands. They killed my sister as surely as if they would have pulled the trigger themselves. They don’t want to hear this, but I don’t care — I’m not in the entertainment business and I’m not intimidated by Madonna. The cult aspect, the all-encompassing intrusion into her life, how you think, what you eat, how you meditate … that really didn’t sit well with my sister. She was Catholic and didn’t think this was a good thing. Madonna was done with her, it was over, and it would be handled by lawyers. When Madonna is done with you, she’s done.

“She was just crestfallen, devastated, heartbroken and felt very betrayed. She couldn’t believe that Madonna let the Kabbalah people have such a heavy hand in it through all of these years that she was loyal to her. Everyone was telling my sister, ‘It was Kabbalah. [Madonna] is doing what she has to do. When she started out working with Madonna, Caresse was this vivacious, happy girl, and the longer she was with Madonna, her life changed dramatically. Being with Madonna was very toxic to her.”

Much to Madonna's dread, the "death curse" she began flinging around in August 2008, has not ended. Madonna, through majick yet again, established the length of time this curse would prevail in her 2008 video, "4 Minutes to Save the World." The "4 minutes" refer to the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the four commands by God they must carry out, but they also signify "four years" for the curse to last. The video itself implied that Madonna was the "fourth horseman" of the Apocalypse": Death, tempting the darkside and death to enter this realm. It was a role Madonna explored even further during her "Sweet & Sticky" tour in 2008 and 2009.

Just some of the tragic and sensational deaths that occurred in 2009, 2010, 2011Theoretically, the death curse conjured in 2008 probably will not end until August 2012 ... but if Madonna had the Mayan end date December 21, 2012 in mind, it may not end until then. This is a very powerful spell: everyone has had to duck, even people not related in any way to Madonna. It has exacerbated nearly all prevailing base 7 death trends for 2009, 2010, and 2011.

It has caused Madonna herself to temporarily withdraw from the pop music spotlight and retreat into what has turned out to be a failed filmmaking project. "W.E" died a flop after its debut at the Venice Film Festival in September and has just been booed at its London premiere. Once again, Madonna failed to bring down her God so that he might abdicate his power and authority to the Queen of the World (Madonna). Now there is the promise of a new album in 2012 with Ray of Light producer William Orbit and a matching tour as she slowly rebuilds momentum ... (I say "rebuilds momentum" because the last time she worked with Orbit, releasing Ray Of Light in 1998, she was on the right track towards achieving her true goal).

Unfortunately for the Queen of Pop, since 2008, a new personality in the world of music has escalated in popularity in an unprecedented and meteoric rise to fame. Lady Gaga is the first and only real threat to Madonna's perceived role as "Whore of Babylon." Gaga CAN and may supercede "the Queen." Thus, Madonna has very little time remaining to assert herself correctly as "the Mother of All Harlots and Abominations" and the living incarnation of Ishtar, the goddess who is associated with the original "Whore of Babylon" and the first human woman who was her personification, Semiramis, wife of Nimrod. To do this she must realise her devotion to Ba'al. What other God can there be for one who has identified herself with the Babylonian goddess Ishtar? Failure to do so could make her expendable and result in her death, making her, and possibly even her children Lourdes and Rocco, the ultimate victims of the "Madonna Death Curse."

Revelation 6:7-8 ~

New King James Version (NKJV)

When He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, "Come and see." So I looked, and behold,
a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over
a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.

Madonna and Lady Gaga as "Death" and "Hades" (collage and other graphics art effects  2011 by Michael McClellan)

Lady Gaga has already been acting out the role of a Metropolis-style (and metropolitic) Whore of Babylon, a Euro-type Whore of Babylon who crowd-surfs near-naked among her throngs of fans, and as the first famous "abomination" in her role as "Mother Monster," functioning as Hades, the horrific companion of the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, Death (Madonna), dragging the graveyard and Hades itself behind her.

If Madonna allows Gaga to replace her in the Babylonian harlot role she has spent most of a lifetime to build, both her career and her life will become forfeit. And evidence that time is definitely running out is all too abundant.

As it is Madonna has a death-dealing precedent of her own that comes up again on August 16, 2012: the fall from her horse that resulted in serious injuries on her birthday, August 16, 2005. Thus, August 16, 2012 is the seventh anniversary of the mishap that could have killed her, the thirty-fifth (5 x 7 years) anniversary of the death of rock and pop legend Elvis Presley, and a week before the fourth anniversary of the death curse first cast in Cardiff.

Also, an ultra-famous, blonde-haired or light-haired female has not died tragically this year ... at least not yet ... breaking a pattern that has been fairly consistent since at least 1920 with the suicide of actress Olive Thomas. However, part of that pattern dictates that a female icon, usually blonde, can occasionally die either a year early (as actress Grace Kelly, Princess Grace of Monaco, did in September 1982, instead of September 1983) or a year late (as did actress Thelma Todd in December 1935, instead of December 1934, and actress Carole Lombard in January 1942, barely missing the target of December 1941 by a few weeks).

Unless another famous blonde star dies by the end of this year, Madonna is in positive danger of being the ultimate victim of the "doomed blonde" trend a year late. And, although August 2012 appears to be the most dangerous time for Madonna, it could happen as early as January 2012, seventy (7 x 10) years after the bizarre accidental death of actress Carole Lombard, or as late as December 2012, seventy-seven (7 x 11) years after the "murder made to look like suicide" of actress Thelma Todd. Regarding accidents, Madonna has already proven that she is vulnerable to horse riding accidents twice, most seriously in August 2005 and again, less seriously, in April 2009. She also appears to have some suicidal tendacies. In October 2009, Madonna confessed that she had considered killing herself by jumping off a building during her divorce from Guy Ritchie.

Even worse, the precedent for the "blonde supreme" strangulation/hanging murder prophesied by Nostradamus has been set in spectacular fashion this year. Indeed, a network of such precedents have been building since 2006 to create the scenario outlined in Quatrain 1.39; each more ghastly and sensational than the one before.

The current "suicide" sensation is the July 13, 2011 hanging/bondage death of Rebecca Nalepa Zahau, girlfriend of multi-millionaire and CEO Jonah Shacknai. This case tops all newsworthy, sensational suicides of women in that it is very bizarre, very kinky, and there are indications that ritual murder may have actually been committed and "covered up" (but not well enough to discredit justifiable speculation that it was indeed a murder ... a murder that cannot or will not be proven at any official level). Rebecca Zahau, age 32, was found hanging from her bedroom balcony window completely naked, her wrists and ankles bound, her mouth gagged with a T-shirt, in boyfriend Jonah Shacknai's mansion two days after Shacknai's son died in a "freak accident." Indeed, it LOOKS as though Shacknai was forced by the Illuminati to allow the ritual sacrifice of both Rebecca Zahau and his son, Max Shacknai, age 6. Max, whose comatose death was supposedly caused by injuries he sustained accidentally by "falling down the stairs," was actually suffocated into a coma by unknown means before the purported mishap. His death was not related to the fall, in other words.

The victim, Rebecca Zahau, was unknown to the general public at the time of her "suicide" by hanging; and she was certainly not a blonde ... not even Caucasian, in fact, but Asian. It doesn't matter ... this case has not only been bizarre and mysterious, but has been so spectacular in nature that it has dominated headlines for quite some time and will likely continue to do so. Also, the fact that Marilyn Monroe's giant statue was unveiled the same day of Zahau's death seals both of these events together as one very huge warning to someone very famous. It is a very large RED ALERT that Quatrain 1.39 may be fulfilled this year or next year ... and that the victim will likely be a blonde of iconic status, someone perhaps who has copied Marilyn Monroe or Sharon Tate ... someone like Madonna, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, or the actresses who have played (or are to play) either of them.

But if it is to be Madonna, I suspect this will occur sometime next year, due to the additional significance August 2012 will have for her personally.

The bizarre suffocation death of Max, along with the hanging death of Rebecca, also potentially sets up a precedent for two of Madonna's children to be sacrificed.

On July 22, 2009, I first began to introduce the possiblity that Lourdes and Rocco might die in 2011 due to an accident or by some other means on the "Whore of Babylon" section of the Personalities From The Book Of Revelation. This warning was repeated again as a prediction posted to the 2011 (Part Two) page on July 13, 2010 and yet again in a separate multi-sectioned article on the Second Home page dated October 31, 2010:

"Rocco and Lourdes in fatal accident" (collage and photo manipulation   2010-2011 by Michael McClellan)

According to the base 7 system, Lourdes and Rocco are in peril because Madonna's archetype predecessor, the great dancer and choreographer Isadora Duncan, lost both her children in a car accident on April 19, 1913. They were drowned in the mishap and Duncan fell into a great depression. So although technically I can see only the danger of a car accident, it may well be murder instead.

Isadora Duncan and children Deirdre and PatrickMadonna is now 53. Isadora Duncan died at age 50. Isadora, like Madonna, was a bisexual, which was not uncommon in early Hollywood circles ... nor is it, as we well know, in the latter.

Isadora Duncan bore two children, both out of wedlock: Deirdre and Patrick. On April 19, 1913, the children were in the car with their nurse, returning home after lunch in the city with Isadora and boyfriend Paris Singer. The driver stalled the car while attempting to avoid a collision. He got out to hand-crank the engine, but he had forgotten to set the emergency brake, so once he got the car to start, it went across the Boulevard Bourdon and rolled down the embankment into the River Seine below. The children and the nanny drowned.

Duncan's children died on April 19, 1913. Note that by use of the base 7 system, this next appeared on April 19, 2011. Although the specific vector has passed, the year 2011 still holds sway. Also, with 2012 sizing up to be much like the ultimate "make or break" year for Madonna, order of events are important if the Duncan scenario plays out: first the children die, then Madonna (or else only Madonna).

This can be changed obviously; it doesn't have to happen. But I already can see the danger signals.

The "accidental" death of Max Shacknai obviously is one such danger signal. Because his death, along with the "suicide" of his father's girlfriend, Rebecca Zahau, sets up a precedent for a famous celebrity's children to die "accidentally" or other explainable means.

The next (and actually first) danger signal occurred around the time I predicted Lourdes and Rocco might die: in March 2011 (a month premature of the projected April 2011 vector). And Madonna is making it clear she is well aware of this danger signal:

Madonna feared for her children’s lives after a knife-carrying stalker smashed into her home.
Daily Star

25th October 2011

The mum-of-four said yesterday she had been “alarmed” by deranged Grzegorz Matlok’s obsession with her. The schizophrenic, who travelled from his native Poland carrying a map with an “M” scrawled over the singer’s home, was sectioned indefinitely yesterday after a judge branded him a “serious risk”.

Matlock broke into an office at Madge’s 10million home in March after climbing a rope to reach a balcony.

Madonna arrives for the BFI London Film Festival gala screening of 'W.E.' And in chilling echoes of Whitney Houston stalker movie The Bodyguard, he was caught rifling through her bedsheets in the central London pad. Matlok, 30, told doctors the star had sent him “special messages”.

Nine months earlier he had been sent back to Poland for treatment after forcing his way into the Wiltshire estate Madonna used to share with ex-husband Guy Ritchie, 43.

The singer, 53, said in a statement to Southwark Crown Court that Matlok had left her plagued by fears for the safety of children Lourdes, 15, Rocco, 10, David, five, and Mercy, four.

The star said: “It is extremely unsettling to know that despite the extensive security I have he has been able to break into two of my residential properties. I’m worried about my children’s safety as well as the safety of my staff. I’m also naturally worried about my own safety.” She added: “I feel very alarmed and distressed.”
Reliving the stalker nightmare heaps more misery on Madonna, who was booed at the London premiere of her slated royal movie W.E. on Sunday. And homeless brother Anthony Ciccone, 55, slammed her for “turning her back” on him and leaving him to live on the streets of Michigan.

Judge Deborah Taylor told Matlok, who had earlier admitted burglary: “It is the view of the doctors that you pose a risk of serious harm to Ms Ciccone and your behaviour if you were to meet her would be unpredictable.”

When I read about the reports of the incident and Matlock's arrest in March of this year, I rather suspected that Madonna might be spooked about this event and the potential danger posed not only to herself but also to her children. But it has taken her this long to admit how worried she actually has been. Technically, this has vindicated my prediction concerning Lourdes and Rocco being in danger in April 2011. Fortunately at the time of the break-in Madonna and her children were away in Michigan paying their respects to her grandmother Elsie Mae Fortin who died a week earlier. Otherwise, who knows? ... he had used a rope to climb onto the balcony, breaking into Madonna's bedroom and rifling through her bedclothes and also spending time lying on her bed. He had also visited the children's rooms.

One final set of clues that things are not right, at least with Lourdes, are in the following photos taken over two weeks ago after visiting the Kabbalah centre with her mother:

Madonna comforted her daughter LourdesMadonna comforted her daughter LourdesMadonna comforted her daughter Lourdes

I fear very much that Madonna, and her children, are being set up for something very awful ... and it all revolves around her role as the "Whore of Babylon." She made a fateful decision a long time ago that she would be come a goddess, in her words "to rule the world." Now she has no choice but to fulfill her destiny by appealing to her true God, Ba'al ... both to satisfy her dream and also to satisfy the dark forces that have been supporting her all of these years. These "powers that be" recognise the tremendous potential Lady Gaga offers to achieve their goals far more quickly. But first she needs to establish herself in a way only Madonna has been able to do. They would prefer still to instead have Madonna fulfill their objectives; but time is running out. Every day Gaga gets stronger, Madonna becomes weaker.

And the death curse is still running amok; trying desperately to achieve the impossible: for it was forged out of a black frustration towards the wrong God. This makes Madonna and her children extremely vulnerable at this time and throughout 2012. The Illuminati are aware of this and will take advantage of the curse should they decide time has run out.

Then again, it is quite possible the deaths of her children will be used to trigger a reaction (sort of "do as we say, or else"). What occurred in the Shacknai residence in July may itself be a secret warning. Two types of death occurred there: "a murder made to look like an accident" and "a murder made to look like a suicide." Furthermore, they sought to shame and humiliate the memory of the woman Rebecca by making it also look like some sort of bondage-related sex suicide by binding her hands and feet, gagging her, and hanging her naked. Yet, on another level, this had all the trappings of a kind of ritual human sacrifice. This is clearly a dark message to someone very famous, most likely the "Supreme one," the "blonde" of "elevated" stature, of Quatrain 1.39.

Thus the danger asserts itself: possibly first what to Madonna and to us may appear to be the accidental death of her children. She may secretly know it was sacrificial or she may not. It may be the Illuminati themselves who will carry this out without her knowledge (I believe "Illuminati" is written all over, in black paint yet, the "suicide" of Rebecca Nalepa Zahau and "accidental death" of little Max Shacknai) ... or she may be forced to participate ... even so, it is highly unlikely she will ever get over the deaths of her children either way ...

And, as history reminds us, although Isadora Duncan recovered from the shock of losing her children and resumed her career, she died a strange death in Nice, France, fourteen (2 x 7) years later in September 1927 ... strangled and nearly decapitated by her long-flowing scarf which was caught in the spokes of a tire of the automobile in which she was a passenger.

Before closing, there actually is a precedent for a blonde actress and filmmaker (Madonna is now an actress and a filmmaker) to be strangled unconscious and hanged to death, and then made to appear to be a suicide. This too was major news back in November 2006. I am of course referring to the hanging death of Indie actress and filmmaker Adrienne Shelly. This was discussed by me on my site in 2006 because of a prediction I made, but enough time has passed since to get an even more accurate picture of what happened, thus I will use Wikipedia's account:

Diego Pillco, 19, an illegal immigrant from Ecuador, is arrested and charged with the murder of actress and filmmaker Adrienne ShellyActress and filmmaker Adrienne ShelleyThe 40-year old Shelly was found dead at approximately 5:45 p.m on November 1, 2006. Her husband, Andrew Ostroy, found her hanging by a bed sheet from a shower rod in the bathtub of the Abingdon Square apartment in Manhattan's West Village that Shelly used as an office. It initially appeared to be a suicide. Ostroy had dropped her off at 9:30 a.m. that day, and as the building's doorman told journalists that he had accompanied Ostroy at his behest after Ostroy had not heard from Shelley that day. Upon reaching the apartment, they found that the front door was unlocked.

An autopsy was performed the following day. The New York City Police Department was suspicious of sneaker prints in the bathtub that did not match Shelly's shoes (she was found wearing only socks). Shelly's husband also indicated that there was money missing from Shelly's wallet. He denied allegations that she would have committed suicide.

Press reports on November 6, 2006 stated that police had arrested construction worker Diego Pillco, a 19-year-old Ecuadorian illegal immigrant who confessed to killing Shelly after she complained about the noise he was making in the apartment below hers. Pillco said that he "was having a bad day". Police said Pillco had made a taped confession implicating himself in the murder.

Diego Pillco entered his guilty plea on February 14, 2008. He said that, contrary to his original story, Shelly had not complained about noise, but had in fact caught him stealing money from her purse after he slipped unnoticed into the apartment. When she tried to call the police, he grabbed the phone and covered her mouth as she began to scream. After Shelly fell, Pillco tied a bed sheet around her neck and decided to strangle her. Originally, Pillco claimed he didn't know Shelly was still alive when he hanged her, but in court he admitted to choking her with a sheet, tying it around her neck and stringing her up to make it look like she committed suicide. The medical examiner determined that Shelly was still alive when hanged. Pillco was sentenced to 25 years in prison without parole on March 6, 2008.

At Pillco's sentencing on March 13, 2008, Shelly's husband, along with family members said that they would never forgive him. Andy Ostroy said of Pillco " are nothing more than a coldblooded killer" and that he hoped he would "rot in jail". In remembering Shelly, Ostroy said that "Adrienne was the kindest, warmest, most loving, generous person I knew. She was incredibly smart, funny and talented, a bright light with an infectious laugh and huge smile that radiated inner and outer beauty... she was my best friend, and the person with whom I was supposed to grow old".

The above account speaks for itself.

However, it is possible that Adrienne Shelly's convicted killer, Diego Pillco was a patsy or an actual assassin hired by the dark forces linked to the Illuminati that control the entertainment industry in Hollywood, perhaps seeking to send a frightening message to certain independent filmmakers.

If Randy Quaid and his wife Evi can be believed, the industry has a group of assassins called Star Whackers in their employ who have been killing celebrities and prominent figures in Hollywood. The couple claims that they are fleeing the people responsible for the deaths of Heath Ledger, Chris Penn, David Carradine and Lucy Gordon (the last two were found hanged). If the "star whackers" ever get to them, Randy and Evi Quaid predict violent deaths by drugging and stabbing — maybe even a double hanging staged to look like suicide. The Quaids outlined for Esquire three scenarios of how they would most likely be killed: Randy would be drugged in his sleep, Evi would be stabbed to death, and the knife would be placed in Randy's hands; they would be found in their car dead from lethal doses of Demerol; or they would be hanged together from the rafters of a garage.

It is equally possible that the murder of Ms Shelly happened exactly as testified by Pillco during his trial and he alone was responsible for the cold-blooded act of killing her over a few measley dollars and the threat of deportation. A rather extreme and mind-boggling series of actions for him to take, I must say.

Yet, could Shelly's murder have inspired the Illuminati to test the waters further? Far enough to kill David Carradine and Lucy Gordon by hanging in 2009? And then, this year, in a work of ultimate perfection and depravity, carry out the sensational hanging of Rebecca Zahau, covering it up to look like a suicide, complete with the cryptic message written in black paint?

We live in a time Nostradamus understood well.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.56 ~

Sooner and later you will see great changes, extreme horrors and vindictiveness: For so
the moon is conducted by its angel, the heavens draw near to the Balance [Libra].

Pluto transiting Neptune heralds the beast of Revelation

Nostradamus, Quatrain 4.33 ~

Jupiter joined more to Venus than the Moon, appearing in white plenitude: Venus hidden
under the whiteness of Neptune, Mars struck by the engraved scepter [Jupiter].

According to most astrologers, Quatrain 1.56 represents the transit of Pluto in the constellation Libra. The next time this development occurs will be in AD 2231 - 2243.

In his Epistle to Henry II, Nostradamus provided two possible years for when the forces of Antichrist would reach their highest power, culminating in the reign of the Infernal Prince (the beast of Revelation). Either his (and their) reign or destruction would arrive in the years 2242-43 or 2827. It is evident when taking into account his remarks in his Preface to Cesar that Nostradamus favoured the year 2242 as being the end of the "seventh millenary" (AD 1242 to 2242).

It is also an astronomical fact that the orbit of Pluto is so eccentric that it crosses the path of Neptune every 248 years during Pluto's perihelion. The next time this takes place it will be during the March 2227 to April 2247 period. Note that the 2243 date is either 4 years (Madonna's "4 minutes to save the world") or possibly only 42 months prior to the April 2247 end of transit dating. Nostradamus could well be telling us that the reign of the beast will run from October 2243 until April 2247 or October 2243 until October 2050.

The last time Pluto's orbit was closer to the Sun than Neptune's was from January 21, 1979 through February 11, 1999. Revolving around the Pluto-Neptune transit period, before and after, Nostradamus inked many of his apocalyptic verses with dates ranging from February 1981 to December 2044. The next range of apocalyptic events run before and after the Pluto-Neptune transit of 2227-2247 from July 2193 to October 2250.

Thus, ours is the generation most like the one that will be on earth from July 2193 to October 2250.

Ours is the only period of human history other than 2193-2243 when all the biblical figures of Revelation can be in place, including the beast, the false prophet, and the whore of Babylon.

We know these three are more than human personalities: they are also systems. The beast system is both political and religious. The false prophet system is both religious and scientific. However the whore of Babylon system is multi-faceted: cultural, religious, economic, and political. The cultural hub of the whore of Babylon has been none other than Hollywood, which today is now the worldwide entertainment industry. Is it any wonder there have been so many female sex icons in film, dance, and music? ... and more than twenty of the greatest of them blondes?

Hollywood BabylonHollywood Babylon

Hollywood and Disney were given the task of creating the environment wherein one woman in particular would flourish and become the personifcation of the whore of Babylon. Efforts to make Marilyn Monroe this figure failed because she was just too nice. They finally found the woman they were seeking in the person of Madonna and, without planning on it, yet another in Lady Gaga.

This is why the "Whore of Babylon" is alive and well in our time ... either as Madonna or Lady Gaga. If Madonna fails in her mission as the great harlot, the "powers that be" also risk failing in theirs, and Madonna will be eliminated and Gaga catapulted into the role. If she fails, there are other backups on standby including the likes of Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Kylie Minogue. However, if the backups fail, the "powers that be" will fail, and the time will no longer be right for the unholy trinity ("three secretly allied") to appear until the 2193-2250 period, with the most favourable whore of Babylon period starting around 2227.

Quatrain 1.39 is but one quatrain where Nostradamus foresees the failure of someone intended to become the Whore of Babylon and her death at the hands of the Illuminati. There are others. If Madonna must fear being strangled or hanged, Gaga must fear being burned to death.


Yes, Nostradamus knew the Book of Revelation plan could begin and end sooner than the 2193-2250 period. It could instead happen in our time, beginning anywhere between 1981 to 2044. Nevertheless, he believed humanity would somehow pass through this period, beginning a new golden age and a new church age by 2060. Like Merlin often did, he saw a cause that could have two outcomes ... outcomes decided not only by the courts of heaven but also by human will. Thus, we are either on the brink of a great Tribulation or we are participating in the dress rehearsal for a much later one, with all the existing players nothing more than archetypes for future personalities.

Thus, if Madonna fails in her purpose she will be found strangled or hanged in 2012, possibly in August. It could actually be a suicide or else be a murder that is covered up to look like a suicide.

Time is running out.



The Madonna Death Curse 1998-2012
Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs, Michael McClellan


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