The Madonna-Pamela Anderson Prophecy


Pamela Anderson [L] and Madonna [R]
The following presentation, despite its gruesome and sensational content, was created and presented in the hope that it would avert one or more ghastly tragedies.

According to the prophet Nostradamus someone named "Modena" will still die due to a conspiracy of two individuals. His prediction should remain a continued cause for concern to the only woman whose name closely conforms with this word.

Although there was staggering base 7 numerological evidence that pop icon Madonna or famed model and actress Pamela Anderson might fall victim to what I called "the Jayne Mansfield scenario" in June/July 2002, neither woman did. However, Anderson did contract Hepatitis C and went public about her treatment. In October 2003 she reported that her illness was more serious than she originally believed and that she had only five to ten years left to live.

Also, because 2002 was likely to be a "dual track" tragedy year for famous female celebrities, Madonna was in jeopardy of falling prey to a variation of "the Natalie Wood scenario" in October/November 2002 -- dying in a mysterious accident, possibly as a result of a murder. Again, this did not happen. However, a few months later, in February 2003, blonde, sexy, B-film star Lana Clarkson was murdered by record producer Phil Spector ... a deadly shooting he has claimed was a bizarre suicide resulting from erotic oral gunplay by Ms Clarkson.

A different danger now threatens Madonna, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton on the seventh anniversary of Princess Diana's death, in August 2004. Paris Hilton, in particular, I feel may succumb to the "Sharon Tate scenario," but neither Britney nor Madonna can be entirely ruled out. It was 35 (5 X 7) years ago this August that Sharon Tate, hair fashion designer Jay Sebring, coffee heiress Abigail Folger, and family friend Voityck Frykowsky were murdered by four crazed members of the Charles Manson family.

Meantime, should New York Senator Hillary Clinton choose to run for president, I fear she will be assassinated just as New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy was in June 1968 and I believe this can also be attributed to the Diana influence this year.

Both of the above scenarios can be viewed on 2004 (Part Two).

Each section below has a final observation.

For a final evaluation summary of this prediction, read Madonna-Pamela Anderson Prophecy Evaluation and Prognosis at bottom of this page.




"The exhausted star collapsed into a heap and had to be tended to by her aides. She finally had cut short the last part of her concert, and barely made it off the stage. Fans watched in horror as Madonna's legs gave way and she tumbled to the ground ..." (ANI)


Major lawsuits and betrayals by business associates ... dangerous stage props ... death threats from London-based terrorists ... the deadly demands of a dangerous Kabbalah cult ... public condemnation from an irate rabbi ... and now, the wearing away of her health and total collapse backstage whilst fans watch in horror ...

The closer to the dreaded months of August and September 2004, the worse things seem to get ...

Madonna faints after concert, horrifying fans

Madonna faints after concert, horrifying fans

The base 7 signature for August/September 2004 and Nostradamus Quatrain 1.39 brings us, once again,
to an especially brutal murder of a blonde female celebrity. There may be other famous female blondes
involved in this ghastly and tragic crime, or as victims of other tragic events this year.

Those in greatest danger appear to be Madonna, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton.

Read my base 7 prediction of a new Sharon Tate Tragedy and Nostradamus'
Modena and Strangled Blonde Supreme prophecies
2004 (Part Two).

July 12, 2004




Background for Prophecy: Diana and Marilyn Monroe

Before beginning, one must accept a simple equation: the tragic death of Marilyn Monroe in August 1962 was equivilent to the tragic death of Princess Diana in August 1997. Not equal, but equivilent.

Princess Diana at dinner party It was my belief that the tragedy of 1962 would repeat in 1997 -- to the very month -- and that Princess Diana would be the likely one to fall victim. In 1997, she was the most famous and popular blonde-haired female celebrity in the world since Marilyn Monroe. Her love for Prince Charles was as star-crossed as Marilyn's love was for Joe DeMaggio. In the month of August she would be 36 -- the same age as Marilyn when she died in 1962. Also, the French prophet Nostradamus had named Diana in Quatrain 10.35 and said she would be murdered and the killer never identified in the final line. Marilyn Monroe - scene from 'The Misfits'

For more background on this go to my page, the The Diana Prophecy.

The basis of this conviction, aside from Nostradamus, was a system of prediction I created that I call base 7 numerology. It operates on the simple belief that history repeats itself both at intervals of seven years and in multiples of seven years. The two events of 1962 and 1997 were seperated in time by a multiple of seven: 35 years (5 x 7 years). There were also influences from the Sharon Tate murder of 1969 (4 x 7 years earlier) that claimed not only the life of Diana, but also the lives of Gianni Versace, Dodi Fayed, and Henri Paul. For more on how base 7 works, see my page Base 7 Numerology: Introduction and FAQs.

With this conceptual background established, you will (hopefully) have a much better idea and an appreciation of what I have been trying to do on this page since its creation in January 2000.


OBSERVATION (1/13/04): I still maintain the Diana-Marilyn comparison is a valid one.


The Jayne Mansfield Scenario

Both Madonna and Pamela Anderson have much in common with this platinum-blonde pin-up legend of the 1950s and 1960s. So much do they have in common, that it is very difficult if not impossible to say who is in greater danger of ending up like the famous model, entertainer, and actress who died in a gruesome car crash on June 29, 1967.

We will begin with Madonna, now age 43 (the reverse of the age Mansfield was when she was killed: 34).

Jayne Mansfield blows a parting kiss Madonna - 2001

Jayne Mansfield, a contemporary of Marilyn Monroe, was groomed to be Monroe's successor long before the star's 1962 suicide. However, from the 1950s until her tragic death by decapitation in 1967, she remained in Marilyn's shadow: a number two sex symbol and glamour queen. One very significant fact about Madonna is that she also was a blonde-haired, Marilyn Monroe wannabe for nearly a decade. Another is that, until the death of Princess Diana in 1997, she was the second most famous woman in the world. Despite the fact that she is now in the number one spot, Madonna remains in the shadow of Diana's memory.

Before continuing, it should be noted that the circumstances of the Marilyn Monroe-Jayne Mansfield, Diana-Madonna comparisons are bound to appear inexact. The reason for this is obvious: we live in a far different world than the one Monroe and Mansfield flourished and perished in. Because of great advances in technology, we know our celebrities much more intimately than we did in the 1960s. Therefore, when tragedy strikes, it is no longer simply a headline or the top story on the dinner news hour. It is a live media event shown around the world, an immediate retrospective, leading to a deep sense of collective and personal grief that persists over the many hours, days, and weeks of continuous coverage. Our celebrities seem like gods and goddesses compared to the greatest celebrities of the past.

But what if the tables were turned. What if CNN and the world wide web had existed in the 1960s? How would people have reacted to the deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield under those circumstances? As primitive as the media was it could not mute the grief of a nation when John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. But that was the sole exception. Had there been a CNN in 1962 connecting the entire planet, the sad and untimely death of Marilyn Monroe would have plunged the world into a shock and grief matched only by Diana's death in 1997. The tragic and awful death of Jayne Mansfield would have likely had the same impact as that of JFK Jr. But because the times are different, it is difficult for us to imagine it.

Keeping this in mind, realise that actual comparisons, if not exact, are at least equivalent. Marilyn Monroe was not royalty, but she was the most beloved actress of the 20th Century. Princess Diana was not an actress, but her fame, humanity, beauty, and glamour transcended that of any other royal figure of the last two hundred years (if not more).

Jayne Mansfield from one of her few  'A' films Likewise, to play second fiddle to Marilyn Monroe was indeed a measure of high distinction during the era of the 1950s and 1960s. Jayne Mansfield, the queen of B-movie stardom and an accomplished entertainer, was always the second name that would roll off the tongue of anyone asked who the most sexy and famous actress in the world was in those days. Madonna is certainly no Diana, but her stunning success as a recording artist and live entertainer (now equal to that of the Beatles), her notable career as an actress, her glamour, sex appeal, and controversial persona has made her the mega star of the 1980s, 1990s, and beyond. Madonna from Golden Globe winner but Oscar loser, 'Evita'

That is what it takes these days to play a distinct "second fiddle" to Diana.

Like Diana, Madonna has grown famous as a single-named female celebrity. Madonna came close to being killed by a stalker named Robert Dewey Hoskins in May 1995. But it was not yet her time. Since she was and is locked into the same relationship with Diana as Jayne Mansfield was to Marilyn Monroe, Diana would have to die first and five years sooner. And Diana's time was not destined to come until 1997. This is why Madonna's life will be at greatest peril between late June and mid-August 2002 (5 x 7 years after the June 1967 death of Jayne Mansfield). However, a Natalie Wood influence from 1981, combined with the Jayne Mansfield placement of Madonna as the "number two" celeb after Diana, makes October/November 2002 also very dangerous (thus, all of 2002 is dangerous). If Madonna survives 2002, she will likely not encounter any further dangers during the course of her career and life.

Jayne Mansfield and favourite convertible Jayne Mansfield died in an auto accident long ago one summer night in 1967. Shortly after midnight on June 29, 1967, Jayne, her boyfriend Samuel Brody, and three of her children set out in a car from New Orleans for a TV interview. Thirty miles outside the city, Jayne's car plowed into the rear of a slow-moving tractor-trailer. The impact sheared off the sedan's roof. The 34-year-old actress and Brody died instantly. The children survived.

To this day a long-standing dispute continues concerning the death of Jayne Mansfield. Some say the tractor-trailer's roof decapitated her, some say it sheared off the top of her head, and still others claim that it was a blonde wig that landed in the back seat of the car. However, it was officially reported and believed for many years afterward that the actress was decapitated at the neck.


OBSERVATION (1/13/04): Madonna, has essentially substituted herself for Diana. This, I now believe, is the reason she survived June/July 2002 and November 2002 (two vectors during which I projected she would be in danger of death). She became greater than a mere "second fiddle" to Diana like Jayne Mansfield was to Marilyn Monroe, and much greater although not nearly as talented as Natalie Wood by the time 2002 rolled around. She is now such a global icon, a universal mega-star, that only the Diana vector of August 2004 can possibly touch her now. But read further on ...


An Issue of Rivalry

There is no question that an intense rivalry existed between Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe. Between 1955 and 1962 both blondes were at the height of their respective careers. In 1957, Jayne was quoted as saying: "Marilyn thinks of me as her rival -- I know it unnerves her. I'll be here for the long haul -- you'll see -- I know just what I'm doing!"

Best remembered for her cartoonish impersonation of Marilyn Monroe in the Broadway hit Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? and the highly successful 1957 movie adaptation of the play, Jayne's career continued to soar until 1962 in such films as The Girl Can't Help It, Kiss Them for Me, and It Happened in Athens.

In the 1960-1962 period, the two occasionally ran into each other. Both were having secret affairs with President John F. Kennedy and it was clear Jayne's involvement was a case of pure copycat rivalry. According to Jayne: "Marilyn was never cordial; she was seeing Jack [Kennedy], too, and she hated me for being her rival." This, of course, brought her much personal delight. When she heard shortly before Marilyn's death that Marilyn had aborted Kennedy's baby, she was quite short on sympathy: "Why couldn't the silly dame have been more careful?" was her unfeeling remark.

Marilyn hated Mansfield. "All she does is imitate me -- but her imitations are an insult to her as well as to myself." she snapped. "I know it's supposed to be flattering to be imitated, but she does it so grossly, so vulgarly -- I wish I had some legal means to sue her."

After the success of Athens, Jayne Mansfield's career began to slide. On August 4, 1962, Jayne's rival, Marilyn Monroe, was found dead, the victim of an apparent suicide. Hollywood no longer believed the public would flock to the theatres to see the blonde bombshell type of actress Marilyn had been, especially one who was and had always been playing a "second fiddle" to the legend. Jayne Mansfield was forced to take roles in foreign films, low budget movies with poor plots where the emphasis was on exploiting her in nude scenes, and also to go on the road with a nightclub routine where the finale was a strip tease. In this way, she continued to remain popular as a sex symbol.

And what has all this to do with the Material Mom? Madonna's career is certainly not sliding -- far from it. But there have been disturbing clues that she may consider the late Princess Diana as a posthumous rival.

Following Diana's death, at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards, she made the following remarks: "I'm not going to rant, but I want to talk about the irresponsible behaviour of others. There's something we all can do. It is time to take responsibility for our own insatiable need to run after gossip, lies, and scandal, to live vicariously through the misery of others. We are all connected. We are all one. Until we change, tragedies like this will continue." Thoughtful and noble as her statement was, late night television hosts and comedians had a field day when it was reported that shortly after making her public comments she was seen smiling and posing for photographers outside of the studio. (I cannot verify the report, only the reaction to it.)

In 2001, Madonna starred in a film short directed for BMW by her husband, Guy Ritchie, which is an unsettling echo of the final hours of the late Princess Diana, complete with a speeding chauffeur, paparazzi in hot pursuit, and a reckless ride through the streets of Los Angeles into a tunnel. It ends with Madonna thrown from the car and flash cubes from paparazzi cameras going off in her face. This only a month after her What It Feels Like For A Girl video where the pop diva gleefully commits suicide by crashing her car head-on into a pole at an extremely high rate of speed.


A short sequence from Star

"Help me, they're after me." Paparazzi begin to give chase "Step on it!"
"Wha--?" "Unngh!" "Oh. my God!"

"Worship me. I"m dead."

Last frame is from WIFLFAG


Unfortunately, I have been unable to find an on-line review of Star that emphasises the similarity between what happens to Madonna and the very real event that occurred during the final hours of Princess Diana's life. One review I did discover briefly mentions at the end that "one may be reminded of our dear Diana" and that is all. However, a televised Entertainment Tonight analysis of the BMW film when it was released was quite scathing about what it considered to be an intentional and tasteless mimicry of the crash that killed Princess Diana. The analysis also demonstrated justifiable mystification when reminding us of Madonna's public display of shock, anger with the media, and sense of collective guilt she thought we should all have immediately following the princess's death in 1997.

Is this truly the same woman, they asked?

The answer is a most definite "No." Madonna was without a doubt, even in September 1997, already setting the stage for her ascendency to the position left vacant by the death of Diana.

As long ago as 1998, at the conclusion of her video, "Ray of Light," the title track from her CD, while dancing at a nightclub we see Madonna's head lurch forward and bump into what can only be thought of as a windshield. We then see the sort of tell-tale cracks usually made in windshield glass by a crash victim's forehead appear for only an instant right before our eyes.

Could it be that Madonna, subconsciously or even intentionally, is courting disaster?

Why did she affect an English accent on her 1998 MTV special where she discussed her past, her career, and her new-found spirituality? In the autumn of 1999 she moved to London and took up residence there.

Indeed, much of the time she has seemingly turned her back on her American audience, releasing singles like "American Pie" in the UK but forcing her fans in the US to buy soundtrack CDs and highly-priced imports to obtain the same singles. Meantime, she has become Britain's new darling, and has adopted England as her new and apparently permanent home. One may well wonder if one day she will duplicate Diana's hairstyle, clothes, and even have the gap in her front teeth fixed in an ultimate attempt to recreate Diana's beautiful and engaging smile.

On December 11, 2000, CNN reported that "Pop superstar Madonna initially wanted to hold her wedding (to Guy Ritchie) at the estate where Princess Diana is buried, but logistics proved too difficult, the estate's spokesman said ..."

Is this emmulation or rivalry? Or is it both?

The case I am making is both relevant and algebraic: If Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe were rivals in life, and Marilyn Monroe and Diana are analagous tragic icons, then it stands to reason that if Jayne Mansfield and Madonna are also analagous icons, then Madonna would have to be Diana's rival -- if not in life, then in death.


OBSERVATION (1/13/04): As I said above, Madonna, has essentially substituted herself for Diana. According to a recent poll in 2003, Madonna is now more popular in the UK and much of the world than Princess Diana was in life. Why this is the case is beyond me. Nevertheless, it would appear that she has succeeded in her plans to supplant poor dead Diana.

However, if her career slips in 2004, especially if she continues to shock or outrage the public as she did during her WIFLFAG and BMW videos in 2001 (above), early 2003's anti-war video where she threw a grenade at President Bush, or last autumn's live televised snog with Britney Spears on the MTV awards and again on a subsequent video, the downward spiral of lesser figures like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Inger Stevens, Judy Garland, Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury and others can still possibly cause trouble in August 2005. After that, she should be fine for the next four years. However, if her career really slides, she will enter June 2009 and October 2009 as a fading star, and will once again have much in common with Jayne Mansfield (1967) or poet Anne Sexton (1974).

Since it is most unlikely she would ever consider retiring, it is clear she will have to make a radical career change as she approaches the age of 50 or, at least, her early 50s (not that 50 is truly old, but it is too old for her to continue in the manner she has since 2001).

Becoming a leader in politics or religion may be the next major step in her career.


The Spiritual Connexion

In her final years, Jayne Mansfield turned to various forms of religion and spiritualism. Finally, in 1966, her path led to San Francisco, where she found herself kneeling at an altar before Anton LaVey, founder and high priest of the Church of Satan. In 1996, Madonna gravitated to the controversial New Age cult Kabbalah led by Rabbi Philip Berg and in 1997 to Buddhist superstar Dr Deepak Chopra. However, it was not until 1998 that most of the world knew about it. Newspapers and tabloids since have alleged that the Kabbalah group is a scam or is dangerous. I do not know whether it is or not.

Before delving further into Madonna's spiritual affiliation, let us first examine the unhappy case of Jayne Mansfield, the Ethereal Girl's 1960s kindred spirit:


Did a Satanic Spell Kill Jayne Mansfield?

Many people have asked that question. I had never heard of this angle until one day in the public library, whilst thumbing through a book on witchcraft, I happened upon a section concerning Jayne Mansfield that quite astonished me. This was back in 1993 and I have been unable to locate the book since the library's renovation a few years later. However, the following article by an anonymous author recounts much the same thing I discovered in the book. I found this from a web page that appears to have been long ago abandoned. It also provides additional background information on the actress (including her exceptionally high IQ):


"Jayne Mansfield burst onto the TinselTown scene in the 1950s. The luscious blonde displayed her ample assets -- 40-25-35 1/2 -- in Playboy magazine and a string of successful B-movies, the most notable a film adaptation of her Broadway success, "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?" Behind her sexpot image was a genius IQ of 163 and films that never bombed at the box office.

Her personal life was another matter. Three marriages -- to high school sweetheart Paul Mansfield, muscleman Mickey Hargitay and director Michael Cimber -- ended in divorce. And her fascination with devil worship prompted her to pledge herself to Satan in 1966. In a ceremony straight out of a nightmare, Jayne knelt at an altar before Anton LaVey, founder and high priest of the Church of Satan in San Francisco.

Ceremony at the Church of Satan Jayne paying homage to Satan

As black candles flickered around her, the actress pledged herself to Lucifer. A string of tragedies soon followed. Her third marriage to Cimber ended after he accused her of adultery with her lawyer, Samuel Brody. Next, her young son Zoltan Hargitay was critically mauled by a lion at a Los Angeles wild animal park. In quick succession, Jayne was stricken with viral pneumonia . . . robbed of treasured diamonds in Japan . . . hit with tax evasion charges by the Venezuelan government . . . and robbed in Rio de Janeiro by a mob that stripped her to the waist.

LaVey blamed Jayne's misfortunes on lawyer Brody, who'd threatened to expose the Satanic leader as a fake. LaVey then cast a curse on him. In the next eight months, Brody was involved in eight car accidents. The ninth accident took his life -- and Jayne's.

LaVey blamed his Satanic powers for her death. When he got the news of her decapitation by phone, he put down some articles he'd been clipping. On the back of one he noticed a photo of Jayne. The Church of Satan's High Priest had inadvertently cut off her head!"


The book, of course, never mentioned the photograph. It alleged that Jayne had quit the cult and that vengeful members led by LaVey cast a Satanic spell on her the very night of the car crash.

I don't suppose we will ever know the truth of the matter, but the story bears repeating. The point to keep in mind is that Jayne Mansfield spent several years in spiritual pursuits, ultimately became a member of a dangerous cult in 1966, and died a gruesome death a year later. In all likelihood her death was an accident and nothing more. It is her behaviour during her final years of life and manner of death that is of importance when comparing her to Madonna.


Am I suggesting that Madonna risks being decapitated like Jayne Mansfield?

History seldom repeats itself that exactly. However, let us not forget what occurred in 1995.

In May of that year, a stalker by the name of Robert Dewey Hoskins threatened to "slice her throat from ear to ear" if she would not marry him. Hoskins attempted to make good on his threat on May 29, but was subdued by a security guard and is now serving a prison sentence. Jayne Mansfield was beheaded on June 29, 1967 -- twenty-eight years earlier (4 x 7 years).

While many clues point to a somewhat different cause of death, one cannot completely dismiss the similarity between what happened to Jayne Mansfield and what almost happened to Madonna.


OBSERVATION (1/13/04): Considerable controversy and debate concerning the subject of just how Jayne Mansfield really died occurred during the time this page was relevent. Some testimonials and other evidence supporting the original report that she was decapitated are to be found on The Madonna Prophecy (Part Two). I have received additional personal reports from witnesses old enough to remember this accident along with a few web links in recent months and will share these if and when I have the time.


Madonna and the Kabbalah Learning Centre

In 1996, Madonna gravitated to the controversial Kabbalah Learning Centre founded by Philip Berg and led by Rabbi Eitan Yardeni. However, it was not until 1998 that most of the world knew about it. Newspapers and tabloids since have alleged that the group is a scam and is possibly dangerous.

Ceremony at Kabbalah gathering. About this photo: One thing I enjoy doing is dramatising my text with accompanying images, in a magazine style. This was the best picture I could find to scan of an actual Kabbalah meeting. Unfortunately, it was on a tabloid cover and block letters were superimposed over the top part of the photo. I was able to clone out the letters, but the woman above centre was rendered headless by one of them. So I had to graft the head of an anonymous model onto her body. Some people have said this is Madonna's head and thus an intentional deception to place her "at the scene." They are wrong. The woman is a model from an early 1990s fashion mag. I needed a head to make this photo look "normal" enough for illustration purposes.

In late January 1999 it was reported that dozens of stars were dabbling with classes at the cult's Learning Centre in Los Angeles. Commedienne Sandra Bernhard is believed to have introduced Madonna to Kabbalah while the pop icon was expecting her baby Lourdes in 1996. Some of the allegations that have been made against the group by former members are that the centre:



Friends warned Madonna that she did not know what she was getting into, according to the reports. She was apparently fixated with Rabbi Eitan Yardeni and even credited him with deciding how many songs should appear on her 1998 smash CD, Ray of Light. If the above allegations are true, it would be an understatement to say that she may be in mortal danger should she sever all ties with the group.

Unlike true Kabbalah which focuses on serious study of the Zohar and following a disciplined spiritual path in the Judaic tradition, Berg's version (in addition to Zohar study) is a potpourri of various other influences including one that establishes Berg himself as the long-awaited Messiah. That, I suppose, is all that is really known about the group aside from what Madonna herself has said in certain interviews.

However, after saying very little about the cult for the last three years, it is now clear she is still an active member. Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie attended the first night of Passover 2002 at a Kabbalah meeting in London. In August, Guy was seen having an intense conversation with a Kabbalah guru before leaving for London following a heated argument with Mrs Ritchie according to an article in News of the World. In a recent television interview, Madonna said that now both she and Guy practise Kabbalah.


OBSERVATION (1/13/04): We heard very little about this group after 1998 until 2003. Madonna continues to be very heavily involved in the Kabbalah cult. She has written a children's book based on the group's teachings and recruited more members, including Demi Moore, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Other major celebrities, on the other hand, such as Jerry Hall, have left Kabbalah and have not had very good things to say about it. Most recently, Madonna did a television broadcast in Israel promoting this pseudo-religion.

I'm sorry, call me a fool (many of you will anyway), but I just don't trust this group, just as I don't trust Scientology or any of the other "pop" religions Hollywood celebrities gravitate to. I still think bad things will happen to some celebrities caught up in this stuff and Madonna may yet be one of them.


Footsteps of Doom

As has been noted, Jayne Mansfield ran into quite a spot of misfortune during her final year. Of course, not all of what was reported was probably true. She also followed a rather distinctive path in her life: married and divorced three times, mother of three children, a chameleon-like career, gravitation to offbeat spiritual pursuits, a downward spiral of debauchery, ending up as she began: posing nude and stripping in nightclubs.

Likewise with Madonna (and, as we will discover, Pamela Anderson): if we tally up her real misfortunes along with the unsubstantiated rumours of troubles, her pursuits, and her career, how does she compare?

1) Madonna was a virtual dead ringer for both Bridgette Bardot and Jayne Mansfield -- face-wise and body-wise -- when she posed nude in a number of photos in the early 1990s.

2) Madonna, like Jayne Mansfield, is an artificial blonde. Like Mansfield, she is really a brunette.

3) As discussed above, Jayne Mansfield became involved with a Satanic cult in 1966. Madonna continues to be deeply involved with the Kabbalah cult since she joining in 1996. She also practises Budhism.

4) There were rumours that Jayne Mansfield suffered a miscarriage in 1966. It was reported in 2000 that there was some difficulty during the birth of Madonna's second child, Rocco: he nearly strangled on the placenta.

5) Several bouts of illness plagued Jayne Mansfield during her final year. During her "Drowned World" tour, Madonna supposedly suffered an abdominal hernia from the mechanical bull used in one of the sets and required emergency surgery and several days in hospital. This report was later denied. Also during the tour, Madonna suffered a bout of laryngitis and had to cancel a few shows on the tour route.

6) Jayne Mansfield was divorced at the time of her death, a year after an especially stormy marriage. Madonna was divorced, but is married again. However, her current marriage may be on the rocks: according to The Daily Mirror (August 22), Madonna and her husband Guy had a heated argument during a party to mark her 44th birthday. It was so bad that Guy stormed off in a fury and jetted back to London after the party on Monday morning -- but not before a consultation with a guru in the Kabbalah cult.

Also, during filming in Malta last summer, Madonna and Ritchie allegedly had a spat that left Madonna in tears. It was later reported that Ritchie's ex-girlfriend, British TV presenter Tania Strecker, had contributed to the marital disharmony when Madonna discovered that Guy had been seeing her whilst she was preganant with Rocco. Rumours of marital disharmony continue.

Madonna posing sem-nude on the cover of Pop - to be released February 28, 2002. 7) Jayne Mansfield ended her career as she began: posing nude and working as a stripper. Madonna became a nude model for several years after she first moved to NYC in 1979. She would became famous for posing nude during the first half of the 1990s and especially in December 1992 with the release of her book, SEX. Madonna is now back at it again as the cover of the lastest February 2002 Pop magazine reveals. Madonna, like Mansfield to the very end, continues to capitalise on her natural endowments. Also, the greyscaling and redoing of Madonna's face is very reminiscent of Diana's final photo sessions in May 1997 for Vanity Fair, although Diana bared only a little skin compared to Madonna here (still more than she had ever done previously). Thus, we have a continuation of Diana imitation, only now it is in its final months.

8) Flirtation with Death

Jayne Mansfield flirted with Satanist leader Anton LeVey, then allegedly rejected him. Some say this was the basis of the report that Jayne had joined the Church of Satan (which she allegedly denied). Others deny the flirtation with LeVey ever happened, but that Jayne was indeed seen attending Satanic rituals.

In 2001 and 2002, Madonna definitely paraded about what I would call a death wish in her video "What It Feels Like For A Girl," the BMW short "Star," violent background scenes during her Drowned World Tour, and now in her upcoming video from the new Bond film Die Another Day. If we break things down, we have:


OBSERVATION (1/14/04): Point 4 and part of point 5 were likely only rumours. Still, when one considers that the major news organisations are publishing them, not just tabloids, with denials published less than 24 hours later, it gets hard to keep the truth and the baloney straight.

Also, there is such a thing as "covering up" the truth. For all we know Madonna really was injured abdominally on a mechanical bull. If she was, my prediction that she would be seriously injured in June/July 2002 would have been partially correct, although premature by ten months. It would not have been the first time, although it is rare, that a prediction of mine would happen that early. Rather than a car crash, the injury would have been from said mechanical bull, and she would have survived her injuries rather than died. Of course she has also been injured more recently, a black eye in early 2003, followed by a fall from a bicycle.

Regarding point 6 it is clear that Madonna's marriage is a successful one and that husband Guy Ritchie will likely remain her partner for life. I sense no danger to Madonna from a marriage-turned-sour.

Additional erotic images of Madonna were in store for the public in 2003, especially on the Hollywood video. Madonna seems determined to remain a sex symbol as long as she can.

A low-key "flirtation with death" continued ala Bad Girl in the form of erotic violence and S&M on the Hollywood video. Essentially, however, I now feel this drive has evolved into a basically reckless approach towards her career. In trying to compete with the likes of Britney Spears, she has risked both their careers in the recent televised snog in October and the continuing seduction that followed on and off video. Even so, Britters seems to be losing it a lot faster than Madonna -- perhaps this was Madge's design all along?

Despite all of this, the parallels between Pamela Anderson and Jayne Mansfield are much more convincing and ironic than the case trying to be made with Madonna. Still, in 1995, Madonna would have been as excellent a comparison. Perhaps this explains the close call with Robert Dewey Hoskins that year all the more.


Recent Trends, Signs of Danger

Madonna changes her persona roughly every two years [1996-97 (Evita), 1998-99 (spiritual girl), 2000-01 (England's darling/nihilistic performer].

What persona is she adopting for her 2002-03 period? Five observations:

Art and Artists. She has become intimately involved with the world of art and is being affected by the actions of artists. She also appeared in the role of an art dealer in a "theatre" production from May to July 2002 (for the first time since 1988). Both of these situations Nostradamus predicted in Quatrain 6.73.

Erotica. Judging from her nude and revealing photos in the March 2002 issue of Pop and nude and rough sex outtakes from the film Swept Away, it appears the Material Mom is taking one last crack at her old sex symbol role of the early and middle 1990s. Likewise her character in the recent Up For Grabs was a promiscuous woman who did "anything" to sell a Jackson Pollack painting. One reviewer remarked, "although Madonna has a proven ability for cavorting semi-naked on stage, this time she is expected to act too." Among other things, Madonna returned to performing explicit lesbian sex scenes which she was so fond of doing in the early 1990s. The new eroticism of Madonna's image, especially in a controversial context, by painters, photographers, film and stage producers may place her in a peril similar to the one she faced in 1995 by attracting sex-crazed stalker types like Robert Dewey Hoskins or dangerous religious maniacs. Thus, she may be unwittingly setting herself up for a bedtime sex murder such as the one described by Nostradamus in Quatrain 1.39.

Pushing the Envelope with Violence. The examples from 2001 are discussed above. Add to this the recent video, Die Another Day, where she is beaten, branded, nearly drowned, and ultimately electrocuted to death.

Continued Troubles with Stalkers. On May 5, 2002, The Sunday Express reported: "Madonna's safety fears have been heightened since four men in a white Ford Escort recently tried to break through the high-tech security system she has built around her £9million Ashcombe House estate in the Wiltshire/Dorset borders. They were foiled by two games keepers and fled on foot ..."

Return to Kabbalah. Madonna's and Guy's practising of Kabbalah and attending of Kabbalah ceremonies was discussed above.


OBSERVATION (1/14/04): The part regarding Madonna's move towards art and that being the vehicle for her theatre appearance in Up For Grabs is too strange for words. It couldn't have been better scripted than had Nostradamus written the screenplay of her life circa 2002 rather than Quatrain 6.73. Why, at that time, did four men try to break through the high-tech security system of her £9million estate? We can only guess. Eerie.

My remarks under the category Erotica I have little to add to other than what I have already said regarding the Hollywood video and other photo shots. Sex and Madonna still go together hand in hand ... for the time being.

Madonna had yet another scare: Her home in LA was broken into, but no one was home.

I have little to add to my remarks on Kabbalah and on the subject of violence than what I have I said thus far. Clearly the Kabbalah influence is much stronger than in 2002-- very strong indeed -- as I predicted it would be. The violence element may be evaporating, then again, maybe not.


Madonna Dream

So now we come to it at last. Certainly one of the most bizarre and lucid "dream visions" I have ever experienced.

I have been led to understand by certain individuals who are in training as remote viewers for the US government that my dreams of future events that occur between the normal REM dream state and deep sleep or waking is a form of "remote viewing." Apparently, my brain is achieving "theta state" part of the time I sleep and that is when the impressions come. Some of the events I have accurately predicted in sleep-induced theta include: the three-day Soviet coup of 1991, the attempted assassination of George Bush Sr. by Iraqi agents in 1993, the Kobe earthquake of 1995, the Hamas terrorist suicide bombings in Tel Aviv in 1996, the Iraq-UN Crisis of 1997-98, the explosion of the Russian submarine Kursk in 2000, and the unfolding war on terror that is currently winding down in Afghanistan (including where the next stage of the war will lead: Iraq, Iran, and North Korea). In addition there have also been less earth-shattering but meaningful events (meaningful to me) that I have had foreknowledge about.

So much for my credentials. You can take my word for it that all I have said is true -- or you can choose otherwise. That is your decision.

Here then is the dream I experienced on November 11, 2001. Please note that images inserted into the text are the closest approximations I could find to certain visual highlights.


The Doll

Madonna dollIn the beginning I saw a doll with brown hair being held in someone's hands. It was labeled 'Madonna' but did not look very much like her. I was looking at this from the perspective of the person holding the doll and I sensed that the hands were feminine.

The doll was attached to a device below it that had two columns of words and "holes" next to each word. The words were descriptive personality or behavioural traits. The person holding the doll was in the process of filling in each "hole" as being "completed." There were two or three at the bottom of the right column that were left "pending."

In other words, the person who was doing a re-making of Madonna did not get a chance to finish.

The scene then shifted to what I took to be the "doll factory." It was quite dark and dismal inside. I saw the Madonna doll arguing with some people who ran the factory. She looked more like the human Madonna now instead of the doll. Angry, she stormed out into the night. Then I heard one of the men say, "Let her go. Let her have it her way." I heard more but cannot remember it. Then I heard someone say "she's expendable."


A Couple - Preview at Sunset

Next I was talking to a small group of people outdoors. It was warm. We sat on the grass, so it must have been spring or summer. There was a couple in particular in their early 30s who were quite interested in the subject of my Madonna prophecy. The woman smiled often in a friendly way -- not because the thought of Madonna being killed was amusing or anything like that. I think she was relieved to know that she was not the only one who had forseen her possible death. Her boyfriend or husband appeared to be a bit uncomfortable, but was friendly.

Car driving away at sunsetThe sun began to set while we chatted and it was a very beautiful sunset. We could see shades of red, orange, and yellow illuminating the buildings, houses, and trees as the sky near the horizon turned red.

Then we were shown part of what was going to happen. Madonna and a man I took to be her husband Guy Ritchie got into a car, a limousine or something like that. They were dressed up. The car was black.

The car sped off and then a voice (my voice?) said that they attended or were going to attend the premiere of a movie (I assumed it was one they had made) and that there was an accident and that they had died.

However, it sounded as though the name of the film they saw or are to see was "Dracula" or something like that. It made perfect sense in the dream but makes no sense to me now. Madonna does not make horror films and besides I doubt anyone would make a new version of that film now after two highly successful versions in 1979 and 1992.

We talked about all of this and I was congratulated for having discovered what the threat to Madonna's life was. Everyone agreed that I had better put this on my web site.


The Accident

The next thing I remember I am alone. It is night. I am in a large city and peering out of a window into the street. I don't know whether I am in a restaurant or what, but the window is large and wide. I am apparently not far from the corner of an intersection. I look down the street to my left and I see the car with Madonna in it (I know she is in it). It has passed through the intersection and is continuing.

Car accident scene
AmbulanceThen it is as though I teleport ahead an unknown number of blocks to another building with another large window. I am again about the same distance from the corner of the intersection as I was to the one previous. I look to my left again.

Now I see red lights of emergency vehicles lighting up the intersection and the nearby buildings and street. There has been a car accident at the intersection and Madonna was in the car.

I know that everyone in that car is dead or will be.

There is more, but I am waking up and trust nothing I see from that point on because my conscious mind is trying to impose its will upon my unconscious.


We can deduce a number of things from this dream:



OBSERVATION (1/15/04): This dream could still be relevent to late spring or summer of another year. A car crash makes sense for one who has replaced Diana in popular culture. Once again, Madonna has begun yet another transition from the persona she had in 2001, 2002 and 2003. One observation regarding Dracula: Elton John and Bernie Taupin anounced last year that they are colloborating for a Broadway show based on Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. "The Vampire Lestat" will be opening during the 2005 theatrical season. Madonna and Guy are likely to attend the premiere since Elton John is a friend.


Pamela Anderson: Another Possible Candidate Likely to Fulfill the Jayne Mansfield Scenario

In 1997, there did not exist an exact analogue to actress Marilyn Monroe, who died tragically in August 1962. Yet, the cycles of history demanded that a famous female celebrity again die tragically in August, 35 years after the death of Monroe -- especially one who was blonde-haired and of the age of 36. Fate failed to find the candidate in Hollywood or anywhere in the world of film. Thus, an exalted woman from an entirely different background, one who also possessed all the glamour of a famous and beautiful actress was chosen. That woman was Princess Diana.

This page has asserted that the Jayne Mansfield tragedy of June 1967 must likewise be repeated in June 2002. Mansfield was a sort of "heir apparent" and rival to Marilyn Monroe, of slightly lower stature in popularity. Still, in 1999, Playboy Magazine voted Jayne Mansfield as the second most sexy and glamourous woman of the 20th Century, with Marilyn Monroe in the number one position.

Now two questions must be asked as we approach 2002:

1) Who would best be an "exalted" version of Jayne Mansfield?

2) And is there an exact analogue to actress Jayne Mansfield?

There is no question in my mind that pop diva Madonna is the "exalted" version of Jayne Mansfield as assuredly as Diana was an "exalted" version of Marilyn Monroe. However, unlike 1997, there is also an answer to question 2.

Jayne Mansfield on movie set There is an EXACT ANALOGUE to actress and sex symbol Jayne Mansfield: actress and sex symbol Pamela Anderson. Pamela Anderson

1) Pamela Anderson is a virtual dead ringer for Jayne Mansfield -- face-wise and body-wise.

2) Pamela Anderson, like Jayne Mansfield, is an artificial blonde. Like Mansfield, she is really a brunette.

3) Pamela Anderson turned 34 on July 1, 2001. Jayne Mansfield died at the age of 34.

4) Pamela Anderson's career began in 1989 when she appeared in the October issue of Playboy. Her acting career began in February 1990. It completed its twelfth year in February 2002. Jayne Mansfield's career began in 1955 and was moving from its twelfth to thirteenth year in June 1967.

5) Although she has not made many films for screen, Anderson has had international fame since she began appearing in the television series Baywatch. She is now the number one sex symbol throughout the world, a distinction she shares with Jayne Mansfield who was the number one sex symbol worldwide in the post-Marilyn 1960s.

6) She has posed nude as did Jayne Mansfield. Of course, so has Madonna. Anderson, like Mansfield to the very end, continues to capitalise on her natural endowments.

7) Pamela and Jayne Both Mobbed in South America:

On January 24, 1999, Pamela Anderson was in Argentina to film a suntan lotion commercial and also for a guest appearance on a TV show, but had to cut the trip short after being mobbed. During a news conference at a beach in Uruguay, teens began to shout obscene remarks at Anderson. The shouts turned into a mob scene as they rushed to fondle her. When a press agent asked about a video of her and Tommy Lee, she remarked, "I'm going home," and cut the trip short.

In late summer 1966, Jayne Mansfield was robbed in Rio de Janeiro by a mob that stripped her to the waist.

8) Pamela, Like Madonna, Has Been a Car Crash Victim for the Sake of Art:

What is worse, however, is that Pamela Anderson appeared in a take-off of the Jayne Mansfield car crash!

In 1998, photographer David LaChapelle, called by many the "Fellini of photography," did a photowork of Pamela Anderson and a male model entitled "My Chihuahua." The car, a Mercedes-Benz, is a duplicate of the one Princess Diana was killed in and the "blonde wig/bald-headed Pamela gag" an obvious reference to the Jayne Mansfield car crash and the assertion that it was Jayne's wig rather than her head that was photographed on the hood of the death car. Mon dieu!

Pamela Anderson in "My Chihuahua" by David LaChapelle - C 1998.

The photo, incidentally, was submitted to me by a regular visitor to the site who claims to be both a monk and an artist (but not a murderous one). More on the meaning of the "monk" and "artist" will be discussed in the Nostradamus interpretation that follows this section.

9) Madonna was a victim of a dangerous stalker who failed in an attempt to slash her throat in May 1995, and is now serving a ten-year prison term. Pamela Anderson is now beginning to experience problems with stalkers herself. A female stalker who followed Pamela from France was arrested after being discovered by Anderson's housekeeper, waiting for the actress inside of her home in March 2001. The woman was found lying in the bed of a guest room and had tried to kill herself with a piece of broken glass.

10) Jayne Mansfield's son, Zoltan Hargitay, was mauled by a lion. There were also rumours that she suffered a miscarriage. A young child drowned in the swimming pool of Pamela's former husband, Tommy Lee, while one of her children were playing at his home. It is also now being reported that Anderson has suffered a miscarriage.

11) Jayne Mansfield had three small children at the time of her death and was divorced. Pamela Anderson has two small children and is divorced. Madonna now has two small children, but is married.

12) On February 1, 2002 it was reported by Reuters that Pamela Anderson has decided to "swap her TV role for a stripper pole." According to the news report, she said she would like to retire from acting and perform as a stripper on her boyfriend Kid Rock's concert tours. This is exactly what Jayne Mansfield did during her closing months of life: she went on the road as a singer and strip tease act! Pamela Anderson is following the exact same path as Jayne Mansfield. The only thing missing is some kind of involvement with a cult or Satanism.

13) Pamela has something else in common with Madonna. Madonna's husband's name is Guy Ritchie. Pamela's boyfriend's real name is Bob Ritchie. Coincidence? I think not. This is further proof that if there is a guiding supernatural intelligence behind the Jayne Mansfield scenario playing out again, "it" has not decided yet whether to choose Madonna or Pamela Anderson as the 2002 victim.

14) On July 11, it was reported in PeopleNews that the former Baywatch babe said she is keen to 'stretch herself as an actress' and is being tipped to take the lead role in a West End musical of the 1950s Broadway classic The Girl Can't Help It. The play – which was turned into a film starring Jayne Mansfield in 1956 – is about a gangster who decides to turn his bimbo girlfriend into a singing sensation, only to find that she has no talent.

15) Pamela Anderson was born on July 1, 1967 -- two days after Jayne Mansfield died in a car crash on June 29. For those of you who believe in reincarnation, when you think about it, it is quite likely that Pamela Anderson is a reincarnation of Jayne Mansfield.

Pamela Anderson poses beside truckThis poses an alarming dilemma: which woman is in greatest danger in June/July 2002 and are there trends endangering both?

As we will see, events from 1974, 1981, 1988, and 1995 suggest that what was a singular tragedy in 1967 has split into two directions: one leading to a gruesome auto accident and the other to a shocking accident/murder cover-up.

It may well be that Pamela Anderson is the one in danger of being decapitated in a car or truck accident in June 2002 just as Jayne Mansfield was, and that Madonna risks an enigmatic death like Natalie Wood's by August 2002 or in November 2002.

Anderson is the correct age, 34. Madonna, 43, is the same age as Natalie Wood was when she died under mysterious circumstances in November 1981. However, she will only remain 43 until August 16, 2002. She will be 44, one year off in age from Natalie Wood, by November.

At this writing there is no way of knowing whether this will be an either/or situation or if both are facing different dangers. The best advice is for both women to exercise caution throughout 2002.


ANALYSIS (8/23/02): It appears that Pamela Anderson's ordeal has already begun along different lines. On March 20, 2002, Anderson announced that she had contracted the deadly viral illness, Hepatitis C, blaming it on a tattoo needle shared with ex-husband Tommy Lee. On July 23, on CNN's Larry King show, the actress announced that in December 2002 she would take a year out to undergo potentially debilitating Interferon treatment for the disease. Hepatitis C can be fatal because of the effect it has on the liver, sometimes leading to liver cancer or cirrhosis.

The seriousness of this disease cannot be understated. This event may be yet another run of misfortune ala Jayne Mansfield for Pamela, signaling that the predicted tragedy is near, or this may be the doom awaiting her rather than a fatal accident.

Time will tell, but my warning of danger has turned out to be at least partially correct for Pamela Anderson: besides correctly identifying her as being in danger in 2002, the timing is also of interest. Her disclosure was in late March -- three months premature of the June/July vector -- and her chemo therapy will begin in December -- one month later than the October/November vector. This is similar to my predicting that George Harrison was in danger of being shot in December 2001 when instead he died from brain cancer in November 2001, the month previous.


Pamela Anderson says she's got less than ten years to live

People News
20 October 2003

Pamela Anderson - 'five to ten years left'Pamela Anderson has said that she only has up to a decade to live as she is battling a deadly liver disease, Hepatitis C. The Baywatch actress and Playboy pin-up revealed all on US radio when talking to shock jock Howard Stern. She said, 'I've got a good five to 10 years left.' In the past Anderson has played down the disease, which she believes she got from a tattoo needle she shared with ex hubbie Tommy Lee - a claim he refutes. Whilst Hepatitis C can be a serious infection, the majority of people who contract it carry it for the rest of their lives. Long term, some develop cirrhosis of the liver and liver failure a category Pammy falls into. She has undergone treatment and adopted a new healthy living regime to try to combat the illness and despite her depressing claim on the Stern's show she also said in true Hollywood schizophrenic fashion, 'I feel good. Pretty good' and then added dramatically, 'but it is deadly.'

Pamela who will soon be seen in the film Scary Movie 3, wants to survive long enough to see her sons, Brandon, seven, and Dylan, five, reach 21. She has said, 'I've got to make sure I'm around.' Particularly given that she does not want them brought up by Lee.

Pamela Anderson expects death in a decade - October 22, 2003.
Disease may kill me says Anderson - October 22, 2003.


The Nostradamus View


Madonna takes a bow after a performance of the West End production of Up For GrabsQuatrain 6.73

In a great city a monk and an artist,

Near of the harbour lodges and the walls:

Secretly conspiring against Modena (Madonna), in the theatre speaking,

Betrayed for acting under the colour of false marriages.


Before analysing this quatrain I must warn that this is only one view. I feel as strongly about it as I did about Quatrain 10.35 (which quite accurately portended the death of Princess Diana). However, it is possible that this time around I am mistaken and there is no Nostradamus connexion. Still, it is important to remember that for a number of years I believed I was reading more into Quatrain 10.35 than what was there. Tragically, in the end, I was correct.

Nevertheless, whether or not this quatrain is applicable, base 7 numerology and my dream vision indicate that Madonna is in peril of losing her life in June/July 2002 or October/November 2002.

Now to the analysis.

Modena is a small city in northern Italy and is often the accepted translation for the anagram Modene. However, as a city, it makes utter nonsense of this particular quatrain. Nor am I the only commentator who believes that "Modena," in this instance only, is something other than a city. For example, commentator John Hogue (1997) has translated "Modena" as "modern." His read on the quatrain, however, is quite tongue-and-cheek (he hasn't a clue, in other words). Still, like me, he refuses to see an Italian city in this verse.

No matter how many times I've read this obscure verse over the last almost fifteen years I keep seeing the name Madonna. It really appears as though a person, not a city, is being conspired against. Besides, it wouldn't be the first time that Nostradamus used the name of a city, sea, or river to approximate a person's name.

The "monk" may not be a monk at all, but a cult member (possibly a member of Kabbalah), an Islamic terrorist, an outspoken priest, minister, a far-right Christian fundamentalist, or even a member of a religious order (a real monk). Obviously, the "monk" could also be a reclusive psychopath suffering from some sort of religious mania, like the man who attacked the late George Harrison in 1999. Some of my viewers even believe he may be a hired killer who is disguised as a monk or someone posing as a member of a cult or a religious order.

In today's world the meaning of being an "artist" has a wide range of possibilities: a musician, painter, photographer, sculptor, singer, actor, comedian, etc. Since December 2001, when Madonna presented the Turner Prize to minimalist artist Martin Creed at the Tate Britain Gallery, she has become more deeply involved in the world of art and artists. This makes sense from the perspective of Quatrain 6.73.

The great harbour city may be New York City, Los Angeles, or London: all cities where Madonna has homes. One of these people may live near the harbour, the other may rent the spacious upper floor of a former warehouse or other facility ("the walls"). One or both of them appear to be involved in some sort of conspiracy against Madonna.

Nostradamus says "Modena" will be in a theatre speaking when the conspiracy is hatched.

Madonna performed from May 23 to July 13 at London's Wyndham's Theatre in the role of an art dealer named Loren in an evenings stage production of the art world satire Up For Grabs. So, Madonna was in London "in the theatre speaking", just as Nostradamus predicted. There are no other theatre performances planned for this year or anytime in the near future and this was her first play since 1988.

It is quite possible that since her West End appearance, the conspiracy against her has been planned. This means the play may be one of the last memorable "live" performances Madonna will ever make (that would be important as a timing device for the seer).

Who are the the "monk" and the "artist" who conspire? There are no definitive answers as of yet. I should also add that it is far from certain that either the "artist" or "the monk" will actually carry out whatever has been planned. An unknown, third party they may contact could be responsible.

Does Madonna have any enemies? According to a recent report in Madonnarama, former friend Sandra Bernhard is now Madonna's "bitter enemy." What caused the falling out is unknown.

Madonna's selection of close aquaintences is also something to be concerned about. On September 20, the Daily Star reported that Madonna, who has grown fond of shooting and hunting with her husband, Guy, was associated in their shoots with former paratrooper Peter O'Hare, who later committed suicide after murdering one Kaeron Adkins and her daughter Torie. Other distressing friendships from the past are being renewed at this time as well.

What will the nature of the conspiracy be? Like the recent planned abduction of former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, it may well be a kidnapping for profit (or some other reason). The Beckham case should be ringing alarm bells. Of course, it could also be a murder.

But would Nostradamus predict a mere abduction of a celebrity? For the most famous female celebrity in the world to be kidnapped and later released would indeed be a major event and one that Nostradamus might have felt obliged to record. It would also explain why he only mentions a "conspiracy" in Q6.73 and nothing else -- like a murder. That would mean the otheer quatrain discussed below, Q1.39, applies to the other famous blonde of our time: Britney Spears (unless it was intended for Marilyn Monroe).

The motive of the conspirators in Quatrain 6.73 appears to be in line 4: she is "betrayed for acting under the colour [guise] of false marriages."

But, then again, is this a motive? It may simply be Nostradamus' way of saying that Madonna will have numerous lovers and husbands. Not a terribly remarkable phenomenon in our time, but certainly in 1555. Through the years Madonna has been romantically linked according to press reports with many men (and a few women). The more famous include actors Warren Beatty and Sean Penn, musicians Vanilla Ice, Prince and Michael Jackson, comedian Sandra Bernhard, personal trainer Carlos Leon, and the late John F. Kennedy Jr. The list of "false marriages" -- manipulations, infidelities, and sexual adventures -- is quite long: enough to fill a book according to author Andrew Morton.

Perhaps Madonna's varied history may make her a desirable target for certain types of individuals: jilted past lovers, stalkers, religious maniacs, and terrorists who might tend to consider her as a major symbol of Western decadence.

As we leave behind the June/July vector and approach the October/November vector, it becomes increasingly likely that, like Natalie Wood (discussed on the next page), Madonna may have a mysterious "accident" of some sort -- especially following an argument. Arguments of any kind should be avoided for the rest of the year.

There are very strong influences from 21 years ago that could still play out. One already has: the death of ex-Beatle George Harrison (which I predicted in the Elton John Prophecy) was like the 1980 death of ex-Beatle John Lennon. In 1981, 21 years ago, actress Natalie Wood, age 43, drowned under very mysterious circumstances.

Thus, unfortunately, another potential scenario for October/November 2002 exists. This is due to a "dual track" tragedy trend on the time line emanating from the single 1967 Jayne Mansfield tragedy. One tragedy turned to two in 1974 and the dual trend has continued every seven years since: in 1981, 1988, and 1995. Also, there is yet another troubling Nostradamus quatrain which could be applied to Madonna. An even darker conclusion presents itself because of these clues -- one that appears to point towards a very specific type of murder.

This quatrain is discussed again on the Sharon Tate Scenario on 2004 (Part Two).


Another Nostradamus Quatrain: Was It Marilyn Monroe or Is It Madonna or Someone Else?


Quatrain 1.39

By night in bed the supreme one (star, celebrity) strangled,

The elevated blonde, for too great an involvement:

By three the empire is subrogated and enslaved,

To death, neither letter nor packet read.


Marilyn posing in bedI initially believed that this quatrain applied to the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe on August 4, 1962, especially because of the reference to the "three" -- the three Kennedy brothers who essentially shared control (and their detractors would claim "tyrannised") over the American "empire." Monroe became too heavily involved with Robert Kennedy and allegedly threatened to expose the affair and a number of government secrets publicly. Many people have alleged that this was a likely cause for her to be murdered. It has also been alleged in a BBC documentary that actor Peter Lawford searched Monroe's house after her death, discovered papers and a diary she left behind, and burned them (as described in line 4). Marilyn Monroe was not strangled in bed, but died there of an overdose of phenobarbital administered by an enema. However, according to one conspiracy, there was a failed attempt to strangle her in her pool prior to her actual murder or suicide. Unfortunately, it takes some stretch of the imagination to believe Nostradamus would call America an "empire" as things stood in 1962. Also, only the most fanatical enemies of the Kennedy dynasty would consider the US as being "enslaved" by John F. Kennedy and freres.

However, if we are speaking of a modern "American" empire, as many enemies of the US are calling it, the "three" may be a reference to George Bush's "axis of evil" speech. This would indicate that when America is at war with Iraq, Iran, and North Korea later this year, a great "elevated blonde," a "supreme" celebrity, will be "strangled" dead. Of course, the "empire" could still be the EU in 2004, literally subrogated and enslaved by Russia, Iran, and Libya. If it is the latter scenario, the "blonde" may be someone like Britney Spears.

Madonna posing in bedRobert Dewey HoskinsHowever, if this is Madonna, blonde-haired once more, who might the murderer be? On March 10, 1996, Robert Dewey Hoskins, the man who attempted to slash the entertainer's throat in 1995, was sentenced to a ten-year prison term. His sentence was later reduced to eight years and he was then re-scheduled to be released in spring 2004, spring 2002 with good behaviour.

However, it was reported on February 9, 2000, that according to a staff psychiatrist he is still obsessed with Madonna and has reiterated threats to kill her when he is free. Los Angeles officials say they now may keep him in custody longer and will be keeping a close watch on him when he is released. However, one can never rule out a prison escape or "change" in behaviour that may convince authorities that he is no longer a threat to anyone.

If Quatrain 1.39 does apply to Madonna and not to some other celebrity, past or future, it would appear that someone will break into her bedroom and strangle her dead. Then again, there always remains the possibility that the would-be killer could be someone she may believe she knows and trusts. However, if this quatrain is not applicable to Madonna but is to be applied to Britney Spears, it could mean a future romance with Prince William or someone else in 2004 with deadly consequences.


How Do We Define "Too Great an Involvement"? Are Britney and Madonna Getting Too Close?

"The Kiss" - Britney [L] and Madonna [R]

October 2, 2003 -- Is it possible? Could the "too great an involvement" of Quatrain 1.39 be addressing Britney's relationship with Madonna? She now says the only woman she would ever consider kissing in the future is Madonna, has been converted by her Madge into Kabbalah, and has even indicated she will move to London. What about the "love necklace" Madonna presented her young protégé?

Or is it Madonna who is getting into "too great an involvement" with Britney? In terms of both media and public reaction to her very public intimate exchange and rather extraordinary continuance of the "courtship" with Britney, it may still be the Material Madam who is the focus of the quatrain.

With crazies like John Hinckley and Robert Dewey Hoskins being released from prison this year or next, can either Madonna or Britney afford to be so conspicuously debauched? For more related news on this pair, go to Britney Watch.

Quatrain 1.39 and its implications not only for Madonna or Britney in 2004, but Sharon Tate look-alike Paris Hilton, is discussed on 2004 (Part Two).


Madonna Astrological Profile: Professional astrologer Joseph Polise, and additional analyses from American Astrology and Dell Horoscope Magazine, concur that Madonna is in danger of dying violently via a wound to the throat or from strangulation. Enter for presentation. Also included are two collages by me created in December 1996 that portended death for Princess Diana and possibly for Madonna.


OBSERVATION (1/14/04): I have removed the Cass Elliott presentation because It would appear that the singer had absolutely no influence on anyone in 2002. However, the heart attack she suffered from obesity on July 29, 1974 may have had plenty to do with the sleep apnea-related death of obese transvestite singer Divine fourteen (2 x 7) years later in March 1988.


The Anne Sexton Connexion


Jayne Mansfield (1967) Anne Sexton (1974)
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Seven years after the death of Jayne Mansfield the world had visibly changed. The "Summer of Love" had been replaced by the Watergate Scandal. The counterculture ground to a halt as hippies and love children "sold out" and began joining the world of big business and something called "the new conservativism" (which would help install Ronald Reagan in the White House seven years later). While the American public howled for US President Richard Nixon's blood, the other major story was the convoluted tale of Patricia Hearst who was transformed from a kidnapping victim into one of the FBI's most wanted criminals.

Against this backdrop the world of poetry teetered at the edge of the abyss. The suicide of poet Sylvia Plath in 1963 and the posthumous release of her collection Ariel in 1965 had given poetry a badly needed shot in the arm. Sylvia was hailed as an early feminist by many female poets throughout the 1960s and early 1970s. Alan Ginsberg was also back in the limelight after a public appearance before an audience of thousands at Washington Square Park in 1966. He coined the phrase "flower power" and "flower children" at Haight-Asbury and it stuck. Beat poetry and the beat lifestyle was now "out," but its king remained one of the counterculture's favourite gurus.

"Confessional poetry" became the rage -- for those who read poetry that is. Sylvia Plath had been erroneously mislabeled as a confessional poet and yet had been one of its brightest stars. Being a poet and a celebrity was something that was still possible in the late 1960s and early 1970s -- but the celebrities were growing fewer (in contrast to the 1920s to early 1960s period). More and more people were gravitating toward the worlds of popular music and the cinema. Meanwhile, people began to read less.

The leading personage after the death of Sylvia Plath was the intensely confessional poet, Anne Sexton. Indeed, in the final analysis, she was the last of the "popular" poets (the exception being Alan Ginsberg who made a huge comeback in the late 1980s and reawakened public interest in poetry until his death in 1997).

"So what does Anne Sexton have in common with Madonna?", one might well ask.

Certainly not quite as much as Madonna does with Jayne Mansfield. Yet even here, there are a number of striking similarities.

We will begin with the following excerpt from the Preface to Anne Sexton: A Biography by Diane Wood Middlebrook (1991, 1992). Highlighted are those key descriptive phrases which would tend to apply as well to Madonna as to Anne Sexton:

Poet Anne Sexton (early 1960s) "What kind of woman was she? Spirited, good-looking: tall and lean as a fashion model; a suburban housewife who called herself Ms. Dog; a daughter, a mother; a New England WASP; like Emily Dickinson, "half-crack'd." And what kind of poet? Intimate; confessional; comic; insistently, disruptively female; a word wizard; a performance artist; a crowd pleaser. Those were some of the things you could learn during her first fifteen minutes onstage. Some people didn't like the Sexton persona. But behind it stood a serious, disciplined artist whose work had been admired from the beginning by distinguished peers. During her eighteen years as a writer, Sexton earned most of the important awards available to American poets ... She was a shrewd businesswoman, and she became a successful teacher; though skimpily educated, she rose to the rank of professor at Boston University, teaching the craft of poetry."

Sexton's career began in 1956 and ended with her untimely death at the age of 46 in 1974. That is why I highlighted the "eighteen years." Madonna's career may have began as early as 1979 with nude and semi-nude modeling stints, a role in a very low budget film about rape and murder, as an accompanying and at times front vocalist in an obscure punk rock band, and lead vocalist in a disco group that produced the memorable single "Holiday" in 1982. But she did not truly become well-known to the public until 1984 with the release of her first two solo singles "Borderline" and "Lucky Star." Eighteen years after her world debut will be 2002: coincidentally the year that my system of divination has determined she will be in some form of mortal danger.


Mutual Obsession with Sex

Anne Sexton (head and shoulders) I will not pursue this subject in great detail. Indeed, two short paragraphs should do. Suffice it to say that both Madonna and Anne Sexton are linked by a mutual obsession with sex. One can definitely say, since it is well-documented, that Sexton was a nymphomaniac and a sexual extrovert. Madonna (head and shoulders)

Anyone who has examined Madonna's career on stage during the early 1990s, her past affairs, her erotic films and videos, her candid opinions on the subject, and her generous legacy of nude, erotic, and even pornographic photos, can easily arrive at the same conclusion. Sexton, however, was even more unbalanced, having committed incest with her daughter over a period of years. Indeed, there was only one other interest, besides poetry, that had an even stronger allure to Anne than the sexual act ... and that was suicide.


Friendship and Rivalry

I have already demonstrated that Madonna's relationship to the late Princess Diana is roughly analagous to that of Jayne Mansfield to Marilyn Monroe. Now I shall show how Anne Sexton played "second fiddle" to Sylvia Plath and sought to emulate her ... including her death. The one difference being that these two "rivals" were also good friends whilst Sylvia lived.

First of all, both of these women brought something to the world of poetry that had long been lacking. In an artistic discipline that had been largely dominated by men, the 1950s and early 1960s witnessed the birth of a new phenomenon: two female poets who were stunningly beautiful and exuded a great amount of sex appeal. Indeed, many poets regard Sylvia Plath as "the Marilyn Monroe of poetry." Sylvia herself was confused by what seemed a living contradiction even to her, describing herself in her journal as "a William Butler Yeats with Betty Grable legs."

Sylvia Plath posing at beachIn 1956 she married the English poet Ted Hughes, and in 1960, when she was 28, her first book, The Colossus, was published in England. Although a hit in both America and Britain, it was only a glimpse of what was to come. At a time when poetry was still enjoying a high level of popularity, Sylvia Plath, born and raised in Jamaica Plain, Massachussetts, became Britain's newest darling. Many flocked to her poetry readings as her New England accent gradually evolved into a genuinely English one. She even was persuaded to model a line of latest women's fashions and bathing suits. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate any of these photos, although some of them appear on the 1988 BBC/PBS documentary Voices and Visions: Sylvia Plath. The picture at left was taken at the beach whilst Sylvia and Ted were on holiday.

Now that I have established Sylvia's "celebrity status" (admittedly in brief) we will shift the focus to her relationship with Anne Sexton.

Anne Sexton, a frustrated housewife, was plagued by mental problems including suicidal obsessions. Beautiful, intense, and gifted, she began writing poetry at age 29 on the advice of her therapist. Sexton and Plath first met while attending a poetry class with Robert Lowell in the summer of 1959. Thus began a three-and-a-half year friendship ... a strange friendship that revolved around, among other things, the theme of suicide. For although Anne was obsessed with the idea, Sylvia was already a veteran having attempted suicide in 1952 by taking a massive overdose of sleeping pills and pain killers. The two often drank at pubs together, sharing their feelings and experiences, discussing the ultimate act as cavalierly as they might the events of a daytrip.

Although they were friends, a professional competativeness was always present in their relationship. Plath's poem "Daddy" may have been a responce to Sexton's "My Friend, My Friend," as if Plath was commenting that she could write just a little better than Sexton. Also, Sexton at many times would express to Lowell her dissatisfaction with Plath's writing. She said that Plath "dodges the point in her poetry and hadn't yet found the form that belonged to her." This competative nature continued throughout their relationship, to the very end.

In the summer of 1962, Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes separated. She moved with her two children to a London flat that would be her final residence. During the autumn of 1962 and early winter of 1963 she wrote what would be her finest work at a feverish pace. A surviving outline indicated that she intended most of these poems to appear in a new book entitled Ariel. On the morning of February 11, 1963, Sylvia Plath placed towels in the spaces beneath the bedroom doors of her two children, went down into the kitchen and turned on the cooking gas, knelt to the floor and lay her head upon the open door of the kitchen oven. A rescue team, alerted by a concerned neighbour, managed to break in, but failed to revive her. She died from asphyxiation at the age of 30 years and 3 1/2 months.

Sylvia's book, Ariel, was published posthumously in 1965. Many blamed Hughes for her death right up until his own demise from natural causes in November 1998 (which I accurately predicted to the very month).

Anne Sexton, Sylvia's friend, reacted with a mixture of both sadness and envy. In a eulogy she remarked that she and Plath "talked death with burned-up intensity, both of us drawn to it like moths to an electric light bulb". She then wrote the following poem in response to Plath's suicide:

Sylvia's Death

for Sylvia Plath

O Sylvia, Sylvia,
with a dead box of stones and spoons,

with two children, two meteors
wandering loose in a tiny playroom,

with your mouth into the sheet,
into the roofbeam, into the dumb prayer,

(Sylvia, Sylvia
where did you go
after you wrote me
from Devonshire
about raising potatoes
and keeping bees?)

what did you stand by,
just how did you lie down into?

Thief --
how did you crawl into,

crawl down alone
into the death I wanted so badly and for so long,

the death we said we both outgrew,
the one we wore on our skinny breasts,

the one we talked of so often each time
we downed three extra dry martinis in Boston,

the one we talked of so often each time
we downed three extra dry martinis in Boston,


the death that talked of analysts and cures,
the death that talked like brides with plots,

the death we drank to,
the motives and the quiet deed?

(In Boston
the dying
ride in cabs,
yes death again,
that ride home
our boy.)

O Sylvia, I remember the sleepy drummer
who beat on our eyes with an old story,

how we wanted to let him come
like a sadist or a New York fairy

to do his job,
a necessity, a window in a wall or a crib,

and since that time he waited
under our heart, our cupboard,

and I see now that we store him up
year after year, old suicides

and I know at the news of your death
a terrible taste for it, like salt,

(And me,
me too.
And now, Sylvia,
you again
with death again,
that ride home
our boy.)



 Grave of Sylvia Plath: Heptonstall Churchyard, Heponstall, Yorkshire, England. Epitaph: Even amidst fierce flames - the golden lotus can be planted.And I say only
with my arms stretched out into that stone place,

what is your death
but an old belonging,

a mole that fell out
of one of your poems?

(O friend,
while the moon's bad,
and the king's gone,
and the queen's at her wit's end
the bar fly ought to sing!)

O tiny mother,
you too!
O funny duchess!
O blonde thing!


February 17, 1963


In this poem lie the intimations of Sexton's own personal self-destruction. Although she mourns and misses her dead friend, she also expresses a sense of betrayal and envy. "Death" (ie., suicide) was their "boy," a shared lover that Sylvia, now a "thief," had run off with. Now Anne is left alone with her "terrible taste for [dying], like salt."



One cannot read this poem without concluding that the survivor now feels incomplete without her lovely rival and that a secret pact has been broken in the process. Sylvia, whose final poem, "Edge," reveals her vision of her self "perfected" by death, is now an icon to be emulated.


Sexton wrote prolifically, garnering much success throughout the 1960s. As the decade drew to a close, she attempted to change with the times, even performing readings with a chamber rock band. But the world of poetry was sliding down a slippery slope as interest in the craft gradually diminished. Suicidal self-hatred led to repeated hospitalisations in mental institutions. She became addicted to alcohol and sleeping pills. During the early 1970s, her youthful good looks and creativity eroded under the effects of chronic alcohol and sedative consumption.

One cool, autumn eve on October 4, 1974, Anne Sexton shut the door to her garage, climbed into the front seat of her car, turned on the engine, turned on the radio, bundled up under her coat and a blanket, and waited while the motor ran. She died from carbon monoxide poisoning at the age of 46.

What she had desired so badly in 1963 finally came to her over eleven years later. The great equaliser had reunited her with Sylvia Plath. Anne Sexton became the last famous and tragic poet of the 20th Century.


Madonna: Confessional Lyricist

Always a confessionalist, Madonna took her art to new heights and darker depths with the release of the Ray of Light CD in 1998.

I believe it to be brilliant -- the best thing she has ever done to date. Over the several years previous to purchasing Ray of Light I had been listening to a lot of "confessional" musical artists, most of them female, and this CD, in my opinion, swept them all under the rug. The lyrics are deeply personal and quite disturbing in places. Indeed, some of the tracks sound like a cry for help, and track 13, "Mer Girl," is the most ominous of all.

Death and dying are repetitive themes in Ray of Light and they reach a shocking climax on the final track. It begins with the sound of a telephone call trying to be put through -- from the perspective of the caller. No one is home, or at least, no one is answering. Madonna looks everywhere for herself, leaving ex-boyfriend Carlos, the memory of her dead mother, and her infant daughter behind, then ultimately finds what may be herself, dead, in a cemetery. This isn't entirely clear. In a TV Guide interview conducted in February 1998, she seemed to deny that "Mer Girl" was about confronting her feelings about her dead mother. Somewhat cryptically she instead insisted that the song was "an encapsulated point of view of me and my life."


OBSERVATION (1/15/04): What followed was a silly attempt to compare the title track, "Ray of Light," with Sylvia Plath's poem, Ariel. Little did I know that Madonna had not written the lyrics to that particular song. In any event, the parallels were between Madonna and Anne Sexton and, if anything, Sexton's poetry should have been used in a comparison, not Plath's.


Role Models?

The following excerpt is from an interview conducted between writer Michael Gross and Madonna for Vanity Fair in 1985. It reveals that my association between Madonna, Sexton, and Plath is not merely speculative. Both poets did indeed serve as inspiration for Madonna, her work, and possibly her outlook on life.


Michael Gross: You began reading Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath.

Madonna: That seems like part of the chrysalis stage, too. Remember, I had older brothers who were listening to Tom Waits and reading Richard Brautigan and Charles Bukowski and were into Zen Buddhism. They were going through all their spiritual things. So those kinds of things were always there for me to pick up and read. And my sister and I became very big fans of Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath when we were in high school, and then even more so when I left. Because they were very strong women. Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath weren't your "intellectual" types that went to colleges. They were like housewives who had children, who came from very sort of sheltered environments, who weren't rebels per se. They just started writing poetry. They had this magic gift. If someone had nurtured them, who knows. So in a way, you can relate to that. It comes from a very different place.


What is Learned?

We have already established a strong case for a repetition of the "Jayne Mansfield scenario" in June/July 2002 with either Madonna playing out the doomed role of the second most famous and surviving female icon or, in the case of Pamela Anderson, Pamela playing out the role of Jayne Mansfield as an exact replica.

Two Nostradamus quatrains seem to concur that the Material Girl will meet with a tragic and violent end at the hands of another (or others).

Anne Sexton in her final yearsMoving up the time line to 1974 we have established a potential linkage between the persons of Madonna and poet Anne Sexton. We are now entirely in base 7 territory. Nostradamus is temporarily out of the picture. If this scenario plays out, Madonna is in a different type of danger, not from others, but from herself. Not only has she replaced the late Princess Diana as the most famous and glamorous living female icon in the world, but she has demonstrated that she seeks to emulate her as well. She is flirting with Diana's death and adopting her homeland.

We have seen what too close an identification with Sylvia Plath resulted in for Anne Sexton. Subconsciously, Madonna may be headed for some sort of self-fulfilling tragedy involving a car crash.

Suicide, although a remote possibility, cannot be completely ruled out. For one who has taken her audience to the limit time and again in her endless search to re-create herself, to astonish, and to captivate the media; the "final curtain" has always existed as a psychological possibility -- especially since the shocker years of the early 1990s.

In any event, a second vector of peril has been created: October 2002. Anne Sexton, the next major tragedy of the 1967-2002 timeline, was 46 when she died. Madonna is 43 and will turn 44 on August 16, 2002. However, we will find she is closer age-wise and in certain other respects to yet another female celebrity appearing on the next year of the timeline: 1981.

We will also find that the actual cause of Anne Sexton's death, rather than the motive behind it, will continue to replicate as we move toward 1995 (as we shall see on the next page).


Madonna-Pamela Anderson Prophecy Evaluation and Prognosis

January 15, 2004 -- According to the prophet Nostradamus someone named "Modena" will die violently due to a conspiracy of two people. To this day his prediction remains unfulfilled. Even so, the only personality of any significance with a name sounding like "Modena" is Madonna, the Queen of Pop.

This presentation series was a largely failed attempt to arrive at the time and the circumstances of the great danger awaiting Madonna, arrived at via the base 7 system. Comparisons between Madonna and Jayne Mansfield on this page largely determined the date of danger as June/July 2002 by car crash. A second quatrain which also seemed applicable opened up an additional possibility that she might instead be in peril of being murdered by a stalker or cult member in June 2002 or November 2002. However, by 2002, Madonna had eclipsed her place as "second most popular female celebrity to Diana" and became the most popular, making the Mansfield-Madonna comparison no longer valid.

A second candidate for a possible Jayne Mansfield car crash death in June 2002 was actress and model Pamela Anderson.

Ironically, there is a case to be made that some degree of closeness occurred for both Pamela Anderson and Madonna. Pamela Anderson announced she had Hepatitis C on March 20, 2002 -- not far from the June/July 2002 vector for a Jayne Mansfield type car crash (an actress she bears an uncanny resemblance to). Now, as reported on October 20, 2003, it turns out that the infection is so progressed she only has five to ten years to live.

Also, four major car crashes occurred killing three major celebrities, two female (Linda Lovelace and TLC's Lisa Lopes), around the time of the June/July 2002 crash vector, when there had been no car crashes of importance for several years beforehand or any since.

Several major points discussed, anticipated, or actually predicted in the presentation happened in Madonna's life (such as her first theatre performance in 13 years, changing her hair colour back to blonde in 2001-2002 and yet again in 2003 after a brief return to black, "acting out" a deadly car crash in a music video (where it appeared she had committed suicide) and in a BMW commercial (in what some critics agreed was a parody of Diana's car crash).

In particular, the period when Madonna performed in the West End production of Up For Grabs was quite frightening, especially when four men in a white Ford Escort tried to break through the high-tech security system she had built around her £9million Ashcombe House estate in the Wiltshire/Dorset borders, for what reason we can only guess.

All of this was very close to the June/July vector (essentially based on Mansfield's death date of June 29). Later in the year, she began riding a bicycle and depending less on a car. One wonders if she did indeed heed the warnings on this page.

Regarding the next page, The Madonna Prophecy (Part Two), a critical review of the mysterious death of Natalie Wood in 1981, the 1995 murders of Tejano singer Selena and model Linda Sobek, and Madonna's own close call with a stalker in May of that year resulted in a comprehensive piece of detective work. The page built a case for the "strangled blonde supreme" of Quatrain 1.39, indicating a much stronger danger of homicide to Madonna in November 2002.

Ironically, it was blonde, B-film actress Lana Clarkson who would be murdered by record producer Phil Spector only two months and several days later in February 2003.

With the conclusion of 2003, it is no longer possible for the scenarios predicted on this page and the one following to be applied to Madonna or anyone else ... until 2009. Therefore these pages are now archived.

Nevertheless, I am not altogether convinced that Madonna is safely out of the woods and will not be until after 2004 and 2005 have also ended. The "Modena" quatrain, 6.73, will always hold her in some potential degree of danger, just as Quatrain 10.35 would always be hanging over Princess Diana's head until her death in August 1997.

I believe it was Madonna's chameleon-like characteristics along with a major boost in her popularity in 2001 and 2002 that made it possible for her to escape the scenarios that doomed Jayne Mansfield and Natalie Wood. However, now that she has lowered both Britney Spears' and her own reputation following their public lesbian kiss on the MTV awards, both are exposed to dangerous scenarios other than the ones discussed in this presentation.

The base 7 signature for August 2004 brings us, once again, to an especially brutal murder of a famous blonde female celebrity. There may be other victims involved in this ghastly and tragic crime, male or female, and some of them may also be well-known.

In August 2004, it will be 35 (5 x 7) years since beautiful, blonde actress Sharon Tate, hair designer Jay Sebring, coffee heiress Abigail Folger, and family friend Voityck Frykowsky were attacked and murdered by merciless, crazed, knife-wielding robots under the control of convict-turned-guru/messiah, Charles Manson. The body of Tate, pregnant with the child of film director husband Roman Polanski, was found both stabbed and hanged by investigators at the crime scene.

In terms of age and appearance, the likeliest celebrity in danger is Paris Hilton, who broke onto the scene in a major way a year before the dangerous period in question, just as Sharon Tate had in 1968. Both she and the other likely candidate, Britney Spears, will be 23 by August 2004 - close to Sharon's age of 26.

However, note that Madonna, like Sharon Tate, is currently married to a film director -- Guy Ritchie. She is also very heavily involved in the Kabbalah cult. We heard very little about this group after 1998 until again in 2003.

The murder will be quite brutal, involving stabbing or strangling, and may be carried out by a cult or by terrorists.

See the entire "Famous Blonde Actress/Pop Celebrity Slain in Brutal Murder" prophecy, boding ill for Madonna, Britney Spears, or Paris Hilton on 2004 (Part Two).

These two pages, at the very least, may be helpful in receiving insight into the dangers that lie ahead for a famous celebrity in 2009, even if that celebrity is not Madonna. This entire presentation is also a "must read" for conspiracy and crime buffs intrigued with the Jayne Mansfield, Natalie Wood, Selena, and Linda Sobek cases.


End of Part One. Continue to next page: The Madonna Prophecy (Part Two).


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