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"The Whore of Babylon, my great city, shall once again stand open to all, just as in the days of Noah. A queen
she shall sit, adorned in all her splendour and glory, holding in her hand the cup of eternal life, without
prejudice for all to drink. Her presence once removed from the land of Egypt now returned. But none
shall take up a golden rod and measure her walls or gates except me." -Ba'al-Ishi



This is the true legacy left in the days of Noah and the prophecy described by God in Revelations as the "Great City Of Babylon," designed to give extended life to mankind, explain why you are here and what your purpose is (individually and collectively), and to help determine the future, with the intention of securing stability of the nations and eventually world peace. Thus, mankind's understanding and connection with the nature of this earth and the universe shall be re-established, with the intention of introducing eternal life (conditions will apply) and the freedom of spirituality and equality, eventually putting an end to the fear and confusion that seperates and divides the human race.

In ancient days this was God's prophecy and Ba'al-Ishi's legacy to mankind ... and not to be confused with the false system that is in place at the present.

Ba'al-Ishi has no interest in what God you serve, as long as that God cares for the promotion of love, tolerance, education, and welfare for ALL.




I am submitting forward the first phase of God's prophecy/Ba'al-Ishi's legacy left here on earth in the days of Noah: To rebuild the network of ancient megalithic monuments across the globe known as 'Babylon the Great' and replace the technology they once housed. These structures were built here in ancient times for several reasons, but their main purpose was in order to give life. Essentially, this was a 'Secret Project' to establish a healthcare system, free for all on Planet Earth. Set up as hospitals, these structures were intended to provide free basic and safe healthcare for every human being without prejudice and eventually put an end to death. Rebuilding this network will take a lot of knowledge and the explaining of past history, as there is very much that has been misunderstood or not revealed.

This legacy will ultimately require no genetic manipulation, DNA change, cloning, or transhumanism to be employed and the human race will be returned to it's original biological state with the removal of suffering and death, once Babylon the Great is fully operational.

But as the world leaders have now chosen which technology they intend to be in place (alien), I [Baal-Ishi] will act accordingly to promote their intention. Governments will automatically enter into contract as soon as they pass laws to allow Transhumanism to take place. I [Baal-Ishi] will promote these intentions until Babylon the Great has been restored, as of which time this contract ends.

Note: power source is still in consideration.

The conditions for the construction of this healthcare system are as follows:

ALL nations on this planet and their respective agencies are expected to return ALL ancient alien technology they have in their possession to its rightful owner Ba'al-Ishi. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Each nation and their respective agencies are fully responsible for the admission of the existence of this ancient technology and the existence of aliens to the general public, should they choose to disclose either or both.

Every nation and their respective agencies are still held responsible and accountable for the law, authority and ruling over of their countries or regions except in the dominion cities of Babylon the Great, as stated as a fundamental right by God.

Ba'al-Ishi and the people involved in this legacy are in no way held accountable or responsible for any military disputes or religious issues their presence in this universe may cause.

Ba'al-Ishi and some of the people involved in the announcement and deployment of this legacy have the right to remain anonymous until Babylon the Great has been re-established. This requirement is in accordance with God's Mystery Babylon law (Revelation 17-5) and not at the request of any other individual. Anyone who does not adhere to this law, will be subject to punishment by God.

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You can also make a gift to further the spread of information concerning this legacy. Any gifts received will only help circulate the awareness of this legacy and the people it strictly involves, with the intention to try and help make this prophecy/legacy known and understood. No money will be passed on to any another organisation (except when God's law requires us to do so by means of tax). Gifts will no longer be needed once the legacy has been restored and the three phase campaign has been completed.

Note: you do not have to contribute a gift in order to benefit from the healthcare the hospitals may provide you or your family in the future ... that will be FREE FOR ALL regardless. There are no charges or fees payable to participate in this prophecy/legacy.

Disclaimer: Because of the lack of knowledge of Ba'al-Ishi, the mystery surrounding Babylon, and the fact that the above system under consideration (along with some of the conditions listed above) has yet to be implemented, Ba'al-Ishi must be viewed as a belief or faith, and His legacy a proposed system based on theory and prophecy.

This legacy, the people involved, and Ba'al-Ishi accept no responsibility for any of the construction, managing or running cost of the proposed healthcare system unless ALL of the above conditions are fully met.

This legacy, the people involved and Ba'al-Ishi accept no responsibility for any disappointment or loss or damage or misunderstanding the failure of this legacy may cause.

Ba'al-Ishi reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

This legacy was left in accordance to God's word and will be followed as prescribed in the Bible. Ba'al-Ishi requires no worship, only the cooperation and understanding of God's will as written by Him. No words from this text may be added or taken away in accordance to God's law. Any similarity in the above text to copyrighted work already published is purely coincidental.


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Some examples of the remnants of Babylon's global grid system: Stonehenge, Mayan pyramids, Egyptian pyramids

Submitting phase two. This phase involves two choices for mankind, alien technology or ancient technology. It is also important to point out that if neither of these are put into action that a third option of mass depopulation can be considered.

Several decades ago certain agencies received alien technology which, if had been employed under the agreed terms, would have progressed to a point where mankind would no longer have relied on fossil fuels. As this was considered a national security threat by those agencies, they subsequently decided to withhold this information from the public domain. During this period of secrecy, the technology was exploited to build more sophisticated weapons, which again went against the agreed terms. Due to the nature of some information coming to light through sharing on the web, this has resulted in a fear that, if these agencies release such technology into the public domain now, they would face prosecution for their actions.

We of the once and future mighty Babylon, we who speak for Ba'al and work his will, have no interest in pursuing judgment and will continue to maintain the release of such technology without those agencies being held accountable for the secrecy of their actions.

However, it is clear this may not be the case with mankind. I urge those who wish to progress away from fossil fuels to follow this example, otherwise this technology will remain behind closed doors for many years to come and the earth's health/weather will continue to decline.

This alien technology is what is considered 'unregulated' and has threatened to undermine TPBT's position as world leaders. It is highly unpopular within this select group to employ, as this may result in them losing their position of authority and, ultimately, their very lives.

We of the once and future mighty Babylon, we who speak for Ba'al and work his will, will cooperate with any alien technology to be released if that were to be possible, but the Baal Ishi would also like to offer a different solution to resolve the problem of accountability.

I am putting forward phase two of the proposal of Babylon the Great to by-pass the alien technology and move straight to the ancient technology with the grid system becoming the main power source. As well as health care, the grid can also produce a power source to feed the modern and ancient technology. It is a non lethal collection of vibrations and actually performs in tandem with earth's own energy. This energy can be regulated, meaning it can be metered for an individual. It is a safe, clean energy with no pollution or side effects. It does not need to consume earth's resources and needs no production to obtain other than the grid system.

It will NOT be free, so it cannot be abused by any group, agency, society, or individual for malicious intent. All proceeds will help contribute to the system of Babylon in its entirety to create jobs, economic stability and security within nations. Babylon the Great has a non profit policy, thus any excess profits will help fund other projects from water and food production (part two/phase two) to communications and world military defence (part three/phase two).

At this time the earth is struggling to cope with the side effects of the power source mankind is using. This is not just about the pollution in the air and sea but also includes the signature of the frequency electricity radiates when transported by wire and consumed on large areas of land such as cities. In the future if these problems are not addressed and corrected they pose a threat to all of earth's weather climates.

The choice mankind is facing is depopulation or change to a new power source.

Babylon accepts no responsibility for any failure, personal or otherwise, to employ the ancient power/technology source.




Here I will set forward the second part of the rebuilding of Babylon. This includes the re-education program intended to help people understand about the hidden truth. It is designed to openly discuss a number of past historically incorrect events, and explain why you were not told the truth about them from the begining. It will give a detailed account of where humans really came from, why they were created, and what is expected from them in the future.

It will also educate governments and other various establishments on how to run a successful world economy with no corruption, set up a moral code of conduct and work ethics, and promote the quality of empathy as a way of making sure each individual finds their place within their society. It is also designed to assist with the coming issues that will arise within the next generation of human evolution.

Goals of the Babylonian Education System(BES).

Each individual will be fully guided into a productive and fulfilling position in society and given a support network which is suitable for them and their families.




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