November 17, 2022 (7:51 AM EST): Madonna has enacted the death of the Whore of Babylon by fire! This should end her role in Biblical prophecy. See Madonna News In Prophecy updates at bottom of page.


Madonna wob burns Madonna on fire Madonna wob burns





November 17, 2022 (4:07 AM EST): We may be able to regard everything below this point as archival. Madonna has strayed so far from the persona she has projected and encouraged for so very long that she no longer resembles a prophetic figure of any kind. Somewhere in that freak show she has created out of her image there may still exist a pretty, blonde lady who still looks like she is in middle age (which isn't old). But she has taken a path few would really not much care to follow. Exit. Adios. This is probably the final installment ... largely about the way things were.

This woman will forever be remembered. Even 100 years from now, 200 years or more, she will be emulated and studied.

She was the first of her kind: a true "Whore of Babylon," Goddess of the Occult, and Highest Priestess of Kabbalah in modern times. Indeed, a very intriguing creature.

She was ... for decades... "the Greatest Show on Earth."

Her musical talent, her elaborate choreographed sets, her masterful dance and showmanship, her shrewd, aggressive and brilliant self-promotion, her image, her persona, her raw and thoroughly wicked sexuality, her contrariness and unpredictablity, her controversies, and her unabashed allegiance to the darkest infernal power on earth and in hell ... only in myth or legend did such a being ever exist as Madonna.

The last major role Madonna played was as Madame X. That appears to be over with now in 2022 and, outside of celebrating 40 years of her music catalogue to be released, her next role can only be guessed at. At age 64, Madonna has toyed with various images, including posing as Marilyn Monroe in the famous actress's final photo shoot and also as she was discovered: dead and naked in bed. Otherwise, rather stoic and ageless posing for the camera, a virtual goddess made flawless by filtering, airbrushing, and photoshopping.

I emphasize the word "ageless." Madonna does not look "young." On her best days she looks "ageless." A goddess or a god is supposed to look ageless. But again, that is a digital trick.

However in more recent months the Queen of Pop has descended into a world of freakdom. Pink hair, hard-boiled egg skin, scary eyes and makeup ... leaving many fans gasping in fear.

I am ready to ditch this former icon forever from my site except as an archival tribute to her past accomplishments and as the entertainment world's first truly believable "Whore of Babylon" archetype.

But who can say what she will eventually achieve through science during the next decade? She has all the money in the world to find out ... most of us do not.


Madonna as Madame X

Madonna as Madame X, marked by the beast of Revelation


Her final persona, Madame X, began prior to the COVID pandemic.

Earlier this year, during the Steven Klein photo sessions, she was still referring to herself as "Madame X" in the present tense. Beside a photo of Stephen Klein holding a knife to her throat as she sat eyes wide shut with hair braided like the goddess Ishtar (remember Robert Dewey Hoskins threat to slit Madonna's throat in 1995?), she stated: “Thanks to all who did support us and slept on couches and worked long hours and for free all to support madame X who is not only here to disturb the peace but to keep Art alive I send you all a BIG kiss. Madame X”

Artists, indeed, often do disturb the peace (I should know being one of them in my other work), but few ever become major icons. When that happens, when a person is elevated to a great height of popularity, then everything that person does is taken much more seriously than the actions and words of a lesser artist. Her/his opinions, views, politics, actions, beliefs, feelings, visions, then come under tremendous scrutiny. If such a person becomes deeply associated with the occult, they will inevitably face all kinds of criticisms, potential condemnation, and even villification. The world of the occult is a dangerous realm to explore, creatively or otherwise, for a major icon.



First of all, consider the licentious, original Madame X:

Parisian beauty Virginie Gautreau in the artwork, Madame X Madame X is the famous painting of notorious Parisian beauty Virginie Gautreau created in 1884 by artist John Singer Sargent. At the time it was considered shocking and controversial. It is considered a masterpiece today.

Madame Gautreau’s hairstyle is based on one of ancient Greece, and she wears a diamond crescent that is the symbol of the goddess DIANA. In Greek she was known as ARTEMIS.

After a falling out between the painter and the model, and a year after Gautreau's obscure death at age 56, her name was removed from the work's title and "X" was substituted by Sargent. Thus future generations did not know who the model was unless the subject was researched.

If there is a link between Madame Gautreau/Madame X and Madonna/Madame X it is the subtle diamond crescent of Diana.

Diana was the most recent goddess in a series of pantheons going back to ancient Egypt and Sumeria. Several goddesses from the ancient pantheon, including Isis especially, evolved into the "whore of Babylon" goddess, Ishtar/Astarte/Ashtoreth.

Ishtar is also called Esther, the name Madonna chose for herself in 2004.

These deities can be traced back to Asherah, who was the consort of Yahweh and El, and worshipped as the Queen of Heaven. For unknown reasons Asherah was later stripped of her role as consort to Yahweh and became the consort of Ba'al, due to the anti-Asherah ideology that was influenced by the Deuteronomistic Historians. Thus, Yahweh or El toppled the goddess Asherah in a more mythological sense. It was in her new role as consort of Ba'al that this deity became increasingly associated with the goddesses who eventually became worshipped as Ishtar and "the Whore (Goddess) of Babylon."

After the death of Babylonian Queen Semiramis who claimed to be Ishtar personified, and was worshipped as a human goddess, the deity that had been "the whore of Babylon" gradually reverted to the role of "Queen of Heaven" and also bore the name Inanna. Ishtar/Inanna was associated with the eight-pointed star and the planet Venus. As both a morning and evening star, she became a goddess of duality (and contradiction) and, thus, the goddess of both warfare and love.

Thus Ishtar would have a "contrary nature" ... something that can also be said about Madonna.

Ishtar/Inanna evolved into Diana and Artemis in Asia Minor and Aphrodite in Greece, the Kybele (Cybill), also known as the Mater magna in Rome and Carthage.

Ishtar was considered the daughter of the Moon.

As Diana and Artemis she became goddess of the countryside, the wilderness, the hunt, hunters, fertility and childbirth, the crossroads, and the Moon. As Diana Lucifera she was the Light-bearer. As a triple goddess she was called Diana, Luna (Selene), and Hecate and in so doing also became goddess of the Moon and of the Underworld.

Today Diana and her daughter Arcadia are still worshipped in Neopagan circles although, in the New Testament Book of Acts (19:35), it is said that Diana was toppled by God (Jupiter):

"What man is there that knoweth not how that the city of the Ephesians is a worshipper of the great goddess Diana, and of the image which fell down from Jupiter?"

Poet Robert Graves called her "the White Goddess" with a very close connection to the Moon, but in the end insists that her brother Apollo now rules the earth as the God of Science.

Thus, that little diamond crescent on the head of Virginie Gautreau, the original Madame X, speaks volumes on Madonna's association with Diana as she is known in Wicca and other Neopagan cults. As Esther/Madame X she is a mortal descendent of Ishtar/Diana with pretensions of godhood like Semiramis.

"X" (Chi) is the Mark of the Beast

Madonna as either the Beast of Revelation or Ba'al (or both)But what of the eye patch and the mark of X upon it?

According to author Rev. Dr. Tommy Rodriguez Jr. "X" is the mark of the beast, not "666." If 666 had been properly translated from the Greek letter format, it would be the Greek letter "Chi" which is written as an "X."

That Madonna has the title "Madame" and is wearing an eyepatch with "X" on it over her LEFT EYE ("the eye of Horus" aka "the eye of Baal") indicates that she is not only marked by the beast, but also continues to be linked to the goddess Isis and later Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess.


Madame: a term for a woman who is engaged in the business of procuring prostitutes, usually the manager of a brothel

X: "Chi", the mark of the beast

Whore of Babylon, marked by the beast

Thus, in our time or a future time, a woman linked to Ishtar is branded by the beast of Revelation 13 and it is this beast that Ishtar rides as "the whore of Babylon." The human manifestation of Ishtar was Queen Semiramis. Madonna is likewise pretending to be, or possibly claiming to be, a similar figure: both a queen and a goddess.

And "Chi" is still at it today:


Madonna gets her wrist inked with a Kabbalah symbol

Madonna recently offered a glimpse at her new tattoo on her social media; a design from the cover of a Kabbalah book Ten Luminous Emanations. Taking to Instagram, the I Rise singer shared the picture on her story which she captioned, “10. Luminous Emanations In Which GOD. Becomes Manifest.”

X marks the spot Note the "X" (Chi) mark of the beast on Madonna's wrist. According to Revelation it must be displayed on the forehead or forearm, so technically she is not really fulfilling prophecy.

The left eye patch does not count either, as the forehead must coorespond to the mid-forehead or "third eye."

Like all things Madonna does, it is a simulation of things to come, not actually conforming to exact details.




After revealing this blasphemy with her "Chi" (X) eye patch she began to suffer injuries, now she can't release a video or comment without offending millions of people. Whether it was the mockery of the death of George Floyd in a dance video or else her bathtub video where she called COVID-19 the great equalizer and actually declared what was bad about it was also "good" about it ... that it was "good" that it was killing millions of people worldwide. Was over 1,000,000 dead in the US "good" enough for her?


Queen Semiramis

Semiramis had two husbands and many lovers.

Madonna has had two husbands and many lovers.

After the death of her second husband, Ninus, Semiramis reigned for 42 years as queen regnant. She claimed to be the mortal representation of the goddess Ishtar (aka "the Queen of Heaven") and was worhipped as such.

Her son Ninyas was none other than Nimrod who she MARRIED.

Nimrod built the Tower of Babel and declared himself to be the god Baal. After the tower was destroyed, he was dashed to pieces. But not before Semramis gave birth to his son, Tammuz, who she declared was Nimrod reborn.


Semiramis and Nimrod


Thus, the beast of Revelation will be a modern or future version of Nimrod who will declare himself to be God. He will suffer a fatal head wound and will DIE, but will be resurrected by his mother's witchcraft. His mother, "the Queen of Heaven" and "Whore of Babylon."

Madonna is not only continuing her persona as Ishtar/Semiramis ... the whore of Babylon ... but pledging herself to (and marked by) Nimrod, the future beast of Revelation.

What continues to be striking is that she clearly understands that according to prophecy, the beast will turn against the whore and that his ten knights (temporal kings) will eat her flesh and burn her with fire.

Thus, the beast is the son (and possibly the incestuous consort) of the Whore of Babylon and will have his mother killed.


Semiramis and Nimrod, mother and son, mother and husband


Archetypally, it would seem Madonna can go no further as a prefiguring of a future Semiramis. Otherwise, in order to continue, the Nimrod she has already been marked by with a "chi" patch over her left eye would have to be one of her own sons ... a son she would be obliged to marry! Such incest is not likely even in these insane times.

It is not likely to be acted out in our time by archetypes, but it may well happen for real when the time of the Revelation prophecy arrives.

"Nimrod, the beast" having his mother "Semiramis, the whore of Babylon" killed is the evil twist the occult world inspired by the Book of Revelation has replaced the original myth with.

In any event, the Illuminati represent the beast in our time. Thus, as an archetype, Madonna, in the role of Semiramis, would have to give herself up to the Illuminati (the beast) as a human sacrifice to complete the prefiguring of the woman of prophecy.

But it appears she has found another way to kill herself off as the Whore of Babylon, by enacting a fiery death on video. It wasn't done correctly, as I have pointed out, and could require another video ... but that may not be necessary. If so, it is OVER.

Madonna saves herself by dropping all linkage between herself and the Whore of Babylon. As I mentioned earlier, it appears she is also doing that by entering a world of the FREAK and UGLY. A world where she is a red head or one with pink hair. No longer a blonde.

Of course she could have divorced the WOB role by simply being herself: let's see what all that work she has had done on her face looks like with a more natural and normal appearance, hair style, and attire. That and a return to making good music and performances. She could have easily left the WOB role behind by simply being normal.

But will ending her role as Whore of Babylon even matter?


What about Nostradamus prophecies?

Madonna could probably live to be 120 ... longer if medical science offers a breakthrough in the next decade. With her great wealth and power, she would be among the first in line to live another 220 to 800 years.

But she has one other problem that goes back to her "Bad Girl" video days ... as well the films she also made back then where she always ended up dead in the end.

If she fails to refrain glorifying her own death in photo shoots (recently enacting the death of Marilyn Monroe and what could have been a potentially fatal attack on her by stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins in 1995), her years may still be greatly reduced if two Nostradamus prophecies pertain to her.

Madonna plays with death by knife Madonna to die in bed like Marilyn Monroe or the strangled blonde

Madonna spent so many years in the role (or teasing the role) of the Whore of Babylon, as long ago as the "Like A Prayer" video in 1989, that even if she leaves the role behind, it still may have left a permanent impression on Nostradamus. Nostradamus gave the procreation of "Babylon, a miserable harlot" an existence of "seventy-three years and seven months" in his Epistle to Henry II. This concerns the establishment of a future Babylon the Great, a major economic, entertainment, and strategic defensive hub in central Iraq that will be created by France and the West after World War III in the 2040's. But it is clearly linked to Quatrain 6.74 because of the "seventy-three years and seven months" timeframe, thus it functions as a numeric code for someone in that prophecy.

In Quatrain 6.74 he gives a famous female until the age of "three and seventy" (73) years before being killed by conspirators (or stalkers?), her death in some odd way a triumphant one for her. By predicting it in a quatrain that is 74th of century 6, he is indicating it will be 73 years plus a number of months. It is likely it is the same number of months as in EPH2: "seven months."

What is really scary is that this quatrain immediately follows the "Modena" quatrain (Quatrain 6.73):


Madonna and Modena prophecy


Another variation of the quatrain reads:


In a large city a monk & craftsman, near the door lodge & at the walls:
Secret against Modena, in a cellar saying, betrayed to do under the color of nuptials.


A few minor differences, largely berayal due to false marriages rather than due to the work of a scoundrel.


Madonna has revealed she regrets getting married twice in candid confession

Madonna has admitted she regrets tying the knot twice as she looked back on her life to date in a candid YouTube upload. The songstress, 54, was honest with her fans as she answered 50 questions they sent in based on her upcoming album, career to date, guilty pleasures and biggest regrets. She confessed that her marriages weren't the "best idea". The Holiday singer married Sean Penn, 62, in 1985 before splitting in 1989. She was later married to Guy Ritchie between 2000 and 2008. She had previously admitted that she couldn't express herself as an artist during her second marriage.

Madonna Spilled the Beans about Her Getting Married

Madonna, the ‘Queen of Pop’ has said that she regrets both of her marriages and considers it is her rush decision. The artist has also added that she has found comfort with the obsession with s*x. recently in an interview, she said that it ‘wasn’t the best idea… getting married. Both times!’ She has been married twice; in 1985 she was married to Sean Penn. lived with him for four years and got divorced after that. Later on, she married Guy Ritchie in 2000 and separated in 2008.


My "Modena quatrain" was often mocked and critics would say it was the Italian TOWN of Modena. But it never made any sense that way in the context of the quatrain and sounded more like a person named Modena.

I did some checking and "Modena" can also be used as a personal name. There are sixteen related names for Modena, names that Nostradamus could have substituted "Modena" for, including Medina, Modene, Modenna, Maudine, and Madina. One of these sixteen related names, of course, is "MADONNA."

Quatrain 6.74 immediately follows:



Quatrain 6.74 is usually applied to Queen Elizabeth I who died at age 70. Nostradamus says she will die, "too surely", at "three and seventy" (73) but the commentators determined to make the quatrain work in favor of Elizabeth I explain the "three" as being the year of her death: 1603. I don't buy it; the seer did not combine an age and a year together as a phrase like "three and seventy" in that manner anywhere in his work. If he said "three and seventy" he indeed intended that to mean 73, the old style of saying an age in both English and French.

The 73-year-old woman of Quatrain 6.74 is therefore a mystery. Most Nostradamus scholars who do not buy into the Queen Elizabeth I theory are clueless as to who she is. She does not coorespond to anyone in the history of royalty since the death of Nostradamus in 1566 nor any famous entertainer or actress in modern history.

However, the fact that Quatrain 6.74 follows the Modena/Madonna prophecy in Quatrain 6.73 certainly suggests that this is again Modena/Madonna.

For some reason some of Nostradamus' quatrains, although largely scattered as to chronological order, retained their original sequence. We see this here and there in other places, sometimes as many as three quatrains in a row that are related, as well as a pairing.

Quatrain 6.73 and Quatrain 6.74 may be unrelated, but because Madonna has called herself the Whore of Babylon in the past, this relates her to "Babylon, a miserable harlot" who has an existence of "seventy-three years and seven months" in the Epistle to Henry II. That, in turn, would seem to relate to "three & seventy to death too sure" (Quatrain 6.74).


Madonna strangled during a performance


Madonna is not the only woman to play the role of WOB. There have been others before her and there will be others after. And they are all mentioned in Nostradamus' prophecies. Some are likely alive today.

I once believed Angelina Jolie was another Princess Diana, but now it is clear she is a "dark Diana" ... and any "dark Diana" will do as a future whore of Babylon.

But Madonna is the archetype upon which all future Madonnas will be recreated. Some will fall short of her greatness, others equally as great will unfortunately not have her endurance, some will fall victim to tragic circumstances before they can fully prove themselves.

But one will surely persevere, and work her magic and talent in seductive ways, denying no one anything within the realm of imagination, even the knowledge of her own body.




Madonna, of course, is NOT the figure prophesied in the Book of Revelation ... none can be for at least another 200 years and possibly not for another 800 ... but she is the FIRST modern woman to become the complete prototype or archetype of this Apocalyptic character. It is true that Madonna was influenced by past females, but those were only pale forerunners of what she actually became.

But even if she falls short of ever being the woman prophesied in the Bible, Nostradamus definitely took notice of her ... and he took notice of those women who shall come later to emulate her, hoping to become the true Whore of Babylon. Some will fail ... but ONE shall surely succeed!


Cultural impact of Madonna

Madonna, in February 2017, only three years ago! What a temptress!Called the "Queen of Pop", Madonna is labeled by international authors as the greatest woman in music, as well as the most influential and iconic female recording artist of all time.

A global cultural icon, Madonna has built a legacy that goes beyond music and has been studied by sociologists, historians and other social scientists. Her impact is often compared with that of The Beatles and Elvis Presley; they are the best selling acts of all time in the general, solo male and female category respectively. Madonna is a key figure in popular music; critics have retrospectively credited her presence, success and contributions with paving the way for every female artist and changing forever the music scene for women in the music history, as well as for today's pop stars. Even reviews of her work have served as a roadmap for scrutinizing women at each stage in their music career.

Madonna is the first multimedia pop icon in history and professionals agree that she has become the world's biggest and most socially significant pop icon, as well as the most controversial. However, some intellectuals, like the Frenchman Georges Claude Guilbert, felt that she has greater cultural importance, like a myth, that has apparent universality and timelessness."

"Madonna is the first and only multimedia figure in the history of popular culture. Madonna as a pop icon and figure on popular culture has generated scrutine analysis, but some journalists and critics like Carol Clerk wrote that "during her career, Madonna has transcended the term 'pop star' to become a global cultural icon." Andrew Morton wrote in his book Madonna (2002) that "she is the undisputed female icon of the modern age". Also cited as one of the most fascinating women and enigmatic in current history. Madonna is part of the Culture of United States and an American icon. Authors in American Icons (2006) felt that "like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley or Coca-Cola, Madonna image is immediately recognizable around the world and instantly communicates many of the values of U.S. culture."


The accolades go on and on. People may laugh, but how would it have been possible for Nostradamus to NOT have foreseen her life, career, religion, cultural impact on the WORLD as well as the US ... and yes, her death. There is no question that he also saw the advent and tragic demise of Princess Diana, who he actually named as Diana in several quatrains. I don't believe for one moment that Madonna is the only other female beside Diana he foresaw ... there are other famous females who do not sound like anyone who has ever existed nor appear to be about Madonna either.

A day may come when someone similar to Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, or Taylor Swift may live up to prophecies that are currently obscure. But at this time no one is clearly to be the next Whore of Babylon!

When it comes to the Book of Revelation, I tend to be one who believes in personification as much as metaphor and symbolism. My big argument for many years has been that the popular view of the beast and false prophet is that they are human beings, that they are men who will arise sometime in future history. Yet the woman with child (the same woman Jeane Dixon foresaw in a dream in 1962) and the Whore of Babylon are treated as symbols, political systems, religions ... why?? Why are the MALES personified, and the females not?? I say if the beast and false prophet are men, then the woman with child and the Whore of Babylon are women. That concept should not be so hard to grasp.

We have lived in a time when a female named Madonna was considered "a global cultural icon," "the first and (thus far) only multimedia figure in the history of popular culture," "a myth, that has apparent universality and timelessness," and "part of the Culture of United States and an American icon."




Madonna as really looks at age 63 Madonna-looking-ageless-in-eye-popping-snap

Madonna's normal appearance in public in mid-March 2022 ... not bad for 63, what was wrong with that???

Madonna looking ageless in eye-popping snap Madonna placed through a series of filters to make her appear ageless


Madonna earned a great deal of contempt back in January 2017 at Trump's inauguration when she yelled out for all to hear that the White House should be burned down. In many ways, her career has suffered since that day ... NOT because she is 64 years old.

The greatest danger to Madonna over the last 27 years has been the possibility that she will be murdered, although she has certainly had her share of accidents. In the 1990's the danger came in the form of twisted love and adoration when a fan-turned-stalker named Robert Dewey Hoskins threatened to slash her throat and attempted to break into her home twice in 1995. The same stalker escaped from a mental hospital in February 2012 after mentioning to other patients that he still had an urge to kill the pop queen and had also added actress Halle Berry to a new list. A few days later he was found and captured.

Pioneering performances, videos, and songs steeped in the occult and being crowned a goddess based on several actual goddesses from ancient religions during Superbowl halftime at the very least made her appear to be a human personification of The Whore of Babylon. While this may have earned her contempt from Christian religious groups, it was never taken seriously enough to place her in any danger.

But now, once again, Madonna has returned to an earlier role: as a sex symbol. Once again she plays the sex card, maybe for the last time, maybe for the next few hundred years. No one has endured in the world of pop music and film as an icon with a global following for as many years as she.

There is no way Nostradamus could have overlooked such a blonde-haired figure (one who "spent too much time a high blonde" anyway), one so great she is "supreme" over all others, even if this type of fame was all but unknown back in the mid 1500s. The earliest opera was written and performed in 1597 ... some thirty years after the prophet's death ... and that is lost. The comedies and plays performed in ancient Greece and Rome pre-dated Nostradamus by over a thousand years. The concept of pop music or an entertainment world did not exist. Yet he writes about a future empress who is murdered while "watching the comedy." These things did not exist in his time, but he knew about them all the same.

Nor can we overlook the fact that he says the supreme one with blonde hair will be found naked in bed ... which sounds very much like Marilyn Monroe. The first line of Quatrain 1.39 when read in modern French renders two possibilities depending on the punctuation: "At night in bed, the supreme strangled, for having spent too much time a blonde" or "Naked in bed, the supreme strangled, for having spent too much time a blonde" (also "having tarried for too long" or "having endured for too long"). The punctuation used, or if the quatrain is read in Corsican rather than in French ... and Nostradamus did write some of his verses in Corsican ... can change the wording ever so slightly or ever so radically in places. This is why over the years I have produced as many as five different translations of whatever major quatrains I tend to focus on often that have yet to be fulfilled.

Madonna has not made nakedness a big deal in her career since the early 1990's. Now she has, in a way that aroused anger and even disgust among a wide range of the population ... not because she was naked, but because she was naked and posing as a dead Marilyn Monroe as she was found in bed after dying from an overdose. And because she was sitting naked in a luxurious bathtub, wearing expensive jewelry with rose petals floating about her and surrounded by decorative candles.

And in this rich person's tub, she was pretending to be just like one of us, preaching to us that the coronavirus pandemic was a great equalizer, as much for her as for us ... this aroused anger even among her die-hard fans who blasted her video as “privileged.”

It is bad karma posing as a dead Marilyn Monroe or knife-threatened Sharon Tate. She has placed herself in danger to a wider community of those who might wish her ill. She could well end up being a late fulfillment of the Marilyn Monroe/Sharon Tate/Princess Grace/Princess Diana and others timeline (sorry, I have never given the timeline an official name) that last occurred in August/September 2018. It nearly claimed the life of Demi Lovato, and resulted in the suicides of veteran Superman actress Margot Kidder and blonde-haired Canadian actress Stefanie Sherk.


Dead Madonna Dead Madonna


It next occurs in August/September 2025 ... but I don't think Madonna has to worry about a thing that year.

She may go on having accidents, stalker incidents, and other weird stuff in 2023, 2026, and 2030, but nothing will quite touch the Teflon-coated Material Madame. Rather, it appears an unnaturally ageless sex symbol will endure until March 2032.

Then one of her death fantasies may play out for real. At age 73 she may well become the world's oldest 35-year-old, an inviting target for another Robert Dewey-type stalker.

Still, no matter what she does, or how freaky or normal she appears, or what color her hair is, she is likely to end up like Whitney Houston.

Houston's career was long over by February 2012, yet she still was made a human sacrifice by the Illuminati. The time had come for her to pay the band. And likewise, for Madonna there may be no escape ... for hers could be an Illuminati-orchestrated murder, and she a willing or unwilling human sacrifice:


Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.39 ~

Naked in bed, the supreme one strangled, for having spent too much time a high blonde:
By three the Empire, subrogated and exancred, put to death by card, do not leave the packet behind.


The precedent for the blonde-haired (or former blonde-haired) "supreme one" strangulation or hanging murder prophesied by Nostradamus was set in spectacular fashion in 2006 and 2011. One of these, the hanging "suicide" of Rebecca Zahau, was probably arranged by the Illuminati:



Indeed, a network of such precedents have been building since September 1927 to create the scenario outlined in Quatrain 1.39; each more ghastly and sensational than the one before.

Who is Madonna most like? Not Marilyn Monroe, who was another totally different icon. In fact not like any other famous actress in US or European history. Madonna's fame did not come from acting, but from music and dance. In the world of music she has had no female rival, only males like Michael Jackson or the band members of The Beatles.

But in the world of DANCE, she did have ONE historical rival:


Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) was an American pioneer of dance and is an important figure in both the arts and history. Known as the "Mother of Modern Dance," Isadora Duncan was a self-styled revolutionary whose influence spread from American to Europe and Russia, creating a sensation everywhere she performed.

Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) was an American pioneer of dance and is an important figure in both the arts and history. Known as the “Mother of Modern Dance,” Isadora Duncan was a self-styled revolutionary whose influence spread from America to Europe and Russia, creating a sensation everywhere she performed.

Dancer, adventurer, and ardent defender of the free spirit, Isadora Duncan is one of the most enduring influences on contemporary culture and can be credited with inventing what came to be known as Modern Dance.

Shocking some audience members and inspiring others, Isadora posed a challenge to the prevailing orthodoxies of her time. Isadora was a champion in the struggle for women‘s rights. Many saw a glorious vision for the future in Isadora’s choreography. Her influence upon the development of progressive ideas and culture from her time to our own has yet to be measured. She has inspired artists, thinkers, and idealists everywhere.

Duncan has attracted literary and artistic attention from the 1920s to the present, in novels, film, ballet, theatre, music, and poetry.


It has taken me a LONG time to figure out that Madonna is most like Isadora Duncan ... especially since she has imitated almost every famous actress in history at one time or another. I once compared some of her lyrics from the Ray Of Light album with the poetry of Sylvia Plath. Only now have I discovered that Plath was indeed her favorite poet and an influence ( Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde were also influences. But as for visual mimicry, she has done Marilyn Monroe, Carole Lombard, Thelma Todd, Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth, Bette Davis, and countless others. But although she has never consciously dared to imitate Isadora Duncan, she has nevertheless become her late 20th century, early 21st century reincarnation.

What is it that Madonna does best? Act? Nah! Sing? Song write? Yes, that propelled her to fame and it remains one of her major accomplishments.

But what she REALLY does best is: DANCE, CHOREOGRAPHY, STAGE SETTING, ARRANGEMENT, ENTERTAINMENT. The very same assets that made Isadora Duncan the "Madonna" of HER time.

One hundred years from now, for what will she be best remembered? Forget films like Body Of Evidence, Dick Tracy, Dangerous Game, or even Evita. Those films will be ranked among the most obscure bits of cinema by then. Several of her songs, recordings and videos, like "Live to Tell," "Like A Virgin," "Material Girl," "Like A Prayer," "Ray Of Light," and "Hung Up" will be remembered and listened to perhaps, whereas every song The Beatles ever recorded, hit or not, will go on being studied. No, what will be most remembered will be her persona, her most flattering physical appearances through the years (and not the others), her controversial nature, her sexual nature, but most of all her work as an entertainer, her elaborate and even shocking stage sets and dance routines, her huge concerts that drew in millions upon millions of fans worldwide. Yes, to hear her music, but most of all, to SEE and EXPERIENCE Madonna.

And this is EXACTLY what Isadora Duncan is remembered for, not only her origination of modern dance, but her controversial persona (controversial at the time) and her elaborate and shocking productions. In a world drawn together by only print media and 78 rpm records by favorably reviewed recording artists, and radio for the last six years of her life (radio is useless to a dancer anyway), Duncan managed to become a huge international celebrity, much harder to do back then. The cost of also running dance schools and a disain for the commercial aspects of her art, unfortunately, led her to a less extravangant life style. One can hardly imagine that happening to Madonna, but its a different age and "commercial success" is something she practically invented.

"Madonna is like Isadora Duncan" is a better and more believable association. Also, to some degree, she was like 30's actress Thelma Todd when she was younger. She outlived and outgrew Todd though a long, long time ago. However, even though she has outlived Isadora Duncan (who died at age 50), she is no less (or no more than she) the MASTER of show, of glamour, of what was once called moxy. Madonna has had plenty of moxy in her career ... but above all things, above being a singer and songwriter, she is MASTER OF THE DANCE!! A MASTER OF CHOREOGRAPHY, STAGE SETS, DANCE ROUTINES ... age has nothing to do with it, 50 or 62 ... or even 73.

Duncan had plenty of moxy that day in 1927 she declared "Farewell, my friends. I go to glory!"



In February 2015, Madonna was accidentally strangled by her cape by her dancers and fell off the stage, injuring her face and receiving whiplash.



In April 2009, Madonna injured herself falling off a horse for a second time, but her injuries were not as serious as an earlier August 2005 mishap. This 2009 repeat would have come around again in April 2016, and if it was as bad as 2005 or worse could have caused possible collarbone, neck, shoulder and spine injuries ... possibly fatal. Clearly this stage accident was it ... a year early.

It is also possible this was a staged event according to many critics of the mishap, we'll never be altogether certain. Then again, it is possible the "accident" was sympathetic magic used to ward off an Isadora Duncan style death by scarf strangulation, neck break.

However, what worked once might not work again. The identification between Isadora Duncan and Madonna is too strong ... there may be no escape, ultimately.

2023, 2026 or 2032 will likely tell the tale.


Nostradamus, Quatrain 8.85 ~

Between Bayonne and St. Jean de Luz,
The promontory of War will be placed.
For Aquilon the Whore removes the light,
Then is suffocated in bed without assistance.


We can add yet another quatrain to Quatrain 1.39 that may complement it.

The great "whore" of Quatrain 8.85 will die from some sort of suffocation or strangulation in her bed, a fate consistent with Quatrain 1.39! This makes the Whore of Babylon archetype a blonde. This happens after she performs some sort of secret service for the Russian government. By 2027 the US and Russia may finally be allies.

Perhaps she will have access to technology that will cause a nationwide blackout ... or a blackout even larger in size. Perhaps she will plunge China into darkness at the behest of Russia and the United States. An EMP perhaps?

I will have to study this quatrain again as "Nanar" (which can mean "whore" in old French) is an actual name found in parts of what was the former Soviet Union. This may be a future figure in 2038 or 2039 ... one who is a spy like Mata Hari.





November 17, 2022: Madonna has detached herself from her current role as a freak long enough to reprise her Whore Of Babylon look, enacting the death of the WOB by fire! This should end her role in Biblical prophecy.


She’s Burning Up! Madonna, 64, poses in lingerie while covered in flames as she uses fiery filter in latest post

Madonna looked hotter than ever in a series of fiery Instagram posts she shared to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday. Then 64-year-old pop icon was covered in flames thanks to an Instagram filter, and she appropriately soundtracked the clip with an early version of her 1983 classic Burning Up, which was featured on her debut album. The Material Girl also shared a few images of herself in icy blue denim to cool down after the flaming shoot.

Madonna slips into lingerie for fiery post as she hits back at being labelled 'embarrassing'

Madonna shared a slew of racy snaps to social media on Wednesday as she posed in her lingerie while covered in flames after being labelled "embarrassing" by fans due to her string of raunchy posts. The 64-year-old popstar posted a series of saucy pictures and videos to her Instagram Stories, using a special filter to make it look like she was on fire. She captioned the posts: "The Demo... She's Burning up," as she danced on a bed. Madonna looked hotter than ever as she wore a black lacy bodysuit which clung to her curves and highlighted her abundant cleavage.


Unfortunately she forgot two other aspects of the whore's death:


Revelation 17:16 ~

And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.


1) She wasn't naked.

2) No one ate of her flesh. A mouthful would have been enough for artistic purposes.


Madonna burned at the stake in true flame prophecy


This poses the question, will the video of her burning to a crisp in bed really be enough to sever the link to her Whore of Babylon role? She really should do this one over again differently ... and do it NAKED! After all Britney does her stuff over and over again. Never mind the mouthful of flesh ... unless the ten kings want to have her barbecued.

Otherwise, bye bye Whore of Babylon, hello who?

Yes, there remains ONE problem: she has divorced herself from Biblical prophecy, or is in the process, once she is satisified with the death scene of the WOB.

But what about Nostradamus prophecy? How does she delink herself from that?

Of course there is no irrefutable proof that she is mentioned in any of the quatrains, regardless of how things may look. But if she drops the freak act, she will revert to the status of living legend, probably a hot little blonde who looks at best middle aged (which is still young today) once all the inflammation from her various surgeries and injections has finally subsided.

She will, of course, automatically divorce herself from the Whore of Babylon prophecies old Nostradamus penned. But I am referring to the one about the "supreme one" ... "the high blonde." That wasn't Marilyn Monroe; Marilyn wasn't found strangled. She died of an overdose, however it was administered and by whoever. The prophecy still awaits fulfillment, unfortunately. Of course, it could always be someone else ... like Taylor Swift.

Then there is the Modena prophecy. But it never says what will happen to her, even if it does apply somehow.

If it does, the concerning prophecy is the one following it: the triumphant woman who at a peak in her career DIES at age 73.

That isn't old anymore. 50 years ago 73 was old; not today when more people are living into at least their 80's, and some 90's. Clint Eastwood just finished making a film ... and starring in it ... at age 91. William Shatner went out into space for real .. at age 90. Advancements in computer technology, thermobaric sleep chambers, and DNA research could eventually extend our lives to 200 or 300 years. I don't know how many times I have read they found the DEATH GENE. So why don't they turn it off???? Flip the switch, guys. Lighten the lever.

In any event, although some of these quatrains appear to be about the same person, they might not be. And there is a whole new generation of pop tarts, entu, coming up, eager to play the top harlot. There are so many it is impossible to know all their names, with new ones rising on the scene every day.



Madonna, in February 2017, only three years ago! What a temptress!

Nostradamus, Quatrain 8.85 ~

Entre Bayonne & à Saint Jean de Lux
Sera posé de Mars la promottoire
Aux Hanix d'Aduilon Nanar hostera lux,
Puis suffocqué au lict sans adjutoire.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 8.85 ~

Between Bayonne and St. Jean de Luz,
The promontory of War will be placed.
For Aquilon Nanar removes the light,
Then is suffocated in bed without assistance.


Unused Notes (5-8-21): Koji Nihei Daijyo suggests that "Nanar" (based partly on the Latin word "Nonaria" as Erika Cheetham pointed out long ago) is about old age and at the same time about a prostitute. Where he continues with that is completely bewildering and seems to have nothing to do with either being in one's senior years or being a prostitute.

But I will simplify: an old whore. Being in one's 70's in Nostradamus' time was positively ancient. Today, 70 is the "new 60" or "new 50" (or whatever) ... or so they say. In another ten years 70 may defintely be the new "50" ... or even the new "40." Over the last fifty or so years the life expectancy on average has jumped from 70 to 80. If you factor OUT drug abuse and suicide, it would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 85.



Let us hope COVID-19 or other plagues do not reverse this trend. There are breakthroughs being made in genetics and other fields, such as cyber technology and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, that may not only extend life expectancy much further but actually REVERSE the aging process. It is a good time to be careful about getting COVID-19 (as much as that is possible), engaging in other risky behavior, including drug use, or stumbling into a Third World War. We are all quite possibly on the cusp of a new and better era ... and a much longer one than many of us may have dreamed to participate in. Nothing is for certain yet, but that is what the current evidence suggests.


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