June 17, 2020 (7:12 AM EDT), UPDATED August 3, 2020 (12:04 PM EDT): This woman will forever be remembered. Even 100 years from now, 200 years or more, she will be emulated and studied.

She was the first of her kind: a true "Whore of Babylon," Goddess of the Occult, and Highest Priestess of Kabbalah in modern times.

She was ... and perhaps will continue to be ... "the Greatest Show on Earth."

Her musical talent, her elaborate choreographed sets, her masterful dance and showmanship, her shrewd, aggressive and brilliant self-promotion, her image, her persona, her raw and thoroughly wicked sexuality, her contrariness and unpredictablity, her controversies, and her unabashed allegiance to the darkest infernal power on earth and in hell ... only in myth or legend did such a being ever exist as Madonna.


Satanic ritual ceremony, presided over by the greatest witch in modern times, MadonnaSatanic ritual ceremony, presided over by the greatest witch in modern times, Madonna


She is the archetype upon which all future Madonnas will be recreated. Some will fall short of her greatness, others equally as great will unfortunately not have her endurance, some will fall victim to tragic circumstances before they can fully prove themselves.

But one will surely persevere, and work her magic and talent in seductive ways, denying no one anything within the realm of imagination, even the knowledge of her own body. What Madonna jokingly offered, the future goddess will actually provide.


Madonna Promises Oral Sex for Hillary Votes (Video)

Madonna has a more intimate plan to rack up votes for Hillary Clinton. The "Borderline" singer made a pledge to voters while introducing Amy Schumer at the comedian's Madison Square Garden performance on Tuesday, promising to fellate any voter who pulls the lever for Clinton. Not quite the squeaky-clean

Italian model plans to go ahead with referendum promise to "No" voters

Following up on Madonna's example in offering sex acts for political votes, Paola Saulino, an Italian model who works in Los Angeles and had promised to perform oral sex on all those who voted "No" in last weekend's referendum in her home country, has realeased a schedule for her pledge-honoring 'Pompa Tour.'


A believable likeness of the biblical Whore of Babylon And this future replicant, this future successor of Madonna, the Great Harlot ... she will become mighty and prosper, and she will share her wealth, and using the darkest arts she will lead all into the glories of Hell as the greatest apostate in human history ... the true and only WHORE OF BABYLON, a consumer of human blood, the blood of innocents and of martyrs, intoxicated beyond all human description, a devil dressed in mortal, womanly flesh, the third part of the UNHOLY TRINITY who will know no mourning, will never sit as a widow but will divorce many.

Then, in her final glorious role as queen and goddess over a great nation and multitude, her temple rising from the shore of the great Ocean to the very clouds, piercing them through and reappearing above as towers of a mighty castle and a great City ... then in one hour she will be destroyed utterly. Her flesh will be burned away until even the bones are but an ashen frame.

A believable likeness of the biblical Whore of Babylon

And all who worship her will be swept over the brim of the abyss with a great broom ... swept into that which was once a golden shore upon the sea, now a yawning pit of fire and smoke and demonic insects, terrifying screams and endless groans of pain rising in agony to greet those about to be swept over, rising with the sizzling, smoky scent of burning flesh. Babylon the Great, the Harlot and Hell will become One!


Madonna as either the Beast of Revelation or Ba'al (or both)


This woman, Madonna, like Maria the Replicant in Metropolis, the evil and tempestuous imitation in flesh of a spiritual and blessed woman, would have dragged us all down to Hell with HER, the entire world, the Universe itself, if possible.

Why? Because being "Whore of Babylon" wasn't good enough for her! Since Superbowl 2012 she has sought to become a god.

Thus now she dares to pave the way for the very Beast of Revelation, the ultimate Antichrist, where X marks the eye of Horus ... the One-eyed God ... revealing her true self no longer as the Bride-in-waiting of Ba'al but as Ba'al himself. MDNA, the Once Great and Terrifying Harlot, has been trying to take on another form ... a male form ... and that disqualifies her from being the Whore of Babylon any longer. Her female gender also disqualifies her from being either the beast or Ba'al Horus, the One-Eyed.

She has aimed too high in her great pride and, like Lucifer, she will fall from a great height.

She is NOT the figure prophesied in the Book of Revelation, but she was the FIRST woman to become the complete prototype or archetype of this Apocalyptic character. It is true that Madonna was influenced by past females, but those were only pale forerunners of what she actually became.

Still, after all that, Madonna is NOW only "the Greatest Show on Earth."

And for that we should all be grateful.

But even if she falls short of ever being the woman prophesied in the Bible, Nostradamus definitely took notice of her ... and he took notice of those women who shall come later to emulate her, hoping to become the true Whore of Babylon. Some will fail ... but ONE shall surely succeed!


Cultural impact of Madonna

Madonna, in February 2017, only three years ago! What a temptress!Called the "Queen of Pop", Madonna is labeled by international authors as the greatest woman in music, as well as the most influential and iconic female recording artist of all time.

A global cultural icon, Madonna has built a legacy that goes beyond music and has been studied by sociologists, historians and other social scientists. Her impact is often compared with that of The Beatles and Elvis Presley; they are the best selling acts of all time in the general, solo male and female category respectively. Madonna is a key figure in popular music; critics have retrospectively credited her presence, success and contributions with paving the way for every female artist and changing forever the music scene for women in the music history, as well as for today's pop stars. Even reviews of her work have served as a roadmap for scrutinizing women at each stage in their music career.

Madonna is the first multimedia pop icon in history and professionals agree that she has become the world's biggest and most socially significant pop icon, as well as the most controversial. However, some intellectuals, like the Frenchman Georges Claude Guilbert, felt that she has greater cultural importance, like a myth, that has apparent universality and timelessness."

"Madonna is the first and only multimedia figure in the history of popular culture. Madonna as a pop icon and figure on popular culture has generated scrutine analysis, but some journalists and critics like Carol Clerk wrote that "during her career, Madonna has transcended the term 'pop star' to become a global cultural icon." Andrew Morton wrote in his book Madonna (2002) that "she is the undisputed female icon of the modern age". Also cited as one of the most fascinating women and enigmatic in current history. Madonna is part of the Culture of United States and an American icon. Authors in American Icons (2006) felt that "like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley or Coca-Cola, Madonna image is immediately recognizable around the world and instantly communicates many of the values of U.S. culture."


The accolades go on and on. People may laugh, but how would it have been possible for Nostradamus to NOT have foreseen her life, career, religion, cultural impact on the WORLD as well as the US ... and yes, her death. There is no question that he also saw the advent and tragic demise of Princess Diana, who he actually named as Diana in several quatrains. I don't believe for one moment that Madonna is the only other female beside Diana he foresaw ... there are other famous females who do not sound like anyone who has ever existed nor appear to be about Madonna either.

A day may come when Angelina Jolie or Taylor Swift may live up to prophecies that are currently obscure. Taylor Swift, in particular, may already be the next Whore of Babylon!


"Hey, I'd like that!""Hail, Taylor!"


When it comes to the Book of Revelation, I tend to be one who believes in personification as much as metaphor and symbolism. My big argument for many years has been that the popular view of the beast and false prophet is that they are human beings, that they are men who will arise sometime in future history. Yet the woman with child (the same woman Jeane Dixon foresaw in a dream in 1962) and the Whore of Babylon are treated as symbols, political systems, religions ... why?? Why are the MALES personified, and the females not?? I say if the beast and false prophet are men, then the woman with child and the Whore of Babylon are women. That concept should not be so hard to grasp.

And now we live in a time when a female named Madonna can be considered "a global cultural icon," "the first and (thus far) only multimedia figure in the history of popular culture," "a myth, that has apparent universality and timelessness," and "part of the Culture of United States and an American icon."

We are at or near the height of Madonna's career ... not content with being The Whore of Babylon, she rose on stage to become none other than Ba'al Horus, the One-Eyed God. Then in her place she left the Beast of Revelation, what many call The Antichrist, to stand ALONE.


I am the "last man standing"


Then she began to suffer injuries, now she can't release a video or comment without offending millions of people. Whether it was the mockery of the death of George Floyd in a dance video or else her bathtub video where she called COVID-19 the great equalizer and actually declared what was bad about it was also "good" about it ... that it was "good" that it was killing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Was over 100,000 dead in the US "good" enough for her?

Being a "bad girl" for close to 37 years has taken its toll. Like the portrait of Dorian Grey, you have to face yourself at last.


Little-known occult "double cross" that I call "the Prospero Effect."

Taylor Swift in ritual Satanic garbAs a woman (or man) moves up the ranks in occult power through a series of rituals and initiations, the age of the candidate becomes increasingly detrimental to ultimate success, particularly if a younger candidate holds equal praise and even greater promise.

Thus in Roger Corman's adaptation of Poe's story, "Masque of the Red Death," Prospero (based in part on Shakespeare's Prospero who practiced black magic) betrays his ambitious mistress Juliana and her quest to share Prospero's dominion by becoming the bride of Satan when a much younger woman, more attractive and eager to learn, holds infinitely more promise as she becomes his disciple.

As Juliana completes one of her final and most terrifying initiations, in the darkness of the castle, Prospero unleashes his hawks who rip and tear the woman's flesh until she succumbs to shock and bleeds to death.

Those who involve themselves in the world of the occult have shelf lives beyond which they are no longer of any use. Of course they will continue to be encouraged, seemingly moving ever closer to some "top position" ... then death strikes.

Madonna has a powerful rival who is much younger and alluring than she: Taylor Swift.

Still, Madonna's position as high priestess of Kabbalah, most high Witch of the Occult, and MOTHER OF ALL HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS will remain secure for a long time to come.

Yes, it is even possible that at age 61, Madonna's best years are still ahead of her, as incredible as that may sound.

Even so, the future becomes increasingly more treacherous and filled with betrayal. Much caution is called for in these times, in this "new normal."

As I just mentioned, in 2012, Madonna became honored as a new "god", MDNA, and wore the mantle: MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. That is because of the many younger female artists that have emulated her and in many cases are in her circle or coven, the modern version of the Babylonian "entu" that served Queen Semiramis, the original whore of Babylon.



These include Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Rihanna, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and at least 50 others.

It is from this stable of pop star harlots that one who is her rival will take up the position of Whore of Babylon. At this point it looks very much like Taylor Swift. But Taylor faces possible disaster and death in 2027! Still, there is always someone else...

Britney is so well-loved that millions of her fans have petitioned to replace Confederate monuments in Louisiana with IDOLS made in her likeness! In effect, Britney Spears shall be worshipped much like a Roman or Greek goddess of old. I doubt it wll be long before Madonna's idols will be seen nearly everywhere as will Taylor Swift's, Gaga's, Katy Perry's and Miley's.


Thousands Sign Petition To Replace Confederate Statues In Louisiana With Ones Of Britney Spears

A petition to replace Louisiana's Confederate monuments with statues of Britney Spears garnered tens of thousands of signatures.

Thousands Have Signed a Petition to Replace Confederate Statues in Louisiana with Statutes of Britney Spears

As Black Lives Matter protests continue around the country, many are renewing calls for Southern states to remove Confederate statues. Thousands have signed a viral petition calling on lawmakers to replace these racist statues in Louisiana with monuments to a true local hero: Britney Spears.

Petition Calls For Britney Spears Statues To Replace Confederate Ones

It's a crazy idea, but Britney Spears statues could soon replace Confederate monuments across Louisiana ... if a petition signed by thousands sways politicians

Thousands sign petition to replace Confederate monuments in Louisiana with Britney Spears statues

Statues across the world are getting more attention than they have since they were first erected. As cities and towns re-evaluate whether it might actually be better not to have everlasting monuments to people who actively enslaved and oppressed others, a new question has arisen: what do we replace them with?

Sign The Petitions: Britney Spears Statues for Louisiana, Oderus Urungus for Virginia

In the middle of protests, people have petitioned for their idols to replace the confederate statues. They clamor for Britney Spears statues in Louisiana, and GWAR's Oderus Urungus in Virginia. The two separate petitions follow the protests that have swept the country. Protesters have started taking down statues and memorials across the country.

Creator of popular petition to replace Confederate statues with Britney Spears tributes says singer 'means more to us than most of the historic figures we've learned about in history class'

Britney Spears is one of Louisiana's most beloved residents. But a recent movement to build a monument in her honor would make the music star an even more permanent fixture. Titled "Replace Confederate statues in New Orleans with statues of Louisiana hero Britney Spears," a Change.Org petition that has already amassed more than 22,000 signatures suggests taking over the Confederate monuments with tributes to the singer.





Madonna angers fans by saying coronavirus is the 'great equalizer' in post from bathtub

Madonna shares new post from her bathtub, claims coronavirus is "the great equalizer" and talks about its impact on the world.

Madonna posts video calling coronavirus "the great equalizer" from a bathtub filled with rose petals

Madonna is facing backlash online after she posted a video to Instagram calling the coronavirus "the great equalizer," while sitting in a bathtub filled with rose petals and surrounded by candles. The clip garnered criticism from some, who accused her of being "out of touch."

Madonna posted a video tribute to George Floyd, and it didn't go down well

Amid the widespread outrage over the death of Minneapolis security guard George Floyd, Madonna is coming under fire for a social media misstep.

Madonna blasted for video of son dancing in honour of George Floyd

Madonna has come under fire for sharing a video of her son dancing to Michael Jackson to honour a black man whose death in police custody has sparked outrage in the US. George Floyd died this week, with a video showing him struggling for breath as a white policeman leaned on his neck, and it has triggered protests in America.


March 23, 2020 (UPDATED June 11, 2020): Madonna earned a great deal of contempt back in January 2017 at Trump's inauguration when she yelled out for all to hear that the White House should be bombed. In many ways, her career has suffered since that day ... NOT because she is 61 years old.

The greatest danger to Madonna over the last 25 years has been the possibility that she will be murdered, although she has certainly had her share of accidents. In the 1990s the danger came in the form of twisted love and adoration when a fan-turned-stalker named Robert Dewey Hoskins threatened to slash her throat and attempted to break into her home twice in 1995. The same stalker escaped from a mental hospital in February 2012 after mentioning to other patients that he still had an urge to kill the pop queen and had also added actress Halle Berry to a new list. A few days later he was found and captured.

Pioneering performances, videos, and songs steeped in the occult and being crowned a goddess based on several actual goddesses from ancient religions during Superbowl halftime at the very least made her appear to be a human personification of The Whore of Babylon. While this may have earned her contempt from Christian religious groups, it was never taken seriously enough to place her in any danger.

But now, once again, Madonna is what she started out to be: an entertainer and singer/composer. But a highly famous one. No one had endured in the world of pop music as an icon with a global following for as many years as she. Indeed, new prophetic evidence from Nostradamus indicates she may well continue with her career and high profile publicity until the age of 73, then die unexpectedly. There is no way Nostradamus could have overlooked such a blonde-haired figure, one so great she is "supreme" over all others, even if this type of fame was all but unknown back in the mid 1500s. The earliest opera was written and performed in 1597 ... some thirty years after the prophet's death ... and that is lost. The comedies and plays performed in ancient Greece and Rome pre-dated Nostradamus by over a thousand years. The concept of pop music or an entertainment world did not exist. Yet he writes about a future empress who is murdered while "watching the comedy." These things did not exist in his time, but he knew about them all the same.

Nor can we overlook the fact that he says the supreme one with blonde hair will be found naked in bed ... which sounds very much like Marilyn Monroe. The first line of Quatrain 1.39 when read in modern French renders two possibilities depending on the punctuation: "By night, in bed, the supreme strangled, for having been too blonde" or "Naked in bed, the supreme strangled, for having been too blonde" (also "having tarried for too long" or "having endured for too long"). The punctuation used, or if the quatrain is read in Corsican rather than in French ... and Nostradamus did write some of his verses in Corsican ... can change the wording ever so slightly or ever so radically in places. This is why over the years I have produced as many as five different translations of whatever major quatrains I tend to focus on often that have yet to be fulfilled.

Madonna has not made nakedness a big deal in her career since the early 1990s. Now she has, and in a way that arouses anger and even disgust among a wide range of the population ... even among her die-hard fans who have blasted her video as “privileged” ... not because she is naked, but because she is naked and sitting in a luxurious bathtub, wearing expensive jewelry with rose petals floating about her and surrounded by decorative candles, pretending to be just like one of us, preaching to us that the coronavirus pandemic is a great equalizer, as much for her as for us ... yet the picture tells a different story.

Now she has placed herself in danger to a wider community of those who might wish her ill. She could well end up being a late fulfillment of the Marilyn Monroe/Sharon Tate/Princess Grace/Princess Diana and others timeline (sorry, I have never given the timeline an official name) that should have happened in August/September 2018. If Demi Lovato's drug overdose in 2018 was a close call like Shelley Long's was in 2004, will Madonna wind up like Indie actress and director Adrienne Shelly did two years later in November 2006? That would be November 2020.

For the record the danger vectors would otherwise not be until either February 2022 or April 2023 (a stalker incident or an accident), it will be one of the two, not both, then again in October 2026 (a stalker incident or else a murder attempt by conspirators), and if Nostradamus can be believed, "most assuredly," by April 2032 ... at the age of 73 (murdered by conspirators). The nature of any conspiracy remains unknown at this time. I also suspect Madonna's face will be as smooth-skinned at 73 as it is now at 61.


Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.74


Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.39 ~

Quatrain 1.39

Naked in bed, the supreme strangled,
For having been too blonde:
By three the empire substituted endured,
Put to death by card, and letter not read.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.73 ~

Quatrain 1.39

In the great city, a monk and craftsman,
Near the door, staying at the walls:
Against Modena secret, cellar saying
Betrayed, look under the the dust.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.74 ~

Quatrain 1.39

The year the naked one reigns with jeweled foot,
Her enemies found conspirators:
More than ever her time will triumph,
Three and seventy to death too assured.


Indeed, so smooth her skin that at age 73 she will be the world's oldest 35-year-old, an inviting target for another stalker like Robert Dewey Hoskins. But this time around there may be no escape:


Wrinkle-free Madonna, 61 looks just as fresh-faced as she did in the 80s

SHE is the Queen of Pop and shock - and Madonna has lived up to her name with her latest bizarre behaviour. The singer posted a video on Instagram of herself sitting naked in a bath with rose petals, calling coronavirus "the great equaliser". Madonna said: "That's the thing about Covid-19.


It is remotely possible the above quatrain is about Taylor Swift, but if it is, we are way ahead into the future: sometime after December 13, 2062.

As a side note: isn't it odd that until COVID-19 came along, 60 was considered by medical authorities and the media as "the new 50" (and 70 as "the new 60") because of the protracted life expectancy (now at age 83 on average)? So why are they now suddenly saying everyone over 60 (except for rich performers) is expendable???

I am prompted to write this also because she made reference back on March 2, 2020 to herself being a "broken doll" :


Referring to herself as 'broken doll,' Madonna cancels another concert date

X is not marking the spot for Madonna's Madame X Tour. On Sunday, the 61-year-old superstar took to social media to announce that she was cancelling that evening's Paris performance of the problem-plagued production, citing an alleged injury she sustained during a concert a few nights prior.

Referring to herself as 'broken doll,' Madonna cancels another concert date

X is not marking the spot for Madonna's Madame X Tour. On Sunday, the 61-year-old superstar took to social media to announce that she was cancelling that evening's Paris performance of the problem-plagued production, citing an alleged injury she sustained during a concert a few nights prior.

Madonna Cancels Paris Show Following Onstage Injury, Compares Herself To 'A Broken Doll Held Together With Tape & Glue'

Injuries continue to plague Madonna during her Madame X tour, and the pop icon has cancelled her Sunday night show in Paris, days after an onstage accident caused to to fall on her tailbone and later burst into tears in the midst of the concert. A report in The Sun claims the 61-year-old pop icon...


This relates to a dream I had back in 2002 where Madonna appears as an unfinished doll and then has an argument with those who run the doll factory and storms out of the building. Those running the doll factory then say "let her go, she is expendable."


The "MAD" (madness) in "MADONNA" Begins to Show


Nostradamus, Quatrain 2.51


Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.39 ~

Quatrain 1.39

Naked in bed, the supreme strangled,
For having been too blonde:
By three the empire substituted endured,
Put to death by card, and letter not read.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.73 ~

Quatrain 1.39

In the great city, a monk and craftsman,
Near the door, staying at the walls:
Against Modena secret, cellar saying
Betrayed, look under the the dust.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 2.51 ~

Quatrain 1.39

The blood of the just at London will be at fault,
Burnt by lightning bolts of twenty, three the six (666):
The mad lady falls from her high place,
Also several of her sect will be killed.


Insiders spill on 'crazy' Madonna

What's wrong with Madonna? Insiders say her bizarre "Quarantine Diaries" on Instagram, coming on the heels of her recent disastrous Madame X concert tour, are proof the 61-year-old star has lost touch with her audience. "I worshipped her, we all did," said someone who has worked with Madonna in recent years and has ties to her inner circle.

Madonna's 'quarantine diaries' have fans questioning her mindset |

Madonna's Instagram posts aren't hitting the right buttons for fans.

Madonna loses it in bizarre lockdown video: "I've lost three friends"

Madonna has shocked fans by posting a bizarre video while in COVID-19 quarantine. WATCH: Madonna reveals she's lost several friends in the last 24 hours The 'Material Girl' singer took to Instagram on Thursday to share her "quarantine diary" with fans, where she claimed three of her friends have died in the past 24 hours while also slamming her son for bizarre comments.

Madonna upsets fans with bizarre bathtime message

Madonna has baffled fans with a bizarre bathtime video, during which she calls the coronavirus "the great equalizer". The 61-year-old decided to address fans and followers about the pandemic from her bathtub, naked and surrounded by candles. "That's the thing about COVID-19," she preaches in a video posted on social media.


The "lightning bolts of twenty" may actually refer to an "alien attack" on London, where Madonna currently is, protesting in the streets against the police murder of George Floyd. This attack may be one where the Giborim descend upon the city and consume human beings by use of lightning energies discharged from their abdominal regions. It is not necessary that something like this happen at this time, but something terrible seems to be on the horizon.

Despite Madonna's proclaiming herself as a god during the halftime show of 2012's Superbowl, Madonna's "sect" will always remain Kaballah. Without question she has now been the high priestess of Rabbi Berg's Hollywood pop sect of Kabbalah a good 15 years.


This, by association, means that when she is murdered, her followers will also die.

I would expect to see her madness increase over the coming years, reaching a crescendo and a finale in April 2032. The "several of her sect" (Kabbalah) who are also killed may well be Demi Moore, Mila Kunis, Paris Hilton, Ariana Grande, Franki Grande, Ashton Kutcher, Naomi Campbell, Lindsay Lohan, Sandra Bernhard, and others.


Madonna IS Now the FORMER "Whore of Babylon," expendable and once again merely "the supreme" and "too blonde" one ... if she is even that.


Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.39


Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.39 ~

Quatrain 1.39

Naked in bed, the supreme strangled,
For having been too blonde:
By three the empire substituted endured,
Put to death by card, and letter not read.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.73 ~

Quatrain 1.39

In the great city, a monk and craftsman,
Near the door, staying at the walls:
Against Modena secret, cellar saying
Betrayed, look under the the dust.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 2.51 ~

Quatrain 1.39

The blood of the just at London will be at fault,
Burnt by lightning bolts of twenty, three the six (666):
The mad lady falls from her high place,
Also several of her sect will be killed.


The precedent for the blonde-haired "supreme one" strangulation or hanging murder prophesied by Nostradamus was set in spectacular fashion in 2006 and 2011:



Indeed, a network of such precedents have been building since September 1927 to create the scenario outlined in Quatrain 1.39; each more ghastly and sensational than the one before.

Who is Madonna most like? Not Marilyn Monroe, who was another totally different icon. In fact not like any other famous actress in US or European history. Madonna's fame did not come from acting, but from music and dance. In the world of music she has had no female rival, only males like Michael Jackson or the band members of The Beatles.

But in the world of DANCE, she did have ONE historical rival:


Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) was an American pioneer of dance and is an important figure in both the arts and history. Known as the "Mother of Modern Dance," Isadora Duncan was a self-styled revolutionary whose influence spread from American to Europe and Russia, creating a sensation everywhere she performed.

Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) was an American pioneer of dance and is an important figure in both the arts and history. Known as the “Mother of Modern Dance,” Isadora Duncan was a self-styled revolutionary whose influence spread from America to Europe and Russia, creating a sensation everywhere she performed.

Dancer, adventurer, and ardent defender of the free spirit, Isadora Duncan is one of the most enduring influences on contemporary culture and can be credited with inventing what came to be known as Modern Dance.

Shocking some audience members and inspiring others, Isadora posed a challenge to the prevailing orthodoxies of her time. Isadora was a champion in the struggle for women‘s rights. Many saw a glorious vision for the future in Isadora’s choreography. Her influence upon the development of progressive ideas and culture from her time to our own has yet to be measured. She has inspired artists, thinkers, and idealists everywhere.

Duncan has attracted literary and artistic attention from the 1920s to the present, in novels, film, ballet, theatre, music, and poetry.


It has taken me a LONG time to figure out that Madonna is most like Isadora Duncan ... especially since she has imitated almost every famous actress in history at one time or another. I once compared some of her lyrics from the Ray Of Light album with the poetry of Sylvia Plath. Only now have I discovered that Plath was indeed her favorite poet and an influence ( Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde were also influences. But as for visual mimicry, she has done Marilyn Monroe, Carole Lombard, Thelma Todd, Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth, Bette Davis, and countless others. But although she has never consciously dared to imitate Isadora Duncan, she has nevertheless become her late 20th century, early 21st century reincarnation.

What is it that Madonna does best? Act? Nah! Sing? Song write? Yes, that propelled her to fame and it remains one of her major accomplishments.

But what she REALLY does best is: DANCE, CHOREOGRAPHY, STAGE SETTING, ARRANGEMENT, ENTERTAINMENT. The very same assets that made Isadora Duncan the "Madonna" of HER time.

One hundred years from now, for what will she be best remembered? Forget films like Body Of Evidence, Dick Tracy, Dangerous Game, or even Evita. Those films will be ranked among the most obscure bits of cinema by then. Several of her songs, recordings and videos, like "If I Tell," "Like A Virgin," "Material Girl," "Like A Prayer," "Ray Of Light," and "Hung Up" will be remembered and listened to perhaps, whereas every song The Beatles ever recorded, hit or not, will go on being studied. No, what will be most remembered will be her persona, her most flattering physical appearances through the years (and not the others), her controversial nature, her sexual nature, but most of all her work as an entertainer, her elaborate and even shocking stage sets and dance routines, her huge concerts that drew in millions upon millions of fans worldwide. Yes, to hear her music, but most of all, to SEE and EXPERIENCE Madonna.

And this is EXACTLY what Isadora Duncan is remembered for, not only her origination of modern dance, but her controversial persona (controversial at the time) and her elaborate and shocking productions. In a world drawn together by only print media and 78 rpm records by favorably reviewed recording artists, and radio for the last six years of her life (radio is useless to a dancer anyway), Duncan managed to become a huge international celebrity, much harder to do back then. The cost of also running dance schools and a disain for the commercial aspects of her art, unfortunately, led her to a less extravangant life style. One can hardly imagine that happening to Madonna, but its a different age and "commercial success" is something she practically invented.

"Madonna is like Isadora Duncan" is a better and more believable association. Also, to some degree, she was like 30's actress Thelma Todd when she was younger. She outlived and outgrew Todd though a long, long time ago. However, even though she has outlived Isadora Duncan (who died at age 50), she is no less (or no more than she) the MASTER of show, of glamour, of what was once called moxy. Madonna has had plenty of moxy in her career ... but above all things, above being a singer and songwriter, she is MASTER OF THE DANCE!! A MASTER OF CHOREOGRAPHY, STAGE SETS, DANCE ROUTINES ... age has nothing to do with it, 50 or 61 ... or even 73.

Duncan had plenty of moxy that day in 1927 she declared "Farewell, my friends. I go to glory!"


The death of dancer Isadora Duncan will put you off convertibles for life - Film Daily

Dancer Isadora Duncan made a name for herself as one of the most unique and unrestrained artists to have ever graced the stage. Eschewing custom, tradition, and expectations, Duncan's creative philosophy allowed her to develop a dancing style way ahead of its time.


In February 2015, Madonna was accidentally strangled by her cape by her dancers and fell off the stage, injuring her face and receiving whiplash.



In April 2009, Madonna injured herself falling off a horse for a second time, but her injuries were not as serious as an earlier August 2005 mishap. This 2009 repeat would have come around again in April 2016, and if it was as bad as 2005 or worse could have caused possible collarbone, neck, shoulder and spine injuries ... possibly fatal. Clearly this stage accident was it ... a year early.

It is also possible this was a staged event according to many critics of the mishap, we'll never be altogether certain. Then again, it is possible the "accident" was sympathetic magic used to ward off an Isadora Duncan style death by scarf strangulation, neck break.

However, what worked once might not work again. The identification between Isadora Duncan and Madonna is too strong ... there may be no escape, ultimately.

2022, 2026 or 2032 will likely tell the tale.


Nostradamus, Quatrain 8.85 ~

Between Bayonne and St. Jean de Luz,
The promontory of War will be placed.
For Aquilon the Unconquerable Whore removes the light,
Then is suffocated in bed without assistance.

"I want so badly to be God.""Oh no! Not ... not like this ..."


We can add yet another quatrain to Quatrain 1.39 that may complement it.

The "great whore" of Quatrain 8.85 (the "Unconquerable Whore") will die from some sort of suffocation or strangulation in her bed, a fate consistent with Quatrain 1.39! This makes the Whore of Babylon archetype a blonde. This happens after she performs some sort of secret service for or against the Russian government.


Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.73


Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.39 ~

Quatrain 1.39

Naked in bed, the supreme strangled,
For having been too blonde:
By three the empire substituted endured,
Put to death by card, and letter not read.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.73 ~

Quatrain 1.39

In the great city, a monk and craftsman,
Near the door, staying at the walls:
Against Modena secret, cellar saying
Betrayed, look under the the dust.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 2.51 ~

Quatrain 1.39

The blood of the just at London will be at fault,
Burnt by lightning bolts of twenty, three the six (666):
The mad lady falls from her high place,
Also several of her sect will be killed.


Her very public rants and use of anti-Trump obscenities have also placed her in future peril of imprisonment as suggested in the Modena quatrain, 6.73. What is done to her, or how she is done, while in captivity is unknown. But her death may well be the final outcome.

What is shocking is that Madonna may have foreseen her imprisonment seven years ago in October 2013 ... It is clearly about the current year, 2020 ... about COVID-19 and the anarchy and riots we are now experiencing since the brutal death of George Floyd at the hands of police. And it is about the potential aftermath: MARTIAL LAW and GENOCIDE PROGRAMS WORLDWIDE:



But in actuality this is not a prophecy at all: it is Madonna revealing what she already knew seven years ago about the ILLUMINATI PLAN now in progress in 2020.

Madonna plays a soldier/assassin who "did (her) tour of duty this year" (2020 or perhaps 2021 as it turns out). She is repelled by what she was called upon to do in the name of duty to the TPTB, and what she observed on the outside, and is thrown into a "penal colony" for reprogramming (a FEMA death camp). "Democracy doesn't seem to exist anymore," she observes.

And she shows us what will happen to her if she fails in various places in the film (notably 5:25 - 5:41): she is tied up, stripped half naked, brutalised, raped, and subjected to torture by "fascist dictators posing as righteous men." In 15:42-16:10 she is dragged off and slammed onto a prison cell floor and locked in to await execution, or something infinitely worse, to the strains of "My Country, 'Tis of Thee", an anthem common to both America and Great Britain. We are warned, therefore, that this is our fate ... in America and Britain.

She was telling us back in 2013 that our time was short and we better be prepared to fight or die (civil war or revolutions planet-wide?). And prepare to die HORRIBLY and BRUTALLY if we fail. This film appears to be about following her in a revolution against our oppressors, a war of liberation from certain slavery and death.

She warns us what the times will be like, and they eerily mirror what some of my own predictions have been periodically preparing us for: economic markets collapse worldwide, global panic, rioting and lawlessness, and widespread revolutions wherein scapegoating takes place across the board: the rich vs the poor, the poor vs the less poor and the rich, native-born citizens vs immigrants, ethnic and racial strife, wars of religion, and cultural clashes.

Sounds familiar? It should since some of it is already happening (although I didn't expect it in 2020).

She knew in advance that the DEATH CAMPS are REAL, very very REAL, and being prepared for a mass sacrifice of humanity to Satan.

She acknowledges her role as the Whore of Babylon in Revelation 17 who ends up having her flesh stripped from her body when in the film she says: "It feels like I have no skin ... like I have been skinned alive."


Revelation 17:16: And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.


Madonna nears the conclusion with the following: "It's too late ... I'm in the kitchen and the burner is on full blaze."

A reference to poet Sylvia Plath's suicide on February 11, 1963. The LAST thing I would ever expect to happen to Madonna is suicide ... I have never even bothered to consider predicting it. She is far too independent, aggressive and powerful to take that route.

This video may have been her final official act as the Whore of Babylon as described early on in Revelation 17. Why is that?

NOTE that this short film is 17 MINUTES IN LENGTH. A not so subtle clue that this film is linked to Revelation 17 making Madonna the Whore of Babylon.

But WHO is behind this nightmare? Madonna and many today are trying to blame President Donald Trump for the problems we are having. However, even before this video was released, Kathryn Wolfe (who I have been out of touch with the past few years) told me about a DREAM she had. In some ways it was similar to this video, there was martial law, people locked down in a sort of prison planet, and she was trying to escape. She found cover in a building, and when she accidentally stumbled on people in a nearby room PLANNING all this horror ... the ringleader was HILLARY CLINTON!

This was not political on her part, no one even knew about Donald Trump back in those days, but she saw Hillary as responsible. She ends the dream climbing out of a window, trying to escape from Hillary and the group with her who have now seen her overhearing their discussion.



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