The "Failed" Clinton Prophecy

Following the death of Princess Diana, a horrible thought occurred to me: if there was to be a crisis beginning in October 1997 involving Russia, the US, and a third country, perhaps a nation like Iraq, then a case could be made that the two biggest stories of 1962 had repeated themselves thirty-five years later -- in 1997. It would then follow that, according to my base 7 system of numerology, that some sort of replay of 1963 would take place in 1998. That would mean that the US president's life would be in danger.

In hindsight, we know all to well what did occur: the President of the United States was humiliated throughout the year and then impeached. Never had a US president experienced the degree of political assassination as did Bill Clinton. However, a number of other events also occurred that year -- events that did indeed threaten his life.

In the end I was right: something terrible did happen to President Bill Clinton and America in 1998. And while it was happening, people failed to notice the almost monthly mishaps and tragedies that threatened to make the man they were holding up to ridicule a potential martyr.

I purchased my first modern computer -- a Pentium 120 -- in June 1998, but for the remainder of the year I would not be able to afford to link myself to the Internet. How could I warn the President? I had already submitted my manuscript to publishers, but there was little chance that my prediction concerning Bill Clinton would move an editor or reader to take some sort of positive action.

I, of course, had no way of knowing I would not be able to get online for the first time until February 1999. In the meantime I began learning to use Microsoft's PowerPoint. Frantically I began working on a presentation that might be used to warn the President the danger he was in. I knew nothing about HTML and had I the means to get online in 1998 I would have been in for a rude awakening. My PowerPoint presentation, by itself, would have been totally useless.

Fortunately, Windows 98 came into being. When I upgraded from Windows 95 to 98, I would have the ability to create web pages -- something I would not have been capable of doing at any time prior to my purchase in February 1999. A large portion of this web site was originally a very large PowerPoint presentation I laboured over for nearly eight months. When I upgraded to Windows 98, I redid the images and text I used in PowerPoint and created a website.

What follows is the PowerPoint presentation of what I had hoped, in an almost childlike naivete, I would be able to transmit online before the dreaded month of November 1998. Fortunately, what was to befall Bill Clinton that autumn was not assassination, but impeachment proceedings.


Danger of Assassination for US President Bill Clinton


US President Bill Clinton

Bearing in mind the eerie parallels between the tragic death of Princess Diana and the Iraqi Weapons Crisis in 1997 and the tragic death of Marilyn Monroe and the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, it becomes painfully obvious that should this continuity prevail, the danger of a "Kennedy scenario" occurring in 1998 is quite high.

Let us not also forget that John F. Kennedy has been a principal role model for President Bill Clinton since boyhood. Death has been stalking Mr. Clinton in various forms since Christmas 1997 and may claim his life by November 1998 or during the month following. However, as with Diana, I believe this is an event which need not take place.



If we could reduce the danger posed to the President to a mathematical equation it might look something like this:


  + If =  
Marilyn Monroe Surveillance photo of nuclear missiles in Cuba Kennedy motorcade in Dallas
  + then .=  
Princess Diana US fighter jet in Persian Gulf US President Bill Clinton ?






Cruise missile attack


2.57: No US president, including JFK, has ever been murdered just prior to an important battle or war. The immediacy of the pending conflict described in line 1 suggests that the "great one" will die weeks, days, or possibly only hours before the war or operation begins. President Clinton has indeed gone "the greater part of the way" in his career. The imperfection alluded to in line 3 could relate to his perceived role as a "womaniser" or a misperceived view by Nostradamus regarding the leg injury the president suffered in 1997 which put him in a wheelchair and crutches for part of the year. The conflict in question could be air campaigns against Iraq or Yugoslavia this November. If the attack on President Clinton's life occurs in America, the river may be the Potomac -- a symbol for Washington DC. Then again, the river could be anywhere in the US.


Quatrain 8.73: If the assassin is a "barbarian soldier" as suggested in this quatrain, the tragedy may occur in another country , possibly near the site of the pending battle. The soldier is described as a "barbarian": a term applied to Moslem peoples by many 16th Century Europeans. This could make the assassin a member of the KLA, the Bosnian army, an Arab soldier, or even an Arab terrorist. While the President is reviewing troops in the Balkans or the Persian Gulf, the uniformed assailant will strike. One cannot rule out a Moslem terrorist attack on US soil. If 8.73 connects with 2.57, the river where the nearby land is stained with blood might be the Sava or Dabube rivers in Bosnia or Yugoslavia or the Tigris River bloodied by dead Republican Guards or, sadly, Iraqi civilians.


There is, of course, a 17% chance that I am wrong and no danger exists. However, consider the following:

  • December 1997: During the Christmas holidays, the Clintons visited troops in Tuzla in north-western Bosnia. The day before, a bomb was discovered near a bridge they would be crossing. The entire first family could have been killed!
  • February 1998: A week before Operation Desert Thunder was to be launched, while the chief executive was in the Heartland, the plane he was traveling in was discovered to have a mechanical failure of its landing gear before take off. Mr. Clinton was forced to switch to another plane.
  • March 1998: President Clinton was nearly trampled to death in Ghana by a huge crowd of well-wishers.
  • Twice Airforce One has disappeared mysteriously from radar for 30 seconds.
  • July 1998: The US Capitol Shooting. Two police officers, Jacob Chestnut and John Gibson, were killed and a female civilian, Angela Dickerson, was wounded. Next to the institution of the presidency, the Capitol is America's greatest icon of government in Washington. Was this incident a "close call" or a "wake-up call" that time is running short?


US Capitol Shooting: A Final Warning?


All US presidents who have died in office, whether from natural causes or assassination, or who have been injured during an assassination attempt since 1840 were elected in a year ending in zero. This is the one fact that rests heavily in President Clinton's favour since he was elected in 1992 and 1996. Perhaps the brave and valiant men who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty during the July 24 shooting at the US Capitol were destiny's substitute for the violent death of an American president. Nevertheless, I would prefer to err on the side of caution rather than declare that the danger to Bill Clinton has been lifted. As I said before, this ghastly event was either a "close call" for the presidency or a "wake-up call." If the President's life is indeed in peril, this may be the final warning we are given. Chapter 6 and the appendix of my manuscript, Nostradmaus and the Final Age, explains how the murder of Gianni Versace by Andrew Cunanan and the attendance of Diana at Versace's funeral in Milan was, likewise, a "wake-up call" that she was in danger of meeting with a violent end. Six weeks later she was dead. If the Capitol Shooting functions the same way, there may be very little time remaining for measures to be taken to prevent the death of the President.


Character Assassination vs. Physical Assassination


Monica Lewinsky Following Princess Diana's funeral on September 6, 1997, I confided in a friend my concern that President Bill Clinton might be assassinated in 1998, and quite possibly in the month of November. The Monica Lewinsky scandal broke four months later in January 1998.

Although I have not discussed it thus far, I make some small mention of it in Chapter 7 of my manuscript. It is entirely possible that the Lewinsky matter and a subsequent threat of impeachment may be the actual mortal blow destined to be dealt the President. Although I believe this issue has been over-hyped and that Mr. Clinton's personal life is his own business, I would rather see him forced to resign or impeached than see him dead.

Nevertheless, I am concerned that the nation's pre-occupation with the Lewinsky affair may actually serve as a catalyst for the sort of reckless decisions which could place the President in physical danger.


A Nation in Mourning: A Nation in Shock


A year ago Britain and much of the world mourned the tragic and violent death of Princess Diana. The magnitude of the grief expressed from London to Paris to New York was unprecedented in modern history. However, there is no doubt in my mind that a portion of the collective grief had its roots in a shared sense of personal guilt.

Diana was much loved in life; but she was also ridiculed and even reviled at times by many who thought it fit to judge her for the extramarital affairs she had prior to her divorce from Prince Charles. Recently her hairdresser recounted an incident when she broke down in tears after a man on a motorcycle pursued her car on a London street, repeatedly screaming at her that she was a "whore." The British Parliament labeled her a "bird-brain" when she made the public aware about the evils of landmines following a visit to Angola.

As we lived out our lives day-to-day , her life was doled out to us by the media in bits and pieces: a week here, a month there. Depending on the day or the mood, she was Britain's royal darling or Britain's principal embarrassment. However, when she died, all those bits and pieces came back together in a collage of tears and repressed guilt to match the collage that was the life she led -- all captured on videotape and photographs. In the end the world knew: her's was a life of goodness, kindness, and tremendous personal sadness.

America has learned nothing from Britain's mistakes. The media, the politicians, and the public hound their nation's leader over a sexual indiscretion...a president who until recently had the highest popularity rating of all time. How will the citizens of the United States feel if this man they have judged so unfairly and severly dies? Will they be satisfied then? Diana agreed to a reckless scheme to evade the media and a fickle public and was killed. What destiny is the American public consciously or unconsciously preparing for their president?


What Can Be Done?





On September 6, 1998, it was reported that an armed Moslem militant group is threatening to "disrupt" an upcoming visit by President Clinton to Pakistan. Hafiz Mohammad Syed, head of the Lashkar-e-Tayaba, is vowing revenge for the US missile strikes on Afghanistan and Sudan. The trip is scheduled for November. Mr. President: please, do not travel to Pakistan or India as planned in November. The conditions for the fulfillment of Quatrain 8.73 -- your assassination by a "barbarian soldier" -- will be just right. This group will do more than merely "disrupt" your visit: they will try to kill you. And November is the most dangerous month of the year for you. Please postpone the trip until 1999 or cancel it entirely.




As the US prepares for a massive air assault on Iraq, president Clinton has decided to follow through with plans to attend an Asian economic conference in Malaysia and then visit Japan and South Korea. He is scheduled to depart tomorrow night, November 14, 1998. Mr. President, please rethink your decision to travel to Malaysia, a nation with a large Moslem population, at a time when you are preparing for a military attack on the Arab Moslem nation of Iraq. The conditions for the fulfillment of Quatrain 8.73 -- your assassination by a "barbarian soldier" (or terrorist) -- could occur. Terrorist leader Osama bin Laden has twice plotted to assassinate you and has vowed to try again. His arm is long and reaches as far as Malaysia. Also, Quatrain 2.57 warns that a president will die just before an important "battle," which would certainly be the case if you plan to defer the air campaign on Iraq until after your return from Asia and are killed in Malaysia or even in a plane crash en route to or from Asia. According to my base 7 system of numerology, November is your most perilous month. Please postpone all trips, foreign or domestic, until January 1999.




The final entry, dated January 1, 1999, was deleted and therefore I cannot transcribe it here. However, what essentially was written was my relief that 1998 was over and that President Clinton was still in one piece. I also mentioned that the likelihood of his being assassinated in 1999 had dropped to a mere 5% and in 2000 would drop to a theoretical zero.

I was wrong this time -- and I was glad. So much else about 1997 and 1998 I had been right about. Still, as you can see, I was too close for comfort. I knew long before the world had ever heard of Monica Lewinsky that he would be forced to cross some sort of Rubicon in 1998 -- and that he might not survive. He faced both death and impeachment -- the second president in US history ever to undergo impeachment proceedings -- and he survived.

Someone, thankfully, provided him with the right advice in October 1998. His November trip to Pakistan was cancelled. Apparently, my instincts concerning the potential danger of that trip were correct. I believe to this day that had he traveled to Pakistan on schedule, he would be dead.

On November 14, 1998, with barely more than an hour to go, a diplomatic breakthrough reversed the decision to launch a massive air attack on Baghdad. President Clinton was forced to delay his planned departure to the Asian economic conference that evening and send Vice President Al Gore to Malaysia in his stead. Gore's visit to Malaysia was not a pleasant one. However, for Bill Clinton, it might have been fatal. When the bombs and missiles finally did fall on Iraq on December 16, the President was safely harbored at his seat in the Oval Office. On the final day of bombing, December 19, the President of the United States was impeached.

November and December were indeed the critical months for President Clinton I said they would be -- perhaps the most critical.

Then there was simple, dumb luck. It was indeed fortunate that Bill Clinton was away on vacation the day Russell E. Weston went to Washington in search of him. Unable to pay a surprise visit to the commander-in-chief, Weston decided to lose it at the US Capitol Building -- taking two innocent lives in the process. The big shocker was that the FBI and CIA had known about Weston for years -- and that he had made numerous death threats against the President.

Then came the revelation that Clinton had already been targeted for assassination twice -- once in 1994 and again in the spring of 1998 -- by international terrorist Osama bin Laden.

In all of the years Clinton has been president, no other year had been frought with so much danger as 1998.

However, in the end I believe that it was the "Shawnee curse" that assured that President Clinton would be impervious to assassination or deadly mishap in 1998. Unlike all doomed presidents who have died in office after being elected in a year ending in zero ever since the death of William Henry Harrison in 1840 (for the exception of Ronald Reagan, elected in 1980, who was seriously wounded in a 1981 assassination attempt, but survived), Bill Clinton was elected in 1992 and 1996.

1998 would still be a difficult year -- one full of "close calls," scandals, and horrendous legal consequences of great historical significance.


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