The End of the 20th Century: 1999


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Both base 7 numerology (my system of prediction) and Nostradamus interpretation were used in the presentations on this page. In some instances both methods were employed together to help determine a specific prediction.


Final Results of Base 7 Predictions for 1999

Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps: Name, Sound, and Letter Systems The "More" and "F" Prediction is on a new page! Click this link and read all about the prediction that anticipated the tragic death of John F. Kennedy Jr., the suicide of Dana Plato, and the wrath of Hurricane Floyd. Has the prediction run its course or will its influence continue throughout the year 2000? Keep abreast of not only this prediction but many new developments in determining risk factors for celebrities in 2000, 2001, and 2002. Also contains links to other pages dealing with prophecies concerning celebrities and major world figures. Bookmark it as your "Celebrity Central" of prophecy.

1999 Retrospective: Presentations from Last Year Re-experience or see what you missed from last year's 1999 page!

Results of Base 7 Predictions for 1999


UPDATE (12/19/00): As of 1/2/00 my final accuracy rate for 1999 was 87.7%. I was somewhat shocked by the results -- my highest score thus far. On March 31, 2000, the eruption of Usu in Japan sealed my hold on another prediction without altering the results. However, today's eruption of the Popocatepetl volcano just outside Mexico City, the largest since 800 A.D., has changed what was a CLOSE prediction to an ADJACENT FULFILLMENT. My new accuracy rate for 1999 is now 91.5%.
Again, I must emphasise that it is my base 7 system of prediction that is being rated -- not my interpretations of Nostradamus, the Bible, Edgar Cayce, or any other prophet.


Base 7 Predictions Fulfilled
The PKK Kurds will usher in a new reign of terrorism and trigger a regional conflict involving Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and possibly Iran in February 1999.
February 15, 1999 was indeed the beginning of Kurd-related demonstrations and riots throughout Europe and other parts of the world in response to PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan's capture and extradition to Turkey. Ankara even escalated its periodic incursions into northern Iraq to neutralise PKK rebels hiding there, each time infuriating the government in Baghdad. March 1999 marked the worst run of Kurd-sponsored terrorism since 1993. Also, in May 1999, Iran protested to Turkey over Ankara's killing of seven Iranians in the border region earlier in the month. The incident nearly led to an armed conflict between the two countries. However, it remains to be seen whether a regional conflict will develop in 2000 as a result of Abdullah Ocalan's pending execution.
Israel will become engaged in the worst fighting in Lebanon since April 1996 following a series of car bombings or Hezbollah missile strikes in the northern cities in March 1999. Beirut will also be bombed.
In response to Hezbollah rocket attacks, Israel became engaged in her worst war of retaliation against Lebanon in three years during May and June 1999 -- bombing Beirut on June 24-25. The prediction never appeared as a presentation on this page, but was on file and listed as "fulfilled" on the Predictions Fulfilled in 1998-99 page.
NATO-Yugoslav war will begin in April 1999. It will also involve Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia, Greece, and Turkey.
The war began on March 24, 1999 -- eight days sooner than the April vector established. Early in the campaign Serb fighter jets invaded Bosnian airspace and were shot down by SFOR troops. Albania and Macedonia were overwhelmed by refugees. Fighting spread to northern Albania. Turkey has sent its military to Kosovo to participate in Operation Joint Guardian. Greece and Croatia have not yet been directly involved. A possible Croat-Moslem war, predicted for either April 1999 or May 2000, cannot yet be evaluated. Since the prediction was repeated in a separate presentation for May 2000 it will be evaluated for that year's accuracy rate.
Major rioting in one or more US cities in April 1999 -- cause unknown.
This one happened over a period of several days from November 30, 1999 to December 2 in Seattle at the WTO talks. Seven months off, but the year is right. The prediction never appeared as a presentation on this page, but was on file and was listed as a "failure" throughout 1999 (even after its fulfillement in November) on the Predictions Fulfilled in 1998-99 page. That page has since been re-designed for the purpose of publishing unneeded chapters and chapter sections from the 1998 manuscript of Nostradmaus and the Final Age.
Two massive "superquakes" will strike Turkey and Greece within several days or a few weeks of each other in March or May 1999.
A second major quake was also predicted to strike Turkey sometime during the remainder of 1999. This prediction was posted for a week as an update on the Izmit earthquake (see footnote).
A 7.8 temblor centered near Izmit devastated north-western Turkey on August 17, 1999 -- two-and-half months after the latter of the two vectors. Three weeks later a 5.9 quake shook Athens on September 7 -- the most powerful earthquake to strike Greece since 1981 and the most powerful and devastating temblor to rock Athens since 1914. I would recommend continued caution and preparedness in Greece and Turkey from this point on for the next several years.
Footnote (November 13, 1999): A second massive quake measuring 7.2 struck north-western Turkey in the town of Duzce yesterday. On August 18, following the Izmit temblor, I specifically indicated on this page that a second "superquake" might strike Turkey in a matter of days or weeks. Instead, it has been three months. As I indicate above, Greece and Turkey must remain prepared for more seismic events of this sort over the next several years. I would also consider extending this warning to other Balkan nations such as Bulgaria, Romania, and Macedonia.
A new and more severe string of deadly terrorist attacks will be carried out by the PKK Kurdish rebels against Turkish civilians between March and May 1999.
Between March 7 and August 8, 1999, Turkey experienced its worst rash of domestic terrorism by the PKK since 1993.
Days of massive and bloody rioting between pro-Khatami and anti-Khatami demonstrators will occur in Iran in May/June 1999.
Mass demonstrations and riots broke out in Tehran and eight other Iranian cities from July 8 to July 14, 1999 after police and anti-Khatami hardliners stormed a university dormitory, killing one student and seriously injuring 20 more. 10,000 students along with ordinary citizens took part in violent protests that resulted in three additional deaths, hundreds of injuries, and 1,400 arrests. The protests ended on July 14 after 100,000 hardliners poured into the streets of Tehran denouncing the pro-democracy forces. These events began on July 8, 1999 -- eight days after the end of the predicted May/June vector.
North and South Korea will engage in a military conflict or China will invade Taiwan in June 1999.
The two Koreas began battling in the Yellow Sea on June 15, 1999 -- right in the middle of the June vector established. One North Korean warhip was sunk and another was seriously damaged. Thirty deaths were reported on both sides. It was the most serious military clash involving North and South since a ceasefire was agreed to in 1953.
A massive earthquake will strike Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle in June 1999.
On July 3, 1999, a major temblor struck 70 miles south-west of Seattle, causing major damage, power outages, and some injuries. It was the worst quake the region had experienced in 34 years. Then, on October 16, 1999, Los Angeles was rattled by a massive 7.1 temblor. The quake could be felt in three states and also shook Las Vegas, Nevada. Miraculously, injuries were minor and damage was light.
A female or male celebrity will die suddenly from heart failure or "controversial causes" in 1999. Name unknown, but clue to name may lie in sound of "More."
Monster tornado hits Moore, OK +0.4
Dana Plato commits suicide in Moore +0.8
Death of Greg Moore +1
Disclosure of brain illness by Dudley Moore +1
Death of Clayton Moore +0.5
Total: + 3.7
On May 8, 1999, two months before the July vector, actress Dana Plato committed suicide at her father-in-law's home in Moore, Oklahoma. Moore itself was devastated by a one-mile-wide, super-tornado less than a week before -- an event that resulted in many casualties. Since then, on October 31, 1999, Canadian race car driver Greg Moore died in a racing accident, actor Dudley Moore announced that he has a rare form of brain disease and actor Clayton Moore (of the Lone Ranger fame ) died at age 85. This prediction may not play out completely until May 2000, therefore caution is urged.
NOTE: India Airlines Hijacking hostage Jeanne Moore was not included in the calculation because she was not a celebrity and she was freed unharmed. Still, her experience validates the importance of the "More" prediction.
The tragic and premature death of a young and famous male celebrity from a sudden cause, such as heart failure, will occur in July 1999. Name unknown, but clue to name may lie in the initials "J.M." or any initials combined with the initial "F." When the presentation of this prediction was created for the website, I combined it with the "More" prediction and decided to include the possibility that a woman might also be affected by this prophecy because so many famous female celebrities have died young or prematurely since 1996. The fusion resulted in the 'More and F' prediction which can now be viewed on the page: Deaths and Mishaps: Name, Sound, and Letter Systems.
On July 15, 1999, JFK Jr., his wife Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, and his sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette were killed instantly when Kennedy's plane crash-dived into the ocean seven miles off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. John Kennedy's initials were "J.K." not "J.M." However, the "F" in "JFK" practically lept out at me when I saw it splashed across the bottom of the screen during CNN's continued coverage of the plane's disappearance and search and recovery mission. Two initials were correct: "J' and "F" -- but I still never would have guessed who the initials would belong to in order to provide a credible warning. The victim that the media primarily focused on was a young and famous male; but two females died with him as well. His wife, Carolyn, became a celebrity herself after she married Kennedy in 1996. Her fate, and that of her sister Lauren, therefore became linked to the "J.M." and "F" portion of the prediction.
Some sort of military chaos in both northern and southern Iraq is indicated for February 1999.
A crisis involving Iraq and Western countries such as the US and Britain will occur in July 1999.
(January 2, 2000) -- Since the second prediction was made in early 1998, one should consider the ongoing air campaigns by the US and Britain against northern and southern Iraq as a 1999 Iraqi crisis that lasted throughout the year. The most recent attack occurred on December 31, 1999. The first prediction, made in early autumn 1998, closely approximates the beginning of the ongoing low level conflict.
The Pope or those close to him will die bleeding from the mouth in August/September 1999.
On the afternoon of August 24, 1999, a worshipper who managed to smuggle a gun into St. Peter's Basilica committed suicide. Benedetto Minnini of the port city of Bari, shot himself in the mouth while the basilica was crowded with tourists. This prediction appeared on the Pope John Paul II and the Rose Prophecy page.
A Belgrade-Baghdad axis will be forged in September 1999.
During a visit to Baghdad on November 8, 1999, Yugoslav Trade Minister Borislav Vukovic delivered a letter to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein from Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. In it, Milosevic reportedly stated his desire to work together and establish strong economic, political, and eventual military ties between their two governments. It also appears that the new coalition is being nurtured by Moscow as a counterbalance to the West in the Middle East and the Balkans as well as for keeping the United States from interfering in the Chechnya conflict.
There will be a major volcanic eruption near Mexico City in September 1999. The dust and debris kicked up by the eruption may affect weather patterns and possibly pollute the Gulf of Mexico and the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean.
This prediction was formerly rated a "close" +0.6 for 1999 due to an eruption of the Colima Volcano on May 11, a 7.5 earthquake near Mexico City on September 30 which did little damage, followed by the worst floods and mudslides to hit Mexico in 400 years. This prediction has now been fulfilled adjacently one calendar year later.
A monster hurricane at least as bad as Gloria and possibly worse than Andrew will strike the US east coast in September/October 1999. Beware hurricanes with names beginning with letters 'F,' 'G,' 'J,' or 'M.' Thoughout the hurricane season, the state of Florida; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Fayetteville, NC; Long Island, NY; and New cities (New York, New Bedford, etc.); will be in the greatest danger.
The 'F' hurricane would become the largest category five storm of the century. Hurricane Floyd struck North Carolina, the Virginas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York City on September 21, 1999. North Carolina and New Jersey were hardest hit by unprecedented flooding from water dumped by one of the largest hurricanes on record. Floyd will also be remembered for causing the evacuation of three million people from the East Coast -- the largest peace-time evacuation in US history. Irene brought flooding and destruction to southern and eastern Florida. Major flooding and death by electrocution and drowning came to Ft. Lauderdale.
Osama bin Laden or other terrorists will carry out a major act of terrorism in October 1999.
Moscow was bombed by Chechen terrorists three times in September 1999: on September 1, 9, and 13. A Russian apartment was also bombed in Dagestan on September 14, 1999 and another was bombed on September 16 in the city of Volgadonsk. The terrorist attacks occurred one month prior to the October 1999 vector.
On November 12, 1999, twelve days after the October vector, a series of missiles whistled toward Western targets and other buildings in Pakistan's capital Islamabad, injuring at least one person but causing no serious damage. Six separate explosions rattled the city, apparently caused when homemade rockets were launched from three cars, all of which were torched after the missiles were launched. Osama bin Laden has since been linked to the Pakistan missile attacks.
Egypt will be rocked by an earthquake or terrorism in October 1999.
Both alternatives occurred. On September 6, one month before the October vector, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was attacked by a would-be assassin. On October 11, Cairo was rocked by its only earthquake of the year (a 5.2). Although casualties and damage were light from the tremor, residents in multistory buildings said they could feel the buildings shake. Finally, on October 31, Gameel el-Batouty, a reserve co-pilot, forced EgyptAir Flight 990, enroute to Cairo, to crash into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 217 passengers on board. The investigation as to whether this was a criminal act of murder/suicide or a terrorist plot still continues and will for many more months.
Boris Yeltsin will resign or be overthrown in a coup in October 1999.
On December 31, 1999, Boris Yeltsin resigned from office, handing over the presidency to then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. This prediction is no longer was fulfilled two months after the October 1999 vector and still in the year 1999.
Japan or Indonesia will be devastated by tremendous superquakes in December 1999.
On December 22, 1999, a powerful, 6.4 earthquake shook the main Indonesian island of Java, leaving at least four people killed and about 200 injured. It also damaged hundreds of houses in several villages in West Java province. Frightened residents moved their beds out onto the street in the event another earthquake struck. Several smaller tremors (5.0 or less) apparently struck the region a few months earlier. The area affected lies near Krakatau (Krakatoa), an offshore volcano that exploded in 1883 in what was one of the biggest eruptions in recorded history. About 36,000 people died. Although not a Cayce-type scenario, the essential prediction -- event, time, and location -- are correct. Continued vigilance in Indonesia, as well as in Japan, is advised.
Osama bin Laden or other terrorists will carry out a major act of terrorism in December 1999.
On December 24, 1999, a hijacked Indian Airlines jet was hijacked and forced to land in Afghanistan. One hostage was killed during the ordeal that finally ended on December 31 when the 160 hostages aboard were freed in exchange for three Kashmiri militants. The event occurred during the December vector as predicted.
A rock celebrity, probably male but neccessarily, will be in danger of death like rock legend Rick Nelson was on December 30, 1985. Nelson was killed in a plane crash, so perhaps the celebrity will also be in danger of being killed in an accident on or near New Year's Eve.
The danger was real and fortunately the rock celebrity, George Harrison, survived the deadly ordeal. The former Beatle and his wife were stabbed by a mentally ill intruder who broke into their Oxfordshire mansion on December 30, 1999. The couple managed to detain the man until police arrived. Mr. Harrison, who was stabbed repeatedly in the chest, was released a week later from hospital in good condition. I had been wrong about a plane or car crash scenario, but other parallels were too eerily close not to consider this a fulfillment. Even the day, December 30, was a match. This is, thankfully, a good example of how a prediction concerning death can be thwarted. Harrison and his wife can be credited with rescuing themselves from what could have easily ended up being a tragically fatal year-end event.


Base 7 Predictions That Were Close
India will be struck by a powerful earthquake in August 1999.
In October 1999, eastern India was devastated by a killer cyclone -- not just any cyclone -- but the worst in over a century. The location was right, the year was right, and the vector was off by two months. The event, a natural disaster, certainly took as many lives and created as much destruction as any superquake. The result of the vote: 50% of respondents rated this prediction 0.5 and 50% rated it a 0.7. The result was 0.6 -- the average of the two. Both "failure" (0.0) and "success" (1.0) were included as options, but neither were chosen.
A mass suicide and/or mass murder by fanatic cults will be carried out in November 1999.
On October 31, 1999, EgyptAir Flight 990, enroute to Cairo, mysteriously crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 217 passengers on board. It is believed Gameel el-Batouty, a reserve co-pilot, forced the jet to crash. The investigation as to whether this was a criminal act of murder/suicide or a terrorist plot still continues and will for many more months. I suspect we will never really know for certain what happened. Personally, given all the evidence provided thus far, I will never be convinced that this was not a delberate act and I wager that many of you feel the same way (I still believe that Flight TWA 800 in 1996 was an act of terrorism).
It occurred to me in November that co-pilot Gameel el-Batouty may have pulled a "Jim Jones" on the passengers of EgyptAir Flight 990. Anytime a suicide bomber kills himself or herself and as many other prople as possible in the vicinity for a group like Hamas, for example, it is mass murder/suicide in the name of religion. Although the religion Islam is obviously not a cult, the terrorist organs that consider themselves to be fulfilling Islam's work are not unlike cults. Crash-diving into the Atlantic Ocean with a cargo of 217 human lives is just as suicidal as serving drinks from a large kettle of poison Kool-Aid. Still, since this was not the work of a true religious cult (like the Manson family, Heaven's Gate, Jim Jones, Aum Shinri Kyo, the Branch Davidians, etc.), I can only give it a "close" rating.


Base 7 Predictions Failed
Algerian fundamentalists will begin the overthrow of the government in January or December 1999, leading to the establishment of an Islamic state.
Another year of terrorism and the emergence of a new, pro-Western president. Not even close.
Israel will be condemned by the UN Security Council for actions taken against Palestinian or Lebanese civilians in January 1999.
Fallout from the dreaded Middle East war of autumn 1998 that never happened. The prediction never appeared as a presentation on this page, but is on file and was listed as a "failure" on the Predictions Fulfilled in 1998-99 page.
UPDATE (12/19/00): This came close to happening a few months ago, but the U.N. fell short of an actual condemnation. The clock is still ticking.
Sudden appearence of new major musical icons who will visit Britain or America in February 1999. An alternative possibility is that the Beatles will regroup and release a new smash album featuring new, original music.
This one never was presented on this page, but is on file as a prediction. It never happened either.
Possible end to US and British airstrikes on Iraqi no-fly zones in March 1999.
Must have been wishful thinking -- I cannot see a precedent in base 7 for having predicted this one in the first place. On file.
China tests medium-range missiles or long-range ICBMs in May 1999.
The prediction never appeared as a presentation on this page, but is on file and was listed as a "failure" on the Predictions Fulfilled in 1998-99 page.
Osama bin Laden or other terrorists will carry out a major act of terrorism in June 1999.
Security was high in Africa, Pakistan, and other places around the world in anticipation of an attack by bin Laden; however, nothing occurred.
There will be a naval or missile attack by China or North Korea on US warships in the East China Sea or in the Sea of Japan in August 1999.
I suspect the 'Gulf of Tonkin' incident I feared might occur in the Pacific in August happened instead, of all places imaginable, at the Chinese embassy in Belgrade in May.
A major comet will appear in April/May or August 1999.
Comets Lee and Lynn were far too dim to be seen with the naked eye.
Iraq and Syria will attempt to form a new U.A.R. (United Arab Republic) in December 1999.
This may still happen someday, but did not in 1999. If it should happen in 2000 it will be an adjacent fulfillment.
Moammar Gadhafi will declare war on Italy and NATO, launching a chemical attack against Malta in December 1999.
In light of Moammar Gadhafi's denounciation of terrorism during a visit in early December by Italian Premier Massimo D'Alema, it seems most unlikely that the Libyan dictator will be launching an attack on Malta anytime soon.



1999 Retrospective: Presentations from Last Year


1999 was my first year on the web. When I first went live in the early spring, the NATO war in Yugoslavia (which I had accurately predicted well over a year earlier) was already in progress.

What follows are eleven other critical or controversial presentations of predictions and interpretations as they appeared on this page throughout the year (for the exception of two "emergency" predictions, one dated 9/7/99 and a New Year's prediction which debuted on 12/8/99). One of these, predicted for December 1999, has only now been properly fulfilled. Some editing, for purposes of economising space, has been neccessary.

Balkans Earthquake or Greco-Turkish War?




Greek and Turkish warships in the Aegean



IZMIT UPDATE (8/24/99): Calculated by the base 7 system to occur in March or May 1999, I now consider this prediction to be CLOSE. On August 17, 1999, a 7.8 earthshock killed 13,000 people and injured another 45,000 in north-western Turkey. The temblor's epicenter was near Izmit, a city 65 miles east of Istanbul. Some of the casualties also occurred in the nearby town of Golcuk. It is considered to be the worst earthquake to strike the Balkan region of Turkey during this century. An upsurge in Kurd terrorism inside of Turkey during the spring was also part of the original prediction. PKK-sponsored terrorism reached its worst levels since 1993 between February and August 1999 (especially in the month of March).

ATHENS UPDATE (9/7/99): A Greco-Turkish war or major earthquakes striking both Turkey and Greece close together. The latter alternative has now been FULFILLED in August and September 1999 -- two to three months later than the March/May vector. Corinth and Ephesus have been and are indeed 'swimming in two seas' -- reeling from the destruction and helping one another. The Athens quake, a 5.9 on the Richter scale, was the most powerful to hit Greece since 1981. It was the most powerful and destructive temblor to strike Athens itself since 1914. There are currently 83 people dead and over 2000 injured.

Iran at the Crossroads: Deadly Riots in Iran between pro-Khatami and anti-Khatami Demonstrators




Iranian President Mohammad Khatami visits ItalyIran, for the time being at least, is under a more benign leadership than in the past. President Mohammad Khatami, elected in May 1997, is attempting to forge closer ties with the West and has called for dialogue with the United States. Sadly, the US seems reluctant to seize the olive branch. Much worse, clerical hard-liners under the control of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei seem intent on undermining, and possibly overthrowing, Khatami's government.


Hard-line mullahs and their supporters may vie for power with President Mohammad Khatami throughout 1999. It is possible that their campaign to overthrow him will succeed by February 2000. Days of massive and bloody rioting between pro-Khatami and anti-Khatami demonstrators could possibly occur in May/June 1999.

The Great Summer of Terror:

June 21-September 23, 1999

Massive Earthquake or Nuclear Attack Strikes Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle--Eruption of Mount Etna


(OCTOBER 16, 1999): 7.0 EARTHQUAKE RATTLES LOS ANGELES -- LOS ANGELES, Oct. 16 (AP) -- A magnitude-7.0 earthquake centered in the Southern California desert shook buildings from downtown Los Angeles to Las Vegas and San Diego early Saturday. There were no immediate reports of injuries, but there were scattered reports of damage, including an Amtrak train derailment and the rupture of a petroleum tank. The temblor struck three-and-half months after the June 1999 vector predicted below...


West coast city ablazeQuatrain 1.87

Earthshaking fire from the centre of the earth

Will cause the towers of the new city to tremble:

Two great rocks will war for a long time,

Then Arethusa will redden a new river.


According to America's "sleeping prophet," Edgar Cayce, much of the world will experience an escalation of major earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and tornadic activity between 1998 and 2001. Nostradamus echoes that presentiment in a number of quatrains. In this verse he appears to link the "big one" anticipated on the U.S. west coast with a later volcanic eruption that will dwarf Mt. Etna eruptionKrakatoa in magnitude. Alternatively, line 1 may be describing a nuclear attack on a west coast city, something that China is completely capable of carrying out. Arethusa was a Greek nymph whose statue stands in modern day Siracusa, suggesting that the west coast quake (or attack) will precede the eruption of Mt. Etna. The eruption will be so powerful that lava will flow as far as Siracusa, inundating the statue of Arethusa. The likeliest vectors for L.A., San Francisco, or Seattle, from a base 7 system standpoint, are June 1999, January 2001, or October 2003. How long after the "quake" Mount Etna will erupt is not known, but it will probably only be a matter of a few weeks or months.


UPDATE (10/16/99): A major earthquake in Seattle was calculated by the base 7 system to occur in June 1999. Such an event did take place on July 3, 1999 when a major temblor struck 70 miles south-west of Seattle, causing major damage, power outages, and some injuries. It was the worst quake the region had experienced in 34 years.

However, this 7.0 temblor dwarfs anything that has happened since the Northridge Quake in 1994. My base 7 numerological prediction for a major superquake striking Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle has now been FULFILLED. Two out of the three cities predicted above have been rattled by large quakes.

Fortunately, the nightmare scenario also described above by Nostradamus did not take place. It still awaits a future rendezvous. Miraculously, as was the case with the Mexico City quake last month, damage and casualties were light. However, this event serves as a warning -- and it could still be a foreshock. Another major tremor could strike again this year -- in San Francisco or one of the other two cities that have already been hit. Otherwise, the next vector for another, far more severe seismic occurrence is in January 2001.

UPDATE (10/19/99): Saturday's earthquake has been upgraded from a 7.0 to a 7.1. Had it been located a bit further to the west, the effects on Los Angeles would have been catastrophic. A new fault was created by the temblor that created a fissure 25 miles in length.

Regarding Nostradamus, I am reminded that he predicted "earthshaking fire from the centre of the earth will cause the towers of the new city to tremble." That is what happened. Steam still billows from the fissure cracked open by the fiery pressure deep below. The towering buildings of Los Angeles (and Las Vegas) rattled from the power of the superquake. The prophet does not say the "new city" will necessarily be destroyed.

Remember: I predict the location and time of earthquakes, NOT whether there will be casualties, and if so how many, or the extent of property damage. California was spared this time. If Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the Book of Revelation are to be believed the western US coast will one day run out of luck.

Danger from China and North Korea




North Korean leader Kim Jong IlChinese President Jiang ZeminDuring the Korean War of 1950 - 1953, North Korea and China were military allies. They may be again this year. In June 1999, one or both of these countries could begin a war in the Pacific. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il may invade South Korea or China may turn territorial. Taiwan, the Spratly Islands, Tibet, and islands claimed by both China and Japan are all potential flash points for Chinese military aggression; but first and foremost is the island of Taiwan. Which nation will strike out first, North Korea or China, is impossible to say. It is also possible that neither will go to war with a neighbor, but may provoke an incident with U.S. warships later in the summer.

The Great King of Terror:

Before and After


The Great King of Terror: Bill Clinton


Bill Clinton and Bombing of Belgrade

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein







UPDATE (7/31/99): This is the prediction that I always knew would "make or break" Nostradamus' reputation once and for all. If Nostradamus had failed with this prophecy, I was going to dismiss his "findings" and utterly banish his books from my personal library. This site would then have concentrated completely on my base 7 numerological predictions. However, even if nothing especially terrifying occurs during the next three months of 1999, I have concluded that his timing, at least in regards to July, has been close enough.

Nostradamus never specified where his "great King of terror" would strike, but most commentators down the ages have believed France or, if not France, somewhere else on the European continent. Thus far it would appear that this prophecy was fulfilled between March 24 and June 20, 1999 during Operation Allied Force. The "great King" was President Bill Clinton and, in a larger sense, NATO, and the "terror" was the 78 days of non-stop bombing of modern European cities like Belgrade in Yugoslavia. Skeptics may sneer, but the prophecy warns of "terror" from the sky -- not "mass death" that will kill millions of people.

Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic brought the terror down upon his head and those of his fellow Serbs, even upon the Montenegrins, Kosovar Albanians, and Chinese diplomats. The terror ended in 1999 six month; thus, if July was indeed intended, Nostradamus was only off by a factor of several weeks (the prophet of Provence has done this sort of thing before: in Quatrain 7.13 he predicted Napoleon Bonaparte's reign would last five months less than it actually did).

Also at this writing, the US and Britain have been reigning down terror upon northern and southern Iraq since December 28, 1998, killing 109 Iraqi civilians and injuring hundreds more during 66 days of attacks in a war which has gone on largely unreported, eclipsed by events elsewhere in the world.


The Great King of Terror: Vladimir Putin


Russian President Vladimir Putin Russian rocket launchers Grozny Bombing Aftermath



FINAL UPDATE (1/6/00): Things have gone from bad to appalling in the northern Caucasus. Thousands of Chechen civilians lie dead in fields, streets, homes, and hospitals. Grozny has been turned to rubble from frequent bombardments and the threat of total immolation hangs over it and its citizens. Over 300,000 refugees -- mostly women and children -- have fled to Ingushetia and other regions north of Chechnya. Over 40,000 are believed to be hiding in the ruins and basements of the capital, still under a protracted and viscious attack. Women have reported that their men have been detained in captured towns and cities and in some instances executed in actions reminiscent of the ethnic-cleansing process practised by the Serbs upon Kosovar Albanians. In nearly four months the Russian military has created more horror and destruction in Chechnya than had ever occurred during the 1994-96 war.

The Russian military, under the command of acting president Vladimir Putin, has now been raining down terror and death from the sky for 111 days. The Caucasus war has now surpassed the 78-day NATO operation in Yugoslavia in length by over a month. The seventh Julian month of Nostradamus has long since passed, but the horror being carried out by Moscow, instead of winding down, continues to escalate. Russia has even been accused of attempting the genocide of one million people by such prominent individuals as US former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. Comparisons between Russia's onslaught against Chechnya and the NATO operation against Serbia no longer have any similarity, experts agree. What is happening in the Caucasus is much worse: wholesale and indiscriminate slaughter and enforced exile into brutal winter conditions of an entire nation's population. It is, it seems, a nightmare without end -- one that threatens to bring dangerous instability to the balance of power between the world's mightiest nuclear nations.


Here is the infamous 1999 quatrain in its entirety:



In the year 1999 and seven months,

From the sky will come a great King of terror.

The great king of Angoumois (France) will be resuscitated,

Before and after Mars (or War?) reigns by good fortune.




Line 1:

The phrase l'an mil neufs cens nonante neuf sept mois ("1999 and seven months") was almost universally interpreted as meaning July 1999. A few individuals, such as Stephan Paulus (1996), author of Nostradamus 1999, translated it as "1999 September month" (the argument being that sept was an abbreviation for September). However, Nostradamus used the Julian calendar and like many of his day considered the March equinox to be the beginning of the year. Whether or not he forsaw the advent of the Gregorian calendar (the calendar we use today) is uncertain. Applying the Julian system to this quatrain, he almost certainly would have counted seven months from the March equinox, leading him to the month of October -- making "1999 and seven months" October 1999 for us.

Example: The prophet of Provence calculated in Julian fashion in Quatrain 1.24,dating the Battle of Waterloo as occurring in the "third month." The third month following March in Julian reckoning is June. Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo on June 18, 1815.

Line 2:

It is and has been my belief (since October 1997) that this is a quatrain that is open to all sorts of self-fulfillment. In my May 1, 1998 manuscript of Nostradamus and the Final Age, I argued that if line 2 had been written as "1991 and 1 month" that the "great King of terror" would have been either President George Bush (to the Iraqis) or Saddam Hussein (to the Israelis and Saudis). It is for that reason thatwhile many see line 2 as describing a nuclear attack, one must not rule out conventional air strikes of cities.

Nostradamus never specified where his "great King of terror" would strike, but most commentators down the ages believed it would be in France or, if not France, somewhere else on the European continent. Thus, it very much appeared at the time that this prophecy was fulfilled and completed several weeks prematurely at the conclusion of Operation Allied Force which ran between March 24 and June 20, 1999. If nothing else comparable had occurred for the remainder of the year then the "great King" would have been President Bill Clinton and, in a larger sense, NATO, and the "terror" would have been the 78 days of non-stop bombing of modern European cities like Belgrade in Yugoslavia.

However, as the seventh Julian calendar month (October) was nearing, Russia began a viscious air campaign against Chechnya in revenge for terrorist bombings in Moscow that killed 300 people. Now thousands of civilians lie dead from Russian aerial attacks or are being executed. Over 300,000 refugees -- mostly women and children -- have fled to neighbouring Ingushetia and other regions to the north.

Line 3:

Until the Second World War, and even as recently as the early 1960s, most commentators believed "Angolmois" was an anagram of Angoumois, a department in southwestern France. Angoumois thus functions as a synecdoche for the nation of France, indicating that a new French monarchy will be established a few years after 1999 (in 2002). Since 1993, I have held the opinion that this new monarch will be the current French president, Jacques Chirac (at that time still the Mayor of Paris). More on this on the The Early 21st Century: 2002 page.

Since the time Erika Cheetham published her first book on Nostradamus (1973), more and more commentators have been translating Chinese President Jiang Zemin"Angolmois" as an anagram of "Mongolois" (the Mongols). This would tend to link the rise to power of a great Eastern or Central Asian leader, probably from China or Kazakhstan, to the air attack by "the great King of terror." It is even possible that Nostradamus is identifying Chinese leader Jiang Zemin as "the great King of the Mongols." Given the nuclear threat posed to Japan, Taiwan, the western United States and US allies in the Pacific by Chinese missiles, a nuclear attack on the US in late winter or early spring 2000 is a distinct possibility. Actually, we have already been down this road before: China threatened to launch a nuclear strike against Los Angeles in March 1996 when the U.S. began moving warships into the East China Sea while Bejing conducted war games in the Strait of Taiwan.

I believe it is possible that "Angolmois" is a pun and indicates both a resurrection of the French monarchy and the rise of a dangerous and militant China.

Line 4:

Because Mars was the Roman god of war, for many Nostradamians this line describes conditions of warfare existing both before and after the attack "from the sky" in line 2. However, it is also possible that the prophet had the Red Planet itself in mind when weaving together this prediction.

Roughly every two years, Mars is in opposition to the earth. Its closest approach to earth occurs every 15 to 17 years, when Mars is at its brightest and most distinct. The last few times this occurred was in May 1988 and July 1971. The next time Mars will be at its absolute brightest will be August 27, 2003. Its closest opposition this year will occur on April 24. It will remain an imposing sight throughout the summer of 1999, although not as much so as in 2001 and 2003. The reign of notable Mars oppositions began in March 1997 when Comet Hale-Bopp put on its own spectacular display. The reign will end in 2005, after which Mars will become considerably dimmer.

Ironically, 1997 was also the beginning of the current era of numerous Mars missions (kicked off by the Pathfinder-Sojourner mission in July) scheduled to continue into the middle of the next decade. Humanity is currently as obsessed with the Red Planet as it once was with the moon.

If Nostradamus was implying that the various Mars missions would enjoy "good fortune" during the 1997 - 2005 period, he is thus far correct. (Mini-update 12/7/99: It appears NASA's "good fortune" or luck has just run out -- MM).

If Nostradamus was setting the parameters of the ongoing world crisis using the brightest oppositions of Mars as a clue, then the crisis began in 1997 and will not end until 2005. The Iraqi Weapons Crisis (the first of many) started on October 29, 1997. The Kosovo Crisis erupted on February 28, 1998. There has been little peace (or peace of mind) in the world since these dates. Kosovo evolved into a war between NATO and Yugoslavia in late March. Russia began a horrendous war in Chechnya in late September -- one which threatens to spread thoughout the Caucasus.

Finally, Mars in the role as the God of War indicates he will reign "by good fortune" before and after the coming summer of terror. Could this mean that the current world crisis and a possible third World War will be managed without resorting to the use of weapons of mass destruction? The suggestion is that no matter how badly things appear to be going, they will never reach the level of an actual "Armageddon." The "good fortune" too may indicate that war will be fought with favourable results for the forces of good.

The following presentation was based in part on a bold assessment by Lee McCann (1941) regarding numerous apocalyptic events that would occur during what she called the "double eclipse" of 1999. Although I dismissed most of her projections, I did believe that events described in Quatrain 8.15 might occur during the July/August eclipse period.

Two Weeks of Panic and Dread:

Partial lunar eclipseJuly 28 - August 11, 1999Total solar eclipse



At least three distinctly different and dangerous conflicts will be occurring concurrently by the summer of 1999. However, according to Quatrain 8.15 (see below) events will become extremely perilous between July 28 and August 11, 1999.



Russia at War with NATO




US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

Could Secretary of State Madeleine Albright be the "masculine woman" of Quatrain 8.15 who vexes the world by urging NATO and the United States to go to war against Russia?



Russia at War with the U.S.


Nostradamus also discusses a resulting U.S.-Russian showdown in the following verse:


Russian attack on BudapestQuatrain 2.90

Through life and death the rule in Hungary will change,

The law will become more bitter than servitude:

Their great city calls out with pleas and howls,

Castor and Pollux (U.S. and Russia) are enemies in the field.


Hungary itself will become a battlefield. Should Russia ally itself militarily with Yugoslavia, Budapest will not only pose a threat to Belgrade as a NATO nation, but it will have strategic significance to Moscow as a direct route to supply and aid the Serbs. It could well end up being in Russia's interests to conquer and forcibly re-annex Hungary -- something it will also probably attempt to do in Poland and the Czech Republic. How bitter the fighting between the U.S. and Russia will be is not indicated.

If the worst case scenario occurs, the United States and Russia will be destroyed during a total thermonuclear exchange. Many cities in other key NATO countries, such as Germany, Britain, and France, may also be devastated.

Should events in the near-term indicate that the U.S. and Russia are moving towards the brink of such a nightmare scenario, I would advise an immediate return to the policy of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). It was MAD, after all, which kept the Cold War from becoming hot.

Having said that, I should point out that base 7 numerology does not support a scenario wherein the United States and Russia go to war with each other for any reason in 1999. Only Quatrain 8.15 indicates the possibility that this will happen, and the basis for that interpretation rests entirely upon the credibility of commentator Lee McCann (1941). However, I should point out that McCann's three other datings of Nostradamus' quatrains have all been bull's-eyes.

To view a personal vision by me that may relate to this event, open a Dream Window.

The last numerological vectors for a U.S.-Russian war beginning were October 1997 (the first Iraqi crisis began October 29, 1997, and Yeltsin threatened the U.S. with war in February 1998) and November 1998 (Russia threatened the U.S. with war if NATO bombed Kosovo in October 1998; instead Slobodan Milosevic agreed to a "cease-fire" on October 12). An accidental nuclear war is possible in January or October 2000. The next potential base 7 vectors for an intentional conflict between Russia and the U.S. do not show up again until October 2001 and September 2004 (over war in the Middle East).


Castor and Pollux: Clinton and Yeltsin?


Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin at March 1997 Helsinki SummitIn one other quatrain, 2.15, Nostradamus appears to be describing a seaport summit between the mythological twins, Castor and Pollux. Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton did meet in Helsinki, Finland. The "comet summit" was held March 1997 when Comet Hale-Bopp was high and bright in the northwestern sky. Both men have experienced various crises over the course of their chequered political careers almost simultaneously. Both men have defied the doom-sayers time and again by weathering each political or foreign policy storm. If Castor and Pollux truly are Yeltsin and Clinton, and not simply Russia and America, then this indicates that both men will still be in power in August 1999. This has additional relevence since Quatrain 4.82 states that Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, will be incinerated by a Northern leader Nostradamus calls "the old Destroyer."


Castor and Pollux: Yeltsin and Lukashenko?


Quatrain 2.15

A short time before a monarch is slaughtered

Castor and Pollux (U.S. and Russia) in the ship, a bearded star,

Public treasure emptied on land and sea,

Pisa, Asti, Ferrara, Turin (northern and eastern Italy), land under interdict.


I originally believed that the "bearded star" was Comet Hale-Bopp (March/April 1997) and that the "monarch" who was slaughtered shortly afterward was Princess Diana, "the people's monarch" (August 1997). Line 2 I attributed to the Helsinki Summit (March 1997), line 3 to the chaos in Albania which resulted from the economic disaster spawned by a failed government pyramid-scheme, and line 4 to the ramming of an Albanian refugee ship by an Italian warship in the Adriatic (80 Albanians were killed) and the turning away of a mass influx of Albanian refugees by Italy (March/April 1997).

Even if this interpretation is correct, one other perspective must still be added to the riddle of Castor and Pollux. The heavenly twins that are currently overhead in the northern sky in the constellation Gemini may symbolise two countries other than the U.S. and Russia. On April 2, 1997, when Comet Hale-Bopp was at its brightest magnitude, Russian President Boris Yeltsin and President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus forged a political union based on economic and military cooperation. President Yeltsin made the following remark after the signing ceremony: "I am confident of success in our endeavor. Let there be good sailing to our big common ship" ("Castor and Pollux in the ship").

Therefore, Castor and Pollux may be Russia and Belarus ("big Russia" and "little Russia"). If so, then Quatrain 2.90 could mean that Russia and Belarus will forge an alliance with Yugoslavia against NATO. It could also mean that Belarus and Russia will have a falling out and go to war over the status of neighboring Hungary, which Alexander Lukashenko declared a menace to Belarussian national security a few months ago before it officially joined NATO.

It is still possible that Quatrain 2.15 has yet to be fulfilled. The "bearded star" may be a comet I believe will arrive by August 1999 or October 2000. The reference to "Castor and Pollux in the ship" may indicate a massive naval buildup of Russian and U.S. forces in the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas and the Persian Gulf. The troubles in Italy could indicate that the Balkans conflict will spread westward.

The next several presentations that appeared on this page, beginning with one dated August 11, expressed confusion over the relative calm of the eclipse period and speculation about the relevance of a Russian military operation in Dagestan that began on August 4. Then, one month after the August 11 eclipse, I finally arrived at the following conclusion:

Two Weeks of Panic and Dread?-- Hardly!

Partial lunar eclipseJuly 28 - August 11, 1999Total solar eclipse


(9/11/99): Thank you Nostradamus commentator Lee McCann (1941) and especially those who have followed in your footsteps, modifying your initial interpretation! Your two-week season of terror was not accompanied by the destruction of "old Europe," worldwide earthquakes, an invasion of Hungary and "the North," the Church schismatic with Rome ablaze, or the creation of the "great empire of Antichrist" (although I do believe that all of these events will occur eventually -- some sooner and some later). After 58 years of anticipation and debate by scores of Nostradamians, the only thing correct about your vision of Quatrain 8.15 and the "double eclipse" period was...that there would be a partial eclipse of the moon on July 28 and a total eclipse of the sun on August 11.

Greetings supreme Nostradamus authority John Hogue! Here's hoping you and Paco Rabanne are having a good time commiserating over a bottle of cheap port. Rome and the Vatican in flames! The Battle of Armageddon! The Mir crashing into Paris! All on August 11! Indeed.

Seriously, all kidding aside, I may not have believed that all of the above events would occur during the July 28 - August 11 period, but I did expect something would happen -- and I'll wager that many of you thought so too.

This is not the first time people have been fooled by an over-publicised astronomical event. In 1979, authors John Gribben and Stephen Plagemann frightened the world half to death with a book entitled The Jupiter Effect. A rare planetary alignment was to occur in March 1982, exerting a tremendous gravitational tug-of-war upon the earth, causing powerful and unprecedented earthquakes, super-hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions to occur worldwide. Bible prophecy scholar Hal Lindsey even got into the act, announcing that 1982 would begin the dreaded seven-year era of Tribulation. The celestial alignment appeared then quietly dissipated after a few weeks. Our earth, of course, paid no notice of the event -- not even a slight shudder.

The next alignment that has been designated by prophecy documentaries and authorities for us to await in dread occurs on May 5, 2000. The earth will supposedly be knocked off its axis on that day. Well, keep trying and you will eventually get it right, gentlemen.

However, the military operation in Dagestan began spreading to Chechnya in September. The material that followed the above remarks led to a robust assessment of Quatrain 8.15.

Danger of Sudden Death for "More" or "F"


Unknown female celebrityUnknown male celebrityAccording to base 7, in July 1999 a male or female celebrity, probably from the world of music or film, may die suddenly and unexpectedly. This individual will likely be young and could have a major cult following. Public disclosure of a serious illness such as AIDs or cancer by a young celebrity is also a possibility, although it appears that this already occurred in November 1998 (Michael J. Fox -- Parkinson's Disease). If this disclosure was an example of an adjacent fulfillment, then this prediction may no longer be valid. However, premature heart failure or a drug overdose should not be ignored.

It should also be kept in mind that there is a 50% chance that this event may occur between one and two-and-a-half months either side of the July vector (April/June or August/October). Remember, I predicted that Frank Sinatra was in danger of dying from heart disease in August 1998. Instead, he died over two months in advance of that vector, on May 15, 1998.

Unfortunately, unlike the case of Princess Diana, Nostradamus provides no clues to the identity of this personality. Only numerology can be used as an aid to uncover such clues. Someone whose first or last name has the "More" sound may be at very high risk (rock star Jim Morrison died in Arlington, VA 28 years ago [4 x 7] in July 1971). Base 7 also suggests a set of potential initials: J.M. (reversed, this already gives us M.J. [Michael J.] Fox), A.M., V.M., D.M. J.S., or any letter combined with the letter F (for example M.F. or C.F.). In the case of the initials, the "More" sound does not necessarily have to be in evidence.

Unless the cause of the problem is congenital in nature, it is most likely that overwork, excessive dieting and exercise, and/or excessive use of alcohol or drugs will contribute to an untimely death. Anyone who feels that they may fit this profile has it in his or her power to avoid this tragic outcome by seeking medical advice now and cease engaging in the activities mentioned above. Although there is a 23% chance that nothing like this will occur in 1999, the danger exists. It is better to be safe than sorry.



UPDATE (5/4/99): The community of Moore, Oklahoma is one of several regions in Oklahoma and Kansas devastated by super-tornadoes. The deadly influence of "More" has now destroyed a town by that name -- will it attack a celebrity with the "More" sound in his or her name next?


UPDATE (5/17/99): I have just discovered that the town where actress Dana Plato died on May 8, 1999, was MOORE, Oklahoma. She was there with her fiance visiting his parents when she took a pain-killer with a Valium and died while napping. I did not know of Ms. Plato and seldom watched "Diff' rent Strokes" -- I have been watching cable television almost exclusively since 1986. Still, I am sorry to read of her passing. I don't know whether the prediction above would have saved her life or not. It may be that my system of numerology clued me in on the name of the place where tragedy would hit rather than the name of a person. Still, I must continue to stress caution to anyone with the "More" sound in their first or last name throughout the remainder of 1999. I have also added another set of initials (D.M.) to the prediction. The "More" influence has already struck twice -- the town of Moore itself and as the town where Dana Plato died. I find this all very frightening. -- MM


UPDATE (5/22/99): According to the Associated Press, Dana Plato's death has now officially been ruled as a suicide. Lethal doses of Lortab and Soma were found in her body and it was revealed that she had prior suicidal tendencies. Prophecy has never, to the best of my knowledge, ever prevented anyone from taking his or her own life. Even if Ms. Plato had read the above warning regarding "More" (or the town of Moore where she chose to die), it is unlikely that she would have altered her secret plan for self-destruction. Again, I would continue to stress caution throughout 1999 to anyone with the "More" sound anywhere in their name or bearing the initials appearing above. I have added yet another set of initials (J.S.) -- MM



UPDATE (7/19/99): I warned of July. John F. Kennedy Jr. is now missing and presumed dead. I am shocked and saddened even though I was not all that familiar with JFK Jr. in his adult years. My last recollection of him was that of seeing him speak during a televison interview a year or two ago. I vaguely remember watching him unveil his magazine George back in 1995. It seems I caught a few glimpses of him on the rack on the covers of some magazines or tabloids at times when I was stopping off from work to fuel my car. My most enduring memories of him are those when he was a little child nicknamed "John John" by the media -- especially during the funeral of his father, the slain president John F. Kennedy. From all that I have heard and seen in recent days, he was a good and decent man -- and for what I have heard and seen I understand why those who knew him better grieve so deeply for him today.

It is July 1999 -- the vector of greatest peril predicted above. JFK Jr., and his wife, Carolyn Bessette, and his sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette, are presumed dead. Their small plane took off from Fairfield, NJ and crash-dived into the ocean enroute to Martha's Vineyard on the night of July 16, 1999. They were all quite young -- JFK at 38, Carolyn only 33, and Lauren, age 35. Before his marriage to Carolyn in 1996, he was dubbed "the sexiest man alive." Certainly among the female community he had a major following. And as a Kennedy, JFK Jr. was a beneficiary of the cult worship and mystique associated with his famous family name. Kennedy and the Bessettes died suddenly and unexpectedly, but it may be days, weeks, or never before we find out what actually happened aboard the plane prior to the fatal crash. There is yet to be an official cause of death, as silly as that may sound on the surface. Was there a problem on board? Many aviation experts are puzzling aloud about the extreme rapidity of the plane's descent. It seems, for now, there are only theories. It is a tragedy of tremendous magnitude -- much greater than the tragedy I feared might occur this month. There are pictures of a faceless female and a faceless male above. Both, as it turns out, were doomed. Both now have faces.

I am truly sorry that this site was not able to somehow prevent this sad turn of events.


"More" and "F" Presentation (1999)



No image available.   JFK Jr and wife Carolyn Bessette
Prediction: The 'F' hurricane has formed. It is called Floyd. Watch it carefully. Also, throughout the season, state of Florida; Ft. Lauderdale; Fayetteville, NC; New cities (New York, New Bedford, etc.); East Coast beware.

September 16, 1999: North Carolina, as far west as Fayetteville, New Jersey, and New York City were most adversely affected by Floyd (along with Virginia and Pennsylvania).

October 15, 1999 -- The east coast of Florida was severely battered by the surprise hurricane Irene. Ft. Lauderdale was worst hit by flood and death to six by electrocution.

  Prediction: In July 1999 a male or female celebrity may die suddenly and unexpectedly. He or she will be young. Base 7 suggests a set of potential initials: J.M., A.M., V.M., D.M. J.S., or any letter combined with the letter F.

July 16, 1999: Male and female celebrities JFK Jr. and his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, along with Bessette's sister, Lauren Bessette, died suddenly and unexpectedly after Kennedy's small plane took off from Fairfield, NJ and crash-dived into the ocean enroute to Martha's Vineyard.

Services were held at the Church of St. Thomas More.


Monster tornado hits Moore, OK


Dana Plato

May 4, 1999: The worst F5 tornado in history wreaks destruction on the town of Moore, Oklahoma   May 8, 1999: Dana Plato commits suicide in Moore, Oklahoma


Race car driver Greg Moore   Actor Dudley Moore
October 31, 1999: Canadian race car driver Greg Moore dies in racing accident.   November 18, 1999: Actor Dudley Moore reveals he has Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), an often terminal brain illness.


Hi-Yo Silver, Away!

"Lone Ranger" Star Clayton Moore Dead at 85


Actor Clayton Moore

Actor Clayton Moore
December 28, 1999 --WEST HILLS, California (CNN) -- Clayton Moore, the actor forever identified with the Lone Ranger character, died of a heart attack Tuesday morning at West Hills Hospital, about 20 miles north of Los Angeles. He was 85.

Moore played the Lone Ranger from 1949 to 1951, riding his trusty horse Silver and accompanied by his faithful American-Indian friend Tonto as the pair brought law and order to the Old West in every half-hour episode. When he sat out a contract dispute with the producers, actor John Hart took over the role for two years. But Moore completed the show's run until it was canceled in 1957.

The Lone Ranger and Silver

The Lone Ranger and Silver

Well, what can I say? I thought he was already dead.

Clayton Moore's days may have been numbered by the "More" influence, but there is no tragedy in a life lived long and well.


American Hostage Was Last Casualty of 'MORE'
Influence in 1999

Lone American Hostage of Indian Airline Hijacking, Jeanne Moore, Returns to US


Jeanne MooreJanuary 4, 2000 -- LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The sole American hostage on the hijacked Indian Airlines jet returned to California Tuesday. Jeanne Moore, 53, who was among the 155 passengers held on the plane for eight days, arrived at Los Angeles International Airport aboard a Lufthansa flight. Airline spokeswoman Maria Soler said Ms. Moore was tired and left the terminal with her son through an alternate route to meet her family outside the airport. She did not meet with reporters. Her Indian Airlines flight from Nepal to New Delhi was hijacked on Dec. 24, and the hostages were freed December 31. Ms. Moore's parents said they were anxious to see her.

"I'll be so glad to see her, and love her a lot," her 85-year-old mother, Marie Redding, said Monday from her Burbank home. Her father, Harold Redding, 86, said: "She travels quite frequently and she wanted us to go along with her on this particular trip, but we couldn't get away. Our health couldn't stand the rigors." Ms. Moore lives in Bakersfield, where she teaches disabled children.

Despite a terrifying and potentially deadly experience in a drama played out for nearly a week, this story has a happy ending for one MORE at least.

Major Volcanic Eruption near Mexico City


DECEMBER 19, 2000 -- EVACUATION COMPLETE AS MEXICO VOLCANO SPEWS ASH -- LARGEST ERUPTION OF POPOCATEPETL SINCE 800 A.D. -- SANTIAGO XALITZINTLA, Mexico (CNN) -- Blotting out the sun, smoke from an ancient Mexican volcano filled the skies on Tuesday over Santiago Xalitzintla, where only a handful of residents remained in the town situated about 64 kilometers (40 miles) southeast of Mexico City. The airport in the town of Puebla remained closed, and authorities warned on Tuesday -- a day after the Popocatepetl volcano erupted in a spectacular show of nature's force -- that the crisis wasn't over. Many of the 41,000 residents of the highest-risk zone who earlier had refused to leave decided that finally, it was time to go. President Vicente Fox visited residents at shelters on Tuesday, urging calm. The volcano hurled a cloud of ash two-and-a-half miles high, but it appeared to be blowing away from Mexico City. Residents of Mexico City, which has a population of 20 million, are concerned about a potential ash fall. Fox said on Monday that "no major atmospheric effects are expected over large cities." The volcano "Popo," as it is known locally, was inactive from 1927 to 1994, when there was a moderate eruption. Since then it has been increasingly active, sending up smoke and ash columns. Monday's eruption was the volcano's largest since 800 A.D., when lava poured from its crater and filled nearby valleys, experts said. On Monday, slabs of molten rock, some with a diameter as big as 45 centimeters (1.5 feet), were shot some 200 meters (650 feet) into the sky above the volcano's crater, experts said. A 65-year-old man died from a heart attack during the molten shower, which lasted more than an hour. A second shower followed soon afterward.


The dust and debris kicked up by the eruption may affect weather patterns and possibly pollute the Gulf of Mexico and the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean. Base 7 dating: September 1999.


Mt. 'Popo' eruptsUPDATE: (12/19/00): Thus occurs the ADJACENT FULFILLMENT of this prediction, one calendar year removed. Already the most devastating eruption of Popocatepetl since 800 A.D., it remains to be seen whether a worse eruption will occur -- one that may have a profound affect upon weather patterns or cause atmospheric or water pollution.

This presentation, only a title and a single sentence, is an exact restoration of the original HTML which has been filed away since last year.

Major Hurricane Strikes East Coast of US




NEW PREDICTION: 9/7/99 -- It will be at least as bad as Hurricane Gloria and possibly worse than Andrew. It will probably not strike until late September 1999 or in October 1999. In any event, beware hurricanes with names beginning with letters 'F,' 'G,' 'J,' or 'M.' For example, if there should be a Hurricane Maureen in October (or something that sounds similar, something beginning in 'M')...evacuate or duck for cover!

UPDATE (9/9/99): The 'F' hurricane has formed. It is called Floyd. Watch it carefully. Also, throughout the season, state of Florida; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Fayetteville, NC; Long Island, NY; New cities (New York, New Bedford, etc.); East Coast beware.

UPDATE (9/17/99): When I posted the 9/7 prediction Dennis and Emily were the only hurricanes. When I posted the 9/9 update, Floyd had just been upgraded from a tropical storm to a hurricane. I had no way of knowing that the 'F' hurricane would become the largest category five storm of the century. Although Floyd will likely be remembered for its historical flood waters rather than its winds, it will also be remembered for causing the evacuation of three million people from the East Coast -- the largest peace-time evacuation in US history. The 'G' hurricane, Gert, at last report appears to be moving toward Bermuda. Again, caution is urged.

The original prediction (on disk) warned of another Andrew or Gloria devastating the East Coast of the US in September/October 1999. It appears that this has happened -- from flood damage. Unfortunately, I could not post the prediction until I split the 'End of the 20th Century: 1999 and 2000' page into a 1999 page and a 2000 page due to lack of space. Remain cautious -- even through November. I think another major and destructive hurricane may hit the US coast again, bringing destruction in the usual fashion -- from high wind damage (whether my remaining letters -- 'G', 'J' and 'M' -- are right or not).

UPDATE (10/17/99): The 'G' and 'H' hurricanes were fairly innocuous. 'I', Irene, has proven to be a minor catastrophe (is this the 'J' I anticipated? Or will the 'J' be more disastrous?). I warned of death and destruction to Florida and Ft. Lauderdale. Flooding and destruction came yesterday to southern and eastern Florida. Major flooding and death by electrocution and drowning to Ft. Lauderdale. The Carolinas brace for Irene at this hour...

Catastrophic Earthquake or Major Terrorist Attack Rocks Egypt


(NOVEMBER 22, 1999) -- NTSB AND EGYPTIAN GOVERNMENT ENGAGE IN COVER-UP. Today Egyptian officials working with the NTSB on the data flight and cockpit voice recorders announced that it may be a year or more before any conclusions can be drawn from the evidence. On November 16, US officials said that Egypt had raised objections in the EgyptAir case and plans to transfer the investigation to the FBI were put on hold until November 19. Obviously, such plans are now on hold indefinitely. Egyptian officials have taken complete control of the investigation. A co-pilot aboard EgyptAir 990 was heard to utter a brief prayer, loosely translated as "I put my fate in your hands," then turned off the autopilot and forced the jetliner into a fatal dive, sources familiar with the contents of the cockpit voice recorder told NBC News on November 15. Egypt is protesting this finding. (OCTOBER 11, 1999): EARTHQUAKE SHAKES CAIRO. Cairo, Egypt (AP) -- A 5.2-magnitude earthquake shook Egypt's capital Monday night, an official at the Helwan Observatory said. Police officials said they had no immediate word on casualties or damage from the tremor at about 10:40 p.m. (4:40 p.m. EDT). It lasted a few seconds. Residents in multistory buildings said they could feel the buildings shake. The epicenter was in the desert, 112 miles southeast of Cairo, the Helwan Observatory official told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. An earthquake with a magnitude of 5 can cause considerable damage.



UPDATE (11/2/99): It may be premature to call this an act of terrorism, but even if it is not it was a catastrophe for Americans and for Egyptians. Also, the previous month, on September 6, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was attacked by a would-be assassin. Cairo was also rocked by its only earthquake of the year (a 5.2) on October 11. Although casualties and damage were light (like LA and Mexico City) from the tremor, residents in multistory buildings said they could feel the buildings shake.

The timing is right for two of the three events: October 1999; the assassination attempt (domestic terrorism) was off by one month. The country is correct: Egypt. The events are correct or nearly correct: earthquake (correct) and international terrorism (correct or, if not, certainly a terrifying catastrophe).



According to investigators, the final words of the co-pilot of EgyptAir 990 included the following phrases "I have made my decision now," "I put my faith in the hands of God," and "now is the time we move into death."

EgyptAir 990 Radar Chart of Final SecondsWASHINGTON, November 17, 1999 (MSNBC and AP) -- New information from the flight data recorder Wednesday indicates a struggle for control in the final moments of EgyptAir Flight 990. Investigators paint a terrifying scenario: A tug-of-war between one pilot trying to save the plane and another who initiated the jet's dive.

Authorities working with the voice recorder Wednesday said Gameel el-Batouty, a reserve pilot, appeared to calmly ask to take his turn at the controls early. When the captain left the cockpit briefly, el-Batouty said a prayer and appeared to deliberately set the plane on its fatal course. El-Batouty was scheduled as a back-up pilot and not meant to fly until four hours into the flight, but instead he suddenly asked to take his turn shortly after takeoff — an unusual request, say pilots.

It was about 1:38 a.m. Within moments, el-Batouty replaced first officer Anwar in the right seat. About 10 minutes later, when el-Habashy is heard leaving to use the lavatory, el-Batouty was alone. That's when the chain of events began — the prayer, the dive, the last struggle for control and 217 deaths. The New York Times reported that just before the plane plummeted el-Batouty repeated an Arabic phrase that can mean "I entrust myself to God." Sources on Tuesday told NBC News the phrase had been loosely translated as, "I put my fate in your hands." On Wednesday, a law enforcement source quoted by The Associated Press added a new piece to the puzzle, translating the full phrase on the tape as, "I made my decision now. I put my faith in God's hands."

While disagreement remained over the meaning of the phrase, investigators say there is no doubt it was uttered at approximately the same time the jet's autopilot was turned off. The plane began a steep plunge from 33,000 feet just after that, regaining some altitude before dropping into the sea. Investigators said the pilot returned to the cockpit as the plane began its plunge and struggled to regain control of the jet. "Pull with me. Help me. Pull with me," el-Habashy said, according to the source quoted by the AP. The jet's two engines were effectively shut down during the dive, according to the cockpit data recorder.


Today Egyptian officials working with the NTSB on the data flight and cockpit voice recorders announced that it may be a year or more before any conclusions can be drawn from the evidence. For the NTSB, under pressure from the Egyptian government, to retract all previous statements regarding what was clearly heard by experts and dutifully reported by the media is unconscionable. There shall be no such retraction on this site. ALL other possible causes -- mechanical, weather-related, or otherwise -- of the crash of EgyptAir 990 have been eliminated. In light of the cockpit evidence, officials originally admitted there can be no other conclusion one can draw than a deliberate act by one of the individuals flying the plane. In light of the voice data, this was an act of suicide for reasons unknown or a form of terrorism similar to the suicide bomber variety practised by Hamas and Hezbollah.

This was a tragedy for Americans as well as Egyptians. 217 people of different nationalities died on board this craft. Yet again, only three years later, we see another TWA 800 style cover-up in progress. The Egyptian people may be offended by allegations of suicide, but allow me to remind them what their press was trying to pass off two years ago as fact: that Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed were murdered by the British Secret Service at the behest of members of the royal familiy. Many Egyptians expressed these preposterous views and now that one of their own is implicated in an unsavory scandal, they wish the US and the West to be silent. No, the allegations concerning co-pilot Gameel el-Batouty, which have substantial physical evidence to back them up, MUST STAND.

Earthquakes or Nuclear Attacks Plague Japan


APRIL 1, 2000 -- DATE, Japan (AP) -- JAPAN'S MOUNT USU VOLCANO ERUPTS FOLLOWING DAYS OF EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY -- A SECOND ERUPTION SPEWS MORE ASH ON EVACUATED JAPANESE VILLAGES -- A volcano in northern Japan erupted again on Saturday, a day after it roared to life and sent a spectacular plume of molten rock and ash billowing two miles above the crater and rolling down the snow-quilted slopes. Ash dusted silent, evacuated villages near Mount Usu following the major eruption Friday afternoon. The only other noise came from sirens screaming warnings and ambulances and police cars cruising in search of damage. Farther away from the volcano, people streamed into the streets and climbed to rooftops to watch the towering cloud that blossomed from the eruption. Some snapped photographs of debris that rose two miles high for over two hours. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries from either eruption. But more than 11,000 people evacuated from communities at Usu's base after the earth began rumbling earlier this week spent Friday night in rescue centers. Snow fell Friday evening, increasing concerns about mudslides in the lakeside resort area. Fears also remained that Usu could spew a deadly mix of gas and rocks -- called a pyroclastic flow -- that races down slopes and incinerates everything in its path. About 51,000 people live in the coastal city of Date -- pronounced Dah-tay -- and several smaller towns near Usu, located 475 miles north of Tokyo. Experts had predicted the eruption because of increased seismic activity that began earlier this week. After days of small but constant earthquakes and high-level warnings, many residents were ready. Almost immediately after the eruption, volcanic ash began to rain down on nearby towns. Residents downwind were soon enveloped by the pungent smell of sulfur.


Destruction of Japan or IndonesiaAccording to the base 7 system, Japan or Indonesia may be devastated by tremendous superquakes in December 1999. This may be the beginning of the process predicted by Edgar Cayce that will eventually lead to the nearly total destruction of Japan. However, since Japan has been designated as an enemy by North Korea, it is not impossible that the devastation predicted for the island nation may take the form of North Korean nuclear strikes by medium-range Taepo Dong missiles. The only other vectors for this cataclysmic event occurring are August 2001 and January 2002.


UPDATE: (4/2/00) -- I was quite surprised when I learned abbout the major earthquake in Indonesia which occurred quite close to the infamous volcano Krakatoa. Although the headline of my prediction emphasised Japan, as you can see in the body of the prediction's text I included Indonesia as an alternative to Japan for the site of a major earthquake in December 1999.

Mount Usu erupts - March 31, 2000However, now the prediction has been fulfilled much more satisfactorily. A week of earthquakes in Japan have finally culminated in a major volcanic eruption. The photo at right is not significantly different from the fictional photo I used above to dramatise this event, except that it occurred in daylight rather than at night. This is a somewhat unusual case of a prediction projected for one calendar year occurring instead during the following calendar year (what I call an "adjacent prediction"). However, I should also point out that the initial March 31, 2000 eruption of Mount Usu (and the week of temblors that preceded it) is only three months removed from the December 1999 vector. Today it was reported that it is far from certain that the eruptions thus far will be the last and that a more powerful explosion may still be imminent.

New Year's Prediction: Danger of Plane or Car Accident for Entertainer


Rick Nelson After a late show on December 30, 1985, rock legend Ricky Nelson and his band flew to Dallas. On route the captain reported smoke in the plane and made an emergency landing on a highway, but the plane burst into flames, Nelson and all on board were killed. Jewel PLAYING IT SMART.

November 22, 1999 -- ANCHORAGE, Alaska (CNN) -- Pop singer Jewel has canceled a New Year's Eve concert in her home state of Alaska, citing, among other things, worries over possible Y2K problems.

NEW PREDICTION: 12/8/99 -- There is a 71.4% chance that something like this will happen again on or near New Year's Eve 1999. But it need not occur in a plane crash -- a celebrity enroute to or from a party could just as easily be killed in a fatal car accident. As of yet I have no idea who might be at greatest risk and maybe will not. There is a small chance that the "More" or "F" influence may apply to this situation as might a premature fulfillment of the "Jean + Jean + Gia = Gina or Gia prediction. Lisa KudrowJewel is playing it smart. So too is actress Lisa Kudrow who has decided to party at home on New Year's Eve. But Y2K need not be to blame for any fulfillment of this prediction. New Year's Eve is a potentially dangerous and reckless time anyway. Many rock stars and entertainers traveling by air or by highway will be performing or partying on the final night of 1999 -- just like Rick Nelson 14 years ago.


Former Beatle George Harrison and Wife Stabbed by Intruder

December 30, 1999 -- LONDON (AP) -- Former Beatle George Harrison was hospitalized after being stabbed in the chest Thursday by an intruder who broke into his Oxfordshire mansion, according to his spokesman. Harrison, 56, and his wife, Olivia, were stabbed when an intruder broke into the house about 3:30 a.m. (0330 GMT) in Henley on Thames, about 25 miles (40 kms) west of London, said the spokesman, Geoff Baker. Both were hospitalized, with their condition "stable but in pain," he said. Thames Valley police said they were questioning a man in connection with the attack at the palatial Harrison estate, called Friar Park. Press Association, the British news agency, said Harrison and his wife grappled with the intruder, believed to be a 33-year-old Liverpool man, and that they apparently were able to detain him until police arrived. The Harrisons have lived at Friar Park, a former nunnery close to the center of historic Henley, for more than 20 years. Security at the walled estate is tight, and it was unclear how the man managed to enter the house.


I hope we can consider this a close call and that Mr. Harrison and his wife will make a full recovery. For all my concerns that danger lurked outside an endangered celebrity's home -- going to or coming from a live engagement or a party -- instead it stalked the Harrisons and entered their home in the form of an intruder, and quite nearly a murderer.
Again, this period appears to be extremely dangerous with less than two days to go before the New Year. Hopefully this is as close to a "Rick Nelson scenario" anyone will ever get.



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