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Princess Diana Sightings


Susan M
Subject: Princess Diana.
Date: Tuesday, April 5, 2011 4:36 PM
Could you please tell me if their have been any citings of Princess Diana?
Yours sincerely,
Susan M.

* * * * *

Dear Susan,
I think there have been only a few personal sightings (seen only by one person or two people) over the years since her death ... and not at Althorp either.
What I have been looking for are omens that her appearance as described by Nostradamus can actually happen. I consider the fiery apparition of Pope John Paul II to be one. Also the pink light near Westminster Abbey.


Quatrain 4.24
Heard beneath the sacred ground the faint voice of a lady,
Human flame for the divine voice shines:
It will cause the blood of the sole ones their blood to stain the earth,
And the holy temples of the impure ones destroyed.


However, what really needs to be seen are MASS SIGHTINGS of (preferably female) ghosts ... and NOT Marian apparitions either.
Late last year in Mexico an entire village saw the ghost of a young girl:
I have not yet had a chance to post this or discuss it.
I think there will be more of these sightings until the actual event. I hate to try to date the event (Nostradamus did not provide a dating clue), but this 31 August is the 14th anniversary of Diana's death ... and Wills and Kate Middleton are going to marry in April amid threats by anarchists to disrupt the proceedings. Note too the violence recently in London, including when Charles (who Diana wrote would have her killed) and Camilla were attacked. Could be, in part, the violence Nostadamus is alluding to in line 3.
Next year, of course, is the saturation point for humanity before the Mayan end of cycle date. Thus, I would focus on all mass paranormal events that may occur this year and next year ... as preliminary to Diana's apparition.
Yours truly,




Date: Friday, January 7, 2011 11:08 PM
* * * * *

I too have been thinking about this of late. There have been an increase in sightings of apparitions by large numbers of people and entire communities since last year ... and they have not been the usual Virgin Mary type sightings either, but of average people. This increase in paranormal sightings is one of the things I have been waiting for ... because I believe they will eventually give way to an appearance by a very famous individual. Of course Nostradamus' prophecy about the lady arising from her sacred burial ground, appearing as a flame, and speaking to the people, sounds like Diana to me. There are just too many Diana/Artemis quatrains (three of them dealing with a son who is a royal "prince") for it not to be Diana.
Also, this being the 14th (2 x 7) anniversary year of Diana's death, we should be watching for her. The number 2 is associated with the moon, and the ancient goddess Diana was a moon goddess. Why not also the modern one who died in 1997? Maybe they are one and the same ... Time is a great circle and everything that has ever happened or will ever happen may happen again, over and over, with slight variances each time around. 7 is the number of God and the number by which Time itself functions, by and large. So 2 x 7 years is something that may apply to Diana's death anniversary and her apparition appearance.
I do not think she will reincarnate yet, though. I don't know about 80 years .. I tend to think everyone is a little different and such incarnations will take long for some, not very long for others, and all that is between. But generally, I would agree with Casey, the younger the faster.
Due to the recent passage (1989-1998) of Pluto inside of Neptune's orbit, something that only happens for a period of nine years every 247.7 years, I believe we are the same type of generation that Nostradamus claims will face the real Armageddon in the year 2243 AD. That is why Madonna or Lady Gaga could really be the Whore of Babylon or a future King Charles the beast of Revelation. I suspect Obama is the immediate precursor of the beast, the "raiser of taxes" who appears in Daniel, Chapter 11. His is also the fatally wounded seventh head in Revelation from which the eighth (Charles?) shall ascend and go into perdition.
This means there is an incredible danger that, if things go very wrong, it will be our generation that faces the Apocalypse. As we have seen with the deaths of so many birds, fish, crabs, and other animals, we are being warned that Mother Earth has reached a threshhold of toxicity. I fear now she will call upon the powers of the cosmos, including Planet X, to aid her in cleansing herself of the toxins humanity have poisoned her with for so long ... and part of the cleansing process will involve the deaths of many human beings. However, if things go right, or as the Hopi Indians are advising, we return to the "lower path" and get off the "jagged path," this terrible period of tribulation will be deferred until the generation of the 2230s and 2240s.
It may not be too late for Diana to return in spirit form and advise the human race before she reincarnates. The more ghost sightings by large numbers of people, the more probable her appearance to us is being prepared.

Subject: more food for thought
Date:Saturday, January 8, 2011 12:45 AM
Hi Mike,
Thanks for the interesting info and for your thoughts on things ... I too, just feel something big is about to happen. Mother Earth, I don't believe could ever last till 2240 at the current rate of her destruction. So much is happening so fast. I grieve, in my heart for this beautiful planet. HAARP, I know, is playing a big part in the holographic apparitions. as well as the weather changes. Discernment is so very important right now.

Personally, I think biological testing is being done everywhere, which is what I think killed all the birds and fish. Maybe the new world order is kicking up their plans a notch since the chemtrails. Today, I heard hundreds of more dead turtledoves were found in Italy. Did you hear that the inner organs were liquefied in those birds! What? so sad....

I also believe that many races of negative (aliens) are here now ... and have been for many years, working with the world's military in the deep underground bases. Over 1000 bases link together underground and criss cross the planet. Can't say, I believe their agenda is to spiritually uplift the human race either. I believe they consider this planet a resource. I have spoken with Linda Moulton Howe, after her censored Discovery Channel segment. She has a lot to say, off record, regarding the weird animal mutilations that still occur all over. I also believe there will be some kind of discloser this year regarding E.T's . The pope has already made a statement that we should embrace our little space brothers ... I say, pound salt pontiff.

But, there are good E.T.'s. visiting, and observing, the crop circles have encoded messages of the changes that will take place in our DNA . but these 'off planets' don't abduct people, mutilate animals and interfere with freewill choice! Big difference..

I'm sure you've heard about Project Looking Glass and our government's time travel experiments that took place since the 50's. (Philadelphia Experiment being the forerunner) The mind control technology amassed in the last few years,is even more frightening. Yep, faith in the Creator Christ is MY armor of choice. I honestly don't understand the mind set these so called illuminati..with their 13 family bloodlines since of Templar days. I believe the pope and his Jesuit priests to be as evil as Charlie and the queen Mum. It never ceases to intrigue me why people crave power and control over others. Don't they get it that free will choice is mandated universal law?..that every soul is precious beyond measure? And, more importantly, that any deviation from those divine laws will always, eventually end it it's own moray bankruptcy and self destruction! I hear an Amen brother?

What do you know of the Hadron Collider. Ashayana Deane says, it's technology will play a part in the attempt at the pole shift in 2012. A last ditch effort by Lucifer to parasite or harness quantum force energy from the whole system...not just earth. She said something terrible happened to the sun in 2005 and that the earth is now in "emergency evac mode" Kind of interesting too, what is happening around the Gulf of Aden. Why all the warships? It's rumored the Annunaki are coming back through the stargate there. Planet X? Wormwood? They say that was the site of the first garden of eden.

Have you heard of or read the Urantia Book? I have always been a seeker, I find it contains much truth. My catholic upbringing left me with many unanswered questions and ... Well, I believe those who seek will find and we reap what we sow and that positive thoughts and deeds are the key to happiness. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.

Best to you,
* * * * *
Hi Sandra,

I agree that Mother Earth is going to take us on a very bumpy ride quite soon ... this year will reveal much of what little left is to come, but what will be will be so terrible. Yet out of the fires of destruction will come creation and healing, and out of chaos and disorder will come order. In order for the Earth to heal herself and rid herself of the toxins mankind has poisoned her with, she will need to call on the aid of the cosmos ... and that includes that giant vacuum cleaner in the heavens, Planet X!

Anyway, there will be survivors ... Mother Shipton tells us so. The first time PX passes there will be many survivors, but the Earth will still not be healed and the Gods will send the "dragon" back ... then there will be only a tiny band of survivors. It is this generation of survivors that will rebuild the world Nostradamus foresees continuing in peace for over 150 years, only to fall back into the ways of war and waste until the 49-year Night of Antichrist takes the humanity to the final precipice of Armageddon in 2243 ... or 2827. Yes, there are two possible outcomes even if we do depart from the current "jagged path" the Hopi say we are on ... and if Man chooses the latter, the peace will be much greater indeed (almost 800 years if we can but believe).

As for the aliens, we shall be seeing much of them soon and their various ships. But there are other things here, too. I have had dreams of these underground tunnels and tubes ... they are illuminated by a deep red lighting ... an I have seen military people moving through them, and I have seen slightly larger entities with them that can only be called demonic. Yet these demons take the same orders as the humans and some even wear special suits for the underground climate like the military personnel ... there is much activity going on down there and I sense panic over some pending castastrophe ... a need to hurry ...

I wrote an article in November of 2009 about the CERN Hadron Collider and the role it may have played in triggering the spiral blue light over Norway. A portal was opened either by accident or intention and something may have gotten through. But prophecy warns that one day an androgyne shall open the northern gate and through it shall pour forth the giborim and the raphaim to feast on the flesh of the living. There is more than one way to accomplish this, but the Hadron Collider is obviously one method, although darker arts would make this happen more effectively. If it happens, humanity may not survive it.

Only a return to the gods of old will save Man from such a fate ... perhaps it is best Diana return as an apparition, for she was once worshipped as a goddess in antiquity long before she took mortal form in 1961. I fear very much, however, that TPTB will use Project Bluebeam to create a phony Diana or some other NWO god ... a god that is not real but of man's making ...

Thanks for writing back.
Warm regards


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second time around perhaps?


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 8:49 AM
Subject: second time around perhaps?

please allow me to tell you a supposedly true account of an event which took place in the mid sixties, when i lived in south africa i met a man named micheal shaw ex rhodesian living in the town of uitenhage outside port elizabeth east cape, mike told me how his brother was working for the ian smith regeme udi talks in london with harold wilsons government he was the barrister for the smith party he ran rings around the british legal team so he was suddenly out of the scene he took a walk out of a bedroom window of the hotel where he was staying at the time but the daily express report on the story was rhodesain peter shaw sleep walked out of his hotel bedroom window and fell to his death as his brother told me he never sleep walked in his whole life he said why did this happen was he killed by the secret service to stop him embarressing harold wilsons diplomatic team did princess diana and dodi fayed find themselves in the same type of intrigue and ended up with a simalar outcome my friend mike shaw wants ten million copensation from the british government for the death of his brother can you help in the cause and dig deep for an answer and oblige thanks

* * * * *

Hi Alan,

I will try, although I believe you have the answer already.

MI6 recruits psychics, top scientologists who use astral projection to carry out assassinations and murders.

The 12 shadows eyewitnesses saw in the tunnel when Diana and Dodi hit the 13th pillar at the Place d'Alma were astral bodies of MI6 psychics, I suspect. One of them, or an actual agent at the end of the tunnel, stunned Henri Paul with an incredibly bright flash of light, causing him to lose control. But the psychic mind control exerted in the tunnel by "the 12 disciples" also affected his judgment.

They didn't have a chance.

Causing someone to sleepwalk to their death is an incredibly simple trick for a few especially strong-willed psychic minds to pull off, even from a great distance. It must be since there are already cases of people fully awake losing control of their legs and walking out into speeding traffic against their will.

Diana said Charles was going to kill her. Of course, he did not do it personally, but via top MI6 scientologists.

I know this may all sound crazy, but based on the evidence of the Diana crash, what you have related concerning Peter Shaw, and my own research into scientology and a few leaks concerning the MI6 in Britain and the CIB in Australia, I would say this is what happened in both cases.

MI6 killed Diana and Peter Shaw via astral projection and mind control.



Best Mother?


----- Original Message -----
Jerry & Rita
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 1:58 PM
Subject: Best Mother


"The best mother in the world"?

Then why was Diana not with her sons, but instead in a foreign country with a man whose illigitimate child she was carrying, a man of a different race and religion?

A fancy tramp is still a tramp!

* * * * *

And a happy Diana's day to you as well.

Thank you for visiting Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs, established May 1999.



Tribute song for Diana by Pentultima


----- Original Message -----
Luke Steele
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 9:13 AM
Subject: Tribute song for Diana

Hi Mike,

I represent a music group named Pentultima. Back in 1997, we wrote a song entitled, You’re My Lady. During the recording of this song, Lady Diana was tragically killed. It struck us as uncanny how the lyrics of this song related to her. I’d love to now share this song with all of Diana’s followers. Please click on this link and enable popups in order to hear the song. I hope it fills the hearts of those who miss her with some hope and calm.


Luke Steele
for Pentultima


Diana video


----- Original Message -----
Adam TG
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 5:49 PM
Subject: Diana video


BREAKAWAY - The Iconography of Diana Spencer, video directed by Adam Armand
Performed by Kelly Clarkson


diana comments


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, June 22, 2007 10:02 PM
Subject: diana comments

This sounds absurd and nuts, but this year, I have become increasingly curious about Diana the royal and the person, her life and obviously the circumstances surrounding her death. I am part English & Scottish so the history of those places has always been interesting to me.

When I was little, we used to go to our cottage in Tobermory and one day we (the children) found a perfectly shaped flat round white stone. For some reason or another, we called it the "princess Di" stone and we would toss it into the clear glacial Canadian waters and dive after it until the water got deeper and deeper. Soon, we lost it. That next morning I woke up and found that stone under my pillow. So ODD!!! I know that between my cousin and I neither of us had found it, I had been watching her hands the whole time. I don't know what happened to the stone but recently I read Tina Brown's book and incidentally, my last name showed up twice in the book. Such a strange effect Diana had on people. When I saw her "Remembering Diana" display, it was an odd and profound well of emotion I felt, that even brought my boyfriend to tears-and he is not moved by ANYTHING! (Being a man of science).

Anyhow, these are just my thoughts in response to your thought evoking sight.


Tribute to Diana: "FLASH" by Boy's Entrance Redux and Re-release


----- Original Message -----
Tim Cain
Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2007 8:56 PM

Dear Mike,

Please go to to hear 4 versions of my tribute to Diana, "FLASH".

Best Wishes,
Tim Cain
* * * * *
Hi Tim,

This is good stuff.

I hope you don't mind my comparing your singing style to the singer of ABC. I used to love that band back in 1982. Also Depeche Mode in 1990.

Anyway, aside from enjoying the listen, I could set your email and link up on the Princess Diana Email Forum. I looked for some embedding code like YouTube and LiveLeak has so the player and the four versions might be accessed directly from my website, but found nothing. With the code, plus a photo of the Boy's Entrance group, it could be a nice promo.

Anyway, I will at least post this email and link. Thanks for the contribution and good luck with your single.



----- Original Message -----
Tim Cain
To: Mike
Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2007 7:21 AM
Subject: Re: FLASH


Thank you for those kind words. Any help you can be getting the word out will be appreciated. I am setting up a Snocap account so the I can sell the single from my MySpace page. It will be available on iTunes in about mid-June. So, it is a slow rollout, but it is hard to do a big release on a small budget.

I will keep you informmed of progress.

Best Wishes,
Tim Cain/Boys' Entrance

"I am resplendent in divergence." - D. Byrne

Dear Mike,
May I confide my dream to you?

You see, my song, "FLASH" came out in 1997 shortly after the Princess' death. It got a great review in BILLBOARD MAGAZINE, but it never got distributed in the US, or the UK. What a disappointment.

A year and a half ago, I was at a meeting of interior designers (yes, I am one) where the Earl of Spencer was doing a presentation of his Althorp furniture line. I stood only 3 feet from him at the front of the assembled group of 50 designers.  At a point he turned over the presentation to an assistant at the back of the room. That left me standing there next to him. I turned to him, expressed my saddness for his loss, and told him of my song of tribute for his sister.I reached into my pocket and pulled out the last cd single I had of "FLASH '97", and handed it to him with a letter of introduction. He said, "That is very kind."  He thanked me, then gave the cd to an assistant. I never heard from him again. But what are the odds?

Last December, a flash of inspiration hit me, 2007 would be her 10th anniversary. You would have to know me to realize that I just don't look very far into the future, so for me to think that far ahead was nothing short of a supernatural intervention! So I started doing my planning.

I wanted to come to England to play at Pridefests the ist week of July, and perhaps promote the single. So I decided on a July 1st release date. Last month, I was sitting in front of the telly, and up popped an advert for a local travel agency saying they had tickets for the "much anticipated" Concert For Diana, July 1st!!!!!

Oh my Gawd! I started bouncing off the walls. I had not heard anything of the event. For me to have the time to sit and watch TV is rare enough. But for me to be sitting there when this ad came on was nothing short of Providential.
I went to my computer and started to do some research. Elton, Duran, and me? Was it posssible?

Now I think it is possible. It is possible if organizations like yours starts a groundswell of requests to the organizers for me to perform my song at the show. I will come, have no fear- but I need your help to get there.  Are you connected to other Diana forums? Could you help by getting the word out?

This is my heart's desire. Please help. "FLASH" will only assist in keeping Diana in the public's mind even more keenly.

Attached is a Press Release for FLASH '07. Thank You Again,


News Release – 23 April 2007
Contacts: Tim Cain, (224) 381-2715,
Kevin Boyer, (773) 561-2704,

Chicago Band Re-Releases “FLASH” -
Song Honoring Princess Diana
10th anniversary of Diana’s death prompts “Boys’ Entrance” to
issue updated version of critically acclaimed single

Chicago, IL – 2007 marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Dubbed the “people’s princess” because of her ability to connect with the everyday person, an estimated 2.5 billion people watched her funeral. Chicago band Boys’ Entrance will be part of worldwide commemorations of the 10th anniversary of her death by re-releasing “FLASH,” the 1997 song written in tribute to Princess Diana, on July 1, 2007 – Princess Diana’s birthday.

Tim Cain, the lead singer of Chicago rock band Boys’ Entrance, was among those staggered by the loss of Diana. “I was so shocked by her sudden death. We all were. The love she showed to the world continues to resonate with me. I remember watching her sit at the bedside of a man with AIDS, touching him at a time when many felt unsure about the consequences of that simple act of charity. I can still recall images of her with Mother Theresa and the poor.”

The song title – “FLASH” - does triple duty by evoking memories of her life in the spotlight, the short time she was alive, and the cameras of the paparazzi that may have also contributed to her death. “Writing and recording FLASH was part of the grieving process for me,” said Cain. ”It was a way to sustain the memory of her life and work. Princess Diana was much more than a royal in a cocktail dress. She was a great role model for the world, and we could scarcely afford to lose one of those.”

Billboard Magazine said of the original release of FLASH (1997): “Cain takes a pause from his regular stint as the lead singer of queer-rock outfit Boys’ Entrance to concoct a solo tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales. His words are gratefully straightforward and clearly heartfelt, while a galloping beat provides necessary urgency. Cain’s tenor has a crackling intensity that leaves you wanting to hear more.”

FLASH (1997) can be heard in its entirety on the Boys’ Entrance MySpace page ( FLASH (2007) will be released Sunday, 1 July 2007, on iTunes® and will be available as a CD single at


About Boys’ Entrance
Boys’ Entrance was founded in Chicago in 1991 by Tim Cain, an openly gay musician originally from Champaign, Illinois. Named after a sign carved above the “boys’ entrance” to an old public school in Chicago, “Boys’ Entrance” was Chicago’s first queer rock band. Their songs confront homophobia and champion those on the fringes of gender. Their music has paid homage to gay civil rights pioneer Harry Hay, Princess Diana and Chicagoan activist/writer Jon-Henri Damski.

The band has recorded three full-length CDs, "Exit or Entrance" (1991), “In Through The Out Door” (1995), and “Queer Punk Folder,” (1998). They have also recorded three EPs, “The Ballad of Freddie Mercury” (1992), “B.E.E.P. – The Boys’ Entrance E.P.” (1994), “Underdubbed: Boys’ Entrance Live” (1994), as well as several singles, including “Jon-Henri Damski” (2000). Billboard Magazine identified “Snowman” (from “In Through The Out Door”) as a Critic’s Choice in 1996 and offered a favorable review of “FLASH” in 1997. Four singles from “In Through The Out Door” charted on OutVoice in 1996, with “Soul in a Box” hitting number one. “Harry Hay” from “Queer Punk Folder” charted on OutVoice in 1997. In 2005 Tim Cain was honored for his 30 years as an out musician and received an OutMusic Award.

Boys’ Entrance will issue new 15-song CD, “TUNNELVISION,” themed around obsession, in the fall of 2007.

NOTE: Sorry for the late posting, Tim. I was ill from June on due to steroid side effects and have also had more than my share of work. Hope this is still not too late, it sounds great. - MM


You Common American Leeches Can Stop Obsessing About OUR Princess!


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 1:53 PM

Why are you so obsessed with Princess Diana? She was our princess, the Royal family of the United Kingdom has nothing to do with America and your leech-like attitude towards them is incredibly irritating.

Why can't you get some respect and stop using the death of OUR princess to further your own ends? Our royal family isn't anyone's celebrity. And no, you couldn't have done something about her death, you aren't anything special, nor would you have even been able to get anywhere close to royalty with your common American stock.

What is it with you Americans and your obsession with our Royal family?
* * * * *
I don't have to explain myself to you. Your haughty arrogance and misplaced sence of superiority demonstrate the very worst features of the English aristocrat (or should I say, would-be aristocrat?).

A leech, indeed.

I suppose you checked my family tree out to have come to the conclusion that I am an American of "common stock." You would be pretty surprised to find out how much closer I am to "royal stock" than you will ever hope to be (unless you are a royal writing as an English commoner). My mother's side of the family came from England, you twit, and we have a very illustrious family history and some rather impressive real estate. How dare you talk down to me.

And before you criticise me for the feelings I had for knowing the danger the princess was in but felt powerless to do anything about, I suggest you try to put yourself in my place and ask yourself what you would have done, and what you would do if you truly believed you had a prophetic gift, even if it was only right the MAJORITY of the time.

Before you start "talking the talk," I suggest you try "walking the walk."

No guarantees that I will answer any reply you make since your "incredibly irritating" letter struck me as being a not-so-subtle personal attack.

NOTE: The viewer failed to provide a title. Hope you enjoy mine: it summarises her viewpoint. - MM


Hi, I wanted to respond to the Diana Marilyn section


----- Original Message -----
Diana in Montreal
Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2007 4:58 PM
Subject: Hi, I wanted to respond to the Diana Marilyn section

My name is Diana too. I also heard of the sherry lea story with mm. I heard in an interview that sherry always felt a deep connection to diana as they were both cancers and both suffered from an eating disorder!! Both were born in july and sherry's own father on the same day as princess di. I don't know what to make of this, if it's a possible tri-angle or tri possession or something wierd like that.

From what I have seen on television and other internet links from googling marilyn monroe reincarnate there is beyond just an average similarity. They look so much alike at both old and young ages for example I'll copy a link
How can this be explained. I was like the rest of the people thinking this was a hoax or sham. She sounded like her, looked like her, remembered being afraid of it at 4 years old. Supposedly she told her father and mother when she was very young not to call her 'sherry'.

What this all means is that there must be a young princess diana out there, wouldn't it be something to find her based on the principles they use to find dalai lama.
I just wish we could get some concrete data and maybe in time we will get something more clinically provable, however I wonder if it will ever be enough to belief it.

Diana/ Montreal
* * * * *
Hi Diana,

That is indeed strange.

I suppose that Sherry Lea strengthens my theory that Marilyn Monroe and Diana were linked and were possessed by the same reincarnating spirit.

Understand that this is a very old spirit. She goes back all the way to the Egyptian queen, Nefertiti, and her final destiny is still decades, if not a few centuries, away.

Diana has not yet reincarnated because she is still being channeled from the spirit world. For a good example of a channeling check out the pod casts at When Diana finally does reincarnate, her spirit will no longer be accessible by channelers. I believe I have pinpointed the time that she must reincarnate to fulfill future prophecy to be sometime between 2016 and 2021.

There are things we just do not understand about the spirit world. The spirit is not like the body.

The human brain, when suffering from the rare mental disorder known as multiple personality, can actually compartmentalise several different unique personalties in the same person. One person becomes two, or three, or more people. Even so, that person cannot split his or her physical body into each of the personalities. The body can only assume one personality at a time. Therefore, what the brain can do (break up into different selves), the body cannot do.

The spirit, therefore, can be very flexible in a way the body cannot.

A spirit that transmigrates over a long period of time is like a brain with multiple personalities. But whereas each personality is trapped within the brain, the personalities that make up a spirit in transmigration can break away into seperate spiritual selves.

Both Diana and Sherry Lea, theoretically could have been possessed of the spirit that was last Marilyn Monroe. The spirit could have entered Diana when she was a year and one month old (in August 1962) and then eleven months later the Marilyn part of the spirit could have left the main spirit in Diana and reincarnated in Sherry Lea when she was born in July 1963.

Both spirits, being originally one spirit, might have had some marginal contact. For that reason, Sherry Lea could have known about Diana via the contact between the Marilyn spirit and original spirit. Thus, Sherry Lea and Diana may have been "spiritual cousins" up to the tragic night Diana died in 1997.

As far-fetched as that may sound, consider what Christianity teaches: that God is the Trinity, three seperate spiritual selves, yet each part of the same self.

When you look at things from that perspective, none of what I am saying sounds quite so crazy.

To summarise then, a spirit can seperate into different spirits and a single spirit can be shared by more than one person.



Diana's own Prophecy


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2006 11:02 PM
Subject: Diana's own Prophecy

Dear Mike,

If you still monitor your site New Prophecy, I would like to point you in a direction that I personally feel and know to have validity, as hard as it might be to fathom. I believe if you go to you will find much about Diana there that echoes some of what you have on your site as well as things that clarify a few things you elude to.

I know this event of DIana's spirit to be speaking through the site's administrator to be very accurate. You see, I am also a clairaudient channel and was told by Diana back in late 1997 that there would be a man who would take the lead of a work she was even then planning. It took me almost 8 years to find this man she had prophesied to me about. He is the administrator.

You can also see a bit of my seriousness about the advent of Diana's spirit still able to communicate with this world at this URL: This is not a Joke. There are several who have spoken to Diana since her death (as she prophesied to me within weeks of her death) and what we all have does dovetail as she said it would. There is more to her prophecy to yet unfurl!

Take a look, it is what we ask of you. Make your own decision as to validity.

Rose Campbell

* * * * *

Hello Rose,

I have checked out your site and was stunned to find some of my predictions running parallel with what Diana seems to be suggesting for the future.

Please understand, that my experience with channeling thus far has been JZ Knight and her dreadful "Ramtha" routine .. that would be enough to put anyone off channeling, I guess. Also, I was a bit disappointed with the 2003 pay-per-view cable event that was part seance and channeling. It just didn't seem genuine to me. But I keep an open mind about Andrew and yourself.

In any event, Diana visited me in a dream wearing a lovely light green tunic/toga like the ancient Romans wore a few days after her death (or in the state between consciousness and sleep, whatever that is). She told me she forgave me for not being able to warn her of her death (it appears there were others who knew and were helpless, I have found out since, so she probably had to make more than a few rounds). More was said, but I cannot remember it, only that I felt a sence of peace flow through me (I had been quite emotionally distressed by her death and my useless pre-knowledge). So, of course, I believe the dead can speak to us.

I would like to link my site to yours, if you have any preferences as to the manner of linkage or what pages on my site would be of interest to you, please let me know.

Any questions or other communications you may wish, please feel free to forward to me.

Thank you,


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: Rose
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Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2006 8:49 AM
Subject: Re: Diana's own Prophecy

Dear Mike,

I am pleased that you returned a response from my email to you. I am also glad you did check out the site. Thank you also for keeping an open mind, at least for now, about the validity of our claims. That is all we ask until the "proof is in the pudding", so to speak. I am led to believe that it will be sometime between now and her 10th anniversary of her death. At least that is what she claims to be aiming for.

I read with great interest your account of Diana appearing to you. That also fits in loosely with something I was told in 1997 by her which is not recorded in my book. She said, in a private session with me, that there had been in place a plan of sorts to allow some the prior knowledge of her death, though she was not consciously made aware of it, so that there would be a testament to the fact that it was not merely an accident unrelated to certain facts. (She did not elaborate on what those facts were.) That in time there would be a mass understanding of all events, even the precognitive ones. So I suppose from that session your site will rise in fame as she makes her return known so that it is shown you had prior knowledge of her death. Mind you, that is my own speculation, but it is part of why I wrote to you originally.... You are the first and only one that I have found to have such a precognitive experience. There are others, I am sure, I just haven't found them. However, in that private session, she didn't mention going about making "house calls" to those who had received these events. But,,, that does seem like the Diana I know. SHe would not want anyone to suffer for playing their role in these events.

I would be glad to link your site with mine. However, I would prefer to link directly to the main page about the Diana material so as not to confuse the issue for my readers. From there they can access the other forums of your site. Also, not to cause confusion, did you want to link with
www.dianaspeaks which is Andrew's site or did you wish to link to which is my site? I know I sent you both links and want to make sure you are referring to my site. But... I would suggest you write to Andrew as well and see about linking to his site since it is his site which will go far more public in the days to come.

Are you interested in a link exchange? If so, feel free to put my homepage link anywhere you wish and in any manner you wish. I have no specifications for putting yours up, and so will do it as I have done my other links. Is that accpetable to you?

Please write to Andrew and let him know you have seen his site. It is a trial for him to be doing this.... he has, at the request of Diana , been placed in relative isolation and not allowed much contact with others so as to not have any bias and to keep him safe. ( I assume you know why I make that comment?) It would do his heart good to know that someone is keeping an open mind about his claims. Several of the "DIANA" sites have thrown mud at him... and that is so not cool... even if he were to be a mad man... so just knowing you are suspending judgement would be a balm to him.

THank you Mike for suspending disbelief and your link request.

Rose Campbell

From: Rose
To: Mike
Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2006 12:05 PM
Subject: Re: Diana's own Prophecy

Dear Mike,

Not to be a nuisance, but after having sent you the email about your link being put on my site, I revisited your site. In re-reading your statements about Diana, my brain kicked in (it does that now and then!) and I saw something that also seems pretty remarkable.

Go to and to these particular postings I am about to give you. They are concerning your ideas about Marilyn Monroe and Diana. See if you understand, as I just did, how eerily odd that Andrew had posted these images and the connection about his thoughts about Marilyn and Diana. I do believe even he was unconsciously aware of the connection....

Forum area--- posts of 03/08/05 and 07/09/05

Channeled area-- post of 18/10/06

There maybe more, but those are the ones I found thus far.

Andy once told me his apartment contained pictures of only two women... Both Diana and Marilyn! He has felt connected to both, his fascination with Marilyn starting when he was but a child... Long after her death! This is very odd, even his mother was hard pressed to understand it. Odd, huh?

Now, I am also going to ask you to think on something else... I know that your work has led you to think that Diana was to be the mother of the child seen in Jean Dixon's vision. I can agree with that, but.... According to some things I have been told by Diana prior to having ever known of your existence, I am led to believe that this child has already been born! I do believe it might be a reference to William. I can't yet disclose the full reason of that, but suffice it to say that I have it on pretty good authority that William is going to fulfill a VERY significant role in the days to come. Also, Diana has told both Andrew and I she was NOT pregnant with a child upon her death. She was pretty emphatic about that. Is there anyway that William could fit into what you have about DIana being the bearer of the child in Ms. Dixon's prophecy? When I am given the go ahead from Diana to reveal what I have been given, I will share it with you, but for now I am under strictures to remain mum about certain things. This is not an attempt to be is what I have been asked by Diana herself. But do take a look at that as a thought...please.

Rose Campbell

* * * * *

Dear Rose,

The main pages dealing with the Diana material on my site, I would say, are:

'The Diana Prophecy'

This web page is actually an abbreviated version of the last portion of Chapter 6 from my 1998 ms of Nostradamus and the Final Age. I am seriously considering putting the entire section on the page now. The total psychological evolution of how I came to fear for Diana's life in 1997 will be much better understood and appreciated.

This page deals with my first inklings in December 1996/January 1997 that another Marilyn Monroe tragedy would occur in August 1997. I state I wasn't absolutely certain who it would be, mentioning perhaps it might be a famous blonde American actress or maybe Madonna, but also considering the possibility that it might be Princess Diana. Although I say I "doubted" it would be Diana at first, in truth I was in denial that it might be Diana. No one knows this, but I do. I did not really want to believe something "supernatural" might be happening to me at that time, that I might have a supernatural insight into such an awful event. The thought filled me with great anxiety.

In the next section I present my Nostradamus interpretation from February 1993 that Diana might be in danger of being murdered. This was to appear in my book (which was so huge it took 5 years to rewrite it from a cheap dot matrix draft to a word processed manuscript, something I could only do when I had the spare time from my office job). I later dropped the interpretation because at that time I felt if you believe something might happen enough, you might somehow contribute in making it happen.

The last section of web page deals with Diana's final six weeks of life and my building belief and dread that she was indeed in danger. It begins with the creeped out feelings I had when Gianni Versace was murdered and they couldn't find his killer, one expert saying that he might have fled the country for France. As it was I predicted there would be a murder spree in the US that summer as well, and this Cunanon fellow had been killing people since around April. Gianni Versace was his first (and fortunately last) celebrity victim. This going on in my mind whilst Diana was attending Versace's funeral, and then at that very moment when the funeral was being broadcast and the faces of Diana and Elton were being captured by the camera, came the premonition I did not want to believe was real. I knew at that moment she would die and nothing could be done, no one would know how or by whose hand. I felt the same sence of unrestrainable grief I would feel six weeks later. I kept searching that same Nostradamus quatrain for an answer, but it was no help. All I knew was that a murderer would come to Diana from France or whilst she was in France. When this killer of Versace turned up dead, I was relieved. Then, when she began dating Dodi al-Fayed, I felt more relieved. I didn't detect that he was a direct threat to her. Also, a yacht in the Mediterranean seemed a safe place and pretty far from Paris or the Marne River. So I began to doubt myself and felt I was being foolish. How was I to know they would go to Paris on the next to last final night of August?? Nobody knew. Apparently, even Diana did not know. This was Dodi's idea, and it was at the last minute. We now are being told he was to meet someone there later that night, but they were killed beforehand.

Anyway, talking about it now, reliving it, I seem to saying more in this letter than I say on that page. That is why I think the page should be expanded for full comprehension. There is so much more in the book chapter.

Also, most of the jpeg photos are poor quality. I was using the default 75% jpeg setting that FrontPage uses when saving bitmaps. So, I'd like to take the original images that I still have on my computer and resave them at 100%, perhaps introducing some new photos as well.

Another Diana page is 'The Princess Diana Email Forum' at

This is a Q&A format page that allows me to post letters I receive from viewers along with my replies.

I suspect you consider the main Diana page to be the one called 'Revelation' at

Of course, although it may seem to be Diana-centred, it is first about the Jeane Dixon prophecy and Revelation 12, how I feel both of these have been misunderstood and are likely connected, and about a very old spirit/soul that has been reincarnating through a line of famous females since the time of Nefertiti. I have a very strong belief that Marilyn Monroe and Diana are the same person.

Although this would make Diana an infant of almost 14 months at the time of Marilyn's death and reincarnation, as far as reincarnation expert Dr Joseph R. Myers is concerned, that would not be a problem.

But one can see Marilyn Monroe in the flash of a full glittering smile from Diana or perhaps in an expression involving her eyes or the way Diana pouted her lips sometimes. I could see it, I could feel it. I remember Marilyn Monroe when she was alive. I was only eight years old when she died, but I never completely stopped thinking about her or that magic summer of 1962. In so many ways 1997 was just as magical. But these are things that are hard to put into words and are more akin to poetry, I suspect.

There is also a related news page to 'Revelation' at

So, if you wish, you can link to all four pages, or the three pages but not the news page (or whichever one you consider to be main). I will likely place a link to your website on three of the four or all four pages.

Now I find that in this letter I am sort of replying to your second letter just arrived.

Andrew clearly must have felt the same connexion between Marilyn and Diana that I also felt. Is there a why, I don't know. It is a feeling.

I visited Niagara Falls in February 1997 and felt the presence of Marilyn Monroe everywhere I went along the river and rapids, and also the beaten, broken streets and sidewalks of the city, even though she shot there on location in the film 'Niagara' back in 1953. The Canadian side of Niagara Falls also has this same attraction about it since the film was shot there as well, but the US side preserves the American spirit of the times. Looking out over the water I felt a strong sence of anxiety that this was going to be Diana's year, just as 1962 was Marilyn's, that she would die in August 1997. I was right and the strong link between Diana and Marilyn that I sensed had much to do with that.

Regarding Prince William as the son in Jeane Dixon's prophecy, it seems unlikely. The infant is being presented to thousands of people in a desert country, what appears very much to be Egypt. I understand your thinking: Dodi al-Fayed was Egyptian; therefore is it possible that the desert birth is merely a metaphor? Of course the answer is anything is possible.

However, I doubt this for several reasons.

One is the recent craze by female celebrities such as Angelina Jolie to give birth to children in desert nations (or at least claim they will). At the moment the nations have been in Africa, and not everyone has followed through (Britney Spears said she would, but didn't). I can't recall the one other actress who also did this besides Jolie. Madonna did not give birth, but adopted.

But I think you can appreciate where this going. In Jeane Dixon's vision, the woman who gives birth in the desert nation is very famous, and we have now seen something like this happen for real. In time, I believe, we will see many more famous woman going to the desert to have their babies. Eventually, the one Jeane Dixon saw who was symbolised by Nefertiti will go to the desert and bear a son. However, this will be a mass media event. What is more, this woman will not be far from being called a living saint herself.

As for Revelation 12, after giving birth the woman escapes Satan and finds refuge in the wilderness for a period of a little less than 3.5 years. She does not die! But Diana did die, which is why I think she was intended to be this woman, but the Devil's agents on earth were successful in keeping her from fulfilling the prophecy. Maybe the child was not to be Dodi's, or maybe it was, but she was murdered before it could ever happen.

You see, if Dodi and Diana had ever been allowed to have a child, I believe Diana would have had the baby in Egypt, and that it would have been a major media event! This would have fulfilled Jeane Dixon's prophecy to the letter, with Diana as the modern Nefertiti and Dodi al-Fayed, who was Egyptian, as the modern Ahknaten! What an event this would have been!

So, it falls to another to do this. When Diana's time as a spirit has finished, she will reincarnate into this woman, whoever she shall be. We know it will be a while from now, since Max Toth gives us an actual date of October 21, 2039. Bible scholars give the date as November 17, 2041 which is close. It is also possible that it could be an earlier Toth date of December 25, 2034. Clearly this woman will be as young as Diana was when she had her first child, William. Possibly as young as 19, which means she will not be born until around 2020.

By the time this woman is known, everyone in the world will know that the spirit of Diana is in her because Diana herself will predict this, either through her own apparition or through a channeler or a prophet. And they will know the child is divine: in manhood he rules the world with a rod of iron, then, when his mission on earth is accomplished, he is raptured up to God.

My premonition of the future death of Diana was keen in my understanding of Nostradamus. Likewise, Nostradamus is clear that Diana will return in a visible form, a slender flamelike apparition, and that she will be spotted first above her island grave.

This is partly why there will be many who will worship Diana as a saint, why there will actually be a 'Church of Diana' (or 'Temple of Diana'). She will become the first Anglican/Protestant saint in history, even Catholics will eventually come to believe. They will worship her memory and celebrate her life (and past lives), but they will also worship her spirit before it has reincarnated (for as long as she will appear before humanity), and the promise of a future king who she, in the body of another woman, will bring forth into this world.

This child is preordained by the Bible to reign as a new divine figure, and the mother is NOT the Virgin Mary, as many have misunderstood. For one thing Mary never spent 3.5 years hiding in the wilderness after the birth of Jesus; she was only in hiding a little less than one year. Nor can this child be the antichrist as opponents of this theory suggest: if this were true why would God rapture him up to his throne after his reign on earth? The antichrist is cast alive into a lake of fire which is quite a different thing! This novus dux can only be a future brethern of Christ, there is no other way to interpret it.

So, returning to William, I cannot see that he fulfills Jeane Dixon's vision nor Revelation 12. It is simply not possible. Had Diana lived, and married Dodi, it might have been ... in a remotely metaphorical way. For it would still have forced us to see Charles, rather than Dodi, in the dubious role of Akhnaten. However, as Diana's firstborn, I think William will become a memorable and great King of Britain, perhaps the greatest since the days of Arthur (who I do not believe was myth). It is very important that he does marry this girl Kate Middleton beforehand. It is absolutely critical that he do so, and sire sons. If he should leapfrog over his father Charles to the throne for any reason without marrying, he will be very unhappy as a bachelor monarch. There is too much of the sadness in Diana inherent in him even though it does not show ... and I can sence that Kate is the right girl for him at last. He should marry in 2007 or 2008, but no later! Without her, or someone like her, I fear his destiny will be a gloomy one.

Also, it is the progeny of William, his descendents, and the future descendents of the king to come in the desert sands of Egypt, that the dragon shall wage war against at the time of the end. Thus, these descendents will be very important to Christendom and, if needs be, may require to be hidden for a time and times, for certainly the prophet Daniel's promise of a Prince Michael will be a final issue of the seed ...

Now, I know you said that Diana said she was not pregnant with Dodi's child, and the medical evidence seems to be pointing in that direction. Even so, she could not have known whether that would have happened later had she lived. I did read in Andrew's site that she said that Dodi was the right man for her and that she was 'blissfully happy' being with him here on earth. Obviously if this is true, they would have had a child later down the road .. perhaps in 1998 or 1999.

Also she was cut off from realising that which we can call Prophecy with a capital 'P'. Her feelings are bound to a pre-fulfillment state and thus uncertain regarding her place, or William's, in Jeane Dixon's vision or Revelation 12 ... unless she is instructed by others in the spirit world she now inhabits. And she needs to be cautious of what spirits she listens to in that realm, as we also must.

My best guess is that when she materialises at Althorp, she will have the answers we all seek regarding this mystery.

In any event, I guess I have answered both letters with one, so I will have a copy of this in a reply to both.

Regarding linking to Andrew's site, last year in November I received an invitation from Andrew (as Diana). I visited the website, but at that time it seemed too spanking new. I wanted to wait until it attracted other people, and not for all postings to be by Andrew only. It appears the site has now matured enough for the larger audience he will receive from my viewers (as well as yours).

At the time he asked me to visit, he did not say anything about linking. Usually though, when someone asks me to check their site, they also want to link. So, I am unsure if the invitation is still open a year later or not. I suppose I should write. Of course, as a yet-to-be-published letter for the Princess Diana Email Forum it will automatically link to his site from there anyway.

I'll leave you then, for now, with Andrew/Diana's invitation to me from last year. Perhaps, you can determine if, based on this, I can just go ahead and set up links to his site. After all, if my site was important to him then, it must be just as much so now.

As for your website, I will link to it on several pages, as I mention above.

If you have more questions, information to share, channelings to bring to my attention, please do write. I will do likewise. I have never channelled, however I do speak aloud at times when I am dreaming, and this has happened with dreams of future events. This speaking aloud whilst asleep has only begun in the last year (so I don't know where it shall lead). I had one other Diana dream than the one I mentioned in my last letter, it was recently, but unfortunately I could not remember what was said. In any event, Andrew, you, and I are definitely a 'new' phenomenon on the Internet (as you have observed). We should seek out others such as us, if that be the case. In time, a webring might be able to be developed.

Thanks again,

Michael W. McClellan

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R. Campbell
To: Mike
Sent: Monday, December 04, 2006 10:33 AM
Subject: Re: Diana's own Prophecy

Dear Mike,

Thanks for the informative letter. It is indeed startling when certain things happen in your life. When you said
"Although I say I "doubted" it would be Diana at first, in truth I was in denial that it might be Diana. No one knows this, but I do. I did not really want to believe something "supernatural" might be happening to me at that time, that I might have a supernatural insight into such an awful event. The thought filled me with great anxiety." I can well relate to that... The first part of my own book about my experience with DIana was about how I tried hard to grab denial and place it in the saddle with me as I ran from the steed of fear that was chasing me. So, yeah, I do know exactly what you mean! But she was finally able to offer me enough proof for my head (my heart believed almost instantly) and the rest, as they say, is history.

I intend to link to the prophecy page since all other pages about Diana may be accessed from there. This is what I considered the main page, though the one about Revelation is equally valid. It really is astounding work and I will admit to almost falling out of my chair as I read your pages. I will place it on the home page and the links page as well of my site. I find the rest of your site (those things not concerning DIana) equally intriguing and hope my readers will take the time to investigate the "rest of the story". I can't remember exactly how I came upon your site, but I think it was from another site. I am one who always follows links until I forget what I was doing in the first place! LOL!

I do follow your thinking about WIlliam not being the child of prophecy. But considering what I was given by Diana, I had to ask. I have gotten confirmation from DIana that I may share what I have gotten, but with the request "that he give you his trust as to the secrecy of this" and so I ask you to NOT share it with anyone else. Find the relevant sections of two lengthy sessions with her enclosed in the attachment. But for now, this is to still be kept mum. But do consider that I had not yet seen your site when this was given to me and was myself astounded by it. Will it come to be? Again... Time will tell.

Granted, had she and Dodi lived, I fully agree they would have had a child. She said as much to me and Andrew, both independently of one another. She was still hoping to have a daughter. But I suppose if your ideas are valid, then she would have once again been disappointed unless they had more than one child.

It is a funny business being a clariaudient know you hear these things, you try and rule out insanity or schizophrenia or other mental glitches when you first encounter your gift, and then after you accept it, you have to wait to see if what you have gotten will ever find validity in the light of day. Pretty much like what you experience, huh? However, your work seems to be of the nature that you almost have to hope you are wrong.... The loss of life and such makes it harder to bear if you are correct. I do not envy you your gifts.... Much of what I get is after the fact, (like Diana's views of her former life and Martin Luther Kings ideas on how he went wrong with his work on earth) and so therefore not so emotionally draining. I admire your determination to has to be hard on you sometimes, such as in the case of Diana's death.

Mike, I do so appreciate the time you put not only into your site, but also into your letters to me. THank you on both scores! I also agree with your idea of trying to link those of us who are gifted. Diana asked me 2-3 years ago to try and link those she has spoken to. (She tells me there are 14 who have heard heard her voice in much the same way as I have). I even placed a page on my DIana site concerning this. To date there are only three who have responded.
I work now only with Andrew for the most part. His is the role that was given to me in prophecy from Diana back in 1997. I swear that is true. She told me a male would take the lead and with Diana speaking directly through him, which you should experience someday just for the sake of having done so, I no longer truly promote myself but am working at getting his work to take prominence. The reason I bring this up is seem to say that Diana will make an appearance to the masses in a flame. I tend to think she is going to do this by utilizing another body (as Marilyn did with Diana) via Andrew. I have to go with that as an idea since I have heard her voice, her words through Andrew's mouth. I know it seems far fetched that she would choose a male to work through, but it is not every channel who can be a trance voice channel. That is indeed a very rare and specialized gift. Andrew must allow his own self to be set aside and the spirit of Diana to fill him so that even her mannerisms show through.
Just last night I was talking to Andy on the phone. THe poor man has a raging cold. He sounded terrible! Could hardly speak and had such a nasal quality to his voice. However, it had been a set appointment for me to speak to Diana on matters concerning a work she has me doing and even though I begged off saying that I could call at another time when he felt better, he said it as okay. WEll...when DIana came through and we got to talking, there was no trace of the cold in her voice, her actions. She did not sniffle or cough once! Her voice was clear and concise. WE spoke for maybe an hour or so, and then she let Andrew return. Almost immediately upon his return he began to sound worse and worse.
He himself remarked how nice it was to have Diana speak for he got relief of his symptoms for that time period. He finally had to beg off the phone to go crash, he was feeling so punk. I found that an amazing thing... I had not even noticed the difference until after the change back and Andrew came back sounding like shit. But I swear as I spoke to Diana there was no trace of a physical affliction! These are things that find me convinced of DIana's power to return through another physical body! THink on that.... And if you wish and do write to Andrew, ask to speak to Diana yourself. THat might just be proof for you as well.

Okay, on with other duties today! I will have your link on my site within the next few days as I can find the time. I am NOT a good web mistress and I have to psych myself up for that! LOL! IF you are ever interested, I would love to share some of the MLK writings with you sometime. They are indeed interesting!

Much respect,

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R. Campbell
To: Mike
Sent: Friday, December 15, 2006 11:34 PM
Subject: Re: Diana's own Prophecy


For your consideration, here is a link to a recording made with Diana (through Andrew as voice channel, of course) that I just this week recorded and put up on my site. There will be others, and hopefully it will get better since this one felt a bit stilted to me, but I was a nervous wreck! Diana seemed cool, but then again, she is used to microphones! LOL!! Just thought you might be interested.

Oh yeah, Andy's computer is down right now and he is looking for a cheap if you wish to link sites, wait a bit and then write to him at the .... address.

Did you get my last letter and attachment?

Rose Campbell

* * * * *

Hello Rose,

I'll have to check your site to find that link, you forgot to include it in this email.

No problem.

Please check out the Revelation page at You will find two important predictions I made a while ago concerning Diana. They appear on the 2008 page and you probably did not see them since you focus largely on the purely Diana-related pages. So I posted duplicates of them under 'Specific Predictions' near the botttom of the Revelation page. Both of these predictions give specific dates of October 2008 and November 2008. These dates are base 7 projections founded on past supernatural events of a related nature. The dates could be wrong, but I suspect they will be in the ballpark.

October 2008 is when Diana's apparition will first appear. You would think it would happen during the Althorp season of July-August 2008. That is why I suspect it is right; because the vector is not at the "obvious" time. Also, with news of William and Harry throwing a concert for Diana in 2007, one would think it would happen in summer 2007. Yet, the date I come up with is October 2008.

This is important for another reason: Nostradamus says Diana will appear and will be venerated when World War III finally comes to the Middle East. He uses "mass homicide" in "Sadr City" as the key for when millions of bodies will be committed to Vulcan (the god of fire). This stage of the war, when it spreads throughout the Middle East, is dated October 2008. So the dates of Diana's appearance and the true onset of World War III match.

November 2008 is when a Diana religion will be established. I know there is a Church of Diana now, but it is not very large. This will be large. It will be an offshoot of Anglican/Protestant faith. Diana will become the first Anglican/Protestant saint. It will be because of her appearance that this will happen.

But it would be easier if you simply checked these predictions out on the Revelation page at .

I set up links to your website on the Diana Prophecy page (the one you linked to) and also on the Revelation page.

I also set up links to Andy's site at the same time in the same places. I read about his computer troubles on his forum. I really do not think he will mind my linking to his site. He actually invited me (as Diana) to check his site out a while ago, so that in and of itself indicates a desire to link websites, I usually find. Also, by linking to his website, I am certifying that I take what he is doing seriously, another reason why he should not mind. Likewise, I take you seriously.

Yes, I got your last letter ... and I wanted to reply to it. However, you made it sound as though the contents of the attachment, which I fully read, were to be treated as top secret. Thus, I thought that my discussing it in an email to you might be unwise should it be read by others in the process of sending. You are aware there are programs that government officials use to collect email data.

I will say that what Diana says agrees with what Max Toth, the Great Pyramid of Cheops prophecy expert, says about the "Kingdom of the Spirit." It began in 1997 and will end between 2025 and 2034, requiring a sign of the novus dux to appear in the sky in 2034. He will be born or reincarnated by the 2039 or 2041 dates I mentioned earlier. Diana's "Kingdom of God" and "Kingdom of the Spirit" mean the same thing.

A great empire awaits once again for England. It is true. Diana says this and it is true. It will coincide with the Kingdom of the Spirit, after World War III. I believe it is what she is saying.

First a short reign for France though under the "Chiren" and the "Selin (moon)." This "moon" I now believe is Ban Ki-Moon, who is now Secretary-General of the United Nations. "Chiren" I still think may be Jacques Chirac. He says he will run again in elections next year. This happens as the favourite, Segolene Royal, begins to lose some of her punch, her credibility is beginning to falter. People think she is saying the popular thing, what they want to hear, but nothing of real substance. Thus, Chirac may win. I have a photo of Mssrs Chirac and Ban (Moon) together, shaking hands. They seem very amiable, like future co-regents. So, perhaps, I have at last solved the mystery of Chiren Selin (Chiren Moon).

Anyway, Chiren is an old man. When he dies, he will pass on, as one provides in a will, his empire to the four lions of Great Britain. Nostradamus says this and so does the prophet Daniel. England will become all-powerful again. The "great dame" at the beginning of the Epistle to Henry is Elizabeth II. The four children of the "great dame" are Charles, Andrew, Edward, and Anne. They shall rule jointly, although Anne will give her seat to her son, Peter Philips. This is the beginning of the "reformation" Diana mentions. Monarchs shall have real power again.

Edward will be most powerful of the four for a time, but he will later be assassinated (sorry, but that is what prophecy says). Charles and Peter will die during World War IV. Uncle Andrew will continue his rule of the Italies. Nephew William will inherit the kingdom of England and the Empire.

There are two lineages. Diana mentions the lineage. There is the one of the blood: the Merovingian, which can be traced back to the family of Christ. That is what William inherits directly from Diana.

Then there is the spiritual lineage. This is passed on through reincarnation and divine transmigration. That is the novus dux: a new son of God as prophesied in Revelation 12.

As Diana says: "The fulfillment of ancient prophecy will not be held within my sons taking the reins, but rather it will be at the same time. When the reins of heaven are passed, so shall the reins of England be passed. That is my truest meaning with my words. The son of England is not the Son of God, but the Son of God has spoken that the reigns shall coincide."

In other words, William and the novus dux will inherit their kingdoms at the same time, one is temporal, the other spiritual. Diana also actually says William is not the Son of God, thus establishing that the novus dux will be.

The "ancient prophecy" is this: Merlin himself prophesied the return of the king (another Arthur) after the reign of the last king of France near the end of the world. This will be Willam. He will be accompanied by a "dreadful dead man" and this "dreadful dead man" is a great prophet yet to come. He will be thought to be dead, yet he will show the world he has never died, but has only been asleep.

William will still be a relatively young man when he guides England and the world through difficult times, but in the end all will be well. So, Diana is right again. When this happens, it will be like a new Camelot. A wonderful time. And a great leader from Belgian Gaul will also lead and they shall be partners in the great
Pax Europa to come. France and England shall be as one, as during the age of Arthur and Merlin. There shall also be the son of God, the novus dux.

William, the great prophet, the Belgian Gaul, and the novus dux shall all sit at one table when the world will once again be new.

That is it in a capsule. It is a bit more complex than that, but those are the highlights. I am also still learning.



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R. Campbell
To: Mike
Sent: Sunday, December 17, 2006 1:59 PM
Subject: Re: Diana's own Prophecy


Thank you for the links. I know that Andy wIll be happy that you made the links to Diana's page. I will tell him when I next speak to him. He and I had discussed my writing to you and he was in favor of the links exchange. We will have to ask Diana about the placing of your link on her site... For that is truly what it is, but I would think she too would be gladdened by your support and belief. Andy has already faced some ridicule and name calling due to the work on various Diana theme sites, which is ironic and did not make DIana a happy camper, but I know this is to be expected. It is hard for folks to wrap their head around the fact that a dead Princess might be speaking from "scared ground". I imagine it would be hard for me and Andy if we weren't already channels for Spirit. Your support means so much. Thank you!

I will say that your material is so in-depth. I understand it, or most of it, and feel the need to say that you must be one smart man to keep it all straight in your head. What you have and some of what Diana has shared with us does dovetail, but Diana plays some things very close to her chest and I can't begin to know if it will continue to stay united. Time will tell that. But I will say again that your work is amazing. Being a channel does not require the use of much conscious brain power, quite the opposite actually, and so I have only the things Diana tells me and what she shares with me through Andrew to know where we stand with this work. But I can see where what Diana has given me to know and what you have given upon the site does match, just that the time frames might be a bit different. I also know that Diana has said that she wishes to help avoid a third World War.... And that may be that is her wish but will not be granted by the CEO's. (My term for the real powers that be!) How exciting to get to see how this all plays out!

It is interesting to me what you say about the four children of QEII reigning jointly. That is nothing I had even entertained in my brain. And what you say about Anne passing the throne to her son does make sense in light of something Diana said on her site, though I can't remember exactly where. Diana said that Anne did not relish her royal connections or something to that effect. So again I see a co-mingling of ideas here. It does make me sad that if you are correct, and do not misconstrue that comment as doubt of your knowledge but rather as a knowledge that I am a bit overwhelmed with it, that we must wait so long for this whole thing to play out. I had hopes it would arrive much sooner. As Diana said I would be alive to see William take the throne, but I am going to be getting pretty old. But given that I have been told twice by Spirit that I would live to approximately 86, then it is well within reason that I will see this come to be. That will make a nice swan song to my life, I do believe! I should turn 86 in August of 2042.
Do take care and I am most grateful, as I am sure Andrew is, that you have faith in us. You perhaps may have an idea what that really does mean in a sea of (thus far) disbelief by many. Again, I can only say a very humble Thank You!


p.S. Any feedback about the recording of Diana's voice? Do realize it was a first attempt, by both of us, and I do hope it will get better and more fluid. But I am interested in your thoughts upon the content if not the quality. When I speak to Diana on the phone (yes a concept that did seem strange to me as well, even being a channel!) it seems the longer we speak the more the voice quality does sound most like her. We plan next to speak for a while before beginning the recording so that her energy is much more seated into Andrew before beginning. That should make it better as well.
* * * * *
Hello Rose,

I have just finished listening to Podcast #1 dated 11 December. When I have the time I will listen to Podcast #2 dated 25 December.

You did not supply the link in this email, but I managed to find it in your most recent posting in the Guestbook on Andrew's site. (For my viewers it is

It was quite a fantastic listening experience (excellent recording quality, by the way). The voice and inflections (especially) sounded very similar to Diana, understanding that her own vocal cords would be the only ones capable of producing an exact voice which, of course, is no longer possible.

I was struck by her desire not to be elevated or put on a pedestal, as it were. I guess the people who are trying to make her a saint or an object of worship are not doing the right thing from her perspective. Her love for her children was quite obvious as was her strong belief that the truth of her death would come out from the most recent inquest.

Sadly, it appears a cover-up as infamous as the Warren Report has now been the result instead.

I read Diana's recent appeal on her/Andrew's site for those who know the truth (as she says, "You know who you are") to step forward. Clearly she is dismayed, bewildered, and unhappy with the British "investigation," if you can call it that.

I fear that this is part of the reason why something even she does not expect may happen next year or, as I suspect, in 2008. Her desire to have the truth out may require a supernatural event. It is rare for something like that to be granted, but it may occur.

But allow me to go a bit further: most saints were just normal people. Some of them did amazing, even miraculous, things in life, others led rather humble existences. In life Diana said she believed that in a past life she has been St Thérèse of Lisieux who was very humble and died terribly young. Even so, the Church is planning on canonising her.

So, you see, if people feel what Diana did in life was good and selflessly charitable in their eyes, and if they believe she died wrongly at such a young age, they will elevate her whether she desires it or not.

Anyway, I think it would be of interest to hear Andy's voice speaking with you on a future podcast, and then allowing us to hear Diana's presence take over.

I will tell you that this channelling is much more believable than any others I have ever heard. This is what I expected from the mediums on the television special in 2003, and they did not deliver.

I also read Diana's more recent posting where she says she wishes a normal life for William and Harry, that Wills marry and not ascend to the throne. It would appear she has changed her mind about William's future as king (one of the subjects of our last discussion). Or else the powers that be have other plans.

I have to wonder at Merlin's prophecy, all the same, although he hardly names the king who will bring Arthur's Camelot back into the world. My suspicion has long been that two bloodlines, one descending from the Windsor line (possibly a descendent of William's), and another that is French, will produce the future Arthur, but it will be long after we are dead I am afraid.

By the way, I note that you are only three years younger than I. You say you will be 86 by 2042, and it so happens that I will be 89 by that time (if I live that long).

The future remains fluid in any event. There is one scenario, the one I mentioned to you in my last letter, that can be realised sometime between 2034 and 2050, or it can be the scenario that appears in my book that will not happen until about 2235 (yes, over two hundred years from now). Merlin provided no time interval between the last king of France who he called "the great Monarch" (who will reign alongside a pope called "the great Pontiff" in prophecy) and the coming of the king of England and his "dreadful dead" prophet. There will be several great prophets to come and it is not certain the 21st Century one will be Merlin returned. Yes, the legend is true, Merlin is only "sleeping" in the depths of a cave. He himself is the "dreadful, dead man."

One extra note before I forget: Diana will indeed have great need for channelers such as Andrew and you. This will be the normal way she shall get her messages across. However, this does not mean she will not appear once or twice as an apparition. People will get the idea, and then they will await her further words and thoughts via her channelers.

In all honesty, I cannot imagine any other woman (than Diana) of such tremendous fame who was so well-loved by the world to fulfill the prophecy of Nostradamus concerning the voice and slender flame-like apparition that appears above "sacred ground" (burial ground). Nostradamus has never been wrong in my view, and I challenge his detractors. I have read many articles attempting to discredit his prophecies, only to find that the "facts" used to discredit him often demonstrated ignorance of history, misunderstandings, lack of real research, or oversightedness. The only way I can think of for the prophecy of the apparition of a famous and well-loved dead woman to be fulfilled, and not pertain to Diana, is that it pertains to some future woman. But who? No other woman is named as much in Nostradamus' prophecies as Diana is and no other woman's name is linked to royalty and a future religion he calls "the Temple of Diana."

Anyway, great job! I will be checking the other podcast in a few days.


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R. Campbell
To: Mike
Sent: Friday, December 29, 2006 7:48 PM
Subject: Re: Diana's own Prophecy

Hey there Mike!

Thank you for listening to the pod cast and the nice comments about it. I do appreciate that! The second one (dated 12-25-06) is actually the second take of the second recording in the series. We did a prior one and I was preparing it to go up when Diana had Andrew call me back and re-do it. Personally I preferred the first really shows her vehemence over a few things. The second one was a tad more reserved. I think she felt she had come on a bit too strong perhaps and that was why she wanted it done over. She actually said as much really, but I loved the fired- up Diana. I would send you that recording but the files are too large for me to send via email. I think you might agree about the fiery Diana being more impacting, but Diana seemed to settle down and change her mind, so I ran with her choice of them.

I had wondered how old you were and it is nice to know we truly are contemporaries. I sometimes feel like the old Jethro Tull song that says. "too old to rock and roll, too young to die"! I found that out quickly at my daughter's bachelorette party...not quite the Disco Queen of my youth! The old knees won't take hours on the dance floor and dragging in at 4:00 a.m takes days to recoup from! LOL!

I will add some clarity to a few things for you from what I know.... Diana did have hopes for some of the things to be found by the inquiry, but has always told us it was she who would deliver the fatal blow to those who did so to her. If you read in the Forum area on her site the post of 06/12/2206 and read her comments at the bottom, it makes it clear that even in light of the results of the inquiry she still plans on "reddening" a few faces if necessary. Thus, I have to believe there must be something that even the investigation has not yet turned up. Also, the most recent appeal on her site is not so much for someone to step forward in regards to the "investigation" but, as both Andy and I feel, it is a plea for her sons/others who knew her personally to take a crucial step forward and "investigate" her claims it is she. It is her hope to get someone not able to be disputed (such as her sons) to recognize the true essence of her as coming through Andrew. This is what she feels is needed for this work to launch to a world platform. It will also, even more importantly, put her in touch with her sons to be able to share her story, her love for them and her good-byes. This Is truly one of the main reasons she persists on this endeavor of making herself known to the world.

I had to smile over this comment of yours, "Her desire to have the truth out may require a supernatural event. It is rare for something like that to be granted, but it may occur." Think about that for a moment.... Isn't someone coming back from the dead a bit supernatural by most folks standards? Diana says herself she has been "granted" this right for several reasons, one of which is to change some long held ideas in the minds of men. You are witnessing, via her recordings, the very supernatural thing that will correct many things, the truth of her death being but one of them.

Yes, on the matter of hearing Andrew's voice, Diana and I had talked of that just prior to the last recording. However, it will be at the end of the next recording because it takes a moment for Diana to quite effectively change the timber of Andrew's voice to be able to bring her own through as well as she does so I usually speak with her for several minutes before we "go live" with the recordings. However, once she "releases" his vocals cords, the change back to Andrew is pretty readily made. So we feel we must do her part first and then bring Andrew on later to show the difference of the timber. Diana, by rights, was a soprano...Andrew is more of a baritone.
Now, on to the rest of your comments to me about Merlin, Diana's apparition and such.... I had a session with my own guides the other day that kind of floored me. I had asked about the work with Diana, and there is that information there. You will be interested in the part about me getting to see her "ascend". Perhaps that is prior to or same time as your flame like apparition? It would seem to make sense. Find that information enclosed as well. As for Merlin sleeping in a cave... How profound is that considering that both Jesus and Lazarus, the only others to 'arise' from the grave, had also been 'but asleep" in a cave like atmosphere. I am seeing echoes everywhere in all of this, beyond what I can even put into words. It brings to mind the old words of "As above, so below". This just gets better and better in my opinion!

So glad to have connected with you. It is a blessing to me to have your thoughts and wisdom to add to my brain. It is helping me to see a higher and wider perspective of some things that are quite hard to grasp in all of their magnificence.


ROSE'S ATTACHMENT: Conversation with Her Guides Concerning Diana and Other Future Events

R: Rose

G: Guides


R. I would like to ask that you give to me what you can share about my role in the work with Diana. For instance, is it going to be what she thinks it will be, the return from the dead for her and a turning point for humanity?

G. It is with great conviction that you have come to us for answers. We will answer in the ways that we may. It is a feeling you have that things will not be as solidified as has been given to you from the lady and we say that the world will not begin to accept the work of this being for a few more months but the work will become known in very short time. You have lighted the way for the one chosen to be the way shower of the world and that is an honor and a duty that you will only see in hindsight. You are one who in your own modesty cannot assume you are the creator of but we say that to a great extent you have had much to do with creating the work. You were once a great and revered seer yourself and this is not recorded in your memory for it is not relevant in this time but what you saw then imbued you with a desire to come and assist in this work. This would have been before the time of the pharaohs and you were allotted the gift of being here to see the continuation of that which you saw in future events.

R. So, I saw this instead of heard it, as I do now?

G. You were once one who worked with many gifts, the gift of sight being as strong as that of the inner ear. You are now allowed only to access the gift of inner ear for it is what is needed most for the plan and will be given for you know why in a short time. Your ability to hear the one who has come forth to be the way shower is not by random and you have been given glimpses of this. But we wish now to tell you of some other things that will be revealed to you for the aid of this one. You were once not only her friend but her lover and that is not as you would say in the order of things a will to be of great virtue. You were both servants to the Pharaoh and kept as such. You were a lead concubine and she was a lesser-known one but the two of you found favor with each other. It was a relationship of mutual joy and that was a source of constant delight for you both but of jealousy between the others of your acquaintance. It was decided to make the end of that relationship by another and your will to aid her in her death cemented a bond that would be again forged in the modern day. When it was decided to bring forth the ones who would bring again to the world a gift of knowing the joy of the world beyond physical it was given to you and the being known most recently as Diana the Princess. It was not a trial nor a labor for either of you to again feel the bond of being together and the bond was forged again through the resonance of those long ago emotions. You were not privy to that any more than she is right now in her former state of being the Princess but it is the reason that the energies were drawn together so readily. It was a source of recognition and forms of energetic homing that allowed the greater connection of which you were aware.

R. What about Andrew? How does he fit into this? Was he also with me in a former life?

G. There was a lifetime led with mutual acknowledgment but not one of intimate cohabitation. He was a fellow citizen in a small village in the Alps and was known you as the man who gave out treats to the children. He was not a friend as much as an authority figure for you at that time but you were often within his company and enjoyed his tales of the life he had led. When he was gone from you through death you remembered him even into adulthood. It is that connection that made your friendship viable even in this time.

R. Okay, and his connection with Diana?

G. There were several lifetimes and each had it’s own flavor but it was necessary for that to be a drawing point as well for the energies to re-emerge again into cohesion for this work. The point we make is not the specifics and that is one of which you will be ultimately aware one day but rather we would prefer to continue with our lesson to you about your role.

R. Yes, go ahead.

G. There will be a lifting of the world of humanity as has not been seen in many eons from the work that will unfold for you. You will be an advocate for the lady for some time but your central role of this plan will not be within her shadow for long. You will reach acclaim though your connection to the lady but it will be for you to continue with another work of which you have also been prepared. This work will center around the knowledge that you have been given of the forces that remain within a soul and what was once written as the religious foundations of the world. It will be a enfolding of the truths of not only the bible but all divine writings that have been given to mankind. You will be given the knowledge that will be needed in a short time and that is yet to unfold for you as well. We wish now to continue with your role for the lady.

R. yes, let’s deal with one thing at a time , please.

G. The role of her announcer and her voice is given to another of which you are aware. What you are not yet of knowledge of is that you will be given the gift of seeing her in her physical form through this one. This will be a signal to you that your own work will soon begin. When the ending of your role with the lady is nigh, you will be given the gift of seeing her ascend and that will be what was intended for her sojourn upon the world as a way shower will have ended. It will then be time for you to work as a prophet for yet another who will emerge and that will again be detailed for you in later days. The role with the lady is but preparation for you for greater work, one where you will bear the brunt of the responsibility. You will be shown this work through the unfolding of the return of the lady and that will be ample training ground for you upon the path that will be opened to you in several years. You have come not only to be the prophet but the master as well and that is indeed a time that will be of great work for you. We give this in preparation so that you may have the knowledge that your role with the lady is necessary for many reasons and to allow you know to work at learning the ropes of many things that will come upon you. You have been chosen, as has the lady and her voice, to be a sign to all nations, a light in the midst of a darkened world. WE do not proclaim this with a light hand: you are to be of value in ways that you are not now prepared to accept. Let that be as an entreaty to you to form a more open mind at your own worth upon the world stage. You will indeed be publicly known in short time and that will be as it should be. Do not despair of your roles. You have been chosen and that is the greatest of all gifts.

R. So I am going to do something beyond the Diana work and will get to know of it later?

G. It has been given since the times before when you saw the greater portion of the earth in it’s latter days. You will know of what we speak in the time span of about two years and until then we ask that you remain in our service as we are of yours. It is a time of great healing for the world and you were chosen and were eager to be the one to arrive to be here at this time. Think of the knowledge already given to you of the things not yet seen by many. Is that not proof of a source beyond that of the many? You will be as a light and a beacon, that is what we have to offer you this day.

R. Thank you. Any true idea of when this work with Diana will roll?

G. The will of the masses is much the energy needed to launch, but the launching is not to be delayed despite the lagging of the wills. We would say that the launch is, as given to us, of the newer energy of the year that offers the spiritual perfection of 7. Preparation is not undue for the time is nigh.


love message


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Andrea B.
Sent: Thursday, November 23, 2006 2:00 PM
Subject: love message

I wish you were back. I know that journalists followed you too much. I didn't like it. What happened to thieves who stole your body? I know that you are alive. I saw ad.vashing powder vanish. I love you so much princess Diana.

Andrea B.


Princess Di, Marilyn Monroe Connection


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A Marilyn Fan
Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2006 6:15 PM
Subject: (no subject)

I'm rather perplexed re. the Princess Di, Marilyn Monroe connection. The reason being that as a huge fan of Monroe, I came across a case study, that being of 'Sherry Lee Laird' - she was experiencing flashbacks and having vivid dreams of when she allegedly was MM in a previous life. Due to the emotional disturbance it was causing her, she sought help from an expert in regression called 'Adrian Finklestein' and they have since gone on to release a book called: Marilyn Returns: The Healing of a Soul.

You might be aware of this case already, but if Sherry Lee Laird was really MM in a previous life, how can Jean Dixon's theory that Princess Diana was MM reincarnated be true??

I must say Sherry does look uncannily like Marilyn. MM was born on June 1st, 1926 @ 9.30 am and Sherry was born on July 11 1963 also at 9:30 am, of course Marilyn died in 1962. Now in her 40's, Sherry is a singer with a Canadian rock group called 'Pandamonia' and scored a No. 1 hit in Canada with a cover version of Sade's 'No Ordinary Love'. Her daughter 'Kenzie' is considered to be Marilyn's mother Glady's reincarnated.

I've also come across a website about a 'Nancy Miracle' who believes herself to be the daughter of MM and playwright, Arthur Miller.

There are so many myths surrounding MM, it's hard to know where the truth begins and ends, to be honest!! - but I would be interested to know, what your views are on these 'revelations'. The past-life expert who regressed Sherry (as mentioned above), absolutely believes that Sherry is MM reincarnated. Although, earlier on before regressing Sherry, he was contacted by a 'renowned french singer' (whose name was not mentioned) who came to him because she believed herself to have been an entertainment superstar who died tragically in her thirties, (although, it wasn't said outright, the suggestion was MM) .

I think there are a lot of people out there who 'over-identify' with this legend and perhaps actually start to believe they infact were Marilyn. For ie) I recall in the early part of Madonna's career she was quoted as saying 'I'm MM recarnated!!', maybe she said it in gest, but there are similarities there, although, the general opinion is Marilyn was a 'victim' whilst Madonna is a 'survivor'.

Perhaps you'd be so kind as to reply to this rather curious e-mail!!

A perplexed Marilyn fan!!

* * * * *


It is only a theory of mine. Jeane Dixon never made a link between Diana and Marilyn (she did make a link, I believe, between Diana and Queen Nefertiti).

Still, the similarities between Diana and Marilyn are uncanny. You need not take my word for it: I have seen websites and read articles that list the many coincidences and similarities that seem to link them. Alot of that stuff is still out there on the Internet if you Google the right keywords. Everything from the physical appearances of the men they were most attracted to (this is a similarity I have noted in the noses and mouths of Prince Charles and Joe DiMaggio), to the age of death (36) and month of death (August). Both were regarded as the top glamour goddesses in their respective generations. The deaths of both are shrouded in mystery and accusations of murder. Strange too that Elton John decided to sing "Candle in the Wind," originally dedicated to Marilyn Monroe in 1973, at Diana's funeral. I do not think that was an accident; it was a subconscious recognition that both women were intimately linked.

Things become even more convincing when the heavens themselves seem to agree. Comet Seki-Lines and Comet Hale-Bopp were both very spectacular comets. Seki-Lines could be seen in February and March 1962 and Hale-Bopp in March and April 1997. The time from their appearances to the deaths of Marilyn and Diana were exactly the same. Both were enchanting comets, beautiful (as opposed to menacing), and literally like something out of a fairy tale.

Then there is me. I visited Niagara Falls in February 1997 and felt the presence of Marilyn Monroe everywhere I went along the river and rapids, and also the beaten, broken streets and sidewalks of the city, even though she shot there on location in the film 'Niagara' back in 1953. The Canadian side of Niagara Falls also has this same attraction about it since the film was shot there as well, but the US side preserves the American spirit of the times. Looking out over the water I felt a strong sence of anxiety that this was going to be Diana's year, just as 1962 was Marilyn's, that she would die in August 1997. I was right and the strong link between Diana and Marilyn that I sensed had much to do with that.

You mention that Sherry Lee Laird was born on July 11, 1963. Diana was born July 1, 1962 (Marilyn was born on July 1, 1926 ... 26 is 62 reversed). Even though she was born nearly two months before Marilyn Monroe died, she was such a tiny infant by the time of Marilyn's death that she still could have been a vessel for her spirit to enter. I quote a top reincarnation specialist on the 'Revelation' page who says this is possible and not at all unusual. Spirits need not enter the unborn or those about to be born; they can enter tiny recently born infants already alive. There is very little if any conflict between the two personalities, one simply attaches itself to the other and they grow together as one. Either the unborn still in the embryonic stage, the newborn or the recently born work out well for the spirit wishing to reincarnate.

Yes, I read about Sherry Lee Laird and saw a video interview under hypnosis bit she did earlier this year, and wondered about it. At first she seemed authentic. But I have read articles since that denounce her as a sham. Indeed, in some circles, she is something of a joke. I think she is a very good actress, has internalised many of Marilyn's vocal and body language mannerisms from films she has watched and what documentary footage has been televised, and probably has a genuine love for all things Marilyn. She may have said that she did not want to be a reincarnation of Marilyn, but everyone who has ever made such claims says much the same thing.

Note also the all too unlikely symmetry: not only does Laird claim to be Marilyn Monroe but she claims her daughter believes she is the reincarnation of Monroe's mother. This would be terribly unfortunate for Kenzie if true since the mother was psychotic and ended up in a mental institution (something Marilyn dreaded would happen to her).

Consider Anna Nicole Smith: she also believes she is a reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe or else possessed by her spirit. Once she began rolling around the floor like she was possessed, laughing like Marilyn used to. She is also on record for saying that being possessed by Marilyn sometimes terrified her. Sharon Stone and Gwen Stefani also have laid claim to the honour of being reincarnations of Marilyn; Stone a number of years ago said that her inner Marilyn spirit caused her to announce to everyone that she would be a major actress, "another Marilyn Monroe." I like Sharon, but I think she has fallen somewhat short of that goal. I tend to be a bit sceptical about those who make loud claims or benefit from book sales (like Ms Laird who is selling a book and who is also a singer with a rock band).

It is a fun thing though, all the same. I'm sure she enjoys doing it and her website is just adorable.

But in all seriousness, Princess Diana even shared the same emotional hell and loneliness Marilyn went through. I don't know if she was aware of the link between Marilyn and herself, but even if she was, she was the sort of unassuming type of person who would not make a deal about it and keep it to herself. I think most true reincarnates keep their reincarnations a secret unless there is a very good reason for the public to know. And there are good reasons for keeping such knowledge a secret.

As you say, there is a lot of over-identification. And I am certain that if confronted by enough other women claiming to be Marilyn Monroe, that upon interviewing them under hypnosis, Ms Laird's past life expert would again be just as convinced he was in contact with the genuine personality.

As for Madonna, she has imitated almost every famous dead actress in the history of cinema. For her to ever remark that she is anything like Marilyn Monroe is an insult to the memory of Marilyn (as are her attempts to be a new Diana). Madonna is a shameless self-promoter and, as you have so observantly pointed out, a 'survivor.'

But far be it for me to say anyone is a fraud just because others do. The 'Revelation' page is a theory based, in part, on the observance of an unusually large number of coincidences and linkages going back into time much farther than Marilyn Monroe and, also in part, certain prophecies, one of them a vision that occurred the same year Marilyn died, that seem to confirm this ancient lineage leading up not only to Princess Diana, but to another woman yet to be born. If it turned out that Marilyn Monroe was not a link on this chain, it probably would not matter.

Because you are a fan of Marilyn Monroe, here is a website you might enjoy: I personally believe this to be one of the top ten websites on the entire Internet, and I understand that although it has undergone a number of updates over the years, it is one of the oldest sites, going back to 1989. The artist, Lady Shalene, who created this masterpiece is truly gifted and if her website, dedicated to and largely about Marilyn Monroe, but also about the light and dark aspects of Hollywood and a platform against child abuse (Marilyn was abused as a child, as was the artist I suspect) is not well-known it deserves to be. To me this site is an example of what can make the Internet such an amazing place to be!

Mike M.

----- Original Message -----
A Marilyn Fan
Sent: Saturday, November 18, 2006 6:38 PM
Subject: Marilyn Monroe - Recarnation

Thank you very much for replying to my e-mail re. Marilyn Monroe, it was very interesting.

I do agree there are many similarities between Marilyn and Princess Diana. I don't know what to make of the claims re. Sherrie Lea Laird, but one can't help but be slightly sceptical.

Why do so many women declare themselves to be the recarnation of MM, I wonder?? - I suppose it boils down to a psychological need of some-sort.

You mentioned MM was born on the same date as Princess Diana, however I have always been under the impression that she was born on 1 July 1961 @ 7.45 pm (apparently!!) and Marilyn on the 1 June 1962 @ 9.30 am (apparently!!). I apologise if I'm wrong, but that is what I've read many times in literature about Marilyn. I thought I'd just mention this to you.

Thanks again for your response and recommendation re. a website about Marilyn.

* * * * *

Hello again,

Sorry about that. You are correct: Diana was born on July 1, 1961 and 1962. I was actually thinking of the irony of Marilyn's birth year being the reverse of her death year (26 - 62).

Rest assured I do not make mistakes like that when I write my articles or make my predictions. They are well-researched and I take my time to make them as error-free as possible (although I have been known to go back to make the occasional correction).

This would make Diana an infant of almost 14 months at the time of Marilyn's death and reincarnation. Again, as far as reincarnation expert Dr Joseph R. Myers is concerned, even that would not be a problem. However, I don't know at what age he would consider the cut-off point to actually be ... because at some point it would no longer be reincarnation but possession by the dead (which can only work out temporarily since some sort of inner conflict will eventually develop).

And, of course, there are kind souls like Marilyn and then there are those who are not so kind ...

Anyway, the mistake was only in my letter. Sorry about that.

I hope you do enjoy Lady Shalene's website. It is certainly quite unique.

Mike M.

----- Original Message -----
A Marilyn Fan
Sent: Sunday, November 19, 2006 6:39 AM
Subject: (no subject)

Hi again,

I looked at ladyshalene's website but some of the pages could not be found for some reason. It is as you say certainly a unique website compared to other MM websites I've seen.

You mentioned 'possession', is it possible therefore that Sherrie Lea Laird was 'possesed' by MM as opposed to 'recarnated' as her?? - I have looked at her 'No Ordinary Love' vvideo on you tube and at times there is an uncanny resemblance to Marilyn, also, pictures of her in the book, 'Marilyn Returns: The Healing of a Soul'. Also, in the book when she is being regressed, she recalls all these 'facts' about her time as MM, how could she of known all this?? - or do you think she has studied lots of material on MM (despite denying this) and that is how she knows all this information??

Perhaps, you could let me know your views on this, but not to worry if you are too busy.

Best wishes

A Marilyn fan

* * * * *


That would all depend on what age she was when she first became aware of having been Marilyn Monroe. If she was an adult or adolscent, possession is possible. If she was a small child, reincarnation is still possible.

I would add that I have not heard of Sherry Lea Laird until a year or so ago ... certainly well after Diana's death. The soul in transmigration is a collection of personalities that have accrued over the centuries. The more recent ones are strong and, as the reincarnation expert mentions, a soul can inhabit two living bodies for a period of time before the death of one of the physical bodies. Thus, the soul that was in Marilyn in 1961-62 could also inhabit the infant Diana without Marilyn's conscious knowledge. I know that sounds weird, but that's what he says (although he does not mention specific names).

With the soul that was in both Marilyn and Diana now free to roam, it is possible the Marilyn persona feels at home with Sherry, identifying her as a kind of body double with a similar personality. At the same time the soul is free to leave and allow Diana to communicate with several people who claim to channel her messages. I am in negotiations with one of the channelers at this time ... it appears that several predictions of mine concerning a return of Diana in apparition form may be true and, as I have calculated, perhaps will take place in October 2008.

I am moving into this with caution. I normally do not trust channelers, especially after seeing JZ Knight channel the 35,000-year-old spirit of "Ramtha." I think she must be mentally ill. And the seance and channelling I saw with Diana's alleged ghost a few years ago on pay-per-view TV left me feeling the whole thing was a sham ... and a boring one at that. What a disappointment!

Still, there are certain tests I can perform with these other channelers ... things only I and Diana would know (she visited me in a very lucid dream three days after her death). If I feel they are authentic, there are important questions I will have for Diana.

Oh, and regarding that de-lovely Marilyn website, I too noticed a few links did not work. However, I also noted that the site had been reworked between October 24, 2006 and October 31, 2006 ... which means Lady Shalene may still be working on some of the pages that aren't functioning yet. Still, with what is working (about 90%), it is a labyrinth of a site with ever deepening layers .. to this day I have yet to see every page ... and some of the subject matter does get a bit dark. I do love the light aspect of her work, especially all things Marilyn-related.

Marilyn Monroe was like a rare comet that only appears once in a thousand years. No one will ever be quite like her again for many generations, unless it is Sherry Lee.


----- Original Message -----
A Marilyn Fan
Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2006 12:03 PM
Subject: (no subject)

I agree with you that that there were lots of similarities between Diana and Marilyn but re. Sherrie Lea Laird, I think the jury's still out!! - I read that she has dabbled with drugs in her time, but then I suppose Marilyn did, although I was under the impression Marilyn had a tendency to take one too many 'prescribed' drugs as opposed to 'recreational' drugs, which Sherrie has supposedly done, (could taking 'recreational' drugs make her suffer from some sort of delusion, ie) that she was Marilyn based on coincidences, because she looks like her, etc). I don't know for sure if Marilyn ever dabbled with 'recreational' drugs, I've never read this, but how can anyone know 'everything' about her. There are so many books out there about her, which are full of contradictions.

Re. Marilyn's untimely death, in the book 'Marilyn Returns: The Healing of a Soul', when Sherrie is being regressed, asked how she died when she was her, she replied 'not murdered', basically it was an 'accident'. But based on evidence (assuming it's genuine!), a lot of people believe the opposite to be true.

I once won a trip through a competition to spend a week in LA and be treated like something of a celebrity (very nice too!) and me and a friend, were picked up at the LAX airport by a reputable limousine company who chauffeur many stars around. The driver (a black man, whose hair was quite grey), whose name was 'papa joe', was quite happy to respond to some of our questions. Being a MM fan, I said 'did you ever chauffeur MM around?' and he said 'yes, he did' and I said 'what was she like?' and he said 'she was fun and bubbly but she got mixed up with the president' and then he said 'when you get involved with the president, you're asking for trouble!!'. He didn't say anymore, but he obviously had a few showbiz tales to tell, having been in the business for quite some time (judging by his greying hair). He seemed genuine, but I guess you can never be 100% certain if people are telling the truth or not, but what reason did he have to make that up?? - from the comment he made about her, I would say if he was asked 'how he thought she died', he would probably say she was 'bumped off' in so many words!! - I imagine she was considered something of a 'loose cannon' by the powers that be, especially if she felt rejected by the Kennedy's, especially Bobby, whom she seemed to have deeper feelings for. I think it's safe to say, due to Marilyn's unhappy childhood, she found 'rejection' of any kind extremely difficult to deal with. I have known people who have had difficult upbringings, with absent father/mother figures and subsequently find 'rejection' a killer to deal with, especially relationship break-downs. It certainly seems one's childhood determines one's emotional well-being.

I do apologise for 'going on' a bit, but I do find all this 'fascinating''. My partner has no interest in this sort of thing at all, so his opinion on Sherrie Lea's revelations are 'she's a con artist'.

It will be interesting to hear how you get on re. contacting Diana. I have read quite a lot of people had psychic experiences around the time Diana was involved in the car accident and/or when she actually died. I remember screaming uncontrollably, which I always thought strange. I was asleep and then on hearing my brother crawl in early hours of that morning after a late night out, I sat up in bed and just screamed uncontrollably. I certainly wasn't reacting to my brother coming in, the only way I can describe it is it was some sort of 'psychic experience'. My brother poked his head round my door and said 'why are you screaming?', he obviously thought it rather peculiar!! - and of course when we all awoke and turned on the TV later on that morning (the 31/08) we were greeted with the terrible news. That wasn't such a great birthday of mine, needless to say!!

Re. Lady Shalene's website, I must admit I did feel a bit 'out of my depth' due to the subject matter which doesn't make for 'comfortable' reading, however I've read about all this sort of thing before in some books on MM. She certainly did have a horrendous start from the sounds of things!! - well, I think I've said all I can think to say for now. I daresay I will be in contact again somewhen!!

I have to say your website is one of the most interesting websites I've come across, it's really something you can 'get your teeth into'. Some of the subjects you focus on, ie) a possible WW3 and environmental disasters, are of great concern. To be honest, there seems to be so much 'uncertainty' in this world, what with 'global warming' and many social issues etc, I'm not sure if I want to have children this rate (I am in my early 30's, so my body-clock is well and truly ticking along now), it just seems 'unfair' to bring them into a world which seems ultimately to have nothing to look forward to, except 'doom and gloom'. Also, my partner, is very concerned that the world is running out of 'oil' and he fears that we will end up being thrown into the stone-ages again. What a shock that would be for the modern world!! - we've got so used to our 'luxuries' and are greedy and materialistic, it would throw us all into utter chaos. Well, let's hope the oil doesn't run out for some time at least. Even if it doesn't in our life-times, it'll be the likes of my brother and wife's baby (which is due in Feb), who'll have to bare the brunt!! also, environmental disasters due to global warming. Poor things is all I can say!!

A Marilyn Fan


The Spencer Family


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2006 10:21 PM
Subject: THe Spencer Family

Who was the father of John Spencer, the 1st earl- Viscount Athorp. from 1734-1783 The Grand father was Charles Spencer- 3rd Earl of Sunderland

I was wondering if a Thomas Spencer who married- Anne Dorryfall was in this family. They had a son- Obadiah Spencer b. 1638 Hartford, died May 1712-Harford.

Well any way Obadiah Spencer married- Mary Desborough who was the daughter of-Mary Brownson & Nicholas Desborough. Mary Brownson came to America as a teen girl. She came in 1635 , on the Ship, "The Defence" in 1635. Came to Cambridge, Mass. Mary had two older Brothers who came with her from- The Earl's Colne, in Essex, England. The brother's were John and Richard Brownson, I traced them back to 15oo to Cornelius Brownson + Elizabeth. They lived At The Earl's of Colne on the Colne River about 40 miles Northeast of London.

Well One of the brothers is my ancester here in America. They went from Cambridge, Mass. to Ct., Farmington, Waterbury, and all over from there is The USA. The Name Brownson was changed several times. Mine became Bronson, my mother was the last Bronson in my line of the family. But we came from Ct to New York State, to a small town called Smithville Flats, in Chenango County, NY.

That was my 6th greatgrandfather-Moses Bronson 17__ to now.

We were one of the First Families in America.

Would you be able to find out if one of he Spencer's I spoke about is a relative of Diana Spencer. I have Blonds in my family tree who looked like Diana. Some today still do. My Granddaughter does today.

Her name is- Mellissa Amanda Joyce Goss bn November 14, 1991 Jacksonville, Florida.

She has a sister Victoria Elizabeth Goss. They have an older half brother Shaun Francis Gallagher who is blond also. They pass for 1st cousins to William and Harry.

Wow!!!! What A story.

Thank you

Elizabeth Ann Marie Smith- age 64
* * * * *
Hello Elizabeth,

Apparently you read my email reply that my mother's side of the family (Compton) was traced to the Spencers or you wouldn't be asking me this, I think.

Unfortunately, I don't know the details of that, and as a result do not know the father of John Spencer.

It is my aunt, born Shirley Ruth Compton, who has been doing all the tracing of the Compton line and discovered the Spencer connexion in 1997. She has made numerous visits to England over the last 15 or so years. She will turn 80 in November.

The point where the two families meet is apparently very old (1500s? 1400s?). All I have in my possession, which my aunt printed out for me quite some time ago, and has been likely much updated since, goes back to 1789 when William Compton was born. That same year his wife-to-be, Sarah Todd, was also born of Henry Todd (b. 1734) and Hannah ??? (b 1749). My aunt obviously solved Hannah's last name quite a while ago, but I don't have that update.

The 1700s Comptons lived in Northamptonshire, England. William and Sarah's son, John Compton, was born in 1816 in Lowick, Northamptonshire and moved to Oundle. His son, William Chambers Compton (b. 1842) married Fannie Whyman (b. 1818) and moved briefly to Petersborough in 1866, then settled in New York State in 1868. William Chambers Compton is my great-great grandfather.

Although the family tree printout for the Compton line up to today only goes back to the William Compton-Sarah Todd marriage, it is obviously only a partial printout. That is because she has traced the family back farther to when they resided at Compton-Wynyate Mansion.

I have in my possession a printout of a color photo of our ancestral residence, Compton-Wynyate Mansion, located near Stratford-on-Avon in Yorkshire. The photo was taken by my aunt. This is now the residence of Marquess Northampton who ceased allowing tourists to visit several years ago. Until that time, my aunt and uncle used to visit the mansion regularly and were close friends of the caretaker, Freddy, and his family. The caretaker is now deceased, but they remain good friends of the family and visited them in February of this year.

Another early residence, from an old black and white photo, is of Castle Ashby and another old B&W photo of the nearby Chapel Ashby. I think Castle Ashby was a temporary residence because of some damage that occurred to Compton-Wynyate that required extensive repairs.

So, only my aunt knows about the earlier times when our family resided at Compton-Wynyate and at what point in the past the Comptons and Spencers were related. But I think she said it was somewhere in the 15th Century.



I prayed to God that i wanted Diana as one of my Angels


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2006 4:57 PM
Subject: I prayed to God that i wanted Diana as one of my Angels.

The evening that prayed to God to let me have Diana as one of my angels, i went to bed for the night. I had a visit from Dodi Al fiad, he told me that Diana was very busy and could he help. I awakened with a smile on my face, feeling this was more than a dream. Dodi was offering his help in Diana's place. My body is filled with goose bumps as i relate this to you, as matter of fact whenever i think of this happening i feel the same sensation.

I am a sensative and do most definately believe that Dodi's presence was in part an answer to my ernest prayer.

Christian, Orlando, Fl.

* * * * *

Hello Christian,

I have also seen what I never would believe. No more than two days after Diana's death, she appeared to me in a dream.

There was a mist in the darkness and then, in the distance it seemed, she appeared, wearing a green tunic, toga-style, her left shoulder bare. She approached me in the dark, smiling broadly and sweetly, and then held me in her arms. My tormented soul felt at peace at last and I understood then that she has forgiven me for my inability to save her from death. What more was said, if anything was said, or just known mind to mind without words, I can remember nothing more.

On the day of the funeral, as I watched it on television, I received news from my mother. My aunt had been tracing our family tree for over four years, which I knew, but what I would hear I was not prepared for. It turns out our family is related to the Spencers, and Diana was a distant cousin. You could well imagine my shock. I had always remarked, when Diana was alive, that she looked like some of my girl cousins on my mother's side of the family. Now I knew why.



Royal Family Ordered Murder of Diana?


From: Sweetlady
Subject: Princess Diana
Date: Monday, June 05, 2006 8:03 PM
I have a feeling I think the Royal Family Had something to do with her death, I think there is a written rule about a man can not marry again unless the ex spouced is dead. Therefore, it is totally possible that a hired hit was ordered for her death. Because Prince Charles could never assend to the throne as well as marry Camilla, Someone should be checking into that little known fact. If memory serves me right, there was another King could not keep the throne because of a controversy, And he stepped down and forfeited his right to the Throne Of England.
Here is another conspiracy, You can tour Elvis home. Only where allowed, no one is allowed up stairs at all, Only supposed personnel and family. My theory is that he faked his death. And has been alive all along, Still carrying out on a daily basis. And raking in the money...


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