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From: FombecRex
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Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2000 9:40 AM
Subject: Hungary

I would be interested in any near future predictions that you could perceive for the country of Hungary.

Thank you,


This was my 'reply to author' response:

Hello, Rex,

Thanks for visiting Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs. Please note that due to the detail of my response that this letter will appear on the End of the 20th Century Email Forum.

Yours is a good question. Unless a dramatic change for the better occurs this year in foreign affairs, Hungary will be a nation around much activity will soon revolve. Actually I do not need to be a prophet or interpreter of prophets to figure this out.

Hungary is perched precariously above the mess we now know as Yugoslavia and the former warring nations of Bosnia and Croatia. Northern Yugoslavia (Vojvodina) has a large Hungarian minority seeking autonomy from Serbia.

Hungary is now a NATO member, as is neighbouring Poland and the Czech Republic. Russia feels threatened by these three countries. They are on Russia's 'near abroad' --  a fancy way of saying the former Soviet East Bloc.

In the event of a NATO war with Russia, Hungary will be in the front line of staging operations.  Poland's very large army will bear the brunt of the responsibility of defending the three.  However, according to Nostradamus, Germany will inevitably be forced to take on a large military role aiding Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

Does Nostradamus really talk about such things? He certainly does. He mentions Hungary by name in a number of his quatrains and refers to Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, and Croatia together as 'Pannonia' -- a former Roman colony.

Unfortunately, Nostradamus does not provide astronomical dating clues in any of the quatrains dealing with Hungary or 'Pannonia.' If you go to the main menu on my homepage and click on the page 'The End of the 20th Century: 2000 [Part Two], you will find a considerable amount of information regarding Hungary and the coming war between NATO and Russia. I also touch upon this on 'The End of the 20th Century: 1999' in the section where I am still dealing with Quatrain 8.15 -- events I believe began with Russia's war in Dagestan during the first week of August 1999, events that have led to the current war in Chechnya.

Quatrain 2.90 says that the 'rule in Hungary will change' and 'the law will become 'bitter.' The chief city, Budapest, will come under attack (like Grozny is now). At that time 'Castor and Pollux' will become 'enemies in the field.'

Some commentators have long believed that 'Castor and Pollux' is some sort of obscure astronomical dating clue. It is not. Others insist that, because the two main stars of Gemini represent the heavenly brothers, the twins, that this is Nostradamus' way of describing pro-Soviet Hungarians at war with rebel Hungarians during the revolution of 1956. Possible, but a rather weak rendering in my opinion.

My read is that Castor and Pollux are two major powers who will battle for the future of Hungary. Castor and Pollux MUST be Russia and the United States. I intend to expand further on this theme soon on the Year 2000 [Part Two] page and wherever else I can on the site. I will also be featuring quatrains dealing with a Western military buildup in Hungary and surrounding nations of the Balkans, the region as the site of a major war between NATO and Russia, and the defence of Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine by a leader of Germany ('from the Norican mountains,' and 'Saxony'). I have suggested that this leader may be Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (a native of lower Saxony), however in October 1999, another contender (also from 'the Norican mountains', ie., southern Germany) came to my attention:

October 8, 1999 (excerpt) --

PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) -- Amid continuing ethnic violence in Kosovo,
German Gen. Klaus Reinhardt takes command of the 40,000 member
peacekeeping force on Friday, assuming the reins from British Lt.
Gen. Mike Jackson. The transfer, part of regular rotation, marks a
milestone in German efforts to shed an image as a perpetrator of two
world wars. In an interview before assuming the post, Reinhardt said
he is prepared to "play tougher" to restore peace in the violence-ridden
province, but hopes he does not have to.

That is Nostradamus. What sounds similar to the old Cold War scenario for World War III.

During the Cold War, the fear was that Russia would seize then-West Germany, forcing a miltary response from the NATO alliance. Battlefield nuclear weapons would be introduced leading to a total thermonuclear war between the Soviet Union and the United States which would also involve Russian nuclear strikes against key targets in Western Europe and Great Britain.

The current dangers are:

1) That under a dictator like Vladimir Putin or Communist boss Gennady Zyuganov, Russia will first resurrect the old Soviet Union by force, then attempt to re-seize its former Soviet satellites in eastern Europe. For Nostradamus, Hungary and Yugoslavia (both current and former states) appear to be the focal point for a Russian invasion. Should this happen the results will be the same as a Russian blitzkrieg on West Germany would have been: most dire.


a) War will re-erupt in Kosovo and spread to the Bosnia-Croat states. Russia will not tolerate another air campaign like last year's Operation Allied Force and will use Hungary as a corridor through which to pass its military machine to aid Slobodan Milosevic.

b) Ethnic Hungarians in Vojvodina will be persecuted by Serbia and a 'Vojvodina Crisis' will occur, similar to the one in Kosovo. This will eventually lead to Hungarian military action in the north supported by NATO. War between Hungary and Serbia will ensue. A Russian military response in Hungary and Vojvodina on behalf of the Serbs will result.

What does my system of numerology (base 7) reveal?  There is a chance that Hungary may be invaded by Russia before the end of the year (which is why I discuss this on the Year 2000 [Part Two] page).  Nevertheless, I must emphasise that the chance is remote since the 'influence' is an old and frail one.  Should a 'Vojvodina Crisis' break out this year, I think it will be in May.  A change in leadership in Hungary is also possible sometime this year.

However, the only serious near-term vector for war in Hungary does not arrive until November 2005.  That's quite some time away.  Another vector for a Russian invasion of Eastern Europe (which would obviously include Hungary) occurs in November/December 2003. If Hungary's destiny is linked to that of the Czech Republic (logically, it must), another vector for Russian invasion gives us spring 2003.

Given Russia's actions in Chechnya and Georgia, its new threatened 'first use' policy of nuclear weapons against ANY armed aggression, the continued ethnic hostilities in Kosovo, this time against Serbs and Roma, as well as a recent vow from Belgrade that it will return to Kosovo this year, it is difficult for me to believe that war between Russia and NATO will be so far away as 2003, 2004, or 2005.

How, then, could this be?  Nostradamus is insistent, things are moving in a dangerous direction, everything seems to be fitting into place...yet the number system suggests otherwise.

It is possible.  According to base 7, the current hostilities between Moscow and Washington have a small chance of ending and a new, albeit short, era of friendship renewing in June 2000.  However, for this more positive outcome to occur it is absolutely neccessary that 'peace' be maintained in Kosovo for at least the next three years and that the war in Chechnya end soon.

Another reason that war may be postponed is because Putin has dealt the West the 'Cold War card.' It is ironic, but Russia's recently-drafted doctrine to use nuclear weapons first against ANY armed aggression in its sphere may frustrate new military adventures by NATO or the US. Cruise missile attacks on places like Baghdad, Khartoum, and Belgrade may become a thing of the past.

If that can be accomplished then the horror of a third world war and a Hungary in smoldering ruins may be postponed indefinitely.  But not, unfortunately, forever.

Hope I haven't been too convoluted with my response.

Thanks for writing and please feel free to do so again.

Best regards,


Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs

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Date: Thursday, January 27, 2000 1:01 AM
Subject: Re: Hungary

Dear Michael,

Thanks for your expedient reply.  We are close friends with a Hungarian family from Pe'cs, in southwestern Hungary (Baranya) not far from the Serbian border.  I hired their 20-year-old daughter as a teacher last summer for a month-long program here in America sponsored by the
(I have deleted the organisation due to security reasons -- MM).  We currently have their 18-year-old daughter staying with us for the school year through my small business.

Last March my daughter and I spent two weeks in their humble home with Mom, Dad and the three daughters.  Within one week of our return the bombing started in Serbia.  I returned for a few days in late April and spent May 1st at their friend's farm in the little town of Magyartelek- about 25 kilometers from the Serbian border.  While crossing the fields at dusk I personally observed the distant bombing of the refineries in Sombor seeing the flash in the distance and feeling the ground shake beneath my feet.  I was bewildered at their attitude that it was someone else's concern and not their own despite the close proximity of the bombings.

As a young man of 19, I was in Brussels, Belgium in 1967 when the 7-Day War erupted in the Sinai.  I personally observed all of the foodstuffs being literally ripped-off the shelf within hours since the Belge had known war so well in the past.  I lived, as a civilian, for over two years in the former war-torn areas of Luxembourg, Belgium & France and heard countless widows render horrific true stories of WWII.  I spent four years in the USAF as a French Interpreter as well.  I currently teach French in school with native fluency.

I am at a loss as what to tell this family about their inevitable fate in Hungary in the next few years.  They feel that a few foothills will keep them from the inevitable oncoming wrath that will eventually consume their region in the next few years.

I have tried to dissuade their 18-year-old daughter from returning to Hungary, after she graduates in June, but she is equally oblivious to these forthcoming events.  Her 20-year-old sister has a great opportunity to go to the
(I have withheld the name and location of the university for security reasons --MM), but also persists in her attitude of believing that such catastrophes could never come to their city in Hungary.

I have tried everything in my power to help them avoid the calamities on the horizon and have run out of ideas.  If there is anything else that you feel I could say to these people to change their minds, other than your wonderful letter, please e-mail me your suggestions at your convenience.

Thank you again for your keen interest and research on the subject.



This was my 'reply to author' response:

Dear Rex,

I completely commiserate with your bewilderment over your friends' seeming apathy. I suppose we can also acknowledge the fact that it is not unusual for 18 and 20 year-olds who have never known the horrors of war to suffer from a profound lack of vision (not to mention a very abbreviated sense of personal history). Perhaps they should be introduced to a book such as 'The Diary of Anne Frank' or even 'Eyewitness to History.'

I am not surprised that their family felt that it was someone else's problem when the blasts went off in Sombor. It's always 'someone else's problem' until 'the problem' suddenly leaves the street and takes up residence on one's doorstep.  Hitler was 'someone else's problem' to the Poles, the Czechs, the French, and the Belgians until he BECAME their problem. To many Americans living in an age of isolationism, Hitler and Mussolini were merely 'posturing buffoons' not to be taken seriously or worried about -- until, of course, it was too late.

Sometimes it is a case of hearing the cry of wolf once too often. After war broke out in Bosnia in April 1992, the 'alarmists' were immediately predicting the conflict spreading to Kosovo, then to Macedonia, and then on throughout the entire Balkans region. Finally, in March 1998, after six years of dreading the consequences of a war in Kosovo there was a 'crisis' in Kosovo. Then, a year later, there was, finally, THE WAR. However, as of June 1999, the worst fears of the best minds were not realised. Against all previous expectations, NATO had pacified the region with their 'superior' weapons of military might. The great war that would spread throughout the entire Balkans region failed to materialise.

People will listen to warnings for only so long and then they will stop listening. And that is when they become the most vulnerable to attack. Russian and Chinese leaders understand this. Little tin gods like Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il understand this too. That is why they are constantly sabre-rattling, issuing threats, and creating periodic 'crises.' Their hope is that eventually the world will tire of them and stop paying attention to what they are doing. They are succeeding.

Americans would rather follow the daily progress of a young boy who escaped Cuba, the progress of the presidential primaries, or the national weather trends than consider the potential ramifications of an economically devastated major nuclear power fighting a genocidal war in the northern Caucasus.  A power led by men who repeatedly threaten the United States and NATO Europe. How many Americans even know that Yeltsin resigned nearly a month ago or are familiar with the name of Vladimir Putin?

How many Americans are aware that Taiwan is holding new elections in March and that China has placed a March 2000 deadline on Taiwanese re-unification with the mainland?  That they have set up nuclear-ready ballistic missiles aimed at the island?  That at least twenty of their missiles can reach the US west coast and as far inland as Nevada?  That they now have the technology to equip their missiles with MULTIPLE warheads? That one of Beijing's top military leaders said in a recent interview that war between his country and the US is 'inevitable.' Mr. and Mrs. Anytown USA sip a cup of good morning America and are lulled into believing that it will not happen here. No, the idea is too wild.

Is it surprising that there is such apathy in such a rustic setting as southern Hungary?- When the greatest power on earth is living like a goldfish in a piranha aquarium and behaving as though it has nothing to fear?

I would persuade the girls to remain in America (although, as I have implied, it is far from certain how long the US itself will remain 'safe'). Obviously I would not press the panic button as though the threat is imminent, but it is, as you have noted, 'inevitable.'  Their family must be convinced that it is also in their best interest to consider re-locating to Western Europe, Canada, or the US.

But of course you have already tried this.

God knows I do not know what to tell you.

What is coming will quite over-reach those 'foothills' you mentioned.  All of Europe and the world will be in danger if Russia becomes entangled in a conflict in the former Warsaw Bloc (which includes Hungary). It will not matter whether the cause is a NATO response to new ethnic cleansing, an attempt to correct a perceived imbalance of power by Moscow, or sheer territorial expansionism in the name of Slavic (read 'Russian-Serb') brotherhood.

There will be SCORES of MILLIONS of refugees fleeing Eastern Europe, some former Soviet republics such as Ukraine and Moldavia, Romania, and the entire Balkans region -- not merely hundreds of thousands.  That is there will be if that many people are lucky enough to escape.

I am sorry, but, as you noted, this scenario IS 'inevitable.' It is possible that Kofi Annan will buy the world some extra time (that is all Mr. Annan is capable of doing in any situation, by the way, although I like him better than Boutros-Ghali). Even if the best circumstances prevail and the Russian bear is given some self-serving incentive to cool down, war in Chechnya ends, and Kosovo is pacified for a few more years, Vujvodina will not remain dormant forever. Nor will the dispute over Transylvania between Hungary and Romania. Also, Slobodan Milosevic is as tenacious about holding onto power as Saddam. He will eventually start another war to appeal to Serbian patriotism.

He has no fear of NATO. Moscow gave him assurances that he will be defended in any future battle -- that is the only reason he 'caved in' to NATO demands in June 1999. Immediately afterward Russian tanks departed from Bosnia and took up position in the main Kosovo airport.

Indeed, why should Milosevic stop with Kosovo?  He has not forgotten the shame of giving up eastern Slavonia to the Croats...and he desperately wants it back as badly as Assad wants the return of the Golan Heights. Nor will he stand for an independent Montenegro. Then there is the shaky Croat-Bosniak federation. There is a new government in Croatia, one which may not indefinitely honour the Dayton agreement signed by the late President Franjo Tudjman. Croat-Moslem tensions flare up from time to time as do Bosnian Serb-Moslem tensions. Little Bosnian brushfires quickly snuffed out while the NATO peacekeeping force gradually dwindles in size.

I have watched the news this evening and the situation in Chechnya appears to be reaching nightmare proportions. This is why I brought up Kofi Annan. He is traveling to Moscow to appeal to the Russian leadership to end the war. Meanwhile the European Union is finalising plans to impose economic sanctions against Russia.

This cycle cannot continue indefinitely without a third world war or something like it resulting. In 1995, newly-elected French President Jacques Chirac, in a blazing flash of sudden wisdom, warned the world to treat Moscow as a serious partner and never risk provoking the Russian bear. Instead, the world and the US continued to toast the bear's misfortunes, in what has turned out to be nearly a decade-long celebration of the death of the Soviet Union. The 'Post-Cold War era' was an illusion and is now all but dead.

We must now prepare for the flip side of the 'Revolution of 1989' coin.

The most optimistic projection I can possibly give for this part of the world (eastern Europe, the Balkans, the former Soviet republics, and Russia) is that there will not be a major war until March 2006.

2006 at the latest.

My most pessimistic projection is that war will break out this spring and reach NATO-Russian conflict stage in eastern Europe by December 2000 or sooner -- THIS YEAR.

That is it -- we are either entering a last pregnant pause or the real thing. If for no other reason, we are where we are because we have managed to go full circle back to 1914. We did not learn from the mistakes we made in the conception of that war or the one that followed in 1939. No one wanted what happened in 1914 -- least of all Germany (which got the lion's share of the blame). But the great powers succumbed to the most deadly social disease known to mankind:  mutual paranoia. As now, it was two back-to-back Balkan conflicts that served as kindling. One crazed Serb and a dead Archduke and his Duchess was all it took to fan the flames. We have entered that crossroads again.

I am sorry if I have failed to be of much help. The dangers facing the land of your friends are too great for one person to solve. And history is a relentless engine that has a damnable tendancy to repeat itself. I fear it is a machine that cannot be harnessed -- not even by the best minds or the kindest hearts.

As before, thanks for writing and please feel free to do so again at your leisure.

Yours truly,

Michael McClellan

Note: Due to intermittent email disruptions I was having with my ISP email service (because the system is in the process of being upgraded), I contacted 'FombecRex' again to ensure he received my reply. I received the following response:

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From: FombecRex
To: <>
Date: Sunday, January 30, 2000 1:51 AM
Subject: Re: Hungary

Dear Michael,

Yes, I did receive your second letter and I appreciate once more the expediency in which you responded.  My Hungarian friends' lethargy still continually amazes me.  I have sacrificed monetarily to offer them a respite from their impending consternation, with a constructive alternative (higher education), yet they continue to cloister their thoughts within the confines of their humble abode in Pe'cs with mental isolationism.

I forwarded your second letter to another Hungarian friend of mine named (name withheld) who lives in Budapest.  Last summer I was able to raise enough funds locally to bring him to our town to help drive the minivans for the month of July for the last Hungarian group sponsored by
(I have deleted the organisation due to security reasons -- MM).  In one month's time he made the approximate equivalent of a half year's salary in Hungary.  He stayed in our household during that time. He is also twenty and pursuing his college education in Budapest.

I am looking forward to his response to your observations since he is a bit more cosmopolitan and studying Political Science as well.  He does not have the typical "head-in-the-sand" attitude as the others do that I have previously spoken to you about.

One of the ulterior motives for bringing both he, and the other 20-year-old daughter, to America late last June was due to the possibility of hostilities breaking out on the 4th of July 1999 as per my understanding of Nostradamus' at that time.

If I could implore you to write once more (as if you were writing to these young people in Hungary) and explain your dating system as well as your understanding of why the events that were perceived to take place in July last year did not occur, it would be extremely helpful to my cause to try and relocate them one last time.

The 20-year-old young lady will be completing a semester abroad in
(city withheld), Italy by the end of February and then return to Pe'cs, Hungary to continue her studies.  Her parents are both high school teachers with a combined net income of only $6,000.  The 18-year-old sister will be returning to Hungary at the end of June after she graduates from an American high school.  The American high school faculty is trying to raise enough funds to bring her mother here to see her daughter graduate in June.

As you can see I only have a window of a few months to try and convince these tradition-steeped Central Europeans of what truly looms on their horizon and my resources are limited.  They are like family to me.  When I was at the Budapest Embassy last March (before the Serbian bombing) the line for visas was only a block long.  When I returned in April the line wrapped clear around the block due to the ethnic Hungarians living in Serbia trying to get out of the country.  The two sisters from Pe'cs had to make five separate 6-hour round-trip train journeys just to get one tourist visa and one F-1 Visa for a year in high school in America.  They had to spend one night sleeping on the sidewalk in the cold and then watch fights breakout around them as others tried to jump the line early the following morning; and, that was just to get a number to come back another day to stand in a longer line.

Hungary is hoping that their NATO membership will eventually lead to their membership in the EEC in about three years.  Will that happen before hostilities break out or will most Hungarians be trapped unable to obtain a visa?  After seeing the pandemonium at the American Embassy in Budapest I can only guess at what chaos would ensue following intervention by Russia in a regional conflict.

I have traveled the land between Serbia and Budapest and understand why it only took the Wermacht several weeks to invade the Balkans since they used Hungary as a corridor.  It is still mostly rural; yet, as you have previously mentioned, it is a convenient natural passageway to the Balkans.  This times the tanks wouldn't be stopped at the Ukrainian border by a few motley border guards.  The only superhighway is from Vienna, Austria to Budapest which would support your projection of the Deutsch coming to aide Hungary.  The other "major" roads south are merely two-lane highways clogged with farm vehicles and slow moving trucks.  Add refugees to the mix and I cannot even imagine the ensuing anarchy.

Despite the progressiveness of Hungary it wouldn't take much to reduce the country to the middle ages with your envisioned "blitzkrieg" as you have also previously mentioned.  I pray that your words will strike a resounding chord and wake them up.

Respectfully yours,


This was my 'reply to author' response:

Dear Rex,

Sorry about the lateness of this letter, but I have been hard-pressed with family-related problems of my own. I have also been notified that I may continue to experience some problems with the email service my ISP supplies while the upgrade is completed. I have been unable to contact them to determine if this simply means my email will be late or whether efforts to reach me will occasionally bounce back to the sender.

Thanks for writing again. I am sorry to hear of your friends' continued recalcitrance in accepting the grave reality of their situation. One would think that their difficult experience last year obtaining visas would have been sufficient enough to awaken in them a sense of the danger lurking near their borders.

I will begin by addressing the following:

You asked me to 'explain your dating system as well as your understanding of why the events that were perceived to take place in July last year did not occur' as it would be extremely helpful to your cause to try and relocate them one last time.

First I will discuss the dating system.

As you may have gathered from visiting my site, I am using several methods of divination that I know and trust (including dream visions I have experienced). I have been studying the prophecies of Nostradamus for nearly fifteen years. Other important prophets, including the Old and New Testament prophets, have also been subjects of critical study since 1992. Years of research and comparison studies made it possible for me to uncover 'the master outline' of future history as determined by Nostradamus for world events beyond the year 2010. This is the subject of a manuscript I have been trying to get published since 1998.

However, dating the volumes of predictions, many of which concur with one another, proved to be impossible for the NEAR TERM future. Only the Kali Yuga World Cycles identify 1996 - 2005 as a deadly and dangerous period for possible global warfare.

In 1996, I longed to know what the future specifically held for the closing years of the 20th Century and the first decade of the 21st. I had always held the sense that our future was somehow written in the past, since past events had a habit of repeating themselves -- in variations of the same themes as it were.

I felt that the key to the pattern of replication did not lie 'in the stars' like some astrologers insist, but in a numeric constant. I had been dabbling with conventional numerology for some time to begin with. After experimenting -- with a low success rate -- with a wide variety of numeric constants, I decided to work with the number 7 and multiples of 7. I believe that the number 7 has great mystical properties because it is featured so often in Holy Scripture.

The most important discovery in all of this was that THERE IS NO CONSTANT. Although the number 7 is the basis for the system, events do not recur without fail every seven years. However, they DO repeat themselves in multiples of seven (ie. some events will recur after 7 years, some after 14 years, some in 21 or 35, and so on). Replication beyond 49 years (7 x 7) is highly unusual, but not impossible. I discovered that some events might repeat three, four, even five times over a 49-year period, while others perhaps only once or twice.

Determining which multiples of seven (including the number 7 itself) will be most applicable to the near future depends on close observation of current events and a good knowledge of history.

In 1998 I named my system the 'base 7 system' and 'base 7 numerology' (because I sometimes use elements of conventional numerology in the system as well).

An example of how this system works that I often use on my site and when communicating with emailers is the Diana model. What follows is a very brief, simplified discussion of the model.

At the conclusion of my first trial run of the base 7 system in December 1996 I decided to expand the premise of my system to destinies of individuals. I felt that the troubles the US had had with Cuba in February/March 1996 in the Florida straits and the political unrest developing in Serbia, Bulgaria, and Albania was enough to conclude that we had witnessed some regurgitation of the troubles in Cuba and East Germany in 1961. If 1997 followed suit then the major stories of 1962 (5 x 7 or 35 years earlier) would repeat.

Actress Marilyn Monroe committed suicide on August 4, 1962, but mystery surrounded her death in the aftermath (even to this day). Would another major female celebrity be in similar danger, 35 years later, in August 1997? During the winter and spring of the year I was uncertain of the identity of the woman in question, however Princess Diana was on the list. In July, following the murder of Gianni Versace, I 'knew' it was indeed Diana who was at risk. There was even a Nostradamus quatrain, 10.35, a quatrain I had been aware of for years, indicating this in the last two lines. But my system was new, had only been put into practise one year, and I refused to believe what I 'believed.' Six weeks later Diana died in a Paris car crash on August 31. Mystery still surrounds the circumstances of her death.

I felt guilt-ridden over her death, wondering if there had been some way I could have communicated my fears to her. I vowed then that I would no longer simply be a 'Nostradamus interpreter' and would find a way to communicate MY predictions as well.

Why did Diana die? Answer: she was the most famous woman in the world, glamorous, beautiful, blonde-haired, 36 years old, had a 'career' that spanned 16 years, and had led an unhappy, loveless life. Just like Marilyn Monroe.

Remember what I said: one must compare current trends with historical ones to determine WHICH multiples of 7 are most likely to recur.

Now let us move into the geo-political arena.

Here is an example where the number 7 (as opposed to 35) worked and I knew it would HAVE TO WORK.

In the spring of 1991 Milosevic began his war with Croatia. The following year, in April, Bosnia became the next location for a civil war. Even after beating the Bosnian Serbs into submission in September 1995, the NATO-enforced peace in the former Yugoslavia remained a shaky one (and still does to this day). Political and economic chaos in Albania in March/April 1997 and fits of political and ethnic unrest in Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Montenegro in 1996 and 1997 indicated that this region of Europe was still going to remain a dangerous place.

It made sense to me: seven years after Milo invaded Croatia he would begin another crisis in March 1998, I predicted. This time I believed it would occur in southern Yugoslavia (Kosovo) or Macedonia. The 'Crisis in Kosovo' began, almost on schedule, on February 28, 1998 following the murder of three Serb policemen. After a few weeks of reprisals and a massacre, Slobodan was given the pretext he so desired to invade the southern cradle.

If I was right about 1998, I concluded (this was still in early 1997), then a much more devastating war would break out in April 1999 -- seven years after the war in Bosnia began. I wasn't sure where, but I concluded, given Kosovo's or Macedonia's strategic location, that if the 1998 war was not properly resolved before the end of 1998, then it would involve NATO forces against the powers in Belgrade. Otherwise, there would be a resumption of hostilities in Bosnia. On March 24, one week shy of April, Operation Allied Force began. NATO was at war with Serbia over the destiny of Kosovo.

It was also not difficult to conclude that some sort of sustained bombing campaign would take place against Saddam in 1998 -- seven years after Operation Desert Storm began in January 1991. It almost did occur in February 1998, but Kofi Annan managed to buy Iraq some extra time. Operation Desert Thunder was aborted. However, Operation Desert Fox was launched in December 1998 (still seven calendar years after Desert Storm).

Why did these patterns repeat again after seven years? Because Saddam was still a menace throughout the decade of the 1990s and the Balkans, especially Yugoslavia, remained a troubled region.

Again this is a highly simplified model. Events in 1956 (6 x 7 or 42 years earlier) and 1977 (3 x 7 or 21 years earlier) also contributed to the events of 1991 and 1998.

Now, regarding Nostradamus, I will discuss why the perceived events of July 1999 'did not occur.'

It was always a fallacy to believe that 'a great King of terror' would attack a nation 'from the sky' using nuclear weapons. It was also a fallacy to conclude that 'July, seventh month' or 'July and seven months' equalled 'July 1999.' I argued in both my unpublished 1998 manuscript and on my web site that the military aerial attack would probably be a conventional one. I also argued that anyone in a position to launch such an attack who knew of the Nostradamus prediction might be tempted to fulfull it intentionally (ie., self-fulfilling prophecy).

When Nostradamus inked Quatrain 10.72 the year was 1558. The modern Gregorian calendar had not yet been created.  People were still using the Julian calendar. There were two ways to go about the reckoning of the year in Julian fashion. One, simply, was that the first month was March and the last month was February. However, Nostradamus (and others) dated the new year from the March spring equinox.

The first way of calculating in Julian makes September, not July, 'the seventh month.' The second way, in Nostradamus fashion, seven months from March 21-23 takes one to October 21-23.

Vladimir Putin, then Russian prime minister, launched his horrendous war on Chechnya in September 1999 'from the sky.' On October 21 the following occurred:

October 21, 1999 --

            GROZNY, Russia (CNN) -- As Russian forces continued their offensive
            on the outskirts of Grozny, a series of explosions ripped through the
            center of the Chechen capital on Thursday, killing scores of shoppers
            and bystanders at an open-air market, Chechen officials said. Local
            officials gave conflicting accounts of the death toll. One spokesman
            said at least 60 people were killed; a senior government official put the
            number at 118 dead -- and as many as 400 injured. The city's central
            market was strewn with shattered bodies and pools of blood after six
            explosions shook the stalls, which were crowded with shoppers. At
            least four others rocked other parts of the city, including one that hit a
            maternity home.

            "There were a lot of bodies in the street," Paul Refsdal told CNN
            from Grozny. "In the hospital, it's quickly filling up with people
            screaming, people with their legs torn off."
            There was no immediate word on the origin of the attack, and the
            Russian Defense Ministry in Moscow said it "categorically denied"
            that Russian forces were responsible for the blasts.
            As the explosions continued, hundreds of terrified people, many
            screaming and crying, ran for cover. Surrounding streets were jammed
            with survivors and others trying to escape. Some onlookers tried to
            help wounded survivors who staggered away from the devastated area.
            "It was dark and then all of a sudden, the place was illuminated and
            something was sparkling in the air. Then we heard the explosions,"
            said Umar Madayev, a survivor.

Tell me, my Hungarian friends, that Vladimir Putin was and is NOT 'a great King of terror.' GRAD rocket launchers, helicopter gunships, and fighter jets were and ARE his instruments for raining down horror and death 'from the sky.' Now he has passed into law a 'first use' clause that allows Russia to resort to nuclear weapons against any perceived armed aggression on or near its borders.

For those of you who still firmly insist that Nostradamus meant July 1999, then we need only look to Bill Clinton and NATO and the massive bombing campaign in Yugoslavia that ensued from March 24 to June 20, 1999. The bombing and cruise missile attacks 'from the sky' ended only a few weeks shy of July 1999.

Take your pick, Putin or Clinton: Quatrain 10.72 WAS fulfilled. Both 'kings' remain in power.

So what does Nostradamus say about Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, and Eastern Europe? Just read all of the many quatrains pertaining to 'Dalmatia', 'Slavonia,' 'Hungary,' 'Budapest', 'Romania,' 'Pannonia' (Hungary, Yugoslavia, eastern Slavonia, and Bosnia), 'Aquilon' (Russia), the Adriatic Sea, the Black Sea, 'Armenia,' 'Byzantium,' 'Sorbia,' 'Dacia' (Romania), 'Polonne' (Poland), 'Bohemia' (Czech Republic and Slovakia), etc ad nauseum ...

Read. This IS NOT Hitler:


Near the Rhine from the Norican Mountains (southern Germany)

Born one of a great people, too tardily come (German NATO Gen. Klaus Reinhardt or German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder?),

Who will DEFEND Sarmatia (Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine, and Moldavia) and Pannonia (Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, and Croatia),

One will never know what became of him.

Against who or what will he defend?  RUSSIA.

If the letters of that country's name were a mile in height it would not be warning enough.

We have misplaced our fears, always looking to the Middle East. It is not that danger does not lurk there, and I believe a horrible war is in preparation between China and the United States, but Eastern Europe and the Balkans have too often been overlooked.

According to Quatrain 2.90, one day Castor and Pollux (Russia and the US) will become enemies in the Hungarian field.  Screams, pleas, and howls will emanate from the chief city of Budapest, the great bridge above the Danube will burn, the heart of the city smitten into two parts... I HAVE SEEN IT! It will come after a change of leadership, when a new law (NATO, EU) rules the land.

NATO will not save you. EU will not save you. They will be too busy trying to save themselves!

And what of base 7 numerology?

Seven years ago, in May 1993, Croatia and Bosnian Croats began their war against the Bosnian Moslems. This time, Milo and Vojvodina? Milo and Montenegro? Kosovo again? Bosnia again?

In February 1994 (now read February 2001), NATO began its 19-month ordeal in Bosnia following a marketplace massacre in Sarajevo. NATO/Russian war in Eastern Europe?

In March 1965 (5 x 7 or 35 years ago) the US began a massive bombing campaign against North Vietnam and had 50,000 troops committed to the region by May. Will Eastern Europe, rather than East Asia, become the world's Vietnam -- eventually a nuclear one?  Also, China and Taiwan in March 2000 -- a nuclear Vietnam? - once again in East Asia? Perhaps both will happen?

Russian invasion of Hungary: November 1956. 7 x 7 = 49 years. November 2005?

The Fall of the Wall, Velvet Revolution, Revolution throughout Eastern Europe and communist Balkan states: November/December 1989. 2 x 7 = 14 years. November/December 2003?

How about Prague spring? Consider all the possibilities.

Why now or soon? Because the region is in turmoil and under occupation.

As we make history, we create future potential for recurrence. Seven years from Operation Allied Force is March 2006. If the lid does not blow off the pressure cooker before, it will by then.

Anyway, (name withheld), this is only the tip of the iceberg. I have not touched upon an experiment conducted in the early 1980s wherein volunteers were placed into hypnosis and progressed forward into the future (hypno-progression). All 500-plus respondents reported a war in Eastern Europe between US, NATO, and Russia. Russian troops pouring into Yugoslavia through Hungary. Budapest in flames.

In the early 1980s, what average person paid any attention to Yugoslavia or Hungary?

Anyway I hope some of this is of help to you in your quest to save your Hungarian friends. I am afraid I was forced this time to resort to the language of fear, but perhaps this is the only language they will understand. I am willing to address any further questions you may have.

Please feel free to write again soon.

Yours truly,

Michael McClellan

-----Original Message-----
From: FombecRex
To: <>
Date: Tuesday, February 01, 2000 3:28 PM
Subject: Hungarian Letter #3

Dear Michael,

Thanks once again for your thorough explanation and sharing your dreams. I found it all quite fascinating and in conjunction with my religious beliefs as well.  It is quite apparent that you have a definite gift for personal revelation as well with your dreams.  I am happy to see that you use them for the benefit of others and not necessarily for personal gain.

I also appreciate your extensive delving into the number "7".  I understood what you were driving at completely; however, if I forward this particular letter to my two friends in Hungary I am afraid that their English is not sufficient for a thorough comprehension and they will end-up being "lost".

Would you kindly take the time to write a personal letter to "Ro'zsa & Katalin" (ages 20 & 18 respectively) as a father would write to his daughters who were in peril.  This way I could personally forward it, with a brief attached cover letter, for their benefit.  I am too close to them personally to really be taken seriously anymore after continually exhorting them for the past two years.  Your professional expertise would be a great asset to the cause.  Equally important would be the interjection of a URL in your letter so that they could click on it and go directly to your "second part of 2000" area.

I apologize for my lamentations but your specific outline of forthcoming Hungarian events, in the next few years, is probably my last hope to get their attention of the ensuing plight that will eventually engulf them otherwise.

Respectfully yours,


This was my 'reply to author' response:

Dear Rex:

Here is the letter you requested. Please feel free to edit out anything in it that you feel is either unneccessary or too difficult for the girls to understand. Also, if there is anything you feel I have not touched upon that should be included in the letter please let me know. I retain copies of all letters and will be able to locate the places you feel something should be said (please specify where). I will then send that material along and you can place it in the appropriate locations in this letter.

Yours truly,


Ro'zsa and Katalin:

You do not know me, but I have been studying events in your part of the world for a very long time. My name is Michael McClellan and I quite nearly had a book accepted for publication two years ago by several publishing houses. The book was and is entitled 'Nostradamus and the Final Age.' Things did not work out, partly due to the large amount of content in my manuscript and tight publishing schedules. I will be making another attempt at publication later this year.

In the meantime, since early 1999, I have been maintaining a web site pertaining to the near future concerning world events that I had so desired the world to see in book form when it might still make a difference. This part of the future that I have been so concerned about (including last year and 1998) largely covers the period 2000 to 2006 with some predictions running to the year 2012. The web site is entitled Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs.

In addition to my studies of Nostradamus and other notable prophets, I am also a numerologist. In 1996 I developed what has thus far proven to be a fairly accurate system of divination which I call the 'base 7 system' or 'base 7 numerology.' I call it this because I have found that history repeats itself in multiples of 7 years. It does not always repeat itself EXACTLY, but it is usually a close approximation. I have also noticed that often the magnitude of many repeated events grow worse as we move forward in time.

My accuracy rate is currently 87%. This means that as of the end of 1999, 87% of the predictions I made for 1999, many of which were made two years earlier, came true. Chances are good that three out of every four predictions I have made and am making for the next several years will happen.

I predicted that a great female celebrity would die in August 1997 and that her death would shock the world. I felt that what happened to the famous and beloved American actress Marilyn Monroe in 1962 would play out again somehow in 1997 thirty-five years later (5 x 7 years later). Six weeks before her death on 31 August 1997, a Nostradamus quatrain and a personal premonition I experienced while watching her at the funeral of fashion designer Gianni Versace in Milan on television convinced me that the woman would be Princess Diana. I was unable to communicate to her the danger she was in, so she died. I was devastated by this.

This was the turning point in my life that convinced me I could no longer sit back and watch the future unfold without voicing my warnings of future events in hopes of preventing them or at least saving SOME lives.

Ro'zsa and Katalin, your lives and those of your family and many other families in Hungary are in danger. Listen to this from a man who predicted the beginning of the Kosovo Crisis would come in March 1998 (it began 28 February) and the NATO war against Yugoslavia that would follow in April 1999 (it began 24 March). That Iraq would be bombed by the US and Britain by December 1998. That an economic and political crisis would begin in Russia in August 1998, eventually leading to horrible changes in that country and to its leadership. That US President Bill Clinton would be assassinated or impeached by the end of 1998.

Listen to this from one who predicted last year's killer earthquakes in Turkey and Greece, the massive earthquakes that would strike California and Mexico (which fortunately did not kill anyone), the riots in Iran, the naval conflict between North and South Korea in the Yellow Sea, the suicide of television actress Dana Plato, the tragic death of John F. Kennedy Jr., the monster hurricane named Floyd that would batter the US east coast, the resignation of Boris Yeltsin, and many other happenings.

I am told you believe Nostradamus was wrong about the seventh month of 1999. He was not.

I could say that Bill Clinton and NATO were the 'great King of terror' attacking Belgrade and surrounding areas of Serbia 'from the sky' up to within a few weeks of July. But Nostradamus did not mean July anyway. He used the old Julian calendar. The seventh month of 1999 to him was September/October. That is when then Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin began his horrible aerial war against Chechnya. Have you seen Grozny now? It looks like the surface of the moon!

Ro'zsa and Katalin, your country is surrounded by danger. To the west, Austria is turning into a fascist state. The men who are trying to seize power there are friendly with Russia. The EU and NATO are thinking of expelling Austria.

To the south is Yugoslavia and to the east is Russia and former Soviet Moldavia and Ukraine. Milosevic is taking a breather. He has assurances from Russia that if he gets into another war with NATO, Moscow will take his side. Also, there are ethnic Hungarians living in the north of that country seeking self-rule.

One day, perhaps as early as this May or as late as next February, there will be war in northern Yugoslavia and in Hungary -- your country Hungary. And if it does not happen for one reason, it will happen for another: your country is a perfect corridor for Russia to send its troops and weapons of war through to get to Yugoslavia. Montenegro has just said it will defy Belgrade and announce its independence by the end of 2000. Milosevic has promised war should that happen.

Do you understand?

Russia is warrior nation now. They murder innocents, men, women, children, old, young, sick, and wounded. The new president, Vladimir Putin, was and IS the great King of terror! Even if he loses the election, the men who are left to become president are no better -- and ONE is worse -- worse even than Vladimir Putin!

Things will not get better. Russia is defiant. Russia defies NATO, EU, US. Russia HATES Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic for becoming NATO nations. Russian people want back the 'old days.' They want back the Soviet empire. They also want back Eastern Europe -- your country and all the others that won freedom in 1989.

Believe me, I know they will try. It will be a horrible war. Germany will come to aid you, but will fail. The United States will try to save Hungary and your country will become a battlefield where the armies of the two greatest nuclear powers on earth will fight. Budapest will be in flames, there will be howling and misery, the fiery bridge will fall into the Danube, the city split in two...

They will do to you and your family and your neighbours what they do to the Chechen people...only worse (if you can imagine worse).

Does Nostradamus say this? YES!

And what do I say with my frightening numbers -- numbers that are seldom wrong?

Please, be prepared. While tomorrow may seem safe and the day after, the shadows gather.

Live in America and urge your family to do so as well.

You are in the same position as the Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, and everyone else were in during the mid or late 1930s. World War II began in September 1939. There is a chance World War III may begin in 2000 -- in the same places -- including your land. Then again, perhaps this year is only like 1936 or 1937.

Nostradamus says 'there will be a horrible, calamitous war' already in progress by June 2002. He does not say where. But when he doesn't say he usually means Europe.

My system indicates the following: this year, 2000, beginning in or around May, another Balkan war, possibly in Kosovo again, Bosnia, or in Vujvodina. Change in leadership in Hungary some time this year too. Russia will come to Balkans through Hungary at some point. When? Possibly, September 2000.

If the next war is with Montengro (December), it will be February 2001.

Next vectors are spring 2003, November/December 2003, and November 2005. These may be blitzkriegs by Russia to reclaim former Warsaw Pact by force and have nothing to do with the Balkans.

Last possible date for third world war (or else a 'dress rehearsal' for Armageddon) is March 2006.

I am going to provide you with the URL for my web site. Go there. It is

Go to the main menu at the bottom of my home page. If you feel like it, to better understand how my system of numerology works, you can read the home page and the first five pages on the main menu later.

But first click on 'End of the 20th Century: 2000 (Part Two).' There is much there that I am certain will convince you of the peril your nation will soon be in.

Then go ahead an check out what else you wish. It is very large, however. It is not a site that can easily be digested in one sitting.

I firmly believe that many events are preventable with advance warning. And those things that cannot be prevented can at least be prepared for.

I hope that by reading what I have to say you may both come to making the proper decisions regarding your future (yes, future -- and a long one to if you know from where to stay away).

Good luck and happiness to you both.

Your friend,


-----Original Message-----
To: <>
Date: Friday, February 25, 2000 1:46 AM
Subject: Hungarian Follow-Up

Dear Michael,

I apologize for not returning the reaction of my Hungarian friends after your extensive efforts in your "Dear Ro'zsa & Katalin" letter earlier.  I am now beginning to understand how frustrated you must feel at times when
people do not heed your advice.

Between the three Hungarian youth their reactions were varied:  1) Ro'zsa (the 20-year-old) has chosen to ignore it completely; and, has in fact, severed any communication with me whatsoever to avoid the issues.  2) Her younger sister Kati (the 18-year-old) was just given a copy of your letter this past weekend to read while my wife and I were away on a weekend trip. I had avoided informing her of Nostradamus' predictions until recently due to her previous upsetedness over the issue when I first presented it to her last March in Hungary.  However, her sister's severance of communication with me has now left me no option but to include her on a "need to know" basis.  I asked her on Monday if she had read it.  She is in a state of denial as well saying that she hasn't read the letter when I know for a fact that she already has done so.

3) The most surprising reaction of all was from my youthful 20-year-old friend (
name withheld)- also a university student but in Budapest.  I sent him a copy of your second letter to me which he just answered today (since he only has Internet access once a week).  His response was so emotionally ignorant that I deleted his emotional letter.  I had originally perceived him to be a more educated youth but apparently his centuries-old Hungarian memory genes prevailed in ignorance and disbelief.

His unexpected reaction has prompted my writing to you once more. Today I finally came to the realization that (just as the Hebrews in ancient Jerusalem felt that their city could never be destroyed by the Assyrians)- so think those who isolate their fragile existence in a house "built upon sand". It wouldn't take much to envision the chain bridge in Budapest falling into the Danube; yet, my young Hungarian friend believes that such things could never come to the "Paris of Central Europe".

I appreciate the great patience, and forethought, that you have exhibited in quietly "spelling-out", in great detail, your time-consuming efforts to help these few.  Again, I now have an inkling of what frustrations may accompany your "gift".

I have given-up on the two sisters.  I have resigned myself to their fate.  There is nothing left for me to say or to do for them except pray. They have the right to exercise their free agency to choose and evidently will let time choose for them.  If you are up to a challenge then I would invite you to write to (name withheld) at <
URL deleted for security reasons > but please bear in mind his youthful ignorance.  If you decide to do so I would appreciate to be copied on such a letter.  I have already sent him a brief response today with your URL directing him to the second half of the year 2000 as you had previously suggested for the others.

Once our Hungarian girl leaves in June I will, in all probability, cease communication with the (
name withheld) family in Pe'cs, Hungary at that time. Emotionally, I must distance myself from their inevitable fate which would be very difficult for me to bear personally.  Despite the few times in my life that I have given sound advice I only wish that this time I could have been wrong; however, I cannot deny what I believe to be true that will, at some time or another in the near future, come to pass.

Thank you immensely for your personal interest in the welfare of these fine youth whom we have tried to guide.  At least we have tried (which is still a frustrating rationalization for me personally).

I remain, yours truly,


This was my 'reply to author' response:

Dear Rex:

I would not conclude that our attempts were completely in vain.  In fact, your description of the reactions exhibited by Ro'zsa and Kati to my letter may be cause for some encouragement.

As I mentioned in an earlier letter, although they may be from Hungary, they are still like most youth in America or any other half-way civilised country: they believe they are going to live forever and are caught up in living the sort of life young people are attracted to. Although there are always exceptions, the study of prophecy (or history) is usually not on the list of one's priorities when one is 18 or 20.

Nevertheless, I believe we have made an impression. The problem is you are hoping for an immediate and positive reaction from them. That is most unlikely. But I would wager that they are unsettled by what has been communicated to them by my letters. They will NEVER FORGET what they have read. While they go about leading and enjoying normal lives, subconsciously every word you and I have uttered or written will remain operative. My letters are in their heads and they cannot run away from them. They may be able to ignore them much of the time, but they will never forget them.

And as they begin to witness the developments about which they have been warned taking shape I believe they will take the appropriate action before it is too late.  For now, let them have their space while there is still the time (there may, after all, be as much as 3 to 6 years of it).

Also, do not judge them from their outward appearances. Bear in mind that what we have told them has probably FRIGHTENED them. That is a typical reaction in youth to prophecy, especially in late adolescence. I was 19 when I first read Hal Lindsey's The Late Great Planet Earth. It produced tremendous anxiety in me. Suddenly the Book of Revelation was no longer an inscrutible, almost hallucinagenic, nightmare that did not make any sense. Now I understood one man's interpretation of it and it became all too real in the context of current events (such as they were at that time). For the sake of sanity I drove it from my mind, yet I never forgot one word of it. I went on to enjoy my 20s, but the prophecies were always in the back of my head. (Although today I feel that many of Mr. Lindsey's predictions have proven to be wrong over the years, his basic interpretation of Revelation, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel remain sound.)

As mature adults we can accept the reality of prophecy, find it both intriguing and enlightening, even discuss it in critical terms while heeding its warnings and learning from our past mistakes. Unfortunately, this is difficult for most 18- and 20-year-olds to do.

I will not waste my time with (
name withheld), however. He is in that category of youth that believe they cannot learn from anyone outside of a university setting. He has been taught to be a super-rationalist and to be skeptical, not to mention cynical, of anyone who espouses anything that would tend to fall under the category of 'supernatural.' He is doubtlessly smug and self-confident. Perhaps he will be convinced by visiting my site, perhaps not. Share with him what correspondence you have of mine with him, including the letter to the sisters. That is all that can be done.

I am not particularly frustrated, I would add. It is my responsibility to COMMUNICATE and advise if possible -- that is all (but THAT is very important). Whether people take me seriously or not or heed my advice is entirely up to them.

So relax. Ro'zsa, Kati, and (
name withheld) are better off now than they would have been if we had said nothing to them at all. For them there remains hope whether or not that is apparent at this time.  They are no longer in true darkness, although they may resent having been pulled into the light.

Thank you for writing and keeping me updated.  Please feel free to write again, about your friends, or about any subject that is of interest.

Your friend,





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