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Madonna Life and Career in Jeopardy


Subject: Madonna Life and Career in Jeopardy
Priority: Normal
Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2017 8:57 PM
Size: 7 KB

Hi Mike, hope you've been doing well.

Since what happened at the march on the 21st, Madonna has been in a LOT of hot water.

She's literally become, as they say, public enemy number one.

I honestly [and strangely] seem to understand anything she says and does and especially all of what she said at the march.

I understand she's angered and confused, like so many others like her who end up paying the price for what they say later on.

I've already seen on YouTube videos of those in favor of her getting arrested and calling her horrible things in the YT comments.

(Honestly, if I didn't like her, I would NEVER waste my time mocking her online like what I've seen others do.)

Generally speaking, I've heard that some are saying these marches and protests are there to brainwash the masses. I think some truly are not there to do them any harm, like Alec Baldwin and his spoofs.

Madonna on the other hand, she seems caught in the middle. She wants peace and justice but thinks vanquishing in a radical way will resolve the problem. BUT she has had THOUGHTS of doing so, NOT literally. But her anger and also her ties to TPTB have, if not, affected her emotionally and mentally to the point that she's lost some, if not all, sense of right and wrong.

I remember once, maybe in 2011, getting a dream that some blonde was found dead and she was mocked and praised for being dead. It wasn't Elizabeth Taylor nor Pamela Anderson.

I sadly believe that her life and career are in jeopardy now.

Her career maybe now forever scarred by this speech she made.

What do you think of all this?

* * * * *

Hi Lolitafan1962!

Whew! I'm glad I wrote an article about it and posted it. I don't know if you have ever checked out my blog but it is at

You can read the articles from now back to 4/18/15 on that page, anything before it is on archived pages.

My Madonna article is at top but it also has its own page at

The title of the article is "The Danger Of Being An Archetype." posted 1/24/17.

YES, she may indeed be in terrible danger. I even received an email where the person called her a dirty c-t and said he wishes she would die or be killed. I deleted the email, as it was not an actual direct death threat.

You can read about that, her remarks, what it may mean, and more on the blog.

You can let me know what you think on the blog by commenting there or emailing me back.

Thanks for writing.

Kind regards,



Re: Madonna


Marilyn fan
Subject: Re: Madonna
Priority: Normal
Date: Saturday, November 12, 2016 7:02 AM
Size: 10 KB

Hi again,

Thank you for responding to my latest email, as always, I enjoyed reading your reply.

Madonna has been posting on her Instagram account short excerpts from her 'secret project revolution' since Trumps victory. For artists like Madonna, Gaga and Katy Perry, used to getting what they want, they are proving to be very sore losers indeed!

And now there is talk Chelsea Clinton is being groomed for congress in which case, she could potentially fulfill the role of WOB one day, the role her mother would of fulfilled had she won the election. Hilary's health was a concern though wasn't it, whereas Trump seems to be in good health. It wouldn't be a great surprise if Angelina Jolie turned her hand to politics but like Hilary, her health is questionable. And then there's Melania Trump as you mentioned in one of your posts, should anything happened to Trump, she might step into his shoes?? She looks quite a hard faced woman, bit of a mystery!!

I know people who are adamant all these violent protests against Trump will die down soon, personally I'm not convinced!!!

Best wishes,

Marilyn fan

* * * * *

Hi there,

I am familiar with the images and video from Madonna's SPR, having some of the images on hard drive still since they appeared in 2013. I often pondered about what she was doing there, and always believed she was expressing that there was a danger that this country would be plunged into civil war and martial law under President Obama. When she starts shooting people at random in what I take to be a death camp I think this is her way of "putting them out of their misery" or misery to come. She puts the gun to her own head too, indicating she would not want to live in a world like that. Then she undoes all the deaths she has caused, which I think was her way of saying that this scenario did not have to happen ... that there is another way (from her 2013 perspective).

Sadly, if she is posting these three-year-old images on Instagram, I think she is saying the choice for civil disobedience and martial law has been made by her as the alternative to a Trump presidency. Thus, she is essentially choosing civil war/martial law/death camps and in so doing setting as many people as possible up to die ... and setting up her own death.

TPTB allowed this video to be made in 2013 because even then they had planned the deadly "Purple Revolution" plan and the mass death in the US to follow in the event Hillary lost the 2016 election. World War III will be a bonus if it happens. I don't think they thought it would be necessary and that Hillary would win ... but she didn't. Of course, if this country is paralyzed by martial law and Trump does not get inaugurated, then I think Russia, China, and North Korea will indeed launch a massive nuclear attack on the USA at some point in 2017. And the Clintons, Soros, all TPTB responsible for inciting this violence and civil unrest will head for their bunkers.

When WW3 is over and the smoke clears, they will claim it was Armageddon (a phony one, of course) and set up a dictator in Europe. Madonna WILL DIE horribly in a death camp as she envisioned in the 2013 video unless she commits suicide first. If she doesn't, her flesh will be stripped off and she will be burned alive (as the WOB is in Revelation 17) or else they will dispatch of her as prophesied by Nostradamus ... by strangling or hanging. TPTB will claim she was the whore of Babylon (again, a phony whore of Babylon, the real one to be set up). They will claim Obama/Trump was the beast of Revelation (a phony beast again, the real one to be set up). They will likely kill Pope Francis too and say he was the False Prophet (again, a phony false prophet, the real one yet to be set up).

Of course the human puppets in the streets can choose to not be puppets and stop this madness before it is too late. That could happen ... if it does, the only recourse TPTB will have is to try to influence President Trump through sneaky and deceptive means so as to control him. That too is part of the "Purple Revolution" plan if civil war is averted.

Yes, Chelsea could indeed run for Congress in that event and maybe even President one day. Her strings are being pulled though and they will likely replace parts of her brain with computer chips (cyborg tech) for maximum control. I think they have already lobotomized Britney Spears and replaced portions of her brain with cyborg tech. This does not have to be done surgically ... the technology is so small now it can be injected. Millions could be turned into cyborgs through a simple flu inoculation and pneumonia shots. Zombies can be created in this way as future soldiers ... like the crazies we read about who attack people in public, chew off their faces, and have superhuman strength.

I do not think Angelina Jolie will get overly political. I still think she is the new Diana and may even become the woman of Revelation 12, the woman clothed with the sun.

Melania will become the most powerful woman in the US this country has ever seen. How is unsure as there are several ways for this to happen. But of course, only if we survive the current madness and Trump is allowed to be president on January 20, 2017.

Kind regards,



Madonna, Gaga, Katy Perry and the U.S. Election


Marilyn fan
Subject: Madonna, Gaga, Katy Perry and the U.S. Election
Priority: Normal
Date: Thursday, November 10, 2016 2:32 PM
Size: 5KB

Hello again,

Like many American citizens, the artists mentioned above seem to be very upset that Donald Trump has won the U.S. election. What I struggle to understand is Russia made it clear there would be a high price to pay if Hilary Clinton won ie) WW3!! Putin seems to have calmed down now since Trump has won, surely it's better for the world that WW3 be avoided!! So I'm a bit surprised that the above artists are taking it so badly!!

I read once that Katy Perry might consider running for presidency one day!! I personally wouldn't be surprised, I think she geninely is a 'dark horse'!! Kanye West flirted with the idea of being president, I personally would worry if he was president, he's seems quite delusional, he could be dangerous in such a position! As for Madonna, it seems like the next obvious step for her to run for presidency, I'm surprised she hasn't already, maybe next time!! And Gaga, I don't see her running for presidency anytime soon if at all, I just would like to know why she felt the need to dress up as some 'futuristic nazi' as someone described her when she addressed a crowd recently in the run up to the election!!?? What was that all about?? Was that really necessary?? Or was it just some cheap attention-seeking stunt??

It is alarming to see how many U.S. Citizens are protesting in the streets since Trump won (I'm almost starting to feel a bit sorry for him!!) obviously if this carries on you could see some sort of martial law being implicated! The aforementioned artists are all calling for a 'revolt' which is no doubt fuelling the fire!!

Trump may not be everyone's cup of tea but for now the threat of all-out thermal nuclear war seems to have subsided, surely that's a good thing!!!

Marilyn fan

* * * * *

Hi Marilyn Fan,

Unfortunately the "threat of all-out thermal nuclear war" is now greater than ever and may occur by January 2017 or sooner.

The survival of our nation is now at stake, not because of Trump, but because of the protesters and rioters. The protesters are playing with fire. If they DO NOT STOP, and move towards civil war, Trump will not ascend to the presidency on Inauguration Day January 2017 because by that time there will be nationwide martial law followed by the total nuclear destruction of our country during the winter of 2016-17! The stakes are high ... and now in the hands of the protesters.

Regarding the WOB, the game has changed now that the 2016 election has been held. Originally, during the last decade as we closed in on the 2008 election, the plan was simple: put Madonna in the position of the wilderness woman riding the 10-horned beast in Revelation 17 (WOB 1) and elect Hillary Clinton as the Queen of Babylon who appears in Revelation 18 (WOB 2). However, by some other design or by miscalculation, Obama won the 2008 election.

As Hillary began aging more and more, year by year, following the 2008 election, gathering doubts emerged as to her ability to perform as the Queen of Rev 18 by inauguration day 2017 (as it was clear Obama would be a two-term president). Her health began to fail and the aging was becoming remarkable. More and more efforts were being put into seeing if Madonna, now a master witch, could fulfill both roles, but her popularity began to sag and she too, despite only being in her 50s, was showing an aging problem requiring intensive physical fitness and more and more cosmetic surgery. In middle age one can be young or old, depending, and more and more people are maintaining their youth during this period which lasts from age 45 through age 64 than ever before. But Madonna was (and is) losing the never-ending battles of aging. Gaga was (and is) too young and entirely wrong for the role of President (Queen of Babylon) and way too bizarre a figure for the young woman (WOB 1) of Rev 17. They experimented briefly with catapulting Katy Perry for the Rev 17 role, but again too young and lacking in wisdom for the Rev 18 role.

All of these women are now expendable; every one of them.

That is because this year they found a woman young and beautiful enough (very beautiful), but also older and wiser enough to fulfill both roles of the WOB of Revelation 17 and 18. This will not become clear immediately to most people but will over the course of the next three years ... providing the American people do not destroy the United States from within. If the civil unrest gets out of control, not only will there be martial law (under Obama I might add, not Trump, because things are snowballing too fast), but a country like ours placed in lockdown, with millions being sent off to death camps and reeducation camps, will nullify whatever plans Russia had for forging a new alliance with America under Donald Trump. Then there will be a massive nuclear attack from the west, from the south, and from the north by Russia, China, and North Korea that will entirely destroy the United States. The US, still under Obama, either will not retaliate or will be unable to retaliate. Gone will be America forever, and Russia and China will become infinitely more powerful.

Our fate is now in the hands of a multitude of idiots.

Good luck,





Marilyn fan
Subject: Madonna
Priority: Normal
Date: Thursday, October 27, 2016 6:47 PM
Size: 5 KB

Hi again,

I read one of the posts on your Madonna forum re Madonna having something of a death wish. I wonder if losing someone close to you at a young age (in her case her mother) can contribute towards having a death wish as an adult. I'm just mentioning this as I too have a bit of a morbid fascination with death and I lost my father when I was young?? I think Madonna's 'saving grace' is her children, if it weren't for them maybe she would still be 'flirting with death' especially now she's getting older and is of no relevance to the younger generation however much she tries. Personally I'm pleased I grew up in the 80s when pop music was at its best and Madonna led the way. Popular music these days seems to be no fun and lacks originality (too many cover versions and don't get me started about film remakes of old 80's classics !!- they'll never compare to the originals, never!!).

The fact Madonna went through a phase of flirting with death makes me think that she had a deep-rooted sadness within despite all the fame and glory. 'Promise to try', 'Oh father', 'Take a bow', 'This used to be my playground', 'You'll see' are all songs which really seem to reflect this sadness, without a doubt related to her mothers death. Perhaps having children now has helped ease that sadness, I certainly get that impression, rightly or wrongly.

Re Madonna being the WOB, I'm starting to think that Hilary Clinton is really the WOB afterall the Russians are threatening war if she becomes President.....let's hope this is an empty threat!!!!! Otherwise, god help us!!!


Marilyn fan

* * * * *

Hi again, Marilyn Fan,

It seems to me that TPTB have been experimenting with the "WOB as female icon" concept for quite a long time, and Madonna was one of the most recent promising candidates for this role. Doubtlessly it was not only Madonna's looks but her strong will and genius IQ which they may have found an irresistible combination. Whether or not it is intentional, when you play around with such powerful symbols from the Book of Revelation, you are bound to leave clues in the lyrics of songs and the way music videos are put together, not to mention films.

I am suggesting that even if one tried to AVOID leaving clues, it would be impossible not to. So instead they flaunt them, hoping they will be dismissed as being too obvious.

NOTHING is set in stone. One of the contingencies which must be close to happening for those groups trying to shape and control the destiny of one such as the WOB (or beast and false prophet) is a global war and global chaos. And although the world has been flirting with this catastrophe since the first Cold War began, the danger comes and goes like the tides.

I also often find, ironically, that it is women of strong will and high intelligence that commit suicide rather than the sweet and vulnerable Marilyn Monroe types ... and it would not surprise me if this is also true of male suicide victims.

Look at the similarity of Madonna losing her mother at a young age and the poet Sylvia Plath and her father who died when she was very young as well. I note this is also true of you as you have just written. Keep that morbid fascination of death at the fantasy or the artistically creative level please, by all means.

Of course we now know how the election turned out and I replied a letter you wrote concerning that. We now see that all these artists, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Katy Perry, Jay Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, and others are indeed nothing more than puppets created for a plan and design that utterly failed. Other than instigating mindless puppets in the streets to rebel and plunge the nation into civil war, they no longer have any other purpose. If they fail at that, they might very well be swept under the carpet during the Trump administration. It may be all over for these "icons" ... depending on how much influence TPTB can have over Trump. If Trump does as he decides and pleases, it is over for these people. They will be expendable and may even end up being placed on trial if things get out of hand. Yes, Gaga, Madonna, Miley, Kanye, Katy ... may all end up behind bars or worse unless they wise up and fade into the sunset.

Meantime the American landscape will rejoin or catapult other stars like Tila Tequila, Stephen Baldwin, Brad Pitt, Scott Baio, Stacey Dash, Fran Drescher, Dennis Rodman, Amy Lindsay, Kendra Wilkinson, Jenna Jameson, and others I have not heard about yet. Word is Taylor Swift voted for Trump and Britney Spears endorsed Hillary, but then later withdrew her endorsement (suggesting she voted for Trump, but no one knows for sure). Angelina Jolie's situation is likewise mysterious; seems she waffled all year between Hillary and Trump, but again no one knows for sure who she chose in the end. I won't mention the older stars like Clint Eastwood, Gene Simmons (of Kiss), or Kirstie Alley since we are comparing celebrities who are in their 20s through their 50s.

Warm regards,



Regarding Holy Mother Madonna's "Crucifixion"...


Israell Isaac
Subject: Regarding Holy Mother Madonna's "Crucifixion"...
Priority: Normal
Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2016 11:24 PM
Size: 10 KB

Doing good?

Just read your latest exchanges w/ Madonna fan, and I'm like...

Why the Hell do you care what people think of Madonna? Just go to her official Facebook page and all other fanpages and fansites devoted to her.

You'll find hundreds upon hundreds of "I love you", "You're such an inspiration" comments. It's the only things that matter. All the rest is complete bollocks and don't mean a thing.

Madonna's worth (and anyone's worth for that matter) is NOT determined or defined by what people think! That would be way too reductive!

It's all senseless and meaningless. Some viewed Marilyn Monroe as a "basket case", but she evolved to be the ultimate legend and icon. Madonna has always been a "laughing stock" for some people, even back then in the eighties. I remember a headline saying: "Paula Abdul's selling more than Madonna."; M's always had competition.

In summer of 1993, Madonna turned 35, and some were already calling her old... lol

All Madonna needs to do is ignore the bad press, comments, mockeries and focus on positive fan comments, her family, her spiritual evolution, and that's it!

In her song 'Joan of Arc', Madonna admits s**t she gets from certain entities sometimes get to her, and it shouldn't. She just needs to mock her hatards in return (even if it involves a little bit of pride), laugh it off and enjoy life!

There is no way to control how much some are gonna mock her, and it's all gotten worse w/ the Internet era. Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others get lots of hate too!

They haven't slit their wrists yet! Victoria Beckham once said she'd have slit her wrists did she care what people thought of her:

*?"If I was really bothered about what people think, I would have slit my wrists a few years ago,? she told OK! magazine.*

*?If you pay attention to everything you read, you'll end up like everyone else - in The Priory.?"*
* *

*Best advice I ever got! **— "Ignore dem hatards!" *Why torment oneself over s**t some stranger says? Would any of those commentators or journalists kill themselves over Madonna? Why would she kill herself over them? Why would Mo regress to a victim state? She's a Kabbalist after all; meaning she should be above all that.

I honestly think Mo sounded great during her Prince tribute. People dissect her live vocals way too much. Listen to Madonna's songs in a lower pitch (male versions on YouTube); it'll give you a new perspective on her vocal talent, and you'll see how great of a singer she is.

I'm gonna tell you what's the problem — people are too death-obsessed, hence the ridiculous obsession over her age.

And now this...

*Madonna - Holy Water / Vogue ( Rebel Heart Tour) Montreal sept. 10th 2015*

If Madonna was that sensitive, don't you think she'd have completely stopped doing anything saucy or shocking ever since the mid-eighties or early nineties? I know it looks bad, but Michael Jackson got it a lot worse. A great deal of people believed and still believe him to be a pedophile! Ouch! That's the ugliest reputation any entertainer could have... Michael's still a legend but could have done without such allegations.

As for Madonna "distancing herself from the Illuminati or the occult"... She never really came across as a Theistic Satanist to me even though her repeated "Catholic/Christian blasphemy" may be seen as Satanic by some.

Acts like Marilyn Manson, Slayer, Deicide, Ghost, Behemoth (recently censured in Russia), Seeds of Iblis and others are what actually comes to mind when picturing real Atheistic (LaVeyan) Satanism, Theistic Satanism or even Devil worship.



* * * * *

Hi Israell,

Sorry for the late reply, things have been very hectic for me .. this may have been one of the worst years of my life (and the year ain't over).

* NOTE (6/4/17) THIS YEAR is much worse than last year ... don't think I'll survive it.

Anyways, you should know by now I am rather reactionary to what news commentators and viewers who like to opinionate about almost anything, including Madonna, have to say. It isn't I don't have my own opinion, but sometimes my opinion tends to shift like the desert sands (it's called "the learning process"). Madonna has always been a bit difficult for me to figure out. Just when I think I know what she's on about then she "reinvents" herself.

I see no reason why anything has to be "over" for her. I am just fearful for her safety if she ever should be "over." Because then she is left to the unmerciful influences inherent in base 7 anniversaries. Forget "Illuminati assassins." This is a lady who has identified herself over the years with almost every major female figure in history .. and some of those females came to a very bad end (as you must know). But so far she has been like Ronald Reagan who they called the "Teflon President" .. nothing bad seems to stick to her (which is good). But remember this woman is no ordinary icon ... she is the Icon of Icons. If such an Icon as she is indeed to be found in prophecy, and there are such indications, she must always be careful.

But read my prediction for 2018 regarding Angelina Jolie. In truth, usually only the good die young (or what we perceive to be as good, think Princess Diana, for example). Angelina has been taking the Diana path and is doing so at a very dangerous time for her. She will likely divorce Brad Pitt next year, much as Marilyn Monroe divorced in 1961 and Princess Diana divorced in 1996. Of course if next year is like 1961 and 1996, then we know what 2018 might bring to her (Marilyn died in 1962 and Diana died in 1997).

Anyways, I believe Madonna when she says there is no Illuminati, that WE are the Illuminati. I would not say that is absolutely and completely true, but much of it is.

Yes, there is probably a cabal of occultists running things behind (and in front) of the scenes who have a hell of a lot of money. Most of these are people you or I have never heard of and will probably never know who they are (which is just as well). Not all of them worship at the same altar either. There are Satanists, pagans (a rather large diverse group), spiritualists, Jews, and even Christians in this group. Some of them have very dark hearts. But others are very nice people who want to do good things for the planet and its inhabitants. In terms of religious faith, the so-called Illuminati have always been very diversified and often its members have been at odds with one another. The actual Illuminati was formed with all the best intentions by the greatest minds of their age.

To quote Wikipedia: "Historically, the name usually refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on 1 May 1776. The society's goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power. "The order of the day," they wrote in their general statutes, "is to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them." The Illuminati—along with Freemasonry and other secret societies—were outlawed through edict, by the Bavarian ruler, Charles Theodore, with the encouragement of the Roman Catholic Church, in 1784, 1785, 1787 and 1790. In the several years following, the group was vilified by conservative and religious critics who claimed that they continued underground and were responsible for the French Revolution."

I think it likely some factions of this group survive today and have brought both good and ill to the world in the form of the events of the last 250 years ... approximately the same time as the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. We have a new revolution today, in progress since 1982, the Computer Revolution and the coming period of Trans-humanism.

One faction will eventually, if Nostradamus is to be believed not until the late 2230s, place the HUMAN versions of the beast, false prophet, and whore of Babylon in positions of power. I still maintain that, if Nostradamus is correct, then everything that is happening right now in our time is a dress rehearsal for that much later period in history. But he could have been wrong and it all could come apart at any time.

If there really is a whore of Babylon in the person she will be much like a queen (see Revelation 18). This not only is an echo of the Babylonian king, Nimrod's wife, Queen Semiramas, but has us concentrating on 1) a first female president (and according to prophet William Branham, the last) or 2) a powerful First Lady who may be the 21st Century version of Evita Peron and Jackie Kennedy. The latter implies a male US president may be assassinated like JFK.

Thus, there are other females currently on the scene I am watching now, not Madonna.

Kind regards,


PS. Hope your musical career is going well!


Madonna's Prince tribute


Madonna Fan
Subject: Madonna's Prince tribute
Priority: Normal
Date: Friday, May 27, 2016 4:58 PM
Size: 6 KB
I just wanted to point out that when Madonna performed, 'Nothing Compares 2 U' at the recent billboard awards, she sung, 'It's been 7 hours and 13 days' yet the officials lyrics are 'It's been 7 hours and 15 days'!! Why would she change it to 13 days?? seems strange, why do you think she changed that number? For occult purposes??
Re her tribute to Prince, as a loyal Madonna fan, it pains me to say that her voice sounded somewhat flat, something was lacking. I understand the significance of Madonna paying tribute as she, like himself rose to fame in the 80's. (Recently I saw a picture someone had photoshopped, it was a picture of Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson together and it said 'the Queen, the Prince and the King of Pop' - so true!!) However, I wonder if Beyonce would of been a more suitable choice to perform a tribute to him. When she was at Glastonbury several years ago, she covered one of Prince's songs, 'The Beautiful Ones' and she did a really good job of it.
It will be interesting to see what Madonna will do now her world tour is over. I get the feeling her main priority at the moment is concentrating on her children especially after her fall-out with Rocco. Perhaps she is finally ready to start taking it easier instead of keep trying to stay relevant in the fickle world of pop.
And after being relatively low-key for a few years, Lady Gaga is said to be recording a new album, it will be interesting to see how that will be received, will it finally confirm that she really is the new queen of pop or not!! Without a doubt, she's had her eye on Madonna's crown for quite sometime now, will she finally get it? If not, Katy Perry might and she seems to be on friendly terms with Madonna but maybe it's a case of keeping your enemies/rivals close. In her 'Killer Queen' fragrance advertisment, KP sits on the edge of a throne she's kicked over and says in a slightly menacing way 'over-throw'!! Was she referring to Madonna??
Madonna, Gaga and KP are more pop, Beyonce is more rap/hip hop but she is also a potential runner for pop queen status afterall she often depicts herself as a goddess/whore of Babylon figure too.
Madonna will always be a pop queen to all her loyal fans but I can appreciate to today's youth, she is of little interest however much she attempts to be relevant. Her punishing exercise regimes and exceptionally strict diet mean, she is healthier and fitter than most people half her age and she works hard to maintain her figure so arguably she wanted to show it off but despite this it didn't stop her from being heavily slated/mocked by many on social media sites when she attended the Met Ball last month wearing a barely-there outfit. Instead of risking becoming something of an embarrassment perhaps she should try toning it down because it would be a great shame if This living legend became a laughing stock because she really is too good an artist for that. Ultimately, lets hope the illuminati don't turn on her.
Best wishes
Madonna fan
* * * * *
Hi Madonna Fan,
Actually I think Madonna did what a lot of performers do from time to time ... she forgot the exact words in the line. (Besides the 13 vs. 15 days thing you mentioned) I've heard some sing "Several hours" rather than "seven hours" too. I've got the Sinead album on vinyl, and you know, I've forgotten right now myself. No, I wouldn't read anything into it. The fact that her voice sounded flat to you indicates she was a bit "off" that night.
Artists like Beyonce will always be around to "tease" the whore of Babylon image. That's what they are paid to do. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry included, but I have to say Katy Perry comes closer than Gaga or Madonna in physical appearance to what this woman might look like. The farther we move along into the future, the more accurate this image is going to become, until there can be no doubts. If you read my blog article from the beginning of the month on my other site at, you'll see a picture of a model by the name of Mara Teigen. Although she is touted as an Angelina Jolie lookalike, she really does not look like her. I observed that she looks a bit like a young Kylie Minogue. In the photo she looks absolutely wicked. The IMAGE of Mara is almost a perfect replica of many artists' representations of the Whore of Babylon over the years, so I would watch her.
Yes, KP's "overthrow" threat is significant. She has definitely been on the radar since her three "Dark Horse" performances (one the infamous video) two years ago. She's young and TPTB have the next 20 years to prepare her for the role Madonna coveted.
Something about today's youth ... or ANY youth generation. It would not matter if Madonna could magically transform herself into a 25-year-old.
I read a sci-fi book called Riverworld by Philip Jose Farmer many years ago. I still have the trilogy. The basic idea was that everyone who had ever lived and died wake up on this huge planet with a primitive environment, along the banks of a planet-circling river. They are all naked and they are all 25 years old. Any men who had facial hair in life are bare-faced and unable to grow a beard. They make garments from their primitive surroundings, and, sadly, later on ... weapons. Anyway, you could not tell one person from another other than by gender. At first they are all puzzled and work together to come to grips with the strange situation.
And here is where it gets interesting, or should I say, my point in mentioning this at all.
Once they are able to determine what years certain people died, they begin to form groups. Those who were born and died in more modern times began mocking the "older" people who had lived and died in earlier times, even though everyone looked the same. They picked up on things some people would say that was different than what they were saying and the way they said it, focusing on differences in behavior. Modesty or a sense of propriety (for one example) in some, is sorely lacking in the newer generations.
Despite being equals in virtually every way, these resurrected 25-year-olds, 25 forever, began creating what can best be called "artificial generation gaps." The truth is, even if we all lived forever and could be magically rejuvenated to be the same age, there would always be "younger generations" mocking their elders (once they got a "fix" on who their elders are). This is an aspect of human nature that will never change. There is absolutely NOTHING Madonna can do to get back the huge audience she once had. As she gets older, looking young or not, she will be gradually marginalized by the upcoming generations. It happens to us all, sadly, regardless of how productive we may be or how much we may still have to offer. I am witnessing this ugly transformation on the Internet now, and it will only get worse.
It is time, for her own sake, for Madonna to go from being "new" and "controversial" to being "retro" ... before it is too late. Otherwise the young vultures who are taking over the Net ... and the world ... will tear her apart.
Best wishes,

Madonna fan
Subject: Re: Madonna's Prince tribute
Priority: Normal
Date: Saturday, May 28, 2016 6:36 AM
Size: 12 KB
Thank you for replying to my email. I definitely think there is something darker these days about Katy Perry. Since 'Dark Horse' she seems to have changed. When she attended the Met Ball last month, she looked like a gothic ice-queen, cold in contrast to the bubbly pop star she used to be, my guess is the illuminati have got to her maybe promising her Madonna's crown soon but what will she have to do to get it!! I watched the film 'Starry Eyes' depicting how a young actress seeking fame falls victim to the illuminati and how she changes from being a 'good girl' to a 'bad girl'. Rihanna even called one of her earlier albums 'Good girl gone bad' - say no more!!
Re. Rihanna, her 'anti-diaries' prior the release of her latest album 'Anti' were very strange and creepy, they had illuminati written all over them!
Back to Madonna again, re your recent post blog about the WOB, you mentioned about 'the wilderness' made me think of Madonna's song 'Like a Virgin' .... 'I made it through the wilderness'!!
By the way, I'm happy for you to post my emails if you can blot out my email address but maybe that's difficult to do, I don't know, I'm not very technical.
Best wishes
Madonna fan
* * * * *
Hi Madonna Fan,
What Katy Perry will have to do to get Madonna's crown ... she has already done! That may be what she meant by "overthrown!" This probably involved signing a contract in blood or kissing a statue of a Baphomet (probably somewhere we won't discuss).
Yes, it does sound like they had Madonna pegged for whore of Babylon way back in 1985. Consider the times ... the majority of Americans polled in 1983 believed there would be a nuclear war or World War III in 1985. That's how edgy things were: the Cold War was at its worst stage at that time since 1962 and the civil war in Lebanon had attracted military forces from Syria, Israel and the United States with the Soviets threatening to get involved. Sounds a bit familiar to events today ... hmmmmmmmm. We keep going around and round every seven years, but everybody is always so damned surprised like it is all so new. Like I said, the Illuminati will keep these wars going for as long as it takes to get the beast, false prophet, and whore of Babylon put into place. They have a deadline: occultist Isaac Newton's projected end of the world year, 2060 AD. But the moment they think they have all three, it's end game!
Blotting out your email address is easy! I just substitute a first name, fake name, or "anonymous." I'll call you Madonna Fan .. unless you want a different name. I'll be posting these as soon as I can.
Kind regards,

Madonna fan
Subject: Re: Madonna's Prince tribute
Priority: Normal
Date: Saturday, May 28, 2016 3:48 PM
Size: 12 KB
I meant to also comment about the book 'Riverworld', I haven't read this book but will try and get hold of it as it sounds very interesting, it sounds like Madonna herself should read it!
And it does seem that ageism towards woman in particular is alive and kicking and Madonna unfortunately is bearing the brunt of it despite her defiant attitude. Carrie Fisher was quoted as saying 'youth and beauty are not accomplishments', I feel that quote to be very true, it's a shame society doesn't recognise that!
The angelina jolie lookalike Mara certainly bares a resemblance, personally I get a more 'wicked' vibe from KP, I guess only time will tell.
Best wishes
Madonna fan


Madonna 'Sex' book, Erotica, her tribute to Prince plus the Illuminati's involvment


Subject: Madonna 'Sex' book, Erotica, her tribute to Prince plus the Illuminati's involvment
Priority: Normal
Date: Sunday, May 22, 2016 11:36 PM
Size: 6 KB

Not sure if you ever mentioned her book online before but what's your opinion on it. She claimed to have slept with a teenage boy but never mentions if he was 18 or younger than that.

Did she do this book as a way of showing others she's sexual beyond belief?

Also her Erotica album does reflect on her sexual and personal life but was she trying to tell people more about herself in that album?

In regards to her tribute to Prince, she honestly wasn't ready for this and was clearly FORCED into doing this just to be humilated. (While others praise Britney Spears who acts more like W.O.B. still? P.S. Britney looks creepy now.)

Keep in mind, she also must feel like poop for not agreeing with him on stuff over the years which further he guilt over this tribute.

On a message board website I'm a member of a LOT of people there mock and hate Madonna plus say horrid things about her. Clearly what the Illuminati wants to see happen.

Do you believe this was a way for the Illuminati to trap Madonna?

By having her do a tribute to Prince or else they would do something horrible to her?

I feel that it is.

* * * * *

Hi Lolita,

Well, I mentioned karma in my last email. Sounds like she's setting herself up without knowing it or else on purpose.

Her sleeping with a teenage boy is the karma from MJ coming home to roost. If you recall, MJ was accused twice of sleeping with underage boys and girls. It's seven years since her "29th move" curse claimed MJ's life ... and now Prince, another "king", is dead.

Back in the early 1990s, I think Madonna was pushing the expressionism envelope as far as it would go at that time. Expressionism as an art form was usually the province of poets, painters, film directors, some actors, and some dancers ... WAY, WAY BACK. Madonna was doing something very retro at the time she was doing "Sex" and other things. You might note that I compared her to Anne Sexton in an early Madonna page I did warning that she was in danger around 2002 or 2005. In at least four films she made between 1990 and 1995, she died at the end. In the "Bad Girl" video she is strangled to death in bed by a john we can't see. No question in my mind that she was not only pushing the expressionism envelope as far as she could at the time, but was also admitting to have a death wish.

NOTE: Personal expressionism in poetry and some musical lyrics is sometimes referred to as "confessional." Anne Sexton was a confessional poet.

After death came too close for comfort for her in 1995 when stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins scaled a fence surrounding her mansion and almost made it to an open window before being shot in the leg by a security guard, a man who threatened "to slice her throat from ear to ear," and also following the mysterious "accidental" death of Princess Diana in 1997, I think Madonna backed off expressing a death wish for a long time. Then her focus became being a religious icon, an occult diva, and the whore of Babylon.

Yes, she was trapped into the Prince tribute. And she was fearful doing it for the reasons I mentioned in my last email reply.

Yes, Britney would have made a good whore of Babylon at one time. Not anymore ... as you have noticed, she is just too creepy looking. Bad BOTOX or something. She looks old for her years. Oddly enough, that *might* save her from being an Illuminati human sacrifice. Then again, it may make her so expendable that she will be sacrificed in some manner.

But bear in mind ... Madonna has spent a lot of time focusing on her occult knowledge, her icon status, her godhood status, trying in vain to be a universal cultural and religious whore of Babylon. But the times are no longer with her. More and more people mock her, as you have noted. It will have be someone else ... or no one (for the time being). Then all she will have left is expressionism once again. And if she had a death wish in the early 1990s, she probably still has one now.


Subject: Re: Madonna 'Sex' book, Erotica, her tribute to Prince plus the Illuminati's involvment
Priority: Normal
Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 6:57 PM
Size: 13 KB

Thanks for the in-put Mike. Hearing about how TPTB operate gives me more reason to respect Madonna. She truly is vulnerable and hopefully will do all she can to protect herself and her family.

Thanks again Mike.


Madonna tribute to Prince feedback and her fate


Subject: Madonna tribute to Prince feedback and her fate
Priority: Normal
Date: Sunday, May 22, 2016 10:40 PM
Size: 5 KB

Hi Mike, hope you've been doing well. Keep up the good work on your website.

Since Madonna was picked to do the tribute to Prince many people have no approved of it.

Some even say she too depress and scared, like these tarot cards readers:

Is she worried about her future as a Pop singer even more now?

Also what about her fate in the hereafter?

Some songs she put out seem to be mocking Satan rather than glorify him.

Is she trying to tell others that she's not the Illuminati harlot everyone thinks she is in her songs from 'Rebel Heart'?

* * * * *

Hi Lolita,

I doubt it will harm her one way or the other if she does such a tribute. But then again, THAT depends on what her take on Prince's death is .. and if it is related to Karma.

There is no question that she was responsible for Michael Jackson's death, intentionally or unintentionally (a "magic" spell can be focused on specific individuals through intent, but can also be randomized and claim its victims through the process known as "coincidence"). I am of course referring to her repetitive "curse" back in 2008 and 2009 about how the "queen" would "topple the king" on "the 29th move." A good example of the "coincidence" principal: let us say for argument's sake that James Brown had not died in 2006 but was still alive and well in 2008 and 2009. Had he died in either year after Madonna uttered the 29th move curse, it could have been claimed that the "king of soul" had been toppled. If we really look at the music industry, just WHO the "kings" and "queens" are is purely subjective; it's the fans who decide.

Prince may have been a "prince" but he was truly yet another "king" just like Michael Jackson. And it is due to the BASE 7 principal, I believe, that he is dead ... he has died almost exactly seven years after MJ under similar circumstances. But was he yet another victim of the Madonna "29th move" curse?

Probably not. I think all that random black magic finally ended up killing Whitney Houston in February 2012 and that was more or less it. But Madonna may be fearful that all that bad karma she threw out back in 2008 and 2009 is still flying around now and killed Prince ... and that SHE, Madonna, could be the ultimate victim of that ... as you know about how karma ultimately seeks out the one who created it in the first place.

So right now, I suspect Madonna may be her own worst enemy.

She should not be concerned about her future as a pop singer. She should be mature enough to tour and record and be counted among the other greats like Cher, Stevie Nicks, Deborah Harry, and others who do music because they love music. If she wants to play the sex roles for as long as she can fine, she can probably get away with it by working out and diet until she's into her early 60's. But the time has come for her to relinquish her "crown" as being the Queen of Pop Rock. She hasn't had a major hit, like what she produced between 1983 and 2006 in years. She's too wrapped up in her IMAGE and "the powers that be" are exploiting every last drop of her vanity to rake off the last of the big bucks.

If she doesn't change tracks and attitude, what will become of her when those last drops are gone? Will she become a sensational murder or suicide case TPTB can exploit and cash in on?

I think she is slowly backing off the Illuminati and the occult because she SUSPECTS she is NOT the whore of Babylon. TPTB have a longer range game plan that doesn't include her because most of the stuff won't be completed until around the year 2060. But THEY are going to miscalculate and the endless wars and migrations they are perpetuating will become ONE HORRIBLE WORLD WAR worse than anything they might imagine they could ever control. They cannot control Russia (although they have been deceived into believing they are). Nor can they control China, North Korea, India or Pakistan either. It may happen sooner than they plan. It will throw mankind back 200 years and it will take almost that long for humanity to get back to where it is right now.

In that far flung future, whenever it is, the world will look back at the media from our generation, and will regard Madonna with intrigue and with awe. She will be the archetype of the future Whore of Babylon.


Subject: Re: Madonna tribute to Prince feedback and her fate
Priority: Normal
Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 7:04 PM
Size: 15 KB

Whether she worshipped God or Satan, she never was or will be in fact the W.O.B. TPTB wanted her to be. She's far too intelligent and predatory to be it! This is why the TPTB wanted to replace and keep on trying, no matter what! She better pray and be careful as it says in 2 Timothy 3- we're living in the last days and people like her (regretful of their wrongdoing and vulnerable) can fall victim to those evil.

In the end God will judge her and she will know then where she shall go.


Irony involving Madonna and my home city (continued four months later)


Subject: Fwd: Irony involving Madonna and my home city
Priority: Normal
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 5:21 PM
Size: 8 KB

Hello again Michael,

Hope you're doing well.

As promised I would let you know how the Madonna concert went.

It was amazing but at the same time concerning.

The show started off with a video for the song 'Iconic', Madonna is dressed like Marilyn Monroe and is imprisoned. These evil looking Japanese Komoto soldiers are carrying crosses and they look corrupted. They try to kill Madonna buy she saves herself and emerges baring a sword. When I saw that right away I said, "Fight the Illuminati!"

'Holy Water' was the one that REALLY got my attention. She had her female dancers dressed as nuns while only veils and their underwear. They do blasphemous acts on crosses than confess. Later all of the dancers come and recreate the last supper, but it was more like the ancient Rome look that we saw with the Michael Jackson hologram. Madonna than betrayed everyone and is left on the table laying down.

At the end of her song 'Deeper and Deeper' she makes a gun with her fingers pointing to the audience than fires the guns at the same of her head. You said she might be thinking of taking her own life before turning 60, I hope that, that won't happen.

I'll be honest here seeing those bulls/ demons from 'Living for Love' bothers me. Madonna performed that song and she and her female dancers are matadors fighting off the bulls. Madonna is saying through this that she must fight off the evil that plagues her even if it means disguising herself. In the end she kills the bull and reigns victoriously.

I was happy seeing that because it looks like Madonna REALLY wants to live.

Hope the fan videos help.

* * * * *

Hi Lolita!

Sorry for the late reply, but I have had a lot of problems of late, including having to put my mother's cat to sleep. He had mouth cancer, and I didn't know it until too late. And it cost a lot of money ... money I didn't have. So the nursing home my mom is at didn't get her pension that month. Hope I don't get into trouble. A lot of problems now that I am living in the poverty sector.

I find Madonna's symbolic behavior most troubling. Betraying everyone means watch out, she can't be trusted ... not even by her fans, especially her fans. Her recent "forced" exposure of a female fan's breast on stage I think indicates a desire to return to her earlier sex-fueled days, but she is getting too old for that .. and it is getting visible that she is. Also, what is the next step if she really is the whore of Babylon? The original whore of Babylon, Semiramis, had her female "fans" prostitute themselves to male worshippers. This was called sacred sex. Will Madonna eventually attempt to promote the idea of men in audience having "sacred sex" with her female fans? If she is the WOB, it may happen.

The gun to the head means she would rather kill herself than harm her fans. It also suggests to me that she will not betray her fan base by allowing herself to grow old ... which may mean she is drawing a line in the sand, age-wise, as to how old she will get. Will it be 58? 60? 62? 65? Then this means she has suicide in her mind.

I do not like the bulls in any form. Especially if she in some way combines riding a bull with fire. There is a Nostradamus quatrain that warns what will happen to an exalted "lady" who wishes to burn Christians alive (like ISIS did last year). She will herself be consumed by fire, possibly in Spain.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 6.19 ~

The true flame will engulf the lady,
Who wishes to put the Innocents to the fire:
Near the assault the army is inflamed,
When in Sevilla [S. Spain] a monstrous ox is seen.

Madonna simulated this event, as I predicted she might do, on September 16, 2008 in Seville, Spain and again in Barcelona, Spain on July 21, 2009. The monstrous ox was NOT present at the concert, but was in the news at the same time.

Ratón (nicknamed "mouse") was the largest, deadliest, and most famous killer bull in Spain's history, a monster in every sense, who killed 5 bullfighters and injured 30 between 2006 and 2011. He died of old age in 2013. Ratón gored his second kill, a 27-year-old amateur bullfighter, to death in 2008 near Valencia. Ratón threw him in the air several times before leaving him trampled in the ring with fatal injuries.

I can't remember the month, I lost the article a long time ago when my last computer crashed, but it was a summer month. So it was close to when Madonna set herself on fire at the Seville concert.

Bulls, real, mechanical, or staged, combined with fire, could be a deadly combination for a suicidal female icon deciding to play out the death of the whore of Babylon on stage, as it is prophesied in Revelation 17 and 18:

Rev 17:16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

Rev 18:7-8 How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

This would be a spectacular worthy of Isadora Duncan: to commit suicide via self immolation on stage before one's terminating birthday, whatever that is. It would go down in history as a glorious, final act by the greatest female icon in entertainment history.

Of course, there are two other forms of death that could take her, according to Nostradamus: one during a missile attack in London where she might be part of the collateral damage that occurs or another that is either a murder or a suicide in her bedroom.

Clearly Nostradamus saw several famous women coming to very bad ends. His prophecy concerning Princess Diana was spot on, but that is in the past now and we know which quatrains apply. We really do not know for certain WHO each fatal quatrain yet to be fulfilled is to be applied to. Some may not even yet be born.

Thanks for writing again.



Irony involving Madonna and my home city


Subject: Irony involving Madonna and my home city
Priority: Normal
Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2015 6:02 PM
Size: 6 KB

Hi Mike,

This is Lolita1962fan checking in, hope you are doing well.

Tomorrow night Madonna is going to be launching her 'Rebel Heart' tour in Montreal (which is where I'm from) and I'm going.

The irony in all this is that Madonna' mother side of the family is from the French Canadian province of Quebec (which is where Montreal is location). Plus Montreal once was called the Villa-Maria (which means City of Mary in French.)

I remember back in 2012 when Madonna came to Montreal on August 31st, a guy who a HUGH Virgin Mary statue and he gave me and a few other girls some rosaries. I remember reading in one of the French newspapers he said Madonna was "The real Virgin Mary re-incarnated."

One thing I am going to mention is that I did NOT pay a cent for the ticket and a friend of mine paid 200 dollars for it. This same friend who doesn't even work and paid for them!

I will get back to you and let you about what was depicted in the show.


Re: hi mike, some thoughts


Subject: Re: hi mike, some thoughts
Priority: Normal
Date: Sunday, April 26, 2015 12:52 AM
Size: 58 KB

Hi Mike,

I hope you've been doing well. I read your email a while ago, but never got around to responding. I've apologize for that. With that in mind, two things to note.

1) Madonna's album debuted at #2 and fell rapidly off the charts. This is her lowest performing record in decades. This comes as her support of the infamous Margaret Thatcher turned off her fan base and her appearances on television are becoming more and more desperate. She's losing her edge, which means she may be close to losing her life. I think this is the end of the line for her. If she's not dead by 2015, she'll certainly be by next year. Didn't you say something a while ago about a bull and burning? Madonna's been using a lot of that imagery lately. Perhaps this is the moment where she's burned alive on stage.

2) Also, keep in mind that police brutality is back in the front page again. It's over Baltimore teen Freddie Gray. Look into the riots that happened tonight and compare it to the high society white house press correspondents dinner occurring just miles away. I can't help but see a French revolution juxtaposition between the two. The wealthy feast and laugh while Baltimore burns to the ground. It really is something. Since we are approaching the base 7 vector for the first civil war, do not be surprised if it begins by the end of this month. Particularly time it in conjunction with a stock market crash. Greece and Hong Kong are the two nations to watch out for.

3) Finally, it looks like Hillary is running and she is slowly being inaugurated by the media and the masses as the inevitable winner. Unless Elizabeth Warren decides to come out, the Green Party's Jill Stein magically comes out in front (highly doubtful) or Zephyr Teachout pulls an unusual presidential run that succeeds, it appears that Hillary will be the political whore of babylon. If Madonna dies, that would be a major problem because there is no heir apparent to the cultural whore right now. All of these girls (Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, eg.) are fighting for it, but no one appears to be able to come out on top. Such a death would see a scramble among the elite with an all out duke fest to see who will succeed her for the throne. That can't end well for the elite, especially while the streets burn in riots. I think the new world order is dead in our lifetime. Thank God.

Hope this information was helpful. I will try to share more soon, if I can. Best wishes.

- Liam


Response to Liam's letter: "I let down my guard", not "I let down my God"...


Israell Isaac
Subject: "I let down my guard", not "I let down my God"...
Priority: Normal
Date: Saturday, March 21, 2015 11:38 PM
Size: 5 KB

Hello, Michael!

How are you doing?

This is a response to Liam's letter you've posted on your site.

1. In 'Living for Love', Madonna sings: "I let down my guard", not "I let down my God"...

2. Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' hit the number one position in 11 countries (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and Taiwan), and the number 2 spot in 5 countries incl. the US and the UK.

In the US, 'Rebel Heart' is the number one physical album. The 'Empire' soundtrack is number one on the main chart, thanks to streaming and digital downloads.

Full list:

3. Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' tour is selling well, especially in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) where a second show was added; Madonna's not fading away! Sure, there are lots of haters, but there are even more lovers who keep her alive (through positive thoughts).

4. Madonna has wrapped up shooting the video for her new single “Ghosttown”.

Read more:

“The song is about what if the world does collapse because sometimes it feels like it's going to any minute. - Madonna”

Read more:

5. I do not think Madonna "intended" to fall backwards at the Brits... But your theory is interesting. Also, M believes in immortality, and aspires to live as long as possible. Not the suicidal or overtly negative type.

6. Have you listened to M's song 'Devil Pray'?

Some insist Mo's a Satanist or Luciferian, but this song tells otherwise; a strong affection to Yahweh instead. And who is Yahweh? A god based on El:

Many see Satan and Lucifer as fallen beings, but that's just a Judeo-Christian interpretation.

Listen to this:
'Why Summon "Evil" Demons Like Satan And Astaroth?'




The following is from a larger email that was in two parts. I am displaying only the Madonna/Katy Perry-related part on this page.


hi mike, some more thoughts


Subject: re: hi mike, some thoughts
Priority: Normal
Date: Sunday, March 15, 2015 11:35 PM
Size: 34 KB
Hi Mike,
I hope you have been holding up alright. The world looks like it's drumming towards another war and revolution respectively. Scary times. It seems like nowhere on Earth is safe from this madness; save for Iceland which cut its ties with the new world order last year. Even there we may have some problems. Horrid ...
I disagree with your Madonna assessment that she has protected herself from retribution of a death spell cast by Katy Perry with the accidental fall at the Brit awards. If you listen to the actual performance, she says she "let down her God" and then she fell backwards. The performance never picked up momentum after that and she became a source of mockery and embarrassment all over the internet with her infamous tumble. As a result, her song cannot get radio play, her critics (growing louder by the day to oust her and replace her with Lady GaGa) are calling her old, washed up and done and her new album seems to be stalling on the charts. If the album debuts at #6 this week (where it currently sits on the itunes accurate reflection of what the final tally will be), it will be her lowest charting debut week in twenty one years; the first being her eponymous debut in 1983 which peaked in 1984. That's not the type of traction that the "mother of all harlots" would be getting if she was, indeed, the actual whore of babylon. I suspect her days are numbered; either by her own hand or by the Illuminati who want to get rid of her before she causes another death spell that destroys their new world order plans for another generation....which leads me to my next point ...
Hope this information was helpful. I'll hopefully share more soon.
Best wishes,
* * * * *
Hi Liam,
I have to admit I am uncertain about both of these issues. I believe I indicated that Madonna's act on stage MAY have been attempt to protect herself against a Katy Perry death curse or an attempt to end her own curse begun in 2008. I hardly can say with any certainty it was successful, even if this was the purpose. Read it closely .. it is a not a final word, and hardly a definite assessment! I am not done writing about Madonna .. LOL!
Kathryn and I have been arguing about Madonna too, and I have more or less told her that Madonna as "the Whore of Babylon" is all washed up, but she is not convinced and even thinks she is attaining to an even higher rank (which you would probably laugh at, so I will not mention). Personally, I think the powers that be have had it with Madonna, are looking at younger candidates to fulfill that position, and Katy Perry is definitely a contender (still not a certainty yet even for her).
In the end it may well be a political leader. William Braham prophesied the last president of the United States will be a woman (and not necessarily Hillary Clinton) and when she is in power, the land will be utterly destroyed in fire and smoke. Revelation 18 paints the same scenario, one which may indeed be the fate of NYC and all of America's fate, as the the "queen" of "Babylon, that mighty city" is a female ruler ("queen"). So maybe all this occult crap being performed by sexy pop tarts is what a professional magician would call "misdirection" (or distraction) ... to keep our eyes from the true Whore of Babylon, a female political leader.
I now consider Madonna as an expendable figurehead. When her prestige as "Mother of All Harlots" loses its luster, TPTB will either kill her or she will, like the noble Romans of antiquity, commit suicide.
As a reminder of what I said on the page you obviously read, I will quote myself here:
"Madonna may or may not be aware of her link to the famed 20th Century dancer and choreographer Isadora Duncan, who died in September 1927 when her long trailing scarf was caught in the spokes of the car she was riding in. Thus, this was either an intentional way of warding off evil at a later time or else a symptom of the same recklessness Duncan exhibited in her life ... or even that suicidal tendencies are developing (Madonna may not want to face turning 60 in another three years). If it is the latter two cases, recklessness or suicidal ideation, it may mean death for Madonna in 2016 or 2018."
Okay, so 2016 is the 7th anniversary of her second fall from a horse, Natasha Richardson also being brained that year during a skiing accident and dying a few hours later. 2016 also aligns with the decapitation or scalping of Jayne Mansfield in 1967 and the most infamous celebrity stalking incident in history: Robert Dewey Hoskins shot in the leg in 1995 while climbing the fence of Madonna's estate after warning her in several letters that he was going to slit her throat. The man remains mad with murderous intent to kill the singer to this very day ... and his ravings to kill Madonna AND Halle Berry when he escaped a mental hospital in February 2012 are well-documented. As for 2018, that lines up with the death of Princess Diana in 1997, the murder of Sharon Tate in 1969, Marilyn Monroe's suicide in 1962, and of course, Isadora Duncan's strangling death in 1927...
I find very disturbing that the woman whose death Madonna mimicked on stage was, indeed, dancer and choreographer Isadora Duncan. I don't know if Madonna was aware she did that, if so then it was obviously intentional ... but she only would have done it if she read my website comparing her to Duncan (who was strangled or had her neck broken, not sure which, by her long, trailing scarf) and, thus, my warnings of the strangling fate potentially awaiting her. I get a number of stealth views on my site, which means the person hides their IP address and location, so she could be viewing my pages about her, hell, even the Vatican watches my site, and I KNOW that from careless viewers who forgot to hide their location! Ten years ago I used to have a service that told me the extensions of the viewers, and I got a lot of US, Canadian, Australian, South African and other .mil views (that's MILITARY, LOL). I hope I helped them out! Kathryn says she feels a lot of eyes watching my site, and some are very worried eyes from high places. Hey, how come I'm not on their payroll??? I could use the money! I'd love to be working for the White House, in the first Department of Prophecy! Too bad they don't take all this more seriously ...
Well, I see I have written a lot here, and probably strayed a bit ... so we'll leave it here for now.
Best wishes to you too,


The Islamic State / Katy Perry as the Whore of Babylon


Israell Isaac
Subject: The Islamic State / Katy Perry as the Whore of Babylon
Priority: Normal
Date: Thursday, February 5, 2015 3:04 AM
Size: 7 KB

Dear Michael,

How are you doing?

I knew it! The Islamic State was just playing mind games when asking for $200 million, then asking for Sajida al-Rishawi's release in exchange for Jordanian lieutenant pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh; the pilot had reportedly been murdered a month prior to the release of the propaganda murder film.

What a horrifying and sharply painful way to die!!! Boko Haram killed over 15 000 in Nigeria and Cameroon from 2009 until now. The Talibans massacred 134 children at a Pakistan school a month and a half ago. And I could go on and on. Self-made jihadists and radicals have caused carnage in the United States, Canada, the UK, France, Taiwan, Australia and other countries. Daesh went as far as utilizing a child in one of their propaganda film by having him shoot at and kill two Russian secret agents.

What's it's gonna be? The world fights off the Islamic State or the other way around?

You once referred to Katy Perry as the new Whore of Babylon.
Some seem to think so:

The difference between you and those vlogers is that you're an open-minded person, unlike them who insist there is no salvation outside of Jesus Christ (or Allah), anything LGBT is EVIL etc. etc. Also, Perry's performance simply matched the lyrics to her songs. Just because she rode a mechanical lion doesn't mean she picked that idea from the Book of Revelation. But Perry is an admitted witch, and may have added an occultic component to her performance, which is fine in my book. Look what so-called religious people are doing in the name of Allah, Yahweh or Jesus.


Israell Isaac


93 93/93


Lady Gaga Hexing Madonna?


Israell Isaac
Subject: Lady Gaga Hexing Madonna?
Priority: Normal
Date: Sunday, December 28, 2014 7:00 AM
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Dear Michael,
Things are heating up...
Lady Gaga is now rumoured to have cast a spell on Madonna... In my opinion, that's not a wise move... Lady Gaga may be a witch, but Madonna is a master-witch...
13 hours ago
Careful witch, I'll put a spell on you. Or maybe I already did.
10 hours ago
There are those who want to shut me up but they cannot! We still live in a world that discriminates against women. Their are People that are so hateful. they want to create feuds between strong women that do not exist! I do not wish ill will towards any other female artist and i never have! The World is big enough for all of us! I will fight for my rights as an artist, a human and a woman till the end of my days! Because i am a ??#rebelheart and i walk in the footsteps of giants and i will not apologize Or defend my unpublished, unfinished, STOLEN work. If you don't like who i am or what I have to say then why are you reading this? #unapologeticbitch. P.S. Do not post hateful words about other people on my page either. If you are my fan speak no evil!
The article:
"Though speculation will undoubtedly surround what is definitely her most controversial demo so far, it seems almost impossible that the catchy beat-and-piano driven track – which sounds like a cross between Hard Candy’s “She’s Not Me” and Erotica’s “Thief Of Hearts” – is about anyone other than long-time feuding partner, merciless shade receiver (and thrower), mash-up inspirer, Lady Gaga. Gaga caught wind of the song leak and posted this on Instagram:
"Careful witch, I’ll put a spell on you. Or maybe I already did."
Also, Madonna released a new statement regarding the Illuminati:
The real Illuminati emerged during the age of Enlightenment! 1650! They were Philosophers, writers and Scientists! "The liberation of the mind from dogmatic state of ignorance" was the ideal . nothing to do with black magic or money or power! They were illuminated in their thinking. Hence the Illuminati! Thank you for the compliment! #knowledgeispower ??#rebelheart #illuminati
* * * * *
Hi Israell,

Kathryn actually believes that Madonna is revealing her intention to become the head of Illuminati and then change the Illuminati to Babylon.
I have to admit that when she says in her lyrics "We are the Illuminati" it is possible she is using the imperial "we" like the Queen of England does, meaning "her" and not "us." It is also possible she means both these things: "we" is her and "we" is "us." It makes sense that "we" *might* be the Illuminati because of the number 666 which can be interpreted as 6 (the number of mankind) represented as the Trinity, marking off the symbol of the triangle. This is another way of saying "mankind" making himself God. Babylon and the symbol of the Tower of Babel was the last time man attempted to make himself God. Thus, Babylon in our time would be the ultimate goal of the Illuminati. 100 years ago Aleister Crowley believed in this ultimate outcome he called "Babalon" (an "a" instead of a "y" for some reason). If this happens there may no longer be an Illuminati, only Babylon. Kathryn does not completely see eye to eye with me on this as she has another view about what Babylon is.
It is important that people understand that Kathryn and I do not ALWAYS agree.
I also still think it possible that Madonna has finally checked the Internet out and is pissed about what people think about her. This doesn't mean, however, that Gaga and Madonna do not practice witchcraft. There may be another death curse in the making by Madonna this year, similar to the one that killed Michael Jackson in 2009 and many other people between 2009 and 2012 (Whitney Houston perhaps being the final major victim of the last curse).
We all have to be careful as this curse attacks both great and small, just like any virus (speaking of which I have severe case of flu right now).
For now I am giving Madonna the benefit of the doubt that she is sick of what she has been reading on the web and really wants to "illuminate" everybody with the truth. Sometimes the simpler answer is the right one. We'll see.
Kind regards,


thoughts on madonna's next chapter?


Subject: thoughts on madonna's next chapter?
Priority: Normal
Date: Saturday, December 27, 2014 7:19 PM
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Hi Mike,
I hope you've been doing well. Have you heard the new Illuminati song from Madonna?
I was wondering if this confirms, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a push for the NWO is coming in the next year; successfully is to be determined.
Madonna has pushed this kind of thing for a while, but this seems more aggressive than from her usual antics.
What are your thoughts?
- Liam

Didn't answer this one. Thoughts only recently began to become clarified; but nothing is for certain even now.


Madonna: There Is No Illuminati


Israell Isaac
Subject: Madonna: There Is No Illuminati
Priority: Normal
Date: Monday, December 22, 2014 7:35 AM
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Dear Michael,
How are you doing?
Here's a shocker... Madonna finally opens up on all those Illuminati rumours and conspiracies surrounding pop culture. According to her, the Illuminati, as described by the Vigilant Citizen, for instance, does not exist. What do you think? The original Illuminati Order started in 1776 (the year of the Day of Independence) by Adam Weishaupt. It was a club for enlightened people who wanted to break free from societal conventions and the Church. It disbanded awhile later. The Illuminati is now said to represent various factions of the elite, people of high calibre and hierarchy, including entertainers, politicians, and even organizations and empires such as the CIA and the British Monarchy.
Also, on her new song, 'Make The Devil Pray', Mo seems to have totally espoused Yahweh, and be in opposition to the figures she refers to as the Devil and Lucifer:
What do you think? Lucifer, according to some scholars, is the Sun God Apollo. Here's even more info on Lucifer:


From The Guardian:
The six songs from Rebel Heart released thus far do not shy away from controversy: one, Illuminati, mocks the various conspiracy theories on the internet that implicate a variety of entertainers – including Jay-Z and Lady Gaga – in membership of a shadowy ruling elite.
“There’s a lot of talk in pop music right now about people saying, ‘Oh, this person’s a member of the Illuminati,’ or they’re Illuminati, or you’re Illuminati, and people’s idea that there’s a group of entertainers or very wealthy people, they’re referred to as the Illuminati, and they work behind the scenes and they control things and they’re very powerful, and there’s possibly a reference to something dark, or black magic, or something like that. And I have to say I laugh at all of those things.
“I think there are some people who don’t mind being referred to as that, but I know who the real Illuminati are, and where that word came from. The root of the word is “illuminate”, and that means “The enlightened ones”, and it came from the Age of Enlightenment, when a lot of arts and creativity flourished, from Shakespeare to Isaac Newton, to Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo: the philosophers, artists, scientists were all engaged in a kind of high level of consciousness through their work, and they were enlightening and inspiring people around the world. And those are the true Illuminati. So the purpose for writing that song was really in a way, ‘So, if you think I’m the Illuminati, then thank you very much, a compliment, because I would like very much to be part of that group, the real Illuminati, and this is what it’s not’”.


Full interview:

* * * * *
Hello Israell,
Yes, I have been reading articles about Madonna's latest disclosures, as well as the lyrics to the song "Illuminati." I once passed along the idea to Kathryn about how possibly after getting to be a certain age, especially late 50s, Madonna might turn to Christianity. I have always held out the possibility this might happen ... I have doubted it, but still never completely ruled it out. We will have to see what happens over the coming the months, but as one of the greatest singers, songwriters, and entertainers of our time, she would be very powerful in the Christian community if she did indeed turn to Jesus. Who better than someone who was well positioned to be the whore of Babylon? It is something to think about.
Regarding the Illuminati, when I first got on the Internet in 1999 with the early version of my site, I would get emails from people who talked about this group. I never heard of it until I got online. I used to tell them the following, and still believe this to be true: I believe there IS a group or organization that has long planned on installing a world leader who would become "the beast" of Revelation 13 (some call him The Antichrist, although that is an invented, catch all, ultimate evil office created by bible prophecy fans and also by prophets like Nostradamus). They also plan on creating a religious sage who will aid him and enforce his doctrine throughout the world under pain of death for those who are unwilling to do so (such as ISIS is now doing to "non-believing Muslims," Christians, Zoroastrians, and others). That figure is "the false prophet." As to whether or not they will also create a female of high station who is the whore of Babylon (could be a future female president of the United States), there is other prophecy indicating this may well be so.
I believe this group or organization has been around a long time and has repeatedly failed in their efforts to accomplish this. I have said this in the past. I think they are closer to doing this now, but I think they may fail yet again. One day though they will succeed, even if it is as late as 2242 AD.
Are they the Illuminati? I don't know and I don't know if we will ever know just who this group really is. Madonna may at least be partly correct about the pervasive nature of this possibly imaginary, conspiracy-driven organization that seems to have been created on the Internet. I HAVE NO DOUBT SHE HAS FINALLY GOTTEN AROUND TO READING WHAT WEBSITES SAY ABOUT HER, INCLUDING MY OWN SITE! NOW SHE IS STRAIGHTENING US OUT, I THINK! Let's face it, there ARE powerful people pulling strings, there always have been, but to say it is all "Illuminati" might be fanciful. Eisenhower warned of "the military industrial complex" and Kennedy warned against "secret societies" that he would not tolerate operating on his watch. And we all know Hollywood has tight control over the lives of its actors and entertainers since its very formation.
Also, there is the confusion about what IS and what WAS real. There have been spiritualist societies since the late 18th century that have had rather obtuse and odd beliefs that included astrology, numerology, the existence of living spiritual forces that interact in our plane of existence, theosophy, and the occult (not Satanism, mind you, although a few, like Aleister Crowley, did practice something like it). They were always a small band and had very little or no influence on society and government. They had very little power in fact. Yet, I suspect, these are the people that the Illuminati conspiracy theorists have used as their model. Those and certain internal societies within the Catholic Church.
Anyway, I will have to research this further and read what else Madonna has to say. But I think she is saying in her song "Illuminati" that the joke is on us: WE ARE THE ILLUMINATI !!! Those of us now growing our sites and channels and spreading our beliefs far and wide. It is about mankind making himself God by use of hi tech and the coming cyber-robotic age of trans-humanism. WE are the enemy, if there is one at all!
In a way, I am so glad to see Madonna returning to what appears to be her Ray Of Light days of 1998/99/00 ... I would love nothing better than to trash all I have said or written about her, and return the respect I once had for her!
Yours truly on this Christmas season,
Hi Israell,
This is a follow-up to the first letter I sent you.
Her interview on The Guardian is indeed telling and is close to correct, I think.
However, I still think there is some secret group, maybe a renegade group, that is moving the world towards a beast/false prophet/whore of Babylon ultimate conclusion. To them it is the start of the Golden Age, but in reality it will be the end of human history as we know it.
There is also something revealing in one of Madonna's songs, WASH ALL OVER ME:
Here is an important excerpt from the lyrics:
It's a cruel injustice
To be witness to the things I see
Looking for the answer
When it's right in front of me
From the tower of Babylon
Where nothing is what it seems
Gonna watch the sun going down
I'm not gonna run from all this sadness
Who am I to decide what should be done
If this is the end then let it come
Let it come, let it rain
Rain all over me
Like the tide let it go
Let it wash all over me ...
It sounds as though she tried to become the Whore of Babylon the wrong way, and feels as though she failed .. and is resigned to no longer seek to act. But the truth is she is becoming aware that the Internet is the very Tower of Babel she seeks ...
I wouldn't write her off just yet. But it is possible she wants to go back to whoever she thought she once was and ditch the whole thing. Let's face it, there are plenty of others more than eager to fill her shoes!
Happy holidays,
* * * * *
Israell Isaac
Subject: Re: Madonna / More Insight on Lucifer and Satan (Man of Kutu)
Priority: Normal
Date: Wednesday, December 24, 2014 5:55 AM
Size: 31 KB
Dear Michael,
Thanks for your responses.
The Vigilant Citizen just issued a long response to Madonna's refutation. You may wanna see it:
Madonna's simply saying that if there is such thing as the Illuminati, it's all about art and enlightenment, nothing evil and dark.
Now... Let us see. Let's go back to 1982. When Madonna was 24 year-old and signed that contract with Sire Records (affiliated with Warner Bros.), I'm sure she told herself she was entering into a recording contract with a major record label in order to not only make a living but launch her act and release her art to the world. By the way, I see her song, music video and early performances of 'Like A Virgin' as a marriage to the world.
Remember, the video started off with a Full Moon. Madonna wore a white wedding dress, but then a stylish black dress towards the end while holding a mask in her hand (3:05):
Things like that you see in music videos and stage performances are often subliminally inspired by higher spiritual powers, and I don't mean anything negative by that. Any Illuminati association or implication would have been subliminal. There was that guy, John Todd, in the late seventies, who claimed to have been a witch and then got "saved" by Jesus. He claimed soap operas such as 'The Young & The Restless', movies such as 'Star Wars' as well as rock bands such as 'The Rolling Stones' and record labels were all interconnected to witchcraft, black magick and the Illuminati. He also claimed most of pop or rock records in stores are hexed and bewitched after a group ritual performed on the master recording.
Now, if record labels such as Warner Music or Sire (the ones Mo was signed to) are indeed Illuminati, then Madonna was part of it by association. If Interscope is Illuminati, she still is. If you add all the occult/religious/mystical symbolism of her and other artists' work to the mix, it becomes even more apparent but only the artists themselves know for sure.
We've also gotta consider the fact there is no actual 'Illuminati' office in the United States.
You've got the CIA, for instance, but no official 'Illuminati' headquarters bearing that very appellation.
Illuminati simply now refers to various groups of people, the elite, that have lots of wealth, (occult) knowledge, power and are calling the shots (while pushing a so-called agenda). Entertainers, especially famous recording artists and actors, as well as political figures, may be in on it, but so far, none would outright admit it.
Finally, there is that question as to WHO the Illuminati truly worship; Yahweh or Lucifer? From what I know, Yahweh is a God who was modelled after a Canaanite God named El; El came first. Hinduism predates Judaism, that's a fact! Judaism stole lots of elements from Ancient religions from Egypt, Babylon, Sumer, Canaan as well as Hinduism.
Satan predates Abrahamism: "Did you know that the Devil is not mentioned anywhere in the Old Testament? Sure, there's a fellow called "Satan" in the book of Job, but he's far from being the Prince of Darkness and arch-Enemy of Jehovah. Instead, the "Satan" in that story is just a heavenly prosecutor who tests Job's faith, at Jehovah's command. No, the idea of the Devil doesn't show up in the Bible until the New Testament."
"That's right, folks. The Biblical Devil is not an angel or a satyr, but a DRAGON. And the writers of the Bible were not the first ones in history to talk about a "great dragon," either.The idea of a great serpent of darkness who lives in or encircles the Earth and wages war against the heavens, goes back to ancient Persia, Egypt, and even Sumer. In Persia, the Zoroastrians named Him Ahriman, and they blamed Him for all pestilence and pain in the world. In Egypt, the dragon was called Apophis, and He was believed to swallow the sun god each night. The Sumerians called Her Tiamat, and believed that the entire physical world - including their own flesh - had been fashioned from Her being."
The Underworld in ancient Sumer was known by many names, among them ABSU or "Abyss", sometimes as Nar Mattaru, the great Underworld Ocean, and also as Cutha or KUTU as it is called in the Enuma Elish (the Creation Epic of the Sumerians). The phonetic similarity between Cutha and KUTU and Chthonic, as well as Cthulhu, is striking. Judging by a Sumerian grammar at hand, the word KUTULU or Cuthalu (Lovecraft's's CthulhuSumerianised) would mean "The Man of KUTU (Cutha); the Man of the Underworld; Satan or Shaitan, as he is known to the Yezidis (whom Crowley considered to be the remnants of the Sumerian Tradition).
As for Lucifer:
Dr. Johann Georg Faust saw Lucifer as Emperor Supreme of the Infernal Empire, Belial as Viceroy and Satan as Governor Supreme:
The Infernal Empire is as follows:
1. LUCIFER, the Emperor
2. BELIAL, Viceroy
3. SATAN, Governor
4. BEELZEBUB, Governor
5. ASTAROTH, Governor
6. PLUTO, Governor
You've once referred to Ba'al as the Creator of the whole Cosmos. In Hinduism, Ishvara is the Supreme Cosmic Being manifested as Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Maintainer, Preserver) and Shiva (Destroyer, Transformer). Some scholars (such as Anton LaVey) do link Shiva to Satan. According to Nichiren Buddhism, Brahma is not the Creator but rather one of the first Spirits that emerged, hence his Creator title.
On page 578 - Blavatsky says: Now we have to remember that Siva and the Palestinian Baal, or Moloch, and Saturn are identical; that Abraham is held until the present day by the Mohammedan Arabas as Saturn in the Kaaba; that Abraham and Israel were names of Saturn. Azrael, angel of death, is also Israel. Death only exists in time. Saturn is generally represented as a very old man, with a scythe in his hand, Father time, or Death.
On page 236 - Blavatsky says, "Whoever has lived in India long enough to acquaint himself even superficially with the native deities, must detect the similarity between Jehovah and other gods besides Siva. As Saturn, the latter was always held in great respect by the Talmudists. He was held in reverence by the Alexandrian kabalists as the direct inspirer of the law and the prophets; one of the names of Saturn was Israel, and we will show, in time, his identity in a certain way with Abram, which Movers and others hinted at long since."
Also, there is a link between the name 'Israel' and the names 'Isis', 'Ra' and 'El' (as in the Canaanite God), which shows even more how Judaism stole from more Ancient myths and systems. Which is an indication Lucifer and Satan are not necessarily the bad guys billions many make them out to be.
The question is, can one serve both Yahweh and also Lucifer, Satan & Ba'al all at once? Probably not. If the Illuminati is all about Lucifer, Satan & Ba'al, I do not see how would followers of Yahweh be into it, but then again Judaism stole from Ancient systems...
Happy Holidays!


All Hail Katy-Pätra!!!


Israell Isaac
Subject: All Hail Katy-Pätra!!!
Priority: Normal
Date: Sunday, February 23, 2014 5:04 AM
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Hello, Mike!
How are you doing?
It"s so funny... People are so worked up over Illuminati symbolism, Luciferianism and Satanism yet, they know nothing about those things but writings of those that oppose those things. Atheistic & Theistic Satanists alike are not the creeps they're made out to be. Most would tell you they are law-abiding.
Now, Katy Perry... She's no longer a Christian, she's not Hindu or Buddhist but has a deep connection with God. She reads the works of Eckhart Tolle and practices transcendental meditation. She does not believe in Heaven & Hell, nor does she sees God as an old man sitting on a throne with a long beard. These are recent Katy Perry revelations made to Marie Claire.
I love the new path Perry has chosen for herself. I feel she's totally liberated and in touch with her spirituality.
Meet Katy-Pätra:
Katy Perry - Dark Horse (feat. Juicy J) (Official) ft. Juicy J
Meet the witch:
Katy Perry - Dark Horse Grammys 2014
* * * * *
Hi Israell,
Slow down .. LOL. Like I said on Twitter, I saw the Grammys and will have a new post on my blog to discuss this.
Since then, I have seen her Dark Horse video. I have the embed codes for BOTH videos, ready to go when I do the article (which is 75% written).
Kathryn also told me I should have a look at the Brit awards video on
Unfortunately, and I know you are knee-deep in celebrity and Illuminati interest, there has been a violent revolution in Ukraine and the two factions facing off (pro-EU vs pro-Russian), even though the president there is no longer in power, are still beating on each other, the pro-Russians are still unhappy and just as violent. Nothing there has been settled yet. If that country is plunged into a civil war anytime this year, it will turn into a war between the EU/US and Russia (World War III).
So this situation commands my interest first, and Katy Patra second.
Madonna's role has been changed ... and so has Katy Perry's. You will be filled in about what I believe is going on when I post my article. It will be posted on my BLOG .. no articles will be on the Second Home page anymore (except if the subject is extremely urgent and needs immediate attention by all visitors).
So keep an eye out there and also on Twitter where I will announce the article on Katy Perry is done and supply the usual link. In case you have not checked it out yet, the blog is located at
I may add more tabs and turn it into a second website eventually, one that will function as a blog and more besides, plus mirroring some of the material from the main website ... since the site is mobile apps friendly and this main site at Yahoo! is not.
Kind regards,


Esther Eng


Subject: Esther Eng
Priority: Normal
Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 6:52 AM
Size: 4 KB
Dear Michael,
How are you?

I just noticed something about Madonna's first single, Everybody', that is now 30 years old. If you take a look at its back cover, you'll notice the sign "Esther Eng":
main cover:
back cover:

Interesting... It's apparently a restaurant in Manhattan launched in 1959, the Esther Eng Restaurant.

There's also on the back cover a picture of somebody wearing a large brown coat and a pair of blue jeans. It seems that their whole head is covered with a white sheet and they're wearing sunglasses. The young boy only shows one eye, just like the other young boy shown on the main cover.

The back cover also has another sign with the number 16 on it. 16 represents a famous tarot card, The Tower.

Best regards,

* * * * *
Hi Israell,

Regarding the brown coat figure: it is a heavy set woman, probably black, and it is the back of of her coat. The "white sheet" is just her head scarf, again from the back. This is not to be confused with the Islamic head scarves worn by Muslim women. Women in general wore kerchiefs and head scarves back in the 1940s and 1950s, but the style wore out in the 1960s for most women. Some of these head and neck coverings were very stylish, some were not. Some black women and women from certain ethnic groups continued to wear them in 1970s and 1980s ... maybe some still do today.


Madonna songs Satanic?


Subject: Madonna songs Satanic?
Priority: Normal
Date: Thursday, April 5, 2012 2:16 PM
Size: 4 KB

Lolita1962fan again.

I want to know sopmething VERY important.

Is it true that all of Madonna songs are satanic played backwards?

I'm not one who goes around judging people and I want more info before I draw my conclusion.

I've NEVER found NOR believe Madonna to be a satanic, but rather someone who fools Luifer into thinking she wants to serve him.

I remember you mentioning her using the illuminati; that FURTHER proves my theory.

But do all her songs REALLY encourage Luifer whorship?
* * * * *
Hey there, Lolita.

I thought I would pass this one on to my associate,
Kathryn. She had more to say then I think I would have this time around. Her answer is below.

Thanks for writing.

From Kathryn

No, all of her songs are not Lucifer orientated, nor are ALL of her songs referring to Lucifer when played backwards.

You have kind of understood the relationship between Lucifer and Madonna though, it is mutually beneficial for both of them. But you have to understand she recognizes Him as Satan NOT Lucifer, there is a difference.

Madonna's interest in Satan is His power and authority, just as she recognizes God has power and authority. Believe me, nothing gets past either of them. Satan allows a certain association because of the sexual nature, God just totally ignores her altogether (except as the Whore of Babylon). Madonna serves only her intention, which neither Satan nor God can give her, this priviledge belongs to Ba'al-Ishi.

The Illuminati use her, but she uses them also. That is why she is so often referred to as a whore, she connects both the good and the bad in the system. Her association with the Illuminati is kept to a minimum, but both wish the same thing, so their relationship is mutual also. The Illuminati quite often turn a blind eye and let Madonna get alway with an awful lot, because they realize her potential and what's in her heart.

But what drives Madonna is what is missing in her life and that repeatedly aches her heart, no matter how hard she thinks she fools everybody, it's there, hidden behind her music and her seductive smile. Those in power know this and use it to their advantage.

Madonna will never get what she truly wants until she reconizes what is disguised right in front of her. She does not belong to God, nor to Satan.



Madonna an Illuminati Slave or Endorser?


Subject: Madonna an Illuminati Slave or Endorser?
Priority: Normal
Date: Thursday, March 22, 2012 8:01 AM
Size: 4 KB
Hey There,

I'm BIG fan of Madge.

I'm really concerned about Madge and this whole Illuminati thing.

What I want to know is, she a Illuminati slave or an endorser of it?

I remember reading somewhere that some are slaves (basically FORCED into doing it); while others plain endorse it (meaning they think its the "right" way to success and whatnot).

Some I know are slaves, ironically those who Madge knew quite well too.

Like how Michael Jackson was forced into it by his father. (I'm also a BIG fan of Mikey as well.) He NEVER endorsed it.

I REALLY am concerned about this, 'cause I adore Madge and I don't want to see her meet into any kind of danger.

* * * * *
Hi Lolita1962fan,

It all depends on your definition of "slave." To some degree there are Illuminati members actually pulling strings who are "enslaved" by the rules and conditions of the Illuminati order or group they are a part of. Somebody is always answerable to someone else, unless you are in the upper echelons of the heirarchy.

Yes, some people are forced into it at a very young age, usually with the consent of a parent who is a member. Some child stars are forced into it by the company they are working for. Conspiracy buffs claim Disney Studios is one of these. But most are mature enough to know what they are doing and willingly join in return for the fame and wealth. Out of "appreciation" they will endorse the organisation in their music videos, live concerts, commercials, modeling sessions, etc. It can be done "in your face" or it can be subtle.

"Brainwashing" or "programming" can be done through trauma (usually at a very young age) or through a series of indoctrinations utilising media, lectures, methods that can induce hypnosis without the initiate even being aware, etc. Endless lecture halls and sleep deprivation is another method. The latter two are probably the most prevalent as opposed to exposing a very young, unsuspecting, and often unwilling initiate to trauma.

But in a way, this is rather amusing I find. Because, technically speaking, virtually every one of us uses "programming" skills on other people throughout our life. Some are better at it than others, of course. Hell we "program" other people without even knowing it. And we have all been programmed at various times.

People in relationships do it all the time to each other, often if one fears the other is contemplating ending the relationship.

Ever know someone you consider or who other people say is manipulative?

Ever stand in awe of someone who was an effective public speaker, a member of a theatre group, or perhaps a well-liked class president? That person was likely trained or self-trained in using programming skills.

Ever work at a company like McDonald's where you had to watch a video about how to be the proper and SUCCESSFUL employee?

Ever been seduced into joining an independent political party by someone you met who was passing out "literature" who admires your mind, talks issues with you over coffee, complimenting you on your opinions, finally introduces you to other members and are shown their local headquarters, become involved in their discussions where again your opinion is so much appreciated, allowed to attend a benefit dinner for their candidate and listen to his/her mesmerising speeches? In the end, if something doesn't set you off, you will find yourself passing out pamphlets and seducing someone else to join the group.

How about the church you attend (if you do). You never think of your charismatic pastor as engaging in a form of "programming"?

Programming is the coin of the realm: TV, film, music, magazines, newspapers, poetry clubs, any kind of "club" ... you name it ... we are being programmed every day of our lives.

Am I programming you by writing this email in such a way that you accept my opinion as being correct?

To be a good writer of fiction you have to be able to program your reading audience with your words.

This is why I sneer whenever I hear the word "programming." And to believe that only the Illuminati can program someone is folly.

Returning to Madonna:

The bigger the star is, the more autonomy he or she will have. And yes, they can and do argue with their "bosses" about things and policy decisions. Some of these people even become members of the Illuminati. But each person knows there is a line they had better not cross over and that there are certain people behind the scenes they never beg to differ with.

Madonna has the most autonomy of all. But remember what I said about how most Illuminati members are answerable to the highest eschelons of the heirarchy.

I had a dream a long time ago (and this is on my website) where Madonna was a doll. And her bosses ran the doll factory. She argued with the doll factory bosses and stormed out of the building in anger. At the end of the dream she is a human again, and her bosses kill her by arranging an automobile accident.

I did not know what an "Illuminati" was back then or even heard of the word. But it is clear to me now who these "doll factory bosses" were.

I don't know what sort of argument may have occurred between her and her superiors after her Sticky & Sweet Tour. Maybe they were irate about her divorce from Guy Ritchie? Maybe they wanted her to continue to focus on her image as "whore of Babylon" rather than to take time out to film "W.E." Maybe they were angry because the "29th move toppling the king" thing almost tipped off Michael Jackson that they were going to kill him. Perhaps there is even infighting among the Illuminati between those who wish to make Madonna the "whore of Babylon" and those who seek to get rid of Madonna and propel the much younger Lady Gaga into that role. One can only guess.

But over the last few years there have been an unsettling number of strange deaths of people who knew Madonna well or worked for her, bizarre deaths made to look like suicides or accidents, including celebrities, socialites, and those close to high-ranking people (like the bondage hanging of Rebecca Zahau, the girlfriend of PHARMACEUTICAL [read DRUGS] CEO and multi-millionaire Jonah Shacknai, and the children of fashion executive Madonna Badger [Badge also rhymes with Madge]), and close calls with Madonna stalkers Robert Linhart and "the Michael Myers" of celebrity stalkers, psycho zombie Robert Dewey Hoskins.

WHY did I place DRUGS in brackets when discussing the "suicide" of drug lord Jonah Shacknai's girlfriend? Madonna's new almbum is called MDNA (which she admitted in an interview was, in part, a play on MDMA, the drug Ecstasy). The suicide rate for Ecstasy users when high on the drug is ... mmmmmm ... pretty high.

All of these deaths and close calls, and their possible connection to Madonna the entertainer, fall under the heading of "evidence": evidence that she is indeed in danger of losing her life in the very near future. Evidence that assassins for the Illuminati (whom Randy Quaid and his wife Eva called "Star Whackers") are demonstrating to Madge how clever, dangerous, arrogant, and unassailable they are (writing a cryptic suicide scrawl on a bedroom door in black paint), and how easily they can get away with the most grotesque of murders. These deaths and close calls do not, however, function under the heading of "proof." There rarely, if ever, is any positive proof of premeditation before the fact. There is only "potential" or "likelihood."

I believe Madonna suspects she is in danger and has taken, and is taking, steps to protect herself. Note that in her video Give Me All Your Luvin' an unseen assassin is shooting at her, but skateboarding football players block the bullets, sacrificing their lives for hers. This means she has stepped up her security.

Unfortunately, every human being creates, or has created for them, a personal timestamp of death that can come back again in another form at fairly regular intervals, often of seven years or a multiple of seven years (such as 14, 21, 28, etc). Because some events do not repeat every seven years, but instead by a factor of 14 years or 21 years or whatever, or occasionally skip over a seventh year without incident, an individual expecting a repeat will come away with a false sense of security. It also contributes to the illusion that time is linear rather than cyclical.

Some people, like actress Sharon Stone, has so many timestamps of death that occurred during so many different years in her past, she is always in danger of being murdered, having a fatal health crisis, or dying in an accident. In an odd way she is free of the fear: because almost any year could mean her death, and because she has faced death so many times and survived, it has become pointless for her to worry. Like most people she has no idea when it will happen. Thus, she is free to live and is not in bondage to death.

Madonna has two timestamps of death the general public know about: May 1995, when Robert Dewey Hoskins attempted to scale his way into her home and "slice her throat from ear to ear" (his threat in quotes) and August 2005, when she was badly injured after falling from a horse. The influence from 1995 failed to return in 2002 or 2009, but may again in 2016. The influence from 2005 is now in play in 2012. Hoskins' recent release (and subsequent recapture) also indicates that a danger from one set of years can cross over to the other set.

But ... you asked about the Illuminati, not about the timestamp patterning nor even about the 29th move "death curse." One can only hope that Madonna does the right thing to keep the Illuminati at bay and fulfill her destiny (assuming this is even possible if it is the Gaga-ists who are intent on assassinating her). If this is over Gaga, then not only will Madonna's life remain in jeopardy, but many more people will die under bizarre and controversial circumstances 1) as practise murders, functioning as human sacrifices, made to look like something other than homicides, and 2) to further intimidate Madonna.

Thanks for writing.

Kind regards,



Madonna vs Gaga, MDNA and Egyptian Symbology, Illuminati Control, Superbowl Halftime Festival of the Goddess, etc



From: A Marilyn Fan
Subject: Re: (no subject)
Priority: Normal
Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 3:12 AM
Size: 6 KB

Hi there,

I went to Britney's 'Femme Fatale' concert last year in London and there was a lot of 'egyptian symbology', much like Madonna's recent performance at the Super-Bowl in Indianapolis. I hear Madonna copycat (perhaps that's a bit harsh, but Gaga does borrow heavily from Madonna's previous images without a doubt), has announced her new world tour, ('born that way' monster ball) and from what I have read on the web so far, it sounds like gaga's performance are going to be somewhat 'biblically-inspired', then again, it's no surprise with a single like 'Judas'! I also hear that Lady Gaga's more hard-core monsters are encouraging people to slate Madonna's recent comeback single, 'give me all your luvin'' and Madonna in general on the web, it's almost as if there's a 'battle' between Madonna and Gaga with Madonna desperately trying to hold on to her crown as 'Queen of pop' and Gaga, hot on her heels, trying to steal it from her!! Madonna clearly isn't ready to hand over her crown to gaga yet, maybe she'll remain in the limelight and when she turns 60 much like Tina Turner, call it a day and perhaps concentrate on making more movies. Infact I recently went to see her new movie, 'W.E' and thought the film was very stylish and portrayed the subject matter very sensitively, but as usual, it was heavily-criticized.

It does appear Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue (her last album and tour was called 'Aphrodite' and she did indeed portray herself as a 'greek goddess' on tour) and Britney are portraying themselves more and more as 'godly-like figures' on stage, personally, I don't think Britney's particularly ambitious anymore, I get the impression she'd be more than happy to 'retire' from the limelight and concentrate on family life, which leaves Gaga and Madonna as the potential 'Whore of Babylon', I guess time will tell which one really is, although the two of them could easily be!! - what with Madonna promoting a 'mystical religion', ie) kaballah, (although, she's said to have left that and is looking at joining the 'Opus Dei'!!) and gaga, bathing herself in blood and generally acting like a woman possessed!!

Obviously, any controversial and influential women in the public eye like these two runs risk of attracting 'dubious types', I hear stalker, Robert Dewey-Hoskins who threatened to kill Madonna once, escaped from prison recently but has since been captured, I'm sure Madonna breathed a sigh of relief on hearing that!! - a very similar scenario as portrayed in the film,'The Bodyguard', main character Rachel, played by the late Whitney Houston.

Infact re. the untimely death of Whitney, I noticed the following, it's probably nothing, but I thought I'd mention it anyway! American singer Etta JAMES died recently, then WHITney Houston and then legendary royal reporter, JAMES WHITaker!! - the names all seem rather similar!! Also, I've noticed pop princess Rihanna has the same delicate features as Whitney did when she was younger before her face hardened (arguably a result of substance abuse).

I have read conspiracy theories suggesting that so-called 'star-whackers' might be responsible for Whitney's death, as was the case with Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson, who knows!! - however, re. your concerns that Madonna could meet a tragic end, it is interesting indeed that one of Nostradamus quatrains cites 'the supreme one strangled, for having stayed too long, blonde elevated', I guess time will tell if that comes to pass, I hear Madonna's planning to kick-off her new world tour in Tel Aviv, I wonder how she will be received there, if I recall correctly, when she took her 'Confessions' world tour ('06?) to Russia, she received death threats, fortunately, she lived to tell, so to speak, hopefully, she will do so this time!

Best wishes

Marilyn fan
* * * * *
Hi Marilyn fan,

Long time, no see!

Britney's comeback may be the biggest surprise, next to Madonna's comeback this year. Actually not really surprise to me regarding Madonna ... she really had to assert herself again in a big way or lose her crown to Lady Gaga! And yes! Gaga is taking notes on Madge's performances and songs and eager to rise to the top of the heap. And is Madonna EVER catty about LG now! There is no question that a rivalry is now in progress. After all, what is at stake is the crown of a goddess: that of the 'sacred whore' of 'Babalon'!

Little wonder that Gaga is using a 'biblically inpired theme' on her upcoming tour! Of course, she can only attain to the Babylonian goddess's throne if Madonna is out of the way. Otherwise, she is indeed Mary Magdalene. In fact, in all seriousness, there is even the remote possibiity that "Mother Monster" will shed her fangs and claws and turn to Jesus Christ for real. That would blow everybody's minds. But there is a certain logic and symmetry to it in my mind ... if Madonna perseveres as Ishtar/Isis/Inanna and becomes the modern Whore of Babylon incarnate, and the catty rivalry between them turns to war, what else can Gaga do to remain relevent but to become the greatest female Christian personality in modern times?? Possibly one of the 'two witnesses' or the woman of Revelation 12 who gives birth to a man child and is chased into the wilderness for a year-and-a-half by the dragon?

As I told Israell in another email, the symbology is much more important when Gaga or Madonna are using it than when the likes of Rihanna, Britney, Kylie, etc do. The Illuminati use all of these females (and some males) as surrogates to worship their pantheon of gods and goddesses. Therefore to them Beyonce is an actual representation of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet (thus all the Egyptian symbols she uses). They worship Aphrodite through Kylie Minogue. The dread goddess of witchcraft, ghosts, spirits, and the underworld, Hecate or Hel, is worshipped via Lady Gaga when she is in her various 'Mother Monster' roles, including the skeletonised zombie in 'Born This Way.' Ever note that she claims to be possessed by several people including dead Andy Warhol, her dead aunt, and her dead friend Lina Morgana (a singer/songwriter who committed suicide, after who Lady Gaga has patterned herself)? This is why she behaves, as you put it, like 'a woman possessed'!

I would also point out, as I did in my MDNA article, that Madonna added the appearance of the Norse goddess Freya to her costume ensemble during the Superbowl halftime show (which is why the horns were more upwards and pointed than the Isis or Inanna crown). In this way she becomes goddess of war, adding to Inanna's attributes as goddess of war and love, and Isis as goddess of the dead and of children, and Ishtar's connection to the dead, procreation, sex, and majik. It is a powerful combination that makes Madonna a goddess with the power over life and death. Thus Godonna can become synonymous with Death and Lady Gaga with Hades/Hell (the pale green horse in the Apocalypse: 'and its rider was called Death and Hades followed after him/her').

Ultimately, MDNA becomes the long-awaited 'sacred whore' of 'Babalon' (the 'whore of Babylon') having all the attributes of Ishtar, Inanna, and Isis ... all of which were the same goddess under different names in different places at different times in history. Gaga may have bathed in blood, like a modern Lady Bathory, because of the belief that 'the blood is the life.' Actually it is its intoxicating effects due to certain hormones released at the time of death that parody the life force. We cannot possibly know where the blood came from, an animal or a human, or if it even was really blood ... but if it was, a very dark act had to have been committed to obtain it.

Of course the belief that human blood obtained following ritual sacrifice can bring prolonged life is partly true, but not for the reasons that have long been held. Blood, human and animal alike, is steeped in highly active DNA. The Illuminati are researching a scientific means to eternal life using human and hybrid DNA. If they succeed, Madonna, possibly Gaga, Kylie, Rihanna, Beyonce, and others will be given the gift of eternal life, along with TPTB themselves, so that they may truly live as gods. The rest of us will be forced to worship them and damned to a short mortal existence. I think Britney's fate is still undecided because they require ritual sacrifices of people who have attained an almost godlike stature to please or appease their gods. Madonna's fate is anything but assured, even now. It all depends on what the Gaga does.

Thus, if Madonna fails, she becomes the 'supreme' human sacrifice. Yes, Nostradamus foresaw this event in Quatrain 1.39, whether it happens to MDNA or another famous blonde remains to be seen.

Of course, all this talk about Illuminati, human sacrifice, humans as gods, and eternal life may just be a lot of BS, and the music and entertainment industry, including Hollywood (Babylon), may just be playing us all for suckers with all this occult symbology as they have been for over 100 years.

One must wonder though after Randy Quaid and his wife Eva dropped the shoe last year about the Hollywood Star Whackers, implicating them in the deaths of celebs like David Carradine, Michael Jackson, Britanny Murphy, Lucy Gordon, etc. If Hollywood is controlled by a group taking its commands from the Illuminati, we might expect that they have their own hit squad as well.

See David Lynch's 2001 film, 'Mulholland Drive', which more than suggests this kind of thing when we witness the controlling influence a mysterious 'Mr Big' and a character called 'The Cowboy' have over a director's choice of a lead female role in a film and the hit murders of a blackmailing film agent and an actress, including a botched hit that results in a car full of drunk teens being killed and the ensuing 'coverup' by police. The scurvy old 'man' (or whatever it is) living behind a trash bin in the back lot of an eatery symbolises the occult power within the industry because 1) he is hidden, 2) causes nightmares and death, and 3) has the mystic blue key to the mysterious blue box which swallows and reverses the roles of the two lead women characters, turning one of them into a desperate love and sex junkie ... desperate enough and betrayed enough to avail herself of a 'star whacker' to have her glamourous and more successful female ex-lover killed. The nightclub they go to before the blue box consumes them, a nightclub also 'hidden' in some dark wasteland part of Los Angeles, is a symbol for Hollywood itself, a place full of illusions, a place where mourning of the dead is a kind of worship (emblemic of human sacrifice), a place where the viewers of the film, as well as the characters in the film, are warned to 'be silent' ('silencio') about what they witness there (not once, but twice). Of course, almost the entire film can also be perceived as a dream-turned-nightmare of a woman asleep, a woman who has gone over the emotional edge of rocky relationship, who actually does have her lover killed then kills herself in the throes of guilt and a nightmarish hallucination. Thus the film says what it appears to say and then again it doesn't.

Her Madgesty, Madonna (aka Godonna and MDNA), has received a lot of warnings of what the 'Hollywood Star Whackers' are capable of: the mysterious murders made to look like suicides of porn actress and model Anneka Vasta (Anneka Di Lorenzo) and billionaire Jonah Shacknai's live-in girlfriend Rebecca Zahau (and the 'accidental' falling down the stairs coma and death of little Max Shacknai, Jonah's son, even though the coronor said he was suffocated by someone before he fell), the Christmas Day fire that killed the three daughters and parents of fashion exec Madonna Badger, the temporary release (made to look like an escape) of Madonna stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins, now a homicidal zombie (who also allegedly threatened to kill actress Halle Berry just before his 'escape'), and possibly Whitney Houston's drowning death (which almost resulted in her daughter's death by suicide) are all warnings to Madonna to get it right this year as Godonna, the great Whore of Babylon, or else. And they are demonstrating that the lives of her children are also at risk via the famous billionaire's son, Max Shacknai, Madonna Badger's three children, and Whitney's daughter. They may even control the Hollywood drug industry as well, which could explain Demi Moore and Heather Locklear both overdosing on 'something' that did not agree with them so close together in time.

Of course, it doesn't help much that Madonna inadvertently turned an invocation to bring down a god into a black majik death curse. She has used the occult to protect herself from this curse, as symbolised in her recent music video of 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' where the football players are taking bullets intended for her, but against the Illuminati there is no shield and no escape. She has to fulfill her destiny this year ... or else. The 'star whackers' have shown just how suddenly and unexpectedly they can work. Against them there is no warning and no protection.

Yes, sad as it is to say, Whitney Houston may have been the entertainment industry's latest human sacrifice to TPTB as well as a warning to Godonna. After all, Whitney, a famous pop singer, unlike the doomed Karen Carpenter and Amy Winehouse, starred in four films ... one well-liked by Kevin Kostner and Whitney fans, but given a raspberry award by Hollywood ('The Bodyguard'), two more which were applauded and received many awards, and one yet to be released. Thus, she was an actress besides a singer. James Dean is considered to have been a famous actor ... and he only made three movies in his brief career. But we all know about the star-crossed, tragic lives of many of the actresses, and some actors, over the years. Then again, Whitney Houston also wrote some of her music, just like Amy Winehouse.

Pop singing goddess Madonna also is a songwriter like some notable female greats (Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Laura Nyro) who have died under tragic circumstances. Madonna is also an actress (or thinks she is). Like Isadora Duncan, who was strangled by her own scarf when it was caught in the spokes of the tire of a racing car, she is a dancer and choreographer (what she truly excels at). And like independent filmmaker, director, and actress Adrienne Shelly (who was a blonde), who was found hanged in what was ruled a homicide made to look like a suicide in 2006, Madonna is also an independent filmmaker and director.

All the warnings and precedents have been put in place for Madonna, as well as potentially for Lourdes and Rocco (and possibly even David and Mercy). 2012 will be a year of victory or death for Madonna, I suspect, although the murder of Adrienne Shelly places her in a period of grace that could extend until November 2013. Filming 'W.E.' may have bought MDNA some extra time to succeed ... or fail.

Thanks for writing again.

Kind regards,


From: A Marilyn Fan
Subject: Re: (no subject)
Priority: Normal
Date: Friday, February 24, 2012 12:24 PM
Size: 6 KB

Hello again,

Thank you for responding to my recent e-mail, your response as always was very interesting and intriguing and I plan to watch 'Mullholland Drive' soon.

Since I sent that e-mail, I have read on the 'Viligant Citizen' website about Nikki Minaj's performance at the recent 54th Grammy's. Her performance was described as nothing short of 'ritualistic' and she wore a red caped cloak (the color of blood - sacrifice?), the general feeling on VC iis, it was inspired by Whitney Houston's death around that time and NM's alter ego (Roman Zolanski) was 'exorcised' as well on stage that night with depictions of her levitating!! You once spoke of 'dark pop', it sum's up the likes of Nikki Minaj's recent performance and the likes of Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce's performances/music videos, without a doubt!!

Also, on VC, re. Whitney Houston's death, it was noted that at the 53rdGrammy's last year, Gaga when accepting an award for song, 'Born this Way' said in her acceptance speech - 'I need to thank Whitney Houston. I imagined she was singing it ..... Whitney, I imagined you were singing Born this Way when I wrote it'. Born this Way was released on 11/02/11, Whitney died, 11/02/12.

Re. Madonna, I believe she was considered to play the main role in the movie, 'The Bodyguard' before Whitney was considered!! and on the subject of Madonna, it is indeed worrying that fashion exec. Madonna Badger's family were killed at Xmas by fire!! Summing it all up. it is all a bit strange and disturbing!!

Best wishes for now,

Marilyn fan
* * * * *
Hi again,

I just read about Nicki Minaj's performance and am appalled. And yes, it seems Whitney Houston was sacrificed by the Illuminati ... especially since she died during the pre-Grammys party at the very hotel the party was being held. But I still maintain because this occurred so close to Madonna's halftime show that this was possibly related to the 'death curse' Madonna threw out in 2008/09 and has been knocking people off left and right ever since. Of course the Illuminati could be tied into this 'curse' as well, making it far from being a supernatural phenomenon and human-controlled instead. It is hard to know. I suspect the two overlap at times.

What we call 'coincidence', when it conforms to some sort of pattern, is obviously something more. Look at Madonna's brother, now a homeless bum ... is he an Illuminati sacrifice (one can be sacrificed in other ways besides being killed), which I doubt, or is he a victim of a precarious balance Madonna must maintain to keep from falling from her high station?? Who is controlling his situation: him, TPTB, or MDNA and her occult powers as the WOB? Did Madonna's former manager and best friend Caresse Henry really commit suicide, and if so was she a victim of the 'death curse', or was she sacrificed by TPTB as a warning to Madonna? Would TPTB go so far as to grab or stalk a 58-year-old former actress, porn actress, centerfold, and model like Anneka Vasta (Di Lorenzo) who appeared as Messalina in the X-rated film Caligula (1979), take her to the beach, strip her naked, break her neck AND back (they only needed to do the neck), then make it look like she drowned in the sea? As a warning to Madonna? And if that was not sensational enough (after all, it was not reported in the news until nine months after her death, and how many people remember her glory days?), they arrange the most sensational suicide in history using a well-known billionaire CEO's live-in girlfriend, binding her ankles and hands behind her, gagging her, and hanging her naked from an outdoor balcony. The latter event I believe they had a hand in. The Anneka Vasta case I suspect was part of the 'death curse' pattern and she fell prey to a serial killer.

In other words, the Illuminati may actually help 'the Madonna death curse' along, but it does not require their participation. Madonna Badger's children may have died so that Madonna's children would live. Whitney Houston may have drowned so that Madonna would not succumb to the strangulation fate in Quatrain 1.39. Her video shows football players taking bullets meant for her. That sizes it up. She has found occult protection against her own death curse and others are copping for it.

But I worry about Lourdes. Madonna is dragging her into all kinds of situations and she seems terrified. Check out photos taken of Lourdes at LAX:

And Lourdes is to appear on stage as a dancer with her mother?? She can't even handle the photogs at an airport terminal. Why was she so upset leaving the Kabbalah centre last year? What's MDNA whispering in her ear: comfort or fear?

Many people are now aware that the halftime show was indeed an Illuminati 'pagan' ceremony to honour Madonna as the Whore of Babylon. She appeared as Ishtar/Inanna/Isis/Freya for this very reason. Many of us have known her identity for years ... but now the whole world has seen MDNA for what she truly is. TPTB have made their choice, and it will not be Lady Gaga. Godonna knows this, and this allows her to behave in a catty way towards Gaga. MDNA no longer fears Gaga. Gaga must find a niche of her own to carve out. Now she is claiming to be possessed by the devil and has a strong desire to levitate. Nicki Minaj stole what was to be Gaga's gift, levitation ... and she is probably not merely one of Godonna's many spiritual daughters ('harlots'), but a full-fledged witch of Satan, as her red robed Medusa persona demonstrated at the Grammys party, ending in levitation during a ritual sacrifice ceremony and the church windows exploding to reveal the fires of Hell behind them. Note her name is 'Nicki' from 'Nick': aka 'old Nick', an affectionate nickname for Satan. 'Minaj' is similar in sound to 'mirage': an illusion, but with 'j' ending it is illusion through use of majik. Ha ha ha ... so clever are they.

Back to Gaga, her only hope is to be 'exorcised' and, like the true Mary Magdalene that she is, turn to Jesus or a Jesus-like figure. Only MDNA's physical death will allow Gaga to get her foot back in the door for the Whore of Babylon role.

Yes, 'dark pop' has been here since 2008, and is here to stay.

Thanks for writing back.

Kind regards,



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