The Early 21st Century: 2001 (Part One)

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Results of Base 7 Predictions for 2001


UPDATE (10/4/02): The "final" accuracy rate for 2001 is now solidly 71.64%. However, if one, more, or all of six predictions that still stand a very good chance of being fulfilled by December 31 of this year are fulfilled or come close, my accuracy rate could rise dramatically. These six predictions are currently rated as zeros.

Again, I must emphasise that it is my base 7 system of prediction that is being rated -- not my interpretations of Nostradamus, the Bible, Edgar Cayce, or any other prophet.


Base 7 Predictions Fulfilled


A massive earthquake or nuclear attack will strike Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle in January 2001. Afterwards there will be a major eruption of Mount Etna.


On February 28, one month later than the January vector projected, Seattle was rocked by a 7.0 earthquake. It caused over $1 billion in damage and sent thousands of people fleeing homes, schools and offices. Scores were injured and one fatality occured. Because it was a "deep" quake, the damage and casualties were much lighter than they would have normally been for a temblor of that magnitude.

In July, Sicily's Mt Etna erupted, threatening the cities of Nicolosi and Catania. The eruption was the most spectacular and dangerous since 1992.

A naked-eye supernova or two comets together will appear in February 2001.


Comet LINEAR A2, originally predicted by astronomers to be a no-show, it went through a series of unexpected outbursts that brought it into range of naked-eye visibility in May, June, and July 2001. Unfortunately, at magnitude 3, it was largely a spectacle for southern hemisphere viewers, although in late June and early July it became a naked-eye magnitude 4 and 5 object for northern viewers. During the course of its initial pass, it was discovered that the comet had two heads, like a pair of headlights in fog, making it a "double comet." In July obervations, two distinct tails could also be made out.

A major musical celebrity will die in a plane crash in February 2001. It is possible that there will be several rather than one. They will either be long-established or relatively new artists.


On August 26, 2001, pop singer Aaliyah died in a plane crash in the Bahamas after shooting a music video. On the same day, Graeme "Shirley" Strachan, former lead singer of the 1970s Australian rock group Skyhooks, died in a helicopter accident. Three months later, on November 25, Melanie Thornton, lead singer of La Bouche, died in a Swiss plane crash.

Syrian President Hafez al-Assad will either die or resign from office in February 2001. His son, Col. Bashar Assad, will take over the government.


This is a rare example of a prediction that was fulfilled prematurely. Hafez al-Assad died on June 10, 2000 -- eight months before the February 2001 vector. His son, Bashar al-Assad, is now the President of Syria.

A massive earthquake will strike the Pacific Coast of South America in March 2001. Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela will all be affected by this major temblor.


I not only got the general geographical region correct (Pacific coast of South America), but actually named two of the three countries that would be rocked by this major temblor. On June 24, 2001, a 7.9 earthquake shook Peru as well as neighbouring Ecuador and Chile. Dating was only off by three months.

Yugoslav Leader Slobodan Milosevic will die or be assassinated in March 2001.


A lot of people were impressed with the timing and unfolding of this one, even though Milosevic did not actually die. On March 31, 2001, an armed standoff occurred at Milosevic's villa in Belgrade when he resisted arrest by Serbian police. Bodyguards and police exchanged fire while Milosevic declared he would not be taken alive. On April 1, after shots were heard inside the house, police moved inside. He was arrested after being talked out of killing himself and his family.

As many viewers pointed out to me, although this was not a physical death, it was a death of sorts -- and the event itself was the next best thing.

A US, British, or Arab embassy may be stormed and seized by demonstrators in April 2001.


This prediction was amazingly fulfilled four times during the course of the year. In February, Libyan demonstrators attempted to storm the British embassy in Tripoli. Also the same month, several people were injured when demonstrators marched on the US embassy in Beirut. In October, violent protests broke out in Karachi, Pakistan against the US over its bombing campaign against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. A fast-food outlet was attacked and demolished. Later, the deserted US embassy in Kabul was stormed and destroyed.

A US warship will be attacked and possibly destroyed in the Persian Gulf in May 2001. Iraq or Iran may be responsible.


This one was fulfilled seven months prematurely when the USS Cole was bombed off the coast of Yemen in October 2000. Although Osama bin Laden is blamed for the attack, it is believed that Bin Laden was working jointly with Iraq and its president, Saddam Hussein.

A passenger jet originating from somewhere in the Middle East will crash into a runway at another Middle East airport in August 2001. Egypt or Saudi Arabia will likely be involved.


An EgyptAir passenger jet crashed near the Tunis-Carthage airport on May 7, 2002. It was the second worst crash for Egypt since 1976. This event occurred 9 months later than projected and was thus an "adjacent fulfllment."

"US Airline Disaster (An Act of Terrorism?) A US airliner may crash or explode in mid-air in August 2001. This could be the work of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden. It is very strange that August is demonstrating so much potential for airline disasters..." (Note there are TWO photos of airliners bursting into balls of fire, one from a failed prediction immediately above this one and one accompanying this prediction. These images should have functioned as visual cues to the terrible danger pending for August and that vicinity in time.).


On September 11, 2001, terrorists used two hijacked US passenger jets to destroy the two towers of the World Trade Centre in NYC and one hijacked US passenger jet to demolish a part of the Pentagon building in Washington DC. Osama bin Laden was linked to the attacks almost immediately, although not officially for another few weeks. This was a case of "fulfillment overkill" in regards to my prediction. The event took place eleven days after the last day of the August vector.

A celebrity spouse murder similar to the Dorothy Stratten or Nicole Brown Simpson murders will take place in August 2001.


On May 5, 2001, Bonny Lee Bakley, wife of actor Robert Blake, was found shot dead in the front seat of her husband's car outside a Los Angeles restaurant. The murder remains a mystery, although Blake has not been ruled out as a suspect even at this late date. Bonny Bakley, like Stratten and Simpson, had been an aspiring model and had hoped for an acting career.

A massive earthquake will strike eastern Turkey in August 2001.


On February 3, 2002, six months later than projected, a 6.2 earthquake hit central Turkey, claiming the lives of at least 42 people and injuring 120 others.

Large earthquakes will strike Mexico and Colombia in August 2001.


Two strong earthquakes, 6.0 and 6.1, hit Mexico on October 8 and November 28, 2001. However, damage was light and there were no casualties. A 4.6 quake struck Colombia on September 30.

A deadly earthquake will strike Japan in August 2001.


On March 24, 2001, a strong earthquake measuring 6.4 struck southwestern Japan, killing two people and injuring 174. There was considerable structural damage and more than 22 aftershocks, one registered as 5.2 magnitude, followed over the next 24 hours.

"The Great Lord of the Moslems" will come to power and "the Great Arab" will assert his position in August/September 2001.

and ?

No doubt about it: Arab terrorist leader Osama bin Laden asserted his position as the "great King of Terror" on September 11, 2001, right square in the projected vector. He is from Saudi Arabia with roots in Yemen, the same place Nostradamus calls "Arabia felix" -- the home of one of his "great Arab" villians. Bin Laden has eluded capture and is believed to be alive in eastern Afghanistan, one of the Central Asian states, Pakistan, Yemen, Iran, or Iraq plotting his next operation.

However, "the Blue Turbaned King" (who I presumptuously connected with "the great Lord of the Moslems") has yet to appear to the satisfaction of all concerned. Still, there is evidence that suggests that he may be Moammar Gadhafi, Mullah Omar, Kurd leader Jalal Talabani, and others. Until he has done what Nostradamus predicts, his existence is debatable. Therefore, I do not feel it is fair to rate this aspect of the prediction since supporting, albeit not conclusive, evidence exists. Should he make a big media splash like Bin Laden did on 9/11 by December 31, then that will be a different story.

Deadly riots will break out in South Africa and J G Zuma, Thabo Mbeki, or a current or former high-ranking official will be assassinated in September 2001.


On October 23, 2001, hundreds of Zimbabweans sought refuge at a Johannesburg police station after their shacks were torched by rampaging South African residents of the Zandspruit informal settlement at Honeydew, just west of Johannesburg.

On December 5, 2001, Marike de Klerk, the ex-wife of former South African President FW de Klerk, was stabbed and strangled to death in her luxury Cape Town flat. A security guard confessed to the murder two days later.

There will be a danger of death, probably by murder, of Elton John or George Harrison in June or September-December 2001. (Although the focus of the prophecy was on Elton John, an either/or scenario was also set up in the presentation where George Harrison was discussed as the only major alternative victim.)

A separate danger of death exists for actor Jack Lemmon and singer Olivia Newton-John linked by the sounds produced by the named "John Lennon."

+0 and +2.5

Former Beatle George Harrison died of brain cancer on November 29, 2001 -- only ten days removed from the 21st anniversary of John Lennon's murder.

Apparently, the "murder" aspect of this prophecy had already happened in December 1999 when Harrison was attacked by a crazed, knife-wielding assailant in his home. He survived his injuries and beat off his attacker, which is why Elton John was top of the list for 2001 and Harrison was second rather than the other way around.

I did not know Harrison had cancer when I first made the prediction. A week before Harrison's death I had a premonition whilst driving that Harrison would indeed be the one. The details of the premonition can still be read, posted posthumously at the bottom of the Elton John Prophecy. They were to have been posted immediately, but I ran into personal family and health-related problems and Mr Harrison died before I had a chance to post.

Jack Lemmon died of cancer in June 2001 (the first of the two vectors). It was also reported that Olivia Newton-John was battling cancer in December 2001.

Celebrity deaths and mishaps predicted by use of "name sounds." Stephen Dorff, Keanu Reeves, Nicole Kidman, Clint Eastwood, Johnny Cash, Katharine Hepburn, George Harrison, and Jack Lemmon were predicted for death or injury.

+ 6

Although death was also predicted here for Jack Lemmon and George Harrison, I will not count them twice since they are already calculated in the Elton John Prophecy.

Actor Stephen Dorff was involved in a yachting accident where a woman's leg was severed; Keanu Reeves suffered injury to his left ankle when on the set of the next Matrix sequel, then his girlfriend Jennifer Syme was killed in a car crash; actress Nicole Kidman suffered a knee injury whilst filming and a miscarriage later; Clint Eastwood's daughter Francesca escaped a devastating house fire but was hospitalised for smoke inhalation, and his former wife Francesca Fisher also escaped with minor burns; Johnny Cash was hospitalised twice with pnuemonia; and Katharine Hepburn was hospitalised with a severe urinary tract infection.


Base 7 Predictions That Were Thwarted


Israel will invade Syria. Israel will bomb Syrian and Lebanese towns and positions after a series of border clashes with Hezbollah. Palestinian riots will break out in Jerusalem and the West Bank and conflict between Israel and the Palestinians will ensue. This will cause a rift between pro-Western and anti-Western Arab and Moslem states. Israel will be condemned by the United Nations and sanctions will be proposed. All this will begin October/November 2001.


It was reported in June 2002 that the US prevented a massive Israeli attack and invasion of Syria that was planned to occur in May. Even so, Lebanese town and terrorist positions in southern Lebanon and Syrian Shebaa Farms were bombarded in April 2002. Tensions continue there. Israel has been condemned by the United Nations for occupying the West Bank and for alleged atrocities at Jenin. There were Palestinian riots and terrorist suicide bombings in Jerusalem and the West Bank, especially since late March 2002. So, technically, this one was partially fulfilled in some respects and prevented from occurring in the main. If an attack or invasion of Syria still takes place in 2002, it will not change the rating which is now +1.0.


Base 7 Predictions That Were Close


A major Balkans war involving the Albanians will break out again in Kosovo or in neighbouring Macedonia in February/March 2001. Nato will become involved in the conflict.


Right on schedule, ethnic Albanian separtists went to war with Macedonian police and government forces on February 26, 2001. The war worsened over the spring and threatened to involve nations like Greece and Bulgaria. However, Nato never fired a shot, although its presence helped bring about a ceasefire in August. The ceasefire has held and thus far only been seriously threatened once -- briefly in November.

Because the war did not expand and did not directly involve Nato in the fighting, it cannot be considered a 100% fulfillment of my prediction. However, if the war reignites in 2002 and does involve Nato and other countries, I will consider this prediction fulfilled rather than close.

A British Airways or ferry disaster will shock the UK in March/April 2001.


On February 28, 2001, 15 people were killed and 56 others injured after a freight train and a high-speed passenger service collided in northern England. More than 60 other passengers were trapped in the wreckage of what would be one of the most bizarre accidents to happen in the UK. The timing impressed a number of people who felt I had scored a direct hit with this one. I was more conservative about it and felt it was not. However, in retrospect, I must agree that it was close.

There will be major flooding in Eastern Canada, New England, New York, and New Jersey the like of which has never before been seen in March/April 2001.


In June, Tropical Storm Allison caused major flooding in Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey. In July, West Virginia experienced its worst flood in history. However, all of this fell short of the great Cayce-like deluge of the East Coast predicted.

A former US president will die of natural causes in April 2001, probably from heart attack or stroke.


On January 13, 2001, Former President Ronald Reagan, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, underwent 90 minutes of emergency surgery to repair a hip broken during a fall at his home.

On August 8, 2001, Maureen Reagan, daughter of former President Ronald Reagan, died at her home outside Sacramento after a battle with cancer. Reagan, 60, had been undergoing radiation treatments for a malignant melanoma that had spread to her brain.

Italy and Greece will be rocked by terrorist bombings in August 2001.


So far Greece has remained untouched. But Italy is has more than made up for it. A bomb blast on August 9, 2001 and February 26, 2002 was blamed on international terrorists. A plot by Al Qaeda to poison the US embassy in Rome was foiled in February. A top Italian economic advisor was gunned down on March 19, 2002. The Red Brigade was blamed. An aircraft crashed into the top floors of the Perelli skyscraper on April 18, killing several and wounding many. It remains a mystery. And on May 12, 2002, a fire attack occurred in a Milan metro. Al Qaeda is again suspected in that incident.

Although the gravity of events described by Nostradamus in Quatrain 2.30 has yet to happen, this was close enough for my own prediction. I suspect things will only get worse in Italy and eventually Greece.

The US stock market will crash in October 2001 and plunge the world into an economic depression.


A near stock market crash occurred on September 11 as a result of the terrorist attacks in NYC and Washington. Stocks plummeted as fast and as furious as they did during the infamous October 1987 crash. However, braking safeguards put in place since 1987 kept the market from actually crashing. The market continued to do poorly for about a week following the 9/11 attacks.

The world did not become plunged into a depression, but the US immediately entered into a recession and economists declared a global recession in progress on November 21. Despite an economic turnaround in the US in recent months, something as bad as 9/11 or worse could easily change all of this and result in a worldwide economic disaster.

India and Pakistan will go to war in October 2001, which will lead to a major nuclear war and the involvement of China.


Between December 2001 and June 2002, India and Pakistan twice came the closest to fullscale war and nuclear war then they had since 1971. This was similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis, with the world preparing itself for 17 million deaths in both countries. There was a strong, unshakable sense of fatalism and a deadly, dark certainty that this war would happen. It still may before 2002 is over.

The US Vice President will resign or die in October 2001.


At the time I made the prediction I did not know who Bush's running mate in 2000 would be. It turned out to be Dick Cheney who gave everyone a scare several times after taking office by having a series of heart attacks. He's "fine" now with a pacemaker in his chest. Even so, since September 11 he has often been the "vanishing VP," hiding out in secret locations while Bush is at the White House. This one may be completely fulfilled yet.

A major earthquake will strike Algeria in October 2001.


Instead of an earthquake, Algeria experienced its worst floods in 40 years in November 2001.

Major floods will inundate Spain, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Japan in October 2001.


On August 22, 2001, CNN reported floods in northern Sudan (next to Egypt) had displaced tens of thousands of people, destroying crops and aggravating the precarious food supply. The Nile River's floodwaters reached critical levels in Khartoum. Water levels were reportedly higher than in 1988, when two million were left homeless after the Nile burst its banks. By September the flooding even threatened to spread into Egypt, but stopped short.

23 people were killed and 158 were injured in Taipei's worst recorded case of flooding on September 19, 2001. Another 66 died throughout Taiwan from flooding caused by tropical storm Nari.

Typhoon Danas bore down on Japan's capital after killing five people, triggering landslides and floods and shutting down the country's famous bullet trains on September 11.

On October 13, 2001, CNN reported that floods in Vietnam's Mekong Delta had killed at least 256 people, mostly children, since August. Waters remained at high levels till late November. The flood waters brought months of misery to more than a million people, with houses and crops destroyed and many victims reliant on aid to survive.

Three people died and up to 142 were rescued after a flash flood swept a national park in Spain's Canary Islands on November 21. Greece and Turkey experienced flooding due to a bizarre winter storm that hit Europe in mid-December.


Base 7 Predictions Failed

Sonia Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will become Prime Minister of India in January 2001.

A stab at a positive prediction that was not even close. I still believe it will happen one day, but when I don't know.

China will launch a naval blockade of Taiwan or invasion sometime between December 2000 and July 2001. North Korea will ally with China or start a crisis of its own.


Lots of hot air and empty threats. Nothing happened.

An Air India passenger jet will crash in January/February 2001, killing all on board.


I said the chances were remote. There was some danger, though, enough for me to feel obliged to post the prediction.

A massive earthquake will strike Mortara, thirty miles northwest of Milan in February 2001 or November 2001. Part of England will be inundated and another quake will strike London at Easter 2001 or Easter 2002.


There were a few rumblings of very minor quakes in England. Nothing spectacular.

A female member of the British Royal Family or Prince William will be abducted in March 2001.


I still have bad vibes about this one. The tabloids reported that William's phone was bugged in February 2001 and that a kidnap plot was feared. Sarah Ferguson was en route to her office in the World Trade Centre when the terrorist attacks occurred. A matter of timing, she said, and she would have been in the building.

The Biblical Sixth Seal of Revelation will be opened and Planet Earth will be smitten by universal earthquakes in March/April or July 2001.


Although this failed, it may have by only two years. If projections by certain authorities are correct, Planet X, also called Nibiru, a brown dwarf star, will pass by earth in May 2003, causing horrific worldwide catastrophes and mass death of humanity. We'll see.

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein may die -- of all things -- in a helicopter or plane crash (or something similar) in April 2001.


I think Mr Saddam's number will be up this year, in 2002, and it will not be an accident. When he goes the way of all things bio-degradable, I'll get at least partial credit for this one.

War in Chiapas will lead to total war in Mexico, a new Chiapas state, and the possible overthrow of President Vincente Fox in April.


There was an unnerving few weeks when Marcos and the EZLN marched on Mexico City, but it never got any closer than that.

There is danger that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will die in a plane crash in June 2001.


Didn't happen. However, as an interesting aside, Princess Prekshya from neighbouring Nepal, whose name comes close to Priyanka, was killed in a plane crash in November. Not close enough, in my opinion, to count, however.

Turkish Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit -- or his successor -- will be assassinated in July 2001.


Failure, failure, oh, what a failure.

A major earthquake may hit India-Nepal region in July 2001.


Some people thought that I should take credit for this prediction when Nepal was rocked by a political "earthquake" when the crown prince massacred the royal family and riots broke out afterward. The timing was interesting, however I am not that convoluted.
Princess Diana's apparition will be witnessed by hundreds and then thousands of spectators at Althorp in July/August 2001.
I still believe this will happen in the near future. Two other vectors remain for the summer of 2002 and 2003, which I believe are even more likely than the one for 2001.

A massive earthquake will rock the US state of Montana in August 2001.


What can one say but, McClellan!

Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet will die in September 2001.


It is a miracle that this prediction failed (at least for Pinochet).

Iran will invade Turkey in September 2001.


A zero for now, but could still happen sometime in adjacent year 2002 when US invades Iraq. Thus, this calculation could change from 0 to 1. Must wait and see.

Iran will bomb the Saudi oil fields in September 2001.


A zero for now, but could still happen sometime in adjacent year 2002 when US invades Iraq. Thus, this calculation could change from 0 to 1. Must wait and see.

The United States will attack the Iranian island fortress of Abu Muza in the Strait of Hormuz in September/October 2001.


A zero for now, but could still happen sometime in adjacent year 2002 when US invades Iraq. Thus, this calculation could change from 0 to 1. Must wait and see.

A regional war in the Middle East closely conforming to a prophecy by Jeremiah and the Alus quatrain by Nostradamus will begin in October/November 2001.


A zero for now, but could still happen sometime in adjacent year 2002 if US unable to continue to restrain Israel from invading Syria or the US invades Iraq. Thus, this calculation could change from 0 to 1. Must wait and see.

Moscow will threaten war with Nato and the US over events in the Middle East and/or may possibly experience a revolution in October/November 2001.


Stern warnings from Moscow not to attack Iraq. Nothing more.

Terrorists will bomb an Italian airport or airbase in December 2001.


Didn't happen; still could in 2002. Thus, this calculation could change from 0 to 1. Must wait and see.

Russia will extend war against Chechnya into Transcaucasia, warring with Dagestan, Georgia, and Armenia, leading to a wider Caspian conflict involving Azerbaijan and Iran in December 2001.


A zero for now, but Russia and Georgia are poised to go to war at this writing (8/20/02). Could still be largely fulfilled sometime in adjacent year 2002. Thus, this calculation could change from 0 to 1. Must wait and see.

Continue or return to previous position.

Massive Earthquake or Nuclear Attack Strikes Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle --- Eruption of Mount Etna


Major US city ablazeQuatrain 1.87

Earthshaking fire from the centre of the earth

Will cause the towers of the new city to tremble:

Two great rocks will war for a long time,

Then Arethusa will redden a new river.

According to America's "sleeping prophet," Edgar Cayce, much of the world will experience an escalation of major earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and tornadic activity between 1998 and 2001. Nostradamus echoes that presentiment in a number of quatrains. In this verse he appears to link the "big one" anticipated on the U.S. west coast with a later volcanic eruption that will dwarf Krakatoa in magnitude. There is also a possibility that this will not be a seismic event after all, but a nuclear attack. Arethusa was a Greek nymph whose statue stands in modern day Siracusa, suggesting that the west coast quake (or attack) will precede the eruption of Mt. Etna. The eruption will be so powerful that lava will flow as far as Siracusa, inundating the statue of Arethusa. The likeliest vectors for a major temblor striking L.A., San Francisco, or Seattle are January 2001 and October 2003. How long after the superquake strikes Mount Etna will erupt is not known, but it will probably not be long.



FEBRUARY 28, 2001 -- REDMOND, Wa. (MSNBC) -- The biggest earthquake in the Northwest in more than 50 years rocked the Puget Sound area early Wednesday, shattering windows, dropping bricks on the streets of downtown Seattle and knocking out power to thousands of people. At least 19 people were injured, four of them seriously. Initial reports said the quake, which was centered about 35 miles south of Seattle, was of magnitude 6.8.

THE ROLLING QUAKE hit about 10:55 a.m. and sent people pouring out of Seattle City Hall and from skyscrapers throughout the city as it continued for nearly 30 seconds before subsiding. Windows shattered in some buildings and debris and bricks loosened from buildings cascaded onto sidewalks and some city streets. Frightened residents said they could hear metal grinding as the city’s famed Space Needle rocked to-and-fro.

Seattle’s Haborview Medical Center reported treating at least 19 people for quake-related injuries, four of whom were in serious condition. The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was closed and the tower and other offices were evacuated, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman William Shumann said. The FAA ordered a national ground stop for Seattle, which meant no flights to the Northwest’s largest city were being allowed to take off anywhere in the country.

In Seattle, fire crews responded to more than 30 emergency fire calls. One of the potentially more dangerous situations involved a warehouse full of highly flammable carpets in south Seattle, where flames could be seen burning through the roof of the building. Seattle’s popular Pioneer Square neighborhood, site of Mardi Gras riots this week, was damaged. Bricks from buildings were piled up on sidewalks. Structural damage also was reported at Bellevue Community College, which was shut down for the day.

Utilities estimated that 17,000 customers lost power. Many people were stranded as elevators stopped between floors. "Everyone was panicked," said Paulette DeRooy, who was in an elevator descending from the 15th floor from a downtown Seattle building when the temblor struck.

Screams erupted at a nearby hotel, where Microsoft founder Bill Gates was addressing an education and technology conference. He was whisked away as his audience bolted for the exits. Some audience members were knocked down by others trying to get out. In Olympia, about 10 miles from the epicenter, a crack was visible in the Capitol dome. Legislators, government workers and visiting school children flooded out of the Capitol and other buildings. The state Senate was in session. Officials were particularly afraid the Capitol dome would collapse and people linked hands as they walked down the marble stairs under the heavy dome.

The quake was felt as far away as Salt Lake City, 700 miles away, and in Portland, where office buildings swayed and local television stations were deluged by calls from viewers. The initial measurement of the quake at magnitude 6.2 came from federal officials at the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer, Alaska. Later estimates from the U.S. Geological Survey boosted the magnitude to 7.0.


COMMENTS (2/28/01): This is still technically a breaking story -- more new information regarding today's quake may still be reported over the next eight hours or so. It qualifies as a FULFILLMENT of my prediction for a major earthquake striking L.A., San Francisco, or Seattle in January 2001.

However, I do not feel that today's Seattle quake is a fulfillment of Quatrain 1.87 by the French prophet Nostradamus. That will be a much more terrible and devastating event when it occurs.

As large and impressive as today's Seattle quake was, it was not the "Big One" everyone has been anticipating for many years. I fear that there may be a tendency to treat this quake as the event of the year. That might be dangerous. As many of you already know, I had predicted the El Salvadore and India quakes to occur in September and October 2000. They both occurred three and four months later -- in January. That means my prediction for January 2001 could still result in a worst-case scenario earthquake occurring on the US west coast as late as May 2001.

The fault involved in today's quake is not in any way connected to those that run under California, and there has been much seismic activity around LA and San Francisco. California, therefore, remains at risk.

Caution is definitely advised as we move into March and April.


Quake Shakes Seattle, Inflicts Damage, One Death

One scene of damage from Seattle earthquake01 Mar 2001 -- SEATTLE (Reuters) - A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 shook Seattle and western Washington state for 45 seconds on Wednesday -- enough time to cause at least $1 billion in damage and send thousands of people fleeing homes, schools and offices. But miraculously, hours after the 10:54 a.m. (1:54 p.m. EST) quake -- considered strong enough to cause major damage and injuries -- there was only one report of a fatality, although scores of people were injured. A 66-year-old woman from Burien, a Seattle suburb near the airport, died of a heart attack following the quake, marking the first confirmed fatality after the temblor, local officials said ... Seattle officials said about 25 people were being treated in local hospitals for injuries and that four were in serious condition after being crushed by debris. In addition, hospitals in Olympia were treating 35 people. It was the region's first big quake since a 6.5 tremor rocked the area on April 29, 1965.

A 7.1-magnitude quake in 1949 killed eight people. The quake struck the famous and the unknown alike. It halted a speech by Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, cracked the dome of the state Capitol in Olympia, sent bricks tumbling from historic buildings in Pioneer Square, the nation's first skid row, trapped people at the top of Seattle's landmark World's Fair Space Needle, triggered landslides that plugged the river that delivers the city's water and led to the temporary closure of the Seattle-Tacoma airport ...

The temblor was also felt in nearby cities such as Vancouver, British Columbia, and Portland, Oregon, and as far away as Salt Lake City, 700 miles away. Washington state Gov. Gary Locke declared a state of emergency, estimating the damage to roads and buildings in the billions of dollars. President George W. Bush vowed to provide as much help as he could ... Returning from a helicopter tour of the Puget Sound area, Locke said the damage could top $1 billion ... The quake sent masonry from Seattle skyscrapers falling to the ground and knocked out power lines serving about 200,000 people, mainly in the Olympia area and nearby towns of Lacey, Tumwater and DuPont ...


Sicily Village on Alert, Airport Shut As Etna Roars

Night view of lava flowing down from Sicily's Mount EtnaJuly 22, 2001 06:22 AM ET -- NICOLOSI, Sicily (Reuters) - Italian security forces shut down the airport near Mount Etna on Sunday as Europe's most active volcano spewed thick clouds of smoke and ash over a wide area and tongues of seething lava edged down the mountainside. The international airport at Catania, in the shadow of the 11,000-foot volcano, was closed for around three hours to allow airport firemen to sweep a thick layer of volcanic ash off the runway. Overnight, the mountain rumbled on, spitting geysers of fiery lava for a fourth straight day and night, adding fresh flows to the thick rivers of angry magma that are creeping steadily down the southern slopes. Five vent-like fissures have opened up in the mountain, on the Mediterranean island of Sicily, and the head of lava has reached to within 2.5 miles of the first houses in the village of Nicolosi, officials told Reuters. The lava has moved about a mile in the past four days but has slowed substantially in the last 48 hours.

Security forces used earthmovers to make mud and dirt barricades on Saturday to divert the flow around an empty tourist hostel above Nicolosi and were ready to evacuate residents from the village if necessary. Residents, most of whom cannot sleep at night because of the roaring of the volcano, were nervous despite reassurances from civil protection officials that there is no danger yet. "I'm scared," said Antonio Grifo, a 67-year-old bricklayer, saying the creation of a nature park on Etna was problematic. "The park hasn't brought any benefit. It's stopping us from building protective banks, it's stopping us from acting."


A state of emergency was declared in the area on Thursday, a status that will allow the civil protection agency to call on the army for help if necessary. Two water-carrying planes were due to arrive in Catania later on Sunday as a precaution. Witnesses said Etna was spitting 50- to 100-yard streams of fire-orange lava from several blast holes. Smoke and ash billowed 500 meters above the mountain top. The lava flow, 400 yards across at its widest, has damaged several chairlifts dotted over the volcano, which is also a popular ski resort. Tourism representatives have said the magma is so hot that it is unlikely any snow will settle when winter comes. Etna has been active for centuries. The ancient Greeks called Etna the realm of Vulcan, the god of fire, thereby coining the word Vulcano. Legend also has it that Etna was the hiding place of the feared one-eyed Cyclops.

The mountain began rumbling this time in mid-June and has been gushing smoke and ash for over a week. On Wednesday a new fissure cracked open at a height of 6,889 feet, sending fresh lava creeping down the volcano's southern slope. Hundreds of people have headed to Etna to watch the eruption but officials have urged them to stay away. Nicolosi has been swamped by lava before. But legend has it that in 1886 the local archbishop managed to divert the red-hot wave by placing a statue of Saint Anthony in front of the flow. The last time Etna posed a threat was in 1992 when lava streams headed toward Zafferana, a town of 7,000 people crouched on Etna's lower slopes. The Italian military had to use controlled explosions to divert the flow.


COMMENTS (7/20/01): It has been nearly five months since the Seattle Earthquake, but Mt Etna has erupted violently as predicted. This is, thus far, the worst eruption of Mt Etna since 1992 -- another year during which there was a major west coast earthquake beforehand. My stipulation that Etna's eruption would follow the West Coast quake is now FULFILLED.

Supernova Visible with Naked Eye?


Supernova NEW PREDICTION: 6/30/00 -- No one alive today or in the last nearly four hundred years has ever witnessed a supernova in the northern hemisphere (except through very powerful telescopes). There is a strong chance this may happen in February 2001. This may be the star Nostradamus predicts will burn for seven days and nights when a pope (the current one, John Paul II, or a successor) will be forced to leave the Vatican. Then again, perhaps this will not be a supernova, but some other type of event that will produce a similar effect: two stars or comets colliding with one another, for example, leaving a shining brilliance in the heaven.


Comet Linear 2001 A2 - twin comets have moved farther apart Despite the fact that Comet Linear 2001 A2 has formed a third nucleus, it is still essentially a two-headed comet -- a "double comet." The third fragment is so small it cannot be seen. In this image (left) taken on May 17, one can see the two comas have moved farther apart, almost appearing as two suns. Note the cloud surrounding the twin comas has become more pronounced. Reports continue to indicate further brightening. The comet, currently 4.1, could reach magnitude 3 (or brighter) between June 22 and June 30.


Comet LINEAR A2 Brightens To Magnitude 3.0

June 15, 2001 -- (Sky and Telescope) - To the surprise and delight of astronomers, Comet LINEAR (C/2001 A2) has once again surged in magnitude. Observers in the Southern Hemisphere have watched the comet gradually brighten to naked-eye visibility since the comet's initial outburst two months ago when its nucleus split. As of this week, comet watchers reporting to Charles Morris's Comet Observation Home Page note that LINEAR is now 3rd magnitude; readily visible above the eastern horizon before dawn. The comet can't be seen from the Northern Hemisphere yet, but as it moves north, it should become visible from midnorthern latitudes by the end of June in the morning sky.


Comet LINEAR A2 Now Visible Worldwide

Friday, June 29, 2001 -- (Sky and Telescope) - After hiding out in the far-southern sky while at its brightest, Comet LINEAR (2001 A2) is now visible before dawn to skywatchers everywhere. According to many observers reporting to Charles Morris's Comet Observation Home Page, LINEAR has been as bright as about magnitude 4.2 in the last few days -- and dimly visible to the naked eye as a tailless fuzzball.

On Saturday morning, June 30th, Northern Hemisphere observers will find the comet moderately well up in the southeastern sky before the first light of dawn, in the constellation Cetus. Binoculars will help in locating the comet, especially through light pollution.

In the next 10 days the comet climbs much higher in the early morning sky, crossing Pisces and entering Pegasus. By July 11th it is well up in the east as early as midnight or 1 a.m. local daylight saving time and very high before dawn -- though by this time it may have faded to roughly magnitude 5.0. It remains in Pegasus for most of the rest of July as it fades into the distance, possibly losing 1 magnitude every 10 days.


First Naked Eye Photograph of Comet Linear A2


Naked-eye view of Comet Linear A2

COMMENT (6/25/01): This photograph was taken several days ago. You can make out Comet Linear A2 as a greenish-blue object with a faint tail just above the third tree from the left, almost centred in the photo. The double-headed coma is currently only visible under strong magnification.

Naked-eye reports of Comet Linear A2 began in the United States on June 24. It is currently a pre-dawn object above the south-eastern horizon, but will be visible all night in a few weeks. Reports indicate it is still brightening, although slowly. However, another outburst like the one in May or the one a week ago could increase the magnitude by a factor of 1 mag to 5 mag anytime.

I also now consider this a PREDICTION FULFILLED.

For more news and information regarding this comet and its potential place in prophecy, view the The Comet Prophecy.

Danger of Fatal Plane Crash for Major Rock Star(s)


Unknown male celebrity




NEW PREDICTION: 5/1/99 -- A major rock "heavy" must avoid air travel in February 2001. He may be accompanied by several other well-known musical personalities or members of his band. If so, all are likely to be killed. He has either just burst on the scene (or will) in 1999, or he has been around a very long time (a former Beatle? the Stones? Zeppelin?, etc.). The accident may occur following a live concert.






Pop sensation and actress AaliyahAUGUST 26, 2001 3:42 AM EDT (0742 GMT) -- ABACO, Bahamas (CNN) -- American R&B singer and actress Aaliyah is among eight people killed in a plane crash in the Bahamas. The Cessna passenger plane crashed and burst into flames shortly after taking off from the island of Abaco bound for Miami on Saturday. Abaco Assistant Police Superintendent Leland Russell said there were nine people -- all Americans -- on board the plane. One man survived the crash and was taken to a hospital in Nassau.

Aaliyah, 22, who was set to appear in the forthcoming sequel to "The Matrix," was on the island to film a new video. Russell said the plane was leaving Marsh Harbour airport around 6:50 p.m. ET when it crashed and was engulfed by flames.

FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said the Cessna 402 was registered to Sky Stream of Pembroke Pines, Florida, and had been destined for Opa Locka, Florida. Gloria Knowles, who works for Abaco Air Ltd. at Marsh Harbour airport, said baggage handlers reported the plane was overloaded with suitcases. She said the handlers and the plane's pilot complained about the heavy load but the passengers insisted on taking everything with them. Abaco Island Chief Councilor Silbert Mills said those killed included two women and six men.

Quincy Jones, 68, the Grammy-winning producer, arranger and composer, said he was devastated by Aaliyah's death. He said: "She was like one of my daughters, she was one of the sweetest girls in the world. "She vacationed with me and my family together in Fiji. I loved her and respected her and I am absolutely devastated." The Bahamas' Minister of Tourism Tommy Turnquest told Associated Press: "We find it devastating and most unfortunate that after having this world-famous star Aaliyah and her crew select the Bahamas as their choice location for her latest video, the project has climaxed on such a tragic note."

In July, Aaliyah released her third album -- the self-titled "Aaliyah" -- which debuted in the top five on the Billboard album chart. The disc was recorded while the entertainer was filming the big-screen adaptation of Anne Rice's "Queen of the Damned." She made her film debut in last year's urban drama, "Romeo Must Die." Good reviews for that performance led to roles in the upcoming sequels to "The Matrix" with Keanu Reeves.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Aaliyah grew up in Detroit. She released her first album, "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number," at the age of 14. Her hit single, "Try again," off the "Romeo Must Die" soundtrack, is nominated for R-and-B Song of the Year at this year's Soul Train "Lady of Soul" Awards which will be held on Tuesday. Aaliyah won Best Female Video and Video from a Film for "Try Again," in the 2000 MTV awards.


UPDATE (8/26/01): Despite several updates to attempt to identify the personality in danger -- names such as Ricky Martin, Lou Bega, Britney Spears, Eminem, and Jessica Simpson -- the plane crash victim, Aaliyah, was, in the end, someone I was not familiar with. By listing Spears, I was introducing the possibility that the plane crash victim might be female, even though the initial prediction anticipated a male pop or rock star. I had hoped that the close call involving Bryan Ferry in December or the recent Britney Spears death hoax would be as close to fulfillment this prediction would get. Alas, it was not to be. It is also quite puzzling that this occurred six months later than the February vector projected -- but such things do happen now and then. What remains to be seen is the identity of the other people who were killed along with Aaliyah -- this is a breaking story at this writing. This prediction has been FULLFILLED most tardily and regrettably.


UPDATE (10/12/01): Ironically, on the same day of Aaliyah's death, a male rock icon died in a helicopter crash. Graeme "Shirley" Strachan, lead singer of Skyhooks, may not have been well-known in the West, but to those in Australia and the surrounding regions he was a major musical and television celebrity. It appears that Aaliyah, like Buddy Holly, died along with another popular singer -- in this case, however, he was half a world away. Here are two interesting emails testifying to Shirley Strachan's fame and tragic death on the same day Aaliyah was killed (August 26, 2001 according to news releases):


From: Louie F
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 4:51 PM
Subject: Your Prediction on the death of Aaliyah.

Graeme 'Shirley' Strachan - 1970s
Hello again,

I felt compelled to write to you about your prediction that either an old rock singer or a young singer just starting out would be killed in a plane crash. One of Australia's best known singers Graeme 'Shirley' Strachan lead singer of 1970s rock groups, Skyhooks, was killed in a plane crash yesterday.

Could this be part of the prediction you made? The only difference is the fact Shirley died alone.

What strikes me most about the crashes between Shirley and Aaliyah is not only that they die in similar circumstances but also their name. Or at least the pronounation (sp?) of the name 'Ley'. Another irony is the fact his band was named Skyhooks. I also did the calculation as you explained using the number 7 and as you would have known, I found that it is exactly 28 years since Jim Croce's death and exactly 42 years since the death of Buddy Holly ...

Yours sincerely.

Louie F (Australia)


From: Jennie M
Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2001 10:21 PM
Subject: Re: Danger of Fatal Plane Crash for Major Rock Star(s)

Hi Mike,

Jennie M here again ... Anyhow, have continued to keep up to date with your pages and emails and wow, eerie ...

In relation to your prophecy above, last month here in Australia, we lost one of our 1970's rock legends, Graeme "Shirley" Strachan in a Helicopter Crash. He was flying solo at the time. "Shirl" as he was known in the music industry. was frontman for 70's band Skyhooks, who were one of the most popular and successful bands in Australia in the early 70's. During the 80's and 90's he became a popular tv star and his death came as a great shock to many.

Whilst I know that Ailyah fitted directly to your prophecy, I felt that so did the death of Shirley. It also fits in with your "Buddy Holly" prophecy to some degree "Shirley", taking note of the "ley" at the end of the name.

Anyhow, hope this is of interest to you.

Keep up the great work and nice to see your web site finally up and running again.

Jennie M


Melanie Thornton, La Bouche Lead Singer, dies in Swiss plane crash

November 25, 2001 Posted: 1:45 PM EST (1845 GMT)

Melanie Thornton, lead singer  of La BoucheZURICH, Switzerland -- A U.S. singer picked to be the voice of a Coca-Cola advert has died in the Swiss air crash.

Melanie Thornton was on tour promoting her new album.

Also among those who were missing, feared dead, in the Crossair flight from Berlin to Switzerland on Saturday were two prominent Israeli scientists and an Israeli official.

The plane crashed in bad weather as it was approaching Zurich International Airport. Nine people survived but 10 have been confirmed dead and it is feared the final death toll will be 24 as 14 passengers and crew have not been found.

"It is true that Miss Thornton was on the passenger list. She is not among the survivors," Zurich police spokesman Karl Steiner told Reuters news agency. Thornton's latest single "Wonderful Dream" is the song of a new Coca-Cola commercial and was due to be in stores from Monday.

Thornton, born in May 1967 in South Carolina, was for many years the voice of La Bouche with whom she had world-wide sales successes with songs such as "Sweet Dreams," "Fallin' In Love" or "Be My Lover." With her singing partner Lane McCray, she celebrated world-wide successes with La Bouche and obtained gold and platinum awards in more than 15 countries. But their second album flopped and Thornton left the group in February 2000 for an independent career.

Although born in the United States, her singing career started in Germany under the auspices of Franc Farian, who has launched many pop bands. She had arrived with just $15 in her pockets to join her sister in Germany in 1992 ...


UPDATE (11/26/01): This is very weird -- and very sad. La Bouche was one of my favourite dance bands in the 1990s and "Be My Lover," in my opinion, one of the best dance tunes of all time. They were right up there with 2 Unlimited as far as I am concerned. I didn't know the personnel of La Bouche until now, so the name of Melanie Thornton did not ring any immediate bells. I am sorry to see that she has met with such a tragic end. I did anticipate a Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper type plane tragedy this year -- three musical greats going together on the same day in February 2001. What appears to have happened instead is that three musical greats died in plane crashes over the course of the year. Anyway, this person's music I actually knew and I am truly sorry to see her go.

Syria: A Change in Leadership?


Syrian President Hafez al-Assad


NEW PREDICTION: 10/12/99 -- Syrian President Hafez al-Assad will either die or resign from office in February 2001. His son, Col. Bashar Assad, will take over the government. However, there is a remote possibility that Hafez al-Assad will be ousted during a military revolt at this time instead, and that neither father nor son will maintain Syria's leadership.




JUNE 10, 2000 -- DAMASCUS, Syria (CNN) -- Syrian President Hafez Assad, the Middle East's longest-serving ruler, has died at age 69.

Bashar al-AssadA tearful newscaster made the announcement on Syrian government television in the capital of Damascus about 11 a.m. EDT Saturday, proclaiming that the country had lost its "national champion." Legislators wept, bowed their heads and then stood in a moment of silence Saturday after receiving the news in the Syrian parliament. Television cameramen moved through the aisles, filming the grief-stricken chamber.

It was expected that Assad's son Bashar would succeed his father as president.

President since 1971, Assad had been in ill health. He appeared pale and thin in March during a meeting with U.S. President Bill Clinton in Geneva. The exact time of Assad's death was unavailable, although it was reported that he had died within the past 24 hours.

Assad's son Bashar, a staff colonel and a physician, was being groomed to succeed his father. On Saturday, the Syrian parliament voted to amend the constitution to allow a future leader of the country to be as young as 34, down from a prior requirement of 40 years. Bashar is only 38. Further, the successor must be a member of the regional command for the ruling Baath party. Bashar is to be made a member of that ruling circle June 25, when Congress is scheduled to meet. Bashar may be named president at that time. Meanwhile, the Syrian vice president was expected to assume control of the country.

Assad's passing comes at a crucial moment not only for Syria but for all of the Middle East. With the withdrawal last month of Israeli forces from southern Lebanon, the United States is seeking to resume peace talks between Israel and Syria, which has about 30,000 troops in Lebanon. Syria is seeking the return of the strategically placed Golan Heights, which Israel has occupied since 1967. Simultaneously, Israeli and Palestinian authorities, with firm coaxing by the United States, are making a final push toward reaching a peace accord by a September deadline.


COMMENT (6/10/00): This prediction has now been FULFILLED eight months prematurely. The danger of a military revolt ousting son Bashar Assad in February still stands.

Widespread Balkans Conflict or Major NATO
Operation in Yugoslavia


NATO missile fireNEW PREDICTION: 7/18/00 -- There is a February/March 2001 vector for some sort of major conflict in the region that will once again involve NATO forces as was the case in 1999. It is possible the cause of the conflict may be related to the March 2001 vector below for an assassination of Slobodan Milosevic, thus the vector also includes March.

The roots of another Yugoslav conflict may be in Montenegro's attempt to secede from Yugoslavia sometime in 2000 or in major fighting between the Serbian military and the Kosovo Liberation Army (forcing KFOR and Russian peacekeeping forces to take sides). Albania itself may launch a suprise attack in Kosovo or against a Macedonia turned anti-Kosovar Albanian. Perhaps, the next flashpoint will even be Vojvodina in northern Serbia.

I suspect that February/March will witness the beginning of what will eventually become the "Great Balkan War" everyone has feared would happen since 1991. This may even be the true trigger of a Third World War.

Then again, if this is not the case, it will be another, more protracted version of NATO's 1999 Operation Allied Force.


Fighting on Macedonia-Kosovo border

February 26, 2001

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (CNN) -- Fighting has broken between ethnic Albanian gunmen and Macedonian troops near the Macedonian border with Kosovo. Heavy weapons, including anti-aircraft guns, were used during Monday's clashes which lasted about one hour, sources told CNN. The fighting took place near the Macedonian village of Tanusevci, which has been the centre of recent tensions. The clashes came as Yugoslav leaders vowed to take action against ethnic Albanians who they blame for attacks on Serbs in the buffer zone separating Kosovo from the rest of Serbia.

The gun battle with Macedonian troops is the latest in a series of reported clashes with ethnic Albanian militants belonging to a group called the Army for National Liberation. Western Macedonia is inhabited mostly by ethnic Albanians who make up one third of the Balkan country's population. Ethnic Albanians are claiming control of the small area inside Macedonia.

Boris Trajkovski, President of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, appeared on national television on Monday saying recent provocation by groups he described as ethnic Albanians was connected with the tense situation in southern Serbia. He said Macedonian troops would do all they could to protect their borders. NATO commanders in Kosovo also believe there could be a connection between all the armed separatist groups in the region. The head of the NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo said his troops would step up border patrols on the Macedonian-Kosovo border after reports of incursions by ethnic Albanian fighters.

The Serb and Macedonian governments recently signed an agreement on security cooperation. The European Union warned the ethnic Albanian majority in Kosovo last week that they faced international isolation unless attacks on Serbs were halted. EU officials attending the Balkan summit in the Macedonian capital, Skopje, on Friday warned that continued fighting just outside Kosovo could dry up international aid to the Serbian province.


COMMENT (2/26/01): Since December 2000, southern Serbia and Kosovo has witnessed the worst fighting (although it has been sporadic) since the end of hostilities in June 1999.

Since the bus bombing that killed and injured scores of Serbs on February 16, there have been unending firefights and battles in Kosovo and the Presevo Valley. Today the fighting has spread to Macedonia. Leaders of Yugoslavia and Macedonia are preparing to launch a military response if Nato is unable to stop the escalating violence.

Four or five days ago, Nato officials began calling the evolving situation in Kosovo, southern Serbia, and Macedonia a "crisis." The last time this word was used was in March 1998 during the fighting that followed the murder of three Serbian policemen by ethnic Albanians. It was called "the Kosovo Crisis" well into summer 1998, until the media began calling it "the war in Kosovo." The war evolved into a Nato air campaign on Yugoslavia in March-June 1999.

The current "crisis," like the one in winter and spring of 1998, is nothing less than yet another ethnic Balkan conflict. Unlike 1998-99, this one shows early indications that it will spread beyond Yugoslavia to Albania proper and Macedonia (indeed it has already spread to Macedonia).

I projected that this war would begin in February/March 2001 and would become a major Balkan war involving ethnic Albanians, Serbs, Macedonia, Albania, Yugoslav forces, and Nato forces. Thus far, Serbs, ethnic Albanians, Nato troops, and Macedonia are or have been involved. It is not yet a "major" conflict, but will not take much more for it to become one.

Until the introduction of the Yugoslav army and/or strong use of Nato forces, I believe enough has happened since late 2000, and certainly since February 16, 2001, to consider this prediction at least PARTIALLY FULFILLED. Whether or not it becomes "fulfilled" is a question that hangs in the balance. It would be best for all concerned if this event never progresses beyond "partially fulfilled."


Thousands flee Macedonian offensive

May 25, 2001 Posted: 2:55 PM EDT (1855 GMT)

Smoke Rises from Macedonian Village of VakcinceSKOPJE, Macedonia -- Up to 2,000 people have fled to Serbia as fighting intensifies between Macedonian forces and ethnic Albanian rebels, says the U.N. refugee agency. Macedonian authorities have reported major gains in their latest offensive to drive rebels out of a string of villages in the Kosovo border area. Fighting on Friday focused on the rebel stronghold of Vakcince. Troops have shelled the town for a second day using artillery and helicopter gunships as they step up efforts to break the "rebel stronghold." But there has been political turmoil after it emerged that ethnic Albanian parties in the country's new multi-ethnic emergency coalition government have been negotiating with the rebels. Macedonia's national unity government was formed less than two weeks ago, drawing ethnic Albanian parties together with those of the majority Slavs, and had vowed to exclude the National Liberation Army from the political process.

CNN's Chris Burns, in Macedonia, says the fighting has been intense with artillery and machine gun fire and a helicopter gunship deployed. The government has claimed to control most of Vakcince but Burns says the fierce fighting shows the rebels are fighting back. The rebels deny the government has retaken part of the village. Staff from the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) monitoring a border crossing in northern Macedonia reported villagers arriving from Lojane and Vakcince on foot. Some were pushing carts holding their possessions, spokesman Ron Redmond told a news briefing in Geneva.

Ethnic Albanian refugees cross from Macedonia to KosovoMacedonian authorities have previously appealed with little success for civilians to leave the area -- and have claimed that NLA rebels are holding them as human shields, something which the rebels have denied. Redmond said many civilians remained in the villages with independent reports that some support the rebels and others were afraid to leave amid the continued fighting. The Red Cross said the continued shooting was making it impossible to enter shelled villagers to help the wounded and deliver medical supplies. "We are in regular contact with the Macedonian army but so far it has not been possible to enter," Annick Bouvier of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said. "We need a ceasefire, but so far it has not been possible to get this security guarantee. We want to get in to assess the situation and evacuate any injured."

A senior rebel commander called Sokoli told Reuters on Thursday that six civilians from one family had been killed when their basement shelter took a direct hit from a large calibre shell. "Of course there is no way for us to confirm these reports without being there," Bouvier said. Colonel Blagoja Markovski, a Macedonian army spokesman, denied civilians had been killed, but was quoted by AP as saying "There are plenty of casualties among the terrorists." Diplomats and politicians confirmed on Thursday that a deal had been agreed earlier in the week by senior officials of ethnic Albanian parties in government and NLA commanders. It would offer rebels an amnesty if they stop fighting and a veto over political decisions about ethnic Albanian rights.

Talks abandoned

Leaders of Slavic parties in the coalition have expressed outrage at what they called secret negotiations but, defying domestic and international condemnation, the leaders of Macedonia's two main ethnic Albanian parties have rejected demands to renounce the pact. The leader of the ethnic Albanian Party for Democratic Prosperity, Imer Imeri, suggested that the talks had at least tacit government approval, according to the Associated Press. "The government was encouraging us to approach the NLA and we did it for peace," he was quoted as saying. "Peace is very near." The head of the Democratic Party of Albanians, Arben Xhaferi, said his group had "never acted behind the government's back" and was not seeking to leave the coalition.

Macedonian helicopter gunships launch missilesBut Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski warned that he and the Slav parties could not continue to work with them unless they tore up the agreement. And prime minister Ljubco Georgievski accused the parties of openly merging with the rebels. "Albanians are siding against (Slavic) Macedonians," he told Associated Press.

The furore has forced a senior envoy to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Robert Frowick, to leave the country with diplomats and government officials saying he had helped mediate the deal. OSCE representative Carlo Ungaro said Frowick had been "acting on his own," according to AP. Burns said the dispute threatened to split the government and divide the Balkan's nation even further.

Armed conflict broke out in February with the rebels saying they want more rights for ethnic Albanians in Macedonia, where they make up as much as a third of the two million population. The government accuses them of trying to grab land and unify it with Kosovo, which is also dominated by ethnic Albanians.


COMMENT (3/26/01): This prediction remains 75% FULFILLED. The offensive near Tetovo by Macedonia is reminiscent of the first Yugoslav offensive against ethnic Albanian rebels in Kosovo in March 1998. The only difference is that Nato forces are stationed in the battle zone, looking on, but not participating. One thing that remains to be seen is whether Macedonia heeds calls for restraint by the West and completes the mission without causing civilian casualties or by resorting to 'ethnic cleansing' as the Serbs did in 1992-95 (Bosnia) and 1998-99 (Kosovo). Also, the rebels must be isolated and neutralised before this conflict is able to radicalise ethnic Albanians in Kosovo and other ethnic minorities in adjacent regions.


Fighting rages in Macedonia

Smoke billows over TetovoJuly 23, 2001 -- TETOVO, Macedonia (CNN) -- Fierce fighting has broken out in Macedonia as government forces and ethnic Albanian rebels battled for control of the suburbs of Tetovo. A 12-year-old girl was killed by a mortar bomb during the clashes, which are further threatening an 18-day cease-fire in the country. There was sniper fire and exchanges of small-arms and machine gun fire throughout the day around the town's sports stadium, where rebels had advanced on government lines. "Today we have real war in Tetovo," a 38-year-old called Nuriman told Reuters in the eastern district of Drenovec. Tetovo's hospital director said 13 civilians had also been injured, along with five Macedonian troops. Macedonian Defence Minister Vlado Buckovski warned the rebel National Liberation Army to withdraw from ground it has taken during the truce or face an all-out attack. "If the terrorists do not retreat to their positions of July 5, there's no alternative but an offensive by the Macedonian security forces to restore the previous situation," he said. A senior police official in Tetovo, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press that the rebels had taken the soccer stadium and were within 50 yards of government troops trying to keep them from the city centre. "There's ongoing shooting with very high intensity," Tetovo Mayor Murtezan Ismaili told AP. "One bullet hit my office, right next to my secretary. She's not injured."

Macedonian policeman moves into position in town of Tetovo
Shells were directed at villages in the mountains above Tetovo, from which the rebels have advanced. Reuters reported fighting along the road to the Kosovo border. South of the area, a Macedonian soldier patrolling the mountains bordering Albania was killed in an attack blamed on the NLA. Monday's battle in Tetovo, the second in as many days, began while U.S. and European envoys were meeting President Boris Trajkovski in the capital Skopje, 40 kilometres (25 miles) to the west. Talks on a peace deal which would give greater civil rights to Albanians stalled last week amid Macedonian criticism. Rebels say their five-month campaign of violence, which has raised fears of all-out civil war, aims to end discrimination against Albanians. But the Macedonian majority accuses the rebels of trying to seize ground and split the state.


FOOTNOTE: A cease-fire was finally agreed to in August 2001.

Death or Assassination of Yugoslav Leader
Slobodan Milosevic


Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic


NEW PREDICTION: 7/18/00 -- This could be the actual trigger for a major Balkans war. Milosevic is assassinated. Period. Or he will die while war is being waged.

A very strong death vector exists for the Serbian president in March 2001. The question is whether it will be due to natural causes, such as a heart attack, or a deliberate and successful attack on his life by a citizen of Montenegro, a member of an ethnic minority in Kosovo or Vojvodina, or someone from a neighbouring former Yugoslav republic such as Bosnia or Croatia.




MARCH 31, 2001 -- BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (CNN) -- Former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic is under siege in his home after police tried to issue him with an arrest warrant. Masked police stormed Milosevic's home to serve the warrant but were met with gunfire from the ex-leader's bodyguards. Milosevic -- who is holed up with a group of loyal supporters -- has said he "will not be taken to prison alive."

Serbian Interior Minister Dusan Mihajlovic said police were authorised to arrest Milosevic on domestic charges rather than for extradition to the Hague War Crimes tribunal on alleged war crimes in Kosovo. Mihajlovic added the authorities were prepared to wait before arresting Milosevic and that they hoped to carry out the arrest without bloodshed.

CNN's Walter Rodgers said it was not known exactly how many loyalists were with Milosevic in his villa or for how long they could keep the police at bay. Milosevic has so far refused to accept the arrest warrant saying the officers were "NATO lackies."

Police stormed Milosevic’s villa shortly after he had appeared from his Belgrade home to the cheers of his supporters. Police vans rammed the gates of his villa and officers armed with military assault rifles were deployed inside the grounds. Bodyguards and police exchanged fire as special forces smashed through a window and tried to enter the house. Two police officers were injured in the assault and one journalist was seen with a bloodied hand. Outside the compound hundreds of riot police prevented Milosevic’s supporters from surrounding the house. About 1,000 people -- both Milosevic supporters and opponents -- were outside the grounds. The government of President Vojislav Kostunica has not issued any statements on the operation.

In Washington, President George W. Bush said, "We've always said Mr. Milosevic should be brought to justice." Milosevic, 59, ruled Yugoslavia for 13 years and pushed the country's military and militias into a succession of brutal wars with neighbouring republics and finally against the NATO alliance until he was toppled last October in a popular uprising.


UPDATE (3/31/01): This one is so CLOSE it's not even funny. Even if Milosevic is taken alive, he has placed himself in positive peril of losing not only his liberty, but his life. The siege, thus far, has been a bloody and violent one. CNN has all but prepared his obituary, airing several two-minute, mini-documentaries of Milosevic's bloody career.


Milosevic arrested

April 1, 2001 -- BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (CNN) -- Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic has been arrested after a standoff at his Belgrade home. He was taken to prison for questioning on domestic corruption charges rather than in connection with alleged war crimes in Kosovo. His successor, Vojislav Kostunica, said a potential "bloodbath" had been avoided with Milosevic's peaceful surrender.

Hundreds of police had been stationed outside Milosevic's home for 24 hours after a failed attempt to arrest him on Saturday. Milosevic had been quoted as saying he would not be "taken to prison alive." Moments before police moved in on Sunday shots were heard from inside Milosevic's luxury villa. It was not clear whether anybody was injured by the gunfire but independent B92 radio reported Milosevic's daughter had fired the shots.

Government officials had spent hours negotiating with Milosevic before the arrest -- persuading him to avoid a violent showdown. Serbia's Deputy Prime Minister Zarko Kovac told CNN the government's key objective in the situation was to avoid "spilling blood." He said a decision had been taken to storm the compound again, but Milosevic gave himself up before that happened. "He was there with his wife, he was there with his daughter, showing his guns, he was telling people he will kill himself and his family and anyone coming into the house," Kovac said. Milosevic was taken to prison in a convoy of five cars which swept away from his home in the early hours of Sunday ...


UPDATE (4/1/01): As I said, this was very CLOSE. Or might we say the outcome was THWARTED? Indeed, is the story really over?

Earthquake Devastates Pacific South America


Earthquake symbol


NEW PREDICTION: 1/16/01 -- A massive earthquake will strike the Pacific Coast of South America in March 2001, shortly before the great worldwide cataclysm described below. Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela will all be affected by this major temblor.



JUNE 24, 2001 -- LIMA, Peru (CNN) -- Rescue crews in Peru are searching for survivors from a powerful earthquake which left at least 40 people dead and more than 450 injured. Experts expect the death toll to rise although a series of tidal wave warnings stretching along the Pacific coast from Mexico to Chile have been lifted. The 7.9 magnitude quake shook southern Peru -- and parts of Chile and Ecuador -- around 3:35 p.m. local time, flattening dozens of homes, churches and buildings, officials said.

Two cargo planes are on their way to the affected area with 22 tons of food, blankets and medicine. President Valentin Paniagua, who is on board one of the flights, expressed "profound sadness for the victims." His successor, President-elect Alejandro Toledo has postponed a planned trip to the U.S. and is also heading for the quake area.

Geophysicist Brian Lassige at the U.S. National Earthquake Center in Golden, Colorado, said the quake was centered about 120 miles west of the coastal city of Arequipa, about 500 miles southeast of Lima. "This level of quake is considered a major earthquake," he said.

Santiago Montenegro, of Peru's Civil Defense Institute, said 21 people had died and 200 were injured in Arequipa, Peru's second-largest city, located 465 miles (748 kilometers) southeast of Lima, the capital. He said another 16 people were killed, and 50 injured in the city of Moquegua, 65 miles (105 kilometers) southwest of Arequipa. Nine people were killed in the southern city of Tacna, near the border with Chile, Montenegro said. Tacna Mayor Luis Torres said a soccer field had been converted into an outdoor treatment center to care for some 200 people injured by falling debris. Arequipa's mayor, Juan Manuel Guillen, said a state of emergency had been declared with some 70 percent of the homes in the city had suffered damage.

Rescue crews were hampered in searching the rubble for survivors because night has fallen and most of the power is out in the city. "The city is paralyzed," a Reuters reporter in the town said. Radio programs aired hysterical callers frantically asking for government assistance.

Some 30 percent of the historic buildings had been damaged in the town, known in Peru as "the white city" because of its fine colonial architecture and churches. The tower of an ancient church in the center of town crumbled, and officials said thousands of people fled their homes in panic when they felt the rumbling, which lasted for more than one minute. Prevention units from Arequipa's fire department were in the streets trying to calm residents and assess the damage. Officials are also concerned about the weather. With many people homeless, or too afraid to go back into their homes, they will be forced to stay outside without shelter or many blankets in winter temperatures expected to drop to 42 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius). At least 20 aftershocks were reported.

In northern Chile at least 30 people were injured, four of them seriously, the government said. The most affected city was Arica, 2,000 kilometers (1,250 miles) north of the Chilean capital, Santiago. Peru is intermittently shaken by small earthquakes, and was battered by a strong 7.7 magnitude temblor in May 31, 1970, that killed approximately 70,000 people.


COMMENT (6/24/01): I don't believe I need to convince anyone that this prediction has now been FULFILLED, albeit three months later than projected. Also, I don't care how often it happens -- every time a prediction like this of mine comes true it is always a shock. You would think I'd be used to this sort of thing by now after five years, but it doesn't work out that way.

I also got a glimpse of that weird vortex thing at that was photographed above Seattle just before this quake hit. I've gotta tell you people, I'm really a bit uneasy about the great global geological cataclysm I predicted for March/April or July 2001, that it may still happen, especially after seeing that so-called "entity." Duck for cover!


Nearly 100 dead in Peru quake - New estimate places temblor at magnitude 8.1

Residents Stand in Front of Destroyed Building after Earthquake in MoqueguaTuesday, 26 June, 2001, 01:28 GMT 02:28 UK-- (BBC News) - The authorities in Peru say the death toll from Saturday's devastating earthquake has almost doubled to 97, following reports trickling in from isolated villages. Thirty-nine of the victims died in a tidal wave triggered by the massive quake, the national civil defence agency said on Tuesday. More than 50 people are reported missing and officials expect the death toll to climb higher.

Information from rescue workers who have managed to reach remote areas cut off by the quake indicate that an estimated 40,000 people were affected, and many of them were made homeless. Aid is beginning to arrive but the Red Cross and other international organisations have called for urgent donations of food and blankets.

"We are sleeping on the street and no one is helping us. (Relief officials) just come and go," Giovana Arriola told Reuters news agency. She was camping out in the rubble-strewn streets with her family for a second winter night. Peru's rescue efforts are being hampered by scant resources.

The quake, now estimated to have measured 8.1 on the Richter scale, was the strongest in Peru for 30 years. It caused widespread damage and disruption. Most of the casualties and damage are concentrated in and around Peru's second city, Arequipa, where part of the ancient cathedral and other old buildings were destroyed. A huge rescue operation is also under way in parts of Bolivia and Chile, where teams of emergency workers have continued scouring the mountains to find survivors. Littering southern Peru with rubble and debris, the earthquake triggered mudslides which blocked roads, destroyed houses and cut off electricity supplies and phone lines. A BBC correspondent in Peru, Claire Marshall, says the devastating tremors flattened entire local towns, where the houses were mostly made out of mud brick and unable to withstand the force of the earthquake.

Speaking hours after the powerful earthquake, the people of the city recalled the moment with fear. "It just started shaking and it was unending," a woman who has lived in the city for the last 25 years said. The acting President of Peru, Valentine Paniagua, travelled to the disaster zone, where he said the situation was "heart-wrenching". The President-elect, Alejandro Toledo, arrived in Arequipa after postponing a trip to the United States "to extend a hand of solidarity".

The Sixth Seal is Opened: Planet Earth Smitten
by Universal Earthquakes


Revelation 6:12 --

And I beheld when (the angel) had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.

Quatrain 1.84

The Moon obscured in great gloom,

Her brother becomes the colour of blood...

Sun obscured by ash and dust

Quatrain 3.5

...after the eclipse of the two great luminaries,

Which will occur between April and March:

O what a loss!

Quatrain 4.30

More than eleven months the Moon will not want the Sun,

Both augmented then lowered in degree...and so low placed ...

Moon the colour of blood


According to the base 7 system, the time that appears likeliest for this cataclysmic event to occur is July 2001. However, Nostradamus says it will happen in March/April. If the year is correct, then we should expect the earthquake of the sixth seal to happen in March/April 2001. This also concurs with the year Edgar Cayce believed the largest series of earthshocks and other natural disasters, begun in 1998, would arrive at their terrifying climax: 2001. According to Quatrain 4.30, the sun and moon will be obscured by a thick veil of ash and dust in earth's upper atmosphere for eleven months. This indicates that an age of darkness will begin in March 2001 and end in February 2002.

Facets of a critical dream vision as well as related conscious premonitions emailed to me several times in 1999 and in 2000 by Jennie B (1999, 2000) concern a devastating event -- one which may very well trigger the opening of the sixth seal and Cayce's global cataclysm. It is conceivably possible that she has foreseen the actual geographical location where this seismic holocaust will have its origin. To view this vision and my commentary of it open a Dream Window.

I should also warn there is no reason to believe that the geological apocalypse known as the "opening of the sixth seal" will occur all in the space of one day, one week, or even one month (although the trigger will likely be a singular event). Horrendous earth changes will doubtlessly continue for some years to follow.


UPDATE (5/15/01): March/April 2001 has passed without incident. However, that date was based on my read of Nostradamus' Quatrain 3.5. My base 7 numerological vector for the great global cataclysm still remains July 2001.

Last month I experienced a vivid dream regarding what appeared to be an asteroid slam in the ocean waters off the coast of Florida and the flooding of a port city. Today, I received a series of mass-circulated emails, one featuring a vision by Dan and Donna Smith (through courtesy of G. Baptist) regarding the destruction of much of Florida by asteroid. To view both visions, mine and Smith's, open a Dream Window.

Continue or return to previous position.

Major War Erupts between Five African Nations


A scene from last year's war between Ethiopia and EritreaNEW PREDICTION: 4/22/00 -- There are three likely regions where this may occur: North Africa (according to Nostradamus), East Africa, and Central Africa. Nostradamus prophesies that Algeria and Tunisia will one day be engaged in a conflict where some of the belligerents will be armed by Iran -- a war that will eventually result in the overthrow of the King of Morocco and terrorist or military attacks on Italy, France, and Spain.

However, using my base 7 system, I cannot yet confirm that this will neccessarily be the character of the coming conflict. What is more likely is a war involving Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eretria, and Somalia. Either this or a five-nation holocaust that will be triggered by a nation such as Congo or Zimbabwe.

The US President will persuade Canadian troops to accompany US forces in a vain struggle to end the hostilities. Many US and Canadian troops will perish in this horrendous and errant foreign policy nightmare.

The base 7 system vector for the beginning of this five-nation war is April 2001. If all goes well it will end by July 2001. Otherwise, it will continue for many years, contributing to conditions of global war in the Middle East, Southern Europe, and Eastern Europe.


UPDATE (8/19/04) - Looks like five is what is shaping up: Sudan, Rwanda, Nigeria, Eritrea, and Chad.


Nigerian senate approves deployment of peacekeepers to Sudan - August 19, 2004.
Burundi, Rwanda say troops may enter Congo - August 17, 2004.
Rwandan troops head for Sudan - August 15, 2004.
Sudan says Eritrean soldiers massing along common border - August 8, 2004.
Sudan: New African troops move -- African Union states Rwanda and Nigeria pledge troops - August 4, 2004.
Sudan Says Rebels Spread Fighting to the East - July 31, 2004.
France Deploys Troops on Sudan's Border - July 31, 2004.
Sudan 'will fight foreign troops' - July 27, 2004.
Sudan group: Prepare to fight west - July 26, 2004.



Refugee Crisis in Southern United States, Possible Chinese Invasion of US from the South


Border Patrol

NEW PREDICTION: 12/23/00 -- Refugees will flee by the thousands. But from where to where?

This is uncertain. It will either be a mass exodus from Mexico, Central America, or Cuba (or all three) into the southern-most states or Americans fleeing the southern states into Mexico and Central America.

March on border

Why? Natural disasters or war are the likeliest reasons. The natural disaster could be volcanic eruptions in Mexico and California or the Great Cataclysm predicted by Edgar Cayce for 2001 and Nostradamus for March/April.

If there is a war involving the southern US states expect to see a concerted US effort to seal the borders to refugee flows from either direction. If there is a war, it will likely be an overspill from the Chiapas conflict or South and Central American allies of China being used by Beijing to invade the mainland from the south during a possible conflict beginning in the Pacific over Taiwan.

The danger period is April-September 2001.


Report: Mexico is al-Qaida route to U.S. -- Plans to use migrant smuggling paths to set up operatives - September 17, 2004.
al-Qaida Said to Recruit in Latin America - August 22, 2004.
FBI looks for terrorists along the southern border -- Saudi terror suspect coming in from Mexico 'most dangerous cell leader below the leadership of al-Qaida' - August 17, 2004.
Arab terrorists 'are getting into the US over Mexican border' - August 15, 2004.
Breaking Silence over a Possible Imminent Threat -- A sobering and scary development is allegedly taking place along the southwest border of the United States - July 23, 2004.
Chinese military delegation in Cuba - July 7, 2004.



US, British, or Arab Embassy Stormed or Bombed


Arab demonstrators outside of American embassyNEW PREDICTION: 1/18/01 -- Regrettably, this is a prediction thatt is a bit fuzzy. I have a sense that a US, British, or an Arab embassy may be stormed and seized by demonstrators in London or New York City. However, I cannot dismiss the possibility that this may be another American embassy being bombed by terrorists such as the East Africa attacks in 1998. Although I have a strong feeling that this will take place in a Western capital or major city, it need not. If this is a case of seizure, I suspect Kurds, Palestinians, or Iraqis. If this is a bombing, I suspect Osama bin Laden or a joint Saddam-Bin Laden operation. It should occur in or around April 2001.



FEBRUARY 6, 2001 -- TRIPOLI, Libya (CNN) -- Police in Libya have halted an attempt by protesters to storm the British embassy in Tripoli during a demonstration over the Lockerbie trial verdicts. Anti-riot police beat and tear-gassed the demonstrators trying to break into the embassy in the centre of the capital, witnesses said. The demonstration by thousands of young people was initially approved by the authorities in protest against the conviction of a Libyan national by Scottish judges in the Lockerbie case, officials said.

Witnesses saw riot police fire dozens of tear gas grenades to try to disperse the crowd and stop protesters from trying to force their way into the embassy premises. A police officer said: "People are very angry. They want to storm into the British embassy to express their anger and that's why we were obliged to intervene."

Police arrested at least 30 young people after beating them with batons. They were taken away for questioning. A spokeswoman for the UK Foreign Office told CNN: "We can confirm that a demonstration took place. At no time was security breached. "We made it clear to the Libyan authorities the need to ensure that security of our diplomatic premises was maintained."

A Libyan official said another demonstration took place outside the U.N. mission in Tripoli and said police had also intervened there to disperse the crowd. The protesters massed in the Zaouyat Dahmani district where the embassy is located. They carried four coffins symbolising Libyans who were killed when U.S. aircraft bombed Tripoli in 1986, and chanted "Down with America. Down with Great Britain."

Several hurt in U.S. Embassy protest in Beirut

FEBRUARY 21, 2001 -- BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) -- Security forces used water cannons, batons and the occasional rifle butt to drive back hundreds of student demonstrators who marched on the U.S. Embassy on Wednesday to protest the bombing of Iraq and American support for Israel. At least six students and six security men were slightly injured.

About 500 students, most from the Lebanese University, tried to march on the fortified embassy compound in Aukar, a hilly suburb north of the capital Beirut, but were met by about 200 helmeted riot police swinging batons and backed by troops armed with rifles atop armored personnel carriers and on the rooftops of nearby buildings. At a roadblock about 400 meters from the compound, the demonstrators shouted "Death to Israel" and "Death to America!"

Large banners denounced Israeli Prime Minister-elect Ariel Sharon and U.S. President George Bush as "two faces of the same terroristic coin." Part of the group tried to charge through an adjacent orange grove, but a Civil Defense fire engine standing by quickly aimed its water cannon and sprayed the crowd, pushing it back. The agitated crowd started throwing stones at the police. A woman protester who identified herself as Zeinab claimed police hit her on the shoulder with a baton. "Traitors! Traitors," she shouted at the police. Baha' Abdel-Samad's head was bandaged by the Red Cross. The 18-year-old said he was hit by a rifle butt on the back of the head. "We have been targeted because were just trying to express our opinion freely," he said. An Interior Ministry statement said a police official, two policemen and three civil defense workers were injured in the melee. Five police and civil defense vehicles were damaged.

The demonstration was called by leftist student groups to protest U.S. policy on Iraq and Lebanon. They dispersed about two hours later. U.S. and British warplanes attacked Iraq last Friday, killing two people and wounding 20. The United States and Britain have said the airstrike against Iraqi military installations was undertaken to prevent their warplanes from being attacked during patrols of no-fly zones over north and south Iraq.

Anti-US protests erupt in Pakistan

Protesters in Pakistan burn tires, cars, US and British flags13 October, 2001 -- (BBC News) - Security forces in the Pakistani city of Karachi have exchanged fire with Muslim radicals protesting against US-led air strikes on Afghanistan. The clashes erupted as militants attacked an American fast-food outlet after spilling out of the city's mosques on the Muslim day of prayer. Authorities have imposed a security clampdown across Pakistan to prevent violent protests against the US-led air strikes on Afghanistan. Massive anti-US demonstrations were held in other areas of the world, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Iran, and the Palestinian territories. Protesters burned US and UK flags in Indonesia's capital Jakarta, and thousands of demonstrators in Malaysia were dispersed by water cannons. In the Gaza Strip, Palestinian police barred journalists and photographers from covering a planned demonstration by the militant group Islamic Jihad.

Pakistan clashes

Police and paramilitary troops in Karachi used tear gas to disperse some 3,000 demonstrators, who torched buses and cars and hurled stones. The Reuters news agency said shots were fired from the crowd and police returned warning volleys of live ammunition into the air. In contrast, the BBC's Daniel Lak said rallies following Friday prayers in the western city of Quetta dispersed peacefully, despite strong anti-US rhetoric. Thousands of Muslim radicals reportedly streamed into the city, which was rocked by violence after the initial air strikes, leaving at least four people dead. In anticipation of violence on Friday, the first Muslim day of prayer since the military action began, regular army troops and crack paramilitary units had been deployed in Quetta and in other cities. Hundreds of soldiers were patrolling Quetta in large trucks and jeeps with roof-mounted machine guns in what is known in the Pakistan military as a "flag march", designed to send the message that the army is on guard against trouble.Anti-US riots in Karachi

'Mosques sacrosanct'

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf told a meeting of provincial officials that the whole country wanted action against those who threatened peace. He said that prayer meetings at mosques would not be allowed to foment unrest. "These are places of worship, sacrosanct, to teach peace and tolerance in society," he said. Security is also heavy around an air base in Jacobabad, one of two bases being used by American forces. Barbed wire rings the air base and roads leading to it have been blocked. "I have been stopped five times by soldiers," said one man. "You can't go anywhere near the airport."

Volcano Erupts in Western United States


US volcanic eruption NEW PREDICTION: 11/26/00 -- In May 2001, a volcano on the western United States will erupt. This may be the California volcano, Mount Shasta. The timing of the event is quite close to either the March/April vector (derived from Nostradamus) or the July vector (mine) for the great worldwide cataclysm prophesied by Edgar Cayce and St. John the Divine. However, even if I am wrong about the year of the universal earthquake being 2001, I suspect we may still see a volcanic eruption in the United States.


Mount St. Helens blew smoke and ash Friday afternoon
Earthquake shakes Mount St. Helens - November 28, 2004.
New Mount St. Helens lava dome grows -- Formation's hot rocks cast red glow visible at night - November 7, 2004.
Lava building up rock at Mount St. Helens - October 15, 2004.
Volcano forms new lava dome - October 13, 2004.
Lava Gives Mount St. Helens Eerie Glow - October 13, 2004.
Mount St. Helens lets off more steam - October 11, 2004.
Mount St. Helens Quake Activity Increases - October 9, 2004.
Mount St. Helens' Crater Floor Rising - October 7, 2004.
Explosion Shoots Steam From Mount St. Helens -- Burst Feeds Fears Of Larger Volcanic Eruption - October 4, 2004.
Mount St. Helens has '50 percent chance' of erupting again with greater force -- Observatory 3 miles from volcano's base evacuated - October 2, 2004.
Mount St. Helens Erupts After 18 Years - October 1, 2004.
Scientists monitor Mount St. Helens after eruption -- Geologist says
event "was really a hiccup" - October 1, 2004.

Scientists Find Mount St. Helens Movement In Lava Dome - September 29, 2004.
Scientists warn of Mount St. Helens eruption - September 29, 2004.
Volcano Advisory Issued for Mount Saint Helens - September 29, 2004.
Quakes Ripple Mount St. Helens - September 28, 2004.
One or Two Quakes a Minute at Mount St. Helens - September 27, 2004.
Small eruption possible for St. Helens - September 27, 2004.
St. Helens Quakes Could Lead To Hazardous Event - September 26, 2004.



US Warships Attacked in Persian Gulf


Attack on US warship in Persian Gulf


NEW PREDICTION: 4/10/00 -- This would seem unlikely to occur under the current Khatami government in Iran. However, by this time someone else may well be in power or there will be a change in policy towards the US or the West in general (hardliners in Iran continue to reject the conditions the US has proposed for rapprochement). An attack by Iraq during a protracted second Persian Gulf War certainly cannot be ruled out, especially if my prediction regarding a massive bombardment of Baghdad in July 2000 during the passing of Comet Linear comes to pass.

The first vector for attack is May 2001. Again, although this may be carried out by either Iran or Iraq, one cannot rule out a Russian role since Moscow will be allied with Baghdad and Teheran. It is also possible that the fleet attacked will be multi-national, including British and French warships along with American. A second, more dangerous vector for naval battle in the Persian Gulf occurs again in October/November 2001.

Gaping hole in USS Cole blown out by boat bomb On October 12, 2000, the USS Cole was bombed by terrorists in the Gulf of Aden. 17 US crewmen died in the attack. 38 others were injured. Since the attack on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, it has been determined that Osama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda network were responsible, quite possibly with the aid of Saddam Hussein.

COMMENT (3/7/02): I held back assessing this one until I was completely sure. The May 2001 part of this was prematurely FULFILLED by seven months, like the prediction of the death of Syrian President Hafez Assad, with the terrorist attack on the USS Cole in October 2000. Even so, bear in mind that the second vector for October/November 2001 can still witness another such attack, perhaps one much worse, in March, April, or May 2002.


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