You are in a DREAM WINDOW




Dream repeated several times in late 1994:




Strange friendship, targets are revealed:

To save lives , enemies remain friends.

Maps, faces on screens, frantic voices:

People run about in fear, distant plumes of smoke.



Prose rendition:

Panicked people scurry about in the afternoon, plumes of fire and smoke in the distance, television or computer screens with Russian faces speaking, giving advice, trying to help the people know where the missiles are going to strike, trying to stop others from hitting ...

The term "half-friends" kept creeping into my mind when I experienced this dream. That the Russians were half-friend, half-enemy.



Is this WWIII-related? Or is this to be a problem that will occur due to some other computer glitch well after Russia and the West have mended their differences: an accidental nuclear attack?




1994-2002 Michael McClellan



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