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Dreams of the Third Antichrist, the "Blue-Turbaned King," Daniel's
"Fourth King of Persia," Nostradamus' "The Persian", etc.



NOTE (9/22/02): I do not believe that all of the above-named prophetic figures are necessarily the same individual. It is possible they are; but I think it unlikely.

I definitely believe that Daniel's Persian king and Nostradamus' Persian king are one and the same. He may or may not be the Third Antichrist. He may or may not be King Blue Turban.

I believe the Blue-Turbaned King will be a World War III era figure, whoever he is.

I am uncertain that the Third Antichrist will come to power during World War III. He may. Then again, he might arise much later for the Fourth World conflict later this century.

This dream window is reserved for those dreamers and visionaries who have had dreams or visions that might correspond to one or more of these figures.


Catherine (9/19/02):

One Eye

I wish to point out again my dream I had about a year and a half ago about this black cloud that took the shape of an angel. From the center of it, came a soldier with one eye bandaged (an eye for an eye perhaps?), and he told me his name was "Oren" which in Hebrew means "Pine" (perhaps a reference to a Christmas Tree?). He asked me when I was "coming", and I told him "not yet, I still had a lot to do in this world." He then told me fine, and dissappeared again into the "chest" of this black cloud image of an Angel (perhaps the Angel of Death?).



The soldier with one eye bandaged is none other than Mullah Omar -- the spiritual leader of the Taliban and close friend of Osama bin Laden! He lost his right eye in 1996 while fighting against the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. He was never killed or captured. He believes he is the supreme imam of the Islamic faith and that he is the leader of the entire Islamic world (obviously not all Moslems agree with this) and considers himself to be nothing less than the al Mahdi of Islamic prophecy. However, according to Islamic prophecy, the antichrist will be one-eyed -- just like Omar.

So you saw him issue forth from a black cloud turned angel? This is appropriate. This is a dark angel -- one of the fallen angels of Satan. Perhaps it is Satan himself.

"Oren" may be a dyslexic scramble of the brain cells in sleep and really be "Omar." Omar seeks to have you renounce your faith and join the Islamic jihad.

Ignore this man. He will lead as many astray as he can (those he does not destroy).



Conor (5/9/02):

I am standing in a barren wasteland, the sky is red and dust blows everywhere. I am being led to the top of a hill by a dark man, he is hooded so I never see his face.

He makes me look out over the landscape, he says "This is the land I created by destroying yours, the weakness of the holy one gave me your souls, he betrayed you and I revelled in your destruction, behold your history and your future, this is the end".

I look over the landscape and I can see many cities at once, Rome is a smoking ruin, what is left of St Peters is glowing stump of the cathedral it was, then I see Athens, it has been completely destroyed, three pillars are all that is left of the Parthenon, then Paris, it lays in ruins, its rivers run red, nothing remains.

I turn to the dark man in anger at what he has done, he pulls away his dark robes blowing in the wind, he laughs and says "those like you are foolish to resist, you are strong and try and overcome but you are betrayed by the man who holds the trust of billions, a holy man of peace that is secretly bitter and gave me the world." He then laughs at me and fades to nothing, as he fades he whispers barely audibly three more you will have, "three of change, three of turbulence." I am left crying in the ruins of the world.

I don't know how long I am there but it seems an eternity, I wander the land looking for answers, none are given, I am alone until finally I stop, I decide to let myself die.

I lay on the ground and look skyward, above me are three stars, all that is in the night sky. The three stars come towards me and become people, I can't see them properly as they are so bright, they then say "There is always hope and once there is hope there will be rebirth." They then leave me and I cry, my tears land and become a tree and the more tears I cry the more the land recovers till all is green.



This was a repetitive dream, according to Conor, that he experienced over several nights. It is possible that clues exist within the above that tell us who is really pulling the strings of World War III. But I warn you: the robed figure could be anyone -- including the devil himself!



Dream Vision 2002 Catherine

Dream Vision 2002 Conor

Commentary 2002 Michael McClellan





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