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Thursday, February 21, 2002 7:18 PM,
Terrorist Bombing in Paris


"The Man With No Country" by Alain St Jean


It happens somewhere in Europe, a well known landmark. One of those fountains where cars can drive around it. I see everything from above as if a newsman in a helicopter w/cameraman reporting everything I see, live.

It starts as a special police unit confronting a suspicious person in the act of whatever. Words are exchanged, the suspect pulls a weapon and gets shot dead.

The authorities discover something hidden within the fountain and send for a bomb squad to inspect. The expert discovers a bomb and tries to deactivate it and fails. It blows up about 20' in diameters +/--.

At this point the helicopter moves to a higher and safer altitude.

The bomb expert escapes his injuries and returns to further his investigation. To his horror, he discovers it was a bomb within a bomb set on a timer to blow up a few minutes after the first. The expert realises its magnitude and no time left signals everybody to run away as fast as they could as he too was running and flailing his arms up & down, move, move, move.

The next bomb blows up in the magnitude of an H-bomb. This bomb looked like it was designed for mass population destruction as opposed to zeroing everything in sight.

Hard to explain, from what I saw, it was like a fire bomb. It didn't go many miles up but many miles around. From that higher view these flames of destruction affected everybody within that circle. It went from one city block to another, Boom, Boom, Boom.

Then, my vision went from the choppers to a pedestrian walking on the street many city blocks from there. I hear this awful noise coming from behind me. So I turn around just to see flames higher than the buildings itself coming from far away engulfing streets after streets and through every windows and doors of each buildings. Before I could even turn to run the man in front of me (in the direction I was looking) became engulfed in flames as I too did.The diameter of destruction reached  20-30 city block!

A message was then delivered to the Leader of that Country (Prime Minister, President or...) to surrender all their resources of all kind (Power) for an unlimited wealth for the Leader and all who followed him and the safety of his people. The Leader could even keep his title but under strict command of the "New Dictator". If not, one city after another would face destruction without any warnings until that country gave in.

This "New Dictator" was independent of any country so the blame couldn't be pin-pointed to any given country. It was a one man out to conquer the world, one country at a time for total domination or fear mass destruction amongst the population.

After a while with many countries conquered, some with little resistance, bombs weren't needed (as much anymore) as he had vast armies and resources to support them.


Comment (McClellan):

I think Alain's dream goes a long way towards clarifying where we are headed and the nature of the holocaust that is coming after the US bombs Iraq.

Unlike some other dreams, this one really needs little in the way of analysis.  Like me (or at least me much of the time anyway), Alain does not dream symbolically about future events - she dreams literally. 

What she has related is exactly what it will be if it comes true. The fact that my prediction on Paris caught her eye suggests to me that subconsciously this is the city she was dreaming about.  I say this because she did not react so when she encountered my prediction about a nuclear attack on NYC or other US cities.

I also believe Paris must be the tragedy like NYC in any event.  This is because Diana died there.  Paris may not have been responsible, but she was marked by the death.

The dictator is the one mystery.  I don't know that he is the AntiChrist.  Indeed, I have my doubts that the real AntiChrist (the beast of the Book of Revelation) will ever come in our time.  This person in Alain's dream is an antichrist though, with a small "a." He may be the "Mulloch" or "Mullah" antichrist dreamt by Conor.

Otherwise, she must be talking about Osama bin Laden.  I do not think he is dead. But then again, it could be someone like him who we do not know of yet. Bin Laden is a man without a country and a country in himself. There are others like this, far more shadowy.

I will be discussing these others, good and bad, later this year on my web book site when it is completed and when I start and complete my "Future Monarchs" and "Antichrist" pages for this web site.



CD (9/26/02):

Metal Oxide - "Lee"

Had a dream early this morning. Two men at a large table. One of them was assembling something. This man was Asian. The other man, whom I could not make out that well, referred to this man as "LEE". The words "METAL" and "OXIDE" were used in this conversation. The rest I could not discern other than that an explosion was being planned and that "poison" would be the effect on land/air/water.

Upon awakening, I searched google for the words ... Metal / Oxide / Terrorist and found several web pages (of which the following is just one) dealing with metal and oxide being used in a primitive nuclear bomb.

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COMMENT (McClellan):


It appears you accidentally remote viewed, while in the sleep state, a terrorist operation in the planning stages. It is probably the logical "next step": the nuclear destruction of Manhattan. The poison is radiation that will mix with the ocean waters off coast and spread to adjacent regions (so both air and water will be poisoned by the blast).

This is highly important information, I will post.

Too bad the time for the attack wasn't given; but I suspect the terrorists may be planning to do this after the US launches an attack against Iraq -- which could be another 12 months away or longer if inspections procede and Bush is obliged to put up with it. However, it could be sooner, like between December of this year and next March if Bush decides to act against the will of the United Nations.





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