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The Madonna Death Dream



McClellan (11/19/01):


The Doll
Madonna doll

In the beginning I saw a doll with brown hair being held in someone's hands. It was labeled 'Madonna' but did not look very much like her. I was looking at this from the perspective of the person holding the doll and I sensed that the hands were feminine.

The doll was attached to a device below it that had two columns of words and "holes" next to each word. The words were descriptive personality or behavioural traits. The person holding the doll was in the process of filling in each "hole" as being "completed." There were two or three at the bottom of the right column that were left "pending."

In other words, the person who was doing a re-making of Madonna did not get a chance to finish.

The scene then shifted to what I took to be the "doll factory." It was quite dark and dismal inside. I saw the Madonna doll arguing with some people who ran the factory. She looked more like the human Madonna now instead of the doll. Angry, she stormed out into the night. Then I heard one of the men say, "Let her go. Let her have it her way." I heard more but cannot remember it. Then I heard someone say "she's expendable."

A Couple - Preview at Sunset

Next I was talking to a small group of people outdoors. It was warm. We sat on the grass, so it must have been spring or summer. There was a couple in particular in their early 30s who were quite interested in the subject of my Madonna prophecy. The woman smiled often in a friendly way -- not because the thought of Madonna being killed was amusing or anything like that. I think she was relieved to know that she was not the only one who had forseen her possible death. Her boyfriend or husband appeared to be a bit uncomfortable, but was friendly.

The sun began to set while we chatted and it was a very beautiful sunset. We could see shades of red, orange, and yellow illuminating the buildings, houses, and trees as the sky near the horizon turned red.

Car driving away at sunset
Then we were shown part of what was going to happen. Madonna and a man I took to be her husband Guy Ritchie got into a car, a limousine or something like that. They were dressed up. The car was black.

The car sped off and then a voice (my voice?) said that they attended or were going to attend the premiere of a movie (I assumed it was one they had made) and that there was an accident and that they had died.

However, it sounded as though the name of the film they saw or are to see was "Dracula" or something like that. It made perfect sense in the dream but makes no sense to me now. Madonna does not make horror films and besides I doubt anyone would make a new version of that film now after two highly successful versions in 1979 and 1992.

We talked about all of this and I was congratulated for having discovered what the threat to Madonna's life was. Everyone agreed that I had better put this on my web site.

The Accident

The next thing I remember I am alone. It is night. I am in a large city and peering out of a window into the street. I don't know whether I am in a restaurant or what, but the window is large and wide. I am apparently not far from the corner of an intersection. I look down the street to my left and I see the car with Madonna in it (I know she is in it). It has passed through the intersection and is continuing.

Car accident scene
AmbulanceThen it is as though I teleport ahead an unknown number of blocks to another building with another large window. I am again about the same distance from the corner of the intersection as I was to the one previous. I look to my left again.

Now I see red lights of emergency vehicles lighting up the intersection and the nearby buildings and street. There has been a car accident at the intersection and Madonna was in the car.

I know that everyone in that car is dead or will be.

There is more, but I am waking up and trust nothing I see from that point on because my conscious mind is trying to impose its will upon my unconscious.


We can deduce a number of things from this dream:




The following is a somewhat different glimpse by a visitor to my site about what could be the tragic death of Madonna sometime this year. Note how in this one Madonna is absent, save for photographs, similar to the vision experienced by a spiritualist in England a few months before Diana's death:

Shadowdncer (5/15/02):

I thought I saw 2 photos of Madonna and she had pink heart-shaped glasses on. However, there were no eyes -- almost as if they had been cut out of the pictures. Then I heard a woman's voice say she is overdoing herself. Next, I saw a little boy and he was crying pitifully, so I tried to explain that it was a part of life that we all must go thru and that he would be well taken care of. Alright, I thought my sister-in-law & I were riding rides in an amusement park and a little dark haired girl was with us but she was terribly frightened, so I told my sister to to hold her hand. The odd thing is both children were Madonna's kids ages. I thought in the dream that they were her kids.




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