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Conor's Vision of the Assassinated Pope




Conor (11/25/99):

The first night I had a dream about the pope, he was very young but I knew he was the pope, he was walking through a city between two rivers that was very green almost like a garden, he was walking with a woman who was very happy, the people of the green town were very happy and they welcomed them with open arms.

The second dream the pope was older and walking through the town between the rivers, but the area was less green and it looked like it was surrounded by a desert. The woman was with him but she looks sad, the people were not happy but they grudgingly welcomed them.

The last dream the pope was old, the city was no longer green and the rivers were brown with sediment. The woman was walking with him but she was a spirit, the people were scornful and threw stones. Finally the crowd lauched hot rocks at the pope and he lay on the floor dying with blood in his mouth. The spirit of the woman was crying beside him and the dark man in the crowd who threw the first stone was smiling.




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