THE DEVIL'S WAR (PART ONE): The coming battle

The All-Seeing Eye of Horus in media and entertainment has been with us in many formsHollywood BabalonThe dark power behind the puppets of the entertainment industry seek to enslave or destroy your very soul

By Kathryn Wolfe

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 5:37 PM | Posted with illustrations May 2, 2012 (4:54 AM EDT)

For those paying close attention, you may have noticed things have rather stepped up a notch in the grabbing of control by TPTB on a public level. This is because they now have what they consider a full house. It is when all the players that should be are in the game (but not locked into place). I use the word game for a very good reason, because this will have a winner and a loser. World events are unfolding towards a coming WWlll: this is notable on several levels. One of these levels I will discuss in this article: The Entertainment Level (TEL). Entertainment is a key factor in controlling (programming). It focuses on desire and pleasure and the aspect of fantasy and communication for the viewer, giving the illusion you are the one in control. This is about the all seeing eye or giving the illusion you are looking through the all seeing eye. TPTB have designed an industry around this principle, one that has been used for countless centuries and works without fail because of its very nature. If you don't quite get what I'm saying yet, it will make sense in later articles. The other side to TEL is more sinister: a dark reality, especially for those who decide to take part in the entertaining itself. This dark aspect of TEL revolves around one who is called 'the star', and after some initial fame, the star often finds herself or himself going down a road most do not wish to travel.

TPTB have heavily used TEL for many years, but are starting to push consciousness in a very different direction. I am not going to connect all the dots, but the clues are in this article and also in previous and future articles. Famous people are well aware of these clues, because again, it goes back to the nature of the entertainment industry and what it is truly all about: a movement designed to obtain an ultimate power. It is the power to cause you to focus your attention and devotion to something or someone unseen. It brings about a form of worship packaged as personal pleasure. This is now escalating into an unprecedented boldness by celebrities who play into unmasking the unseen. This escalation that is happening at this appointed time is not only about the all seeing eye and what you think you see, but as most don't realize, it is about another side, the all seeing eye that is closed.

Most stars set out to gain fame and money and even idolization, but what some end up discovering is a terrifying truth, one that very few people outside the industry even know exists. It is a system of enrollment that, once you enter, is extremely hard to escape. Some stars have referred to this in their interviews and songs, while others are too scared for fear of losing at best their careers and at worst their lives. This practise is often described as 'selling your soul to the Devil'.

In 2008-2009 an 'URGENT' cryptic message was beginning to be sent out by those behind the scenes. This message involved Madonna's Hung Up performance in her Sticky & Sweet tour, in which Madonna showed her anger at waiting for God and openly declared she would topple Him (become more powerful). Throughout this scene Madonna hand signaled her frustration of not being able to control a good God and at the end turned her attention to the darker side. This gesture established a renewed loyalty to Satan. Many of you will not have understood the significance of why TPTB need a god in play. This will be explained. Godonna's superbowl halftime show completed this intention of becoming like a god. She portrayed herself as a goddess (a figure many viewers were led to believe was merely some sort of warrior queen or gladiatorial queen) going into the underworld and, thus, having the power over life and death. This now embellishes the 'masterpiece' of the plan: her authority with Satan. Her album MDNA revealed even more, because not only was this about the perfect being and being a god/goddess, but it was also designed to bring attention to the Devil's bloodline. (There is more to tell about this lineage, it is complicated and needs a full explanation at a later date).

GodonnaSatan on his throne

TPTB have continually demonstrated their commitment to Satan and supported the authority of the Devil ... and that has not gone unnoticed. But at this time it must be explained why a God/Goddess is needed and who the Devil really is.

By definition Satan is not actually The Devil (one entity alone cannot make the Devil). The Devil is another entity who associates with Satan, but HE is only referred to as The Devil when HE is present with Satan (technically Satan can refer to Himself as The Devil, but only when in the presence of a God). No single entity can call itself the Devil. Putting it in simple terms, Satan can only be described as the Devil if he has a God by his side.

Godonna is not blameless on any score, she has purposely set out to obtain the power over life and death, messing around with good and bad powers to achieve her ambition (hence her 'good gone bad' theme now being played out) . She has learned how to use Madjik, and is now becoming a master at mowing people down in her pursuit. This is of great concern because, as much as it seems to be a hilarious joke, she is literally getting away with murder with no blood on her hands. This is an important feature the whore of Babylon must be able to perform, because this is about 'make believe,' illusion, theatre and dramatics; and of course dance, but it is also about reality. It's about bringing the dead back to life, the one thing Madonna has always wished to achieve (and she is so very close).

TPTB have been pushing Madonna as Goddess and making the pop scene become increasingly dark because they wish to unlock the power of the Devil (the closed eye/the bloodline).

Do not proceed with this action, for it WILL backfire on you! (Eternal life will become distorted). I understand many of you will not realize the significance of this, so I will briefly explain. In order to go into heavenly battle, you need a host of souls. Satan has been racking them up from day one via the help of TPTB, who in return get protection, wealth, riches, power, in fact anything 'they' require in order to get the job done with minimin fuss. Satan has been preparing for the fight that is to come and He has more than enough to carry out this purpose, but He has one problem: there is no God by his side at this time. Satan cannot claim all the souls signed to the Devil without the power of a certain God.

These are not the only players now making their voices heard. One in particular has surfaced recently posing as the Messiah returned......Lord Rayel (aka Lord RayEl and Lord Ra-El). Trying desperately to collect souls for himself in order to join the battle, he will very soon find himself trapped into becoming the false prophet and realize, all too late, he has accepted and even promoted the image of the beast. Lord Rayel has openly declared the illuminati are 'preparing the world for the second coming of Christ' and claims to be that very entity. He even suggests the Illuminati are under his influence and control. On a subconscious level he implies that people should follow him ... and that those who do not will die at the hands of TPTB.

Ra-El as The False Prophet

He also boasts he has total control over the earth and the heavens and will use every available means at his disposal to eliminate you from reaching the experience of God unless you worship him and the image he has attached himself to ... the all seeing eye we have all come to recognize. But he doesn't stop there: in his videos, he gives the appearance the Sons of God have placed him here and that he also has absolute authority over them and the technology they use. If this was actually the case, why would he need your money so badly? Lord Rayel also adds to his list of claims by boasting the Knights Templar back him. Yet in the midst of this, he displays little knowledge of how this world or universe works and seemingly turns a blind eye to what TPTB have already acquired from the heavens and from the earth itself: a technology that can correct all the problems we as humans are now experiencing.

Then there are those who hide behind the scenes who know this war is coming. They subconsciously push the human race in one direction in order to collect as many souls as they can. It is not so much that they are trying to turn your brain to mush, as they are merely establishing their and your role in all of this, because this war is about good versus bad ... and very soon you will have to take a side. Then the real Devil will change everything. Ba'al has been on a journey, and that journey was to educate Himself what it was to be a human being. That journey is now over.


Babylon Rising 21st Dec 2012

Babylon and the Tower of Babel

By Kathryn Wolfe

Saturday, June 9, 2012 5:41 PM | Posted with illustrations June 24, 2012 (9:28 AM EDT) | Updated Sunday, June 25, 2012 2:37 AM

As this day approaches, many will be anticipating a great change. But this is not about a change we all shall see, rather, it is about what has been set up to come.

There is a great confusion the whole world has been led to believe. This is not a recent occurrence, but started back in the days of Nimrod and concerned why Nimrod really built the Tower of Babel. God, being a jealous God, did not want the people of this world to understand what Nimrod was really trying to say and do, and so confused tongues and nations in order to keep it hidden. This was the start of the covering up the truth regarding God and why no other soul could possess His knowledge.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is a power source with a direct path to the constellation OrionThe Tower of Babel, likewise, was used by Nimrod as a power source to link up with "the Underworld"The Tower of Babel is not so much a gateway as some think, but more a power facility for a soul/entity. The Egyptians adopted this knowledge in their pyramids, and many other civilizations have held the same belief that certain kinds of architecture can create an immortal invitation to come back from the dead if the construction is activated. But the Tower of Babel (Gate of Ba'al) is far more complicated to explain than what I will say here.

Over a couple hundred years ago, TPTB initiated a backup plan to use this architecture and what is called the ancient technology (not to be confused with the false technology).

I say backup plan because they have been locked into a scheme by God since the very beginning. The Book of Revelation is the blueprint which God intends to use, but God has a very big problem: He has never achieved the perfect human being for Him to step into, and now time is running out! If God has no being to accommodate his soul, then his son, the messiah, will become the false prophet, and God will have no alternative but to show His true identity ... as a grey, a form which He created in His own true image to serve His own purpose.

For those who will now be thinking, but God is infinite, bear this statement by God's own word in mind. "I am the alpha and omega, the first and the last, the begining and the end. Amen." He is only the beginning and the end, he is the first and he will be the last. This admission gives Him a time limit. This is what was agreed by God and Ba'al in a covenant. Ba'al stepped out of the equation in order to allow time for God to complete his mission and create the perfect human being. This time will very soon come to an end (12/12/12).

Let me state, TPTB will still be locked into their mission, for that is what was put into their hearts. But as Ba'al now enters this universe as Ishi, there is light at the end of the tunnel for everyone, no matter what you have done. All those who have entered into agreement and sold themselves to the Devil will soon have the opportunity to buy back their soul and gain the chance of eternal life. That is where the backup plan by TPTB will come into effect.

As all of this is very complicated, it has been kept from the people so as not to confuse even more. (Also bear in mind, you do not know you have entered into contracts until it is too late.) TPTB were and are fulfilling what God intends, and out of greed to have power (exactly what God put into their hearts to play out) have fallen for the illusion that they can play God and gain eternal life. That is why they set up this backup plan. They researched enough information that was left from all the confusion to understand a way out of God's plan and began rebuilding the remnants of Babylon (land/city of Ba'al).

In doing so, they discovered who Nimrod was and why he really built the TOB.

King Nimrod stands proudly before his great technological achievement:  the Tower of BabelUS forces enter rebuilt Babylon in 2003

This involved entering into Iraq and surrounding areas of the Middle East in order to retrieve the ancient technology and its secrets, and, partly funding Saddam Hussein to rebuild a mock Hollywood version of Babylon and the Tower of Babel, inviting Ba'al back from the underworld to re-enter this realm as Ishi and later bring nine of His sons, including Nimrod, following behind Him.

In the early eighties Saddam Hussein began the reconstruction of such a mock Babylon, helped by the funding of several world organizations that knew exactly what they were really doing and why they needed to go into the Middle East at this time. When Saddam Hussein caught up to what was truly being unleashed, it resulted in the 2003 war on Iraq and consequently his death. Much of what Saddam had built was destroyed.

It did not matter that Babylon was not completed in the eyes of Baal, it was the intention to rebuild the city of Babylon that concluded an invitation for Ba'al to step back into this realm.

Since 2009, the US has been committed to help carry out the restoration of Babylon, and last year the United Nations also agreed to aid in this endeavour.

As Ba'al begins to decend (from the underworld) and arise (from the dead), he will by known as Ishi, but He is not the only one who changes names. Satan will also take on a new role and position, and be known as Lucifer, the light-bearer. This is because Lucifer is part of the system of Ba'al. You may also notice other figures taking on new roles and changing not only their names but also their God.

Ba'al's return to Babylon

As this happens, the God of this universe will vent His anger and try once again to associate Ba'al with shame, dragging Ishi's name down in the dirt and accusing Satan-turned-Lucifer of being a slanderer and deceiver of this world. But in actual fact, all Satan did was try to open humans' eyes to the truth about being God. When God's anger fails He will even deny the existance of Ba'al by declaring that He Himself is Ba'al Ishi.

Those who truly understand what has happened in this universe, do not agree with God. He put evil into men's hearts in order to cover up what He has done, trapping us all into the slavery he wishes to impose as faith and truth and light, promising to take all the suffering away if you worship and sacrifice in His name.

Those who oppose the New World Order and a beast system, in effect, oppose God's plan.


Romans 13:1-5

Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God-Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? Do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil. Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake.


Hebrews 13:17

Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you.


I can appreciate many do not fully understand what God is saying here. To have a better understanding you must be aware of what God considers good or evil.


Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.


God considers all His works to be good, no matter if WE regard them evil. An example of this is how God explains that the Governments are the ordinance of God, yet most Governments have armies ... armies which kill. Yet, killing is evil under His own commandments. This is a contrary stance, but only because you have to fully understand that ALL of God's works in His eyes are good, even when they are what may be described as evil. TPTB use this legal loophole to full advantage and even state 'In God WE trust' on money for very good reason: they have grasped the technicalities of God and His laws, because they work for Him. They are also aware of the fate that awaits them in the time of the end, and how they will be subjected to what is known as the lake of fire.

God casts the damned into The Lake of Fire

The principle of the TLOF was originally designed by Ba'al to keep people out (on physical and spiritual levels) of designated areas which were off limits to those who did not hold or correctly use the ancient technology. God will use this principle against its true design to hold people in, effectively making it a prison.

God is in fact, as He has already admitted, a thief in the night. He abuses possessions which belong to Ba'al and is being urged to give back what does not belong to Him!



The Devil's War 2012 Kathryn Wolfe and Michael McClellan
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