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Bhutto in British newspaperKashmir shocked at Benazir's Assassination - December 29, 2007.

India fears terror upsurge, goes on red alert - December 29, 2007.

Police in Kashmir clash with hundreds protesting Bhutto's assassination - December 29, 2007.

Why India should now adopt a bold Pak policy - December 29, 2007.

Indian Muslims deplore Benazir Bhutto’s assassination - December 28, 2007.

Bird flu claims 94th victim in Indonesia - December 25, 2007.

Four men dead in suicide pact - December 11, 2007.

China bird flu cluster sparks fear of human-to-human transmission - December 7, 2007.

China says father of bird flu victim also infected - December 7, 2007.

Temblor with 4.5 intensity rocks Tabasco - November 30, 2007.

Earthquake 5.8 magnitud reported on Tabasco and Chiapas counties - November 26, 2007.

Superbug succeeds by blowing up defender cells, scientists learn - November 11, 2007.

Nishizawa reportedly said to her suicide assistor, "I'm still not..." as she began to lose consciousness, after which Saito covered her head with a plastic bag and suffocated her.Coyuca de Benitez, Guerro County reports strong earthquake 5.6 magnitude -- Several homes soaked due to mountain colapsed - November 6, 2007.

Bodies found in apparent car suicide pact - October 30, 2007.

Two Women Mix Deadly Gas In Latest Of Japan's Suicide Pacts - October 24, 2007.

Japan: Suicide Web site creator arrested for alleged murder - October 12, 2007.

Japan's Cyber-suicide Trend Takes Bizarre Twist - October 11, 2007.

Killer amoeba: Sounds like sci-fi, but it's real -- A freshwater organism feeds on the brain if it finds its way up the nose of a hapless human - October 8, 2007.

Brain eating disease victim6 Die From Brain-Eating Amoeba in Lakes - September 28, 2007.

WHO: 8 more Ebola cases confirmed in Congo - September 27, 2007.

Has the meteorite brought new disease to Earth? - September 27, 2007.

WHO issues alert on Ebola in Congo - September 11, 2007.

Ebola infects hundreds in Congo - September 10, 2007.

Congo Officials Confirm Ebola Outbreak - September 10, 2007.

Earthquake 5.2 magnitude reports on Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo - September 6, 2006.

US Bio-Warfare Catastrophe Reported In Congo -- ‘mysterious’ new disease outbreak killing both human beings and animals - September 5, 2007.

Russia confirms H5N1 bird flu strain at poultry farm - September 4, 2007.

Bird flu to be pandemic yet?Scientists Not Sure Whether Wild Birds Are Carrying Avian Influenza Virus - September 3, 2007.

Indonesian man hospitalized for suspected bird flu - September 3, 2007.

Queens to be Sprayed with Pesticide to Cut West Nile Virus Risk - September 2, 2007.

Earthquake shakes western Mexico - September 1, 2007.

6.3 Magnitud quake registered on Golfo de California - September 1, 2007.

Sick ward, 1918Study confirms human-to-human spread of bird flu - August 29, 2007.

Infectious diseases spreading faster than ever: U.N. - August 23, 2007.

U.N.: Diseases spreading faster than ever - August 23, 2007.

Brit Bird-Flu Victims to be stored in Tents, hired from a Marquee hire firm - August 22, 2007.

New bird flu virus is detected in Egypt - August 22, 2007.

Indonesia confirms 2nd bird flu death on Bali - August 22, 2007.

Mad Cow Disease Takes Illinois Teacher's Life -- School Cancels Thursday Classes - August 21, 2007.

Quake shakes Oaxaca county - August 19, 2007.

Leishmaniasis, a flesh-eating disease, on handMystery ailment kills hundreds of Saudi camels - August 18, 2007.

Death toll from West Nile virus reaches six in California - August 18, 2007.

Flesh-eating Disease Is On The Rise Due To Global Warming, Experts Warn - August 16, 2007.

Two moderate earthquakes on the same day strike in Chiapas and Michoacán counties - August 12, 2007.

Millions face flood disease threat - August 7, 2007.

Sources: U.S. fires at al Qaeda target in Somalia - June 1, 2007.

Conflict is pushing Sudanese refugees into neighboring statesWomen, children flee Darfur after attacks -- Conflict expanding to Central African Republic and Chad - June 1, 2007.

Woman suffers head injuries in Colima quake -- May 31, 2007.

Quake 5.2 magnitud hits Colima province reporting damages on Almería county -- May 31, 2007.

U.S. seeks fliers possibly exposed to rare TB - May 29, 2007.

Federal Quarantine for TB Traveler - May 29, 2007.

Alarm causes rare 5.2 magnitud quake to habitantes on
Tamaulipas and Veracruz provinces - May 23, 2007.

Frightened Mexicans during blackout caused by 6.3 quakeECC projects major quake for Mexico City 1st, June 2007 - May 23, 2007.

Indonesian girl dies from bird flu - May 23, 2007.

Tracking an Online Trend, and a Route to Suicide - May 22, 2007.

Gunmen hijack, torch bus in Italy - May 15, 2007.

Gunmen Hijack Bus in Northern Italy - May 15, 2007.

Very Strong Earthquake to Strike Mexico on 24th and/or 25th Mayo 2007 - May 14, 2007.

Forum: A major temblor could hit Mexico City for May 24, 2007 - May 14, 2007.


Virulent New Strain of TB Raising Fears of Pandemic -- Bug Is Resistant to Most Available Drugs - May 3, 2007.

Sudan resumed attacks on Darfour in late AprilRebels: Sudan military resumed Darfour strike in late April - May 1, 2007.

Quake rated 5.0 causes hit on Acapulco port - April 28, 2007.

Tragic last words of MySpace suicide girls - April 24, 2007.

MySpace clues to teen death pact - April 24, 2007.

Internet death pacts increasing worldwide - April 24, 2007.

74 killed in attack on Ethiopia oil field - April 24, 2007.

Fighting rages in Somali capital as bodies rot in streets - April 23, 2007.

Somalis flee fierce fighting in Mogadishu - April 21, 2007.

3 young Japanese found dead in apparent group suicide - April 21, 2007.

Fighting in Somalian capital kills at least 12 - April 19, 2007.

A temblor 5.2 at 5:02am magnitud shakes Mexico's Southern without damages - April 19, 2007.

End Darfur violence or face sanctions, Bush tells Sudan - April 18, 2007.

Five found dead in Japan suicide pact - April 17, 2007.

Worried Mexicans on streets12 aftershocks cause more damage in Mexico City, frightened people flee into streets -- government lies about being prepared for quake of this magnitude - April 14, 2007.

Serious damage to structures and walls in ancient/historical and some modern buildings due to night earthquake -- damage to residential and high economic areas, Acapulco quake now reported to be 6.6 - April 13, 2007.

Earthquake felt in Mexico City, Acapulco: 6.3 Magnitude - April 13, 2007.

Multiple reports of electrical and telecomunications breakdown in important areas of Mexico City - April 13, 2007.

Aftershock registered 1 hour late of principal quake in Acapulco -- Residents of Miguel Aleman coast area flee. April 13, 2007.


6.2-Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Mexico -- Strongly Felt in Acapulco, Mexico City - April 13, 2007.

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Major Earthquake Devastates Mexico City, Other Nearby Cities
Mike McClellan / Ernesto C.


NEW PREDICTION: 9/19/05, POSTED 11/23/05 -- If the photos below look familiar, it is because I used them to dramatise two other earthquakes that occurred in 2002. They are here because a visitor to this website, Ernesto C., had a dream in October 2004 where he saw these same images relating to a coming earthquake in Mexico City.

For myself, using the base 7 system, I had already determined quite some time ago that September 2006 will be a dangerous vector during which Mexico City could be jarred by a massive earthquake. However, I did not get a chance to post the prediction before I received Ernesto's email where he reveals arriving at the same prediction, also using the base 7 system, last year. For this reason, and because of certain specifics in his letter, I am publishing this as a joint prediction.

The following email correspondence will reveal much information concerning this coming earthquake, both from Ernesto's perspective and my own perspective. It will also provide insight on how the base 7 system can be used, as well as discussing its potential limitations. I edited Ernesto's writing as best I could to make his words read more smoothly in English and hopefully have not altered any intended meanings. Where I was in any doubt, I left the wording alone.


First picture - a collapsed second floors bridges in Mexico City - Ernesto Second picture - a ruined downtown street in Mexico City - Ernesto


From: Ernesto C.
Date: Monday, September 19, 2005 11:35 AM

Hi Mike,

During October 2004 I had a dream vision about a powerful earthquake devastating Mexico City and other important cities in the Central Zone.

One month later, after I was notified by an internet researcher about your web site when looking for profecies about Mexico, I then explored your pages and saw the pictures of the profetic quake in Armenia.

The first picture is more likely to be a part of downtown called 'City's First Square.' And then when I saw the second picture, it seemed more likely to be the 'Second floors bridges' of the principal metropolitan highway into the capital, Mexico City. Both have a strong connection with my dream.

I analyzed your Base 7 System and I got the conclusion that another powerful earthquake will be manifestating between July 2006- September 2006 or September - October 2006 because today is the 20th anniversary of 1985's Deadly Earthquake that killed 20,000 people (9,500 officially). And next year, according to the Base 7 Rational, will come the 3 x 7 = 21 Anniversary of the past quake.

Many geologists and seismologists since 1985 assure that seismic activity has been increasing in the Central zone of Mexico and it's potentially probable that the quake will occur.

When a saw the prophecy about 'Double Earthshock in March and May' in 2006 on California territory, this is another reason to support my visión about a quake in México.

By experience when California has an earth-shake, consequently México does too with the epicenter between the coast of Michoacan to Oaxaca coast, which dimention the Cocos' Plate (Placa de Cocos).

Another date for the Big One in México could be on July 2008 due to my having a sense of the Earth Changings and it's the date that México could have an earthshock if my prediction won´t be fulfilled on the 2006 date.

If an earthquake occurs before Mid-2006 or in 2005 it could be more likely happen October - December 2005; January 2006 because it is commonly then that earthquakes of moderate intensity occur in México, finalizing the year.

I hope your response and if it's possible with your evaluation, publish this mail join with the prophecy.

Greetings and God bless you.
Ernesto C.

2005.09.19 - 11:25am.

P.S. - Of course, another data is that in my viision the quake is likely an 8.1 to 9.2 Richter's Rate. I hope that doesn't surpass the known rate and the death toll could be into dozens of thousands.

The general objective that I ask in its publication, is to generate consciousness in the people to be better prepared for these kinds of events.


* * * * *

Hi Ernesto,

First of all, thank you for concurring with what I suspected might be true about 2006. You see, less than 50% of my 2006 predictions are posted thus far. I usually have enough to cover three pages when I am finished posting. That's why there are roughly three pages for each year, although sometimes four pages (as was the case in 2002), and earlier on, sometimes only two pages.

I usually begin a page with the most outstanding things that come immediately to mind. Later, what is posted on that page and subsequent pages is material that is in my notes (or on one of the back burners of my brain) that I post over a course of weeks and months following the initial posts. Sometimes I don't get around to posting things for many months because I am too busy with other things. Some of what gets posted are also potential events that I discover through my base 7 research only a few months, even a few weeks, in advance. And sometimes I am too late in my research too, and never get the prediction out on time.

Also, occasionally, some things just never occur to me. That is because the base 7 system is so thoroughly grounded in a good knowledge of history. Predictions using base 7 are only going to be as good as the knowledge of history that the person making the predictions possesses.

Dream visions, of course, are another matter altogether, as are real waking visions by those who are the most true of prophets (those who receive the future directly from God through His angels or His Spirit). Thus my pages feature a universal system for historical cycles and repetition of events (base 7), dream visions (poured out by God and by spirits upon mankind -- common man and great alike), and real prophecy like those of the last of the great prophets, Nostradamus, great seers of modern repute such as Chiero, Edgar Cayce and Alois Irlmaier, and the Old Testament prophet kings.

All of this is preface to help understand the three domains my pages fall under: my base 7 system, dreams, and established prophecy, and to explain why some of my base 7 predictions are late to appear on my web site.

Regarding the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, I have long been aware of this very major event, and in fact do remember the television reporting of this when it happened. It has been my intention to post a prediction for another such quake in Mexico happening in September 2006 -- 21 (3 x 7) years after the last one. Your letter, however, has overtaken my posting of this prediction.

Even so, the information you have shared brings the matter under closer scrutiny than I would have been capable of.

I am curious as to why you have included July, August, and October in your vector when the event occurred in September. Sometimes if an event occurred at the end of a month, I will say September/October, for example, but this occurred on 19 September, so it was close enough to the mid month to simply say September. And why July and August?

In any event, your assessment linking California quakes with those in Mexico supports my claim for the West Coast. And if we merely look back to October 1999 (14 years after 1985), we see a powerful quake in California that, fortunately, caused no deaths or injuries because it happened in the country and near the desert, opening up a fissure some 25 miles along the Mojave, and two very large quakes in Mexico City again in June and end of September which caused scores of dead, but nothing even approaching the toll in 1985, yet they were very abnormally strong quakes. All three quakes were in the 7 range. In this case Mexico's seismic activity on 30 September PRECEDED the activity in California by only 17 days.

However, no synchonicity between California and Mexico appears in the Cape Mendocino and Landers quakes of April and June 1992 (no quake for Mexico).

The basis for my West Coast prediction is in part based on the February 1971 Sylmar-San Fernando Earthquake in southern California which was even deadlier than the one in Northridge in 1994, and caused much of the same structural and highway damages we saw on TV in 1994, also the March 1964 Alaska earthquake that was 9.0, along with the back-to-back trend of "double earthquakes" we witnessed in California in April and June 1992 and again in Greece and Turkey in 1999. It is rare to go more than fourteen years between major events where California or Mexico is concerned, and if so, certainly no more than twenty-one years.

Thus, like you, I fully expect Mexico to align with California in one of the largest and deadliest seismic groupings we have seen anywhere on the American continental west coast, north or south, in well over 40 years. Whether it will be as bad as I say and attempt to show on my website or something less than illustrated but still pretty bad I don't know. But with the Cayce and Nostradamus prophecies still outstanding, and the timing for major catastrophic seismic events now reaching a saturation point, I think the time has finally arrived for the fulfillment of their common visions. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Anyway, one basic reason I have held off from mentioning a September 2006 Mexico quake is due to the sheer magnitude of the event I am predicting for California. If what I think will happen really happens, as I have portrayed on my website, it goes without saying that Mexico will be dragged right down along with the seismic rollercoaster ride. And not in September either, but at the same time as California: during the second and apocalyptic temblor in May. Anything that is powerful enough to reduce California into a few small islands or, much worse, cause the entire shelf of the west coast to slide into the ocean all the way to Utah and Nevada as some prophets have said, will likely cause part of Mexico to also disappear or suffer the worst catastrophe in its history at the same exact time.

On the other hand, if what happens in California in 2006 is more along the lines of 1906, 1971, 1989, or 1994, there is good reason to believe Mexico may follow suit within four months time.

The first photo, by the way, was either from the 1994 Northridge quake or the 1995 Kobe, Japan quake (I can't quite recall which). I took the colour photo and turned it into black & white. The second, I can't remember where I got it from. It is in its original B&W. The first was scanned from a magazine, the other from a book.

That you have dreamt these two images, and applied them to parts of Mexico City, I find quite disturbing. It certainly lends additional credibility towards this part of the North American continent suffering from apocalyptic destruction from quake activity. I did not select these two photos in vain; they suggested something to me as it was. I did, however, apply them to a wrong part of the world.

Anyway, any additional info you feel like sharing, please feel free to pass along.

When I post this prediction, since it was also my intention to predict Mexico City, I will do it jointly under both our names. That is because you mention it to me before I get a chance to publish it myself. However, if someone said they saw something like I predicted AFTER I posted it (and this happens a lot by people who just want to see their names attached to something), I would not share the byline.

Always remember, however; what you enter into as a partner can sometimes fail to materialise. Take the person named "Brian" (I think that was his name) who jointly entered into a prediction I made about a rap star being shot down and killed. I never named the person I thought it would be because I didn't know (it turned out to be Jam Master Jay). But he was so sure it was going to be Snoop Dogg -- he even had a credible base 7 gematria to convince me of this identity -- that I allowed him to share the byline (which is something I never had done before or since after a prediction by me has been posted). He turned out to be wrong, which sort of ruined the whole prediction.

Thus, if I am wrong about the West Coast, we may both be wrong about Mexico City.

A prediction with plenty of potential looks powerful and ominous before the event is supposed to happen, and it still appears at varying degrees of power and impressiveness after it is fulfilled (depending on whether it happens in the appropriate month vector, is a few months off, or is 12 or 16 months off ... and depending on whether it matches the magnitude of the event predicted, or is something somewhat less or more). But a failed prediction is nothing more than an eyesore. But I won't delete them because I am an honest person and want people to see when I am in error as well as when I am correct .. and the grey in between where things almost happen but not quite.

There are reasons why history often repeats in cycles of 7 years and multiples of 7 years ... and I think I have brought to light on my website some of the good ones. However, there are reasons why this 7 principal does not always occur .. anywhere from 9% to 27% of the time. And what those reasons are ... I don't know. Perhaps this is where God's will enters into the equation ... or the ability of mankind to heed the warnings and stop the event from happening or at least postpone it for another 7 years or multiple of 7 years. And then there are the machinations of evil men who work their infamous events according to occult practises, often in cycles of 9 or 18. And the mind of the psychopath (terrorist) ... who can really anticipate their every move which is a kind of controlled chaos?

I also believe Bush postpones the very things I predict will happen to a year beyond what I calculate. The Iraq war of 2002 instead turned out to be the Iraq war of 2003. It may well be that the Iran war of 2005 will end up being the Iran war of 2006.

I should also add that, for some reason, I am less successful with my base 7 system on even-numbered years than I am on odd. 2002 was my worst year of all time (a good reason to be a bit wary about 2006). 2005 is shaping up to be one my best, along with 1997 and 2001.


* * * * *

From: Ernesto C.
Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 9:14 AM

Ok Mike, when I sent the information about my dream of the next Mexico quake I didn't do it for personal reasons like posting my name, but if it occurs or if your evaluation concurs with its publication, the objective is to prepare people (talking about thousands or millions) for the event and create collective consciousness.

I have an article that demostrates that there is an opportunity for a powerful earthquake to occur in México between 2005 and 2011. That is the reason that I mention other months in the vector of 2006 included potentially September 2006 and because on those months we have quakes in the years 1957, 1979, September 1985, December 1994, July 1997, August and October 1999. All within a 7.0+ on Richter's rate confirmed by Mercalli´s rate.

In the case of the photos, I undestand that you used it to illustrate similar events. So those photos remind me good of parts of México City, especially downtown, and their purpose is to illustrate repetitive events, like earthquakes too.

When you mention that a prediction finally moves into months later than the date predicted due to acts of mankind or by act of God or Evil is possible, because all the events predicted rationally sustained by history or calculus, finally is commanded and moved by God´s Master Plan (Divine's Plan).

I agree that God finally has the last word or command to execute and fulfill a prediction's purpose upon mankind whatever is the source. I believe on this.

So, if we both believe that there is an order in the chaos, it's 100% correct.

I hope your evaluation and comments of the information sent.



Comments and links from Ernesto C. -- 5.9 Earthquake in Mexico City on Augustt 11, 2006

"It felt very strong in the center area of Mexico City and surrounding areas when the day, one more time, began."
Tiembla fuerte en la Ciudad de México, 5.9 grados Richter.
Quake 5.9 Magnitude shakes Mexico City again and more strongly.
Sismo sacude capital mexicana. - Agosto 11, 2006.

Ernesto C.

Additional links and comments from Ernesto

I reviewed today. And I have more information about this topic.

Graphic from Mexican National Seismology Service about QuakeI Have Other news related with the event to complete and illustrate the section about my comments. Please, could you put them? Thank you.
Confirma Servicio Sismológico Nacional (SSN) dos réplicas de 4.9 tras sismo de 5.9 el mismo día con poca diferencia en horas - Agosto 11, 2006.
National Seismology Service (NSS) confirms two aftershocks due to the main quake produced - August 11, 2006.


Earthquake Shakes Mexico on 2006-08-011 at 0931 AM

El epicentro de las dos réplicas fue localizado en el estado Michoacán - Agosto 11, 2006.

Aftershocks located in Michoacan's province - August 11, 2006.

Ernesto C.

Residents and Employees evacuate buildings on 2006-08-011 Mexico's Quake


Comments and links from Ernesto C. -- A re-evaluation of Mexico Earthquake foor July 2008, Data for November and December, 5.3 Hits Mexico

3 December 2006

Hi Mike.

Recently News about Mexico's Devastating Earthquake is near close to July 2008. Could you please put in the WEB site, Thank you. We are in contact if something occurs for California or/and Mexico as you score between November 2006 to January 2007.
Strong Earthquake shakes Oaxaca with 5.3 Richter Magnitud while politician internal conflict continues between APPO and Mexican Federal Forces. November 06, 2006.
Strong Earthquake shakes with 5.3 Richter Magnitud. Now off coast of Colima Province and felt in Jalisco territory. Panic Between population. November 20, 2006.

ECC BREAKING NEWS: Seismic Energy is traveling thru Ring Fire (Side America's). It`s possible the seismic energy could soon hit significally in California and/or Mexico in next days.
5.6 Magnitude Strong Earthquake shakes Colombia. Felt heavily strong on high buildings December 02, 2006.
4.6 Magnitude Moderate Quake shakes El Salvador. December 02, 2006.



Magnitud de 4.1 grados Richter.Earthquake shakes Jalisco on January 21, 2007

Moderate quake shakes Jalisco. No reports of injuries or damages. January 21, 2007.
07.01.21 Sacude sismo moderado el estado de Jalisco. No se reportan víctimas ni daños materiales.
Comments. ECC07.01.21 This quake occurs on triple 7 date starting 2007.



PLEASE NOTE (M.M.): Like my West Coast quake prediction, Ernesto had two vectors for major earthquake activity in Mexico/Mexico City: one for July-October 2006 (with emphasis on September/October 2006). This concurred with my own September 2006 projection. The other, as can be read in the initial email above, and again in his latest letter, was for July 2008. I only concur with the July 2008 vector in that I believe Yellowstone will erupt around May 2008 and/or an asteroid will strike the Mediterranean Sea in July 2008. Unlike Ernesto, I have no specific projection for a major quake in Mexico in July 2008. Nevertheless, viewers will refer to Ernesto's section on the 2008 page. I will supply a link to it when I have posted it. Later, it will appear on the 2008 (Part Two) page I will soon be creating. A link will be supplied at that time.

Unlike Ernesto, I neglected to provide my second set of vectors for two major quakes striking California, having only March and May 2006 (which was erroneous and should have been a month later for both: April and June 2006). The second set of vectors, as appears in my most recent update on page 2006 (Part One) is February/March 2008 for a single mega-thrust earthquake (yet to be posted on page 2008) followed by the "great earthquake" of May 2008, which will actually be the super-eruption of Yellowstone (or if not, something nearly as devastating to the west coast and Pacific northwest).

Despite what appears to be Ernesto throwing in the towel for Mexico this year, I will be following seismic developments regarding this nation up to the one-year anniversary of the September 2006 vector (September 2007). Should a major quake strike Mexico on or after July 2007, I will consider it to be a premature fulfillment of Ernesto's July 2008 vector. However, I will still consider it as a late fulfillment of my September 2006 vector (since I have no other vectors for Mexico). This may seem strange, but in simpler words, it would mean we were both "in the ballpark," especially since the last major Mexico quake was in 1985. A July 2007 quake, for example, would mean my projection was ten months late and Ernesto's earliest part of his first projection (July-October 2006) a year late and his second projection (July 2008) a year early.

Based on the current data since August 11, especially on that date, I would also conclude this prediction was a CLOSE CALL for both Ernesto C. and myself.
07.02.26 Detectan un sismo frente a costas de Guerrero. No hay medida de su intensidad, ni daños materiales.

Mike, today as this quake occurred, I dreamt that Mexico City suffered major quake of history and we (the Mexicans) were on emergency alarm. Buildings ruined, ambulances and people including my family running on streets and avenues. This dream was 'live'. Recently JAIME MAUSSAN announced with their investigative mates that there could occur a mega-quake soon from Guerrero or/and Jalisco States where we have the path of 'Cosos' plate.

It could be possible that we may have a quake in México running March 2007.



Temblor de más de 5 grados se presenta a medio día en el DF. Marzo 17, 2007.
Reportan temblor de 5.1 grados en el DF. Marzo 15, 2007.

Report quake 5.1 magnitud in to México, City. March 15, 2007.
Marcelo Ebrad - Mexico City's Chief Governor: "It's necesary create Emergency Center." March 14, 2007.
Necesario crear Centro de Emergencias en el DF. Marzo 14, 2007.


"Another earthquake was occurred very recently and was felt on top buldings. As I remarked, March 2007 reports several quakes that could trigger a major quake soon. Be careful friends. Be prepared."
07.03.30 Reportan temblor de 5.4 grados.
07.03.30 El movimientos telúrico se registró a las 13:00 horas de este jueves y tuvo su epicentro a 118 kilómetros al sur de Guerrero.
Quake reported with magnitude 5.4 -- The seismic movement was registered al 13:00 o'clock this Tuesday and had its origin to 118kms on Gerrero's southern coast. March 30, 2007.
Greetings. ECC.


Registran sismo de 4.7 grados en Guerrero.
Quake 4.7 magnitude reported on Guerrero --
ECC: "Another quake 12hours late in the same week".
March 31, 2007.


6.2-Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Mexico -- Strongly Felt in Acapulco, Mexico City

KABC-TV and The Associated Press (AP)

Frightened Mexicans during blackout caused by 6.3 quakeMEXICO CITY, Apr. 12, 2007 - An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.2 rocked Mexico early Friday, striking 60 miles north of Acapulco on the country's Pacific coast, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The quake - which hit about 1 a.m. local time - was strongly felt by residents in Acapulco - where tourists in hotels rushed out of their rooms and huddled together, fearing aftershocks.

The quake was also felt in parts of Mexico City, where power was knocked out. There has been no word on injuries or damage.

In Mexico City, the quake sent people out into the streets. It lasted less than a minute but was strongly felt by residents.

Police patrolled streets while families waited out on the streets in their pajamas, fearing aftershocks. t Safety Information for this site.

Earthquake hits Mexico City, Acapulco

POSTED: 5:14 a.m. EDT, April 13, 2007

Some preliminary damageACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) -- A strong earthquake hit Mexico early Friday, knocking out power in parts of Mexico City and Acapulco and sending frightened residents into the streets.

Civil defense officials in Mexico and the Pacific coast state of Guerrero, where the quake was centered, said there were no reports of any deaths, serious injuries or major damage.

The quake hit at 12:42 local time (1:42 a.m. ET) and lasted less than a minute, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The quake was strongly felt from the Pacific coast resort of Acapulco to the mountain capital of Mexico City. However, it was centered inland, 40 miles (64 km) northwest of Acapulco, and just 18 miles (29km) below the earth's surface.

At least one strong aftershock was felt in Mexico City a few hours after the initial quake. The U.S. Geological Survey said it had a magnitude of 5.4.

Many of Mexico's earthquakes are centered out at sea. Gerard Fryer of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said the quake was too small and too far inland to produce a tsunami.

Mexico City Civil Defense Secretary Miguel Moreno Brizuela said the quake knocked out power to about 20 percent of the homes in the city's downtown district, and there were reports of blackouts in parts of Acapulco.

At the high-rise, beachside Fairmont Acapulco Princess Hotel, hundreds of guests rushed outside, huddling on deck chairs as security officials used megaphones to urge them to remain calm. "We flew out of bed. The building was shaking," said Marcy Olsen, 41, a manager of gas stations in Grand Marais, Minnesota. "I said, 'I think this has to be an earthquake.' We looked out the door, and everyone was leaving."

She was on vacation with her husband, Brian Olsen, 46, and their 13-year-old twin daughters. "Where we are from, there's no such thing," Brian Olsen said. "Blizzards and colds, yes, but no earthquakes."

In Mexico City, ambulances could be heard wailing through the streets amid reports of panic attacks. People waited outside their homes for fear of aftershocks, as police patrolled streets for damage.


Urgently put next news on the web page.  =(  


Warnings published by Jaime Maussan, You and Me have taken effect.  

FRIDAY OF TERROR. VERY STRONG EARTHQUAKE 6.2 MAGNITUD HAS FELT ON MEXICO CITY AND METROPOLITAN ZONE (CONSIDERED LIKE NEARBY CITIES). -- Strong Earthquake drives evacuations a breakdown on the electrical system on important areas. Hundreds flee to the streets from top buidings including foreingers on Hotels of Reforma Avenue. -- Citizen Female: "ALL FELT HOW THE BUILDING WAS BREAK INTO THE STRUCTURE." -- Dozens with Nevious Crisis attenden by Civil Protection Units. -- NATIONAL ALERT SEISMIC SYSTEM ACTIVATED SECONDS AFTER THE QUAKE WAS PRODUCED IN GUERRERO COASTLINE. April 13, 2007.   Thank you. ECC


COMMENTS (4/13/07): No question about it. At magnitude 6.2 and with some reports of widespread damage already seeping in, This is as much a CLOSE CALL as one can get. Any closer and the prediction would be fulfilled. Just waiting for more details and for some pictures. This comes seven months late (what else but seven?).



Mexican TV says quake was a 6.3Protección Civil DF: "We are better prepared to ahead a Earthquake of a major magnitud". -- ECC: "This is a tremendous lie duee to corruption preveal on Mexican Government like 1985." April 13, 2007. Aftershock registered 1 hour late of principal quake on Acapulco. Residents of Miguel Aleman coast area fleed. April 13, 2007. Serious damages on structures and walls in ancient/historical and some modern buildings due to night-Earthquake. -- Multiple reports of electrical and telecomunications breakdown on important areas of Mexico, City. April 13, 2007. Multimple Reports attended by "Protección Civil" of gas and water leaks. April 13, 2007. Earthquake felt in Mexico City, Acapulco. 6.3 Magnitud. April 13, 2007. Reports of material damage on residential and high economic level areas. Psicosis by aftershocks continuo on early Friday. Fortunetly no victims. PARTIALLY FULFILLED. April 13, 2007.
Concerned Mexicans Evacuan a ocupantes de edificio afectado por sismo en Benito Juárez. Residents fleeing of Nonoalco Tlatelolco and Benito Juárez buildings hit by aftershocks. April 13, 2007.
-ocupantes-edificio-afectado-sismo-benito-ju-rez.html No damage on International Large Airport in Mexico, City. Flies Canceled temporally. April 13, 2007.
/2007/04/13/58878/ Earthquake in méxico with 6.6 rate near Acapulco. April 13, 2007.

Greetings. ECC.




Structural damage12 buildings reported with serious damage. -- 85% citizens dosen't considered be preppared for an earthquake like deathly 1985. April 13, 2007.

GDF Inspects damages in more than 12 buidings after queke. More 'Fisuras' reported on Guerrero houses. April 13, 2007.

A New temblor of 4.9 Magnitud felt on Michoacan province at 9:42am. HECHOS TV REPORT: "TSUNAMI IS POSIBLE FROM SINALOA PENINSULA". April 13, 2007.
Thanks a lot.

Police inpect structural damageNational Seismic Alert record 8th quake on THE SAME DAY. toll buildings afected 23 into Federal District (DF/Mexico City)
- April 13, 2007. Building on Tlalpan afected seriously by quake - April 13, 2007. Quake damage structures and walls of ancient buildings
- April 13, 2007.

Thats all. At least produced another event of this nature.  

The Status for this prediction is PARTIALLY FULFILLED. And CLOSE CALL for a Major and deathly Earthquake on the next dates posted.  

Thanks. ECC.

Hi Mike.

Worried Mexicans on streetsThe last report for the web page  

12 seismic aftershocks reported on Friday night -- Protection Civil Directionof Guerrero province confirms dozens of houses at "Costa Grande" with damages. April 14, 2007.


A temblor 5.2 at 5:02am magnitud shakes Mexico's Southern without damages April 19, 2007.
ECC: "It was a double 7 date-hour. 2007 means 'Double Command' ".


Quake rated 5.0 causes hit on Acapulco port - April 28, 2007.


Hi Mike.   Could you please the next links on the web page ?

Very Strong Earthquake to Strike Mexico on 24th and/or 25th Mayo 2007 - May 14, 2007.
CLOSE CALL AGAIN for both Ernesto C. and Mike M.
Forum: A major temblor could hit Mexico City for May 24, 2007 - May 14, 2007.  


Alarm causes rare 5.2 magnitud quake to habitantes on Tamaulipas and Veracruz provinces - May 23, 2007. CLOSE CALL.
No damages reported on Veracruz and Tamaulipas due to unusual quake aftermath - May 23, 2007.
ECC - Are you prepare? It's possible that a major earthquake could hit México from now to 1st, June 2007 (exactly 7 WEEKS after strong quake occured on April, 13th 2007.)  
Thank you. ECC.


Colima quake 5-31Quake 5.2 magnitud hits Colima province reporting damages on Almería county -- May 31, 2007. BAD NEWS DUE TO PREDICCION FULLFILED ONE DAY BEFORE THE LASTEST PROJECTION BY ECC.

Hechos TV: "A woman was hurt from several bricks fallen on her head. Fire due to high voltage cables was destroyed. Reported with fallen rocks highway to port of Manzanillo resort. Members of Mexican army could arrive to give support to citizens."
-- May 31, 2007.

Thank you. ECC.


Coyuca de Benitez, Guerrero County reports strong earthquake 5.6 magnitude. Several homes soaked due to mountain colapsed - November 6, 2007.

COMMENTS:   Several mexicans as in other parts of the world we are surfing the apocalipsis reflexed on mega-disasters like Tabasco floods and mountain colapse on Chiapas or fires in California, storms in the Atlantic coast and possible earthquakes on these days; or the volcanos activity on Indonesia, etc...

I think the bad actions againts mother nature and political MEGA-FAKE have a HIGH PRICE after all.  

Another signal: MEGA-DISASTER is coming as the sudden increase of brightness of comet 17P/Holmes.

Stay tunned.   Thank YOU. Greetings. ECC.


Temblor with 4.5 intensity rocks Tabasco - November 30, 2007
Earthquake 5.8 magnitud reported on Tabasco and Chiapas counties. - November 26, 2007



RATING: + 1.5


Earthquake 5.2 magnitute reports on Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo - September 6, 2007.
Earthquake shakes western Mexico - September 1, 2007.
6.3 Magnitud quake registered on Golfo de California - September 1, 2007.
Quake shaes Oaxaca county - August 19, 2007.
Two moderate earthquakes on same day strike in Chiapas and Michoacan counties - August 12, 2007.
5.1 earthquake shakes Southern coast of Mexico - February 15, 2007.
Moderate earthquake shakes southern Mexico - November 8, 2006.
Moderate earthquake hits Mexico coast, felt in city - August 19, 2006.
Moderate quake hits Mexico City on Sunday, follows Friday's 6.0 - August 13, 2006.
Quake rocks Mexico City -- No injuries or major damage reported - August 12, 2006.
5.9 Earthquake Rocks Mexico City - August 11, 2006.
5.4 quake shakes western Mexico - July 31, 2006.
Moderate quakes shake Mexico, El Salvadore (5.1, 5.6) - February 20, 2006.
Se registra sismo en el DF, no hay daños (4.8) - February 20, 2006.


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BASE 7 ALERT: Dawson College, Columbine Revisited


Eric Harris, 18, Columbine killer Dylan Klebold, 17, Columbine killer Kimveer Gill, 25, Dawson shooter


September 19, 2006 - Whilst our attention has been riveted on the Islamic world's anger at the Pope's speech, his upcoming visit to Turkey under a threat of death by several Muslim clerics, Madonna's performance in Moscow whilst also under threat of death by the Russian mafia, major reversals in Afghanistan, the eve of civil war in Iraq, evidence that the US is preparing an attack on Iran, Al Qaeda threats to nuke up to seven US cities this month or in October, bombings in Kosovo, and what appears to be the start of a violent revolution in Hungary, a deadly domestic event in North America has played out again seven years later in a hail of bullets and blood.

First, a little background on the 1999 event:


Students 'kill dozens' at Denver school

BBC News

20 April 1999

A Swat team moves in to the schoolA shooting spree by two American high school students is feared to have left up to 25 people dead and injured at least 15 others.

The students, wearing balaclavas and trench coats, rampaged through Columbine High School in Denver, Colorado, firing automatic weapons and throwing homemade bombs. The bodies of the two suspects, who had apparently shot themselves, were later found in the library. Explosive devices are said to have been found on or near the suspects' bodies. They have been named as Eric Harris, 18, and 17-year-old Dylan Klebold.

'Trench coat mafia'

The pair are said to have belonged to a group known as the "trench coat mafia" who boasted about owning guns and were alienated from the other children.

One girl told police she was in the library when one of the boys burst in and began firing shots. "He said he would kill everyone who had been mean to him and his friends over the last year," she said. Other witnesses said the gunmen were targeting students from ethnic minorities and popular athletes.

As FBI agents and specialist firearms teams made their way through the carnage, a bomb set on a time device exploded. At least 12 other bombs were found throughout the school, said police.

Three people believed to be friends of the suspects were arrested and were led away in handcuffs. But a police spokeswoman said they were not thought to be directly involved in the shootings.

Columbine High School - which has 1,800 pupils - is situated in the middle-class suburb of Littleton. US President Bill Clinton has sent his condolences to the town. "The prayers of the American people are with you," he said.


The following two articles regarding the shooting spree at Dawson College in Montreal pretty much sums up the similarities of the two events, including another that occurred in Canada in 1992, 14 (2 x 7) years ago. Dawson College happened 7 years and 5 months after Columbine High School.


Montreal shootings leave 1 dead, 19 injured

The Seattle Times

Evacuated students comfort each other during shooting incident in MontrealMonday, September 18, 2006 Updated 01:38 PM

MONTREAL — The shooting at a downtown Montreal college Wednesday that left one woman dead and 19 others injured, eight critically, was an extraordinary event in a country with relatively strong gun-control laws. Eyewitnesses said a gunman in his 20s, with a Mohawk haircut and wearing a long black trench coat, started shooting randomly with a semi-automatic rifle at about 12:40 p.m. outside the Dawson College campus, near a spot where students gather to smoke.

Montreal Police Chief Yvan Delorme said officers arrived minutes after the shooting began and eventually shot the suspect, who died at the scene. Police did not know the identity of the man, or his motive, he said. A search of his car nearby uncovered several other weapons and ammunition, according to Montreal police spokesman Robert Mansueto.

The victim was 20, and the wounded ranged in age from 18 to 22, he said. The gunman fired 12 to 15 shots in quick succession before entering a campus cafeteria, where he opened fire again, according to witnesses, who started running or dived to the ground. Some of the shots sprayed across the street into the Alexis Nihon Plaza, one of Montreal's most important shopping complexes.

As officers arrived, the gunman fled into a cafeteria, where he chased down students and aimed at others lying on the floor, according to witnesses. Students began running out of the school into the bloody scene where the shooting began. Others were told to run back into class and were stuck there. "We ran out of the building as a SWAT team was coming in," student Michel Boyer told CBC, Canada's national network. "They were screaming, 'Where is he?' And when you have 20 police running at you with guns, you really know that your life is in danger."

The suspect was shot inside the school. Witnesses said the incident lasted about 20 minutes.

The shooting had echoes of the Columbine massacre in a Colorado high school in 1999, when two students in trench coats killed 13 people in a shooting spree, before shooting themselves. But for Montreal citizens, it also evoked two other college killings in the past 15 years.

In 1992, Valery Fabrikant, a former associate professor of mechanical engineering at Concordia University, killed four of his colleagues. In 1989, Marc Lepine, a rejected student, killed 14 women at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. That shooting sparked calls for gun control, and the federal government later introduced a stringent national firearms registry.

Montreal shootings an echo of Columbine -- 1999 Colorado killings fascinate some youths

By Catherine Tsai and Jon Sarche
Associated Press

Friday, September 15, 2006

Police evacuate students during Wednesday's shooting incidentDENVER — The Montreal school shooting has exposed a persistent fascination with the 1999 Columbine massacre among many young people, with some students modeling themselves on the Colorado killers and citing the bloodbath as a sick source of inspiration.

Earlier this year, five teenagers were accused of plotting an attack at a Kansas high school on the seventh anniversary of the Columbine attack, which remains the deadliest school shooting in the United States.

And two weeks ago, a Hillsborough, N.C., teenager whom authorities described as obsessed with Columbine and other school shootings sent an e-mail to Columbine's principal before killing his father and firing shots at his former high school.

On Wednesday, a gunman in Montreal killed one and wounded 19 in a shooting rampage at a college. Kimveer Gill, 25, said on a blog that he liked to play "Super Columbine Massacre," an Internet-based computer game that simulates the April 20, 1999, attack by the two students who killed 13 people and then themselves. Players take the role of Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold, killing classmates and teachers.

"Life is a video game you've got to die sometime," Gill wrote in an online profile. Gill also wrote that he hated jocks, preppies, country music and hip-hop — similar to the screeds of Harris and Klebold.

During Wednesday's attack, Gill wore a black trench coat, just as the Columbine attackers did as they began their rampage ...


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Thousands Dead in Iran Earthquake


Thousands die in Iran quake


NEW PREDICTION: 1/3/06 -- The worst quake since the one that struck Bam may devastate part of Iran sometime this month, September 2006. The casualties could be very high, in the thousands.




5.3 Earthquake hits Iran, no casualties reported - January 19, 2007.
Quakes Hit Southwestern Iran - January 19, 2007.


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Civil War Begins in Iraq, Shi'a Ally with Kurds Against Sunnis



NEW PREDICTION: 9/6/06 -- This may not seem like much of a prediction, given that many are already speculating that a civil war in Iraq is near, but I must post this scenario anyway as the base 7 system indicates a serious window for the spreading of the conflict in September-November 2006.

I believe that when it breaks out, it will become very clear that it is not just more cases of terrorism from the Iraqi al-Qaeda targeting Shi'ites. Sunnis and Shi'a will form their own armies. The Shi'a will receive support from the Iranian-backed PUK Kurd majority in the north. The PUK and Shi'a, in turn, will also receive support from neighbouring Iran. The Sunnis will receive support from the formerly Saddam-backed KDP Kurd minority. The Turkish rebel PKK Kurds in northern Iraq will continue to be at war with Turkey and Iran. There will also be inter-Kurd fighting between the Iraqi Sunni-supported KDP, the Iranian-backed PUK, and the rebel PKK.

President Jalal Talabani may be forced out of office if the government should collapse. If this occurs, it should be around November 2006. Talabani may then return to control of his PUK Kurds and possibly ally with Shi'a cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. The Sunnis will then rally around a leader of their own choosing. If total chaos breaks out, Saddam Hussein may even escape prison or be freed and be returned to position as leader of the Iraqi Sunnis. Much less likely is that it will be Abu Ayyub al-Masri, Egyptian-born head of the Iraqi al-Qaeda. Most Sunnis despise this group.

However, should Talabani remain in power, then the nature of the civil war will become Sunni anti-government forces vs the Kurdish-controlled Iraqi government in alliance with the Shi'a. Again, who will lead the Sunnis is difficult to say.

US forces will be forced into a dilemma. What side should they support? The government side, which will now also be squarely allied with America's enemy Iran? Not too likely. The US would likely support the side of the Sunnis. Perhaps they will install a puppet Sunni leader like former president Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer. However, if the Sunnis free Saddam Hussein or allow a terrorist to lead, the mission for America in Iraq will be over. What would have been a phased withdrawal would become a sudden tactical retreat. US forces will then have to focus completely on an air and naval war against neighbouring Iran and keeping the Iranians out of Iraq.



A relative reacts while taking part in a funeral processionResidents gather next to a pool of blood

A relative reacts while taking part in a funeral procession for a victim of the previous day's attacks, in Sadr City district of Baghdad, Iraq, Friday, Nov. 24, 2006. Funeral processions began Friday for the more than 200 people who were killed by car bombs and mortars in Baghdad's largest Shiite district, the deadliest attack since the war began. (AP Photo/Karim Kadim) .... Residents gather next to a pool of blood near an explosion site in Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2006. A bomb hidden in a minibus went off killing a civilian and wounding 15 others, police said. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)

Relatives bury Raad Hammed, age 28 in Ramadi

Relatives bury Raad Hammed, age 28 in Ramadi, 115 kilometers (70 miles) west of Baghdad, Iraq, Sunday, Nov. 19, 2006. Raad was taken from his home during a joint Iraqi U.S. military raid and his body was found dumped on the street two days later, relatives said. (AP Photo)

Civil war worsens

By Solomon Moore, Times Staff Writer
6:48 PM PST, November 24, 2006

Baghdad, Iraq -- Iraq's civil war worsened Friday as Shiite and Sunni Arabs engaged in retaliatory attacks in the wake of coordinated car-bombings that killed more than 200 people in a Shiite slum the day before -- even as a main Shiite political faction threatened a walkout, a move that likely would lead to the government's collapse and plunge the nation deeper into disarray.

Thursday's massacre in Sadr City -- a Shiite slum that is a stronghold of anti-U.S. cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and his militia, the Mahdi Army -- sparked a flurry of attacks around the country, reinforced doubts about the effectiveness of the Iraqi government and U.S. military, and emboldened Shiite vigilantes ...


COMMENTS (11/28/06): It certainly appears that a consensus is growing that Iraq has crossed the line into civil war. Tonight there was even talk on ABC News that the current Iraqi government is near collapse and might fall apart at any time between now and the next five months. It also seems that Bush must choose from one of several plans put together by James Baker and other advisors that see the current situation as being a civil war in progress. So, tentatively, and hopefully not prematurely, I will say this a PREDICTION FULFILLED. The question now is what can be done?

Moqtada al-Sadr, spiritual leader of the Shiites, is beginning to appear to be the most menacing figure among the insurgent groups launching attacks on civilians (someone has actually compared him to Darth Vader). Most plans advise a withdrawal if the government collapses. Other suggestions support engaging Syria and Iran in bringing stability to the region and advise against taking sides in the civil war by evoking past failed missions in Lebanon (1982-84) and Somalia (1993).

Personally, I think the US is going to be forced to do what I think it should have done immediately after toppling Saddam in May 2003: implementing a tactical retreat to land and sea bases in the Persian Gulf (military bases in emirates like Kuwait and on aircraft carriers in the Gulf waters and nearby Red Sea). From these vantage points the US, perhaps along with Arab allies and Nato partners, could observe the situation from the outside in much the same way as US/Nato did the two major Balkans wars (Bosnia and Kosovo). When it is clear who the real aggressor is and who the oppressed groups are, an air war can be launched to force the aggressors to capitulate. A peace treaty can be agreed and then peacekeepers, largely composed from Muslim states, can be put into place like SFOR is in Kosovo. If the peacekeeping aegis is Nato or the UN, they might come from Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, India, and oil emirate countries like Kuwait and Bahrain.

The danger of this idea is that an Iraqi civil war might not remain contained to Iraq and could spread to Iran, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, and then the rest of the region later, eventually merging with the simmering, and at times heated, conflict between Israel and her neighbours the Palestinians, Lebanon, and Syria. In other words the same fear strategists had regarding Bosnia and Kosovo: that the civil wars in the former Yugoslavia would spread throughout the entire Balkans region, even to places like Greece and Hungary. It never happened, but it could have. Likewise, an Iraqi civil war might spread throughout the Middle East. Even so, keeping US troops in the midst of an Iraqi civil war is a no win situation. There is also the danger of supporting the wrong side, and replacing Saddam Hussein with another monster who is much worse.

Speaking of which: if the central government does indeed collapse and US forces are put into disarray, who is going to be guarding Saddam Hussein?? As the situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate, it is beginning to look like Saddam may never see the hangman's noose and, much worse, as my dream visions warn, he may even be freed by Sunni insurgents and proclaimed leader of an Iraqi rump state. That rump state might then eventually take control of the entire country by force, placing an angry Saddam Hussein once again at the helm as head-of-state and "King of Babylon." Then, every nightmare ever entertained by the West about Iraq under his administration during the 1990s just might become a reality.


RATING: + 0.75


U.S says some of Iraq in 'civil war'
U.S.: Some of Iraq in 'civil war' - March 15, 2007.
Karbala attackers posed as U.S. military officials - January 22, 2007.
Market bombs kill 100 in 2 Iraqi cities - January 22, 2007.
Deaths top 100 in Baghdad bombings, shootings - January 16, 2007.
Iraq Plan A Recipe For Greater Disaster - January 15, 2007.
Powell says world should recognize Iraq at civil war - November 29, 2006.
Iraq PM powerless to stop violence, says US - November 29, 2006.
Shi'ites, Sunnis amass arms - November 29, 2006.
NBC Calls Iraq Conflict 'Civil War' - November 27, 2006.
Annan: Iraqis 'almost' in civil war - November 27, 2006.
Mortars Set Fire to U.S. Base in Iraq - November 26, 2006.
Calls for calm as crowd stones Iraq PM - November 26, 2006.
21 Shiites gunned down in front of families - November 25, 2006.
LA Times: Civil war worsens in Iraq - November 24, 2006.
Mosques torched after worst Iraq bombing - November 24, 2006.
New Savage Twist to Violence in Baghdad - November 24, 2006.
Shiites torch Sunni people, mosques, houses -- Bombs kill more than 200 in Baghdad's Sadr City - November 24, 2006.
Iraq Civilian Slaughter Grows - November 22, 2006.
Saudi analyst: Iran in control, Iraq a 'lost battle' - November 2, 2006.
Baghdad ia under siege - November 1, 2006.
Iraqi Prime Minister Announces New Military Crackdown Targeting Violence in South - October 23, 2006.
GOP Senator Says Iraq Is Near Chaos - October 23, 2006.
Iraqi police recruits killed, kidnapped in ambush - October 22, 2006.
Expert Warns Iraq In A "State Of Almost Full Collapse" - October 22, 2006.
U.S. Sees Deadliest Month of '06 in Iraq - October 21, 2006.
Bombs rip through holiday market in Iraq - October 21, 2006.
Deadly clashes erupt in second Iraq town - October 21, 2006.
Shiite militia seizes Iraqi city - October 20, 2006.
Bush Accepts Iraq-Vietnam Comparison - October 18, 2006.
Iraq situation is 'dire.' says Straw - September 29, 2006.
Iraq's New al-Qaida Leader: 4,000 Insurgents Dead -- Calls on Explosives Experts to Test Biological, Dirty Bombs
Against US Bases in Iraq - September 28, 2006.

U.S.: Sadr City again a militants' haven - September 25, 2006.
U.N. chief: Iraq in 'grave danger' of civil war - September 18, 2006.


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Hollywood Murder-Suicide Claims Celebrity and Spouse


finale from Last Night


NEW PREDICTION: 1/3/05 -- The better-known member of the husband-wife tragedy will likely be an actor/actress or comedian/comedienne. A gun will be used, although not necessarily so. This may be a murder-suicide or a mutual suicide. The one who initiates it can be either the husband or the wife. This may be a celebrity couple living in Hollywood or a couple, one member at least who will be American, living outside of the United States. The dating for this double tragedy is during one of two years (or both): May 2005 and/or October 2006.


'Forrest Gump' makeup artist Hallie D'Amore kills husband, self

POSTED: 8:50 a.m. EST, December 21, 2006

Story Highlights
• Hallie D'Amore shot husband Richard, self
• D'Amore nominated for Oscar for "Forrest Gump"
• Couple had been having marital problems, police told

GunshotLOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- A makeup artist nominated for an Oscar for her work in "Forrest Gump" shot her husband and killed herself in their home, authorities said Wednesday.

Hallie D'Amore, 64, and her 65-year-old photographer husband, Richard, were found dead Friday by co-workers who were concerned when she failed to show up for work, police Detective Mike DePasquale said.

There was no sign of a struggle or forced entry, and a gun was found, authorities said. The Los Angeles County coroner's office has ruled the deaths a murder-suicide.

DePasquale said Hallie D'Amore left a "disjointed" note of several pages but it did not mention a specific motive. "They'd been having marital problems," he said. "That's what the neighbors and family were telling us -- and maybe monetary problems that created stress."

The couple recently celebrated their 22nd anniversary.

Hallie D'Amore was nominated for an Academy Award for her work with two others on the 1994 movie "Forrest Gump." She won an Emmy in 2003 for her work on the HBO movie "Normal."

D'Amore entered the entertainment makeup business in the 1970s. "She was one of the first women in the business," Susan Cabral-Ebert, president of the local makeup artists' union, told the Los Angeles Times. "It was all men at the time. She gave me my first job."

Richard D'Amore was a photographer popular among celebrities including Michelle Pfeiffer and Dolly Parton, according to his Web site.


COMMENTS (12/24/06): No photos yet. PREDICTION FULFILLED. Very close to the vector this time.


RATING: + 1.0


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Cruise Ship Attacked By Terrorists


Passenger liner bombed


NEW PREDICTION: 2/11/06 -- This may well become known as "the year of terror." Although I cannot pinpoint all the events likely to occur, one of these may well be a terrorist attack on a cruise ship in the Eastern Mediterranean. I suspect the waters off Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, or Italy. This will either be a hijacking or a bombing, although I do see fire eventually. The heel injured brings death, a cripple, a hero remembered, the "more" sound reverberates. In October 2006.


Fire breaks out on cruise ship -- Fire kills an American, injures 11, and damages 150 cabins

Associated Press

8:15 PM EST ON 23/03/06

The Star Princess as seen in a file photo in 2003Montego Bay, Jamaica — A fire broke out aboard a giant cruise ship early Thursday as it sailed through the moonlit Caribbean, leaving one passenger dead, 11 people injured and at least 100 rooms scorched.

The Star Princess, carrying 2,690 passengers and 1,123 crew members, bore evidence of the nighttime drama as it pulled into Montego Bay's port. About 85 exterior cabins were blackened from the fire, a stark contrast to the otherwise gleaming white exterior of the ship. Metal was twisted, evidence of the heat of the blaze.

“We consider ourselves very lucky,” Klemens Fass, of Toronto, said after he and his wife were evacuated with other some passengers. “When we got out of our stateroom ... there was someone lying in the hallway passed out. He was being attended to but it was very, very scary.”

Earlier, a spokeswoman for the Foreign Affairs Department in Ottawa said there were no reports of any Canadians killed or injured by the fire. A smouldering cigarette is suspected as the cause of the blaze, said Horace Peterkin, president of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association, who toured the ship after it docked.

Passengers grabbed life jackets and raced to “muster stations” after the fire started about 3 a.m. local time, said Julie Benson, spokeswoman for Princess Cruises, which is owned by Miami-based Carnival Corp. The crew put out the fire, then did a cabin-by-cabin search to check for victims and make sure everyone else was safe, she said.

Richard Liffidge, 75, of Georgia, collapsed and died on deck, said Karl Angell, communications director for the Jamaican police. Ms. Benson said the passenger died after suffering cardiac arrest. But Mr. Peterkin said an autopsy would be performed to determine the cause of death. Mr. Liffidge's wife was taken to a hospital in Montego Bay, Mr. Angell said.

There was no immediate word on what she was being treated for or her condition. A company statement said two passengers suffered “significant smoke-inhalation injuries” and nine others had “minor complications.”

Ms. Benson said the company has reached no conclusions about the cause of the blaze. She said about 100 cabins were affected by the fire, though Mr. Peterkin put the number at around 150.

The Star Princess was sailing from Grand Cayman to Jamaica when the blaze started. It was reported to have been built at a cost of more $430 million (U.S.), it has four swimming pools, a half-dozen restaurants and dining rooms, a casino, two theatres and several nightclubs. It stretches about three football fields long.


COMMENTS (3/24/06): Wrong location, but the fire was real enough. Not terrorism, either. Still, dramatic enough for a PREDICTION PARTIALLY FULFILLED. However, because the location was wrong and the cause likely an accident, I still believe that this prediction has yet to be properly fulfilled in October. This qualifies as a precursor, in any event.


NEWS: Al Qaeda planning Europe attacks - November 11, 2006.


RATING: + 0.75


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Iran Tests "First" Nuclear Device or Uses One In an Attack


The barbarians will watch with joy the great plume of fire wail in the windAhmadinejad shows the West and Israel what he has planned for them


NEW PREDICTION: 4/13/06, POSTED 5/1/06 -- I wouldn't be surprised, at the current pace, if Iran demonstrates it has nuclear weapons sometime this year.  Probably, like India and Pakistan, it will be an underground test.   

The "test" of course would be primarily for Western consumption:  Iran already has nuclear weapons, although how many and in what form is debatable.  It could be as little as the three warheads they supposedly bought from the Russian black market in January 1992 immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union or as many as the 250 warheads they allegedly got from Ukraine (plus the few they may have developed on their own or any others Russia may have given them in secret).

They may even seek to outrage "the West" (Europe and the USA) even more than they already have and perform an above the ground nuclear test (which has been prohibited by international law since 1963).

The base 7 vectors for such a test is: October 2006 and July/August 2008.

There is also a remote chance this will not be a test, but a strike. If Israel launches air strikes against Iran in October 2006, then Iran might retaliate with a nuclear missile.


UPDATE (6/5/06): The following related material was emailed to me by Mark S. Cane, a Nostradamus commentator who had a website a short while back I linked to that focused on the prophet's sixains, presages, and more obscure quatrains (and hopefully will return again with another website soon):



I have appreciated your accumulation of news that may be relevant to predictions. I would like to direct your attention to Nostradamus prophecies that may be timely to the Iran nuclear crisis.

Sixain VIII

Shortly before the opening of talks,
An ambassador will come from Persia, (Iran)
To bring news to the free land, (USA?)
But unreceived, vain hope,
It will be an offense to his great God, (Allah)
Pretending to desire to abandon him.

It appears Nostradamus foresees that proposing talks is an Iranian ploy for time. In his book "Jerusalem Countdown," John Hagee interviews military analysts, including Israeli analysts and leaders, who are convinced Iran will have a nuclear tipped missile that can reach Israel by October of 2006. This month is mentioned by Nostradamus.


To the great Jeremiel,
The crusaders will all be attached by rank,
The long-lasting Opium and Mandrake,
The raugon will be let loose on October 3rd.

The Christian world will finally come out of its thoughtless stupor concerning the danger of Islam when Iran hits Israel with a nuclear missile, possibly this October 3rd. This will cause a new crusade to free Europe from the ensuing invasion. raugon may be a cryptic reference to the anaragonic revolution, predicted to destroy much of the world through fire and flood.

Best regards,




Holy Ahmadinejad!
Defiant Ahmadinejad promises nuclear news in two months - February 11, 2007.
Iran: Giant achievements coming soon -- Ahmadinejad: On February 11, Islamic Republic's nuclear rights 'will be established' - February 4, 2007.
North Korea helping Iran with nuclear test - January 24, 2007.
Nuclear Explosion In Iran - January 11, 2007.
Ahmadinejad: Iran now a nuclear power -- Iranian president: Our scientists have reached zenith, accessed nuclear fuel cycle - December 20, 2006.
Iran to complete nuclear R&D by March - December 5, 2006.
Ahmadinejad says Iran ready for 'final nuclear step' - November 16, 2006.
Iran: Nuclear program will be operating by February - November 14, 2006.
Only A few Months Before A Nuclear Iran Says Israeli FM - September 17, 2006.
Report: Iran planning nuclear 'surprise' - August 23, 2006.


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Pandemic Kills Millions




NEW PREDICTION: 2/24/05 (POSTED 3/23/05) -- A disease of unknown origin will infect people worldwide. This will not be the "third of mankind" pestilence the Bible is said to warn of or the "two-thirds [of humanity? of Europe?] that will fail" mentioned by Nostradamus in his Epistle to Henry II. However, it will be somewhat worse than the 1918 influenza outbreak; how much so, I do not yet know.

One would think the 1918 influenza outbreak itself should have been a logical precedent for a prediction of this sort. In my previous attempt to arrive at a vector for a new killer pandemic, I therefore arrived at at the date, August 2003. What did transpire in 2003 was the SARS epidemic that almost became a serious pandemic twice, but was prevented from doing so. Also, a bird flu crisis began late in January 2004 (which was technically close enough to be covered by the prediction).

It is now too late to use the Hong Kong flu from winter 1968-69 as a precedent (that would have been winter 2003-04). However, one final 20th Century plague bears looking at:


Asian Flu

In 1957 there was another influenza A pandemic, later to become known as Asian influenza. The virus was one of the type H2N2 and again originated in China. The Asian influenza virus contained different haemagluttinin and neuraminidase antigens, compared to the 1918 Spanish influenza virus which was H1N1. The emergence of the 1957 virus caused the H1N1 viruses to disappear. The two waves of the Asian flu pandemic occurred firstly in October 1957 and then at the beginning of 1958 with excess mortality occurring in each. It has been claimed via serologic archaeology that the haemagluttinin of the 1889-90 pandemic is similar to H2N2 of 1957-8, as is the haemagluttinin of 1899-1900 to the H3N2 of 1968-69.


Thus, if I were to make a base 7 prediction for when another, more deadly flu from Asia perhaps becomes a pandemic, I would say October 2006-January 2007. This would be 49 (7 x 7) years after the Asian Flu pandemic.

Also, there actually are a number of prophecies relating to a deadly, global plague. Most deal with a post-war or during the war (World War III and other global wars to come) plague. Only one I know of is about a plague that kills millions BEFORE a major war.The black death comes to Agen

Nostradamus warns us of the following:


Quatrain 9.55

The horrible war that in the occident is prepared,
The year ensuing will come the pestilence,
So very horrible that young, old, nor beast [will survive],
Blood, fire, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.


July 2002 or September 2004 (Hogue/Oldenburg) — The operative word actually is not "by" but "in": war is prepared "in" the West. This gives us two meanings: "in the West" can mean "by the West"; but it can also mean war will spread to the West from other places. The astrological clues in Quatrain 9.55, as it turns out, repeat again in February 2009, April/May 2011, and December 2011-January 2020. According to another quatrain dated by Christian Wollner, June 21, 2002 heralded "a calamitous war" in the West (the Iraq War in 2003 and the continuing insurgency-guerrilla war there that has followed since?). Therefore, 2002 or 2004 would be years for war "in" or "by" the West followed by a subsequent plague in 2003 or 2005.

I have to admit that the 2004 conjunction is somewhat close to where we are now, although I cannot back it up with any base 7 vector.

Personally, I really feel that Nostradamus is talking about a war in Europe. Thus, the February 2009 conjunction makes more sense. It would be right on the heels of what I now believe will likely be the Russian blitzkrieg of Europe in August 2008 and the start of the nuclear duel with the US by September 2008. October 2008 should bring the earth shift and three days of darkness. Then come all the horrible plagues from yellow dust, satanic boxes, nuclear radiation, aliens, outer space, etc. So all that is very close to February 2009.

Still, there is a puzzling European prophecy about a plague that kills 25 million people before WW3.

This is brief, but here it is nonetheless:


Anton Johansson, Sweden (1858-1909) --

The Third World War will break out at "the end of July, beginning of August."

For Johansson, like many other European prophets, WW3 is the invasion of Europe by the East or Russia. Here is one of the events he says will precede World War III:

A nurse prepares a flu shot"New diseases used as weapons will cause 25 million people to die."

That suggests to me that diseases like SARS and Bird Flu have been biologically engineered by weapons research organisations. Apparently, something goes wrong, and a mutant strain escapes, killing 25 million people regionally or worldwide. If that is the case, I am off eighteen months with my original August 2003 vector, the September 2004 planetary conjunction cited by Hogue's astrologer, Dan Oldenburg, is nearer the mark, and the pandemic is coming ... now.

Or the conjunction is not applicable to the current situation and the vector I cited for an Asian plague in October 2006-January 2007 will be correct. That would fall under Johansson's pre-WW3, "new diseases" prophecy.

As for a during and post-WW3, Pandora's Box of unearthly plagues ala Alois Irlmaier and others, my earliest base 7 vectors are May 2009 and August 2010. As can be seen, the May 2009 vector is uncomfortably close to Oldenburg's planetary dating of February 2009.


Has the Avian Flu Pandemic already begun? How soon will it get here? How bad will it get? Be forewarned and keep abreast on this developing danger to you and me, as well as other disasters of global importance at: Earth Frenzy Radio




Bird flu to be pandemic yet?
Bird flu claims 94th victim in Indonesia - December 25, 2007.
China bird flu cluster sparks fear of human-to-human transmission - December 7, 2007.
China says father of bird flu victim also infected - December 7, 2007.
Superbug succeeds by blowing up defender cells, scientists learn - November 11, 2007.
Killer amoeba: Sounds like sci-fi, but it's real -- A freshwater organism feeds on the brain if it finds its way up the nose of a hapless human - October 8, 2007.
6 Die From Brain-Eating Amoeba in Lakes - September 28, 2007.
WHO: 8 more Ebola cases confirmed in Congo - September 27, 2007.
Has the meteorite brought new diseases to Earth? - September 27, 2007.
WHO issues alert on Ebola in Congo - September 11, 2007.
Ebola infects hundreds in Congo - September 10, 2007.
Congo Officials Confirm Ebola Outbreak - September 10, 2007.
US Bio-Warfare Catastrophe Reported In Congo -- ‘mysterious’ new disease outbreak killing both human beings and animals - September 5, 2007.
Russia confirms H5N1 bird flu strain at poultry farm - September 4, 2007.
Scientists Not Sure Whether Wild Birds Are Carrying Avian Influenza Virus - September 3, 2007.
Indonesian man hospitalized for suspected bird flu - September 3, 2007.
Queens to be Sprayed with Pesticide to Cut West Nile Virus Risk - September 2, 2007.
Study confirms human-to-human spread of bird flu - August 29, 2007.
Infectious diseases spreading faster than ever: U.N. - August 23, 2007.
U.N.: Diseases spreading faster than ever - August 23, 2007.
Brit Bird-Flu Victims to be stored in Tents, hired from a Marquee hire firm - August 22, 2007.
New bird flu virus is detected in Egypt - August 22, 2007.
Indoensia confirms 2nd bird flu death on Bali - August 22, 2007.
Mad Cow Disease Takes Illinois Teacher's Life -- School Cancels Thursday Classes - August 21, 2007.
Mystery ailment kills hundreds of Saudi camels - August 18, 2007.
Death toll from West Nile virus reaches six in California - August 18, 2007.
Flesh-eating Disease Is On The Rise Due To Global Warming, Experts Warn - August 16, 2007.
Millions face flood disease threat - August 7, 2007.
U.S. seeks fliers possibly exposed to rare TB - May 29, 2007.
Federal Quarantine for TB Traveler - May 29, 2007.
Indonesian girl dies from bird flu - May 23, 2007.
Virulent New Strain of TB Raising Fears of Pandemic -- Bug Is Resistant to Most Available Drugs - May 3, 2007.
'Random' bird flu baffles Indonesian scientists - April 1, 2007.
Bird flu deaths in Indonesia, China - March 29, 2007.
Officials: Bird flu strikes Hanoi - March 7, 2007.
Belarus Forms Special Military Units to Fight Bird Flu - March 5, 2007.
Report: Bird flu from south China - March 5, 2007.
Kuwait confirms 12 new bird flu cases - February 27, 2007.
Now in Moscow, bird flu continues extending its reach - February 20, 2007.
Villages sealed off as bird flu reaches outskirts of capital - February 20, 2007.
Deadly bird flu strain in Moscow - February 18, 2007.
Russia confirm two H5N1 bird flu cases - February 14, 2007.
Bird flu's risks far from over, experts warn - February 14, 2007.
Indonesian with bird flu dies - February 11, 2007.
S. Korea finds new bird flu case - February 9, 2007.
WHO: Indonesia undermines global flu protection - February 8, 2007.
Vet 'tested for bird flu' in hospital - February 6, 2007.
Bird flu in England raises fears across EU - February 5, 2007.
UK battles Europe's largest birdfly outbreak - February 4, 2007.
World braced for huge surge in bird flu cases - February 4, 2007.
UK gasses birds to halt deadly flu - February 4, 2007.
Britain battles H5N1 bird flu outbreak in poultry - February 3, 2007.
Deadly Bird Flu Virus Found in Britain - February 3, 2007.
UK races to halt killer bird flu - February 3, 2007.
Japanese Authorities Confirm H5N1 Bird Flu Outbreak - January 27, 2007.
Indonesia military to fight bird flu - January 27, 2007.
Bird flu spreads in Asia, jump in Indonesia cases - January 15, 2007.
Bird flu reports spreading in Asia - January 15, 2007.
Europe warned over resurgence of bird flu - January 14, 2007.
Indonesian bird flu deaths hit 61 - January 12, 2007.
Deaths as bird flu flares in Asia - January 10, 2007.
WHO chief issues bird flu warning - January 5, 2007.
Egypt reports two new human cases of bird flu - December 23, 2006.
Flu virus 'could kill 81 million' - December 22, 2006.
Vietnam bird flu spreads in Mekong - December 21, 2006.
New bird flu outbreak in Vietnam - December 20, 2006.
Report: Ebola killing African gorillas - December 8, 2006.
Bird flu virus 'still smoldering,' U.S. expert says - December 6, 2006.
Virus sickens nearly 700 aboard cruise ship - November 19, 2006.
Indonesia: Bird flu kills 2-year-old - November 13, 2006.
New Bird Flu Strain Spreads Fast, Is Resistant to Vaccine - November 1, 2006.
Mystery disease kills 20 in Nepal - October 30, 2006.
Dengue toll rises to 61 in capital - October 30, 2006.
Egypt bird flu toll reaches 7 - October 30, 2006.
New strain of H5N1 bird flu emerges in China - October 30, 2006.
Beckley federal prison cleared out because of mysterious illness - October 29, 2006.
Some Exposed To Mysterious Illness Aboard Boat On Its Way To St. Louis - October 24, 2006.
U.S. immigrants pose TB threat -- From coast to coast, more cases found raising fears of new drug-resistant strain - October 22, 2006.
Alaska villagers living in bird flu's flight path - October 22, 2006.
Indian dengue fever death toll hits 102 - October 15, 2006.
Indonesian bird flu toll now 53 - October 15, 2006.
Mystery illness shuts New Brunswick university - October 14, 2006.
Emergence Of Untreatable XDR-TB Shakes Up WHO - October 13, 2006.
Over 80 Dead in Fever Epidemic in India - October 12, 2006.
Indonesia's bird flu death toll rises to 52 - October 12, 2006.
Mysterious disease kills 21 in Panama - October 10, 2006.
Egypt detects new human H5N1 bird flu case - October 10, 2006.
Killer disease outbreak spreads in India, more than 3,650 infected - October 10, 2006.
Panama Fights Mystery Illness; 19 Dead - October 10, 2006.
Outbreaks in India kill 87 victims - October 4, 2006.
Mystery illness death toll climbs to 15 in Panama - October 4, 2006.
Regional Doctors Coordinating Efforts to Identify Mytery Killer Illness - October 4, 2006.
Fatal Illness Outbreak in Panama City - October 3, 2006.
Bird flu kills Indonesian boy - September 22, 2006.
Cambodia reports bird flu outbreak - August 12, 2006.
Indonesia now worst for bird flu - August 10, 2006.
Indonesia bird flu: 42nd victim dies - July 20, 2006.
Europe Predicts Inevitable Flu Pandemic - July 8, 2006.
Spain detects first case of H5N1 bird flu - July 7, 2006.
Spain confirms H5N1 bird flu case - July 7, 2006.
Indonesian bird flu toll hits 40 - July 4, 2006.
Deadly bird flu strain found in Nigeria - July 2, 2006.
Effects Of Avian Flu Pandemic Disasterous - June 30, 2006.
Bird flu most deadly in teens and young adults, eerie echo of 1918 Spanish flu - June 30, 2006.
Bird-flu mutation spreads in family - June 24, 2006.
WHO Says Bird Flu Virus Mutated - June 23, 2006.
Bird flu may have been mistaken for SARS - June 22, 2006.
Bird flu fears close second P.E.I. farm - June 18, 2006.
Canada finds bird flu case, plans further testing - June 16, 2006.
China investigates suspected bird flu case as Hong Kong goes on alert - June 14, 2006.
WHO confirms new bird flu death - June 5, 2006.
Bird Flu Explodes in Indonesia - May 31, 2006.
6 more bird flu cases in Indonesia - May 29, 2006.
WHO worried by new bird flu cases -- Six in Indonesian family die from virus - May 24, 2006.
Seven Indonesian Bird Flu Cases Linked to Patients - May 23, 2006.
Bird flu confirmed near Buscharest: authorities plead for calm - May 21, 2006.
Ebola Fears As Brit Dies -- Woman collapses on packed flight - May 20, 2006.
WHO confirms more bird flu deaths -- Indonesian death toll now 30, disease still spreading - May 17, 2006.
Five Indonesians die of bird flu - May 17, 2006.
Warning bird flu may decimiate workforce - May 16, 2006.
Bird Flu Infects Indonesia's Papua Province as Virus Moves East - May 16, 2006.
North Korea trying to weaponize bird flu -- Bio-warfare experts call it potentially 'greatest threat al-Qaida could unleash' - May 8, 2006.
U.S.: Flu pandemic could be worse than terrorist attack -- White House unveils 'road map' for potential deadly outbreak - May 3, 2006.
China says new human bird flu case -- 17th human in country infected; 11 have died - April 18, 2006.
Egypt reports 4th bird flu death - April 13, 2006.
UT Professor Calls For Destruction of 90% of World Population by Airborne Form of Ebola - April 2, 2006.
Victims of bird flu to be buried in mass graves says UK - April 1, 2006.
Meeting Doctor Doom; Saving the Earth with Ebola - March 31, 2006.
Jordan reports first human case of bird flu in Egyptian laborer - March 31, 2006.
Twelfth case of H5N1 bird flu confirmed in Denmark - March 25, 2006.
Bird flu killed five young people in Azerbaijan - March 21, 2006.
Bird flu virus confirmed in central Stockholm - March 21, 2006.
Egypt reports four human cases of bird flu - March 21, 2006.
Bird flu likely in US this year: Norton - March 20, 2006.
Bird flu: 3 in Israel hospital - March 17, 2006.
Four more nations hit by bird flu - March 17, 2006.
Russia says bird flu may hit US in autumn, mutate - March 16, 2006.
Hundreds of dead poultry raise bird flu fears in Israel - March 16, 2006.
Bird flu confirmed in Afghanistan - March 16, 2006.
Deadly bird flu strain hits Sweden - March 15, 2006.
Renowned Bird Flu Expert Warns: "50 percent of the population could die" - March 14, 2006.
Researchers Say Bird Flu May Reach USA Within Weeks - March 14, 2006.
Azerbaijan reports bird flu -- West Asian nation says three people dead from H5N1 virus - March 14, 2006.
Ready or Not, Bird Flu Is Coming to America -- Officials Advise Stocking Up on Provisions and Warn That Infected Birds Cannot Be Prevented From Flying In - March 13, 2006.
Bird flu could hit Americas within a year: UN - March 8, 2006.
Bird flu kills Chinese girl - March 8, 2006.
Bird Flu Virus May Infect One Third of World's Population - Russian Expert - March 7, 2006.
Lethal bird flu spreads in France - March 5, 2006.
Bird flu likely in US flocks soon: Health Secretary - March 1, 2006.
Deadly bird flu found in Sweden - February 28, 2006.
Bird flu spreads amid pandemic fears - February 28, 2006.
Georgian Scientist Claim Bird Flu Virus Could Be Soviet Biological Weapon - February 27, 2006.
Georgia Invokes State of Emergency Over Bird Flu Outbreak - February 27, 2006.
Georgia finds bird flu virus - February 27, 2006.
Deadly Bird Flu Strain Confirmed in Niger - February 27, 2006.
First bird flu case in Switzerland - February 26, 2006.
France Fights Panic From Bird Flu Outbreak - February 26, 2006.
Bird Flu Outbreak Reported in Russia's Southern Region - February 26, 2006.
Bird flu has New York authorities, if not residents, on watch - February 25, 2006.
France confirms bird flu strain - February 25, 2006.
Spooked by Bird Flu, Egyptians Hoard Water - February 25, 2006.
Deadly Bird Flu Hits Seventh EU Nation - February 21, 2006.
EU Considers Europe-Wide Bird Flu Plan - February 20, 2006.
Bird flu spreads westwards, nations mobilise - February 19, 2006.
Lethal strain hits India, France - February 19, 2006.
Bird flu reaches France for first time - February 17, 2006.
Bird flu cases confirmed in Egypt - February 17, 2006.
Bird flu 'more likely to hit UK' - February 16, 2006.
Bird flu: Slovenia joins hit list - February 16, 2006.
Bird flu 'could take 142 million lives' - February 16, 2006.
Europe scrambles to stop bird flu - February 15, 2006.
Austria confirms first bird flu cases - February 14, 2006.
Nigeria fears bird flu has spread to humans - February 12, 2006.
Deadliest form of bird flu found in Italy, Greece and Bulgaria - February 12, 2006.
Spread of Bird Flu Boosts Pandemic Chances - February 11, 2006.
Deadly bird flu spreads in Europe - February 11, 2006.
Bird flu reaches Azerbaijan -- Deadly strain 'doesn't bode well' for Africa - February 10, 2006.
More bird flu in Nigeria alarms WHO -- Deadly strain in Nigerian chickens 'doesn't bode well' for Africa - February 9, 2006.
Deadly bird flu found in Africa - February 8, 2006.
Deadly bird flu found in Nigeria - February 8, 2006.
WHO: Human Bird Flu Cases Hit 160 - January 31, 2006.
Iraq says treating 12 possible human bird flu cases - January 31, 2006.
Avian Influenza Arrives In Middle East - January 30, 2006.
Officials Confirm Bird Flu Death of Iraqi - January 30, 2006.
Eastern European avian flu similar to 1918 strain - January 27, 2006.
China bird flu death toll hits 7 - January 25, 2006.
Fourth bird flu death in Turkey - January 16, 2006.
Turkish bird flu 'may be endemic' - January 12, 2006.
UN Warns Bird Flu in Turkey Could Spread to Neighboring Countries - January 11, 2006.
Europe put on alert as bird flu toll keeps rising - January 10, 2006.
Turkey sets up flu crisis center -- 100 suspected human bird flu cases under investigation - January 10, 2006.
Bird flu spreads across Turkey -- WHO conducting tests as number of cases rises to 14 - January 9, 2006.
Turkey reports bird flu in capital - January 8, 2006.
Turkish deaths put Europe on bird flu alert - January 8, 2006.
WHO: Deaths in Turkey Were From H5N1 Flu - January 7, 2006.
Bird flu claims 3rd Turkish child - January 6, 2006.
Turkey diagnoses human bird flu - January 5, 2006.
Turkey says dead boy had bird flu - January 5, 2006.
China: Third Human Dies From Bird Flu - December 29, 2005.
China reports new bird flu death - December 29, 2005.
Dozens more cases of bird flu in Romania - December 14, 2005.
Ninth bird flu death in Indonesia - December 12, 2005.
Avian flu could kill 2 million Americans - December 9, 2005.
Thailand reports bird flu death - December 9, 2005.
Ukraine says deadly bird flu strain found in Crimea - December 8, 2005.
Bird flu kills Thai boy - December 8, 2005.
China reports fifth case of human bird flu - December 8, 2005.
Chinese girl is latest human bird flu victim - December 6, 2005.
US prepares for worst-case scenario with bird flu - December 5, 2005.
Bird flu confirmed in Crimea - December 3, 2005.
Jakarta: Avian Flu Virus 'All Over City' - December 2, 2005.
Has feared mutation of avian flu arrived? -- Doctors in Thailand, Indonesia see 1st signs of human-to-human spread - December 2, 2005.
China says bird flu virus in humans mutating - November 28, 2005.
Virus spreads 'all over' Jakarta - November 26, 2005.
35 wild birds with H5 avian flu virus found in eastern Canada - November 25, 2005.
Bird flu tsunami-hit Indonesia -- China reports new outbreak in far western region - November 25, 2005.
China: Bird flu 'serious epidemic' -- Beijing reports new outbreaks; New bans against Canadian poultry - November 23, 2005.
Deadly H5N1 bird flu virus found again in Romania - November 21, 2005.
Avian flu found on B.C. farm not Asian strain - November 21, 2005.
Bird flu spreads to a quarter of Vietnam's provinces - November 18, 2005.
Chinese authorities lock down village after bird flu death - November 18, 2005.
China reports first three human cases of bird flu - November 16, 2005.
Human bird flu in China, one dead - November 16, 2005.
Bird flu claims rising among people - November 14, 2005.
Bird flu strain found in Italy: health ministry - November 10, 2005.
116 Quarantined After Bird Flu Outbreak - November 10, 2005.
China reports 2 new bird flu cases - November 10, 2005.
Vietnam: New human bird flu death - November 8, 2005.
Indonesia: Two new human bird flu cases -- Number of human deaths in country climbs to five - November 5, 2005.
China, Vietnam report more bird flu outbreaks - November 4, 2005.
New bird flu outbreak hits China - November 4, 2005.
Bird flu: Act now, urges Annan -- ADB says bird flu could cost Asia $283 billion - November 4, 2005.
Deadly bird flu virus inevitable in Mideast: expert - November 1, 2005.
Bush unveils $7.1 billion plan to prepare for flu pandemic -- Improving vaccines, stockpiling antiviral drugs part of strategy - November 1, 2005.
Canada discovers H5 avian flu virus in wild birds - October 31, 2005.
Bird flu suspected at Japanese farm - October 31, 2005.
Thailand confirms 20th human case of bird flu infection - October 31, 2005.
Two die 'from possible bird flu' - October 29, 2005.
Bird flu feared on French island - October 26, 2005.
Bird flu 'set to hit Africa next' - October 26, 2005.
Lethal bird flu found in Croatia - October 26, 2005.
Third outbreak of China bird flu - October 26, 2005.
Bird Flu Could Hit U.S. Next Year - October 25, 2005.
Asian Bird Flu Spreads to England - October 23, 2005.
Britain and Croatia Confirm Bird Flu Cases - October 22, 2005.
New Bird Flu Outbreak Registered in Russia's South Urals
- October 22, 2005.
Bird flu fear grips Europe, Asia - October 19, 2005.
H5N1 bird flu confirmed in Russia - October 19, 2005.
New wave of suspected bird flu - October 19, 2005.
Bird flu declared 'global threat' - October 18, 2005.
12 new bird flu cases in Romania - October 18, 2005.
Bird Flu Virus Revealed in 2 More Russian Villages - October 18, 2005.
Alarm grows in EU as virus spreads to Greek island - October 17, 2005.
Greek bird flu case confirmed - October 17, 2005.
Romania works to contain bird flu strain - October 16, 2005.
Official: Preventing Pandemic Impossible - October 15, 2005.
Tests Confirm Deadly Bird Flu in Romania - October 15, 2005.
Girl Has Drug-Resistant Case of Bird Flu - October 14, 2005.
Bird flu virus found in second Romanian village - October 14, 2005.
Turkey tests nine for bird flu -- EU experts adopt new measures to prevent spread - October 14, 2005.
Deadly Asian bird flu reaches fringes of Europe - October 13, 2005.
EU: Bird Flu in Turkey Is Deadly Strain - October 13, 2005.
Deadly bird flu reaches Turkey - October 13, 2005.
US mulls federal troops for bird flu quarantine - October 12, 2005.
Europe on bird flu alert - October 10, 2005.
Turkey and Romania Seek to Eradicate Bird Flu - October 10, 2005.
Bird flu: EU bans birds from Turkey - October 10, 2005.
Turkey Reports First Bird Flu Case - October 9, 2005.
White House flu plan identifies big gaps in readiness -- Worst-case data predict 1.9 million deaths; Bush asks vaccine makers to boost capacity - October 8, 2005.
Romania begins vaccinations in fear of deadly bird flu exposure - October 8, 2005.
Quarantine call after Romania detects first bird flu cases - October 7, 2005.
Council of Europe holds emergency debate on bird flu - October 6, 2005.
Security fears as flu virus that killed 50 million is recreated - October 6, 2005.
Death Toll From Canada Outbreak Now at 16 - October 5, 2005.
Killer flu of 1918 caused by bird virus - October 5, 2005.
Bush Considers Military Role in Flu Fight - October 4, 2005.
Bird-flu warning triggers action - October 4, 2005.
Bird flu may kill 150 million, warns U.N. -- WHO expert urges world to prepare for anticipated outbreak - September 30, 2005.
Six Indonesians dead from bird flu -- Government orders medicine stockpile; Australia pledges support - September 26, 2005.
Indonesian woman dies in suspected bird flu case - September 25, 2005.
WHO warns of more bird flu cases -- Third confirmation in Indonesia - September 22, 2005.
Planning urged for bird-flu pandemic - September 22, 2005.
Indonesia says bird flu outbreak an epidemic - September 21, 2005.
Jakarta cracks down on bird flu - September 21, 2005.
World has slim chance to stop flu pandemic - September 20, 2005.
Avian Flu: Is the Government Ready for an Epidemic? -- It could kill a billion people worldwide, make ghost towns out of parts of major cities, and there is not enough medicine to fight it - September 15, 2005.
U.N. agency warning on bird flu - August 31, 2005.
Possible Case of Bird Flu First in Finland - August 26, 2005.
Spread of bird flu virus is a 'national emergency' - August 25, 2005.
Bird flu bound for Britain: top vet - August 25, 2005.
EU Concerned About Spread of Bird Flu - August 25, 2005.
Bird flu advances toward Europe - August 16, 2005.
Russia says dangerous bird flu outbreak spreads - August 16, 2005.
Russian bird flu advances, Kazakhs say virus deadly - August 10, 2005.
Russia bird flu could spread to EU - vet official - August 1, 2005.
Dangerous Bird Flu Strain Found in Russia - July 29, 2005.
Bird flu kills two in Vietnam -- Regional death toll rises to 60 - July 29, 2005.
Bird Flu Outbreak Spreads to More Siberian Regions - July 25, 2005.
Massive flu outbreak could happen at any moment, WHO warns - July 23, 2005.
3 Bird Flu Deaths Suspected in Indonesia - July 15, 2005.
Bird Flu May Be "Poised to Spread" to Human Populations in "India,
Australia, New Zealand and Eventually Europe" - July 6, 2005.
Vietnam bird flu toll reaches 39 - June 30, 2005.
U.S. mad cow case traced to Texas - June 30, 2005.
WHO raises Chinese bird flu fears - June 29, 2005.
Singapore mulls bird flu travel rules - June 29, 2005.
Pandemic could kill half million in U.S. - report - June 24, 2005.
28 More Bird Flu Cases In Northern And Central Vietnam - June 21, 2005.
Researcher warns of bird flu 'nightmare scenario' - June 20, 2005.
Bird flu infects Indonesian worker - June 16, 2005.
Bird flu virus 'close to pandemic' -- Expert warns estimate of 7.5m global deaths is optimistic - May 26, 2005.


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NEW PREDICTION: 2/13/06 -- Hello, people of earth. This is Marshall Applewhite again, but some of you may remember me as "Do." I am reporting to you still from the mother ship Hale-Bopp in the "level above human." How have all of you been since my last message three years ago? We are all fine, but rather bored as there is not much to do when you are dead.

Anyway, thanks to all of those who joined us in 2004 and 2005 for the charcoal burners, ropes, and belts. Ours is a simple non-existence, and we appreciate these gifts immensely.

I volunteered, once again, to present yet another "suicide" prediction (although I'd prefer not to use that term). It seems that this time around there are going to be hundreds of our brothers and sisters from various disciplines and faiths (not unlike our own Heaven's Gate fellowship) who will be shedding their earthly containers late this year, around the time of November 2006. I am told the number could even reach or exceed one thousand! We will, of course, be awaiting all these brothers and sisters with open, indeed, agape loving arms.

Sorry I can provide no details as to why there shall be so many fellow voyagers, but even here at "the level above human" we are kept in the dark about a great many things.

All in all, both 2006 and 2007 look to be very opportunistic years for inter-dimensional and extra-spacial travel. I will be updating you on the 2007 prediction in another message very, very soon.

So, don't be "left behind" this time around: stock up on your favourite apple sauces and puddings and perhaps invite a friend or two out for a charcoal barbecue, preferably in an enclosed area, because "Ti" and I will be "swinging" by your way very soon to pick up more eager "air dancers" and space travellers before the great calamity that is to befall your planet.

Yours truly,




Blue sheets cover the vehicle where seven young people were found dead

March 17, 2006 - In late March 1997 the world witnessed the eerie discovery of the first mass suicide by a religious cult whose members ran a web site that persuaded viewers to join them in "shedding off their earthly containers before it was too late." For "Do" and the members of Heaven's Gate, Death = Rapture and the time to get out before Armageddon was during the passage of Comet Hale-Bopp. The web site was maintained for a number of years as a kind of bizarre memorial or tribute to the space-based cult and their innovative manipulation of the Internet.

Today, it is in the relative anonymity of the chat room where suicide pacts are formed. Usually obscure events involving several people, since October 2004 these oftentimes grim grey and black interfaces produced two shocking mass suicide phenomena on both sides of the world:

1) An increasing number of adolescents and young adults in the UK and US have hanged themselves after visiting suicide chat rooms and suicide web sites and also during what is popularly called the "choking game" and, in some cases, autoerotic asphyxia. The Valentine's Day Suicide Party came very close to being an ultimate aberration of this phenomenon when Gerald Krein of Klamath Falls, Oregon, came close to recruiting over 30 women on a chat room to hang themselves along with him at his home on Valentine's Day 2005, some of them intending to take their children along to die. Had the police not intervened thanks to a tipster from Portland and this plan succeeded, there would have been a total of 38 dead, almost the same number as Heaven's Gate. It is debatable as to whether some reported hangings of young women and late adolescent girls that did occur on Valentine's Day, in February, and possibly as late as May 21, may have been linked to his chat room (which had been in operation for a number of months prior to February 2005).

The last notable instance of death from the "choking game" occurred on November 29, 2005. For the time being it would appear that both trends (Internet-inspired suicides and "the choking game") may have been curtailed in the US and the UK.

2) In Japan, and also in South Korea to a lesser extent, 91 people in 2005 met on Internet chat rooms and later killed themselves in groups of 3 or 4 (usually). The bodies, often found in cars, SUVs, vans, and sometimes in sealed up apartments, were almost always those of both sexes, men and women who used a portable charcoal burner so as to asphyxiate on deadly carbon monoxide fumes in their mutual enclosed space. Several women in Japan who met on the Internet also hanged themselves together in a warehouse. Although this trend apparently began in 2003, it was not until October 2004 that it began making major headlines with the discovery of the bodies of nine men and women in a van, all who suffocated from fumes given out by a charcoal burner. Thus, October 12, 2004 through December 25, 2005 marked a period of notable Internet-related suicides.

Now, for the first time since December 2005, once again nine people have been found dead in a mutual suicide pact in Japan from a charcoal burner. And, only a few days later, four more have died.

It seems the "cult" continues to be the Internet itself!


JAPAN'S INTERNET SUICIDE CULTS: Thus far, 136 men and women who met on Internet chat rooms have died in groups of three to nine since October 2004, committing suicide together by carbon monoxide poisoning, an overdose of sleeping pills, or both, or by hanging. Three other would-be suicides were murdered by an Internet predator. After a lull of three months, it appears that March 2006 is marking a new and deadlier wave of mass suicides in Japan.

Blue sheets cover the vehicle where seven young people were found dead


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Nine die in Japanese group suicides pact

The Telegraph


A minivan in which six bodies, five men and one woman, were discovered

A minivan in which six bodies, five men and one woman, were discovered

Nine people have been found dead in parked cars in Japan in what appears to be the latest in a series of group suicides. The incidents took place near Tokyo, the Japanese capital.

Japanese police are investigating two separate incidents. In Saitama prefecture, just north of Tokyo, five men and one woman were found dead in an estate car. A police spokesman said that charcoal stoves were found in the car but declined to give further details. The charcoal generates carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas.

Separately, a man and two women were found dead in a sealed car parked in the foothills of a mountain in Aomori prefecture, 280 miles north of Tokyo. Again, charcoal stoves were found in the car. The three dead were undergoing treatment for mental illness and may have met in hospital, an Aomori police spokesman said.

The number of Japanese killing themselves in group suicides has risen in recent years. In many cases people meet through the Internet, although police declined to say whether this was the case with the six people in Saitama.

Ninety-one people died in group suicides in Japan last year.

In Britain, campaigners last year called for a ban on websites that promote suicide amid fears that Britain is in danger of embracing a similar "suicide cult".

Nine die in Japanese group suicides - March 10, 2006.

Nine dead in Japan in suspected group suicides - March 10, 2006.
Four dead in Japan 'suicide pact' - March 15, 2006.
Another Suspected Group Suicide in Japan -- Three Dead - March 21, 2006.
Another Group Suicide Discovered in Japan -- Six Dead - March 21, 2006.
Two dead, one critically injured after group suicide pact - March 23, 2006.
Two bodies found in car in central Japan, police suspect Internet suicide - May 9, 2006.
Three die in apparent group suicide - May 21, 2006.
Three women found dead in Japanese suicide pact - September 1, 2006.
Three men found dead in group suicide - October 16, 2006.

3 S.Koreans kill themselves after Net suicide pact -- Woman, 19, charged with aiding suicides - October 30, 2006.
4 found dead inside car in apparent suicide in western Japan - February 18, 2007.

Japanese police track down would-be suicides - March 15, 2007.
Five found dead in Japan suicide pact - April 17, 2007.
3 young Japanese found dead in apparent group suicide - April 21, 2007.
Internet death pacts increasing worldwide - April 24, 2007.
MySpace clues to teen death pact - April 24, 2007.
Tragic last words of MySpace suicide girls - April 24, 2007.
Tracking an Online Trend, and a Route to Suicide - May 22, 2007.
Japan's Cyber-suicide Trend Takes Bizarre Twist - October 11, 2007.
Japan: Suicide Web site creator arrested for alleged murder - October 12, 2007.
Two Women Mix Deadly Gas In Latest Of Japan's Suicide Pacts - October 24, 2007.
Bodies found in apparent car suicide pact - October 30, 2007.

Four men dead in suicide pact - December 11, 2007.


American Forces Battle Iraqi Cult -- Leader May Have Believed He Was Prophet Signaling End of the World

ABC News

Iraqi and US forces were overwhelmed by 'Soldiers of Heaven' cultJan. 29, 2007 — Iraqi and American forces last weekend engaged in a lengthy and fierce battle with a violent Iraqi cult that was planning to conduct a large-scale attack that would coincide with the Shiite holy period of Ashura, Iraqi sources told ABC News.

The leader of the cult considered himself to be the Mahdi. Both Shiite and Sunni Muslims believe in the return of Mahdi, and that his return will be an indication of the world's imminent end. Sunnis believe this is a prophet, a reincarnation of the prophet Jesus Christ, while Shiites believe he is one of the 12 holy Shiite imams.

Ali al-Debag, a spokesman for the Iraqi prime minister's office, told ABC News that Samer Dhiya al-Din (Abu Qamar), the leader of this cult, known as "Soldiers of Heaven," was killed in a battle in Najaf that began Sunday morning and lasted for almost 24 hours.

According to Najaf officials, the group involved in the battle was made up of both Shiites and Sunnis, as well as some foreign fighters. The cult also included women and children, who were involved in the battle.

There are instances of similar cults, inspired by the concept of a Mahdi, in Islamic history. Some Shiite Muslims believe that the Mahdi is already among the living and when he makes himself known to the public he will bring about the end of the world. The cult leader killed today may have declared himself the Mahdi among the people, responsible for the ultimate destruction of the world.

Din is thought to have been influenced by Shiite cleric Ahmad Bin al-Hassan al-Basri. Baghdad University political science professor Khalil Lufta, who specializes in Islamic affairs, says, "We never heard about this [Soldiers of Heaven] before yesterday, but the leader of this trend [Basri] use to have different views concerning the role of the Shiite … in issues concerning the community." In an interview with an Iraqi television channel, the Najaf Gov. Assad Sultan Abu Kilel says that he received information that this group was planning to kill all the clerics in the city and destroy the city's holy shrine. Such an effort is thought to have been an attempt by the cult leader to destroy the religious leadership and fulfill the prophecy that the world was indeed coming to an end.

'Saviour' who led Shia faction wanted slaughter in holy city

Stephen Farrell in Baghdad and Hassan al-Jarrah in Najaf

The Times January 31, 2007

Samer Abu KamarThey came from nowhere, a Shia cult reversing the murderous cycle of Sunni-Shia violence to start one of the largest battles in recent years — against their fellow Shia.

When the day-long combat ended, the Shia of Iraq had to confront a disturbing truth: a schism had spawned an apocalyptic splinter group bent on slaughtering as many Shia pilgrims and religious leaders as possible — in their holiest city, on their holiest day. Their hit-list included Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the most senior Iraqi Shia cleric.

Iraqi officials released a picture of the Soldiers of Heaven leader yesterday, naming him as Samer Abu Kamar. He was killed, with between 200 and 400 of his fighters and their wives and children, in trenches dug into the orchards north of Najaf. Few Shia had heard of the cult or its leader, who was apparently born in nearby Hillah 38 years ago.

Adding to the mystery, other Najaf officials offered the aliases Dia Abdul Zahra al-Garawi and Ahmed al-Hassani.

Neither name is as grand as the names he bestowed on himself, including the Judge of Heaven — the title of a book that he published this month. He also used Ali ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib, meaning the son of the 7th-century caliph Imam Ali, revered by Shias and regarded by them as the rightful heir of the Prophet Muhammad.

Assad Sultan Abu Klil, the governor of Najaf, said that the sect planned to kill Shia pilgrims as they marched to Karbala on Ashoura, which commemorates the death of Imam Ali’s son, Hussein, in AD680. Three of the cult were captured near the golden-domed shrine of Imam Ali, in Najaf, officials said, after renting a hotel room in front of the office of Grand Ayatollah al-Sis-tani. They had planned to kill him and demolish the shrine.

The group’s “zero hour” was 6am yesterday, as more than a million Shia were descending on Karbala, according to a document obtained from security sources. It indicated that different units were assigned specific tasks: one to bring chaos to the city; an explosives unit to plant bombs smuggled into the old city, in shoes and drums, used by Shia pilgrims during Ashoura; another to assassinate senior ayatollahs; others to carry out mortar attacks and blow up the Shrine of Imam Ali. It remains unclear how the cult managed to prepare so extensively or to acquire its weapons, which included rocket-propelled grenades and five antiaircraft machineguns. Such was their firepower that they brought down a US helicopter before US aircraft and Stryker mobile armoured vehicles were called in to batter the rebel positions.

Captured members of the Soldiers of Heaven, an apocalyptic Shia cultThe group first broke cover early on Sunday morning, when it attacked an Iraqi patrol operating with US advisers, near its fortified compound. “The patrol realised that it was quite a large number involved [in attacking them] so they called for assistance,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Scott Bleichwehl, a spokesman for Multinational Division Baghdad. “We think they did well.”

The “Judge” appears better known to the authorities than was at first apparent. On January 2 security services in Najaf ordered the confiscation of all copies of Judge of Heaven, only one day after its publication, and the arrest of anyone who owned or sold it. On page 2 the author says: “I reveal and declare to you in this book my real identity that I am the Mahdi” — a near-heretical statement referring to the 10th-cen-tury 12th imam whose long-awaited second coming is central to Shia belief.


COMMENTS (2/5/07): An Islamic doomsday cult? Certainly, why not. This was an apocalyptic religious cult that caused mass murder and suicide against the backdrop of an actual war. Read the details. This was not another case of sectarian fighting ... this was similar to Shoko Ashahara's Japanese doomsday cult (which also had military training and created a small army), only this cult managed to carry out a battle. Included amongst the dead cult members were many women and children (yet more evidence that this was cult-related).

I warned, through the persona of "Do" above, that there would be as many as a thousand dead. The number of dead cult members is not known, but 400 of the cult's "soldiers" are believed dead, plus their wives and children. That may raise the death toll to as high as 700 or more. That does not include the number of those Iraqi and US servicemen the cult militia managed to kill during the battle. There apparently were also cult members captured. Many details of this event we may never know since the US government is keeping a lid on most of them. In any event, "Do" or "Din", it all adds up to the same thing. PREDICTION FULFILLED three months late.


RATING: + 1.5


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Has Been Actress, Likely From Television, Commits Suicide


Has been actress offs herself


NEW PREDICTION: 9/18/06 -- This is fairly self-explanatory. It will be a Western actress, likely US or British. If she is from an Eastern country, it will have to be a sensational case worldwide to fit this prediction. There may be something bizarre in the way she does it. This tragedy may occur in November/December 2006. Fortunately the chances of it happening are only 14.3%.


Indie actress suicide shocker, Adrienne Shelly dead at 40

By Stone Martindale
Monsters and

Nov 3, 2006, 15:59 GMT

Actress Adrienne ShellyNEW YORK - Indie actress, screenwriter and director Adrienne Shelly was found hanging from a shower rod in the bathtub of her Greenwich Village apartment by her husband, who cried out, "Why? Why?" cops and witnesses said, reported the New York Post.

Adrienne Shelly, 40, apparently killed herself, police said, but added they're examining other aspects as well.

In a prophetic interview, Shelly told a magazine in 1996 how her father rebuffed talent agents hoping to sign her up as a child actress by telling them, "I will not have my daughter jumping out of a window when she's 30." Reports People magazine.

Shelly recently appeared this year in the film "Factotum," starring Matt Dillon, was on the verge of releasing her latest directorial effort, a film called "Waitress," when she died Wednesday.

Born Adrienne Levine, she was a master at deadpan comic delivery and early lead roles in two Hal Hartley-directed films set on her native Long Island - "The Unbelievable Truth" and "Trust," both cult classics reports the Post.

The Post reports that she left no note, and police were investigating shoe prints in the bathtub that did not match Shelly's shoes.


Actress Adrienne Shelly03/11/2006 12:33

American actress ADRIENNE SHELLY was found dead at her New York City apartment on Wednesday (01NOV06) in what appears to be a suicide. She was 40.

Shelly was discovered hanging from a bedsheet by her husband ANDY OSTROY, according to the New York Daily News. Police found no evidence of foul play.

Shelly - real name ADRIENNE LEVINE - was best known for her appearances in the HAL HARTLEY movies THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH and TRUST. Agent RACHEL SHEEDY says, "She was an incredibly sweet and talented and generous woman." Police officers are awaiting an autopsy report before deciding whether to continue with investigations. Shelly is survived by her husband and three-year-old daughter SOPHIE.


COMMENTS (11/4/06): Unbelievable. Famous enough to the independent film crowd, but by appearing largely in independent films ("Indie" films) throughout her career, this tended to make her a bit obscure to the general public (I never heard of her). Also, since her best known roles in films go back to 1989 and 1990, that would make her something of a "has-been" actress (again, to the general public), although in actuality she wasn't exactly "washed up" since she just appeared in a new movie and had also recently turned to directing.

"Western actress, likely US or British." "A sensational case worldwide." "Something bizarre in the way she does it." And right on time: November/December 2006.

Unquestionably a PREDICTION FULFILLED. I would add that relatively well-known American film actresses committing deliberate and obvious suicide is not an event that happens very often, maybe once every decade or two. I can think of absolutely no film actress of any real fame in the history of the American cinema who has chosen hanging as the means; quite bizarre again. And apparently there is more to this case yet to be reported.


UPDATE (same day): Been checking the forums. Yeah, she was a "has-been," but a well-loved one. People keep talking about how they loved her old films, how famous and beautiful she was 15 years ago or so, some wondering what she had been doing more recently, one person saying how wrinkled up she looked for 40, etc. Only a few seemed aware she had a new film out. The gist of conversations seemed to be about reminiscence: Adrienne Shelly in the past and not very much in the present. Finding very many decent images of her on Google was somewhat frustrating too.


Brooklyn Man Charged With Murdering Actress Adrienne Shelly

Nov 6, 2006 8:53 pm US/Eastern

Actress Adrienne Shelly ... murdered?(CBS/AP) NEW YORK Prosecutors have charged a man with murdering actress Adrienne Shelly, who was found hanging from a shower rod in her West Village office last Wednesday, CBS 2 News has learned. Sources tell CBS 2’s Ti-Hua Chang a construction worker has allegedly confessed to the crime.

Police have charged 19-year-old Diego Pillco, of the 300-block of Prospect Avenue in Brooklyn, with second degree murder.

Sources tell CBS 2’s Ti-Hua Chang that Pillco, a construction worker, apparently confessed to the crime.

Pillco allegedly punched the 5-foot-2 actress after she complained about the noise he was making in the West Village apartment building where her office is located, killing her.

He then allegedly admitted to dragging the body up to her office, and positioning her in the shower to make her death look like a suicide.

The medical examiner's office had not yet ruled whether the death of the petite actress best known for her roles in the Hal Hartley films "Trust" and "The Unbelievable Truth" was a homicide or a suicide.

Police had been hesitant to label the case a suicide after no suicide note was found and sneaker prints that didn't match Shelly's shoes were found in the bathtub.

Shelly, whose birth name was Adrienne Levine, was found by her husband, Andy Ostroy, Wednesday evening hanging from a shower rod in the bathtub of a Greenwich Village apartment which she uses as her office.

Ostroy released a statement to the media on Monday night:

"My wife's senseless death is devastating to me, our families and friends. We are incredibly grateful to the New York City Police Department for their dedication, professionalism and tenacity in following up on every lead in this case.

"We appreciate the outpouring of support we've received. Her fans and the film community knew Adrienne as an award-winning actor, screenwriter and director, but her most enduring legacy is our wonderful daughter. To those closest to her, she was the best mother and step-mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend anyone could ask for.

"My comfort is now our young daughter and my other children who have been incredibly supportive. We hope everyone will respect that this is a difficult and private time for our family."

Shelly, who was born in Queens and grew up on Long Island, also had a 3-year-old daughter Sophie.


Actress Was Killed in Hanging Meant as Cover-Up, Officials Say -- Police Investigators Call It "One of the Most Macabre Killings in Memory"

New York TimesAdrienne Shelly

November 8, 2006

He told detectives that he had hit her in the face and had thought she was dead. So, the police said, he wrapped a sheet around her neck and hanged her from a shower curtain rod, figuring that the police would think suicide. But he was wrong on both counts.

It was the hanging that killed Adrienne Shelly, a radiant Manhattan actress and a devoted mother, the authorities said yesterday. And it was the ruse of a fake suicide that ultimately led detectives to the man charged with killing her.

Such was the courtroom revelation at the arraignment of Diego Pillco, 19, an illegal immigrant from Ecuador who is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Ms. Shelly, 40, last week. The case has given pause to even the most experienced police investigators, who call it one of the most macabre killings in memory.

"This woman did not die from a strike to the head," said Marit DeLozier, an assistant Manhattan district attorney, speaking at the arraignment before Judge Brenda S. Soloff in Manhattan Criminal Court.

"The medical examiner has made it crystal clear that the victim died from compression to the neck," Ms. DeLozier said.

Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the city medical examiner, said that a final determination of the cause of death would require further study. She said she was not contradicting what Ms. DeLozier said in court, but just pointing out that additional scientific analysis was necessary.

"As we frequently do in homicide investigations, we are providing guidance to the police and the prosecutors to enable them to determine what further steps they may need to take,” she said. She said that work may be completed as soon as today.

A veteran homicide investigator, who was not authorized to comment on the case and spoke on the condition of anonymity, said: “It’s really kind of bizarre. Usually, if it’s something they’re going to try to hide, they’re pretty sure the person is dead.

“And he almost got away with it, too,” the investigator said.

Mr. Pillco, a construction worker who speaks little English, entered no plea, and did not utter a word before Judge Soloff. A slight man, dressed in jeans, sneakers and a sweatshirt, he was remanded without bail to Rikers Island. He was represented at the arraignment by Thomas Klein, a lawyer with the Legal Aid Society. After the hearing, Mr. Klein declined to comment on the case.

The court appearance came six days after the body of Ms. Shelly, who was also a screenwriter and director, was found by her husband in the bathroom of a West Village apartment that she used as an office. A bedsheet had been tied around her neck, and she had been hanged from a shower curtain rod.

Investigators at first suspected suicide, a theory rejected by Ms. Shelly’s family and friends, who said that her life was filled with promise and that she was devoted to her 3-year-old daughter.

Ultimately, investigators said, Mr. Pillco admitted under questioning by detectives that he had been working in a third-floor apartment beneath Ms. Shelly’s, that she had complained about construction noise, and that their confrontation had convulsed into violence, ending in Ms. Shelly’s death.

Yesterday, details of the case emerged, including the chain of events that detectives say was described to them by Mr. Pillco. They include Mr. Pillco’s account of being slapped by Ms. Shelly and pleading with her not to call the police before he hit her in the face, dragged her into the bathroom and strung her from the shower curtain rod.

Acquaintances of Mr. Pillco, who had been living in Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn, described him as an energetic and respectful young man who was struggling with the physical rigors of his job and the disorientation of his illegal immigrant status.

“I still don’t think he could do something like this,” said Frank Diaz, a resident of the building on Prospect Avenue where Mr. Pillco lived in a cramped basement space with two other Ecuadorean construction workers.

Ms. Shelly, a native of Queens, had appeared in several films, including “The Unbelievable Truth,” “Trust” and “Factotum,” and used the apartment where she was killed, at 15 Abingdon Square, as a base for film writing and other projects.

According to a law enforcement official, detectives responding to the scene of the killing last Wednesday saw no signs of a struggle, but seized upon one clue that could not be explained: a footprint on the cover of a toilet beneath the curtain rod where Ms. Shelly had been hanged.

Adrienne ShellyThe official said detectives thought the footprint might have been left by a firefighter or emergency responder, but no match could be found. After canvassing the building, and finding that the apartment below Ms. Shelly’s was being renovated, he said, the detectives encountered a worker who said he thought Mr. Pillco had been working there.

After tracking down Mr. Pillco, he said, the detectives found a Reebok sneaker in his apartment that matched the crime scene footprint, and brought him in for questioning.

According to Mr. Pillco’s account, the police official said, the confrontation with Ms. Shelly began about 9:30 a.m. after she went downstairs to complain about the noise. Sharp words were exchanged, and Mr. Pillco threw a hammer, but it did not hit Ms. Shelly, the official said.

Then, Ms. Shelly stormed up the stairs with Mr. Pillco following her, warning her not to call the police. At her door, Mr. Pillco grabbed Ms. Shelly, and she responded by slapping him in the face, the official said he told investigators. When Mr. Pillco struck back, she fell, banging her head and losing consciousness. Then, Mr. Pillco took her into the bathroom and used a bedsheet to hang her, the official said.

“He tries to stage this thing because he is trying to make it go away,” the official said.

The police said yesterday that they did not believe that Mr. Pillco had a criminal record in Ecuador.

According to acquaintances in Brooklyn, Mr. Pillco was working for a construction contractor, Louis Hernandez, who owns the Prospect Avenue apartment building. The acquaintances said Mr. Pillco shared his basement quarters with his brother and a cousin.

They said the quarters had been hastily vacated, and all beds and furniture removed, before dawn on Monday. The two men who had lived with Mr. Pillco, also illegal immigrants from Ecuador, have not been seen since, the acquaintances said, apparently fearing they would be deported if they spoke to the police.

Mr. Hernandez, in a statement provided by a member of his staff, said yesterday that Mr. Pillco had been working for him “for the past few months as a construction helper.” He said that Mr. Pillco, a part-time employee, and had demonstrated “respectful, well-mannered, decent and responsible behavior.”

Mr. Hernandez’s statement appeared to include an admission that he had illegally employed an undocumented immigrant. Marc Raimondi, a spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said he could not comment on the case.


COMMENTS (11/8/06): My apologies for suggesting that this developing murder story might be an attempt to "cover up" Adrienne Shelly's suicide. It is just that this whole thing is so mind-boggling and is not the kind of situation I usually run into when making predictions.

The best analogy I can make for this prediction and event is that it is like predicting New York City getting leveled by an earthquake on a certain date, only to discover that a previously unknown volcano had erupted instead, leveling the city. In one sence the prediction is right, in another sence it is not quite right. Indeed, something like this did happen before on this website. Back in 2000 I predicted that two passenger jets would explode over the US as a result of terrorism and that Bin Laden would be responsible. I said it would happen in August 2001. Instead, two passenger jets hit the World Centre and exploded on impact in September 2001, the result of terrorism and Osama Bin Laden. I had the time down within a month, and I was right about the two passenger jets, terrorism, and Bin Laden. But the magnitude of the event exceeded the prediction and included the Twin Towers.

Similar situation here. Right time, right kind of actress, and even reported by all news media as a suicide for nearly a week. But instead, it turns out to be a faked suicide to cover up a murder. And, although the murderer thought he had killed the actress by striking her in the face, she actually died from the hanging. So, what has happened is that the predicted event has been exceeded by something much worse and much more bizarre.

We see through a glass darkly, too often. A week of suicide reports would normally be enough to not bother to look beyond any farther. The suspected and widely-reported suicide was an event in and of itself. Nevertheless, instead of an earthquake, we have a volcano.

Technically then, this prediction should be treated as PREDICTION OVERKILL. We have moved beyond the original reported event to something much worse and of greater magnitude. Indeed, this event may end up being as notorious a case as that of the Sharon Tate slayings or the murder of the Black Dahlia.

I should also add that there is a real possibility that Quatrain 1.39 may have been fulfilled. More information will likely clarify this one way or another.


Adrienne Shelly Tribute


RATING: + 1.0


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Terrorists Attack Italy and Germany


Subway littered with corpses


NEW PREDICTION: 2/11/06 -- The year will reach a horrific climax in war and terror. Massive numbers of people will be slaughtered where they stand and walk: in airports, subways, train stations, bus terminals. December 2006 brings great horror to the "heirs of Romulus" and Götterdammerung to the country of Wagner.

Mercy to none. Geneva will cancel the summit in 2007.


German Cops Capture Terrorist Suspect in Train Bombing Plot

The Associated Press
by Jim Kouri

Terrorists in Germany succeeded in planting bombs on two regional trainsAugust 20, 2006 12:36 AM EST

The German federal police arrested one of the two terrorism suspects at a railway station in city of Kiel on Saturday morning for his role in a thwarted train bombing plot in July. Police officials say they cordoned off the Kiel train station for over four hours early Saturday morning during an intensive search for the two terrorism suspects.

Joerg Ziercke, a senior German security official, said Friday he believed the train bombs which were found in the cities of Dortmund and Koblenz and were likely part of a terrorist attack.

"The bombs were supposed to explode simultaneously 10 minutes before the arrival of the trains at their final point of destination," Ziercke said.

Botched train bombings prompt debate over Germany's anti-terrorism measures

By: DAVID RISING - Associated Press

August 30, 2006 4:13 PM PDT

BERLIN -- German authorities concede only luck prevented terrorists from blowing up two trains last month -- an admission that has set off a push for stronger security measures, including more video cameras, a new anti-terrorism database and even armed marshals.

Germany just finished implementing a raft of legislation designed to prosecute members of foreign terror groups on German soil, following the revelation that three of the Sept. 11 suicide pilots lived in Hamburg. But the attempted train bombings on July 31 drove home that Germany could itself be targeted.

The two main suspects -- both Lebanese students -- were arrested last week after police used train station video footage to help determine their identities. The detonators for the bombs planted aboard two regional trains went off, but failed to trigger the devices.

"The terrorist threat has never been this close before," Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said after the arrests. "We were just lucky that the explosives didn't work."

Some of the new proposals were hasty reactions that are not likely to be implemented. Chancellor Angela Merkel has rejected the call from a parliamentary backbencher for armed train marshals, for instance.

But she has endorsed increased video surveillance, and the database on potential terrorists is suddenly moving forward after being bogged down in debate for years ...

German police investigate foiled plot to bomb plane

By Louis Charbonneau

Mon Nov 20, 9:47 AM ET

A German police officer watches passengersBERLIN (Reuters) - German authorities are investigating a number of people in connection with what they suspect was a foiled plot to smuggle a bomb onto a passenger plane, the Federal Prosecutor's Office said on Monday.

German security sources said on condition of anonymity that the plane would have been at Frankfurt International Airport, one of the world's busiest. German newspaper Die Welt cited security sources as saying the target was a plane of Israel's El Al airline.

An El Al spokeswoman in Israel said the company does not respond to reports about security matters.

Prosecutors in Karlsruhe said they were investigating six suspects whom they had identified and a number of unidentified suspects. None of the names have been made public.

Several of the suspects had approached someone during the summer who had access to the security department at a German airport and who had expressed willingness to smuggle a suitcase or bag onto a plane for payment, a statement said. The suspects repeatedly made contact with the person but were unable to agree on a price for planting a bomb, it said. Die Welt said the person was a male employee of Frankfurt airport.

"The suspects were temporarily taken into custody and informed of the suspicions against them before they were released on Saturday, with the exception of one wanted in connection with another crime," the office said. The men are suspected of being members of a terrorist organization, the office said. It did not explain why the suspects, who remain under investigation, had been released.

"I can't comment on the particularities about the decision to release them," said a spokesman for the interior ministry. Germany's BND foreign intelligence agency also declined comment. The prosecutor's office said it had searched nine apartments on Friday in the western German states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse to gather evidence. It gave no details about the nationality of the suspects.

Police uncovered a failed plot by two young Lebanese men to detonate suitcase bombs on trains in western Germany in July.

A Hamburg-based al Qaeda cell has been blamed for the September 11, 2001, hijacked-plane attacks on the United States. Since then, Germany has cracked down on Muslim militants living here and has put on trial a number of radical Islamists.


COMMENTS (8/5/06): I never even knew about this one. An email a few days ago informed me of the thwarted terrorist attack on Germany's trains.

Nevertheless, I must warn everyone that when I announce a THWARTED PREDICTION, as I am doing in this case, that the status of "thwarted" is intended to demonstrate that a danger such as I have predicted does indeed exist for this location and timeframe. It does not mean that a terrorist attack can no longer happen just because this one was prevented. Bear in mind that it is not December yet. Technically, this sort of disclaimer should appear with every set of comments concerning a "close call" or "thwarted prediction" (but that would be rather tedious). If nothing more happens, the thwarted event is counted the same as though it had been successful, because it proves the danger I predicted for the specific location and timeframe existed. If a terrorist attack does occur, then the thwarted status is dropped and the prediction is considered fulfilled.


COMMENTS (11/22/06): Once again, I was notified by a viewer about this latest thwarted attack in Germany. It certainly seems the terrorists are determined ... and we are now so close to the December 2006 vector. Bear in mind that a thwarted event can either mean the prediction or projection has also been thwarted or it can serve as an omen that the event has not happened yet but will happen. I would honestly advise everyone to be on guard now that this second attempt has been made, especially since a bomb scare was called in to an Italian airport, just to be on the safe side. Remember, Germany and Italy are both linked in this prediction, and the timing of the Italian incident has me concerned.


RATING: + 1.0


Gunmen hijack, torch bus in Italy - May 15, 2007.
Gunmen Hijack Bus in Northern Italy - May 15, 2007.
New Al Qaeda Message Expected As Terror Anxieties Already High in Europe - December 18, 2006.
Rome airport reopens after bomb threat - November 21, 2006.
German police investigate foiled plot to bomb plane - November 20, 2006.
Al Qaeda planning Europe attacks - November 11, 2006.


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Pakistan Goes To War With India -- Conflict Between
the Blue Turban and White Turban Begins


Pakistani air force bombs targets in Kashmir and air fields in northwestern India


Quatrain 2.2

The blue head will upon the white head
Inflict as much evil as France had done them good,
Death to the great antenna hanging above the branch,
When about his captured men the King will inquire.


Osama bin Laden may be the white turbaned leader who will lead the future Pakistan Nuke Horror Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the blue-turbaned leader of India


NEW PREDICTION: 12/4/05 -- The civil war in Pakistan reaches a head in the autumn. Musharraf, if not overthrown or assassinated beforehand, is removed from power by December 2006. American intervention to aid Musharraf will fail and the Karzai regime in Afghanistan will fall to a new Taliban led, once again, by Mullah Omar.

President Dick Cheney will provide US support to IndiaThis same month, the new leader of Pakistan, who will wear a white turban, comes to power. Almost immediately he will speak of creating an anschluss with neighbouring Afghanistan and going to war with India and its leader: the blue-turbaned Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. This white turbaned leader might be Osama bin Laden or else an as of yet unknown Islamic Jehadi general or cleric.

The initial salvos of the war will occur when the Pakistani air force bombs targets in Kashmir and air fields in northwestern India. By 2007, it is not unlikely that nuclear weapons will be in use.

China and North Korea will likely support Pakistan and Afghanistan. The United States under Dick Cheney will back India in the conflict which will either begin the same month, December 2006, or not until August 2007. This event may, in part, be the cause of a resumption of conflict between the US and China/North Korea in 2007. Russia may initially be neutral, but will likely also support India along with the United States.

Regarding Quatrain 2.2, France has enjoyed close ties in trade and defence with Pakistan since 1994 and has recently pursued good diplomatic relations with India since the election of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Some greater good will come to both nations from France, no doubt, prior to war, but what is not yet known.




India expresses shock
Kashmir shocked at Benazir's Assassination - December 29, 2007.
India fears terror upsurge, goes on red alert - December 29, 2007.
Police in Kashmir clash with hundreds protesting Bhutto's assassination - December 29, 2007.
Why India should now adopt a bold Pak policy - December 29, 2007.
Indian Muslims deplore Benazir Bhutto's assassination - December 28, 2007.
The buzzards are circling: Musharraf at risk - April 6, 2007.
India tests nuclear-capable missile - March 30, 2007.
Pakistan tests nuke-capable missile - March 2, 2007.
Pakistan missile test 'successful' - February 23, 2007.
Police: Pakistani passenger detained following deadly Indian train blasts - February 19, 2007.
India: Blasts caused by 'sabotage' - February 19, 2007.
India to test new nuclear missile - February 14, 2007.
Pakistan Chooses Raytheon's Proven Air Defense Missiles To Secure Borders - January 16, 2007.
India, Pakistan resume peace talks as blasts rock Kashmir - November 14, 2006.
India to share Mumbai evidence - October 1, 2006.
India police: Pakistan spy agency behind Mumbai bombings - September 30, 2006.
Police: Blasts in Muslim town kill 32 - September 8, 2006.
Bin Laden Gets a Pass from Pakistan - September 5, 2006.
India presses Pakistan on violence -- Singh: Terrorists want to derail nation's booming economy - August 16, 2006.
U.S. Issues Terror Warning in New Delhi - August 11, 2006.
US calls on Pakistan not to use new nuclear reactor for bombs - July 24, 2006.
India: Bombers had Pakistani help - July 15, 2006.
India PM: Pakistan ties threatened - July 14, 2006.
India suspects Pakistani hand in Mumbai blasts - July 14, 2006.
Four die in Kashmir attack - July 13, 2006.
At least 174 killed in Indian train blasts -- Prime minister says 'terrorists' behind attacks - July 12, 2006.
India: Bin Laden's Call to Kashmir's Militants - April 25, 2006.
And Now, Osama Targets India - April 24, 2006.
Could al-Qaida take over Pakistan? -- Terrorists would inherit nuclear arsenal, delivery system - February 13, 2006.
If Musharraf falls, mullahs will take over: Ex-FBI consultant - December 7, 2005.


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Sudan War Widens to Five African Nations, US Sends in Troops


Bush orders troops to Sudan


NEW PREDICTION: 9/2/06 -- George W. Bush commits US troops to Sudan and convinces Canada to do the same. The war in Sudan will widen to include FIVE African nations. Eventually, the war will spill over into Egypt, causing more problems for an already troubled Middle East. The deployment should occur in December 2006.




Ethiopian Army soldiers
Sources: U.S. fires at al Qaeda target in Somalia - June 1, 2007.
Women, children flee Darfur after attacks -- Conflict expanding to Central African Republic and Chad - June 1, 2007.
Rebels: Sudan military resumed Darfour strike in late April - May 1, 2007.
74 killed in attack on Ethiopia oil field - April 24, 2007.
Fighting rages in Somali capital as bodies rot in streets - April 23, 2007.
Somalis flee fierce fighting in Mogadishu - April 21, 2007.
Fighting in Somalian capital kills at least 12 - April 19, 2007.
End Darfur violence or face sanctions, Bush tells Sudan - April 18, 2007.
Bloody battle rages in Somali capital - April 1, 2007.
Heavy fighting engulfs Mogadishu - March 30, 2006.
Helicopter shot down; fighting vicious in Mogadishu - March 30, 2006.
Bloody Somalia battle in 2nd day - March 22, 2006.
Soldiers' bodies dragged through Mogadishu - March 21, 2006.
Somalia's president unhurt in mortar attack on palace - March 13, 2006.
U.N. Weighs Deploying Forces to Chad - February 25, 2007.
Gunships attack suspected al Qaeda fighters in Somalia - January 9, 2007.
U.S. strikes at al Qaeda in Somalia, :many dead" - January 9, 2007.
Pentagon official: U.S. attacks al Qaeda suspects in Somalia - January 9, 2007.
CBS: U.S. Strikes Al Qaeda In Somalia -- CBS News Learns Air Strikes Were Aimed At Alleged Al Qaeda Members Linked To 1998 Embassy Bombings - January 8, 2007.
U.S. ships block escape route as Somalia assault readies -- Uganda pledges to send 1,000 troops - January 5, 2007.
Al Qaeda tape backs Somali militia - January 5, 2007.
Kenya tightens border with Somalia - January 3, 2007.
Further Combat Looms in Somalia - December 31, 2006.
Mogadishu falls to Ethiopian-backed government troops - December 28, 2006.
Ethiopian, Somali troops advance toward Mogadishu - December 27, 2006.
First U.N. advisors headed to Dafur in days - December 27, 2006.
Ethiopia attacks Somalian airports - December 25, 2006.
Ethiopia PM admits Somalia action - December 24, 2006.
Ethiopian jets bomb Somalia areas - December 24, 2006.
Carnage as Somalia 'in state of war' - December 21, 2006.
Top sheik: Somalia militia fighting Ethiopian troops - December 8, 2006.
Annan to press world on 'horror' of Sudan - December 8, 2006.
Somalia PM prepares for war against Islamists - December 5, 2006.
Al Qaida an active partner in Somalia's new government - December 5, 2006.
Hundreds die in worst fighting since Sudan peace deal - November 30, 2006.
Chad in 'state of war' with Sudan, government says - November 28, 2006.
Ethiopian deaths spark fears of devastating war - November 23, 2006.
Gadhafi: U.N. Darfur force is ruse to grab Sudan's oil -- Libyan leader blasts Western Europe and the United States - November 19, 2006.
Sudan considers Darfur force plan - November 16, 2006.
Ethnic cleansing spreads to eastern Chad -- Janjaweed torching villages, killing ethnic Africans along border with Darfur - November 14, 2006.
Rivals fight gun battles in Congo - November 11, 2006.
Gunmen on horseback killing villagers in Chad - November 9, 2006.
Gunmen kill bus passengers in Sudan ambush - November 2, 2006.
Report: Somalia in danger of 'all out war' - October 27, 2006.
Somali radicals: Ethiopian officer captured after fierce battle - October 24, 2006.
Somalis flee as militiamen gather - October 22, 2006.
Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia: Death and danger in the Horn of Africa -- Persecution of Christians intensifies as regional tensions escalate - October 20, 2006.
Darfur violence spills into neighboring Chad - October 18, 2006.
Somali Islamists declare 'jihad' on Ethiopia - October 9, 2006.
Tears in the Darfur dust: Sudan backed by Arabs, Beijing - September 18, 2006.
Protesters around world plead: Intervene in Darfur - September 17, 2006.
Time for UN to act on Darfur, Bush says - September 16, 2006.
Bush Suggests Sending Peacekeepers to Dafur - September 15, 2006.


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Famous Rock Star Dies in Plane Crash After Giving
Concert or Is Murdered in Car Near Year's End


Rock star plane crash


NEW PREDICTION: 9/18/06 -- This is fairly self-explanatory. It will be an enormous tragedy if it happens in December 2006. The good news is that the chances of a plane crash happening are only 28.6%. The chances of a murder only 14.3%. The chances are also 100% that this person will be a male, although, as we know from the case of Aaliyah in 2001, a female could always break the chain. Perhaps this is because there are many more famous female rock and music stars today and since the 1990s than there used to be in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and even the 1980s.




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