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Because the system I use is, thus far, only 71.6% to 92.7% accurate, and because new information may help make initial predictions more focused, the almanacs will be updated periodically as needed.

If a prediction is fulfilled you will see a news article (or news articles) that proves the event took place, along with a commentary by me, immediately beneath the prediction. If a prediction is close to being fulfilled you will be alerted by a link or links to related news articles.

All base 7 forecasts made after January 5, 1999 are designated at the start of the first paragraph as NEW PREDICTION and followed by the creation date. All projections calculated between October 5, 1997 and January 5, 1999 do not have the designation NEW PREDICTION and a creation date before the text.

Results of Base 7 Projections for 2005

NOTICE (2/8/07): Each projection has been rated at the bottom of each presentation on each 2005 page.

The final base 7 accuracy rate, based on all three 2005 pages' ratings, along with the celebrity page rating, is 95.7%.

Again, I must emphasise that it is my base 7 system of prediction that is being rated -- not my interpretations of Nostradamus, the Bible, Edgar Cayce, or any other prophet.

Caveat and Disclaimer


Saddam Hussein Hanging Live via Cellphone - December 29, 2006.

U.S. plans naval buildup in Gulf to counter Iran -- CENTCOM plans to use 'gunboat diplomacy,' officials tell NBC News - December 19, 2006.

USA Planning Persian Gulf Build-Up As Warning To Iran - December 19, 2006.

Fires close in on Vic towns - December 19, 2006.

Small tornado damages houses and schools in Azores - December 18, 2006.

VIDEO: Italian activist's TV suicide try foiled - December 10, 2006. PREDICTION FULFILLED ... AGAIN!

Road in Kensal Rise, NW London, littered with debrisTornado tears through London street - December 7, 2006.

Six injured as tornado hits London - December 7, 2006.

Australian military fights fires - December 6, 2006.

Firefighters launch aerial attack on wildfire - December 4, 2006.

Wildfire Destroys 5 Homes, Threatens Others - December 3, 2006.

Fire burns 5 California homes; hundreds more in danger - December 3, 2006.

120 fires rip through Victoria - December 2, 2006.

Insurgents target oil sources, cause massive infernos - November 27, 2006.

Queensland fireCrews beat back flames in Queensland - November 17, 2006.

Kids among 8 people killed by N.C. tornado - November 16, 2006.

Iranian paper: Great war to wipe out Israel coming - November 14, 2006.

Netanyahu: It's 1938 and Iran is Germany; Ahmadinejad is preparing another Holocaust - November 14, 2006.

Israel will 'not tolerate' a nuclear Iran: Olmert - November 13, 2006.

Iran to reply 'destructively' to any Israeli attack - November 12, 2006.

'Israel must prepare for full-scale war' - November 12, 2006.

Olmert: Ahmadinejad must be stopped - November 11, 2006.

Deputy Defense Minister: Israel must be ready to stop Iranian nuclear program 'at all costs' - November 11, 2006.

Iran Test-Fires Longer Range MissileU.S. naval armada set to sail into Gulf to 'intimidate' Iran - November 10, 2006.

Bush 'would understand' attack on Iran - November 2, 2006.

Are Israelis gearing up to bomb Iran? - November 2, 2006.

Iran Test-Fires Longer Range Missile - November 2, 2006.

"Weapons of Mass Destruction": Building a Pretext for Waging War on Iran? - November 1, 2006.

U.S. Soldier Who Objected To Torture And Refused To Participate Found Dead, Death Ruled "Suicide" - November 1, 2006.

Saudis oil sites on alert after CIA briefing - October 30, 2006.

School safety drill upsets some parents - October 28, 2006.

Saudi Arabia confirms threat to oil facilities - October 27, 2006.

Official: Security up after al Qaeda threat to oil - October 27, 2006.

White House denies Cheney hailed 'water boarding' - October 27, 2006.

Bush Moves Toward Martial Law - October 26, 2006.

Syria now paying Golan Heights public officials -- Warnings Assad may stage provocation to take strategic territory - October 23, 2006.

Military Commissions Act Does Affect US Citizens -- Recent application of terror legislation proves American citizens not exempt from intent of bill - October 22, 2006.

Pat Tillman's brother blasts Iraq war - October 21, 2006.

Army Announces Readiness for Total Military Takeover of America - October 21, 2006.

'Beginning of the end of America' -- Olbermann addresses the Military Commissions Act in a special comment - October 19, 2006.

Julia Wilson, 14, got a surprise from Secret Service agentsGovernment Targets American Bloggers As Enemy Propagandists -- Military, Homeland Security, Bush White House strategy sharpen knives against anyone critical of the "war on terror" - October 17, 2006.

Secret Service Agents Question 14 Year Old About Myspace Page - October 14, 2006.

U.S. agents question 14 year old -- Girl ran anti-Bush page on MySpace - October 13, 2006.

Colorado man arrested for anti-war comments - October 13, 2006.

Thousands nationwide protest Bush - October 5, 2006.

Streisand snipes at Bush in concert - October 5, 2006.

Campus protesters quash Minuteman speech -- Storm stage in near riot, forcing security to whisk away founder Gilchrist - October 5, 2006.

Are You an 'Unlawful Combatant'? - October 2, 2006.

Protesters rise up to decry 'torture bill' - October 2, 2006.

Republican Torture Laws Will Live in History - October 2, 2006.

Gestapo tactics in land of the free - October 2, 2006.

Bush scores victory with detainee bill - October 2, 2006.

Habeas Corpus Murdered, Few Notice - October 1, 2006.

Rounding Up U.S. Citizens - October 1, 2006.

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Russian Military Attacks Former Soviet Republic


Russian tank enters Vilnius


NEW PREDICTION: 11/22/04 -- Remember Vilnius! On January 13, 1991, fourteen years (2x7) years ago, Soviet tanks moved into Vilnius, Lithuania, preparing for a bloody military crackdown against those supporting Lithuianian independence from Moscow. The crackdown came when Russian soldiers shot at unarmed demonstrators and tanks crushed a number of people to death. Barricades were set up around parliament, but the crackdown ended as quickly as it began.

It was called a massacre by the media: Black Sunday. The limited confrontation was quickly forgotten when the world coalition led by the United States launched Operation Desert Storm three days later.

It is possible that in January 2005, Moscow may use a heavy military hand again against a neighbouring republic. It may very well be in the Baltics again, in Lithuania or Latvia, both which caused some agitation to Russia early last year. Duma head Vladimir Zhirinovsky even threatened to nuke Latvia. It could obviously be the Caucasus republic of Georgia which has already seen proxy fighting in South Ossetia. Or it could happen in an entirely different nation on the Nato-Russian frontier, such as Ukraine or Transdneister.

Personally I would anticipate the unexpected and look to the Nato-Russian frontier for this potential military clash. Hopefully, as with 1991, it will be just that: a clash, and not a major war. Yet, it could be the start of a major war.

Why or how this will happen, like most predictions, is subject to conjecture. Many people over the years have engaged me in the "why" and "how" aspects to my predictions, but the truth is I rarely ever know the reasons why or exactly how things specifically will unfold. Few of us who predict ever do know why or how something will happen, and when we try to figure out why or how it will, then when that which we predict finally happens, we find we are often wrong as to the specific causes and details.

This should never be held against us. Our job is to tell you what will happen, where or to who, and when as best as we possibly can. But to ask us why or how -- that is not really our job.

Even the Bible prophets seldom knew why a prophecy they made would occur other than to say, if pressed, that it was "the will of God" or that it was a punishment for a nation's sins. As to how, human motives and strategems were usually beyond their ken of future events.


Russian troops in Ukraine capital

Wed, Nov 24, 2004

Source UPI

KIEV, Ukraine -- Russian troops were reported by eyewitnesses as being among forces protecting Ukraine's presidential administration building Tuesday night. Eyewitnesses said that Russian troops were manning the inner circle of several lines of defense around the presidential administration building on Bankova Boulevard in Kiev. The identity of the troops could not be confirmed.

The building was the scene of protests where former Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko and thousands of his supporters protested the reported results of the second round run-off election that was held Sunday. Election officials gave the victory to Yushchenko's opponent, current Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych. The Yushchenko campaign, backed by many international observers, has alleged widespread improprieties in voting and in the counting of the results.


COMMENTS (1/2/07): Ironically, I did not know about the situation in Ukraine when I made this prediction. Only two days later came the report that civil war was looming in the country as it faced presidential elections. Three days later (Nov. 25) came the report I saw about Russian troops being seen in Kiev. That link no longer works, so I just found the UPI story, dated November 24, on the 'net that says pretty much the same thing the original report did. As for me, since the report I saw and posted here was dated November 25, this was three days after I made the prediction.

Anyway, the event that became known as the Orange Revolution went well and the Russian threat fell far short of another Vilnius or Prague, yet the times were very tense and the danger was always there. And the Russian military was in place in Kiev, which technically made it a small incursion.

Anyone who can remember this period would probably not feel it wrong of me to declare this was at least a CLOSE CALL.

What follows is a report I posted on Russia in News and Prophecy (Part One) that demonstrates how dangerous the times were:


On The Eve of World War III?

Gerhard Schroeder dismayed by events in Ukraine

November 25, 2004 - Suddenly, without warning, what was just another election in Eastern or Central Europe is not only threatening to become the worst civil war since the Balkans conflicts, but, far more serious, a potential battleground between Russia and Nato. Overnight, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder finds himself at odds with his "ally" Russian President Vladimir Putin whilst Washington and Moscow watch their own "alliance" unraveling more each hour, reverting to the hostile confrontation of the Cold War.

But like I have always maintained on this website: the "death of the Cold War" was merely an illusion.

What we are now witnessing in Ukraine could very well be the beginning of fulfillment of the most nightmarish prophecies, predictions, and dream visions that have maintained a constant presence on this website since it first aired in May 1999. I hate to state the obvious, but I told you so.

Oh yes, perhaps Ukraine will not slip into civil war, the leaders will negotiate, and soon this whole ordeal will be behind us. But let us not forget that already there are Russian troops in Kiev preparing for a civilian slaughter and more behind them awaiting a possible military conflict with an outraged Nato and United States. Even if the worst should not happen this time, we know the Rubicon in our international relations with Moscow has quickly been crossed and that mutual trust is something we will never know again. It will only be a matter of time before another pretext presents itself to Putin or his heirs to tangle with the West. The paranoia of Nato and EU encroachment on Russia's "near abroad" has finally taken its toll.

There will likely not be a three years and seven months period of US-Russian global policing as described in my article, Crossroads, on Nostradamus NOW. Clearly, the "reign left to two" in Quatrain 4.95 must refer to the dominant role the US and UK have played in world events since 9/11. If so, the end - and not the beginning - of the three years and seven must be fastly approaching. One of the two "vassals" is rebelling: Ukraine. Now we can only await the rebellion of the second vassal (Israel?) ...

I had hoped that we might live on another year, perhaps until 2006 or even 2008, but events have quickly conspired to bring the threat of the unthinkable to our doorstep NOW ... or very soon.

God save us all.


The deleted material (marked ...) which appeared as an update to the article on November 28, 2004, dealt with prophetic speculation that, fortunately, never did apply.


RATING: +1.0

Worst Blizzard or Ice Storm of the Century in NE US, Canada


Entering blizzard Ice storm


NEW PREDICTION: 1/3/05 -- The title and photos pretty much say it all. Widespread loss of electrical power too, perhaps, like during the grid outage in 2003. May or may not be some extensive flooding in some regions in aftermath. January 2005.


Snowstorm socks Northeast -- One of the worst 10 snowstorms in the past century

Up to 3 feet of snow forecast in some areas

Sunday, January 23, 2005 Posted: 1612 GMT (0012 HKT)

Blizzard buries Boston

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Howling winds and blinding snow blasted the Northeast on Sunday, closing Boston's airport and forcing airlines to evaluate whether to cancel flights in other cities slammed for a second day by blizzard conditions.

Up to 3 feet of snow was forecast in some areas, and a National Weather Service meteorologist said the storm likely would earn a designation of one of the worst 10 snowstorms in the past century. As of 3:30 a.m. Sunday, between 12 and 20 inches of snow had fallen in the Interstate 95 corridor, said Walter Drag, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service's office in Taunton, Massachusetts. All day, "it's going to be snowing off and on, hard."

A pedestrian walks across Times Square on Saturday in New YorkBoston's Logan Airport closed indefinitely at 3:01 a.m. because of whiteout conditions. "If you can't see, you can't plow," airport spokesman Phil Orlandella said. As of 5:30 a.m., the airport had received 13 inches of snow and was expecting another 10 to 12 inches, he said. Most of the airlines had canceled their flights Saturday because of adverse weather conditions. No travelers were stranded, Orlandella said. "I walked around last night and there wasn't 20 people here."

Philadelphia International Airport was open Sunday, but individual airlines were deciding whether to fly on a case-by-case basis, said airport spokesman Mark Pesce. About 3,000 flights were canceled Saturday, stranding 800 passengers in Philadelphia overnight. The airport was closed briefly, but reopened a few hours later.

"Flights are getting in and out now," Pesce said Sunday. Thirty percent of flights were canceled on departure and 10 percent on arrival, he said, so "people are moving."

In addition, he said, the snow appeared to be tapering off. The airport has no emergency cots, but staff were distributing coffee, snacks and other items, Pesce said. "All the hotels in the area are completely booked," he added. Rally Caparas, CNN air traffic specialist, predicted flight cancellations to persist Sunday, even if the snow stops. "It's going to be a very rough day."

Hundreds of stadium workers shoveled several inches of snow from Lincoln Financial Field before Sunday's NFC championship game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons. Across the state in Pittsburgh, just a few inches of snow fell one day before the Steelers host the New England Patriots in the AFC title game at Heinz Field.

14 inches at Boston Commons

At 6:30 a.m. ET, Centerville and Forestdale -- both in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, at the base of Cape Cod -- had reported 23 inches of snow, while Rockland, closer to Boston in Plymouth County, reported 25 inches. In Boston, the Commons held more than 14 inches of snow -- and temperatures hovered at 10 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill factor of minus 13. The National Weather Service also warned of coastal flooding in eastern Massachusetts Sunday morning "at least until noon."

Some cities south of Boston reported flooding -- Hull, on the outer edge of Hingham Bay reported one street under three to four feet deep at 9 a.m. while Marshfield had streets under two feet of water. The weather service also reported waves of 25 to 35 feet just offshore, cautioning that they would "bring dangerously large breakers to the shoreline."

Forecasters warned that parts of eastern Massachusetts could receive 30 inches of snow by late Sunday, and up to 4 inches an hour could fall in some places. A blizzard warning was in effect for eastern New York and much of New England through 6 p.m. Sunday. All of southern New England was expected to receive 1 to 2 feet of snow, the weather service said, and some locations may receive up to 3 feet. Northeast Connecticut, northern Rhode Island and eastern and central Massachusetts were at risk for the highest amounts ...

For complete article:

More News:
Blizzard wallops N.E. -- Heavy snow, outages are expected - January 23, 2005.


COMMENTS (1/23/05): It has already been reported on television news that this is the worst winter storm to hit the Northeast since the blizzard of 1996 and, in some locations, since 1978. That certainly makes this the worst blizzard of the 21st Century so far and possibly the worst blizzard of the last 28 years. Indeed, without question, this is a PREDICTION FULFILLED. There has even been some flooding reported in cities south of Boston -- flooding is something also mentioned in my prediction, although actually I expect the more extensive floods to occur after the next thaw causes the snow accumulation to melt. Canada has been spared thus far.

If there should be an "icestorm of the century" in addition to this "blizzard of the century" I will consider that "prediction overkill." Likewise if an even worse blizzard should follow this one.


Record-Setting Snow Buries Northeast

The Associated Press

Feb 12, 2006 5:15 PM US/Eastern

Record-Setting Snow Buries NortheastA record-breaking storm buried sections of the Northeast under more than 2 feet of snow on Sunday, marooning thousands of air travelers and making even a walk to the corner store treacherous. The National Weather Service said 26.9 inches of snow had fallen in Central Park, the most since record-keeping started in 1869. The old record was 26.4 inches in December 1947.

Wind gusting as high as 60 mph blew the snow sideways and raised a risk of coastal flooding in New England. And in a rare display, lightning lit up the falling snow before dawn in the New York and Philadelphia areas, producing muffled winter thunder.

"We might not see anything like this again in our lifetime," Jason Rosenfarb said as he walked with his 5-year-old daughter Haley in Central Park. Just then Haley jumped head first into the snow and said: "Help me out. There's too much snow."

The storm came on the heels of an unusually mild January that had people shedding jackets and ski resorts lamenting lost business. "It's sort of crazy because it was so warm a couple of weeks ago and now we have knee-deep snow," said Skye Drynan, walking her dogs Bella and Forest in lower Manhattan.

Elsewhere, 21 inches of snow fell at Columbia, Md., between Baltimore and Washington, and at East Brunswick, N.J., Hartford, Conn., and West Caln Township west of Philadelphia, the National Weather Service said. Philadelphia's average for an entire winter is about 21 inches. "It's going to be a menace trying to clean it up," said Mayor Scott T. Rumana in Wayne, N.J. New York officials said snow removal costs the city about $1 million per inch.

However, the storm's arrival during the weekend meant more people were staying at home instead of trying to drive to work. Churches canceled services and the Philadelphia Phantoms minor league hockey team postponed Sunday's game because the team couldn't get home from Chicago.

The possibility of coastal flooding was a major concern for Massachusetts as wind hit 60 mph, said Peter Judge, spokesman for the state's Emergency Management Agency. Meteorologists predicted 2 1/2- foot storm surges from Cape Ann to Cape Cod with seas off the coast running up to 25 feet.

The storm closed all three of the New York metropolitan area's major airports, and airlines canceled more than 500 inbound and departing flights -- 200 each at LaGuardia and Newark airports and 120 at Kennedy. Delta Air Lines canceled arrivals and departures at Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Providence, R.I., and Hartford, Conn. The airport closures and grounded planes stranded travelers elsewhere across the country. About 7,500 people were stuck just at Florida's Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, spokesman Steve Belleme said. "We've been playing cards for two hours. We expect to play a lot more cards," Cliff Jefferson said about nine hours into his stay at the Miami airport.

High winds, snow cause massive crashes in E. Canada


Feb 17, 2006 6:03 PM US/Eastern

Record-Setting Snow Buries NortheastOver 100 vehicles piled up and four people died in two separate crashes caused by strong winds and blowing snow in eastern Canada, police told AFP.

Three people died in a heap of twisted metal after more than 60 vehicles collided on a highway outside Ottawa midday, officials said. Moments later, dozens more were injured in a pileup east of Montreal after some 50 cars and trucks slammed into each other, leaving at least one person dead.

Meanwhile, a freight train was left hanging off a bridge west of Montreal after a derailment, and electricity was knocked out at 154,000 homes, also blamed on bad weather. "There was blowing snow, white-out condition at the time," Ontario provincial police Constable Dana Mellon said.

Up to 60 people were injured in both crashes, with the number of casualties in the Ottawa accident forcing authorities to send a transit bus to carry the injured to hospital, Mellon said.

"Normally you don't have these white-out conditions. It started out this morning, it was just rain, then all of a sudden we had a big dump of snow and the temperature dropped, and the wind picked up and started blowing the snow around," he said.

The accidents occurred after flurries and freezing rain made roads very slippery and winds gusting up to 90 kilometers per hour (55 miles per hour) kicked up snow, reducing visibility to near zero, the government weather agency reported.

Environment Canada said an intense cold front swept through the region behind a warm front Friday, causing temperatures to plummet fast and high winds to blow.


COMMENTS (2/24/06): If winter 2005 was a record-breaker, winter 2006 is even moreso, with the worst winter storm in the northeast since 1947. I can definitely say this record-setter is a case of PREDICTION OVERKILL.


RATING: +2.0

Israel and/or US Launch Missile Strikes Against Iran
(and Syria?)

mouseover above videos to activate


NEW PREDICTION: 10/22/04 -- It is now fairly clear that the festering nuclear crisis with Iran, in progress since the summer, could easily lead to a military showdown between Tehran and Israel, the United States, or both countries. January/February 2005 is the base 7 vector where the outbreak of hostilities are most probable and an air attack against the Bushehr nuclear facility and other Iranian targets will commence. A bit less likely, but not out of the question, would be an Israeli and/or US air attack on Syria at this time. Attacks could even be launched against both Damascus and Tehran. However, while we cannot know what Syria's Assad might do between now and January of next year with any certainty, there is no question that the current nuclear crisis with Iran is far more provocative and of concern to the world at large than the occasional shelling of US troops by militants and subsequent US retaliations across the Syrian-Iraqi border.

This does not negate my prediction that Iran might attack neighbouring countries and oil fields. The vector for that was August 2004, but it is only a few months time since that period. Even so, it certainly goes without saying that if there is a strike on Iran in January or February 2005, that such actions will likely follow. Also, it is most probable that the tanker war scenario presented below will also be fulfilled in fairly short order. We can trace the current round of sabre-rattling over the Bushehr complex to around August 2004, so it is reasonable to conclude that the next major vector for war will be when this crisis reaches a head.

If Israel initiates the war, the US will likely join in the conflict almost immediately. However, if the US launches the air strikes, Israel may try to stay out of the war, concentrating on Gaza, the West Bank, and threats from Hezbollah and Assad from the north. This will quickly change if Iran launches a missile attack on Israel as they have threatened to do. Indeed, the same base 7 vector indicates a barrage of missile attacks against Israel from an Arab or non-Arab Muslim state that continue for weeks or months.

The January/February 2005 war vector is directly online, from a base 7 perspective, with January 1991, the start of Operation Desert Storm, the culmination of the crisis begun by Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, and 1998, the year Bill Clinton almost launched Operation Desert Thunder in February and finally did carry out Operation Desert Fox in December, the final upshot of more than a year of weapons inspections violations by Baghdad. As I have mentioned before elsewhere, had Operation Desert Thunder proceeded on February 28, 1998, the night of the new moon, over 800,000 Iraqis would have been killed, many of them as "human shields." The three-day December strike, Operation Desert Fox, was a much watered-down version of what would have happened in February.

Therefore, it should be kept in mind that, like February 1998, last ditch diplomacy may stave off a military strike against the Bushehr nuclear facility and other Iranian targets. It all depends on whether Israel launches the strike or the US, and if the US, whether Kerry or Bush is president at the time. Bush is less likely to cave in to diplomacy by the likes of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan who saved Baghdad from a horrific bombing at the 11th hour on February 23, 1998. Kerry, on the other hand, would likely heed the UN. Israel, of course, would not heed the UN, but might be restrained by Kerry or Bush to hold off until a later time.

If diplomacy should prevail, then the air strikes, as in 1998, might be postponed until December 2005, the other theoretical war vector. Indeed, there should be some sort of Middle East crisis in October/November 2005 anyway, likely involving Gaza and Egypt, but it could be the time when the opening of war with Iran (and perhaps Syria) will be postponed to if diplomacy succeeds early in the year. It is even possible that January/February 2005 will mark the trigger of a US-Israeli war with Iran and December 2005 will be the war vector for a US-Israeli war with Syria (or vice versa, perhaps).

One other remarkable base 7 influence on 2005 is the bombing campaign against Cambodia in May 1970. Nixon escalated the war in Vietnam at that time, another quagmire, eventually spreading the conflict to neighbouring nations such as Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. So one should anticipate the migration of the quagmire war in Iraq (and possibly Afghanistan) to neighbouring nations. Again, Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia become the most obvious choices.

A war with North Korea and even China is the other shark to be concerned about, and could very well happen in January/February 2005 instead of, or in addition to, a war with Iran or Syria. But I suspect the time for such conflict with the US, Japan, and South Korea will not come until a bit later, probably in late August or early September 2005. Still, as we can see below, North and West Australia could be pounded by China and Korea by March 2005. Then again, another prediction of mine has Sydney under attack as early as December 2004, only two months from this writing. Perhaps instead this will be a terrorist bombing, which seems more likely in the current world climate. And the calamitous war to follow involving Australia may be with terrorists from Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia rather than a nuclear China or North Korea.


COMMENTS (1/2/07): All of us know how close this prediction came to happening time and time again. However, nothing happened ... nothing whatsoever. Not even a small "token attack" like what Israel has done to Syria a few times. Had I called for a festering crisis rather than a war, or had predicted a festering crisis in addition to a war, I might be able to get a partial on this. But the festering "nuclear crisis", the likely pretext for war, was already in progress when this prediction was made.

I still have no doubt that the US will go to war with Iran sometime in the next few years. It may happen as early as April 2007 and it may happen for reasons that have nothing to do with with the nuclear crisis.

I would say one thing about these failed vectors: they were probably the most opportune vectors for the US to go to war with Iran if it was going to. There was at least a potential for success. But now ... a US war with Iran will be extremely dangerous, a new quagmire that will eventually trigger World War III in the Middle East. An Israeli attack on Iran would be even worse, causing that which would otherwise happen over a few years to happen virtually overnight.




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Giant Tidal Waves, Floods, Strike California


Massive tidal waves batter California coast in 1998


NEW PREDICTION: 12/29/04 -- Massive tidal waves and ferocious storms will batter the coast of California, bringing with them much flooding. It should begin sometime in January/February 2005.


Storms slam California, soak Ohio

Saturday, January 8, 2005 Posted: 1811 GMT (0211 HKT)

Redwood High School students push a car from a flooded parking lot at the Larkspur, CaliforniaLOS ANGELES (AP) -- Another winter blast spread rain and heavy snow across California on Saturday as residents of waterlogged areas that were stripped by wildfires braced for flash flooding and mudslides.

As much as six feet (two meters) of snow was possible during the weekend in the northern Sierra Nevada, delighting skiers, while homeowners rushed to pile sandbags in Southern California, where some neighborhoods below the San Bernardino Mountains east of Los Angeles received more than a half-inch of rain every hour ...

California's latest storm arrived Thursday and wasn't expected to let up until Monday, the National Weather Service said.

The wild weather knocked out power for thousands of homes and businesses and blocked mountain roads. One person died in a sailboat smashed by wind and waves and two resort workers in the Sierra were found dead in a snow-covered car.

Homeowners were especially concerned in San Bernardino County foothill towns that were devastated by wildfires and mudslides in 2003. "You can only do so much," said Thom Master of Devore. "If two feet of mud comes, these little sandbags aren't going to do much." Along the Ohio River, hundreds of Ohio and West Virginia residents had evacuated their homes and stacked sandbags ...


COMMENTS (1/9/05): OK, some of you out there have convinced me this prediction is at least PARTIALLY FULFILLED. However, I would expect more than this to happen to California before the winter is over for a complete fulfillment (like the massive tidal waves). I must say I never expected the flooding in Ohio and West Virginia. The above flood photo is from Larkspur, California.


COMMENTS (2/21/05): Here are more photos of massive flooding in California from January 2005: (courtesy of Slide Show: California storms, floods, mudslides in January 2005). Just a few of many. Enough to convince me this prediction was COMPLETELY FULFILLED in January. I had no idea things got this bad.


A house sits in the Santa Clara River after collapsing from floodwaters, Jan. 10, 2005: Santa Clarita, California. Wading through a flooded street in Seal Beach, Calif. Water pours over a washed-out section of road Monday, Jan. 10, 2005.


One resident of Sunland uses a boat to get around in this storm that's expected to last throughout the holiday weekend. Now there are more floods from more storms in February, right now, but the emphasis seems to be on showing the mudslides for some reason. Here's one flood picture making the rounds from 2-18-05 (photo kind of small), courtesy of KABC news.

The captions says: "One resident of Sunland uses a boat to get around in this storm that's expected to last throughout the holiday weekend."


PREDICTION FULFILLED? How about PREDICTION OVERKILL?? Tonight on television they said this year California set a new record for rainfall and flooding. Not to mention the mudslides and tornadoes. Still, some sceptics don't see a prediction fulfilled even when there are tons of photos, news reports, and eyewitness accounts to back it up.


Storms Swell Northern California Rivers

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A drenching winter storm swelled rivers in northern California to their highest levels in seven years, causing power outages and forcing some residents to evacuate.

Flood warnings were in effect for the northern half of the state after the storm swept through Tuesday and Wednesday. One person was killed in a car crash caused by a mudslide. "It's been several years since we've had this widespread of flooding, and we're not done," said Rob Hartman of the National Weather Service's California-Nevada River Forecast Center in Sacramento.

The last significant flooding in the region was during the El Nino year of 1998 and a year earlier, when three people died after levees collapsed north of Sacramento.

The danger is lower this time because there is relatively little snow in the Sierra Nevada to be melted by the warm rains, officials said.

In Modesto, a mudslide led to a pileup that killed a motorist Monday. And in Mendocino County, four homes were evacuated after a landslide Tuesday night.Rivers were cresting from the Napa County wine country to the far northern coast, including the Russian, Navarro, Scott, Klamath and Eel rivers. They were expected to rise to flood stage periodically through the weekend without causing severe damage.

"We're getting an early start on the rain-and-snow season, which is good as long as we don't get flooding," said Don Strickland, a spokesman for the state Department of Water Resources.

Federal and state water managers were releasing torrents of water at the Oroville and Folsom dams, but both reservoirs had plenty of capacity to handle additional runoff, officials said.

More storms were forecast for Friday through the New Year's weekend. The system was expected to spread farther south by Saturday and potentially cause mudslides and flash floods in recently burned areas of Southern California, Hartman said.

Flooded California Hit by Second Storm - January 1, 2006.
New Storm Batters California - December 31, 2005.
Storms Swell Northern California Rivers to Highest Levels in Seven Years - December 29, 2005.


COMMENTS (12/29/05): It appears things have gotten worse at year's end than at year's beginning! No question now this is PREDICTION OVERKILL. It may get even worse before it gets better. And then there will be the two massive earthquakes to contend with in March and April 2006 (see 2006 (Part One)).


RATING: +2.0

Live Execution or Suicide Televised, an Execution "First," or
Murder of Famous Celebrity in Jail or Prison



NEW PREDICTION: 11/21/04 -- January/February 2005 is a very bad and strange period, not to mention confusing.

The added contributing phenomenon of rampant terrorism makes the exact nature of this prediction difficult to pin down. Obviously, it is possible terrorists will go one step farther in their bid to horrify and somehow manage to execute a hostage "live" on television or, more likely, on the internet.

Christine HubbockOtherwise, as this base 7 vector demonstrates from past examples, this may somehow be another first for controversial executions in the US ala Gary Gilmore (1977) and Karla Faye Tucker (1998). When combined with the live televised suicide of woman newscaster Chris Hubbock (1970), one of two possible scenarios present themselves.

Hubbock's last words, by the way, were "And now, in keeping with Channel 40's policy of always bringing you the latest in blood and guts, in living colour, you're about to see another first -- an attempted suicide." After uttering that fateful warning to the home audience, Hubbock shot herself in the head live on the air during the broadcast.

There has already been a televised execution: Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh in 2002. However, that was on close circuit and viewable only to selected witnesses. So I suppose we may see a nationally televised execution this time around, perhaps of someone like Scott Peterson, or, if not, then someone like newscaster Hubbock may pull a suicide stunt live. Of course a nationally televised execution or unexpected television suicide would not necessarily have to occur in the United States -- it could be a nation like Russia, Japan, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, or UK this time around.

Glen Campbell: three times lucky? The other possibility, other than an execution, is a different kind of prison "first": the murder of a famous celebrity under confinement in jail or prison. Someone like Glen Campbell, for example, who has been jailed briefly twice for DWI and resisting arrest. Maybe next time he won't be so lucky. Or someone like alleged Bonny Lee Bakley murderer, actor Robert Blake, still in confinement as his trial proceeds ever so slowly. Then, of greater concern, there is Martha Stewart whose prison sentence supposedly ends in March 2005. According to the National Enquirer, Stewart has reportedly already been verbally threatened with rape or murder once by four inmates. And of course, the greatest of all potential inmates, alleged child abuser and pedophile Michael Jackson, who could be attacked at court during trial or in prison if convicted. In Jackson's case, if prison is the place that is endangering him, the vector may be much later than January/February 2005: possibly after the summer. However, I still believe that if Jackson is sentenced to any prison time, he will probably commit suicide before he ever steps into a penitentiary. Robert Blake: old age may kill him before anything else
Martha Stewart: 'home girl' threatened with rape, death Michael Jackson: would choose suicide over prison

In this most strange year it even possible that more than one of the above scenarios occurs. For example, there could be a live hostage execution and a newscaster could do a Chris Hubbock -- probably at two different times of the year. Or there may be some sort of US criminal execution "first" that has nothing to do with a live broadcast and a celebrity might later be killed in custody. Or maybe none of these things will happen. I'm sure most everyone hopes that none do.


'May God give grace to our family' -- Terri Schiavo dies amid legal, ethical battle

Friday, April 1, 2005 Posted: 0105 GMT (0905 HKT)A photo of Terri Schiavo before whatever caused her brain damage 1990.

PINELLAS PARK, Florida (CNN) -- The sister of Terri Schiavo offered a message of thanks to the lawyers, the doctors who volunteered to help, the supporters and even the media outside the hospice in Pinellas Park where the brain-damaged woman died around 9 a.m. Thursday.

"May God give grace to our family," Suzanne Vitadamo told reporters.Her brother, Bobby Schindler, spoke after her. "We have a message of forgiveness," he said. "Throughout this ordeal we are reminded of the words of Jesus' message on the cross: 'Forgive them for they know not what they do'"

The statement was an allusion to the bitter feud between his family, the Schindlers, and Michael Schiavo, Terri Schiavo's husband and legal guardian, in a case over the right to die -- and the determination of who decides, in the absence of a living will.

Schiavo died nearly two weeks after doctors, acting on an order issued by a state circuit court judge, removed her life-sustaining feeding tube. Her death came less than 12 hours after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected her parents' last appeal.

She was 41 and had been incapacitated since 1990 after suffering a heart attack that caused permanent brain damage.

Michael Schiavo was at her bedside cradling her, said George Felos, his attorney, who also was present. Others in the room were hospice caregivers; Michael's brother, Brian; and Michael Schiavo's other attorney, Deborah Bushnell. "Mrs. Schiavo died a calm, peaceful and gentle death," Felos told reporters. He said that when they entered the room around 8:45 a.m., it was "apparent that it was the final moments for Mrs. Schiavo."

He said Michael Schiavo had stayed in a room just down the hall from his wife for the past two weeks, ever since the feeding tube was removed March 18 on an order issued at Schiavo's request by Pasco-Pinellas Circuit Court Judge George Greer. Felos said it had become apparent Wednesday that she was nearing death, with her heart beating rapidly, her skin mottling and her breathing becoming more difficult.

Mary Schindler, Terri Schiavo's mother, is escorted into the hospice where her daughter diedEven in Schiavo's final moments Thursday, there was one last dispute between the husband and his wife's family -- with Michael Schiavo rejecting a request by Bobby Schindler to be in the room. According to Felos, Schindler and his sister had been in the room visiting Terri Schiavo for about an hour and 45 minutes when a hospice administrator notified Michael Schiavo that his wife was in her final stages.

The hospice official asked the siblings to leave the room so that her condition could be evaluated, but Bobby Schindler resisted, saying he wanted to stay in the room with Michael Schiavo and a police officer. "Mr. Schiavo's overriding concern was Mrs. Schiavo has a right and had a right to die with dignity and die in peace," Felos said.

"She had a right to have her last and final moments on this Earth be experienced by a spirit of love and not of acrimony."

Terri Schiavo's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, had begged to be with their firstborn while she drew her last breath but police denied their request, said Brother Paul O'Donnell, the Schindlers' spokesman and spiritual adviser.

Moments before the announcement that Schiavo died, her parents hurriedly entered the hospice to see her. "It's our understanding that the Schindlers spent some time with Terri's body," Felos said. "They were free to spend as much time as they chose with her body. After they left, the hospice workers bathed Terri's body." Michael Schiavo was not present in the room during their visit.

'Terri Schiavo has passed away'

Suzanne Vitadamo, Terri Schiavo's sister, speaks on behalf of the familyNews of the death was first reported by O'Donnell. "It is with great sadness that -- it has been reported to us that Terri Schiavo has passed away," he said.

Demonstrators -- some of whom had been outside the hospice near St. Petersburg for weeks as the legal wrangling heated up -- grieved openly with gasps, sobs, songs and prayers. Inside, about 30 to 40 hospice workers, many of whom had stayed past their shifts, formed a circle around Terri Schiavo's body, Felos said. A hospice chaplain said a prayer, he said. "It was a very emotional moment for many of us there," Felos said.

Two hours after her death, Schiavo's body was taken by a white van escorted by police motorcycles to the Pinellas-Pasco County Medical Examiner's office in Largo for an autopsy.

Forensic investigator William Pellan of the medical examiner's office said the autopsy will "include routine forensic autopsy procedures, supplemented by postmortem radiographs and a thorough neuropathology examination."

The autopsy report about the cause of death may not be available for several weeks ...

Terri responding to her mother in video'May God give grace to our family' -- Terri Schiavo dies amid legal, ethical battle - April 1, 2005.
Terri Schiavo's life, death sparked national debate - March 31, 2005.
Mel Gibson on Schiavo: It's modern crucifixion -- 'Passion' director appalled by 'cruel execution,' rips state-sanctioned murder, pro-death agenda - March 31, 2005.
Alan Keyes warns Terri's death portends danger to all Americans - March 31, 2005.
Schiavo's Parents Denied Access At Moment Of Death - March 31, 2005.
Fight over Terri Schiavo moves to Washington - March 28, 2005.
Jeb Bush: 'I'd love to help, but I can't' -- Florida governor says he doesn't have power from Constitution to intervene - March 27, 2005.
Schindlers' lawyer: Legal fight near end - Schiavo attorney calls further legal action futile, desperate - March 27, 2005.
Terri Has Less Due Process Than A Convict - March 24, 2005.
When Did Michael Schiavo First Start Trying To Kill Terri? - March 24, 2005.
Nurse: Michael tried to kill Terri -- Former caregiver asserts husband 'doesn't
want the truth to be known' - March 22, 2005.

'Judge rules that Terri Schiavo should die' - March 22, 2005.


Terri Schiavo death sentenceCOMMENTS (3/5/05): I admitted up front that how this prediction would actually play out was "confusing" to me. I had a definite sense that "this may somehow be another first for controversial executions in the US ala Gary Gilmore (1977) and Karla Faye Tucker (1998)." In scope, it resembled the execution of Karla Faye Tucker the most. As they did with Karla Faye in February 1998, church leaders, the Vatican, pro-life groups, the whole world, tried to stop this judicial homicide playing out live on television, night after night, before our very eyes. It was indeed a "live execution." State-sponsored murder, a forced suicide carried out without the explicit consent of the victim -- one who made futile attempts to communicate her desire to live.

This was not only a PREDICTION FULFILLED, off by only one month; it was a vile, inhumane event unprecedented in magnitude ... one that may have future repercussions for us all.



Italian activist's TV suicide try foiled

10 December 2006

An Italian fathers' rights activist says he tried unsuccessfully to self-immolate on live television to call attention to dads unable to see their kids. The ANSA news service reported Saturday that Nicola De Martino, who was recently re-united with his son after a 12-year separation, tried to set himself on fire Thursday night while appearing as a guest on the current affairs show, "Dieci Minute," or "Ten Minutes" on state television station RAI. ANSA said that the show's host, along with the distraught man's 18-year-old son "looked on in horror" as De Martino doused himself with gasoline and then threatened to light a match. Host Maurizio Martinelli and the studio crew frantically managed to wrest the lit match from De Martino's hands. He was then led away from the stage.






Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was executed Friday night, December 29, 2006, hanged despite his lawyers' attempt to block his transfer from U.S. forces to Iraqi officials.

ABOVE: Full Saddam Execution Video Leaked from Cellphone.




RATING: +3.0


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Major Bombing Raids on North and West Australia ---
Naval Combat, Breakdown of Society

Bombing of northern Australian coast during naval combat

NEW PREDICTION: 12/4/02 -- This prediction, like the one above regarding the destruction of Sydney, was made by me earlier this year on the Email Forum. I have only now gotten around to posting it.

As we can see, finally, massive bombing against north and west takes place in Australia in January-March 2005. China with its nuclear weapons, and Al Qaeda terrorists from Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia, all armed with WMD, will be the likely culprits in this stage of the war. It is not impossible that most of Australia will be rendered uninhabitable. The question is whether the assault will reach farther inland than north and west. If not, and if the attackers can be repelled, then most of the population may survive. But what sort of society will prevail? Were the writers of Mad Max and Road Warrior closer to the truth than we would like to admit? Certainly in parts of Europe there will be much anarchy and revolt, perhaps here too.



BASE 7 ALERT and PREDICTION: Female Confessional
Author or Poet Commits Suicide


NEW PREDICTION: 11/15/04 -- This is both a prediction and an alert. I intended to post this much sooner than I have, and now it appears the prediction may have been fulfilled three months prematurely, before I had a chance to publish it.


The Prediction

Sylvia PlathElizabeth Wurtzel's Bitch coverThe prediction, simply, is that an iconic, female confessional author or poet, probably American or at least born in America, and possibly a blonde, will, like the famous poet Sylvia Plath, commit suicide in or around February 2005. Plath, born in New Hampshire, committed suicide at age 30 on February 11, 1963 -- what shall soon be 42 (6 x 7) years ago come February 2005 -- by cooking gas aspyxiation (she stuck her head in an oven with the gas on). She was at the peak of her career having just released a novel entitled The Bell Jar with a new book of poems being prepared for publication later that year. The collection, Ariel, was published posthumously in 1965.

Personally, if there is anyone I think may be in great danger of ending up like Sylvia Plath, it is Elizabeth Wurtzel, author of Prozac Nation and Bitch, who has been closely compared to Plath by many critics, even hailed as "a modern Sylvia Plath."

Otherwise, I haven't a clue as to who else it might be.


Base 7 Alert

There is a chance that this prediction has already been fulfilled prematurely:


Acclaimed author, 36, apparent suicide -- Iris Chang wrote bestselling 'Rape of Nanking'

Thursday, November 11, 2004 Posted: 1435 GMT (2235 HKT)

Author Iris ChangLOS GATOS, California (AP) -- Iris Chang, a best-selling author who chronicled the Japanese occupation of China and the history of Chinese immigrants in the United States, was found dead in her car of a self-inflicted gunshot, authorities said Wednesday. She was 36.

Chang, who won critical acclaim for her books "The Rape of Nanking" and "The Chinese in America," was found along Highway 17 just south of Los Gatos, Santa Clara County authorities said. On Tuesday morning, a motorist noticed her car parked on a side road, checked the vehicle and called police.

The official cause of death has not been released, but investigators concluded that Chang, who was hospitalized recently for a breakdown, shot herself in the head. She lived in San Jose with her husband and 2-year-old son.

Born in Princeton, New Jersey, in 1968 and raised in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, Chang earned a bachelor's degree in journalism at the University of Illinois and a master's in science writing at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Chang worked briefly as a reporter for The Associated Press and the Chicago Tribune before leaving daily journalism to pursue her own writing.

At age 25, she published her first book, "Thread of the Silkworm," which tells the story of Tsien Hsue-shen, the Chinese-born physicist who pioneered China's missile program after being driven from the United States during the Cold War.

In 1997, Chang published the international bestseller "The Rape of Nanking," which described the rape, torture and killing of hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians by Japanese soldiers in the former Chinese capital during the late 1930s. "The Chinese in America," published last year, is a history of Chinese immigrants and their descendants in the United States.

The late historian Stephen Ambrose described Chang as "maybe the best young historian we've got, because she understands that to communicate history, you've got to tell the story in an interesting way."

Chang suffered a breakdown and was hospitalized during a recent trip researching her fourth book about U.S. soldiers who fought the Japanese in the Philippines during World War II, according to her former editor and agent Susan Rabiner. Chang continued to suffer from depression after she was released from the hospital. In a note to her family, she asked to be remembered as the person she was before she became ill -- "engaged with life, committed to her causes, her writing and her family," Rabiner said.


Elizabeth Wurtzel speaks 2-3-04Technically, Iris Chang fulfills this prediction, although her writing is largely historical and has nothing to do with confessional prose or poetry. Still, she is an author, a female in her 30s, and she did commit suicide. She is also an icon among modern historians. She is also American, having been born in New Jersey. She is not blonde. The report of her death is dated the 11th of November (Sylvia Plath died on the 11th of February), although Chang's death actually occurred on the 9th.

I can take no credit or blame for predicting Ms Chang's death, since my prediction warning of such a death has only been posted now, after the fact.

Still, I feel her suicide certifies the integrity of my base 7 system and serves as a warning that someone else may more closely fulfill my prediction next year.


Hunter S. ThompsonCOMMENTS (2/28/05): One thing is for certain: February has been the month for Suicide with a capital "S." Boxer Najai Turpin, journalist and book author Hunter S. Thompson, top South Korean actress Lee Eun-ju, another Japanese charcoal group suicide, a spectacular mass sex suicide scare for Valentine's Day, and the highly-publicised hanging deaths of two women that coincided with the Valentine's Day suicide plot.

Technically, Hunter S. Thompson was probably the February victim of the Sylvia Plath influence. However, I stuck with the base 7 precedent that the victim would have to be a woman ... and probably a poet or a confessional writer like Elizabeth Wurtzel. In this I may have been partially correct: Thompson was a kind of confessional journalist. But he was male ... very male. His choice of suicide was also very violent, not passive like Plath's. Partial points maybe on Thompson?? Of course the year is far from over. Even so, very strange, remarkable, that there has been so much suicide in February.


COMMENTS (5/5/05) Cinco de Mayo: We can also add popular jazz singer Pam Bricker, who hanged herself on February 28, 2005, to the above list.


COMMENTS (1/2/07): Yeah, female writers commit suicide all the time, don't they? That's what I read on a forum once where somebody criticised this prediction for that reason. Well, let's test that theory. How many other female writers have committed suicide since November 10, 2004? Considering it is now January 2, 2007 there ought to be a few worthy of note.

None? I didn't think so.

It doesn't matter anyway. I said I would take no credit for this prediction because Iris Chang committed suicide before I had a chance to post it. In other words, the person I was going to make a prediction about was already dead. Still, her death certifies that the base 7 theory is not one to take lightly. Indeed, the many suicides and suicide-related events of February 2005, the target vector, as discussed above, are also very hard to ignore!



Base 7 Alert: Tragic Suicide of China Actress Ruan Ling-yu
Repeated by Top South Korean Actress Lee Eun-ju


POSTED (2/28/05): No this is not a prediction. Sadly, it is too late for that. Rather, this is an example of what happens when an event in history is brushed aside as unlikely to be repeated and then is -- an event that, perhaps, could have been prevented.

Ruan Ling-yuOn March 8, 1935, actress Ruan Ling-yu, age 25, one of the greatest Shanghai movie idols of the 1930s, died by swallowing an overdose of sleeping tablets. Her funeral, which at that time was called "The Most Spectacular Funeral of the Century" by the New York Times, took place on March 14 with crowds measuring in the tens of thousands.

The star of such films as Love and Honour, Night in the City and Three Modern Girls left behind a suicide note which simply said: "Nothing matters". She left behind around two dozen movies, and a reputation for being the greatest tragic heroine figure of the Chinese cinema of all time.

I was aware of the circumstances of Ruan Ling-yu's death since early last year. Her name is on a list of famous actress suicides and was the only one whose year of death, 1935, lined up in multiples of seven years with 2005. I even had these photos of her ready in the event I was to make a prediction based on her death.

However, I decided not to predict that the same thing would happen in March of this year, 70 (10 x 7) years later.

Body of Ruan Ling-yu lies in coffin during historic funeralThe reason: I have seldom seen events that old repeat again in contemporary times. Also there has not been a similar event occurring to a famous East Asian actress during any of the other years on a potential timeline between 1935 and 2005 (1942, 1949, 1956, 1963, 1970, 1977, 1984, 1991, or 1998). Ruan Ling-yu's death appeared to be a singular event, unlikely to be repeated in this year in China, Taiwan, Japan, or South Korea.

The chances of this event being repeated again seemed most unlikely to me, so I did not post a warning.

But, now, against all odds, it has happened again -- exactly seventy years later, off by one month (February instead of March).

This time the actress is Lee Eun-ju, a famous rising star in South Korea. She died on February 22, 2005, also at the age of 25. Unlike Ruan Ling-yu, however, she committed suicide by hanging -- now the second leading form of suicide worldwide and the leading form of suicide in South Asia and East Asia for both men and women.


Rising Korean Actress, Lee Eun-ju, Dies in Likely Suicide

Tue Feb 22, 2005 09:08 PM ET

Lee Eun-juSEOUL (Reuters) - Rising Korean actress Lee Eun-ju, 25, who starred in one of the highest-grossing movies in the South Korea's history, has died, apparently after hanging herself with a necktie in a dressing room, police said.

Lee starred in the hit movie "Taeguki," and had been battling depression, her family told Korean media. She apparently killed herself on Tuesday and left a suicide note scrawled in blood, in which she wrote "Mom, I am sorry and I love you," police said.

She suffered a bout of mental illness after performing nude scenes for her role as a sultry jazz singer in the noir Korean crime movie "The Scarlet Letter," her family said. The movie was selected as the closing film last year at one of the biggest film events in Asia, the Pusan International Film Festival.

Lee's managers said the movie had nothing to do with her suicide.

Lee is best known for her role in "Taeguki," which can be translated as "National Flag." The movie, about brothers who are forced to fight in the Korean War, set an opening-day box office record in Korea and made the rounds of the international circuit.

Lee was considered a rising star in the South Korean movie industry, one of the hottest in Asia. She scored her first major role in the 2000 movie "Oh! Soo-jung" and had graduated from Danguk University a few days before she was found dead.


Note that both actresses died at age 25, nearly the same month, seventy (7 x 10) years apart. It remains to be seen if South Korea goes into anything approaching national mourning complete with a major funeral over Lee's death as China did over Ruan's. Judging from forum posts this just may happen, so shocked is the nation.

In closing, if we learn anything at all from this, it is that base 7 system repetitions can, on occasion, be nearly exact even after seventy years. That old precedents should never be ignored.

Ruan Ling-yu and Lee Eun-ju are now forever linked by time, death, and the number 7.



US Withdraws from Middle East Conflict, Admits War
--- Bogged Down With Pacific Conflict
Against North Korea and China, Terrorism
and Natural Disasters at Home


US flag at half mast next to Capitol Building


NEW PREDICTION: 11/6/02 -- Oh, the shame of it all! After fighting a successful campaign against Iraq, the USA will find Iran and Al Qaeda forces in Saudi Arabia such tough nuts to crack that it will either be defeated militarily or else withdraw from the region as it did from Lebanon in 1984. No doubt Russia will be providing arms and other support to Iran to help accomplish this.

Another contributing factor may be that the US will find it neccessary to place all of its armed forces into the Pacific against North Korea and possibly China too. Major earthquakes, acts of terror (including nuclear terrorism), and possible strategic nukes launched from China and North Korea against Alaska, Hawaii, and the West Coast will require the US to deploy some forces at home as well.

Guess that Missile Defence Shield will get finished just in time ... and we'll all get to see for ourselves just how full of holes it is.

The Seer of Waldviertel says the US will lose the war in Saudi Arabia but does not say why and Erna Stieglitz agrees, saying that Russia will move in afterwards and claim the oil fields. The signature for US defeat in the Middle East is February 2005.



War Breaks Out in Macedonia and Possibly Kosovo


Macedonian forces fire on suspected ethnic Albanian rebelsQuatrain 5.91

At the great market called that of the liars,
Of all Torrente [E. Spain] and the Athenian [Greek] field:
They will be surprised by the light horses,
By the Albanians, Mars, Leo, Saturn in Aquarius.


NEW PREDICTION: 10/19/04 -- In the prophecies of Nostradamus, Albania figures quite prominently as a future adversary. Although the Albanians of his quatrains could eventually be the Albanian nationals, it is most likely during the coming outbreak of hostilities that it will be the Albanians of Kosovo, Presevo, and Macedonia.

Thus, the conflict that nearly began in Kosovo last year and the short war fought in Macedonia in 2001 will likely resume in February/March 2005. This confrontation may have the capability of becoming a major Balkans war, expanding into Greece, Albania, and even former Yugoslav states such as Croatia and Bosnia.


COMMENTS (1/3/07): MURDER in Presevo Valley and protests over murder in January 2005. Three simultaneous bomb blasts in Pristina in March 2005, no casualities. More murders in July 2005. Two bombings in Tetevo, Macedonia in late October 2005. Serbs stoned by Albanians in November 2005. Kosovar Albanian paramilitary group called "Black Shadow" threatens to attack Pristina in November, doesn't follow through. Market bombing injures four Serbs in November. Serbs murdered in December 2005.


Rocket Attack, Grenades and Gun Battle- Kosovo’s Latest 'Isolated Incidents'
12/9/2005 (

“Regardless of some isolated incidents the security situation is stable,” said KFOR Spokesman Col. Pio Sabeta on 7 December. The colonel was speaking of an early morning grenade attack that day against a jewelry shop in the town of Viti, which caused “material damages” but no injuries, according to Radio-Television Kosova.

Four days earlier, armed assailants had launched a Saturday Night Special attack against a civilian bus connecting the southwestern towns of Dragas and Prizren. In an offensive that would seem right out of Iraq, the unknown attackers fired two rocket-propelled grenades at the bus. According to Serbia’s B-92, they “luckily did not explode, but passed right through the vehicle.” Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi immediately condemned the assault, while UNMIK Chief Soren Jessen-Petersen spoke of a need to “enhance” security measures in Kosovo. Nevertheless, he effectively downplayed the significance of the attacks ..."


Police Shooting in Kondovo Scrutinized, Exploited
3/3/2006 (

Yesterday’s police shootout in Kondovo, which left one Albanian dead, another wounded, and a third incarcerated has brought the restive village back into the news, with even Reuters venturing a vague and somewhat misleading piece. The inevitable politicization of the event has already begun, and the new unrest in Kondovo may well become a campaign issue for Albanian opposition parties looking to unseat the ruling DUI of Ali Ahmeti ...


Four injured in Kosovo blast, sparking fears of fresh violence

PRISTINA, Serbia-Montenegro, May 12, 2006 (AFP) - Four people including two children were injured in a blast in the Kosovo capital Friday, sparking fears that fresh violence could upend talks on the future of the province, an official said.

Initial reports said two women and a four-year-old child had been injured in the blast, the origin of which was unknown. Kosovo police spokesman Veton Elshan later told AFP that a fourth victim, a two-year-old child, had been hospitalized with related injuries.

Earlier, Elshan said that an explosion "happened at 1:00 pm (1100 GMT) in the Vranjevac area, wounding badly three females in their home." He said the three had been taken to the hospital ...


Kosovo Police, Albanian Extremists Clash
by UPI Wire

PRISTINA, Serbia-Montenegro - June 9, 2006 (UPI) -- A U.N. official says about 50 ethnic Albanians were arrested and a dozen were injured in clashes with police in Serbia's Kosovo province ...


Then, finally, the real deal (almost):



Fresh Bomb Attack In Kosovo


September 18, 2006 -- A bomb attack has been reported in Kosovo, for the third time in as many days.

The latest attack, which occurred late on September 17 in a village 30 kilometers south of the capital, Prishtina, damaged four cars but caused no injuries.

The blasts are adding to tensions at a time when the Serbian authorities and the ethnic Albanian leadership of the UN-administered province are negotiating whether Kosovo should become independent or, as Belgrade insists, remain part of Serbia, though with broad autonomy.


Explosion in Kosovo wounds four Serbs


Tuesday, September 19, 2006; 4:26 PM

PRISTINA, Serbia (Reuters) - Four elderly Serbs were wounded in an explosion in the western Kosovo town of Klina on Tuesday evening, police said. A Serb official in the area told Reuters a bomb had been thrown through the window of the victims' apartment in the town center.

Police spokeswoman Sabrije Kamberi said the four had been sent to hospital but their injuries were not life-threatening. Police said the victims were former refugees who had returned to Klina a year ago having fled Kosovo after the 1998-99 war.

Legally part of Serbia, the mainly ethnic Albanian province has been run by the United Nations since 1999, when NATO bombs drove out Serb forces accused of ethnic cleansing in a two-year war with Albanian guerrillas.

Negotiations are under way to decide the fate of the territory. Its 90-percent Albanian majority demands independence, but is under Western pressure to improve the rights and security of the 100,000 remaining Serbs.

At least half the Serb population fled a wave of revenge attacks after the war, and those who stayed live mainly in isolated enclaves.

U.N. officials say the rate of attacks against Serbs has fallen, but they fear fresh violence as a decision nears on Kosovo's "final status."Hizbollah guerrillas also attacked Israeli posts in the Israeli-occupied Shebaa Farms area to the east, the Lebanese security sources said.

Crossfire War - Fourth Bomb Attack in Kosovo Targets Serbs

By Willard Payne


Crossfire War - TEHERAN WATCH - Southeast Europe Theatre: Teheran - Belgrade/Vienna - Brussels - Rome - Warsaw; Bomb Attacks Continue in Kosovo - Serbs Targeted This Time - Serbia PM Kostunica Blames Albanian "Separatists" - Accuses International Community of Being an "Accomplice"

Night Watch: KLINA - This latest bombing incident, on Tuesday night in Klina near Pec not far from the Albanian border, targeted a Serb family, one that had returned to the province a year ago, and injured four people. As always no one claimed responsibility, but it elicited this response from Serbia Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica and it was primarily adressed to the international community, especially to the UN chief representative to Kosovo Martti Ahtisaari. Kostunica appealed for them to, "Stop Albanian separatists in their terrorist orgy against Serbs." He called on Ahtisaari to "take measures" to prevent incidents if the international community dosn't want to become "an accomplice" in crimes against Serbs. "It is absolutely unacceptable that the Serbs are being killed and that the Albanian separatists openly threaten violence and blackmail the international community." [AKI]

This reads like a prepared statement, as if the Serbian government in Belgrade knew further attacks were coming, especially since this latest wave of violence was set off Friday by attacks against the Albanian administration in Kosovo. Of course Belgrade knew Albanian's would strike back and Kostunica's statement is official justification for Belgrade to "take measures", military measures, that Ahtisaari and the UN refuse to. Belgrade also knows that Teheran is waiting in the wings to take advantage of the renewed fighting to direct Vienna-Brussels attention away from Iran's nuclear weapons program and that is why Belgrade-Teheran signed a security agreement in January. Events in the former Yugoslavia are about to overtake the negotiations for a peaceful settlement.

Kostunica's statements are intended to justify Serbs not only defending themselves against Albanians but more importantly the statements justify attacking the military presence of the international community for being "an accomplice."

Night Watch Information Service

Bombings inflame tensions in Kosovo

 Thursday, September 21, 2006 · Last updated 1:27 p.m. PT


GNJILANE, Serbia -- At a dusty market in the center of this eastern Kosovo town, Serbs and Albanians haggle good-naturedly over the prices of their onions and tomatoes.

It's one of the few places in the province where people on both sides of the ethnic divide live together and get along - and that makes the yellow police tape and bomb crater a few blocks away seem even more ominous.

As Kosovo enters the final phase of U.N.-brokered talks that many believe will give it independence from Serbia, recurrent explosions are rattling nerves and raising troubling questions about what lies in store for a region trying to put atrocities and animosities behind it. "I am afraid," said Aziz Kryeziu, a 46-year-old ethnic Albanian who lives in normally tranquil Gnjilane. "Afraid for all the innocent people who might get hurt."

Over the past week, there have been four bombings, the worst of which wounded four Serbs in a western town. Authorities said they think some of the blasts may have been a settling of scores between rival politicians or mobsters.

But parliament speaker Kole Berisha insists the violence is a deliberate attempt to destabilize Kosovo at a delicate stage in its drive for statehood. "The closer we come to a decision, the risks and threats are higher for sure," Prime Minister Agim Ceku conceded this week in an interview with The Associated Press.

On Friday, chief U.N. envoy Martti Ahtisaari will brief the Security Council on the lack of progress in U.N.-brokered talks that began in February to determine the province's future status. U.N. officials say the talks have done all they can to ensure the beleaguered Serb minority will be protected and have a greater voice in an independent Kosovo. Sometime this autumn, Ahtisaari will give the council his idea of what a future Kosovo should look like, and a U.N. resolution paving the way for independence is expected by the end of the year ...

Serb unease is evident even in Gnjilane, considered a model for the kind of peaceful, multiethnic republic Ceku hopes to govern. Jadranka, a Serb woman so fearful she refused to give her last name, said she pretends not to hear when Albanians occasionally taunt her with shouts of "Go to Serbia!"

"It's a very scary situation for us," she said. "It's not a life when you're afraid to go out."

This past weekend, Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica insisted Kosovo must remain a "historic and integral" part of Serbia, and ultranationlist firebrand Tomislav Nikolic urged the army to go on standby. A rare military parade drove home their point.

"There's a sense of pressures building up behind the dam. A lot of violence could be unleashed once the status issue is resolved," Anderson said. "At best, we're going to have a very grumpy Serbia refusing to recognize Kosovo. To Serbs, the idea of Albanians running anything is absurd and grotesque."

NATO Troops Increase Presence In Kosovo; Police Arrest 7

Friday September 22nd, 2006 / 11h35

PRISTINA, Serbia (AP)--The North Atlantic Treaty Organization-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo said Friday it had increased its presence throughout the province after recent bomb attacks that raised ethnic tensions as U.N.-led negotiations on its status were reaching a final stage. "We have increased our presence all over Kosovo which is more a show of force. We don't want more bomb attacks," said Lt. Col. Walter-Hubert Schmidt, spokesman for the 16,000-strong KFOR peacekeeping force deployed in Kosovo.

More peacekeeping troops could be seen patrolling the province, according to the spokesman. He added there was, however, no request to increase the overall size of the force. Kosovo police also said they had arrested seven Albanians considered suspects in the March 2004 anti-Serb riots that killed 19 people, displaced thousands and damaged hundreds of Serb homes and medieval churches and monasteries. Police gave no details on their identities or where they came from.

As Kosovo enters the final phase of U.N.-brokered talks, an explosion that injured four Serbs and three other bombings that damaged cars in the past week have raised ethnic tension in the province administered by the U.N. since 1999, when NATO air strikes drove out Serb troops. Ethnic Albanians, who make up 90% of Kosovo's 2 million people, seek independence. While Serbs are willing to grant Kosovo broad autonomy, they see it as the heart of their ancient homeland and want it to remain a part of Serbian territory.

The six-nation Contact Group - made up of the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Italy and Russia - met on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly in New York Wednesday and asked the chief U.N. envoy for Kosovo, former Finnish president Maarti Ahtisaari, "to prepare a comprehensive proposal for a status settlement."

Ahtisaari is due to brief the U.N. Security Council on Friday.

Muslim Albanians attack Christians in Kosovo town

September 25, 2006 -- A group of unarmed ethnic Albanians attacked a Kosovo Serb as soon as the UN peacekeeping troops reopened the bridge that separates Kosovo's besieged Christians from Muslim Albanians. The attacked 41 year old Aleksandar Curic was lightly wounded.

Dragica Pavlovic, 54, was attacked by ethnic Albanians with a bomb last week.The incident occurred immediately after UN representatives opened the bridge over the Ibar that has been closed since August 26 following a Muslim Albanian bomb attack on a cafe frequented by local Christians. That attack left 9 wounded.

As a result of this latest attack, the UN regional police chief Gary Smith said that the Ibar Bridge that separates Mitrovica into a southern part inhabited by Muslim Albanians and a northern part inhabited by a Serb majority population, will be completely closed for traffic until Tuesday morning.

UN police spokesman Larry Miller said that several ethnic Albanians have been arrested following the attack and confirmed that another group of young ethnic Albanians were engaged in harassment of the victim after being beaten but the UN police was able to stop their apparent desire to beat the man more.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Coordinating Center's International Press Center in Mitrovica confirmed that about 6:00 pm today, a group of ethnic Albanians attacked an attorney Boban Savic in the northern section of Mitrovica and that Savic was able to escape without major injuries.

Kosovo is a Serbian province run by a UN administration and since 1999 when the UN took over thousands of Kosovo Christians have been driven of their ancestral lands while extremists destroyed their churches.

Kosovska Mitrovica bridge remains closed

26 September 2006 | 09:18 -> 16:58 | Source: B92

Scene of bridge battlesKOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- The bridge over the Ibar river in Kosovska Mitrovica will remain closed after last night’s attack on Aleksandar Curcic.

UNMIK deputy chief met with Serb representatives in town, saying the decision whether to reopen the bridge will be postponed for until after the talks with KFOR and representatives from the south part of the town.

Meanwhile, Kosovo police service detained eight persons after last night’s attack by several Albanians on Aleskandar Curcic. They were interviewed and later released.

The incident occurred when three underaged Albanians crossed the bridge and started a brawl with a group of people gathered on the north side of the bridge. The verbal conflict turned into a fight, inflicting light injuries on a Kosovo Serb.

Serb National Council chairman Milan Ivanovic said that in his talks with the international community representatives he repeated the Serb demand to keep the bridge closed until the end of the Kosovo status negotiations. “They said they would decide in a few days, until then the bridge remains closed and they take responsibility for whatever happens, meaning whether or not the bridge opens.”

UNMIK Police spokesman told B92 that contrary to previous reports, UNMIK police did intervene. “They reacted at the very start of the fight to protect the victims from sustaining serious injuries”, Larry Miller said.

The bridge on the Ibar river was opened yesterday, after being closed on August 26, when a bomb was thrown on a café in the Serb part of the town, wounding nine people.

Due to the latest incidents around the bridge in Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbs there will hold a protest rally on October 2.

Fight near Kosovska Mitrovica bridge

A group of Albanians and Serbs got into a fight last night near the bridge which separates them in Kosovska Mitrovica.

Eyewitnesses told Beta that a group of about 15 youths from the southern, Albanian part of the city crossed the bridge to the Serbian part and began to provoke Serbs to fight. A group of young men who regularly hang out near the bridge on the northern side confronted the group of Albanians and a fight broke out.

According to the most recent reports, there were no injuries in the scuffle. Eyewitnesses say that UNMIK and Kosovo Police Service officials intervened very quickly, separated the two groups and made them leave the scene of the fight.

Following the fight, about one hundred Serbian citizens of Kosovska Mitrovica gather at the north side of the bridge and covered the path around it with barbed wire. They are protesting and are asking for the bridge to be closed down again, stating that this incident shows that the city is still not safe.

The bridge across the Ibar River in Kosovska Mitrovica was reopened yesterday after a one-month blockade because of a bombing incident occurring at a café on the Serbian side of the city.


No war ... yet. But crises are becoming more frequent, and this last one almost tipped the scales.


RATING: +0.4


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National Guard, Riots, Martial Law Imposed in United States


People flee riot police and tanks US citizen arrested by shadow government agents


NEW PREDICTION: 2/15/04 -- I'm not going to attempt to speculate why this may happen. It should start sometime between February and May 2005. How long it will last I don't know at this time. Yes, this could also mark the start of a possible civil war.


COMMENTS (9/4/05): I don't know if martial law was ever declared in New Orleans or not, but the riots and National Guard deployment, indeed, US army deployment, certainly has occurred, not only in NO but throughout the devastated Gulf states. This prediction was for a large-scale area to be affected, possibly leading to civil war. I don't know about civil war, but anti-government factions are on the increase due to the seeming complacency of the Bush administration to quickly bring badly-needed aid to the devastated region, joining the swelling ranks of the Cindy Sheehan anti-war movement. I'd have to consider this at least a PREDICTION PARTIALLY FULFILLED.


Tower at civilian labor camp
U.S. Soldier Who Objected To Torture And Refused To Participate Found Dead, Death Ruled "Suicide" - November 1, 2006.
School safety drill upsets some parents - October 28, 2006.
Bush Moves Toward Martial Law - October 26, 2006.
White House denies Cheney hailed 'water boarding' - October 27, 2006.
Military Commissions Act Does Affect US Citizens -- Recent application of terror legislation proves American citizens not exempt from intent of bill - October 22, 2006.
Pat Tillman's brother blasts Iraq war - October 21, 2006.
Army Announces Readiness for Total Military Takeover of America - October 21, 2006.
'Beginning of the end of America' -- Olbermann addresses the Military Commissions Act in a special comment - October 19, 2006.
Government Targets American Bloggers As Enemy Propagandists -- Military, Homeland Security, Bush White House strategy sharpen knives against anyone critical of the "war on terror" - October 17, 2006.
Secret Service Agents Question 14 Year Old About Myspace Page - October 14, 2006.
U.S. agents question 14 year old -- Girl ran anti-Bush page on MySpace - October 13, 2006.
Colorado man arrested for anti-war comments - October 13, 2006.
Thousands nationwide protest Bush - October 5, 2006.
Streisand snipes at Bush in concert - October 5, 2006.
Campus protesters quash Minuteman speech -- Storm stage in near riot, forcing security to whisk away founder Gilchrist - October 5, 2006.
Are You an 'Unlawful Combatant'? - October 2, 2006.
Protesters rise up to decry 'torture bill' - October 2, 2006.
Republican Torture Laws Will Live in History - October 2, 2006.
Gestapo tactics in land of the free - October 2, 2006.
Bush scores victory with detainee bill - October 2, 2006.
Habeas Corpus Murdered, Few Notice - October 1, 2006.
Rounding Up U.S. Citizens - October 1, 2006.
Test Nonlethal Weapons On Americans, Air Force Says - September 13, 2006.
Guard troops ordered to New Orleans - June 19, 2006.
Gulags For American Citizens In Final Planning Stages - March 1, 2006.
The State of the Union's Mystery Suspect -- An anti-war activist and a congressman's wife weren't the only ones detained by the Capitol Police - February 4, 2006.
Florida Rep.'s Wife Says She Was Ejected From State Of Union - February 1, 2006.
Sheehan Tossed From Capitol Over T-Shirt - February 1, 2006.
What Really Happened ... a message from Cindy Sheehan - January 31, 2006.
Bush military bird flu role slammed as "akin to introducing martial law" - October 5, 2005.
Sheehan Arrested During Anti-War Protest - September 26, 2005.
Anti-War Demonstrators March on Washington - September 25, 2005.
Demonstrators call for end to Iraq war - September 24, 2005.
Thousands protest Iraq war, economic globalization - September 24, 2005.
Police Shoot 8 on New Orleans Bridge - September 4, 2005.
'My friend was shot and killed for his car. These murders are not being reported to avoid panic' - September 4, 2005.
Troops begin combat operations in New Orleans - September 2, 2005.
New Orleans slips into anarchy - September 2, 2005.
New Orleans Mayor Fumes Over Slow Response - September 2, 2005.
New Orleans mayor issues 'desperate SOS' -- Violence disrupts evacuation, rescue efforts - September 1, 2005.
Officials Struggle to Reverse a Growing Sense of Anarchy - September 1, 2005.
Anger floods New Orleans -- Gunfire disrupts evacuation, corpses scattered in open - September 1, 2005.
Troops to Quadruple New Orleans Police - September 1, 2005.
Unrest intensifies at Superdome Shelter - September 1, 2005.
Sniper fire halts hospital evacuation -- Gunmen fire at medical workers and patients at Charity Hospital - September 1, 2005.
'Martial law' in Big Easy? -- Though term used by media, declaration has not been made - August 31, 2005.


I am rating this half-fulfilled due to events that occurred in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina in late August and September 2005.

I am maintaining the links to the other news reports that were printed following the passage of the Detainee Act, for a while anyway.


RATING: +0.5


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Worst Death Toll in Aviation History



NEW PREDICTION: 12/31/04 -- Somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, through terrorism perhaps, one or more Pan American passenger jets will explode or collide with something. It may happen in March 2005 and will result in the worst death toll in aviation history.


Cypriot jet crashes in Greece; 121 dead

Sunday, August 14, 2005 Posted: 2330 GMT (0730 HKT)Only the tail section of the plane was recognizable

ATHENS, Greece (CNN) -- A Cypriot plane with "no sign of life" in its cockpit while approaching Athens crashed into a mountain near Marathon on Sunday, Greek officials said. They said all 121 people aboard died.

F-16 pilots escorting the jet after air traffic controllers lost contact with it said one of the pilots was not in its cockpit and another was slumped over the controls, according to reports. The pilots of the Helios Airways Boeing 737 had reported an air conditioning problem, and Greek TV said a passenger sent a text message to his cousin saying it was freezing in the plane. "The pilot has turned blue (in the face)," the passenger said in the SMS message, Reuters quoted the television report as saying. "Cousin farewell we're freezing."

The plane, Helios Flight 522 with 115 passengers and six crew en route from Larnaca, Cyprus, to Athens, crashed about 12 p.m. Sunday (0900 GMT, 5 a.m. ET), officials said. The Greek government said there were no survivors. The plane was supposed to continue to Prague, Czech Republic, after landing in Athens, according to the Czech Press Agency, citing officials at the Prague airport. The passengers included 59 adults and eight children who were disembarking at Athens for a vacation, the government said, along with 46 adults and two children who were headed to Prague.

Akrivos Tsolakis, head of the Greek airline safety committee, called the crash the "worst accident we've ever had," The Associated Press reported. Officials said the plane's voice and data recorders had been recovered and were sent to Athens for analysis. Greek officials said they suspect malfunctions in the oxygen supply or pressurization system could have caused the crash. A spokesman for the Greek joint chiefs of staff said that terrorism does not appear the likely cause. "No scenario can be ruled out, but the likelihood of terrorism is diminished" because the F-16 jets that investigated saw no need to shoot down the planes, said Gerasimos Kalpoyiannakis.The crash sparked forest fires

A Cyprus government spokesman said all the passengers were Cypriots. Vicky Xites, commercial manager for Helios Airways, told CNN the airline had set up a command center at Larnaca Airport and that the prime minister was on his way. Greek ministers broke off their holidays to return to Athens for emergency meetings.

The jet crashed near the coastal town of Grammatikos, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) north of Athens and near the historic town of Marathon. The crash site was littered with bodies and debris, Athens journalist Paul Anastasi told CNN. Video footage from the site showed the smoking wreckage of the aircraft. Only the tail portion remained identifiable.

The crash sparked forest fires, which officials said were hindering recovery efforts. "There is wreckage everywhere," Grammatikos Mayor George Papageorgiou told AP from the scene. "The fuselage has been destroyed. It fell into a chasm and there are pieces. All the residents are here trying to help." One witness told Reuters: "I saw many bodies scattered around, all of them wearing (oxygen) masks. The tail was cut off and the remaining parts of the plane rolled down a hillside about 500 meters away from the tail . . ."


COMMENTS (8/16/05): The worst death toll and plane disaster in Greek aviation history. And it definitely did occur on the Mediterranean Sea ... right down to the fires shown in the large photo below the title of this prediction. Eerie. PREDICTION FULFILLED.


RATING: +1.0

Plane Crash Claims Life of Famous Female Country Singer
and Two Other Country Stars


Doomed plane crash claims life of country singer


NEW PREDICTION: 7/14/03 -- To add to the national disgrace of America withdrawing from the Middle East, there will be a national tragedy in March/April 2005. A famous female country star will be killed in a plane crash during a storm after performing at a concert. On board will be two other up-and-coming country stars, both probably male. There is no hope, at this time, of identifying who will be on board the doomed aircraft.

However, and this is important, it is possible -- not certain, but possible -- this country star may be involved in a serious car crash or some other sort of critical accident this year (2003) and survive. If this should happen, her identity will then be known, and she should then realise that she will be in definite danger of losing her life in a 2005 plane crash -- a crash that will kill two other country singers. Such a precursor in 2003 would be a warning to this star not to risk travel by plane any time in 2005, especially around the month of March.

There is also a 33% chance the accident will take place in September 2005, instead of in the spring. Chances are still high it will be a plane crash, but a car crash becomes a remote possibility by autumn.


Base 7 precedents for this prediction (1/3/05):

Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline - Plane Crash - March 1963

Dottie West

Dottie West - Car Crash - September 1991

Tammy Wynette

Tammy Wynette - Stroke - April 1998


Two of Hank Williams Jr.'s daughters hurt in car crash -- Country singers Holly Williams and Hilary Williams seriously injured


Wednesday, March 15, 2006 · Last updated 8:17 p.m. PT

Country singer Holly WilliamsMEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Two daughters of country music singer Hank Williams Jr. were badly hurt in a one-vehicle crash Wednesday afternoon in northern Mississippi, the performer's publicist said.

Holly Williams, 25, and Hilary Williams, in her early 20s, were en route to the funeral Thursday of their maternal grandfather in Louisiana, said publicist Kirt Webster. Their vehicle overturned several times on U.S. 61, about 45 miles south of Memphis, authorities said.

The sisters were hospitalized in Memphis, said Scott Swanson, spokesman for the Mississippi Highway Patrol. Webster said Hilary Williams was critically injured and faced extensive surgery Wednesday night. He said Holly Williams was badly hurt, but not as badly as her sister.

Webster said Hank Williams was in Nashville at the time of the wreck, and went to the hospital Wednesday evening.

Both women are also musicians. Holly Williams released her debut album in 2004.

Hank Williams Jr., the son of a country legend, is known for hits including "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight." He has sung the theme for ABC's "Monday Night Football" since 1989. Williams has two other children, Hank III, 33, and Katherine Diane, 13.

The singer has been touched by tragedy before. In 1975, he fell off a Montana mountain while hunting, suffering head injuries that required a year of recovery. Afterward, he wore a beard and sunglasses to hide the scars.

His father, a star in the early 1950s, had such hits as "Your Cheatin' Heart" and "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry." He died in 1953.


COMMENTS (3/17/06): As the prediction says, the nature of the accident would likely change from being a plane crash to a car crash during or after September 2005. It is now six months after the September 2005 vector and the one year anniversary of the March/April 2005 vector.

The fame of Hank Williams Jr not to be understated, the Williams sisters are granddaughters of the legendary Hank Williams Sr who died in a car crash on New Year's Eve, 1953. Holly released her first album two years ago and has been steadily rising in popularity. Hilary is (or was) working on material for an album and is not as well known as her sister at this time. Therefore, no photo of her exists online, although there are many of Holly Williams. Fortunately no one died, so this can be considered a CLOSE CALL.


RATING: +1.0

Iran Begins Tanker War, Naval Battles in Persian Gulf


Oil Tanker in Persian Gulf is attacked


NEW PREDICTION: 10/19/04 -- Iran will initiate sustained naval operations from the Shatt al Arab to the port of Bushehr, attacking Iraqi, Kuwaiti, Omani, and Saudi ports and oil complexes. Foreign civilian tankers from Greece, Turkey, Italy, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere along with American and British warships sailing in the Persian Gulf will come under constant Iranian missile fire. The US will focus on attacking Khark Island and Abu Musa by air and sea. Thus also will begin major naval battles in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea between Iran and the US, with some possible involvement from Britain, Australia, Russia, China, Japan, and India. This stage of the war may begin in March/April 2005.

Dream descriptions of the growing quagmire in the Middle East and the coming naval battles can be found on the following Dream Window.


Iran 'fires on Romanian oil rig'

Tuesday, August 22, 2006; Posted: 6:41 a.m. EDT (10:41 GMT)

The Orizont rig has been in Iranian waters since October 2005BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) -- A Romanian oil rig off the coast of Iran came under fire from an Iranian warship and was later occupied by Iranian troops, a company spokesman said.

The Iranians first fired into the air and then fired at the Orizont rig, said GSP spokesman Radu Petrescu. Half an hour later, troops from the ship boarded and occupied the rig and the company lost contact with the 26 crew members shortly afterward.

Petrescu said he had no information about any injuries or deaths. The Orizont rig has been moored near the Kish island in the Persian Gulf since October 2005, he told the Associated Press.

Eugen Chira, the political consul at the Romanian Embassy in Tehran confirmed the incident, but provided few details. "Some forces opened fire. That an incident has happened is true. We have no details or the reason yet," he said.

GSP, also known as the Oil Services Group (Grup Servicii Petroliere), is a private Romanian company established in 2004, which operates six offshore rigs that it bought from Romania's largest oil company, Petrom. Two of its rigs are operating near the Iranian coast in the Persian Gulf as part of a deal signed between Petrom, GSP and Dubai-based Oriental Oil Co.

The Romanian company in Iranian courts earlier this year over a dispute involving another oil rig, Fortuna, the financial weekly Saptamana Financiara has reported. It was unclear whether the incident was related to legal issues.

The Orizont rig was built in 1987 and weighs 13,000 tons.

Kish, in the southern end of the Persian Gulf, houses the offices of about 100 Iranian and foreign oil companies.

MORE NEWS: Iran warship attacks oil rig in the Gulf - August 23, 2006.


COMMENTS (8/23/06): This could be the start of the "tanker war" and a prediction fulfillment. If there are more such incidents, we will know for certain.


Insurgents target oil sources, cause massive infernos

POSTED: 2313 GMT (0713 HKT), November 27, 2006

Insurgents target key oil sites in IraqBAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Insurgents Monday targeted key oil sites in Iraq, firing mortar rounds into an oil distribution center in northern Iraq and bombing a pipeline in a southern suburb of Baghdad, Iraqi officials said. The attack on the oil distribution center triggered a massive fire that halted the flow of crude oil to Iraq's largest refinery, a Kirkuk police official said.

The attack happened around 6:30 p.m. (10:30 a.m. ET) in Baiji, which is about 15 miles (25 km) northwest of Kirkuk, the police official said. Iraqi army and civil defense personnel were still on the scene hours later trying to put out the fire. Smoke from the blaze could been seen from miles away.

The refinery in Baiji has a daily production level of about 8.5 million liters of gasoline, 7.5 million liters of diesel and 6.5 million liters of white oil.

The second attack -- a bomb planted beneath an oil pipeline in the al-Rashid district -- also started a fire at around 11 a.m., an official with Iraqi civil defense said, adding that the civil defense put out the fire in about 2 hours. The pipeline carries crude oil from storage tanks near Latifiya, south of Baghdad, to the Dora refinery in the capital.

Further south, in Muqdadiya, gunmen Monday stormed a mobile phone store, killed the owner and planted explosives which later detonated as people gathered inside, killing four people and wounding 25 others, an official with Diyala Joint Coordination Center told CNN. That attack happened at 5 p.m. (9 a.m. ET). Muqdadiya is about 25 miles (40 km) north of Baquba ...


COMMENTS (11/27/06): This is not the first attack on Iraqi oil sites ... al Qaeda has previously destroyed a few. This is the worst attack by insurgents and the most widespread. It is not said if these insurgents are Sunni or Shiite. Although Iran did not personally carry these strikes out, they mave have been behind them. In any event, this raises the accuracy of this prediction somewhat.


COMMENTS (1/3/07): This predicted event almost took off, but not quite. Two incidents and a lot of sabre-rattling. Feebly close.


RATING: +0.25


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Tornadic Activity Causes Massive Destruction
in Various Parts of US


Tornado hits Hollywood


NEW PREDICTION: 10/19/04 -- An unusually early spring, accompanied by bizarre climatological patterns, will spawn the worst rash of killer tornadoes since at least 1998. This activity may surpass all past seasons. Vector is March-May 2005.


Tornado near Sacramento International Airport Tornado threatens traffic in Sacramento Tornado near Sacramento International Airport
Picture taken near Sacramento International Airport at around 2:10 p.m. by Edwin Kado. Picture taken by Debbie Nelson who said, "We're not in Kansas anymore." Alan Sernholt sent this picture "as seen from Sacramento International Airport.


22 lives lost in deadliest tornado outbreak since ’74

November 7, 2005 2:26 PM

Of 320 mobile homes in the park, 100 were destroyed and 125 damagedEVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) — Rescuers scaled heaps of rubble to listen for survivors trapped in debris left by a tornado that ripped through communities in Indiana and Kentucky, killing 22 people. The tornado, the deadliest to hit Indiana since 1974, struck a horse racing track near Henderson, Ky., then crossed into Indiana, triggering emergency sirens that many people fast asleep early Sunday did not hear.

At least 17 people, including three children, died at a mobile home park in Vanderburgh County and five others died in neighboring Warrick County, east of Evansville. More than 100 people were taken to hospitals. "They were in trailer homes, homes that were just torn apart by the storm,’’ Deputy Vanderburgh County Coroner Annie Groves said. ‘‘It’s just terrible.’’

As darkness fell Sunday night, rescuers set up lights to continue searching Eastbrook Mobile Home Park. They roamed what had been yards or basements, holding flashlights and lifting debris to make sure no one was underneath. They searched for several hours after dark before breaking off for the night.

Cranes lifted toppled mobile homes, and forklifts moved smashed cars into organized rows. Other heavy equipment rumbled through the debris as night fell and the air became crisp and cool.

All the dead were in Indiana. The youngest victim was a 2-year-old boy who was killed along with his 61-year-old grandmother, the coroner’s office said.

Tim Martin, 42, said he and his parents were awakened by the wind, which lifted their mobile home and moved it halfway into the neighbor’s yard. They escaped unharmed, but he said they heard several neighbors calling for help. A neighboring mobile home was overturned, he said, and another appeared to have been destroyed. "All I could see was debris,’’ he said. ‘‘I thought it was a bad dream.’’

White vinyl siding was blown to a farmer’s field next to the mobile home park and to the tree tops in the Angel Mounds State Historic Site across the street. Yellow insulation hung from branches like Spanish moss.

Although the possibility of finding survivors seemed to diminish as the day wore on, there were glimmers of hope. Firefighters were elated to find a child trapped, but alive, beneath part of a mobile home. "That’s what it’s all about,’’ said Perry Township fire Chief Jerry Bulger, holding back tears as he spoke of the child’s rescue.

Indiana officials said the sirens sounded twice, but many in the mobile home park said they did not hear them. Emergency officials say the tornado warning sirens are loud enough to warn people who are outside but might not reach those tucked in bed. "They’re not really designed to wake people up in the middle of the night,’’ said John Buckman, fire chief of German Township Fire Department in Vanderburgh County.

The storm caused extensive damage along the Indiana-Kentucky borderNational Guard troops were called in to help with search-and-recovery efforts. Gov. Mitch Daniels toured Vanderburgh and Warrick counties Sunday to survey the damage.

Indiana homeland security spokeswoman Pam Bright said the tornado was the deadliest in Indiana since April 3, 1974, when tornadoes killed 47 people and destroyed 2,069 homes. Those storms were part of one of the worst tornado outbreaks in U.S. history, which killed more than 300 in the South and Midwest and devastated Xenia, Ohio.

Ryan Presley, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said the tornado appears to have been an F3 on the Fujita scale, with winds ranging from 158 mph to 206 mph. The scale ranges from F0, the weakest, to F5, the strongest.

Marsha Tweedy broke into tears Sunday as she walked through the remains of the Warrick County farm house where her 28-year-old daughter, Cheryl Warren, died. They found the roads blocked by authorities and later learned the storm had killed Warren — a dental assistant who was eight months pregnant — her 4-year-old son, Isaac, and her husband, Jeremy, a truck driver. "‘They were a beautiful family,’’ Tweedy said. ‘‘They didn’t have much, but they enjoyed everything they had.’’


COMMENTS (11/8/05): Apparently this was the worst outbreak of tornadoes in the US in over 30 years ... and at such an usual time of the year ... not including the rare touchdowns that occurred in California in the late winter and early spring. Definitely a PREDICTION FULFILLED.


100 twisters across 5 states -- 'It's just amazing how devastating it is'

Mobile home fell on woman, killing herTuesday, March 14, 2006 Posted: 1617 GMT (0017 HKT)

SEDALIA, Missouri (AP) -- The frozen chicken that Joy Rank had been thawing for dinner was still soaking the next morning in a sink full of water -- a meal abandoned when Rank watched a scene of terror unfold outside her kitchen window. A tornado tore through the mobile home park she co-owns Sunday night, flipping over one of six occupied homes and killing a 39-year-old woman inside. "There's not a lot of damage to the homes people live in," Rank said Monday, crying while sipping coffee in the dim candlelight of her kitchen. But "it really bothered me that a girl had to lose her life."

Early reports show more than 100 twisters touched down in a weekend wave that stretched across five states, from Oklahoma to Illinois. Nine of the ten dead were in Missouri. "It's just amazing how devastating it is," said Mayor Tim Davlin of the Illinois capital of Springfield. "It looks like the pictures we saw a couple months ago after Katrina."

The violent weather was driven by a powerful low-pressure system over the Midwest that pulled warm air out of the Gulf of Mexico. The same phenomenon caused powerful winds that drove deadly wildfires across Texas over the weekend.

On Monday, a second line of storms raked the region, with rain, hail and fierce wind tearing up trees and homes from Kansas through Indiana.

The weekend storms left four people dead in Renick, a rural community about 30 miles north of Columbia, Missouri. The death toll also included a married couple killed when a twister hurled their pickup truck beneath a propane tank about 80 miles south of St. Louis.

Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt declared a state of emergency throughout Missouri, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich declared a disaster in seven counties, and three southern Indiana counties were under states of emergency.

Classes at the University of Kansas in Lawrence were canceled Monday because of the danger of falling debris. University Chancellor Robert Hemenway put the damage at $6 million. Classes were to be held as scheduled Tuesday, though one building was to remained closed and access restricted to three others.

Springfield, Illinois, was hit hard twice in 24 hours, first by a tornado late Sunday and then by strong wind early Monday that blew debris through the city. Windows in the Illinois Capitol were blown out, and even the five-story Illinois Emergency Management Agency building lost part of its roof.

A funnel cloud is seen near Green Ridge just south of Sedalia, Missouri

National Weather Service meteorologist Ed Shimon said the tornado that ripped through Springfield was part of a storm that spawned about 20 tornadoes on its 400-mile path and was the biggest to pass through central Illinois in a decade. "To have a storm that actually stays together from all the way west of Kansas City to just south of Chicago is highly unusual," Shimon said.

At a semi-truck dealership in Springfield, skid marks showed where the winds had shoved the huge trucks across the parking lot. At least 25 trucks -- each costing about $90,000 -- were damaged, said employee Bob Earley. Margaret Friel, one of the property's owners, said tornadoes are just part of living in the Midwest. "This is life," she said. "Deal with it."

Back in Sedalia, the storm smashed into the homestead of Randy and Sherry Vinson -- ripping off their home's front door, depositing their Christmas decorations on their lawn, demolishing her tropical greenhouse, flipping over a cargo truck and flattening 20,000 square feet of warehouses for their building supply business.

On Monday, Randy Vinson was trying to reroute trucks due to deliver business supplies while mentally calculating the $1.5 million in damage to his property. The perplexing part to Vinson was what the tornado chose to take and what it left.
Gone was a chain-link fence, steel posts, and the concrete holding them in the ground. But still alive were the freshwater fish in a 55-gallon tank in his living room.

So Vinson hooked up a generator to the fish tank to keep the air filtering through the water. "It's hard to believe one thing could be completely gone, and yet the fish tank is still sitting there," he said. "I might as well keep them alive. They made it through all of that."




Road in Kensal Rise, NW London, littered with debris
Small tornado damages houses and schools in Azores - December 18, 2006.
Tornado tears through London street - December 7, 2006.
Six injured as tornado hits London - December 7, 2006.
Kids among 8 people killed by N.C. tornado - November 16, 2006.
'Everything's gone,' says survivor of deadly tornado in Manitoba - August 7, 2006.
Tornadoes rip through eastern Iowa, killing one - April 14, 2006.
Killer storms pummel Southeast -- 12 deaths reported in battered Tennessee - April 8, 2006.
Tornadoes Sweep Through Tennessee, Kill 10 - April 7, 2006.
Tornado wreaks havoc in Israel -- 'We've only seen such things on TV' - April 5, 2006.
Thunderstroms, Tornadoes Leave 27 Dead - April 3, 2006.
Storms kill at least 27 in Midwest, South -- Trees downed, homes ripped from their foundations - April 3, 2006.
Nine dead as twisters hit several states -- Eight dead in Tennessee county - April 3, 2006.
Tornado cuts 17-mile swath -- Dozens of homes damaged in Johnson, Shelby counties - April 2, 2006.
At least 10 die in Midwest tornadoes -- Storms leave damaged homes, 'broken memories' in their path - March 14, 2006.
Tornadoes spin death, damage across US Midwest - March 13, 2006.
Tornadoes kill 10 across midwestern US, wildfires kill 7 in Texas - March 13, 2006.
Storms and tornadoes sweep South - January 14, 2006.
Winter Tornadoes Hit Part of Eastern U.S. - January 2, 2006.
Hurricane-Force Winds Hit Colorado - December 6, 2005.
One dead in Arkansas after tornadoes, rough storms - November 28, 2005.
Rare fall tornadoes hit Iowa -- 82-year-old woman killed, houses damaged as three storms touch down - November 13, 2005.
CANADA: "Rare November tornado" hit Hamilton, Ontario, weather office confirms - November 10, 2005.
Tornado kills 22 in Indiana -- Storm struck in middle of night, catching many asleep - November 7, 2005.
Mini-cyclone tears through far-west NSW - November 7, 2005.
Tornado touches down in Bermuda - November 3, 2005.
Wisconsin ravaged by mega tornadoes, Governor declares emergency in three counties - August 21, 2005.
18 Tornadoes Hit Wisconsin in One Night - August 21, 2005.
Tornado kills 15, injures 37 in east China - August 1, 2005.
Mini-tornado causes chaos in Birmingham, England - July 29, 2005.
20 hurt as city hit by freak tornado - July 29, 2005.
Tornados injure 34 across Europe - July 29, 2005.
Tornado watches across seven states (Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Missouri and Tennessee) -- State of emergency declared in Mississippi - April 6, 2005.
South San Francisco Officials, Property Owners Deal With Freak Tornado Damage - March 24, 2005.
One dead, 20 injured after storms sweep south Georgia - March 24, 2005.
Scientists determine that tornado hit San Francisco - March 22, 2005.
Funnel cloud over South S.F. may have been a rare tornado - March 21, 2005.
Funnel Clouds In Sacramento; Three Dead In Socal - February 21, 2005.
Tornado whips through Temecula neighborhood - February 19, 2005.
California Storm Triggers Tornadoes, Flooding - February 19, 2005.


COMMENTS (1/2/07): I will no longer be making tornado-related predictions unless they are very specific (specific state/states or specific countries if outside of the US). As global warming, Planet X, whatever the agent actually is, grows stronger, we can expect more of these everywhere, every year. Now anybody can predict "Tornado," and they will be right.


RATING: +3.0


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Fire in California


NEW PREDICTION: 1/3/05 -- Where this will occur depends on the cause.

If it is from an eruption of Yellowstone or a meteor storm from a close encounter with a comet, it will be in the northern hemisphere. This would likely be the firestorm as described by the Seer of Waldviertel, spreading throughout parts of Europe, Canada, and the northern states of the US.

If it is from a nuclear exchange, it may be in Russia and the US, the Pacific, or India and Pakistan.

If it is from climate change, it will probably be in some of the southern US states, Mexico, Central and South America. Or, on the other side of the southern hemisphere, in Southern Asia or Southeast Asia.

The vector is March-June 2005.


Town in danger as 19 wildfires blaze across seven states


Airplane dumps fire retardant on edge of Blue Springs fire near Toquerville, UtahTue 28 Jun 2005

A WILDFIRE that quadrupled in size within a few hours was yesterday threatening to engulf a small town in Utah. The blaze grew from 2,000 to 8,000 acres in less than 12 hours and was about three miles from New Harmony, according to fire officers.

It was one of 19 separate fires covering about 500,000 acres across seven American states - Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. Many were started by lightning strikes.

In Utah, fires forced the closure of the main road between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.

As the flames crept ever closer to New Harmony, Lea Twitchell and her family were preparing for the possibility of having to flee from their home. However, Mrs Twitchell's thoughts were with her son, Luke, a first-year firefighter tackling a blaze in southern Utah. "He just started on that crew, and I'm a little nervous because we haven't heard from him," she said.

The flames were nearing the a ridge visible from their house and the family have been told to leave if it reached the top. "At church today, the bishop told us all to go home and get our valuables together, just in case," Mrs Twitchell said.

Firefighters battle 6 wildfires across Oregon - July 25, 2005.
Beetles exacerbate Colorado forest fires - July 25, 2005.
Fire crews depart for Utah blaze - July 24, 2005.
Wildfires rage across states - July 23, 2005.
Over 350 Homes Cleared as Arizona Fire Rages - July 22, 2005.
Colo. Firefighters Await Break in Weather - July 11, 2005.
Wildfire Forces Evacuation in Colorado - July 11, 2005.
Despite Heavy Rain, Southern California Wildfires Heat Up - July 10, 2005.
Ariz. Blaze Grows; Nev. Firefighters Report Progress - June 30, 2005.
Utah Blaze Tamed; Arizona Fire Spreads - June 29, 2005.
Wildfires Threaten Alaskan Wilderness -- 450,000 Acres Lost - June 28, 2005.
Town in danger as 19 wildfires blaze across seven states - June 27, 2005.
Wildfire threatens Utah town - June 27, 2005.
Wildfires Blaze Across Calif., Ariz., Nev. - June 25, 2005.
Winds beat back Utah firefighters - June 25, 2005.
California Wildfires May Signal a Difficult Season - June 24, 2005.
Wildfires Threaten Homes Near Phoenix - June 23, 2005.
Wildfires burn in West -- 'I can stand in my back yard and see the flames' - June 23, 2005.
Wildfires Break Out Around Western States - June 22, 2005.

Grass fires scorch Oklahoma, Texas -- Governors activate emergency operations as winds fan flames

Wednesday, December 28, 2005 Posted: 1148 GMT (1948 HKT)

A grass fire rages through a playground in Tarrant County, Texas.(CNN) -- Dozens of grass fires raged Tuesday across tinder-dry central Oklahoma and parts of Texas, where Gov. Rick Perry declared a disaster and dispatched National Guard troops to help battle the flames. A persistent drought has blanketed Texas since early summer, causing the worst fire threat in five years, Perry's office said in a written statement.

The fires in the Lone Star State were mostly in the central, north-central and northeast regions. One of the worst outbreaks was reported in Cross Plains, where a spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety told CNN affiliate KTXS-TV that about two dozen homes or structures had been burned. Cross Plains is a town of about 1,000, located about 43 miles southeast of Abilene.

In Kennedale, a town of about 6,000 near Fort Worth, flames devoured outbuildings and a few homes and left heavy smoke hanging over neighborhoods.

Kennedale Mayor Jim Norwood said Tuesday night that about 300 acres in the town had burned. "Most of the people in the community here pulled together and kept it from getting into our neighborhoods," he said. "It has quieted down quite a bit." Some residents used garden hoses to help keep flames at bay and shovels to douse hot spots.

Perry's disaster declaration allowed him to activate the state emergency management plan, placing the Division of Emergency Management in charge. He said four helicopters from the National Guard -- plus two single-engine air tankers and two helicopters from the U.S. Forest Service -- were being deployed in the firefighting effort.

Fires began in Texas on Sunday but spread rapidly Tuesday afternoon when winds picked up, said Traci Weaver of the Texas Forestry Service. "We have fires all over Texas," she told CNN Tuesday afternoon.

Winds thwart helicopters

Plumes of smoke accompany fires around Oklahoma CityIn Oklahoma, gusty winds prevented helicopters from flying and dropping water on the flames, said Michelann Ooten, spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management.

Ooten said Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters capable of pouring hundreds of gallons of water in one sweep would join firefighting efforts Wednesday if winds decrease.

Authorities said numerous structures had been destroyed. Maj. Brian Stanaland of the Oklahoma City Fire Department said at least three people were injured, including a child with burns on his hands.

John Hargreave, mayor of the town of Wewoka, said a firefighter suffered from smoke inhalation.

Hargreave said the region has endured a 70-day drought, and winds up to 40 mph whipped the grassland wildfires out of control Tuesday. Stanaland said dry conditions have fueled sporadic fires for two months. "It's a recipe for disaster," he said.

Hargreave estimated that 30 houses had burned on the outskirts of Wewoka, a town of 3,500 people about 70 miles southeast of Oklahoma City. "We have numerous fires virtually surrounding our town," he said. "We've had reports of numerous rural structures being burned. We've had one structure within the city limits burn."

Hargreave said "thousands and thousands" of acres of grassland around his town had burned, and residents had been prepared to evacuate before a change in the wind appeared to spare Wewoka Tuesday evening. "We've had to go 40 to 45 miles out to call for assistance, because fire departments in surrounding communities have their own fires," he said. Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry said Tuesday evening he had activated the state's emergency operations center in Oklahoma City. Henry said his administration was trying to find out whether federal assistance was available.

In Mustang, a city of about 15,000 residents just west of Oklahoma City, flames tore through homes and cars, and many residents were seen fleeing. Mustang Mayor Chad McDowell said his community has called in reinforcements from neighboring cities to fight the fires. Parts of Interstate 35, which connects Oklahoma City and Dallas, were closed.

Forty miles south of Oklahoma City in Pauls Valley, the Southern Oklahoma Resource Center -- a facility for people with severe physical or psychological problems -- was evacuated. Ooten said other areas also were evacuated, but she didn't have specifics.

Although the fires in central Oklahoma appeared to be the most serious, blazes also started in the southwestern, eastern and northeastern sections of the state, Ooten said. One resident was resigned as he watched his Mustang-area house burn. "What can you do about it?" Pat Hankins, 62, told The Associated Press. "You have no control." A friend, Maria Vantour-Smith, told the AP that flames leaped around Hankins' property before reaching the house. "It just kept jumping. I've never seen anything like it," she told the AP.

Stanaland said the Oklahoma City area was "literally swamped with grass fires," but that conditions were improving late Tuesday afternoon. "We're starting to get a handle on these fires right now," he said. One blaze was caused by children playing with fireworks in a shed, he said. High winds also contributed to wildfires last month that destroyed homes, forced hundreds to evacuate and injured firefighters in parts of Oklahoma and Texas.

Crews battle wildfire near Malibu - February 8, 2006.
California wildfire spreads toward suburbs -- 'Ash was coming down like snow' - February 7, 2006.
Okla. Fires Rage Again; Dozens of Homes Destroyed - January 13, 2006.
Wildfires consume Oklahoma homes - January 13, 2006.
Bush Declares Oklahoma Disaster Area After Wildfires - January 11, 2006.
Crews fight more North Texas fires - January 6, 2006.
Fire Crews Battle Blaze in Three States -- New Mexico Latest State Where Fire Has Spread - January 3, 2006.
Fires Burn Hundreds of Thousands of Acres - January 3, 2006.
Towns Leveled by Wildfires in Texas - January 2, 2006.
Wind-Fueled Fires Threaten Oklahoma City - January 2, 2006.
Weather is wild card in Olklahoma, Texas fires -- Blazes force evacuations - January 2, 2006.
New Grass Fires Burn In Oklahoma -- 4 Dead In Texas, Oklahoma - December 29, 2005.
Wildfires Scorch 100 Homes in Okla., Texas - December 28, 2005.
Grass fires scorch Oklahoma, Texas -- Governors activate emergency operations as winds fan flames - December 28, 2005.
Texas Gov. Declares Grass Fires a Disaster - December 27, 2005.


COMMENTS (12/29/05): I've waited throughout the year before making comment. I find it interesting that the worst US fire in many years began around the June part of the March-June vector. What ended up being a nine-states fire included northern, western, as well as southern states, making it a bit difficult to call this prediction since I specified "southern states." The states involved were Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Colorado, and Utah (southern states in bold). Still, this was a PREDICTION FULFILLED, I feel. There were also major fires in southern Europe in 2005, but the region was not specified in the prediction.

Now as year ends, once again an historic fire, the worst in the region since the 1950s, has consumed Texas and Oklahoma. The smoke from the fire is so bad that Doppler radar from weather satellites has falsely read it as precipitation. The fires themselves have been visible from space as well. Definitely in the south, we now have PREDICTION OVERKILL.


Firefighters battle complex of California fires
Officials say newly combined blazes no immediate threat to resort

A crew prepares to cut a fireline in the early morning hours near Redlands, Calif. on Saturday.

A crew prepares to cut a fireline in the early morning hours near Redlands, Calif. on Saturday.


10:29 p.m. ET July 15, 2006

YUCCA VALLEY, Calif. - Nearly 4,000 firefighters worked in blistering temperatures Saturday to corral a huge complex of fires in rugged wilderness as authorities found a body in a blackened part of the desert.

The body of Gerald Guthrie, 57, was found by a search-and-rescue crew, said Cindy Beavers of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. Guthrie had been missing since Tuesday, when fire swept through Pioneertown, a former Western movie locale. His body was found in a charred area at the base of a small hill less than a half-mile from his two-story domed home, which escaped the flames.

A family member last heard from Guthrie when he called from his 10-acre property and said the fire was close and he was preparing to evacuate, authorities said. The cause of his death remained under investigation but sheriff’s Detective James Porter said it appeared to have been fire-related.

There were no other reports of missing persons affected by the fire, authorities said.

Progress on fire lines

Fire officials reported some progress on the fires, which covered more than 110 square miles in Southern California about 100 miles east of Los Angeles.

A 59,000-acre fire was 40 percent contained, its eastern flank no longer a problem but its western side still a major concern. An evacuation remained in effect in one area, but were lifted in several others. Ignited by lightning a week ago it roared to life a few days later, destroying 56 desert homes.

An adjacent complex of fires that merged with the larger fire Friday grew to more than 12,000 acres but was still 5 percent contained. Crews protected a handful of homes in a canyon, but there were no evacuations.

The fires were burning below the flanks of the San Bernardino Mountains, but as of Saturday were not considered immediate threats to resort communities in the Big Bear Lake region atop the range. “There is no evacuation or potential evacuations at this time for Big Bear,” said Wayne Barringer, a fire information officer for the California Department of Forestry.

Rugged, remain terrain

Firefighters were being airlifted to the inaccessible western flank of the larger fire or were being driven in and hiking the rest of the way. Some crews were having to camp in remote locations.

Cate Baker-Hall, 55, an artist, said her three-story home burned to the ground. She lost a collection of more than 100 paintings, lithographs and other art, and a manuscript of a book she had just completed on the 1960s British band, The Zombies, she said. The house “is just gone,” she said. “I’m trying to take the Buddha approach and deal with today. There’s only so many tears you can cry.”

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who visited a command post at Yucca Valley High School with wife Maria Shriver, said their helicopter tour had flown close enough to see firefighters working on the ground. “It is a huge fire. It is really extraordinary how quickly it has spread out,” he said. “And that’s why I say it is very dangerous and they have to contain it as quickly as possible.”

Resort area safe — for now

Fire commander Rick Henson told the governor the threat to structures in Yucca Valley communities was over, but he noted that when the fires merged they began moving a bit north and west, toward the mountains. "It’s really not moving toward Big Bear right now but it is a threat,” he said.

Elsewhere in Southern California, a 500-acre blaze in Redlands was 20 percent contained after destroying one building. It broke out Friday night and threatened 100 homes but there were no evacuations.

In San Diego County, a 120-acre fire in Cleveland National Forest was fully contained and hand crews were finishing off the remains of a 20-acre blaze that spread over both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border in Tecate, said state fire spokeswoman Audrey Hagen.

Meanwhile, in southern Montana, firefighters mostly east of Billings were battling four large fires that charred about 150,000 acres. The fires threatened about 125 homes, officials said.

In Wyoming, a wind shift helped firefighters keep a wildfire from advancing toward Devils Tower National Monument. Four fires about 5 miles southwest of Devils Tower have burned about 13,700 acres — about 21 square miles — of mostly shrubs and ponderosa pine. About 10 percent of the fires were contained.

In northern Minnesota, an 800-acre fire in a wilderness area near was worrying authorities, who feared it could be fueled by millions of trees that blew down in a 1999 storm. Temperatures were near 100 in nearby Duluth.


VIDEO: Fear wildfires could merge in California - July 14, 2006.


COMMENTS (7/15/06): These wildfires are weird ... and they appear to be the most destructive thing to hit California short of a major and massive earthquake. More PREDICTION OVERKILL. I would warn that, although fires and earthquakes are unrelated phenomena, so too are floods and earthquakes. Too often I have seen a country battling a deluge fall victim to a major quake several months later. The same can be true with fires ... perhaps the Big One on the West Coast is only a few months away (or less)?


Firefighters battle massive wildfire at edge of San Bernardino National Forest
Fires close in on Vic towns - December 19, 2006.
Australian military fights fires - December 4, 2006.
Firefighters launch aerial attack on wildfire - December 4, 2006.
Wildfire Destroys 5 Homes, Threatens Others - December 3, 2006.
Fire burns 5 California homes; hundreds more in danger - December 3, 2006.
120 fires rip through Victoria - December 2, 2006.
Crews beat back flames in Queensland - November 17, 2006.
Day Fire Could Burn For 'Days To Weeks' - September 18, 2006.
Firefighters Battle Huge California Blaze - July 16, 2006.
Heat, wind feed California wildfires; body found - July 15, 2006.
Two California wildfires merge into one - July 15, 2006.
Calif. fires destroy 150 buildings, likely to merge -- Blazes span 60,000 acres; Schwarzenegger declares state of emergency - July 14, 2006.
VIDEO: Fear wildfires could merge in California - July 14, 2006.
Hundreds of households told to flee wildfires -- Two California blazes could merge, firefighters warn - July 14, 2006.
Extreme Heat Advisory, Power Watch Issued For Southland - July 13, 2006.
Two raging wildfires threaten to merge -- If they do, fire 'will be almost impossible to stop' - July 13, 2006.
California Fire Destroys 30 Homes, Buildings Around Movie Town; Dozens Evacuated - July 12, 2006.
Authorities Evacuate Hundred of Homes Due to Southern California Wildfires - July 7, 2006.
Wildfire Increase Linked to Climate - July 7, 2006.
Firefighters battle wildfire in Arizona - June 21, 2006.
Arizona wildfire forces evacuation of hundreds of homes - June 19, 2006.
Arizona wildfire forces evacuations - June 19, 2006.
Dry winds hinder Arizona fighters -- 'We need some rain in the worst way here,' says one resident - June 19, 2006.
Western Wildfires Continue as Evacuations Ordered in New Mexico - June 16, 2006.
I-95 closed by Florida wildfires -- Eight thousand acres burned, officials say - May 8, 2006.
11 Dead in Texas Fires; Cattle Burn Alive - March 14, 2006.
Texas wildfires' death toll now 11 -- Nearly 700,000 acres burn in Panhandle - March 14, 2006.
Tornadoes kill 10 across midwestern US, wildfires kill 7 in Texas - March 13, 2006.


COMMENTS (1/2/07): I will no longer be making fire-related predictions unless they are very specific (specific state/states or specific countries if outside of the US). As global warming, Planet X, whatever the agent actually is, grows stronger, we can expect more of this everywhere, every year. Now anybody can predict "Fire," and they will be right.


RATING: +2.5


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