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Daryl Hannah's Lucky Escape From Moving Elevator - March 5, 2004. Posted January 2, 2006 -- Other loose ends resolved - January 2, 2006.

One Last "Close Call" This Year For A Famous Female Blonde: Bay Watch Bombshell Breaks Neck, Almost Dies - December 30, 2005. Comments included.

Baywatch Star Breaks Her Neck - December 22, 2005. Posted December 30, 2005.

Brooke Burns: I Almost Died - December 19, 2005. Posted December 30, 2005.

AN ORIGINAL REPORT: Brooke Burns Fractures Bone in Neck - November 15, 2005. Posted December 30, 2005.

The strange case of Madonna's Ferrari - December 30, 2005.

Paris Hilton 'received death threats' - December 22, 2005.

Madonna Plagued by Nightmares of August Accident - December 14, 2005.

Paris Hilton Suffers From Bulimia - December 9, 2005.

Paris Hilton and Stavros in nightclub crash - November 10, 2005.

L.A. police investigate Paris Hilton car crash - November 9, 2005.

Caveat and Disclaimer

A New "Summer of Sam" in 2004


A new "Summer of Sam"


NEW PREDICTION: 4/23/04 -- He will appear sometime between April and July 2004, claiming his first murder victim. Perhaps he already has and we have yet to hear the report. Perhaps, like David Berkowitz, he will pull a gun from a paper bag and begin a reign of terror, shooting his victims as they sit in their cars: couples, commuters, families on vacation. Or maybe, like Andrew Cunanon, he will hunt them down one by one in nightclubs and back streets, commencing a murder spree that will last until July and terminate with the murder of someone famous. Then again, like the Manson family murders, the killings may be cult-related, and the crazed followers will slash and strangle those living in the expensive and glamourous neighbourhoods of Los Angeles, New York City, or elsewhere.

The end of the reign of terror will either come this year or next: one or two summers that will have everyone looking over their shoulders save for the careless and famous ones who will become this serial killer's prey.



Major Earthquake or Nuclear Strike Devastates
a Portion of Iran


As this web site has demonstrated, there are multiple possible beginnings for World War III -- that point in time when Russia, Iran, and their allies are united against the whole of Europe. I believe the attack on Europe will take place no earlier than 2003 and no later than 2006. Therefore, this earthshaking event in Iran could be a US attack during a major preliminary conflict in the Middle East, an early salvo of World War III, or the final offensive. Or it could actually be a very deadly earthquake.

Nevertheless, Nostradamus warns that Iran will not escape retribution for waging war against the nations of the West. Whether it will be "divine punishment" in the form of a super-earthquake or a nuclear attack by France, Britain, or the United States, June 2004 is one very prominent vector for something quite remarkable and terrible to happen to the nation of Iran.


Quatrain 10.31

The Holy Empire will come to Germany,
The Arabs will find open places,
The asses will also want Carmania,
The supporters completely covered with earth.

Devastated city


Iranian earthquake 'kills 20,000'

Friday, 26 December, 2003, 21:49 GMT

BBC NewsBodies of some of those killed in the Iran earthquake in Bam

At least 20,000 people have died in the huge earthquake which struck south-eastern Iran, according to officials. Rescuers are working through the night to hunt for survivors from the quake, which struck before dawn on Friday.

The ancient city of Bam has been devastated - most of its buildings have been flattened including two hospitals and a 16th Century citadel. A big relief operation is under way, with many foreign countries sending supplies and rescue workers to Iran.

President Mohammad Khatami described the quake as a "national tragedy" and said it was too huge for Iran to cope with alone.

The United States offered humanitarian assistance, and President George W Bush said he was "ready to help" Iran. Aid agencies are making urgent appeals for supplies such as tents, blankets and field hospitals.

But there are immediate fears for the safety of survivors - temperatures at night in the desert city drop to well below freezing, and food and water are in short supply.


A mother and child grieve in BamThe country suffers frequent earthquakes, with small tremors happening almost daily. In one earthquake in 1990, 35,000 people died.

Bam and the surrounding area is home to more than 200,000 people. About 70% of the houses in Bam have been destroyed, Iranian state television reported. It is thought many people were crushed as they slept.

There were scenes of intense grief in the city, with people weeping next to corpses shrouded in blankets. "I have lost all my family. My parents, my grandmother and two sisters are under the rubble," Maryam, 17, told Reuters.

Two of the city's hospitals have collapsed, crushing many staff, and remaining hospitals are full. Many of the injured are having to be flown elsewhere for treatment.

A huge relief operation involving ordinary Iranians, the army, Islamic volunteer groups and local rescue teams is under way. Rescue teams are flying to the area by plane and helicopter.

Emergency centres set up in makeshift buildings are now trying to care for the tens of thousands who have been injured. The BBC's Miranda Eeles in Tehran says that in many places there simply is not enough room. Telephones, electricity and water supplies have been cut by the tremor.

The concern now is how to rescue those still alive but buried deep under the rubble, our correspondent adds. A number of countries - including Russia, Britain, Germany and Spain - have offered to send relief teams and supplies.

Heritage site

The United Nations said it was sending experts to co-ordinate the aid effort. The Red Crescent is setting up tents to house survivors.

Friday's quake had a magnitude of at least 6.3, according to Iranian sources. The US Geological Survey measured it at 6.7.

Bam - about 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) south-east of Tehran - was on the Unesco's list of World Heritage Sites. An important regional centre in the 16th and 17th centuries, it contained many ancient buildings that were not built to withstand earthquakes.

Since 1991, tremors have claimed some 17,600 lives and injured 53,000 people, according to official figures.

Death toll rises to 28,000 in Iran quake

Tuesday, December 30, 2003 Posted: 2314 GMT ( 7:14 AM HKT)

Mass burial in BamBAM, Iran (CNN) -- With aftershocks rumbling through the region, the death toll in Bam has reached 28,000 from last week's earthquake, an official in the devastated Iranian city said Tuesday.

The grim numbers came a day after the nation's top political and spiritual leaders visited the ancient city in southeastern Iran and promised to rebuild it.

"Relying on the cooperation and assistance of the Iranian nation, we will reconstruct Bam," Iranian President Mohammad Khatami said Monday, according to the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency. "From now on, we all need to talk about life, and hand in hand, try to reconstruct the quake-stricken regions."

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, also inspected damage caused by Friday's 6.6-magnitude quake. "I offer my condolences to all families, brothers and sisters who lost their loved ones in this catastrophe with all my heart," he said.

Khamenei urged all Iranians and groups to help, saying, "Aid should continue to come so that, God willing, it will be possible to rebuild the city of Bam better and this time stronger than before." Though international teams joined the effort to locate survivors, rescuers held out little hope of finding anyone alive ...

Iran quake toll now put at 41,000 - January 16, 2004.
Bam quake death toll up to 35,000 - January 4, 2004.
This could explain why a few of my earthquake predictions sometimes have a nuclear element to them:
Iran denies quake caused by nuke test - December 31, 2003.
Iran quake toll could hit 50,000 - December 30, 2003.
Death toll rises to 28,000 in Iran quake - December 30, 2003.
Miracles in Iran quake rubble -- 25,000 Iranians confirmed dead; final toll of 40,000 feared - December 29, 2003.
Iran's 25,000 quake victims buried - December 29, 2003.
Fears Grow That Iran Quake Toll Could Reach 30,000 - December 28, 2003.
Iran's quake death toll climbs - December 28, 2003.
Aid flows to Iran in quake's aftermath -- Khatami: 'Our people are burning in their sorrows' - December 28, 2003.
Frantic search for quake survivors -- Nations, relief agencies seek to aid victims in southeastern city - December 27, 2003.
Quake Kills 20,000 in Ancient Iranian City - December 26, 2003.


COMMENTS (12/26/03): Given the extremely high number of casualties, it appears that this is a PREDICTION FULFILLED, albeit six months early. Normally my earthquake predictions are close to the target month and usually only off by two to four months when not right to the month. However, this is the first time where my earthquake predictions are concerned that I have seen the event precede the projected time by a factor of six months.

Obviously, since there were two major quakes in Iran seven years ago in 1997, it remains possible that a second more powerful earthquake could hit around April, May, or June 2004. However, the casualties from today's temblor better match the single 1990 Iran quake which claimed 35,000 lives.


Comments on Quatrain 10.31

COMMENTS (12/30/03): Regarding the Nostradamus quatrain 10.31, a future "Holy Empire" has yet to come to Germany. This will never happen until after a Third World War -- or something like it -- has been fought. However, if Nostradamus is actually mocking the power and integrity of the current European Union by calling it "the Holy Empire," then it has already arrived in Germany. So line 1 may already be fulfilled.

Lines 2 and 3 suggest that the Arab world will soon be united under one mighty figure -- could this be the one called the Sufyaani in Islamic prophecy? It correctly predicts that this "Great Arab" (a monster according to Islam) will attack southeastern Iran (Carmania). Nostradamus uses the derogatory "asses" to demonstrate this evil Sufyaani invasion of Iran. Again, this follows Islamic prophecy as an event that will occur before the appearance of the Mahdi.

What is eerie is line 4. It appears the powerful quakes that will bury much of southeastern Iran have already begun. If true, not many years lie ahead before a new Arab war with Iran begins.


COMMENTS (5/29/04): Magnitude 6.3 -- nearly as powerful as the 6.6 Bam earthquake. Casualties around 45 at this writing, nowhere approaching the numbers from December. Still, very remarkable that this happens a few days before the June 2004 vector. Had the Bam quake not occurred, this one still would have scored big, prediction-wise. Could this be a foreshock for a second, more destructive quake in June? Will this prediction, already fulfilled prematurely in December, go into overkill? This necessitates the creation of new term for multiple fulfillments of a prediction that occur over a short space of time: PREDICTION OVERKILL. Technically, my prediction has now accomplished this to some degree.


Rain slows Iran quake aid effort - February 23, 2005.
Rescuers Expect Iran Death Toll to Rise - February 23, 2005.
Iran quake death toll rises - May 29, 2004.
23 Killed in Northern Iran Earthquake - May 28, 2004.
Deadly 6.3 earthquake rocks Iran - May 28, 2004.
Many victims in north Iran quake - May 28, 2004.


RATING: +2.0

Evidence of Life Found on Mars


Looking for life on Mars


NEW PREDICTION: 7/14/03 -- Despite all the setbacks in launching the probes and rovers to the Red Planet thus far this year, the international mission will move forward. Actually, the delays work for the better: had the original target date of December 2003 been achieved, no life would have been found. The later during the year 2004, the better the chances life will be discovered, especially by July 2004. It will be simple forms of life, but nevertheless another miraculous breakthrough in interplanetary travel and research.


UPDATE (2/15/04): Since it is possible that, in the end, Nasa might deny evidence of life on Mars exists or existed, I am keeping a pictorial gallery from those news reports which indicate otherwise. I would also point out, regarding my prediction, that this mission need not have ever happened. Along the way there were several setbacks that could have spelled doom for the entire mission, not to mention the loss of communication for an entire day with the first rover. That we are receiving such stunning photos never before seen, as well as just getting to Mars, when the prospect looked bleak, and having all equipment operating correctly, again when things looked bleak, makes this prediction a partial success in and of itself.

Algae in Mars Mars fossil? Martian spheres


Exclusive: NASA Researchers Claim Evidence of Present Life on Mars

By Brian Berger
Space News Staff Writer

16 February 2005 02:09 pm ET

What proposed existing life forms on Mars probably look likeWASHINGTON -- A pair of NASA scientists told a group of space officials at a private meeting here Sunday that they have found strong evidence that life may exist today on Mars, hidden away in caves and sustained by pockets of water. The scientists, Carol Stoker and Larry Lemke of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, told the group that they have submitted their findings to the journal Nature for publication in May, and their paper currently is being peer reviewed. What Stoker and Lemke have found, according to several attendees of the private meeting, is not direct proof of life on Mars, but methane signatures and other signs of possible biological activity remarkably similar to those recently discovered in caves here on Earth.

Stoker and other researchers have long theorized that the Martian subsurface could harbor biological organisms that have developed unusual strategies for existing in extreme environments. That suspicion led Stoker and a team of U.S. and Spanish researchers in 2003 to southwestern Spain to search for subsurface life near the Rio Tinto river—so-called because of its reddish tint—the product of iron being dissolved in its highly acidic water.

Stoker told in 2003, weeks before leading the expedition to southwestern Spain, that by studying the very acidic Rio Tinto, she and other scientists hoped to characterize the potential for a “chemical bioreactor” in the subsurface – an underground microbial ecosystem of sorts that might well control the chemistry of the surface environment. Making such a discovery at Rio Tinto, Stoker said in 2003, would mean uncovering a new, previously uncharacterized metabolic strategy for living in the subsurface. “For that reason, the search for life in the Rio Tinto is a good analog for searching for life on Mars,” she said.

Stoker told her private audience Sunday evening that by comparing discoveries made at Rio Tinto with data collected by ground-based telescopes and orbiting spacecraft, including the European Space Agency’s Mars Express, she and Lemke have made a very a strong case that life exists below Mars’ surface.

The two scientists, according to sources at the Sunday meeting, based their case in part on Mars’ fluctuating methane signatures that could be a sign of an active underground biosphere and nearby surface concentrations of the sulfate jarosite, a mineral salt found on Earth in hot springs and other acidic bodies of water like Rio Tinto that have been found to harbor life despite their inhospitable environments.

One of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rovers, Opportunity, bolstered the case for water on Mars when it discovered jarosite and other mineral salts on a rocky outcropping in Merdiani Planum, the intrepid rover’s landing site chosen because scientists believe the area was once covered by salty sea.

Stoker and Lemke’s research could lead the search for Martian biology underground, where standing water would help account for the curious methane signatures the two have been analyzing. “They are desperate to find out what could be producing the methane,” one attendee told Space News. “Their answer is drill, drill, drill." . . .


COMMENTS (2/18/05): With this rather unambiguous announcement "NASA Researchers Claim Evidence of Present Life on Mars" in both the text of the report and right in the news headline itself, I must consider this a PREDICTION FULFILLED. Anyway, I never said "proof positive" of life discovered, but strong "evidence" ... and of simple life forms too.


An Opportunity to celebrate -- Mars rover hits one-year mark, surpassing "planned 90-day mission" - January 25, 2005.
New evidence points to volcanic Mars - December 22, 2004.
Images of Earth-like clouds on Mars -- New geologic and climatic discoveries being sent back by Mars rovers - December 14, 2004.
Water confirmed, Mars researchers look for life -- Evidence of past water affirms possibility of 'habitable' world - December 3, 2004.
Mystery power boost for Mars rover - November 6, 2004.
Mars rovers on 'brand new mission' - June 3, 2004.
Mars rover to explore crater secrets - May 7, 2004.
Mars rover sees more signs of water - April 2, 2004.
Methane find on Mars may be sign of life - March 27, 2004.
Another Mars rover finds more past evidence of water - March 5, 2004.
NASA: Liquid water once on Mars -- Red planet may have been hospitable to life -- CNN: "Mission accomplished" - March 2, 2004.
Scientists: Mars once 'drenched' with water -- NASA says rover's research points to condition needed to support life - March 2, 2004.
QUICKTIME VIDEO: Biology Expert gives information on MARS: Salt, Water and Life - March 1, 2004.
NASA Ponders Signs of Water-Bearing Mineral on Mars - February 26, 2004.
Mars rock pictures baffle scientists - February 24, 2004.
Another Puzzle On the Martian Soil: 'Hair' - February 14, 2004.
Mystery Continues: Scientists Baffled by Spheres on Mars - February 12, 2004.
NASA Hides, Destroys Possible Evidence Of Life On Mars - February 6, 2004.
Mars mission enters full swing -- Both rovers reach out to touch ground - February 2, 2004.
Is There Living Green Algae in the Gusev Crater on Mars? - January 31, 2004.
Has Mars rover spotted signs of water? Mars data studied for sign of mineral linked to the wet stuff - January 30, 2004.


RATING: +1.0

Massive Quake Rocks Philippines


Earthquake symbol


NEW PREDICTION: 1/13/04 -- This quake may be another shallow 6.5 or as large as 7.8 or higher, possibly causing between 1,000 to 2,000 deaths. The tentative vector is July 2004.


6.4 Earthquake jolts Philippines

Friday, October 8, 2004 Posted: 1657 GMT (0057 HKT)

MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 shook Manila on Friday night, swaying high rises, knocking out power over a wide area and sending frightened residents into the streets. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

The shaking began at 10:35 p.m. and lasted for more than a minute. The epicenter of the quake was on Mindoro island, 55 miles south-southwest of Manila. The temblor was felt over a wide area, including nearly 90 miles north of the sprawling capital on the main Philippine island of Luzon.

The U.S. Geological Survey in Colorado said on its Web site the magnitude was 6.4 at a depth of about 73 miles. A magnitude 6 quake can cause severe damage.

Panicked residents and hotel guests poured into the capital's streets. Police were easing traffic away from a condemned building that was cracking and dropping debris. Utility company Meralco reported widespread power outages, possibly due to damaged power lines.

The Philippines is along the so-called Pacific "Ring of Fire," where earthquakes and volcanic activity are common. A magnitude 6.2 quake shook Manila and surrounding areas of Luzon three weeks ago. The Philippine Institute of Vulcanology and Seismology said Friday's quake was believed to be in the same fault line, along the Manila Trench.

A magnitude 7.7 earthquake in 1990 killed nearly 2,000 people on Luzon.


RATING: +1.0

Powerful Earthquake Brings Great Destruction to China


Earthquake symbol


NEW PREDICTION: 9/18/03 -- This will be no ordinary temblor. It will be at least a 7.9 on the Richter scale or higher. Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, will die. Look for it around July/August 2004, but prepare for it throughout the year.


Asia quake death toll over 11,000 -- Largest earthquake in 40 years measured 9.0, triggered massive tsunamis

Monday, December 27, 2004 Posted: 0059 GMT (0859 HKT)

(CNN) -- Massive tsunamis triggered by the largest earthquake to shake the planet in more than 40 years wiped out coastal areas across Asia as far as 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) away, killing more than 11,000 people. More than 4,500 people are reported dead in Sri Lanka, along with thousands more fatalities in Indonesia and India and hundreds dead in Thailand.

The initial quake, measuring 9 in magnitude, struck about 160 kilometers (100 miles) off the coast of Indonesia's Sumatra island around 7 a.m. Sunday (0000 GMT), according to the U.S. Geological Survey's National Earthquake Information Center. It is the fourth largest earthquake in recorded history, according to the NEIC. The measurements have been taken since 1899 ...

Madras tsunamiDeath toll from Asian earthquake and tsunami reaches 100,000

By Andrew Gilligan In Colombo And Valentine Low In London, Evening Standard

This Is London

29 December 2004

The death toll in the tsunami disaster soared past 100,000 today - and is set to climb higher. A total of 50 Britons are now confirmed dead and at least 100 are unaccounted for after tidal waves swept away resorts in Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and around the Indian Ocean. Officials in every country today warned the final number of dead will be even higher as rescue teams reach remote areas.

The UN said there were now strong grounds to believe that the toll in the Sumatran province of Aceh, the worst affected area, would be as high as 80,000. The number dead has now climbed in every country affected, including:

Thailand: 1,700 confirmed dead, including 43 British tourists.
Indonesia: more than 42,000 confirmed dead.
India: nearly 7,000 dead, and many coastal areas including parts of Kerala still to be searched.
Sri Lanka: 22,500 are confirmed dead and there are fears for hundreds of independent British travellers on the east coast.

Aid agencies today warned disease will also cause massive casualties among the survivors as the biggest relief effort in history began. The British toll climbed as a new alert was sounded over the number missing. Abta, the tours operators' association, said there were 100 Britons unaccounted for. There are no confirmed numbers for missing backpackers ...

Complete article:

Quake Death Toll in 2004 Could Be Worst Since 1556 - February11, 2005.
Tsunami death toll nears 220,000 - January 20, 2005.
Tsunami deaths soar past 212,000 - January 19, 2005.
Death toll surpasses 155,000; thousands still missing - January 3, 2005.
Death toll surpasses 141,000; tens of thousands still missing - January 2, 2005.
U.N.: Tsunami aid rises to $2 billion - Tsunami toll could approach 150,000 - January 1, 2005.
Tsunami death toll tops 116,000 - Relief workers find devastation in Indonesia - December 30, 2004.


COMMENTS (12/30/04): As the casualties continue to mount, I am coming to believe the superquake I envisioned for China may have struck a bit farther south, instead hitting Indonesia. The base 7 precedent for this earthquake is the mammoth quake that struck China in July 1976, 28 (4 x 7) years ago, resulting in hundreds of thousands dead. The casualties from the South Asia quake and tsunami have now surpassed 100,000 and are still climbing -- making it the most destructive earthquake since the one in China back in 1976. Although I precisely predicted the nature and location of the quake, even the tsunami, on 2003 (Part One), getting the date wrong by 22 months, I feel I have come closer date-wise with this prediction and captured the enormity of the casualties. Just a bit to the south of China, and you have what has occurred. Still, this can only be a PREDICTION PARTIALLY FULFILLED -- especially since China may yet experience a "great" earthquake before December 31, 2005.


RATING: +0.4

A String of Assassinations, Executions, and Murders of
"the Greatest Ones" Begins in Summer

Terrorism, Coups, Revolutions, Civil Wars, Anarchy, Crime Waves.


'All the people will be so terrified, to see the greatest ones hang by the neck and feet.'Quatrain 4.47

The black ferocious one when he will have exercised
His bloody hand by fire, steel, the bended bow:
All the people will be so terrified,
To see the greatest ones hang by the neck and feet.


NEW PREDICTION: 1/27/04 -- Noir, here as in so many places, does indeed mean "black" and is not an anagram for roi ("king"). It is, rather, a poetic description of the soul and heart of this villain, to be equated with "evil" in a metaphorical sense. It best suits the character of Osama bin Laden, the swarthy terrorist mastermind of September 11 who will bring greater horror to the world than it has ever known, especially to "the Romans" (which may mean more than merely Italy, but all of the West, including the United States).

This summer we shall see the start of a time unprecedented, when "the greatest ones" -- presidents, politicians, royalty, and celebrities -- shall be murdered, executed, and assassinated. Some of them shall literally be hanged by their necks and their feet.

The Saudi royal family will be overthrown brutally and executed as was the Czar Nicholas and his family in Russia in 1917. The Jordanian royal line may also be in peril, but this is not certain. Prince Charles is at high risk of assassination, but by who is not known. A new Philippines leader shall no sooner be elected when he shall be killed. An evil man shall stab Mubarak to death through the neck and chest and take control of Egypt while another takes the life of Musharaff of Pakistan. Another Balkans or Central European politician may be murdered as was Zoran Djindjic last year. At least two US politicians, one of them Hillary Clinton, is at risk of being assassinated by a gunman, although by who is not entirely clear (some theories are presented). At least one, possibly two, world famous, female celebrities will be slaughtered in a grisly scene reminiscent of the Manson family murders of Sharon Tate and her famous friends in 1969. The US president himself, whether that is Bush or his democratic challenger, will be killed by an assassin in April or November 2005, if not sooner. The Pope and the Vatican shall certainly not be spared.

Many more leaders and notable ones will be slain in the many revolutions and civil wars that will sweep through the Middle East, Russia and the former Soviet Union, much of Europe, and even America. This can only be the Mega-Revolution that will become worldwide warned of in the prophecies of Josef Kugelbeer, the Seer of Vorarlberg, and Erna Stieglitz.

So many "great ones" shall perish that the world will be terrified, especially by the sight of those who are dispatched by the most brutal and barbarian of means.

All of this shall begin around the month of July 2004 or sooner and be spread out over a period reaching to August 2006. Obviously, Bin Laden and his terrorists will not be responsible for all of these slayings, but will have a hand in some of what happens. Rebellious mobs, coup leaders, and criminals will also be to blame.



UPDATE (4/3/04): And so it begins. One of the bodies hung from the bridge belonged to Scott Helvenston, movie and television stunt man and personal trainer to Hollywood star Demi Moore. Madonna may be making a surprise visit to Baghdad during her upcoming concert in Israel. Bad idea, I think.


UPDATE (12/15/04): I have highlighted text in the above prediction to reflect the near-assassination of Serbian leader Boris Tadic and the sudden death of Filipino politician, former actor Poe. Although natural causes are suspected, the investigation is far from conclusive. The killing of a Philippines leader was specified in the prediction. I will continue to highlight text as more aspects of the prediction are fulfilled or come close to fulfillment.


Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar
Sri Lanka's foreign minister assassinated - August 12, 2005.
Egypt ends diplomacy in Iraq after ambassador slain - July 7, 2005.
Al-Qaida says abductors kill Egyptian envoy in Iraq - July 7, 2005.
Huge blast kills Lebanese ex-PM Rafik Hariri -- Previously unknown group claims responsibility - February 15, 2005.
Two Christian counselors found murdered on Somoma County Beach died almost instantly - April 21, 2005.
BBC producer Kate Peyton shot dead in Somalia - February 9, 2005.
Actress Nicole DuFresne shot dead outside New York bar - January 28, 2005.
Riyadh Attack Was First Al Qaeda Attempt on Life of Saudi Royal -- Prince Mohammed bin Nayef - December 30, 2004.
Nurse murder horror shocks France -- One worker decapitated,
other had throat slit - December 20, 2004.

Nurse beheaded in hospital carnage - December 19, 2004.
Osama tape tells Saudis to prepare for coup - December 17, 2004.
Alleged bin Laden tape targets Saudi rulers - December 17, 2004.
Filipino actor-turned-politician Poe dies of stroke - December 13, 2004.
Madonna fears the same end as John Lennon - December 2, 2004.
Madge fears stalker death - December 2, 2004.
U.S. concerned on Suu Kyi's fate - December 2, 2004.
Madonna fears the same end as John Lennon - December 2, 2004.
Madge fears stalker death - December 2, 2004.
Car tries to ram Serb president - December 1, 2004.
Hassan 'great loss to Iraq people' -- World political leaders unite to condemn kidnappers - November 18, 2004.
Family heartbreak over Hassan fate - November 16, 2004.
New video shows Hassan murder - November 16, 2004.
Colleagues await confirmation body is not Margaret Hassan - November 15, 2004.
Charity fears after mutilated body found - November 15, 2004.
Mutilated Woman Corpse Found in Fallujah, May be Briton, Pole - November 14, 2004.
Body of blonde Caucasian woman found in Fallujah -- Body missing arms and legs, throat slashed, and disemboweled - November 14, 2004.
Beheadings on the Rise Around the World - November 6, 2004.
Film man death: Extremists link - November 4, 2004.
Muslim row filmmaker murdered - November 2, 2004.
Tampa police officer threatens to kill President Bush - August 27, 2004.
Campers murdered due to Christianity? -- Police say hate crime among possibilities in shooting deaths of young evangelicals - August 22, 2004.
Slain couple died in nature they loved -- Camp counselors planned to marry in September - August 21, 2004.
Bin Laden hints major assassination - August 11, 2004.
'Extreme level of violence' in six Deltona deaths - August 6, 2004.
Sex Offender Arrested At Hillary Clinton Event - July 29, 2004.
Stalker threatens to stab Britney - July 5, 2004.
Britney Spears death threats from stalker - July 5, 2004.
Taxi Explodes in front of Madonna's Home - July 2, 2004.
Explosion rocks Madonna in New York - June 29, 2004.
Clarke: Saudi instability more worrying than Iraq - June 7, 2004.
Threat to Madonna came from London terrorist group - May 28, 2004.
Death threat halts Madonna concert - May 25, 2004.
Madonna cancels gigs on death threats - May 25, 2004.
Fitness Guru Who Trained Stars Among Four Civilians Killed in Iraq - April 2, 2004.
U.S. expects more attacks in Iraq -- Residents hang bodies from bridge after four civilians killed - April 1, 2004.


RATING: +0.66

Famous Blonde Actress/Pop Celebrity Slain in Brutal Murder


Sharon Tate Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks


NEW PREDICTION: 11/28/02 -- I call this one the "Sharon Tate scenario." In 2004, it will be 35 (5 x 7) years since beautiful, blonde actress Sharon Tate, hair designer Jay Sebring, coffee heiress Abigail Folger, and their friends were attacked and murdered by merciless, crazed, knife-wielding robots under the control of convict-turned-guru/messiah, Charles Manson. The body of Tate, pregnant with the child of film director husband Roman Polanski, was found both stabbed and hanged by investigators at the crime scene.

It will also be 14 (2 x 7) years since America became obsessed with the question: Who Killed Laura Palmer? Laura, as we discovered in the film "Twin Peaks: Firewalk With Me," was brutally murdered by ... (see the film).

No, this does not mean a 21st Century version of the Manson family is going to be slaughtering celebrities and their neighbours in the suburbs of Los Angeles. At least, probably not.

However, the base 7 signature for August 2004 brings us, once again, to an especially brutal murder of a young female celebrity. There may be other victims involved in this ghastly and tragic crime, and some of them may also be well-known.

The clues are as follows (and should be obvious): the woman in question will likely be quite young, in her mid-20s. She will be blonde and likely a film star, but one cannot rule out another career such as pop singer. She is currently unknown and will not become known to the world until sometime in 2003, which will be her debut year. She may be married to a famous director or a film star. Her future will appear bright -- many will believe her to be the next Marilyn Monroe. Sadly, her life and her career will be cut short so this cannot happen.

Although it is likely that it will be someone who will make a name for herself in 2003, one cannot rule out someone already famous, whose career has been relatively short (since around 1999). There is even a remote chance it will be someone well-known for a longer time who will be in her 30s or 40s, but this is not likely. I would still say mid-20s is most likely.

The murder will be quite brutal, involving stabbing or strangling, and may be carried out by a cult or by terrorists.

The case for a famous blonde dying in 2004 is quite strong and should be taken very seriously. The 2004 line of tragedy is virtually unbroken and goes back easily to 1920, if not longer ago than that:

Kitty Melrose (August 1913, suicide), Olive Thomas Pickford (September 1920, accidental poisoning - suspicious), Isadora Duncan (September 1927 - accidentally strangled by scarf caught in spokes of car tire), Thelma Todd (adjacent for 1934, December 1935, carbon monoxide poisoning - suspicious), Carole Lombard (adjacent for 1941, January 1942, plane crash), Carole Landis (July 1948, suicide by drugs overdose), Ona Munson (February 1955, suicide by drugs overdose) and James Dean (September 1955, car crash), Marilyn Monroe (August 1962, suicide by drugs overdose - suspicious), Judy Garland (June 1969, accidental drugs overdose) and Sharon Tate (August 1969, stabbed and strangled to death - homicide), Sal Mineo (February 1976, stabbed to death by mugger/stalker) and Jack Cassidy (December 1976, died from burns received in house fire), Princess Grace - Grace Kelly (adjacent for 1983, September 1982, suffered stroke while driving and died in car crash), Capucine (March 1990, suicide, jumped from eighth story window), and the Twin Peaks' "Who Killed Laura Palmer?" obsession (1990), and Princess Diana (August 1997, car crash - suspicious).

Olive Thomas Isadora Duncan Thelma Todd Carole Lombard Carole Landis

For bio and details of death, click on any of the photos above.

All those who were rising stars or at the peak of their careers, save for Carole Lombard and Thelma Todd, died in August or September.

There is also a potential Nostradamus link to this event:


Quatrain 1.39

By night in bed the supreme one (star, celebrity) strangled,
The elevated blonde, for too great an involvement:
By three the empire is subrogated and enslaved,
To death, neither letter nor packet read.


The reference to the "three" could indicate that America is at war with Iraq, Iran, and North Korea (the "axis of evil") at this time when a great "elevated blonde," a "supreme" celebrity, will be "strangled" dead. Then again the "empire" could be the EU in 2004, literally subrogated and enslaved by Russia, Iran, and Libya.

According to Quatrain 1.39, someone or some group of people will break into the blonde star's bedroom and strangle her dead.

But what is the "too great an involvement?" It could mean a future romance with a major male figure in 2004 with deadly consequences. Clearly, some group will not wish to see a relationship develop between the woman in question and the man. They may seek to warn her off and, failing that, murder her. Any correspondence between the lovers or the murdered celeb's diary will be confiscated and burned or otherwise disposed of.

Is there anyone who might in some respects match the profile? Yes, there are two: easily the most famous blonde pop singer of our time since 1999 (Britney Spears) and, quite unexpectedly, a blonde socialite who was largely obscure and suddenly became a household name in November 2003 (Paris Hilton). Also, although older than the age of Sharon Tate, there remains the greatest blonde icon of the last over twenty years aside from the late Princess Diana: Madonna.

Madonna, has essentially substituted herself for Princess Diana, or at least has been trying. This is likely the reason she survived June/July 2002 and November 2002 (two vectors during which I projected she would be in danger of death on Madonna-Pamela Anderson Prophecy (Part One)): she became greater than a mere "second fiddle" to Diana like Jayne Mansfield was to Marilyn Monroe, and much greater although not nearly as talented as Natalie Wood by the time 2002 rolled around. She is such a global icon, a universal mega-star that only the Diana vector (August 2004) or the Elvis Presley/Frank Sinatra vector (August 2005) can possibly touch her now. However, if her career slides, she will once again need to be cautious in June or October 2009 as a fading star...

Of course, we must be realistic. It is unlikely that all three of these women -- Britney Spears, Madonna, and Paris Hilton -- are going to end up murdered or otherwise dead in August 2004. It is worth mentioning though, that Paris Hilton, who debuted at precisely the right time, is a distinct possibility as the new "Sharon Tate."

Thus, "the big three" of Britney, Madonna, and Paris appear to be competing for the doomed blonde who will either be as popular as Diana was in 1997 or as Sharon Tate was in 1969. Britney and Paris because of Quatrain 1.39 and/or the Sharon Tate influence and Madonna because of both Quatrain 1.39 and Quatrain 6.73 (the "Modena" quatrain) and the Diana influence.

Addendum: the notorious August 2004 vector aside, looking back on each instance since 1913 we must note again that actress Carole Lombard died in a bizarre plane crash in January 1942 rather than in summer 1941 and actress Thelma Todd died from carbon monoxide poisoning in what many believe to be a murder cover-up in December 1935 rather than in summer 1934.

Twice in seventy years these tragic deaths have been late. They are the only exceptions to date.

So it is with great trepidation we may watch events play out in August and September, knowing that if nothing happens, chances are they may still next year, as in the cases of Carole Lombard and Thelma Todd. Whether it will fall to January 2005 or as late as December 2005 or a completely different month in 2005 we cannot know for certain.

Also complicating matters is the August-October 2005 vector for a major rock or music icon, male or female, to die as did Elvis Presley, the King of Rock, in 1977, Marvin Gaye in 1984, Freddie Mercury of Queen in 1991, Frank Sinatra in 1998, or Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix in 1970. Could this be the time of danger for the Queen of Pop, Madonna, or the Princess of Pop, Britney Spears?


What is the "Modena" Quatrain? How might it apply to Madonna?

UPDATE (7/6/04): The following material was taken from Madonna-Pamela Anderson Prophecy (Part One), although I have updated it here considerably. Included in the update is a more exact translation of Quatrain 6.73:


Quatrain 6.73

In a great city a monk and an artisan,

Near of the harbour lodges and the walls:

Secretly against Modena (Madonna), in the theatre (or cellar) speaking,

Betrayed for acting under the colour of marriages.


Modena is a small city in northern Italy and is often the accepted translation for the anagram Modene. However, as a city, it makes utter nonsense of this particular quatrain. Nor am I the only commentator who believes that "Modena," in this instance only, is something other than a city. For example, commentator John Hogue (1997) has translated "Modena" as "modern." His read on the quatrain, however, is quite tongue-and-cheek (he hasn't a clue, in other words). Still, like me, he refuses to see an Italian city in this verse.

No matter how many times I've read this obscure verse over the last almost fifteen years I keep seeing the name Madonna. It really appears as though a person, not a city, is being conspired against. Besides, it wouldn't be the first time that Nostradamus used the name of a city, sea, or river to approximate a person's name.

The "monk" may not be a monk at all, but a cult member (possibly a member of Kabbalah), an Islamic terrorist, an outspoken priest, minister, rabbi, a far-right Christian fundamentalist, or even a member of a religious order (a real monk). Obviously, the "monk" could also be a reclusive psychopath suffering from some sort of religious mania, like the man who attacked the late George Harrison in 1999. He may even be a hired killer who is disguised as a monk or someone posing as a member of a cult or a religious order.

In today's world the meaning of being an "artisan" has a wide range of possibilities: in terms of craftsmanship, however, it might best apply to a fashion designer or set designer of a play or concert. Of course, a musician, painter, photographer, sculptor, singer, actor, comedian, etc. could also be intended.

The great harbour city may be New York City, Los Angeles, or London: all cities where Madonna has homes. One of these people may live near the harbour, the other may rent the spacious upper floor of a former warehouse or other facility ("the walls"). One or both of them appear to be involved in some sort of conspiracy against "Modena" (Madonna).

Madonna, seen here in a recent photo, plans a French theme for 2004's world tourNostradamus suggests "Modena" will be in a theatre or cellar speaking or performing when a conspiracy against her is hatched (or that the conspirators hatch their plot in a theatre or cellar).

In 2002, her West End appearance in Up For Grabs made the most sense. Now, however, it is her world tour which continues until September.

Who are the "monk" and the "artisan" who conspire? There are no definitive answers as of yet. One potential matter of interest regarding the "artisan": her little follower Britney Spears has reportedly purchased a seaside mansion in England so as to be nearer to her Madge.

Does Madonna have any enemies? Recently Rabbi Shmuley Boteach attacked Phillip Berg, the head of the Kabbalah Centre, for allowing Madonna to be a celebrity spokeswoman for the pop cult. Boteach is quoted as saying, "Sorry to be so crass, but Madonna is a slut. Yes, she may sing, and she may dance. But she is famous for being a slut. And no religion dare have a slut as its principal representative." However, now that London-based Al Qaeda terrorists have directly threatened Madonna's life and the lives of her children if she goes to Israel it is even clearer who her enemies might be. Madonna cancelled the planned concerts in Israel only to announce she is going there to study Kabbalah in October.

Could the taxi explosion outside of her apartment in New York City on June 29 have been a warning by terrorists how easily they can get at her if she says any more about a trip to Israel or elswhere in the Middle East?

Madonna's selection of close aquaintences is also something to be concerned about. On September 20, 2002, the Daily Star reported that Madonna, who had grown fond of shooting and hunting with her husband, Guy, was associated in their shoots with former paratrooper Peter O'Hare, who later committed suicide after murdering one Kaeron Adkins and her daughter Torie. Other distressing friendships from the past have been renewed recently as well, such as one with former lesbian lover Ingrid Casares, who reportedly was converted to Kabbalah in April 2004 by Madonna and has been seen in her company from time to time since a party held for the screening of Swept Away. Casares had close ties to the underworld of organised crime.

What will the nature of the conspiracy be? Like the recent planned abduction of former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, it might be a kidnapping for profit where she is afterwards released. But this scenario is quickly fading as a possibility. More likely, perhaps what is being considered is an abduction by Islamic terrorists planning to make an example of her on live television. Of course, it could also be an outright murder at her home or at one of her concerts. She has not only attracted terrorists of late, but also psychopathic stalkers.

It is unfortunate that Nostradamus is not specific in this quatrain as to the actual fate that actually will befall the world's most famous female icon. However, the mere mention of the word "cellar" has many potentially disquieting associations. One possible clue lies in the other quatrain discussed above, Q1.39, unless that one applies to one of the other famous blondes of 2004: Britney Spears or Paris Hilton (unless it was intended solely for Marilyn Monroe, another possibility).

The motive of the conspirators in Quatrain 6.73 appears to be in line 4: she is "betrayed for acting under the colour [guise] of marriages."

But, then again, is this a motive? It may simply be Nostradamus' way of saying that Madonna will have numerous lovers and husbands. Through the years Madonna has been romantically linked according to press reports with many men (and a few women). The more famous include actors Warren Beatty and Sean Penn, musicians Vanilla Ice, Prince and Michael Jackson, comedian Sandra Bernhard, personal trainer Carlos Leon, and the late John F. Kennedy Jr. Madonna is now married to director Guy Ritchie, yet this doesn't appear to be getting in the way of a deepening relationship between Madge and Britney Spears.

Perhaps Madonna's varied liasons, past or present, may make her a desirable target for certain types of individuals: jilted past lovers, stalkers, religious maniacs, and terrorists who might tend to consider her as a major symbol of Western decadence.

As we approach August 2004 and the seventh anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, we must ask what form the danger to her might take. Once again, I suspect a staged accident like the death of Princess Diana. This could take the form of a car crash. However, if Quatrain 1.39 applies to Madonna rather than someone else, such as Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, then she will be murdered by some method of strangulation. A purely accidental strangulation that comes to mind is that of Isadora Duncan in September 1927, who, like Madonna, was a dancer. Her long neck scarf got caught in the spokes of the rear tire as she drove off in a sports car during a visit in Paris.

On November 11, 2001, I experienced a lucid dream vision of what appears to be the details of Madonna's death in a car crash. If this was for real, we may know the nature of the danger facing her in 2004 or 2005. To see what I have seen, open a Dream Window. Shadowdncer also shares an unnerving posthumous vision from May 15, 2002 of Madonna's tragic death in the above dream window.

One additional observation: Madonna, like Sharon Tate, is married to a film director (Guy Ritchie). Sharon was married to film director Roman Polanski. Since Madonna travels back and forth between LA and London, it is not impossible she could be at her LA residence this summer, just as Sharon Tate was in August 1969, entertaining a few friends whilst Guy is in London or filming elsewhere in Europe. Like Tate and her friends, Madonna and her party could be as vulnerable to the crazies and cults of Hollyweird -- including Kabbalah.



What follows is a detailed commentary concerning this prediction. Before beginning, however, I must point out that several events have occurred in January 2005 that might be "loose ends" from 2004 or portents that this prediction may yet be fulfilled to the letter within the next two months. I will address these events after the commentary.

I think it possible that 2004 was another male actor tragedy year, like 1956 and 1976, and that the actor this time around was Christopher Reeve.

Christopher Reeve [R] and Margot Kidder [L] forever immortalised in the 1978 film Superman

I was profoundly shocked and saddened by news of Christopher Reeve's passing. Not since Princess Diana died in 1997 had I felt so heartbroken. It really is true: only the good die young. This was a man determined to overcome his disabilities and, in so doing, pave the way for others in similar circumstances to do the same. The tragedy was that a pressure point sore became infected, proceeded to a sepsis infection, and killed him, cheating him of what I believe would have been a certain victory and return to a normal life. His turnaround began in ernest in 2002 and I believe he would have walked again within the next five years. Instead his life was cut short.

Jeffrey Hunter as Christopher Pike with Susan Oliver

Christopher Reeve had much in common with acting legend Jeffrey Hunter. Jeffrey Hunter played Jesus Christ in the film, King of Kings. "Christopher" has the name "Christ" in it and Reeves played the definitive role of the comic book hero Superman. Hunter died instantly of a broken neck on May 27, 1969, at the age of 42 after falling down a flight of stairs at his home. However, before his death, he played the role of the horribly scarred, quadraplegic Captain Christopher Pike, kept alive by an artificial mobile apparatus in the two-part Star Trek episode, "The Menagerie." Reeve fell from a horse and broke his neck on May 27, 1995 at the age of 42, but lived on nine years and five months as a quadraplegic championing the linked causes of spinal cord injury rehabilitation and cure and stem cell research before dying, indirectly, from his injuries on October 10, 2004, a few weeks after his 52nd birthday.

Both men's deaths are linked in time by the base 7 phenomenon. May 1969 was 35 (5 x 7) years before October 2004.

I know it has been hotly debated on various forums whether Christopher Reeve was really a hero or a rich Hollywood so-so actor who had the money to prolong his life. I believe his dedication to help those suffering from similar plights and his determination to overcome a devastating disability against almost impossible odds makes him a hero and an inspiration to us all. That he was cheated of realising his goal by another, unexpected medical crisis is a tragedy. Christopher Reeve, champion and superman, will be greatly missed.

A male repetition of tragedy for 2004 was never considered. With two iconic blonde divas and a spectacular blonde socialite competing for attention, it seemed a shoe-in that one or more of them would be endangered by the 1913-1997 timeline that claimed the lives of Princess Diana, Princess Grace, Sharon Tate, and Marilyn Monroe among many others. Part of the problem is that on only two rare occasions since 1913 were males the dominant or only victims of the timeline. Thus, because of this, I had perceived them as being exceptions of an otherwise exclusively female line of tragedy. That is, until the death of Christopher Reeve in 2004.

James Dean This was apparently the case when blonde-haired actor James Dean died in a car crash on September 30, 1955, forty-nine (7 x 7) years ago.

However, further digging reveals that blonde, largely B-film actress Ona Munson committed suicide on February 11, 1955 from an overdose of sleeping pills. So, in this case, the male victim of tragedy (Dean) eclipsed the female victim (Munson) in terms of fame (the same as being the only major and memorable tragedy of the year).

Ona Munson

The other time was when actor Sal Mineo, by then a faded film star, was murdered by a mugger/stalker on February 12, 1976, twenty-eight (4 x 7) years ago. Mineo had got his start starring with James Dean and Natalie Wood in the film Rebel Without A Cause. All three principals died tragically young, Natalie Wood being last to die in November 1981 in a drowning accident off Santa Catalina island (on a different timeline of tragedy than the current one). Actor Jack Cassidy of The Partridge Family (father of singer David Cassidy) and Columbo fame, among many other film and TV appearances, also died the same year as Mineo (1976) in a house fire on December 12.

In 1976, no famous female actress or pop icon died tragically. However, in a recent interview, disco diva Donna Summer admitted that she had almost committed suicide in November 1976 by jumping from an eleventh-floor hotel window in NYC. Likewise in November of this year, actress Shelley Long attempted suicide by taking an overdose of painkillers, but survived. Also, in a case of pulling "the old switcheroo," singer/actress Claudine Longet, notably the wife of singer Andy Williams, shot and killed her lover, Olympics skier Spider Sabich on March 21, 1976. There have been no repetitions of that scenario -- at least not yet.

Why blonde bombshell Farrah Fawcett escaped a Marilyn Monroe or Sharon Tate -type fate in 1976 is a complete mystery tto me. She was the most logical victim of the famous blonde female timeline of tragedy that year, and had I been doing then what I am doing now, I would almost certainly have predicted great danger for her. And I would have been wrong. Whatever the reason, two male actors, Sal Mineo and Jack Cassidy, died strange and tragic deaths instead that year.

That means in 1976 the famous female line of tragedy skipped a seventh year and in 1955 the line was eclipsed by a much more famous member of a rarer male line.

Even so, five famous blonde celebrities had very close calls in 2004.

Madonna, one of three I actually applied the prediction to, and her children, were issued a death threat by a London-based Al Qaeda group opposed to her doing a concert in Israel. Later, when she brought the matter back up in public whilst on tour, a taxi blew up outside her New York home. During the summer tour, Madonna collapsed twice on stage, in the first incident shocking and horrifying many of her fans. Last month she claimed a stalker who has been following her since she began her summer tour is planning to kill her. This follows closely my detailed analysis of what is endangering her.

A "too great an involvement," as described in line 4 of Quatrain 1.39, continues with the dangerous cult she has become the leading spokesperson for: the Kabbalah Centre. Also, an intimate relationship with Britney Spears begun publicly at the MTV awards in August 2003 has appeared to jinx the both of them. Despite Spears' marriage to Kevin Federline and Madonna's continued marriage to Guy Ritchie, the "courtship" continues.

"The Kiss" - Britney [L] and Madonna [R]Is it possible? Could the "too great an involvement" of Quatrain 1.39 be addressing Britney's relationship with Madonna? Or is it Madonna who is getting into "too great an involvement" with Britney? In terms of both media and public reaction to her very public intimate exchange and rather extraordinary continuance of the "courtship" with Britney, it may be the Material Madam who is the focus of the quatrain. With crazies like John Hinckley, Robert Dewey Hoskins, Lynette "Sqeaky" Fromme, and Leslie Van Houten being released from prison in 2005, can either Madonna or Britney afford to be so conspicuously debauched?

At this time all things, good and evil, appear to be drawing towards a common point: the entertainment icon we have come to know over the years as Madonna. Yes, even the silly headlines that have "nothing to do with her" seem to be screaming out a universal warning:


Almost immediately after the death of Princess Diana in 1997, Madonna has been playing into the hands of the dark karmic forces that have sought a Diana-type sacrifice every seven years since at least 1920. These forces are now in sync with the performer, matching the psyche of Madonna step for step. It is a dangerous game she plays with the powers that now surround her, human and unseen.

Britney Spears, another of three I applied the prediction to, encountered a wide range of problems after her televised French kiss with Madonna during the 20th Anniversary MTV Music Awards on August 28, 2003. It was almost as if she had fallen under a curse from Madge's "kiss of death." No one really knows what her "undisclosed health problem" early last year was: depression, alcoholism, and Prozac addiction were all reported as possibilities. All of this happening on the heels of her mind-numbing, 55-hour-old, Las Vegas wedding to childhood friend Jason Alexander in early January 2004 which threatened to destroy her career. Knee injuries and violent mood swings cut her planned worldwide tour short. Then, in a seeming act of catharsis, Spears simulated what many suspected she was heading for:


Britney Spears' Suicide Video: a Dramatised Death Wish?

A dead Britney in a bath from suicide video Britney has landed herself in hot water today over the release of her new music video for the single 'Everytime'. Britney is seen drowning in a bath after cutting herself on a glass vase ... Parent groups fear that the video could lead to copycat suicides ... Britney has long been trying to move away from the squeaky clean image with which she launched. Of the new video, Britney is quoted as saying: "It's dark and shows me in a different light."

Britney plans reality doc as she shocks with suicide video - April 15, 2004.

Britney Spears - R.I.P. 1981 - 2004 TO BE CONTINUED?

UPDATE (4/16/04): Well, the deed is done. Britney Spears has finally acted out her ultimate fantasy: death by suicide (or is there something even more ultimate to be revealed from the princess of shock?). On video, of course. After assuring the public for the last month that she had changed her mind and would never allow such a scene to appear in her next video, Everytime, the suicide blonde has sneakily reversed herself, releasing an even more provocative version, infuriating and worrying legions of moms and dads fearful their daughters and sons might decide to do a copycat and "go out like Britters."

Ooooops! ... Britters watches her life flow into her bathwater.From a psychological and fictive perspective, I suppose my prediction regarding Britney Spears in a way is partially fulfilled, even though suicide appears to be the modus operandi rather than homicide. This does not mean she is out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination, which is why I say "fictive" and "partially fulfilled." I agree with Mr Lister, (remarks since deleted), that she is possessed by those nasty little thetas, astral elves, or whatever, and headed for a bad end. It could come this month, in August, or not for another fourteen years when she is 36 years old (Diana's and Marilyn's age at death) for that matter. We'll have to see how much more crazy she gets this year.

Meanwhile, I still fear homicide for Madonna and/or Paris Hilton. Madonna, especially, is going to be taking some big risks visiting Israel and especially troops in Baghdad. Meanwhile, I suppose if Britter's craziness gets too out of control, she could end up coming on to some freak in an elevator and getting iced that way. Who knows? The point is, the girl does not care ... not about herself nor about those teens and young adults who she may inspire.

Then again, perhaps this fictive suicide is an example of the "Who Killed Laura Palmer?" influence from 1990 I mentioned at the beginning. A sign, perhaps, that there will be no real tragedies this year for anyone?

Close Call ... and a Warning to Madonna

I also note that in late August 2004, the most dangerous time, blonde actress Charlize Theron nearly broke her neck doing a wire-hanging stunt during a film shoot (partially fulfilling Quatrain 1.39 if she had). This begs the question: was the beautiful blonde actress originally "destined" to break her neck in the stunt accident that nearly paralysed her? I suspect Theron's neck injury was a warning, probably to Madonna, who is more likely to succumb to the elements detailed in Quatrain 1.39 ("being strangled to death in bed because of a potentially controversial romantic involvement" [like Marilyn and JFK/RFK]) than either Britney or Paris.

Had this happened on the news report posting date of August 31, 2004, I suspect Charlize would no longer be among the living, since that was the seventh anniversary of Princess Diana's death. But, as it turns out, the accident happened earlier in week.

On the 2004 timeline there was one tragedy that involved a fatal neck injury. That was the case of dancer Isadora Duncan (September 1927) who was strangled and her neck broken when her long draping scarf got caught in the spokes of a tire in the sports car she was riding. It is remotely possible that Charlize Theron was Fate's intended tragic victim for 2004, narrowly escaping an Isadora Duncan type fate. But it is also possible that hers was yet another of many warnings dancer Madonna has received over the last year (dancing and choreography are Madonna's real talents, acting and singing are secondary). Quatrain 1.39 warns that a famous female blonde celebrity will be strangled by assassins for "too great an involvement."

Charlize Theron: Head in the Clouds. Neck in a brace.Was Charlize Theron also selected by Fate because of the bad karma emanating from the murders committed by the Charlie Manson family 35 (5 x 7) years ago in 1969? The same karma that resulted in the Manson-style slayings of six people in Florida in August 2004 and in the wrath of Hurricane Charley?? Was Charlize telling us that Madonna is becoming a "pain in the neck" to her masters and minders and will end up with a fatal neck injury or strangulation? Note also that the medical report on Princess Diana concluded a rare condition resulted from her fatal injuries seven years ago in the Paris car crash called "heart strangulation." These "clues" make a great deal of sence to those who are aware of the particulars of Quatrain 1.39 and of the case of one Ms Thelma Todd, deceased some 69 years ago this December, SEVENTY years in December 2005, due to carbon monoxide asphyxiation.

The spectre of Manson was also raised when actress Catherine Zeta-Jones testified that a female stalker threatened to "slice her up like meat on a bone" in a crime that would make "entertainment history." Moreover, one letter from the stalker boasted that "the bitch will be shredded to pieces like Sharon Tate was. This is going to be entertainment history," referring to the actress murdered by the Manson gang. "See ya at the funeral," said another.

After Charlize Theron's close call, on November 16, 2004, blonde actress Shelley Long attempted suicide by overdosing on pain killers and failed.

Yet another Diana (Shelley Long's Cheers character, Diane Chambers) nearly wound up dead, seven years after Princess Diana. An overwhelming number of news organisations reported this was a suicide attempt despite an earlier and later denial by Shelley Long's agent. Entertainment Tonight officially televised the story about and behind the suicide bid in-depth.

Shelley Long lies dead after choking on food in the comedy Hello AgainEven failed suicide attempts and other types of close calls have a base 7 connection to 2004. Last year in an interview, singer Donna Summer admitted she almost jumped from an 11th-floor window in November 1976 (28 [4 x 7] years ago). Also, eight years ago, actress Farrah Fawcett began speaking incoherently on David Letterman's show, spurring speculation of a drugs overdose and rumours of a past suicide attempt. Now we have had an attempted suicide by the very famous, blonde, comic actress of TV and film, Shelley Long.

One difference between Shelley Long's and Donna Summer's attempted suicides is that Donna Summer was only thinking about jumping out an 11th-floor window before a friend entered her room and dissipated any further self-destructive thoughts, whereas Shelley Long actually went through with her drugs overdose bid but, fortunately, survived.

There is a possibility that Long's suicide attempt occurred ten-to-eleven months premature of a September/October 2005 vector for a repetition of the drugs overdose suicide of film and TV actress Inger Stevens (1970) and TV comic actress Mary Frann (1998) and the accidental drugs overdose death of rock singer Janis Joplin (1970). There is no question that Shelley Long, being a well-known, famous comic actress of television and screen fits the profile of Frann and Stevens. Still, I suspect that her near death may also have been a part of a more sinister web being woven for someone else (Britney? Madonna?) connected to the every-seven-years doom of an iconic female blonde. Along with Theron's neck accident, the Long affair clearly indicates a trend may have been created towards a late repetition of the Diana/Marilyn/Sharon Tate/etc timeline of death in 2005.

Anna Nicole obsessed with Marilyn MonroeUnexpectedly, Anna Nicole Smith also got into the act in 2004, not only with two broken ribs and what is clearly a downward-spiralling addiction to pain killers, but also a morbid obsession with Marilyn Monroe. At the American Music Awards last year, Smith slurred her words during her introduction for rapper Kanye West, barely able to say his name before the band cut her off. Reportedly, she didn't smell of alcohol, so no one knew what was causing her to act the way she was. Also, before she went onstage, she was rolling on the floor like one demon-possessed and slurring her words. When she came backstage again, she started mumbling incoherently about her obsession with Marilyn Monroe.

After Anna Nicole got mixed up with that rich old geezer she married, entered lawsuit nirvana after the old boy died, and then got really fat and kept making a laughing stock of herself on her own cable TV show, I not only didn't even consider her as being the "blonde supreme," but I forgot about her completely. Who would have thought she'd make a big comeback last year? At age 36 (same age as Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana at death), this gal was potentially in very serious trouble in 2004 and will still be again in 2005. She should have chosen 2006 to slim down and rejoin the ranks of celebrity icon-hood.

Strange and surreal as it may seem, Anna Nicole, not Madonna, Britney, or Paris, could end up being the victim of Quatrain 1.39 and the Sharon Tate scenario. Go figure.

Not Famous Enough

CapucineTwo actresses, one blonde, actually did commit suicide in 2004, Britain's Fritha Goodey (by stabbing herself in the chest, piercing her heart) and India's Nafisa Joseph (by hanging herself by the neck), but neither was anywhere near well-known enough to qualify as a fulfillment of the prediction.

On March 17, 1990 an over-the-hill, faded actress named Capucine committed suicide in Lausanne, Switzerland by jumping from her eighth-story apartment window. Capucine was also an exception of sorts. Although a blonde like most of the victims, she was 59 when she committed suicide -- much older than all of the other female tragedies who have haunted this timeline (except for Grace Kelly).

Fritha Goodey: the Capucine of 2004?For some reason, perhaps in a sign of real desperation, the karmic forces settled on the once-famous, once-glamorous Italian actress in March 1990. Perhaps this was because the real target, singer Gloria Estafan, survived what was "destined" to have been a fatal vehicular crash, also in March 1990, suffering a broken back which took her several years to recover from.

Is it possible that stage and television actress Fritha Goodey was the Capucine of 2004? That begs us to consider her as being as famous as Capucine once was, and she clearly wasn't yet. If the answer to the Goodey question is "yes," then the curse that has plagued major female celebrities on the current every-seven-years timeline since 1913 may finally be losing its punch. Or perhaps Diana's death in 1997 was entirely too tragic for any kind of repetition to occur again this soon.

Nafisa Joseph chose a noose to replace the man who broke off their wedding plans.Yet that is a very strange assessment in a year where there have been three highly notable blonde celebrities perpetually competing for attention and flirting with disaster: Britney Spears, newcomer Paris Hilton, and Madonna.

Actress Nafisa Joseph, the Miss India of 1997, committed suicide by hanging herself from a ceiling fan "by night, in her bed(room)" because of "too great an involvement." Had she been extremely famous and blonde, she would not only have been 2004's principal casualty of the 1913-1997 chain of doom, but also would have fufilled Quatrain 1.39 in every possible respect.

Perhaps to her fans in India, she did.

Then again, perhaps she was merely a female repetition of the Michael Hutchence auto-erotic hanging "tragedy" of 1997.

Danger Still in 2005

It remains possible that the 2004 blonde tragedy prediction will yet be fulfilled by Madonna, Anna Nicole Smith, Britney Spears, or Paris Hilton (who was injured after being thrown from a horse and also accidentally set fire to her trailer) sometime in 2005, since this is what occurred in the case of blonde actress Carole Lombard in 1942, the year following the dangerous year 1941, and bubbly blonde actress Thelma Todd in 1935, the year following the target year 1934.

However, the truly tragic death of Christopher Reeve suffices to meet the conditions of the chain of doom running, thus far, every seven years from 1913 to 2004, succumbing nine years later to the kind of injury that instantly claimed the life of actor Jeffrey Hunter in May 1969.

Reeve was a major and tragic figure without question, dying before he could conquer the spinal injuries he was slowly recovering from and walk again as he vowed he would do and then proceed to resume a normal life. In the end, Fate denied him of his dream; but never was it able to rob him of his courage and determination. As years go by, Christopher Reeve will likely be remembered as a greater figure than either James Dean or Sal Mineo. He will always be remembered for the unforgettable contributions he made to film: especially the four Superman movies, Somewhere In Time, and Deathtrap. And if these contributions seem small in number, bear in mind that James Dean only starred in three movies in his entire career, yet became a cult icon after his untimely death in 1955.


Loose Ends from 2004 or Portents for 2005?

We have already discussed all the dangers and threats to Madonna from terrorists, stalkers, psychos, irate rabbis, her own physical limitations during the summer tour, and those who feel Kabbalah is a dangerous cult and who feel that she is also dangerous as its principal spokesperson.

Now the Kabbalah group has come under intense media scrutiny and has been confirmed as a dangerous, brainwashing cult -- one that blames the victims of the Holocaust for their own deaths because they did not practise Kabbalah. Madonna, angry with the media's reporting, has sent the head of the London Kabbalah chapter to the United States. The "too great an involvement" between Madonna and Britney Spears also continues, to the possible detriment of one or both.

Yet, at the time of this writing, it is Britney Spears, not Madonna, who has been named top female artist of the century and "Queen of the New Millennium." Spears and her new husband, Kevin Federline, both received death threats from a stalker before and following their wedding. And now Britney is reportedly pregnant -- as was Princess Diana at the time of her death.

Still, it is possible that a Marilyn Monroe scenario may await Britney Spears rather than a Sharon Tate scenario.

Britney was going downhill fast in 2004The danger here is all too obvious: Britney's greatest danger may be from herself -- her own emotional instability. In that respect she may have much in common with the legendary Marilyn Monroe, a major influence on this timeline, who committed suicide in August 1962. Whilst Diana was most like Marilyn at age 36, her tragic end came about not from suicide, but from a car crash that was either an accident or caused by foul play. Of course, Monroe's suicide was steeped in mystery and could have been either accidental or a homicide.

But what if her suicide was intentional? There was no doubt about suicide as the cause of death of blonde actress Carole Landis in 1948, 14 years before Monroe's death. Likewise with actress Capucine in 1990. And there exists a thin line between "accidental" and "intentional" suicides. Without a doubt, there exists a possibility that Britney Spears is far more tragic a figure than anyone may know: a hyperactive 23-year-old trying to be 35. If her career is too demanding and her emotional state too fragile, perhaps it would be better for her to leave show business for good ... or else risk dying in 2018 at age 36 or 37 by her own hand or by causes unknown. Yet the danger to her remains immediate as well.

Paris Hilton flashes the devil's signParis Hilton should also not be forgotten. Her accident-prone nature and fits of temper could get her into deadly trouble at any time. Like Britney and Madonna, she is also in the dangerous cult Kabbalah. Paris and fire also are a volatile mix as two incidents last year will attest (her house trailer and the set of the film House of Wax). She was also subjected to physical abuse from a former boyfriend and involved in several altercations. At this writing she is in trouble with the law for shoplifting a video of her own sex tape. At left, she can also be seen flashing the hand signal of Satan (what then does this imply about the Kabbalah cult?). Shades of Charles Manson and Sharon Tate and also Jayne Mansfield.

The problem is there are "spiritual" fingerprints everywhere -- there are so many different ones it is impossible to isolate the ones that are most significant. It means a collective subconsciousness is at work where everybody -- and thus, nobody -- is a danger to all three women. It is like Diana all over again. Henri Paul took the rap, but we'll never really know what happened.

But Diana wasn't, shall we say, asking for it. The karmic forces chose her for sacrifice because she was so meek and kind and glamourous to the world. Madonna, on the hand, for the last three years, has been like a would-be goddess with a bulls-eye target strapped to her chest, just daring someone to do it.

There is a very strong chance that Madonna, Britney Spears, or another famous blonde not mentioned in this prediction could die in either a train crash (which would be a first) or a plane crash in January or February. That is because we must look at the two years that were "late" on this timeline: 1942 (instead of 1941) and 1935 (instead of 1934).

In January 1942, famous blonde actress Carole Lombard died in a plane crash.

There is also a remote chance what will happen will take place as late as December 2005. If that happens it may be a death like that of actress Thelma Todd who, instead of dying in a suspicious murder cover-up in September of 1934, died in that manner fifteen months later in December 1935.


A PREDICTION CLOSE CALL ON MADONNA'S BIRTHDAY AND THE ANNIVERSARY OF ELVIS'S DEATH: Madonna breaks bones in riding accident -- Singer suffers cracked ribs, broken collarbone, broken hand

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 Posted: 1747 GMT (0147 HKT)

NEW YORK (AP) -- Madonna's 47th birthday celebration was marred when she suffered several broken bones in a horse riding accident at her country home outside London, her publicist told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Madonna suffered multiple fractures after falling from horse The superstar was hospitalized with three cracked ribs, a broken collarbone and a broken hand, according to Liz Rosenberg, her spokeswoman based in New York. The accident occurred Tuesday at Ashcombe house, her estate outside of London.

Madonna and an assistant were riding horses, when Madonna, on a new horse she wasn't accustomed to riding, took a tumble. Her children, Rocco and Lourdes, were at the home but were not with their mother at the time, Rosenberg said. "The whole family was out in the country, celebrating her birthday," Rosenberg said.

Her husband, director Guy Ritchie, took Madonna to an undisclosed hospital, where she was treated. Rosenberg said the entertainer was expected to be released later in the evening.



17 August 2005

Weeping singer is rushed to hospital in agony after she falls from galloping horse on her 47th birthday

By Fiona Cummins

MADONNA wept with pain yesterday after a terrifying riding accident left her with three cracked ribs, a fractured collar bone and broken hand. An onlooker said: "She was clearly in agony and was in floods of tears." The singer - a rookie rider - came a cropper as she celebrated her 47th birthday.

She and an assistant had gone for an afternoon gallop in the 1,200-acre grounds of her £9million country estate at Wiltshire. Madonna is believed to have been on a horse she had not ridden before - and was suddenly sent crashing to the ground.

Anxious husband Guy Ritchie, 36, was at her side within minutes and immediately whisked her off to hospital.

Their two children Rocco, five, and Lourdes, eight, were also at the Ashcombe House estate but did not witness their mum's horrific fall. The family had all gathered in the country specially for Madonna's birthday.

An insider said: "It was supposed to be a lovely occasion but it all went horribly wrong. Guy was beside himself when he heard that she had fallen off. She could have been paralysed or worse. It cast a huge shadow over the whole day. It was a shock to everyone but thankfully she is now recovering." ...

Madonna 'could have been paralysed or worse'


COMMENTS (8/16/05): This is incredibly bizarre. I've been predicting danger for Madonna for some time now, focusing first on the year 2002 then on the current 2004-2005 period, but to think this would happen on the anniversary of Elvis Presley's death and the pop diva's own birthday!

It makes sense. As I mention in my remarks about Elvis, Madonna has the unusual distinction of being comparable to a famous blonde female celebrity like Marilyn Monroe or Diana, as well as the dancer Isadora Duncan (all three influences from August/September 2004). However, she also has much in common with Elvis Presley -- a rock legend and an actor. Thus, I have had a sneaky feeling that she escaped whatever was awaiting her last year only to face it this year instead.

The trend logic of base 7 is that some unfulfilled events from 2004 can still wield influence the following year (2005) while the 2005 influences are also at work. But only during the following year. 2004 cannot, for example, influence events in 2006, 2007, 2008, etc. I cite the suspicious "suicide" of actress Thelma Todd as an example of how what was "trended" to happen in summer 1934 instead occurred in 1935. And late 1935, at that.

That was 70 years ago and it appears the same thing may happen again.

The key words here are "broken collar bone" and "could have been paralysed or worse." Madonna could have ended up like Christopher Reeve. Indeed, in one news report, there has already been linkage between both accidents. Worse, she could have broken her neck and died (the significance of "collar bone").

That is exactly what happened to Isadora Duncan in September 1927 ... who was also a professional dancer like Madonna.

Also, the proximity of the collar bone to the neck is key when considering Quatrain 1.39.

So, what does this all mean?

Was this episode yet another "close call" ... a much more injurious close call than last year's threats from terrorists, a bomb exploding in a taxi outside her NYC home, or Madonna's collapsing from exhaustion on stage twice before horrified fans?


Then again, it may be an omen ... a warning. December 2005 is actually the deadliest month if the Thelma Todd influence reigns. Thelma Todd was a brash, bold and bubbly blonde. She hanged out at clubs and with underworld figures. In some respects, she was reminiscent of Isadora Duncan who was also aggressive and assertive. Both took many risks in their personal lives ... and that proved to be their undoing in the end.

Also, October 2005 nears. The 35th anniversary of rock singer Janis Joplin in October 1970.

Not a good time to be a famous, blonde female rock star and an actress ... who happens to also be a dancer!

In any case, in terms of this prediction, due to the seriousness of the event, if nothing more should happen to Madonna, this must be considered a CLOSE CALL ... and a very dangerous one at that.


Friends' horror as Madonna lay KO'd

By Richard Smith and Pete Samson

18 August 2005

FRIENDS thought the worst after Madonna fell from her horse on to ground "as hard as concrete", it was revealed yesterday. They were "afraid" as they raced to her aid as she lay motionless on her £9million country estate.

A source told how she was briefly knocked out by the shuddering impact - and that the novice rider had been on a fast thoroughbred horse. The star came round after a few seconds and wept in agony from a broken collar bone, three smashed ribs and a fractured hand.

Yesterday she was flown to London aboard a helicopter which had landed at the Ashcombe House estate, near Tollard Royal, Wilts, at 10am. She was later thought to be under private medical care in the capital.

The riding outing was a 47th birthday present from husband Guy Ritchie, who is "absolutely mortified".

Madonna and husband Guy RitchieYesterday the source gave the Mirror a detailed account of the accident on Tuesday that could have brought tragic consequences. "When Madonna hit the ground, her friends were there like lightning," said the insider. "She lay unconscious on the floor for a few seconds and everyone was afraid."

The source added: "If the horse had landed on top of Madonna or trodden on her, it could have been an awful lot worse. Although she's in excruciating pain, she did get off quite lightly."

Film director Ritchie, 36, had invited some friends to bring horses for Madonna, including a chestnut-red, 16-hand bay thoroughbred which she eventually rode.

The insider said: "They brought four horses down in a horse box. Guy's idea was that they could all go for a ride on the estate as part of her birthday celebrations. Unfortunately, they didn't realise Madonna was such an inexperienced rider, and brought a horse that was too advanced for her. She was over-horsed - and basically fell off because she was going too fast. The horse went faster than Madonna expected and she simply lost her balance and fell on some very hard ground in a field - we've had hardly any rain and it was like concrete. I don't think her riding friends even knew what had happened until they saw Madonna on the ground ...

The source told of her husband's anguish. "Guy has been giving Madonna lots of TLC - those two are very close to each other. It was a lovely treat which sadly went all wrong." The singer will now probably miss another horsey outing at the nearby Starrock Stud ...



COMMENTS (8/18/05): I wonder if the horse and riding outing being a "gift" from husband Guy Ritchie could tie in to the "Modena" quatrain??

Madonna perfoming at Hyde Park on July 2, 2005.

Quatrain 6.73

In a great city a monk and an artisan,
Near of the harbour lodges and the walls:
Secretly against Modena (Madonna), in the theatre (or cellar) speaking,
Betrayed for acting under the colour of marriages.

Not that this was some sort of a "conspiracy" in the more sinister meaning of the word, but a "secret plan" as when one throws a party for someone and confers with others over the details.

If the gift horse and this party were actually planned during Madonna's Hyde Park concert in London last month, then we have the "secret against Madonna" occuring in "the theatre" and either Madonna "speaking" between songs or the party "conspirators" speaking. The word "against" might be explained if Nostradamus misinterpreted the motives of the planners, due to the dire results. And, of course, London, is the "great city."

For this to work out, however, it would require that the "monk" and "artisan" are more clearly developed. Perhaps one of the planners was a single male in the Kabbalah cult ("monk") and the other was Ritchie, a film director ("artisan").

The last line would refer to Madonna's past affairs. This could indicate again Nostradamus' misunderstanding of the accident as a sinister conspiracy rather than as a birthday party gone wrong.

One last item: Nostradamus seldom prophesied accidents that did not result in death. Maybe Madonna has escaped what the seer may have saw in an alternative future: her death in a horsing accident. On the other hand, this could explain why this quatrain never actually says what will happen as a result of the "conspiracy."

Something to consider.


The Strange Case of Madonna's Ferrari

Madonna's Ferrari after the riding accidentMadonna articoloOne other strange event. Immediately after Madonna fell from her horse, the metal ensignia toppled on her Ferrari showing her as seemingly being thrown from a horse. A sign that she was indeed destined to die on August 16, 2005, but miraculously survived.

This accident, though on a horse, raises the spector of Isadora Duncan's death.

I have no doubt that death by strangulation or a broken neck was in the cards for some blonde (or non-blonde) celebrity in 2004 or 2005. Nafisa Joseph (hanging), Charlize Theron (neck injury), Lee Eun-ju (hanging), Brooke Burns who actually broke her neck (see reports below), as well as the death of Christopher Reeve from long-term complications resulting from a broken neck that occurred after falling from a horse in 1995: all of these events seem to revolve around Madonna'sMadonna out of breath horse-riding accident and a crushed collarbone that could have easily instead have been a broken neck had she fallen in a slightly different manner.

Ultimately, however, it was actor Christopher Reeve as the third male victim on the 1920-2004 timeline whose life was ended by the Isadora Duncan influence from that long-Ago Paris summer in September 1927.




DIVINE RETRIBUTION: "Her sinful act is unacceptable and one can feel only pity for the punishment that she will receive from Heaven"

Rabbis accuse Madonna of sacrilege and hint at divine punishment

Associated Press/ EiTB24.comMadonna brings on curse

October 9, 2005

JERUSALEM - A song on Madonna's upcoming album dedicated to a Kabbalist rabbi is drawing criticism from other rabbis, the Israeli Maariv daily reported Sunday. The album, "Confessions on a Dance Floor," is to be released on Nov. 15 and features a track entitled "Isaac" about Yitzhak Luria, a 16th century Jewish mystic and Kabbalah scholar.

Word that Madonna's upcoming album includes a paean to a 16th-century Jewish mystic has prompted the rabbis who guard his legacy to accuse the pop idol of sacrilege and hint at divine punishment.

Rabbis who oversee Luria's tomb and a seminary in the northern town of Safed are unimpressed with Madonna's musical tribute and see the inclusion of the song about Luria on the album as an attempt by the pop star to profit from his name. Rabbi Rafael Cohen, head of a seminary named after Luria, suggested Madonna's actions could lead to divine retribution.

"There is a prohibition in Jewish law against using the holy name of our master, the Sage Isaac, for profit," he told the Israeli newspaper Maariv on Sunday. "This is an inappropriate act, and one can feel only pity at the punishment that she will receive from Heaven. The Sage Isaac is holy and pure, and immodest people cannot sing about him," Cohen told the newspaper.

Another rabbi called for Madonna to be thrown out of the community. "Such a woman brings great sin on kabbalah," Rabbi Israel Deri told Maariv. "I hope that we will have the strength to prevent her from bringing sin upon the holiness of the rabbi (Yitzhak Luria)."

The singer and actress was raised a Roman Catholic but has become a follower of Kabbalah in recent years and adopted the Hebrew name Esther. She made a much publicized visit to Israel in 2004, when she visited many sites important to Kabbalah, but didn't travel to Luria's grave.

Deemed especially provocative was Madonna's music video for "Die Another Day", in which she wove phylacteries around her arm, a custom usually reserved for Jewish men, before escaping from an electric chair on which Hebrew letters spelling out one of the 72 names of God appeared.


Nostradamus, Quatrain 1.39 ~

By night in bed the supreme one strangled, the elevated blonde, for too great an involvement: by three the empire is subrogated and enslaved, to death, neither letter nor packet read.

Nostradamus, Quatrain 2.51 ~

The blood of the just at London will be at fault, burnt by lightning bolts of twenty, three the six [666]: the mad lady falls from her high place, also several of her sect will be killed.


COMMENTS (10/11-21/05): The "mad lady" appears to be a religious leader. It is possible that she may be the personification of the Whore of Babylon or an earlier archetype. It is also possible that she is the high priestess of a cult. In Italian, "lady" is translated as "donna." Thus, a "mad lady" could be Nostradamus' way of identifying pop icon and Kabbalah high priestess Madonna ("mad donna").

The horrific malediction she brings down upon her head by releasing a pop song about the 16th Century rabbi Luria may kill a number of her fellow cult members and brings destruction to the city who has substituted her in their affections for the late Princess Diana (London). The number of the beast, 666, either identifies London as Mystery, Babylon or, again, as an archetype for such.

Indeed, the London Bombings may have been an omen that Madonna has very little time remaining to live.

Despite the potentially deadly horse riding accident that injured her in August, Madonna remains in danger through December due to the base 7 influence of actress Thelma Todd's suspicious "suicide" by asphyxiation (what many believed to be a murder) in December 1935. Despite the scare of her life and numerous broken bones, including a broken collarbone that could have just as easily ended up instead as a broken neck, the "mad lady" is all too eager to tempt fate one last time.


Thelma Todd and Madonna

Thelma Todd and Madonna have a few things in common, as it turns out.

Todd's live-in boyfriend was a film director named Roland West who also had mob connections. West's films were often crime thrillers that took place at night or gangster movies. Madonna's husband, Guy Ritchie, is also a director -- one whose major theme in films also revolves around gangsters, like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Madonna's acting and persona in Desperately Seeking Susan (1985), her best film to date, has been compared to that of Patsy Kelly and Thelma Todd.

Thelma Todd operated a nightclub and had friends who were mobsters, like the infamous "Lucky" Luciano. Madonna befriended mobster Chris Paciello and his girlfriend Ingrid Casares in the early 1990s. Paciello, who reportedly had Mafia connections, is now serving a 7-year sentence in federal prison for a series of crimes, including one that led to the death in 1993 of Judith Shemtov in a Staten Island home-invasion robbery. Madonna remains friends with Casares and the two have been photographed at public gatherings occasionally. A film about Paciello, Casares, and Madonna and the Miami nightclub Liquid is currently being made into a movie.

Most recently, Madonna has been photographed wearing updated flapper-like apparel such as Thelma Todd once wore, begging the question "why?" Why now, so close to the 70th anniversary of Todd's mysterious death?


How She Died

Police photo of Thelma Todd's bodyOn the morning of December 16, 1935, Thelma's corpse was found in her parked car, inside her closed garage, dead of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Her stormy relationship with live-in boyfriend, director Roland West, had just gotten a whole lot stormier. She had also told mobster friend "Lucky" Luciano she would sell him her cafe "over her dead body" to which Lucky replied "That can be arranged."

The Grand Jury investigation into her death yielded conflicting results. Both suicide and murder were debated. The murder suspects included Roland West and Lucky Luciano.

Finally, Thelma's death was ruled a suicide.

Was it?

Or was she drunk and fell alseep with the motor running? Or did angry boyfriend Roland West lock her in the garage to slowly asphyxiate? Or did Luciano have her murdered, as promised, for not selling him her 'Sidewalk Café?'

There may be a lesson in augury to be found in this strange piece of Hollywood history. Will it be discovered too late? Was Madonna's horse riding "accident" even an accident?


One Last "Close Call" This Year For A Famous Female Blonde:
Bay Watch Bombshell Breaks Neck, Almost Dies


Brooke Burns: I Almost Died

PeopleNewsFormer Baywatch star Brooke Burns, who broke her neck last month after diving into her backyard pool, says her accident could have been fatal.

Monday Dec 19, 2005 4:00pm EST

"I broke my neck, it's a classic neck break from chin to chest," Burns, 27, tells Access Hollywood in an interview airing Monday. "If I had been alone, I would probably be dead."

The actress credits her friend, a medical professional, with saving her. "He is the only paramedic fireman that I know. He saw me dive in, and he wrapped a wet towel around my neck and basically immobilized me and floated me in the pool until the paramedics came, so he saved my life," she says. "If I had been with anyone else that tried to move me, I would be at least half paralyzed if not completely paraplegic."

Burns says there also has been a bright side to the accident, which occurred Nov. 10: It brought her closer to her ex-husband, Nip/Tuck actor Julian McMahon. "I think he was the first one at the hospital," she tells Access. "He just really came through for me, and we really had a great talk. Family is family, and a piece of paper means nothing ... that is what we kind of came down to."

After undergoing surgery, Burns returned home Nov. 15, and "She's going to make a 100 percent full recovery," her manager told PEOPLE last month.

As for her future, the actress, who hosted Dog Eat Dog and starred on the TV soap North Shore, is next scheduled to costar with Rebecca Romijn on the upcoming WB series, Pepper Dennis.

Burns, who has a 5-year-old daughter, says she's grateful to be alive. "I've been praying a lot lately ... thank you God that I am alive and can put my arms around my baby girl."


Brooke Burns: 'classic neck break'Baywatch Star Breaks Her Neck

All Headline News

December 22, 2005 9:31 a.m. EST

Los Angeles, CA (AHN) - The saying "break a leg" took on a whole new meaning, and nearly spelled death for the bathing suit beauty Brook Burns. The beauty is planning a television comeback on the WB series ''Pepper Dennis” with Rebecca Romijn but plans were nearly put on hold for the actress indefinitely.

Former ''Baywatch'' star Brooke Burns, who broke her neck last month after diving into her backyard pool, says she would be dead if it wasn’t for a friend, and paramedic firefighter, saving her life.

Burns says, ''I literally broke my neck. It's a classic neck break from chin to chest."

She continues, ''If I had been alone, I would probably be dead.'' Burns says her friend ''saw me dive in, and he wrapped a wet towel around my neck and basically immobilized me and floated me in the pool until the paramedics came, so he saved my life.''


AN ORIGINAL REPORT: Brooke Burns Fractures Bone in Neck

Zap2itBrooke Burns

Tuesday, November 15, 200509:14 AM PT

Brooke Burns is recovering from neck surgery after an accident in her backyard pool.

The former "Baywatch" actress hit her head when diving into the pool and fractured a bone in her neck, report news sources.

She underwent "minor surgery" and has been hospitalized since Friday, Nov. 11. She is to be released on Tuesday (Nov. 15) and is expected to make a full recovery.

"There's no permanent damage," says Paradigm spokesperson Jennifer Glassman. "She will begin work as scheduled in January."

Burns, 27, has also hosted the reality show "Dog Eat Dog" and appeared on FOX's "North Shore." She joins Rebecca Romijn for the upcoming WB series "Pepper Dennis." Set in the world of Chicago TV news, Pepper (Romijn) has to deal with office politics and romance along with her recently separated sister Kathy (Burns) moving in with her.


COMMENTS (12/30/05): Some final observations. Apparently there was more to Brooke's ordeal. She reportedly had a serious allergic reaction whilst in hospital and had to vomit with her neck still broken.

This injury apparently was much worse than the neck injuries sustained by Charlize Theron last year. Theron fell short of breaking her neck. Brooke Burns actually broke her neck, what she called "a classic neck break" -- the only blonde celebrity to do so, not only during this danger period of 2004-05, but likely in many years. Of course we are not always informed about the close calls that occur to celebrities, but I have to say that this may well be the first reported case since Isadora Duncan strangled on a scarf that got caught in the spokes of a tire in the car she was riding passenger in, broke her neck, and died in 1927.

I must conclude that the overriding influence for this period regarding the female blonde celebrities was Isadora Duncan. It explains what happened to both Charlize Theron and Brooke Burns. It also explains Madonna's close call falling from a horse. Her crushed collarbone demonstrates how close she came to a serious, even fatal, neck injury.

It also may explain the hanging suicide of Indian MTV presenter and actress Nafisa Joseph in 2004, and the controversial hanging suicide of famous South Korean actress Lee Eun-ju this year (although neither of them were blondes).

Finally, as it appears that 2004 was, like 1955 and 1976, a rare male victim year, one cannot help but note that actor Christopher Reeve ultimately died from long-term complications resulting from a broken neck.

2004 and 2005 were not influenced by the death of Sharon Tate, but instead the period was apparently a throwback to Isadora Duncan.


ADDITIONAL OBSERVATION (1/2/06): Apparently I failed to notice a few other incidents, one in March 2004: the year. Actress Daryl Hannah came very close to suffering an Isadora Duncan type accident ... the parallel was almost exact!



03/05/2004 13:56

Hollywood actress DARYL HANNAH had a lucky escape in an elevator recently, when her scarf got stuck in the doors and nearly strangled her.

The KILL BILL: VOL 2 star, 43, was chatting to friends when her knitwear accessory got caught in the doors of an ascending elevator in New York - leaving Hannah fighting for air as she felt a sharp tug on her neck.

A source says, "Daryl's panicked friends desperately punched the control panel for the emergency button, but as luck would have it the scarf ripped in two, leaving her with red marks on her neck but otherwise intact."


Esther Williams with Howard KeelFive other incidents involving actresses with broken necks or strangulation occurred on a different timeline.

In 1926, actress Sybil Thorndike was almost accidentally strangled by an actor on stage. This would have occurred on a 1926-2003 timeline.

Esther Williams broke her neck filming a 50-foot dive off a tower during a climactic musical number for the 1952 release Million Dollar Mermaid which landed her in a body cast for six months. This would be on a 1937-2000 or a 1952-2001 timeline, depending on whether it occurred in 1951 or 1952.

Judy Carne broke her neck in 1978 in a near-fatal automobile accident and was in traction for three months (this would be on the current 1964-2006 timeline).

TV sitcom and Poltergeist film star, 22-year-old Dominique Dunne was strangled into a coma by her abusive ex-boyfriend on October 30, 1982 and died on November 4. This occurred on the 1926-2003 timeline.

Opera singer Jenny Grahn hanged herself in her home on June 1, 2001 for reasons which remain a mystery (or just not reported). This occurred on the 1952-2001 timeline.

Dancer Jenny DollyJenny Dolly, one-half of the famous "Dolly Sisters" act from the silent era committed suicide on June 1, 1941, hanging herself in the shower of her apartment in the Shelton Hotel. She reportedly "...took some drapes, made a noose from them, and hanged herself from a shower rod."

1941, as it turns out, is on the timeline for 1920-2004. Very bizarre that two dancers, Isadora Duncan and Jenny Dolly, died similarly, although one strangulation was an accident and the other a suicide. Also very strange that two "Jenny"s (Jenny Grahn and Jenny Dolly) hanged themselves on June 1 in years ending in "1."

There is surprisingly little else going back to 1920, even in years not related to this timeline, concerning these two types of death or close calls involving any other famous female celebrity.




Death threat halts Madonna concert - May 25, 2004.
Madonna cancels gigs on death threats - May 25, 2004.
Madonna postpones L.A. show due to illness - May 25, 2004.
Threat to Madonna came from London terrorist group - May 28, 2004.
Madonna faints backstage after cutting concert short - June 9, 2004.
Madonna faints after concert - June 11, 2004.
Reinvention Tour makes Madonna sick! -- Fans watch in horror - June 11, 2004.
Madonna collapses again - June 12, 2004.
Madonna stalker removed from concert - June 25, 2004.
Madonna stalker ejected twice from concert hall - June 25, 2004.
Explosion rocks Madonna in New York - June 29, 2004.
Taxi Explodes in front of Madonna's Home - July 2, 2004.
Kabbalah leads to a spat between Madonna and Guy Ritchie - August 1, 2004.
Madonna rigger injured after fall - August 6, 2004.
Madonna's marriage on the rocks - August 8, 2004.
Madonna:Strain with the Kabbalah? - August 23, 2004.
Madonna's friends to join her in Israel - August 30, 2004.
Madonna's fans send death threats to ticket sales website manager - August 31, 2004.
Madonna 'falls out with Kabbalah leader' - August 31, 2004.
Madonna due to join Israel trip despite anger and protests by religious extremists - September 9, 2004.
Double Killer 'Attended Madonna Spiritual Centre' - September 13, 2004.
Madonna denies marital paradise has some thorns - September 14, 2004.
Opponents united in protest against 'pilgrim' Madonna - September 16, 2004.
Madonna visits Israel on spiritual quest -- But singer's beliefs raise eyebrows - September 16, 2004.
Spend honeymoon in England, Madonna tells Britney - September 29, 2004.
Madonna to play host to Spears' honeymoon - September 29, 2004.
Demi Moore To Wear only A Piece of String -- Madonna Also Considering Single Red String for Kabbalah Nude Photo Shoot - October 25, 2004.
Madonna fears the same end as John Lennon - December 2, 2004.
Madge fears stalker death - December 2, 2004.
Madonna Fears Assassination Attempt - December 2, 2004.
Madonna fears crazy stalker - December 3, 2004.
Madonna fears stalker - December 3, 2004.
MADONNA-how long will she stand this life? Besides new crazy fan, Madonna slicer stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins may soon go free! - December 9, 2004.
Truth about Madonna cult - January 13, 2005.
Madonna, the high priestess of Kabbalah - February 22, 2005.
Ex-Madonna pal reveals mob ties - March 7, 2005.
Ex-Worker Sues Madonna, Claims Harassment - March 10, 2005.
Madonna Sued over Sexual Harassment - March 10, 2005.
Madonna gets back into habits for Kabbalah party -- Like a virgin again! - March 27, 2005.
Catholic League slams Madonna and Guy - March 30, 2005.
Madonna should be 'beaten' for dressing like a nun - March 30, 2005.
Book accuses Madonna of spreading 'godless worldview' - April 2, 2005.
Company claims Madonna owes thousands of dollars - April 21, 2005.
Madonna and Guy Have a Huge Bust-Up - August 7, 2005.
Madonna breaks bones in riding accident -- Singer suffers cracked ribs, broken collarbone, broken hand - August 16, 2005.
EXCLUSIVE: THEY FEARED SHE WAS DEAD -- Friends' horror as Madonna lay KO'd - August 18, 2005.
Ritchie: 'Madonna was too tough to die' - September 21, 2005.
MADONNA RISKING DEATH - DIVINE RETRIBUTION -- Rabbis accuse Madonna of sacrilege and hint at divine punishment: "Her sinful act is unacceptable and one can feel only pity for the punishment that she will receive from Heaven" - October 9, 2005.
Madonna Warns: All Will Go To Hell If They Don't Turn From Wicked Behavior; 'Most Priests Are Gay' -- October 17, 2005.
Madonna rides again - October 21, 2005.
Madonna Wants To Dance Around With Broken Collarbone - October 21, 2005.
Madonna Lifts Lid On Her Stormy Marriage - October 23, 2005.
Madonna Plagued by Nightmares of August Accident - December 14, 2005.




Video suicide for Britney - March 12, 2004.
Britney Spears commits suicide! - March 12, 2004.
Britney shows her killing, herself - March 12, 2004.
Spears' video is condemned - March 12, 2004.
Britney slammed for suicide scene in upcoming video -- may encourage copycat suicides - March 13, 2004.
Britney kills idea for suicide video - March 13, 2004.
Spears suicide clip canned - March 14, 2004.
Britney Spears suffers knee injury -- Singer hurts self during dance routine - March 19, 2004.
Britney Spears cancels two concerts with knee injury - March 20, 2004.
Britney's dive into sleaze - March 29, 2004.
Britney's tour sparks complaints - March 30, 2004.
Britney's porn act has folks fuming! - March 30, 2004.
Britney Spears postpones concert -- Cleveland show was postponed due to an unknown ailment - April 1, 2004.
Britney Becomes Blondie: Jean Harlow -- Doomed Actress Died in 1937 of Kidney Failure - April 2, 2004.
Britney Spears is ill - April 3, 2004.
Britney beefs up security - April 8, 2004.
Spears Narrowly Escapes Attack - April 12, 2004.
Britney plans reality doc as she shocks with suicide video - April 15, 2004.
Britney is 'distraught' - April 26, 2004.
Britney sobs as she heads to U.K. - April 26, 2004.
Britney Spears Cancels East Tour - May 14, 2004.
Britney Spears is out of control! - May 19, 2004.
Auction for 'Ultimate Britney Experience' - May 19, 2004.
Britney Spears undergoes knee surgery - June 9, 2004.
Madonna to Britney: Kiss me baby one more time! - June 14, 2004.
Knee injury suffered in NYC forces Britney Spears to cancel summer tour - June 15, 2004.
Britney gets engaged to dancer boyfriend - June 26, 2004.
Britney's Fiance Receiving Death Threats? - June 29, 2004.
Friends fear for Britney - July 2, 2004.
Britney Spears is spiralling out of control, say friends! - July 2, 2004.
Stalker threatens to stab Britney - July 5, 2004.
Britney Spears death threats from stalker - July 5, 2004.
Britney to marry among monks! - September 1, 2004.
Fans fear for 'bald' Britney's health - September 7, 2004.
Spears surprises family with wedding - September 19, 2004.
Spend honeymoon in England, Madonna tells Britney - September 29, 2004.
Madonna to play host to Spears' honeymoon - September 29, 2004.
Oops! She did it! Britney is Eight Weeks Pregnant! - October 1, 2004.
Britney's marriage official - October 9, 2004.
Stalker Obsessed by Love for Britney Spears - December 31, 2004.
Britney Out In Baby Store - January 18, 2005.
Spears provokes baby rumour - January 19, 2005.
Britney Spears biggest-selling female artist this century - January 19, 2005.
Britney Queen Of The New Millennium - January 19, 2005.
Britney gets Hebrew tattoo to preach power of healing - January 25, 2005.
Britney's alter ego is Mona Lisa - January 25, 2005.
Spears Switches Her Name to Mean Mona Lisa - January 25, 2005.
Britney Spears' marriage on the rocks? - February 10, 2005.
Britney sings Kabbalah's praises - March 8, 2005.
Britney's baby scare -- Jeans covered in blood, pop princess was "crying and pale" - April 17, 2005.
JUST LIKE MARILYN MONROE: Britney's Pregnancy Fears -- Doctors warn 50% chance of miscarriage - April 20, 2005.
Alice Cooper Slices Off Britney's Head On Stage! - June 3 and 6, 2005.
Britney Spears forced to evacuate - October 1, 2005.
Britney Spears Flees to Louisiana, Hubby Kevin Parties in LA - November 4, 2005.
Britney Spears Boots Kevin Federline Out of Malibu Mansion - November 5, 2005.
Federline ex: He cheated on me with Spears - November 7, 2005.
DO THESE TWO REPORTS LOOK STRNGELY SIMILAR? (Kevin Federline's Ex Attacks Britney/I Was Dumped by Di's New Boyfriend, Model Claims Princess Diana died 17 days After The Report -- How Long Has Britney Spears Got?? - November 7, 2005.
Britney Spears Wants Seperation - November 9, 2005.




Paris Hilton Thrown from Horse - March 20, 2004.
Paris Hilton sets trailer on fire - June 21, 2004.
Paris Hilton's 'House of Wax' Set Destroyed in Fire - June 28, 2004.
Paris Hilton attacked in Sweden - July 12, 2004.
Paris' Mystery Bruises - July 30, 2004.
Paris Hilton gets all bruised and battered! - July 31, 2004.
Rough night, Paris? Heiress seen with cuts,bruises, fat lip,swollen eye - July 31, 2004.
Paris Hilton reportedly abused by ex-boyfriend - August 1, 2004.
Paris Claims Nick Beat Her - August 2, 2004.
Hilton sisters' Hollywood home broken into - August 7, 2004.
Christina and Paris Hilton 'share smooch' - September 1, 2004.
Paris Hilton converts to Kabbalah - September 3, 2004.
Paris Hilton Evacuated During Hurricane - September 27, 2004.
Paris Hilton Flees Hurricane-Threatened Florida Film Set - September 27, 2004.
Stalkers force Paris Hilton to buy new house -- received letters written in blood - October 18, 2004.
Paris Hilton in a cat fight - October 29, 2004.
Paris Hilton says she was sexually molested - November 14, 2004.
Paris Hilton to Face Charges of Theft and Vandalism - January 19, 2005.
Paris Hilton Said Probed in Petty Theft - January 21, 2005.
Paris Hilton joins Kabbalah - January 28, 2005.
Paris Hilton wants you to see her die - March 31, 2005.
Paris almost gets run over by car - April 1, 2005.
Paris Hilton offered prostitute job by psycho - April 2, 2005.
Lock Up Your Chickens: Paris Hilton To Be 'Cooperised' - June 3, 2005.
Alice Cooper To Behead Paris Hilton - June 6, 2005.
L.A. police investigate Paris Hilton car crash - November 9, 2005.
Paris Hilton and Stavros in nightclub crash - November 10, 2005.
Paris Hilton Suffers From Bulimia - December 9, 2005.
Paris Hilton 'received death threats' - December 22, 2005.

An additional reason why Paris is in danger, aside from being the next Sharon Tate or Abigail Folger, is that she is on a direct base 7 line with several other murdered socialites. They are:

1) August 2, 1976 - A gunman murders Andrea Wilborn and Stan Farr, and injures socialite Priscilla Davis and Gus Gavrel in an incident at Priscilla's Mansion at Mockingbird Lane in Fort Worth, Texas. T. Cullen Davis, Priscilla's husband and one of the richest men in Texas, was tried and found innocent for Andrea's murder. He was later found innocent of a plot to kill several people, including Priscilla and a judge.

2) Vicki Morgan, model and socialite mistress of multimillionaire Alfred Bloomingdale, filed a palimony suit for $5 million of Bloomingdale's wife's inheritance after his death in 1982 and lost. To help pay the $1,000-a-month rent on her apartment, she agreed to let a 32-year-old man named Marvin Pancoast, a former acquaintence, move in with her. According to friends, they were not lovers; it was suggested that Pancoast was gay. On July 7, 1983 -- three weeks after moving in with Vicki -- Pancoast slipped into her bedroom while she was sleeping and beat her to death with a baseball bat. She was 30.

3) April 16, 1997 - Houston, Texas socialite Doris McGowen Beck Angleton is murdered in her River Oaks home. Roger Nicholas Angleton admits to the crime in a suicide note; Robert Nicholas Angleton, Doris' husband, was found innocent of the crime by a Texas jury, but later gets arrested by the Department of Justice for similar charges.

Only in 1969 are a socialite heiress and a film actress murdered together.

Only in 1997 are a famous socialite and a famous female celebrity (Diana) murdered during the same year (April and August).


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Famous female blonde celebrity strangled or neck broken/injured.

Cause: Initially, a murder, due to a possible Sharon Tate influence, and later, from a possible Thelma Todd influence. Deeper into the presentation we introduce a dream vision and the possibility of an accident by car ala Princess Diana or dancer Isadora Duncan.

Three celebs listed as potential candidates: Madonna, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton, with Madonna at head of list. Prediction is open, however, to other blonde celebrities if they should meet the requirements.

Quatrains 6.73 and 1.39 are offered as possible clues. Their fulfillment is not necessary, however. Quatrain fulfillment is an issue seperate to base 7.


Madonna Deadly Close Call (Breaks ribs, arms, crushes collarbone in horse riding accident, is feared dead by riding party until she is revived, event highly traumatic) +1.0

In addition, Quatrain 6.73 may have been fulfilled by the planning of the surprise horse and "ride" by husband Guy Ritchie and friends at Hyde Park a month previous to Madonna's birthday.

Some people believe this may have been a botched murder attempt.

Madonna Other Close Calls (life threatened by terrorists, terrorists blow up taxi outside of apartment, Madonna passes out twice in concert, fears for life after being hounded by new crazy stalker) +0.5

Paris Hilton minor close calls (Beaten and bruised badly by ex-boyfriend; in dangerous car crash, but not injured) +0.25

Other Famous Blondes Deadly Close Calls (Daryl Hannah almost hanged by scarf trapped in elevator doors, Charlize Theron, very serious neck injury, almost a broken neck; Shelley Long, near fatal attempted suicide; Brooke Burns, near fatal broken neck) +3.0

So rare are these types of accidents that the last time an actress broke her neck was in 1978 (and before that 1952) and the last female celebrity to be strangled by her scarf was Isadora Duncan in 1927.

Other Events Proving Base 7 Influence (but not rated): Christopher Reeve dies October 2004 from long-term complications arising from broken neck caused from falling from horse in 1995. This is the actual timeline event, making him the third male victim of the line since 1920. Also, two major non-blonde actresses from Asia hang themselves.

Total: +4.75



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