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Because the system I use is, thus far, only 71.6% to 92.7% accurate, and because new information may help make initial predictions more focused, the almanacs will be updated periodically as needed.

If a prediction is fulfilled you will see a news article (or news articles) that proves the event took place, along with a commentary by me, immediately beneath the prediction. If a prediction is close to being fulfilled you will be alerted by a link or links to related news articles.

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Massive quake hits off Tasmania -- World's biggest temblor in four years, largest to hit region since 1924 - December 24, 2004. PREDICTION FULFILLED for sure. No change to accuracy rate.

Fiery object seen in Jakarta skies - December 19, 2004.

Earthquake shakes Mount St. Helens - November 28, 2004.

New Mount St. Helens lava dome grows - November 7, 2004.

Two years later, rapper's killer still at large - October 30, 2004.

All predictions on this page have been rated. Some of these may yet be fulfilled before December 31, 2004. October 21, 2004.

Lava building up rock at Mount St. Helens - October 15, 2004.

Riddle as massive blast rocks homes - October 13, 2004.

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International/Domestic Terrorism Strikes Georgia or
Southern or Southeastern United States

Olympic Park Bombing

NEW PREDICTION: 8/18/03 -- This one was supposed to get posted a while ago, but is only being done now. Following the terrorist attack on NYC, in short order another attack, probably a bombing, occurs in an American Southern or Southeastern state, possibly Georgia, in August/September 2003. It may even be a terrorist act that is widespread enough to affect several states or the entire region.

The base 7 precedent for this event is the Atlanta Park Bombing that occurred seven years ago in late July 1996.

Regarding the blackout that struck New York City and the entire Northeastern US and part of Eastern Canada, it is difficult to know whether that in itself was an act of terrorism or at least a test carried out by terrorists to probe the power grid's vulnerabilities. It remains possible that the real act of terror against NYC, an airliner attack or a nuclear attack, has yet to be carried out -- or else the blackout was the event. If the blackout was the extent of what is to occur this year, then the attack or crisis that will afflict the South or Southwest may happen as early as August 27 or 28. However, if an actual terror attack on NYC does not happen until around the September 11 anniversary, the attack in the South may not happen until the latter part of September.


ALERT: Terror Attack May Be Aimed at SE Nuclear Power Plants

HB Robinson Nuclear Power Plant near Hartsville, SCUPDATE (8/21/03): I have been somewhat concerned since February and the Columbia Shuttle Disaster that the name Columbia might come up again in a disaster of a different sort later this year. After reviewing the recent bombing in Saudi Arabia and the Blackout of NYC and the Northeast, I have reached a possible conclusion: the next act of terror may combine an explosion with an attack on the US power supply. In other words, the terrorist attack in the south or southeast US may be the bombing of a nuclear power plant.

Any nuclear power plant in the region of the southeast or south may be in danger, but regarding Columbia there is the V.C. Summer Plant outside Columbia, SC. Also, far removed from the region of concern and in the northwestern United States there is the Columbia Generating Station near Richland, WA. The fact that the 1996 bombing was in Atlanta and that another member of the shuttle fleet is named Atlantis, there should be concern about the Vogtle Power plant near Atlanta, GA. Finally, carefully watch the state of Florida, especially St. Lucie Plant near Ft. Pierce, FL. There are many other plants in the region that could just as easily be targeted, but I would place priority on these.


UPDATE (2/5/04): Note that the letters containing Ricin came from South Carolina -- one of the few states named above in the Southeastern US. It also appears that this may be the start of an act of domestic terrorism. This is the only terrorism prediction I have made for the current time period that projects domestic terrorism as the possible cause in addition to the usual international terrorism.



American-born Queen Noor in Danger of Being Hurt
or Killed in Car or Air Crash

American royalty in Jordan: Queen Noor

NEW PREDICTION: 5/8/03 -- The American-born Lisa Najeeb Halaby, known to the world as Queen Noor of Jordan, is in danger of a fate similar to the one that claimed American-born actress Grace Kelly who became Princess Grace of Monaco. Princess Grace died 21 (3 X 7) years ago after suffering a stroke while driving her car in September 1982. The car careened off a cliff. For this reason, Queen Noor may also be in danger of being injured or killed in a car crash or possibly a plane or helicopter crash in September 2003.

The chances of this happening are quite slim: only about 14%. However, the odds of a young, up-and-coming actress, aged 22, being murdered by a jealous ex-boyfriend this year was also only 14% -- and it happened as I predicted it would when 22-year-old actress Lyric Benson was shot in the head by her ex-boyfriend. This prediction was based on the murder of actress Dominique Dunne in 1982 (21 years ago). So we can see, not only in that particular case but in others, that 1982 has already exerted some considerably bad influence on the affairs of 2003.

Queen Noor, born in 1951, is also not far from the age Princess Grace was when she died in 1982. There are no other prominent and glamourous American-born royals anywhere else in the world that I am aware of; especially royals who are in their late forties or in their fifties. If there are, I cannot think of who they might be.

I think that if such a danger does exist for Queen Noor, it is one that can be prevented.



Rapster Snoop Dogg In Danger of Being Gunned Down
by Michael McClellan and Brian Meissen


Tupac ShakurNEW PREDICTION: 10/26/01 -- This scenario originally developed out of the bizarre influence the number 7 had on the life of the late Tupac Shakur. Brian, who had studied my base 7 numerology system, notified me of this back in the spring:

I thought I'd just share this since 7 was the number, maybe you can put more importance to it...

"There are many numerological coincidences. Tupac was gunned down exactly seven months after All Eyez On Me was released. The number seven keeps coming up too. He was shot on September 7th and survived on 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and died the 13th. This could explain the title of his new album.... "The Don Killuminati: The 7 day theory." Tupac was 25. His age adds up to 7 (2 + 5). Even his time of death, 4:03, adds up to 7 (4 + 0 + 3)."

Seems weird that 7 is playing such a role in Tupac's death, so I thought I'd drop you an e-mail too, maybe there's some sort of relation to base 7 numerology with it.

In addition, Brian had encountered a post where someone had discovered a photo of Tupac Shakur which, cryptically, had a numeral 7 in the lower left corner. After Brian's message I played around with Shakur's name and arrived at some startling conclusions:

TUPAC = 2 + 3 + 7 + 1 + 3 = 16 = 1 + 6 + 7. TUPAC equals 7. This is important since his first name has been given much importance and as a celebrity, the name TUPAC resonates and can stand alone without SHAKUR (much like MADONNA stands alone without CICCONE).

People with the number 7 prominent in their first names CAN BE governed by Saturn, the taskmaster, an often malignant influence.

The full name, TUPAC SHAKUR, equals 4, governed by Mercury, the god of communication and charisma. This is his personality number.

The personality TUPAC was governed by Saturn (negative) and the personality TUPAC SHAKUR was governed by Mercury (positive), depending on which name he best wished to be known by.

In addition, his birthdate, June 16, 1971 = 4 (like his full name). This is his fadic (destiny) number.

Thus, his destiny number was also equal to his full name personality number (4), guaranteeing success and fame.

I have discovered in my experiments with base 7 numerology that nearly all people are governed by cycles of 7, but those whose first or full names equal 7 are especially subceptible to all sorts of 7-related mischief, especially in a destiny year.

For TUPAC, his destiny year would equal 7. For TUPAC SHAKUR it would equal 4.

1996, the year of his death, equals 1 + 9 + 9 + 6 = 25 = 2 + 5 = 7. 1996 = 7 so it was one of Tupac's destiny years.

It also follows, using my system, that someone like Tupac Shakur may be in danger of being shot to death in 2003 (7 years after 1996) or 2010 (14 years after 1996) depending on whether there is a rapster who has the sort of legendary status Tupac Shakur enjoyed.

If there is such a person on the scene today, he is best advised to be cautious in the autumn of 2003. If there is no one of similar status, then 2003 will pass by uneventfully until the next time around (2010) and so on.

This alerted Brian and he came to the startling conclusion that Snoop Dogg was the person who would be in danger. Everything matches but the first name:


Snoop Dogg



Tupac Shakur

Snoop Dogg

First Name
Last Name
Full Name

Tupac = 7
Shakur = 6
Tupac Shakur = 4
June 16, 1971 = 4

Snoop = 4
Dogg = 6
Snoop Dogg = 4
October 20, 1972 = 4


Brian then commented: "Strange coincidence? I sure hope so. Snoop Dogg is the top guy I would think of as a rapper that lives the legendary status as Tupac did while he was alive, which is why I thought about seeing if they share anything in common. It seems like they share quite a lot..."

I then tried to determine where Snoop might run into trouble:

Tupac Shakur was shot on September 7, 1996. That date equals 5 (9 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 6 = 41; 4 + 1 = 5). He was shot in Las Vegas. L + A + S + V + E + G + A + S = 3 + 1 + 1 + 4 + 5 + 7 + 1 + 1 = 23; 2 + 3 = 5.

Thus, I have concluded that Snoop Dogg is in grave danger of being murdered in September 2003, in a city with letters that equal the number 5.


Supplemental Evidence by Jennelle (9/6/02): Posted 1/13/03

hi my name is jennelle, and after reading the article u have about the coincidence between Tupac and Snoop Dogg which mentioned that Snoop Dogg is in danger of being murdered in September of 2003. I noticed that you used "Snoop Dogg" instead of his real name. I guess that's why the numbers in the name did'nt add up to 7 like Tupac's. I looked up Snoop's real name, and this is what I discovered:

Calvin = 7                                 Tupac = 7
Broadus = 6                             Shakur = 6
October 20, 1972 = 4             June 16, 1971 = 4

* * * * *

Hi Jennelle,

Wow ... that is an EXACT match.  It doesn't look good for Snoop Dogg, does it?  Damn, and his movie Bones was so good.  It figures that he would be the next Tupac.




Shots fired at Snoop Dogg, bodyguards

Friday, April 11, 2003 Posted: 2:16 PM EDT (1816 GMT)

One of Snoop Dogg's bodyguards was injured after shots were fired at the rap starLOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- A shooting in Los Angeles Thursday night struck a convoy of cars, one of which was carrying rapper Snoop Dogg. Authorities said one of the musician's bodyguards was injured. Snoop Dogg was not hurt.

Police said up to five cars were traveling through the Mid-City area when the shooting happened at about 9 p.m. (PST). The rap star's entourage included seven bodyguards -- five were from the Inglewood school district and two were state parole officers.

Another car pulled alongside the convoy and three men with guns opened fire, said police Officer Don Cox, a police spokesman. Bullets hit two of the vehicles.

The wounded man, an off-duty police officer with the Inglewood Unified School District, was shot in the back, police Sgt. Brian Owen said. The man, whose identity was not immediately available, was taken to a hospital and released early Friday, Owen said. It was unclear whether he was in the same vehicle as Snoop Dogg.

Owen said it appears that one of the shooters wanted to speak with the rapper, whose real name is Calvin Broadus. Words were exchanged, followed by gunfire. It wasn't immediately known what was said. No arrests have been made.

Police questioned Snoop Dogg, the bodyguards and other people who were with him. Owen said he didn't expect them to be booked for a crime.

"Hey, ain't my time, y'know, ain't my time ... Mike's given me til September, sucker can't touch me now ..."


Snoop Dogg in 'Turf War' With Suge Knight: Will Knight Be the Death of Snoop?

Rapper Snoop Dogg Sued Over Voice Mail

Wed Mar 26, 8:08 PM ETMarion 'Suge' Knight

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Beware of leaving voice-mail messages on rap stars' answering machines -- they might make it part of their act.

In a lawsuit filed on Monday against rap star Snoop Dogg, a California man claims that his life is in danger because the rapper used a phone message he left in a song taunting Snoop's rival, rap-mogul Suge Knight.

According to court papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the man identified as "John Doe" left a voice mail for Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, last October only to learn later that it became part of a song called "Pimp Slapp'd" on the album "Paid the Cost to be Tha Boss."

That message, the plaintiff said, included expressions of support for Broadus in his "turf war" with Knight, who was released from prison last month after serving two months on parole violations. He also served five years in prison in the late 1990s.

The suit also claimed that the plaintiff notified the defendants in January that the recording was sampled without his permission. Doe said that when he asked Broadus why the recording was used, the rap star replied that he had sampled it because "it was so real."

"Unfortunately it is so real that (the) plaintiff now fears for his life ... Mr. Knight is a burly, convicted felon and is rumored to be involved with gangs, to threaten, assault and hurt people," the lawsuit said.

The suit, which claims misappropriation of voice and intentional infliction of emotional distress, asks for damages and injunctions against further distribution of the album.

Knight owned Death Row Records when Snoop recorded for the label but the two had a falling out. In the song "Pimp Slapp'd," Snoop taunts Knight over his prison term, claims he's jealous of his financial success and calls Knight "a bitch."

The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court also named Priority Records, Capitol Records and Doggy Style Records as defendants. A spokeswoman for the record labels was not immediately available for comment. The office of Snoop Dogg's manager referred inquiries to a publicist at Capitol, who was also not immediately available. A spokesman for Knight had no immediate comment.


Run-DMC DJ, Jam Master Jay, slain in recording studio

Thursday, October 31, 2002 Posted: 2:07 PM EST (1907 GMT)

Jam Master JayNEW YORK (CNN) -- Police Thursday were investigating the shooting death of Jam Master Jay, the DJ of the legendary rap trio Run-DMC. Jam Master Jay, 37, was shot in the head Wednesday night around 7:30 p.m. in a Queens recording studio, according to police. Another man, Urieco Rinco, 25, was shot in the leg and taken to a hospital, police said. Investigators have found two .45-caliber shell casings, but no clues to the motive.

Witnesses described the shooter as a young black man in a white sweatsuit or sweatshirt, according to CNN affiliate WABC in New York. Police said two gunmen were buzzed in to the building, went up to the second-floor studio and shot Jam Master Jay once at close range, WABC reported.

Fans of the group gathered in cold drizzle outside the studio Wednesday night to pay their respects. "It's like one of the Beatles died," said fan Ronald Williams. "They were the pioneers of this game as we know it."

Rap pioneers

Jam Master Jay was born January 21, 1965 as Jason Mizell in the middle-class Hollis neighborhood of Queens, New York, according to the group's Web site. He linked up with Run (Joseph Simmons) and DMC (Darryl McDaniels) -- also from Hollis -- scratching turntables for the two rappers who had just graduated from high school. A year later, in 1983, the group released their first single, "It's Like That."

Known for their loose Adidas-brand shoes, all-black outfits, and thumping beats, the trio is credited with beginning the current trend of combining rap music and rock 'n' roll in their hit remake of Aerosmith's "Walk this Way" in 1986, teaming up with the band's lead singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry. Run-DMC was also the first rap group to be nominated for a Grammy, and the first rappers to have gold, platinum and multiplatinum albums.

Group avoided feuds

And unlike other rap groups, Run-DMC avoided feuds with other rappers. Run is an ordained minister, DMC overcame alcoholism, and Jam Master Jay was a married father of three children.

Any possible link between Jay's death and a rap war was dismissed by Russell Simmons, the founder of Def Jam records, Run-DMC's original label, and the brother of Joseph Simmons.

"They represented everything good and positive about hip-hop," said Russell Simmons in a statement. "Before the media rushes to attribute this to East Coast - West Coast violence, they should examine Run-DMC's two decades of contributions and Jam Master Jay's personal character," he said. "This has nothing more to do with so-called East Coast-West Coast violence than the snipers in Washington did."

NEWS: Two years later, rapper's killer still at large - October 30, 2004.


COMMENT (10/31/02): Well, Brian, looks like you were wrong about the identity of the rapster who would be gunned down ... and I was wrong for supporting your idea. Another viewer, Jennelle, had even more evidence that supported Snoop Dogg as potential candidate for this prediction (still on the Email Forum, but never made it on here in time). Jennelle, looks like you got the identity wrong, too.

For my part, I only predicted that a famous rapster would be gunned down in September 2003, period. I was going on about that on my Email Forum in the spring of 2001, a good six months before I posted the above presentation. You see, I don't know many of the rap stars of today, so I allowed other people to make suggestions.

Brian's interest in the subject prompted me to post the prediction above as a collaboration.

However, as a reminder of what my basic prediction really was, as stated above:

"This scenario (rap star being gunned down) originally developed out of the bizarre influence the number 7 had on the life of the late Tupac Shakur. Brian, who had studied my base 7 numerology system, notified me of this (who he thought the rapper would be) back in the spring ...

"It also follows, using my system, that someone like Tupac Shakur may be in danger of being shot to death in 2003 (7 years after 1996) or 2010 (14 years after 1996) depending on whether there is a rapster who has the sort of legendary status Tupac Shakur enjoyed.

If there is such a person on the scene today, he is best advised to be cautious in the autumn of 2003. If there is no one of similar status, then 2003 will pass by uneventfully until the next time around (2010) and so on."

As can be seen, I never claimed I knew the identity of the rapster, even though I supported Brian's candidate. I am also ten months early on this one, too. So, technically, I consider this as a PREDICTION FULFILLED.

Now, in all fairness to Brian and Jennelle, it is possible, I suppose, that there could be another rap star murdered next year. And Snoop Dogg could still be the one. But I find the scenario of two major rap stars being murdered a year apart, 2002 and another in 2003, as being highly unlikely.


COMMENT: It was Jam Master Jay, a year early. Close call for Snoop, too.


RATING: + 1.1


Continue or return to previous position.

Major War in Southern Africa


Zimbabwe soldiers charge Chaos in South Africa


NEW PREDICTION: 6/18/02 -- In October 2003, South Africa may be drawn into a major regional conflict that may last for a long time. Zimbabwe is likely to be one of several nations at war. South Africa itself will become a frightful place where there will be much terror and horror.


Seer van Rensburg Warns Violent Death of Nelson Mandela Will Be Sign of Great War in Southern Africa and the World

Nelson MandelaDid a South African prophet foresee a coming "war within a war" -- a horrific conflict that would spread throughout Southern Africa, both civil and international in nature, during a time when a greater war (World War III) would plague humanity?

The Seer van Rensburg, a Boer native of South Africa foresaw many events that would happen to his country during his lifetime. He also saw the imprisonment of Nelson Mandela, the end of apartheid and Mandela's release, his rise to power and his alliances with Russia, Eastern communist nations, and certain Arab states (Mandela's successor, Thabo Mbeki, has continued the policy and is taking sides with Iraq in the current crisis). His final vision concerned the death of this great South African black leader, seven days of mourning, and the war to follow.

Van Rensburg sees the statue of a black man topple, falling backward. According to some interpreters, such as Adriaan Snyman, this indicates that the man will die a violent or unnatural death. A goose then emerges from the statue's mouth and flies to the East. This identifies the black man who has died as being Nelson Mandela due to the Eastern alliances he made while in power. A train of thousands upon thousands of black people comes from out of the West, suggesting that blacks from distant lands will come to attend the funeral.

The statue of the great man is toppledThe prophet goes on to say that the black leader will lie in state on Church Square in Pretoria in a glass coffin. No one will work for seven days throughout South Africa. The nature of the mourning, its sense of bitterness and unrestrainable grief, suggests that the leader may be a victim of assassination. Aferwards, on the eighth day, he will be buried in Heroe's Acre.

The great man's coffin is lowered into the ground, and fires issue forth from the sides and one large one blazes near the front of the tomb. Then naked people appear -- the poor and those who will mourn in tribal tradition. According to Snyman, the fires indicate violence breaking out in South Africa and the large one in front full-scale civil war. It is also quite possible that the large fire may portend a great war in southern Africa, including nations like Zimbabwe and Angola. Van Rensburg, elsewhere, specifically mentions a massive strike crippling the country at the time of the black leader's violent death.

During this period of strikes and internal violence, the Seer sees a slaughtered sheep hanging on a hook, a sign that the strike is evolving into civil war. Then he sees omens of world war: three pots boiling rapidly in Europe, a ditch with blue water, and women dressed in black coming out of Europe to mourn. Then comes "a round tank in the east and fire falls out of it." All of this to happen or begin happening during the seven days of mourning.

The Seer in his mystical trance sees himself in the vision at table, dividing a tart, and seeing silver letters appear on a shining sheet of tin. They are from Psalm 12:6: "The words of the Lord are pure words; as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times."

The tart is what remains of South Africa after civil war. It becomes further divided, until it reaches extinction. The Biblical admonition indicates that the nation will literally enter the furnace of hell -- or at least enter into very dark and horrid times.

Van Rensburg also predicted that twice America and Iraq would clash and that the second time Iraq would be much better prepared. He said that the Iraqis would be hiding something very deadly, and that America would not fare well in the war.


One Detail of Van Rensburg Prophecy Fulfilled: Mandela's Body to Be Displayed in "Glass Cage"

From: Kobus
To: Mike
Subject: Mandela Prophecy
Date: Friday, August 01, 2003 3:51 PM

Hi Mike,

I don't know if you remember me but I'm the guy that sent you the information on Seer van Rensburg concerning a major war in SA around the time of Mandela's death. One of the things I said was that Mandela would be put in a glass coffin and put on display so mourners could come and look at his body from all over the world.

Quite an interesting thing has happened in the meantime:

Just thought I'd keep you updated,


Display Mandela's body in a glass cage: ANC councillor

25 July 2003 08:06

Mail & Guardian - Johannesburg

Ex-president Nelson Mandela's body should be embalmed after his death and displayed in a glass cage at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, according to the African National Congress's deputy leader at the Port Elizabeth metropole, Mike Xego.

The Johannesburg daily, Beeld, reported that Xego said he would discuss this proposal with the ANC's leadership in Gauteng and Mandela's family.

"Mandela is an icon and owned by people around the world," Beeld quoted Xego as saying.

"It is unthinkable that he should be buried beneath stones and earth, and be represented by just a tombstone." - Sapa



China Attacks Alaska and Canada, Destruction of San
Francisco by Earthquake or Nuclear Attack,
Possible US-Russian Nuclear Exchange


Alois Irlmaier --The Golden Gate Bridge

I see three spearheads coming. The Russian does not stop anywhere, while running in his three wedges. Day and night they run in order to reach the Ruhr-district, where the many furnaces and fireplaces are. Day and night the Russians run, inexorably their target is the Ruhr-district.

Immediately the revenge comes from across the large water (US retaliation). However the yellow dragon (China) invades in Alaska and Canada at the same time. But he comes not far. And then it rains a yellow dust in a line. When the golden city is destroyed, it begins. Like a yellow line it goes up to the city by the bay ...


Quatrain 1.87Destruction of San Francisco

Earthshaking fire from the centre of the earth
Will cause the towers of the new city to tremble:
Two great rocks will war for a long time,
Then Arethusa will redden a new river.


NEW PREDICTION: 5/9/02 -- If the world is not in a state of global war by this time, if Russia does not attack Europe in August 2003, then October 2003 will be a vector for the worst earthquake to ever strike San Fransciso and possibly the rest of California. Otherwise, this city in particular will be destroyed by a Chinese or Russian nuclear attack. Indeed, since the LA Basin is an overkill sector, I would anticipate that area will be destroyed as well.

According to Alois Irlmaier, it will happen after the US launches an air offensive (limited nuclear attack?) to stop the Russian invasion of Europe while China (which he identifies as "the yellow dragon") launches a simultaneous attack on Alaska and Canada. The next action is a bio-chemical attack by the US and Western allies against invading Russian armies in Europe with a yellow dust or powder that kills on contact. It is at this point that "the golden city" (San Fransciso is known for its Golden Gate Bridge), also immortalised in song as "the city by the bay," is destroyed.

It makes sense in this context. After all, China, which will soon MIRV its long-range missiles and sub-launched missiles, will be moving against America just prior to the destruction of California's major cities. Obviously, this will be a frantic effort by Beijing to inflict punitive damage on the US since it will not be able to successfully pull off an invasion.

However, another prophet, Erna Stieglitz, contradicts Irlmaier and says it will be "Russian elite units" that will attack Alaska in middle August. She does concur with the yellow wall or line of defence in Europe and the Russians being forced into retreat from Western Europe. However, following this, rather than one US city being destroyed, she sees a massive Russian nuclear attack on America: "Out of revenge, a nuclear retaliation against all cities of the USA results. Simultaneously the USA strikes back with nuclear weapons." If this is true, we have established a first potential vector for a major US-Russian nuclear war: August-October 2003. In this case, San Francisco is only one of many notable US cities destroyed.

To read about a vivid and terrifying dream I had regarding a Russian nuclear attack on the US and the retaliatory strike, open a Dream Window.


Yellowstone, Supervolcanoes, and Planet X -- Geological Armageddon in October?

UPDATE (7/28/03): After reading the news article below regarding the closings at Yellowstone Park, I strongly urge everyone to read the following email exchanges. Despite the May 15 Planet X scare perpetrated by Nancy Lieder and Mark Hazlewood, other independent observers and researchers continue to find troubling evidence that "something" is out there and closing in. One of these, James McCanney, warned in advance that Lieder's deadline was a very loud "crying wolf" deception intended to destroy all credibility to the theory that a large brown dwarf star with a 3600 year orbit is headed our way soon.

My interest in this theory is and always has been from the prophetic angle. I find little direct evidence to support an actual "sighting" of Planet X in most prophecy (Mother Shipton's "fiery dragon" and the Biblical Wormwood being the only exceptions). However, prophetic evidence abounds that a catastrophic geological event will occur in our near future -- and the event has all the features associated with the eruption of one or more supervolcanoes (the last such eruption occurring 74,000 years ago).

Yellowstone Park is one of these supervolcanoes. Recent activity in Yellowstone and earthquake swarms in the states of Oregon and Washington (and one large quake near Seattle earlier this year) suggest to me severe stress is being placed upon the area and that Yellowstone may indeed be unstable. The cause of this stress may be natural, since Yellowstone is 40,000 years overdue for an eruption, but then again, the cause could be this "something" in space.

We may never actually see Planet X, but we may soon realise its effects on our planet.

Thus, my projection for a major earthquake on the West Coast in October 2003 may instead end up being applicable to the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. We must take this possibility seriously since, as Mother Shipton warns, three such volcanoes will erupt during a time when a global war is starting up:


The kings shall false promise make
And talk just for talkings sake
And nations plan horrific war
The like as never seen before
"Three sleeping mountains gather breath, And spew out mud, and ice and death."
And taxes rise and lively down
And nations wear perpetual frown.

Yet greater sign there be to see
As man nears latter century
Three sleeping mountains gather breath
And spew out mud, and ice and death.
And earthquakes swallow town and town,
In lands as yet to me unknown.

And christian one fights christian two
And nations sigh, yet nothing do
And yellow men great power gain
From mighty bear with whom they've lain.


A major war in the Middle East and a Pacific war with North Korea and possibly China loom ahead. Russia and the EU are also showing signs they may soon clash over the Transdneister region between Romania and Moldavia.

Perhaps we can hold this war off until late 2005 or early 2006, but a change in war plans will not foil the prophecies of an accompanying geological catastrophe. Using base 7 to illustrate my point, July 2005 is also a potentially dangerous time for a supervolcanic eruption on the West Coast. And one prophet, the Seer of Waldviertel, who witnessed the pyroclastic firestorm saw the event happening in the summer -- well before a major war already in progress in the Middle East and the Balkans reached Austria, Germany, and Western Europe via Russia and its Eastern allies.


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2003 12:54 AM
Subject: Yellowstone

Hi Mike,

Looks like Yellowstone is heating up:


* * * * *

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for sending the link.  I downloaded the story for possible future use, but will at least post the link.

Read my remarks regarding Yellowstone and the latest activity in space in my other email reply.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

----- Original Message -----
To: Mike
Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2003 12:12 PM
Subject: Re: Soho object

Hi Mike,

I did some further research on this and discovered that there was supposed to be an alignment of Venus and Saturn on July 8th that actually occurred days earlier than expected. Soho went down for about a week during that time, so it's been hard for folks to actually research this.

Venus is also early in it's transit across the sun. I got this information from the earth changes forum on Yahoo! And Mr. McCanney has commented on this on his website.

There are alot of folks on the forum that believe NASA is manipulating the data that is presented on the SOHO website. They've been tracking the data and found alot of discrepencies. Also, one fella mentioned that all you have to do is track where grant money is going recently to realize that there is something going on out in space that they are trying to figure out.

I'll keep you updated on the highlights of the earth changes forum. I must get about 20 emails a day from this forum (more when something is going on).

Within the last 24-48 hours there's been more than a dozen small earthquakes in a mountain range about 10 miles north of where I live here in Hillsboro, OR with the largest one being a 3.0 (it was listed at USGS). The last one occurred at about 3am this morning with mag of 2.2.

Here is the link listing them:

There have been enormous earthquakes occurring all over the world over the last month or two, much much higher than is normal. There are also volcanos that have erupted recently in Mexico and Russia. Alot of folks believe all this is caused by the unusually high activity of solar flares on the sun. Currently there are about 200 known sun spots when we should be coming into a period of time that they should be subsiding. Average sun spots should be about 60-80.

In my opinion, it's only a matter of time (days or weeks) before a very big quake hits the Pacific Northwest.


* * * * *

Hi Cindy,

Old Faithful geyser at Yellowstone ParkI've got a bad feeling that my projection for a major earthquake striking California in October 2003 (just a few months away from now) may, instead, mark the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. The news you have sent along regarding Yellowstone is ominous in and of itself. Earthquake swarms in the Pacific northwest only amplify my concern.

I read some of McCanney's views just prior to May 15 (Nancy LIE-der's deadline) and found that he has more on the ball regarding PX than ZetaTalk or Mark Hazlewood. He said he thought the deadline would be wrong and that PX would come later and that anyone warning about it would no longer have any credibility because of the May 15 disinfo. Of course, he does not commit himself to a possible date -- leaving it open for an approach in months or even years. But I suppose that is the only realistic projection one can really make regarding PX.

My interest in Yellowstone and PX is that I believe they are intimately related. Contrary to popular notions that prophecy abounds with descriptions of Planet X or some super comet thrashing the earth with its "tail," I find very little evidence of an actual sighting of such an object in most prophecies. Mother Shipton's "fiery dragon" and the Biblical Wormwood seem to be the only examples of a visual encounter with something like Planet X. That and dreams by people who may or may not have been influenced by the Mars/Phobos conspiracy theory of 2000 and the early internet releases concerning Nibiru.

Anyway, what I do see is a great deal of prophecy that demonstrates the effects such an object might make on this planet -- even from such a great distance that it is not detectable to the naked eye. To the prophets themselves these visions would simply appear to be Nature going haywire, but there is likely a cause that most could not discern.

Therefore, even though Yellowstone is supposedly 40,000 years overdue for an eruption, I believe the activity around Yellowstone and Oregon may be intimately related to PX or some other super comet that is a precursor. Mother Shipton's warning about three mountains that would erupt causing worldwide havoc just around the time a global war has broken out is definitely one prediction I feel may tie in with Yellowstone and two other supervolcanoes. Nostradamus' many prophecies of eruptions from mountains not known to be volcanic (like Aventine Hill near Rome), fire erupting from the centre of the earth in a major "new" city (Los Angeles?), and global earthquakes also study the effects a rogue space object might have on our planet, without showing the object itself. Add to this the many prophecies of "three days of darkness" (Alois Irlmaier being only one of many who predict this), the sun halting in its path in the heavens ( Liber Vaticinationem Quodam Instinctumentis), the Night of the Bleeding Stars (Stalking Wolf), and what appears to be an unleashing of billions of burning rocks from a supervolcanic eruption followed immediately by a pyroclastic firestorm covering thousands of miles (the Seer of Waldviertel).

A supervolcano is capable of throwing debris and pyroclastic firestorms thousands of miles away

The weight of the prophetic evidence indicates a geological catastrophe in our future -- one that by all appearances will be related to the eruption of one or more supervolcanoes.

And you are living right next to one (I'd move).

So I agree with you -- a very large "quake" may be in store for the Pacific Northwest very soon. But it may be something far worse than a mere earthquake as I hope I have illustrated.

By the way, regarding the base 7 system projection for a major earthquake hitting the west coast in October 2003: this is based on the San Francisco Earthquake of October 1989 that occurred fourteen (2 x 7) years ago. We can see what occurred seven years after the Northridge Los Angeles quake of January 1994 when Seattle was rocked in February 2001 (as I predicted, Seattle was one of three cities named). Of course there is a good chance that the quake that hits late this year will not be any worse than Seattle was or at least any worse than it was in 1989. But with all the astronomical data indicating something very big is up, along with the known prophetic evidence of what can only be supervolcanic eruptions, one cannot rule out Yellowstone blowing this autumn.



COMMENT (11/3/03): I also consider this prediction to be PARTIALLY FULFILLED. A combination of the worst fire in California's history and moderate earthquakes must hold some meaning in light of my prediction. The timing -- October 2003 -- was uncanny. Yes, the way I see it, "the Great California Fire," along with the moderate quakes, at least partially fulfills my prediction about a major catastrophe hitting the West Coast in October.  Nor was this neccessarily all there is going to be. The "Big One" or a major terrorist attack could still come soon (within the next four months) to fulfill the rest.


COMMENT (12/22/03): Well, here it is, as promised, a mere two months after the Great California Fire. A major earthquake in California. Between the fire and the quake, who could ask for more? PREDICTION COMPLETELY FULFILLED.

Warning: there is roughly an 18% chance that today's quake was a foreshock and a larger one is around the corner. "Prediction overkill" is still possible and some of the other horrors mentioned in this section (like Yellowstone eruption or a Chinese/N Korean nuclear attack on the LA Basin) could also materialise.


6.5 Earthquake Shakes Central California

Monday, December 22, 2003

Vehicles are covered by debris from building in downtown Paso Robles, CalifA strong earthquake rumbled through California on Monday, killing at least one person and causing a block of old buildings in one community to collapse. The earthquake also created a widespread blackout in some areas of central California.

The quake struck at 11:16 a.m. It was felt as a sustained but gentle rolling motion in downtown Los Angeles. In San Francisco, it rocked the 20-story federal courthouse, with its upper floors swaying for about 30 seconds. The U.S. Geological Survey gave it a preliminary magnitude of 6.5 and said it was centered north of the tiny coastal town of Cambria.

But the earthquake had a far more significant impact between the two cities. “It was a really long, rolling earthquake,” said Elise Proulx, of Berkeley, Calif., who was about 19 miles south of San Simeon in the beach community of Cayucos when the earthquake hit. “It was like being on the deck of a ship in a really bad storm – like you didn’t have your sea legs.”

In nearby Paso Robles, a block of old buildings in the city's downtown collapsed onto their first floors. Initial television images from the scene showed the buildings slumped but still standing amid debris. Paso Robles is in San Luis Obispo County and one official said one person was killed in the quake. But it was unclear how the person died.

The county, which also is home to Cambria, is about 185 miles northwest of Los Angeles and an equal distance from San Francisco. The county has a population of around 250,000. "It was pretty sharp," said Sharyn Conn, receptionist at the oceanside Cypress Cove Inn in Cambria. "It really went on and on. I just got everyone under the door frames and rode it out."

The site is only a few miles from San Simeon, William Randolph Hearst's castle. The popular tourist attraction was evacuated as a precaution but reported no major damage. The quake struck on a series of faults that run parallel to the San Andreas Fault, said Lucy Jones, scientist in charge of the U.S. Geological Survey office in Pasadena.

The quake likely ruptured along roughly 20 miles of a yet-unknown fault, Jones said. "It's luckily on the coast -- there is not very much nearby. That's a good thing," Jones said. The last one of a similar size in the area was in 1952, said Ross Stein of the USGS in Menlo Park.

The agency listed several smaller aftershocks, the largest magnitude 4.7. "We'll expect quite of few of them in the next couple of days," Stein said.

San Luis Obispo County sheriff's Sgt. Pete Hodgkin said damage reports were trickling in. "It's the usual stuff, broken glass and stuff. Haven't heard anything serious," Hodgkin said. "Some people are hurt at the Wild Horse Winery, some wine barrels fell over. I don't know anything more.

"It's kind of hectic," he said. "It felt like a big one, like the San Francisco earthquake years ago. The lights went out. We're on emergency power here."

John Nelson, a spokesman for Pacific Gas and Electric, said approximately 10,000 homes and businesses were without power in the San Luis Obispo area. The utility reported no major damage at its Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant; it was being checked for minor damage. Another utility, Duke Energy, said there was no substantive damage at its two coastal power plants, Morro Bay and Moss Landing.

Hearst Castle reported no obvious damage and no injuries, said Roy Stearns, spokesman for the state Department of Parks and Recreation. A crew was to go over its 150 rooms in detail; the only damage found immediately was a blown transformer at a campground, Stearns said. The castle is particularly popular this time of year because it is decorated with the Hearst Christmas ornaments. "People come from far and wide to see that, because it's pretty spectacular," Stearns said.

According to callers on local news radio in Fresno, the earthquake also was felt throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Superintendent Pamela Martens of the Coast Unified School District in Cambria said school had been closed for the holidays, but there are "things off the shelf and all over the place. Computers are down."

A magnitude 6 quake can cause severe damage under a populated area, though damage is often much less in places with strong building codes.

Tom Marshall, spokesman of the California Highway Patrol in Sacramento, said the timing, coming just after the nationwide terror alert was raised, "does present its challenges, but fortunately the information we're receiving on the earthquake right now so far hasn't caused any drain on our resources."

At least two killed in 6.5 quake in California -- Damage, injuries reported near epicenter; thousands without power

NBC, MSNBC and news services

Dec. 22, 2003 - PASO ROBLES, Calif. - A strong earthquake rocked the central coast of California on Monday, killing at least two people, knocking out power to thousands and causing widespread but mostly minor damage near the epicenter. The two victims were believed to have been found in the debris of a block of partly collapsed buildings in downtown Paso Robles, a city of 25,000 in San Luis Obispo County about 25 miles east-southeast of the epicenter. A third person was reported missing.

The quake, which was measured at magnitude 6.5, was the most powerful to strike California since a 7.1 quake rocked the desert near Joshua Tree more than four years ago. No one was killed in the 1999 quake.

The landmark Clock Tower Building in the town of Templeton toppled. Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton reported treating 20 to 30 patients for minor quake-related injuries, said Lt. Steve Bolts, a spokesman for the San Luis Obispo sheriff's office. At least one motorist called to report a rock slide on a nearby highway, California Highway Patrol Officer Ron Friberg said. The severity of the slide was not immediately known. Kelly Van Buren, a spokeswoman for the San Luis Obispo Red Cross, said two houses were reportedly left uninhabitable ...

Emergency Declared After California Quake - December 23, 2003.
Aftershocks Rattle California After Quake - December 23, 2003.
Earthquake collapses historic building, killing 2 -- Tremors felt along much of California coast - December 23, 2003.


Mount St. Helens blows smoke and ash
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Mount St. Helens Erupts After 18 Years - October 1, 2004.
Scientists monitor Mount St.Helens after eruption -- Geologist says event "was really a hiccup" - October 1, 2004.
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California wildfires consume 600,000 acres -- Nearly 1,500 houses destroyed, 16 killed - October 28, 2003.
10 Wildfires Kill 13, Destroy More Than 800 Homes - Governor Gray Davis compares firestorm destruction to 1994 Northridge earthquake - October 27, 2003.
California wildfires wreak havoc - state's deadliest blazes in more than a decade - October 27, 2003.
Yellowstone: Steamboat erupts for 4th time in 18 months - October 27, 2003.
Deadly Calif. Fires Threaten 30,000 Homes - October 27, 2003.
Bush Declares Wildfire Counties Major Disaster Areas -- Wildfires Kill At Least 13, More Than 1,100 Homes Destroyed - October 27, 2003.
Infernos cause US air traffic chaos - October 27, 2003.
At least 14 killed in California wildfires -- Flames destroy 550 homes, threaten thousands more - October 27, 2003.
13 Dead, 650 Homes Burned As Wildfires Ravage Southland - October 26, 2003.
Firestorm Kills 12, Destroys Hundreds Of Homes -- worst firestorm to hit San Diego County in living memory - October 26, 2003.
California Scorched by Major Wildfires - October 26, 2003.
Thousands flee wildfire burning east of Los Angeles - October 26, 2003.


COMMENT: The "big one" for this year came in December 2003, only two months off. Luckily, it hit in Central California. Had it hit LA or SF, it would have been horrific. So, although all the mutual hype was premature, the basic prediction of a major earthquiake did still happen. Next vectors for the BIG ONE come in 2006 and 2008. However, if Yellowstone blows before December 31, 2004, I'll take an extra point (*sickly grin*).


RATING: + 1.0


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Earthquake Devastates Cyprus


Earthquake symbol


NEW PREDICTION: 1/23/02 -- Another casualty of a major earthquake in October 2003, aside from San Francisco, is the island of Cyprus.


Earthquake hits Cyprus coastal resort

NICOSIA (AFP) Nov 03, 2003

An earthquake measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale caused panic in the Cypriot coastal resort of Limassol on Monday, but without causing injury or serious damage, police said. "A mild earthquake was registered in Limassol at around 3:55 pm (1355 GMT), but there were no victims or structural damage reported," a police spokesman told AFP.

Authorities said the quake measured 4.5, one of the strongest recorded on the Mediterranean island this year, but the epicentre was not immediately pinpointed.

The tremor was felt mainly by those living in high-rise buildings and lasted a few seconds, said residents of the town on the south coast. Some office buildings were evacuated.

"The whole place started shaking and I began to panic," said 60-year-old Nitsa Thrasyvoulou.

The east Mediterranean island is situated on an active fault line and prone to seismic activity. The largest recorded quake measured 6.3 on the Richter scale in October 1996, causing only minor damage.


COMMENT (11/3/03): The timing of this quake is absolutely stunning -- only three days removed from the October vector. However, it is not of the magnitude anticipated. This could mean the quake is a precursor to a stronger quake to come or the expected event has been somewhat less than predicted. For now, then, I consider this a PARTIALLY FULFILLED prediction, bearing in mind that a worse temblor could occur during the next four months. I should add, there have been no other noteworthy quakes in Cyprus this year, last year, or the year prior. The prediction was made on January 23, 2002.


RATING: + 1.0

Asteroid Alert: Very Close Fly-By, Potential Impact


Asteroid nears earth


NEW PREDICTION: 8/27/03 -- Around the month of November 2003, earth will have a close shave with a killer asteroid. It's identity and location are currently unknown. We may never be told about it passing near us. There is a 2 in 7 chance it already happened in the May-June period. If it did, we were never informed.

There remains a 2 in 7 chance that it will happen in November instead. There is only a remote chance, as is always the case with PHAs, that it will strike our planet. I doubt this will occur, but we must face the possibility that it may.

I suspect that if this asteroid does hit, it will impact in the Atlantic, Pacific, or Gulf of Mexico causing horrendous destruction to the United States. This may be the event that causes the West Coast to fall into the Pacific, the Midwest to be flooded by the Great Lakes all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, portions of the East Coast to disappear and NYC to be deluged.

I also continue to see in my dreams fire the colour of blood and roiling steam in the dark waters off the coast of Florida, followed suddenly by great walls and tongues of water rushing in to cover the major cities like Miami.

This is not a theory based on Sumerian or Babylonian mythology. This is not to be confused with Planet X. This also should not be confused with my Toutatis prediction for impact in the Mediterranean Sea in July 2008.

There is a 4 in 7 chance a very large asteroid will pass uncomfortably close to us this year and a 2 in 7 chance that it will be in the month of November.

Will it strike our planet? I don't know the answer to that question. Hopefully, the answer is "No."

But prophecy warns that America will be partially destroyed quite suddenly by natural disasters: by earthquakes, storms, and floods. Edgar Cayce foresaw this over 65 years ago. Many others have witnessed this terrible event in visions and dreams ever since.

Let us hope that this time it will just be another close call as in years past: like Icarus in 1968, Eros in 1975, 1989FC in 1989, and Toutatis in 1996.


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Sent: Monday, January 12, 2004 1:35 PM
Subject: asteroid in Spain

Hi Mike,

It seems that something has been found left by the asteroid. In Portugal, at a place called Agueda, on a nearby small airfield, the runway was "pierced" by hundreds of small holes of the size of a golf hole. Inside the holes there was a thin grey powder that they are analysing. Surrounding each hole, there was a thin orange material, very much like rust. The sky lights, fire balls, explosions and tremors were also resported by hundreds of whitnesses on the North of Portugal.

It does seem that your prediction of a close encounter with a meteorite was fulfilled.


* * * * *

Hi Sergio,

What you describe also has me fearful that more is to come -- and much more deadly ...

The first major incident was in India, then parts of the US, then Iran - only a few days before Spain and Portugal.  What's next?  Each incident becomes more dramatic, potentially more deadly.

The close encounter with something even larger -- an asteroid -- may be soon.  Last year that almost happened, an asteroid the size of a house passed the closest any space object has ever come to earth near the time I predicted (Closest asteroid yet flies past earth - October 2, 2003).

Perhaps the actual "close encounter" remains IN PROGRESS.  Something is throwing debris our way and as time goes by the debris gets larger and there is more of it.  It must be awfully large, whatever it is.



NOTE: Between the close encounter with an asteroid in October and the latest meteor impacts, the viewer and I both consider this a PREDICTION FULFILLED or, worse, a PREDICTION IN PROGRESS. What do you think? - MM


Earth almost put on impact alert

Tuesday, 24 February, 2004, 17:33 GMT

By Dr David Whitehouse
BBC News Online science editor

No one was quite sure at the beginning where 2004 AS1 was headedAstronomers have revealed how they came within minutes of alerting the world to a potential asteroid strike last month. Some scientists believed on 13 January that a 30m object, later designated 2004 AS1, had a one-in-four chance of hitting the planet within 36 hours. It could have caused local devastation and the researchers contemplated a call to President Bush before new data finally showed there was no danger.

The procedures for raising the alarm in such circumstances are now being revised. At the time, the president's team would have been putting the final touches to a speech he was due to make the following day at the headquarters of Nasa, the US space agency. In it he planned to reset the course of manned spaceflight, sending it back to the Moon and on to Mars, but he could have had something very different to say.

He could have begun by warning the world it was about to be hit by a space rock. Bush would not have known where it would impact - only somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. Experts would have been bouncing radar signals off the huge rock as he spoke in order to get more information about its trajectory.

At about 30m wide, the asteroid was cosmic small fry, not the type of thing to wipe out the dinosaurs or threaten our species, but still big enough to cause considerable damage after exploding in the atmosphere.

Potentially, the loss of life could have been much worse than 11 September.

In the end, Bush made no such announcement, but astronomers have admitted they were on the verge of making the call.

In a paper presented at this week's Planetary Protection conference in California, veteran asteroid researcher Clark Chapman calls it a "nine-hour crisis". He explains how word reached the astronomical community of an asteroid that had just been discovered by the twin optical telescopes of the Linear automated sky survey in New Mexico.

Bush's Nasa speech might have taken a different turnThe Minor Planet Center in Massachusetts - the clearing house for such observations - posted details on the internet requesting attention from astronomers, one of whom noticed something peculiar.

The object was expected to grow 40-times brighter in the next day - a possible sign that it was getting closer, very rapidly. But with data from just four observations available, the uncertainties were large. There were many possible orbits the object could be on, and the majority of them did not threaten the Earth.

What to do? Tell the world about the uncertain situation or wait for more data?

For some astronomers, events reached a crescendo when Steven Chesley, a researcher at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, looked at the available data and sent an e-mail saying the asteroid had a 25% chance of striking the Earth's Northern Hemisphere in a few days. It was then that astronomers Clark Chapman and David Morrison, chair of the International Astronomical Union's Working Group on Near Earth Objects, contemplated picking up the telephone to the White House.

But many astronomers did not agree that waking up President Bush would have been wise. "They completely misread the situation," said Benny Peiser of Liverpool John Moores University in the UK. "There was plenty of time to get other observers on the job." Others also believe the call would have been premature. "That would have jumped the gun before we knew much about the object," said Brian Marsden, of the Minor Planet Center.

"I find it incredible that such action was contemplated on the basis of just four observations. That is just not enough to yield a sensible orbit. "There was no need to panic as it was obvious that the situation would have been resolved, one way or another, in another hour or two," he told BBC News Online.

Fortunately for all concerned, shortly after the ominous Chesley e-mail, an amateur astronomer managed to dodge the clouds and take a picture of a blank patch of sky. This was significant because if 2004 AS1 really was going to hit the Earth, it would have been in the amateur's sights. The fact that it was absent meant the rock would not strike us.

But Chapman says in his presentation that if it had been cloudy, and no more observations could have been obtained at the time, he would have raised the alarm. Marsden disagrees. "If it had been cloudy and the call had been made to the President it would have been disastrous."

Many astronomers recognise that they a false alarm could have brought ridicule on their profession. They are calling for more planning and less panic if it should happen for real next time.

And 2004 AS1? It turned out to be bigger than anyone had thought - about 500m wide. It eventually passed the Earth at a distance of about 12 million km - 32 times the Earth-Moon distance, posing no danger to us whatsoever.

SEE ALSO: Earth was minutes from asteroid alert -- Scientists reveal they nearly warned Bush of potential devastation - February 25, 2004.


COMMENT (2/27/03): BINGO! The close call with asteroid 2004 AS1 was the event, albeit two months later than I projected. Not only was this the "very close fly-by, potential impact" I warned of, it almost was a televised "impact alert" delivered by President George W Bush. Funny how I headed the title "Asteroid Alert." This space rock was expected to strike "somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere" as I specified.

Now, it is important to read betwen the lines in this article. The asteroid was believed at the time to be 30m wide. According to the report, an object that size would have caused a loss of life "much worse than 11 September." How much worse? Don't know. Not as big deal as a Deep Impact type of event, right? But read the end of the article. It says: "And 2004 AS1? It turned out to be bigger than anyone had thought - about 500m wide." THAT IS ALMOST 17 TIMES LARGER THAN THE SIZE THEY THOUGHT IT WAS WHEN THEY SAID IT WOULD BE "MUCH WORSE" THAN 11 SEPTEMBER!! That means this asteroid could have vapourised a major city easily. Had it struck the Atlantic Ocean a few miles off coast, flooding of the east coast of the US would have been unbelievable. Not as bad as Deep Impact, but much, much worse than any hurricane.

Also, in October, a house-sized asteroid passed the closest to earth than any other asteroid previous at a mere 52,000 miles. So, take your pick.

Just my two cents on this PREDICTION FULFILLED!


100-foot asteroid flies by Earth -- "closest recorded encounter between Earth and an asteroid"

Friday, March 19, 2004 Posted: 1519 GMT (2319 HKT)

PASADENA, California (AP) -- An asteroid with a diameter of 100 feet (30 meters) passed close but harmlessly by Earth, astronomers said. The hurtling rock passed about 26,500 miles (42,640 kilometers) above the southern Atlantic Ocean at 5:08 p.m. (2208 GMT) Thursday.

It was the closest recorded encounter between Earth and an asteroid, said Steven Chesley, an astronomer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory who works on a program looking for such objects. Such encounters, however, are actually believed to occur at the rate of one every two years and have simply not been detected, he said. "There certainly have been closer encounters that we didn't know about," he added.

Astronomers were continuing to observe the asteroid, 2004 FH, which was expected to be beyond the moon's orbit by early Friday. It won't come fairly close to Earth again until 2044, when it will be within 930,000 miles (1.4 million kilometers). Chesley said there was a lingering chance, of the order of one in a million, that it could hit sometime in the future, but that possibility is expected to be eliminated as its orbit is further refined.

The asteroid was close enough to Earth on Thursday to be visible through binoculars from vantage points in the southern hemisphere, Asia and Europe, Chesley said. If it had hit Earth it likely would have broken up in the atmosphere. Its shock wave could have been strong enough to break windows on the ground, but nothing like the disastrous climate-changing effects that could result from the impact of an asteroid nearly a kilometer (more than a half-mile) in diameter, he said.

Astronomers had to scramble to observe 2004 FH because it was only discovered late Monday during a survey by two telescopes in New Mexico.

SEE ALSO: Asteroid Scare Prompts NASA to Formalize Response - March 22, 2004.


COMMENT (3/24/04): Wow! The second record for closest asteroid of all time since October. Am I on a roll or what? PREDICTION FULFILLED AGAIN!


Asteroid strikeFUN WITH ASTEROIDS: Find out what kind of damage "little" asteroids that are only a "mere" 30 to 500 meters in diameter are capable of! Here is a nifty new website that calculates what you can expect to experience at any distance from the site of impact of your choosing. Pretend, for starters, that it struck a city within 10, 20, or 30 miles from where you live.

Earth Impact Effects Program

This program will estimate the seismic, blast wave, and thermal effects of an asteroid or comet impact as well as the size of the crater produced by the impact.


UPDATE (9/19/04) - Well, we'll soon find out if Toutatis hits earth in September 2004 rather than my projected date of July 2008 on the 2006 - 2012 page. Either way, it is a remarkably specific prediction on my part, made back in early 1998 when not too many people knew about this particular space rock. So, even if I am four years off, considering that the last asteroid impact of this size occurred before there were humans on earth to record the event, I'd have to take some credit for having forewarned of the event.

I think it is possible the path of Toutatis will be perturbed by earth's gravity during this month's passage, causing it to slam into earth next time around in 2008.

Of course, there remains a possibility that Toutatis will miss us in 2008, invalidating the prediction (unless it hits four years later in 2012). Astronomers are banking on 2562 as being the next trouble year.


Fiery object seen in Jakarta skies - December 19, 2004.
Riddle as massive blast rocks homes - October 13, 2004.
Boom not an earthquake - October 13, 2004.
CNN: Huge asteroid to fly past earth - September 28, 2004.
By Toutatis! Is this the end for Earth? - September 26, 2004.
Asteroid could hit earth - September 25, 2004.
Earth set for close encounter with 'unusual' asteroid - September 22, 2004.
Operation Orbit Comet begins at Fort Bragg - September 20, 2004.
Brace yourselves Earthlings -- Toutatis to scrape past Earth on September 29 - September 19, 2004.
Freak Rock to Buzz Earth - September 17, 2004.
Genesis capsule crashes in desert - September 8, 2004.
Genesis Reentry -- On September 8th, a daylight fireball will streak across the western United States - September 3, 2004.
House-sized meteorite hits - June 19, 2004.
Meteor flashes across Northwest sky - June 3, 2004.
City-sized asteroid to clear earth - May 4, 2004.
Undetectable Asteroids Could Destroy Cities - Experts - April 14, 2004.
Could a modern city like London survive an asteroid hit? - April 13, 2004.
Meteor blasts sky like 50,000 spotlights -- 'I've seen a few satellites ... but I'd never seen anything as big as that one' - April 1, 2004.
Spain continues meteorite search - January 6, 2004.
Hundreds report seeing fireballs fall from sky in Spain - January 5, 2004.
Meteorite hits Iran - January 2, 2004.
Dozens of people report fireball cross Colorado's sky - November 16, 2003.
Jonesboro Meteor Produces Rattling Sonic Boom, Blue-Hot Arc in Sky - November 5, 2003.
Asteroid Gets Within 52,000 Miles of Earth - October 14, 2003.
Closest asteroid yet flies past earth - October 2, 2003.
The Sky Isn't Falling -- But Pieces Sure Are - October 2, 2003.
Is This Asteroid The Culprit for Meteors Crashing To Earth? - October 2, 2003.
Meteorite Smashes Through New Orleans House - September 30, 2003.
Meteorite wrecks houses in India - September 28, 2003.
Meteor causes panic in Orissa - September 28, 2003.


RATING: + 2.0


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The Destruction of Paris


Quatrain 6.96

The great city abandoned to the soldiers,

There was never a mortal tumult so near...Nuclear destruction of Paris


The enemy armies encircle metropolitan Paris, setting up mobile launchers calibrated to shoot missiles equipped with nuclear warheads.


Quatrain 3.84

The great city will be quite desolated,

Of the inhabitants not a single one will remain:

Wall, sex, temple and virgin violated,

By weapon, fire, pestilence, people murdered by cannon.


Many Parisians will still be attempting to evacuate when the strike is launched. The daylight attack will appear "hideous" (Quatrain 6.96) to those witnessing the blinding plume of fire from the distance. Base 7 dating: November 2003.



Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, Peru, and Yemen
Shaken by Major Temblors


Earthquake icon


NEW PREDICTION: 1/23/02 -- Hawaii will suffer its worst earthquake since 1968 and 1975. The southern coast may actually slide into the ocean. Mt. Kilauea may erupt with enough force to destroy part of the island.

The US state of Illinois may experience its largest earthshock since 1968 and 1895, a new record in devastation.

If Peru has not already been striken by a major temblor early in the year, the autumn may bring great destruction. This could even be the second quake for Peru in the same year.

All three quakes may occur in November 2003.

The state of Nevada will follow in December 2003 with a magnitude 7.1 or greater. This may be preceded by two 6 category quakes in the summer.

And the Arabian peninsula will not escape the wrath of nature. In December 2003 Yemen and possibly western Saudi Arabia will see its deserts shaken with unrelenting fury.

Of course, each of these should be regarded as separate, individual predictions. Also, see the Australia quake for December in a separate presentation below.


Large Quake Rocks Peru

LIMA, Aug 26, 2003 (AFP) - An earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale injured a woman by toppling a wall of her house in southern Peru, as a local hospital treated several people for shock, according to an official report.

So far there are no reports of deaths at Moquegua, 875 kilometers (545 miles) southeast of here, said Gustavo Reynoso, chief doctor at the Regional Hospital where the woman was treated.

Several towns nearby in Arequipa and Tana provinces were also hit by the quake, whose epicenter was 32 kilometers (22 miles) southwest of Moquegua, at a depth of 33 kilometers.

The government will send tents and medicine to the area, said production minister Javier Reategui.


Earthquake Rattles Nevada

Magnitude 4.5 NEVADA
2003 November 23 12:19:59 UTC
Preliminary Earthquake Report
U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center
World Data Center for Seismology, Denver

Magnitude 4.5
Date-Time Sunday, November 23, 2003 at 12:19:59 (UTC) -
Coordinated Universal Time
Sunday, November 23, 2003 at 04:19:59 AM local time at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
Location 40.73N 115.15W
Depth 10.0 kilometers
Reference 45 km (30 miles) SSW of Wells, Nevada
55 km (35 miles) ESE of Elko, Nevada
275 km (170 miles) W of SALT LAKE CITY, Utah
430 km (270 miles) ENE of CARSON CITY, Nevada


N. Illinois Earthquake Registers 4.1 On Richter Scale -- Residents Of 5 Midwestern States Feel Temblor

8:21 pm CDT June 28, 2004

This U.S. Geological Survey map shows the epicenter about 70 miles west of ChicagoCHICAGO -- A brief earthquake struck the Midwest early Monday, rattling windows and awakening sleeping residents from Wisconsin south to Missouri and from southwestern Michigan west to Iowa. No injuries were reported from the quake, which occurred about 1:11 a.m. CDT and officially registered 4.1 on the Richter scale.

Brian Lassige, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Colorado, said the quake's epicenter was about eight miles northwest of Ottawa in northern Illinois, close to the small village of Troy Grove, where previously, the most earthshaking event had been the birth of Wild Bill Hickock, NBC5's Phil Rogers reported. The rural area is about 70 miles west of Chicago. Lassige said earthquakes in that area are rare, but have occurred before. He said quakes have been recorded there in 1881, 1912 and 1972.

"Oh, I could just hear the rattling," said resident Debbie Graper. "The windows rattling, the house shaking."

Initial reports indicated no major damage from the temblor, although police agencies and radio stations within the quake area were inundated with telephone calls. "My very first thought was that a nuke hit Chicago," said well-driller Darryl Dober.

He was not alone, and Ottawa police said panic set in the instant the quake hit. "A lot of fear set in to a lot of people," said Brent Wilson, of the Ottawa Police Department, "and we had to maintain control because the citizens were coming out into the street." Police said many residents thought a plane had crashed. "It was mayhem around here for a while," said Pattie Burke, a dispatcher for the Ottawa Police. "We had more than 200 calls from residents in a short period of time, all of them wanting to know what had happened. A lot of them seemed to think a truck had crashed into their house. Here in the station, it felt like an aircraft was about to crash right here."

Nicor has a major natural gas facility in the area, and the ground shook with such force that some residents thought the facility had blown up. "It felt just like someone had picked up the building and shook it," a resident said.

The quake was felt at three nuclear power plants in Illinois: Quad Cities, LaSalle and Dresden. Craig Nesbit, a spokesman for the Exelon Corp., which owns the three generating stations, said the Nuclear Regulatory Commission declared an "unusual alert" for all of them, although there appeared to be no damage. "All of them were operating 100 percent, and no problems were reported, but we did a check of all safety systems," Nesbit said. Nesbit said the three stations supply electrical power for several million Illinois residents.

Reports of the shaking came from at least as far east as Valparaiso, Ind., and as far west as the Quad Cities, and from Wisconsin in the north to the St. Louis area in the south. Gary Spaulding of Marseilles, Ill., said he was relaxing in his mobile home when the quake struck. "It was like somebody shot off dynamite," said Spaulding, who added that his cat leaped out of his lap and would still not come near him two hours later. "I thought maybe a tree hit my trailer," Spaulding said. "I've got a dead tree in my yard."

Jeff Biesemeier of Freeport, Ill., said his whole house "was just vibrating." Joe Knapp of Delafield, Wis., just west of Milwaukee, said he was asleep and awoke when the bed began shaking. "Everything was just rolling back and forth," Knapp said.

Monday afternoon, experts were en route to Troy Grove from Memphis. They will be setting out a number of sensors to catch any aftershocks that may occur.


COMMENT (7/1/04): Illinois earthquake PREDICTION FULFILLED, sensationally so I might add (based on the above report), although seven months late.


5.3 Earthquake Near Kilauea - August 27, 2003.


+0.4 Hawaii
+1.0 Illinois
+1.0 Peru
+1.0 Nevada
+0 Yemen-S Arabia

War Breaks Out In Serbia


Kosovo rebel attacks Serb positions


NEW PREDICTION: 7/30/03 -- We are assuming that the dreaded World War III scenario of Russia at war with Nato has not started in August 2003 and that the only major warfare ongoing, if any, is in the Middle East and/or the Pacific.

We know that according to both Alois Irlmaier and the Seer of Waldviertel there will be at least two limited conflicts in the Balkans before a third war triggers a Russian blitzkrieg. One of these will be in "Yugoslavia" (now Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Slovenia). Another will be in Bulgaria.

The base 7 signature for war in the Balkans, specifically in "Yugoslavia," in the near term is November/December 2003 and will likely take place in Serbia. This, of course, includes the possibility that the conflict will be triggered in or spread to the Serbian province of Kosovo once again. Then again, the trouble could be in the north, even in Vojvodina.

The cause may be ethnic in nature, but I would not rule out a political cause. Demonstrations that get out of hand, perhaps?

How long it will last, I don't know. It could be short and over by mid-2004 or drag on for up to two years.



Massive Strikes in Greece Lead to Anti-Government Rallies,
Paralysis of Transportation in Balkans


Massive strikes in Greece


NEW PREDICTION: 10/3/03 -- Nationwide strikes in Greece will lead to anti-government protests. Combined with the troubles in Serbia, the entire Balkans region will seem ready to explode. So widespread will the strikes be that transportation in and out of Greece to and from other Balkan countries will be paralysed. Violent crackdown on strikers and protesters may occur. This should begin around November/December 2003. If civil war or social chaos is averted, strikes will probably not end until at least February 2004.


Greek anarchists bomb banks in protest at FBI visit - November 8, 2003.
New Wave of Greek Strikes - October 13, 2003.
Strikes paralyze Greek capital - October 10, 2003.
Protesting police hit by tear gas - October 9, 2003.
Tear gas at Greek police protest - October 9, 2003.
Athens goes on strike over pay - October 7, 2003.


RATING: + 1.0

US Launches Military Operation in Venezuela to Topple
Regime of President Hugo Chavez


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez USS George Washington


NEW PREDICTION: 7/31/03 -- At this particular time I believe that the end result of the policies of President Hugo Chavez will be that the United States will launch a military operation in Venezuela and forcibly remove him from power in much the same way as Manuel Noriega was ousted by the US in Panama. I think we will see this happen by December 2003 or no later than April 2004 (perhaps it will take four months to accomplish this).

Otherwise, if this is not done, he will lead Venezuela into a major international crisis, partly economic and partly from conspiring with terrorists, involving certain other nations like Cuba and the Al Qaeda organisation. This crisis will directly threaten the US in October 2004, possibly some of America's major cities by terrorists, and seriously endanger the world economy by triggering a banking crisis, requiring an even stronger and more dangerous military responce by the United States.

It would be better if the first option occurred and Bush launch an operation to overthrow Chavez late this year. If he does, it will be successul and Venezuela will become a free, democratic nation.

The second option may have the same result, but at what cost I do not know. A banking crisis set off by loan defaults and impeding the oil flow would lead to a more dangerous and unstable situation in the Middle East than is currently the case.

My guess is that the argument Bush will make for toppling Chavez will be that he is a ruthless tyrant, that Venezuela needs to be liberated, that in part it is to protect US oil interests, and also because of certain terrorist acts that may be linked to Al Qaeda and Chavez's support for them. Bush will manage to link Venezuela into the war on terror by accusing Chavez of harbouring and supporting Al Qaeda, I think.



Major Earthquake Rocks Australia


Earthquake symbol


NEW PREDICTION: 6/18/02 -- In December 2003 a very large earthquake will rattle Australia, possibly the worst one in the nation's history. This may be accompanied by the rather large tsunami some people have had visions of swallowing the east coast of Australia. We'll see.


Massive quake hits off Tasmania -- World's biggest temblor in four years, largest to hit region since 1924 - AAP

December 24, 2004

THE world's biggest earthquake in almost four years has struck 800km off the coast of Tasmania, Australian seismological officials said. Geoscience Australia said the quake, measuring 8.1 on the Richter Scale, hit the Macquarie Rise in the Pacific Ocean at 1.59am (AEDT).

The earthquake, which occurred half-way between Australia and Antarctica, was felt throughout Tasmania, seismologist Cvetan Sinadinovski said.

It caused buildings in parts of the state to shake for up to 15 seconds, he said. No one was injured in the quake and structures were in no danger of collapsing because it struck so far off the coast.

“If it happened underneath a population centre in Australia, this would probably have destroyed a whole city,” Dr Sinadinovski said. “In terms of size, this could have been more than 30 times stronger than the Newcastle event of 1989.”

It was the biggest quake since one occurred off the coast of Peru in early 2001, Dr Sinadinovski said. He said large earthquakes were common in the Macquarie Rise region, occurring every one or two years. “This was an inter-plate earthquake between Indo-Australian and Pacific plates,” he said.

The last earthquake of similar magnitude in the Macquarie Rise region was in 1924.”

The quake originally registered as 7.8 on the Richter scale but had been upgraded to 8.1 this morning, he said.


Earthquake Rattles Australian Wine Region - May 23, 2004.
'Quake shakes Australia's Top End - April 23, 2004.
Quake shakes Wagga Wagga - February 29, 2004.
Strong Quake in Ocean Off New Caledonia - January 3, 2004.
Quake jolts New Caledonia - December 28, 2003.
Earthquake has New South Wales looking up -- 4.3 quake strikes Australia - December 12, 2003.
Blast, tremors shake Sydney's west - December 4, 2003.
Quakes shake New South Wales towns - November 26, 2003.
Tremors could plague SA this week - November 24, 2003.
Far-north Southern Australia shaken by earthquake - November 23, 2003.
5.8 magnitude quake hits South Island - October 1, 2003.


RATING: + 1.0


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JonBenet Ramsey Case Solved -- Suspect Arrested OR
Another Child Is Murdered and Made a Posthumous Celebrity


JonBenet modeling John and Patsy Ramsey Girl silhouette


NEW PREDICTION: 11/6/03 -- Seven years after the murder of child model JonBenet Ramsey, the case will finally be solved and the person who committed the act arrested. The vector for the revelation should occur around December 2003, although it could well be in the spring of 2004. However, if this case is not closed, there is a tangible, but low rate of probability, that there will be another abduction/murder or murder of a child -- possibly a child model like JonBenet was or even a child actress. If not a child model/actress, then something else about the case or the young victim will propel her to a posthumous celebrity status.


UPDATE (11/25/03): Whoops! Wrong gender. Partially correct crime -- Jon Benet Ramsey was also sexually molested before her murder. We'll have to wait and see how the Jackson case unfolds. Keep an eye out for other developing stories, nevertheless, such as the missing female student (link also below). The Jackson child sex case, while quite sensational, still may not be the event that echoes the Ramsey case. Something else might surface, including the capture and arrest of the guilty party or parties.


Jackson faces many chargesMichael Jackson Accused of Imprisoning Boy - July 27, 2004.
Jackson pleads not guilty to molestation charges -- Circus-like atmosphere surrounds hearing; gag order imposed - January 16, 2004.
Michael Jackson formally charged in child molestation case - December 18, 2003.
Boy tapes Jacko claims -- 12-year-old cancer victim Gavin Arvizo fears he may become too ill to testify - November 28, 2003.
Tape: Accuser, mother praised Jackson in February - November 27, 2003.
Jackson website breaks silence on child sex claims - November 25, 2003.
Jacko's letters of love to Rubba - November 24, 2003.
The Vile Child Sex Charges Filed Against Jacko -- But shamed star's CD still hits No.1 - November 24, 2003.
Jacko's security chief reveals sick secrets he witnessed at star's Neverland ranch - November 23, 2003.
Michael Jackson set to eclipse OJ Simpson with trial of the century - November 23, 2003.
Michael Jackson to face multiple child sex charges - November 20, 2003.


RATING: + 0.25



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