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Because the system I use is, thus far, only 71.6% to 92.7% accurate, and because new information may help make initial predictions more focused, the almanacs will be updated periodically as needed.

If a prediction is fulfilled you will see a news article (or news articles) that proves the event took place, along with a commentary by me, immediately beneath the prediction. If a prediction is close to being fulfilled you will be alerted by a link or links to related news articles.

Caveat and Disclaimer


U.S. jets drop 1-ton bombs near Iraq-Syria border; strike Fallujah, Mosul - December 28, 2004.

US may strike at Ba'athists in Syria, official tells 'Post' - December 24, 2004.

Iran and Syria continue supporting terrorism -- Iraqi defense minister accuses them of concerted effort to destabilize the region; King Abdullah recently presented corroborating evidence to US - December 24, 2004.

Iran 'will defend nuclear sites' - December 22, 2004.

Bush threatens Syria, Iran with new pressure over Iraq - December 20, 2004.

Iran missiles pose threat to U.S. interests in Iraq - December 20, 2004.

U.S. War Games Simulate Attack On Iran Nuclear Sites -- War games envision 3-phases that include ground invasion - December 19, 2004.

Arab media reports on US plan to attack Iran -- US forces will infiltrate Iran's territory through Azerbaijan, Iraq and Georgia - December 16, 2004.

Bush warns Iran and Syria as Iraq election campaigning gets underway - December 16, 2004.

Iraq Accuses Iran, Syria of Backing Terror - December 15, 2004.

Airliner Bombing by Terrorists in Metropolitan New York
or Nuclear Destruction of Manhattan


Airliner bombing creates mass destruction in New York harbor


NEW PREDICTION: 12/10/02 -- OK, there are two possibilities: another TWA 800 or 911 tragedy over metropolitan NYC (Long Island and Staten Island included in danger zone) or the second and last vector for the nuking of New York, the first one having been April 2002 (failed). One can easily connect both images, I suppose, if a plane is somehow involved in a nuclear terrorist act. In any event, if the Waldviertler prophecy of the nuclear destruction of Manhattan by terrorists is going to take place anytime soon, it should happen in July 2003. Note the peripheral events should all be here: war in the Middle East and troubles in the Balkans. I cannot currently come up with another base 7 vector for the nuclear destruction of NYC until February/March 2007.

Nostradamus may have described this holocaust in the following quatrain:


Nuclear destruction of ManhattanQuatrain 6.97

At forty-five degrees the sky will burn,
Fire approaches the great new city,
Instantly a great flame leaps up,
When they want to have proof of the Normans (the French).


Access a Dream Window for more detailed information in the form of various visions by Mary Ann, Jennie M., Tom, Joseph Polise, Cindy, Tonya, CD, and myself. The following cities, for one reason or another, may also be in danger of nuclear terrorism in 2003: Chicago, Los Angeles (and/or Hollywood), Washington DC, Seattle, New York City, Boston, Buffalo, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Miami.

Dream about Destruction of New Jersey - A new dream about nuclear attacks on NYC, parts of New Jersey, and other US cities by Ile.

For a detailed account of the destruction of New York City by the Seer of Waldviertel, visit The War Room. According to the seer, in this first English translation of his prophecies, the cause will be nuclear terrorism by "psychopathic enemies." This and much more in "The War Room."


UPDATE (8/15/03): The bad news is that this blackout which has affected not only New York City, but the entire Northeastern US and part of Canada, may have been a "test" by terrorists of America's power grid vulnerablities in the northeast in anticipation of a horrendous terror attack in New York and possibly elsewhere in the region. At this writing no one knows for certain what caused this to happen, so I do not think terrorism (or at least a some type of terrorism planning) can be ruled out. The good news is that this blackout, the worst in US history it is now being reported, may be the major "thing" to happen to NYC around the projected month of July 2003 and not a nuclear terrorist attack. If that is the case, I cannot come up with a base 7 vector for a possible nuclear attack on NYC before February/March 2007. That would make it possible for a Third World War to drag out and not reach its worst point until as late as 2009. Alois Irlmaier's cryptic number "two eights and a nine" (889) might then mean that the Russian blitzkrieg of Europe does not happen until August 8, 2009.


Al Qaida claims responsibility for blackout


Monday, August 18, 2003

Blackout in NYCAl Qaida's Abu Hafs Brigades has claimed responsibility for the blackout last week in the Northeast and Midwest United States. A communiqué by the Abu Hafs Brigades made reference to Operation Quick Lightning in the Land of the Tyrant of this Generation."

It was published as "the third communiqué by the "Brigades."

In the first, they accepted responsibility for the downing of an airplane in Kenya. The second accepted responsibility for the Jakarta bombing of the Marriott hotel on August 5, 2003.

The new communiqué says that in compliance with the orders of Osama bin Laden to strike at the American economy, the Brigades struck two important electricity supply targets on the East coast, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute. The Brigades say that they cannot reveal how they did it, because they will probably have to use the same method again soon. The communiqué also claimed that the operation was meant as a present for the Iraqi people.

The following are excerpts from a report by the London-based Arabic daily Al-Hayat about the communiqué: [1]

The Blackout was 'a Realization of Bin Laden's promise to offer the Iraqi people a present'

"A communiqué attributed to Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the power blackout that happened in the U.S. last Thursday, saying that the brigades of Abu Fahes Al Masri had hit two main power plants supplying the East of the U.S., as well as major industrial cities in the U.S. and Canada, 'its ally in the war against Islam (New York and Toronto) and their neighbors.'
"The communiqué assured that the operation 'was carried out on the orders of Osama bin Laden to hit the pillars of the U.S. economy,' as 'a realization of bin Laden's promise to offer the Iraqi people a present.'

'The Americans lived a black day they will never forget'

"The statement, which Al-Hayat obtained from the website of the International Islamic Media Center, didn't specify the way the alleged sabotage was carried out. The communiqué read: 'let the criminal Bush and his gang know that the punishment is the result of the action, the soldiers of God cut the power on these cities, they darkened the lives of the Americans as these criminals blackened the lives of the Muslim people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. The Americans lived a black day they will never forget. They lived a day of terror and fear… a state of chaos and confusion where looting and pillaging rampaged the cities, just like the capital of the caliphate Baghdad, and Afghanistan and Palestine were. Let the American people take a sip from the same glass.'

'The U.S. will not live in peace until our conditions are met'

"It added: 'we heard amazing statements made by the American and Canadian enemies which have nuclear physics universities and space agencies, that lightning hit and destroyed the two plants. And we are supposed to believe this nonsense. If the blackout occurred in one or two cities, their lie would have been credible. But the fact is that the blackout hit the entire East and part of Canada.'

"The communiqué continued: 'one of the benefits of this strike is that the U.S. will not live in peace until our conditions are met, such as releasing all the detainees including Sheikh Omar Abdulrahman, and getting out of the land of the Muslims, including Jerusalem and Kashmir.'

"The authors of the communiqué said that the strikes aimed at 'hitting the major pillar of the U.S. economy (the Stock Exchange)… [and] the UN, which is opposed to Islam, and is based in New York. It is a message to all the investors that the U.S. is no longer a safe country for their money, knowing that the U.S. economy greatly relies on the trust of the investor…'

'The gift of Sheikh Osama Bin Laden is on its way to the White House'

"The communiqué mentioned that some economists said the blackout in the U.S. and Canada would cost the U.S. Treasury no less than ten billion U.S. dollars and in order to 'break the hearts of U.S. officials, just know that the cost paid by the Moujahideen to sabotage the power plants was a mere seven thousand dollars. Die of sorrow!'

"The communiqué ended with: 'we tell the Muslims that this is not the awaited strike, but it is called the war of skirmishes (to drain the enemy), and that the American snakes are enormous and need to be consumed and weakened to be destroyed. We tell the people of Afghanistan and Kashmir that the gift of Sheikh Osama bin Laden is on its way to the White House; then the gift of Al Aqsa, and do we know what is the gift of Al Aqsa, where and when? The answer is what you are seeing!'


COMMENT (8/19/03): It now appears my warning of a terrorist attack on New York City happening in July 2003 had some teeth in it after all. Right place, right time (only off by one month), and right general event (terrorism). Wrong on the specifics though. It was not another 9/11 attack or a nuclear attack. Then again, we have no way of knowing if this is only stage one of the operation and that the major attack -- another 9/11 event or worse -- may be only another month or two away.

Now you see how a CLOSE or PARTIAL FULFILLMENT works. Maybe. There is a problem.

This whole affair reminds me of another "terrorist attack" that occurred seven years ago: the explosion of TWA 800 over Long Island in July 1996 (the base 7 precedent for my NYC prediction). To this day we do not know for certain if the airliner was bombed or shot down by a shoulder-fired missile (terrorism) or if it was "an ignited spark in the fuel tank" (act of God, accident, human error). It is a controversy that continues, much like the death of Princess Diana. Personally, I believe TWA 800 was shot down by terrorists and that the Clinton Administration covered it up so that "retaliation" would not be an issue during the election that fall.

We have the same problem here: do we buy the terrorist claims and can terrorism be proven or will we be forced by the Bush Administration to accept the Great Blackout of 2003 as a technical fluke?

I say it was an act of terrorism or at least a preliminary part of a larger terrorist operation. The US government was way too quick to dismiss the blackout as being the work of terrorists. How could they know that so early when they couldn't even agree where the blackout originated (Ottawa, northern New York, NYC, Niagara Falls, Ohio, etc ...)?

Ergo, if Bush covers this up and refutes Al Qaeda claims, we may never know how right or how wrong I was about a terrorist attack against NYC around the merry month of July 2003.


Blackout in NYC
Security issues prod search for missing cargo container - May 28, 2004.
Shipping containers seen as terror-bomb carriers - May 28, 2004.
IRAN: Sending a Nuke to America - April 30, 2004.
Al-Qaida No.2: We Have Briefcase Nukes - March 21, 2004.
Italian Il Giornale: Al Qaeda Threatens to Nuke New York on February 2 - December 31, 2003.
Fed Helicopters to Patrol NYC on New Year's Eve - December 29, 2003.
U.S. raises terrorism threat level -- Ridge: Possible attacks could rival 9/11 - December 21, 2003.
Nation's Threat Level Rising to Orange - December 21, 2003.
Government raises terror threat level -- Ridge says danger 'perhaps greater now than any point' since Sept. 11 - December 21, 2003.
U.S. Intelligence Learn of Possible Threats to New York and Other Cities - December 19, 2003.
Al Qaida commander 'anticipates' 100,000 Americans dead in attack -- attack will 'turn Al Qaida into an organization that horrifies the world' - November 13, 2003.
Al-Qaida: Be ready for attack killing 100,000 -- Leader in Iraq warns of 'huge and very courageous strike' on U.S. - November 13, 2003.
Intel: Terrorists planning U.S. attacks -- Net message calls on Muslims to flee NYC, Washington, L.A. - November 3, 2003.
New purported bin Laden tape raises fear of new attacks - September 11, 2003.
New Bin Laden Video Shown on Al Jazeera - September 11, 2003.
Al-Qaida's doomsday warning to America -- New tape says next terror onslaught will obliterate memories of Sept. 11 - September 7, 2003.
Terror attack on grid would collapse U.S. - September 4, 2003.
Advisory: Al Qaeda planning new U.S. attacks -- Laundry list of possible attack scenarios - September 4, 2003.
Terror link to blackouts? Intelligence sources see power grids vulnerable, recall bin Laden threat - September 3, 2003.
Sources: Sabotage Cannot Be Ruled Out in Blackout - August 19, 2003.
Al-Qaida claims power blackout? Arab paper prints communiqué asserting attack 'carried out on the orders of Osama bin Laden' - August 18, 2003.
Major power outage hits New York, other large cities - August 15, 2003.
Cities in eastern U.S. hit by power outages -- Major loss of electricity affects NYC, Detroit, Toronto, Cleveland, Toledo - August 14, 2003.


COMMENT: It is difficult to know how to rate this prediction, especially since an airliner bombing over NYC or a nuclear terrorist attack of Mahattan is still possible this year. In terms of the "fear factor," the Great Blackout of the Northeastern US, with NYC being the first major focus of the event, was exactly the sort of event one might expect to see proceed an actual nuclear attack. The sight of this on television for those of us in small pockets of the Northeast who were not affected was pretty unnerving. I half expected to see the news networks' broadcast signal to NYC vanish at any moment. I believe that this was a terrorist attack on the power grid. Al Qaeda did take credit and afterwards most media coverage of the event just sort of trailed off into oblivion. Of course, much of the media is government-controlled, so it's obvious they didn't want Americans focused on this event after the Al Qaeda claims surfaced. We do know that there was an explosion reported, but obviously not confirmed, at one of the major power centres in the East. Of course, cyber-terror can't be ruled out. The timing of this event was pretty much on target, so I feel we can call this one "close" -- which means only partial credit for a rating in this case. Keep all eyes on what, if anything, happens in NYC this year. It still may be that this prediction will be fulfilled up to 14 months late.



The Vision at Althorp


Diana apparition (head and shoulders)The Second Millennium has been an age of Marian visions -- the most famous of these occurring at Fatima in 1917. The 21st Century will usher in a new era. Was God's plan for the world frustrated by the death of Princess Diana on August 31, 1997? (I will examine this possibility in a future book.) Visitors have not exactly been flocking to the Spencer estate in droves as many believed that they would. A January 9, 2001 update indicates that this may change during the fifth or sixth Althorp summer in July/August 2002 or July/August 2003 when Diana's apparition is witnessed by hundreds of spectators. Soon hundreds of thousands will flock to observe her flame-like image hovering above her grave on the tiny island where she is buried. Tears of joy and recognition will roll down their faces. At that time, she will impart a special message to the world.

Nostradamus foresaw this event as well.



Diana apparition (full view)Quatrain 4.24

Heard beneath the sacred ground the faint voice of a lady,

Human flame for the divine voice shines:

It will cause the blood of the sole ones their blood to stain the earth,

And the holy temples of the impure ones destroyed.


Sacred ground, especially from Nostradamus' strict European Christian perspective, is usually burial ground: earth that has been consecrated by the Church or by a Christian ceremony made suitable for burial of the dead. Thus the "lady" whose voice is discerned coming from the ground is dead. Therefore, what we are experiencing in this quatrain is truly a miraculous event. A woman of tremendous importance, adored and loved in death as well as in life, returns to communicate a message to her worshippers and to the entire world.

Sadly, there will be an unfortunate and unintended reaction to this event. Many Christian priests and pastors will dismiss the miracle as a hoax or as being of diabolical origin. They will not believe that this lady's appearance has been made possible by the grace of God. The reigning pope of that time will also share his Protestant brothers' skepticism. The backlash this causes will be horrendous. Many will be angered, leading to deadly feuds between the churches and against the churches. Many "sole ones" (monks, priests) will be killed.

But this is not what the "divine voice" will wish. The people will dishonour the woman who exalted love above all other things. If Diana does return, listen -- do not judge.

Note: This prediction appeared in my manuscript, Nostradamus and the Final Age, but was withheld from this site until 7/2/99.


UPDATE (1/11/03): This prediction is carried over from 2002 because there was a third and final vector for June 2003 arrived at in a January 9, 2001 update. Again, because June is so close to the July/August 2003 Althorp season, I would suggest that July/August 2003 may be closer to the mark. The May/June 2001 and June 2002 vectors, indicating an apparition of Diana during the summer of 2001 or 2002, failed to occur.

This is the last remaining vector I can calculate for this event using base 7 numerology. If it fails to occur in 2003, this does not mean it will not happen in a later year -- only that I cannot determine when that year will be. If one reads what is prophesied in Quatrain 4.24 carefully and its far-reaching impact on world events, it is very difficult to think of another dead woman of importance who it might apply to other than the late Princess Diana -- at least in our time. The only other answer is that it is to be applied to someone much farther ahead in the future.


"I Shall Arise" -- her final words. Are you ready for the return of the goddess Diana?

She shall certainly come, whether the dates given above are correct or not, she shall come soon, and her Apollo shall reign beside her. The sins of her murderers shall be revealed, they shall not be able to hide, be they kings, men of renown, or presidents of great nations. They shall be hounded and given up to death.

The corridors of the Moon have protected the blessed Diana, daughter of Jupiter and Latona, daughter of gods and daughter of men, and fed her, and clothed her in a great time of trouble and Tribulation!

Read the secret known until now only by Cheiro, Jeane Dixon, John the Revelator, the architects of the Pyramid of Cheops, and the king of prophets ... Nostradamus! Be happy and confident in a new Revelation.


UPDATE (8/18/03): My apologies, but it should have been apparent to me that one last vector does exist for the Diana apparition prophecy and that is on or near the seventh anniversary of her death in August 2004. It is so obvious, but I was using other criterion to determine the 2001-2003 vectors. Such an event really cannot happen much later than that ... I have my reasons for believing so and hopefully will relate them in the near future. Obviously, too, this could impact the timing of the Nostradamus quatrain immediately below this presentation.



The following prediction is not base 7-derived but is solely an interpretation of Nostradamus' Quatrain 9.74. Its success or failure has no effect whatsoever on my personal system of prediction. It could occur any year during the July/August period (the Althorp season) or at any future time when Diana's memory is venerated once more. I believe it will come to pass eventually.

Saddam City to be Bombed


Bombing of BaghdadQuatrain 9.74

Within the city of Fertsod, homicide,

Again and again many oxen plow, not to slaughter,

A return again to the honours of Diana,

And to Vulcan dead bodies to bury.


Fertsod is translated as Sodom by commentators Edgar Leoni (1961) and Erika Cheetham (1973). Sodom, therefore, may stand for Saddam. Saddam City lies in the southern suburbs of Baghdad. The "homicide" could refer to many things: an act of terrorism or military aggression by Iraq, the assassination or attempted assassination of an Israeli or an Arab leader, an attempt at "ethnic cleansing" in the Kurdish north, or the bombing of Baghdad itself. If so, this air campaign will be the most horrendous attack thus far to be visited on the Iraqi people. Their "dead bodies" will be committed to Vulcan, the god of fire, indicating massive air strikes. The reference to "oxen" plowing un-slaughtered suggests the heavy burden of U.N. sanctions will still be in place. As for the timing, Nostradamus provides us with a stunning clue: it will happen during a season when the memory of the late Princess Diana is honoured.

This occurs each year between July 1 and August 30 when the Spencer family estate at Althorp is opened to the public. If the prophecy concerning a miraculous appearance of Diana does occur in summer 2001, 2002, or 2003 this could be the specific meaning behind "a return to the honours of Diana." In that case, this quatrain could be describing an event that will occur around the same time as the Althorp miracle: a catastrophic air campaign conducted by Britain and the United States against Baghdad -- an event so horrendous, so criminal, that the spirit of Diana may cry out against the spilling of innocent blood. Alternatively, Iraq's crime may be so horrid and unpardonable that the Lady of the Lake will lament the victims and condemn Saddam's cruel regime.

It certainly does appear that this verse, Quatrain 9.74, is intimately related to Quatrain 4.24 -- the Vision at Althorp.


COMMENT (10/20/03): This could be the start of a new season of Diana -- a time of re-examining the circumstances of the late princess's death and the very real possibility that we shall soon know the identity of her killer or killers. It further amplifies her uncanny mystical abilities in life -- added to her interest in the supernatural and her ability to heal the sick, it now appears that she was able to see into her own future. Now is the time for us once again to reflect on Diana's life and the wonderful future the world was robbed of on the night of her all-too tragic and premature death.

It is no coincidence that as this revelation of Diana's letter surfaces, Saddam City is again living up to Nostradamus' description of it being a city of "homicide." It is now the scene of daily acts of terrorism and attacks on US soldiers, and the gathering place, a capital if you will, for an increasing number of Iraqi Shiites who follow one man: the young, firebrand Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr who seeks to turn Iraq into an Islamic state patterned after Iran. Soon it may be necessary to commit Baghdad once more into the hands of the fire god Vulcan.


COMMENT (10/27/03): I believe we can now agree that as interest in the late Princess Diana escalates, so too does the "homicide" in Baghdad and its suburb Saddam City.


Iraq Mortar Attack Wounds 35 U.S. Soldiers - January 7, 2004.
13 Dead, 172 Wounded in IraqTerror Attacks - December 27, 2003.
Tanker explodes on Baghdad road -- at least 10 killed, 15 wounded - December 17, 2003.
20 killed in Iraq bomb - police - December 15, 2003.
Blasts Rock Baghdad as Coalition Hits Guerrillas - November 13, 2003.
U.S. helicopter crash kills 16 in Iraq -- Deadliest day for U.S. troops in Iraq since March - November 3, 2003.
42 die in Baghdad carnage - October 27, 2003.
Thirty believed dead in Baghdad blasts - October 27, 2003.
US shocked at Iraq hotel attack - October 26, 2003.
Rockets Hit Wolfowitz Iraq Hotel; U.S. Soldier Dies - October 26, 2003.


Dodi and Diana died in a car crash in a Paris underpass
Prince 'Should Be Questioned over Diana's Plot Claims' - January 7, 2004.
Diana wanted baby to bridge Christian, Muslim divide - January 7, 2004.
Yard To Probe Diana's Death - January 7, 2004.
"My Husband Is Planning An Accident" - January 6, 2004.
Diana's Letter: It Was Charles - January 6, 2004.
Diana 'plot': Paper names Charles - January 6, 2004.
Police to probe Diana death claims - January 6, 2004.
Coroner to probe death of Diana - January 5, 2004.
Diana was pregnant at time of her death, says top policeman - December 21, 2003.
'Diana Was Pregnant' - December 21, 2003.
UK to hold Diana death inquest - December 18, 2003.
Let inquiry draw line under Diana death, court told - December 17, 2003.
Fayed appeals to Scots judge over 'murder' of Diana - December 16, 2003.
'Evidence backs up' Diana murder claim - December 15, 2003.
Diana case appeal - December 15, 2003.
Court to hear 'proof Diana died by force' -- Al-Fayed seeks inquiry in Edinburgh into deaths he claims were the work of MI6 - December 14, 2003.
Diana paparazzi found not guilty - November 28, 2003.
Diana's Secret Tapes Forced Charles To Admit He Is At Center Of Royal Scandal - November 10, 2003.
Diana strikes back from beyond the grave - November 10, 2003.
Is The Future King A Queen? - November 9, 2003.
Royal rumour stories leak in Europe - November 8, 2003.
Prince Charles Denies Alleged Incident - November 7, 2003.
Papers focus on royal intrigues -- "French authorities want the body of Princess Diana to be exhumed, for post mortem tests" - November 2, 2003.
Prince William to meet Burrell - October 28, 2003.
Butler Burrell On That Gay Rape Tape - October 28, 2003.
Burrell denies betraying princess - October 27, 2003.
Queen backs William in Burrell row - October 27, 2003.
Burrell in bitter attack on palace -- Burrell threatens more revelations if Diana's name is "besmirched" - October 26, 2003.
Hewitt: I'm not sure it was an accident - October 26, 2003.
Burrell slammed as 'runaway train' - October 25, 2003.
Paparazzi deny Diana charge - October 25, 2003.
Not 'Sorry' -- Princes Object, but Butler Won't Apologize for Details About Princess Di's Lost Loves - October 24, 2003.
Princes William, Harry Criticize Butler - October 24, 2003.
Diana coroner 'waiting' to set date - October 22, 2003.
Diana forecast her death, aide says -- British royal allegedly wrote letter predicting car accident - October 20, 2003.
Dodi's Family Calls for Investigation - October 20, 2003.
Diana Letter Sensation: 'They Will Try To Kill Me' - October 20, 2003.


FINAL COMMENT (1/16/04): This is an actual Nostradamus prophecy in progress ... a progress that may continue for a number months or years. There can be little doubt that as renewed interest in the life and death of Diana builds, so does the mayhem and "homicide" in Baghdad. The fullest realisation of Quatrain 9.74 may yet be in the future.

Because my base 7 system was not used in regards to this prophecy, it will not be rated. Only base 7 predictions I have personally made are rated for accuracy.

Monitoring of this quatrain as it applies to 2004 continues on 2004 (Part Two). No further updates will appear here unless it is for display purposes (such as a slide show or special news page to reduce used space). All additional, relevent news reports will appear on 2004 (Part Two). This quatrain is also discussed on Revelation.

The Next War in Iraq: US and Turkey vs Iran and Syria


Will a comet approach earth that will take on the appearance of a flaming torch or sword?

Quatrain 2.96

A burning torch in the sky will be seen,
Near the end and source of the Rhone:
Famine, weapon: too late the assistance is provided,
The Persian turns and invades Macedonia.


The short-lived comet above plunged into the sun hours after this photo was taken. However, it is proof
that comets can take on strange shapes, like the "burning torch" mentioned in Quatrain 2.96.
The next major comet to approach earth is the long-anticipated Comet NEAT Q4, due to pass us in
May 2004. Astronomers feel that Q4 will not be a disappoinrtment like some of the other recent
comets seen and will be spectacular enough to rival Comet Hale-Bopp of March/April 1997.
It is quite possible that the war with Iran discussed below will spread from Turkey into Macedonia
and Greece by the time Comet NEAT Q4 graces our skies next year.


"No question that the Shiites are taking control of Iraq, little by little, paving the way for massive Iranian intervention. This will lead to war between US troops stationed in Iraq and the Persian Gulf and Iran, with Turkey likely attacked as well over the fate of the Kurdish north (and for being a US and Nato ally). Then Assad may make his move against Israel and the US, triggering the war prophesied by Jeremiah and in Nostradamus' Alus quatrain ..." - M McClellan


Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his clique of clerics dominate Iran Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim speaks to supporters in Basra



"He will enter, villainous, foul, infamous, tyrannising over Mesopotamia ..." Q8.70

"The black and angry one will make him (the US commander in Iraq) repent of it." Q6.33


NEW PREDICTION: 5/30/03 -- I have warned of this war often on the Email Forums, the War Room (Part One), and other pages. In Islamic prophecy, this is called the War in Byzantium -- an event also mentioned often in the quatrains of Nostradamus. With all the "Planet X" nonsense and a multitude of emails to answer, I am only getting around to posting this now, but most of you know I have held this opinion since well before the Iraq War began in March.

Whether or not a post-war Iraq becomes pacified, a new danger will come from subversive elements moving into Iraq from neighbouring Iran. The Iraqi mullah, Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim, that is so popular with the Shiites in Iraq is paving the way for an Iraqi Islamic state similar to the one in Iran. The hope is to turn Iraq into a part of greater Iran. Iran also has the strongest pro-Iranian Kurd faction in power in the north: the PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan).

I believe that Iran will try to stir up trouble against the US occupation force. In fact it may be the Iranians rather than pro-Saddam loyalists that are responsible for the lastest fighting. I calculate that around August 2003 Iran and pro-Iranian forces in Iraq will go to war with the US troops in Iraq. This will bring in Turkey on the side of the US, but fighting will also break out between Turks and Iranians over the future of northern Iraq (Kurdistan).

A war with Iran would be very difficult for the US and would likely drag out for some time. Complicating the situation, Syria, an ally of Iran, might attack the US from the west and launch missile strikes against Israel and Turkey. Fighting between the US and Iran would likely spread to the waters of the Persian Gulf and the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman.

Iran has the most formidable military in the entire Middle East, due to its inclusion of WMD. However, their conventional forces are also quite state-of-the-art. They have been quietly assembling their weapons of war since the early 1990s to become the most powerful Islamic military power in the world.

I have often mentioned the danger of the year 2006, in part, due to the fact that that is the projection of when Iran will feel it has attained enough of a force to engage the United States in a war and possibly win. It also projects it will have full ICBM capability by that time to strike a target anywhere in the world.

Also, Iran has a very mighty military ally: RUSSIA. Unlike Iraq or even Syria, war with Iran means war with Russia. Many people are not aware of this.

It is a no-brainer, really, that war between Iran and the US IN IRAQ will lead to war between Iran and Turkey. This, in turn, will lead to war between Russia and Nato. World War III.

To view a personal vision by me that may relate to this war, open either Dream Window 1 or Dream Window 3. There is also a time line of events in the Master Dream Window where this conflict might be plotted.


UPDATE (7/6/03): Clearly, it is possible that Turkey too could initially become a belligerent country regarding the fate of Iraq. I never disputed that possibility. However I also believe that, in the end, the West and the US will take Turkey's side. There are just too many Nostradamus prophecies that show Turkey pitted against Iran and both Turkey and Egypt overwhelmed by enemy Islamic armies.

Of course anything could happen, I suppose.

America could become an ally of Iran if a democratic revolution should be successful and cause the overthrow of the mullahs. In an alternative future America could ally with some of the very nations it now considers as adversaries. One also can not rule out a 3 year and 7 month period of global policing by the United States and Russia as prophesied by Nostradamus (it hasn't happened yet).

I would remind many students of Islamic prophecy, however, that the "War in the Byzantine Empire" is an "end of time" prophecy and not merely a "latter days" prophecy. There is a difference. Bible scholars also should take note. I believe the "latter days," the final era of human history, are about to begin, but will last until around the year AD 2242 or AD 2243. That is another 240 years away. An "end of time" prophecy would be about events occurring during the last 7 or so years of this final age (roughly AD 2235 to AD 2243). So, the "War in the Byzantine Empire," and many Biblical "end of time" prophecies as well, can only happen now if Nostradamus was wrong about the date of Armageddon being around AD 2242-43 and the time for the return of Jesus is actually very close at hand. Of course, that would tend to make Nostradamus a false prophet (and this is always a possibility).

Personally, I believe Nostradamus had a faith in God that made him a man of great conviction. I think he believed what he wrote. Furthermore, in my book, Nostradamus and the Final Age, I demonstrate what could be the only way he saw our future after the coming World War III. Sadly, our current time and the Third World War itself remain among the scrambled verses and are subject to interpretation (which is why my interpretations of his quatrains for the current time are no better than anyone else's). But what happens after the war and for the next 230 to 240 years is written in stone. And one of the keys to unlocking that future blueprint lies in his Epistle to Henry II. There are other keys to be found in Nostradamus and by other sources, but the Epistle is a very important one. I believe I have uncovered and presented the future blueprint as Nostradamus believed it to be in my book. However, even if this is exactly what he believed would happen, he could still have been wrong.

For Jesus said He will come like a thief in the night and no man shall know the hour.


Geostrategy-Direct (9.15.04) - There is a secret war along the Iraqi border with Syria, and the U.S. military isn't doing well in it despite having deployed its best forces in Iraq, the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, to attack Al Qaida-inspired insurgents. This is because the Marines have had almost no help from local Iraqi security officials ...


Warplanes target Fallujah
U.S. jets drop 1-ton bombs near Iraq-Syria border; strike Fallujah, Mosul - December 28, 2004.
US may strike at Ba'athists in Syria, official tells 'Post' - December 24, 2004.
Iran and Syria continue supporting terrorism -- Iraqi defense minister accuses them of concerted effort to destabilize the region; King Abdullah recently presented corroborating evidence to US - December 24, 2004.
Iran 'will defend nuclear sites' - December 22, 2004.
Bush threatens Syria, Iran with new pressure over Iraq - December 20, 2004.
Iran missiles pose threat to U.S. interests in Iraq - December 20, 2004.
U.S. War Games Simulate Attack On Iran Nuclear Sites -- War games envision 3-phases that include ground invasion - December 19, 2004.
Arab media reports on US plan to attack Iran -- US forces will infiltrate Iran's territory through Azerbaijan, Iraq and Georgia - December 16, 2004.
Bush warns Iran and Syria as Iraq election campaigning gets underway - December 16, 2004.
Iraq Accuses Iran, Syria of Backing Terror - December 15, 2004.
Bomb kills 7 near Iraq mosque -- Bush warns Syria, Iran to stay out of election process - December 15, 2004.
Iran and Syria fan the flames in Iraq - December 9, 2004.
Saddam loyalists directing insurgency from Syria - December 8, 2004.
Iran conducts largest exercise ever - December 6, 2004.
Iranian army's ground forces start war games - December 3, 2004.
US commander warns Iran, others not to underestimate US military power - November 27, 2004.
Turkey warns of plan to invade Iraq -- Military calls for massive operation into Kurdish region - November 12, 2004.
Extremists Going From Iran to Iraq - November 8, 2004.
U.S. launches assault on strongholds near Syrian border - November 1, 2004.
Syria should join nations in axis of evil - October 15, 2004.
Shells From Syria Fired at Troops in Iraq - October 14, 2004.
Iran maneuvering to deter U.S., Israel -- New combat doctrine to exploit military advantages in potential war - October 9, 2004.
U.S. Drafts Plans Against Syria - September 29, 2004.
Bush administration completes get-tough plan for Syria -- Military action could begin in as little as a few weeks - September 28, 2004.
Syria Blames Israel for US War With Iraq - September 27, 2004.
THE NEXT WAR FRONT: Kerry criticizes Bush over N Korea and Iran, urging direct engagement - September 25, 2004.
U.S. military intelligence: Saddam transferred WMD to Syria - September 24, 2004.
Clerical body in Iran calls for 'Islamic' Iraq - September 21, 2004.
US debates military strikes on 'nuclear Iran' - September 15, 2004.
Syria tested chemical arms on civilians in Darfur region - September 14, 2004.
Iraq accuses Iran of arming Sadr forces - August 10, 2004.
Iraqi defence minister warns Iran over sending of spies and saboteurs - July 26, 2004.
Push to secure Iraq's borders reveals Iran's concerns - July 23, 2004.
Iran army in new clashes with Turkish Kurds - July 10, 2004.
Iran confirms clashes withTurkish Kurd rebels - July 8, 2004.
U.S. Wants Option to Destroy Syrian WMD Bunkers - June 30, 2004.
Experts: Iran Ready to Take It to the Brink - June 29, 2004.
Iraqi Arabs flee returning Kurds -- Tens of thousands left homeless -- Contested Kirkuk seen as flashpoint - June 21, 2004.
Kurds Advancing to Reclaim Land in Northern Iraq - June 20, 2004.
Hezbollah fighters in Iraq -- Lebanese terrorist group conducts ops against U.S. - June 20, 2004.
Iran massing troops on Iraq border - June 15, 2004.
Recruiters: 10,000 in Iran said signing up for suicide missions - June 6, 2004.
Turkey mum on US plans to station warplanes at Turkish base - June 4, 2004.
U.S. shifts troops to stop fighters entering from Syria - May 31, 2004.
Iranians sign up for Iraq attacks - May 28, 2004.
Iran Stands Ready to Attack the West -- 'Our Missiles Are Ready to Strike at Anglo-Saxon Culture... There Are 29 Sensitive Sites in the U.S. and the West...' - May 28, 2004.
Iranian official threatens U.S. -- Suicide, missile attacks are ready 'to strike at Anglo-Saxon culture' - May 28, 2004.
U.S. hits Syria with sanctions - May 12, 2004.
Syria ready to 'defend' itself against U.S. -- Ambassador talks about Hamas, Hezbollah, bio-chem weapons, Iraq, more - May 11, 2004.
Marines killed in Iraq suicide blast -- Forces not withdrawing from Fallujah - April 30, 2004.
Syria's Assad backs Iraqi resistance - April 30, 2004.
Iraq attackers kill 10 US troops - April 29, 2004.
Warplane fires on Fallujah - April 28, 2004.
US renews assault on Iraqi city - April 28, 2004.
U.S. warplanes pound targets in Fallujah -- More than 60 insurgents killed near Najaf - April 27, 2004.
Strikes light up sky in Fallujah -- U.S personnel target insurgents using aircraft, ground assaults - April 27, 2004.
Renewed clashes erupt in Falluja - April 27, 2004.
US forces battle Shia militiamen - April 27, 2004.
Hezbollah deploying missiles to Iraq? -- Report says Iran-backed group assisting anti-U.S. insurgency - April 27, 2004.
Syrian capital rocked by blasts - April 27, 2004.
Damascus battle erupts near embassies - April 27, 2004.
US Warns Lebanon to Stop Hamas Support - April 25, 2004.
U.S. faces threat of nationwide Shiite uprising -- Underestimated extent to which Saddam kept Iraq together by force - April 23, 2004.
Al Sadr warns of suicide attacks if U.S.strikes -- Bulgarian soldier killed in convoy attack - April 23, 2004.
U.S. Marines engaged in 'silent war' near Syrian border - April 19, 2004.
U.S. Closes Down Roads to Baghdad -- Six Marines Killed Near Syrian Border - April 17, 2004.
U.S. intel: Syria funding Iraqi uprising -- Damascus has become key opponent of new Baghdad government - April 16, 2004.
Sadr aided by largest Shi'ite militia - April 14, 2004.
Iran, Hezbollah support Moqtada al-Sadr - April 7, 2004.
Coalition battles in Iraqi key cities - April 7, 2004.
Who are Iraq's Mehdi Army? - April 6, 2004.
Coalition forces under fire in Ramadi -- Clashes reported in seven locations across Iraq - April 6, 2004.
Iran declares war on U.S. - April 5, 2004.
Shiite hell sweeps Baghdad -- Dozens killed, 200 wounded in major uprising - April 5, 2004.
Warnings from Islam's 'messianic whirlpool' -- Jihadists in global frenzy over coming of prophesied 'Mahdi' - March 29, 2004.
Syria arrests hundreds as riots sweep the nation -- Regime blames U.S. after American flags spotted in protests - March 17, 2004.
U.S. to hit Syria with sanctions -- President empowered by new Syria accountability law - March 11, 2004.
US to slap sanctions on Syria - March 6, 2004.
Iraqi Kurds demand a voice - February 29, 2004.
Syria and Iran warned over Iraq - February 25, 2004.
Kurds demand vote on independence - February 25, 2004.
Iraq May Be Slipping Into Civil War - February 16, 2004.
Bashar Assad's Syria: The Next Target in the War on Terror - February 9, 2004.
Operative Seeks Sectarian War in Iraq - February 9, 2004.
Death Toll in Northern Iraq Blasts Soars to 101 - February 3, 2004.
At least 56 dead in Iraq suicide blasts -- Top Kurdish officials killed; many people wounded - February 1, 2004.
Twin blasts slaughter Iraqi Kurds - February 1, 2004.
US War on Terror May Spread to Syria, Report Says - January 23, 2004.
Janes: U.S. might strike Hezbollah in Bakaa - January 23, 2004.
Report: Rumsfeld considers striking Hizbullah to provoke Syria - January 22, 2004.
USA mulls Hizbullah strikes - January 22, 2004.
'Janes': US gearing for showdown with Syria - January 22, 2004.
Turkey Warns of Internal Fighting in Iraq - January 16, 2004.
Turkey warns over 'ethnic Iraq' - January 16, 2004.
Shia Muslims in show of power - January 15, 2004.
Report: US considering armed intervention in Syria - January 14, 2004.
Bush's advisers debating military force against Syria - January 10, 2004.
Hawks tell Bush how to win war on terror -- Syria, Iran, North Korea, even Saudi Arabia and France in the crosshairs - December 31, 2003.
Report: U.S. could target Iran, Syria in stage 3 - December 11, 2003.
More than 10,000 Iran militia wish for US defeat - November 30, 2003.
North Iraq hit by fresh violence - November 24, 2003.
At least 18 Iraqis killed by car bombings -- Missile damages cargo plane - November 22, 2003.
Chaos and panic in Istanbul - November 20, 2003.
Twin bombings rock Turkey - November 20, 2003.
U.S. deploys 20,000 troops near Syrian border - November 19, 2003.
Blasts Rock Baghdad as Coalition Hits Guerrillas - November 13, 2003.
U.S. Forces Launch Operation Iron Hammer - November 12, 2003.
U.S. hits area of helicopter crash - November 8, 2003.
Massive Movement of American Warplanes Takes Place in Scotland -- 'Short War' with Syria or Iran Within Next 10 Days Speculated - November 5, 2003.
U.S. helicopter crash kills 16 in Iraq -- Deadliest day for U.S. troops in Iraq since March - November 3, 2003.
Hundreds of mercenaries still crossing Syrian border into Iraq - October 29, 2003.
Saddam Regroups, Coordinates Terror Onslaught on Baghdad - October 27, 2003.
42 die in Baghdad carnage - October 27, 2003.
Thirty believed dead in Baghdad blasts - October 27, 2003.
US shocked at Iraq hotel attack - October 26, 2003.
Rockets Hit Wolfowitz Iraq Hotel; U.S. Soldier Dies - October 26, 2003.
Saddam calls for jihad, his wife takes Mideast shopping spree - October 23, 2003.
U.S. troops battle at Iraqi-Syrian border - October 15, 2003.
Syria Calls up Reserves, Fears US-Israeli Military Pincer - October 14, 2003.
Governing Council Member: Iraq Will Stand With Syria - October 13, 2003.
Turks warn Iraqi Kurds - October 13, 2003.
Cleric seeks to create Islamic republic in Iraq - October 11, 2003.
Iraq's governing council maintains opposition to Turkish troop deployment - October 11, 2003.
Kay: Saddam sent 'convoys' to Syria in months before war - October 8, 2003.
Turkey plans Iraq deployment in November - October 8, 2003.
Turkey troops 'for western Iraq' - October 8, 2003.
Turkey troops plan angers Iraq - October 7, 2003.
Turkey cabinet backs Iraq troops - October 6, 2003.
Turkey's Cabinet Approves Troops for Iraq - October 6, 2003.
Mideast Tensions Surge, U.S. Backs Israeli Self-Defense - October 6, 2003.
U.S. Cites Syria As Sponsor of Terrorism - October 5, 2003.
Russia fears extension of Mideast conflict after Israeli raid on Syria - October 5, 2003.
US troops near Syrian border stunned after Israeli attack - October 5, 2003.
U.S. losses in Iraq grow as foe 'evolves' -- Syria and Iran implicated - October 3, 2003.
U.S. Troops Take On Syrian Border - September 29, 2003.
Tehran putting its spies in Iraq - September 28, 2003.
US 101st Tackles Arab Tribes Helping Guerrillas Reach Iraq from Syria - September 22, 2003.
U.S. probe focuses on Syria weapons - September 17, 2003.
U.S.: Syria Lets Militants Kill U.S. Forces in Iraq - September 16, 2003.
Bomb hits Iraqi Kurd region - September 10, 2003.
PKK ends ceasefire with Turkey, attacks reported near border - September 3, 2003.
Ocalan Re-Ignites Turkish Kurdish Revolt - September 2, 2003.
Shiites report top leader among bombing victims -- Iraqi officials: At least 75 dead, 142 wounded - August 29, 2003.
'Iraqifada' attracts recruits globally -- Islamists coming from around world to fight U.S. - August 25, 2003.


Greater IranCOMMENT: The cross border attacks on Syria, the so-called "secret war" with Syria, including insurgents from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and elsewhere has shown one direction the war in Iraq may soon take. Likewise, the Shiite uprisings under Moqtada al-Sadr, and reported infiltrations in the south and north by Iranian "mercenaries," gives one another perspective on how this war may expand. The ultimate goal for Iraq by the mullahs in Iran can be seen to the immediate right:

Obviously this will not happen without a fight -- a major fight. I thought this expansion of the war into Syria and Iran would happen long before now, obviously. Still, current indications are that I will eventually be correct. But for a rating of + 1.0, it must happen by December 31, 2004. It is still a terribly close prediction.


RATING: + 0.66


Continue or return to previous position.

Baton Rouge Killer Captured


Authorities say Gina Wilson Green, Pam Kinamore and Charlotte Murray Pace, from left, were killed by the same man Baton Rouge killer composite Trineisha Dene Columb and Carrie Lynn Yoder


NEW PREDICTION: 5/5/03 -- Many things are subject to the cycles of seven -- including the careers of serial killers. The man responsible for a string of murders in Louisiana since September 2001 is no exception. If one looks closely at when the first murder took place, that of Gina Wilson Green, one will note that the timing was in an autumn almost exactly 28 (4 x 7) years after the first of another series of female victims: that of Kathy Devine, who disappeared Thanksgiving 1973 and was found dead two weeks later. Like Green, Devine had been strangled. However, subsequent victims have been stabbed, bludgeoned, and dispatched of in various other ways. Since the Green case, six more unsolved murders have taken place in Baton Rouge, Port Allen, and Lafayette -- most recently on March 3 of this year.

Mug shots of Ted BundyThe parallels between the 1973-75 murders and the Baton Rouge Killer should not be ignored. In each case, the MO has varied (stranglings, stabbings, bludgeonings, etc). Of the three years, 2001, 2002, and 2003, the majority of victims were killed in 2002. Likewise, of the three years, 1973, 1974, and 1975, the majority of victims died in 1974. Thus far, the Baton Rouge Killer has had five murders attributed to him. Three others may also be linked to him, but their remains were so decomposed that DNA evidence was impossible to retrieve. During the 1973-75 killings at least twelve women were found murdered and later linked to Theodore Robert Bundy -- Ted Bundy, who in the end may have been responsible for 36 slayings. My guess is a larger number of murders and missing person cases in Louisiana not shared with the media will eventually be linked to the Baton Rouge Killer.

I believe, like Ted Bundy, police will capture the Baton Rouge Killer soon, probably in the summer, perhaps near August 2003. It is possible the vehicle he will be driving at that time will be identified. This individual will be clever and, once captured, should remain under close watch throughout his incarceration both during and after the trial phase and up until the date of his execution. Otherwise, he may escape within three years time and murder again.


Extradition hearing set for serial killings suspect -- Tip helped lead to Lee, authorities say

Wednesday, May 28, 2003 Posted: 5:09 AM EDT (0909 GMT)

Derrick Todd LeeATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Derrick Todd Lee, suspected in five serial killings in Louisiana, will appear in an Atlanta courtroom Wednesday morning for extradition proceedings, police say.

Lee was arrested in Atlanta late Tuesday after police received a tip that he had been spotted.

Members of the Atlanta Police Department's Fugitive Squad apprehended Lee about 8:45 p.m. at a tire shop in southwest Atlanta. He did not resist and was carrying his Louisiana identification. "He just said he was the person," Atlanta Police Chief Richard Pennington told CNN.

Lee, 34, will face first-degree murder and aggravated rape charges, said Pat Englade, the police chief of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. An extradition hearing for Lee will be held in Atlanta on Wednesday morning, Englade said.

Lee "hasn't said much" to investigators since his arrest, Pennington said. "I know now that we have taken a very dangerous person that's a serial murder suspect off the streets of Atlanta, and I'm sure the citizens of Louisiana are proud as well that we've taken this very dangerous person off our streets," he said.

Minutes before the arrest, Pennington said police had received a call from "an informant" who might have spotted Lee. Officers went to the location and found a man fitting his description at the rear of the tire shop. "Sure enough, he was the person," Pennington said.

Mike Richards, a supervisory deputy with the U.S. Marshals Service, said, "He was actually sitting behind the tire store talking to a young lady when they arrested him ..."

David McDavid, the chief of detectives in Zachary, Louisiana, said Lee is considered a suspect in the deaths of two women there -- one in 1998, the other in 1992. He said police are trying to compare DNA from those crime scenes to Lee's.

'Unusual genetic markers'

Louisiana's serial killer task force said DNA evidence links Lee to the killings of Gina Wilson Green, Charlotte Murray Pace, Pam Kinamore, Trineisha Dene Colomb and Carrie Lynn Yoder.

A task force member told CNN that the DNA tests showed "highly unusual genetic markers." He said the chance that someone other than Lee could have those markers is "something like one in 4 billion."

Lee's most recent address was in St. Francisville, Louisiana, 40 miles from Baton Rouge, police said. Police have searched his home, the home of his mother, and a nearby apartment they believe belongs to his girlfriend.

The killings began in Baton Rouge in September 2001, when Green, 41, was found strangled near the campus of Louisiana State University.

In May 2002, Pace, 22, was found stabbed to death in her home, also near the LSU campus; and in July, Kinamore, 44, was abducted and found with her throat slit. Kinamore's body was found 30 miles east of Baton Rouge. The body of Colomb, 23, was found in a wooded area November 24, about 20 miles from where her abandoned car was discovered.

The body of Yoder, 26, an LSU graduate student, was found in March near the Whiskey Bay Bridge off Interstate 10 outside Baton Rouge, the spot where another victim was found. An autopsy found Yoder was strangled after being beaten and raped.


COMMENT (5/29/03): PREDICTION FULFILLED three months early. I realise that some of you will say that this prediction was not very remarkable -- the Baton Rouge killer would get caught sooner or later, right? Well, maybe not. They never caught the Zodiac Killer and they could have taken several years or a decade more before they caught this fellow.

Of course, what is really amazing is how close I was in comparing this killer with Ted Bundy. Aside from the similarity in timing and manner of the murders, the personal comparisons are striking.

What I find remarkable about this case is the similarity between Derrick Todd Lee and Theodore Robert Bundy. Start with the name. To his friends, at least as reported on television, Lee was called "Todd." Bundy was called "Ted."

It was also reported that Lee pretended to be in need of help to lure some of his victims. Bundy also used this technique, including the wearing of an arm cast.

Like Ted Bundy, Todd Lee was a "charmer." In the news article below, he is described as "a charming man who started a bible study class at a motel in southwest Atlanta, worked construction jobs for cash, barbecued for his neighbors and liked to court women" and as someone who "made friendships with everyone and everything."

Lee was handsome like Bundy, described below by a resident at the motel he was staying at as "a very handsome black dude."

Like Bundy, he started out as a "peeping Tom" (see below). Also, like Bundy, he was identified by a woman who survived an attack. In this case Lee was identified by a composite sketch, while Bundy, who was also composite sketched, was identified by the vehicle his victim said he was driving.

I stated above, "My guess is a larger number of murders and missing person cases in Louisiana not shared with the media will eventually be linked to the Baton Rouge Killer." We will see in the next report below that "more than two dozen unsolved murder cases in the Baton Rouge area are being re-examined, as are several in the Atlanta area." Two cases in Zachary, Louisiana are already being linked to the five known murders Lee is being charged with.

As time goes by, don't be surprised to actually see direct comparisons being made in the media and press between Todd Lee and Ted Bundy or the name of Ted Bundy actually mentioned.


Serial killings suspect described as charming -- Lee had history as peeping Tom

Wednesday, May 28, 2003 Posted: 8:47 PM EDT (0047 GMT)

Derrick Todd LeeATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Derrick Todd Lee is described by those who recently encountered him as a charming man who started a bible study class at a motel in southwest Atlanta, worked construction jobs for cash, barbecued for his neighbors and liked to court women.

But authorities say Lee -- a married father of two young children -- had a much darker side, smooth-talking his way into the lives of unsuspecting women and then killing them.

He is now accused of five serial killings in Louisiana, and authorities across the United States are reviewing unsolved murders to see if they might be connected.

At the Lakewood Motor Lodge in Georgia, where Lee stayed the last week for $135, residents seemed stunned by his arrest, recalling a gentler man who was easy to get along with. "He was my friend. He said he was from Mississippi and he and his wife were having problems," said motel resident Vallerie Ann Thwaites. She described him as "a very handsome black dude."

Just last Sunday, Lee manned the grill at a birthday party for motel manager Bob Idicalla. "He is a good preacher. He made friendships with everyone and everything," said Idicalla. Lee also liked to invite women to his room for cognac.

Motel residents said he was attracted to Tammy Hill, who spurned his advances. "He scared me," Hill told CNN. "He actually asked if he could come visit me a couple times over here. I was like, 'No.'"

Lee was talking to another woman at a tire store when he was arrested late Tuesday.

Until he was handcuffed, the prime suspect in the Baton Rouge serial killings of five women had spent three weeks a step ahead of the law. He went on the run after voluntarily giving a DNA sample to authorities investigating two other slayings of women in the small Louisiana town of Zachary, just north of Baton Rouge.

Authorities say Lee criss-crossed the country by bus, from Louisiana to Chicago and back again, then heading to Atlanta where he was finally caught.

Rap sheet fueled detective's suspicion

Lee has long been familiar to Zachary authorities, with a rap sheet that includes arrests for burglary, stalking and "peeping Tom" incidents. He spent two years in prison for a 1992 home burglary.

It was the Zachary Police Department and a few lucky breaks that helped bring the serial murder investigation together.

Detective David McDavid told CNN he considered Lee suspicious for years because of his arrest record. But McDavid said investigators never had enough evidence to connect him to two women's killings in 1992 and 1998 -- both unrelated to the serial killer investigation.

It wasn't until May 5 that Zachary police got a court order to take a sample of Lee's DNA.

While Zachary authorities waited for the DNA test results, police in nearby St. Martin Parish released the composite sketch last week of a man suspected in the attack and attempted rape of a woman there. Zachary police believed the sketch looked like Lee -- but his DNA sample was just one of many waiting to be tested by the Louisiana state crime lab, sources close to the investigation told CNN.

Zachary police then huddled with the serial killings task force, urging that Lee's DNA analysis be moved to the head of the line. On Sunday night, Mike Barnett, the chief criminal deputy for the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Department, said he got the news of a DNA match to the five woman killed in the area. "We were elated," he told CNN.

But Lee was nowhere to be found, having begun his travels by bus to Illinois and Georgia.

School officials said Lee and his wife pulled their children -- a 13-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl -- out of school soon after his DNA test. His wife and children are believed to be safe, but in hiding, police say. Lee and his wife -- who works at a local post office -- filed for bankruptcy in November 2002. According to court records, they were almost $85,000 in debt. At the time, Lee drove a truck for local construction companies.

Wednesday, Lee was extradited to Louisiana for the five serial killings that had terrified the Baton Rouge community beginning in September 2001. More than two dozen unsolved murder cases in the Baton Rouge area are being re-examined, as are several in the Atlanta area.

"What will happen now is we'll try to identify every city, every place that this individual has been. Try to link any unsolved murders that may have been accomplished by this individual," said FBI special agent Charles Cunningham.

Serial killings suspect guilty in Louisiana - October 12, 2004.
Police link 7th murder to serial killings suspect - February 12, 2004.
Profile fits aspects of suspect's life -- Lee's behavior "might not fit with the Jeffrey Dahmer-type, but it sure fits with the Ted Bundy-type" - May 28, 2003. Posted February 12, 2004.


RATING: + 1.0

Russia and Iran Launch Blitzkrieg Against Europe


Bombing of Danube bridge

Quatrain 5.94

Translated into the great Germany,

Brabant and Flanders, Ghent, Bruges and Bullange,

The truce feigned, the great duke of Armenia

Will assail Vienna and Cologne.

Iranian rocket launchers

Quatrain 2.96

A burning torch in the sky will be seen,

Near the end and source of the Rhone:

Famine, weapon: too late the assistance is provided,

The Persian turns and invades Macedonia.

Russia and Iran enjoy a very close relationship, one that has been cultivated by Moscow since the early 1990s. Sales by Moscow to Teheran of nuclear technology, hi-tech weapons, and sophisticated air and naval warships and submarines occur on a regular basis, much to the displeasure of the United States.

One must ask why Moscow pursues such a close alliance with such a radical Islamic fundamentalist state -- a country that has never ceased to call for the destruction of Israel and characterise the United States as "the Great Satan." Russia condemns terrorism; yet, Iran is one of the largest state sponsors of international terrorism. Russia warns the world of the dangers of "radical Islamic fundamentalism" while it pursues its war against Chechnya; yet, it enters into a strategic partnership with the very nation that first inspired that phrase.

Russia also continues to support the regime of Saddam Hussein, the chief exporter of weapons of mass destruction in the region, and props up the fledgling government of Bashar al-Assad of Syria out of an old alliegence to his late father, Hafez al-Assad. Both countries support regional terrorism against the state of Israel and Iraq builds up its WMD for future use against Israel, the United States, and their Arab allies.

Therefore, how can America trust the Russian leadership? -- a leadership that was two-faced under Boris Yeltsin and remains as "unpredictable" and un-trustworthy under Vladimir Putin.

These alliances with rogue states are being pursued for a reason.

Prophecy tells us what the results of these alliances will be: conquest of the Middle East and joint control of much of the world's oil by Russia, Iran and Iraq, the destruction of Israel, the reclaiming of all territories lost in previous wars or through concessions, and the waging of a horrific war against the nations of the West.

Nostradamus describes this war in incredible detail; unfortunately he does this through his quatrains which are out of sequence. The Old Testament prophet Daniel also offers a chronological glimpse that complements Nostradamus' scenarios, but the view is not in high resolution. Lastly, more modern prophets from Central Europe such as Alois Irlmaier provide a blow-by-blow account of the war to come -- a war that is unimaginably horrible and gruesome.

When it comes to Russia, my system of divination, base 7 numerology, has been practically useless. The Cold War conflicts and crises that occurred were so numerous, along with Russia's more recent adventures in the 1990s in Lithuania, Chechnya, and two failed revolts in Moscow, that there has hardly been a year that has not portended some sort of danger. There have been far too many historical precedents (and repetitions too) to be absolutely certain when Russia will be at its most dangerous.

That is, until now.

With the aid of one Nostradamus quatrain which I believe is a dating, and a close comparison of that date to events that occurred in 1968 and 1989, I have discovered the most likely vector for a joint Russian-Iranian blitzkrieg of Europe: August 21-27, 2003.

Base 7 influences:

1) Events of "Prague Spring" lead to Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia on August 21, 1968.

2) A domino-effect occurs throughout the Warsaw Pact countries and Romania after the fall of the Berlin Wall during the Revolution of November-December 1989.


In a series of frightening quatrains, Nostradamus describes an invasion of southern France via the Pyrenees and from the port at Marseilles. It culminates with nearly a million dead French civilians killed by "fire from the sky" as they flee northwards toward Lyon (which is also captured by the enemy). I believe the cause of the "fire" will be Fuel Air Explosives, sometimes called the poor man's nuclear bomb. The devastation from FAEs is nearly as horrific as that caused by atomic bombs, only without the radiation. This southern advance I believe is led by Iranian ("Persian") and "Median" allies of Moscow (Iranians, Kurds, and Moslem groups from the former Soviet Union such as the Azeris and Abkhazians). Meanwhile, Russian forces will press westward into Austria and Germany from the former Warsaw Pact and north into Scandinavia.

Mars closest opposition in over 5,000 years occurs in August 2003One of the quatrains deals with the fate of the Pope, whoever he is, at the time of the invasion:

Quatrain 8.46

Paul the celibate will die three leagues from the Rhone
The two nearest flee the Tarascon monster:
When Mars will make a most horrible throne,
The cock and the eagle, France, the three brothers.

Mars no longer "reigns by good fortune" as it does in Quatrain 10.72 -- the great King of Terror quatrain. The "before and after" period of 1997-2003 has ended.

On August 27, 2003, Mars will be at its closest opposition to earth in over 60,000 years. Mars will be on his "most horrible throne."

This dating is properly aligned, through use of base 7, with August 21, 1968. These days, August 21-27, may actually be the parametres of the invasion. The fact that this is a period of only six days suggests that this will be a blitzkrieg.

The major Western allies mentioned are France (the cock), the United States (the eagle), and Great Britain (the three brothers: Charles, Andrew, and Edward).

The fiery invasion of southern France is echoed in an ancient document authored by an unknown clergyman in AD 346. Entitled the Liber Vaticinationem Quodam Instinctumentis, it presages three world wars that will directly involve Germany, the first two as an aggressor and the last as a defender of "the Empire" against the invaders from the East:


Fuel Air Explosive in actionNorma 63:7

For the third (world war), the earth shakes,
The throat of the Gaul (France) is ravaged.
Many die fleeing from the awful winds,
The sun halts in its path in the heavens.

It is then said that the norma will die "when the wolf (Germany) is hacked to bits."


What other evidence exists that Russia and Iran will invade Central and Western Europe? We need only turn to the Bible for a wealth of such documentation.


Daniel 8:3-8 --

Then I lifted up mine eyes and saw, and, behold, there stood before the river a ram, which had two horns, and the two horns were high; but one was higher than the other and the higher came last (Persia and Media). I saw the ram pushing westward, and northward, and southward; so that no beasts (nations) might stand before him, neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand; but he did according to his will, and became great.

And as I was considering, behold, an he goat came from the west (Nato/European Union), on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground (US/British/French air power): and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes (the President of France, the first permanent leader of the EU to come). And he came to the ram that had two horns, which I had seen standing before the river, and ran unto him in the fury of his power. And I saw him come close unto the ram, and he was moved with choler against him, and smote the ram, and brake his two horns; and there was no power in the ram to stand before him, but he cast him down to the ground, and stamped upon him: and there was none that could deliver the ram out of his hand ...

Daniel 8:17, 19, 21--

(The angel Gabriel) said unto me, Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end shall be the vision. And he said, behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation: for at the time appointed the end shall be. The ram which thou sawest having two horns are the kings of Media and Persia ...

Daniel 8:3-8 --

Then I lifted up mine eyes and saw, and, behold, there stood before the river a ram, which had two horns, and the two horns were high; but one was higher than the other and the higher came last (Persia and Media). I saw the ram pushing westward, and northward, and southward; so that no beasts (nations) might stand before him, neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand; but he did according to his will, and became great.

And as I was considering, behold, an he goat came from the west (Nato/European Union), on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground (US/British/French air power): and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes (the President of France, the first permanent leader of the EU to come). And he came to the ram that had two horns, which I had seen standing before the river, and ran unto him in the fury of his power. And I saw him come close unto the ram, and he was moved with choler against him, and smote the ram, and brake his two horns; and there was no power in the ram to stand before him, but he cast him down to the ground, and stamped upon him: and there was none that could deliver the ram out of his hand ...

Daniel 8:17, 19, 21--

(The angel Gabriel) said unto me, Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end shall be the vision. And he said, behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation: for at the time appointed the end shall be. The ram which thou sawest having two horns are the kings of Media and Persia ...


Gabriel tells the prophet Daniel what the "ram" signifies: its two horns symbolise Persia (Iran) and Media.

But what is Media?

In ancient times, Media was a vast kingdom with territiories in the Middle East, Asia Minor, the Caucasus, Transcaucasia, and Central Asia. Media was located in what is now north-western Iran, northern Iraq, north-eastern Syria, eastern Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, portions of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, and the southern Russian Caucasus states of Chechnya and Dagestan.

In other words, much of Media was located in what is now the former Soviet Union and southern-most Russia.

Although it is true that these former Soviet republics have been independent of Moscow since December 1991, it is clear Russia is in the process of trying to win them back. Chechnya and Dagestan are in Russia proper and have never been independent countries. Russia has made threatening moves against Georgia and was behind several assassinations in Armenia. Russia has teamed up with Iran against Azerbaijan over Caspian Sea oil. She has also been wooing the Central Asian republics to return to the fold in some measure.

Also, because Russia is multi-ethnic, having many citizens with roots in these regions, in a sense she is a land of Medes. Thus, in our modern world, Daniel's two-horned ram can be a Moslem federation made up of Iran, Iraq, the former southern Soviet states, the Kurd territories, and Chechnya and Dagestan. However, it is difficult to fanthom such a coalition, even with Iran included, being capable of taking on all of Nato and conquering much of Europe -- at least, not without the help and direct participation of Moscow.

The dream of a United States of Europe will not be truly realised until the end of the war -- whether this be in 2003, 2005 or 2006. Nostradamus names the first emperor of Europe and "Holy Empire" as Chiren. Whether or not this is Jacques Chirac or a future French leader named Henry or Henri (virtually all Nostradamians subscribe to the Henry/Henri view), France will become the seat of the new empire.

I also believe the "great horn," the "first king," and the "mighty king" who brings an end to the war of the ram and the he goat in Daniel's vision is the same personality as Nostradamus' Chiren.

Alois IrlmaierA much more detailed version of this war was forecast in 1950 by the German prophet Alois Irlmaier. It mentions that a drawn-out war in the Middle East and wars in the Balkans will precede the Russian invasion of Europe. It includes the Western responce -- a horrid bio-chemical assault and defeat of the Russian army, a war with China, use of "tsunami bombs," three days of darkness and death by "satanic boxes," a lingering war in southern Europe, a devastating revolution and civil war in Russia, the destruction of Paris, the flight of the Pope and his return, and the rise of a mighty Western monarch. Although his main focus was on the Russian invasion, other Central European visionaries, such as Brother Adam of Weurzburg, who saw the same scenario mentioned allies of Russia who would plow into the south of Europe via the Balkans. For an illustrated version of the Irlmaier prophecy, go to my page, Russia in News and Prophecy (Part One).


For related visions on World War III in Europe, use of a "yellow powder" mentioned by Irlmaier, nerve gas, and other related phenomenon, open a Dream Window.


Base 7 Dates

There is much base 7 justification in believing that major warfare will come soon to the Balkans and the rest of Europe -- in singular Balkans conflicts and from Russia and Iran. Note how close the dates are for the following countries:


  1. Albania - December 2003-April 2004, October 2006
  2. Austria - June 2005
  3. Belgium - May 2003, June 2005
  4. Bosnia - April 2006
  5. Britain - September 2002, April 2003, June 2005, October 2005
  6. Bulgaria - October-December 2003, June 2004, December 2004
  7. Croatia - May 2002, March-June 2005
  8. Czech Republic, Slovakia - May 2003, August 2003
  9. France - July-September 2002, March-June 2003, June 2005, October 2005
  10. Germany - September 2002, June 2005
  11. Greece - August 2002, December 2002, October 2003, April-June 2004, August 2004
  12. Hungary - April 2003, August 2003, June 2004, June 2005, October 2005
  13. Italy - June 2003, April-May 2004, April-May 2005, May 2006
  14. Macedonia - October 2002
  15. Montenegro - October 2003, April 2004
  16. Netherlands - May 2003
  17. Poland - September 2002, December 2002, June 2005
  18. Romania - April 2003, August 2003, October-December 2003, June 2004, December 2004
  19. Russia - January 2003, June 2003, June 2004, October 2004, August 2005, November 2005
  20. Serbia - October-December 2003, April-June 2004, March-June 2005
  21. Spain - April 2003, July 2006
  22. Turkey - August 2002, January 2003, October 2003, April-June 2004, November 2006
  23. Yugoslavia - October 2004, February 2005, March 2006


As we can see, the 2003-2006 period is especially treacherous. Based on this information, I suspect that the invasion of Europe by Russia will likely occur by no later than 2006 and possibly as early as 2003. We are currently operating on the premise of a 2003 war, but this will be updated annually if needs be.

The point is still all too obvious -- the time of reckoning is near.



Russia's Chechnya Endgame: Invasion of Georgia


Map of Georgia and Russia Georgian tanks in the Pankisi Gorge


NEW PREDICTION: 7/16/03 -- Call it a lull, call it a quagmire. Whatever the current situation is in Iraq, you can almost sense a radical development will occur soon elsewhere in the world.

And, if history has proven anything, it is that whenever the United States or the US and Nato have invaded and taken control of a country, Russia almost always follows suit. One need only look at the events of 1991, 1994-95 and 1999 to know this to be true.

Although it still remains remotely possible that a Russian invasion of Europe may begin in August 2003, I now find this prospect quite unlikely in the near term. An awful lot still must happen before things go that badly: major war in the Middle East, major war in the Pacific (which may be just around the corner), at least two new wars in the Balkans, the atomic destruction of NYC, the possible eruption of a supervolcano or meteor storm, a few shocking assassinations, and a ruined global economy just for starters.


The Role of the Number 4 in the Base 7 System

Regarding the base 7 system, there is another constant I've been working with that holds promise in zeroing in on the nature of an event with more specificity. Half of 7 is 3.5, but I find that rounding up to 4 years to 4 years 7 months gives us some help in isolating the problem of specific action and location. For example, 14 (5 x 7) years ago between March and June, the Democratic Revolution in China took place. I thought it unlikely that this year there would be a major revolution in China, but 4 years ago (July 1999) there were bloody demonstrations in Iran. Using that knowledge, I concluded a democratic revolution would break out in Iran between March and June of this year -- and the current demonstrations begun last month attest to the success of using 4 in conjunction with multiples of 7 (14 years in this case).

Had I used 4 in conjunction with base 7, I would have known that the war in Iraq would begin in March 2003 and not August 2002. 4 years earlier the Nato war against Yugoslavia began on March 23, 1999. Roughly 4 years before that the Nato air war against Bosnia began (May 1995). 4 years before that Operation Desert Storm was launched (January 1991). And 4 years before that the US entered the Iran-Iraq War when an Iraqi Exocet missile "accidentally" hit the USS Stark (May 1987). There is more, but we will get sidetracked.

It therefore becomes obvious, looking back four years to 1999, that Russia is going to make some sort of military move by late August that will go full swing in September. I now doubt it will be anything as massive as a Russian invasion of Europe or the former Warsaw Pact (unless the entire current geo-political situation undergoes some really radical changes in the next month). I wouldn't rule it out entirely, but it is looking increasingly doubtful. I would instead watch for the Russian blitzkrieg happening in August 2006.


Attack on capitol city of TbilisiFinal Solution for the Caucasus

Ergo, What comes next for Russia will be proportional to what the US did in Iraq this year, I suspect. 4 years ago Russia invaded Chechnya for the second time in late August. 4 years before that Russia invaded Chechnya for the first time (actually December 1994, but we can round to January 1995). 4 years before that, in 1991, two things happened involving two different Soviet militaries: Russia launched a military crackdown in Vilnius, Lithuania in January. And later that same year civil war broke out in Georgia (still a Soviet state at the time).

Since the war in Chechnya is still being fought, it seems unlikely that Russia will just launch another invasion accompanied by air attacks. That has been tried and has failed to end the problem. No; this time Russia will pursue an endgame regarding Chechnya -- just as the US has attempted in Iraq. The opening salvos of the Russian offensive may start in Chechnya, but I suspect what is coming this time is a total Russian invasion of Georgia. Also, adjacent autonomous regions such as Dagestan and Ingushetia may be taken and occupied.

Look for this to begin in late August 2003.

Why must Georgia be invaded?

The official complaint Moscow has made over the last several years is that many of the Chechen rebels are using Georgia as a base and hide-out, especially in the region known as Pankisi Gorge. Rebels also are known to hide out in the adjacent regions of Dagestan and Ingushetia.

However, prophecy indicates that the three Trans-caucasian states of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan must all come under attack by Russia and/or by Iran. This is necessary for the Russian-Iranian military to later conquer Turkey and allow a "southern flank" to be created, led by Iran, to invade the Balkans.

Another reason why military action may be extended to Armenia and Azerbaijan was presented a week ago. For the second time in the last year, Armenian and Azeri forces broke the ceasefire that has held since 1994 in Nargorno-Karabach. A renewed war in this region would threaten both Russian and Iranian interests in the Caspian Sea oil deal still under negotiation.

So continue to watch the Middle East and this so-called "aftermath" period of the war in Iraq (now officially a "guerrilla war").

As this mess continues to string along in the Middle East in Iraq war, so shall another mess follow a Russian invasion of Georgia (namely Dagestan, Ingushetia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and others).

Meanwhile, Russia is covertly supporting Mullah Omar and a new Taliban rebellion in Afghanistan. Russian military involvement in Afghanistan again cannot be ruled out in the near future since it is part of Erna Stieglitz's prophesied Russian "southern flank."


Protesters storm Presidential Headquarters in  Karachayevo-Cherkessia
Protesters Storm Govt Building in Russian Caucasus Republic, President Flees - November 9, 2004.
N Caucasus president flees mob - November 9, 2004.
Russian leader of Chechnya eyes Georgia raid - November 4, 2004.
Russia and Georgia on verge of armed conflict - October 16, 2004.
Georgia Says Russia Sending Troops To Abkhazia - October 16, 2004.
Christian aid agency warns of violent reprisals over Beslan - October 13, 2004.
Russia-Georgia tensions worsen following Beslan siege - October 11, 2004.
Revenge looms as Beslan mourning nears - October 11, 2004.
Russia considering retaliatory military strikes against Georgia and Chechnya - September 29, 2004.
The Caucasus powderkeg: Russia threatens military interventions - September 28, 2004.
Russian threats alarm Georgia - September 14, 2004.
Russia: Beslan Hostage Crisis Rekindles Tensions Between Ossetians and Ingush - September 8, 2004.
Ethnic Tensions Heat Up in Ossetia - September 8, 2004.
Beslan Tragedy Has Potential to Fan Conflict Across the Caucasus - September 7, 2004.
Grief could boil over to mass anger in Caucasus - September 7, 2004.
Ossetians fear 'terrorists' are neighbors - September 7, 2004.
Suspect: We wanted to "start a war across the Caucasus" - September 6, 2004.
Georgia Probes South Ossetia's Alleged Link with Beslan Terrorist Act - September 6, 2004.
More than 200 dead after troops storm school -- Three militants reportedly being interrogated - September 3, 2004.
High death toll in Russia siege - September 3, 2004.
Blasts heard in Russia school - September 2, 2004.
Standoff in Russia school siege -- Group threatens to kill children - September 2, 2004.
Putin Warns Georgia After More Deaths in S.Ossetia - August 18, 2004.
Georgia blames Russian Cossacks - August 18, 2004.
Heavy shelling batters S Ossetia - August 17, 2004.
Fighting rages in South Ossetia - August 16, 2004.
Zhirinovsky calls for granting independence to Abkhazia - August 16, 2004.
Georgia, Ossetia trade shelling as ceasefire violated again - August 16, 2004.
Seven Georgian soldiers wounded as South Ossetia ceasefire violated - August 15, 2004.
Georgia wants Russian troops out - August 13, 2004.
Georgia reports deaths in clash - August 12, 2004.
Georgia, South Ossetia row erupts into violence - August 12, 2004.
Georgia Seizes Turkish Ship - August 12, 2004.
Zhirinovsky under fire -- Georgia laughs off alleged attack on motorcade, LDPR threatens war - August 11, 2004.
Russian firebrand defies Georgia - August 11, 2004.
Georgian Forces Clash With South Ossetian Separatists - August 10, 2004.
Georgians Fire on Zhirinovsky's Convoy - August 10, 2004.
Georgian military shoots at car carrying Duma vice speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky - August 9, 2004.
Russian warning over tourists in Georgia 'war zone' - August 7, 2004.
Georgian president promises to shoot Russian tourists - August 4, 2004.
Russia and Georgia on war footing over breakaway Abkhazia - August 4, 2004.
Russia warns Georgia after threat to open fire on ships in Abkhazian waters - August 4, 2004.
Moscow Assails Tbilisi and OSCE - August 2, 2004.
Weekend gunfire leaves casualties -- Weekend gunfire leaves casualties -- Georgian government warns attacks in South Ossetia will be countered; appeals to OSCE for support - August 2, 2004.
Georgians, separatists exchange fire in Ossetia - August 1, 2004.
Georgian forces 'attack breakaway' - July 29, 2004.
Fresh fighting in South Ossetia - July 29, 2004.
Georgia accused of shelling villages in South Ossetia -- Russians 'ready to rip off their peacekeeping badges and fight the Georgians' - July 28, 2004.
Russia Condemns Georgia's Seizure of Military Sites, Ifax Says - July 28, 2004.
Georgian Border Guards on High Alert - June 22, 2004.
Chechen Attack Kills 57 -- Russian official says fighters escaping from Ingushetia into Chechnya or the independent state of Georgia - June 22, 2004.
Russians hunt southern attackers - June 22, 2004.
Russian troops repel rebel raids in Ingushetia -- Putin says those responsible for deadly attacks shall be "found and destroyed" - June 22, 2004.
Georgians 'sent to rebel region' of South Ossetia - May 31, 2004.
Georgian troops land inside rebel region - May 5, 2004.
Russian defense minister dispatched to Adjara - May 5, 2004.
Georgia cuts off rebelling region - March 17, 2004.
Georgia censures renegade region - March 16, 2004.
Tensions rise in Black Sea region - March 15, 2004.
Georgia region declares emergency - March 15, 2004.
Georgia tense as conflict escalates with renegade region - March 14, 2004.
Russia warns Georgia against force - March 14, 2004.
Georgia army on alert after president barred - March 14, 2004.
Security tightened in Georgia autonomy - January 28, 2004.
Unrest looming in Georgian autonomy - January 28, 2004.
Will Russia and the USA quarrel over Georgia? - January 27, 2004.
Six said killed in Georgia village armed attack - January 27, 2004.
Six die in Georgia in clash with Abkhazian rebels - January 27, 2004.


COMMENT: This war has seriously been on the verge of being a reality, then not, then again, on and on. Technically there has already been low level fighting between Georgia and Russia in places like South Ossetia. It remains to be seen if it happens by December 31, 2004, but I think it is inevitable.


RATING: + 0.35

Pandemic Kills Millions


Emergency crews carry away infected bodies


NEW PREDICTION: 5/8/99 -- A disease of unknown origin will infect people worldwide. This will not be the "third of mankind" pestilence the Bible is said to warn of or the "two-thirds [of humanity? of Europe?] that will fail" mentioned by Nostradamus in his Epistle to Henry II. However, it will be somewhat worse than the 1918 influenza outbreak; how much so, I do not yet know. According to Dr. Christian Wollner (1926), astrologer and Nostradamus interpreter, in Quatrain 9.55 the "horrible" war in the West is dated astrologically as reaching a critical high point on June 21, 2002 with the "pestilence" arriving the "ensuing year." My system of numerology concurs that a serious pandemic could begin making itself known sometime in August 2003.


Hong Kong in path of bird flu outbreak - December 8, 2004.
Chinese on high alert as experts predict bird flu disaster -- Warning from World Health Organisation talks of imminent danger and up to 100 million cases - December 6, 2004.
WHO warns bird flu could be worse than SARS -- Health official says virus could kill millions around world - November 29, 2004.
WHO warns of dire flu pandemic - November 26, 2004.
Looming pandemic which could kill 10s of millions causing sleepless nights - November 22, 2004.
Fears raised over return of SARS - November 15, 2004.
Flu pandemic looms as major global crisis -- WHO urges more efforts to develop vaccines - November 12, 2004.
WHO Calls for Summit to Address Threat of Flu Pandemic - November 1, 2004.
WHO warns on duck-bird flu link - October 30, 2004.
Russian Expert Says Flu Epidemic May Kill Over One Billion This Year - October 28, 2004.
Bird Flu Found in Migrant Birds in Siberia - October 25, 2004.
Bird flu death: Human link feared - September 28, 2004.
UK warns on mad cow exposure - September 21, 2004.
1000s of Brits To Be Warned Of Possible vCJD Infection - August 29, 2004.
Three bird flu deaths in Vietnam - August 13, 2004.
Thailand boy tested for bird flu - July 23, 2004.
Study Warns of Possible Bird Flu Epidemic -- Scientists Renew Warnings That Deadly Bird Flu Could Become a Major Pandemic Disease - July 9, 2004.
Bird flu hits China, Thailand - July 7, 2004.
Thousands may carry mad cow virus - May 21, 2004.
Israeli hospitalized in Tel Aviv with suspected SARS - May 11, 2004.
Sick Ontario Man Raises SARS Concerns - May 10, 2004.
SARS virus may spread via sweat, food, sewage, touch: study - May 6, 2004.
China confirms three have SARS - May 5, 2004.
SARS: China confirms fresh case - May 1, 2004.
China admits first 2004 SARS death - April 30, 2004.
SARS: New case as WHO probe begins - April 29, 2004.
SARS: China ups the ante - April 27, 2004.
SARS: China quarantines hundreds - April 26, 2004.
China alert after Sars comeback - April 24, 2004.
China works to stop SARS outbreak - April 24, 2004.
Two SARS cases confirmed in China - April 23, 2004.
First SARS death of year in China - April 23, 2004.
U.S. Vulnerable to Vaccine Shortages - April 22, 2004.
Vietnam: WHO warns bird flu crisis not over - March 14, 2004.
Double suicide over bird flu scare - March 8, 2004.
Maryland Orders Poultry Killed Due to Bird Flu - March 7, 2004.
Mad Cow Beef Recall 4 Times Larger Than Reported - March 4, 2004.
Bacteria Run Wild, Defying Antibiotics - March 2, 2004.
New bird flu outbreak in Japan - February 29, 2004.
More bird flu confirmed in Japan - February 29, 2004.
Lab test confirms 10th human bird flu case in Thailand - February 27, 2004.
Another bird flu case hits Japan - February 27, 2004.
Nagano may have bird flu case - February 26, 2004.
Fatal bird flu found on Texas farm - February 24, 2004.
Bird Flu Comes to Texas - February 22, 2004.
Japan Confirms 10th Mad Cow Case, First Since November - February 22, 2004.
Bird Flu Spreads in China, Experts Ring Alarm Bells - February 19, 2004.
Bird flu claims new Thai victim - February 18, 2004.
Bird flu claims 20th Asian victim - February 15, 2004.
Bird flu outbreak hits Shanghai - February 13, 2004.
Bird flu 'far from conquered' -- despite reassurances from Vietnam and Thailand, international health officials warn the disease is sweeping Asia - February 12, 2004.
Thai bird flu father charges government cover-up - February 12, 2004.
More bird flu on second Delaware farm - February 11, 2004.
Bird-flu outbreak twice as fatal as '97, says doctor; majority with virus die - February 9, 2004.
Super Plague Coming, Intuitive Warns - January 3, 2004. Posted February 8, 2004.
Bird Flu Detected in U.S. as Virus Wanes in Asia - February 7, 2004.
Bird flu discovered in Delaware chickens - February 7, 2004.
U.N. probes pig-bird flu link - February 7, 2004.
1918 killer flu secrets revealed: it was a form of bird flu - February 5, 2004.
South Korea says new case of bird flu; total cases 19 - February 5, 2004.
Deadly bird flu spreads in China - February 5, 2004.
Taiwan bird flu spreads, 250,000 fowl to be culled - February 5, 2004.
Health experts work on bird flu guidelines as death toll hits 16 - February 5, 2004.
Stage May be Set for Bird Flu Pandemic, Says Infectious Diseases Expert - February 4, 2004.
Bird flu kills 2 more children - February 4, 2004.
Thailand Reports 4th Bird Flu Death; China Suspects More Cases - February 3, 2004.
German women checked for bird flu - February 3, 2004.
Emergency bird flu meet in Rome - February 3, 2004.
Asia's Bird Flu Death Toll Rises to 12 - February 2, 2004.
Sisters May Have Gotten Bird Flu from Brother - February 1, 2004.
China: Deadly bird flu spreading - January 30, 2004.
Experts Meet on Bird Flu; Virus Leaps to China - January 28, 2004.
Mass bird cull needed, says WHO - January 28, 2004.
Bird flu: Global response sought - January 27, 2004.
Bird Flu Outbreak Is Deadliest on Record - January 27, 2004.
Boy dies as bird flu spreads to Pakistan -January 26, 2004.
Bird flu hits Indonesia - January 26, 2004.
Bird flu could be worse than Sars, UN warns - January 25, 2004.
Thailand brings in troops to fight bird flu - January 25, 2004.
New death as bird flu spreads - January 24, 2004.
Fears grow over bird flu outbreak - January 23, 2004.
Thailand confirms bird flu victims - January 23, 2004.
Fifth death from bird flu: WHO - January 19, 2004.
Report: SARS cases rises to 3 - January 17, 2004.
WHO: 4th death linked to bird flu - January 17, 2004.
SARS virus uncovered at restaurant - January 16, 2004.
Bird flu: More Vietnam suspects - January 16, 2004.
Flight staff in Sydney SARS scare - January 15, 2004.
Bird flu in Asia could be bigger problem than SARS: WHO - January 14, 2004.
Bird flu sparks Asian health scare - January 14, 2004.
China reports 3rd suspected SARS case, struggles to prevent another outbreak - January 12, 2004.
China SARS crisis deepens - January 12, 2004.
Suspected SARS case in China - January 11, 2004.
SARS: 2 cleared, cleanup continues - January 9, 2004.
China: New suspected SARS case - January 8, 2004.
China Announces Second Suspected SARS Case - January 8, 2004.
DNA tests confirm 'mad' cow from Canada - January 6, 2004.
China acts to stop new SARS spread -- Suspected case in the Philippines - January 5, 2004.
Herd linked to mad cow to be slaughtered - January 5, 2004.
SARS suspect 'may have new strain' - January 4, 2004.
China on SARS alert - January 2, 2004.
Report: Chinese TV Producer May Have SARS - January 1, 2004.
WHO tracks suspected SARS source - January 1, 2004.
U.S. Estimates Mad-Cow Exposure at 81 - December 30, 2003.
Mad Cow: Linked to thousands of CJD cases? - December 29, 2003.
Health expert to aid China in possible SARS case - December 28, 2003.
Meat from U.S. mad cow traced to 8 states, Guam - December 28, 2003.
Public likely ate suspect cow meat - December 27, 2003.
Suspected SARS case in China - December 27, 2003.
South Korean Bird Flu Outbreak Spreads - December 21, 2003.
Specter of Flu Outbreak Haunts Doctors - December 20, 2003.
42 flu deaths in U.S. children - December 20, 2003.
Singapore quarantines 70 over SARS fears - December 18, 2003.
Two colleagues of Taiwanese SARS patient are in America, official says - December 17, 2003.
Western Flu Outbreak Worst in 30 Years - December 17, 2003.
Blood donor, recipient die of mad cow disease - December 17, 2003.
Taiwan reports SARS case - December 17, 2003.
Colorado Doctor Suspects Fujian Flu Has Hit Elderly Hard - December 16, 2003
The coming pandemic -- MEDICAL warnings from US of flu pandemic coincide with wave of insanity sweeping all over Philippines - December 16, 2003.
Ontario a rare haven if flu pandemic strikes -- U.S., Hong Kong and most other nations would be devastated - December 16, 2003.
Scientists Predict Worldwide Flu Outbreak - December 13, 2003.
Imminent flu epidemic lengthens vaccine lines -- Federal health department orders more vaccine - December 13, 2003.
Nation's Flu Outbreak Hits All 50 States - December 12, 2003.
Flu Outbreak Hits Hard in 24 States - December 11, 2003.
Flu outbreak hits 'epidemic' level as shots run out - December 9, 2003.
Flu Sickens More Than 6,300 in Colorado - December 4, 2003.
Two million flu cases expected in France as epidemic hits Europe - December 2, 2003.
Next flu pandemic could wreak global havoc, scientists warn - November 30, 2003.
CHR fears killer flu is here - November 30, 2003.
Doctors fear killer flu epidemic - November 28, 2003.
North American flu epidemic spreading - November 28, 2003.
Toronto flu outbreak kills up to 4, three other deaths in Peterborough - November 28, 2003.
SARS Death Rate Doubles in Polluted Cities - November 25, 2003.
Ebola outbreak kills 18 in Congo - November 25, 2003.
Taiwan hospital reports suspected SARS case - November 19, 2003.
India's hidden Aids epidemic: virus to infect 25 million by 2010 - November 19, 2003.
Ebola suspected in nine deaths in Congo Republic - November 7, 2003.
Mosquito-Borne Viruses Kill 223 in India - November 4, 2003.
Spain Closes Gibralter Border Over 'Virus' Ship - November 4, 2003.
Four peaople critically ill in New York with an unknown disease - October 12, 2003.
China readies 'SARS hospitals' - September 15, 2003.
Chinese Experts Warn against Return of SARS - September 14, 2003.
Singapore man confirmed with SARS - September 9, 2003.
Singapore SARS case tests positive - September 8, 2003.
New outbreak of SARS hits British Columbia - August 19, 2003.
SARS re-emergence fear in HK - July 24, 2003.
Nine quarantined for possible SARS in Texas - July 11, 2003.
Taiwan suffers SARS blow - June 26, 2003.
Greek officials suspect country's first case of SARS - June 24, 2003.
SARS kills two more in Canada - June 22, 2003.
Monkeypox fear spreads to 4 more states -- Boy in New Jersey might be infected - June 11, 2003.
U.S. man who visited Toronto has SARS - June 9, 2003.
New SARS outbreak feared at hospital in Whitby, Canada -- Fifteen dialysis patients have respiratory symptoms - June 9, 2003.
Taiwan Struggles With New SARS Outbreak - June 9, 2003.
Alert Issued as U.S. Monkeypox Cases Grow to 37 - June 9, 2003.
Toronto reports two more SARS deaths - June 8, 2003.
'Monkeypox' outbreak confirmed in America -- CDC issuing alert following reports of 1st human infections in Midwest - June 8, 2003.
Pox-Like Outbreak Reported -- 19 Ill in Midwest; CDC Issues Alert - June 8, 2003.
Canada reports 30th death from SARS -- More than 7,800 Canadians under quarantine - May 30, 2003.
Thousands quarantined in Canada over SARS - May 29, 2003.
Mad cow disease likely to have infected US catle: report - May 29, 2003.
2 new Canadian SARS deaths -- Russia confirms first SARS case - May 28, 2003.
Toronto back on WHO SARS list - May 26, 2003.
New SARS fears put 1,000 in quarantine in Toronto -- 2 deaths at North York General being probed -- Officials caution against panic as tourism ads pulled - May 24, 2003.
Taiwan Reports 55 New SARS Cases - May 24, 2003.
SARS symptoms reappear in Toronto -- CDC reissues travel alert - May 23, 2003.
SARS set to kill worldwide in the fall: US official - May 20, 2003.
Warning over new killer diseases -- fears of 1918-19 type influenza voiced - May 19, 2003.
SARS outbreak exploding in Taiwan - May 19, 2003.
SARS fears grip Beijing, leaving many near hysteria -- Some anxious residents microwave money to disinfect it, others abandon pets because of rumours they transmit virus - May 19, 2003.
SARS Death Toll Passes 630 - May 19, 2003.
Beijing doctors under-report SARS cases: WHO - May 18, 2003.
Taiwan suffers a record rise in Sars - May 17, 2003.
UK has first confirmed SARS case - May 15, 2003.
Rhode Island Woman Isolated With 'Probable' Case Of SARS - May 15, 2003.
China Threatens to Execute SARS Spreaders - May 15, 2003.
New SARS Outbreaks Feared in Taiwan, Singapore - May 14, 2003.
China's SARS Epidemic Not Fading - May 13, 2003.
SARS Surges in Taiwan With 8 New Deaths - May 12, 2003.
Coverup? Is SARS Already Rampant In California? - May 11, 2003.
Taiwan hit hard by SARS -- Missing China data worries WHO - May 10, 2003.
Sars 'here to stay' - May 9, 2003.
SARS Deadlier Than Thought, WHO Says - May 8, 2003.
Global Death Toll From SARS Tops 500 - May 8, 2003.
Five Patients Spread SARS to Scores, Study Says - May 8, 2003.
WHO Extends SARS Travel Warning to Taiwan - May 8, 2003.
Two new suspect SARS cases reported in Malaysia - May 8, 2003.
China warns against SARS outbreak spreading to rural areas - May 7, 2003.
Sars 'kills one in five' - May 6, 2003.
SARS cases top 6,000 globally; death toll at 436 - May 4, 2003.
Qantas SARS infection alert - May 4, 2003.
SARS: Relapses, mutations puzzling - May 3, 2003.
Two new SARS cases emerge in Toronto, more deaths - May 1, 2003.
Trip to Toronto lands Massachusetts girl on SARS list - May 1, 2003.
SARS death rate rising - May 1, 2003.
12 SARS Patients Report Relapses - April 30, 2003.
SARS cases continue to mount worldwide - April 30, 2003.
9,000 exposed to SARS virus quarantined in Beijing - April 30, 2003.
SARS could be endemic says WHO - April 29, 2003.
Toronto not as safe as WHO is reporting - April 29, 2003.
China Warns SARS Long-Term, Toronto Warning Lifted - April 29, 2003.
Ohio School District Closes Due to SARS Fears - April 28, 2003.
NYC Tourist Quarantined Over SARS - April 28, 2003.
WHO: Worst of SARS Over in Singapore, Hing Kong, Vietnam, Canada - April 28, 2003.
Billion SARS cases feared - April 27, 2003.
Millions trapped as Beijing shuts gates - April 27, 2003.
Sars death rate 'higher' -- virus could kill between 8% and 15%, or one in seven - April 26, 2003.
SARS claims 28-year-old man, youngest victim in HK, death tol now at 121 - April 26, 2003.
More SARS Deaths Hit Canada - Panic Grips Beijing - April 26, 2003.
SARS much more deadly than first estimated - April 25, 2003.
Deadly Toronto strain of SARS may have spread to Western New York -- Seriously ill truck driver from Lockport, NY had traveled daily to and from Toronto over past six weeks - April 25, 2003.
Official: 4,000 Quarantined in Beijing - April 25, 2003.
China Seals Hospital Over SARS, Canada Angry at WHO - April 24, 2003.
US economy starting to feel effect of SARS - April 24, 2003.
SARS panic hits Beijing -- Sea of white-masked faces throng capital's rail station - April 23, 2003.
CDC issues advisory on SARS for travelers to Canada - April 23, 2003.
Sars virus 'mutating rapidly' - April 22, 2003.
Doubling of the SARS Death Rate Puzzles Health Officials - April 22, 2003.
Sars mutates, hits intestines - April 22, 2003.
The SARS Effect -- Fears of virus taking wide-ranging toll on companies and business people in Asia - April 22, 2003.
Toronto health staffer spreads SARS - April 22, 2003.
Mutation discovery raises fears over Sars vaccine - April 21, 2003.
Panic grips Beijing as leaders admit tenfold rise in Sars infection rates - April 21, 2003.
SARS infects business worldwide -- Practices change as disease hits bottom line - April 20, 2003.
Toronto hospital closes wards over SARS fears - April 20, 2003.
Belgium steps up bird flu cull - April 20, 2003.
SARS may soon run amok -- more deadly in Canada than in China - April 19, 2003.
SARS case closes Vancouver-area hospital ward - April 19, 2003.
SARS world deaths now over 182 - April 19, 2003.
Virus deaths mount in Hong Kong - April 19, 2003.
Dutch Vet's Death Linked to Bird Flu Virus - April 19, 2003.
India reports first case of SARS - April 17, 2003.
Scientists Detect Signs of Deadlier Form of SARS - April 16, 2003.
SARS death toll reaches 150 - April 16, 2003.
Major SARS outbreak feared -- 'outbreak has crossed a dangerous threshold' - April 15, 2003.
500 more placed in quarantine -- Cases are linked to SARS funeral two weeks ago - April 14, 2003.
Alarm after SARS strikes 'healthy' - April 14, 2003.
SARS spreads to Africa - April 12, 2003.
No quick end to SARS - WHO - April 9, 2003.
First African SARS case suspected - April 9, 2003.
China accused of Sars 'cover-up' - April 9, 2003.
CDC to brace for mystery illness 'epidemic' - April 8, 2003.
Deaths from virus reach 100 and Hong Kong fears thousands more - April 8, 2003.
CDC: SARS 'the beginning of a problem' - April 8, 2003.
Sars deaths 'reach three figures' - April 7, 2003.
WHO Sees SARS Slowing but New Cases Reported - April 7, 2003.
WHO: SARS cases over 2,400 -- Cases now in 18 countries - April 5, 2003.
Bush Order Allows Quarantine of Pneumonia Cases - April 4, 2003.
U.S. Plane Quarantined Over SARS Symptoms - April 1, 2003.
No escape from SARS: Killer bug 'could be airborne' - March 30, 2003.
Five in NYC may have contracted mystery illness - March 28, 2003.
UN agency reports 85 new SARS cases, four more deaths - March 28, 2003.
Thousands of Ontario residents face SARS quarantine - March 26, 2003.
Hundreds quarantined as killer virus spreads - March 26, 2003.
China Pneumonia Toll Jumps, Singapore Shuts Schools - March 26, 2003.
Mystery illness claims more victims - March 25, 2003.
Third SARS death, two new cases in Ontario - March 22, 2003.
Outbreak traced to Chinese visitor -- 10 US states striken with killer disease - March 21, 2003.
11 may have mystery disease in U.S. - March 19, 2003.
HK doctors 'identify killer disease' - March 19, 2003.
Mystery bug hits five more nations -- England, France, Israel, Slovenia and Australia - March 18, 2003.
First Australians showing symptoms of killer respiratory disease - March 18, 2003.
Possible case of mystery illness in Los Angeles county - March 17, 2003.
Experts probe deadly flu cause - March 17, 2003.
Virulent pneumonia strain surfaces in Canada - March 16, 2003.
Pneumonia strain a 'global threat' - March 16, 2003.
HK mystery virus spreads - March 14, 2003.
Mystery death sparks global health alert - March 13, 2003.
WHO Alert Over Mysterious Flu Outbreak - March 13, 2003.
Disease panic grips southern China - February 16, 2003.


COMMENT: This prediction was so close with the SARS scare throughout much of 2003 (the target year) followed by the bird flu scare in winter/spring 2004, this has to be rated highly. Especially where the SARS epidemic is concerned. This disease came very close to becoming a major pandemic and only thanks to good quarantine procedures did this keep from happening. The death rate would have been worse than the Spanish Influenza of 1918 had SARS not been contained. There is no question that the danger I warned would arrive in 2003 did come.


RATING: + 0.66



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