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Base 7 Alert: Suicide Death of Actress Elizabeth Hartman is
Repeated in Egypt


POSTED (6/30/01): No this is not a prediction. Sadly, it is too late for that. Rather, this is an example of what happens when an event in history is brushed aside as unlikely to be repeated and then is -- an event that, perhaps, could have beeen prevented.

Actress Elizabeth HartmanOn June 10, 1987, actress Elizabeth Hartman, age 43, died in a fall from her fifth-floor Pittsburgh apartment. The star of such films as A Patch of Blue, The Beguiled, and Walking Tall had called her doctor that morning to tell him she was depressed. She had been divorced for three years and had not starred in a film since 1982's The Secret of NIMH. Her body was identified by neighbours who recalled seeing her in some of her earlier movies. Her fall was later ruled as deliberate -- "an ordinary suicide."

I was aware of the circumstances of Elizabeth Hartman's death for some time. I even had a photo of her ready (this very one at left) in the event I was to make a prediction based on her death.

However, I decided not to predict that the same thing would happen in June of this year, 14 (2 x 7) years later.

The reason: there had not been a similar event occurring to an actress or female celebrity during any of the previous years on the time line prior to 1987 (years like 1980, 1973, 1966, etc.). Ms. Hartman's death appeared to be a singular event -- one that also was not repeated seven years later in 1994.

The chances of this event being repeated again seemed most unlikely to me, so I did not post a warning.

However, it has happened again -- exactly fourteen years later to the very month (June).

This time the actress is Souad Hosni, a famous Egyptian actress, beloved throughout the Arab world. She died on June 22, 2001, at age 58 in London. Her death, the result of a fall from a sixth-floor window, is being considered a suicide by most people:


Egyptians mourn actress Souad Hosni, screen Cinderella

Actress Souad Hosni

Thursday, 28 June, 2001, 14:49 GMT 15:49 UK -- (BBC News) - Thousands of mourners have paid tribute to Egyptian actress Souad Hosni at her funeral in Cairo on Thursday. The Egyptian actress, beloved throughout the Arab world, died in London after a fall from a sixth-story window on 22 June. She was 58, and had been suffering from a serious illness for several years. There have been suggestions in the Egyptian press that her death was suicide, and an inquest has been opened in London. A report is expected by 15 August. Egyptian television interrupted its programming to announce the death of the actress, who starred in some 75 films.


National mourning

Thousands of mourners pay tribute to actress Souad HosniPresident Hosni Mubarak was reported to have been involved in plans to repatriate her body. "Souad Hosni was unique. There was only one and there will never be another," actress Athar el-Hakim told the news agency AFP at the funeral. "She is a symbol of days of vigour and liveliness, and now these days are over," said Egyptian novelist Gamal al-Gheitany. Hosni was born in Cairo on 26 January 1943 - one of a family of 17 children. Her career began at the age of three when she sang on the popular children's radio programme Papa Sharo.


She was known as the Cinderella of Egyptian cinema. When she took to the screen, her skill in roles such as Hassam and Naima - based on the Romeo and Juliet story - captured the hearts of film lovers instantly. Her most famous role was that of a college student who falls in love with her teacher in the 1974 film Khali Balak min Zouzou - Take Care of Zouzou. But Hosni was also capable of hard-hitting roles such as that of a student tortured in Egyptian prisons in Al-Kamak - an adaptation of a novel by Nobel prize winner Naguib Mahfouz. Her prolonged illness led her to stop making films in the early 1990s. Hosni was married four times but had no children. Her final screen appearance was in 1991 in a film directed by her ex-husband Ali Badakhan.


Note that both actresses had last names beginning with the letter "H". Both died in June, fourteen years apart. One jumped from a fifth floor window, the other from a sixth floor window. If one adds the 14 years to Elizabeth Hartman's age at her death (43 1/2) we nearly arrive at Souad Hosni's age -- 58.

In closing, if we learn anything at all from this, it is that base 7 system repetitions can, on occasion, be nearly exact. That precedents should never be ignored -- they just might be the beginning of a deadly new trend.

Elizabeth Hartman and Souad Hosni are now linked by time, death, and the number 7. Their decision to end their lives prematurely now serve as a warning to a fading actress of the future -- in 2008 or 2015 -- possibly one with a last name beginninng with the letter "H".

Arab Airliner Crashes at Middle Eastern Airport


Arab passenger jet engulfed in flames plummets from the sky

NEW PREDICTION: 12/5/00 -- August will be a trying month. A passenger jet originating from somewhere in the Middle East, possibly Iraq or Libya, will crash in a fiery blaze into the runway at another Middle Eastern airport. No one will survive. It will be one of the worst aviation disasters in modern history. There is a remote possibility it will be shot down by Israeli missiles; however, I suspect a fire on board will be the likelier scenario. I suspect the airport where the doomed airliner crashes will be located in Egypt or Saudi Arabia.


EgyptAir jet crashes near Tunis-Carthage airport

EgyptAir Tunis crash wreckage7 May, 2002, 17:44 GMT 18:44 UK -- (BBC News) - An EgyptAir plane has crash-landed near Tunis with 55 passengers and up to 10 crew on board. Tunisian rescue workers, who have now reached the crash site, say at least 20 people were killed. But many of those on board are said to have survived. One Egyptian passenger called his family in Cairo on a mobile phone to say that he was safe. He said the airliner had burnt out and surviving passengers were awaiting help.

EgyptAir in Cairo told the BBC that the plane was a Boeing 737-500 - also known as a 735. It was identified as Flight 843 from Cairo to Tunis. The plane came down on a hillside about six kilometres (four miles) from the Tunis-Carthage airport. Egypt's ambassador to Tunis, Mahdy Fathallah, said: "About 15 dead have been accounted for so far". The plane came down in fog and heavy rain, he said. Airport officials in Tunis are quoted as saying the plane's landing gear had failed to open during the approach to the airport. The pilot then made a fresh circuit to attempt another landing and that is when the plane crashed. Black smoke billowed from the scene.

The control tower had lost contact with the plane a few seconds before the crash, just after a distress call from the pilot, reports said. Ambulances were seen heading towards the crash site near Ennahli Hill, close to a residential suburb of the city.

Shortly after the EgyptAir crash reports came in of an airliner coming down in the sea off northeastern China. A China Northern Airlines plane with 112 people on board crashed near the coastal city of Dalian, according to state media.

In October 1999 an EgyptAir Boeing 767 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean off Massachusetts, killing all 217 people on board. US safety officials blamed the crash on the plane's co-pilot - a claim rejected by Egypt. Before 1999, EgyptAir had not experienced a major crash for 23 years.


UPDATE (5/7/02): This may not be "one of the worst aviation disasters in modern history," but it certainly is the second worst major crash for EgyptAir since 1976. Egypt was named as a possible place where the crash would take place, however, it was instead the origin of the flight. Still, all in all, the title was true: Arab Airliner Crashes at Middle Eastern Airport. Tunisia, in North Africa, is an Arab state. The North African nations of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya are often considered to be part of the Middle East. This prediction is technically FULFILLED, adjacently in May 2002 rather than in August 2001.

US Airline Disaster (An Act of Terrorism?)


A horrifying spectacle


NEW PREDICTION: 7/13/01 -- A US airliner, possibly originating out of Detroit, may crash or explode in mid-air in August 2001. This could be the work of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden. It is very strange that August is demonstrating so much potential for airline disasters -- both in the Middle East and the US.

US passenger jet approaches second tower of World Trade Center US passenger jet impacts with second tower of World Trade Center


SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 -- NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Three planes commandeered by unknown hijackers slammed into the Pentagon and New York's landmark World Trade Center on Tuesday, demolishing the twin 110-story towers that were once the tallest buildings in the world and possibly burying thousands of people alive. It was the worst attack on American soil since the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 and gave the country a new date that will live in infamy. It toppled the twin towers that symbolized America's financial clout and severely damaged the Pentagon, the nerve-center of the nation's military might. Lawmakers called it an act of war which the United States must avenge.

No group took immediate responsibility for the attack but suspicions centered on an implacable U.S. enemy -- exiled Saudi Osama bin Laden, whose followers were held responsible for murderous attacks on U.S. embassies in Africa. In New York, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said the death toll could ultimately be "horrific" and that the city's hospitals were swamped with casualties while thousands of people were roaming the city as "walking wounded." Hundreds of firefighters and police are missing and feared dead as they tried to rescue others.

The entire nation was brought to a halt with horrific scenes of terrified people fleeing the mayhem flashing across TV screens as the mighty twin towers located near the southern tip of Manhattan imploded one at a time, sending a massive plume of dust and smoke billowing over the city. Officials feared that the death toll could climb into the thousands -- perhaps tens of thousands -- as 40,000 people alone worked in the steel and glass Trade Center towers and a nearby 47-story building, World Trade Center No. 7, which collapsed seven hours later after a raging fire.

World leaders condemned the attack and vowed to stand together against international terrorism. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder called the strikes a "declaration of war against the civilized world."

The attacks presented President Bush with the sternest test of his eight-month presidency. He cut short a trip to Florida and flew to Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, after stopping briefly in Louisiana where he vowed to bring those responsible to justice. Aides said he planned to address the nation from Washington later on Tuesday.

The attacks, which involved the hijacking of four commercial planes -- two from Boston, one each from Newark and Dulles, outside Washington -- brought normal life across the United States to a standstill, turning major cities into eerie ghost towns. All financial markets were closed and millions of workers sent home early. All commercial flights around the nation were canceled and all airports shut in an unprecedented move. For the first time since D-Day, national baseball games were canceled. Also canceled were Tuesday's Latin Grammy Awards and Sunday's Prime Time Emmy television awards.

There were a total of 266 people on board the day's four hijacked planes -- two that crashed into the twin towers, one that slammed into the Pentagon and a fourth that crashed in a wooded area near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It could be days or weeks before the total death toll becomes clear. "I wouldn't want to say what the death toll could be. It will be a horrible number. I saw people dropping out of windows," a shaken Giuliani told ABC News, adding that 200 firefighters were missing. "I looked outside and saw a big chunk of the World Trade Center missing," said Verizon employee Ellen Leon. "Fifteen minutes later I saw people jumping out of the building. Bodies were flying out. I don't know if they were already dead or if they were just going to die."


UPDATE (9/15/01): Because my web site was shut down for nearly four days, the immediacy of the event is now lost. The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were truly far more horrifying and barbaric than what is projected in the prediction above. Instead of one US airliner, four airliners were involved in the attacks -- three reached their targets, one crashed in Pennsylvania killing all onboard after several brave passengers overcame their hijackers.

The destruction of the World Trade Center and a portion of the Pentagon and the thousands of innocent Americans who perished is an event that eclipses all others which we have heretofore declared will live in infamy. There can be no mercy for those who carried out these abominable acts of inhumanity.

Will this new war declared by President George W. Bush between the civilized world and international terrorism somehow trigger World War III? It has been prophesied that all the nations of the world will enter into such a war with eyes wide open, realizing what it is they will do. Let us not forget that many conflicts and new tensions that preceded this event still continue -- conflicts and troublespots that may become entwined with our war against terrorism. Still, whatever must happen, I support whatever President Bush decides to do, as we all must do, to stand up against the Enemies of Humanity.

Star 2001: Another Playboy Murder-Suicide?
(or something like it?)


Playboy celeb, model, and actress Dorothy Stratten (right) was shot to death during a murder-suicide in August 1980 by her estranged and jealous husband, Paul Sneider. Fourteen years later, in June 1994, former model Nicole Brown Simpson (far right) was stabbed to death by her jealous, ex-husband and former football star O.J. Simpson. Playboy centerfold Dorothy Stratten - Miss August 1979 Former model Nicole Brown Simpson, 1994


Darva Conger from August 2000 issue of 'Playboy'NEW PREDICTION: 1/20/01 -- The tragic story of "Star 80"t; Playboy centrefold, Dorothy Stratten, is re-enacted in this 21st Century, real-life production. The part of Dorothy will be played by Darva Conger, the bride from Fox TV’s Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire. The 34-year-old former nurse went on to appear nude in the August 2000 issue of Playboy, upstaging centrefold Summer Altice.

The part of Dorothy Stratten's husband, Paul Sneider, will be played by ex-husband Rick Rockwell. Rockwell (shown below left) is in fact a dead ringer for the very late Paul Sneider. Conger and Rockwell, 42, married in Las Vegas, after he selected her from 50 contestants on the TV game show. More than 22 million viewers tuned in. But Fox subsequently canceled the show and swore off a sequel and similar programme after disclosures about Rockwell’s past.


Rick Rockwell - a dead ringer for Paul Sneider? In early April 2000, a Las Vegas judge annulled the quickie marriage of Conger and Rockwell after she testified she was not told about the groom’s background before their televised nuptials. It was disclosed shortly after their February 15 wedding that a former fiancee had obtained a restraining order against Rockwell in 1991 for allegedly hitting and threatening her.

The real life, murder-suicide drama may be appearing on major news networks in August 2001.


In all seriousness, something like this might happen. Dorothy Stratten was Playboy's Miss August 1979 and twenty-one years (3 x 7 years) later Darva Conger eclipsed Miss August 2000, Summer Altice, when she appeared in the same issue. Fourteen years (2 x 7 years) after Dorothy Stratten was murdered, another model, Nicole Brown Simpson, was murdered by former husband, football star O.J. Simpson.

This is a trend not to be taken lightly. Whether or not Darva Conger is in fact the model or actress in most danger one cannot say with any certainty. But she is certainly high on the list of people who should exercise caution in 2001. I cannot think of anyone else, but something like the Stratten or Simpson murders may take place around the time projected above, August 2001.



MAY 5, 2001 -- LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- The wife of actor Robert Blake was found shot dead in the front seat of her husband's car outside a Los Angeles restaurant, police said Saturday. Police were questioning the actor Saturday. He was not in custody.

Blake told police he and his wife, Bonnie, left a Los Angeles restaurant at 9:40 p.m. Friday in Studio City, northwest of Hollywood. He said they had gotten into their car when he realized he had left something in the restaurant, LAPD spokesman Guillermo Campos said. Blake said he returned to the restaurant, retrieved the item, and, when he got back to the car, discovered that his wife had been shot once in the head, Campos said. Blake then walked to the house of Sean Stanek, across the street from the restaurant parking lot.

Stanek, a film director, said he heard a knock on his door around 9:50 p.m. When he answered the door, he said Blake told him his wife had been hurt. Stanek said he grabbed a phone, called 911, and both men ran across the street. Stanek said when they got to the car, Blake's wife was still alive, but there was blood everywhere. He said paramedics arrived almost immediately. CPR was administered at the scene; but she was declared dead on arrival at a nearby hospital.

Andrew Percival and his wife also ate at the Italian restaurant Friday night and left about 9:30 p.m. Percival said he saw a man dressed in black inside the restaurant who looked like the actor. After Percival and his wife paid their $35 check and left the restaurant on foot headed toward their house on the same block, they saw the same man stride "very, very briskly" in the middle of the street through the eatery's parking lot and past them toward a car that they later saw surrounded by police. Blake apparently was a regular at the eatery, Percival said, noting that the menu had an item named after him. Both when he went to bed Friday night and when he awoke Saturday, Percival said, police were hovering around the late-model black sedan, which was parked less than 100 yards from the restaurant. Percival described the area as "a really nice neighborhood. Crime just isn't an issue around here."

Blake, 67, began his career as a child actor in the "Our Gang" comedies of the 1930s and '40s. His career took off with "In Cold Blood," the 1967 film account of the Clutter family killings in Kansas. He later starred in the television series "Baretta." The Nutley, New Jersey, native was born Mickey Gubitosi. In 1940, he took the stage name Bobby Blake and began playing child roles in a wide range of films. But he continued to use the name Mickey Gubitosi in the "Our Gang" series for another three years. During talk show appearances in the 1970s, Blake discussed his anger over his treatment by his family and the studio as a child and his bouts with drug abuse.


UPDATE (5/6/01): It looks like instead of another Star 80, Dorothy Stratten murder, we have the "or something like it." That other "something" is the scenario described immediately above: an O.J. Simpson, Nicole Brown Simpson type of murder. It may be premature to cast Robert Blake in the role of O.J. Simpson and his wife Bonnie Blake in the role of Nicole Simpson, but fresh reports give me a sense of "de ja vu all over again." Blake has hired an attorney and his home is being searched. It is also reported that Blake retrieved a handgun, allegedly belonging to his murdered wife which she used "for protection." In other words, this whole thing smells.

I would point out that Blake's wife was shot in the head, the same as Dorothy Stratten. But Blake did not commit suicide afterwards.

If this turns out to be what I think it is, I can say with all sincerity that there was no way in hell to determine exactly who was going to be involved. Darva Conger and Nicole Kidman obviously were not the candidates. That means the best this prediction could possibly do was to warn that a woman would be murdered by her husband and that the husband might or might not commit suicide afterwards. One of them would be a celebrity. That was my prediction in a nutshell -- with a failed attempt to identify who the people involved would be.

As I said, it is premature to say Robert Blake will be charged with murder. Also, it will be interesting to see if Bonnie Blake was a model (like Nicole Brown Simpson) or a minor actress (like Dorothy Stratten). The next few days will probably tell all.

Will there be another famous car chase scene like when the LA police were following O.J. Simpson who was holding a gun to his head while his bodyguard drove? Probably not. History usually doesn't repeat itself that exactly.


Robert Blake's Lawyer Admits Blake Now Considered Possible Murder Suspect

Actor Robert Blake claims he returned to restaurant to retrieve handgun wife carried for protection, co-owner of restaurant says Blake never looked for anything, drank a few glasses of water, and left May 11, 2001 -- (ABC News - Mr Showbiz) - Robert Blake's lawyer turrned over two carloads of evidence to Los Angeles police headquarters on Thursday, and in a press conference with reporters, he admitted that the actor is considered a possible suspect in his wife's May 4 shooting death. Attorney Harland W. Braun delivered steamer trunks, suitcases, and several file boxes belonging to 44-year-old Bonny Bakley, who was fatally shot in the head as she sat alone in Blake's car outside an Italian restaurant where she and her actor husband had just eaten. Homicide detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department searched Blake's home a second time Wednesday night, apparently acting on new evidence in the woman's murder case. "The search warrant was affected as the result of new information received by the concerned detectives on May 8, 2001," the LAPD said in a statement. "Specific items of evidence were sought. No one has been ruled out as a suspect or suspects in the murder of Ms. Bakley."

Braun and his client have continually painted Bakley as a scam artist who may have been murdered by someone from her past (she allegedly sold photos of herself to lonely men through newspaper ads). They believe that her belongings could reveal clues about her death.

Murdered wife, Bonny Lee Bakley:  according to the victim's brother Blake told wife he "already had a bullet with her name on it"Braun, who was met by a throng of reporters, said police detectives considered the 67-year-old former Baretta TV star a suspect. It was a reversal for the lawyer, who had previously said his client was not a suspect in the case. "He's got a cloud over him," Braun conceded. "But you have to live with who you are, make your peace with your maker about who you really are, andBlake's lawyer claims murdered wife sold nude photos of herself to lonely men, and feared someone was after her not what people perceive you as. He's learning that lesson very quickly." When asked if Blake is now considered an "official" suspect, Braun curtly responded, "The LAPD is investigating Mr. Blake thoroughly and his involvement in this case. So whether you call him a suspect or a subject or a witness doesn't really matter." Braun added that detectives planned to interview Blake's bodyguard and personal assistant, Earl Caulfield, on Thursday. Braun said Caulfield was in Northern California at the time of the murders after being "sent away" by Blake because Bakley did not like him and wanted her brother to have his job.

Blake, who married Bakley last year after DNA tests proved she was pregnant with his child, said she was shot while she was waiting for him to return from the restaurant. The actor said he had gone back inside to retrieve a gun that he had forgotten, adding that he carried the weapon because Bakley was afraid someone was after her.


For Hollywood, Blake Case Evokes Echoes of O.J.

May 11, 2001 06:45 PM ET -- LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Hollywood is having O.J. flashbacks. Or as Yogi Berra might say, "It's deja vu all over again." The murder last week of Bonny Lee Bakley, the wife of movie and television actor Robert Blake, has some intriguing similarities to the 1994 stabbing deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, the most notorious murders in the history of the Los Angeles entertainment community. Another phantom murderer has appeared out of the night, another celebrity wife is dead, and a slow-moving police probe seems to be edging toward the actor as the chief suspect. Again, there's a "guest house," in this case a two-story bungalow behind Blake's Studio City home, where Bakley was said to have lived in recent months. And again there is an Italian restaurant: The Bakley murder was preceded by dinner in an Italian restaurant, Vitello's. In the O.J. case, Nicole Simpson had dinner on the night of her death at the restaurant where Goldman worked, Mezzaluna. In the O.J. case, actor and ex-football star O.J. Simpson was acquitted of criminal charges of murdering his ex-wife and Goldman, but a civil jury later held him liable for the deaths. Blake, a one-time child star who became a flamboyant Hollywood character, is at the center of the Bakley case with police saying no one has been ruled out as a suspect. His lawyer insists the 67-year-old actor is innocent but admits he had a stormy relationship with his wife...


Robert Blake Buries Murdered Wife in Hollywood -- Sister of Murder Victim Says She Will Seek Custody of Her Baby "When Robert Blake Goes to Jail"

May 25, 2001 05:51 PM ET -- LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Robert Blake's murdered wife Bonny Lee Bakley, who spent her life seeking a place among the stars, got her wish in death on Friday as she was laid to rest in the same Hollywood Hills cemetery as Bette Davis and Lucille Ball. Bakley, 44, was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park during a 10-minute service attended by about 20 people, including Blake and their baby daughter Rose. No members of Bakley's family, who suspect the "Baretta" star of a role in her May 4 murder, were present.

Weirdo says "Thanks for the kid, Bonny""It's because of Bonny that Rosie was born," Blake said during a eulogy. "It was her will and her conviction, not mine, and her dedication, not mine, that brought Rosie into this world. I thank God and I thank Bonny." "I stand before God and make this pledge: As long as I have breath, I will do everything to make Rosie's life the best that I can," Blake said. He thanked Bakley's family for permitting her burial in Los Angeles, where Rosie could visit the grave... Blake left the cemetery -- home to such celebrities as Liberace and Los Angeles Dodgers baseball stars Roy Campanella and Don Drysdale in addition to Davis and Ball -- without speaking to a throng of reporters gathered at the gates.

Bakley's sister Margerry told Fox News Channel in an interview in New York that she did not attend the service because "I didn't feel I ought to stand next to the man I believe, strongly, killed my sister." Margerry Bakley told Fox that Blake had a "script written out" for her sister and "this is the end of the script, at least for her." She said she would seek custody of her sister's baby, who turns 1 year old in June, "if and when Robert Blake goes to jail," and complained that she never gave him permission to hold the funeral in California.

Bakley, a native of New Jersey, spent much of her life seeking fame in Hollywood. When she found that dream beyond her grasp, she set her sights on getting close to such celebrities as Blake, who is best known for playing detective Tony Baretta on the hit 1970s television series. Blake's lawyer, Harland Braun, has called Bakley a career grifter with a penchant for swindling rich older men such as the actor and has said that her killer might have been one of those men, hurt and angry over being deceived. Police, who have made no arrests in the three-week-old case, say Blake has not been ruled out as a suspect.


Actor Robert Blake behind bars after arrest for wife's slaying

Robert Blake and Bonny Lee Bakley -- joined together by death

April 19, 2002 Posted: 12:42 PM EDT (1642 GMT)

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Los Angeles' police chief said "compelling and significant" circumstantial evidence implicates actor Robert Blake in last year's shooting death of his wife. Blake was at the Los Angeles County Jail Friday following his arrest Thursday evening. Police said they have evidence Blake killed wife Bonny Lee Bakley, 44, last May outside a North Hollywood restaurant. The 68-year-old actor was transferred to jail's hospital section Friday morning, but authorities said the move was made as a normal security precaution, not because of any illness.

Additionally, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office said Friday they would oppose any attempts by Blake to post bail. At a news conference Thursday night, Los Angeles Police Chief Bernard Parks said he anticipates Blake, 68, will be charged Monday with two counts of solicitation of murder and one count of murder with special circumstances -- a charge that could lead to the death penalty.

"Robert Blake shot Bonny Bakley," said Police Capt. Jim Tatreau, referring to the actor's wife of six months. "We believe his motive is that Robert Blake had contempt for Bonny (Lee) Bakley. He felt that he was trapped in a marriage that he wanted no part of."

Police say they believe Blake sought to hire someone to carry out the killing and, failing that, pulled the trigger himself. Blake's handyman and bodyguard for the last two years, Earle Caldwell, was also arrested Thursday "for conspiracy to commit murder of Ms. Bakley," Parks said.

Speaking after the LAPD news conference, Blake's attorney said his client, the star of the 1970s detective series "Baretta," always "impressed me as maintaining his innocence but being very calm about it." "He says, 'I'm a father, I've lived almost 70 years, I'm going to face what I have to face,'" Harland Braun said. "I believe the real killer is still out there," Braun said. "This is a very strange situation, and I'm not trying to besmirch (Bakley), but the woman had an extensive history, and there are people in her past that have made threats to her, people with motives."

Following an extensive investigation, police said they obtained arrest warrants against Blake and Caldwell on Thursday morning. Both men were taken into custody -- Blake at his sister's home in the gated Hidden Hills community, Caldwell in Burbank -- around 6 p.m. (9 p.m. EDT). Cary Goldstein, the attorney for the late Bakley and members of her family, said he was pleased with the arrest. "After thousands and thousands of hours of investigation by the LAPD, they have concluded that Robert Blake and Earle Caldwell are responsible for the death of Bonny Bakley," he told CNN. "The police followed the lead and apparently it all fell into place. They have the evidence with which to do this," Goldstein said. "They're going to put on a thorough, competent case because they're not going to risk losing this."

The victim's sister, Margerry Bakley, said family members were "pleased with the LAPD and saddened just the same. We still lost Bonny and have not seen Rose."


UPDATE (4/19/02): This puts the frosting on the cake, sealing my prediction once and for all that another Dorothy Stratten/OJ Simpson celebrity murder would occur in 2001. I have been waiting a year for the arrest of Robert Blake because, although I took credit for predicting that this sort of murder would take place, the fulfillment of the event had a hollow ring to it as long as Blake wasn't actually arrested and charged with his wife's murder (or, as was the case in the Stratten murder, found dead from suicide alongside the body of the wife he murdered).

Unlike OJ Simpson, who escaped justice, Blake will not be so fortunate. "Old Sparky" is being dusted off for the former Baretta star as we speak.

He shot his wife. Paul Sneider shot his wife. Paul Sneider killed himself afterward. Robert Blake will be the first Hollywood star ever to be executed.

Massive Earthquake Strikes Eastern Turkey


Earthquake symbol


Base 7 dating: August 2001.


Turkey quake death toll rises -- Quake measured as 6.2

February 3, 2002

Wreckage of eight-story apartment complex in Afyon, TurkeyISTANBUL, Turkey (CNN) -- A strong earthquake that hit central Turkey on Sunday is known to have claimed the lives of at least 42 people and injured 120 others. Another 11 are trapped under collapsed buildings, officials said. Local seismologists measured the magnitude at 6.0, while the U.S. Geological Survey said it registered 6.2.

The quake happened at 9:15 a.m. local time (0815 GMT) and was centered in Bolvadin, in the province of Afyon. Seventy-seven structures collapsed in the towns of Sultandagi and the effects were felt as far away as Ankara.

Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit is visiting the disaster area and the provincial governor said he had established a crisis desk to manage the situation.

The Bolvadin area lies on one of Turkey's fault lines. There was a light earthquake in the same area in 1995. "Because today is Sunday and shops are closed, a huge disaster was avoided," Public Works Minister Abdulkadir Akcan told The Associated Press. Turkey lies on the North Anatolian fault, and the nation constantly fears another devastating earthquake.

Officials at the crisis centre in Ankara said they were sending civil defence teams to the quake area, where hospitals set up makeshift treatment areas in the open air. The government -- accused in the past of reacting too slowly to natural disasters -- sent 3,000 blankets and 1,000 tents to the region, and troops set up tent cities to house those made homeless, private NTV television reported. Forecasters said temperatures would probably drop below freezing overnight.

Search for survivors in Turkey quakeEcevit appeared on national television to warn residents to stay away from damaged homes and then set off for the region to evaluate the situation. Authorities in Bolvadin broadcast warnings over loudspeakers, urging residents to stay out of damaged buildings. At a hospital, doctors, expecting aftershocks, rushed patients into the garden.

Families tried desperately to contact relatives, jamming telephone service in the province of Afyon. Many locals were too nervous to return to cracked and damaged buildings and preferred to wait outside in bright winter sunshine.


This prediction is now FULFILLED. Unfortunately, it has occurred 6 months later than projected. Last year I was off by 3 and 4 months on the El Salvadore and India quakes. Cannot explain this 6-month lapse.

Italy and Greece Rocked by Terrorist Bombings


Quatrain 2.30

One of whom the infernal gods of Hannibal

Will be reborn, the terror of humanity:

Never more of horror nor more told in journals (newspapers)

Then will come from Babel to the Romans.


Inspecting train bombing Cars bombed in Athens


NEW PREDICTION: 1/16/01 -- International terrorists will strike out at various targets in Italy and possibily Greece in or around August 2001. Railways, subways, and buses in Italy, Sicily, Malta, and Greece will be bombed. The terrorists will have links to either the Osama bin Laden network or Moammar Gadhafi. Reasons for the attacks are unknown at this time.

This may be a symbolic strike against Nato or the EU if a war in the Balkans is in progress (Gadhafi is allied with the government in Belgrade and expressed his disfavour over the Nato bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999). Otherwise, it may be an extension of Arab anger over Western policies in the event a war in the Middle East has begun and Israel is backed by Nato countries Turkey, Greece, and Italy. It may even be somehow connected with the Arab airliner crash discussed above or a renewed air campaign against Baghdad.

Regarding the first two lines of Quatrain 2.30, the leader of this prophecy will reign in North Africa -- the region that worshipped Hammon and Baal, "the infernal gods" of Hannibal of Carthage (now Tunisia). Line 4 shifts the geographical field from North Africa to Babel, thus Babylon, the biblical capital of what is now Iraq. This is one of two prominent quatrains written by Nostradamus predicting a terrorist and military alliance between Tripoli and Baghdad.

There is, however, a distinct possibility that Osama bin Laden will be involved in this alliance as well. Some authorities examining the bombing of the USS Cole have concluded that the attack may have been the first joint terrorist operation orchestrated by Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. It is believed that Saddam is currently attempting to forge an international terrorist network based in Iraq using Osama bin Laden's organisation as its core. At some point Moammar Gadhafi will become the western wing of this vast terrorist empire.


Failed fire attack in Milan metro -- The fire occurred at one of the city's busiest stations -- Milan is thought to be the European hub of al-Qaeda - May 12, 2002.
Italy Seeks Answers to Mysterious Skyscraper Crash
- April 19, 2002.
Milan's moment of terror -- Aircraft crashes into Perelli skyscraper - April 18, 2002.
U.S. warns of threat against Americans in Italy over Easter
- March 27, 2002.
Top Italian economic adviser gunned down - March 19, 2002.

Italy shaken by twin terror plots -- Bomb attack comes as suspected plan to poison U.S. embassy emerges - February 28, 2002.
Rome bomb blast damages cars - February 26, 2002.
Bomb blast rocks Venice -- Berlusconi blames international terrorists - August 9, 2001.


Gadhafi smile Saddam smile Bin Laden smile


Earthquakes or Nuclear Attacks Plague Japan


Destruction of Japan


According to the base 7 system, if Japan is not devastated by tremendous superquakes in December 1999, it will be in August 2001 or January 2002. This may be the culmination of the process predicted by Edgar Cayce that will result in the nearly total destruction of Japan. However, since Japan has been designated as an enemy by North Korea, it is not impossible that the devastation predicted for the island nation may take the form of North Korean nuclear strikes by medium-range Taepo Dong missiles.



MARCH 24, 2001 -- TOKYO, Japan (CNN) -- A strong earthquake measuring 6.4 has struck southwestern Japan, killing two people and injuring at least a dozen more. An 80 year-old woman was killed under a collapsing concrete wall, said Yoshinobu Tanimoto, a fire department official. In neighboring Ehime prefecture, a woman fleeing her home died after roof tiles crashed down onto her head, said national police official Tsuyoshi Iwashita. At least 30 people suffered injuries, he said, including several teenagers who were hit by fragments of a wall that crumbled in a high-school gymnasium.

The quake, centered some 60 kilometers (38 miles) below ground, struck at 3:28 p.m. (0628 GMT) near Hiroshima prefecture, about 687 kilometers (429 miles) southwest of Tokyo, the Meteorological Agency said. The Hong Kong Observatory said the epicenter of the quake was about 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) south of Hiroshima city. Japan's meteorological agency said there was no danger of tsunami, the tidal waves caused by undersea disturbances such as earthquakes and volcanic activity.

But in Hiroshima city, buildings swayed violently and people had trouble standing, with the fire department saying at least two fires were sparked by the quake. "There was a terrible shaking and some products fell on to the floor," said Takuya Ueda, a cashier at a convenience store in Hiroshima. "It lasted a long time, about 30 seconds, but there was no panic inside the store."

The quake was also powerful enough to shatter windows and buckle roads. Trains were stopped, and the airport in Hiroshima closed for inspection. Phone services were also disrupted, but there was no report of electrical blackouts. Michiyo Koniki, a police spokesman in neighboring Tottori prefecture, said the quake caused a slow rocking motion that lasted around 15-20 seconds. Television footage taken from inside NHK's Hiroshima office showed hanging lights shaking and employees leaving their desks to head for the exits.

A magnitude 6 quake can seriously damage houses and buildings in a populated area. Saturday's quake was located offshore and relatively deep, which may have lightened its impact.


Japan Coping After 6.4 Earthquake

Smoke billows from burning house following quakeMarch 26, 2001 -- KURE, Japan (AP) -Aftershocks rattled southwestern Japan on Monday as residents began picking up the pieces following a powerful earthquake that killed two people and damaged the region's infrastructure. The magnitude-6.4 temblor struck southwestern Japan on Saturday afternoon, collapsing buildings, snapping power lines and severing water mains. The quake shook windows as far away as South Korea. The strongest of 22 aftershocks to shake the region was a magnitude-5.2 earthquake that struck at 5:41 a.m., the Meteorological Agency said.

Koji Fujimoto, a spokesman for the police in Hiroshima state, said Monday that there were some reports of small cracks on roads, but no other damage or injuries were reported after the latest quake. Monday's aftershock was centered about 31 miles under the seabed off the southern coast of Hiroshima state, very close to the epicenter of Saturday's quake and the smaller aftershocks. A magnitude-4.7 tremor Sunday night was strong enough to disrupt high-speed train service. Railway officials found no damage on tracks Monday, but bullet trains were running at a reduced speed in the affected area.

Hiroshima, 430 miles southwest of Tokyo, was the hardest hit of seven southwestern states that recorded heavy seismic activity in Saturday's earthquake. The quake's toll stood at two dead and 174 injured. An 80-year-old woman died in the town of Kure when she was buried under rubble. In nearby Ehime state, a 50-year-old woman fleeing her home was killed by falling roof tiles. A total of 7,122 buildings inA roadster crushed by a fallen ceiling in parking lot southwestern Japan sustained some damage, the Home Affairs Ministry in Tokyo said. The quake littered streets with roof tiles and window shards.

About 120 people living in and around the bustling city of Hiroshima had to leave damaged homes, said Masayoshi Yatsu, a spokesman for the government's disaster prevention office. The economic impact to Hiroshima industries was estimated at around $2.8 million, In Kure, a town of old-fashioned wooden houses and narrow winding streets about 12 miles south of Hiroshima, residents cleared away rubble to let cars pass and lined up outside relief centers for water and vinyl sheets to patch broken roofs. About 10,000 homes remained without water Sunday ...


UPDATE (3/26/01): I suspect that this is only the beginning. Earthquakes will likely strike with greater magnitude as August 2001 approaches and reach unparalleled ferocity by January 2002. Still, it is possible that this quake was the 2001 warning for what will come next year.

The nuclear issue should not be dismissed either with both China and North Korea threatening war with the US and her Pacific allies -- especially, in Beijing's case, if Washington follows through with plans to supply Taiwan with missiles.

A Time of Sorrow, A Time of Shock




"God, why didn't we listen. Why didn't we see the writing on the wall?" "She was only known to us a short time, but what a tragic way to die." "He was a charming man, magical, sensitive, a true poet -- why didn't we heed the warning?" "He was such a great leader, loved by all -- our nation will never be the same again." "He was the greatest man of peace in our time, and the figurehead of our Christian faith. Lord deliver us!" Beloved man of peace and Moslem faith, thy fall has cast us all into darkness." "She was the most misunderstood, but loved, and the last of what was truly glamorous and human in all of us."

It's going to happen, folks. If history repeats itself in this horror show we call the 21st Century, prepare not only for personal hardship and angst, riots and war, but the loss of people that are and will be near and dear to us. It will be a time of one shock upon another.

From August 2001 to November 2002 will be the worst consecutive period of tragedy in living memory. Two small ones will die, but great shock and recoiling. Then five great ones will fall, beginning December, five great ones to death -- perhaps more than that.

Can it be stopped? What will you do? What can be done?

The Great Lord of the Moslems Comes to Power - The Great Arab Asserts His Position


Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi with blue headdress Terrorist leader Osama bin Laden

Is Moammar Gadhafi the blue "turbaned" leader who will one day invade southern France?

Osama bin Laden - the world now knows the identity of the Great Arab


MODIFIED PREDICTION: 11/29/00 -- The phrasing of the above title may seem strange, but I believe it is possible that both the blue-turbaned king of Persia and the great Arab will appear soon. Technically, these are two separate predictions rolled into one presentation. The focus of the prediction in 2000 was largely on the great Lord of the Moslems; however, I did also mention the appearence of a great Arab, a new Nasser.

The February/March 2000 vector failed to produce a Mahdi who would unite the entire Moslem world; however, 2000 may have introduced the great Arab, the new Nasser. We will not know this, however, unless he asserts himself. Current candidates are Bashar al-Assad who came to power in Syria following his father's death in June and Moammar Gadhafi who revised his global image in February, working as a peacemaker to unite the African continent and as a diplomat celeb in Europe. He has yet to succeed, but if he does he will fulfill that part of this prediction.

However, I need not identify who the great Arab will be to predict his arrival or rise to dominance throughout the Arab world. He may be someone who has yet to make himself known.

The second vector that appeared on this prediction was August/September 2001, which is why the prediction has been moved to this location.


COMMENT (10/4/02): First of all, allow me to express my apologies for confusing the al-Mahdi of Islamic prophecy with any supreme ruler of the Islamic world. There could very easily be a supreme Imam or Ayatollah in the near future, but this would not necessarily make him the Mahdi. This was ignorance on my part: equating the Mahdi with a coming supreme Imam.

There is no question in my mind that the "Great Arab," or at least one of several of Nostradamus' great Arabs, came to world prominence at the very time given: August/September 2001. Osama bin Laden was already known to the world since the East Africa bombings in 1998, but 9/11 made him a figure not soon to be forgotten. Even so, his being one of the Arab leaders prophesied by Nostradamus could still be an issue of debate for some.

What this means is that we probably do not really know if Nostradamus' other figure -- the "Blue Turbaned King" -- is already in power. He may indeed already be and he may be someone we are all familiar with, as with the case of Bin Laden. But this person has yet to do what Nostradamus has prophesied the Blue King will do: to wage war with a great "White Turbaned King" and also to invade southern France. Then again, perhaps he has yet to come to power.

One mistake we can ill afford to make is to link the "Blue Turban" with "The Persian" as Erika Cheetham has. He might not be Iranian as she has insisted. He could, in fact, be Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, pictured above, wearing a blue fez. After all, he is closer, geographically-speaking, to southern France than anyone else noteworthy from the Middle East. But until he has done one of the two things mentioned above, he is only the Blue Turban in theory. Or the Blue Turban could be Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader in hiding who considers himself the supreme leader of the Islamic world. Or he could be someone we do not yet know.

Regarding my twin prediction: It was perfect timing that Bin Laden struck when he did. However, unless a blue turbaned leader makes headlines in a very big way by December 31, 2002, my saying he has arrived or has not arrived is really debatable. Evidence that he may already be on the scene is not conclusive. Ergo, I will not be rating this aspect of the prediction one way or the other, unless he makes a big and most obvious splash.

Riots in South Africa, Assassination of Zuma, Mbeki, or Other High-Ranking Official


South African Deputy President J.G. Zuma Total solar eclipse South African President Thabo Mbeki


NEW PREDICTION: 4/27/01 -- It is possible that rioting may break out around the time of the June solar eclipse or shortly after. By late summer it will grow very deadly. In September 2001 either Deputy President J.G. Zuma or President Thabo Mbeki may be assassinated. Alternatively, it is possible it may be one of South Africa's ministers. This is not clear, but Mbeki and Zuma, especially Zuma, appear to be in peril.



October 23, 2001 -- JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) -- Hunndreds of Zimbabweans sought refuge at a Johannesburg police station Tuesday after their shacks were torched in a xenophobic attack, police said. South African residents of the Zandspruit informal settlement at Honeydew, just west of Johannesburg, allegedly attacked the foreigners, accusing them of crime and taking up scarce jobs.

On Sunday, 74 shacks were burnt, and another 124 looted in clashes between residents of the informal settlement. Twenty people were subsequently arrested and charged with public violence.

On Monday another four shacks belonging to Zimbabweans were set afire, and four more people were arrested.

About 40 Zimbabweans slept at the Honeydew police station Monday night and another 400 arrived at the station Tuesday seeking help, police spokeswoman Terry-Ann Booyse said. About 500 more people were thought to be making their way to the police station. "I think word has spread that we can get them help and more are coming out of hiding," Booyse said.

Many of the Zimbabweans told police documents proving they were in South Africa legally had been burnt in their shacks. "I need the government to tell me where to take these people," Booyse said. "We do not have enough shelter and do not know what to do with these people." Gladys Maqhina, a resident of the violence-stricken informal settlement, told the South African Press Association she could not sleep Monday night because of the continuing violence. "I am packing my belongings and leaving this place because I am not safe," she said.


Former SA first lady murdered

Wednesday, 5 December, 2001, 12:16 GMT

BBC News

Mr and Mrs de KlerkThe ex-wife of former South African President FW de Klerk has been brutally murdered in her luxury Cape Town flat. Marike de Klerk, 64, was stabbed and strangled, the police said after an autopsy on Wednesday. Politicians from across the political spectrum have expressed their shock at her death.

The body of the former first lady was found on Tuesday after she failed to keep a hairdresser's appointment. Nothing was missing from Mrs de Klerk's house and the motive for her killing was unknown, said police spokesman Wikus Holtzhauzen.

No arrests

Mrs de Klerk becomes the latest high-profile victim of the country's high crime rate. Last year, 21,000 people were murdered in South Africa. No one has been arrested in connection with the killing. Mrs de Klerk's body still had a knife-blade in her back, according to The Star newspaper, quoting police sources. She may have been dead for 24 hours when the body was found, said an initial report from a pathologist.


She was married to South Africa's last white president for 39 years before they were divorced in 1998. A week after the divorce, FW de Klerk married his long-time mistress, Elita Georgiades. "I have learned with great shock and sorrow of the circumstances of the tragic death of my former wife Marike," Mr De Klerk said in a statement Wednesday, released by his spokesman Dave Steward. President Thabo Mbeki described her as a "strong, charming and dignified woman". Even committed anti-apartheid campaigner, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, expressed her sadness. "As a woman, I can identify with the exhaustion of her emotional resources in shaping her former husband's career," she said. Mrs de Klerk was at one point in charge of the then ruling National Party's women's wing.


Guard 'admits' to de Klerk murder

Friday, 7 December, 2001, 13:56 GMT -- (BBC News) - A security guard who worked at the complex where the ex-wife of former South African president, FW de Klerk, was murdered has confessed to her killing, say the police. Marike de Klerk, 64, whose memorial service was held on Friday, was stabbed and strangled in her luxury Cape Town flat, the police said after an autopsy on Wednesday. The Western Cape Police Commissioner Lennit Max did not name the suspect, who is due to appear in court on Monday, but said he confessed his part in the murder to a judge late on Thursday night. At the special service attended by about 100 people, Mr de Klerk who divorced his wife in 1998 after 39 years of marriage, praised the police for their hard work ...

Iran Invades Turkey: WWIII Begins or Escalates


Daniel 11:2 --

Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia; and the fourth shall be far richer then they all: and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia (the European Union).

Daniel 8:3, 4 --

Behold, there stood before the river (Euphrates) a ram, which had two horns, and the two horns were high; but one was higher than the other, and the higher came up last. I saw the ram (Persia and Media) pushing westward, and northward, and southward, and so that no beasts (nations) might stand before him...

Daniel 8:17, 19 --

(The angel Gabriel) said unto me, Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end shall be the vision. And he said, behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation: for at the time appointed the end shall be. The ram which thou sawest having two horns are the kings of Media and Persia.


Quatrain 5.27

With fire and armaments, not far from the Black Sea,
He will come from Persia (Iran) to occupy Trabzon (NE Turkey):
Pharos (Egypt) and Mytilene (Greece) tremble (in fear), the Sun (the West) is happy,
Arab blood covers the Adriatic Sea.


Iranian nuclear missile launched against Turkey


Many Bible scholars attribute Daniel's vision concerning an invasion of "Grecia" by "the ram" and its leader, the "fourth king of Persia," to what amounted to be a rather puny incursion by Persia against a Greek colony that resulted in the subjugation of much of Asia by Alexander the Great. However, Daniel 8:4 describes what can only be interpreted as a massive invasion of Turkey, the Caucasus and southern Russia, the Balkans, and the Middle East by Iran and its allies. Also, the angel Gabriel tells Daniel that this vision will take place "at the time of the end" (the "latter days" or, more precisely, the final age). Grecia, therefore, must stand for a united Europe and may also isolate the Balkans region as the focal point of the Persian king's great concern and outrage.

Many of Nostradamus' quatrains seem to concur. In the first of these, 5.27, the Iranian leader hears of heavy Arab casualties being incurred by Western forces in the Adriatic and declares war on NATO and the European Union. Iran (Persia) and its Moslem allies in "Media" (Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Armenia, Georgia, southern Chechnya, southern Dagestan) will invade Turkey in a move to plow through to the Balkans. The Iranian invasion should happen, according to my calculations, in September 2001. According to Daniel 8:3, the modern-day Medes are "higher" (to Iran's north) and appear "last," indicating that they will join up with their Iranian comrades later.

The big question is whether a third World War or a "world crisis" will have begun in 1999. This may be a question of perception. If the U.S., Russia, and China are able to avoid using nuclear weapons and the conflicts they engage in are considered by most to be regional in nature (ie., the Balkans, the Persian Gulf, etc.) the events of 1999, 2000, and the first eight months of 2001 will be thought of as a major "world crisis." If so, the invasion of Turkey by Iran will be considered by future historians as the opening salvo of World War III. However, if a global conflict is already in progress by this time, an Islamic jihad into Europe will be considered a significant escalation. In any event, when this action occurs the world will truly be at war.

Iran Bombs Saudi Oil Fields


Fuel Air Explosive bombing of Saudi Oil fields


NEW PREDICTION: 11/26/99 -- Iran will bomb Saudi Arabian oil fields in September 2001 because of Saudi support for Turkey. In December 2001, Iranian, Afghan, and Azeri terrorists will cut pipelines to Turkey and Saudi Arabia while launching terrorist attacks throughout Saudi Arabia.



US Forces Attack Iranian Island of Abu Musa
in Strait of Hormuz

US launches cruise missile NEW PREDICTION: 11/26/00 -- US naval forces in the region will engage Iran on the Arabian peninsula and in the Persian Gulf in September/October 2001. One especially fiercesome battle will take place at the Iranian stronghold of Abu Musa in the strait of Hormuz. Iranian missile artillery

Despite America's superior military strength, military resouces on the island will be too well-protected. A protracted series of cruise missile attacks by sea and air will be countered by Iranian missiles and air power. Both US and Iranian ships will be severely damaged during naval combat. Events elsewhere in the Middle East will soon force the US to deploy a large part of its Gulf forces to the Red Sea and the eastern Mediterannean.


War involving Iran, Iraq, and North Korea is presented on this Dream Window. In addition to an original poem by me based on a dream I had about a future Persian Gulf war involving the US, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey and a commentary concerning visions of nuclear subs that has been on this window since 1999, there are now three additional dreams from 1995, 2001, and 2002 regarding these and other countries along with North Korea.

Stock Market Crash, Global Depression Begins


Stock Market Crash


NEW PREDICTION: 11/26/00 -- The war in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf, the sudden cut-off of oil from the Saudi peninsula, along with even more dangerous develpments involving Israel and Syria will cause the US stock market to crash in October 2001. A global depression will result as markets plummet and collapse throughout the entire world.


Stocks Fall Again - Nasdaq Hits New Six-Year Low - October 7, 2002.
Global Crash Fears As German Bank Sinks - 'strong parallels to the Thirties' - October 6, 2002.
World Stocks Sink Again After US Fizzles
- July 26, 2002.
The crash of 2002 -- Dow hits lowest level in nearly four years as crisis of confidence worsens - July 19, 2002.
Stock Markets Tumble in Europe, Asia - July 16, 2002.
Panic sell-off hits Europe markets
- July 15, 2002.
Wall Street's brutal week -- worst week for Dow Jones and Nasdaq since week following September 11 - July 12, 2002.
Iran presses for oil embargo
- April 15, 2002.
Iraq Plans to End Oil Exports
- April 9, 2002.
Oil Embargo Effort Against Israel and US - April 6, 2002.
World plunges into recession for first time in 20 years, says OECD - November 21, 2001.

US Vice President Resigns or Dies


Unknown US Vice President


NEW PREDICTION: 7/31/00 -- Many times the title says it all. All one can do is speculate further, but many of my predictions start out this simply. The base 7 vector for the resignation or death (probably due to natural causes) of the US Vice President is October 2001.




Vice President -elect Dick CheneyUPDATE (12/14/00): One might well ask, now that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have been certified the winners of the 2000 US presidential and vice-presidential election, why I don't replace the "unknown VP" image above with one of Dick Cheney. The answer should be obvious: if Dick Cheney dies or resigns from office as predicted above, Bush will have to select another vice president. We don't know who Cheney's replacement will be; therefore the "unknown VP" face will remain. Whoever it will be shall play a most important role: for after President Bush is assassinated in 2002 as predicted on the The Year 2002 page, the man (or woman) who replaces Cheney in the autumn of 2001 will become the 44th -- and possibly last -- president of the United States.


India and China Engage in Major Conflict: Danger of
Nuclear Exchange


Nuclear strike in India or China Indian or Chinese missile launchers


NEW PREDICTION: 2/15/01 -- The window for such an event occurring between India and Pakistan has closed for now, it appears. I think the devastating earthquake on 26 January stopped the drift toward all-out war, but then again, the quake was almost as bad as a nuclear bomb by itself.

Watch October 2001, however. Another window opens for potential war between India and China. If this happens, Pakistan may also be involved. Again, the danger of a nuclear conflict becomes even greater with China in the picture. To help ensure that this scenario not occur, it is best that India not take sides in the Middle East conflict which will also begin this month.


Pakistan Fears Mass India Attack If US Invades Iraq - September 9, 2002.
Pakistan Accuses India of Air Strikes, Delhi Denies
- August 22, 2002.
Full scale South Asian war was 'very close' -- Musharraf says tensions with India have eased, but remain 'explosive' - May 31, 2002.
U.S. predicts doomsday scenario: 17 million nuclear casualties in Pak-India War - May 31, 2002.
Pakistan moves troops to border, prepares for airstrikes - May 31, 2002.

Rumsfeld sent to head off India-Pakistan war - Conventional war would likely turn nuclear, killing 12 million instantly - May 30, 2002.
India and Pakistan have up to 200 nuclear warheadsU.S. plans mass evacuation from South Asia - May 30, 2002.
Pakistan conducts second missile test
- May 26, 2002.
Powell criticizes Pakistani missile test
-- Pakistan says it's 'ready for war' - May 25, 2002.
Thousands flee Kashmir shelling -- Indian navy moves five warships off west coast near Pakistan - May 23, 2002.
India, Pakistan 'very close' to war -- Muslim leader shot in Kashmir as envoy warns of all-out conflict -- Bhutto demands the resignation of Gen. Musharraf - May 21, 2002.
Deadly rebel attack in Kashmir raises India-Pakistan tensions
- May 15, 2002.
Tenet: South Asia close to nuclear war
- March 19, 2002.
Violence escalates in India
- March 2, 2002.
Fresh riots rock Gujarat -- Authorities fear the violence could spread across India - March 1, 2002.
ICIA Says Chance of war between India, Pakistan at highest point since 1971 -- Warns such a conflict could erupt into nuclear war - February 7, 2002.
India says: 'We're ready for nuclear war' -- Thousands of rival troops mass on border - January 11, 2002.
Pakistan Says China Ready to Give It Support
- January 4, 2002.
China Moves Troops to Diffuse Indian War Threat - December 28, 2001.


UPDATE (6/24/02): This is twice India and Pakistan have come to the brink of fullscale war and nuclear annihilation since December 2001. I fear that a third round after monsoon season is over could be the dreaded conflict. As they say, "three strikes and you're out!"

Normally I do not rate myself high for "near wars," but in this instance I think I should. Consider, if you will, if someone had made a prediction back in 1961 or early 1962 that Russia and the US would go to war in October 1962 and that it would turn nuclear. I think we would all agree that the Cuban Missile Crisis was close enough to vindicate such a prediction if one had been made. This is no different. This prediction was CLOSE and is still one to watch for the remainder of 2002. It could become fulfilled yet.

Israel Invades Syria


Israeli troops on Syrian border



Following nearly a year of border clashes, Israel will invade Syria, bombing several Syrian and Lebanese towns sometime in October/November 2001. The incident will lead to a major rift between pro-Western, pro-Israeli Arab and non-Arab Moslem nations (Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, the Emirates, and Saudi Arabia) on the one hand, and anti-Western, anti-Israeli Arab and non-Arab Moslem nations (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan) on the other.

Israel will be condemned in the UN Security Council and Russia and China will propose economic sanctions against Israel. This measure will be vetoed by the US, Britain, and France. Meanwhile, Palestinian riots will break out in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Jordan. Armed conflict will follow between Palestinian police and militia groups against the Israeli police and army.


UPDATE (1/18/01): I would point out that the last two sentences of the second paragraph have already been fulfilled to the letter since September 28, 2000.


UPDATE (4/3/02): Lebanese towns have been and are being bombed. Israel has been condemned by the United Nations and a withdrawal from the occupied territories has been demanded. Thus far, based on elements in both paragraphs, this prediction is 50% FULFILLED. All it will take will be Israeli attacks on Syrian positions to bring it to 75% and a massive attack in Syria proper to bring it to 100%.


U.S. prevented major Israeli attack on Syria


Tuesday, June 18, 2002

TEL AVIV — The United States blocked a major military offensive by Israel against Syria last month, but shares Israeli concerns that the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad is openly arming Hizbullah and Palestinian militants.

Israeli officials said the attack was to have taken place last month in response to a spate of Hizbullah strikes along the Lebanese border with the Jewish state. The officials said Israel's military had mobilized its reserves for what they termed was to have been a heavy blow on Syrian military positions in Lebanon and Syria, Middle East Newsline reported.

On Monday, the Qatari daily Al Sharq, quoting Hizbullah sources, reported that Israeli Mossad agents in cooperation with the United States tried to assassinate Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah on June 6 in Beirut. But the plan was foiled when Nasrallah stayed home from an Islamic conference scheduled that day because of the flu.

"Only international intervention and somebody up there recovered and saved them from a harsh military blow," David Magen, chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, said.

Magen said that for months Israel had been concerned over Syria's support for Hizbullah and its aim to open a second military front with Israel. The parliamentary committee chairman said Syrian President Bashar Assad ignored previous Israeli warnings and openly allowed Iran to arm Hizbullah and Palestinian insurgency groups based in Damascus.

Officials said the turning point for Syria came during a weekend visit by U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell to Damascus in April. They said Powell warned Assad that Israel was preparing a massive attack on Syria and that Washington would not restrain the Jewish state.

Magen said Israeli military and political leaders appear baffled by Assad's willingness to escalate tension. He said many attribute this to the inexperience by the new president.

"He doesn't know what military defeat is," Magen said. "Maybe when he does know he will think differently. When he was asked to lower tension, he did exactly the opposite."

"We're asking all the parties to use their influence on Hizbullah to get Hizbullah to stop attacking Israel," State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said on Monday. "We're asking people to prevent things, not to supply weapons, not to allow the supply of weapons, not to encourage and support Hizbullah in carrying out attacks on Israel."

Officials said tensions still remain high along Israel's border with Lebanon. They said U.S. diplomats repeated warnings to Lebanon and Syria over the weekend in wake of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's meeting with President George Bush. The two men discussed the prospect of outbreak of conflict in Lebanon or Syria.


UPDATE (6/18/02): It appears that I was right about an Israeli invasion of Syria after all. It was to have occurred sometime in May 2002 -- that's six months later than my projected vector of October/November 2001. The question I am now forced to ask is whether this prediction was THWARTED or does the danger still exist? I would contend that the danger of a regional war involving Israel, Syria, and Lebanon remains throughout 2002 and even into June 2003 (the next vector for a major Middle East war involving these countries).

Whether it will be a result of the current hostilities between Israel, the Palestinians, and the Lebanese Hezbollah or as a consequence of a US war against Iraq remains to be seen.

In any event, this revelation concludes our scrutiny of events in the Middle East from this location. The War of Alus below is a warning that remains in effect throughout 2002 and up to June 2003. However, should a major Israeli assault of Syria occur soon, the report will appear here in place of the one above. Meanwhile, any additional news regarding tensions between Israel and her Arab neighbours will appear below on the Alus News page.

A PREDICTION THWARTED counts as much as one that is FULFILLED, as most of you know -- but is that not the point of prediction? -- to alter the future for the better? Inn any event, it still remains to be seen if this is what has happened.

Danger of Murder for Elton John


Singer/Composer Elton John (recent photo) NEW PREDICTION: 10/10/00 -- Singer/composer Elton John may be murdered by a deranged fan or a jealous lover in June or September-December 2001. Why he is in danger is a bit involved and will require a separate page for explanation. While this prediction is not supported by any Nostradamus prophecy I am familiar with, the base 7 system definitely points in this unfortunate direction. All of the evidence indicates that he will be gunned down, probably at night.

The murder of Elton John, should it not be preventable, will begin a year to two year period of unprecedented tragedies that will eclipse anything that happened in the late 1960s or early 1980s.


Beatle John Lennon was slain in NYC on December 8, 1980 by a deranged fan


UPDATE (11/21/00): The Elton John Prophecy Page has been created. Although there is overwhelming evidence that it is Sir Elton Hercules John who is in greatest danger for either the June 2001 or September-December 2001 vectors, there is included a short list of other potential victims: former Beatle George Harrison, Sean Lennon, John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, singer Olivia Newton-John, and actor Jack Lemmon. The page reviews links between Elton John, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, and actor George Reeves; the auguring of John's name through several different methods; and the application of the "triple death curse" that has thus far only haunted the history of Hollywood. George Harrison's near brush with death in December 1999 has also been spotlighted in this multi-faceted presentation where the issue of his safety is once again questioned in light of recent events. This and much more is investigated in what may be the next-to-last celebrity prediction page for the 2000-2002 period.


Beatle George Harrison dies
- November 30, 2001.
Harrison 'resting after cancer surgery' - November 12, 2001.
George Harrison 'back in hospital' - November 7, 2001.
Ex-Beatle strongly denies near-death report - July 23, 2001.
Ex-Beatle Harrison 'knows he will die soon' - July 22, 2001.

Hollywood Great Jack Lemmon Dies
- June 28, 2001.


For my remarks regarding the death of George Harrison, who figured prominently as an alternative to Elton John in the prophecy, view The Elton John Prophecy Page. Combined with the death of Jack Lemmon, this marks at least a partial fulfillment of my prediction, I am sorry to say. Wish I had been wrong.

Italian Airport or Air Base Bombed


Italian airport conflagration


NEW PREDICTION: 1/16/01 -- Why? Terrorism will be a major component of World War III. Italy will become a convenient and strategic target due to its close proximity to the Balkans and the Middle East. While this may be a civilian target, there exists a good possibility that it will be a Nato air base in Italy, perhaps at Aviano. Should this be fallout from a Balkans war, one also cannot rule out a Russian attack.


Base 7 dating: December 2001.


Gadhafi smile Saddam smile Putin hear no evil


Russia Declares War on Iran and Azerbaijan


Russia launches rocket attack against Iranian forces


In response to an Iranian alliance with neighboring Azerbaijan and the Kurds and their joint incursions into the Caucasus, Russia sends troops into the region. Much of the initial fighting will take place in Chechnya, Dagestan, Georgia, and Armenia. Some Central Asian republics, such as Turkmenistan, may also become battlefields. The best base 7 dating for the Russian-Moslem conflict to begin is December 2001.


UPDATE (8/1/02): Although it seems highly doubtful that Russia and Iran will become adversaries, the expanding of the war in Chechnya into Transcaucasia could create a contest between the two. In any event, despite the title of this prediction, the major feature of it is that Russia goes to war with Chechnya, Dagestan, Georgia, and Armenia. This conflict, in turn, becomes part of the tensions brewing over the Caspian Sea, leading to a conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and neighbouring nations predicted for 2002 on Year 2002 (Part One) and Iranian participation as ally or foe of Russia by January 2003 if not before (see Year 2003 (Part One)).


Russia-Georgia tension grows - September 29, 2002.
Georgian tanks in the Pankisi Gorge
Putin ups Georgia strike warnings to UN -- ultimatum is signal to Bush that if US invades Iraq, Russia will respond by invading Georgia - September 12, 2002.
Putin issues ultimatum to Georgia - September 12, 2002.
Putin warns of 'self-defence' strikes against Georgia
- September 11, 2002.
Georgia accuses Russia of 'barbarism' - August 27, 2002.
Report: Georgian Troops enter Pankisi Gorge
- August 25, 2002.
U.S. criticizes Russia for Georgian bombing
- August 24, 2002.
Georgia pledges troops for Pankisi Gorge - August 17, 2002.
Georgia accuses Russia of incursion
-- danger of armed conflict between both countries is growing - August 12, 2002.
Fighting in Chechnya intensifies -- War threatens to spread to Georgia - July 31, 2002.

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