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The Athens Earthquake, Alternative Interpretations of Nostradamus, Planet Mars,
The Hopi Prophesies
-----Original Message-----
Jennie B.
To: '' <>
Date: Wednesday, September 08, 1999 7:10 PM
Subject: A New Revelation on Nosty?


Another prophecy fulfilled - you are really starting to scare me. But hey, at least I am forewarned about some of these events and can take precautionary action.

Sitting at home after the Greek earthquake, it suddenly occured to me that many people are taking Nosty too far in their interpretations, generally substituting natural disasters for nuclear attacks. Your interpretations are by far the most thought out that I have read. You do not just conclude war, but offer alternatives.

The Hopi Indians have long predicted earth changes, so I hope you don't mind me taking a little from them.

With the current rate of "earth changes" we are witnessing (earthquakes, hurricanes etc), it seems that quatrains such as the following can be reinterpreted from nuclear destruction to natural destruction.

Take for instance Quatrain 2.52 - "War stirred up by two valiant in combat" - I have interpreted this as war between the tectonic plates of the earth that cause earthquakes.

Quatrain 10.72 - I have interpreted the line "before and after Mars reigns by good fortune" - 1. Mars back in April and May was clearly visible to the naked eye and the brightest it has been for many years. It is due to return to the naked eye again next year. Does this means Mars has reigned the skies? 2. Mars if interpreted as war could also mean the world warring with itself (eg: earthquakes, other natural disasters).

Quatrain 1.87 - "Two great rocks will war for a long time" - how true. The plates associated with the San Andreas fault have warred for many years and continue to do so. Most agree that eventually it has to give and certainly volcanic activity could be associated if the movement is sufficient.

There are many other quatrains that can be intrepreted similarly. I think I would prefer this type of destruction to the alternative - nuclear war.

I hope you don't mind, but I am part of a forum and have let them know to look at your web site. I know of several that have taken the time and Athol is one of those from the forum.

Thanks again - looking forward to your next update.

* * * * *
Hi Jennie!

Glad to hear from you again.

You're not the only one scared. Every time something happens that I have predicted well in advance -- in some cases as much as three years in advance -- it startles me as well. It doesn't matter how many times I'm right -- I am still as shocked as everyone else.

Part of the reason that I offer alternatives is that I am a poet (I have been published in many small press magazines and some larger ones on a fairly regular basis since 1983). I understand how metaphor works. Nostradamus' quatrains are poems and he uses metaphor.  But even astrologers know that 'a trembling of the earth' can mean many things:  an earthquake, a revolution, a war, a nuclear attack, the death of a great person, even a state of apprehension about events occurring elsewhere.

This is why I rely on my system of numerology more than I do on Nostradamus. My predictions are based on the premise that history repeats itself in multiples of certain numbers -- especially the number 7. However, it is a bit more complicated than that (which is why I would like to write a book about it.) One cannot just take an event, plug in the number 7, 14, 35 or whatever and expect that there will be a 77% percent chance that it will happen again. One must also look closely at events peripheral to the one that they are forecasting. One must have an excellent memory for dates and a good working knowledge of history. Traditional numerology is also of value. Certain letters of the alphabet, I have discovered, impose a repeating pattern.

Sometimes I can be accurate right to the month (or within a week or two of the month). Most people think that if you get it right for the year that is good enough. In the case of the Turkey earthquake, I expected it to happen in March -- not August. And the Greek quake was to happen in either March or May -- not September.  I still cannot figure out why, in some instances, I am off one, two, or three months when I am correct for the year, and right on target in other situations.

But I am working on it.

Now, Jennie, to some of your points.

I agree that Quatrain 2.52 and 1.87 could be referring to a clash between the major tectonic plates of the earth. Nostradamus scholar John Hogue (1997) has made the same point about San Andreas as well. However, the poet in me realises that a 'rock' -- especially one that makes war -- could also be a major world power.  Right now there are two very powerful 'rocks' capable of bringing on global destruction: Russia and the US.  It would have been unusually modern for Nostradamus, a rather clumsy poet writing predictions in verse in the year 1554, to use the word 'war' to describe the clashing of tectonic plates. It may easily satisfy our 20th Century sensibilities to interpret his words in such a fashion, but we must remember where and when he is coming from.

I agree. I would also prefer this type of destruction to the alternative of nuclear war. However, the best defence against such a holocaust is in our own hands. I believe the future can be changed, most of it anyway. If I did not believe that I'm not sure I would bother with this website. Had Germany been treated more fairly by the great powers in 1918 after the First World War, there would never have been a Second World War.  Hitler would have been a rebel without a clue. If John F. Kennedy had heeded Jeane Dixon's message (which was delivered to him by one of Ms. Dixon's friends who worked in the State Department), he would not have been assassinated.  The world, and especially the US, should have helped Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991 -- not celebrated its demise with champagne.

Then there is the issue of self-fulfilling prophecy. As I said on my web page, Bill Clinton (and possibly Tony Blair and Jacques Chirac) may have been made aware of the 'great King of terror' prediction. Perhaps they were convinced that a conventional bombardment of Yugoslavia  happening around the time believed predicted (July 1999) would have been preferable to a nuclear war between India and Pakistan or a festering Balkans mess that might have spread thoughout Eastern Europe leading to a Nato-Russian showdown.  After all, if Ronald Reagan's foreign policy decisions were driven by his wife's interest in astrology, anything is possible. We'll know whether the gamble paid off or not after October 1999 has come and gone... hopefully in safety.

Incidentally. Regarding the Hopi -- you are familiar with their prophecy concerning the Blue Star Kachina? The star would be a sign from heaven just before humankind was about to journey upon the right path or the 'jagged path' that trails off into oblivion and hell. I believe that Comet Hyakutake, which appeared in March 1996, was the Blue Star Kachina. It was bluish-green in colour through a telescope, but to the naked eye or with binoculars blue was the most distinctive colour.

Thanks again for writing, Jennie. Please do so again soon.

Yours truly,

Additional comment: I neglected to discuss the point Jennie brought up about Mars. I feel she is on the right track. However, I have already discussed my views concerning Mars quite thoroughly in the section concerning 'the great King of terror' on the 'End of the 20th Century' page (now split into two pages, 1999 and 2000 -- it is on the first page, for 1999). My opinion concerning Mars was written on April 6, 1999, and can be seen in its entirety as point 4 where I discuss the fourth line of Quatrain 10.72. There you shall see that I discuss Mars
1) in terms of its brightest oppositions (1997 - 2005), with the brightest occurring on August 27, 2003,
2) in terms of the Sojourner-Pathfinder mission and other missions to the Red Planet on-going and forthcoming,
3) and its mythological role as the God of War.




War and Economic Disaster, An End to Peacekeeping, Base 7 Numerology vs
Nostradamus Interpretation
----Original Message-----
To: '' <>
Date: Thursday, September 23, 1999 6:24 PM
Subject: Inquiry
I think alot of Nostadamus expectations related to nations warring against each other can take place in the context of a US stock market crash, US recession/depression and reduction in overseas "peacekeeping" via a Bush isolationist/overextended (i.e. Taiwan and Kuwait and Bosnia) presidency.
Perhaps unexpected Y2k problems in 2000 will kick it off.
BTW how do you relate the centuries to real dates...that one has always stumpted me.
* * * * *
Hi again,  
I agree that your first statement could hold true -- particularly in the Pacific.  China has been taking advantage of the Asian economic downturn that began in the fall of 1997, jockeying for position as the great economic saviour of Pacific Asia.  Unfortunately, saviours with strong militaries and axes to grind over disputed territories tend to become bullies.  In the end, should a Sino-US war ever occur (probably over Taiwan or the Spratly's), it will be due to Beijing's territorial ambitions and aggressive nationalism.
However, if you believe that 'peacekeeping' is in for a reduction, I disagree. If anything, the US, Britain, and Nato have become committed to a shared role as a world police force. Isolationism?  Only if the US is so utterly devastated by natural disasters (or, as you suggest, an economic depression) that it can no longer afford to get involved in world conflicts. However, no matter how the economy plays out, when national security is at stake, as it was at Pearl Harbor, the US will use overwhelming military force (even nuclear force) whenever it is neccessary.
Australia leads in the East Timor operation for now...wait and see what role the US will play if Indonesia becomes something that Australia cannot control. A nominal US force is already in place, while Clinton waits for a possible escalation of tensions and an excuse to deploy a larger military prescence there. Overextended? You bet! If the US is ever forced to fight a war on three fronts (the Balkans, the Middle East, and the Pacific) it will quickly discover what the word 'overextended' truly means. But fight it will and fight it must if its interests or security are at stake.
Y2K? I am re-evaluating that one. Watch the The Year 2000 page for an important update in the near future (probably this month or next).
Regarding your statement, 'how do you relate the centuries to real dates...that one has always stumped me.'
First off, I take it you have never read my website in sequence from the home page to the second page (the Diana Prophecy) to the third page (Iraqi Weapons Crisis of 1997-98) to the fourth page (The Limitations of Numerology, Re: Celebrity Deaths) and so on. The home page is actually an introduction to the rest of the site and each successive page is like a chapter in a book.  You have probably been looking at things out of sequence.  Although I encourage following each link to the next, I say up front that if you'd rather skip around via the menu at the bottom of the home page that is up to each of you.  Unfortunately, by skipping around you risk not grasping the entire concept of what I am doing.  I urge you to read my section on numerology on the home page and at least follow the next three pages in sequence.
I am essentially performing two separate types of predictions. First and foremost I am using my personal system of numerology (base 7) to arrive at the events I believe will occur for each year. This is where most of the 'real dates' come from.  This is usually done without a thought to Nostradamus.  My system, for 1998, was 77% accurate.  What it will be this year is still an open question with yet another quarter to go, but so far it has been fairly unnerving.
Secondly, I am applying personal and popular interpretations of Nostradamus' quatrains (also some of Edgar Cayce's, some of the biblical prophets', etc.) to those of MY predictions that appear to share some common elements with them.  For example base 7 numerology told me a massive quake would strike Turkey in March 1999 and that another temblor would shake Turkey and then Greece in May. I then noted that Nostradamus predicted Greece and Turkey would be rocked by two superquakes and/or would go to war with each other in the spring of an unspecified year.  I then paired them up together in a presentation.  MY prediction was off by several months: Turkey was hit in August 1999 and Greece in September (Turkey was hit with a second quake in September as well).  Either Nostradamus' 'spring' prediction was also off by several months (matching my prediction) or something far worse is in the cards for Athens and Ankara in a future year (which is why I make no guarantees that Nosty's prophesies will actually be fulfilled at the same time that mine are).  No matter -- my prediction, arrived at independently of Nostradamus -- was fulfilled in the correct year, but two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half months later than I anticipated.
Thirdly, I also present Nostradamus predictions that have been dated by other authorities -- past and present -- through astrology or astronomy (for example, Quatrain 8.15 and the 'two eclipses').  Again, my interpretations are either personal, popular, or a fusion of both.  One date -- 1999, seventh month -- was supplied by the French seer himself.  I also pick up dating clues from information in Nostradamus' quatrains: for example, for me, 'once again a return to the honours of Diana' means July 1 to August 31 of any given year since and including 1998 (the Althorp season that ends on August 30 and then the observance and remembrance of Princess Diana's death on August 31).
Well, that is certainly a lot of ground covered.
Thanks so very much for visiting my website, and feel free to contribute any other comments, reactions to my comments, questions, etc. anytime.
Sincerely yours,




University Student Asks If Nostradamus Predicted Sorority House Massacre
-----Original Message-----
From: Lauren
To: <>
Date: Monday, October 18, 1999 4:10 PM
Subject: a prediction

Hi!  There is a legend at my university about one of Nostradamus' predictions.  I'm not sure exactly how it goes, but here's the ghist.

On the eve of Halloween,
In 1999,
There will be a huge massacre,
At a women's convent (dormitory), with a cursed number of floors (13)
The tallest building (on campus)
Near a large teller of time,
Between a cemetary and an asylum
Near a railroad
Near a body of water
In the south-east

You see, the description fits my dormitory to a "T."  I have never actually seen the quatraint, I actually think that he doesn't come out and say it like that.  I think he wrote that in the last sentences of many quatrains.  I have gone through many websites and cannot find that.  If you know what I'm talking about please respond.
Thank you,
* * * * *
Greetings Lauren,

Thanks for visiting Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs and our E-Mail Forum. You are now a member!

So...Goth finally meets Nostradamus. That's fine with me since we are nearing one of my most favourite holidays.

At first glance I thought perhaps you were sending me on some sort of Nostradamus scavenger hunt. Anyway, on closer inspection, I have concluded that there may be some basis for concern.

First off, Lauren, I have never seen a quatrain that contains ALL of the clues you mention. However, it is possible that someone long ago at your university cannibalised portions of different quatrains and fabricated the one you have mentioned. However, I usually find legends have their basis in some fact and it may be reckless to ignore this one.

I was quite sceptical that Nostradamus ever dated one of his prophesies for Halloween 1999. He only mentions October three times: October 1727 (regarding events in Persia), October 3 (regarding a future war), and 'the month of October' (when the earth is supposed to be knocked off its axis). However, I had forgotten about this quatrain:

Quatrain 9.46

Evacuate, flee the house [or the city Toulouse], the bloody ones
For a sacrifice will make expiation,
The chief evil beneath the shadow of the gourds [pumpkins];
Strangling dead the flesh prophesied.

Line 3 is a clear dating for 'the eve of Halloween' (the shadow of night, the pumpkin gourds, and the chief evil behind the season: the Druid sacrifices of Samhain). However, unless there is a cryptic code behind the number 9.46, the year is unknown (not necessarily 1999). A 'massacre' (and 'sacrifice' again) is certainly indicated in lines 1 and 2. Line 4 graphically portends murder through strangulation.

Quatrains 4.17 and 4.35 may also be linked with 9.46:

Quatrain 4.17

...The leader [or duc] wishes to murder those of the convent,
Walking near a river, a fish, a beak diving,
Towards the tail; the door will be locked.

Here is the dormitory (convent), the body of water (IS IT a river?), and the dormitory doors will be locked or forced shut (from within or without?). Or does the locked door belong to 'the tallest building (on campus)?' Line one, which I have deleted, simply refers to political changes in France about this time. The 'leader,' of course, could be any sort of person in a position of authority (a teacher, dean, or someone unrelated to university life) or, on a more mundane level, the leader of a gang or fraternity.

Quatrain 4.35 (Campus fire?)

The fire put out, the virgins [young women, nuns in a convent, etc.] will betray
The greater part of the new band [group, order, organisation] night throats are slit.

Regarding the south-east:

When the columns of wood tremble greatly [a forest in your vacinity?],
Conducted by the south-east wind covered in blood
Such a great number are carried off...

Nostradamus mentions tombs of individuals, but not 'cemetaries' nor even 'graveyards' -- not anywhere. The only madhouse ever mentioned (Quatrain 10.9) is one he calls 'the Castle of Figueras' (in Spain). It became the site of the citadel of San Fernando, LATER was turned into a madhouse, and is now a prison. Scratch this clue.

Also no 'cursed number of floors (13) near a large teller of time (clock)' -- none that I can find. No railroad either; they did not exist in Nostradamus' day. However, I do think he may have described an underground railway tunnel in several of his quatrains. Ring a bell?

Lauren, if I were you I would check the old newspapers at your local library or local on-line service and do a bit of research. Has violence ever come to your city or university before? Especially check out years going back from 1999 in multiples of seven starting with 1992, 1985, and so on.

Good luck. Hope this helps, and by the way...

Happy Halloween,





The Masculine Woman
-----Original Message-----
To: <
Date: Friday, November 26, 1999 12:54 PM
Subject: masculine woman


I saw your page for the first time today, and I liked it. Regarding the "masculine woman", by my opinion, it could be only Kristiane Amanpour (if my spelling is correct), CNN reporter. You must remember her stories from Kosovo, before and during the Nato intervention, and of course how much she is not there now. Remember her stories from Bosnia? Also, a few weeks ago I saw her again, reporting from Grozny, and I knew that American and Western Europe politicians will be turned toward the Russian activities in that region, as soon as "tomorrow". As we saw it in Istanbul, Turkey, OSCE summit. Regarding her look, there is very little of feminine appearance there. She looks like a transvestite. And of course, we all know who is she married to. This is just a suggestion, something to explore. Thanks for your beautiful site.


* * * * * *
Hello, AJ!

Glad you are enjoying Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs.

The 'masculine woman' is one of Nosty's more mysterious, yet intriguing characters. So many theories have been put forth concerning him/her. I do, however, feel that we can probably narrow the speculation down to 'humanity' (men and women) or either a masculine woman or feminine man. If the last were true, this could be the Antichrist or beast of Revelation who is supposedly an attractive young man who will have no interest in women according to some Bible scholars, but will be a lover of self. If so, then Quatrain 8.15 might be better suited to a more remote future than the one we are currently embarking upon.

In the 1980s some Nostradamians believed Margaret Thatcher, 'the Iron Lady,' might be this 'masculine woman.' She certainly was very anti-Soviet and outspoken about the poor record of human rights in Russia during the pre-Gorbachev era. However, the quatrain simply did not fit the 1980s world picture (ie, no war in Yugoslavia or Hungary -- 'Pannonia' -- at the time). Madeleine Albright, on the other hand, is the second most powerful person in the United States. Grandma Albright was most eager to bomb Iraq in February 1998 when Saddam had 800,000 of his civilians in immediate harm's way -- many invited as 'guests' to his immense network of presidential palaces which were also, not by coincidence, primary bombing targets. I rather suspect it is only a matter of time before she develops a 'thing' for Yeltsin and Putin and wants to duke it out with the super-Slavs of the North.

Christiane Amanpour was a fetching young beauty when she first began appearing on CNN in the early to middle 1990s. I remember well her reports in 1995 from Sarajevo when Nato began 'pinprick' bombing the Bosnian Serbs in May. Oh well, time changes us all. Working out in the field is bad for anyone's complexion I suppose. Look what happened to poor Audrey Hepburn during the last ten years of her life -- too much African sun! Bakes the skin. Makes lines. She was already too thin to begin with.

Yes, I agree -- something has happened to Christiane in the last few years. Maybe she decided to stop wearing 'Cover Girl,' rouge, and lipstick when she is reporting from the combat zone. I recall her marrying recently, but I forgot to who. The world of celebrity and celebrity worship is such a changing, raging, and fickle sea -- it is a miracle I can keep track of as many as I do.

But, if your insight is correct, what are the 'great exertions' Christiane is performing against the Russians. Breathing exercises? Is she pregnant, perhaps? Well, we shall see. Perhaps she will duke it out with the Kremlin bosses and the Russian military single-handedly!

Your idea, though, may not be too far off the mark. I believe Nostradamus watched television through the eyes of future viewers. Even conventional wars and operations fought with 'smart weapons' in places like Iraq, Bosnia, Chechnya, and Kosovo must have appeared positively horrific to him. Against this backdrop of 'deadly globes' (anti-aircraft fire ascending into the Baghdad sky) and thunderous explosions, Nosty sees a dark-haired female in the centre of the screen shouting into a microphone above the din, ducking, pointing up at the sky, describing what is happening. What would he have made of such an event?

An interesting, albeit amusing observation.

Please do write again.

Best wishes,


-----Original Message-----
To: Mike <>
Date: Monday, November 29, 1999 12:08 PM
Subject: Re: masculine woman


I must say that I'm surprised by your letter, since I didn't expect any. However, I'm glad. You are right, we sure are not in able to identify the "masculine woman" person, but we can at least try to "match the description". And it matches not just to one, rather to many persons. Christiane Amanpour was my very first thought while I was reading your article. Maybe it is more personal feeling, than objective thinking, but I'm very sure that she has a big influence on current american participation throughout the world. She is married to Mr. James Rubin, the very first person to Mrs. Madelaine Albraight. She is also of Iranian background, and during the last 10 years I saw her always bringing the bad news to the christian people. Always standing on the moslem side, and always attacking the christians, even when it is clear that her "story" is very false. She usually brings the bad news, and she is usually reporting from the "future black spot of the world". When she appears in any country, you can be pretty much sure that the war will be there, and that american soldiers are going to be engaged (on a muslim side, of course). As I said, I might be wrong, but I can't help the feeling that she is eider working for, or "masculine woman" herself. And don't get me wrong, I do not have a hard feeling toward the moslem people, some of my family members are moslems. I just don't find her reporting correct, truthful, and unintentionally. I'm afraid of the impact that she has among the some very powerful people. Regarding the other potential candidates, I recommend you to watch the "Dateline NBC" tonight at 10 pm. (Gail Sheeny, Author of "Hillary's Choice", NBC). You might find it interesting.



ps. I apologize in advance, since the English is not my native language. I hope I didn't make too many mistakes and that you were in able to understand my letter.
* * * * *
Dear AJ:

Sorry if this letter is a bit a late. I've been rather busy and not feeling all too well of late.

I think you are right about Ms. Amanpour's influence. It has been a while since I have seen her on CNN*, but when last I did she was interviewing President Mohammad Khatami in Iran. In fact I have seen her conduct interviews in Iran on other previous occasions -- all of them of a positive nature. Otherwise, it is as you say -- always at the latest 'future (or present) black spot of the world,' always bringing 'the bad news.'

There has always seemed something immensely self-serving about her reports -- as though she had a personal agenda to fill and was not just 'on the job.' Her marriage to James Rubin (thanks for reminding me who it was she married) may have provided her a strategic line of communication to Madeleine Albright. But therein is the rub. The US government appears to be exceptionally anti-Moslem in its Middle East foreign policy while Christiane is, as you say, pro-Moslem in her views.

Bill Clinton has had a brilliant opportunity to establish good relations with Iran and has declined. IT is so vexing. President Khatami is the best thing to happen to Iran and the best chance for cementing ties with the West. He is doing well in Western Europe, but the US does not trust him. I do not believe he is just another Hashemi Rafsanjani, but, sadly, without the support he needs from the West, he will not last long. If he is not removed from power by the jealous mullahs in Teheran he will be forced to do their bidding.

Incidentally, are you sure Christiane Amanpour is Iranian? I'm fairly certain she is part French and part Arab.

Not to sideline from Amanpour again, but I thought I would mention that I am definitely NOT anti-Moslem. I am, however, definitely anti-dictatorships, and especially anti-Saddam. Saddam Hussein is an evil, cruel man and the Iraqi people suffer because of him and because of the UN sanctions placed on their country because of his past actions. So too have the Kurds, the Kuwaitis, and the Iranians suffered from this bloody-handed monster. Saddam Hussein has the capability of destroying all life in the Middle East and may kill millions of people some day with his anthrax and VX and possibly with nuclear weapons.

It is unfortunate that Nostradamus raises the Christian-Moslem future wars so much, but if this is what he sees, they probably will happen. When they do it will be because of the deeds of a few evil men with power in the world of Islam -- tyrants who will either deceive the Moslem world that a war with the West is just or who are so powerful that their people will have no say in what they do. Indeed, as has already happened in Lebanon, Yemen, Kuwait, Iran-Iraq, and northern Iraq, Moslem will kill Moslem. But one man, according to Nostradamus and the Old Testament prophet Daniel, has yet to appear and when he does he will 'stir up' the nations of Islam against the kingdoms of Christianity. But butchers like Saddam Hussein have nothing to do with the Islamic religion nor are they truly champions of any Moslem cause, they are simply ruthless tyrants.

However, I still believe the greatest threat to world peace TODAY has less to do with Saddam and his ilk and more to do with the old 'balance of power' problem that triggered World War I. The US, Russia, and China pose the greatest danger to world peace just as they did throughout the Cold War, only perhaps more so. It may not be Cuba 1962 yet, but we haven't far to go to get there.

It seems to me that many CNN correspondents display a peculiar form of bias. Remember Peter Arnett during the Gulf War? He seemed so pro-Saddam. When last I saw him on CNN he still appeared to be pro-Saddam. I do not think Christiane Amanpour is the only example of what you say -- it is something I notice in other journalists. The old policy of objectivity has given way to airing one's partisan views. Still, perhaps Christiane will turn out to be the masculine woman's helper in the end.

By the way, I do not have CNN International -- it is not available here, only regular CNN and CNN Headline News. For about two hours late at night, CNN International does kick in on regular CNN. Too often they are reporting on some place like Indonesia or India and not on the Chechnya situation. Is this the way it is on CNN International all the time, or am I just getting the bad hours? This may explain why I have seen so little of Christiane Amanpour reporting for many months now and did not see the Grozny broadcast of which you spoke of in the last letter. Indeed, the last I recall seeing her was during Operation Desert Fox in December 1998 when the US pounded Baghdad for four days. This is perhaps the reason why I have not considered her as the 'masculine woman' -- out of sight, out of mind. Still, you are right, she has always seemed to display some sort of personal agenda and she certainly has the opportunity to influence those who are in power.

Hillary Clinton's ambition is nothing new to me. I watched the special you recommended. I have been convinced since April that she will be the next New York State Senator. I also believe that she has her eye on the White House in 2004. But read my prediction on the 2003 - 2012 page: like Robert Kennedy in 1968, she may lose her life attempting to seize the brass ring.

Your English is fine. I enjoy hearing or reading it from someone who has learned or is learning the language. I always notice words standing out that we who speak the language so fluently might otherwise take for granted -- and they are often words rich in metaphor and power. We who speak our language too well are often also poor listeners because we ignore so many words, falsely thinking that we understand them fully. It takes another's perspective to re-introduce us to our words.

Thanks for writing again. Feel free to do so any time.

Best regards,

* Note: I saw Christiane Amanpour reporting from Northern Ireland a few days after mailing out this responce -- not exactly a 'future black spot' for Christian-Moslem tensions and a fair distance from Chechnya.




Base 7 Numerology
-----Original Message-----
Date: Sunday, November 21, 1999 6:42 PM
Subject: Base 7 Numerology

Sent from your page at:
Although my studies of divination and prophecies have only begun recently, I was astounded to read your concept of a Base 7 Numerology system.  Ever since I began to study numerology on a more in-depth level, I independently attempted to construct a Base 7 system based on the realization that I could intergrate Kabbalistic and Tarot card spreads into a greater overall scheme. I would like to communicate further with you on this subject, and would appreciate any advice, books, or web sites you could recommend.
* * * * *
Dear Christopher:

Thanks for writing and visiting Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs.

Many years ago my cousin and I took a MENSA exam. I can no longer remember the answer to one of the more difficult questions; however, I do recall that both of us answered the question correctly in the same space of time using different methods. My cousin solved the problem mathematically, whereas I solved it by studying varying patterns and establishing a repetitive series of cycles. I learned then that there is more than one way to solve a problem.

Without getting into all of the specifics of conventional modern numerology, suffice it say that it is a Base 9 system. It is a fine system for determining personality traits, destiny scenarios, and as a means to establish harmony with others (or planning your wardrobe for each week). However, as a system for predicting future events it is quite useless: applying retroactive techniques to historical situations I have discovered that attempting to use it for divination purposes would yield less than a 15% accuracy rate -- 20% tops. In fact, it is about as ineffective a system of divination as astrology.

I got the idea of trying a base 7 approach by reading the Bible. The number 7 appears to have some sort of mystical value because it appears often in scripture, especially in the Book of Revelation. I, of course, asked the question "why?" If you read my home page, you know the results from my initial experiments in 1996. If you read my page on Diana, then you realise that this system was little more than an experiment until August 1997. I stopped believing that the results of my experiments might merely be a string of coincidences when she died. Her death hit me hard emotionally because I realised that, theoretically at least, the fatal crash that claimed her life could have been prevented. After that I felt I could no longer ask "why" base 7 worked -- and proceeded to move on my current path.

If you study all the pages on my web site, the workings of the system should become evident. One of the members of my e-mail forum even applied my methods and reached the same startling conclusion that I had concerning a potential terrorist attack during the upcoming 2000 Olympic Summer Games in Sydney.

Advice: The adage that says that those who do not learn from history's mistakes are doomed to repeat them is true -- more true than anyone has previously dared to realise. You must have a thorough grasp of historical and cultural events for the last 49 years. Each year in seven-year increments may influence the current calendar year (the years influencing 1999 are 1950, 1957, 1964, 1971, 1978, 1985, and 1992). Some of these years are going to influence the current year more than others. You must study the current world situation to determine which influences are most likely to impact the events of each year being divined. The farther ahead you attempt to do this, the more difficult it becomes. For purposes of this site, I stopped at 2012. However, I am in possession of secret knowledge I hope to publish soon that will make it theoretically possible to apply this system up to the year 2050.

I strongly suspect that some advertisers and film-makers are aware of this phenomenon. Ever wonder why there are so many disco songs from 1978 and 1979 being featured in television commercials? Why cable movie channels have been playing 'Saturday Night Fever' and 'Grease' so often? Why the disco nostalgia craze is SO big now? Why films evoking memories of early-to-mid-60s television shows like 'The Avengers,' 'The Wild, Wild West,' 'Mission Impossible' or the 1960's retro-classic 'Austin Powers' which spoofs James Bond films have been so popular during the last 12 to 18 months? Is it intentional or is it...the influence of base 7?

If, like me, you are blessed with an accurate long-term memory and have been paying fairly close attention to the greater world around you for at least the last twenty-five to thirty-five years it will help cut down on the research you will still have to conduct for the remainder of the 49 years (also conduct research for any "gaps" of interest in current and recent events when you were more busy enjoying life than paying attention to the world's problems). The number 49 represents one grand cycle of 7 years (7 x 7 or 7 squared). According to Nostradamus commentator Stewart Robb, 49 years was the length of the biblical time of Jacob's Trouble (also called the Night of Antichrist by Curtis Gibson).

Does this mean that past events going back farther than 49 years will have no impact on the immediate future? Not neccessarily. Consider this: President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865; President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The difference is 98 years (7 X 14 years or two grand cycles of 7). However, a deterioration begins to set in when you move farther and farther into the past. Note the difference between the death of Marie Antoinette in Paris and Princess Diana in Paris is 204 years (29.142 x 7). Nevertheless, the influence of historical trends can extend centuries into the future -- but as best as I can determine most of the weight falls on the last 49 years.

Technically, it is difficult to advise you in a single letter. I could write a book about what I have learned thus far and hope to do so when the other book is revised. Part of the problem is that this is still an experiment-in-progress. Most scientists would conduct dozens of trial runs before declaring their results publicly. However, since there are so few years that make up a single lifetime, I cannot afford the luxury of waiting a score of years to determine how successful my system actually is. 1999 is the fourth in the series. My accuracy rate appears to be climbing a little bit more each year. I do not believe 100% accuracy is possible.

I have also begun working with a letter system this year. I have discovered certain trends in celebrity deaths are tied to initials, names, and even name sounds of previously deceased celebrities. This system becomes even more useful when used in tandem with a base 7 analysis of celebrity deaths. Still, the rules I am working out are in their infancy. I am desperate in my goal to cheat the grim reaper of as many potentially tragic victims as is possible. The Blessed Princess Diana's death was too great a tragedy for me to bear. I existed in a state of depression for well over a month following her fatal accident -- one that could have been prevented.

I have heard of the Kabbalah, but know little about it and have never practised it. I once had a tarot card reading done. The penultimate card was Death, the final card was The Lovers (I think). I guess you can figure out how unfortunate my life has been. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of other forms of divination and I feel that while some may have credibility, others are probably a waste of time. Mixing up systems may not be a good idea. One system may contaminate the results of another, even if it is reliable. I only allow myself the influence of the inspired prophets, like Nostradamus, who have proven their accuracy throughout TIME and SPACE. I also have had visions, some of which have come true (the successful ones have not yet been presented on the web site -- when they are, it will probably be on some new DREAM WINDOWS I have yet to construct). I did discuss one of them on the E-Mail forum somewhere, concerning a vision I had about the three-day Soviet coup of 1991.

I cannot recommend ANY websites on the subject of numerology. I have purposely avoided them so as not to contaminate MY experiments with someone else's (possibly erroneous) ideas. The only book on numerology I have ever read was 'Numerology: The Magic of Numbers' by Sybil Leek (New York: Collier Books, 1969). It covers ALL of the basics of classical and modern numerology, including the angelic and planetary influences governing each number. Other than that I was intoduced to classical and modern numerology by a previous girlfriend many years ago.

Another tip: I have found this to be true time and again. The number 2 often means DEATH: of a major individual, as a terrorist event, a monumental disaster, the beginning of a war, or a serious and deadly reversal during the course of a war. Conventional numerology (base 9) does not teach this, but I have found it to be true time and again. Example: Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait on August 2, 1990 EDT (8/2/1990). 8 + 2 = 1. 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 19. 1 + 19 = 20. 2 + 0 = 2. Saddam Hussein began his SCUD war against Israel on January 17, 1991 EST (1/17/1991). 1 + 17 + 18. 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 20. 18 + 20 = 38. 3 + 8 = 11. 1 + 1 = 2. Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997 EDT (8/31/1997). 8 + 31 = 39. 1 + 9 +9 + 7 = 26. 39 + 26 = 65. 6 + 5 = 11. 1 + 1 = 2. This phenomenon can be used in conjunction with base 7 numerology.

Hope some of this helps. Please feel free to write again concerning the Base 7 system (perhaps it would help you if your questions were more specific) or if you have any other questions concerning ANY portion of the web site. Also feel free to share any insights you have made. I am trying to develop a community spirit to this site on my E-Mail Forum. Perhaps one day, if I can find out how, I will have an actual bulletin board for members to post to and respond to in real time. I think a chat room would be too difficult and probably unneccesary at this time.

By writing me and expressing interest you have automatically become an NNPA member. I am placing you on my e-mail list in the event I am ever forced to move my site so that you may be contacted about the change. I also put out a newsletter approximately once a month.


And thank you again for you expressing your interest and appreciation.
Until next time...

Warm regards,


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Date: Tuesday, November 23, 1999 11:13 PM
Subject: Re: Base 7 Numerology

I appreciate your response, and am glad that it was so informative.  I myself got my flash of insight from the Book of Revelations and the realization that 7 was considered a mystical number in circles around the world. Unfortunately, my study of numerology and astrology has been haphazard at best.  While college may have given me a lot of information about history and the cycles and epicycles of human history, it has unfortunately left little time for other pursuits.

A few thoughts of my own on some of the things you mentioned: The problem with deterioration as you go farther and farther into the past may be accounted for because of the somewhat erroneously presented 24-hour day, the length of which is closer to 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. The length of an earth year, as well, is not 365.25 days but 365.26 days, and that .01 would probably have a cumulative effect over a long period of time.

As for the linkages you have found to names and sounds of names, I have been studying that as well, mainly because of the old magical axiom that 'names have power.'  The names, initials, and names sounds may prove to be a subtle driving force in the subconcious mind which drives a person towards imitation of other people who have similar sounding names, up to and including style of dress, diet, mannerisms, and even manner of death.  Using some elements of linguistic theory, I began playing the 'sounds like...' game with the names of different people and subsequently gained an astounding insight into their behavioral patterns.  Try slightly distorting the sounds of each syllable in your name and recombining them into different words (a knowledge of linguistics helps a great deal).  The principles of linguistic drift (the mechanism by which language evolves) and sociolinguistics work well on this sort of practice, unfortunately, I have not yet found a good book on the subject.  As for the subconcious mind, the October 30, 1999 issue of Science News has an excellent article on the subconcious mind's subtle and powerful influences.

I hope I have aided you with this discourse, and I will investigate your website further later this evening.

* * * * *
Dear Christopher:

Sorry for the late responce, but I have been very busy.

Thanks for your thoughts concerning the inexactness of the 24-hour day. This may indeed explain fractional discrepancies in the base 7 system the farther back into time one goes. However, I still believe many historical influences weaken as time passes. Only the most powerful events will break through the barrier of TIME and insinuate themselves into the current period.

I should also mention that base 7 (or ANY system of divination) will be useless where an unprecedented event is concerned. Some events that take place are truly 'new' or 'novel' -- there are no analogues existing in the past that will anticipate them. The Y2K Computer Event we all await is a perfect example of this. Whatever happens, whether minor or major problems arise from it, the Y2K Computer Event, in and of itself, will be an event without precedent. For this reason, predicting what will happen at that time, one can only look at past disasters that occurred around January for the last 49 years (during the appropriate 7-year increments). Even if such disasters DO exert influence in 2000, however, they may not be Y2K-related.

Another phenomenon I discuss is the 'adjacent fulfillment' of a base 7 prediction. Such an event is rare. A good example I cite is this one: in 1996 I predicted that a nuclear arms race and possible war would break out between India and Pakistan in February 1997. The historical basis for this was a near-nuclear conflict in February 1990 between the two countries that Western governments kept secret from the media until later that summer. This was actually the closest India and Pakistan have come to nuclear war TO THIS DAY. Anyway, something should have occurred around February 1997, but didn't. I wrote it off as a failure. Then, one year later, in May 1998, nuclear tests were conducted by India and an arms race began between it and Pakistan. Then, this year, in May 1999, India and Pakistan went to war in Kashmir. Why was the nuclear incident repeated 8 years later rather than 7 years? As for this year's war, apparently India and Pakistan went to war over Kashmir in 1978 (3 x 7 years ago). But the nuclear arms race was off by one year.

As I said, this is a rare phenomenon. I can think of only a few others: the Soviet war in Afghanistan (December 1979) was the influence for the first war in Chechnya. The first Russian war in Chechnya should have occurred in December 1993, but instead began in December 1994 (15 years later instead of 14). The bombing of a US Marines barracks in Beirut, Lebanon in October 1983 played out again in June 1996 at Dharhan, Saudi Arabia 13 years later rather than 14. The death of Princess Grace of Monaco (the former American actress Grace Kelly) in a car crash on September 14, 1982 should have occurred on the same timeline as one shared by James Dean (1955), Marilyn Monroe (1962), Sharon Tate (1969), and Princess Diana (1997). Rather than 1982, it should have occurred in 1983. However, I should point out that, according to a former member of the IRA who was interviewed in December 1996, there was a plot to bomb the theatre box where Prince Charles and Princess Diana were to be seated at a Duran Duran rock concert in 1983. The plan was aborted by the would-be bomber at the last moment.  Note also the male gender (James Dean) evolves to a permanent female deathline with Marilyn Monroe in 1962.

Anyway, something to ponder over. Thanks for writing again.

Best regards,


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To: <>
Date: Monday, January 17, 2000 5:43 AM
Subject: Base 7 system


I have been reading your prophesies and you are scaring me with your predictions.

I am impressed by the base 7 system predictions.

Please let me know the web site of base 7 astrology system. I am curious to know how this system works.


* * * * *
Dear Krishna:

Please do not be afraid. The wonderful thing about this system is that if more people are aware of it, many of the predictions do not have to happen. A certain percentage of them will not anyway.

I believe most events can be prevented or thwarted. Look at former Beatle George Harrison. Thanks to his wife, Olivia, and his own will to live he survived an attempt on his life on December 30. Fourteen years earlier, American rock legend Rick Nelson was not so fortunate, dying as he did in a plane crash. He did not have to die either.  Diana did not have to die. If I could have told her to stay away from France for the rest of 1997, especially August, she might be alive today.  And what our country's leaders do can alter the course of history -- for better or for worse.  It depends on all of us spreading whatever we know about prophecy and hoping the right people will tune in.

There are trends from certain years such as 1972 and 1979 that suggest to me that 2000 need not be a year of war or tragedy (and if I have the page space I am going to mention that). Sadly, we can't prevent everything (like an earthquake or asteroid collision -- but we can be prepared).

I am afraid I cannot steer you in the direction of a web site that deals with base 7 since I am the the one who conceived of it and gave it its name. It is possible that other systems such as Kabbalah may use the number 7 -- I do not know.

As I said on my home page (main page) just above the main menu, I got the idea that 7 may have intrinsic mystical properties because it shows up so often in what I consider to be 'end of cycle' events in the biblical Book of Revelation.  I also have noticed that elements of my own life have repeated in cycles of 7 or multiples of 7 (for example 14 or 35 years). When I applied it to historical events, I discovered that history repeats itself the same way about roughly 75% of the time (last year it did so about 87%).

However, I did mock trial runs of 1993 and 1994 early last year and determined what I would have done applying history to current events as I knew them to be at that time. I arrived at the conclusion that my accuracy rate for 1993 and 1994 would have only been about 55% to 59%.

Therefore, it is possible I may only be half right about the year 2000.

I eventually hope to post a special chapter dealing with the base 7 system on my web site. It is the same chapter that appeared in my 1998 manuscript of Nostradamus and the Final Age (which was turned down). Since it will not be featured in the 2000 version of the book, which I hope to get published by next year, I can see no reason not to share the specifics on my site. Until then, please check the email forums on my site, since I discuss base 7 with several other emailers. You may find the answers you seek there.

Thanks for writing and please feel free to write again anytime. Glad you enjoyed Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs web site.

Yours truly,





Under Fire: My Abilities, Motives, and Honesty
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Date: Saturday, December 11, 1999 8:10 PM
Subject: Y2K predictions

Do you really believe that you can predict the future. I don't understand. Does it make you feel great.  Why do you feel that you have this power. Don't get me wrong I do believe you have the right to do it. Again I just don't understand why you feel you think you have the ability and rate it with percentages.



* * * * *

Dear Steve:

I do not feel great. Before I aired my website I felt terrible.

Did you read my page on Diana? That page is the entire reason I am doing what I am doing. I am sincere. If I could have communicated with her in 1997, if I had known how to communicate with her, I could have possibly saved her life. I say possibly only because I do not know whether she would have taken me seriously and avoided traveling to France in August. But at least I would have known that I had tried. I was devastated by her death and I had suspected for some time it was coming. In a sense I felt like a murderer by my inaction.

I vowed then and there to HER that I would never again keep anything I believed would happen or might happen to myself. Now, doing what I am doing makes me feel better.

At the time of her death, I was already nearing completion on a book of Nostradamus interpretation. I did not yet own a computer -- only a word processor. I tried to share what I believed would occur by incorporating it into my book. I came very close to getting it accepted for publication in 1998. But book editors have their own bottom-line agenda. I realised that the worldwide web was the only way for me to go for my near-term predictions (in particular, those between 1999 and 2005). So here I am sharing what I know, believe, or suspect will happen.

I was already quite involved with Nostradamus INTERPRETATION to begin with, and had nearly completed my book, when I first began experimenting with my numerology system. I do not know why I am right approximately 3 out of 4 times. I only know one thing: to maintain that sort of consistency in accurateness over a period of 4 years cannot be written off as mere coincidence. There are people who are serious students of numerology and Kabballah who are interested in my system and we have communicated. One such individual, Christopher, is featured in my E-Mail forum. I suggest you check our correspondence out.

I take it you are one of those individuals who believe that a person who can predict the future must be 100% correct 100% of the time right down to the most niggling little detail. No such person exists nor ever has. Even the biblical prophets who were divinely-inspired have their sceptics.

I have no powers. I have had dreams that have come true. Many people have. I believe that everyone has had or can have prophetic dream experiences.

What I have done with base 7 is to tap into the cycles of history. I consider myself to be more of a discoverer (who can use his discovery to predict) rather than a real prophet.

I do not know what it is you are objecting to regarding the percentages. I have explained that 69% of my NUMEROLOGICAL predictions for 1996 came true, 74% for 1997, and 78% for 1998. Do you know that one of the top astrologers in the world, Noel Tyl, came out with a book in 1996 that sold millions of copies predicting future events for 1997 through 2012? His accuracy rate turned out to be less than 5%. He got two predictions correct out of over a hundred. The rest were not only wrong, they were not even close.

Who would you rather get information from concerning the future: someone like him, a published 'authority' who made several million dollars with no skill whatsoever, or someone such as myself who is usually right 3 out of 4 times and does it for free?

What I do is a service and it is also an experiment that is still in progress. As I explained to another e-mailer, if I were scientist I would have to run dozens of experiments before going public with the results. There are too few years that make up a lifetime for me to do that with my base 7 system since each trial run IS a year.

My site first aired on the web in the spring of 1999. Many people have been following my progress since early on and staying in touch. They KNOW I am not a fraud because they have read my prophecies ahead of time and then witnessed their fulfillment. I am also upfront about my failures. What individual do you know of who actually airs his or her mistakes? Most 'forecasters' like to sweep their failures under the rug.

If you enjoy the service or perhaps have not read enough of the web pages to get the idea behind what I am doing please keep checking in. I have readers who not only understand what I am doing but have APPLIED it to arrive at conclusions of their own regarding the future.

Of course I could ask you why, since you are so sceptical or cynical about the 'science' of prediction or prophecy, you are checking out websites like mine in the first place? Are you here for the potential entertainment value? Or are you, like James Randi (aka the Amazing Randi), a professional debunker of the paranormal and those who profess to be prophets?

Well, I do not know what else to say right now except to have a good day.

Best regards,


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To: '' <>
Date: Monday, December 13, 1999 12:04 PM


The reason I was looking at your site is in your title you have Nostradamus.

I was looking him up because of all the hype about his predictions (because we are so close Y2K). I was curious what kind of person believes they can predict the future.

I also doubt your percentages because you are the one that is saying what the percentages are and how you arrive at them. Case in point, a New York earthquake and plane blows up and that is a prediction. I'm sorry, that is not even close. I believe it's your interpretation of whats right and how well you predicted with your number system. The bible itself has many predictions using number systems.

I'm not putting you down nor do I care what you do with your life. I don't have to go to your site after all, it truly was a accident. I'm truly sorry about Diana and your guilt. It is normal to feel guilty when someone you care about a great deal passes. I just wonder if you are honest with yourself on how you evaluate your system.

Take Care,


* * * * *

Dear Steven:

If there is one thing I have learned over the years it is that it is generally a waste of time to 'convert' a hardened sceptic. Subjects such as Nostradamus are, to some extent, like religion: one cannot rationalise what in the end is a matter of faith. Also, when you entered my site you were walking into an experiment-in-progress. My results are submitted for the approval of those who feel that the system may have merits. I welcome debate and I hope serious students of prophecy are debating my system. Technically, anyone can use this system -- and some already have.

I have never said how I arrive at my percentages, but I thought it was obvious. The process is absurdly simple: each wrong prediction equals 0 and each correct prediction equals 1. 'Close' predictions are rated on a scale of .1 to .9 usually -- and there are not too many of them.  Even if I  were to over-rate (or under-rate) a close prediction, the margin of error would still be quite minor. The results are summed and then divided by the total number of predictions. The result, a decimal, is the percentage correct. It is that simple and it is fair. I am very hard on myself and very honest.

The readers at the publishers I submitted my manuscript to are the only ones who can actually prove that forecasts that I made for 1998 were indeed made ahead of the events. I realise that I am asking much of new visitors to my site to trust me. Why should anyone trust me? But many individuals who have been following my progress over the months KNOW I have been correct about many of my predictions for 1999. For example they saw the presentation I made about killer earthquakes striking Turkey AND Greece this year (an unprecedented event in the same calendar year in recent memory). Then several months later, one earthquake at a time, they saw my prediction fulfilled before their eyes.

I have been taken to task over the New York prediction before. In the world of prophecy it is not unusual for an earthquake prediction to sometimes result in a different sort of catastrophe (this, at least, is what I have been told by others who are seriously involved with either prophecy or dream interpretation). Nostradamus sometimes even used earthquakes as metaphors for political revolutions or reigns of terror. I do not go that far out on a limb. However, if you get the MONTH and YEAR right and the LOCATION right, most people conclude that something more than a mere coincidence has occurred. TWA 800 was not just any 'plane explosion': it was one of the worst disasters in modern aviation history with a higher death toll than the San Francisco and Northridge earthquakes combined. I would be happy, if everyone else feels the same as you, to consider that prediction wrong, rate it as a zero, and re-rate my 1996 accuracy rate down. It still would not explain a MUCH HIGHER than 50/50 average for the first year (and 50/50 is even rare).

Nevertheless, until Diana's death, I thought everything I had predicted could be chalked up to coincidence.

I do not believe you truly read the Diana page to come to such a conclusion as you have. Even before I began experimenting with base 7 numerology in 1996, I understood Quatrain 10.35 as possibly portending the death of Diana at the hands of a Frenchman -- and that was way back in February 1993. Like you, I did not really WANT TO BELIEVE it could happen. But it did.

Anyway, your comments were welcome. I do not ignore sceptics or cynics, but as I said, I will never try to 'convert' anyone to my way of thinking. People are entitled to believe whatever they wish. However, when pressed, I will always defend my position.

Best regards,





July 13, 2001 and the Persecuted Woman of Revelation 12

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To: <>
Date: Thursday, December 30, 1999 6:14 AM
Subject: 6/13/2001

Do you believe that anything is going to happen on July 13, 2001 as the Bible predicts?
Rev. 12:6 "And the women fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days," referring to her seeking shelter during the upcoming war, "Armageddon."

I'm just curious.

* * * * *

The specific date, July 13, 2001, holds no special significance for me. However, the period July/August 2001 most certainly does. Please check 'The Early 21st Century: 2001' page to see what I mean. If the page loads too slowly with Internet Explorer, use Netscape -- it's faster, but there will be no background music.

The excerpt from Revelation 12 I am quite familiar with.

This is the woman who is clothed in the Sun and whose feet are set upon the Moon. The Moon is an important clue to the woman's identity. This is the woman who will escape the agents of Satan not once, but twice. This is the woman who will bring forth a man-child who will rule the earth with an iron rod. The man-child is not Christ but the transmigration of the Holy Spirit.

The woman is not the Virgin Mary nor a metaphor for Mother Church. She was, is, and will be a real person. I know who she was, is, and will be, but I cannot yet reveal what I know.

Each global war is a dress rehearsal for Armageddon. The next global war will also be a dress rehearsal. Armageddon is far away unless God determines otherwise. Then the beast must come.

Sorry I must be so cryptic. I hope soon to clarify all in my book,
Nostradamus and the Final Age and, especially regarding this topic, the companion work to follow. Please be patient.

However, should
I lose patience, I may yet decide to go public on my web site about the woman of Revelation 12 in the summer of 2001...if I am allowed.

Thanks for writing,

Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs




On Weighting Predictions, Base 7 Numerology, Premonitions of Death, Dream Visions, Using Other Calendars, and Historical Patterns
From: Athol
To: '' <>
Date: Thursday, February 10, 2000 11:15 PM
Subject: Question about weighting

Mike -

As a frequent visitor to your site, I started thinking about your success rate.  And I now have some questions.

Do you (in your own mind) "weight" your predictions as to belief in their accuracy?  In other words, are there some predictions of which you are more certain than others?

And if there are, on what basis does that occur?

And, again, if you weight in your own mind the probabilities of accuracy, what is your success rate for those ones of which you feel sure?  Is it higher in those years where you only got an overall 55% rate?

Another question that comes to mind is why do you split your prediction periods into calendar years?  The calendar is after all a pretty arbitrary item.  It isn't even exact as to what it is supposed to measure, hence the need for leap days minutes and seconds.

Would your success rate be varied if you predicted in units of lunar months, seasons, annual periods starting in other months etc ?

The purpose of these questions is to see if it is possible to "refine" your accuracy to pinpoint those areas of time (if any) where you are "always" right or wrong.

Finally, when your book IS available, I hope it tells us something of you. What do you do for a living, what is your background, were you a psychic child etc etc.

Kind regards, I love your work


Ps:  Could you make the scrolling marquees a bright colour like yellow? Scrolling red on black is quite hard to read.  I find I have to set the mouse over the text to highlight it as it is going past to read it.
* * * * *

Dear Athol:

Thanks for writing again and for complimenting my work. It has been quite a while since I last heard from you.

Before I proceed, know who I am: I am a former musician, disk jockey, and business school graduate who became a poet who became interested in numerology and the prophecies of Nostradamus who became an interpreter of Nostradamus who made a great discovery about Nostradamus and prophecy in general and wrote a book about it who in the meantime was having dream visions of the future that came true and also created a number system that has proven to be unnervingly accurate compared to other systems of divination.

You have asked 'in other words, are there some predictions of which [I am] more certain than others?'

Yes, there are some predictions that I strongly believe will happen (in my mind AND heart) and others which simply conform to my numerology system. In other words there are instances where I actually 'feel' something will happen and then there are instances where I am simply using my head and a good knowledge of history. But that is the point of the base 7 system: history DOES repeat itself...OFTEN... at predictable intervals of time (7 years and multiples of 7 years). That is the PREMISE of the base 7 system and I am PROVING it (I hope).

Before continuing, I must re-iterate the most classic example of my personal belief in a prediction I made.  I realise I have discussed this before, but somehow I feel I have not yet made an adequete impression.

I BELIEVED that Princess Diana was in danger of losing her life in August 1997. It was more than a Nostradamus quatrain and the number system I was and am still using that prompted this belief.  When I saw her on television comforting Elton John at Gianni Versace's funeral in Milan, she stopped and simply sat. I looked into her eyes and I truly felt I had made 'contact' with her. It was a very intense experience. The blood came to my face.  And then I felt a terrible, gut-wrenching feeling of tremendous grief. I just knew she would be next. I thought that I was going crazy. I did not wish to believe what I had experienced. And six weeks later she was dead.

I suppose some 'pop' psychologist could explain all of this and everything I have done on my web site. The number of cynics and 'reality-entrenched' sceptics is legion.

I believe, in theory, that if there had been a quick and easy way to communicate with Diana that she might not have died. In 1997, I was really quite ignorant about how to go about doing such a thing. So much so, that I never even THOUGHT about doing it. Why? Because most (not all) of us are raised from birth believing that we cannot make a difference...that we are just cogs in a wheel. We do not dare to even think of such things. This is reinforced by a public consensus that anyone who tries to warn a famous or influential person that they are in some type of danger is a 'flake' or possibly dangerous themselves. The PC and the Internet (I could not afford a PC until June 1998 or an Internet service until February 1999) now makes it possible for 'flakes' such as myself to at least air our views. Still, the night she died, I was not only grief-striken but guilt-ridden for knowing what I 'knew' and 'letting it happen.'

Obviously I was more certain of that prediction than I was of others that I made for 1997.

I cannot tell you on what basis these predictions I am certain of occur.

First of all, the base 7 system I CREATED is still an experiment-in-progress. The experiment began in January 1996.  It did not exist before that. I am still learning. I am still making new discoveries about how and why it operates the way it does. The most recent discovery I have made is that we have been repeating an early-to-middle 1960s/late 1970s curve along with at least one major feature from seven years before. I suspect I will have to complete at least one cycle of seven years before I will know 'everything.' That will not occur until the year 2002 or 2003 runs its course.

Secondly, there is the issue of my actual prophetic abilities. True visions, not calculations via numerology, usually only happen to me in dreams or in that strange realm between sleep and consciousness. The waking premonition of Diana's death was one exception. A few other exceptions (which I suspect may shock many) I will reveal in good time on my web site. Although I have presented some of my dream visions in DREAM WINDOWS on my web site, these are visions that have yet to come to pass. (I have also presented one by Jennie B. and will be creating a special window for Conor soon).

If you have truly perused the email forums you know some of the visions I have written of having had in dreams that have been fulfilled. Some of these were rather mundane; but nevertheless, came true. But I will reiterate the more earthshaking ones (along with some I did not mention):

1) The three-day failed Soviet coup of August 1991.

2) The election of Bill Clinton and Al Gore in November 1992 and the attempted assassination of George Bush in Kuwait in May 1993 (however, in the dream the assassination appeared to be successful). Clinton reassuring everyone that everything was all right and that something would be done (something was done in July: he launched a cruise missile attack against Baghdad).

3) I had two horrendous migraine headaches in 1995. In January, I spent much of the time lying in bed, moving in and out of sleep, experiencing disturbing and chaotic nightmares I could make no sense of. When I awoke my headache was finally subsiding. I turned on the televison and learned that the Kobe Earthquake had just happened. In April, this happened again. Several hours later I turned on the news and reports of the Olklahoma City Bombing were just filtering in.

4) The rash of Hamas bombings that plagued Israel in February and March 1996. The third suicide bombing I actually dreamt as it was happening! When I turned on the television I saw the exact same thing being reported that I had seen in my dream!

5) The beginning of a series of crises first instigated by Iraq in October 1997 leading to the ongoing 'secret' war being waged in northern and southern Iraq by the US and Britain after Operation Desert Fox was launched in December 1998. And this is not the end of it!

I have repeatedly had dreams since 1995 about Russia reverting to communism or evolving into a totalitarian nightmare. I see black plumes of smoke arising from brilliant white fire on the water of the Persian Gulf. Great naval vessels destroyed. I see female news anchors with colour maps of Turkey and Iraq in the background. Turkey and Iran. I see black Russian nuclear subs moving through the waters of the Atlantic, moving towards the United States. I have seen and heard nuclear ultimatums being issued by Russia and China. I have seen people running wildly about while plumes of smoke and fire are visible in the distance. Russian faces on monitors, talking, trying to help, trying to tell people where the 'loose' missiles are going to strike. I feel a sense of restrained panic, an odd sense of de ja vu, everytime I dream these images (as though I have already seen it on television). They come and go in waves. The water, the smoke, the fire, the fear.

They start as a crisis that is resolved. Then another a few months later, worse than the one before. On again, off again. Until finally there are conflicts that induce worry. Some of these look like last year's war in Yugoslavia, the aerial offensive against Grozny, the current Israeli war in Lebanon. Even these go away, return worse than before, go away again, return, each time more worrisome, more frightening, more widespread. Until we are witnessing wars like we have never seen. I keep having these dreams and they are growing stronger with the passing of each year.

Whatever is prompting me to have these visions is also sometimes causing me to recognise what is most significant in my base 7 applications. I know this all sounds complicated. It IS complicated.

I have never had a year where my accuracy rate is only 55% (but there is always a first time).  However, early last year, I did 'mock runs' of past years before 1996 to see if I could figure out what my accuracy rate would have been if I had applied my current methods.

I concluded, for example, that I would have predicted ONE US air strike on Baghdad occurring in April or May 1993 (there were TWO such strikes: in January and in July). However, I would have also predicted a nuclear power plant crisis somewhere in the US or Russia occurring in  March or April. That would have been wrong: however, there was a crisis in Moscow in October in the form of an attempted revolution and threat of civil war.  I would have predicted Nato and the US first becoming involved in Bosnia in May 1994 (they actually did so in February) and not bringing an end to the war until August/September 1995 (that would have been right on the money). However, I would have also predicted a major war breaking out in September 1994 between Iraq and a neighbouring country like Turkey that would have gone on for nearly a decade.  That would have been wrong: however, Saddam did move his military to the Kuwaiti border in September in what was to have been a second invasion. Clinton sent US forces into the region so quickly that Saddam backed off and withdrew his forces back to Baghdad.

However, in the end, I believe I determined that had I used base 7 (as I understood the system in early 1999) that my accuracy rate for 1993 would have been barely better than 55%, about 59% for 1994, and about 69% for 1995 (same as 1996). So, I will be watching 2000 and 2001 with keen interest since it is now seven years later. I wouldn't be surprised if my accuracy rate dips -- then again, I know more about how to apply the system than I did a year ago. So I may maintain the same level as last year, a little lower, or possibly higher. I do believe that if the worst does happen, there will be a spectacular increase in my accuracy rate around the autumn of 2001 and definitely in 2002.

I break my predictions into calendar years because:

In conventional numerology, each year is a separate entity just like a person. The year 1998 = 9. 1999 = 1. 2000 = 2. 2001 = 3. ETC. Each basic number has peculiar characteristics. 9 is governed by Neptune and has mystical properties. 1 is governed by the sun and has strong leadership qualities and is very willful. 2 is governed by the moon and is eccentric, beautiful, but can also be deadly. Indeed, the number 2, I have discovered, is also governed by Death. (For one example out of many, August 31, 1997 = 2.) The number 3 is governed by Mars and is highly energetic, sexy, ambitious, and, at its worst, is warlike.

When a new year begins, it really is a NEW YEAR!

Any loose ends existing from the previous year are usually tied up very quickly or else evolve into something much better or far worse. Some things actually stop with the last day of the year or the first day of the next. Yeltsin RESIGNED on December 31. So did Gorbachev. The India Airline hijacking ended, depending in what part of the world one lives in, on December 31 or January 1. And as a reminder to people whose lives are in danger during a particular calendar year, there are the examples of Ricky Nelson and George Harrison. If I COULD have advised Princess Diana, I would have told her to avoid France right up to the last second of December 1997!

The ABOUT THE AUTHOR section of my book was written two years ago when Llewellyn Worldwide was making all sorts of optimistic clucking about a possible contract. The only thing I will need to add to it is that I have a web site.  So, yes, you will know my background (actually I have already supplied some of it, in a general way, in this letter at the top).

In closing, I would like to add the following:

I believe EVERYONE has the gift of prophecy to some degree -- some people only realise it once in a great while, others more frequently.  They can be 'gut feelings,' conscious premonitions, revelations while in an altered state, and also what I call dream visions (which, I suppose, is also occurring in an altered state when you think of it). Prophets should not consider themselves as part of some sort of elite secret society.

God dwells within us all.  Therefore, we are all prophets.

Why do prophets fail when they fail?

Because of the conflict between head and spirit. I am reading a book by Damon Wilson entitled 'The Mammoth Book of Nostradamus and Other Prophets.' He cites an article by James Randi (aka the magician 'the Amazing Randi') who criticises the late Jeane Dixon for predicting the assassination of a Democrat who would be elected to the White House in 1960 in his first term on the one hand, and then predicting that Nixon would win the election a few years later.

However (and Randi does not address this), after the election, Dixon became increasingly more fearful for Kennedy and was heard to blurt out before friends in public places that he would die and that she could feel the shadows drawing near. It took over eight years for her original vision to come to pass. By the time just before the assassination, she was actually dreaming nightly of the shooting.

My read is that 'first impressions' are usually the correct ones and are often psychic in nature. The problem is the prophet also has a brain. When the reasoning process is allowed to take over, many accurate predictions are either contradicted or transformed into failures.

On the font colours: I used numerology and other considerations to determine what colours to use. Purple is the colour of the mystic (which Nostradamus was). It is also a colour associated with mourning and royalty.  Blue is associated with the land of Persia and is used when dealing with Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. In numerology it is also associated with the new and experimental. Yellow is for the desert sands of the Middle East. Green is for some spring predictions.  A muddy red colour is for natural disasters.  Grey is for the evil of terrorism and for extremely dire man-made catastrophes. Black and white photos and white text captures the remoteness of future events beyond one-to-two years as it does capture the remoteness of the past. White is also for the snows of Russia. Red is for vibrancy and life, it is also for war, danger, nuclear attack, alert status.

The marquees are red because they are danger alert signals. I could change their colour to white or yellow, but it would mean changing the text colour default on each page I have a marquee. I tried this last night and discovered that various sections of the text on the affected page turned white, violet, some other colour, or disappeared (meaning the letters had turned black and had to be re-coloured).

I'll see what I can do, but actually I have seen this sort of thing on some other rather fantastic sites. One of them deals exclusively with Princess Diana and the webmaster has established links to some of my pages. Her site is beautiful really -- some of the text is the same shade of brilliant red I prefer and against a black background (with a very, very faint star field). She uses Times New Roman, as I do, but at only 11 point (I use 14).

Well, I don't know whether this is the longest letter I have ever emailed, but it is certainly one of them (check out The Future of Hungary letters on the main forum page -- I will soon be publishing ANOTHER letter to the thread -- this time one I wrote to the two Hungarian girls who, it appears, I was unable to persuade to remain in America).

Anyway, I hope I have at least answered some of your questions. By all means, please feel free to focus in on anything I have said and ask more if you wish. Other questions are welcome too as always.

And thanks so much for complimenting my work.

Warm regards,


-----Original Message-----
From: Athol
To: 'Mike'
Date: Monday, February 14, 2000 2:56 AM
Subject: RE: Reply to reply on Question about weighting

Mike -

Thank you for your incisive and interesting reply.  It amazes me that you have the abilities you do, and still have the time to deal with questions from the "laity" in such detail!  I only located your page by accident
once, (and I had great difficulty using the same search engine to do it again, after a system crash.  I would _never_ have found it without serious searching!).  I am so glad I bookmarked it!

In short, I think that you may be unique on the Web, and perhaps in the world.  I have never elsewhere heard of a prophet who calls his shots in such detail, so far in advance, and who achieves such accuracy.

May I deal with some issues that arise from your reply to me?

1. The question that your Diana dilemma poses, and that also posed by the Jeane Dixon is "have you ever had such a premonition about a person - and been wrong?"  Of course we will recall when we were correct, but suppose (for example) you had a feeling about Queen Elizabeth or Pete Seeger?  (I choose 2 reasonably well-known figures of older age to whom death did not (yet) happen.)  Had you had such an experience as you did about Diana, you may only credit it if it came to pass.  So I now question, have you had such premonitions - of whatever degree - about others?

You should have, of course.  As the events are mutable, so is the possibility that such "failed" premonitions _might_ have come to pass but for some lucky intervention.

The implications of the answer are quite serious.  If you have never (or very rarely) had "failed" premonitions, then you may be in error about the ability of the universe to bypass certain events.  In other words, you are more important than you think, if you can see things that will occur.  And it MAY be that even if you had spoken to Diana, you could not have prevented - at least in this universe - the event.

2. Another issue that I consider important is that your base-7 science/instinct may run in cycles itself.  I note that you have averted to that in your reply.  Perhaps you yourself are subject to the same rules?

3. This leads me to a little more complexity.  As you probably know or have guessed from the e-mail, I am a lawyer- what you in America would call a trial attorney.  I litigate mostly family law and criminal defence matters, and am generally quite intent about testing evidence!  I also have a personal "hobby" interest in prophecy.  And I know a little about mathematics.  I therefore wonder if you might not "test" your basic numerology theories by trying your results against different base numbers or periods.  OK, so conventional numerology works "so".  You get better results than conventional means suggest you should.  Perhaps the convention is at fault?

Why confine your math to base-10?  Your 7 year system is a base-10 creation, but would you find it more rewarding to work in binary, or base 3 etc?  I don't know, it just seemed an idea to consider.

I do not say that you should chuck standard numerology out - but perhaps there is a problem with it that you are on the verge of discovering? Perhaps for instance, you should work in other units than years to guide yourself?  Just a thought!

4. And an allied thought.  Is there any merit in using the Jewish, Moslem, Chinese etc calendars?  To be sure, they are usually annually based. But they do not start at the same times each year.  Perhaps with different start/end periods, each new Year would have more meaning?  Why is the arbitrary 1 January more important that the September Jewish calender, the February (Lunar) Chinese calender or the totally unpredictable Islam calender, which is not related to the solar cycle?

5. I agree with your thoughts on head/spirit prophecy.  Indeed, I think that you are very much in tune with a basic truth.  Perhaps the "wrong calls" you make are related to your encyclopaedic knowledge of past and present events rather than the actual prediction.  Some say Nostradamus himself had that problem.  I think you are aware of similar problems in earlier writing where you sensibly refuse to look into other numerology sites for fear of contamination of theory?

6. OK for the colours! - I did not know their significance.  (I always learn something from reading you!)  But I still maintain that the TimesNew Roman is hard to read at that speed on my system!  Sorry.  I would prefer arial or bookman TrueType (I think). 14 point is OK.  Perhaps it is the speed of the marquee that is a problem?

I hope you don't consider these ramblings presumptuous. 
I am just so impressed with your record that I wanted to help!

Kind regards


* * * * *

Dear Athol:

You have been kind with your words of encouragement and support. Thank you!

I have been giving some considerable thought about your first question over the last few days.  Unfortunately, I cannot recall ever having had a conscious experience (premonition) quite like the one I have conveyed regarding Diana (however, see my remarks on Madonna below). It is true, however, that I have had strong convictions regarding my dream-related visions (and what could be more dramatic an example than the March 1996 suicide bombing in Tel Aviv where I awoke from a dream where bloodied bodies and shattered glass were strewn about the street and sidewalk only to turn on the television and see the same exact thing being reported?).

Apparently, I am not one to which waking visions are the norm (or I am too high-strung in my conscious state to experience them). Still, I will reflect on this further.  After all, what is the 'hunch' or 'gut-feeling' we all experience at some time or another?  If I were to regard those as premonitions then I would have to say most have been correct or damn-near correct.

My 'feeling' that the Pope would be murdered if he ever visited Iraq goes back to 1993. The result thus far has been that twice he has planned such a trip and twice the trip has been canceled at the last minute because it was considered too dangerous. I had a 'hunch' when I was watching Nicole Kidman on television last summer that she was in some sort of danger (I assumed her LIFE was in jeopardy). However, what actually ended up happening was that she suffered a broken arm during an accident while on the set of a film she was shooting. A week before his death in May 1998, I 'knew' that Frank Sinatra would be dead by August. But then again, the man had been in and out of the hospital so many times this could have been a product of reasoning rather than premonition.

One week after Diana's funeral, I remarked to a friend that I thought President Bill Clinton would be next -- that he would be assassinated in November 1998. However, in September 1997, who would have thought the president would be the second in all of US history to be IMPEACHED (in December 1998 -- one month off)? Who had ever heard of Monica Lewinsky? Even the Paula Jones case was on the backburner. And of course I can hardly forget the sight of his panicked face as he was shouting to a crowd of pressing Ghanese to get back lest he be crushed or the shock that went through me when I first heard of the US Capitol Shooting and then discovered that the killer had called in death threats to Clinton in the past (Clinton was away on vacation at the time). Indeed, Bill Clinton logged more close calls to his life in 1998 then in any other year of his presidency -- virtually one per month.

My only other current 'strong feeling' revolves around the early death and possible murder of pop megastar Madonna -- and there is a page-in-progress on my website dealing with this. The thought hit me around February/March 1998 after I listened to the song 'Mer Girl' on the 'Ray of Light' CD for the first time. It was a very eerie experience. About a week ago, only several days after writing on my page about the potential future danger that might be posed by Robert Dewey Hoskins, the man who stalked Madonna in 1995 and nearly carried out his plan of murdering her by 'slicing her throat from ear to ear' (an individual we had heard nothing more about since he was sentenced in March 1996, I may add), it was reported in the news that the imprisoned Hoskins was repeating his intentions to kill Madonna when he is released. Had he not said anything, he would have been up for parole automatically in 2004 and possibly 2002 with good behaviour (the year I am concerned about). Now, unless he escapes, it appears he will serve his full sentence until 2004. I should add that another Hoskins attack was only one of the things I feared might happen.  I still believe Madonna remains in grave danger for a number of reasons. Still, this is a 'feeling' that cannot be proved unless it happens and it is my objective to see that it doesn't.

As I mentioned before, I believe that some events are predestined and cannot be changed and others are preventable. Unfortunately, I do not know which is the case in any specific instance.  Therefore I treat each prediction as one that CAN be changed (even if it MIGHT be one that cannot).

Regarding your second question:  yes, I personally feel bound to the seven-year cycle (or multiples of seven). I was the first guinea pig I tested my system on. Then, in 1996, I decided to apply it to the greater world to see if its influence was universal. I believed that it was, but for 1997 I wanted to see if it could apply to social issues and especially to prominent individuals. I predicted the Heaven's Gate mass suicide (although I did not know what the name of the cult would be), a string of murders over the summer that would result in the death of a male celebrity and possibly a female one as well (this was carried out by Andrew Cunanon and the male celebrity victim was Gianni Versace, although I did not know who the victim would be). You can therefore appreciate how greatly my fear increased as August approached and with it the 'Marilyn Monroe scenario' -- especially after the premonition I had regarding Diana.

Regarding your third question, I did try out other numbers both before 1996 and since 1996. For a long time, since reading and absorbing a book on conventional numerology in 1983, I had believed that events in my life were supposed to replicate in intervals of 9 years (or multiples thereof). I also attempted to apply 9 to world events. You see, conventional (that includes classical) numerology is composed of 9 basic numbers -- each with its own properties. That is true numerology -- the type most practice. But 9 has never rung true as a way of divining future events. Accuracy rate using a 9 system is roughly only 10% to 20% successful. That's as good as it ever gets when it gets THAT good (astrology is even worse).

Still, conventional numerology is useful in other ways. And, as I mentioned in my last letter, it does have some value when used in tandem with my base 7 system. The example I gave was the value of the number 2 (as calculated in conventional numerology). When one reduces a date to its basic number, it can reveal what the characteristics of that day may be. As you recall, I said that 2, in its worst influence, equals death (or a serious setback).

Before 1996, I also experimented with many other numbers. Anything less than a 3 would be silly. For single integers nothing worked well or at all except 7. I also tried a large number of double integers (especially 11, 12, 13, 17, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, etc.) Some of these held promise until I eventually discovered that the ones that held promise were, themselves, multiples of 7 (14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, etc.).  On occasion there does seem to be something about 11, 17, 19, and 26. But, like 9, accuracy is at a very low percentage.

By the way, I realise I am using base 10 mathematics. I only call my system 'Base 7' because 7 (AND ITS MULTIPLES, I can't stress that enough) is the rock upon which I base my system. Its just a 'fancy' name, in other words (I have to call my system SOMETHING).

Regarding the calendars. You pose an interesting question.

From a Judeo-Christian perspective, if God WERE to use a human calendar, it would probably be the Hebrew one. Since the Jewish New Year begins in September, it is not surprising that there have been so many of what I call 'autumnal crises' -- not just in the Middle East -- but all over the world. The last four months of many, but certainly not all, years seem to have some sort of dangerous, crisis-provoking, or deadly quality about them. Here are some of the highlights:

September - December

October 1912 - Outbreak of First Balkan War (obstensibly, this was the TRUE beginning of World War I).

November 1917 - The Bolshevik Revolution sweeps Russia and ushers in the era of Communist rule and the formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

October 1929 - Stock Market Crash triggers worldwide depression.

September 1931 - Japanese invasion of Manchuria.

October 1935 - Italy invades Ethiopia.

September 1, 1939 - Hitler invades Poland, the opening of World War II according to most historians (actually, I believe World Wars I and II were the same war with a troubled twenty-year 'armistice' in between -- but that's another story).

December 7, 1941 - Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, drawing the United States into the Second World War on both European and Pacific fronts.

Autumn 1948 - Crisis in Germany leads to Berlin Airlift.

October and November 1956 - Suez Canal Crisis and Russian invasion of Hungary.

October 1962 - Cuban Missile Crisis.

November 1963 - Assassination of John F. Kennedy.

October 1973 - Israel at war with Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia.

November and December 1979 - US diplomats taken hostage by Iranian students and held for 444 days. The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan, kindling fears of an impending invasion of Iran and capture of the Persian Gulf oil fields.

September, December 1980 - Iraq invades Iran, igniting the eight-year Iran-Iraq War. Former Beatle John Lennon is murdered by a gunman as he is entering his home.

November 1981 - Egyptian President Anwar Sadat assassinated. Actress Natalie Wood dies under mysterious circumstances now being re-investigated. Polish workers go on strike against Communist government.

September and October 1983 - Korean airliner shot down intentionally by Soviet pilots under orders of the Kremlin, terrorist bombing of Marines barracks in Beirut, students held hostage in Grenada requiring a US invasion.

October and December 1985 - The Achille Lauro hijacking, Libyan terrorists spray commuters with machine gun fire in an Italian subway, sudden death of Rick Nelson and friends in plane accident.

October 1987 - Stock Market collapse and Battle of Kharg Island (the only real battle between US and Iranian forces during the last stages of the Iran-Iraq War). Both events happened on the same day. Indeed, worries over a possible war between the US and Iran being sparked by the Kharg Island battle in part contributed to the stock market plunge.

October-December 1989 - San Francisco Earthquake, the Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, US invasion of Panama.

Autumn 1990 - The Persian Gulf Crisis that led to Operation Desert Storm in January.

December 1991 - The collapse of the Soviet Union.

September and October 1993 - Civil war in Georgia nearly topples Eduard Scheverdnaze. Crisis in Moscow:  Former prime minister Alexander Rutskoi declares himself as president and ignites several days of revolution and a military crackdown. Grisly killings of US servicemen in Somalia.

September, October, November, and December 1994 - Saddam makes failed second bid to capture Kuwait. End of 'peace of Sarajevo' and new fighting erupts in Bihac. Beginning of first war in Chechnya.

September and November 1995 - For several weeks NATO unleashes overwhelming air power against Bosnian Serbs in Pale and surrounding towns and cities. End of war in Bosnia. Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin assassinated.

October - December 1997 - Iraqi Weapons Crisis and standoff with UN inspection team. Saddam accused of stockpiling anthrax and agent VX. Kofi Annan negotiates end of crisis in February 1998.

September - December 1998 - Fierce fighting erupts between Israelis and Palestinians, leading to dubious Wye River Peace accord. NATO prepares to go to war with Serbia, but Milosevic backs off at eleventh hour, agreeing to a cease-fire he violates again and again. Saddam begins new crisis by kicking out UN inspectors on October 31. US and Britain prepare to strike Baghdad in November, but Saddam makes deal at last possible second -- one which he breaks less than three days later. OPERATION DESERT FOX. CLINTON IMPEACHED.

September - December 1999 - Russia launches a second more destructive war against Chechnya -- one largely waged by air. A string of natural catastrophes (earthquakes, hurricanes -- the first beginning in August) plague Turkey, Greece, California, Mexico, Taiwan, Britain, France, and the US East Coast. Fierce winter storms with unprecedented cyclonic force winds hit France, causing tremendous damage, especially in and around Paris.

Still, after all of this, even many of these autumnal periods are bound to a base 7 system of prediction:

1912 and 1989. 1939 and 1995. 1935, 1956, 1963, and 1998. 1941, 1948, 1962, 1983, 1990, and 1997. 1973, 1980, 1987, and 1994.

The Chinese New Year also seems to have an impact:  but mostly only on events impacting East Asia.

February - June

June 1950 - Beginning of Korean War.

February - April 1951 - China launches human wave attacks against US forces in North Korea. General Douglas MacArthur proposes using nuclear weapons, but is snubbed by President Harry Truman and then relieved of his command. A sustained bombing campaign eventually weakens China's determination.

March - May 1965 - US launches bombing campaign against North Vietnam. By May, 30,000 US troops have been sent to fight what will largely be a seven-year guerilla war.

February 1968 - The Thet Offensive. North Vietnamese troops overwhelm US bases in the south. Proof that America was unable to win war by conventional means. US President Lyndon Johnson announces he will not run for re-election.  Assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy.

May 1970 - President Richard Nixon orders bombing of Cambodia. Hundreds of thousands of cambodians are killed. Anti-war protesters assemble at Ohio State University and are confromted by US National Guard. Four students are killed and over 70 are wounded.

March - June 1971 - Nixon orders bombing of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and North Vietnam. Major earthquake hits southern California.

February - May 1972 - Nixon opens up diplomatic ties with Red China. Nixon orders massive bombing of North Vietnam in final attempt to win war by air. In May, a freeze is instituted on the draft and a phased withdrawal begins. US and Soviet Union sign SALT I treaty.

March 1975 - North Vietnamese overrun South Vietnam. THE FALL OF SAIGON. End of the war.

1976 - The Great China Earthquake, worst seismic event of the 20th century.

1979 - Genocide committed against millions of Cambodian civilians.

March - June 1989 - College students in China begin staging a series of pro-democracy demonstrations.  The ultimate result is the Tiannamen Square Massacre.

December 1993 - July 1994 - The US and North Korea nearly go to war over its alleged development of nuclear weapons. NATO enters Bosnian war, launching several 'pinprick' strikes. Further actions by NATO are suspended until May 1995 by the United Nations.

February - March 1996 - China intimidates Taiwan by test firing missiles near its coast. China holds massive war games in the Strait of Taiwan just before and during March 23 election. US ships sent to East China Sea. Beijing warns it will launch nuclear missiles at Los Angeles if US ships engage China militarily. Comet Hyakuatake reaches perhelion on March 25.

Yes, after all of this, even these Chinese lunar new year 'periods' are bound to a base 7 system of prediction:

1951, 1965, 1972, 1979, and 1993. 1968, 1975, 1989, and 1996.


Well, about the fonts. There is nothing I can do about the type of font the marquees use in FrontPage Express.  In fact I don't really know WHAT font the marquees are using -- only that there is only one.  I do not particularly like the font, but it is the one I am forced to use. There is no way to change it. I have, however, if you haven't already noticed, slowed the scrolling speed of the marquees down from 7 to 5 on the Year 2000 Page [Part One]. I still have to slow down the few others that are on a few other pages. Hope this helps.

Hope my answers were helpful too. But as I said, the system is still an experiment-in-progress. I am still asking myself questions such as why about every other year I make one prediction that ends up being fulfilled one calendar year late or even premature. Then there is the question of the unprecedented event that has no historical basis.  I can tell you that I have dreamt visions that have absolutely no basis in world history. I have dreamed of a close encounter with another planet (not a collision or asteroid slam) and great earth changes and electrical storms when it happens.  I have walked the suburbs, empty houses everywhere, paint peeling, pavement cracked, an occasional shadow of a human being running in the distance, sometimes with greenish snow falling and covering the roofs, trees, and ground. I have seen a time, probably centuries from now, when there is neither a sun nor a moon but a bronze colour lighting the sky 24-hours a day. I have seen wars fought in the heavens between armadas of UFOs. And this is only a small sample. There is no precedent for these things.

And perhaps, rather than visions, these are only wild imaginings. The problem is they are repetitive like my dream visions are.

I don't believe I will ever reach 100% accuracy with my system. That, I believe, is impossible. Because there are at least two random forces at work and these are the human will to change and God as a force that can break the world or an individual out of their base 7  prison whenever He so desires it.

Hope you enjoyed this little book of a letter! Again, if you find anything you wish to focus on further please do so. And of course write about anything else that may be of interest.

Warm regards,




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