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Why Summon "Evil" Demons Like Satan And Astaroth? by EA Koetting


Subject: Why Summon "Evil" Demons Like Satan And Astaroth? by EA Koetting
Priority: Normal
Date: Saturday, March 7, 2015 7:30 AM
Size: 11 KB

Dear Mike,

Here's a very important video and message by a man full of wisdom, EA Koetting. I strongly invite you to watch it in full.

Why Summon "Evil" Demons Like Satan And Astaroth?

Excerpts from the video:

"Judaism, Christianity & Islam promote rape and murder."

"You do know that they basically took the Gods of other civilizations and perverted them, and called them demons, right? You do know that the oldest religions on this Earth worshiped Gods that Christianity, and Judaism, and Islam later perverted to look like they were demons."

On the Old Testament: "So, when you go to a place where there are people that are not amongst your tribe, kill them, even the children... And kill every woman who's had sex. Every woman that hasn't had sex, well, she can be your slave that you can then rape her. This is vile. You say that demons are the fathers of rape, and molestation, and child abuse... No! No, no. Judaism, Christianity & Islam promote rape and murder.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam demand that we kill people that work on the Sabbath, that we kill teenagers who drink too much, to enslave people of other nations or other races, to beat your slaves. It commands us to oppress women, to kill homosexuals, to kill people who've had sex outside of marriage... To kill witches, to kill children. Conquer the cities and take them virgins, women and slaves, and to kill all the little babies. That is sickness, and that has noting to do with my religion, has nothing to do with my spirituality. What I'm teaching people is how to free themselves from this kind of gross, disgusting pedophiliatic perversion."

"This is god. Once again, this is the god of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. These are three plagues that have come upon this Earth, and the three plagues that need to be eliminated, obliterated from the face of this Earth in order for us to finally starting peace and sanity."

On Jesus Christ and the New Testament: "I'm not doing away with the Old Testament. I'm just adding to it. [...] So, he was... Jesus was saying to his disciples that because they're not murdering their children who disobey them... That they're not living the Law. Disgusting! [...] This isn't my God. These aren't entities that I speak with and that I work with. No, the entities that I work with are telling me to seek after beauty, to enhance my life, to help others free themselves from the shackles of this kind of tyranny."

"They're not demons of pedophiles, and rapists, and murderers. You know, that's Jehovah. That's Allah. That's Jesus Christ. You need to go to those gods. You need to go to worship one those gods and show them their sins. But don't come to me, telling me that I am worshiping or allying myself with those entities, and that I'm guiding people into any kind trouble. Because what I'm doing is I'm educating. I am shining a light on a subject that has been so confused and so hidden and kept secret..."

"If you wanna look at evil, if you wanna see the face of evil, read the Bible. If you wanna hear evil words, read the Bible. If you wanna do evil things, then be a follower of the Bible."

"You say demons are being responsible for murder, rape and pedophilia, and we see more murder go on in the name of those three pestilent religions than ever came out of Paganism. We see every single case of mass pedophilia that's going on comes out of Christianity. We see that those three religions make women as second, third, fourth class citizens, property, objects. Throughout the entire Bible, a woman is going to be put to death for being raped... For being raped! That's disgusting! No, no... My Gods, the Gods that I commune with, the Gods that I revere, revere women, revere women as goddesses that create life, something I can't do. My Gods, the Gods that I commune with, know that woman is sacred, and treat her as such." - EA Koetting




93 93/93

ss cole to black sea


Subject: ss cole to black sea
Priority: Normal
Date: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 2:38 AM
Size: 4 KB
hi michael, just noticed the ss cole will be heading shortly for the black sea on a "peace mission". peace or pieces?? its not far after the 14 years since 12 october 2000 when it was bombed by a speed boat in yemen harbour. perhaps a false flag is planned for it?--graeme

* * * * *

Hi Graeme,
Thanks for sharing that. The time since October 2014 and again this year is especially dangerous for an attack on a US naval ship in the Persian Gulf or the Pacific Ocean, especially one called "Cole." Yes, a false flag (or a real attack) is very possible.
Thanks again,


hi mike, some thoughts


Subject: re: hi mike, some thoughts
Priority: Normal
Date: Thursday, January 22, 2015 10:50 PM
Size: 19 KB
Hi Mike,
I heard about the cyber attack on your website. I hope you have been able to recover some of what has been lost. Don't allow it to discourage you from writing until you can no longer do so. With that in mind....
1) Did you lose my last email exchange? I attached a copy below just in case.
2) It might be a good idea to post the full edition of your book. I've been wanting to read it now for over a decade and there may not be much time left to do so. We are approaching the end of an era where such exchanges can be easily communicated. Doing so at least assures you aren't the only person who has a couple of your important writings out there in the world.
3) Does the King of Saudi Arabia's recent passing have any standing on the conflict in the Middle East? I can't imagine that it would be good for them, but I'm not that informed on the issue. I was wondering what your thoughts were on this recent development.
4) I have a feeling you reside somewhere in upstate New York. For some reason, I'm getting the adirondack region, but I could be wrong. There's going to be a weapons facility bombing in March or April and you may be in close enough proximity that you should be concerned for your safety. Stay alert and have an evacuation plan ready in the event that shit hits the fan. You're going to need it just in case, even if it turns out that my hunch is incorrect. It's better to be alive and right than dead wrong.
If I have other thoughts to share, I will do so at that time. Best wishes and I continue to send my prayers for your continued safety.
- Liam
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Fri, Dec 5, 2014 6:07 pm
Subject: hi mike, some thoughts
Hi Mike,
I hope you've been doing well. We are approaching the end of an era and the start of a revolution. As a result, I thought it was important to share some thoughts (possibly final ones) in the event that shit hits the fan soon.
1) I told you these Ferguson protests were going to grow. They have already spread in cites across the country and are developing into being more than about police brutality. The phrase revolution and uprising is heard often. The government is treating this as such, though showing overly aggressive behavior to protestors is unwise. It will only fuel the protests, not make them die down. Martial law may be imposed a year earlier than you proposed; in 2015 rather than 2016. That would only strengthen the resolve of the nation's enemies and lead to likely nuclear attack by years end. In any event, that all remains to be seen.
2) I'm not confident that Hillary will make it to run for president. She could be in the primary, but with the fundamental nature of civil war approaching, I think their may be two presidents that represent different regions of the US. Rand Paul seems to be the sure nominee for the Republicans; with Jeb Bush's Satanism, Mitt Romney's Mormonism, Rick Perry's racism, Rick Santorum and Mike Hucakbee's Nazism and Ted Cruz's ineligibility forcing them out of contention. In addition, you still have to keep an eye out for Biden trying to declare himself president by executive rule; shutting out Hillary by force. Along with this, in addition to the problems she will face from the GOP and establishment favorites such as Elizabeth Warren, she needs to be extra careful as to a Howard Dean like progressive challenge in either Bernie Sanders or Zephyr Teachout. Keep a specific eye out for Teachout, this year's Democratic primary challenger of embattled governor Andrew Cuomo, as she could set her ambitions for national office. She reminds me a lot of anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan and I remember a while ago you wrote about a quatrain that could have been applied to her. If, by chance, Teachout wins against someone like Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney, she could be the woman in prophecy (with her inexperience as the major component along with her unwed status) of seeing the country fall into ruins. Instead of a collapse from an aggressive Clinton presidency, it would come from an ill prepared female president instead. I could be wrong, but thought I'd lay that out just in case.
3) It seems that NASA won't be able to get anyone to the moon or mars before 2021. That would mean your 2018 base for men on the martian planet would fail to come to fruition. It could happen sooner if private interests take a crack at it, but I wonder how stable our infrastructure will sustain itself until that arises.
4) I see a number of assassination attempts of figures who are not political by the powers that be in the next few years. Russell Brand, Lauryn Hill, Dave Chappelle and Kanye West all have to watch their backs for speaking out against the powers that be. Particularly Brand, since his ambitions may turn political if he runs for public office in his home country of England. That BBC interview he did with Jeremy Paxman gave me the chills the way Princess Diana's with Martin Bashir did before her untimely death/possible murder.
If I have anything else to share, I will do so. Otherwise, I wish you the best and hope your continued safety and strength to continue writing on as usual.
- Liam
* * * * *
Hi Liam!
The cyberattack was on my computer, not my site. After several restores and new security patches from Windows, it seems ok for now. Not sure about the long run. One person thinks it could be a worm. I don't know. Will have to wait and see. Been a bit too busy to answer emails, but keep them on file for the time when I can answer. Sometimes I am fast getting back, sometimes slow. I have replied to some emails as much as six months late sometimes.
I'll do what I can about getting the entire book up. A few chapters need revision first because, even if the countries and what they do that I write about are correct (and I still think they are), the figures who ruled over these countries or had headquarters in these countries are mostly dead now (like Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gadhafi for example). After I am able to get those up chapters up, the others can simply be pasted on HTML pages and put up. All pages have to be properly formatted, especially for the footnotes. Also included will be the original bibliography.
There are at least about 50 people who bought this as an e-book back in 2001, 2002, and 2003. So no worries about other people not having the full edition besides myself. For all I know some of them used some of my ideas to create their own websites. I hope they took the time to make printouts of the chapters off the e-book as the e-book no longer functions on current and recent Windows operating systems.
I have no idea about what the Saudi king's death will bring. I do know that the Seer of Waldviertel and Erna Stieglitz both predicted a war in Saudi Arabia, one that the US loses and Russia wins. Daniel the Prophet may also have predicted war between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
I urge you to therefore read my prediction and analysis of such a war beginning in Saudi Arabia in September of this year on page 2015 (Part Three) at The title of the prediction is IMPORTANT! WAR BETWEEN TWO MAJOR MIDDLE EAST COUNTRIES, BUT WHO? Iran vs Turkey and Greece OR Iran vs Saudi Arabia?
No, I do not live anywhere near the Adrirondacks. Far from there, so I should be ok. Thanks for the tip, anyways!
Ferguson, thus far, has ended up being a much worse echo of what happened after the police were let off the hook in the Rodney King beating. What was confined to LA riots and arson happened in cities all over the US. But it is certainly not page one news anymore. Not a cause for civil war, and I never thought it would be.
Sarah Palin has now thrown her hat back in the ring for the presidential bid in 2016. I have not committed myself any further than to say on my 2016 page that a woman will win the office in 2016. I would not say Hillary will be the woman necessarily. It could even be a woman no one even knows about yet.
Looks like plans for Mars are still in high gear. They will send a man into space for an entire year (the length of a round trip to and from Mars). Activity towards this goal does seem to be picking up again. We may be surprised yet at how soon this happens. If 2019, I will still be close enough! But global war could postpone all this by many years!
Your assassination concerns I cannot address really! Not familiar with some of the people mentioned. Assassinations in America and Europe seem likelier to happen in 2016, whoever the victims may be.
Thanks for writing, sorry for the wait!
Kind regards,

Subject: Re: hi mike, some thoughts
Priority: Normal
Date: Thursday, January 29, 2015 7:58 PM
Size: 34 KB
Hi Mike,
Good to know about the ebook and computer situation. I'm sending my thoughts to assure your safety, security, survival and prosperity.
I thought I should tip you off some news stories that signal the arrival of martial law and detention camps this year.
1) The recent state of emergency from the snow storm seeing criminal charges filed for those who dared defy this order. This is a preparation for what will happen during civil unrest. This is definitely a test run for something more severe, no doubt about it. (
2) The militarization of the NYPD in regards to "recent protests." Such an action will never end well (ie. Kent State). The government treating protestors like terrorists is a sure sign that our nation is destined to lose in the upcoming world war. When we embody the evil side, we are in a losing proposition with the spiritual world. (
3) The city of Boston looking to criminalize the right to assembly in the aftermath of a shutdown highway from the Ferguson protestors. (
On the 70th anniversary of the closing of Auschwitz this year (7x10) (, our darkest time is now approaching. If we can survive, we should consider ourselves blessed, fortunate and lucky beyond belief.
I shall share more if I can.
Best wishes,


Accuracy of predictions about global economy in November and on


Kushal Kumar
Subject: Accuracy of predictions about global economy in November and on.
Priority: Normal
Date: Thursday, November 27, 2014 7:12 PM
Size: 6 KB
This writer had , as early as 2 June, 2014, made some predictions about global economy in article- ” Stressful times ahead for world economy in 2015 and 2016? published on the same date at Though the title of the article suggests that period covered are years 2015 and 2016, yet readers may find that operative predicted period begins from November 2014 and on. Among others , Eurozone (EU ) also figured in the predictions. The news report of November 2014 that Eurozone economic growth has come to 16 months low , is in line with this writer’s predictions. This was well covered in the article by this writer. Coverage of rest of the world also looks coming accurate.This writer believes that the predictions made could be of use to think tanks , investors, investing advisors and policy makers world-wide concerning global economy growth.
Further this news story may be published appropriately.
kushal kumar


hello mike quick question for you


Subject: hello mike quick question for you
Priority: Normal
Date: Thursday, October 23, 2014 7:08 PM
Size:6 KB
Hello Mike,
I hope you have been holding up alright. With the world about to spiral into chaos, it seems that much of humanity has very few days remaining before they are destroyed in the aftermath of the war. It is tragic, but may also be necessary in order for humanity to wake up and smell the coffee.
I'd like to get your thoughts on the unrest in Ferguson. Remember that I told you that I sense a civil war is coming to the United States? Well, the media have certainly been fanning this story and if the officer in the case, Darren Wilson, is not convicted, I suspect the unrest could reach proportions not seen since the 1960's. In such a scenario, war could come between citizens of this nation and their leaders; especially if the midterm elections are contentious.
I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
Best Wishes
* * * * *
Hi Liam,
Maybe I'm wrong, but I wouldn't worry about it. I believe this is a replay of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots that resulted after the beating of a black man named Rodney King. Widespread looting, assault, arson and murder occurred during the riots, much worse than anything that has happened so far. I watched this when it was happening on the TV news. Parts of the city were in flames all the time at night. It was bad, much worse than this. Again, this was a case of people reacting to the acquitting of police officers responsible for severely injuring King. You can read about it all here:
I was considering using the Rodney King Riots as a basis for a race riot prediction, but if I had it would have been projected to occur in 2013, not 2014. Obviously, the current trouble in Ferguson is a repeat event but a year late (adjacent fulfillment) and should have happened last year.
I doubt the Ferguson Riots will get any worse than the LA Riots, but that is bad enough. No, you don't have to go all the way back to the 1960s, 1992 will do it!
Civil war? I doubt it. Ferguson will probably burn out eventually like LA did, but it could be a bad couple of weeks when TSHTF. More likely that martial law and a weak anti-government resistance movement will evolve out of ebola quarantines. We may be being set up for martial law and death camps, in other words, by the threat of an ebola epidemic in the United States.

Kind regards to you,



AD 2242


Subject: AD 2242
Priority: Normal
Date: Thursday, September 18, 2014 8:39 AM
Size: 4 KB
HOW do you know that the final anti-Christ will rule in that year and not for example in 2018/20/22 etc.
Thank you for a reply.
Kind regards from Belgium.
* * * * *
Hello Olivier,
I don't claim to KNOW ... I can only tell you what Nostradamus believed to be true. He could be wrong, although there does seem to be some support in terms of rather long prophetic chronologies by other prophets that there would have to be a long time yet ahead of us.
Anyway, the evidence is rather complicated, but here is part of the explanation (from a sample chapter of my book, "The Second Key," which is on my web site ... surprised you haven't read it).
Nostradamus, Epistle to Henry II (excerpt from the book):
Notwithstanding those in whom the malignancy of the wicked spirit shall not be suppressed by length of time, I hope that after my earthly decease my work shall be held in more esteem than when I was alive. However, if I should fail in the calculation of times, or should not please some, may it please your most imperial Majesty to pardon me, protesting before God and His Saints that I do not intend to insert anything in writing in this present Epistle that may be contrary to the true Catholic faith, while consulting the astronomical calculations, according to my learning.
For the space of time of our fathers who preceded us are such, submitting myself to the correction by the most learned judgment, that the first man Adam was before Noah, about 1,242 years, not computing the time according to Gentile records, as Varro did, but only according to the Sacred Scriptures, taking them as a guide to my astronomical calculations, and to the best of my understanding. After Noah and the universal flood, about 1,080 years, came Abraham, who was a supreme astrologer, according to most men's opinion, and did first invent the Chaldean letters; after that came Moses, some 515 or 516 years after. And between the time of David and Moses there passed 570 years. After which, between the time of David and that of our Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ, born of the Virgin Mary, there passed 1,350 years.
Some may object, that this calculation is not true; because it differs from that of Eusebius ...
My comments (from the book):
This is the basis by which Nostradamus establishes the end of the seventh millennium and the second coming of Christ. If one adds the figures provided above they will discover the sum to be either 4757 or 4758. These are the years before Christ. Using the apocryphal Book of Enoch, which preaches that seven millennia will pass between the creation of Adam and the establishment of the Messiah's kingdom on earth rather than the six thousand years upheld by most Christian fundamentalists, one then adds these 7,000 years to BC 4757 or 4758 and arrives at AD 2242 or 2243—the end of the human age and the beginning of the eighth millennium: the Millennium of Christ. Ergo, in Nostradamian terms, the "seventh millenary" is not AD 2000 - 3000, but AD 1242 - 2242.
And this is from the chapter, "THE THIRD KEY: STRATAGEM FOR THE DATING AND ORDERING OF THE PROPHECIES" ... also on my website.
In his Epistle to Henry II, Nostradamus tells the king that, following the reign of the Antichrist and his slaughter of the Innocents, much of the world—especially in the North—will be buried by a monstrous deluge for many years. Indeed, it would appear that Northern Europe, like Atlantis, will remain permanently submerged. Concurrent with this partial global "cleansing," during which most of mankind's knowledge and technology will be wiped out, will be the establishment of Christ's kingdom in the Middle East, a kingdom that will soon become an empire over those nations not destroyed by fire and flood. Nostradamus establishes a dating for when the fiery Armageddon and then the Deluge will occur:
Quatrain 1.62
What a great loss—alas!—there will be to letters
Before the cycle of the Moon is complete:
Fire, a great deluge, by more ignorant rulers,
How long a century before it is seen to be restored.
According to Roussat the last cycle of the moon ran from 1535 to 1889. The current one will end in the year 2243. Note that in line 3 the world is first punished by fire (Armageddon), then cleansed by water (great deluge).
By using information contained in Quatrain 1.17, I have deduced that the great deluge will last for twenty-seven years, not subsiding until the year 2269. I will explain this calculation near the end of the Chronology.
The end of the current lunar cycle (2243) is mentioned again in the following stanza describing a New Jerusalem and a New Israel:
Quatrain 3.97
A new law will occupy a new land
In Syria, Judea, and Palestine:
The great barbarian empire is destroyed
Before the cycle of the Moon is resolved.
It seems that one can not escape this pivotal period (2242 - 2243), not even in Quatrain 1.56:
Quatrain 1.56
Sooner and later you will see great changes,
Extreme horrors and vindictiveness:
For so the moon is conducted by its angel,
The heavens draw near to the Balance [Libra].
According to most astrologers, this represents the transit of Pluto in the constellation Libra. The next time this development occurs will be in AD 2231 - 2243.
Interestingly enough, if we subtract 1555, the year Nostradamus first published The Centuries, from 3797 AD, the year he tells his infant son Cesar the world will be physically destroyed, we arrive at the number 2242 ... Stewart Robb stumbles on the figure 2242 calculating the odds against Nostradamus making a lucky guess concerning any year from 1555 to 3797. John Hogue states that the Age of Aquarius will begin to dominate human affairs “at approximately 2250,” based on astrological evidence and passages from the Preface to Cesar.
If all of this is not compelling enough, now we return again to the Hebrew calendar. If we take the 6,000 years the Evangelicals insist on adding to the archeological creation (4000 BC) and instead add them to the first year of the Hebrew calendar (3760 BC) we get the year 2240 AD. The current year in anno domini is 1998; however, in Hebrew it is the year 5758. 2240 AD happens to be the year 6000 in Hebrew.
In 1508, the Abbot Johannes Trithemius, who claimed to communicate with angelic beings, was revealed twenty-one "angel ages" of 354 years and four months each which he contended broke up the whole of human history from the Creation until the end of time. According to Trithemius, the first angel age, which began with the Creation, was presided over by the angel Orisiel (the god Saturn in Roman mythology, as it turns out). The final age, the Age of Michael (Apollo), is scheduled to end in 7441 Anno Mundi which is 2233 AD ...
Anyways, Olivier, that pretty much sizes up why the years 2242 and 2243 are so important and appear to be the real end of human history, more or less. When one pieces together the chronology of events yet to happen and figures yet to appear, clearly detailed in The Epistle To Henry II and matching a number of figures who appear in the Book of Daniel Chapter 11, of a large number of personalities in the quatrains who have not yet arrived on the scene, some that are definitely in a different time than we are in right now, some heroic in stature and others who will clearly be "antichrists" (small case "a" and yes, plural), and those that ultimately deal with two figures who can only be the beast and false prophet, one can believe that the future may well be that far ahead before the ultimate end and New Beginning.
Best wishes,


hi mike, long time no speak, quick question


Subject: hi mike, long time no speak, quick question
Priority: Normal
Date: Saturday, August 16, 2014 9:12 PM
Size: 5 KB
Hi Mike,
I hope you and your mother have been holding up. It's been too long since I last wrote to you, but this is a moment where such an outreach is absolutely necessary.
I have been getting horrible hunches that the US is approaching civil war next year. I wanted to know what your thoughts on this are and if there is any prophetic writing to back up such fears.
Let me know your thoughts when you can. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
- Liam
* * * * *
Hi Liam,
Generally, by applying my base 7 system, I have used several Vietnam era confrontations between protesters and police to arrive at vectors for possible civil war in the US. Thus far, they have not played out.
However, if we use the American Civil War, which began with the attack on Fort Sumter in April 1861, we arrive at an April 2015 vector for possible civil war in the US.
However, this was preceded by secessions of southern states from the United States to form, by early 1861, the Confederate States of America. We have not seen a trend of that sort occurring yet ... and time for that will soon be running out. The nature of a modern civil war would begin as revolution, I think, and then evolve into a chaos such as what is now occurring in Syria or Ukraine.
But in a modern nation this large where so many people depend on electricity and other vital resources, heating, timely food distribution to grocery stores, ATMs, normal money transaction situations, the internet, mobile devices, and other examples of high tech, the government, faced by mass uprisings, would just turn it all off. Blame it on a solar flare. No man, woman, or child will be safe then in the ensuing chaos. Instead of revolution or civil war, you will have total anarchy and crazies killing people at random for food, water, and other resources. Then you will have the FEMA camps and mass extermination.
Personally, I still believe in the prophecy by William Branham that America will not face utter ruin (and that by foreign attacks, probably China or Russia using nuclear weapons) until a female becomes president. According to Branham, who predicted this over 100 years ago, when a woman has reigned for nearly her first term in office, then her policies will bring about great destruction to the United States.
I do believe we will see a 2016 election. Whether the female who wins will be Hillary Clinton or not I am not sure. There are other females out there.
Anyway, nothing is impossible, including a civil war. But I don't feel that coming just yet .. not getting any vibes like that. Not yet anyway.
Kind regards and thanks for writing,


Vedic astrology predictions about coming global economic crisis from Nov 2014 to mid-2016


Kushal Kumar
Subject: Vedic astrology predictions about coming global economic crisis from Nov 2014 to mid-2016
Priority: Normal
Date: Sunday, August 10, 2014 12:51 PM
Size: 9 KB
CONCLUSION :- " Downward trend in world economy is likely to be in mild form during November, 2014 to April, 2015, to grow somewhat intense during May, 2015 to October, 2015, becomes harsh during November, 2015 to July, 2016.
Such areas of life as minerals and metals, foodcrops, energy resources , defence and security of nations are likely to bear the brunt of these trends.
Collective wisdom in decision making, communication systems, aviation industry, and the cinema , music and TV industries are also , in addition, likely to be touched by these trends.
Countries or regions whose names begin with the letters B, E, EU, N, O, P, U or V may need to implement multilevel approach to challenges during this period".
This is the substance or salient feature of my article - " Stressful times ahead for world economy in 2015 and 2016"- published online on June 2, this year at
kushal kumar


Question (urgent) about Narendra Modi


Subject: Question (urgent)
Priority: Normal
Date: Thursday, May 29, 2014 2:51 PM
Size: 3 KB
I just wanted to ask about the predictions of the new prime minister of INDIA. What is your call on Narendra Modi? I am not able to find anything and anywhere regarding this. Please do reply a.s.a.p. Eagerly waiting for your feedback.
Thank You
* * * * *
Hello Nirjesh,
Regarding his election itself, there was little way for an outsider to have predicted that unless it was a divine revelation.
Aside from that however, since it is said Mr. Modi is an economic reformer, my guess is that initially he will be good for India in that way.
However, I have heard from Western news media that the new prime minister is something of a war hawk regarding Pakistan.
There does not seem to be any indication of anything bad of a military nature happening in or to India at the current time, unless the danger of war with Pakistan that existed in either May or December 2013, according to my base system, somehow manages to overlap into 2014.
There still remains a danger of a major civil war in Pakistan itself at this time which could have broader consequences down the road. Kashmir could become a problem for India this year, which could lead to a brief conflict with Pakistan, but I would have expected to see skirmishes already since last month and am not aware of any. Now that elections are over, watch Kashmir and watch Prime Minister Modi's reaction if anything happens.
Even so, since all of this speculation is based on second, third, and fourth (Kargil) India-Pakistani conflicts, and noting that nothing has yet happened or seems likely to happen, then it would be the first such India-Pakistani war casting an echo out of history at India. That cannot happen until October 2017.
I do not know the current status of relations between China and India, but if China continues to be an aggressor as far south as Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Philippines, etc.), perhaps there may be some reason relations could turn sour in October 2018. Then could be a Sino-Indian war.
Watch for a major, possibly historic, earthquake in India in September of this year or January 2015 (or anytime in between September and January or up to four or five months after January 2015 which would be May or June 2015). Of course Mr. Modi will not have anything to do with THAT.
It would appear that the Gandhi dynasty and the Congress Party are finished due to Modi's election, but that would depend on whether Sonia Gandhi's daughter Priyanka is given its leadership. In that event, she and the party will remain a force to be reckoned with.
But this is very important: just as there was a Bhutto curse which I correctly concluded would result in Benazir Bhutto's death by assassination in 2007, there is a much more obvious Gandhi death curse (Indira, October 1984; Rajiv, May 1991) that could cause great trouble for any reigning Gandhi in 2019. I believe Sonia was aware of the potential danger awaiting her in 2005 and stepped down from taking office after winning the 2004 election. If Priyanka is leading the Congress Party in 2019, she may also be in danger. It will not matter if she runs for highest office in 2019, if she wins or loses the election.
This is not merely my base 7 system that warns of this, but also Nostradamus. For Nostradamus wrote that a female Asian leader with Italian blood who he also calls "the daughter" (Priyanka is Sonia's daughter; Sonia is half-Italian) will be imprisoned and then be killed at the same time Mumbai or New Delhi is undergoing severe flooding. There are no other Asian leaders I am aware of that have Italian blood running in their veins other than Sonia Gandhi and her children. Of course, that may change one day.
Terrorist attacks in India with the highest body counts (since terrorism is so commonplace these days, we must focus on the worst such attacks) may occur in November 2015 and again in September 2016. An opportunity for a major terrorist attack occurring in Mumbai also existed in March 2014 (this year). It could still happen late any time this year.
Sorry if it is all gloomy; if I can think of anything good to project I will do it.
Thank you for asking about predictions concerning Prime Minster Modi. Now that I have gone so far as to include many other predictions about India in this letter, I can use my email reply for reference so that I can more easily post this material on my main website.
I hope it has been helpful, and I hope to think of more to say in the future.
Best wishes,




Priority: Normal
Date: Monday, May 26, 2014 6:26 PM
Size: 4 KB
Dear Friend:
I have heard a number of people speculate that Prince Charles is the Anti-Christ, but you are the first one I have heard of who has proposed William instead of Charles. Of course, it is possible that the current Queen could die or have a medical emergency and then Charles would die shortly thereafter, leaving William as the next in line. What made you choose William over Charles?
* * * * * *
Hello Douglas,
I don't think I have ever stated this in any absolute or positive terms. However, in a few of my articles I have implied that this is possible.
I think it is possible you may have me mixed up with Mr. Clinton Ortiz who has done an exhaustive study of the subject and has been publishing his predictions regarding William on the Internet for many years now. He may indeed be right; I rule nothing out, especially since we have no way of knowing how much the end times years will be shortened by God. It matters little if Nostradamus foresaw human history continuing on until 2242 AD or 2827 AD if God decides the end should come sooner ... like before or by the year 2021.
It is a possibility due to one very special prophecy made in the Book of Daniel. Other Bible prophecies have been use to support the idea, but there are other ways for them to be interpreted. In this case there is no other way to interpret, but only if you accept certain other conclusions as being correct. This is the prophecy (in portions as I will have to explain my take on each part):


Daniel 8
3 Then I lifted up mine eyes, and saw, and, behold, there stood before the river a ram which had two horns: and the two horns were high; but one was higher than the other, and the higher came up last. 4 I saw the ram pushing westward, and northward, and southward; so that no beasts might stand before him, neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand; but he did according to his will, and became great. 5 And as I was considering, behold, an he goat came from the west on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground: and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes. 6 And he came to the ram that had two horns, which I had seen standing before the river, and ran unto him in the fury of his power. 7 And I saw him come close unto the ram, and he was moved with choler against him, and smote the ram, and brake his two horns: and there was no power in the ram to stand before him, but he cast him down to the ground, and stamped upon him: and there was none that could deliver the ram out of his hand.


This part is explained further in the same chapter and in a brief version appears also at the beginning of Daniel 11. It is about a war between Persia (Iran) and its allies the Mede kings (mostly to be found in Iraq, Turkey, and the southern part of the former Soviet Union, including a portion of southern Russia) AGAINST the "he goat" ... the leader of Grecia. Grecia was translated from the Hebrew "Yavan," which can either be Greece, Macedonia, Cyprus, and Turkey OR Saudi Arabia. In Daniel 11 we are told a "mighty king" will come "from out of the west" to war with the Persian. There he is called "the great horn." Thus, in modern terms, it is likely that Grecia stands for the European Union or NATO or both. It may be the current EU or a later configuration if the EU falls apart (which it looks like it may). The "horn" between the goat's eyes signifies the "first king" of this European union, current or future.
I believe this "first king" is the figure Nostradamus calls "Chyren" and that many prophets of the past anticipate as "the great Monarch." Most believe he will arise in France.
Continuing with Daniel 8:


8 Therefore the he goat waxed very great: and when he was strong, the great horn was broken; and for it came up four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven.


So, this first leader dies and in his place FOUR leaders ("four notable ones") will rule in his stead.
In his Epistle to Henry II, Nostradamus begins by saying that a rather powerless queen (a queen without empire) will have four children: three sons and a daughter. He identifies their coat-of-arms as being ferocious "lions" with "their paws upon the escutcheons." This can only be Scotland or Great Britain. Nostradamus says they will rule over the three and then four parts of Europe. The daughter will give over her power to her son.
In modern context who else can this be but Prince Charles, Andrew, Edward, and the son of Princess Anne, Peter Philips?
If these are the four notable ones, continue on with the rest of the prophecy by Daniel:


9 And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land. 10 And it waxed great, even to the host of heaven; and it cast down some of the host and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them.
11 Yea, he magnified himself even to the prince of the host, and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away, and the place of the sanctuary was cast down. 12 And an host was given him against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression, and it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practised, and prospered. 13 Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?


Clearly this "little horn" who comes out of "one" of the four notable horns can be none other than the one called "the beast" in Revelation 13 (often popularly called "the Antichrist").
This is likely either 1) Prince William 2) Prince Harry, or 3) Peter Philips (if Anne is one of the four notable horns).
However, one must bear in mind that the "little horn" is said to appear in Daniel 8:23 "in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full."
Thus, it need not be a firstborn child of any of the four notable ones, it could be a later generation, child, grandchild, great grandchild, etc. Thus, it could be Prince George, William and Kate's child or even James, Viscount Severn, son of Edward and Sophie. It could even be a grandson of Andrew's. For that matter, it could be a grandson of George's or James! If that is the case, then Nostradamus may yet be right about the end of human history not taking place until 2242 AD.
Of course, everything rides on whether or not I am right about the identity of the "four notable ones."
Nothing is for certain here, and my most recent remarks about Prince William are the following (in reply to an email):


March 14, 2013
Prince William as the beast? Since he married Kate Middleton this is beginning to look less and less likely. Surely the wife of the beast would have been acknowledged in the Book of Revelation. Now she is pregnant. When the child is born, will it be the son of the beast or the daughter of the beast?
Daniel says the beast will have nothing to do with women, will not care for their attentions. He will be so self-loving he will exalt himself above all human affections.
Can such a person marry and have children???
Personally, I do not believe the beast has revealed himself yet or been revealed by events or other people ...


Thus, Douglas, currently I find William an unlikely candidate. Of course, this could change.
Thank you for expressing interest in my views. Hope my answer was clear enough.
Best wishes,


Things to note for Sochi


Subject: Things to note for Sochi
Priority: Normal
Date:Thursday, February 6, 2014 12:18 AM
Size: 5 3 KB
Hello Mike,
I read your warning about Sochi and am happy that you've brought attention to the risk of terrorism before the games begin. I hope you don't mind, but I shared it with some of my psychic colleagues at a website you should check out sometime ( They would be more than happy to talk with you if you wish to converse with them on their forum. I highly recommend it. :)
I also thought that I should add that there were very high risks for terrorism (thwarted close calls) at the 2002 and 2012 Olympic games respectively ( and ( Had there not been proper interventions in time, they could have easily come to pass. This adds to the risks that Sochi faces since their security is much less focused and their Olympic village is far less prepared than in previous games held before this one.
I hope you've been doing well and look forward to seeing more of your predictions soon. I've been meaning to share a few things with you from my own research and visions, but I can't remember them at the moment. I hope to share them when they come to mind again. Best wishes.
- Liam
* * * * *
Hi Liam,
Thanks for the share at I'll check the site out and the news links too.
Best wishes,


You idiot!


Ian Moone
Subject: You idiot!
Priority: Normal
Date: Friday, January 24, 2014 12:33 PM
Size: 7 KB
You phukken idiot.
You've killed off your own forums on Forumco.
Not one post since 2103.
What a phuktard - you have so few members you phuktard, that you can't afford to go banning your best contributors - just coz you got ya pantys in a wad if everyone doesn't agree to 100% everything you say.
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Your web pages are still all over the place like a mad woman's breakfast.
Don't go blaming Google search algorithms - for the demise of your backwater web page. Its such a phukken shambles no one could find anything on it and its full of semi clad celebs - you should just stick to watching porn.
Thats a pity coz this and the next few years will be some of the most significant in a century - but you will have predicted next to phuk all of it - and no one will read it ahead of time....anyway - coz you've run it into the ground and everyone's woken up to the fact your a no talent phuktard Yank.
Good riddance - you should die quietly in a corner somewhere and pull your shit predictions off the internet... coz you can't forsee anything including the demise of your own web site and web forums.
No great loss... your no great seer of anything - your just a tosser!
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That crazy phuktard bitch of yours, well and truly phukked your website...what little of any worth was left on it.
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You make such a good pair of poofs.
Phuk the lot of you - with any luck someone will nuke you and your useless phukken country back to the stone age - and score a direct hit on you and your useless web site/forums/blog.
And when they do - you wouldn't have even seen it coming.<
Phuk you Michael McClellan - if you were on fire, I wouldn't even rear up and p!ss on you to put you out.

FOR THE RECORD: This bozo quit the forums, he was never kicked off! He said, in his final post, that America could burn to Hell in nuclear fire and so could the rest of us! Then he said he was going and would never come back to the forum again. I can't remember if he deleted his account afterwards or if I did, but he didn't come back. I doubt he would have been welcomed back if he had.

Most forums are going the way of the dodo for another reason: social networking via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked In, YouTube, and so many other places. Also anyone can anonymously make comments on blogs without even signing up for an account. Not that my forum (and other forums) should not remain as an alternative. The more places to go, the better!


Kim Wilde Update


Subject: Kim Wilde Update
Priority: Normal
Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 11:05 PM
Size: 49 KB
Hello Mike,
I felt it was necessary to share some troubling developments in regards to pop singer Kim Wilde.
1) Kim recently did an interview with a British magazine where she says that she is psychic and that she spotted a UFO on the day of Michael Jackson's death. With the connection between
UFO's and celebrity deaths plus her own prior troubles, I have to say that I am rather concerned for her life yet again. (
2) Kim has recently admitted in another interview that fame caused her to have a breakdown. If she's putting herself in the spotlight again so rapidly, another one may come about that the elite can use to ritually sacrifice her. It doesn't help that more news on Princess Diana's and President Kennedy's murders are coming around the same time; the onus of my entire email that I first sent to you.
I know I've previously said she's off the hook, but now I am not so sure. I'm anxious to hear what your thoughts are on these developments. Let me know if I am justified in my returning concern. Thanks for sharing this with your readers.
- Liam
* * * * *
Hi Liam,
I don't know. But I think the focus on JFK's and Diana's deaths was a conscious or subliminal base 7 setup for Nelson Mandela's death. I've been expecting either Mandela, Obama, or the Pope to fall victim to this for well over a year and a half due to an every 49 years plus months pattern. I trust you have read all I have had to say about this phenomenon on the homepage and also at bottom of the 2013 (Part One) page? Mandela has even been compared to Abraham Lincoln who is on this 49 years timeline. Moving backwards, the pattern goes 49 years plus 12 months ago (actually 50 years) for JFK's assassination, 49 years and 5 months earlier the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo (which began the First World War), 49 years and 2 months earlier the assassination of Abraham Lincoln (who Mandela has been compared to), and 49 years earlier the defeat of Napoleon and his final exile to St Helena.
Napoleon's defeat and essentially an assured death brought to an end the Napoleonic Wars and an era which had its beginnings in irresponsible policies and scandals in France marked by the reign of King Louis XVI (which included marrying into Austria's royalty and Marie Antoinette) which triggered the French Revolution and the conditions for Napoleon's rise to fame after the Revolution's architects were all put to death. Lincoln's death occurred at the end of the Civil War. But Archduke Ferdinand's assassination actually triggered World War I. Kennedy's assassination followed the Cuban Missile Crisis a year earlier and preceded the escalation of US military actions in Vietnam by Lyndon Banes Johnson (which helped bring about the greatest cultural and technological changes in US history over the next 10 to 15 years). The fact that Mandela has died while the Syrian Civil War continues to rage, Israel is threatening to launch an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, revolution has broken out in Ukraine, upsetting Putin and the Russian Federation, and China and Japan are facing off, threatening a larger war involving the US, it would certainly appear we are about to experience another radical change of eras and an age of the most dreadful wars and revolutions in history.
And I still am not sure about Obama or Pope Francis being out of the woods yet.
Kim Wilde may yet be in danger, but if it does happen it won't be compared with Diana or JFK. I think Mandela's death has accomplished that.
However, I remain concerned about my prediction concerning the "blonde supreme" and a murder made to appear to be a suicide. There are two base 7 dates for this: December 23, 1999 and November 1, 2006. December 23 is only 12 days away. There is also a crossover date of March 4, 2007 (Britney's suicide attempt).
Thus far a reality TV starlet and a Bollywood actress have died in the manner proscribed by the prediction. It has even arisen that the Bollywood actress, Jiah Khan, may have been murdered rather than having committed suicide. Such allegations have not been aimed regarding the hanging death of Gia Allemand, however the circumstances of her death are bizarre to say the least. These include cryptic final remarks by Gia on Twitter such as a Bible passage that would seem to indicate that her death would not be a suicide but an "offering" (sacrifice) and another with an eerie image of a tree and a dark woods possibly alluding to "the forest of the suicides" found in the Inferno portion of Dante's trilogy, "The Divine Comedy." The latter would indicate death by hanging, which is how she died.
Again, I find it hard to believe that a reality TV star or a "foreign" star from India are sufficient to have fulfilled this prediction, neither who have ever been associated with having blonde hair. The two precedents, actresses Lois Hamilton and Adrienne Shelly, were both blondes.
Although it is logical to assume that the next person to fulfill this awful pattern would be someone more famous than actress Adrienne Shelly, a megastar like Charlize Theron or Naomi Watts, it is not impossible this time for a slip back down the ladder of fame.
The fact that Britney Spears attempted to hang herself four months after Adrienne Shelly was murdered in that fashion suggests that the next person would be a pop singer, a very famous one at that, rather than an actress. Thus, I placed Madonna and Lady Gaga at the top of the list. I still insist that Madonna is the pop-singing "blonde supreme" of our time, although Lady Gaga is not far behind. Indeed, as time passes, Miley Cyrus may one day find herself in that "elevated" position. Cyrus also will have to watch out for the Dana Plato scenario since she was a child star.
Which finally brings us around to Kim Wilde.
What if the next victim of "the Lois Hamilton/Adrienne Shelly scenario" is a pop singer, rather than an actress, who is now a few rungs down the ladder of contemporary fame? As I said, the pattern can shift wildly every seven years from not-so famous to very famous to less famous to more famous to formerly famous to simply famous to mega-famous and so on. Sometimes the person is barely-to-moderately famous but the cause of death immortalizes that person forever. Such was the case of actress Sharon Tate, a so-so budding actress who had starred in several box office flops but was extremely photogenic and married to a famous film director. The fact that she was murdered by the Manson Family immortalized her in a way no movie might ever have done. Sometimes the victim in question need not even be a celebrity. Sometimes it happens to an heiress, a socialite, or wife or girlfriend of a famous male star, but again, the particulars concerning her death make her extremely famous.
Kim Wilde is around the same age as actress Lois Hamilton was when she entered a hotel bathroom on December 23, 1999, took a handful of Valium, and then took a bath with a plastic bag tied around her head. Kim Wilde has said some strange, unsettling things lately connecting her psychically to another famous person's controversial death and to the subject of having or maybe having again an emotional/mental breakdown.
So yes. I agree she is a candidate for this prediction, for this pattern of bizarre suicides (and suicide attempts) that began emerging in 1999.
Unfortunately, if we were to do some digging, we might well find others potentially at risk besides Kim Wilde.
So, I don't know about Kim Wilde with an degree of certainty. But we may well have to wait as long as March 2014 (seventh anniversary of Britney's attempted suicide in an insane asylum) before we can say Gia Allemand and Jiah Khan were the ones.
And there is still the February 2007 vector for another Anna Nicole Smith.
Kind regards,

NOTE: It would appear that the repetition for the 2007 drugs overdose death of Anna Nicole Smith occurred on January 15, 2014 with the overdose death of Playboy centerfold and model Cassandra Lynn Hensley, age 34. After engaging in too much sex, too much champagne, and too much cocaine, her lifeless body was found floating in a bathtub (also shades of Whitney Houston?).


Paul Walker, 3 US presidents in 2016, Eiffel Tower attack, and more


Subject: Re: Taylor Swift
Priority: Normal
Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 7:11 PM
Size: 23 KB
Hello Mike,
Thank you for crediting me with my findings on Taylor Swift. I too am concerned for Willie Nelson as I have seen his days being numbered since early last year. With that in mind, I have many important things to share with you, so I'll try to get to them concisely, but quickly.
1) I have to say that I didn't see Paul Walker's death coming. I have a God given hunch that the elite are on to the people meddling in their affairs. As a result, I feel that they are changing their targets to throw us off their scent. This is good and bad news for obvious reasons. It means that lives can be saved with prior warning, but then another person's life is put in the warned persons place instead. In order to counter this newly created threat, mass lists of names need to be created so that all celebrities (nominally or massively famous) can be warned of these historical precedents prior to the target dates. I know that the elites have cursed people in car crashes and accidents of this nature before due to Satanic based magical rituals. T-BOZ from the band TLC has said in recent interviews that she felt a hunch to avoid being in a car the day before her bandmate, Lisa Left-Eye Lopes had succumbed to her tragic end via a car crash ( If a person has pissed off those in power, they are the ones who need to be the absolute most alert, though everyone who is to any degree famous should be on the lookout just in case. Cory Monteith had ruffled feathers in the past (, though I don't know if Paul Walker had done to piss off those in power. He could have just been a casualty or just reckless, but it could have been influence from higher entities as well to create a blood sacrifice to their Baphomet idol. In any case, this is something important that I must share with you in this regard.
2) A couple of months ago, I mentioned that I had a hunch to the possibility of a triple presidential reign (one president dies then another dies shortly after taking office). I didn't have an historical precedent at the time, but I have one now. Three presidents reigned in the year 1841. Martin Van Buren was voted out of office in the 1840 election by William Henry Harrison who died after only 30 days in office. John Tyler, his vice president, succeed him after that. On a base 7 timeline, this event could come up again in 2016 (175 or 25x7 years ago). Since your predictions for that year are already posted, I thought this information might come in handy. It's particularly interesting to note if President Obama is assassinated and Joe Biden takes his place since Van Buren was voted out for economic reasons.
3) I have had a psychic based hunch that both President Bushes might succumb to death via a boating accident in a summer. I have been wrong about this for two years now, but I keep getting that hunch nonetheless. What didn't help to settle my nerves was the news of this boating accident along the Hudson River in July that was eerily similar to what I foresaw for the Bush family ( I don't know if you happen to have any information that could clarify this, but I thought it was important to share with you nonetheless.
4) I also mentioned earlier this year about my dream that the Eiffel Tower might be attacked by rebels in Africa. Since mentioning this vision in one of my former emails, the tower has had to be evacuated due to bomb threats three times in the past year ( ). I think the threat may have been averted for now, but it's something to keep an eye out for just in case.
5) I'd caution you to not be so harsh on the gay and lesbian community. I have a strong feeling that Vladmir Putin may try to create a Hitler-esque eugenics program in Russia which will target the poor and the gay community among other undesirables in the region. Like with Hitler's program, I feel it will happen after the Sochi Olympics in February. Just thought I'd mention this because I saw your tweet on the matter and was a bit disturbed by it.
If I have anything else to share, I'll be sure to send it here. I'm sending you my prayers as always.
- Liam
* * * * *
Hello Liam,

1) Not sure if Paul Walker's death was the work of TPTB/the elite/whoever.
Sometimes the architect of Death is God Himself. He can play the Grim Reaper. You can't mess with God's plan ... if you do succeed in altering a person's deadly outcome, someone He intends to die in a certain way, He will just substitute someone else. Remember: the number 7 is His number.
2) My predictions for 2016 are NOT all posted. Only a few predictions are posted for 2016 and a somewhat larger number for 2015. There will be more ... many more. Also for 2017. I have had to get the ball rolling and pages posted, even if there are only few predictions for these years beyond the soon-to-arrive 2014. Even 2014 requires some additional predictions.
Understand that the base 7 timeline for election years in the USA can only repeat every 28 years. The last two election years that will be on the same timeline as 2016 are 1988 and 1960.
I believe 2016 could yet be a more powerful year for a "first." We may move from Obama, the first black two-term president (Eisenhower was not black, but was a popular two-term president), to the first female president. This could be Hillary Clinton. 2016, like 1960, is favorable. She may be a female JFK.
Of course a male who has the same charisma as JFK could win instead.
Then again, if like 1988, it could mean continuity as Obama's VP, Joe Biden, wins. If so, unlike the election of George Bush Sr. in 1988 and his war, Desert Storm, in 1991, the 2016 elect may take America into a final battle in 2019, losing the whole war and bringing utter destruction down on the United States.
Biden said at the end of 2008 that, as commander-in-chief, he would not flinch from going to war, even nuclear war, with Russia. So did Sarah Palin.
Whoever wins in 2016 will only serve one term. That is ominous given the direction in which the world is heading. That could mean that the next president will be the last.
If the woman who sits as a "queen" over "Babylon, that might city" in Revelation 18 is a US president, then we know why she will be a one-term president, since she will be cut down like JFK and America destroyed by fire.
3) Not sure about the two Bush's. Not sure I even care what happens to them.
4) I also predicted the Eiffel Tower would be destroyed along with Paris in November 2010. Two months sooner, in September 2010, the Eiffel Tower was under heavy guard due to a terrorist threat.
Prophecy itself tells us the "Iron Tower" and "Paris" will be destroyed by the people themselves ... after a Third World War deteriorates into enemy invasion and occupation, revolution, and civil war in France and other countries in Europe such as Britain.
I thought 2010 would be a last-stage WW3 year when these kinds of events would occur. But 2009 failed to materialize as a World War III year. With war and civil disorder already in play in the Middle East, 2016 looks more like a global war year than 2009 ever did.
Thus, I might suggest that November 2017 will see the Eiffel Tower destroyed ... and then Paris burned to the ground.
5) I am a bit confused. What awful tweet did I make regarding gays??? All I said was "I neither persecute nor promote those who are gay. Live and let live, it is the business of the individual what he or she wants."
That certainly is not a harsh stance ... it is as stated "live and let live." Do as you please. How can anyone find hate or harshness in that??? Were you speed-reading my tweets and thought you saw something there that wasn't??
I was tough on Miley Cyrus, so has been half of everyone else who saw the performance under discussion at the time (including Taylor Swift who was in the audience and visibly appalled and offended at her performance). But I never said Miley was gay. Is she??? I never said anything about gayness one way or another concerning Miley Cyrus or Madonna, although I do think a "whore of Babylon" creation is in the works (different issue altogether).
Thanks for writing. I hope to update the email exchanges forums soon.
* * * * *
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wed, Dec 4, 2013 9:46 am
Subject: Re: Taylor Swift
Hello Mike,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I thought I'd mention this tweet I was referencing when you wrote the "live and let live" response.
Israell ?@Arckangel14 Oct @mcclellan2242 This how the LGBT is treated in Iraq under Islam & the Sharia Law: … The US/UN should try to stop this!
This is something you should take note of because I fear that Putin or another dictator in Asia may create another Holocaust in the near future. This will see the LGBT community along with political opponents and other persecuted groups sent to their deaths as Hitler did in the 1930's and 40's. When I read the "live and let live" tweet, it read to me like indifference; a stance that should not be taken on such a pressing matter. You know as well as anyone how history repeats itself. The pink triangle is the symbol of that truth.
If I have other thoughts to share, I'll send them at a more opportune time. I look forward to seeing more of your predictions soon.
- Liam


Paul William Walker


Subject: Paul William Walker
Priority: Normal
Date:Tuesday, December 3, 2013 4:04 PM
Size: 5 KB
Hi Mike,
It has been eons since I have written to you. I saw on IMDB that Paul Walker's middle name was William. Could the sound at the end of William...UM sound cross over as in Nelson, and Morrison? When I first heard about his death, I immediately went to your site to try and find the name sound but could not find it with just Paul Walker.
Hope all is well with you and yours.
* * * * *
Hi Tonya,
Glad to know you are still visiting the site. Trying to rework it right now while doing other things on the internet.
Not sure if you saw my comments about Paul Walker on 2013 (Part Two) at He did fulfill the timeline linking JFK Jr., Rick Nelson, Jim Morrison, Judy Tyler, and Leslie Howard. All the males but Morrison died in plane crashes, Judy Tyler (who played Elvis Presley's girlfriend in the movies) was killed in a horrible car crash on July 4, 1957.
First warning: A man who died in a small plane crash in Nashville claimed he was related to Taylor Swift (but no one from her family or his family know why). Judy Tyler/Taylor Swift.
Second warning: Willie Nelson and three members of his band were injured when their tour bus crashed last month. Close call. Willie cancelled the rest of his tour for November. Rick Nelson/Willie Nelson.
Judy Tyler died in a car crash. Willie Nelson was injured in a highway accident. Both pointed to a car crash claiming someone's life .. someone big. Judy Tyler died on the 4th of July. Rick Nelson died on New Years' Eve. Both Tyler and Nelson pointed to a deadly car crash killing someone famous on either Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Christmas, or New Years' Eve. Paul Walker died two days after Thanksgiving.
There are at best very feeble name sounds linking Paul Walker with the others on the timeline: Walker/Tyler/Jr. ("er" sound) and the "um" sound you mention that off-rhymes Nelson and Morrison. I don't think there is anything to either of these sounds alone as they are common and bound to be found on at least one person in a list: certainly not enough to figure out who was in danger.
The strength in the name sounds lie with Tyler/Taylor and Nelson/Nelson since both tell us HOW the person would die and also WHEN.
This may not be over either with New Year's concerts coming up at the end of this month.
Again, you can read my full comments on 2013 (Part Two) at
The Celebrity Deaths and Mishaps page itself has to be updated as I have not worked on it since August 8 when actress Karen Black died.
Thanks for writing again Tonya. Good to know you are still checking in from time to time.


hello mike, i have a tip off for you on the blonde female icon tragedy - Part 2


Subject: Re: hello mike, i have a tip off for you on the blonde female icon tragedy - reply Part 2
Priority: Normal
Date: Monday, October 14, 2013 2:31 PM
Size: 112 KB
Hello Mike,
I hope you've been alright. With the world in such a chaotic state (as you predicted accurately), I felt it necessary to reach out in order to share the following new tidbits:
1) Have you considered reaching out to Sinead O'Connor in regards to her spat with Miley Cyrus? Sinead is really playing with fire on this whole debacle that's been brewing in the press. With your suicide prediction still looming, she might succumb to it after all in December as you originally forecasted on the site. Making her savvy to this information could be a life or death matter, as #2 will demonstrate.
2) Kim Wilde appears to be safe for now. It's pretty suspicious to me that she's decided to go back into the music industry at this point in time ( Since you posted the warning about her possible covered up to be a suicide murder/sacrifice, she's been getting back to performing in the public eye in a way that she hadn't for years prior to. My theory is that Kim probably did get the tidbit that I told you about and has decided to use that information to her own advantage. In that event, we may have ended up saving her life (which is a very good thing that has come from your website). That should be motivation right there to keep going in terms of the stressful upkeep.
3) Speaking of Kim Wilde, do you remember the second part of the email that I wrote you in February? The part about how the murders of the past will come to light soon. Well, that appears to already be happening already ( You've probably been savvy to this information for a while now, but I found it interesting at the time that it broke considering what I said to you months prior to this leak. It's another strong indicator that your site is doing great wonders for the whole world (and it's also why the elite are so hell bent on silencing and censoring your work). Take that motivation to heart as it shows that you are making a difference whether you may realize it or not.
I have a bunch of other tidbits to share, but they will have to wait until another more opportune time. I'm looking forward to reading more from your site in the near future. Best wishes.
- Liam
* * * * *
Hello Liam,
I have read what Miley said to Sinead and what she has said to Miley and so on. I think Miley is a bullying little slut who should keep her tongue in her mouth a bit more or she'll be mistaken for a retard. A bit o' tongue is ok, but keeping it out for so long in so many different poses is just plain stupid. If she's gonna wiggle that weapon she should use it on somebody who could use it ... in a sexually constructive manner (LOL).
The only thing I am concerned about regarding Sinead is her claim that other people have been writing to her to commit suicide. That's bullying in the worst way.
However, Sinead is a grown woman and I suspect she knows when the haters are setting her up. She understands Miley, so I think she understands these bastards writing her too.
Yes, she was in danger from herself in late 2011 and early 2012. I read the tweets back then and had to post them under the singer/songwriter prediction that was still outstanding at that time. She did attempt suicide or consider it (which was it, forgot?).
Anyway, with this base 7 anniversary of a past attempt coming up this year, I had to put that warning up. The truth is, though, I didn't really think it would play out ... I think the danger for 2013 came a year early in 2012 and that Sinead weathered the storm and survived. There were two attempts in 1999: March and December. Same thing happened in 2012 (a year early): January and April. So, it is probably over.
I think it would take more than tweets to put her over the edge right now, but yeah, once a serious suicide has been attempted there is always a future danger.
I hope you are right about Kim Wilde. I suspect you are, but even so, some kind of death curse has been in motion (maybe the Madonna Death Curse). I think 'Bachelor' starlet Gia Allemand was a victim of that. Paris Jackson was almost a victim for sure: Madonna's black magick killed Michael Jackson when she kept uttering the Kabbalah warning "In exactly 29 moves, the queen will topple the king." And Amanda Bynes, now 27, remains in danger of joining "the 27 club" until April 3, 2014 when she turns 28.
I suspect Cory Monteith was the one who went the way of Jim Morrison, although I haven't posted that yet. Of course how fame is assessed these days is a lot different than back when people like Jim Morrison, Rick Nelson, and JFK Jr. died. Now, a reality TV personality can become a cult icon, I guess, although it seems stupid to me.
I just downloaded the story about the soldier's ex-wife's allegations concerning Diana being murdered by SAS agents. This is news to me and don't know what to think yet. I suspect, short of Diana returning from the dead, we may never know what happened for certain. Look how long the death of Marilyn Monroe has been kicked around ... nothing certain yet after 51 years.
Anyway, thanks for thumbs up on my website making a difference in some people's lives for the better. I suspect it has in some cases.
But you know, a willful person contemplating suicide can be very difficult to persuade from carrying out such an act. I read somewhere that poet Al Alvarez could see where Sylvia Plath's mind was going and really really tried to reason her out of committing suicide, getting very frank with her about what death actually means and his own close call. It probably did some temporary good, but in the end, Plath made her decision ... it may have been that she thought she would be found and revived, but the people who were supposed to show up around the flat at the time she planned on carrying out the suicide didn't for a series of unbelievable reasons, and the man downstairs who might have sounded an alarm to help her was knocked out by the gas in her kitchen. I really think that in some cases a time machine would be completely useless.
Thanks for writing.


Bynes/Jackson + LGBT Rights/Forced Abortions + YHVH vs Ba'al & Satan


Subject: Re: Bynes/Jackson + LGBT Rights/Forced Abortions + YHVH vs Ba'al & Satan
Priority: Normal
Date: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 10:09 PM
Size: 8 KB
Dear Mike,
How are you doing?
Before we get started... Here are my latest tunes... Hopefully, you've got high-quality speakers!
Israell - 'Jibs Of Faith' (Radio Edit)
Israell - Bound To Win (it's got violin - my most METAL-sounding track so far)
Israell - Renoncement (final version with violin - a French song - great vocals!)
Israell - 'Fragile Sensibilities' (Single Mix)
Israell - 'Fragile Sensibilities' (Radio Edit)
Israell - 'Sight Of Horus/Indie Day' (Seibaz Remix) (such a club anthem!!!)
What the Hell is going on? Paris Jackson recently attempted suicide, was hospitalized and is now undergoing therapy. Apparently, being forbidden attendance to a Marilyn Mansion concert was the ultimate push that drove her over the edge. There are rumours she found out MJ wasn't her real father but I ain't buying it. Prince Michael 1st has vitiligo, which is an indication Michael & Debbie told the press the truth (about MJ being their bio dad). People forget mixed-race come in all shades & colours...
There are also rumours Amanda Bynes was raped by Dan Schneider, then taken to a clinic to abort her unborn child. Bynes seems to have completely lost her mind these days...
*Some talk about stars undergoing electroshock treatments that create alter egos etc. This part is hard to believe. When & where do such (mis)treatments occur??? I do not think it happened to any of the current stars we know of.*
Also, the situation is getting darker for the LGBT in several parts of the world...
*Sign this petition. Very important!*
Sex-selective, forced and late-term abortions (up to the 9th month of pregnancy) are still very much common in certain parts of the world, especially China & India. It's come to a point there are many more men than women in the two latter countries and this pushes some to rape, even gang-rape!!!
North Korea
United States of America
*FORCED abortion at the seventh month of pregnancy in China. Feng Jianmei was not so lucky and her child in the womb was aborted by force since she could not pay a huge fine. The link below will show you Feng Jianmei (seemingly unconscious), lying on a hospital bed, and her DEAD child next to her...*
Mike... Most people on Earth practise Christianity. Many practise Islam. Some are Jewish. These are the 3 Abrahamic faiths linked to YHVH/Jehovah/Allah. See... I've always known El to be one of Yahweh's names but I've recently learned El is actually a Canaanite God that evolved in the Hebrew God revered by the Jews, Christians and Muslims.
Therefore, YHVH is not the SUPREME & ORIGINAL God as it appears in the Bible & the Q'uran, but simply a God adopted by the Jews and turned into their Supreme God.
*Most see Lucifer, Belial, Satan, Beelzebub, Asmodeus & Ba'al as evil forces but that's just how those Entities are portrayed in the Abrahamic faith.* Faust used to call on them, even though he was a Christian:
You once told me Yahweh sometimes uses Satan for his own purposes etc. but some see Satan as equal if not superior to him...
How can the world be so torn apart, homophobic, and misguided under the guidance of YHVH? *What if most people were Luciferians, Satanists or Buddhists instead?*
Are you certain YHVH shall win that fight against Ba'al and his acolytes?
* * * * *
Hi Israell,
My main concern is whether Paris Jackson and Amanda Bynes are following in the footsteps of Dana Plato this year, or if Bynes is going to be the next one to fall prey to the Britney Spears meltdown and suicide attempt by hanging next year. Bynes is now a member a of the "27 club" and will still be 27 in March 2014.
Don't know about the rape allegations. Obviously, if any of it is true, electroshock therapy too, etc., she's going to be a total nutter without proper intervention.
I can't address some of this letter, such as late term abortions and the gay rape thing. There are many horrible things that happen in this world, but not all of them involve matters I discuss on my site or predict. I just don't have the time to be a commentator about every possible matter under the sun.
There is confusion about El as there are gods associated with Ba'al that evolved over the centuries from him as well. El, Ellil, Enlil, Osiris, Hadad, Dagon, Gilgamesh, Latipan, Marduk, Nimrod, Cronus, Moloch, etc. That was one of Kathryn's and mine first joint articles ... still on the website on VIEWPOINT at
YHWH was originally a war god worshipped by, as you mentioned, the ancient Canaanites. There were other gods, Ba'al and others. But eventually the Hebrews made YHWH their national god and then god for the entire universe. The Old Testament is their book, they wrote it, believe what they say or don't.
Why do you think YHWH is such a JEALOUS god? Can He be jealous of false gods? Can He be jealous of non-existent entities, inferior demiurges, or manmade idols of wood and metal?
A god can only be jealous of another god .. one with all the power a god can possess. YHWH wants to be the only God worshipped by mankind. Thus he classifies all other beings like Him as either false (phony) or else evil.
Satan is a demiurge, not quite a god. But he wants to be worshipped as a god and demands sacrifice. God uses Satan from time to time ... He used him to torment Job, He used him to tempt Jesus.
As to the war in Heaven, how it will end up is uncertain. YHWH has his blueprint in the Book of Revelation as to how it will end, with Satan and Baal and all their angels cast down to earth. That is what He predicts. It may not happen that way.
There may not even be a war in Heaven after all ... at least not yet. Discussions and arguments are still ongoing.
Kind regards (have to stop now, it's thundering LOL),


Comets, Crop Circles, and Prophecy


Kenneth Heck
Subject: Comets, Crop Circles, and Prophecy
Priority: Normal
Date: Saturday, February 23, 2013 6:07 PM
Size: 8 KB
Dear Friends,
The world is becoming more nervous because of the frequent flyby's of known asteroids and the recent impact in Russia.
I have written a book which predicts the approximate time and locations of major comets striking the earth for the rest of this century. Anyone may download a free pdf of the book at
These predictions are based on deciphering a large number of crop circles, over 1,600 in fact, and correlating them with personal and biblical prophecy.
This is not a joke - we are in for very serious times in the next 40 years, even worse than the 40-year period from 1913 to 1953.
Keep an eye on the sky,
Kenneth Heck


Thanks for posting Kim Wilde prediction, more questions about Royals, Sylvia Plath, Lindsay Lohan


Subject: Thanks for posting Kim Wilde prediction, more questions about Royals, Sylvia Plath, Lindsay Lohan
Priority: Normal
Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 7:01 PM
Size: 64 KB
Hi Mike,
First off, I want to thank you for posting the Kim Wilde prediction on your site. I truly believe that mentioning it early will help to prevent future tragedies like this from occurring in the future. It may end up saving a lot
of lives and I really can't share more appreciation than that. With that in mind, I had a couple of others things to share with you that might be helpful in clearing up some past predictions you've made or adding to ones you've already posted.
1) In regards to your royal assassination prediction, Prince Harry has already been reported to been having the "premonition of death dream" that often comes before a tragic end. Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy both had these before their respective deaths and I fear that it will repeat itself again in this scenario. The article (while from the National Enquirer) is here:
2) In regards to your Sylvia Plath prediction, a famous Nobel Prize winning poet did die in February of 2012. While Wislawa Szymborska was not found dead from foul play or suicide (she died of old age), it could certainly be seen as a partially fulfilled prediction to the female poet's death one on your site.
3) Lindsay Lohan, I believe, has a good chance of survival this year. As you've mentioned on your site, celebrities often need to be careful about who they associate themselves with for fear of succumbing to their potential death scenarios. Thankfully, Lohan's last association (Elizabeth Taylor) was very much like her in terms of scandal and lifestyle. However, Taylor was able to avoid a premature death in order to live to be 79 years old. This is a good path for Lohan to take as it allows her to avoid the potential Dana Plato scenario on your site. In my honest opinion, the woman you should be most on the lookout for is similar aged child star/actress Amanda Bynes (who's life path is more like Plato's and has never become susceptible to death in the past like Lohan). Amanda (currently sporting blonde hair) has had her troubles come from out of nowhere after years of being unable to find work. She, I believe, is the most likely to die this year, unless she miraculously turns her life around. Unlike Lohan, Bynes does not have any upcoming work to focus on and I fear that her untimely death (Bynes is turning 27 this year as well) is far more likely.
4) You've mentioned on your site that this year could bring about a triple Pope reign when Benedict and his immediate successor succumb to horrible tragedies. I would like to mention that, as our times are more extreme than past vectors, we could end up seeing one of the following two scenarios play out as well: a) a triple Presidential reign (Obama assassinated, followed by Biden's assassination and then an installed president, possibly Ron Paul or a TPTB plant, should we indeed be in the end of days) or b) a triple Presidential death (Obama assassinated along with the deaths of one or both of the President Bushes and/or Bill Clinton. Both the Clintons and the Bushes have been experiencing severe health problems this year, making this scenario all the more likely). My hunch is not based on any past precedent, mind you, just a gut feeling after reading the Pope prediction on your site.
5) There has been growing speculation that Obama could be an anti-christ prototype; something you have mentioned in previous writings. What seems to give more credit to this belief (besides the possible euthanasia attempts on the world population by the elite, the economy out of control and a possible world war iii) is a recent theory I read about InfoWars radio host Alex Jones being the reincarnation of a Catholic mystic and stigmatic named Therese Neumann. ( Therese, like Alex, was the target of attacks by the German government for her dissenting views against the Nazi mentality. While she wasnever harmed or killed, the Nazi military did try to arrest her at home, only to be turned away in fear by her self inflicted bleeding from the eyes. It seems a little bizarre, but considering the times that we live in now, researching her life might help to give some insight into what to expect on our timeline for the next few years. It also could signal a potential prediction that Alex Jones might have an attempt on his life or illuminati plans to arrest him that fail for unknown reasons.
6) In terms of a Kennedy death on this timeline (JFK, JFK Jr, RFK.....), the most likely to succumb to this curse appears to be Joseph P Kennedy the third (who was recently elected as a US congressman for Massachusetts) or Jack Schlossberg (JFK's grandson and Caroline Kennedy's only son).
7) A few celebrities to keep a lookout for on potential death's this year are Taylor Swift (who recently dated a younger Kennedy), Christina Aguilera (blonde singer who is major career flux) and Tony Bennett (Mel Torme died in 1999 and the influence of Frank Sinatra's death in 1998 still holds some weight).
If I have anything else to share, I will keep you posted. I'm hoping this helps.

I thought I'd add one other quick thing:

8) I do not believe that the political whore of Babylon is Hilary Clinton. With her health rapidly deteriorating to blindness and possible death, her chances of taking political office are all but over. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann also seem highly unlikely to take office in a major capacity anytime soon. Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts' name has been thrown around for the 2016 presidential election, but she does not seem like a "political whore" type as you have described in your comparison of WOB's with Madonna. The only person I see taking on the role in this capacity would be New York City mayoral candidate and council speaker Christine Quinn. It would make perfect sense; she would be the first woman to become mayor of the city, she is a lesbian who is unafraid to take on traditional masculine traits, she was married to her partner in front of the mainstream press and she has taken the Catholic Church (which she was a former member of, like Madonna) to task for personal reasons. If she were to be elected as mayor, dealings with the Vatican would be greatly dampened. This also leads me to believe that, with Quinn possibly being hand picked by TPTB as the next mayor of NYC, it would make sense that the "city where two rivers water" where Pope Benedict could potentially be assassinated in May or June must be the Big Apple. Anti-Catholic sentiments could see a major swell during the tense upcoming mayoral primary campaign this summer and a visit by the Pope to NYC (where he has made appearances in the past) may lead to unsafe circumstances that could result in the death described in the secret of Fatima.

Just thought I'd throw this in there. I hope it helps.

* * * * *

Hello Liam,

I was going to write off Hillary too due to her recent health problems (and change the political "whore of Babylon" section of the Bible Personalities page to reflect this) ... but now, despite retiring from the State Department and saying more than 20 years of public service has been enough, she is also allowing media speculation to fuel up about 2016. And if she is restless about her post-Secretary of State inactivity, she can suddenly assemble an "A" team only months before the next election.

Her medical condition is against her, but all other factors are for her, including an escalating approval rating by voters in favour of the idea of her running in 2016, a Republican Party that desperately hopes she will run (obviously, not too happy about Joe Biden being the candidate), and an overall belief by most Americans that, now that the first minority (black) president has been in office, the time is right for the first female president. Voters will not be put off by her age, wisdom prevailing over sagging sex appeal.

I would sure hate to delete Hillary from the political "whore of Babylon" section only to have her announce her candidancy in late 2015 or early 2016. She will be 68 for most of the campaign if it is only a year-long campaign (67 and 68 if she begins sooner), but will turn 69 a few weeks before Election Day itself. 69 today isn't quite the same as it was 30 or 40 years ago. Look at Nancy Pelosi, age 72. Hillary can get a lot of work done on herself and her physical image between now and 2016 if she wants the office bad enough.

As the media is saying today: "Never say never."

But now, having said that, I will run by you a female candidate with sex appeal who might have a chance. There was an unsuccessful attempt by some Republican voters to draft her as a presidential candidate in 2012 and speculation remains hopeful that she may run in 2016 or 2020. I am of course referring to US House Representative from South Dakota, Kristi Noem, age 41:

Besides being extremely attractive, Noem is of German and Norwegian descent. That would be a most pleasing and winning combination for those Illuminati who still support the concept of Indo-European racial purity (Hitler's "master race").

On Election Day 2016 Noem will still be 44, turning 45 a few weeks later; 48 and 49 in 2020.

Christine Quinn is a possibility: NYC seems to be an important factor in the Revelation 18 prophecy. That is why I was betting on it being Hillary as I successfully predicted she would run and win the Senate in New York State and, 4 or 8 years afterwards, would make a bid for the White House.

Quinn, being a lesbian, could literally fulfill the remark the political WOB makes in Rev 18:7 when she says "I sit a queen, and am no widow." Of course, so could any unmarried or divorced woman.

Noem, on the other hand, is married with three children.

In any event, I suspect there will be a wide field of potential female candidates in 2016. Thus, technically, whoever runs and wins may be someone we do not know about ... it is really too early to speculate.

For this reason, I suspect it is also too early to write off or write in Hillary Clinton. What she will or will not choose to do by 2016 is not something I would want to bet on at this early stage.

One thing I will say: 2012 has lived up to the potential I believed it would based on 1984 and 1956 ... the incumbent president (Obama) was relected by a large margin, just like "Ike" (Eisonhower) in 1956 and Reagan in 1984.

2016 will be harder to call with 1960 favouring a new president from the opposite party and also a "first" (Kennedy was the first Catholic president) and 1988 instead favouring continuity (George Herbert Walker Bush, Reagan's Vice President, was elected in 1988). Actually, America favoured continuity and Eisonhower's VP, Richard Nixon in 1960 too ... but the charisma, youth, and sex appeal of Kennedy gave him the edge .. which is why the race berween Nixon and Kennedy was so close.

It is not impossible for a male to have the same profound effect in 2016 on Americans as Kennedy did in 1960; but since 1960 was also about "firsts," I would have to go with the feeling that it will be a woman.

Will address points 4 to 7, if anything in them needs addressing in your other email.


NOTE: I never did address points 4 to 7 ... for one thing Liam sent points 4 to 7 in three separate emails and point 8 in a fourth email, with all our previous coorespondence still attached, and it got confusing to read. For another thing 2013 was turning into the year from hell and making it difficult to for me to focus all my energies online. There are still a lot of emails in my drafts folder I have yet to respond to ... if I ever do.


I have a tip off for you on the blonde female icon tragedy: Kim Wilde


Subject: hello mike, i have a tip off for you on the blonde female icon tragedy
Priority: Normal
Date: Saturday, January 5, 2013 7:09 PM
Size: 20 KB
Hello Mike,
Kim WildeI'm an avid reader of your website and really am continuously amazed by the accuracy of your predictions and also your methodology in predicting them. I am sending this to give you a numerology based tip off as to who I believe will be the tragic blonde icon that will die on 2011 timeline (1 year and possibly one or two months late) and also some other interesting discoveries made in the process.
While I with you agree that those such as Britney Spears and Madonna are in danger for the coming year, I do not believe that either of them will be the "tragic blonde icon" for this base 7 timeline year. Madonna has created her own downfall that dwarfs the typical blonde performer tragedy and I feel that Britney's tragic end is much further down the road; possibly for the next installment of the timeline years (at the age of 36 in 2018, reversed from her birth year of 1981….remember that Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926 and died in 1962, another number reversal and also at the age of 36). Lohan could also become the tragic blonde, but she was known more for her iconic red hair and it also appears that (if all goes according to plan) her Drew Barrymore like comeback could occur in November of 2013 (the same vector as the next time of destruction for Madonna as the WOB and also the tragic death of Dana Plato's repeat).
There are other performers who are more likely to succumb to the Plato prediction instead that should be researched into (The Olsen Twins, Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and so on) but I do not believe it will be Lohan. This means that it has to be someone that you are not currently on the lookout for and I'm afraid that I may have already figured out who it is. When I figured this out, I also noticed that this person's death would correlate to several other potential tragedies that could occur over the next few months and possibly years.
It appears that it might be too late to save who I think is doomed to succumb to the curse, but posting this prediction might be helpful in solving the "Tragic Blonde" prediction before it happens and also a possible fulfillment of the "ritual murder" prediction in the 2012 page.
In ritual sacrifices, offers are made to Baphomet when a nation wants to continue to receive long term prosperity. The United States has been on the verge of collapse and so I feel that there is not an upcoming sacrifice of one of its famous pop stars (that, and deaths of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston plus the death of Madonna later this year could be seen as sufficient enough).
The country I believe has seen its greatest gains this year is the United Kingdom. We saw the successful implementation of the Summer Olympics in London without a hitch, we saw the successful conception of Kate Middleton's soon to be born baby and we saw many successes in the cultural realm of British society (Skyfall resurging the James Bond franchise, One Direction and Adele becoming the best selling artists worldwide for 2012, and so on). When great gains are made in a Satanist society, great sacrifices must also be offered in order to push forward with the success. This means that the United Kingdom will become the most susceptible to any baseline celebrity (or otherwise) tragedies in order to account for the successful year before. In my opinion, this means that British pop stars and actors are going to be at the most risk for assassination, ritual murder or suicide on their own accord.
The key to verifying this is the recent alleged sacrifice of pop singer Amy Winehouse; thus opening up the dreaded 27 club once again. This is incredibly tragic because it opens many young British performers (all under 26 or 25, or even 27 now) to face a greater chance of dying these next few years. Lily Allen (Winehouse's cultural contemporary) is 27 this year and will be until she turns 28 in May. With her choice to retreat into the spotlight, she remains at risk for a possible sacrifice for refusing to "come out" to perform. Along with this, Adele (whose album sequence of 19, 21….will end in 27), Calvin Harris, Rihanna (of Barbadian decent, but it was a former British colony), Leona Lewis (double L name and 27 until April of this year) and other successful 27 club or soon to be turning 27 year old singers could succumb to the curse that Amy Winehouse's passing has left behind for all young performers in the UK who have achieved great success early in life.
This does not merely apply to young performers, either. As the sacrifices must be intense, older or legendary performers could also become at risk of death this year. We have Sir Paul McCartney (who you've said has been at risk for a while now), Sir Elton John (also at risk for a while and the enemy of Madonna), Mick Jagger or any of the Rolling Stones, Bono (if Sinead O'Connor is also at risk) and countless others who could pass away or die from murder as a sacrifice to Lucifer. While these are all tentative speculations at best, the one that I am most convinced is being set up for a tragic end is 80's pop singer Kim Wilde. Kim was one of the few British female performers to have a #1 single in the US with her rendition of "You Keep Me Hanging On" by the Supremes in 1987. She was the most recent to hold this title until Leona Lewis (also at risk of death this year) went to #1 with her first and only hit "Bleeding Love" in 2008; 21 years (7x3) later. Kim is also one of the few famous British performers to be famously known for her blonde. All of this, plus her lack of a significant career since her heyday in the 80's, make her a prime target for a ritual sacrifice by the elite.
Kim Wilde has a large collection of material that sold little in recent years. By ritually sacrificing her, not only would Satan be pleased by the murder, it would immediately boost the value of her entire catalog of material from years of performing (and it is considerably large). Performers such as Elvis and the Beatles saw large increases of sales in the aftermath of their respective deaths. Seeing as Kim has a largely untouched collection, this could cause a huge spike in sales that makes her life more valuable dead than alive. I doubt that Kim will be able to produce another hit in the near future to counter this risk as her name has barely appeared in the headlines for a large number of years. When it did appear recently, it was over a drunk and rambling performance of the song "Kids in America" on a London metro train during the Christmas season. ( A ritual sacrifice could easily be perceived as a "set up" for a murder looking like a suicide scenario that we often hear about in the conspiracy press. This is where I feel that the second prediction you listed could be fulfilled and comes into play with this potential tragedy.
On your site, you have a prediction from 2012 that talks about how the ritual murders of the past will slowly but surely be uncovered by the public at large. I feel that if Kim Wilde's potential ritual sacrifice can be exposed before it occurs, it might set off a series of events which can lead right back to the people who have caused other ritual murders in the past. By calling one of the "ritual sacrifices" early before it actual occurs, this could give credible support for people to look into this heinous act. While I do not believe that her death can necessarily be prevented at this point (her life appears to be in a bit of a mess at the moment), a mention on your site may set a series of events in motion that could help to prevent similar tragedies from happening in other more dire circumstances in the future; hence fulfilling (on your accord) the exposing prediction retroactively. For all we know, her death might not occur at all. However, I remain more pessimistic each day. While there might not be much that can be done to save Kim, it could save the lives of so many in the near future.
I hope this information helps in the development of your site. Looking forward to reading more of your insights soon.
* * * * *
Hello Liam,
Before I begin I would hasten to mention that 2013 is 14 (2 x 7) years after the deaths of two female icons from the UK in 1999: Dusty Springfield (from natural causes) and TV presenter Jill Dando (who was murdered). I have as of yet to post anything regarding the Jill Dando timeline. Sooner or later, the Dando slaying is bound to have repercussions such as you have mentioned in your email. But I would also add that although Jill Dando was murdered in 1999, American actress Dana Plato also committed suicide.
There were multiple influences going on in 1999 ... which also included the plane crash death of John F Kennedy Jr and his wife and sister-in-law.
I anticipate multiple scenarios playing out this year as well (three at least).
Regarding the prediction for a tragic blonde icon dying in August/September 2011 being fulfilled this year instead, in 2013 ... that would be a first. The latest it could have possibly been fulfilled beyond 2011 was December 2012 ... and that is definitely as late as it ever got historically (actress Thelma Todd's "suicide" in December 1935 ... rather than in August or September 1934).
However, 2011 definitely was not a total fail. There have been a few other "empty" years on that timeline ... and often instead such years have seen a famous MALE die young in a tragic manner (actor James Dean, who was blonde, in 1955; dark-haired actor Sal Mineo and blonde-haired actor Jack Cassidy in 1976; and dark-haired actor Christopher Reeve in 2004) and/or there has been a sensational murder case involving a prominent socialite or wife of a famous multi-millionaire.
The hanging suicide of Rebecca Nalepa Zahau in July 2011 was exactly such a case I believe. As you may recall, she was the girlfriend of multi-millionaire and pharmaceutical CEO Jonah Shacknai. A few days before her death Shacknai's son, Max, allegedly fell down a flight of stairs. He was taken to hospital where he fell into a coma and later died. One doctor reported that Max was already unconscious BEFORE he fell down the stairs. The cause? Somehow Max had managed to asphyxiate himself or else someone had did it for him. This is the real reason why he ended up in a coma.
The night of his death, Rebecca Zahau allegedly wrote a cryptic message on her bedroom door in black paint, stripped naked, tied a noose around her neck, bound her wrists and ankles, and jumped out her bedroom window. Postmortem exams showed no signs of the extreme tension and trauma on her neck's muscles, skin tissues, blood vessels and spine that such a drop would have caused. Indeed, one coroner even said she should have nearly ripped her head off as well as dislocating her spinal cord. On this basis he could come to no other conclusion than that she had been lowered slowly down to the spot in midair where she was allegedly discovered by Shacknai's younger brother later that morning (who then lowered her body to the ground).
She died of slow strangulation. Thus, she was either lowered out the window after being strangled dead or hanged in her bedroom or else was lowered out the window alive, bound, screaming with a gag in her mouth (she was gagged) and hanged to death slowly. The official cause of death was suicide, but everyone knows it was murder ... a murder covered-up to look like suicide. But the murderers were bunglers: there was no way for her to slowly ease herself out the window and one storey below. Nor could she have dropped a storey without horrendous damage to her neck. So she was lowered the entire way, slowly ... by a person or persons unknown.
Thirty-five (6 x 7) years earlier, in August 1976, BLONDE-HAIRED socialite Priscilla Davis, age 35, the estranged wife of multi-millionaire T. Cullen Davis, her daughter Andrea Wilborn, age 12, and Priscilla's boyfriend, Stan Farr, age 30, were all shot with a .38 caliber revolver at Davis's $6 million (how much would $6 million be worth today?), 20-room estate by a mysterious gunman. Both Wilborn and Farr were killed; Andrea kneeling on the basement floor, shot in the head in execution style, Farr shot multiple times struggling with the gunman. Priscilla Davis, shot in the chest, and the likely target, managed to survive. So too did a witness who stumbled on the scene with his girlfriend. He was shot in the back; his girlfriend outran the gunman and managed to flag down a motorist.
Priscilla later testified that the gunman was her divorced husband, T. Cullen Davis ... disguised in a woman's wig. Nevertheless, despite tonnes of evidence implicating him, Davis was found "not guilty" at his trial.
He is still alive at the age of 79. Priscilla Davis died at age 59 in 2001 from breast cancer.
Jump ahead from August 1976 to July 1983, twenty-eight (4 x 7) years before Rebecca Zahau was found hanged, naked and bound.
BLONDE-HAIRED socialite and model Vicki Morgan, mistress of Alfred Bloomingdale, scion of the department store fortune, was beaten to death with a baseball bat. After abandoning a palimony suit she sought against a terminally-ill Bloomingdale, after being his mistress for 12 years, she moved out on her own. And now I quote Wikipedia: "Morgan was preparing to write a tell-all book which was reportedly going to name a number of wealthy and powerful politicians and businessmen (Bloomingdale's circle of friends) who had participated in her sadistic sex rituals."
She shared expenses on her apartment with an acquaintance of two years, Marvin Pancoast, age 32. Three weeks after her murder he confessed and was sentenced to 26 years to life in prison. He died incarcerated of AIDS in 1991, but not before recanting his confession. Someone had wanted Vicki Morgan dead; but it was not him.
The only significant female celebrity death in 1983 was that of singer Karen Carpenter. It was not until autumn 1984 that the reasons were released for her sudden death from cardiac arrest: advanced anorexia. Why she curled up to die in bedroom a closet remains a mystery. The blonde icon who should have died tragically in 1983, did so a year early: Grace Kelly (Princess Grace of Monaco) died in a car crash in September 1982.
Karen Carpenter's tragic death helped establish a separate timeline for female singers and singer/songwriters. 14 years later, in 1997, singer/songwriter Laura Nyro died of cancer and 14 years after her death, in 2011, Amy Winehouse. Winehouse, however, also joined the "27 club" ... and I believe, and said this on my site when the reports of her death filtered in, that she was sacrificed. Neighbours heard the sound of drums, men and women howling, and heard Winehouse's bloodcurdling screams.
Taken together with the Jill Dando influence from 1999, I have to concur with your concerns about a female pop star from the UK being sacrificed to Satan in yet another mysterious murder, possibly made to look like a suicide, possibly not.
I will strongly consider a warning for pop singer Kim Wilde, Leona Lewis, and others. I am already on track with a warning to Sinead O'Connor (who foolishly placed herself at risk by going public about a new suicide attempt last year). How about Aussie star Kylie Minogue??? She would be a large snack for Baphomet too, I suppose.
'Faul' McCartney is safe. The real Paul McCartney, the cute Beatle, was sacrificed to Satan most likely in November 1966 or February 1967. Faul, like Madonna, has majick protecting him. Elton John is in danger. I sounded the alarm where he is concerned way too early back in 2001. I said it could be George Harrison instead ... and it was. I can't see Elton being sacrificed before 2015, but we MAY see an attempt on his life this year ... as late as the end of the year. If we do, we know he has only another two years left (without intervention). The same may be true for Mick Jagger and Bono, both group leaders like the slain Beatle, John Lennon.
Madonna has successfully dodged every "bullet" aimed at her in 2012 and other years as well. However Madonna is at risk many different years, possibly all the time. Why?
Because during the course of her long career she has identified herself with such a wide spectrum of different female celebrities of the past, some who did NOT die tragically ... and many who did. Everyone from Jean Harlow to Marilyn Monroe to Jayne Mansfield. These women all died on different timelines or 'timelines of death.' She also became HUGE in the music world, like some of the male icons, such as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. She is the biggest thing to happen to the world of dance choreography since Isadora Duncan ... and thus is always in danger of a scarfing death. She has aped so many people, she has very little elbow room left. There is scarcely a year that is not in some way linked via base 7 to a tragic death of someone likewise befalling Madonna. It doesn't help that she has created her own base 7 precedents for death in 2005 (2012) and again in 2009 (2016) by being injured falling off a horse. Or the fact that ONE stalker came close to murdering her in 1995 (2016) again. The same stalker escaped the mental hospital he was in last year ... and sought out Halle Berry and Madonna in hopes of slitting their throats.
There is a big hurdle awaiting Madonna near the end of the year. Madge just had to try to be a big INDEPENDENT filmmaker and director as well as an actress. Seven years ago, on November 1, 2006, actress/Indie filmmaker and director Adrienne Shelly was found hanged from a shower curtain rod. Adrienne Shelly had red hair and also wore her hair blonde. She was a blonde at the time of her death.
At first it was called suicide, then investigators saw some sneaker prints in the bathtub. Construction worker Diego Pillco, age 19, confessed to what was then changed from suicide to murder. He strangled her unconscious in the bedroom of the apartment she used for business purposes. Then he tied a bedsheet around her neck and dragged her into the bedroom, hanging her in process. Still only unconscious, he then actually tied her noose to the shower curtain rod. From the metal shower rod, Shelly, still alive, hanged to death.
The reasons Pillco gave constantly changed ... from an argument about noise he was making downstairs leading to an accidental knockout punch to being caught by Shelly trying to steal money from her purse. Whatever reasons he gave, he claimed to have panicked, thinking he killed her, and then tried to cover the murder up by hanging her and thus making it look like a suicide. To this day no
one really knows why he did it ... or possibly if he was working for someone else, possibly even a patsy. Shelly may have been a practise human sacrifice (like Rebecca Zahau).
This is the basis of Nostradamus Quatrain 1.39 concerning the "supreme one" who is "elevated," a "blonde" who will be found "strangled" in her bed or bedroom. Shelly was strangled in her business apartment's bedroom and partially hanged there. Madonna is not victorious over the Grim Reaper yet. As time goes by, the conditions for Quatrain 1.39 become more and more defined ... waiting for a major female personality to succumb to it.
As I said in Part One, I suspect as many as three different deaths could occur: the influences being Jill Dando, Dana Plato, and John F Kennedy Jr ... all from 1999. For this reason, we cannot rule out Lindsay Lohan and other Americans. A with 1999, there could be a tragedy from the UK and from the US ... and another from just about anywhere.
Remember that many of the sacrifices play act at suicide BEFORE their deaths. Britney did it in a 2004 video before she attempted suicide in 2007 and again in 2008. Lohan has been repeatedly teasing the public with images of suicide.
So too has LADY GAGA. Not only that, but it is possible Lady Gaga was involved in the "made to look like suicide" death of her friend, Lina Morgana: yet another blood sacrifice to Satan by the Illuminati.
A separate timeline for 2012 that runs Janis Joplin - Big Mama Thornton - Wendy O. Williams (all drugs deaths or violent suicide) went way over the top and was fulfilled again in 2012 with the apparent suicide by drugs overdose and/or accidental drowning of singing icon Whitney Houston. This is finally being called a murder by a private investigator:
'Whitney Houston was murdered': Private investigator claims he has video proving singer was killed by drug dealers - December 26, 2012.
One of the forensic officials that looked at the body before it was taken to the morgue have since said that Whitney was found face down inside of the water, as though she had been held down and purposely drowned. That is not official yet, however ... and likely will never be.
She was sacificed (I agree) to Baphomet by the Illuminati. It had to be as big a sacrifice as the ceremony at the superbowl the night previous where Madonna was brought onto the field as a living god. At the close of her performance, Madonna 'vanished' into the stage below her. This was to symbolise her descent as goddess Ishtar into the underworld (Hell) so as to retrieve her husband god, Marduk. Marduk was Ba'al in the Babylonian pantheon. And Ishtar was the basis for the "whore of Babylon," the living icon of that time being Queen Semiramis.
This is the point in time (right after the Superbowl) when Madonna should have declared to the world her devotion, not to Satan/Baphomet, but to Ba'al. 'World peace' is also His great interest. With the Mayan age (calendar) ended and a new age (calendar) begun, it is His time to enter our realm with his angels, the Nephilim.
Yet, Ba'al .. in his new role .. must be invited. This is where Madonna, the new Ishtar, the modern Whore of Babylon, comes in. She must turn away from either YHWH or Satan and declare her devotion to the oldest of gods. Instead, she has "gone solo" destroying the universe, heaven and hell on stage (which only Ba'al can do .. for real) and demanding worship to herself only. If she continues in this fashion, she may by design or unwittingly take on the role of Lucifer, the god of light, and will be destroyed by YHWH (or the Illuminati who do His bidding without knowing it). Someone else will then have to fill the shoes of the Whore of Babylon.
Without the intervention of Ba'al by invitation, the world is headed for certain destruction. YHWH is implementing a great war and his armies, and Ba'al's armies, have been seen ... and heard ... in the heavens already. Men of power also plan their great war on earth (as above, so below). This is why there has been a progression to chemical weapons and the setting up of a Western-supported beast 'type' dictator in Egypt. Morsi's ceasefire between Israel and Gaza was a practise run for the false peace they hope to weave with Israel after the war. What they do not know is that they are setting up the Islamic prophetic figure known as the Sufyani ... and a war he will wage they cannot hope to control. They hope to create a phony Armageddon and a phony messiah, but instead will unwittingly unleash a war that will become spiritual as well as material. At
some point, Gog and Magog, the mighty chieftans of the Giborim, will break through from their shackles, and all forms of demonic beings will pour forth from the darkside. A much different conflict is therefore shaping up that will bring about the annihilation of most of humanity, the worst loss of life occurring during the darkness of three days and nights when the darkside interfaces with our dimension.
The catalyst? CERN's Large Hadron Collider, of course. Northern Europe .. on BOTH sides of the North Sea ... will disappear in the blink of an eye. The aftermath was revealed in all of its horrific detail to Carl Jung in a vision. Edgar Cayce saw it too.
But now I stray into other issues...
Thanks for writing. Hope you find my reply of interest.
Kind regards,


96669 in 'Skyfall'


Subject: 96669 in 'Skyfall'
Priority: Normal
Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2012 12:30 AM
Size: 2 KB
Dear Mr. Michael,
See this:
"In the movie "Skyfall", James Bond enters the moving train through cabin number 96069 and goes from 96669 to 96269."
Yeah, I noticed that during a showing of 'Skyfall' last night... Is that 666 coincidence?
* * * * *
Hi Israell,
It may be a coincidence ... it may not be. Films, rock groups, pornographers, cults, the media, etc have been fascinated with the number "666" as long as I can remember ... as long as I have been aware of the biblical meaning of the number. Even back in the 1970s, the peddlers of sex and petty lusts used the number, thinking that since 666 relates to sin, it also would make them a few bucks too. I was in NYC for four days back in June 1976 and our hotel was not too far away from 666 Fifth Avenue. I could see the bright red numbers "666" up near the roof from our hotel window. "The Omen" was released that same month, and I thought it somehow was advertising for the film. It wasn't ... the number has always been proudly displayed near the top of the building. Here is a much older colour photo from January 1960:
Until the the beast appears, and by that I mean the MAN who will be associated with the beast system at the end of human history as we know it, the number 666 is just that ... only a number.
Take care,


china /japan war


Subject: china /japan war
Priority: Normal
Date: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 11:25 PM
Size: 3 KB
Hi Michael , long time I didn't hear about you! , hope you and your family are ok!.
I'm writing to you because the news of the China and Japan stand-off, instantly I remember what did you say!!!.
This can't be a coincidence (it seems like matrix movie, all pieces are starting to fit), is all that you were saying long time ago, first Iran , and anti Us protest all over middle east, now china against japan, at the same time!,
please let me know what do you think!!!.
Pablo J.
* * * * *
Hi Pablo,
I agree the situation between China and Japan is quite tense, nor is it for the first time as the islands dispute has happened several times in the past, even boats getting fired on or seized if I remember correctly.
I still think a real war involving North Korea and China against South korea, Japan, the US, Vietnam, and other Pacific allies will come next year (see 2013 Part One page).
Even so, when Syria was still a harshly suppressed revolution, I predicted the civil war wouldn't come until next year (2013) near the anniversaries of the Spanish Civil War and Bosnian War. A few months later the Syrian conflict was offically recognised as a civil war ... a year early.
So who can say? Maybe the Korean and China wars will be a year early too?
Thanks for writing again.
Kind regards,


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